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Office of the Secretary - Digital PH + DLLO from January 2021 to May 2022

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Published by Digital PH, 2022-07-11 00:32:04

Office of the Secretary - Digital PH + DLLO from January 2021 to May 2022

Office of the Secretary - Digital PH + DLLO from January 2021 to May 2022

About the Cover

With almost two years of quarantine, work from home,
zoom meetings, coordinating by viber, Work is no longer
the same. Team building and planning sessions are almost
impossible. But there is no stopping the DigitalPH/DLLO

team from innovating.
In a simple team exercise to serve as a respite from
everyday work, we asked each team to buckle down and
have some fun. Provided a simple task to define what the
team does, the animal spirit it represents, The people
behind the group, and the hurdles they face. We reminded
ourselves of the impact we make. The goal for each team
is to create its very own COAT OF ARMS, motto and all.

Table of 1
Contents 5

Note from the Editor 12

About the Units 23

Liason Office for 42
Legislative Affairs
Business Name 58
Registration Division 60


Supply Chain and
Logistics Management

Trade Tayo


Directory and Staff

from the

2021: Memorable
and Busy

To say that COVID-19 changed our way of life is indeed an understatement. I
recall three years back, there was a growing clamor for DTI/CSC to allow
alternative working arrangements to address the traffic problem. Who would
have thought WFH (work from home) is now our reality, and that DTI and the rest
of the bureaucracy is faced with the need to explore new ways to address current
challenges, as well as problems of the past.

We decided to produce this Interim Report to document the major programs,
activities and projects of the Business Name Registration Division (BNRD),
Ecommerce Division (ECD), Supply Chain and Logistics Management Division
(SCLMD) and the Liaison Office for Legislative Affairs (LOLA) --- four units under
the Office of the Secretary, whose respective mandates were made even more
significant during these trying times.

There is a newfound appreciation for the E-Commerce Division, because of the
accelerated adoption of e-commerce as a result of COVID-19. We took to heart
the Secretary’s directive to build trust between sellers and buyers. At the start
of the pandemic, we created CTRL BIZ: REBOOT NOW to encourage the pivot
from offline to online, thanks to our active engagement with the PHL ecommerce
community. To ensure DTI effectiveness, we worked with other functional groups
as we lived up to our mantra: #WeAreEcommerce


Our initiative in 2019 to “level up” our Business Name Registration:
Next Generation System made DTI a trailblazer in the area of digital
transformation. We made possible end to end registration in only eight
minutes, automation and positive user experience via a three step
process. DTI was the first to introduce a variety of digital payment
options with Gcash, Paymaya, credit card, Landbank and many other
payment solutions, DTI Business Name Registration Division made BN
registration easier, faster and better, (not to mention PSIC aligned)
---resulting to record breaking 2020 BN registration numbers.

Then there is the Supply Chain and Logistics Management Division
whose critical importance was highlighted during the start of the
period of quarantine. Our work and advocacy to help ensure unimpeded
movement of cargo, earned for the DTI, praises from the logistics
services sector as DTI established itself as the sector’s reliable partner
in government.

While executive action is what we do, part of our intervention is policy
formulation. The job is to push the necessary legislation, a role made
for the DTI Legislative Liaison Division, which we refer to in DTI as the
LOLA. The Liaison Office for Legislative Affairs has crafted LEGIS18C,
DTI’s legislative agenda, which we continue to push for until the 19th
congress is convened in 2022.

Finally, our “Trade Tayo”’ team. Our exposure to social media experts,
the success of DTI Ecommerce FB page, our team’s appreciation re
Search Engine Optimization, among others have emboldened us to
accept SecMon’s directive to help strengthen DTI’s YouTube channel,
as a venue to promote the Department’s policies and programs. Our
approach is to learn from professionals with the end in view of making
this sustainable for DTI. Our shared vision with the DTI-MSG is to create
a DTITV—where DTI offices will have their own channels.

We hope that this report will allow everyone to appreciate the work
of the amazing officers and staff behind these DTI units. Enabling
businesses and empowering consumers That’s what we do. Basta ang
resulta, Trabaho, negosyo, at konsyumer na masaya.


Assistant Secretary for Digital Philippines and
Department Legislative Liaison Officer (DLLO)


About the Units


Background: Background:

DTI’s Liaison Office for Legislative Affairs (DTI-LOLA), Under Department Order No. 17-35, Series of 2017, the
has been established as early as 1988 when Republic task of monitoring the registration of business names
Act No. 6831 or the General Appropriations Act of 1990 previously performed by the Business Regulation
authorized the provision of a full staff complement for Division under the former Bureau of Trade Regulations
Department Legislative Liaison Officers (DLLO). Three and Consumer Protection (BTRCP) was transferred
positions were then authorized under the Office of the to the Competitiveness Bureau. At that time, there
Secretary. exists an ad-hoc program known as the Philippines
Business Registry (PBR) which supervised DTI’s efforts
On January 2, 2020, acknowledging the imperative of to integrate the registration functions of government.
institutionalizing legislative-executive coordination, The Rationalization Plan of 2013 created a Business
the DBM approved DTI’s request for the creation of a Systems and Process Improvement Division (BSPID)
Department Legislative Liaison Division (DLLD) under tasked “to handle business registration systems
the DTI Office of the Secretary (OSEC) “to monitor the improvement and other systems/process improvement
bills/resolutions filed in congress and other legislative measures intended to ease the way of doing business in
issuances which fall under the jurisdiction of DTI ..”. the Philippines.”

The DBM upgraded the three person plantilla when it With business name registration as a mission critical
created a Division consisting of an 8-person plantilla service, the DTI requested the DBM to rename BSPID
headed by a Division Chief and an Assistant Division to Business Name Registration Division and to add
Chief. Popularly known internally within DTI and plantilla positions.
externally within government’s Legislative Liaison
System, DTI retained the LOLA brand--- “Liaison Office On December 2, 2019, the DBM approved the
for Legislative Affairs” -- headed by a Department recommendation of the DTI to rename the BSPID to
Legislative Liaison Officer (DLLO), and a Deputy Business Name Registration Division (BNRD) in order
Department Legislative Liaison Officer (DDLLO). to reflect the actual functions being performed by the
said Division, specifically (i) monitoring and evaluation
People: Existing staff complement - 10 (Plantilla: 7 (1 of the BN registration being undertaken by the DTI Field
Offices, (ii) formulation of policies and guidelines for
on process), JO/COS - 3) the implementation of the BN Law and its Implementing
Rules and Regulations (IRR), and the (iii) development
2022 Budget: Maintenance .... (MOOE): Php 2.5M and pursuit of BN-related training programs.The DBM
also approved the creation of five (5) additional positions
Budget Utilization Rate (BUR) as of May 2022 - to augment the existing personnel in the renamed BNRD
in undertaking their respective functions.
People: Existing staff complement – 13 (Regular – 8,
3 JOCOS – 5)

2022 Budget: Maintenance and Operating Expenses

(MOOE) - Php 8m

Budget Utilization Rate (BUR) as of May 2022 -


On October 17, 2013, as part of the DTI Rationalization
Plan the creation of an Ecommerce Office as a program Under the DTI Rationalization Plan of 2013 which
office was authorized under the Sector Planning Bureau deactivated the Philippine Shippers Bureau, a Supply
formerly the Office of Policy Research (OPR). Chain and Logistics Management Division (SCLMD)
was created under the Competitiveness Bureau with
In February 2019, Department Order 19-18 was the following mandate, to wit: “To primarily formulate
issued placing the Ecommerce Program Office under policies and measures relative to supply chain, trade
the Competitiveness and Innovation Group to be facilitation and logistics in promoting the interest of
supervised by Assistant Secretary Mary Jean Pacheco exporters, importers and traders in the shipment of
in recognition of the “crucial role of e-commerce in commodities by helping secure competitive rates and
propelling innovation and in developing and growing equitable terms and conditions by carriers/transport
the digital economy.” Assistant Secretary Pacheco was operators and other service providers, establishment
instructed to strengthen and supervise the E-Commerce of a system of accreditation of sea freight forwarders,
Program Office (ECO). logistics providers and multi-modal transport
On January 2, 2020, recognizing the DTI’s need for
a dedicated organizational unit that will focus on the People: Existing staff complement – 11 (Regular – 8,
monitoring and implementation of the Philippine
eCommerce Roadmap, the DBM approved the creation JOCOS – 3)
of the e-Commerce Division with 11 new positions to
serve as its staffing complement. 2022 Budget: Maintenance and Operating Expenses

People: Existing staff complement – 11 (Plantilla – 5, (MOOE) - Php 9m

JO/COS – 6) Budget Utilization Rate (BUR) as of May 2022 -

2022 Budget: Maintenance and Operating Expenses 11.07%

(MOOE) - Php 5.4m

Budget Utilization Rate (BUR) as of May 2022 -



OFFICE FOR We create strong and smooth linkages
LEGISLATIVE between the DTI and Congress as we aim
to preserve cordial and effective relations
AFFAIRS with the legislature. We also provide policy,
(LOLA) technical, and bill drafting assistance to
ensure that the Department’s priorities
are addressed through legislation.
A stronger, better, more
dynamic, and effective OUR IMPACT:
Symbolizes when a DTI priority bill
legislative liaison. becomes a law, that is the result of our


Diamonds are rare, strong and durable
even when intensely pressured. Moreover,
it spread its richest light through
darkness, a gem among the stones.
Just like Team LOLA. The Few, The ever-

Reliable. Solid as a Rock.

The lack of time, too many priorities,
policy differences, politics: these are
among the challenges we face in pushing
for our advocacies. Need that delicate

act of balance, compromise, and rigor.

The DTI-Liaison Office for Legislative
Affairs (LOLA) could be best symbolized
by three (3) animals: horse, eagle, and
manta ray. What these animals have
in common is their representation
of strength. The horse symbolizes
‘movement” as LOLA gallops towards
pushing for the enactment of DTI’s
priority legislative agenda. The eagle-- a
bird that flies higher than any other bird”
aptly describes a team that soars high
determined and courageous to pursue
big hairy audacious goals Manta rays are
said to be symbols of balance and grace.
LOLA understands the complexities of
legislative and executive relations and
possesses the unique ability to adapt and

handle conflicting situations.




DTI’s Priority Legislative Agenda for the 18th
Congress (LEGIS18C) Pushed

2021 and 2022 have both seen major improvements in the advancement of
LEGIS18C. From January 2021 to May 2022, five (5) measures have been enacted
into law and ten (10) measures have advanced to the next stage of the legislative
process. The first four (4) enacted laws are economic liberalization measures:
Corporate Recovery and Tax Incentives for Enterprises (CREATE) Act signed
into law on March 26, 2021; Amendments to the Retail Trade Liberalization Act
(RTLA) signed on December 10, 2021; Amendments to the Foreign Investments
Act (FIA) signed on March 2, 2022; and Amendments to the Public Service Act
(PSA) signed on March 21, 2022. The other measure is the Electric Vehicles
Industry Development Act which lapsed into law on April 15, 2022. LOLA has
also assisted the Department in aggressively pursuing the movement of other
measures up the legislative mill. The measures that have moved to the advanced
stage during the said period are: Pondo sa Pagbabago at Pag-asenso (P3) Act;
Amendments to the Magna Carta for MSMEs; Philippine Bamboo Industry
Development Act; Internet Transactions Act; Revised Warehouse Receipts Law;
International Maritime Trade Competitiveness / Philippine Shippers; 30-year
Long-term Infrastructure Development Plan; One Town, One Product (OTOP)
Philippines Act; and the Creative Industries Act. The ratification of the Regional
Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) Agreement was also taken up
by Senate and has reached the period of interpellations. Before the sine die
adjournment of the 18th Congress, the Senate approved on 3rd and final
reading the Creative Industries Act and the Bicameral Conference Committee
approved the report for subsequent enrollment and transmittal to the Office of
the President.

Some measures have also remained pending in their respective committees.
Nonetheless, deliberations on the following have been active from January
2021 to May 2022: Revised Consumer Act, Expanded Price Act, and Intellectual
Property Code Amendments.


Improvement in DTI’s By Level of Representation
Representation in
Congress Seen LOLA has seen a remarkable
improvement in the level of representation
Increased Overall Participation in Congress engagements. In 2021, DTI has
to Legislative Engagements and been sending higher levels of attendees such
Improved Level of DTI Participation as the Secretary and his Undersecretaries,
and Assistant Secretaries. The overall
To ensure that the DTI is attendance rate of these officials is at 46%
properly represented in Congressional in 2021 and 50% for the period of January
engagements, LOLA has maintained to May 2022, compared to only 36% in 2020.
close coordination with the
Department’s officials and bureaus. The attendance of director-level officials
The number of invitations received by for 2021 is 31% and 36% for January to
the DTI to Congressional engagements May 2022. For the levels of division chiefs
(such as hearings and TWG meetings) and specialists, their attendance rates for
has more than doubled. From only the same periods are at 23% and 14%
161 in 2020 to 361 in 2021 and 2022 respectively.
(January to May), the increase has
reached around 55%. With the increase As compared to the 2020 rates, the
in the invitations received, DTI has also Department has upgraded its participation
notably improved its attendance rate. by sending more of its higher-ranking officials
In the period of January to December to represent and manifest its interests in
2021, the participation rates in Senate Congress.
and House of Representatives (HOR)
engagements are 100% and 99.11% 23% 46% Per level of Representation 2021
respectively – with an overall rate of 31%
99.37%. For the period of January SEC/USEC/ASEC
to May 2022, DTI has attended all DIR/ADIR
engagements in both chambers DC/SPECIALIST
of Congress, resulting to a 100%
participation rate.

Overall Attendance (2021) Per level of Representation 2022

400 99.37% DC/SPECIALIST
300 319 317
200 100% 99.11% 50%
100 225 223
94 94



Overall Attendance (2021)

50 100%
40 42 42
30 100%
20 19 19 100%
23 23






By Functional Group Proposed Bills on Internet
Transactions Act, Amendments
The performance of the majority of DTI to the E-Commerce Act of 2000,
Functional Groups (FGs) when it comes to National Quality Infrastructure,
attending Congressional engagements Philippine Shippers Board,
has improved from January 2021 to and OTOP as Bill Drafting
May 2022. For 2021 alone, most FGs Assistance Provided by LOLA
have reached at least 85% attendance
rate and showed improvement from LOLA provided technical support and bill
their 2020 performance. In 2021, the drafting assistance to several DTI bureaus
Consumer Protection Group (CPG) led and offices. For the Philippine Shippers
the Department with an attendance bill, LOLA has assisted the Supply Chain
rate of 98.40%. It is followed by the and Logistics Management Division
Industry Development and Trade Policy (SCLMD) in drafting the final DTI version
Group (IDTPG) which has shown strong for submission to Congress. LOLA has
improvement with a rate of 94.92%. also aided in the crafting of the Internet
Third is the Regional Operations Group Transactions Act, from the time it was
(ROG) with 94.12% and fourth is the initially submitted to Congress until it was
Trade Promotions Group and Special deliberated by the respective committees
Concerns (TPG & SC) with 86.67%. Two in both chambers. Similarly, the office
(2) FGs have seen significant plunges has extended its technical support to the
in their attendance rates for 2021. UP Law Center in drafting the proposed
The Competitiveness and Innovation e-Commerce Act amendments bill.
Group (CIG) had a lower attendance
rate of 83.33% compared to its 2020 In addition, LOLA has been active in
attendance rate of 90%. Similarly, the pursuing the finalization of the National
Management Services Group (MSG) had Quality Infrastructure (NQI) bill. LOLA
a rate of 81.82%, significantly lower spearheaded the reconvening of the
than its 2020 score of 100%. For the NQI Advisers last June 1, 2021 and the
period of January to May 2022, five (5) draft bill was presented during the DTI
of the FGs have scored 85% above, with Executive Committee meeting on June
CPG and TPG-SC leading both at 100%. 18, 2021. The team has likewise ensured
ROG has a rate of 87.50% and IDTPG that the bill would be properly introduced
scored 86.67%. CIG had attended nine and explained to Congress. Thus, a
(9) out of the eleven (11) invitations it briefing for the Senate Committee on
has received, resulting to an attendance Trade, Commerce, and Entrepreneurship
rate of 81.82%. MSG did not receive any was conducted last June 24, 2021. These
invitations for the said period. efforts resulted in the submission of the
DTI’s draft bill to the Senate and HOR for
Performance Per Functional Group (FG) 2021 Performance Per Functional Group (FG) 2021 possible filing / sponsorship. Successfully,
the DTI version of the bill was filed at the
200 94.92% 86.67% HOR by Ref. Rufus Rodriguez as HB No.
150 125 150 30 26 10636 on December 15, 2021 and the bill
was read on 1st Reading and referred to
98.40% 30 the Committee on Trade and Industry on
125 123 January 17, 2022.
94.12% 100%
85 80 20 16 16 81.82%
11 9
100 86.67% 83.33% 100%
45 39 54 45 99
10 87.50%
50 81.82% 87
11 9




LOLA’s bill drafting assistance has similarly been requested by the Regional
Operations Group for the submission of DTI’s draft bill institutionalizing the One
Town, One Product (OTOP) Philippines program. The bill was submitted to both
Senate and HOR for filing and sponsorship.

In general, as part of LOLA’s efforts in shepherding the legislative priorities of
DTI, it has been tapped to provide technical support and research assistance in
legislative-related engagements of the Secretary, the Department Legislative
Liaison Officer (DLLO), as well as different DTI functional groups.

Projects and Activities to Strengthen DTI-Congress
Relations Launched

Briefings for Legislators and Staff Organized by LOLA to Strengthen Engagement
between DTI and Congress

Striving to maintain and further strengthen the Department’s networks in
Congress is one of the primary functions of LOLA. Since the start of 2021, LOLA
has continuously endeavored to ensure that DTI has a strong relationship with
the legislative branch. From January to December 2021, the office has provided
its assistance to DTI bureaus and attached agencies on the facilitation of special
meetings and briefings to advocate for DTI’s priorities and key interests. In this
period, several briefings and/or meetings have been conducted:

1 January 12 – Sec. Ramon Lopez’s briefing for Rep. John Rey Tiangco on various
major programs of the DTI, its legislative priorities, and the strides made in
eCommerce and other areas of concern;

2 January 26 – Briefing with IPOPHL, HOR Committee on Trade Chair Rep. John Rey
Tiangco, and Deputy Speaker Wes Gatchalian to discuss the proposed Amendments
to the Intellectual Property Code;

3 January 27 - Meeting with HOR Committee Secretary Val Palanca to discuss
updates on and strategies for the advancement of LEGIS18C priorities;

4 February 1 – Assisted IPOPHL in briefing the Arts and Culture and Creative
Industries Bloc (ACCIB), represented by Reps. Christopher De Venecia, Sharon
Garin, and Rufus Rodriguez; and

5 December 6 – Meeting with the newly appointed Senate Committee on Trade
Committee Secretary Sherwynne Agub to introduce the DLLO and Deputy DLLO,
as well as to brief him on the legislative priorities of the DTI.



Also, LOLA has extended its assistance to some bureaus such as the Bureau of
International Trade Relations (BITR) in the conduct of briefings for Congress to
inform them of the salient features and importance of the Regional Comprehensive
Economic Partnership (RCEP) Agreement. The conducted briefings for 2021 are
as follows:

1 February 10 – HOR Committee on Foreign Affairs;

2 April 27 – Chair of the House Committee on Trade,
Rep. John Rey Tiangco;

3 June 3 – Senate Economic Planning Office;

4 July 14 – Office of Senator Sonny Angara; and

5 October 21 – Office of Senator Pimentel.

Another RCEP briefing was conducted and led by BITR, with the assistance of
LOLA, on April 6, 2022.

Distribution of Information and Communication Materials to Key Partners in
Congress: 2022 Calendar Project

One of the special projects started by LOLA since 2020 is the distribution of
information, education, and communication (IEC) materials to key partners in
the legislative branch. For the year 2021, LOLA has come up with an information
material in the form of a calendar. The 2022 Calendar Project of LOLA aims to
inform DTI’s partners in Congress about the important and landmark DTI-related
laws that have been passed over the years. The calendar was distributed to major
stakeholders in Congress as well as LOLA’s key partners within the Department.


Special Activities Organized by LOLA to Familiarize DTI
Officials and Employees on Legislative-related Matters

To capacitate DTI officials and of the 19th Congress, LOLA convened
employees on how a bill becomes the LegisFocals for the 8th LegisFocals
a law, LOLA re-constituted the DTI Meeting last April 21, 2022.
Legislative Focal Persons (LegisFocals)
and the Legislative Liaison System. Another special project organized by
On May 12, 2021, LOLA discussed the office is the LOLA Lecture Series
legislative advocacy strategies with which featured priority legislative
the LegisFocals in preparation for the measures that have been passed into
opening of the 3rd Regular Session laws. The series was launched with a
of the 18th Congress. LOLA has also session on Republic Act No. 11534,
conducted a year-end meeting with the or the Corporate Recovery and Tax
LegisFocals on December 10 to update Incentives for Enterprises (CREATE)
them on the status of the LEGIS18C Act led by a taxation expert and the
and the remaining priorities of both Director-General of the Senate Tax
houses, among others. Similarly, to Study and Research Office, Atty.
evaluate the 18th Congress and initiate Rodelio Dascil. Other lecture sessions
preparations for the commencement ensued, which are as follows:

1 Amendments to the Retail Trade Liberalization Act with Senate Committee on
Trade Comsec. Sherwynne Agub – February 16, 2022;

2 Amendments to the Foreign Investments Act with HOR Committee on Economic
Affairs Comsec. Glenndale Cornelio and BOI Atty. Raynan Larosa – May 16, 2022;

3 Amendments to the Public Service Act with Office of Senator Poe’s Atty. Jeo
Elamparo and Office of Rep. Sharon Garin’s Atty. Alou Baldueza – June 6, 2022;

4 Electric Vehicle Industry Development Act with Office of Senator Win Gatchalian’s
Atty. Teresa Ira Maris P. Guanzon and BOI Executive Director Corieh Dichosa –
June 16, 2022.


NAME We provide easy, fast and convenient
Business Name Registration process.
REGISTRATION Symbolize time and efficiency and behind
DIVISION it – the Certificate of Business Name (BN)
(BNRD) Registration. Embedded in the symbol
is the word ‘Registered’ to emphasize
OUR MOTTO: the mandate of the division which is BN

In its motto, “Simplex, Celer et Registration.
Commodus” focuses on its goal
which is to provide an easy, Depicts a shield and a wing that
fast, and convenient process personify BNRD’s commitment of safety,
security, and protection of business
for entrepreneurs. name legality and identity. We also
included a superimposed house symbol
that represents business firms that are
protected by the division’s wing and


It symbolizes that BNRD is lean and
mean, composed of compassionate,
purpose-driven and goal-oriented
people. We are team players, persistent
in providing dynamic approaches to make
our services better. With several Hands
held together and a bull’s eye icon at the
center, the illustration depicts the unity,
connection and teamwork in achieving

our set targets.

The Internet dependency, system failure,
and connectivity. It depicts connectivity
which remains as the major challenge
for most part of the country especially
in far-flung areas. Technology and the
ability to understand, adapt and integrate
these technological advances for a more
efficient working environment are our

greatest challenges.

The bee is a sign of industry, creativity,
diligence, and eloquence. Bee has a strong
work ethic and devotion to communicate
effectively and rally a team They work
in groups and communities. Bee has
powerful messages about the need to
balance work, service, and socialization


JANUARY 2021 – MAY 2022

71% of total BN applications were processed within 15 minutes;
867,647 total BN processed in 2021

The DTI Business Name Registration: In2021,71%ofthetotalBNapplications
Next Generation system, for 2021 were processed within 15 minutes
processed a total of 867,647 BN (89% of total walk-in applications,
applications (782,363 new, 85,284 64% of total applications online). It
renewal). The total number of was noted that online applications
applications stored has been constantly take more time to complete since they
increasing year on year with the are given a grace period of seven days
highest growth rate (44%) registered to pay the prescribed registration
in 2020 for the past ten years. fee and complete their transaction.

BN Processing Time via DTI Tellers (2021) In addition, a total of 499,303 BN
registrations were recorded from
10.73% January to May 2022 (437,710
new, 61,593 renewal). Of this, 75%
7.81% were processed within 15 minutes
(89% of walk-in applications
<9 minutes and 76% of online applications).
9-15 minutes
>15 minutes In 2019, the DTI launched an end-
to-end registration system, which
81.46% allows applicants to file their business
name application online. Using a
BN Processing Time via Online (2021) three-step process of apply, pay, and
download, the BN applicant need
35.73% not go physically to a DTI office.

<9 minutes The certificate of BN registration shall
9-15 minutes be made available after successfully
>15 minutes paying the registration fee through
any of the available payment options,
47.09% i.e. Gcash, Paymaya, Landbank Linkbiz,
and many other payment options.



To ensure the system’s continued and efficient maintenance, Sagesoft
Solutions Inc. (SSI) was contracted out as the new service provider in
2021 for the support and maintenance of the BNRS Next Gen. System
enhancements to further improve the services were already identified starting
with the updating of Philippine Standard Geographic Classification (PSGC).

Retail selling in sari-sari stores top business name
registrations, as PSIC 47913 or retail sale via the
internet comprise 3% of total new BN registrations

47113 133,764
56109 Business Activity
Retail Selling in Sari-Sari Stores 55,686
68110 Other Restaurants and Mobile Food 21,462
Service Activities, N.E.C 22,843

Retail Sale via Internet

Real Estate Buying, Selling, Renting, Leasing And
Operating Of Self-Owned/Leased Apartment
Buildings, Non-Residential And Dwellings

With the adoption of the Philippine entities in both government and
Standards Industrial Classification private sectors, including those
(PSIC), the DTI Business Name involved in statistics and research”.
Registration: Next Generation System is
now able to monitor the sector by which For 2021, “retail selling in sari-sari
sole proprietors register their business stores” (PSIC 47113) registered the
names. According to the Philippine most number of business names with
Statistical Authority, the “PSIC serves total new registrations of 147,790
as a guide in the classification of or 19% of the new registrations in
establishments according to their total. PSIC 47913 or “retail sale via
economic activity useful for economic the internet” was the 4th topmost
analysis. It serves as a framework for data business activity with 25,906 new BN
collection, processing and compilation to registration, equating to 3% of the
ensure uniformity and comparability of total new registrations in the year.
industrial statistics produced by various



PSIC Business Activity Total
47113 106,141
47113 Retail Selling in Sari-Sari Stores 36,623

Other Restaurants And Mobile Food Service
Activities, N.E.C

68110 Real Estate Buying, Selling, Renting, Leasing And 14,590
Operating Of Self-Owned/Leased Apartment
Buildings, Non-Residential And Dwellings

47211 Retail Sale of Fruits and Vegetables 9,466
47913 Retail Sale via Internet 8,658

Additionally, in the first five months 5,321% increase from the previous
of 2022, PSIC 47113 remain the most year. In 2021, the “retail sale via the
registered business activity with a total internet” (PSIC 47913) recorded a
of 106,141 new registrations or 24% total of 26,010, with an additional
of the total new registrations during 2,328 businesses that included the
the period. In March 2020, at the start word “online” in their business names.
of the pandemic, the total number of Meanwhile, from January to May
BN registered under PSIC 47913 was 2022, the descriptor recorded 8,725
reported at 1,753. By year-end, this registrations, with an additional
number was recorded at 88,575 or a 881 BN registrations with the word

Integration of BNR Next Generation System
with Central Business Portal (CBP)

The CBP which is the single online and social security agencies (SSS,
platform for registering businesses PhilHealth, Pag-IBIG), get their
end-to-end, was developed by the Business Permit online if the
Department of Information and business is in Valenzuela or Quezon
Communications Technology (DICT) to City while accessing he hyperlinks
pursue the provisions of Republic Act for other LGUs which are in the CBP.
No. 11032 or the Ease of Doing Business Likewise, the assessment of fees
and Efficient Government Service is transmitted through the portal
Delivery Act of 2018. The online services or emailed, payment of fees and
of local government units (LGUs) and release of the certificate can also
national government agencies have be done online through the CBP.
been integrated with the CBP which can
be accessed through The said online end-to-end business
registration will significantly
The DTI’s BNRS Next Gen was integrated shorten the number of steps and
with the CBP in March 2022 which time it takes to register a business
allowed sole proprietors to initiate end- in the Philippines. Since its launch
to-end BN registration (new) in CBP and in 2021, at least 703 corporations
continue their business registration and 6,729 sole proprietorships
with the Bureau of Internal Revenue have registered through the CBP.



Automation of the registration of Barangay Micro
Business Enterprises (BMBE) initiated: BMBE ONLINE

under development

Following the approval of BNRD and municipal level, for BMBEs to avail of
Bureau of Small and Medium Enterprises the benefits provided by the Republic
Development’s (BSMED) proposal to Act No. 9178, otherwise known
develop an online registration system as the “Barangay Micro Business
for Barangay Micro Business Enterprises Enterprises (BMBEs) Act of 2002”.
(BMBE), BMBE-Online is now in the works.
Sagesoft Solutions Inc. (SSI) is
The proposed BMBE ONLINE aims to working hand-in-hand with the
(1) make available the registration bureau for the development of the
process online 24x7; (2) provide a more system. As of May 2022, the system
convenient application process; (3) has passed the Data Gathering and
ensure faster processing of applications. System Architecture Design, Data
Under RA 10644, or the GoNegosyo Act, Base Design and Modeling stages of
a Certificate of Authority for Barangay development. The team is now moving
Micro Business Enterprises (BMBEs) forward with the Data Migration and
shall be issued by the DTI, through the Application Development phase.
Negosyo Center in the city or

BNRS Webinar Series and Retooling Program implemented
to advance know-how of BN Processors

The Department of Trade and Industry- . In addition, this provided a venue to
Business Name Registration Division understand the Philippine Standard
(BNRD) successfully conducted a 5-day Industrial Classification (PSIC) and
webinar series last 17-31 August to its use in BN registration and Data
enhance DTI Business Name Processors PrivacyPoliciestoavoidanyviolations.
Capabilities. Over a thousand Business
Name (BN) Processors identified by the The first three webinars tackled
Negosyo Center- Program Management the guidelines and procedures in
Unit (NC- PMU) attended the webinar handling all BN-related transactions
aimed at further improving the knowledge such as New and Renewal
of the assigned BN Processors on the BN Applications, Updating of Information
Registration Guidelines and Procedures. and Request for Certifications.


The sessions were facilitated by Mr. In July 2021, BNRD surveyed its
Theoperr Ian Empis, Senior Trade- affiliates to identify which skillsets of
Industry Development Specialist of BN Processors need to be improved.
BNRD. Through this, the division develop a
Skills and Competencies Framework
The discussions were focused on the for BN Processors which will serve as
standard operating procedures for basis as assessing competency levels
Business Name registration as well and organizing trainings, such as the
as common pitfalls of BN Processors. Retooling Program.
The fourth webinar provided an
orientation on understanding PSIC for The survey also helped BNRD select
BN registrations covered by Ms. Jenefer which skills to focus on during the
Fernandez, Senior Trade-Industry conduct of Retooling Program. For
Development Specialist of BNRD. The its first run in 2021, the program
discussion highlighted the connection targeted three specific skills relevant
of PSIC in determining appropriate BN to the improvement of BN Processors,
descriptors for each business activity. namely Data Management and
She presented different examples and Analysis, Customer Orientation/
activities allowed Relation, and Communication Skills.

Pre- and post-webinar tests were Athree-moduletrainingwasdeveloped
administered for all participants. Results for each skill, corresponding to three
revealed positive results as there was skill levels: basic, intermediate, and
a fifty percent (50%) increase in the advanced. The trainings for each skill
percentage of respondents with at least level were attended by a unique set
80% score (Pre-Test:50.6% versus Post- of BN processors. The participants
Test:76.1). Post- Test Average Score were assessed by their respective
(8.41) showed an 11.5% increase from supervisors to determine their
the Pre-test Result (7.54). skill levels and match them to the
appropriate training course.
Aside from the improvement of
technical skills, BNRD also targeted The Retooling Program was a nine-day
the development of BN processors’ event held in November to December
individual competencies through the 2021. A total of 474 BN Processors
Retooling Program. This aimed to upscale across the country were present
the capabilities of BN processors on during the online training which
various identified skill sets and advance gained positive feedback from the BN
their level of efficiency in handling BN- Processors. Based on the evaluation
related tasks. In turn, these targeted and suggestions, the participants
improvement on the BN frontliners are found the discussion informative
expected to also increase the satisfaction and helpful to their scope of work.
of BN clients. They also recommend the conduct of
similar trainings in the future.




Occupation: Business Name (BN) Processor

The Business Name (BN) Processor is the authorized personnel
responsible in evaluating, processing and approval of BN registration
application of a sole proprietor and other related BN transaciton.

He/She is responsible to strictly adhere to guidelines and procedures as
stated in the Department Administrative Order No. 18-07 (DAO 18-07) or the
Implementing Rules and Regulations of Act No. 3883 (Business Name Act) and its
amendments. The procedures are furtherdiscussed in the Operations Manuak or the
Procedural Guidelines on BN Registration and QMS procedures for BN Processing.

Critical Work Key Tasks

Perform customer ● Explain BN requirements, procedures and results of the evalutaion of
handling tasks the application

● Handle customer inquiries and concerns related to BN registration
● Assist client on the paying options of BN application fee

Critical Work Perform BN ● Receive BN application form with documentary requirements
Functions and application ● Record BN details and processing time
processing tasks ● Review completeness of the BN Application form with documentary
Key Tasks (include the 6
transactional requirements (use ARTA guidelines)
services) ● Evaluate registrability of the proposed BN
● Review and encode BN application
● Print and issue certificate and OR to the client
● Advise the client to review the printed certificate, sign the receiving

sheet and accomplish the CSF Form
● Request for Correction from BNRS Helpdesk for any corrections
● Ensure compliance to data privacy

Perform ● Recording of approved BN transaction (log-book, excel-to
data analysis include information/data field such as PWD, CS)
and report
preparation ● Summarize and analyze the BN processing time and CSF
tasks results

● Prepare BN accomplishment report
● Propose initiatives for BN processing improvements

Perform BN ● Act as Resource speaker
advocacy tasks ● Promote online BN registration
● Liasoning with the local Government Unit - Business

Permit and Licensing Offices (LGU-BPLOs)

Skills and BN Registration Administration Customer Orientation/
Competencies Data Privacy Compliance Relation
Data Management and Analysis Communcation Skills
Data Skills
Business and Work Ethics Process Improvement

Decision Making


BNRD STATISTICAL REPORT BNRs by Month (Jan 2022 - May 2022)
(As of 2021)

BNRs Year-on-Year

New Renewal

2012-2021 BN Registrations 200000

1,000,000 60% 100000
500,000 40%
0 20% 0
0% Jan Feb Mar Apr

2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021

BN Registration % Change

BNRs 2021 BNRs by Region (2021)


0 50,000 100,000 150,000 200,000

782,363 Region IV-A 171,927
Region III 133,989
New Renewal Region VI 113,214
Region XI 56,813
BNRs Jan 2022 - May 2022 Region V 49,217
Region X 46,872
61,593 Region IX 37,517
Region V 36,403
Region X 35,517
Region IX 28,399
ARMM 24,761

BNRs by Region (Jan 2022 - May 2022)

0 20,000 40,000 60,000 80,000 100,000
437,707 NCR 60,901

REGION I 32,3000
REGION VI 31,221
New Renewal REGION XI 22,696
REGION V 21,712
BNRs by Month (2021) REGION X 20,691
200000 New Renewal REGION VIII 17,422
150000 REGION XIII 17,238
100000 Mar Apr May Jun Jul
CAR 16,214
50000 REGION IX 16,112
Jan 14,459
ARMM 13,952

Feb Aug Sep Sep Sep Sep 4,331



BNRs by Territorial Scope (2021) Top Deistributors / Business Activities 2021

180,000 156,215
600000 508151 140,000
400000 120,000
200000 100,000 67,187
0 204963 60,000
78881 75652 20,000 27,883 26,010

0 17,316

Barangay City/Municipality Regional National Total

BNRs by Territorial Scope (Jan 2022 - May 2022) Retail Sellin in Sari-Sari Stores
Other Restaurants And Mobile Food Service Activities, N.E.C
RealEstate Buying, Selling, Renting, Leasing And Operating Of Self-Owned/Leased
Apartment Buildings, Non Residential And Dwelling
Retail Sale Via Internet
Retail Sale of Wearing Apparel, Except Footwear

400000 321100 Top Deistributors / Business
300000 Activities (Jan 2022 - May 2022)
100000 108057 150,000

0 34971 35175 100,000

Barangay City/Municipality Regional National 50,000

BNRs by Sex (2021) 0


Retail Sellin in Sari-Sari Stores
Other Restaurants And Mobile Food Service Activities, N.E.C
RealEstate Buying, Selling, Renting, Leasing And Operating Of Self-Owned/Leased
Apartment Buildings, Non Residential And Dwelling
Retail Sale Via Internet
Retail Sale of Wearing Apparel, Except Footwear

359468 BNRs under PSIC 47913 (Retail Sale
via internet) + Containing word
508179 "Online" (2021)

Female Male 4,000

0 March April May June July August September October November December

January February

Online 47913 PSIC 47913

BNRs by Sex (Jan 2022 - May 2022)

BNRs under PSIC 47913 (Retail Sale
via internet) Containing word "Online"

(Jan 2022 - May 2022)


306450 4,000

0 March April May

January February PSIC 47913
Online 47913

Male Femalie


BNRs under Retail Sales via Internet BNRs by Payment Method
(PSIC 47918) by Regions 2021 (Jan 2022 - May 2022)

0 4,000 8,000
NCR 166,263 DTI Teller
REGION IV 5,249 379,007 ePayment
REGION VII 1,574 BNRs Transactions per ePayment Channel (2021)
1,042 600 000
REGION I 553974
REGION X 724 500 000
CAR 485

BNRs under Retail Sales via Internet 400 000
(PSIC 47918) by Regions
(Jan 2022 - May 2022) 300 000
200 000

0 1,000 2,000 3,000
1,861 2,717
REGION IV 975 100 000 21472 235 4113
REGION VII 400 0 Paymaya Credit/ Paymaya SmartPadala Landbank
350 GCASH Debit Card /Billspay
REGION XI 271 BNRs Transactions per ePayment Channel
REGION II 250 (Jan 2022 - May 2022)
REGION X 229 400 000
226 350 000 349 933
CAR 179


BNRs by Payment Method (2021) 300 000

250 000

200 000

ePayment 150 000
DTI Teller
297,865 100 000
646,875 6 551 19 754
50 000
184 2585
GCASH Paymaya Credit/ Paymaya SmartPadala Landbank
Debit Card /Billspay



BNRs Payments Collected by ePayment BNRs Payments Collected by ePayment
Channel (2021) Channel (Jan 2022 - May 2022)

PHP 350,000,000.00 PHP PHP 180,000,000.00 PHP
PHP 300,000,000.00 286,708,860.00 PHP 160,000,000.00 161,082,340.00
PHP 250,000,000.00
PHP 200,000,000.00 67,187 PHP 140,000,000.00
PHP 150,000,000.00
PHP 100,000,000.00 1PHP 18,655,760.00 PHP 120,000,000.00
PHP 2,762,390.00
PHP 50,000,000.00 PHP 100,000,000.00
PHP 0 PHP 42,853,390.00
PHP 138,150.00
PHP 5,781,330.00
PHP 1,572,370.00
PHP 12,286,620.00
PHP 8,270.00
PHP 80,000,000.00 67,187
PHP 60,000,000.00

PHP 40,000,000.00

PHP 20,000,000.00


BNRs Payments Collected per Region (2021) BNRs Payments Collected per Region
(Jan 2022 - May 2022)

REGION XIII P2,517,880.00 REGION XIII P8,313,530.00
ARMM P3,574,390.00 ARMM P7,880,930.00
P5,306,490.00 7,567,970.00
REGION IV-B P5,326,930.00 REGION IV-B P4,958,470.00
REGION VII P5,906,690.00 REGION VII P4,852,180.00
REGION X P5,954,490.00 REGION X P3,911,280.00
CAR CAR P3,909,180.00
REGION XI P6,092,480.00 REGION XI P3,520,690.00
REGION VIII P6,095,940.00 REGION VIII P3,188,900.00
REGION IX P6,434,150.00 REGION IX P3,104,440.00
REGION V P6,448,170.00 REGION V P3,020,240.00
NCR P6,758,250.00 NCR P2,858,010.00
REGION II P8,108,480.00 REGION II P2,655,690.00
REGION VI P9,073,780.00 REGION VI P2,427,000.00
REGION I P9,121,530.00 REGION I
P11,046,950.00 P1,481,150.00
REGION IV-A P16,048,530.00 REGION IV-A P1,435,360.00

BNR Processing Time via DTI Tellers BNR Processing Time via Online
(Jan 2022 - May 2022) (Jan 2022 - May 2022)

10.68% 31.13%
<9 minutes <9 minutes
80.79% 9-15 minutes 9-15 minutes
>15 minutes >15 minutes

51.46% 22



DIVISION The first quadrant represents the symbol
(ECD) of a connected globe that explains
the promotion of e-commerce and of
OUR MOTTO: network and connectedness. We bridge
people to the digital world by improving
Hard work conquers all infrastructure, skills, security, and

23 providing access to markets.

For the second quadrant, the symbol sets
the E-commerce Division as is committed
towards building a prosperous society
and a strong economy that is globally-
competitive. The lush tree and globe

symbolize growth.

The third quadrant stresses that we are
all connected and we operate as a well-

oiled machine.

Our goals cannot be achieved if people
are not open to disruptions. The image
symbolizes the challenge posed by
a narrow-minded imagination. The
potential of digital commerce is massive,
however, to attain this requires breaking
the preconceptions and misconceptions

that Filipinos have on going digital.

The division’s spirit animal, Kouros The
Kagsoro, symbolizes the grit of the people
behind the E-commerce Division that can
be seen in water buffalo (Kalabaw), eagle
(Agila), and fox (Soro). The name Kouros
refers to free-standing Greek sculptures
of youth with noble ranks in society. In
a similar manner, E-Commerce and the
E-Commerce Division are like kouroi that
are only beginning to develop and grow,
but are guaranteed to prosper, prevail,
and triumph over any challenge it shall
face. The baybayin inscribed in the horns
of the kalabaw means “Bilis at Tapat” our
values focused on efficiency and integrity,
true to DTI’s mantra (“Serbisyong higit

pa sa inaasahan”).

OF JANUARY 2021 – MAY 2022

E-Commerce Philippines 2022 Roadmap Launched: Basta
E-Commerce MADALI

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) launched the e-Commerce
Philippines 2022 Roadmap, a follow-through of the Philippine e-Commerce
Roadmap 2016-2020, on January 29, 2021. The Roadmap aims to
increase the contribution of e-commerce to economic growth; improve
the number of digitally skilled workers and e-commerce enterprises, and
empower online consumers. The framework of the Roadmap 2022 focuses
on SPEED, SECURITY, and STRUCTURE to further increase SALES through
its 20 strategies and 22 action agenda. Its strategic initiatives were
consolidated from the insights and recommendations of stakeholders,
government agencies, and e-commerce players, while rooted in the
premise that digitalization is both an innovation and driver of growth.

The 2022 Roadmap message is simple: “Basta e-Commerce, MADALI.”
It envisions to make e-commerce synonymous with easy commerce
by improving Market Access, DigitAlization, and Logistics Integration.


CTRL+BIZ: Reboot Now! Intensified in 2022
42, 892 assisted, should be over half a million

Facebook video views reached

Since the start of the Pandemic last are properly equipped with the right
March 2020 a total of 212 CTRL BIZ
sessions were conducted. Attended digital skills when venturing into the
by 42,892 participants with 238
topics on E-Commerce Discussed. ecommerce industry with its aim to
The CTRL+BIZ conducted a total of
217 sessions that covered regular 1. Conduct Improve the digital
CTRL Biz Reboot Now, Regional
Zoom Shows, Facebook, Amazon, competence of participants
Isang Linggong E-commerce, Go
Online and Grow Online Management in the field of e-commerce;
Certification Program, Likhain Pilipinas
and E-Commerce Skills Training. 2. Provide technical skills relevant

to building online-based commerce

in response to the new normal; and

3. Engage selected MSMEs to a close

mentorship for holistic e-commerce

skills learning experience.

The Likhain Pilipinas: Towards
Creatives Digitalization was part of the
1st Philippine International Copyrights
Summit last November 22 – 26, 2021.
The event featured and promoted the
major copyright-based industries –film
or motion picture, music, literature and
publishing, visual arts, broadcasting
(radio and television), photography,
and computer software. The 5-day
webinar series garnered a total of
2219 zoom participants and 9808
total Facebook views. The insights
shared will be of great use to improve
their business, help them upskill,
reskill, and optimize their capabilities.

The E-Commerce Skills Training is a
6-week skills training program focused
on teaching and developing vital
digital skills to entrepreneurs. The
conduct of the training is imperative
in ensuring that our entrepreneurs



Develop a Cadre of Digitally Skilled Workers for the
E-Commerce Sector Launched

As part of the implementation of the The Pivot Embrace Technology (PET)
e-Commerce Philippines Roadmap Project, is a 6-month self-paced digital
2022, the DTI has been directed to certification program offered by the
develop a cadre of Digitally Skilled Department of Trade and Industry in
Workers for the e-Commerce sector in partnership with Xplore Philippines,
coordination with other implementing Inc and Informatics which is designed
agencies, to formulate programs as a pilot project prior to upscaling,
that will expedite the digitalization with the primary goal to provide
of MSMEs and cooperatives through employment. The 15 certification
training subsidies for onboarding or courses will be provided through the
starter kits, wage support for new Skillsoft Percipio platform, one of the
online enterprises, upskilling/reskilling leading global providers of high-quality,
and other activities as may be defined innovative, cloud-based learning and
by the DTI, Cooperative Development performance support resources. After
Authority (CDA), DICT, Technical completing the course, participants
Education and Skills Development will receive a certificate which could be
Authority (TESDA), and Commission of use whenever they apply for work.
on Higher Education (CHED).


The DTI-ECO has received a total of February 2022 catering an increased
11,976 interested applicants, however, capacityto1,800digitallyskilledworkers
resources only allowed to accommodate who wants to upskill and displaced
1,000 participants for the 1st round. individuals to start their digital careers
For the third phase, PET introduced and adopt a work-from-home set-up.
the Work Remote Initiative that trained
Filipinos on how to work online and find The second round of the Phase 2
full-time remote employment as a pilot is now on its 3rd week with a total
group. Due to insistent public demand, a of 140 scholars who have already
second round has been inaugurated last completed their assigned courses.

Likhain Pilipinas : Towards Creatives Digitalization
November 22 – 26, 2021

The Likhain Pilipinas: Towards
Creatives Digitalization was part of the
1st Philippine International Copyrights
Summit last November 22 – 26, 2021.
The event featured and promoted the
major copyright-based industries –film
or motion picture, music, literature and
publishing, visual arts, broadcasting
(radio and television), photography,
and computer software. The 5-day
webinar series garnered a total of
2219 zoom participants and 9808
total Facebook views. The insights
shared will be of great use to improve
their business, help them upskill,
reskill, and optimize their capabilities.



November 15 – December 24, 2021

The E-Commerce Skills Training is e-commerce ecosystem is echoed by
a 6-week skills training program the increased number of platforms
focused on teaching and developing who participated in the said program,
vital digital skills to entrepreneurs. it started from 13 Reboot Partners in
The spirit of “Bayanihan” among the 2020 and increased to 36 by 2022.

The Growing CTRL BIZ Reboot Partners

The spirit of “Bayanihan” among the e-commerce ecosystem is echoed by
the increased number of platforms who participated in the said program,
it started from 13 Reboot Partners in 2020 and increased to 36 by 2022.


Basta e-Commerce, MADALI!” Communication Plan

Under the eCommerce Philippines 2. Maximize opportunities that
2022 Roadmap, Action Agenda e-commerce bringsbusiness (GO/
19 prescribes the development GROW your online business)
and implementation of the 3. Digital Transformation is imperative.
“Basta E-Commerce, MADALI!” (Business, Citizens, Government)
Communication Plan. This aims to 4. Greater financial inclusion
undertake a massive communication will boost ecommerce
campaign across business and 5. Government is working to improve
market segments under a unified Market Access, DigitAlization,
e-Commerce narrative. It is intended and Logistics Integration
to use the power of communication to The communication plan was
highlight the following key messages presented during the 2nd E-commerce
of the e-commerce Roadmap: Promotion Council meeting and
1.BuildTrustine-Commerce(consumer was approved by DTI Secretary
protection, merchant protection) Ramon Lopez and the council.

E-commerce Philippines 2022 Roadmap Monitoring Sheet

Agenda #1: Accelerate the ONGOING Agenda #4: Modernize and transform ONGOING
implementation of the National the Philippine Postal Corporation into a
Broadband Plan As of April 2022, 73.52% of the National competent partner and major player in The Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost)
Fiber Backbone (NFB) Phase 1 was is in collaboration with the US Agency for
completed. the logistics sector International Development (USAID)-Better
Access and Connectivity (BEACON), and
Remaining targets for the year 2022 include: QuadX Inc. to support its Digital Innovation
- Implementation and maintenance of NFB and Modernization initiative.

Phase 1 The USAID-BEACON has conducted
- Procurement and implementation of NFB cybersecurity and data privacy risk
assessments on PHLPost’s digitalization and
Phase 2 modernization programs and projects, while
- Securing approvals for Luzon Bypass the PHLPost is currently reviewing QuadX’s
proposal to adopt its proprietary XCode as
Infrastructure the Philippines’ postal code system.
- Rehabilitation and construction of towers


The DTI, in partnership with DICT, USAID- Agenda #5: Promote E-government The DTI Business Name Registration System
BEACON and UP Law Center, a) held an inter-
agency meeting to discuss details for the (BNRS) is undergoing integration in the
updating of DTI DAO No. 10-09: Prescribing
rules governing the accreditation of Central Business Portal (CBP) - Philippine
certification authorities for digital signatures;
and b) drafted a Joint Memorandum Circular Business Hub to assess proper technical
requiring all government agencies and private
Agenda #2: Increase secure internet entities to use SSL certificates in order functioning and user interface. In coordination
servers to increase the number of secure internet
servers in the country. with the Department of Information and

Communications Technology’s (DICT)

Integrated Business Permits and Licensing

System (iBPLS), data on the no. of LGUs

implementing the iBPLS (those with a MOA

with DICT and those on operational status on

iBPLS: Business Permit Module) are recorded

ONGOING and constantly updated.

Agenda #3: Develop an e-commerce The DTI-E-Commerce Office, in coordination Agenda #6: Fast-track the ONGOING
logistics infrastructure and investment with the DTI-Supply Chain and Logistics implementation of the Philippine
convergence program Management Division (DTI-SCLMD) and its Identification System Cumulative registrations completed:
respective consultants, have conducted/ 67,769,863
currently conducting the following studies (73.7 % of 2022 Target)
and projects:
1. Logistics Efficiency Index for Logistics Total PhilSys number generated:
Services Philippines 2022: Final report for 28,023,695
approval of Asec. Jean Pacheco; (37% of 2022 Target)
2. Warehousing Study: Final report for
approval of Asec. Jean Pacheco; Total PhilID cards delivered:
3. National ICT, E-Commerce, and Logistics 12,664,931
Infra Plan: Ongoing interviews with key (40.5% of 2022 Target)
logistics stakeholders; and
4. PHLPost’s Sorsogon Warehouse: the As of 10 June 2022
USAID-DELIVER is reviewing the viability of
the property in sorsogon.



DONE Agenda #15: “Tayaan ang Pilipino” ONGOING
(funding and financial support for
On 05 April 2022, the International Trade Filipino enterprises in e-commerce) Ongoing review of the MOU on
Centre in collaboration with agencies such e-Commerce between Online Platforms
Agenda #7: Update Customs as the Department of Trade and Industry and Brand Owners, Industry Associations
policies and procedures to cover and and the Bureau of Customs conducted the and Chamber of Commerce.
facilitate e-commerce transactions National Workshop: Strengthening the Trade
Facilitation Capacity of the Philippines
(e-Commerce Session) at the Dusit Hotel, Agenda #16: Promote exchange of ONGOING
Makati City. The workshop presented the goods and services between companies
updated customs policies and procedures for either through a direct or marketplace May 30, 2022, meeting with BTCA to publish
e-Commerce of the Bureau of Customs. model a study to support DTI in identifying the
key barriers and opportunities to sustain
ONGOING and scale ongoing payment digitization
initiatives for the merchants in the
On 02 February 2022, Sponsorship speech Philippines.
for Senate Bill No. 1591 delivered by Senator
Agenda #8: Push for the adoption Aquilino “Koko” Pimintel III. The objective ONGOING
and implementation of the Internet of the bill is to “build confidence in online
transactions by affording stronger protection - On 31 May 2022, President Duterte signed
Transactions Act for online consumers and businesses.” - Sen. the instrument of ratification of the United
Koko Pimentel, Chair Senate Committee Nations Convention on the Use of Electronic
on Trade Communications in International Contracts
(UNECC) to facilitate the use of electronic
Agenda #9: Pursue an e-commerce ONGOING Agenda #17: Enhance cross-border communications in international trade.
policy agenda cooperation with key trading partners - The DTI is planning for the 2022 ASEAN
World Bank has an ongoing study to support Online Sale Day (AOSD) through discussions
the DTI in the conduct of a digital regulatory on the proposed structure and next steps for
review. domestic preparations.

Agenda #10: Create an enabling ONGOING
environment for the Gig Economy
On 03 June 2022, DTI-eCommerce and
DOLE-ILS conducted a meeting to discuss Agenda #18: Develop a cadre of ONGOING
the proposed gig economy forum by DOLE- digital skill workers to support the
ILS. DTI and DOLE are looking to conduct a growing e-commerce sector Planning for the PET Scholars Recognition
forum focused on online professionals by the Day on the 3rd week of July 2022 to
end of July 2022. encourage learners to finish their assigned
courses until August 31, 2022.
Agenda #11: Implement the Digital ONGOING
Payment’s Transformation Roadmap
2022-2023 of the BSP On 03 June 2022, a “pay-drama” series of
e-Bayad Mo! Social Media Campaign entitled
“Pay Me With Your Love” was launched Agenda #19: Develop and implement ONGOING
through an exclusive online premier in the “Basta E-commerce, MADALI!”
support of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ Communication Plan The Consultant, MullenLowe, is yet to
Digital Payment’s Transformation Rodmap. It submit the Final Narrative Report of the
narrates a Customer Journey and highlights Communication Plan where it contains the
touchpoints in the scenes where the overall communication strategic plan, key
benefits of digital payments are highlighted. messages, proposed budget and activities,
Moreover, it aims to establish trust and and further recommendations to adopt by
confidence in the involvement of digital the E-Commerce Office.

Agenda #12: Implement TRAIN 1 ONGOING Agenda #20: Create the e-commerce ONGOING
provisions on e-invoicing Bureau and support with resources
On 06 June 2022, DTI held an exclusive and capacity building The creation of the e-Commerce Bureau
Agenda #13: Automate consumer meeting with BSP, BIR, and DICT to is anchored in the proposed Internet
and merchant protection and dispute discuss e-Invoicing updates and its Transaction Act. The said bill has been
resolutions current phase. There is an exploratory approved by the House of Representatives
meeting to be scheduled with BIR along on November 24, 2020 and is currently
with the e-commerce platforms to calendared for second reading in the Senate.
discuss policy reforms on e-Invoicing for
e-commerce enterprises. Agenda #21: Create the e-commerce DONE
Promotion Council comprised of
ONGOING stakeholders from both the public The DTI through the e-Commerce Office
and private sector convened the e-Commerce Promotion
25 & 26 April 2022 - Conducted Public Council, an ad-hoc body composed
Consultations on Draft Department of business representatives from the
Order (DAO) on the “Expanded Dispute ecommerce ecosystem
Resolution System of the Department as well as key government agencies last 18
of Trade and Industry Series of 2022 February 2022.
(Government Agencies, Business Sector
and Public Consumers and Organizations Agenda #22: Modernize and ONGOING
on remodel the system of generating
e-commerce-related statistics and The DTI-E-Commerce Office is collaborating
Developing the Beta System of PODRS studies to be responsive to the needs with the Philippines Statistics Authority
Target User-Acceptance Testing (UAT) of the stakeholders (PSA) to determine initiatives (i.e., Satellite
Account and TWG on E-Commerce) that
Launching of PODRS would guarantee easier and more efficient
ASEAN Consumer Protection ways of generating e-commerce-related data
Conference 28 June 2022 and statistics.

Agenda #14: Implement a cohesive ONGOING
full-scale MSME digitalization program
among government agencies nationwide ECO to conduct the SME Saludo Webinar
Series in partnership with Globe Business
from July 19 – Aug 9, 2022.


United Nations Convention on the Use of Electronic
Communications in International Contracts (UN ECC)

Ratified by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte

Last 31 May 2022, President Rodrigo
Roa Duterte signed the Instrument
of Ratification of the United Nations
Convention on the Use of Electronic
Communications in International
Contracts (UN ECC). The DTI, in
coordination with the Department of
Foreign Affairs (DFA), Bangko Sentral
ng Pilipinas (BSP), Department of
Budget and Management (DBM),
Department of Information and
Communications Technology (DICT),
Department of Finance (DOF),
Department of Justice, Department
of Science and Technology
(DOST), and Supreme Court of the
Philippines, pushed for the country’s
accession to this Convention as this
would facilitate the use of electronic
communications in international
trade by ensuring that contracts
concluded and other communications
exchanged electronically are as
valid and enforceable as their
traditional paper-based equivalents.

Ratification of this treaty is important
because it sends a strong signal on
the Philippines’ readiness to adopt a
modern and predictable legal regime
for international electronic contracts.
It will further bolster our efforts to
promote cross-border transactions.



Passage of the proposed Internet Transcations Act
(ITA) pushed

During his State of the Nation creation of an E-Commerce Bureau
Address (SONA) in 2020, President to exercise regulatory jurisdiction
Rodrigo Roa Duterte supported the to address the regulatory gap.
enactment of the proposed ITA.
This bill will ensure fair e-commerce In July 2021, the E-Commerce
business practices through adequate Office and the USAID held a Focus
information disclosure, data privacy Group Discussion on Proposed
and intellectual property rights, ITA Amendments. This discussion
compliance with product safety and anticipates and mitigates unintended
standards and protection of consumer consequences of e-Commerce and the
rights. Likewise, the bill shall provide proposed ITA. Another session was
meaningful access to effective dispute made available for DTI Officials and
resolution mechanisms and shall staff to encourage open discussion on
build trust between online merchants e-Commerce, the digital economy, and
and consumers. The DTI lauded the the ITA and its lingering issues. The
approval on the 3rd hearing by the proposed law has been approved by the
House of Representatives on November House of Representatives on November
24, 2020. The proposed Internet 24, 2020 and is currently calendared
Transactions Act (ITA) calls for the for second reading in the Senate.

Joint Administrative Order No. 22-01: Guidelines for Online
Businesses Reiterating the Laws and Regulations Applicable

to Online Businesses and Consumers; Building Trust and
Confidence in Online Transactions

The Department of Trade and Industry Order (JAO) No. 22-01, series of
(DTI) together with Department of 2022 that shall cover all online
Agriculture (DA), the Department of businesses engaged in electronic
Health (DOH), and the Department of transactions on 14 March 2022.
Environment and Natural Resources
(DENR), Intellectual Property Office The JAO lays down responsibilities
of the Philippines (IPOPHL), and on proper labelling, provisions of
the National Privacy Commission warranties, respect for the data
(NPC) issued the Joint Administrative privacy rights of consumers, and


compliance with the requirements
in securing licenses, permits, and
other certification applicable to
the nature of their business, and of
the goods and services they sell.

It shall enjoin all government
agencies concerned to coordinate
and assist in its enforcement,
with respect to the matters falling
under their respective jurisdictions

The full copy of JAO 22-01, series
of 2022 may be downloaded from
h t t p s : / / w w w. d t i . g o v. p h /s d m _

Utilization of Google Ad Credits to boost DTI Digital
Philippines’ website presence

In 2021, the Department of Trade engine optimization to generate
and Industry has a total unspent ad ads on DTI’s websites/channels.
credit amounting to $600,000 which
was extended to be utilized until the A kick-off meeting is to be scheduled
end of 2022. Google LLC offered to to formally onboard and meet the new
increase ad grants by $500,000, consultant that will be handling and
totaling to $1.1 Million ad credits for managing the ad credits given to DTI.
the year 2022. To fully utilize the
donated ad credits, the DTI through
the e-Commerce Office will coordinate
with DTI Directors and Heads
of Bureaus/Regional Offices,
along with Information and/
or Communication Officers for
contribution and collation of keywords
that will be further submitted to the
consultant in charge of running search



Development of Model Agreement on E-Commerce

The DTI, as the agency responsible b) Promoting e-commerce enterprises;
for international trade negotiations c) Facilitating cross-border e-commerce;
including e-commerce, need to ensure and d) Enabling a conducive environment
that the Philippines is fully prepared for domestic and cross-border
during such negotiations. Thus, the e-commerce.
DTI-ECO has initiated the development
of a model agreement that can guide The project is nearing completion
government trade negotiators in (August 2021 – June 2022), with the
international negotiations to promote following outputs:
cross-border e-commerce. Proposed 1. Inventory of FTA with e-commerce
elements of the model agreement provisions
are: a) Empowering consumers for 2. Engagement with Stakeholders
electronic commerce; 3. Final Draft Model Agreement

Consultation on E-Commerce Model Agreement with government agencies
(DA, DICT, DOH DOJ, DOLE, IC, PCC, SEC) and DTI bureaus/offices (BITR,

Digital Transformation Initiative for MSMEs

The DTI e-Commerce Philippines the insightful application of customer-
2022 Roadmap envisions a country centric and digitally-driven strategies
where MSMEs are able to fully onto the key pillars of a business that
participate in the digital economy. allows it to continuously evolve in its
Digital Transformation is defined as creation of value for its customers.


In 2021, the DTI e-Commerce accelerate digital transformation.
Division initiated the Digital
Transformation for MSMEs by making The project is currently in the
an inventory of public and private pilot testing stage of the Digital
digital transformation programs Maturity Toolkit (August 2021 – June
available to MSMEs, and developing 2022), with the following outputs:
a Digital Maturity Toolkit and Training 1. Inventory of MSME Digital
Framework. The toolkit will enable
MSMEs to self-assess their level of Transformation Programs
digital maturity in order to identify 2. MSME Digital Maturity Toolkit
training modules that will help 3. Digital Transformation Training


Assistance to SMEs through Negosyo Centers
now available online

Training has always been the Name Registration, and Google My
main program of the DTI to support Business.
the growth of E-Commerce in the
country. Although the pandemic may The DTI successfully provided
have forced some training sessions to information and training with the learners
be postponed, DTI-ECO still managed that came from NC-PMU, NCRO, CAR, R1,
to run the Negosyo Center Zoominar, R2, R3, R4A, R4B, & R5 for the May 26
a three-day webinar series that session. While, R6, R7, R8, R9, R10, R11,
provided a refresher on E-Commerce R12, & CARAGA for the May 27 session.
Philippines 2022 Roadmap, Business



Job Outlook Survey on E-Commerce

The DTI, through the e-Commerce Last 08 April 2022, the Survey’s key
Division, conducted a survey to findings were presented to stakeholders
measure the present state of the from both the public and private sectors
Philippine labor market and assess during the 2nd e-Commerce Promotion
the availability of digitally skilled Council (EPC).
workers and employment to serve
as a basis for policy formulation and
program development.

The E-Commerce Job Outlook Survey AAI’s/Tangere’s Mr. Peñaflor and Mr. Ajero
served as the baseline study to during the presentation of the Survey at
determine the hiring success rate as the 2nd e-Commerce Promotion Council
a metric to identify recommendations last 08 April 2022.
to contribute to skills development,
increased employment, and sustained
eCommerce industry growth.

I. CTRL BIZ: Reboot Now! Sessions

1. Zoom Statistics:

a. Total number of Registered Participants: 77,779
b. Total number of Actual Participants: 42,892
c. Total number of maximum concurrent views: 28,688
d. Retention Rate: 85%

2. Facebook Statistics:

a. Total reach: 1,467,544
b. Total video views: 575,105
c. Total reactions: 26,189
d. Total shares: 12,371
e. Total comments: 9,429



No. of No. of Total Total Total Total
registered actual FB FB
participants reach video Shares Comments
zoom views

2020 Series 1 6326 2020 2,665 2,286
2020 Series 2 6,751 6,287 271,800 127,189 2,437 1,972
2020 Facebook 863 3,048 360,925 194,396 375 219
446 29,000 13,272

2020 Reboot 2,346 1,485 208,829 54,500 620 519

2020 Kain Na 1 1,204 802 64,843 22,724 464 74

2020 Kain Na 2 1,345 723 21,878 10,476 10,268 321
2,021 1,360 36,490 13,722 566 368
2020 Digital 21,399 8,162 72,172 35,118 1,233 1,285
2020 Marketing


2020 Facebook 96 179 16,812 4,771 119 129

2020 CTRL BIZ 1,000 2,174
2020 700 807
2021 2.0 (Track A 24,348 7,223 375,174 95,547 3,598 2,256


2.0 (Track B


2021 CTRL BIZ: 3,608 1,377
Go & Grow 615
2021 Online 1,262 366 5,464 1,100 42 18
2021 22
DTI x PFA x 600 4,157 1,750 78


2021 Regional 7,132 3,831 *N/A not aired live on facebook
2021 Zoom Shows 468 2,219
2021 1,603 41,670 9,808 506 184
Pilipinas 1,167 *N/A not aired live on facebook





Isang Linggong eCommerce

Google 6,140 2,251 79,740 16,491 753 641
3,809 2,370 87,630 29,693 990 579
PLDT 4,951 1,864 709 398
Tuesdays 4,315 1,493 57,309 11,958 271 217
1,456 565 60 33
Facebook 3,677 1,317 38,607 9,955 815 388
Wednesdays 4,307 7,750

Alibaba GDT 107,581 19,700


Globe &


The CTRL BIZ Regional Zoomshow is a three-day webinar with each day dedicated
to the journey of an online marketer interested in joining or already participating in
an e-commerce platform. Topics range from selecting the platform to sell (market)
for day 1, online payment (digital payments) for day 2, and last-mile delivery
(logistics platform) for day 3.

Leg 1 886 725 Leg 6 (R4A) 872 470
(CAR, R1, R2) 211 127
968 358 Leg 7 (R7) 939 539
Leg 2 (R3) 512 276 446 249
392 185 Leg 8
Leg 3 (NCR) (R9 & R10) 561 272
1,345 629 Leg 9 (R11)
Leg 4
(R4B & R5) Leg 10 (R12
Leg 5
(R6 & R8)




Amazon 238 PayMaya 2,896
Foodpanda 2,780 UnionBank 946
Lazada 3,501 Robinsons Bank 2,998
Shopee 3,548 RCBC 169
Zalora 2,054 Lalamove 1,272
Zilingo 3,153 Grab 169
Pick.A.Roo 882 FedEx 3,003
Facebook 2,840 QuadX 2,936
Gcash 3,322 Google*** 2,677


VIBER: Viber FoodPH Community and Why You Need To Do
Conversational Commerce Now

On May 19, 2021, the DTI, together with Rakuten Viber and the Philippine
Franchise Association, organized a webinar on conversational commerce
focused on food entrepreneurs to showcase opportunities to expand their
market reach.




Session Total
Registered 615
Unique Viewers 366

Facebook - DTI Philippines + DTI E-commerce
Session Total
Total Views 1,100
Engagement 688
Reach 5,464

AMAZON: Unlocking cross-border eCommerce opportunities
in the US

Last June 2021, the DTI partnered with Amazon Global Selling to encourage
MSMEs to explore cross-border selling, in particular, with the United States as
the market. By selling on Amazon, sellers of different types and sizes can now
sell to 300+million worldwide active customer accounts, including institutional
buyers in the US, Europe, and Japan.

DTIxAMAZON Special Webinar


Session Total

Registered 1,262

Unique Viewers 600


Session Total

Total Views 1,750

Engagement 676

Reach 4,157



This series of webinars ran for four With a different topic each session,
(4) months from March 8 to July the program has hosted a total of 46
6 provided the MSMEs essential sessions. The program attracted a
knowledge regarding the various total of 8,568 participants.
aspects of the E-Commerce industry.



& LOGISTICS The first quadrant symbolizes the
connectivity of different players in the
MANAGEMENT supply chain and logistics ecosystem.
DIVISION The SCLMD’s role is to develop a globally
(SCLMD) competitive supply chain and logistics
though collaboration and partnership
OUR MOTTO: with different public and private sector

I am not led, I lead stakeholders.

The second quadrant symbolizes growth
of the supply chain and logistics sector
which summarizes our work. We drive the
growth of the supply chain and logistics
by enhancing trade and investment and

ensuring business partnership.

Like the trees in the forest, the SCLMD
is composed of sturdy yet also flexible
individuals that work together to achieve
a shared goal. Our perspective is to look
at the forest rather than focus on the
trees. As a team, we try to establish an
efficient logistics sector by looking at the

entire ecosystem.

The fourth quadrant we identified is
the Weighing Scale which symbolizes
our challenges as we try to balance
and reconcile the various opinion of our
stakeholders and develop initiatives

agreed and supported by all.

The division chose the swan as our spirit
animal as it is highly versatile. The swan
can move on air, on land, or on water. It
represents logistics which moves goods
from one place to another through air,
land or water transport. It also represents
grace, devotion, partnership, and
transformation that guide the division in
its commitment to advance and transform

the industry into a world class sector.



2020 Logistics Efficiency Index (LEI) study conducted: Logistics
cost over sales improved at 25.5% in 2020 from 27.2% in 2017

To measure the current logistics performance of the country, the DTI-
SCLMD commissioned a third-party research firm to administer the 2020
Logistics Efficiency indicator (LEI). The LEI study measures the logistics cost and
performance of the country, which aim to guide the government and policymakers
in assessing the state of the country’s logistics system. DTI first conducted the
LEI survey in 2017 with the assistance of the World Bank.

A total of 300 selected manufacturing companies from different regions of
the country were surveyed, using the survey instrument developed by World bank
in 2017. The result shows that logistics cost over sales of selected manufacturing
industries decreased by 1.7% from 27.2% in 2017 to 25.5% in 2020.

Logistics Costs as a Percent of Total Sales 2017 2020

Transport and cargo handling cost 10.7 7.6

Warehousing 5.2 3.5

Inventory carrying cost 8.8 6.7

Logistics administration 2.5 3.4

Other logistics cost - 4.3

Logistics Cost over Annual Sales Total Percentage 27.2 25.5

SB Corporation and ACTOO sign MOA on Loan program for Truckers

The DTI-SCLMD facilitated a project with the Small Business Corporation
(SBCorp), designed to provide loan assistance to truckers affected by the
COVID 19 as requested by the Alliance of Concerned Truck Owner and
Organization (ACTOO) during a Sub Task Group and Food Value Chain meeting.

On June 29, 2021, a MOA was signed between SB corporation and ACTOO outlining
the loan program for truckers. Under the agreement, SB Corp shall provide a zero-
interest non-collateral loan for ACTOO trucking and non-trucking auxiliary members.



The key features of the partnership include:

• Zero-interest, no-collateral loans for trucks-for-hire companies and A
CTOO members with trucking as an auxiliary function such as container
depot operators;

• Loanable amount ranging from Php 200,000 to Php 5 million to be sourced
f rom a total of Php 1.8 billion funds (Php 300 million from non-tourism
CARES budget and Php 1.5 billion from tourism CARES budget shared by

the Department of Tourism (DOT) due to slow take up from the tourism

• Six months to one year grace period, extendable for up to three years;

• Service fee depending on loan terms: 1% for the one-year grace period,
6% for the two-year grace period, and 8% for the four-year grace period;

• More simplified and automated loan origination procedure and reduced
documentary requirements for a faster turn-around loan processing time.

Logistics Services sector pioneers the First Philippine Skills

On Jun 25, 2021, the DTI SCLMD launched the first Philippine Skills
Framework for supply chain and logistics (PSF-SCL) in an effort to standardize
the supply chain and logistics skills requirements, and develop a competitive and
future ready logistics workforce. The framework provides current information on
employment, career pathways, occupations, job roles, existing and emerging skills
and competencies, and relevant education and training programs for the Philippine
supply chain and logistics industry. It has four initial tracks; Freight Forwarding,
Warehousing, Logistics Information Technology, Supply Chain, and Logistics
Operation. With the development of PSF-SCL, logistics companies can now assess
their logistics skills requirements, adapt or modify the standard guidelines for
work performance for recruitment, selection, hiring, job rotation, and promotion.





TESDA, DTI, and private sector agreement to upskill/
reskill logistics workers signed

On June 25, 2021, during the Logistics services associations in
launching of the Philippine Skills pursuing skills programs for supply
Framework, the DTI and TESDA chain and logistics. Based on the
together with 20 industry leaders agreement, TESDA will extend
representing the logistics services scholarship assistance to the supply
associations signed an agreement chain and logistics sector workforce
which define the collaboration through its Tulong Trabaho program.
between the government and

Logistics and transport cost of canned sardines account
for 5.5% of total SRP, based on I Transport/ Logistics Cost


With the assistance from the Using the Transport Cost Model
USAID- RESPOND Project, the SCLMD developed by USAID RESPOND, the
conducted transport cost research study revealed that logistics cost
for canned sardines from Zamboanga reached 0,97 cents per can or 5.5%
to Manila and identified the transport of the total price of canned sardines.
and logistics cost component per Below is the model showing the
canned sardines. The initiative transport, logistics, and warehousing
aims to understand the impact of costs for the ‘Class A’ sardines.
logistics costs on the Suggested
Retail Price of certain commodities.

Cost Component Amount in PHP (per can basis

Price Ex-Factory Php 15.50 88.6%
Trucking Php 0.27 1.5%
Php 0.06 on 0.3%
Port Charger Php 0.44 2.5%
Shipping Php 0.20 1.1%
Php 1.03 5.9%
Warehousing Php 17.50 100%



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