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Published by Mariah Williams, 2019-04-22 21:47:52

LOG Mariah Williams

LOG Mariah Williams




Mariah Williams
KINE 1151-P02
MW 8-8:50 a.m.


• Page 1 Table of Contents
• Page 2 Game 1: Roadkill
• Page 3 Game 2: Giants, Wizards & Elves
• Page 4 Game 3: Caterpillar Race
• Page 5 Game 4: Run Rabbit Run !
• Page 6 Game 5: Prisoner of War
• Page 7 Game 6: Lighthouse & Ships
• Page 8 Game 7: Blindfolded Four Corners
• Page 9 Game 8: 10 Second Tag
• Page 10 Game 9: Perfect Pass
• Page 11 Game 10: Capture the Ball
• Page 12 Game 11: Warball
• Page 13 Game 12: Hungry Hungry Hippos



1. One team, the animals, lines up
along the edge of the gym,
ready to run across.

2. The other team, the throwers,
form 2 lines along the sides of the
gym, ready to throw dodgeballs.

3. As the animals run across, the
throwers throw or roll the balls to
hit them.

4. When hit, an animal becomes
roadkill and sits where hit (they
can tag other animals running in
each new round).

5. Play until all animals are roadkill
then start a new round, switching
roles first.

Objective: Try to get as many
animals you can if you are a
thrower or try not to become
roadkill if you are an animal.

Skill Set: speed, cardio, accuracy

Equipment: Dodgeballs


• This game is like Rock, Paper, Scissors but with a twist; in this game the giants beat elves, elves

beat wizards and wizards beat giants.
1. The will be divided into to two teams and line up in two lines facing the other team.
2. Each team will have a end zone where they will decide what character they will show for each

round. Each team gets 10 seconds to decide their character.
3. When the instructor say “Ready, Set Show!” each team will yell their character.
4. The team that loses the round has to run back to their end zone as fast as possible.
5. The winning team must try to tag the losing team before they get back to their end zone.

Whomever they tag from the losing team will join the wining team.
6. The game will continue with steps 1-5 until there is no more people on the opposing team.
Objective: Have the most players on your team.
Skill Set: Reaction time and speed
Equipment: Cones


1. Divide the class into four teams (two teams will sit out and

cheer on the other teams as they take turns)
2. The two “racing” teams must sit down in a line with their

knees bent and hold the ankles of the person behind them.
3. Mark a finish line and once the whistle is blown, the teams

must scoot along, without letting go of the ankles of the
person behind them, scooting forward and inching along
like a caterpillar until they reach the finish line.
Objective: To be the first team to make it to the finish line
without breaking the line.
Skill set: Team work, balance
Equipment: None


1. The class will be dividing into two groups one half are foxes and

the other half are rabbits.
2. The rabbits will be standing behind a line at one end of the play

area, which is their home. The foxes will be spread all over the
play area.
3. The lead rabbit will lead his brood for a walk, so the rabbits will
begin walking into the foxes area.
4. When the lead fox says “Run Rabbit Run!” all the rabbit will try
to run as fast as they can back to their home without being
5. All the rabbits tagged will now be foxes
Objective: Be the last rabbit standing
Skill set: Speed, reaction time, cardio
Equipment: None


One person from each team will be chosen to
be the first prisoner of war in the other teams
1. There will be two teams on each side of

the gym, standing in front of their jail.
2. Both teams will run towards the opposing

teams jail in an attempt to free their other
teammates from jail. Anyone who is
tagged is now a prisoner
3. Rescuers who make it to the opposing jail
untagged are safe as long as they stay
4. They can only free one prisoner at a time
and must pick a good time to escape
from jail with their teammate.
Objective: Be the first team to free all of your
prisoners or be the first team to lock up all the
players from the other team
Skill Set: Speed, agility
Equipment: Four cones


One player will be the lighthouse, one set of other players will be rocks, and
the last set of players will be ships.
1. The lighthouse will stand at one end of the play area and the ships will line

up at the other ed. Rocks will scatter about the play area.
2. On “Go!” the ships, with their eyes closed, will navigate their way to the

3. The lighthouse will say “BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!” to help guide the ships toward

4. If on the way there they hit a rock, they will now become apart of that

rock and make a swish noise.
Objective: Be the first ship to reach the lighthouse
Skill set: auditory skills
Equipment: None


There are four designated corners

1. There will be one person to stand in the middle of the four corners, this
persons eyes will be closed.

2. The other players must reach one of the four corners in 10 seconds, if a
player has not reached one of the four corners by the end of the 10
seconds then they will be out.

3. At the end of the 10 seconds the player in the middle will, blindly, point to
one of the four corners.

4. The players in the selected corner are now out of the game

5. If no one was selected then players have 5 seconds to get to another

6. The last player standing, the one who was never selected, will be the
player in the middle in the next game.

Objective: Try to remain in the game as long as you can

Skill Set: Accuracy, speed

Equipment: Cones


1. There will a team of “chasers” and a

team of “runners” who will try to avoid
being tagged.
2. Runners will spread out in a designated
area and chasers will line up single file on
a side line.
3. When the whistle is blown, the first chaser
has 10 seconds to tag as many runners as
4. At the end of the 10 seconds the previous
chaser will go to the end of the line and
the next chaser will now try to tag runners
5. Any runners that are tagged are now out.
6. The game continues until all the chasers
have gone or until all the runners have
been tagged, then the teams will switch
Objective: Tag as many runners as you can.
Skill Set: Cardio
Equipment: None


There will be a bunch of hula hoops spread out around the play area and there
will be several teams of 3-5 players.
1. The teams will line up single file and each team will have a ball.
2. The first person from each team will run to one of the hula hoops and stand in

3. The next person in line will throw the ball to the first player and they will try to

catch it.
4. The player must be inside of hula hoop when the ball is caught or that team

does not get to keep the hula hoop. If the ball is caught then that team get to
keep that hula hoop
5. Now the next person in line will go stand in a hula hoop and the there will be a
new thrower
Objective: Be the team with the most hula hoops
Skill Set: throwing and catching accuracy
Equipment: Hula hoops, cones, dodgeball


There will be two teams and a guarder for each team.
1. When the whistle blows players from each team will try and go get the ball from the

opposing side.
2. If players are tagged on their way to the opposite side or when saving a teammate

from jail, then those players will be placed in jail. Only one person can be saved from
jail at a time.
3. There will be three safe zones in the guarders area , if the opposing team makes it to
these zones then they are safe from being tagged. There can only be one person in
the safe zones.
4. The players in the safe zone must have both feet out of the safe zone in order to grab
the ball. Once the ball is grabbed the players must safely get it back to the other side.
5. The ball must never hit the ground or it must be reset back on top of the cone.
Objective: Get the ball off of the other teams cone and back to your teams side of the
Skills set: Speed, teamwork
Equipment: Dodgeball, hula hoops, cones


There will be a cone with a ball on top inside of a hula
hoop, in each of the teams corners
1. There will be four teams divide up in four different

areas. Each team member will have a dodgeball
2. When the whistle is blown all the teams will try to

knock down the opposing teams cone/ball.
3. When a cone/ball is knocked down it will stay down

for the rest of the game.
4. Players must always stay in their teams area and

players must stay outside of the hula hoop to defend
their cone/ball.
Objective: To knock down other teams cone/ball or
make sure your teams cone/ball is the last one standing.
Skill set: Teamwork, accuracy, blocking strategies
Equipment: 4 cones, 4 dodgeballs, 4 tennis balls, 4 hula


This is a relay style game
1. There will be four team gathered around a

center filled with tennis balls and each team will
have a bucket
2. When the whistle blows the first person form
each team will run and grab a bean bag from
the center
3. They will then bring it back to their teams side
and go to the back of the line.
4. Then the next person will go and do the same
thing, this will continue until there are no more
bean bags in the center.
5. Each person is allowed to take one bean bag at
a time.
Objective: Have your team end the game with the
most bean bags
Skill set: teamwork, speed, agility
Equipment: Cones, hula hoop, bean bags, buckets

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