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Written by
Punyanuch Tanthanasuwat 5970285
Manthana Laopatarakasem 6070168
Kamonwan Jaewchumchuen 6070463
Chalita Wannakhao 6070473
Nakamol Nonta 6070475
Pawanrat Boonsong 6070489

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Fable presentation

Written by
Punyanuch Tanthanasuwat 5970285
Manthana Laopatarakasem 6070168
Kamonwan Jaewchumchuen 6070463
Chalita Wannakhao 6070473
Nakamol Nonta 6070475
Pawanrat Boonsong 6070489

A compilation of Written by

six Fables stories Punyanuch Tanthanasuwat 5970285
based on the 10 Kamonwan Laopatarakasem 6070168
Commandments of Chalita
Nakamol Jaewchumchuen 6070463
Thai children Pawanrat
Wannakhao 6070473

Nonta 6070475

Boonsong 6070489


Fables have long been an ideal bedtime story for everyone,
especially kids from all over the world. Merely because, it is fun and
easy to read and it teaches thoughtful morals.

Consequently, this book is a compilation of six fables based on
some selections from the 10 Commandments of Thai children. Each
fable gives different morals to the readers through its story and the
animal characters that represent various personalities and

A List of Fables

● 3 - The Pig and the Cheetah
● 4 - The Parrot and the Hummingbird
● 5 - The Thankful Rabbit
● 7 - The Monkey and the Donkey
● 8 - The Squirrel and the Old Lady
● 9 - The Buffalo which Wishes to Be Human

The Pig and the Cheetah

Far... far away, there was a hill in a dark forest. Many houses The next day, the Cheetah and the Pig played
lined spreadly over the top of the hill. together at the yard, the Cheetah realized that he wanted
to see what was inside the forbidden tunnel. “Do you want to
One day in the morning at a village, everyone was busy doing see the mysteric place?” the cheetah asked the Pig. “Hmm.
routines. Some went to do farming. Some prepared breakfast for The end of the village? My dad said it is dangerous. And we
family. are still young, I think we shouldn’t go.” said the Pig

Bang! the Cheetah fell to the ground and he dusted off himself “Why are you such a coward? Mom and Dad do not
while he was standing. know the truth. Maybe there is something precious inside, so
I want to explore. Don’t you come with me?” the Cheetah
“Hey, what are you doing? Don’t you see I’m in a hurry.” yelled asked again.
the Cheetah
“No. My mom always warns about this tunnel, and I am
The Pig headed up and look at the cheetah “wha..what am I afraid. I think I have to go home. It’s time to help my parents
doing?” doing work.I think you should go home too because it might
be unsafe for you.” the Pig advised.
“You are blocking my way. It’s almost late.” said the Cheetah
“I think you stumbled on that rock. By the way,I have to go” The Cheetah was curious and did not listen to
“ Ahh.. I didn’t see, sorry” the Cheetah ran quickly with anybody, he went forward to the cave. “Ouch! Oh no!” He
embarrassing. groaned loudly because he was caught in a trap. Fortunately,
After that the Cheetah and the Pig became friends. One day, the Pig did not back home and followed the Cheetah. He saw
while the Cheetah was walking along the way, he suddenly saw a that he was trapped, so he told his parents to help him.
warning sign behind the village. He walked closer to the sign and
read it “Do not enter this area.” He was confused and went back to Punyanuch Tanthanasuwat 5970285
ask his parents.“Mom, have you ever seen the forbidden area?” the
Cheetah asked “Of course, but it’s dangerous, do not go there.” Mom

Children should listen to parents

The Parrot and the Hummingbird

The Parrot whose wings looked beautiful had a bad “How can he sell 5 Jibs per bundle and people still
mouth. One day, his parents asked him to sell the grains, and buy it?” thought the Parrot.
when he found his spot at the market he began to call the
customers. No more waiting when his queue turned up, he
suddenly asked the question.
“These grains look good, how much are they?” asked
one of the birds who walked past him. “I want to ask some questions” said rapidly the
“It’s only 3 Jibs per bundle.” answered quickly and
annoyingly the Parrot. “Oh, please do not hesitate” replied gently the
“That’s kind of expensive” replied the bird.
“If you don’t buy then go away, you are wasting my “What is your key to have all these customers line
time!” shouted angrily and rudely the Parrot. “Get out of up?” curious the Parrot.
here, berk!!”.
Three days later, the Parrot could not sell even a “Well, it’s so easy, all you need is your sweet talk.”
bundle. In the blink of an eye, he decided to wander around smiled to the Parrot and said, “Just say what you want to
to see how others sold things. After a long wander, he hear and what you want others to speak to you. You are
stopped at the Hummingbird’s shop which had a long line of awesome, the only thing you need is your word and it will
customers, he waited in the queue to see what the be fine” answered softly the Hummingbird.
Hummingbird sold.
It turned out that the Hummingbird sold the same Since then, the Parrot gave it a try and liked the
thing as his and its price even higher. Hummingbird said he could sell all his grains in a day, so
he decided to be well-spoken to everyone.

Pawanrat Boonsong 6070489

Speak what you want into your life

The Thankful Rabbit “Alright silly Rabbit, I do not expect anything
from you nor do I think you can ever help me with
In the wild forest, there lived a Lion who was in charge of anything. Now, begone! Don’t ever come back here
keeping other animals away from his kingdom. again!”

One fine day, a tiny Rabbit went inside the Lion’s kingdom “Thank you for saving my life. One day I will
not knowing that it was the forbidden area. The Rabbit roamed surely repay you, I promise.” Said the Rabbit.
around and looked for food. Suddenly, she fell down into the deep
hole. The Lion saw the Rabbit struggling for her life in the hole. Then the Rabbit hurried home right after that.

The Lion said angrily to the Rabbit “What do you think you Some days later, while the Lion was stalking his
are doing here? Don’t you know that this place is forbidden?” prey in the forest, the Rabbit saw a hunter. The
hunter was holding a bow and an arrow getting ready
“Please forgive me. I should have known that.” Begged the to kill the Lion. The Rabbit got scared and couldn’t
tiny Rabbit. “Please help me get out of here and I will repay you think of what to do. Finally, she decided to go after
anything, I promise.” the hunter herself. As the hunter aimed a bow at the
Lion, the Rabbit leaped up at him and tried to push
“Repay me, you said?” Laughed the Lion. The Lion was the bow away. The hunter’s arrow missed the Lion. He
rather amused to think that the Rabbit could ever help him. got very angry at the Rabbit. The Rabbit was killed.
However, he was generous enough and finally helped the Rabbit.
He jumped down into the deep hole and let the Rabbit get on his The Lion could run away. Then he realized that
back. Then he leaped up and got out of the hole together with the the Rabbit whom he once saved her life saved him
Rabbit. this time.

Manthana Laopatarakasem 6070168

Never forget to repay those who have helped you

The Monkey and the Donkey

Once upon a time, a Monkey and a Donkey were He, not hesitantly, ate the mushroom. In a minute, the
a friend to each other. Every day they went to the school Monkey started to get sick in his stomach after he had eaten
in the middle of the wild forest. the mushrooms. Time passed by and the Monkey still felt pain
badly. The Donkey hurriedly ran to see the Monkey, and found
The Monkey always went to school late, while, his out that his friend was terribly sick. The Donkey told the Donkey
friend, the Donkey woke up early in the morning to go to that he was in torture from eating the mushroom. Then, the
school. At school the Monkey always slept in class. The donkey cried out and said,
lazy Monkey thought that he was clever enough and did
not need to study hard at all. On the other hand, the “Don’t you know that colorful mushrooms are poisonous?”
Donkey was a good student. The indigent Donkey never
slept in class and always studied hard. “Well, how can I know that they are inedible” said the poor
One day on a vacation, the two friends went into
the forest to play chasing. While they ran to catch each “Our teachers just taught us about the poisonous mushrooms
other, it was raining too heavy like cats and gods. The today. You always slept in class that is why you missed the
monkey and the donkey decided to stay under a tree to lesson.” said the Donkey.
hide from the heavy rain. The Monkey stayed under the
tree not far away from where the Donkey was. The rain The Monkey was speechless. He realized from what his friend
did seem to stop, and the Monkey started hungry. had said was true.
Suddenly his eyes glanced at colorful mushrooms on the
ground. “If I did not sleep in class, I would not eat it.” said the Monkey.

Chalita Wannakhao 6070473

Act of laziness brings to tragic ending

The Squirrel and the Old Lady

A hungry Squirrel wandered around the forest The old Lady felt really sympathized with this
to find something to eat with only skin and bones left scrawny creature, so she brought him a bucket full of nuts,
in him. Suddenly, he saw a wooden tiny house with a fruits, vegetables, and seeds. Then, she told him to eat as
vegetable garden full of crops in the front. much as he wanted, and he could visit anytime. “I will
never forget your kindness and I will serve you with all my
He hastily ran to the door and shouted with might.” said the Squirrel.
the last strength he had “Please! Spare me some
food, I’m starving to death.” Some days later, the strong wind crashed upon, the
rain poured down to this little hut, and destroyed the
Then, he heard a cracking sound, the door vegetable bed into mud and mess. On the next day, the old
opened, and the owner of this tiny house showed up Lady lost all her harvesting and had no seeds left to sow.
in his sight. She was an old lady with the hair color of
winter snow, and wore a smile on her face. “Oh However, hope still existed, the Squirrel showed up,
mistress, I’m far from home, searching for food and a and he led her to a big tree with a hollow filled with seeds
new start. Please give me some food, just a walnut is and nuts. “My lady, I have saved all these foods day by day
enough.” begged the poor Squirrel. since we first met, and now please have it. I know what it
feels like to have nothing left.”

Kamonwan Jaewchumchuen 6070463

Learn how to start saving today because the future is

The Buffalo which Wishes to Be Human

There was a Farmer who had 10 buffaloes in his The Buffalo felt satisfied that he found a way to be
small farm. Each of them had to work by carrying bales of human. The next day he went to work and waited for when
hay from the field to the farm every day under the other buffaloes were outside the farm. The Buffalo stole
sunlight. Working over 10 hours in hot weather without the unattended bales of hay so he got lots of hay with
breaks, one of the buffaloes was tired and sick of his work himself. He thought if the Angel came he would lie to him
so he said to himself that all of these bales of hay had been his work. Then the
Angel appeared and said
“I want to be human, at least they don’t have to
carry a lot of hay.” “What good things have you done for today?”

Suddenly, an Angel heard his voice so he revealed He noticed that there was a lot of bales of hay over
himself. The Buffalo saw a golden light shining in front of here. The Buffalo said to him
himself. Appearing a beautiful man with two wings in the
farm, the Buffalo heard that “All of these are my work for today. I worked really hard.”

“If you want to be human, you have to work hard and be Then the Angel said “You will never be human
good”. because you don’t have such a basic goodness which is
honesty, so you must be a buffalo forever.” Then the Angel
disappeared and left the Buffalo with regret for what he’d

Honesty is a basic goodness that human should have


● Children should listen to parents
● Speak what you want into your life
● Never forget to repay those who have helped you
● Act of laziness brings to tragic ending
● Learn how to start saving today because the future is unpredictable
● Honesty is a basic goodness that human should have


Punyanuch Tanthanasuwat (The Pig and The Cheetah)

Born in 1996, Punyanuch Tanthanasuwat or Min was influenced by a family in
Nonthaburi always supporting their children to master the talent regarding fine
arts such as Music, Thai dance, and dramas. While she has been practising her
singing, she has also learnt Thai-traditional dance. Moreover, she was great at
using languages especially English. Because of her excellent use of English, she was
always a leader of the students who has responsibility to give an English speech in
the morning ceremony.

Nowadays, she is a student of Mahidol University majoring in English in
order to succeed her dream as an English writer and English Emcee. From her
various fields of studying in arts, this motivate her to be well-rounded both science
and arts. Because of her virtuosity in arts, she is full of poetic emotions who can
profoundly express her sophisticated thoughts and powerful emotions to her
literary works.

Pawanrat Boonsong (The Parrot and the Hummingbird)

Pawanrat Boonsong is the eldest sister of two lovely girls. Her father
usually had to travel far from home for his career so Pawanrat was in charge
of helping her mother take care of her sisters since she was young. They have
spent a lot of time together, and she always shows her love for them by telling
a story and singing a lullaby before they go to sleep. Thus, this is the beginning
of her dream.

While she was studying in high school, she participated in a storytelling
competition and even though she was not the winner, she still continued on her
dream. She experienced a joy from telling a story that can bring happiness to
many people, so she wants to keep telling them and makes an unforgettable
adventure of her own like this one.

Manthana Laopatarakasem (The Thankful Rabbit)

Born in a small town called Nabon, in Nakhon Si Thammarat, Manthana Laopatarakasem was
interested in reading since she was very young. The first book she read was a folklore for kids which
was given to her by her cousin. She read and learned by herself and that inspired her to prefer
reading than other skills. As she grew up, she started being fond of English Language. That made her
try to read English books. According to her personalities in childhood which were talkative, confident,
and intelligent, she got the first prize from storytelling in primary school.

In high school, she applied for an exchange student scholarship as she had dreamt of going
abroad and it required her to write an essay. To achieve the scholarship, she wrote an essay about
her qualifications. The result was that she got the full scholarship from AFS Intercultural Program. As
an exchange student, she started to write her own diary during the program in India and shared it on
her personal Facebook. That helped her strengthen her writing skill. After that, she had practiced
intensively to enter English major. She enhanced four basics
skills of English language to be well-qualified. Finally, she could accomplish it. Although, Manthana
could achieve one of her goals which was to get into the Faculty of Liberal Arts, Mahidol University,
she is still improving herself to reach the point where she wants to be. That is being a qualified

Chalita Wannakhao (The Monkey and the Donkey)

Chalita Wannakhao or Ice, a girl who was born and raised in a family of Thai
professors. Chalita has been cultivated her love for reading since a very young
age by her parents. Every night before bed, her parent would read her a fable.
Since then it had inspired her to start writing her first fable and won a
competition at school when she was 8 years old. When Chalita turned 15 year old,
she was awarded the gold medal-winning for the Father's Day Essay Contest.

Never stop longing to pursue her passion to become an eloquent writer,
Chalita decided to study at the Faculty of Liberal Arts, Mahidol University in order
to learn more about the language and to enhance her writing skill. On top of that,
she feels that one of the most precious things in her life that entails her a sense
of morality is the fables that her parents read her every night when she was a
little child. Thus, she has always aspired to write one too.

Kamonwan Jaewchumchuen (The Squirrel and the Old Lady)

Kamonwan Jaewchumchuen or Parn was one of the kids that cartoons used
to be a big part of her life. Even though she is now twenty, she still loves cartoons.
When she was young, her older brother usually bought new cartoon books back
home and shared some with her and that made her love cartoons and reading
even more. Parn also loves drawing that she used to send her painting for
competitions and got the medals from them.

One day, her teacher told her that her drawings were as good as the one in
the comic book. Since then, it inspired and motivated her to create her own story
with her illustration in it. She is good at drawing but not at writing, so she
decided to study in the Faculty of Liberal Arts at Mahidol University to practice
her skills and if you are wondering how she will be after this. Let’s close the book
and look at its cover again.

Nakamol Nonta (The Buffalo which Wishes to Be Human)

Born in a family of storytelling lovers, Nakamol Nonta was emerged into a world
of story. Most of girls love a story about fairy tales, but Nakamol is different from
those kids because her favorite kind of a story is a fable. Her small hometown in the
northeastern is the treasure of folktales told from by generation to generation, and
her parents always read fables for her when she was very young. In primary school,
Nakamol started to be a storyteller when she had participated in a storytelling
contest. Moreover, on behalf of the secondary school, Nakamol was awarded the gold
medal-winning for the Multi-Skilled Competition which included speaking skill.

Awarded the many prizes from storytelling and speaking skill, Nakamol’s picture
was published in a reunion book of her school. At the present, she is a third year
student in Faculty of Liberal Arts in English major at Mahidol University.


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