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Published by specialklm, 2019-12-02 23:03:07

Game Presentation

Game Presentation

Low Organized Games

Kennedy Medlock



Mon-Wed 12-12:50pm


Warm up: 2 laps and stretch arms and legs

Table of Contents (page #)

1. 4.) Body part freeze tag
2. 5.) Stuck in the mud
3. 6.) Fast ball
4. 7.) Asteroid
5. 8.) Death rode
6. 9.) Squidward
7. 10.) Link-tag
8. 11.) Four-square
9. 12.) Duck-Duck-freeze
10. 13.) Kick’N’Go
11. 14.) Hula-4-ever
12. 15.) One-legged tug of war

Body Part Freeze Tag

Instructions: In Body Part Freeze Tag, four people will be “it”, trying to tag peoples’
arms and legs while they are trying to escape. If a person's arm or leg is tagged,
then they will have to continue trying to escape (run away) with the body part that
was tagged, frozen in place.

Objective: The last person that is not completely frozen wins.

Equipment: None

Space needed: half court

Stuck in The Mud

Instructions: All players run around trying to avoid the one player that is it from
tagging them. If you get tagged by the “it” player then you will have to stand still,
with your legs apart, but the only chance of becoming free is if someone
bear-crawls in between your legs.

Objective: To be the last person unfrozen

Equipment: None

Space needed: Entire gym

Fast Ball

Instructions: In Fast Ball, everyone will be spread out, being no more than 5 feet
away from a person. You have to toss the ball to within 5 seconds of holding it or
you are out. If the ball is thrown below the waist line, the person who made the
throw is out. If the ball is dropped, the person who dropped the ball is out.

Objective: The person who is able to be the last man/woman standing with the ball
will win.

Equipment: Ball

Space needed: half court


Instructions: Everyone will run from side of the gym to the other without getting
tagged by the asteroid (person that's it) in the middle of the gym. If you are tagged
you have to stay frozen in the position you were tagged and as the game
continues your only chance of freedom will be if someone touches you.

Objective: To be the last asteroid (player) standing.

Equipment: None

Space needed: Entire gym

Death Rode (Rode Kill)

Instructions: Players will run from one side of the gym to the other while making a
simultaneous effort to also dodge balls being thrown from both sides of the gym. If
a player gets hit with a ball then that player is out (sit down).

Objective: Be the last person standing

Equipment: Balls

Space needed: Entire gym


Instructions: Players will walk to the other side of the gym without getting tagged
by the person who's it(who can run).
Objective: be the last person standing.
Equipment: None.
Space needed: Entire gym.


Instructions: 3 people groups will run around the gym linked together, trying to be
the last ones still un-tagged.

Objective: be the last three standing.

Equipment: None.

Space needed: Entire gym.


Instructions: players will get in teams of four and bounce the ball in one of the
three squares that the players are in. If one player fails to hit the ball then that
player will have to move to a lower ranked square.

Objective: Get to the “King square”

Equipment: Balls

Space needed: Entire gym


Instructions: players will sit in a circle and the duck (walking around them) will tag
a random person who will then have to Chace the tagger and if they catch you you
have to freeze in that position.

Objective: be the last person to make is back to their seat once getting tagged

Equipment: None

Space needed: Half gym


Instructions: Kick the ball and run to the other side of the gym before someone can
grab it and hit you with it to get you out.
Objective: be the last person standing.
Equipment: Balls
Space needed: Half gym


Instructions: break off into teams and hula hoop longer than the other people
within your small teams.
Objective: be that last one hula hooking.
Equipment: Hula hoops.
Space needed: Half gym.

One-legged tug of war

Instructions: break up into 2 teams and somehow manage to use the strength of
one steam to pull the other team completely on your side while on one leg.
Objective: Pull the other team on your side, while on one leg.
Equipment: rope.
Space needed: Half gym.

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