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Guide to Hollybank Specialist Short Break Service

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Published by Bromley Healthcare, 2021-04-20 11:56:56

Hollybank Guide for Children and Young People

Guide to Hollybank Specialist Short Break Service


Guide for children and young people

Hollybank Specialist Short Break Service

Hollybank Short Stay Breaks for Children and Young People in Bromley

Welcome to Hollybank

This guide is to welcome you to Hollybank and for us to tell you
all about us and what your stay here may be like.
First we want to show you some of things we have at Hollybank
and what it looks like.

As you can see we want to make your short stay home bright
and friendly. We are making a staff board so you and your
parents know who the staff are.
Here are some pictures of the outside space you can use.


Hollybank Short Stay Breaks for Children and Young People in Bromley

You can play on the swings, ride down the slide, play football
in the courtyard or sit outside for a drink and snack.
You can also play inside with some of our toys.

Sunshine lounge and playroom Poppy lounge and playroom

These musical steps make noises when you jump on them. We
have lots of other toys for you to choose from too.

If you want some quiet time to watch a DVD we have lots to
choose from.


Hollybank Short Stay Breaks for Children and Young People in Bromley

If you want to play on the computers or game consoles we
have a room for you to do this.

We have a soft play room for when you have lots of energy
and a craft room for a quieter time.


Hollybank Short Stay Breaks for Children and Young People in Bromley

When you are tired and need a sleep we have lots of different
bedrooms. Your name and picture will be put on the door so
you know which is your bedroom when you come to stay with
us. These are some of them.


Hollybank Short Stay Breaks for Children and Young People in Bromley

We also have a sensory room for when you want to be quiet
and chill out room called a safe space; you can use this if you
are feeling very upset and needing to calm down.

Before you come to Hollybank

Some visits will take place at your home between your
family and your social worker and they will tell you all about
You can then come for a look around and see what Hollybank
is like yourself. If you decide you like it at Hollybank and want
to stay some nights here in the future, one of our staff will come
and visit you at home and talk to you and your family about
what you like and dislike doing and to find out how best we
can support you when you do come for a visit.

You can start off by just coming for tea after school or on a
weekend. When you feel ready to, you can stay overnight in
one of our bedrooms. We will help you to play with others and
make new friends.


Hollybank Short Stay Breaks for Children and Young People in Bromley

Your first tea visit

This is usually after school. Either the transport bus or your family
will bring you to Hollybank for tea with the other children.
Before you come into Hollybank one of the staff will take you
temperature. This does not hurt at all and nothing will touch you.
We hold a little machine in our hand and just point it at you.
This is to make sure you are well. You will know we are one of
the Hollybank staff as we all wear a purple top.

When you are inside you will be offered a drink and a snack
and introduced to the other children. Then you will be able to
play with whatever you choose.
Later all the children and staff will sit down to tea and eat
together. By now we will know what you like to eat and will
make sure we have it ready for you. If you need help to eat,
we will support you with this.

After tea you will be picked up and taken home.


Hollybank Short Stay Breaks for Children and Young People in Bromley

Your first overnight

This usually happens after you have come for a tea visit and
when you feel ready.
You will come after school or from home if it is a weekend or
school holidays. Once again we will take your temperature
to make sure you are well. You will be offered food, drink and
time to play. After the evening meal the staff will help you
have a shower or bath, help you clean your teeth and get you
ready for bed. You will know which room is yours as it will have
your picture on the door and your bag will be in your room. If
you have medication then the staff will help you take this. The
staff in their purple tops will be around all night if you need help
to settle, if you are worried or if you need something.
They will help you get ready in the morning for school or to go

What happens during school holidays and weekends?

Because we have more time with you, we like to try and go out
to different places for day trips. We use our own bus or car.

We could go to a café, a bowling alley, the seaside or a park:


Hollybank Short Stay Breaks for Children and Young People in Bromley

Sometimes we will have a fire drill while you are here

What this means is that we all pretend there is an emergency
and we have to leave the building. This is so we can always
keep you very safe.

It may be a bit loud when the alarm goes off but don’t worry,
the staff will be with you to help you.

The staff will hold your hand or they might put a belt round your
tummy and hold on to you that way. This is just to keep you
safe from the road.

The belts look like this
picture. The belt will not
hurt and we will take it off
as soon as we come back
inside Hollybank

Who runs Hollybank?

Bromley Healthcare runs Hollybank.
The Responsible Individual is: Felicity Akers
The Head of Children’s Nursing Services is: Sharon Smith
The proposed Manager of Hollybank is: Athena Vassie (nurse)
The Deputy Manager is: Emma Fullagar (nurse)
The Assistant Managers are: Gloria Matthews and Jaime

Athena Emma Gloria Jaime

There are other support workers who will help care for you. All
their pictures are on a board in our entrance hall.


Hollybank Short Stay Breaks for Children and Young People in Bromley

Things that are important to you

We will be very careful to respect your faith and culture.

We will treat you with privacy and dignity.

We will treat you fairly and listen to you and your family.

We will be careful to be guided by your likes and dislikes
and make sure we give you the right foods and be
aware of any allergies.

We will keep you safe from harm.

If you are unhappy we will listen to you and try and
make things better.

Giving feedback

If you enjoy your time at Hollybank, do let us know.

If you don’t like something at Hollybank, it is good to tell us so
we can try and make it better.

You can tell your family and friends, your social worker or you
can tell us at Hollybank.

You can email us at: [email protected]

To make a complaint or give feedback,
you can tell Bromley Healthcare’s Patient
Experience Lead, Sharon Cranfield who
visits the unit regularly.

You can call Sharon on 020 8315 8791or
email her at: [email protected]

You can also:

Post a letter to; Bromley Healthcare CIC Ltd

Central Court
1 Knoll Rise
Orpington BR6 0JA

Telephone Bromley Healthcare’s Head Office on; 020 8315 8880


Hollybank Short Stay Breaks for Children and Young People in Bromley

You can complain to the Children’s Commissioner for England:

Dame Rachel de Souza
Children’s Commissioner for England

Visit and
complete the online contact form.


Sometimes you might want someone to speak for you if you
are finding it too hard. Your family can contact the advocacy
service for support for you.

Visit: or telephone 0345 310 1812.


While you are staying with us you may notice Ofsted inspectors
or other people coming into our building and they may talk to
you and ask how you like Hollybank. This is to make sure we are
doing a good job looking after you. You can tell them if you
are unhappy too.

Post a letter to: Ofsted
Piccadilly Gate
Store Street
Manchester M1 2WD

Telephone Ofsted on: 0300 123 1231

Send an email to: [email protected]


Bromley Healthcare Community Interest Company Ltd

Company no: 06815987 Registered in England
Registered office: Central Court, 1 Knoll Rise, Orpington BR6 0JA


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