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Pure Standard Acceptable Property Guide.

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Pure Standard Acceptable Property Guide

Pure Standard Acceptable Property Guide.


Providing solutions for your future

Acceptable Property Guide

Standard Range

Issue Date June 2016

Retirement Acceptable Property Guide
Standard Product Range
Providing solutions for your future

A mortgage will only be granted on a residential property if deemed by the surveyor as acceptable security.
Properties which the surveyor deems not readily saleable, in poor repair, needing major essential works or in
the process of significant renovation or alteration will not be accepted.


Location Any property located in Scotland, the Channel
Islands, The Isle of Man, the Scilly Isles, or
The property must be located in mainland Northern Ireland
England or Wales. The Isle of Wight (PO
postcode) is deemed to be mainland England

Property type • Retirement Homes/Age restricted properties
• Sheltered Housing
• Houses/Bungalows • Peverel Housing
• Flats/Maisonettes are all generally • Commercial Properties (Hotels, Guest Houses

acceptable (note 85% of the property value is and Bed & Breakfast) - Non-residential use
used, please see additional requirements greater than 15% of total floor area
below) • Caravan Homes, Park Homes, Log Cabins
• Up to 5 acres of land subject to no and Houseboats
argricultural restrictions • Back to back/Cluster Homes
• Holiday homes
Flats (Only 85% of property value is used) • Crofted and De-crofted properties

• Coach House flats; “Coach House” flats on • Flats above shops
newer estates and located over garages • Flats with Restricted Access: Access is not at
even where designated as freehold, subject
to long leases on garages not forming part the front of the building or via the building
of the security. (Freehold easements in main entrance
relation to these garages are not acceptable). • Access is restricted due to obstacles that
would prevent free movement of persons and
• Basement flats located in greater London furniture in and out of the property
zone 1 or 2. • Flats with only external staircase access are not
• Flats and apartments with communal • Large Panel System flats
heating systems • Live/work units
• Studio flats and basement flats that do not
• Older flats in mansion blocks meet the location requirements opposite
• Converted flats in older buildings will be • Tyneside flats
• Flats originally constructed for Local Authority,
considered on their merits MOD or Housing Association use
• Self-contained Flats • Flats/Maisonettes located in Local Authority
• Studio flats within the M25 owned blocks
• Converted O ce Blocks and former • Flats deemed defective under The Housing
Defects Act 1984 even if repaired using a PRC
industrial buildings subject to confirmation Homes approved license repair scheme
of excellent market demand by the Valuer


Retirement Acceptable Property Guide
Standard Product Range
Providing solutions for your future


Certifications for New Build Properties (Under 10 yrs Old)

• Properties that don’t contravene any buildings • Self build properties constructed in the last
regulations and hold suitable certificate (refer if 3 years

Wall Construction Types • Mundic Block constructed properties

• Cavity outer walls of brick/reconstituted stone • Unrepaired PRC (prefabricated reinforced
with inner walls of brick or block concrete homes)

• Cavity outer walls of brick/reconstituted • Timber frame constructed properties
stone/blocks rendered with inner walls of brick
or block • Steel/Metal framed or Steel clad properties

• Conventional walls i.e. 265mm + cavity, 225mm • Asbestos Construction (of any kind in core constuction)
+ solid outer wall
• Large Panel System flats and houses
• Wimpey - No Fines concrete walls (Subject
to survey) • Airey construction (Prefabricated).

• Flint • Alumina cement
• Lath and plaster inner walls
• Single skin properties (where it represents minor • Canadian Cedar wood frame, with Cedar wood
panels and PVC Cobb construction
section of property - e.g. small storage area /
non habitable rooms that are deemed as • Colt Construction
non-traditional or non standard by the Valuer)
• Solid Stone • Concrete block with cement render
• Wattle & Daub (subject to Valuer review)
• Cavity concrete block is acceptable providing • Concrete panels
the property was built after 1950 and a mundic • Laing easy form construction
test (paid for by the customer) is carried out and • Poured concrete (Wimpy ok)
results of which are acceptable to Pure Retirement • Prefabricated homes
• Single skin properties (Unless represents minor

section of property - e.g small storage area)
• Unity build
• Woolway homes
• Camus Construction
• Cobb Construction
• Cumber Homes
• Norfolk Clay Lump
• Norwegian Log/General Log
• Salt Homes (Swedish Unit)

Roof Construction Types • Asbestos roof
• Flat roof > 25% of property roof area
• Tile (concrete) • Thatch roof not constructed of reed or straw
• Slate • Traditional pitched roofs which have been
• Thatch (Reed or Straw only and subject
treated internally or externally with coating foam
to survey)
• Felt, asphalt (Subject to flat roof limit of 25%

where applicable and satisfactory survey)
• Copper, lead (Subject to flat roof limit of 25%

where applicable and satisfactory survey)


Retirement Acceptable Property Guide
Standard Product Range
Providing solutions for your future


Tenure • Freehold Flats/Maisonettes
• Freehold, Feudal or Leasehold properties in
• In England and Wales properties must be
Freehold or Leasehold Scotland
• Commonhold properties
• Freehold houses & bungalows • Multi-person deeds (where more than two
• If property is Leasehold the sum of the lowest age
people are the registered owners)
borrower and the remaining lease on the property • Trusts & Will Trusts
must be greater than 160 years • Shared ownership properties (other than
• Leasehold houses & bungalows (providing that a local
authority or housing association is not or has never between applicants)
been the freeholder) • Properties subject to chancel
• Leasehold flats and maisonettes (providing that
a local authority or housing association is not the repairs/liability
freeholder) • Properties subject to Compulsory Purchase
• Absolute ownership houses, bungalows, flats
and maisonettes in block up to 4 stories high, Orders and/or Enforcement Notices
other than ex public sector flats and maisonettes • Feu Duty/Feuda Duty
(providing that a local authority or housing • Former local authority houses where a
association is not the landlord where leasehold)
• Flying Freeholds where up to 15% of the total pre-emption condition is outstanding
floor area is covered

Other Relevant Inclusions or Exclusions

• Coastal erosion
• Listed Properties: All grades
• Prescence of Japanese Knot weed within

15 meters from the building
• Properties adjacent to commercial property
• Properties or areas that are deemed a flood risk
• Properties subject to localised issues (e.g

fracking, new airport runway, wind turbine masts)
all subject to survey.
• Properties subject to material repairs
• Properties that have high voltage cables passing
over head
• Properties within excessive service charges or
ground rents may be unnacceptable

Company registered in England and Wales No. 7240896.
Pure Retirement Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA registered number 582621


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