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Published by Jaynia Tucker, 2019-03-11 10:08:12

Black Girls Matter

#Black Girls Matter (1)

#Black Girls Matter

By: Jaynia Tucker

Kimberlé W. Crenshaw

Distinguished Professor of Law

B.A. Cornell, 1981

J.D. Harvard, 1984

LL.M. University of Wisconsin, 1985

UCLA Faculty Since 1986

Kimberlé Crenshaw teaches Civil Rights and other courses in critical race studies and constitutional law.
Her primary scholarly interests center around race and the law, and she was a founder and has been a
leader in the intellectual movement called Critical Race Theory. She was elected Professor of the Year by
the 1991 and 1994 graduating classes. She now splits her time each year between UCLA and the Columbia
School of Law.

#CriticalRaceTheory #Intersectionality #BlackGirlsMatter

To quote Ms. Crenshaw,

Black girls/women are perceived as... Sexually aggressive un-educated
Overbearing unworthy jealous LUonundecessarily



Rude Baby mommas


Bossy Sapphire Complex Unlady-like


violent ...but we’re not these things any more than anyone else!

As a result, they are targeted at schools and in the community...



Historically, black girls have always been preyed upon in America

Black girls continue to be preyed upon.

Raped 13 Vulnerable Black Women While on Duty Sexual abuse is the second most
reported form of police misconduct
after use of excessive force.

By the police...

By the music stars

Black Girls are punished more than their white peers.

Girls of color face much
harsher school discipline
than their white peers but
are excluded from current
efforts to address the
school-to-prison pipeline.”

When black girls go missing, there’s little to
no media publicity

Art imitating life by Daniel Hodge

"Missing White Child" is a depiction of an African American little girl who
has been missing for a very long time, yet no one has tried to help find her.
Although the mother is functionally illiterate, she is aware of the societal
ill of racism and how it affects every facet of life. The mother knows that
if her child were White, there'd be more effort in finding her, so she comes
back and alters the homemade flyer by writing "Whight" and erases her
child's face trying to make it look white, in hopes that it might spark an
interest in helping to find her little girl.
As you read the note that the mother has left, you'll notice the illiteracy,
yet she spells her street name and the names of the Black leaders correctly because she's familiar with
those names. Additionally you'll see that although she's illiterate, she hit the nail on the head with regards
to society's view of her missing child.
Her address, 4468 Dr. Martin Luther King, represents the assassination date of Dr. King, Jr.; The spider in
the corner represents time, and shows that her little Black girl had been missing longer than the White

#Black Girls Matter is a movement!

Never forget those who died from police brutality.

Sandra Bland

Sandra Bland was a 28-year-old
African-American woman who was
found hanged in a jail cell in Waller
County, Texas, on July 13, 2015,
three days after being arrested
during a traffic stop. Her death was
ruled a suicide.

Killed by the police

Charleena Lyles was fatally shot 23 times by two Seattle police
officers who responded to a call for help at her apartment.

Charlene Lyles 36 y.o. Shukri Ali suffers from
bi-polar disorder. She was shot to
death during a crisis episode when
her family members called for help
to get her to mental hospital

Shukri Ali Said

Police are supposed to serve and protect without undue force.

Officer Barry shot and killed
66-year-old Deborah Danner inside
the bedroom of her Bronx apartment
in October of 2016. Danner suffered
from schizophrenia, and her sister
called police to the apartment after
the two had an argument.

Deborah Danner Rekia was shot by an off-duty
police officer when he
Rekia Boyd encountered her with a group of
girls and told them to stop being
loud. Officer Servin fired 5 shots
from his car. One bullet fatally
struck Rekia in the head

Shot 5 times...Why?

Black girls are pushed out, overpoliced and under protected.

We can no longer
remain silent!

The result is killing us.

Even though it is a continuous fight to be heard….
..We can no longer afford to be silent!

End the school to prison pipeline!


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