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Published by marketing, 2018-12-13 06:52:46

Summer Webinars - Q&A

Summer Webinars - Q&A.


Summer Retirement
Webinar 2:
Providing solutions for your future
Elementary Digital

What kinds of digital channels are the over 55s using?

One of the great misconceptions is that the older generation have shunned internet use,
when in actuality it’s on the rise among those age groups – from 2011 to 2016 the proportion
of over-75s using the regularly using the internet nearly doubled from 19.9% to 38.%, while
use among those aged between 65 and 74 increased 68.7%.

Unsurprisingly, a number of outlets dedicated to the older user have sprung up. Among the
leading sites sits Saga’s, which complements their print magazine o ering and contains
guidance on holidays and finance alongside entertainment news and commentary. The
Oldie, meanwhile, is an outlet which prides itself on appealing to a free-thinking older
demographic, and steer clear of o ering retirement advice in favour of providing timeless
and irreverent content.

Silver Surfers describes itself as a website and lifestyle portal for the over-50s, and currently
has over 1-3,000 members. Additionally, it boasts an active social media following and has a
potential weekly reach of 12m people. Another bustling online community is Buzz50, an
online forum and message board platform catering exclusively for the over-50s, and has a
user base spanning Britain, America, Canada and Australia.

You mention there’s usually 30 – 45 seconds to capture someone’s attention on your
website – what’s the best way to do this?

The biggest consideration should be to map out your key messaging, and ensure that it’s
positioned clearly and prominently at the top of your webpage. Additionally, give thought to
the three most important things that you want to communicate about your business and
your services and similarly make sure that they’re displayed in a manner that communicates
the key values to customers. The use of colour and imagery can help draw attention, and
consistent branding that fits in with company colour schemes can o er reinforcement and
help create a memorable user experience. It will often be a process of evolution,
experimenting with layout and aesthetics to determine what works best from a user’s point
of view.


Providing solutions for your future

You mentioned several tools that might be helpful – could you please give us more
detail on these?

A number of powerful and e ective (yet cost-e ective) solutions exist for making the most
of your web presence.

For anyone building their web presence from scratch, Wordpress o ers a user-friendly
platform on which to build your site, o ering ready-made themes and tools to help create
and subsequently manage your site and the content contained within kit. Similarly, Google’s
Keyword Planner can help to identify new keyword and SEO opportunities for your site
content going forward

From a Search Engine Optimisation perspective SEMRush arguably currently o ers one of
the most complete solutions, with a wealth of tools that can do everything from track
competitors’ SEO activity right through to giving your own site a health check and
recommending future content directions to pursue.

For those looking for content management solutions, Umbraco o ers a flexible content
management platform that allows users the ability to edit and manage their content in a way
that doesn’t interfere with the rest of their workload.

Finally, for those experimenting with their site (and/or trying to optimise it for mobile users
and other platforms), then Optimizely provides a platform on which to build, test and
measure tailored user experiences, with the potential to improve the customer journey and
increase conversion rates.

What will be in Pure’s Digital toolkit and when in Autumn will it be released?

The forthcoming toolkit will o er increased support in three key areas that have fast
become essential tools as marketing activities have increasingly moved from o ine to online
channels, namely social media, web development and email marketing. As well as o ering
guidance and advice in these areas, there will also be additional bespoke support o ered via
tailored materials that can help your brand. More information can be requested by
contacting [email protected]

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