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A monthly publication now about to mark its 13th Anniversary, advertising trades and businesses local to the Bournemouth area. Also containing a comprehensive mix of editorials, news and information on local events and the surrounding area, as well as a regular mix of entertaining puzzles and trivia.

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The Local Eye - Issue 144 - October 17

A monthly publication now about to mark its 13th Anniversary, advertising trades and businesses local to the Bournemouth area. Also containing a comprehensive mix of editorials, news and information on local events and the surrounding area, as well as a regular mix of entertaining puzzles and trivia.

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Local EyeIssue 2017

144 Advertising For Local Businesses, Trades
and Community Information...


Now is the time to save on big name brands with SELECTED PRODUCTS

massive reductions on flooring, carpets, beds,

bedroom furniture & mattresses.

Nuffield Industrial Estate, btehed
Poole, BH17 0RR, Tel: 01202 723162 store

Ferndown Industrial Estate,
WIMBORNE BH21 7PE, Tel: 01202 872240

Flooring Superstore The Bed Specialist


D Learn To

N Dance Now


D Specialists in the following:
N *Ballroom

C *Latin

E *Junior Street
*Ballet & Modern
D *1st Wedding Dance
N *Adults

C *Juniors

E *Tiny Tots

A 93a Chatsworth Road
N Bournemouth BH8 8SN
C Tel: 01202 514551

To advertise <> 08000 430485 <> email: [email protected] <>


Nu Staff are a family run business, we are local, reliable and dependable.
We have over 48 years of experience providing care in the community

Nu Staff believe continuity of care is extremely important, we recognise
how intrusive our job can be on the individuals for which we provide care.

All our staff are PROUD TO say they CARE being both
friendly and approachable.

We ensure our carer’s receive the best training and support to deliver
the care you rightly demand.

Nu Staff fully support Bournemouth Borough Councils
PROUD TO CARE initiative.

01202 292870

Our services include:

• Assistance with personal care
• Help with medication
• Meal preparation
• Light domestic duties
• Laundry
• Waking or sleeping nights
• Companionship and outings
• Respite sits

Visit times can range from 15 minutes right up to 24 hours a day
We provide care in the Bournemouth and Poole areas, if you or a loved one need
support please give us a call to discuss your requirements or we can arrange for a

member of the team to come and meet with you in your own home

602 Wimborne Road Winton Bournemouth BH9 2EN

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Welcome to the October issue of e Local Eye

is magazine is delivered free to an alternating selection of around
13,000 homes and businesses in Bournemouth, mainly through the
Charminster, Queens Park, Moordown, Ensbury Park, Redhill, Winton,

Muscliffe & Strouden Park districts.

It can also be picked up from:
e Bournemouth Life Centre in Moordown, Mike Stokes Tyres and

Johns Fish & Chips in Moordown, KwikFit Castle Lane,
e Hungry Wolf Cafe & AH Parfitt - Chiropodist/Podiatrist in Winton,

and Charminster & Winton libraries, Moordown Community Centre,
as well as several laundrettes in Charminster, Moordown & Winton.
More information on rates and ad copy submission as well as online
copies of the current and previous issues can be found on the website.

01202 255485 / 08000 430485
07801 474788

[email protected]

Until next month..

The Moordown Traders Association are an enthusiastic group of business
owners from the Moordown community who have come together to promote

local trade and raise the profile of Moordown as a shopping and business
destination, to support local traders and enhance local businesses.

We meet regularly, work voluntarily and liaise closely with the Bournemouth
Chamber of Trade & Commerce (BCTC), Bournemouth Council, elected

Members and local media to ensure that the Moordown trading district is
represented in a positive light.

The Moordown Traders Association meet monthly between 6pm-8pm
upstairs at the Moordown Conservative Club in Balfour Road.

All Moordown traders & businesses are welcome.
Come along, air your views and meet other local business people.
Drinks available at the bar and sandwiches are provided for the peckish.

Next meeting date is:

Tuesday 17th October / Tuesday 21st October

For more information visit:

Every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained within this publication was correct at the time of going to print. We
cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies in advertisements, editorials or features nor for any consequences arising from these. We are
not to be held responsible for any errors, loss or damage to copy in printing. The Local Eye does not officially endorse any advertising material
included within this publication. It is the advertisers responsibility to ensure conformity with laws and/or acts relating to Trade Descriptions,
Sex Discrimination, Consumer Credit, Copyright etc. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in any retrieval systems or
transmitted in any form - electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise - without the prior permission of the publisher. The use
of this publication for canvassing, direct marketing or any other activity apart from sourcing local goods and services, is strictly prohibited.

To advertise <> 08000 430485 <> email: [email protected] <>


1100%%FFoorr yyoouurrVaLnotacgael EPoyeindt idsicsocuonutnt
QuQotueotReeRf:eGf:O T1L0E08

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How to Play

Fill in the grid so that every
row, every column,
and every 3x3 box
contains the digits
1 through 9,
with no repetition!


You solve the puzzle with
reasoning and logic,

there’s no maths involved
and no adding up.
It’s challenging.
It’s addictive!
It’s fun.

(Solution on page 40)


We are looking for more new trades & businesses

to advertise in this magazine.
Contact us now for more information.
Special discounts may be available for new bookings.

01202 255485 <> 08000 430485 <> 07801 474788
[email protected] <>

Q: Did you hear about the mathematician who’s afraid of negative numbers?
A: He would stop at nothing to avoid them

With the Ark settled safely after the flood, Noah opens the doors and commands the animals,
“Go forth and multiply!” All the animals depart the Ark, except for two snakes in the back. Noah
proclaims again, “Go forth and multiply,” yet the snakes stay put. Perturbed, Noah finally asks
them, “Why have you not followed my command?” The snakes flicker their tongues and answer,

“We can’t multiply, Noah—we’re Adders.”

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SINCE 1906



Winton Store Wimborne Store VISIT OUR
426 Wimborne Rd, 20 East Street, Wimborne,
Bournemouth, Dorset, BH9 2EZ Dorset, BH21 1DT CAFE
Tel: 01202 512345 Tel: 01202 883311

Images - illustration purposes only

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8 Zoe Bellamy

WINTON WOOL SHOP BSc.Pod.Med - M.Inst. Ch.Pod

CARLY‛S CRAFTS Chiropodist / Podiatrist

Stockists of:-





Large selection of Patterns, HOME VISITING
Needles and Accessories SERVICE

Shop 1, 1a Cardigan Road IN YOUR AREA

(road opposite Poundland) For total footcare please call

Winton BH9 1BJ 01202 309932

01202 512106

i Cuc oDelivery Service available
ci o Aii
Saturday 4th November 2pm - 4pm (Sellers from 12.30 - £5)
Refreshments - Toilets -- Enquiries: 01202 529336

A Travel Agent looked up from his desk to see an old lady and an old gentleman peering in
the shop window at the posters showing the glamorous destinations around the world.

The agent had had a good season and the dejected couple looking in the window gave him a
rare feeling of generosity. He called them into his shop , “I know that on your pension you
could never hope to have a great holiday, so I am sending you off to a fabulous resort at my
expense and I won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.” He ushered them into the rear office and asked
his secretary to arrange two flight tickets and book a room for two weeks in a five star hotel in
Florida” He then wished them a lovely holiday and returned to the shop front to speak to some
new customers. A month later the little old lady came in to his shop. “And how did you like your
holiday?” he asked eagerly. “The flight was exciting and the room was lovely,” she said. “I’ve

come to thank you, but one thing puzzled me.
Why did I have to share the room with that old fellah you called in too?

To advertise <> 08000 430485 <> email: [email protected] <>


Garden Tidy Up
Hedge Cutting
Lawn Treatment
Waste Recycled
Patio / Driveway Cleaning

For urgent jobs, one offs, or
regular fixed price service call:

01202 805 375
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Hi . My name is Soldier. I am an 10 yr old large size Olde
Tyme Bulldog. I can be a little on the lazy side so need
encouragement to be active. I am very loving and I am
good with other dogs. If you think you are the person or
family for me, please contact the office on the number

We also have Rabbits and Guinea pigs looking

for their forever home
Waggy Tails is currently looking for a piece of land to buy. We would ideally like around 3
acres of level land with good drainage. This is for excersizing and training of our dogs..

It would need to be within the local area of Canford Magna, Wimborne or Ferndown.
For more information on Soldier or any of the other animals in our care
please contact us on 01202 875000

e-mail: ad[email protected] or visit our website
Waggy Tails Rescue is a registered charity based in Dorset;

we rescue and rehome dogs that have been abandoned, neglected or otherwise in need
of a new home.

We also find homes for other small furries that may be in our care. To find out more you
can contact us on the number above or send donations or letters to:

Waggy Tails Rescue, Helens House,
143 Magna Rd, Canford Magna
Wimborne, BH21 3AW

** These are not Waggy Tails animals, just very guilty ones!

To advertise <> 08000 430485 <> email: [email protected] <>



01202 533997
Orders now being taken for Christmas
All your traditional Christmas meats catered for


Whole Turkeys - Locally born and bred from 5kg – 10kg

Turkey Crowns – Bone in or boned & rolled, optional bacon covering

Large Fresh Roasting Chickens 1.9kg- 4kg

Gressingham / Barbury Ducks 1.2kg - 2.8kg

Gressingham Geese 4kg – 5kg BEEF

Whole Ribs of Beef & Whole Sirloins -

Bone in or boned & rolled

or French Trim / Carvery Style

Traditional Topside, a true Christmas Special

Whole Fillet of Beef – Larder Trimmed to your



Leg of Pork - Bone in or boneless

Loin of Pork - Boned & rolled & scored (Christmas Treat)

Shoulder of Pork - Bone in or boned & rolled


Racks of lamb – French Trimmed
Whole or half leg – locally born & bred

GAMMONS & HAMS– Various sizes
CHRISTMAS HAMPERS - Starting from £20 – see in store for details


Homemade sausages – Traditional, Pork & Leek & various flavours
Chipolatas – Plain pork, Cranberry, Pork & Leek

Pigs in Blankets, a family favourite - See in store for more Christmas specials
Sausage meat – Traditional, Pork & Leek


(Opposite Esso garage, lower Charminster)

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Derek J.Rolls

Independent Estate Agents & Valuers

Ask The Agent

Q. I’ve just had a valuation, and as it was being done, the agents asked if they could
bring someone round to view my home straight away, even though I haven’t formally
appointed them yet. Advice, please!
A. I totally understand that at first glance, this might sound like brilliant news.
However, there are a couple of issues you might want to consider first..
To start with, there’s the little matter of the law. This states quite unequivocally that
you must be in possession of a signed agency agreement (which in any case entitles
you to a 14 day cooling-off period), and the agent must have commissioned an Energy
Performance Certificate for your home (unless it is exempt), before any marketing an
take place. If either of these two things have not been done. then both the agent and
you are breaking the law. And by the way, don’t believe this agent if they try to claim
that a quick advance viewing doesn’t constitute marketing, because It does!

Now, of course, this might not overly bother you. But just think: when it comes to
selling what is almost certainly your single most valuable asset, do you really want to
use an agent who’s apparently prepared to break the law - even if it’s in return for a
reduced fee? In any case, besides these little legal niceties, there are a couple of very
practical points to consider. If you give this one buyer - who is clearly on some kind
of inside track with the agent - the huge advantage of seeing your home before anyone
else. how can you be sure that the price they offer is really the best you could get? It
is often said that the first offer is the best one. But this is more applicable in a market
where buyers are spoiled for choice. That is certainly not the case in the current market,
where there is not enough stock to meet demand. Consequently, the last thing you
should be doing is jumping at the first offer that comes along. Besides which, even if
you like the offer that this alleged buyer is prepared to make, how can you be sure that
they are actually in the best position to complete the purchase within your chosen time

So, my advice is to politely decline this kind offer. take your time in choosing a
professional agent who sticks to the rules, and let them do what they are actually
paid to do - which is to market your home properly to the widest possible number of
potential buyers, using all their skills and all the tools at their disposal!

01202 525778
958 Wimborne Rd, Bournemouth BH9 2DG

To advertise <> 08000 430485 <> email: [email protected] <>


Derek J.Rolls

Independent Estate Agents & Valuers



We believe that the housing market and prices are stronger than
ever so now is a great time to achieve the best price for your
property. Please call Derek or Martin on 01202 525778 or email
[email protected] for a free market valuation.

We have a combined 50 plus years of knowledge and experience
in selling homes in the area so truly do know what your property

should be worth in today’s market.

01202 525778
958 Wimborne Rd, Bournemouth BH9 2DG

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Mount Pleasant Townswomens Afternoon Guild

We meet in the Bradpole Road Community Centre at 2pm on the 1st Wednesday of every
month for a social afternoon, when we have different activities including a speaker, and

we welcome visitors who we hope may join us and become members of TG.

Our other activities include Trampers & Eaters (when we visit nearby places of interest
and end up with lunch), skittles, a music afternoon (all sorts) and a Social Studies
afternoon when we reminisce and discuss any current subjects of interest.

Charminster Afternoon Townswomens Guild

Trinity URC Hall, Sutton Road - 2pm Tuesday 24th October
Guest Speaker: Audrey Holloway - Researching your family tree

Come and meet us and make new friends, and find new interests!

Further details from our secretary, Margaret, on 01202 512543

Townswomens Guild

Hillview School, Hillview Road
7pm every 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month.

We have a wide range of speakers and different social sections, choir,
craft group and a reading group.

This friendly group of ladies always welcome visitors and new members so
come along for a chat.

For more information please call: 01202 240815

A man was on holiday in the depths of Louisiana, where he tried to buy some Alligator
shoes. However he was not prepared to pay the high prices, and after having failed to haggle
the vendor down to a reasonable price level, ended up shouting “I don’t give two hoots for your
shoes man, I’ll go and kill my own “croc!,” to which the shopkeeper replied, “by all means,
just watch out for those two “ole boys” who are doing the same!”. So the man went out into the
Bayou, and after a while saw two men with spears, standing still in the water. ‘They must be the
‘ole boys’ he thought. Just at that point he noticed an alligator moving in the water towards one
of them. The guy stood completely passive, even as the gator came ever closer. Just as the beast
was about to swallow the him, he struck home with his spear and wrestled the gator up onto the

beach, where several already laying Together the two guys threw the gator onto its back,
where-upon one exclaimed “Darn! This one doesn’t have any shoes either!”.
Q: Did you hear about the law firm with the most intimidating lawyers?
A: It’s filled with liti-gators.
Q: What do you call a crocodile with GPS? A: A Navi-gator

The news reported that an alligator had been found in the Artic, the locals said they were not
surprised because they were expecting a cold snap!

To advertise <> 08000 430485 <> email: [email protected] <>


ODfifsercsoFuonrt ASPECT AsCpoedcet L.Eye



07525 805091

Local Bournemouth Company - Established 25 Years

Previous Projects Available To View - Meet Our Happy Customers

Isn’t there
something you’d
rather be doing with
your spare time?

Could you use some help with your Cleaning, Ironing or Both?

• Regular hourly rate only £11 - £12 per hour
• One off spring cleans available - call for price details
• Times and hours to suit you - (minimum 2 hours per week)
• Reliable, honest, professional service
• Insurance provided

Call 0800 0925 773
Email: [email protected]

You deserve a rest... So be served by the best

Please mention this magazine when responding to these adverts - Thank you


144 Richmond Park Road
Bournemouth, BH8 8TW

Are you struggling with the costs of private vet care?
We offer affordable veterinary services for your pets

Consultations £15 Boosters from £22
Neutering from £30 for cats, £51 for dogs

You could be eligible if:
• Your household has a low income
• You are a pensioner
• You receive means tested benefits

For more information on how to register
Please call the clinic on 01202 526520
Monday – Friday 9.30am – 4pm

Registered Charity No. 205126

TRAVEL Picture Box

16 Seat Minibus Travel A simple question of say what you see?
For example the first one below is?
Escorted GUESS


London Oxford Bath ‘Second Guess’ of course!

Feeling at home 4 16CHEEK2=
wherever you go
Events • Transfers • Tours
Corporate/Business Functions • School Contracts
Days Out • Airport • Sporting Events I I II

Theatre Trips • Race Days Out • Hen & Stag Events OO OO
Southampton/Portland Cruise Liners
(Answers on page 40)
Group & Social Activities • Wedding Functions

Book your trip today

07751 442 321

[email protected]

To advertise <> 08000 430485 <> email: [email protected] <>

20%cushOiofnf 17

CUSHIONS REFILLEDHacluvoOesshtoyiomothunpershir? all

TO THIS All aspects of upholstery undertaken
890 Wimborne Road, Moordown, BH9 2DR
01202 516949 : [email protected]

Polishing in the Bournemouth area for over 30

- Removal of water and heat marks
- Colour matching
- Free collection and delivery service

Why buy new when you can have your old quality
furniture restored as good as new?

For a free quotation please call JIM PRICE

Tel: 01202 529910 Mobile: 07855 044732

16 Victoria Avenue, Winton, Bournemouth, BH9 2RN

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There is no beating the taste of truly fresh
fruit and veg especially, when it’s yours!

Gardening Tips for October

Our crops have given us mixed results again this year. Everything seemed to be ready early and was over
almost too soon to get the full enjoyment of them. Although, I always say we get far more out of the
garden and gardening than the effort we put in. It is now time to tidy up and prepare for next year.

Lawn Care :
If moss is a problem, now is the time to feed and treat the lawn with a mixed Autumn dressing
containing ferrous sulphate to kill off the moss.
Kitchen Garden :
Begin planting Garlic in rich soil containing well-rotted organic matter.
Single cloves, up to 4” / 10cm deep & 7” /18cm apart. Clear away old
leaves around Strawberries to prevent a build-up of pests and diseases.
Complete any earlier planting of Onion sets. Plant out Spring Cabbage
plants. Harvest any remaining Squashes and Pumpkins, curing them
indoors in the warm for 10 days or so to harden off the skins.
Flower Garden :
Sow next year’s Sweet Peas. Here is how…make a nick in the seed
skin with a knife then rub with sandpaper before leaving the seeds overnight on some damp kitchen roll
( Do not Soak Them). This should give you an early start. My wife uses Root Trainers for sowing, before
placing them in our unheated greenhouse. You could use the window ledge of an unheated room in the
Lift Gladioli and Dahlias, keeping the in a cool dry place to over winter.
Plant up your Spring flowering Narcisi bulbs either in the borders or in pots. To avoid Tulip fire wait
until November before planting Tulips. Tulip fire is so called because it resembles fire damage, it is a
fungal infection similar to the Botrytis that so quickly annihilates Potato crops.

Gardening Tips for November

There is still plenty to do in the garden even though the days are shorter now. Have fun with bulbs :
You can plant flowering bulbs in the same pot for a continuous show. The more bulbs, the bigger the
pot and the greater the surprise when they come up. The general rule of thumb is to plant bulbs 2 times
deeper than the height of the bulb. So the largest bulbs such as Crown Imperial should go in first. Filling
the pot by your chosen bulbs until you have completed the job.
Carry on Clearing and Cleaning.
Keep removing dead and fallen leaves, you can save them to create leaf mould later.
Scarify the lawns to remove dead choking thatch and get air and nutrients to the roots. If your lawn is
too far gone then you can still lay new turf if there is no risk of frost.
Clear the pond of excessive growth and debris. Leave it in clumps nearby for a few days so the pond
creatures can find their way home before removing to compost.
Cut back any overgrowing Herbaceous Perennials. Clear any spent, worn out old plants and compost
them if there is no evidence of disease. Burn all garden materials if disease is present.
Prune off any long stems on Rose bushes.
Leave any ornamental grass heads as they do add an attractive soft landscape swaying in the wind over
the now dull borders.
Now is the time to plant new Fruit trees, Soft and Cane fruit bushes as well as taking cuttings of Roses
and other deciduous bushes you wish to propagate.

North Bournemouth Allotment Society, Cornelia Road, BH10 4FG

To advertise <> 08000 430485 <> email: [email protected] <>



by your PC
or laptop?
Let us make

Computer or Looking for a new Are you a business
Laptop problems? PC or Laptop? on a budget?

Local, knowledgeable and affordable. All backed up with fantastic service!

EZ Computers Repair Centre have nus OPENING TIMES
been operating in the Winton
area since the early 1990’s. national union of students Monday - Friday 9:00am - 7:00pm
Initially started as a retail store, Saturday 9:30am - 5:00pm
EZ Computers swiftly branched 10% DISCOUNT Sunday & Public Holidays CLOSED
out into offering repair services ON LABOUR FOR
to the local community on NUS MEMBERS
a NO FIX NO FEE basis.
EZ Computer Repair Centre
The current EZ team has over 80 years
of combined experience in technical 606 Wimborne Road • Winton • Bournemouth • BH9 2EN
support, repairs and servicing, and PC
sales. EZ Computers also offers online Tel: 01202 267267 & 01202 268268
gaming, internet access and printing Email: [email protected]
facilities. Whatever your computer
needs, our friendly and knowledgeable
staff will find the right solution for both
your situation and your budget.

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Male Voice Choir

”Bourne2Sing” Choir are seeking 2nd Tenors and Bass singers.

For more information please contact our Musical Director via e-mail:
[email protected]

Our Website
provides a wealth of information about “Bourne2Sing”.
The Choir is fully booked for the remainder of 2017 with six Concerts to perform
and also fully booked for the year 2018 with eight Concerts in prospect.
The Choir sings at a variety of local venues for Charities and Good Causes and
since it’s inception on the 4th February 2013 has raised in excess of £15,000.
Our ethos is to have fun from music by singing tunes that are familiar and

pleasing for our audiences.

”Bourne2Sing” has grown hugely in popularity and our success can be gauged
from the continued number of repeat bookings that we receive.
In fact 50% of our Concerts for 2018 will be “Return Visits”.

Performances are given in two segments and presented by a Compere with a
Guest Artiste solo spot in each half of the Concert.

Future Concerts are: (Performances commence 7.30pm)





Q: What’s the first sign of madness? A: Suggs walking up your driveway.

Rick Astley will let you borrow any movie from his collection of Pixar films except one.
He’s never going to give you Up.

My girlfriend said she was leaving me because of my obsession with the Monkees.
I thought she was joking. But then I saw her face.

To advertise <> 08000 430485 <> email: [email protected] <>



01202 959162 / 07460 494418

Fully insured and references available


Carpentry & Building

Kitchen Fitting General Building



Door Hanging, QUOTATION Patios
General Maintenance
Fencing, Decking, 0S1h20e2d9s59162 / 07460

1st and

No Job too Small • Refewrewnwc.ebshpArvoapielratbysleerv•iFceu.lcloy.uInksured • Free Estimates

Fully insBurrediaanndSretfeerpenhceesnasvailable

Tel: 01202 525 445 Mob: 07921 525 424

[email protected]

26 Green Road Bournemouth BH9 1EA

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Carpet Rugs Wood
Laminate Vinyl
Carpet Tiles
Luxury Vinyl Tiles
Commercial Flooring

Visit our new Karndean flooring showroom

01202 524052
39/41 Charminster Avenue, Bournemouth. BH9 1RR

To advertise <> 08000 430485 <> email: [email protected] <>


Expert Advice with a Friendly Face

Please mention this magazine when responding to these adverts - Thank you


0800 180 4377
01202 520757

Welcome to Zero Dry Time Bournemouth, Your Local Floor Cleaning
Specialists along with Tile Floor and wooden Floor Restoration.

We are not just carpet cleaners but offer a wider service, which includes, upholstery, hard floors
and wooden floor restoration. All your floor needs in one place.
We are fully trained and insured and belong to CheckaTrade.
This means you can call Graeme and Lizzy in the knowledge that your job will be completed
to a high standard, cost effective and minimum amount of inconvenience.
We pride ourselves on providing a first class service.
Refresh your home, and living space with our cleaning solutions for you and your family.
Also great for office areas, hotels and Bed and Breakfast.
Zero Dry Time can transform your carpets, our business is built on achieving results.
Your carpets can be clean and odour-free without waiting for them to dry.
We guarantee:
• Carpets ready for immediate use • Carpet life extended • Reduces indoor allergens
• Safe for babies, pets and allergy sufferers • Spots and stains will not return
We guarantee no smell or shrinkage and a no fuss clean we think you’ll agree is the best ever.
At Zero Dry Time, we know your pets are part of your family, but your carpets can suffer.
We can take care of all pet odours and urine problems with our specialist, thorough, carpet
cleaning service.
Our products will sanitise your home, making it clean, fresh and odour free. We promise that our
solutions are safe for your pet and your family

Upholstery Cleaning, for Home and Business Furnishings

We can revive and rejuvenate all of your soft furnishings and upholstery. Over time, fabrics can
dull in appearance, which isn’t a great look. Our professional cleaning products can save you the
cost of replacing items with no fuss and no waiting time.
We provide:
• Safe, green, organic cleaning for all your fabric needs
• Low moisture, deep-cleaning solutions for all your upholstery
The extremely fast-drying product gives a fresh, new appearance to all types of upholstery and
soft furnishing fabrics. This includes:
• Dralon, velvet and cotton/raw cotton • Jacquard, weave and tapestries
• Brocades, silk and even leather
Our unique system cleaning agent is only 10% moisture, enabling upholstery to retain its shape
and be used almost immediately.

Before & After Cost-effective cleaning means
expensive re-upholstering can be
postponed for years.
Our professional cleaning results
are consistent and effective.
Our product is versatile and
works every time.

To advertise <> 08000 430485 <> email: [email protected] <>


Can you imagine this We have dry cleaned carpets &
upholstery in over 100,000 homes

Dry Carpet Cleaning
“NO”Just say
to wet carpets in your home

dry cYleoaunwinilgl our

• Removes spills & spots FREEcOlenS+aeHOnFareFedveAoeSfCtya3oLinuEPGrARucIoNEahoroCmEdicDEe get
• Sanitize & deodorise
• Deep cleans & lifts carpet pile

Picture this... in your home

Nice Fresh Clean Fantastic service, my
Upholstery on carpets came up like
new, I would highly
Leather • Suede • Fabric recommend them.

Mrs Cherry

Locally based

You can call us on

0800 180 43 77
01202 520757


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A broadband engineer was in an elderly couple’s home trying to fix their Internet
connection. The husband called out to his wife in the other room for the computer password.
“Start with a capital S, then 123,” she shouted back. They tried S123 several times, but it didn’t

work. So they called the wife in to the room. As she input the password, she muttered,
“I really don’t know what’s so difficult about typing Start123”

Husband: “Siri, call my wife” Siri: “Julie Martins is not in your contacts”
Husband: “Siri, Judy Martins is my wife” Siri: “ I have added Judy Martins as your wife”

Husband: “Siri, call my wife” Siri: “Which wife?”
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Berry Hill Farm
Local Vegetables for local people


Grown locally in 1-2 people - £9.00
Bournemouth for approx 6 servings

local people, 2-4 people - £14.00
using only approx 10 servings
4-6 people - £19.00
farming methods. approx 14 servings

SELECT A BOX TO SUIT All boxes contain a selection of fresh seasonal vegetables
For example: Potatoes, Cauli, Bunched Carrots, Cabbage, Brussel Sprouts, Purple
Sprouting Broccolo, Leeks, Swede, Parsnips, Celeriac, Runner Beans, Broad Beans,

Marrows, Courgettes, Peas in Pod, Bunch Beetroot, Sweetcorn, Kale, Seasonal Salads.

Tel. 07971 795740 Berry Hill Farm, 185 Muscliffe Lane, Throop, Bournemouth BH9 3NH Email. [email protected]

144 Richmond Park Road &
Bournemouth, BH8 8TW
Home Visitors
Are you on a low income? In The
Do you receive benefits?
Bournemouth Area
Are you a pensioner?
Tailored to you and your dogs needs, we
We offer affordable veterinary provide a bespoke dog walking and care
services for your pets service. For your peace of mind, we have
had years of experience with dogs and
Consultations only £15 are also fully insured.

01202 526520 Tel: 01202 468978
Mbl: 07775 905263
Mon-Fri 9.30am-4pm Email: [email protected]

Charity No. 205126

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Christchurch’s Official
Fes�val of Remembrance

4th November 2017
7:30pm Christchurch Priory

Allocated sea�ng £12 (unallocated £10)
available from The Prioy Box Office or
the Band Secretary on 01202 874610

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854 Dental Health

Professional, Friendly, Effective
Private Dentistry

01202 512967

Do you wish you had nicer or trouble free teeth ?
It is never too late to get help.
If you have dental problems and have been putting
off a visit, why not call us or pop in for a chat.
Modern dentistry can work wonders.


854 Wimborne Road, Moordown, Bournemouth, BH9 2DS [email protected]

Established 1972

Ply, MDF, Pegboard
Hardboard, Chipboard
No need to buy a full sheet Timber & Sheet Material
Cut to your requirements Large selection of Offcuts

Architectural Over 2000 items of Plastic
Mouldings Hardware & Tracking
DIY Products

Timber, Floorboards, Skirting, Dado & Architraves
Machined to your specific size and profile

Small items of Purpose Made Joinery undertaken

936 Wimborne Road, Moordown, Bournemouth. BH9 2DH
Tel: 01202 516225 <>
Email: [email protected]

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Brain Power

1: 8 people have to be seated at a round banquet table. The seats are
number 1-8. For this teaser, 5 is opposite 1, 6 is opposite 2 and so on.
Also, “next to” means one of the neighboring seats only.
i.e., 8 is next to 1 and 7.
A and H are the only French speaking people on the table. They need to
be seated together.
B and F should sit opposite each other.
C, F, and G all know Russian, but don’t necessarily need to sit next to
each other. In fact, G wants to sit next to someone who knows French.
D is English and insists on sitting next to at least one other English
speaking person, and sat opposite the good looking H. E is the only other
English speaker in the group, but he wants to sit next to someone who
knows Russian.
G agrees to sit next to F only on condition that the other side must have a
French speaker. C does not sit next to either of them.
C however, agrees to sit next to B, who is the only Bavarian in the group.
A will not sit next to a Russian or an English speaker.

2: What does the last group represent?

312831303130313130313031, 312831303130313130313031
312831303130313130313031, 312931303130313130313031

3: The following four words can be arranged into four groups of
three words each. In each grouping three words will share a common
characteristic not shared by the fourth word.
Can you figure out these arrangements and what links each group?
And why the missing word does not belong?

Golf, Rugby, Ping Pong, Lacrosse

4: If seven becomes 40, three becomes 0, and eight becomes 55,

then what does one become? Answers on page 40

Texting, Facebook and other ‘social media’ formats regularly display just how poor the
level of education can be. The abuse of the English language can be seen daily, however it
does allow the more astute to have a little fun by correcting these errors, generally adding to the

pleasure knowing in most cases the sarcasm will be lost on those it is aimed at.
For example...

Post: “I can’t stand people that don’t know the difference between your and you’re.
There so dumb.” Response: “Their, their, calm down.”
Post: “Is it me or does nobody have manors these days?”
Response: “I just have a normal house.”

“I possess a device in my pocket that is capable of accessing the entirety of information known
to man. I use it to look at pictures of cats and get into arguments with strangers.”

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RR..JJ..HHuullll && CCoommppaannyy
CertiAfiecd PcroacutisningtaAcncotusntants

Accountants312 Charminster Road, Tel: 533370

312For moreCthahnwa2wr5wmy.erjaihnrsuslwltaeechcraovRuenobtaaenedtns,.acTsose.iuslkt:in5g3b3us3in7e0ss

people in the Charminster and surrounding areas with :-

pF∗∗oePSrooapmlreltoenTreiernrasttdhhheaieprnCaa3chc0cacyoromeuuannirnttsssstweer ahnadvesu∗∗brPTeraaeoyxnurnRaodsellistnuisgrtniansrgeabsuswinitehs:s-

∗ Limited Company accounts ∗ Bookkeeping & VAT

FSaoslte, eTfrfaicdieernatcpceorusnotns al serviceTaatxaRffeotrudranbsle fees
 Partnership accounts  Payroll
iPnlcelausdeeePnqayuriLoreillma, bBiootueotdkokuCereocpominmgppaalnentdeyVmaAacnTca,goaelulmnceotnmst psearnvyBicroeetofuokrrnkLs,eimaenipnteiudnalgcoac&mcpoVaunAniteTss, to

management advice on a fixed or variable fee basis

Fast, efficient personal service at affordable fees

Please enquire about our complete management service for Limited companies to
include Payroll, Bookkeeping and VAT, all company returns, annual accounts, and
management advice on a fixed or variable fee basis

Experienced, Honest and Reliable Multi-Skilled Handyman

Inside Outside

 Carpentry  Decking
 Plumbing  Patios
 Plastering  Gardening
 Tiling  Pressure Washing
 Painting and Decorating

Available for full or half day hire to catch up with all the little jobs you have
been meaning to do.

Phone David McDonald for free no obligation quote 07951738446 or e mail
[email protected]

Numerous references available.

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Do You Know About Raw Food For Cats & Dogs?

For generations, dog owners have been buying bags and/or
tins of pet food. Many people still do this today. Some pet food
brands are more expensive than others and there are several
foods today that claim to be all natural. Over the past few years,
more and more owners have been switching their dogs and cats
to a raw food diet.

Dogs, unlike cats, also need a mix of vegatables with their meat. We can supply these in addition
to the raw foods or you can also choose from a selection of premixed meat/vegetable packs.

Benefits of a Raw Food Diet:

Owners who take their dogs for a walk in public areas are required to clean up the dog’s poop
after he goes. If you find that your dog’s pooh is soft and sometimes runny, it can make cleaning
up after him a very disgusting job. If you start your dog on a raw dog food diet, you will notice
that his stools are firmer and much easier to clean up.(It’s a lot less smelly too!)

It is not uncommon for dogs to have digestion issues when they eat bagged or canned dog food.
Some dogs get very gassy, which can be pretty bad for anyone who is in the room with the dog.
Some dogs vomit after a big meal. If you start your dog on a raw dog food diet, he will get a
daily supplement of probiotics, making digestion easier.

If you have ever seen a wolf or a wild dog, you know that they often have beautiful, shiny coats.
This is because they are eating a raw dog food diet on their own. This diet will give your dog all
the vitamins and minerals that he needs to keep his coat and his skin healthy.

Many dogs have yellow teeth, infected gums, and very bad breath. This can due to the fact that
they don’t brush and floss every day and because they are eating manafactured dog food.
When you switch your dog to a raw food diet, his teeth and gums will be healthier and his breath
will smell much better.

The carbs in bagged dog food can give your dog a huge spike of energy, only to have him crash
later. The additives in commercial dog food can have the same effect. If your dog is overly hyper
for a while after eating and then strangely lethargic shortly after, you should switch him to a raw
food diet. Raw food will keep your dog’s energy level at an even keel.

It is not uncommon for dogs who are fed commercial
dog food to become overweight.
This is not the case on a raw food diet. This diet
is very high in protein, making it the most weight-
friendly option.

Still unsure? Come in to see us, we have a very wide
range of raw foods for cats & dogs and can help you
decide what to start on depending on your pet.

To advertise <> 08000 430485 <> email: [email protected] <>

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Project Indigo

One boy’s adventure through time and space!

Hi, I’m Tom, a local Doctor Who blogger & I write about my adventures online at

Project Indigo is my blog where I travel the world visiting
people and places associated with Doctor Who. Today I
am going to tell you about QuizFest UK which was held at
Beaulieu National Motor Museum on July 29th. This event
was a quiz convention where you got the chance to meet
lots of celebrities from the Quizzing and TV world and was
held to have fun and raise money for Variety, the children’s
charity. I went because I am a huge quizzer and also two of
the celebrities are classic Doctor Who actors so I jumped at
the chance!

I arrived early to explore Beaulieu then when the fun started I made my way over to a tent
which contained several Eggheads! I got to meet Beth, Steve, Chris, Kevin, Barry, Pat and
Tremendous Knowledge Dave and they gave me lots of tips and advice about improving
my quizzing skills and told me about how they became Eggheads. I also met legendary
quizmaster Nicholas Parsons, who starred as Reverend Wainwright in Doctor Who ‘The
Curse of Fenric’ which was filmed along the coast at Lulworth Cove. I asked him where he
would go if he could go anywhere in time and space and he said home because that is his
favourite place to be but if he had to be adventurous he would like to see what it is like on
the moon!

Next I went into the Domus, part of 800 year old Beaulieu Abbey. I got to take part in
SpeedQuizzing - I won my round (beating my Mum!) and received a T-shirt. There were
lots more celebrities and I got to meet three of The Chasers! Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett,
‘The Sinha Man’ Paul Sinha and Shaun Wallace, ‘The Dark Destroyer’. They were not mean
like they are on TV, in fact they were very friendly. Paul Sinha spent time doing a flag quiz
with me to help me build on my flag knowledge.

Finally I met John Challis, better known as Boycie from Only
Fools and Horses. I wanted to meet John because he was in
Doctor Who too - he played Scorby in ‘The Seeds of Doom’ which
was also filmed nearby at Athelhampton House. He told me that
Doctor Who was a really fun job. If John could jump in a TARDIS
he would like to visit the English Civil War and meet Prince Rupert
who commanded the Royalist cavalry!

I hope you have enjoyed learning about my day at QuizFest UK.
If you would like to read about my other Doctor Who adventures
please check out my blog. Thanks for reading, goodbye!

Tom Project Indigo --

My wife told me I was no longer romantic so I booked a table for the two of us for our
anniversary. Problem was she’s rubbish at pool.

A rock fan goes to the doctor with hearing problems. “Can you describe the symptoms to me?”
asks the doctor. The rocker replies, “Sure, Homer is a fat yellow guy and Marge has blue hair”

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Travel Feature - 35
Its Autumn - In The World Of Travel...

By Mags Addison

The summer rush for last minute holidays, and late-booking season
has passed. More tailor-made enquiries will start to filter in now,
when people look forward and ahead to 2018, and complicated
multi centre itineraries.
We thrive on this type of enquiry as they test our knowledge and
expertise. To be honest, a well-travelled, experienced travel agent,
is still worth their weight in gold to the average holidaymaker.
We save you making mistakes that can be costly, and time it takes
sourcing it yourself - with the stress of fitting it all together. Are
you booking the right connections? Have you enough time to move between them? Would there be an
easier route? Is it the right time of year to travel there? Do you need visas? And so on.
Clients tend to book these more complicated long haul travel trips well in advance because they take
more detailed planning, are more expensive, perhaps a one off – and need to be spot on. They are
no doubt fitted around specific itineraries, or even vague outlines – and can’t be booked so easily at
the last minute. Clients may have individual requirements – 9 instead of 10 days. Matching up with
someone else’s schedule. Only day-time flights. Somewhere for people with walking difficulties. Flights
of only a certain length throughout. Somewhere without the need for malaria tablets. Suitable for
mixed generations in one family, and so on.
I read an interesting article in the travel press recently saying the best option for people booking more
bespoke, multi layered travel itineraries remains a good travel agent.
Online websites, can’t always piece together the various aspects making up the personal choices you
may require. Tying to use various search engines won’t dovetail it all together easily – or compete
with the intricacies of multi layered travel arrangements: Compared to a knowledgeable travel agent
putting it all together to make it personal to your own requirements. Client have preferences, and an
agent can factor this in, where as a website may not give you that flexibility.
So, autumn is the season of specialist trainings for us, and increasing our knowledge with fact finding
trips. I’ve already have several specialist training events lined up in the next few weeks. An Australian
Open Day at my head office up in Manchester – we have a selection of suppliers coming who will pass
on the latest industry news. Locally, I have a Sandals evening to attend, as well as a Canada training
event. I’m off to Northern Ireland to visit a close travel industry friend, and while there we’ve willingly
giving up a few hours during a couple of lunchtimes by
booking onto specialist training events.
The key word for a travel agent like us at Travel
Counsellors is knowledge. There are many places in
the world I’ve been fortunate to visit, or done in depth
training in, and I delight in imparting that experience to
my clients. There are many other places I still must visit;
but I bet I’ve done a training on it somewhere.
My passion is travel, and I’m still keen to learn. Trained
agents – against impersonal websites?
I know which I’d trust.

Beach holidays, City breaks, Honeymoons, Weddings abroad, Adventure holidays, Ski,
Cruise, Tailormade trips, Flight only, Car hire, Airport hotels and parking and much more...

Contact Travel Counsellor

Mags Addison

018240520598017389102 Travel Counsellors ensures complete
financial protection on every booking
[email protected]

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Charminster Library Coffee Morning
Wear It Pink Campaign

Tuesday 10th October 10am
Pop In To Taste Cakes

Home Baked By The Library Staff
Join Us For A Baking Quiz & Cake Bingo Game

Bournemouth Electric Bowls Club

Short Mat returns from 4th October
Each Wednesday from 1:00pm.
All welcome.
For more information contact:

Keith: 07593 559103
Ron: 01202 252291

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We should’nt put up with painful feet. Pain is an indication that something is wrong.
Many foot problems are related to wearing incorrect footwear.

When patients complain of foot pain,
I examine their feet and listen to what
they are saying .But my eyes are always
diverted down to look at the shoes
which very often are the cause of the
problem. When I express concern
about the footwear I am immediately
told “But you must be wrong as they
have worn this style of shoe for many

An elderly Italian lady who’s problems
directly related to wearing ridiculous
fashion shoes was affronted when I suggested wearing trainers.
I thought she would probably not return but a year later she did wearing a trainer style
shoe I cut her nails we chatted about her family she didn’t mention any pain I didn’t
comment on her footwear.

So shoes are so important to healthy feet. It’s not just the style its how well the shoes fit.
There should be ½ an inch space beyond the longest toe and the end of the shoe. Feel
across the width of the shoe with the hand to make sure it’s not too tight. Lastly the heel
should fit in the back of the shoe and not slide up and down when walking.

I prefer a shoe with a Velcro strap or a lace up as they
give more support and they’re adjustable. Lace ups
when fastened should have a gap between the laces of
½ an inch. Most feet swell during the day so it’s better
to buy shoes in the afternoon. Shoes are so important,
do not impulse buy, shoes bought in the sales cannot
be returned so they not always the best choice.

So to reiterate...


M.Ch.S., D.Pod.M. WINTON BH9 2AP



Tel: 01202 528942

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38 Catering & events nig
Tasty & eIansgyrecdouiesn-ctsous

Lemon & Po3p0p0yg SDerieedd cCouask-ceous
Method 480ml boiling water with one or

Catering & Events Boil the wamteoreavnedgeatdadblsetostcokckcucubbees.s Pou
a splash ofGthooedosilu- gseopfaOrlaivtee Owiilth a fork.
‘cook throuHgahn’.dSfuelpoafrcaatpeearsgain with a f
Catering & eventswoawrdwcaa.mallda0an7mCwd9ea4awvn8etds4weef9vor4.eoai0sdn2fd@o4goagfdom&m.rwaaaeeilbq.nvcsuo.edcomotneemtvsesfIonogrdbfaIAedlued.ddewafddiafenyloetlns.yhtitb,hfesleyesoroa.t2HOntOsuvhcol0iieaenngcmpo0reehneargatddmoeltlethlfaicfouvlmeihtnrealehriddosco.gne,knfocesd--fnofctlpchaioaaahpeokvblopajlpeaoplestedpruphdss.eooreedlsafdikotksfuioretenehndscsce-ohohdorauuhvriiknnreeegrrkgdib-ensrste
www.adamandevesfood.webs.comCatering & events 300gSDerrvieedwcoituhsS-mceoaeusaos nt,incgheese or on its own.
Ingredientswww.adamandevesfm4o8oo0rmedlv.bewgoeielitnabgbslwe.ascttoeocrkmwcituhboens e or
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ally, leave aMll ythImdeaetfael,allkyvn,oolwuearinsvgteoI uassoleldathktoeitnrfalvaoevvl oeaurlornts,igatsohktes.odYamokeuwinchaaotnvwears nthige hbets.tYpoarut acbaonut Switzerland.
dnostihf eyrosulicperdefveeSabr.gedereadvtneaosbtwihfleieytsrholsuimlkiIcepeerreacdepotlfv,, e“eeIett’astseebdsoil,,..ab.r.nngu..t.detthoteetfshl,aegorrisoalbivigesplausn”d other
meMastuy,cmchhoaetnheeesrxecnietoivnregrodennayciottusoromagwee.dnI.msaeidto, ‘hMavuemc,rweahtaivt ecocuolsdtuImbeesthoins Halloween, even though it was
ve with year?’ She replied, as always,

‘Be a ghost again.’ ‘Great, you mean you want to get rid of another old sheet?’ I moaned.

I looked a right fool going door to door in a ‘Thomas The Tank Engine’ duvet cover!


Q: How many people can you fit in one Honda?

A: Well, the Bible said that all 12 disciples were in one Accord.

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Takes All Kinds 39

123 456 7 Prize Crossword



11 12


14 15

16 17

18 19 20

21 22

23 24


26 27

28 29 Enter this month to win
© Chett - September 2017 3 bottles of wine

1b5aAe..claroICnosoostvknse(v8(s6et))irgsaa1bA5tte..ocioarrIConnsorsatvanslec(vies8sestt)rsisgrdoaauittsionocrdunrsahasloicscsethpssaitrdnaoiglsuetcnoutdostashrkeocedshpaintag1tD32ler...otetoHMDwsosoontoeraletsieoskddroeatifhysaStmisacasonkcrderaS21Dyerva..oceSwnMDtwnhlhdoyognayoeetgwosrSmo?rishtinahsm(a1ygtiwso1ctoo)?rsontacrh(vagr1eertv1lhece)eatennlnygd(eg6rso)isitnmgooonthgtrheeentr(e6s)ses of
8. They comlomoikt (th6e)mselves to see you around (7) 3. Holidaymaker who may travel and sit
through to 8th. eThveeryyceonmdm(1it1)themselves to see y4o. uLathwryoeursghbrinagrocuhnardge(7a)gainst the girl
10. Clergymtoanthteakveesrytheenndu(m11b)er six vehicle (3) 4. Lawyers bring charge against the girl (3)

to church (150) . Clergyman takes the number si5x.vHeohmicelestteoader5.mHaoymtaeksetewaodrekr amsaayntake work as an
11. One whcohmuracyh r(e5c)eive a bouquet for arbitrator (7) arbitrator (7)
providing m1o1r.eOonf ethwehsoammeay(7r)eceive a bouque6t .foQruestioner p6r.oQviudestsiotinrreerdprriocveiwdeinsestirred rice wine
13. It's carsprliokveidthinisg tmhaotrearoefdtrhievesnambye (7) right after (5) right after (5)
people of na1r3r.oIwt’ms cinadrsedlikbeigtohtrisy t(7h)at are driven7.bPyapuesoepalemom7e. nPta, uasnedathmisoment, and this prevaricator
14. Could tohfisntaorproswinmgeirnqduedietblyigsootaryr o(n7) prevaricator mamyabyebcoemcoemloestlo(s8t) (8)
high (7) 14. Could this top singer quietly soa9r. Poenrshoignhal vale9t. gPeetrsssoindaelwvoarlketagseittsemside work as item of
16. Nice ch(a7p)Timothy, but not very bright of furniture (7) furniture (7)
p22te2b11(3on8i3r715e)gic.....nceoDTMTMetguhhhieae(nre7eesnasgri)tgmgreo(beeo7rfasama)p112bt212tiocloodhire687351kfeogniene......nmfcneettNTMMDTgcehtstahhmhlbiehieaeogn(c(eeeese5nst7iaecgfcihtr)cyomg)reeocbeowrn(oRrmfhaems7ataeoatiroc)usnldohmmepfkhosetne(maiteTfnte3ttnchotirt)famelbmeoheogbCdseueotaaiciafhncasteyotcthtttdhnworRhlmyweeotmMole,reliuwsminetbmtrcshheitusat(tRiehttt(3snsri2ottgf)neteh,roCho5bsoodauart)inatiesntartgvthdtteolhweMrlliieych11r12(1owctr7tihlns96052abgeeR)i.....rthrassRihd(iMFRFTngtttg2oworiaohihthmov,octroart5taherteenhren)eirr(eegertex3if(irndsoa8sn)irghrtm)doedatrearpihsosedlbes1r1R12t1hhec(heyeo59620ao1eoscsefrd.....uv1bafoiadtdeiTMFFR)idrmhulrswtaoroeirithoempcierhtrcan(ribehaaoo8etrtnegy(eooscdent7)xifeebrinbe)raonksoaagdhetimtrefnrcodboaetratktspeirhpsodhhsnlel(tseheeecd7a(orce(oe7on)solc1ssudua)faococ1earrsiemluryet)sldeuoaephrcirnbnbiatosygtosone(ber7keatd)eobceakedpnletdroaconlssauocreslreeydurerbbi(goyc7hnl)et atno
26. He mayekneceopursacgoeremoennttshe(5g)olf course 22. Seed used b2y2.bSaekeerdtuosoepdebny baker to open treasure
but would n2e6v.eHregomtaoythkeeenpinsectoereentohnhtohlee golf ctroeuarssuerbe uctave (6c)ave (6)
(11) would never go to the nineteenth h2o4le. A(1rr1a)nge the24flo. wAerrrainngpeotshiteioflnofworer in position for
28. Rush a2s8if. aRtutaschkaesd ibfyatlitgahctkceadvbalyryligmhatncavmalreydimtaatinon (5) meditation (5)
(6) (6) 27. One shortly2s7a. iOdnteo bsheolartulyghsianigdotuotbe laughing out loud
29. With au2t9h.oWritiythtoausethrvoeribtyuttoprsoebravbelybuntotprobloaubdlyonoltine (3)on line (3)
26A (8) 26A (8)

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Send your completed entries to:
October Prize Crossword, The Local Eye,
22 Oswald Road, Moordown, Bournemouth. BH9 2TQ

Name: ________________________________ Tel:____________________



Closing date for entries is Tuesday 24th October

Congratulations to Richard Wells of Hankinson Road
who won 3 bottles of wine.

Enter this month to win yours!

August Solution Brain Power
Solution > Plant Life
1: They sit in the simple order - ABCDEFGH.
1S 2S 3S 4E 5P 6C
7H A W T H O R N S 8O A T H S
L R Y Z 9S P E 2: A leap year

1M0 A H O G A N Y 1T1 H I R S T 3: 1) Golf does not belong as it is the only sport in which low score wins.
2) Rugby does not belong as it is the only sport using a non-spherical
D V BMA L T ball.
1H2 E B E 1E3 G G P L A N T 3) Ping Pong does not belong because it is the only sport played on
1K4 A S O U a table.
1G5 I N 1S6 E N G 1A7 1C8 O N I T E 4) Lacrosse does not fit as it is the only sport involving the use of
1C9 A a stick.
2V0 I C T O 2R1 I A 2P2 E 2A3 T
F S E T S S 2F4
2G5 R O U N D 2T6 H I S T L E S

UMSAC E N 4: -8. Using this formula, square the number and subtract nine.
2L7 I L A C 2L8 I Q U O R I C E


SeptemberSolution > On The Road Solution 7 x 7 = 49 - 9 = 40, 3 x 3 = 9 - 9 = 0,
8 x 8 = 64 - 9 = 55, and therefore 1 x 1 = 1 - 9 = -8

1B A 2C K 3F I R 4E 5B U 6S M A 7N Picture Box Answers

M U 8G R 9E E N L I G H T S
1P0 I T C H V
E C O A 11T W I S 12T E D
1R3 E H I R E S A H I 1. Cheek to cheek
P N 14I N 1D5 Y C A R V 2. Square meal
1R6 U E 1O7 N E 3. Double agent
VI 4. Fly-by-night
O 1D8 R I 1V9 E R S 2M0 U 5. One foot in the grave
A A I 2C1 H A R G E 2R2 6. Circles under the eyes
2D3 E L 24I V E R U L H O
T R W S 2A5 I R E D
2E6 R R O N E O 2U7 S L Y O E

28T R U S T S 29T O R N A D O S

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“Brilliant and Unique”John Bishop
“Dark Humour and Faultless Timing”The Stage

01202 316316
Advanced tickets £12
Doors open 7.15pm GDraeveen

£16 on the door. Show starts 8.30pm

Hotel Celebrity
47 Gervis Road
BH1 3DD Adrienne Coles
Over 18’s only
Also online at:
Acts may change due

to TV commitments

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Dorset Driver Gold (DDG) at SafeWise Bournemouth

eWise road safety initiative dates for publication

Driving skills and confidence sessions helping people aged 65+ drive

safely for longer. The theory session costs just £10 per person and

orset DriverlGasotlsdu(pDDtoG3) ahtoSuarsfe, WbreisaeksBoaundrnreemfroesuhtmh eanntds SaarefeiWncilsuedWede–ymthoeuntehxt
ving skills andtchoenofirdyendcaetseesssairoenslihsetlepdingbepleoowpl:e aged 65+ drive safely for
nger. The theor•y session coSstasfjeuWst £is1e0 Bpeoruprenrseomnoaundthlasts up to 3 houMrs,obnredaakys a2nndd October – 1.30pm

reshments are• included – tShaefneeWxtitsheeBoroyudranteesmaroeultishted below: Thursday 7th December – 1.30pm

• SafeWisTe hWeeypmraocuttihcal session coMsotsnd£a4y515ptehrMpaeyrs–o1n0aamnd lasts up to 90 minutes. Once your booking form

• SafeWisaenBdoupranyemmoeuntht have beenMroencdeaiyv5etdhyJuonue w– 1il.3l 0bpemgiven details to arrange your drive directly with one

• SafeWisoefWoeuyrmDouotrhset Driver GMolodnAdapyp1r0otvheJudlyD–r1iv0ainmg Instructors (ADIs).
• SafeWisIefByoouurnteamkoeutuhp a practicTauleasndadyt1hsetoAruygussets–si1o.3n0pthme cost is just £50
• SafeWise Weymouth Tuesday 12th September – 1.30pm

• SafeWisFe oBroumrnoermeoiuntfhormation pMleoansdeayv2isnidt OthcetoDbeorr–s1e.t3D0prmiver Gold webpage
• SafeWis(esWafeeywmiosuet.horg/dorset-drTivueesrd-gayo1ld4/t)h oNrovceomnbtaecr t–t1h0eamDDG Administrator on [email protected] ,
• SafeWisreinBoguornretmexout t0h7713 499 T7h7u7rs(dwaye7wthilDlecceamllbyeoru– 1b.a3c0kpm)

e practical sesosironlecaovstes a£4m5 peesrsapgeresoant aSnadfelaWstsisuep htoe9a0dmoifnfiucteeso. Onn0ce12yo0u2r 5bo9o1k3in3g0f.orm and payment have been received

u will be given details to arrange your drive directly with one of our Dorset Driver Gold Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs).

you take up a pLraicftiecaDl arnidvtehetohryesoesrsiyonstehesscoiostnissjuastt£5S0afeWise Bournemouth

LifeDrive is designed to reduce accidents by helping younger drivers to understand why collisions

This FREE scheme is open to all young people aged between 17 and 25 who live in Dorset and

eDrive theohrayvseespsaisosnesdattheSiarfedWrivisinegBtoeustrnweimthoinutthhe–pvaasrtiofouusrdyaetaerss.
eDrive is desigAnedFRtoEreEdu£c5e0acAcimdeanztos nbyvhoeulpcinhgeryoiusnggievrednrivteorsetvoeurnydoenrestathndatwchoymcopllliesitoenss thhaeppceonuarnsde!how to avoid them,
veloping their Tskhilels nanedxtexLpiefreieDncrievweitdhaftreese aporest:-test theory and practical sessions. This FREE scheme is open to all young

ople aged betw• een 17 andW25edwnheosldivaeyin1D8othrseOt cantodbhearve2p0a1s7sed their driving test within the past four years.

FREE £50 Amaz•o n voucherTishguivresndatoye2v3errydonNeotvhaetmcobmerpl2et0e1s7the course! The next LifeDrive dates are:
• Tuesday•1 9th SeptemTbheurr2s0d1a7y 7th December 2017

• Wednesday 18th October 2017

• TThhuurrssddaaFyy o72t3rhrmdDNoecoreevmeimnbefbore2rrm0210a71t7ion, look at our LifeDrive page (

r more informaStcioon,olotoWk aitsoeu,r LMifeoDrbivieliptaygeS(scaofeowtiseer.orTg/readuincaitniong/laifet-dSriavef/e)Wise Bournemouth –

SafeWise are working in partnership with the Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group to deliver

ootWise, MsoabfieltityyaSwcoaroetneersTsrcaoinuirnsgesatfoSramfeoWbiislietyBsocuoronteemr uosuetrhs –in2D1sotrsJuetn.eT2h0e1s7essions are designed for those
feWise are woraklirnegaidnypaurstninergshaipmwoitbhitlhiteyDsocroseottCelrinoicratlhCoomsemtihssaiot nairneg lGorooukpintgo dtoelibveurysaafemtyoabwialirteynesscsocootuerrs.eTs fhoer mseosbsiliiotyns

ooter users in Dcoorsstet£.1T0hepseersspioenrssoarne.dAeslilgsnesdsfioorntshomseuasltrebaedypuresi-nbgoaomkoebdilidtyuescotootleirmoirttehdospelathcaetsaarevlaoiolkaibnlget.o buy a

obility scooter.TThee sneessxiot nSsccooosttW£1i0speedr apteersoanr.eA:ll sessions must be pre-booked due to limited places available. The next
ootWise dates•a re:
Friday 13th October – 1030hrs to 1300hrs
• WednesFdaoyr 2m1sotrJeuninef–o1r0m30ahtirosnto, i1n3c0l0uhdrsing booking instructions please look at our ScootWise page
• Wednes(dsaayf9etwhiAsueg.oursgt –/e1d0u3c0ahtrisotno/1s3c0o0ohtrws ise/)

• Friday 13th October – 1030hrs to 1300hrs

more information, incTluedaicnhgebro:o“kIinfgIignsatvruectyioonus 2plecaastes laonodk aatnooutrhSecroo2tWcaistse paangdea(snaofethweisre2.o,rhg/oewdumcaatinoyn/wscoooutlwdisyeo/u)
have?” Johnny: “Seven.” Teacher: “No, listen carefully... If I gave you two cats, and another

keability at SafeWise Wetywmoocuatths a–n2d7atnhoMthaeyr &tw2on, dhoJuwnme any would you have?” Johnny: “Seven.”

you two cats, and another two cats and another two, how many would you have?”
more information, includingJobohonkninyg: i“nSstervucetnio!n”s pTleascehleoro:k“aJtoohunrnByik,ewabhiylityhapavgeey(osaufemwaisde.eorigt /seedvuecnatiaogna/ibnik?e!a”bility/)
aces are allocated on a ‘first come, first servJeod’hbnansyis:. T“hBeedcaayuysoeurIc’hvieldaislraellaodcaytegdowt iall cbaetdaept ehnodmenet!o”n age/ability and


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Mobility Scooter

Are you covered?

• Damage to Scooter • Theft • Accidents
• Property Damage • Breakdown • Puncture

Underwritten by 01268 200 020
The Salvation Army General Insurance Corporation


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Horizon Live-in Care provides professional, To learn more about our
fully qualified and experienced 24-hour live-in care services,
live-in care services across Dorset, please contact us on
Hampshire, Wiltshire and Surrey for a wide
range of people including the elderly, the 01202 737456
infirm and those with mental health needs.
Your Horizon Live-in carer enables you to 1430a Wimborne Road,
continue to live your life in as much comfort Bournemouth BH10 7AS
and freedom as your condition allows. It [email protected]
means you can stay in your own surroundings,
maintain contact with neighbours and
retain beloved pets. Our live-in carers are
homemakers too; they are all as house proud
as the people whose homes they share and, as
well as performing day-to-day chores, provide
continual companionship and reassurance
through difficult times.

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