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Newsletter for Arp ISD

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Newsletter for Arp ISD

October 2020 Volume 7, Issue 2

Arp ISD Creates School Store Nov 2:
-JH Girls BB: West Rusk
Arp ISD is proud to announce the opening of our very own school @ Arp
store. The online store will allow the community to purchase Arp
apparel at anytime. We will have a 30 day Grand Opening starting Nov 6:
Friday, October 23rd. For our Grand Opening special, use code -FB: Grand Saline @ Arp
GRANDOPENING20 w hen or der ing to r eceive a 25% disco u nt -HS Girls BB: Arp @
on your order. The online store can be found at: New Summerfield Nov 9:
-JH Girls BB: Troup @
Arp ISD Offers Free Meals Arp

Starting Monday, November 2, all Arp ISD students’ breakfast and Nov 10:
lunch will be free of charge for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school -HS Girls BB: Sabine @
year. If you have any questions regarding your child's breakfast or Arp
lunch account, please notify our Food Service Director, Kim Wood at
[email protected] We hope that all our Arp Tiger families can Nov 13:
benefit from this service. -HS Girls BB: Frankston
@ Arp

Nov 16:
-JH Girls BB: Tatum @
-JH Boys BB: @ Tatum

Nov 20:
-HS Boys BB: Sabine @

Nov 23:
-HS Boys BB: Arp @
-HS Girls BB: Arp @

Nov 24:
-HS Boys BB: Arp @
-HS Girls BB: Winona @

Nov 30:
-JH Boys BB: West Rusk
@ Arp

Dec 1:
-HS Boys BB: Arp @
-HS Girls BB: Harmony
@ Arp

Page 2 Arp ISD

A Heartfelt Thanks

March 6, 2020 was the Friday that began the longest Spring
Break in the history of public schools. Here at Arp America,
things were pretty much running normally. Spring activities
were kicking off and that always symbolizes that the end of
school is approaching. Our three campus principals were making
plans and coordinating all the upcoming spring events. It was
business as usual for our three campus leaders. Spring Break
would be a much needed break before the hustle and bustle of
the final 9 weeks of school were in full flow. As the Spring Break week began, I began
to communicate with our principals that the Coronavirus could impact us. On
Wednesday, March 11, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo was cancelled due to
the Coronavirus. By Friday, March 13, the announcement was made that we would

not be returning to school the next week. Our three campus leaders
had to cut their Spring Break short in preparation for distance
learning. What happened next was amazing. Our principals, who
were amazing before Covid-19, put together plans in less than a
week to try and keep our students learning while we were
apart. After several phone calls, in person meetings, and virtual
meetings with their staff they had a plan and began to execute that
plan. These campus leaders, along with their staff members, did the
1. Passed out paper packets of work to all students for the remainder of the school
2. Actually drove to students’ houses to deliver/receive school work, school
supplies, and food!
3. Motivated students and staff daily by whatever means necessary!
4. Counseled students, parents, and staff by whatever means necessary!
5. Planned all summer for the reopening of our schools this fall!
October is principal recognition month. I do not need to use
the Covid-19 global pandemic to brag on our campus
leaders. Our three campus principals were amazing long before
the Coronavirus! Stephanie Schminkey, Mike Miller, and Bryan
Hurst work tirelessly to ensure that our students and staff have a
school to be proud of. On a daily basis, these three individuals
make decisions that reflect the characteristics of a great
leadership. Their commitment, passion, and decision making
ability is second to none! Arp ISD is blessed beyond measure to have three amazing
campus principals! Thank you Mrs. Schminkey! Thank you Mr. Miller! Thank you
Mr. Hurst! We have the best principals on the planet!

Coach A.

Arp ISD Page 3

District Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Mrs. Calicutt for being the District
Employee of the Month! Mrs. Calicutt has worked here at
Arp for fifteen years and says that she loves everything
about her job “staying busy, keeps me busy” she says. Mrs.
Calicutt graduated from Arp High School and attended
college at TJC. Her favorite subject in school was math and
she says that if she could go anywhere on vacation, she
would like to go to Hawaii. On the weekends, Mrs. Calicutt
enjoys playing with her grandchildren and her hobbies are
painting and remodeling houses. Her favorite holiday is
Christmas and she loves Mexican food. Congratulations
Mrs. Calicutt!

A Word From Our Counselor

EOC retests are scheduled for December 8-11th:
English 1 will be on Dec 8
Biology & U.S. History on Dec 9
English 2 on Dec 10
Algebra 1 on Dec 11

Reminder for seniors and early graduates to complete your FAFSA!
After you have completed your FAFSA, then it is time to compare financial aid pack-
ages. There are certain factors you want to consider when trying to make that final de-
cision as to what college/school you will attend. Use the following as a factor in your
final choice.

1. Cost of Attendance which includes:
Room and board
Travel expenses
Books and supplies
Personal expenses (laundry money, food, etc.)

2. Bottom Line Cost:
Cost of attendance minus the amount of financial aid you will receive
Consider scholarships received

By: Quin Pollard

Page 4 Arp High School

AHS Employee of the Month

Arp High School’s Employee of the Month for
September is Coach Hardy! This is her 11th
year to teach and 5th year here in Arp. She taught
at Arp Jr. High for 3 years before coming to the
high school. Her favorite part about teaching is
helping her students. If she could go anywhere in
the world, she would go to Ireland or Australia.
During the spring quarantine, Mrs. Hardy spent a
lot of time working in her garden.

Congratulations to Coach Hardy!

AHS Senior of the Month

Elijah M. is the 12th grade Student of the Month.
He was born June 16, 2003 in Tyler, Texas.
Elijah has attended Arp schools his whole life. He has
two older brothers and one younger sister. Elijah
likes to play video games when he has free time and
his favorite food is Cup O’ Noodles. He participates in
football, basketball, and track for the athletic
program. Elijah’s dream college is Baylor University
and would like to attend there after high school.
Congratulations Elijah on being the Student of the

By: Yeleina Baldovinos and Zach Mauldin

Arp High School Page 5

Junior of the Month

Nikos F. is the 11th grade Student of the Month. He
was born May 5, 2004 in Spokane, Washington.
Nikos has attended Arp for 4 years and he participates
in athletics. He has three sisters, three brothers and one
dog. Nikos’s favorite food is pizza and his favorite
restaurant is Olive Garden. Nikos would like to visit
Canada and see the Northern Lights one day. Whenever
he is not at school, he is normally plays video games.
Nikos’s favorite subject is science because he is good at
it. Congratulations Nikos for being the Student of the

Sophomore of the Month

Alexis is the 10th grade Student of the
Month. Alexis was born June 21st in
Kilgore, Texas. She enjoys watching Netflix and
playing soccer and her favorite movie is The
Fault in our Stars. Alexis has 3 siblings. When
she finishes high school, Alexis plans on
attending TJC.

Congratulations Alexis for being the 10th grade
Student of the Month!

Freshman of the Month

The freshman Student of the Month is
Allee. Allee enjoys watching movies and
shopping. Sometime in the future, Allee
would like to travel to New Zealand or
Australia. Her favorite restaurant to eat at is
Villa Montez. She has attended Arp schools
her whole life and she has one sister who is in
the 7th grade. Allee says her favorite subject is
English because it’s the easiest.

Congratulations Allee on being the 9th grade
Student of the Month!

By: Zach Mauldin and Caitlyn Wilson

Page 6 Arp High School

National Honor Society

On October the 8th, newly selected students NHS Members:
were inducted into the National Honor Society. Marissa Alibrando - Vice President
Colton Birdsong
Katelyn Carnes
Jasmine Cavazos
Cameron Jackson
Paige Laird
Zach Mauldin
Jaedyn Medlock - Secretary
Macy Maxwell
Alie Parker - Historian
Desiree Sawyer - Treasurer
Emily Stiles
Reed Thorn - President
Brice Wallace
Luis Yanez

AHS Gaming Club

Do you like playing video games? Well,
maybe you should come check out the AHS
Gaming Club. Each week, students get to-
gether in Mr. Shieldes’ room to compete
against each other in various games. There
is a lot of fun to be had from playing on the
Xbox, Switch or especially on the virtual
reality system. Halo, Madden and Smash
Bros are just a few of the games that are
played. The cost to join is $15, but it is
worth the cost when it is so much fun!

By: Daemon Phipps and Luke Gentry

Arp High School Page 7

AHS Band is Rocking It

Pictures courtesy of AHS Newsletter and Yearbook Staff

By: William Atkinson

Page 8 Arp High School

AHS Fishing Team on Caddo Lake

Placing Name Weight







Pictures courtesy of AHS Yearbook

By: Bryan Rodden

Arp High School Page 9

Arp FFA Hits the Show Trial

Heart O’Texas and United Shows in Waco

 Haley—2nd place
 Katelyn—1st, 2nd and 3rd place

Harvest Festival Pig Show
 Tristen 10th place class 4
 Kylie 1st place class 5 & 6
 Dakota 3rd place class 6
 Maddie 3rd place class 7
 Kylie 1st place class 8

Pictures courtesy of Arp FFA

By: Daemon Phipps

Page 10 Arp High School

Homecoming Dress-Up Days

Disney Day

Pictures courtesy of AHS Yearbook

By: Daemon Phipps

Arp High School Page 11

Show That Homecoming Spirit!

Twin Day

Pictures courtesy of AHS Yearbook

By: Daemon Phipps

Page 12 Arp High School

Homecoming Fun!

Pictures courtesy of AHS Yearbook

Door Winners

1st– Coach Holland and Mrs. Marshall, 2nd– Mr. Hurst, 3rd– Mrs. Pawlik

The 2020 AHS Homecoming Court:


Freshman– Allee McCullum
Sophomore—Molly Jane Mwamba,
Junior—Sylvia Hall

Senior Queen Duchesses: Jasmine
Cavazos, Macy Maxwell, Jaedyn
Medlock and Emily Stiles

Homecoming Queen: Medlock,
escorted by Elijah Mauldin

By: Daemon Phipps and Yeleina Baldovinos

Arp High School Page 13

Arp Tiger Football

By: Quin Pollard

Page 14 Arp High School

Lady Tiger Volleyball

By: Matthew Wagoner

Arp High School Page 15

Lady Tiger JV-A and JV-B Volleyball

By: Matthew Wagoner

Page 16 Arp High School

Cross Country

On October 3rd, Arp’s Cross Country team competed at the Gladewater Meet.
Zach placed 11th, Ty B. placed 16th, and Kyle D. placed 19th. Way to go guys!

Pictures courtesy of AHS Yearbook

By: Daemon Phipps

Arp Jr High Page 17

Jr High Employee of the Month

N urse Shelby Brown is the Employee of the
Month for Arp Jr High. She loves being
outdoors and spending time with her family. Nurse
Brown’s favorite holiday is Christmas, because she
gets to see all of her family. She loves her job
because she likes working with the children.
Congratulations to Mrs. Brown for being AHS’s
Employee of the Month!

Jr High 8th Grader of the Month

C aden is the 8th grade Student of the
Month. Caden has attended Arp since pre-
k. He enjoys watching Disney movies and
playing baseball. His favorite book is The Ride
of a LifeTime. Caden’s goal for himself is to be
on the varsity baseball and football teams while
in high school.
Congratulations to Caden on being the 8th
grade Student of the Month!

By: Alexis Curnutt and Caitlyn Wilson

Page 18 Arp Jr High

Jr High 7th Grader of the Month

J aylon is the 7th grade Student of the
Month. He has attended Arp all his life.
Jaylon’s favorite food is steak. He enjoys
playing basketball. He says his craziest teacher
is Mrs. Rodriguez. Jaylon wants to be a chemist
after he graduates.

Congratulations to Jaylon on being 7th grade
Student of the Month!

Jr High 6th Grader of the Month

N athan is the 6th grade Student of the Month.
Nathan has attended Arp for 2 and a half
years. Nathan has 3 sisters. He says he enjoys
playing Fortnite, it's his favorite game. His favorite
movie is Jack and his favorite food is macaroni and
cheese. Nathan said when he gets older he would
love to be a lawyer.

Congratulations to Nathan on being 6th grade
Student of the Month!

By: Caitlyn Wilson

Arp Jr High Page 19

Jr High Homecoming Spirit!

Pictures courtesy of
AHS Yearbook

By: Yeleina Baldovinos

Page 20 Arp Jr High

Jr High Football

Pictures courtesy of
AHS Yearbook

By: Daemon Phipps

Arp Jr High Page 21

Jr High Volleyball

By: Daemon Phipps

Page 22 Arp Elementary

Elementary Employee Of the Month

Mr. Crafton is the Arp Elementary Employee of
the Month. This is Mr. Crafton’s first year
teaching and his first year at Arp Elementary. Mr.
Crafton graduated from the University of Phoenix
and his favorite subject is history. Mr. Crafton loves
his job and enjoys teaching his students new things.
His favorite vacation place is Hawaii. Mr. Crafton’s
hobby is fishing and his favorite movie is American
Sniper. If he could have one superpower, he would
love to have the ability to fly. Mr. Crafton likes
Mexican food and his favorite holiday is Christmas.

Congratulations Mr. Crafton on being the
Elementary Employee of the Month!

Elementary Student Of the Month

Ryleigh is the Elementary Student of the
Month. Ryleigh’s favorite color is purple
and her favorite TV show is Dora. Ryleigh
likes strawberries and playing outside. She
has one sister and one cat. Ryleigh’s
favorite subject is reading and her favorite
animal is a sloth. She would like to be a
cheerleader throughout junior high and
high school. Ryleigh’s favorite holiday is
Halloween and her favorite letter is K.

Congratulations Ryleigh on being AES
Student of the Month!

By: Zach Mauldin

Arp Elementary Page 23

Sideways Stories by Wayside School

On Monday, October 19 Arp Elementary kicked off its
one book, one school reading program. This year’s
book is Sideways Stories for Wayside School by Louis
Sachar. Families are encouraged to read this fun-
filled, wacky adventure together nightly.

Pictures courtesy of AHS Yearbook

By: Alexis Curnutt

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