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2021 Vol 02 Teet Beets

2021 Vol 02 Teet Beets

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Change Management as a Tool
for Organizational Development

Change management is the transformation process that occurs to the organizational
structure, products or services, technology and people. An organization must ensure that
the change runs smoothly and employees follow the change.

Organizational change of any kind occurs
one person at a time. It implied that
change happen within the people in the
organization but not the organization
itself. If individuals do not make changes
to their day-to-day work, change effort
will not deliver results because it is the
cumulative impact of successful individual
change that results in successful
organizational change. The change is to
make sure employees or individuals have:

• Awareness of the need for change Apart from that, the organizational perspective of change
• Desire to participate in and support the change management is to support successful individual change by helping
• Knowledge about how to change to build awareness, desire, knowledge, ability and reinforcement to
• Ability to implement required skills and behaviours employees. Such actions is supported by 5 targeted plans or also
• Reinforcement to sustain the change
known as the five levers of change management, which is:

Therefore, a clear and consistent guidance • Communication plan
of implementing the plans to support • Sponsor roadmap
successful individual change is needed • Coaching plan
so that employees will be able to adapt • Training plan
and apply new ways of working. • Resistance management plan
Organization will be able to assess progress and gather feedback along the way to
ensure that milestones are met.

In conclusion, change does not happen overnight. It is also
important for employees to have an open mind because it can
encourage their participation throughout the change process,
and can foster creativity as well as instill a culture of innovation.
Without an open mind, the efforts made by leaders in helping to
further smooth the organization’s journey will be in vain. Frequent
reviews can help leaders to measure employee’s commitment, and
intervention may be needed for groups or individuals struggling to
accept change. With communication, patience, gratitude and an
open mind, organization will be able to achieve the desired change
and strive to be more successful than before.


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that houseplants tend to make
people more contemplative and
self-reflective, since they often
remind people of loved ones
(when given as gifts) and the
beauty of nature.


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