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A monthly publication now into its 13th year, advertising trades and businesses local to the Bournemouth area. Also containing a comprehensive mix of editorials, news and information on local events and the surrounding area, as well as a regular mix of entertaining puzzles and trivia.

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The Local Eye - Issue 154 - August 2018

A monthly publication now into its 13th year, advertising trades and businesses local to the Bournemouth area. Also containing a comprehensive mix of editorials, news and information on local events and the surrounding area, as well as a regular mix of entertaining puzzles and trivia.

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Local EyeIssue 2018

154 Advertising For Local Businesses, Trades
and Community Information...


Wednesday 26 September 2018
6.00pm - 8.00pm

Principals speech 6.15pm & 7.15pm

Autumn Term morning tours available on Mondays & Wednesdays

The Bourne Academy, Hadow Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH10 5HS.
admi[email protected] | 01202 528554 |


A family run local business providing a
multi disciplined roofing service for 25 years

Our services include:
Tiling ^ Slating ^ Velux
3 Layer Felt ^ Duo-Ply

Leadwork ^ Terraces
Balconies ^ Walkways

Moss removal
Emergency Repairs

From Single Tile / Slate

To Full Re-Roofing

Competitive Rates

References Available

Residential Customers, Local Authorities, Managing Agents,
Companies, Builders, NHS Trusts

01202 522389 / 07786 154920

rhroofi[email protected]

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Home is where
the care is

Home & live in care from
Bluebird Care

Find out more about home care and the
difference it can make to your life.
Email the Bluebird Care team:
[email protected]
or call us on:
01202 283777

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Welcome to the August issue of e Local Eye

As I write this the temperature is a sizzling 82 degrees in the shade,
(thats around 28C in new money!), and it’s only mid morning.
Let’s hope it continues now the school holidays have begun!

is magazine is delivered free to an alternating selection of around
13,000 homes and businesses in Bournemouth, mainly through the
Charminster, Queens Park, Moordown, Ensbury Park, Redhill, Winton,

Muscliffe & Strouden Park districts.
It can also be picked up from:

e Bournemouth Life Centre, Mike Stokes Tyres and Johns Fish &
Chips in Moordown, KwikFit Castle Lane, A-Storage in Charminster,
AH Parfitt - Chiropodist/Podiatrist in Winton, and Charminster &
Winton libraries, Moordown Community Centre, & several laundrettes
in Charminster, Moordown & Winton.
More information on rates and ad copy submission as well as online
copies of the current and previous issues can be found on the website.

01202 255485 / 08000 430485
07801 474788

[email protected]

Many thanks for all your support,

Bournemouth Electric Bowls Club

Short Mat returns from 3rd October
Wednesdays from 2:00pm.
Never tried bowling?
All are welcome. A chance to meet
new friends, have some fun and
maybe discover a new hobby.

For more information

Keith: 07593 559103
Ron: 01202 252291

Every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained within this publication was correct at the time of going to print. We
cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies in advertisements, editorials or features nor for any consequences arising from these. We are
not to be held responsible for any errors, loss or damage to copy in printing. The Local Eye does not officially endorse any advertising material
included within this publication. It is the advertisers responsibility to ensure conformity with laws and/or acts relating to Trade Descriptions,
Sex Discrimination, Consumer Credit, Copyright etc. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in any retrieval systems or
transmitted in any form - electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise - without the prior permission of the publisher. The use
of this publication for canvassing, direct marketing or any other activity apart from sourcing local goods and services, is strictly prohibited.

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0% Finance Now on
all Beds & Flooring


See in store for full details


Free Estimating Service Open 7 Days 100’s Of Room Sized
100’s Of big brands Free Parking Carpet & Vinyl Rolls
Free Local Delivery Available To Take Home
Off Cut Carpet Bargains


Nuffield Industrial Estate, Poole btehed
BH17 0RR, Tel: 01202 723162 store

Ferndown Industrial Estate, Wimborne
BH21 7PE, Tel: 01202 872240

Flooring Superstore

Stay in touch on Facebook The Bed Specialist

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Project Indigo

One boy’s adventure through time and space!

Hi, I’m Tom, a local Doctor Who blogger & I write about my adventures online at

Project Indigo is my blog where I travel the world visiting people and places associated with
Doctor Who. Join me today on a trip to Mars! Just kidding - we are actually at the National
Botanic Gardens of Wales.

In the Doctor Who episode The Waters of Mars (2009) the
Tenth Doctor visits Bowie Base One on November 21st 2059
and the National Botanic Garden was used as the filming
location for Biodome 1. In Doctor Who Confidential, it said
that scriptwriter Russell T Davies had the Botanic Garden in
mind when he wrote the story.

The Botanic Garden is in Carmarthenshire. This is the most
visited garden in Wales and was opened in May 2000, the
first botanic garden of the new millennium and it is built on
parkland dating back 400 years. When I arrived I walked
through the Broadwalk to The Rock of Ages which tells the
story of 300 million years of Welsh geology. I found a rock from Silurian times. In Doctor
Who we learnt that the Silurians are lizard like creatures that have lived on earth since pre-
historic times -longer than us humans. This rock was 431 million years old!

Next I went into The Great Glasshouse aka Bowie Base
One’s Biodome 1. This is the world’s largest single span
glasshouse and is based on the shape of a raindrop. It has
an amazing indoor display of Mediterranean climate plants
and protects and conserves many endangered plants.
These plants come from six areas of the world - California,
Australia, the Canary Islands, Chile, South Africa and the
Mediterranean Basin and it feels like you are travelling the
world in Wales! It was sweltering inside the dome, a lot
warmer than the Welsh climate.

In The Waters of Mars the Tenth Doctor meets the first human colonists of Mars, led by
Captain Adelaide Brooke. I found out that the glasshouse is the same climate as Adelaide,
one of two places in Australia that has a Mediterranean climate. I wonder if that is how
Russell T Davies came up with her name?

I really enjoyed my time at the National Botanic Garden of Wales, it was a fantastic way
to spend a relaxing day. I didn’t see The Waters of Mars but I did find a lovely indoor
waterfall, complete with fish. I missed out on seeing a Ghost Forest - so if I ever get the
chance to go again that is the first thing I will do!

If you would like to read about my other Doctor Who adventures please check out my blog.
Thanks for reading, goodbye!

Tom Project Indigo --

What do you call a one-eyed dinosaur? ... A Doyouthinkhesawus.
What do you get if you cross a stereo with a refrigerator? ... Cool music.

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Winton - 426 Wimborne Rd, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH9 2EZ
Tel: 01202 512345

Wimborne - 20 East Street, Wimborne, Dorset, BH21 1DT
Tel: 01202 883311

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Mount Pleasant Townswomens Afternoon Guild

We meet in the Bradpole Road Community Centre at 2pm on the 1st Wednesday of every
month for a social afternoon, when we have different activities including a speaker, and

we welcome visitors who we hope may join us and become members of TG.

Our other activities include Trampers & Eaters (when we visit nearby places of interest
and end up with lunch), skittles, a music afternoon (all sorts) and a Social Studies
afternoon when we reminisce and discuss any current subjects of interest.

Charminster Afternoon Townswomens Guild

Trinity URC Hall, Sutton Road
Next meeting > 2pm Tuesday 25th September

(No meeting in August)

Come and meet us and make new friends,
and find new interests!

Further details from our secretary,
Margaret, on 01202 512543

St Albans Garden Club
St Albans Church Lounge

Next meeting > 2pm Monday 17th September

(No meeting in August)

Further details from Margaret, Tel: 01202 512543

He said- I don’t know why you wear a bra, you’ve got nothing to put in it.
She said- You wear trousers don’t you?
He said- Shall we try swapping positions tonight?
She said- That’s a good idea, you stand do the ironing while I sit on the sofa and fart!
He said- What have you been doing with all the shooping money I gave you?
She said- Turn sideways and look in the mirror!
He said- How many men does it take to change a roll of toilet paper?
She said- We don’t know; it has never happened.
She said - Why is it difficult to find men who are sensitive, caring and good looking?
He said- They already have boyfriends.
He said- Why are married women heavier than single women?
She said- Single women come home, see what’s in the fridge and go to bed.

Married women come home, see what’s in the bed and go to the fridge.
She said - What do you mean by coming home half drunk?
He said - It’s not my fault...I ran out of money.
He said - Since I first laid eyes on you, I’ve wanted to make love to you so
She said - Well congratulations, you succeeded.

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Lawn Mowing • Garden Tidy Up • Turfing
Hedge Trimming • Lawn Treatment

Mulching • Waste Removal & Disposal


Pressure Washing (Driveway & Patio etc.)
Painting & Decorating • Fence Repairs

Deck Repairs & Treatment • Shed Repairs
& Removal • Waste Removal & Disposal


For urgent jobs, one-offs, or regular fixed price service call

01202 805 375



Stockists of:-

Large selection of Patterns,
Needles and Accessories
Baby Clothes, Shawls and
Blankets Knitted to order
Shop 1, 1a Cardigan Road
(road opposite Poundland)

Winton BH9 1BJ

01202 512106
Delivery Service available
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Carpentry & Building

Kitchen Fitting General Building
Fitted Wardrobes
& Cupboards Bricklaying & Plastering
Door Hanging,
Architrave & Skirting General Maintenance

Fencing, Decking, Sheds

1st and 2nd Fix

No Job too Small • References Available • Fully Insured • Free Estimates

Brian Stephens

Tel: 01202 525 445 Mob: 07921 525 424
[email protected]

26 Green Road Bournemouth BH9 1EA

How to Play

Fill in the grid so that every
row, every column,
and every 3x3 box
contains the digits
1 through 9,
with no repetition!


You solve the puzzle with
reasoning and logic,

there’s no maths involved
and no adding up.
It’s challenging.
It’s addictive!
It’s fun.

(Solution on page 44)

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Replace existing Asbestos Roofs with Anti Condensation Galvanised Steel
All Asbestos Roofs and Garages are disposed of by Certified Asbestos Removers
Replace Windows, Doors, Fascia Boards & Gutterings (uPVC)
Replace Damaged Concrete Sections
Optional Apex Conversion (as above)
Replace Garage Doors

100%%FFoorr yyoouurrVaLnotacgaleEPyoeindtidscisocuonutnt
QuQouteotReeRf:eGf:O T1L0E08

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Take care of your feet... Wearing sandals

Summer is here and we have cast off our winter shoes
and are into sandals again. Will last years sandals do
another season or do they look rather tired and worn?
Perhaps a trip to buy some new cool sandals is in order.
Choose a shoe shop that has trained staff who
understand shoe fitting to get the correct style and size
for your feet. Remember not to wear them out f the
shop, but to take them home and wear them indoors to
ensure they are comfortable and a good fit. Most stores
will allow you to exchange footwear if it has only been
worn indoors, but it is best to always check when purchasing.

The style of sandals is obviously a personal choice, but there
are features that can make a difference. If they are to be worn
for long periods then they should have a closed in back to
prevent calluses forming, and splits in the heels which can
be very painful.
The worst style for your feet is the wooden soled sandal that
only has a strap across the fore foot to keep it on, and the
wearer has to ‘claw’ their toes to keep them on.

The golden mule is the more closed in type of sandal, giving more support to your feet
which means at the end of the day you are less likely to have tired, aching feet. Sandals
provide ventilation helping to reduce perspiration and odour and make the feet feel more

Cotton socks, which are more absorbent than man-made materials, make all footwear
more comfortable by reducing rubbing and friction. Thank goodness wearing ‘trainer’
socks in sandals is not such a taboo anymore.

Foot Facts.
1. Each foot produces on average an egg cup full of
perspiration every day
2. 70% of foot problems are a direct result of ill fitting shoes
3. Leonardo da Vinci was absolutely spot on when he

described the foot as a masterpiece of engineering.


Tel: 01202 528942

To advertise <> 08000 430485 <> email: [email protected] <>


‘Your local family run Estate & Letting Agent’

With over 50 years combined experience we here at Quinn & Co know the
property market like the back of our hand and have had the opportunity to

assist hundreds of Bournemouth residents with their property sale,
purchase and property management.

Property Sales
Lettings Management

Financial Services

10% off

off our standard agency fee with the code ‘local10’


413 - 415 Charminster Road, Bournemouth, BH8 9QT
Telephone: 01202 512299 Email: [email protected]

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Isn’t there
something you’d
rather be doing with
your spare time?

Could you use some help with your Cleaning, Ironing or Both?

• Regular hourly rate only £11 - £12 per hour
• One off spring cleans available - call for price details
• Times and hours to suit you - (minimum 2 hours per week)
• Reliable, honest, professional service
• Insurance provided

Call 0800 0925 773
Email: [email protected]

You deserve a rest... So be served by the best

A All Saints Church

Castlemain Avenue, Southbourne BH6 5EH

7:15 - Saturday 15th September

All Saints Church are putting on a production called “Would You Adam & Eve It?”
by the Searchlight Theatre Company.

Ticket prices are £8 in advance (£10 on door), child £5.
Tickets can be obtained from the church office by phoning 01202 253983.

Refreshments will be available.

‘Would You Adam & Eve It?’ shows what happens if you tell two chaps
who like to make people laugh; dramatise all 90 chapters from the first two

books of the Bible.
With a few strategic speedy bits to help it achieve a 90 minute running time

- it has amazed audiences around the world for the last 9 years, including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

A little girl was out shopping with her mum and the shop assistant asked her her
name. The little girl replied proudly, “I’m Mr. Carmichael’s daughter.” Her mother told

her this was wrong, and that the she must say, “I’m Catherine Carmichael”
The following weekend at Sunday school the vicar said to the girl, “Aren’t you
Mr. Carmichael’s daughter?” She replied, “I thought I was, but mother says I’m not.”

To advertise <> 08000 430485 <> email: [email protected] <>


Zoe Bellamy

BSc.Pod.Med - M.Inst. Ch.Pod

Chiropodist / Podiatrist


Home Visitors SERVICE

Bournemouth Area For total footcare please call

Tailored to you and your dogs needs, we 01202 309932
provide a bespoke dog walking and care
service. For your peace of mind, we have 24 HOUR ANSWERING SERVICE
had years of experience with dogs and
are also fully insured.

Tel: 01202 468978
Mbl: 07775 905263
Email: [email protected]

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Derek J.Rolls

Independent Estate Agents & Valuers

Top Tips For Selling Your House

First Impression – This can be make or break. If a potential purchaser is put off before
the entering the front door then it’s over before its begun. Take a look at the outside of
your home as a stranger might see it. It might be winter and very wet but for a small
sum or some time and energy you could tidy the garden, paint your front door and get
a sale.

Tidy – Be obsessive about this, as it is a make or break to a prospective client. Our
advice is to have a seriously good clear out before you put the house on the market
– even if you bundle up your prized possessions and take them off site. Prospective
buyers want to see clean lines and uncluttered work surfaces that create a feeling of

Clean – Fresh, sparkling and inviting would be perfect. Hard to achieve when you
have an active life with pets and children, but the cleaner your house is the easier it is
to sell. If you cant face the task we can put you in touch with someone who will provide
a full deep clean for your home.

Bathrooms – Generally we don’t advise sellers to refit a bathroom prior to sale –
unless it is really ghastly. Do the obvious instead – re-grout, re-silicon, fluffy towels,
pleasant scent, clean and spotless please.

Kitchen – Spare a thought for the poor estate agent as you dash out of the house
without loading the dishwasher! We want to take pride in your house when we show
clients around and leftover breakfast is not the first thing they want to see as they enter
the kitchen.

Brief the agent – The more we are prepared to answer questions about your house
the easier it will be to sell it and allay any fears that prospective buyers may have.
As an estate agent we dislike not having the answers. And we particularly dislike not
knowing how your gadgetry works so please do show us how to use the iPad entry
system, the drop down cinema and the fancy lighting system. If we make it look easy
the clients will love it. If we don’t know how it works, then they won’t.

Odour – It may seem trivial but the aroma of your house is really very important when
you are selling. A simple diffuser discretely hidden in the hall could do the trick. Some
people proffer the advice of coffee and home baked bread but be realistic. It could
take a few weeks to sell your home and you cannot be there ready to turn on the bread
maker at the drop of a hat.

Animals – People’s pets are much loved by the owner but very often just the owner
and not necessarily the person that is going to buy the house. Pets also can have quite
a strong odour, not to mention the litter trays, food bowls and clutter that goes with
having an animal in the house. Try to keep pet evidence to a minimum.

01202 525778
958 Wimborne Rd, Bournemouth BH9 2DG

To advertise <> 08000 430485 <> email: [email protected] <>


Derek J.Rolls

Independent Estate Agents & Valuers

Local Estate Agents Dealing With
Local Property Sales & Purchases

SOLD We have over 50 years of
combined knowledge and
experience in selling homes
in the area so truly do know what
your property should be worth

in todays market.

We work closely with our SOLD
clients and their solicitors to
assist in the smooth sale and

purchase of their homes.

SOLD Please call us on

01202 525778

or email:
offi[email protected]
for a free market valuation.

01202 525778

958 Wimborne Rd, Bournemouth BH9 2DG

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Call 07790 654729
Email [email protected]


Quality Automotive Valeting & Detailing QUOTGEETR1P0M%EOYFEF2:
Covering Bournemouth, Poole and surrounding areas

Providing your vehicle with the highest quality service to ensure it looks it’s best!
Using premium products to guarantee a quality finish, whether it’s a maintenance
wash, or being treated to full protection and restoration works, our range of services
can cover your requirements. See our website or contact us for more details.



#RAS #DrivingBusinessTogether #ShowcaseAndShine

Sundowners Networking A Drive of Respect
Social Showcase And Shine Main Event

- 19th July 2018 - 26th August 2018
at The East Close Hotel at The East Close Hotel

Christchurch Christchurch

To keep up with our events please follow our social media channels

Rise and Shine Events Ltd riseandshineevents @RiseAndShineBiz

proud to partner with


are now

To advertise <> 08000 430485 <> email: [email protected] <>

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Brain Power

1: During a recent Cluedo weekend, four games were played.
In one game Miss Scarlet used the spanner, but not in the library.
In another game the rope was used in the study, but not by Colonel Mustard.
During one game the gun was used in the conservatory, whilst in another game
Professor Plum was not to be found in the library. Colonel Mustard was never in the
conservatory and Mrs White never used the rope.
The lead piping may or may not have been used in the kitchen.
Can you determine who used what and where?

2: During World War II, the mathematician Abraham Wald was asked to help with
determining which parts of the allied forces planes must be armoured better. After
examining the surviving American planes, he noticed that there were many holes in
the fuselage, and very few in the engines. After careful thinking, he suggested that
the armour on the engines must be improved. Why?

3: In London, many Underground tube stations have two escalators going up, but
just one going down. Why?

4: You are walking home, alone on the street. There are no stars on the sky, no
moonlight, all of the street lamps are broken, you don’t carry any source of light
with you and there aren’t any cars or other people approaching. A black cat tries
to cross your way, but you somehow spot it and turn around in order to avoid bad
luck. How did you see the cat?

5: The police found a murdered man in a car. The windows of the car were raised,
the doors were locked, and the keys were inside, in the man’s hands. The man was
shot several times with a gun, but there were no holes anywhere on the car. How is
this possible?

6: 99 unique numbers between 1 and 100 are listed one by one, with 5 seconds pause
between every two consecutive numbers. If you are not allowed to take any notes,
what is the best way to figure out which is the missing number?

7: One snowy night, Sherlock Holmes was in his house sitting by a fire. All of a
sudden a snowball came crashing through the window, breaking it. Holmes got
up and looked out just in time to see three neighbourhood kids who were brothers
run around the corner. Their names were John Crimson, Mark Crimson and Paul
The next day Holmes got a note on his door that read:

“? Crimson. He broke your window.”

Which of the three Crimson brothers should Sherlock Holmes question about the

incident? Answers on page 44

To advertise <> 08000 430485 <> email: [email protected] <>



01202 533997 X

Make the most of this wonderful weather with a great
selection of meats for your BBQ

BBQ PACKS FROM £3.99 each

Pork Ribs, Chicken, Burgers, Sausages

Also available a wide
selection of flavoured

Pork & Leek, HoneyRoast,

Merguez, Hot Chilli,
Old English, Romany, British

Banger, Black Pepper, Beef
& Beer, Alabama, Stilton &
Chive, Sun Dried Tomato,

Pork & Apple.

(*all subject to availability)

Frozen Fish Fillets...

7-8oz Cod Loin
6-7oz Haddock
6-7oz Salmon

(Opposite Esso garage, lower Charminster)

Please mention this magazine when responding to these adverts - Thank you


RR..JJ..HHuuAlcllclo&&unCCtaoontmms ppaannyyCertified Practising Accountants

AAAccccccooouuunnntttaaannntttss331122ChCahrmairnmsteirnRsotaedr, BRoourandem, Touetlh:, 5B3H38397R0T
s01202 533370For more than 25 years we have been assisting business

312 Charminster Road, Tel: 533370people in the Charminster and surrounding areas with :-
331122 CChhaarrmmiinnsstteerr RRooaadd,, TTeell:: 553333337700mPinlacenlauasdegeeepppFFFm∗∗∗PnoooeeeqaSPLerrryooouFnoiarPSLiSPLLPStpppmmmmaorlFFFroooaeiiiaeaallslltdlmammaallloeooeeia,rrrnteveeTstssb,tttBrrreieiiiiiinnntttoceeereTTTntonntt,,,rdueeeeeaeofrrrseeetttttrttdrrfoddkdaaahChhhohhhifffssswnkcfeffddduaaaCiCCeheehheoiiiariprccceneennewieiimooocpCfCCiiippprrraiaoeeenmmm3i33wxncpaaahhhmcaaannn0t00egccpccpp.aaaadccccptttprayyycoccaraanrrlocccopppnjeemmmoeooeeunnnroyoouthdeeeeruuuaaanvyuyyuuniiiuVsrrramanrnnrrnnntnnntsssoaraacAssssltttsasssitottoolacnccssscnsTsstttawwwbnnneceeccaao,lcgaaaoooeeeerrralueclllluuufsanlaamhhhoesssnnnecnnneteaaaueeeostttrndddbvvvsmssrrrnvtaeeevvvpsssssiteiciiiauuu∗∗∗asbbbcccrnevrrrTPBneeeyeeeBTPBTBPTPirrrcaaaoteeeorooaaaaaaaaoooeestyxonnnuuuttttyxyyoxxoof.ukarocnnnaaaRrkrrkkraaaoRRRrfkonooodddfffkkkfssselLfffseeeollle.loooiiisss,eeetllluintnnttremuiiiarrreueeuusssdgkggndpddrippprrrtttntnaiiiienannaaiiiauaannnndnnnbsbbbsssarrrgggglgggceeelllloaeeeeaaabbb&&c&&mscssffffuuupoeeeeVVVVswsswwaueeeeniiiAAAAnnnniiisssistttteTTTTseeehhhs, sssat:::osssn---d

PmimPmiiPnnnlllcaccaaeeenllnlnaaauuuaaasssdddeeegggeeeeeeeeemmmPPPnnnqaqqaaeeeyyyuuunnnrrriiitttoroorreaeeaalllldllddaaa,,,vvvbbbBBBiiiooocccoooueuueeoootttoookkkooonnnkkkuuueeeaaarrreeecccpppfffiiioooiiixxxnnnmmmeeegggdddpppaaalllooonenneerrrtttdddeeevvvVVVmammaarrrAAAaaaiiiaaannnTTTbbbaaa,,,lllgggeeeaaaeeelllfffmlmmlleeeccceeeeeeooonnnbbbmmmtttaaapsppssssseeeiiiaaasssrrrnnnvvvyyyiiicccrrreeeeeetttfffuuuooorrrrrrnnnLLLsss,,,iiimmmaaannniiinnnttteeeuuudddaaalllcccoooaaacccmmmcccpppoooaaauuunnnnnniiittteeessssss,,, aaatttooonnnddd

Try our authentic
Mexican Food in
Boscombe Market
every Saturday.

Also available for
events and parties.

07870878143 The Happy Mexican

To advertise <> 08000 430485 <> email: [email protected] <>


Experienced, Honest and Reliable Multi-Skilled Handyman

Inside Outside

 Carpentry  Decking
 Plumbing  Patios
 Plastering  Gardening
 Tiling  Pressure Washing
 Painting and Decorating

Available for full or half day hire to catch up with all the little jobs you have
been meaning to do.

Phone David McDonald for free no obligation quote 07951738446 or e mail
[email protected]

Numerous references available.

Please mention this magazine when responding to these adverts - Thank you


Carpet Rugs Wood
Laminate Vinyl
Carpet Tiles
Luxury Vinyl Tiles
Commercial Flooring

Visit our new Karndean flooring showroom

01202 524052
39/41 Charminster Avenue, Bournemouth. BH9 1RR

To advertise <> 08000 430485 <> email: [email protected] <>


01202 530 500

922 Wimborne Road

Eye Examinations RCoInowcnloatranpcdotRrLaoetbinnesgertss
Complete Spectacles in association with
Diabetic Eye Screening
Hearing Assessments
Hearing Healthcare Service

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Pies, Pasties, Savouries & More
Vegetarian & Vegan Pies also Available

Call: 07826 347640
Email: [email protected]

872 Christchurch Road, Pokesdown, BH7 6DJ

Fruit & Veg Box Winners!

Another happy winner of the
monthly prize crossword.

The June winner, Marie Harris in Winton,
receives her prize, here being presented with
a lovely box of flowers, fruit and vegetables by
Claire Oates, the treasurer of the
North Bournemouth Allotment Society who very
kindly donated the prize.

See page 43 for this months prize crossword,
and your chance to win 2 free tickets to Coastal Comedy on Friday 28th September.

More details of the venue are on pager 45.
One summer evening during a violent thunderstorm a mother was tucking her son
into bed. She was about to turn off the light when he asked with a tremor in his voice,
“Mummy, will you stay with me tonight?” The mother smiled and gave him a reassuring

hug. “I can’t dear,” she said. “I have to sleep in Daddy’s room.”
A long silence was broken at last by his shaky little voice, “The big sissy.”
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854 Dental Health

Professional, Friendly, Effective
Private Dentistry

01202 512967

Do you wish you had nicer or trouble free teeth ?
It is never too late to get help.
If you have dental problems and have been putting
off a visit, why not call us or pop in for a chat.
Modern dentistry can work wonders.


854 Wimborne Road, Moordown, Bournemouth, BH9 2DS [email protected]

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07525 805091

Local Bournemouth Company - Established 25 Years

Previous Projects Available To View - Meet Our Happy Customers

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M MTA Business Focus
Colm Boyle - e-Cycles Centre

It was in Barcelona that I came across my first
electric bicycle. Ridden by an ex-pat he stopped
for a chat and let me have a go. After a quick ride
along the beautiful sea front and up La Ramblas,
I was hooked.

So, e-Cycles Centre was born. A shop dedicated
to the sales and maintenance of electric bicycles.
Wimborne Road in Moordown was the obvious
choice for the shop. A bustling street with plenty
of parking and quiet streets for test rides.

The bikes have come a long way since my ride in Barcelona. Much lighter more powerful with
a range of over 100 miles. All bikes are available for demo rides. No appointment is necessary.
Everyone who has a test ride comes back with a huge smile and no wonder. Riding up hills like
Sea Road, Constitution Hill or the Alder Hills is effortless. Use the power as much or as little
as you want.

Exercise and environmentally friendly, what a combination and less than 10 pence to fully
recharge the battery.
A range of step throughs, cross bars and foldables are available. I was riding through
Moordown recently on a beautiful sunny day and I thought, who needs Barcelona.
I am open 10am to 4pm Tuesday to Saturday but will adjust these times to suit any customer.

Colm Boyle

Tel: 01202 525790

e-mail: [email protected]

729 Wimborne Road, Moordown. BH9 2AX

The Moordown Traders Association meet monthly between 6pm-8pm
upstairs at the Moordown Conservative Club in Balfour Road.
All Moordown traders & businesses are welcome.
Next meeting dates are:

Tuesday 18th September / Tuesday 16th October

(No meeting in August)

For more information visit:

To advertise <> 08000 430485 <> email: [email protected] <>


For less able clients we now display easy
access shower options, wet floor solutions,
high line toilets, shower seats, grab rails,
wet wall shower panels and more.

1D Cardigan Road, Winton
Bournemouth. BH9 1BJ

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Travel Feature -
Travel For The Over 50s ...
By Mags Addison

People are living longer – and travelling for longer. The older travelling
public of today, are nothing like they were 20 or more years ago.
We are all growing older in a different way, and at a different speed to
previous generations. And the travel industry is now starting to wake up
to this fact, and offering more holidays geared to older clients. However,
these are clients who are still fairly young at heart, and adventurous, despite
maybe having to make some considerations, like a few walking difficulties,
mobility issues, and having to read the small print on a larger font.

They say 70 is the new 50 and so on – whether you believe it depends on the state of your health and
mobility, your bank balance perhaps, and your mental attitude. More importantly, they say the aging
population in the UK, is remaining much younger and fitter for a greater number of years. And the
term over 50 is such a wide sweep, certainly in terms of health, and lifestyle. One huge inconsistency
is with Travel Insurance – the cost can escalate a lot once you are over those 70 plus benchmarks. But
that doesn’t stop people wanting to travel. Hopefully that will change in time, with more and more
people living longer and healthier so it becomes the norm to base it on health not just age.

Personally, I think it’s more to do with retaining, or maintaining a sense of adventure than a bank
balance to want to travel, and there are many who have the means to spread their wings, but equally
so, there are many more on a restricted income.

But you don’t have to travel the world in luxury, cruise non-stop, or winter elsewhere to take advantage
of the free time, and a zest to keep exploring. Plus, you can do it in the UK as well as abroad – all
that’s needed is to retain a sense of curiosity and a willingness to explore. You can do that exploring in
Calcutta, Cape Town, or in the Cotswolds.

There are deals around and a way to see places! So therefore, it is heartening to realise there are tour
operators out there who cater for the needs of the silver generation – and the days of settling for the
sedate coach holidays are gone – unless that’s what you want.

I went to an awards ceremony in London recently, where the very best in travel for the over 50s was
celebrated. Being over a certain age, doesn’t mean your travel plans need to be boring. Not when
some of your contemporaries are bungee jumping in New Zealand, or trekking in the Andes, or just
strolling around London.

There are now a growing number of specialist Assessible Tour Companies making travel for people with
disabilities easier - and making it more accessible for everyone. I am
increasingly having requests for wheelchair assistance at airports,
sharps boxes for clients with Diabetes or hiring of mobility scooters
in resort. We are used to taking a remit and making sure hotels are
on the flat, a ground floor room request put on the booking, and
dietary requests.

It’s the little things – that aren’t so little when it makes the difference
between a pleasant stay, and a nightmare.

Beach holidays, City breaks, Honeymoons, Weddings abroad, Adventure holidays, Ski,
Cruise, Tailormade trips, Flight only, Car hire, Airport hotels and parking and much more...

Contact Travel Counsellor

Mags Addison

018240520598017389102 Travel Counsellors ensures complete
financial protection on every booking
[email protected]

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144 Richmond Park Road
Bournemouth, BH8 8TW
Are you struggling with the costs of private vet care?
We offer affordable veterinary services for your pets

Consultations £16 Boosters from £22
Neutering from £32 for cats, £55 for dogs

You could be eligible if:
• Your household has a low income
• You are a pensioner
• You receive means tested benefits

For more information on how to register
Please call the clinic on 01202 526520
Monday – Friday 9.30am – 4pm

Registered Charity No. 205126

Berry Hill Farm
Local Vegetables for local people


Grown locally in 1-2 people - £9.00
Bournemouth for approx 6 servings

local people, 2-4 people - £14.00
using only approx 10 servings
4-6 people - £19.00
farming methods. approx 14 servings

SELECT A BOX TO SUIT All boxes contain a selection of fresh seasonal vegetables
For example: Potatoes, Cauli, Bunched Carrots, Cabbage, Brussel Sprouts, Purple
Sprouting Broccolo, Leeks, Swede, Parsnips, Celeriac, Runner Beans, Broad Beans,

Marrows, Courgettes, Peas in Pod, Bunch Beetroot, Sweetcorn, Kale, Seasonal Salads.

Tel. 07971 795740 Berry Hill Farm, 185 Muscliffe Lane, Throop, Bournemouth BH9 3NH Email. [email protected]

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Picture Box
A simple test of say what you see?
For example the first one below is?
Hitting below the belt of course!

(Answers on page 44)

AND A CHAT! Hitting 1. U
Every Wednesday 2 A IN LOVE 3.
2.00 – 4.00pm 4.
The Triangle, Bournemouth LIFE APPPOD 6.

For all who would like a chat
and to meet new friends.

Assisted by the Lions Club of Bournemouth

Contact The Elderly - Hosts/Hostesses & Drivers Required

Once a month elderly people are taken out by a volunteer car driver for a little
ride and tea at volunteer host and hostesses home.

We need more volunteer host and hostesses who would be willing once a year,
on a Sunday afternoon, to entertain up to six elderly people

and their drivers for afternoon tea, (a downstairs cloakroom is essential).
Also reserve car drives are needed for two Sunday afternoons a year
when the regulars are unavailable.

If any elderly people would like to go on our reserve list for just an occasional outing to start with
and they do not have family in the area please contact
Carolyn Dennis 01202 424482

Alternative Dictionary

Antidiluvian - Someone who is opposed to Paris museums
Aquarium - Interactive television for cats
Balloon - A bad breath holder

Benign - What an eight year old looks forward to
Bicentennial - A sexually confused 100 year old

Bidet - D-Day mins two
Bilious - Sick of being in debt
Blunderbuss - A pram or buggy
Bricklayer - Confused and sore chicken
Brouhaha - e joy of making tea
Flabbergasted - Amazed at how much weight you have gained
Paper clips - e larvae of coat hangers
Spatula - A small tiff amongst vampires

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D Learn To

N Dance Now


D Specialists in the following:
N *Ballroom
C *Latin
E *Junior Street

*Ballet & Modern
D *1st Wedding Dance
A *Adults
N *Juniors
C *Tiny Tots

A 93a Chatsworth Road
N Bournemouth BH8 8SN
C Tel: 01202 514551

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Do You Know About Raw Food For Cats & Dogs?

For generations, dog owners have been buying bags and/or
tins of pet food. Many people still do this today. Some pet food
brands are more expensive than others and there are several
foods today that claim to be all natural. Over the past few years,
more and more owners have been switching their dogs and cats
to a raw food diet.

Dogs, unlike cats, also need a mix of vegatables with their meat. We can supply these in addition
to the raw foods or you can also choose from a selection of premixed meat/vegetable packs.

Benefits of a Raw Food Diet:
Owners who take their dogs for a walk in public areas are required to clean up the dog’s poop
after he goes. If you find that your dog’s pooh is soft and sometimes runny, it can make cleaning
up after him a very disgusting job. If you start your dog on a raw dog food diet, you will notice
that his stools are firmer and much easier to clean up.(It’s a lot less smelly too!)

It is not uncommon for dogs to have digestion issues when they eat bagged or canned dog food.
Some dogs get very gassy, which can be pretty bad for anyone who is in the room with the dog.
Some dogs vomit after a big meal. If you start your dog on a raw dog food diet, he will get a
daily supplement of probiotics, making digestion easier.

If you have ever seen a wolf or a wild dog, you know that they often have beautiful, shiny coats.
This is because they are eating a raw dog food diet on their own. This diet will give your dog all
the vitamins and minerals that he needs to keep his coat and his skin healthy.

Many dogs have yellow teeth, infected gums, and very bad breath. This can due to the fact that
they don’t brush and floss every day and because they are eating manafactured dog food.
When you switch your dog to a raw food diet, his teeth and gums will be healthier and his breath
will smell much better.

The carbs in bagged dog food can give your dog a huge spike of energy, only to have him crash
later. The additives in commercial dog food can have the same effect. If your dog is overly hyper
for a while after eating and then strangely lethargic shortly after, you should switch him to a raw
food diet. Raw food will keep your dog’s energy level at an even keel.

It is not uncommon for dogs who are fed commercial dog food to become overweight.
This is not the case on a raw food diet. This diet is very high in protein, making it the most
weight-friendly option.

Still unsure? Come in to see us, we have a very wide range of raw foods for cats & dogs and can
help you decide what to start on depending on your pet.

Superpets - 01202 512100
404 Wimborne Rd, Bournemouth BH9 2HB

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be gorgeous!

Slimwimth ing


Charminster Moordown

Bournemouth Moose Centre Bournemouth Life Centre
117-119 Malmesbury Park Rd 713 Wimborne Road
7.00pm 9.00am & 11.00am
Kate: 07486 871795 Nat: 07846 522793

Moordown Winton

Bournemouth Life Centre Winton Methodist
713 Wimborne Road Church Hall
7.00pm Alma Road
Nat: 07846 522793 5.30pm & 7.30pm
Beckie: 07799 534293
Bournemouth Moose Centre Christian Centre
117-119 Malmesbury Park Rd Curzon Road
9.30am 5.30pm & 7.30pm
Beckie: 07799 534293 Val: 07971 106169

Charminster Westbourne

Bournemouth School for Girls West Cliff Baptist Church
The Drama Block, East Way Poole Road
6.30pm 5.30pm & 7.30pm
Debbie: 07931 480464 Barbara: 07519 106333

0344 897 8000

To advertise <> 08000 430485 <> email: [email protected] <>


be gorgeous!

Slimwimth ing


Wallisdown Moordown

Wallisdown Liberal Club Bournemouth Life Centre
Kinson Road 713 Wimborne Road
7.30pm 9am, 11am & 1pm
Louise: 01202 874037 Sadie: 07545 379045

Westbourne Winton

West Cliff Baptist Church St Luke’s Church Hall
Poole Road St Luke’s Road
9.15am, 11.15am & 7.30pm 5.30pm & 7.30pm
Barbara: 07519 106333 Charlotte: 01202 510359

Charminster SATURDAY

St Francis Church Hall Winton
Charminster Road
9.00am & 11.00am St Luke’s Church Hall
Debbie: 07931 480464 St Luke’s Road
8.30am & 10.30am
THURSDAY Charlotte: 01202 510359

Redhill Kinson

St Thomas Church, Kinson Community Centre
Western Avenue Milhams Road
5.30pm & 7.30pm 9.30am
Louise: 01202 874037 Jenny: 07841 398337


Bournemouth Life Centre
713 Wimborne Road
5.30 pm & 7.30pm
Sadie: 07545 379045

0344 897 8000

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grandmother as she was the mother of my step-mother. This meant that whilst being
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a person’s grandmother is their grandfather then I am surely my own grandfather!

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Male Voice Choir

”Bourne2Sing” Choir are seeking Tenor singers.

For more information please contact our Musical Director via e-mail:
[email protected]

The Choir sings at a variety of local venues for Charities and Good Causes and since it’s inception
on the 4th February 2013 has raised in excess of £19,000. Our ethos is to have fun from music
by singing tunes that are familiar and pleasing for our audiences.
”Bourne2Sing” has grown hugely in popularity and our success can be gauged from the
continued number of repeat bookings that we receive.
Performances are given in two segments and presented by a Compere
with a Guest Artiste solo spot in each half of the Concert.

Future Concerts are:

21st September: St Mark’s Church, Highcliffe BH23 5AB
In Aid Of Fund Raising For “The Friends Of St Mark’s”
13th October: St John’s Church, Broadstone BH18 8AR
In Aid Of Fund Raising For The Church
17th November: Lady St Mary Church, Wareham BH20 4ND
In Aid Of Fund Raising For “The Mayor Of Wareham’s Charity”

(All Performances commence 7.30pm)

Who has the most neck bones ? A giraffe or a mouse?
They both have the same which is seven. In fact all mammals have the same amount except
sloths and manatees. Two-toed sloths only have six verterbrae and as such have difficulty
turning their necks.
It’s the birds who have to turn their heads and twist their necks to preen that have the
most. Ducks surprisingly for their size have sixteen but mute swans take the record with an
incredible twenty-five!
Even though owls have a reasonable fourteen verterbrae they are unable to turn their heads
a full 360 degrees as some people believe. however they can manage a respectable 270
degrees. It’s not just the number of verterbrae that allow them to do this but also a special
set of muscles that allow the bones to move independently of each other. This extra mobility
is essential since owls are unable to move their eyes. To look in a different direction an owl
therefore has to turn its head. The forward facing aspect of an owls eyes increases their
binocular vision, allowing them to hunt more effectively.
Their large eyes also improve their night vision by increasing the amount of light they can can
capture. Coupled with a large retina a tawny owl for example has eyes 100 times more senstive
to light than ours. At a light level equivalent to a candle an owl would still be able to see a
mouse on the ground up to around 500 metres away.

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There is no beating the taste of truly fresh
fruit and veg especially, when it’s yours!

August / September - Gardeners Tips

Glorious August in the garden or allotment, such a busy time of year. So much to do that for this month
only this feature is going to be lists. Sorry.
• If the ground is dry or you are going away give pots and the plot a good soaking.
• Harvest what you can, there will be lots. Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Artichokes (We have our first Globe
Artichoke this year), Carrots, Climbing Beans, Beetroot

(Break off the leaves of Beetroot rather than cut and do not cut the root until cooked).
• Onions and Shallots may be ready but do let them dry in the sun before storing indoors.
• Keep a look out for pests and diseases. We spoke about Blossom End Rot on Tomatoes (caused by
irregular watering) and Flea Beetles on your Brassicas & Rocket (identified by small holes appearing on
the leaves) they do no harm to the plant but do make the leaves less appetising.
• Be prepared for Potato Blight (leaves becoming blotchy black & grey) cut the tops off to the earth.
The Potatoes underground will be quite OK until you are ready to harvest.
• Once fruiting has finished cut back Summer Fruiting Raspberry canes to the ground.
• On a dry day, collect seeds that you want for next year. Such as Aquilegia & Sweet Peas.
• Keep deadheading of perennials and Dahlias for a continuing display.
• Plant Autumn bulbs such as Colchicums (look like Crocuses) and Nerines in borders or pots. We
planted Colchicums last year around the base of a Silver Birch amongst the Cyclamen Hederifolium. It
became a lovely woodland scene.
• For the wildlife….Leave out a water bowl for Hedgehogs : If you have house Martins create a mud pat
for nest building and before cutting your hedge do check for late brooding Blackbirds or Thrushes.

What to do in the garden or plot in September? Well, as I write this column in July the temperature
outside is 29 degrees C (84F) and we have had no significant rain in the last 60 days. Many crops and
flowers expected in September are here now or even past their best. We are having the most glorious of
summers and it looks like there is little change on the horizon.
There are some jobs in September that we must do regardless of conditions. The following thoughts are
for guidance only under normal conditions.
In the greenhouse:
The Tomatoes and Cucumbers are probably over so clear out the dying or dead plants and any other
detritus, giving it a good clean prior to new sowing and planting for overwintering plants.
Sow Winter Salads of Rocket, Lettuce and mixed leaves, they all should do well and keep you in green
leaves for many weeks. Sow hardy annuals for early flowering next year. Take cuttings of your tender
plants that may not survive the winter.
In the Vegetable Garden:
Cut to ground level the Asparagus fronds once they turn yellow and mulch with well rotted manure.

Plant Garlic and Winter Onion Sets for next year. If you have healthy
Strawberries you can create new plants from the suckers for next year.
If you have not done so, dig up your main crop Potatoes before the slugs
attack. Look out for tiny holes in the potato, which is the tell-tale sign that
a slug has eaten his way inside. If you cut the potato before cooking you
will be able to remove any offenders then.
In the Garden:
Empty any hanging baskets or pots. Cover your pond to help it remain free
from leaf drop. The lawn may have had a bad time so repairs to bare patches will be necessary. Many
supermarkets sell kits at very reasonable prices, we have used them to very good effect.

North Bournemouth Allotment Society, Cornelia Road, BH10 4FG

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123 Time & Tide 6 43

45 7 Prize Crossword



11 12


14 15

16 17

18 19 20

21 22

23 24


26 27 Enter This Month To Win
28 29 2 Free Tickets to Coastal Comedy

For Friday 28th September

© CAhcetrt -oJsulsy1807 Down

Across 1. Notice the liquid King Canute couDlodwnnot 1. Internet user is riding on the crest of a
keep at bay (8) wave (6)


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Send your completed entries to:
August Prize Crossword, The Local Eye,
22 Oswald Road, Moordown, Bournemouth. BH9 2TQ

Name: ________________________________ Tel:____________________



Closing date for entries is Tuesday 21st August

Congratulations to Eileen Bendall of Withermoor Road
who won a fantastic box of fruit and veg courtesy of
North Bournemouth Allotment Society

June Solution Brain Power
Solution > Eat Up

1F 2G 3P 4B 5T 6E 1: Miss Scarlet spanner kitchen, Professor Plum rope study
7P L O U G H M A N 8P A T S Y Colonel Mustard lead piping library, Mrs White gun conservatory.
O I E N 9A S P 2: Wald realised that the holes should have been distributed more
1D0 O W N C A S T 1M1 A T U R E evenly aross the planes. Therefore the planes which had more holes
in the fuselage survived, while the planes which had more holes in the
DESAEEE engines got destroyed.
1C2 A V A 1M3 O N K F I S H 3: This is because when people leave the train, they pack into groups,
1H4 N S U S whereas when they go to catch the train, their flow is more even.
1S5 O R 1B6 E T S 1S7 1C8 A L L O P 4: This happens during the day.
1B9 O 5: The car was convertible, with the top retracted back.
NL S 6: Keep up adding the given numbers and remember only the last two
2S0 E M O L 21I N A 2N2 E 2S3 T
Y O R N S T 2B4
2S5 C A M P I 2A6 Q U A R I U M

OE SNMAO digits of the sum. At the end, if the result is less than 50, subtract it from
2S7 M A R T 2T8 A K E A W A Y S 50. If the result is larger than 50, subtract it from 150. This method
works because the sum of all numbers from 1 to 100 is 5050, so if you

Solution >JuCrliyminSaloInlutenttion know the sum of all listed numbers, you will know the missing number
asPwicetlul. re Box
5CA si6Dmple t7e:sHt eofshsoauyldwqhuaetstyioonuMseaer?k. The note read:

V 2P 3C 4P
7F A L S E H O O D 8D FUoPr eExDamp“lQe UthEeSfTiIrOstNonMeAbReKloCwrims?son. He broke your window.”
L Y A S 9S T HitSting below the belt of course!
1O0 U T C A S T S 1C1 O P P E R(Answers on page 44)

EHT EAUC Picture Box Answers
1Y2 O G I 1S3 O M B R E R O 1. Up to a point
14F S S S A Belt 2. Falling in love
1B5 O B 1B6 I E S 1M7 1A8 J E S T Y Hitting 3. Moonlighting
1C9 R 4. Mutiny on the boun-
2R0 E P R O 2A1 C H 22R2 I 2C3 H ty
WG I A 5. Life jacket
E O 2G4 6. 2 Peas in a pod
2R5 O L L E D 2R6 U S T L E R S

27L A I R S 2R8 E N E G A D E S



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THE MASH REPORT BBC2 Top Support from:

“FAnRabIsDoluAte tYoni2c” 8ThetThelegraph
SEPT 2018
01202 316316
Advance tickets £15
Michael EdTwanairads
Doors open 7.15pm Frankland
£20 on the door. Show starts 8.30pm

Hotel Celebrity, 47 Gervis Road
SBpHo1n3DsDored by

Adrienne Coles Also online at:
Over 18’s only Acts may change due to TV commitments

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Pupils put new SafeWise tours to the test

mouth Local charity SafeWise has joined forces with St Mary’s Primary School
in Wareham and Damory coaches to help develop new Junior Citizen tours
which are set to be rolled out to thousands of pupils from September.

St Mary’s is the last of five Dorset schools to trial and feedback on the new tours, which focus on

equipping children aged five to 11 with skills for life, at SafeWise centres in Bournemouth and Weymouth.

Year two pupils spent four hours at SafeWise Bournemouth’s indoor safety village testing out a range of

interactive scenarios based around fire, road and water safety plus healthy choices, online safety, journey

planning, first aid and more.

SafeWise Bournemouth Manager Elise St.Hill said: “I’d like to thank all the schools which have visited

to test out our new Junior Citizen programme, they have provided invaluable feedback which we will use

to fine tune the tours. “The Junior Citizen schools programme aims to provide realistic and immersive

learning experiences to equip children with the skills, knowledge and confidence to live active, fulfilling

and safer lives in the real world.

ng form and “It is essential that we deliver engaging, value for money tours
d Approved pDarwoiyvtmihhnieegcnrhItnshsmctahrevuoeecottblotsehresiesn(nAcreeDriecItsedi)cis.vaeoldlfysicmhopoolrsta, nsot.”the
visit of St Mary’s and the

St Mary’s pupils were transported from Wareham to SafeWise
who are backing the new tours by offering
cut the cost of coach hire.

Damory General Manager Adam Keen said: “Damory is extremely

pleased to continue providing competitive travel to the Safewise

collisions happceenntarneds hinowBotouarnvoeimd othuethm,and Weymouth for local school children.
This FREE sche“mTehise owpoenrktothaalltytohuensgtaff deliver at these centres is invaluable and the
ithin the past rfooaudr yseaafrest.y aspect is particularly pertinent to us, given that we are a significant user of Dorset’s roads.”

ifeDrive datesCarlea:ss Teacher Mr Leyman-Hobbs said: “The children have enjoyed a superb day at SafeWise.

“The new tour represents a really good step forward, such as the clever voting system, real car which the

children can get into as well as other situations where they recognise danger and deal with it. “It’s a nice,

secure environment for the children to learn in and all the helpers are really down to earth, so the pupils

feel confident asking questions and are not afraid to have a go and try different things around the centre.”

For more information about SafeWise school tours go to

une 2017 ScootWise, Mobility Scooter Training at SafeWise Bournemouth –

eliver safety awSaarfeenWessisceouarrseeswforrkmionbgilitny partnership with the Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group to deliver safety

oter or those tahwataarreenleososkicnogutorsbeusyfaor mobility scooter users in Dorset. The sessions are designed for those already
e to limited plaucesisnagvaailambloeb. Tilhietynsecxtooter or those that are looking to buy a mobility scooter.

The sessions cost £10 per person. All sessions must be pre-booked due to limited places available.

For more information, including booking instructions please look at our ScootWise page:

e (

After having dug to a depth of 10 meters last year, Scottish scientists found traces
ur child could leoarfncaobopuptebraswic ibriekedating back 100 years and came to the conclusion that their ancestors
safety centre aandlrTeHaEdNypuhtathde askitllesltehpeyh’voene network more than 100 years ago.
t’s more, all of NthoistfotroFRbEeE!outdone by the Scots, in the weeks that followed, British scientists dug to a

depth of 20 meters, and shortly after, headlines in the UK newspapers read: “British
weill(sbaefedwepiseen.doergnat/htreoecdnhiuracagaaeetnio/oaclnobe/igblsitiitkysoetarasnsbdihlaiatlyrv/e)eafdoyunhdadtraanceasdovaf n2c0e0dyheiagrh-otledcchocpopmermwuinreicaatnidonhsanveetcwoonrckluadheudntdhraetd

years earlier than the Scots.”
One week later, “The Kerryman,” a southwest Irish newsletter, reported the following:
“After digging as deep as 30 meters in peat bog near Tralee , Paddy O’Driscoll, a self
taught archeologist, reported that he found absolutely nothing. Paddy has therefore

concludeMdayth2a0t17300 years ago Ireland had already gone wireless.”

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Mobility Scooter Insurance

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If your scooter is
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If you have a breakdown
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If you cause an accident
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Peace of mind

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£ 24cover for manual wheelchairs, from /year

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Problems with
your PC or laptop?

Let us make I•T•

Local, knowledgeable and affordable. All backed up with fantastic service!

Come and see us at our new shop between Iceland & Motobitz.

EZ Computers has moved but don’t nus 10% DISCOUNT ON LABOUR
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cafe and gaming centre. OPENING TIMES

EZ Computers Repair Centre have been Monday - Friday 9:00am - 7:00pm
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1990’s. Initially started as a retail store,
EZ Computers swiftly branched out into Sunday & Public Holidays CLOSED
offering repair services to the local
community on a NO FIX NO FEE basis. EZ Computer Repair Centre

The current EZ team has over 50 years of 469 Wimborne Road • Winton • Bournemouth • BH9 2AN
combined experience in technical support,
repairs and servicing, and PC sales. EZ Tel: 01202 267267 & 01202 268268
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