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Together staff magazine - Winter/Christmas 2019

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Published by Bromley Healthcare, 2019-12-23 10:37:42

Together - Christmas 2019

Together staff magazine - Winter/Christmas 2019


Bromley Healthcare staff magazine

View from Welcome to the
the CEO
latest edition of Hello
Welcome to the Together, our bi-monthly
Christmas edition of magazine for Bromley
Together. Healthcare staff
In this feature there
are some fantastic Contents
pictures of the
Annual Ball and • View from the CEO.......................................2
Awards ceremony. • Annual Staff Awards....................................4
Wow! There is such a • Charity Ball......................................................7
lot of glamour that I • Hayeswick.....................................................12
thought I had picked • Bromley Well................................................13
up ‘Hello’ by mistake! • Winter Schemes..........................................14
See the winners • Bromley Healthcare Charity update ...15
again on page 4 - • Community Nurse Readiness ................20
well done all. • Laing Buisson Award.................................20
There are two • Emergency Planning.................................21
very special people • What you’re up to.......................................24
featured in this • Tea time teaser............................................26
edition who just • Christmas Jumper Day.............................27
exude our values • Starters and leavers ..................................30
in everything that • Star of the Month ......................................31
they do:



The Care Coordination Centre capture Christmas!

Frank Hall undertaking his whopping 35 mile run for the leg club - you will
not believe what he did straight after completing the run! And Julie Miller,
who I was desperately sad to say goodbye to, accepting her well deserved
award for all of her work supporting our Patient Reference Group.
As 2019 draws to a close, I want to say a special thank you to all of you.
Bromley Healthcare is successful solely due to its caring, compassionate
and committed people who continually bestow their goodwill. Can
I express my sincere appreciation to the many of you who are making
additional compromise by caring and supporting patients over the
Christmas and New Year holiday period.
I am lucky as well to have such a committed team (Andrew, Cath, Janet and
of course Amanda) who all have exceptionally high standards and are
always patient focused.
Finally, can I wish you all happy holidays and best wishes for 2020!
Very best wishes

Jacqui Scott
Chief Executive Officer


Bromley Healthcare staff magazine - Christmas 2019

The Bromley Healthcare Charity Ball and Annual Staff Award Ceremony took place on
Friday 4 October 2019. Awards were presented to staff in honour of their outstanding
contributions as follows:
A Team Award: Beckenham Beacon Community team (below)
A Team Runner-up: ‘Move’Team
Recognising a team that is tackling the productivity challenge and succeeding.

CCC Superstar Award: Tom Hearn (below)
CCC Superstar Runner-up: CCC Pod 4 (collected by Katy Gibson)
Recognising a significant contribution to the success of the Care Co-ordination Centre.


Bromley Healthcare staff magazine - Christmas 2019
Charlotte Hails Unsung Hero Award: Julie Miller, Patient Experience Lead
Charlotte Hails Unsung Hero Runner-up: Maria Coello, Communications Apprentice
Recognising non-clinical colleagues’ commitment for their part in the smooth running of
the organisation.
Commitment to Excellence Award: Mehmet Hussein, Podiatry Service Lead
Commitment to Excellence Runner-up: Community Paediatrics (collected by Silvia
Vajzerova below)
Recognising commitment and excellence in healthcare practice.

Friday 13 December 2019 was Save the Children’s national Christmas
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New Technology Award: Information team (collected by Peter Benfield)
Recognising a team or colleague who have/has made advances in their part of the
organisation by implementing the use of new technology.


Bromley Healthcare staff magazine - Christmas 2019
Pioneer Award: Bexley 0 to 19 Locality Leads (Athena Vassie, Gwen Tew, Meredith Barley)
Recognising those who have pushed the boundaries.

Sue Chadwick Memorial Award: Mary Andrew (collected by Teresa Hocking)
Sue Chadwick Memorial Runner-up: Farah Mohedeen (collected by Adam Royall)
Sue Chadwick Memorial Runner-up: Lynn Lockwood (below)
Recognising commitment and excellence in nursing.

Temporary Worker Award: Debby Rucci, Falls Interim Lead (collected by Peter Reeve)
Temporary Worker Award: Katy Burns, CCC (collected by Elaine Ainsworth)
Recognising those staff who are employed on our bank, through an agency or on
contract who made a unique contribution to our services.

Well done to everyone who was nominated and thank you to those who took the time
to make a nomination.

Congratulations to our winners!


Bromley Healthcare staff magazine - Christmas 2019


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View the album on Flickr


Bromley Healthcare staff magazine - Christmas 2019

Extended hours for HayesWick PCN

Bromley Healthcare is This is a NHS policy priority for The remaining two
now providing extended a range of reasons, including specifications will start by
hours services for a Primary improving the ability of 2021: cardiovascular disease
Care Network (PCN) of practices to recruit and retain case-finding and locally
GP practices in Hayes and staff; to manage financial and agreed action to tackle
West Wickham known as estates pressures; to provide inequalities. PCNs will receive
HayesWick. HayesWick PCN a wider range of services to specific funding for clinical
is sub-contracting Bromley patients and to more easily pharmacists and social
Healthcare to deliver the integrate with the wider prescribing link workers in
extended hours. health and care system. 2019/20, with funding for
This replaces the extended In Bromley there are eight physiotherapists, physician
hours that are currently PCNs which were established associates and paramedics
provided at some surgeries from 1 July 2019. The following in subsequent years.
with the objective of HayesWick PCN covers the
providing patients with a 41,000 patient populations of: How are we doing?
more equitable arrangement. • Forge Close
The service commenced on • Pickhurst We have had very positive
Saturday 12 October. We are • Station Road feedback from patients
offering three ‘streams’ of • Wickham Park accessing this service, with
patient care via GP and nurse • Addington Road 92% stating extremely likely to
appointments. Primary care networks (PCNs) recommend and 8% likely to
The service is being delivered will eventually be required recommend.
from the Phoenix Children’s to deliver a set of seven We are now recruiting Practice
Resource Centre on a national service specifications; Nurses as well so that will be
Saturday. five will start by April 2020: able to offer the full range of
structured medication services that a Practice Nurse
What is a Primary Care reviews, enhanced health currently offers from Monday
Network? in care homes, anticipatory to Friday in a GP surgery.
care (with community
Primary Care Networks (PCNs) services), personalised care Evelyn Chauhan
are a key part of the NHS Long and supporting early cancer Commercial Manager
Term Plan bringing together diagnosis.
GPs to work at scale.


Bromley Healthcare staff magazine - Christmas 2019

Working in partnership with Bromley Well

Bromley Healthcare and Bromley Third Sector Bromley Well services help support Bromley
Enterprise (BTSE) have collaborated to promote residents, who may be at risk of a crisis, to
closer working between our Care Coordination maintain their health and wellbeing and remain
Centre and the Bromley Well Single Point of independent. The services include support for:
Access (SPA). We have done this by bringing the
Bromley Well SPA into the structure of the Bromley Older people
Healthcare CCC. Close working between Bromley Young carers
Healthcare and the Bromley Well service will Adult carers
provide the opportunity to enhance capabilities Mental health carer
to provide patients and the public with health and Mutual carer
care advice/information and will support access Learning difficulties
to services around health and wellbeing in the Physical disabilities
Bromley community. Mental wellbeing
Long term health conditions
On 4th November 2019 the CCC welcomed the Volunteering, training and paid employment
Bromley Well SPA team onto the first floor of Support to the sector
Central Court. Based near the Transformation
Team, the Bromley Well SPA team includes both The service is delivered by a partnership of local
permanent staff and volunteers. The team have voluntary sector organisations called Bromley
said the following about their new location: Third Sector Enterprise (BTSE) which brings
together many years of expertise to provide a
‘It feels like a real office’ range of services for local people. Bromley Third
‘Lovely people and lovely facilities’ Sector Enterprise is made up of Age UK Bromley
‘We love the kitchen’ & Greenwich, Bromley, Lewisham and Greenwich
Mind, Bromley Mencap, Citizens Advice Bromley,
About Bromley Well Community Links Bromley and a growing number
of Associate Member organisations.
Bromley Well launched in October 2017 to help
people living in the borough of Bromley to improve Further information is available on our website as
and maintain their health and wellbeing.The well as the Bromley Well website.
Bromley Well SPA is the gateway through which
potential service users are able to access the most Evelyn Chauhan
appropriate Bromley Well service or services for Commercial Manager
their needs. SPA staff and volunteers have extensive
knowledge about their services and use it to advise
what can sometimes be unsure or confused callers.


Bromley Healthcare staff magazine - Christmas 2019

Five enhanced Winter schemes

Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group and Bromley Healthcare
have been working together to create five enhancements to our
existing services to increase capacity, patient flow and support
patient discharge this winter, to help free-up hospital beds.
Community in-reach at the PRUH

A team of clinicians based at the hospital who support the discharge of patients
during the Winter, especially the frail.

Clinical triage in the CCC

Hospital and community referrals to pass through a clinical triage based in
the CCC who will identify the required service and arrange directly with the
community clinicians.

Telehealth monitoring

The monitoring of patients’ via a wearable armband that records their vitals
signs and transmits them across a live feed to a web based platform provided by
Current Health.

Community teams urgent response

Occupational and Physio therapy teams facilitating a more urgent response for
patients discharged from hospital during the Winter.

Additional Rapid Response

Further healthcare professional support (including ANPs) to undertake home GP
visits to reduce the demand on GP call-outs.


Bromley Healthcare Charity update - Christmas 2019

Introduction from the CEO

Welcome to the Charity section of Together. This issue
of Together has a special feature on the annual Bromley
Healthcare Charity Ball and Awards Ceremony. I am sure
everyone who attended will agree it was a fantastic night. In
addition to the photos included in this issue, more photos can
be found on the intranet.
A big thank you to Sue Duke for her support to all of the Charity
clubs and for co-ordinating the Charity Volunteer award. This
year was the 10th anniversary of the Stroke Support Club.
The Stroke Support Club is a fantastic support to those who have had a stroke and
was developed originally though our Adult Speech and Language Therapy service.
It is therefore very fitting and very deserving that this year the Volunteer award was
shared between Stroke Support Club volunteers Marianne Sphar and Patricia Stanton.
Marianne has been a volunteer for many years, her husband John who had joined
the Group after his stroke sadly passed away and Marianne wanted to become
a volunteer as John had enjoyed the Group so much. It is hard to believe that
Marianne had her 90th birthday this year! Her energy and devotion to the Group is
invaluable and valued so much by all the members.
Patricia joined as a volunteer approximately 5 years ago when the club started to
be supported by Bromley Healthcare Charity. She has such knowledge and interests
which she shares readily with the all the Group, and like Marianne supports the
club and its members more than she realises. Sally Stacey the Club lead says” it has
been a real honour to work with both these ladies; I feel that being volunteers to the
group has been a 2 way partnership for them, the group benefits greatly from their
support and kindness and in return they feel valued and needed and they have most
certainly helped make, together with all our volunteer team, the Stroke Support
Club very successful, enabling us to celebrate our 10th Anniversary this year.”
Congratulations once again to Marianne and Patricia.
Finally I would like to say thank you to Johanna Snowdon without whom the Charity
Ball would most definitely not be the successful annual event that it has become.
Thank you Jo for all your support.
Enjoy this issue of Together and I wish everyone a very Happy Christmas!
Andrew Hardman
Chief Executive


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Winners of the Volunteer Awards 2019

Raoul Pinnell, Chairman of the Trustees and Susan Duke, Executive Officer, presenting the award to
joint winners Patricia Stanton and Marianne Sphar of the Stroke Support Group.

First Aid course for Leg Club The Stroke Support Group

Above: Leg Club volunteers attended an Above: Stroke Support Group volunteers and
emergency First Aid course tailored for the members celebrate Christmas at Coolings,
Leg Club and delivered by the British Red Knockholt. The group meets at St Andrews
Cross. The course was held at St Andrew’s Church Hall, Bromley on the first Thursday
Church Hall, Bromley in October. of each month between 2pm and 4pm.
For further enquiries please contact Sally
16 Stacey, Lead Volunteer on 07704 351566.

BromBrloemy HleeyaHltehaclatrhecaCrheasrtitayffumpdagataezi-nCeh-rWistinmtaesr 20196

District Nurse Frank Hall supports the Leg Club

‘There is a song sung at this time of year ‘I wish it could be Christmas every day’. Well,
working in the Leg ulcer service it is exactly that. Every day in clinic I normally wrap up
[bandage] a dozen ‘Christmas presents’. The next week, I unwrap these presents, and
normally I and at least 11 of the patients say ‘ oh, just what I wanted’. We then look
forwards to our presents next week, so it really is Christmas every day.

I also had a wonderful ‘Christmas
day’ on 4th September when my
son David and I ran from Windsor
castle to Buckingham Palace, and
then on to St James’ Palace, and
then on to Mottingham leg club
to celebrate the 7th anniversary of
the Leg Club. We had planned 33
miles but got a bit lost and ended
up doing 35 miles. We did this
remembering the Queen Mother
who had a non-healing leg ulcer for
some years and thought, ‘if only she
could have received the care that
we give today, her ulcer may well
have been prevented and almost
certainly cured’.
On the day of the run we were met
at Windsor castle by Annabelle,
the leg club Chairwoman and 2
of our members. David and I then
completed the route to the Leg
Club and arrived, almost an hour
later than we had planned, to a very
kind reception from all at the club.
However, we were short of nurses
that day, so there was still plenty of
work to do, so I had a cup of tea and
got on with Leg Club work, which as
always was hugely enjoyable.
Everybody finished an hour late that day; David and I were going to get the bus home,
but due to a burst water pipe the buses were not running, so we walked 1 and 1/2
miles home. To conclude my day I preached at church and finally got to bed at about
11.30pm, having started at 4.30am. I now feel I know what to advise somebody to do, if
they find they find difficulty in getting off to sleep! Thanks to the kindness and support
of so many £2,100 has been raised for Leg Club for which I and all at Leg Club are truly
Frank Hall
District Nurse, Tissue Viabiity and Leg Ulcer Service


Bromley Healthcare Charity update - Christmas 2019

The Charity clubs and groups

We currently support seven different areas and are doing this in partnership with a range of
specialist charities engaging with volunteers. Attendance at the clubs and groups is free of
charge. People can drop in, self -refer or be referred by their GP.
Our clubs are included on the Single Point of Entry (SPE) Referral Form, enabling health care
professionals to refer their patients to our clubs alongside other treatment they may need.

Baby Café - Beckenham and Penge
Giving expectant mothers and new babies breast feeding support,
in a coffee club environment, run by the National Baby Cafe.

Stroke Club
Supporting people recovering from a stroke in a social
environment with specialist therapy input and affiliated to the
national Stroke Association.
Leg Club
Supporting people who are recovering from leg wounds in a social
setting with clinical support, run by Bromley Healthcare and The
Lindsay Leg Club Foundation.
Walking for Health
Encouraging people to take part in local walks, run by volunteers
with support from The Ramblers Association and Macmillan
Cancer Support.
Pastoral, Spiritual and Religious Care –
Lauriston House
Supporting patients and their relatives/carers and staff at
Bromley Healthcare’s rehabilitation unit and run by Kings
College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Chaplaincy team.
Sickle Cell Support Group
Supporting parents, carers and children in a social setting with
clinical support run by Bromley Healthcare and Sickle Cell Society.
Stay Loud and Sing Group
Supporting people who are recovering from Parkinson’s disease
to practice being loud in understanding surroundings, run by
Bromley Healthcare and Parkinson’s UK.

Contact: Susan Duke, EO to the Trustees
Telephone: 020 8462 0297
Email: [email protected]


Bromley Healthcare staff magazine - Christmas 2019

What is AmazonSmile?

AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support a charity of your choice every time you
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How do I shop at AmazonSmile?

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Which products on AmazonSmile are eligible for charitable donations?

Millions of products on AmazonSmile are eligible for donations to charities by Amazon. You will see
eligible products marked “Eligible for AmazonSmile donation” on their product detail pages. Recurring
Subscribe-and-Save purchases and subscription renewals are not currently eligible.

Can I use my existing account on AmazonSmile?

Yes, you use the same account on and AmazonSmile. Your shopping cart, Wish List,
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How do I select a charitable organisation to support when shopping on AmazonSmile?

On your first visit to you need to select a charitable organisation to receive donations
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Bromley Healthcare staff magazine - Christmas 2019

Community Nurse Readiness Programme

Many congratulations to our latest cohort of Community Nurse Readiness Programme
participants who demonstrated great enthusiasm and commitment to the intensive
programme and will now be huge assets to the community nursing teams they are joining.

Well done to Natalie
Gregory, Nichola Deeks,
Grace White, Rebekah

Latteman and Caitlin
Adams who recently
completed the Bromley
Healthcare Community

Nurse Readiness

Winners of the LaingBuisson Rehabilitation Award

We are delighted to announce that our bed-based Rehabilitation team have won the 2019
Laing Buisson Award for excellence in the provision of post-operative rehabilitation services.


Bromley Healthcare staff magazine - Christmas 2019

Emergency planning - are you prepared?

As a provider of NHS services, Bromley Healthcare must be prepared to respond to an
incident as a Category 2 responder. Each year we undergo an assurance visit from NHS
England which covers 69 core standards we must achieve which are rated as red, amber or
green depending on how well we comply. This year we achieved a Fully Compliant rating
for the first time ever, meaning that we have a full and up to date suite of emergency
preparedness plans and policies. - see the full NHS England Assurance report.

The core standards cover business continuity planning from individual services up
to organisational level as well as policies for major incidents, pandemic flu and site

Bromley Healthcare have a Director on Call available at all times, equipped with all the
documents and plans electronically. This means that should we have an incident we always
have a resilience in our systems and access to someone with the right knowledge to lead
during a large scale incident.

Here’s a list of our emergency plans and policies (all available on the intranet)

• Business Continuity Plan
• Major Incident Plan
• Pandemic Flu and Infectious Diseases Policy
• Lockdown Policy
• Adverse Weather and Severe Travel Disruption Policy
• Floodline Warning Procedure
• Fuel Shortage Plan
• Service Level Business Continuity Plans (coming in 2020)

Bromley Healthcare’s Emergency plans were rated as Fully Compliant by
NHS England in 2019/2020.



Bromley Healthcare staff magazine - Christmas 2019

Service Business Continuity Plans

Every service has a specific business continuity plan detailing priority tasks and recovery time
objectives. Actions for loss of emails, EMIS, the network and staff shortages are all detailed.
If you are not aware of your service’s plan, please speak to your manager or contact Robert
Frampton ([email protected]). We are always looking for input into these so please do
not hesitate to contact us.
In 2020 we will be issuing a new service business continuity plan template to all service leads
and once completed we will upload the plans to the intranet so that we can increase the
availability of these key plans to staff.

We prepare for HAZMAT (Hazardous Materials) and CBRNe (Chemical, Biological, Radiological,
Nuclear and explosive) incidents. There are yellow bags in every reception area (some shared
sites may follow a different process) staffed by Bromley Healthcare which contain HAZMAT
incident guidance, some useful PPE (personal protective equipment) and local lockdown
plans for that site. In 2020 we will be meeting with all reception and front of house staff
to make them aware of the correct policies and procedures, the location of the bags and
fielding any questions.

Action Counters Terrorism

Nactso have released a training video for UK citizens to help them recognise suspicious
activity and behaviour as well as the correct action to take if you experience any of these
situations. If you would like to watch the video, this takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour and
can be found at the following link (you will need sound):
Click on ’I have already registered’, fill in your details and enter the Bromley Healthcare Pin 682198


Bromley Healthcare staff magazine - Christmas 2019


Bromley Healthcare staff magazine - Christmas 2019

What you’re up to...

Congratulations Goodbye, for now,
to Sarah Fryer to Joc Shakspeare

Sarah completed her apprenticeship in Business Jocelyn Shakspeare, HR Systems Lead,
Administration in November with Distinction! has taken maternity leave and will
return at the beginning of 2021.

A fond farewell
to Julie Miller

Last week we said goodbye to Julie
Miller, Patient Experience Lead. Julie,
who worked in Bromley Healthcare’s
Quality team for 6 years, decided to
retire to spend time with her family. We
wish her a long and happy retirement!


Bromley Healthcare staff magazine - Christmas 2019

Donating to the Foodbank

Bromley Health Support for Schools

The team decided not to do their usual ‘Secret Santa’ this year and opted for a collection
for the Bromley Borough Foodbank. They raised £122 and Emily Gillespie went to Waitrose
with her daughter to carry out a food shop for donation. Emily said “Waitrose were great and
contributed an additional £37 worth of items to the shop!”

Beckenham Beacon District Nursing

Zakiyah Patara in the Beckenham Beacon District Nursing hub has also been collecting food
and toiletries to donate to the Food Bank. She said “my lovely kind colleagues have donated
so wonderfully; i would be very grateful if i can have this added to the newsletter to say
thank you to everyone that has given.”


Bromley Healthcare staff magazine - Christmas 2019

Tea time teaser
Give your brain a workout during your tea break with our
tea time teaser and be in with a chance of winning a prize.
This month we are asking you to complete the Christmas
crossword below and use the letters in the coloured
squares to spell a Christmas themed word.

E-mail the answer to [email protected] and one of
the correct entries will be drawn at random to win a £20 Marks and Spencer voucher.

Good luck! 1


5 4 3
7 6 8

9 10

Across Down
2. A word for wine that has been spiced and heated 1. 1990 film starring Macaulay Culkin
4. Which biblical town’s name means ‘house of 3. Found of charity super-group ‘Bandaid’
5. 2019 Christmas film starring the music of George
bread’ in Hebrew?
7. Under which festive plant may you share a Michael, ‘_____ Christmas’
6. On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave
Christmas kiss?
8. In ‘A Christmas Carol’, how many ghosts visiting to me, six _____ a laying
7. What is the name of the Grinch’s dog in ‘How the
9. Bing Crosby was dreaming of a ______ Christmas Grinch stole Christmas’?
10. London’s annual Winter Wonderland celebration

is found in which park?

Congratulations to our Summer winner Seren Hart who correctly identified the five flags:

1. Japan
2. Denmark
3. Brazil
4. Egypt

5. Costa Rica


Bromley Healthcare staff magazine - Christmas 2019

Friday 13 December 2018 was Save the Children’s national Christmas
Jumper Day. Bromley Healthcare staff donned their festive knitwear in
support of the charity who help protect children in 68 countries across
the world. You can see some of our jolly jumpers below and overleaf.


Bromley Healthcare staff magazine - Christmas 2019

Make the world bet


Bromley Healthcare staff magazine - Christmas 2019

tter with a sweater!


New starters and leavers

Since the last issue of Titilope Aderinokun - Talk together Bromley Amy Dowley - Professional Development
Together we would like to Kathryn Budd - Talk together Bromley Keith Hurley - Operations
say hello the following staff Christopher Dalby - Rehab Beds Teresa Myers - Bexley 0 to 19
who have recently joined Lisa Dawson - Rehab Beds Catherine Cook - District Nursing
Bromley Healthcare: Stella Ikhimiukor-Oseni - Rehab Beds Selina Ebie - Talk together Bromley
Katarzyna Manjura - Talk together Bromley Sophie Anderson - Rehab Beds
Deborah Ajayi - Care Coordination Centre Supawat Sulamnart - IT Tayane De Melo Passos - Bexley 0 to 19
Martin Jemba - Night Nursing Tanya Thompson - Talk together Bromley Ferrara Owusu - Care Coordination Centre
Caitlin Adams - District Nursing Emily Shave - Operations Victoria Widdup - Talk together Bromley
Kate Parry - Adult Dietetics Susan Duguid - Rehab Beds Alyssa Sergeev - Information
Alison Marks - Hollybank Sirinda Hansanant - Rehab Home Pathway Greta Tusha - Finance
Carol Atkinson - Care Coordination Centre Kaya Mackenzie - Learning & Development Ayodapo Oyebola - Rehab Home Pathway
Ruth Deacon - CCNT Isabel Paulin - Rehab Beds Faith Opoku-Brogya - Professional
Dillirani Kankanala - Wheelchair Alice Smith - Dental Development
Almaz Berhe - Information Edlyn Haye-Stephenson - Rehab Beds Sarah Webb - Professional Development
Nicole Hanson - Finance Muhammad Mubeen - Neuro Rehab Kawsar Kinoo - Professional Development
Valerie McBride - Care Coordination Centre Belinda Namuddu - Adult Dietetics Katie Ward - Talk together Bromley
Michele O’Connor - Patient Experience Holly O’Shea - Bexley 0 to 19 Kah Shin Wong - Professional
Faris Otmani - Podiatry Kallum Rhule - Adult Dietetics Development
Megan Stapley - Children’s Physiotherapy Jane Turner - Care Coordination Centre Myat Adekeye - Clinic Supports
Rachael Worrell - Care Coordination Centre Charlotte Elkins - People & Development Zoe Matey - Croydon Diabetes
Samuel Rondel - Neuro Rehabilitation Victoria Florek - Care Coordination Centre Temi Akinsemoyin - Rehab Beds
Donna Shirfield - Talk together Bromley Verity-Anne Gerry - People & Development Joanne Hobdell - Dental
Lindsay Smith - Children’s SLT Cindy Ives - Talk Together Bromley Lorna Guilfoyle - Talk together Bromley
Frances Tate - Adult OT Jessica Kenvyn - Operations Leyla Hassan - Care Coordination Centre
Yvonne Attah - District Nursing Bernadette Walker - CCC Siew Ling Liew - Diabetes
Nichola Deeks - District Nursing Herma Williams - Rehab Beds Janette Pasfield - Community Matrons
Natalie Gregory - District Nursing Jamie Bingham - Rehab Beds Paul Took - Talk Together Bromley
Stacey-Ann Miller - Health Support Schools Melanie Lewis - Wheelchair Tinyan Obasuyi - Talk together Bromley
Md Mahfuzur Rahman - CCC Anna Ikier - Adult OT Catherine Perry - Talk Together Bromley
Grace White - District Nursing Cristina Lapitan - Rehab Services Beds
Natalie Butters - Neuro Rehabilitation If you meet any of our new Deborah Liu - People & Development
Victoria Samul - Children’s OT starters please do make them Chloe Granleese - Talk Together Bromley
Julia Simpkin - Bexley 0 to 19 feel welcome. We also say Kikelomo Raymond - CCC
Huriye Djemal - Professional Development farewell and good luck to Deborah Andrews - Night Nursing
Katie Forde - Care Coordination Centre the staff who have recently Katherine Russell - Neuro Rehabilitation
Rebekah Latteman - District Nursing retired or left us: Soraya Sheppard – Community Paediatrics
Tia Lovick – Rehab Beds Paige Allan - District Nursing
Michelle Owen - Professional Development Anita Cooper - Twilight Susan Liebthal - Clinic Support
Hazel Pasifull - Rehab Beds Denise Cox - Community Paediatrics Julianah Ogundele - Rehab Beds
Novem Rhone - District Nursing Paula Sullivan - CCNT Lynne Perry - Care Coordination Centre
Harriette Seiwoh - Professional Development Carol O’Malley - CCNT Temeka James - District Nursing
Nicole Clarke - Talk together Bromley Kofi Pepra-Fredua – Rehab Beds Ruta Vichare-Pandit - Rehab Beds
Tereece Dixon - Talk together Bromley Modupe Peters - Diabetes Christine Mulcair - Bexley 0 to 19
Nicole Haig - Talk together Bromley Alison Marks - Hollybank Bethan Arden-Jones - Children’s SLT
Lisa Marlow - Safeguarding Children Joe Donnelly - People & Development Georgina Salama - District Nursing
Liisa Rahikainen - Talk together Bromley Faith Hicks - Rehab Beds Comfort Agyei - Care Coordination Centre
Anisha Rungapillay - Talk together Bromley Nicole Sefu-Okula - Croydon Diabetes Sue Neighbour - Dental
Ionut Angheluta - Rehab Beds Susanne Singh – Adult SLT Debra Wolman - Dental
Tracey Leone - Respiratory Jennifer Pearce – Children’s OT Tracey Davies - IT
Imran Sharif - Rehab Beds Mary Thomas - People & Development Elizabeth Quinn - District Nursing
Bethany Seddon - Talk together Bromley Rebecca Brock - Talk together Bromley Anne Jankowska - Rapid Response
Janette Pasfield - Community Matrons Rene Varma - Adult Dietetics Karine Thompson - District Nursing
Nicholas Stewart - Talk together Bromley


Star and Team awards

These awards are for an individual or team who have demonstrated
that they have gone beyond the ‘call of duty’ and achieved something
outstanding at work. Their action demonstrates the values of Bromley
Healthcare and is either directly or indirectly related to patient care. If
a nomination is received outside the deadline date for that month, it
will be rolled forward to the next month.

Star of the month

Pictured with Jacqui below is Star of the Month, Julie Miller whose
contribution to the Patient Reference Group was recognised in May.

Stars of the Month for August to December will be included in the
next issue of Together along with photographs where possible.

Our staff do amazing things - nominate them!

The criteria for the monthly star and quarterly team awards and how to nominate can be found on our intranet.

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Together is published on a quarterly basis. Please send your articles for the next issue by 6 March 2020.

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