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April 2018

April 2018



Bike sharing hits
Lane Cove


Keeping our ‘Explore what matters’
kids’ positive in a new course

With mental health issues to start in April PAGE 27
amongst young people on the Help support our
rise, two local women are working
with students to focus on the troops overseas PAGE 31
good in their lives PAGE 4


EDITOR'S NOTE 1 Pottery Lane,
Lane Cove NSW 2066.
It wasn’t so long ago that Indian Myna birds seeing increasing numbers of kids experiencing
were the local pest. Bush turkeys then started anxiety or depression. In response, Jacqui has 20000 copies printed
to invade, but now it is a 2-wheel species that developed a self-leadership and wellness program monthly.
seems to be multiplying rapidly around the area. called ‘Greatfulness’ which she is currently
delivering to primary schools. See page 4 to learn
The latest bike share initiative has hit Sydney more.
with a vengeance. It’s a great idea in principle, Publisher: Gillian Batt
but in reality, the flexibility to drop off these Narelle, who works with older students and P: 02 9427 6425
bikes wherever you please has meant that they young adults, will be running a free workshop [email protected]
are springing up everywhere. Turn to page 10 to for TVO readers on the topic ‘Understanding
find out how this scheme works and what to do your teenager’. Don’t miss this great opportunity Editor: Jocelyn Biddle
when they are left on your verge. to learn more about how to relate to your P: 0418 560 844
adolescent. See page 5 and 12 for how to register. editor@
This month we talk to two local women who
are doing very important work in supporting the As Anzac Day approaches, Trent Zimmerman
mental health of our young people. With one MP is organising for care packages to be sent Advertising: Mariano Massa
in seven Australian kids experiencing mental to Australian Defence Force personnel serving P: 0408 813 154
health issues at some stage, early intervention overseas. If you would like to help support our advertising@
is important. troops by donating items, turn to page 30 for
more information.
Jacqui Jones and Narelle Gillies are working Graphic Design: Sharon Curby
with students to build resilience and coping Until next time, P: 0450 370 575
strategies. On page 4-5, we talk with Jacqui and [email protected]
Narelle about the concerning trend which is Jocelyn
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04 Keeping our kids’ positive
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Keeping our kids’ positive

With mental health issues amongst young people on the rise,
more support programs are being introduced to enable kids, and their parents,

to better understand themselves and each other. By Jocelyn Biddle

According to beyondblue, around one TIPS TO HELP YOUR Jacqui Jones is
in seven Australian kids experience CHILD BECOME working with
mental health issues at some stage, with ‘MENTALLY FIT’ school students
about half of all serious mental health to help them
issues in adulthood beginning before the l Create a ‘greatitude jar’ – proactively
age of 14. one of the tools that Jacqui manage their own
introduces in her program mental health.
In recognition of this growing is asking students to fill a
incidence, the federal government jar with positive events, The six-week program is called
recently committed $100 million in memories, affirmations ‘Greatfulness’, and has been linked to the
funding for school mental health and compliments. This NSW Department of Education’s Personal
programs. jar becomes a special Development, Health and Physical
collection of ‘confidence Education (PDHPE) syllabus for years K-6.
This includes over $45 million to go to builders’ throughout the
beyondblue for its integrated school-based year. “The purpose of the Greatfulness
Mental Health in Education initiative. This program is to give young people the
new national program encourages good l N arelle recommends knowledge and understanding they need
mental health and wellbeing practices that if your child is so that they can proactively manage their
for Australian children from early thinking negatively, help own mental health.
learning centres to the end of secondary them to challenge those
school. thoughts by reconnecting “Building mental strength needs to
with positive emotions. start early, when it can make a difference.
The funding will also enable the Encourage them to think of We want to encourage kids to live life to
establishment of new headspace centres the alternative, by recalling its full potential. We talk to students about
to help support Australian kids. a time when they were how life shouldn’t be about what you get,
happy. Ask how that made but rather about what you give - to focus
According to Jason Trethowan, CEO them feel? on the good in their life.”
of headspace, the National Youth Mental
Health Foundation, ensuring that our l E ach bedtime, sit with Building mental strength
young people have access to youth your kids and ask them to needs to be started early,
friendly mental health services is just one recount a) one good thing
part of the puzzle. that happened today, and when it can make a
b) one good thing that they difference.
“It’s imperative that young people did for someone else. Jacqui
learn ways to look after their mental explains that this helps Over the past 10 months, Jacqui has
health and have trusted adults they can kids to mentally shift to been single-handedly delivering the
reach out to if they’re feeling distressed focussing on what’s going program to students in primary schools
or overwhelmed. It requires ongoing right in their lives. around Sydney.
investment and the responsibility lies
with the whole community – health l W e can disempower our In preparation for high school, Year 6
professionals, friends, parents, schools kids by providing help too students at St Michael’s Catholic Primary
and government.” early, which can prevent School in Lane Cove went through the
them from finding out who course late last year.
At a local level, there is one woman they are for themselves.
who is addressing this need head Narelle explains that it’s a Class teacher Steve Pryde said that
on through a program that she has fine line between ‘helpful the course was ‘right on the money’,
developed to build mental strength helping’ and ‘unhelpful providing students with tangible
amongst primary school aged children. helping’. Rather than strategies that enabled them to
paving the way for our kids, understand and become the best version
Lane Cove’s Jacqui Jones has taken act as more of a safety net. of themselves.
her background in social work, and her
experience as mother of two primary
school aged children, and developed a
self-leadership and wellness program
for young people that combines the
latest ideas and research in mindfulness
meditation, positive psychology and
building resilience in young people.



“It ticked all the boxes in providing Steve Pryde, teacher at St Michael’s Primary that there’s nothing wrong with feeling
these students with the skillset and School, says that the Greatfulness program sad or down from time to time and that
practical tips to face high school. It really is providing kids with strategies on how to it’s just another emotion.
highlighted the importance of downtime use their strengths to get through difficult
to create a balance in young lives and situations. “I explain it as if you’re watching a
provided the kids with strategies on how movie – if you look at the thought in a
to use their strengths to get through Parents can’t curious, slightly detached way, you can
difficult situations.” underestimate their then decide whether you want to engage
part as role models in with it, or turn it off.”
During the Greatfulness program, their child’s mental
students learn greater emotional Narelle also believes it’s important to
regulation, increase their creativity and health. start conversations early to raise self-
help equip themselves with practical awareness within your child.
tools to face future challenges.
“Children need to understand that
The program has been endorsed they don’t need to be like everyone else
by Kids Matter, an Australian Primary – knowing themselves from a young age
Schools mental health initiative and is so important because once puberty
is now being expanded for years 1 to happens, the peer group can become so
4. Jacqui is also developing a teacher influential.
training course so that teachers can
implement the complete Greatfulness “The added influence of social
program within their own school. media means that there is a risk of kids
constantly comparing themselves with
Jacqui says that there is more need others. It builds this pressure that they’re
than ever for this type of program. potentially not up to par. This lack of
privacy, combined with the fact that there
“As the world is getting busier and is increasingly less downtime, particularly
busier, kids need to understand that as activities that we used to do for fun
happiness comes from within. With now often have a level of competition
social media and technology, kids are associated with them, has created a
often looking outside for happiness. pressured environment for kids.

“I explain to students that our mind “It’s up to parents to really take
is like a big filing cabinet and we need to control of that space by making sure that
fill it with things that make us feel good, their kids’ do have downtime. Parents
rather than things that bring us down or can’t underestimate their part as role
make us feel negative.” models in their child’s mental health.
With the best intentions, we all have
Jacqui says that the program is all about our blind spots, so we have to be open
giving kids the tools “to look for good”. to looking at ourselves through this
parenting journey,” says Narelle. n
“There are times when we all have
challenging thoughts or feelings. But COURSES IN MAY
these thoughts come and go – they’re
impermanent – so rather than pushing Jacqui and Narelle are both offering courses
them away, sit with those thoughts and in May for local residents
let them pass, rather than becoming
attached to them. ‘Understanding you and Greatfulness program:
your teen’ workshop:
“Adversity does challenge us, but often Aimed at students in years 5, 6 and 7,
that’s where our greatest lessons are. Kids Narelle is Jacqui will be running this course over
need to understand that perfection doesn’t offering a FREE a 6-week period to help inspire kids
exist - life is a bumpy ride, and often that’s WORKSHOP to be their best and reach their full
where the greatest lessons are.” for TVO readers potential.
who are parents
Local resident Narelle Gillies of teenagers. WHEN: 5-6pm, Monday evenings
works with older students in her Book early, spaces from 10th May – 14th June
private practice as a counsellor and limited!
psychotherapist. She reinforces Jacqui’s WHERE: Sydney Speech Clinic, Suite
sentiments in terms of making kids WHEN: Friday 11th May, 18, Level 1,102-104 Longueville Road
understand that life isn’t perfect. 10:00-11:30am
WHERE: Awareness Institute, COST: $200 per student
“Life is not always going to be fair 28 Chandos Street,
– sometimes there is no good in a St Leonards BOOKINGS:
situation, so we need to empower our BOOKINGS: Email
young people to accept and understand [email protected] For further information, please email
this fact. or phone 0431 594 141. [email protected]

“There’s so much hype around
‘achieving’ and being ‘happy’. Kids need
to give themselves permission to not feel
OK at times. They need to understand



Lane Cove Mayor holds discussions about Council requests
becomes St Leonards South reimbursement for
a Refugee forced merger costs
Welcome Mayor Pam Palmer has met with Anthony Roberts MP to
Zone discuss the Planning Proposal for the draft St Leonards The total amount of money
South LEP amendments. spent on the recent forced
Council has signed a amalgamation process across
Refugee Welcome Zone The State Government is concurrently working on the NSW has been disclosed and
Declaration indicating St Leonards/ Crows Nest Station Planned Precinct, which adds up to over $24 million.
its commitment to encompasses the St Leonards South area.
welcoming refugees Lane Cove Council incurred
into the community. Mayor Palmer has said that it would be beneficial for the $382,254 in costs in the legal
community and councillors to understand the Government’s proceedings. Despite attempts
It now joins 60 other plans for the whole area - particularly in relation to the by Council’s solicitors to offer to
NSW councils, and 148 provision of infrastructure - prior to finalising its Planning accept $320,000 in full and final
councils Australia wide, Proposal. settlement to facilitate a quick
who have also signed the resolution, including a number
Declaration. “On this basis, Council intends to formally request that of follow up attempts, the
it not be required to finalise the current Planning Proposal Crown Solicitor’s Office has not
As part of its until after the public release and consideration of the St responded to any requests.
commitment, Leonards / Crows Nest Planned Precinct Draft Land Use
Council will explore Infrastructure and Implementation Plan (LUIIP).” In order to pursue the
opportunities to organise matter, Council will now make
and coordinate events In her meeting with Anthony Roberts MP, Mayor Palmer representations to the Premier,
that help educate and also raised the issue of housing targets for the Lane Cove area. Gladys Berejiklian MP and
raise awareness around Anthony Roberts MP seeking
the challenges people “The Greater Sydney Commission’s dwelling targets for the their support in facilitating
who have recently Lane Cove Local Government Area (LGA) was an additional the reimbursement of these
arrived in Australia 1900 dwellings over the next five years. In addition, there legal costs.
face when settling was a 10-year target to 2026, expected to be a similar number
into our community, based on the Commission’s population projections to 2036. Early Childhood
and that celebrate the Health Centre to
contribution they have “I outlined the extent of growth in the Lane Cove LGA in have facelift
made to Australian recent years, as well as the contribution of 2400 dwellings
society. for the St Leonards South Planning Proposal, together Lane Cove’s Early Childhood
with development in St Leonards east of the railway line of Centre, located in the
Council will also look approximately 1900 dwellings. Together this will satisfy the Community Centre on
into developing a work 10-year housing supply targets in the Commission’s Plan.” Longueville Road, is to be
experience position for a refurbished.
student who has recently Council will now formally request confirmation that,
arrived in Australia to should the Planning Proposal proceed, and given the recent The Community Centre is
help build their skill set to rezonings in St Leonards east of the railway line, that it will currently undergoing renovation
prepare them for gainful have satisfied its housing supply targets to 2026. and the building will be shared
employment. by Centrehouse Inc. as a
Online booking system launched creative arts space and the Early
Childhood Centre.
Council has just launched a new online booking
system for its facilities. This will allow staff, community NSW Health has agreed to
groups and the general public to reserve, pay, track and fund an upgrade to the Early
edit bookings for the hire of Council buildings, parks Childhood Centre at the same
and sporting fields online. time that general building
works are taking place. The
This will also enable users to view multiple venues, refurbished centre will include
compare facilities and costs and manage their own a consulting room and access
bookings. to a large group session room,
increasing the capacity of the
Council has also linked the booking system to the facility.
security system, which generates a security code once
a booking has been confirmed. This code can be input In the interim, the Health
into a keypad at the relevant facility, which enables Centre is operating from the
access and avoids the need for a Council ranger to have Cove Room in the Civic Centre.
to be available for unlocking and locking facilities. The It is anticipated that they will
link allows for not only automatic unlocking of the return to the community centre
doors, but also the doors will lock again at the end of by mid-May.
the booking period.

Throughout 2018, training on the new system will be
provided to community groups who regularly
book venues.


New Arrivals

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2016 and 2017 2016 2017 CAL BUSIN ESS
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Real Estate AgeOnuctystanding Real Estate Agency47 Carlotta Street Greenwich

23 Mitchell Street Greenwich 2017



reenwich 32 Northwood Road Lane Cove 36 Crowther Avenue Greenwich 34 Portview Road Greenwich


Greenwich 34 Portview Road Greenwich 59 Sta ord Road Artarmon 2/188 Blues Point Road Greenwich

rtarmon 2/188 Blues Point Road Greenwich

21Wallace StreetWilloughby 17 Panorama Road Lane Cove 10 Fleming Street Northwood

Lane Cove 10 Fleming Street Northwood


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Email: [email protected]

P: 9966 0543 E: [email protected]



On your bike! $1.99 for 30 minutes. The companies
have also embedded incentives into
You may have noticed an increasing number of bikes scattered around their price model, with a credit point
Lane Cove. Abandoned? Not quite. Rather these bikes are part of a new system encouraging good behaviour
app-driven, dockless bicycle-sharing platform. By Shannen McDonald and usage so that the more credit
points you have, the cheaper your fares
The operators will tell you it’s all So how exactly does it work? become. Dwindling credit points due
about helping to reduce harmful to irresponsible behaviour could leave
emissions and traffic decongestion. But The hiring service operates customers facing higher fares of up to
let’s be real - it’s a business model and completely from an app, where you can $19.99 for 30 minutes.
this environmentally friendly mode of set up an account that is linked to your
transport isn’t all positive. credit card. A once-off, refundable Managing the downside
deposit of between $69 and $99 will
The principle of the dockless system then need to be made. Lane Cove Council, like many
is that the bikes can be used and then others across Sydney, doesn’t deny
left anywhere. Which is why they have Once the account is activated, the potential and advantages of the
been appearing on footpaths; blocking the GPS fitted bikes appear on a bike sharing scheme. However there
walkways and shop entrances; in the map enabling you to select the most are obvious problems and concerns
middle of parks and playing fields; and conveniently located one for your use. with how it is being implemented into
some even popping up in the Sydney This will remain reserved for you from Sydney’s suburbs.
Harbour. Not ideal, right? 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the
company you are using. At its March meeting, Council
Sydney now has five privately owned agreed to adopt the Inner Sydney Bike
and operated bike sharing companies You then simply pick it up, unlock Share Guidelines. These guidelines have
– oBike; ofo; Mobike; Reddy Go; and it using the app and there you have it been devised by six Sydney councils
newcomer EarthBike. The concept - your very own bike to ride around as and set out minimum standards and
which has grown in popularity across you please! expectations for bike share operators.
Europe, Singapore and China, has now
seen these companies spend the second What about helmets? The guidelines specify that operators
half of 2017 scattering bikes across must enable easy reporting of faulty
Australia. ofo, Mobike or Reddy Go bikes or damaged bikes, missing helmets or
initially came with helmets, however bikes parked in inappropriate locations
Unlike other transport share options this has become increasingly through their app, website and email
such as Uber that utilise vehicles unpredictable as helmets either go and that a fully dedicated phone
already in use, thousands of bikes must missing or are damaged. number is made available 24/7.
be added to our streets in order for
this scheme to work. Between the five In NSW the law requires a helmet The guidelines also cover safe bike
companies, there is an estimated 5,500 to be worn whenever riding a bike, placement; collection and relocation
bikes that have been released across and although the bike hire websites do of faulty, damaged or unused bikes;
Sydney since June of last year. promote safety through helmet usage, and timeframes that apply to help keep
it is up to the individual to ensure bikes moving, so that they are not left
The ones that you are most likely they are riding with one. And you can in one location for too long.
to have seen locally are oBike (silver imagine the frustration of arriving
and yellow coloured); Ready Go at your reserved bike only to find a Between 1-7 days is permitted, but
(an Australian company which has helmet isn’t available. beyond this, the operator is required to
distributed the red bikes), and ofo relocate the bike or offer incentives to
(yellow coloured). How much does it cost? customers to ride the bike to another
destination. If a bike has not been
The prices of hire vary slightly moved after 11 days, Council or the
between operators, with an average of public can instruct the operator to
relocate the bike. After 15 days, the bike
can be impounded by Council with a
fee payable for its release. A further 28
days after impoundment, the bike can
be recycled by Council.

While Council intends to work
together with bike share operators to
achieve their sustainable transport
goals, it is prepared to assist in the
removal of hazardous bikes wherever
necessary, consistent with the new

For more information on the
guidelines, go to http://ecouncil.


LCanae Cpovte´sureD
Competition oPfto$ribz2ee,pw5oo0onl0

THIS YEAR’S THEME IS From local icons to hidden
gems, snap what you love
CAPTURE YOUR about your neighbourhood


1. Photograph the character and charm of your neighbourhood in Lane Cove.
2. Upload your photos at
3. Be in the running for a prize pool of $2,500. You can enter up to three photos

in the competition. Entries will be judged in three age categories;
12 years and under, 13-17 years and 18 years and over.
4. Entries are now open and can be submitted until 6 May.
5. Exhibition and Awards Night at Gallery Lane Cove: 6 June.

Terms and conditions and more details are available



Move over Mum and Dad... I know what I’m doing!

It’s important to adjust your parenting style as your kids transition either over-dependence or
from young children to teenagers and beyond. avoidance. Remember, you can
care deeply for your children
By the time your child reaches high school, you can rest that?” “What do you see without having to make
happening as a result of that everything right for them.
assured they’ve heard your opinion and advice on just about decision?” “Is there anything
else you need to think of?” UNDERSTANDING YOU
everything. AND YOUR TEEN
Respect is vital to this To find out more, come along
In fact, beyond the age of about 10, a lot of what we say is age group. They want to to this FREE workshop for
discover who they are all by TVO readers:
just repetition and in their minds, nagging. Telling your themselves. As parents, we WHEN: Friday 11th May
need to give them space to TIME: 10:00-11:30am
kids that they’re hot/ cold/ hungry/ tired beyond do this. WHERE: Awareness
Institute, 28 Chandos Street,
early childhood is robbing them of their ability to By late high school and St Leonards
into early adulthood, our BOOKINGS: Email
We want think and make decisions for themselves. They parenting style needs to [email protected]
to empower also need to learn to communicate their needs evolve again into more or phone 0431 594 141
in a way that is listened to and acted upon, of an airbag or safety net Book early, spaces limited!
approach. This adaptation
our kids rather than us taking care of everything for takes time and practice, Narelle Gillies is an experienced,
but will actually draw your fully qualified psychotherapist
to trust them. children emotionally closer and counsellor specialising in the
themselves. Most importantly we want to empower our as they know you are there
for them unconditionally, if health and wellbeing of
kids to trust themselves and sometimes that and when needed. teenagers, young adults
and their parents.
involves letting them learn things the hard way. Otherwise, show them Narelle is passionate
you trust them to make their about helping others
Of course, safety should never be compromised own choices and decisions gain self-awareness
by backing off with the
and there will be certain family rules and expectations full understanding that along with strategies for
there may be dents and improved emotional wellbeing, better
that are non-negotiable. However, if you find yourself scratches along the way. If relationships and inner peace.
we continue to monitor and
constantly battling with your child because they want to take on the responsibilities Ph.: 0431 594 141
of our kids into their
wear shorts in the middle of winter; sleep in their bed the teenage and early adult
years, we may create a sense
wrong way round; or eat leftover spaghetti bolognaise for of helplessness, creating

breakfast, lunch and dinner; perhaps it’s time to step back,

remembering that young people learn best through trial and


When our kids are very young, we spend an enormous

amount of time in control - we are the one in the driver’s

seat. For the most part, in those early years we make all the

decisions around food, clothing, safety, sleeping and so on.

Very quickly, our parenting habits are formed and without

even thinking about it we spend the next decade or so

repeating ourselves. “Put your seatbelt on; you need to go to

bed now; you must be cold” and the list goes on.

As our children enter adolescence, it’s usually more

productive to take the passenger seat and adopt a curious

approach. “Where are you headed?” “How do you feel about

HEARING AIDS MAKE Improve Your local family owned
LISTENING EASIER your independent hearing centre,

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audiologist with easily
Ask about
our new over 10,000
RECHARGEABLE hearing aids fitted!
hearing aids No pressure to buy,

just sensible
professional advice. I 9420 2300 I 174 Longueville Rd, Lane Cove WHAT



Ask your local health professional

Root Canal Therapy More advanced pulpitis is surface of molar teeth, or the
characterised by greater back surface of front teeth.
Most people conjure up awful thoughts when they hear temperature sensitivity, An array of quite specialised
these words, but this hides the fact that root canal therapy, but also to hot, as well as equipment is then used to
or RCT, is responsible for relieving dreadful toothache pain unprovoked pain which can measure the exact length of
and saving teeth from extraction. be quite severe. Teeth don’t each root canal, clean out the
recover from this state as the diseased pulp and expand the
A little background internal pressure within the root canal space. A dressing
tooth builds up to the point is then placed into the canals
Teeth are made up mostly of dentine, with a hard enamel that blood can no longer to kill bacteria and reduce
circulate in and out of the inflammation in the jawbone
outer layer on the crown of the tooth. The inside of the tooth tooth. The result is death of surrounding the roots. On a
the pulp, which eventually following visit, the canals are
however is hollow, and contains a leads to a dental abscess in filled with a plastic, rubbery
the jawbone around the ends material. Finally, the tooth is
tissue known as the pulp. The pulp of the tooth roots. refilled and in most cases, a
What is involved in RCT? crown is recommended since
looks very much like gum tissue - dead teeth tend to fracture
RCT is the process involved more easily than living teeth.
with fibres, nerves and blood vessels. in removing a dead or dying
pulp from a tooth and sealing Of course, prevention is
The pulp gives life to the tooth. off the root canals. It is the always better than the cure,
only alternative to extraction so excellent home care and
All is well when the pulp is alive in teeth with dead or dying regular dental examinations
pulps. The root canals are will help you prevent the
and healthy. However, if it becomes located through an access need for RCT.
hole made on the biting
inflamed (known as pulpitis),

problems can occur. This can happen

Dental either by bacterial infection from
Dr Mark Casiglia tooth decay or cracks, or by trauma
from teeth grinding. Low-grade

pulpitis is characterised by sensitivity

to cold. Teeth usually recover from

this state (although before you

Tel: 9420 5050 start your self-diagnosis, not all cold sensitive teeth have pulpitis).


The next Huge Plant Sale on Sunday 29th April has Why does it hurt?
many more Australian native plants than previously.
This is thanks to the generosity of the Lane Cove Have you ever wondered why you can sometimes do dramatic
Council Community Nursery, who gave organisers Keith things and have no lasting pain? Whereas at other times,
and Maureene Smith over 300 native tube stock which seemingly small incidents gradually build, sometimes spread and
they have grown on. Many of these will be ready for the can cause more pain or stiffness than you would expect?
sale, alongside the usual large variety of exotic plants
including new and old favourites. This presentation is remarkably common. One explanation for
Come along, wander through the garden, buy a it is the ‘Accumulative Strain Theory’. This is where over time, we
few plants and support the National Breast Cancer have minor strains that the body ‘knows about’ but because they
Foundation who receive all the proceeds from the sale. are relatively minor, they sit at a subclinical level. At this point
WHAT: Huge Plant Sale the brain is not alerted to pain. When the body receives another
WHEN: 10am – 3pm, Sunday 29th April strain, this will accumulate on top of the original strain. When
WHERE: 45 Parklands Avenue, Lane Cove North the total strains reach a certain tipping point, the brain is then
For more information about what’s for sale, go to alerted and registers pain beyond the level you would expect. The location of this pain sensation may or may not be directly related
to the site of strain. This can explain why some pains are eased
but not fully resolved with local treatments.

At Burns Bay Physiotherapy we understand pain, we use a
systematic whole-body assessment to efficiently find and fix the
cause of your pain, and we teach you how to stay pain-free for
the long term.

Ann Ross, Jill Ross, Kirsty Tradell, Dom Russell. 161 Burns Bay Road.
Phone 9427 8333. Easy parking.



Ask your local health professional

The Statin story Cholesterol also has a role my heart attack risk or do I take
in sex hormone production - a chance on statin
What are statins? oestrogen and progesterone side effects?
in women and testosterone What are the side effects
Statins are a class of medication designed to reduce the in men - and thereby a role of statins? Liver function
in sexual attributes, sexual disturbance, muscle aches
production of cholesterol in the liver. With the liver producing development, reproduction and pains, tiredness and
and more. more - see Atorvastatin above.
about 80% of our cholesterol, and diet contributing only some Most can be detected early by
Steroid hormones called recognising new symptoms
20%, the search was on years ago for a treatment to reduce high cortisols play huge roles in from the medication, and
sugar, salt and water control others by follow-up blood
cholesterol in people with heart disease. in the body. Complex, vital and tests.
not for now. What about the current bogey
A cholesterol treatment breakthrough came in 1976 with of memory loss? This is a
The body needs cholesterol new, possible side-effect first
the development of the first proto statin. Akira Endo found a for the construction of our noticed many years after the
trillion plus cell membranes. release of the statins, but right
molecule which interfered with the biochemical pathway in the One estimate I found says there now in our face and minds and
are 37.2 trillion cells, whereas scaring the @#$%^^&* out of
liver that led to the production of cholesterol. another says there are 15 trillion vulnerable people.
cells in our body. What’s a few
By 1983, the Merck Company was experimenting with likely trillion here or there? It is somewhat like jawbone
necrosis and the bone-saving
molecules using animal studies. Merck’s product, Simvastatin, hit Cholesterol protects skin osteoporosis medications of a
and the myelin sheaths which few years ago - rare but nasty.
the world in 1988 - and the rest is history. surround nerves. About 25% Late onset side effects do
Why use statins? of our brain tissue is made of happen.
Ischaemic Heart Disease (or IHD) is the greatest single cause Studies on this vary. In
So the upshot is we need 2015 an Australian study by
of death in Australia and in many Western countries. One cholesterol. It’s not evil. Just Jamalowicz et al found no
too much of it is bad. difference in memory loss in
Australian figure from 2011 quotes 21,500 deaths from ischaemic their statin and non-statin
Statins anyone? treatment groups.
heart disease that year. NOW FOR THE DARK SIDE…
The adverse side effects of Another big American study
Before statins there was only diet, statins. As with all chemicals in 2015 by Strom et al found
put into the body - from foods to a 30-day onset of memory
exercise and weight loss to reduce alcohol to medications - statins loss for all cholesterol lowering
have unwanted side effects. medications, but with a
cholesterol. Whilst each is very negative memory loss long-term
For example, if you look for the statin group.
important, together they had little up the side effects of the
Atorvastatin molecule on The jury is still out. Don’t
effect on cholesterol as such. Google – brand name ‘Lipitor’ be scared or bullied. If you are
– you will find a yard-long list worried, see your doctor to
All the Cardiologists I know put of possible side effects, both discuss - especially if memory
common and rare. Remember loss is a new side effect on a
their heart disease patients on statins even too much water can kill new cholesterol medication.
you - not by drowning, but
to reduce their arterial cholesterol by water intoxication. So it’s
moot with statins. Do I treat
and plaque load, keeping the arteries

of the heart from clagging up and

eventually blocking, thereby leading

Medical to a heart attack. The same for brain
arteries in stroke and lower leg arteries
Dr Tim David in peripheral vascular disease. Tons of

BURNS BAY studies support this treatment protocol.
MEDICAL CENTRE What is cholesterol? One definition I
found is “a sterol molecule found in all
Tel: 9427 4855 animal tissues especially in the brain,
www.burnsbaymedical spinal cords and fat tissue”.
What is cholesterol used for in the body? Cholesterol is used to make bile
in the liver. Like dishwashing detergent,
If you have a bile helps to break down fats in our diet
health or wellbeing into chunks for digestion. As per the
old saying “what you eat today walks
question, please and talks tomorrow”. Yesterday’s cow
send it through to is today’s you!



l Dr Tim David l Dr Dominic Barnes
l Dr Alison Browne l Dr Margie Coleman
l Dr Audrey Saurajen l Dr Felix Choi
l Dr Peter Arnaudon l Dr Emilie Larkin
Download iphone & android apps search “Qualitas Health”




Scott Mortgage Choices

Chartered Accountants First home buyers are coming back!

SYDNEY State Government stamp duty concessions
introduced last year have encouraged the
Are you up-to-date? resurgence of first home buyers. This is further
boosted with many investors retreating to the side
In addition to looming deadlines, there have been a number lines due to higher interest charges and tighter
of major taxation announcements in recent months. lending policies for investment loans, particularly where multiple
l 2017 Income Tax Returns lodgement deadline is properties are concerned.

May 2018 for the majority of taxpayers This shift is welcomed by many, as it is helping to lower the
l Single Touch Payroll requirements commence 1st July hurdle of home ownership for first home buyers, whilst at the same
time lowering the volatility in the housing market.
2018 for businesses with employees
l Instant asset write-off for eligible small businesses Australia’s housing market is undergoing a significant shift, with
greater spotlight on responsible lending and encouraging borrowers
ceases from 30th June 2018 to reduce principal debts.
l SMSF regulations including transfer balance cap and
The recent softening of property prices and the low interest
minimum pension for 30th June 2018 rate environment is meaning many first home buyers are finding
entering the market a little easier.
As with any major purchase, first home buyers are encouraged
l Income tax – personal, business and investment to do their homework and set realistic budgets to ensure they can
l Superannuation – planning, taxation and audit manage their repayments in the event that rates increase over time.
l Management accounting and business planning
l Estate planning and Family Trusts Building a relationship with an experienced mortgage broker is a
l Registered Company and SMSF Auditor great starting point for first home buyers.

Contact our office now to review your 2018 year-end As your local home loan expert for over 20 years, it’s fair to say
business, superannuation or personal checklist. that Stephanie Cook of Mortgage Choice and the team at Lane Cove
have the experience to help with all your property finance needs.
Located upstairs in the Village Shopping Centre,
Suite 8, 43-45 Burns Bay Road. P: 9418 6669 Please feel free to contact us on 9420 3052,
or email [email protected] visit 15/43-45 Burns Bay Rd, Lane Cove
or [email protected]

Mortgage Choice Limited ACN 0M0o9rtg1a6g1e 9Ch7o9ic.e ALimuistetdraACliNa0n09C16re1 9d79it. ALuisctreanliacneCr3ed8it2L8ic6en9c.e 382869.

Facility Tour

for Lane Cove residents

Join us for a visit to EarthPower, Australia’s first facility to convert food
waste to electricity. Learn how your waste becomes green electricity
with a guided walk and video presentation at this innovative centre.

Tuesday 10 April / 10:00am – 12:00pm
Bus tour departs from the Civic Centre
48 Longueville Road, Lane Cove
This is a free event. Bookings are essential.
RSVP at or call 9911 3699.


Life's Rich Pattern

It’s becoming a very real social issue. Matters came to a
head the other day when I realised I’d lost ten minutes
of my life I’ll never get back puzzling over the right type
and colour of clothes pegs. (Wooden or plastic? Are they
recyclable/perishable? Were they made by assembly lines
of children in third world countries? How long will they
last?) And so on. By Liz Foster.

Consumer research has its place of extensive online research, he finally bewilderment and “you know it’s on the
course. We all spend time investigating rallied himself and set off for Bunnings. wrong setting, I have to change it.”
the details for stuff that’s expensive or
complex. But too much analysis can be a Just something simple and light, I said. “Can you change it then?”
double-edged sword. It’s all about convenience. Yes, yes, leave “Yes, yes, leave it to me.”
it to me, he said. Meanwhile the back tiles are carpeted
A couple of years ago, we were in with gum leaves, making pretty gum leaf
the market for a leaf blower. (I was He returned some time later with shaped patterns on the travertine.
always very jealous of the neighbour’s something in both size and shape Time has passed, and the rocket
lawnmower man, who’d sweep their resembling a small rocket launcher. launcher now resides resplendently in
deck and entire outside area in a matter Apparently it was brilliant because it our garden shed, wedged in behind the
of moments with his own device). The could hoover up leaves as well as blow broken scooter and the rusted paint
urge to slip him ten bucks to direct it over them around. tins. Navigation to access other stuff is
the fence and wave it at our garden was awkward, but it’s turned into a touchy
frequent. Meanwhile I’d be toiling away Alas, changing the rocket launcher subject.
clearing gum leaves with the broom. from suck to blow required the removal Luckily the neighbours still get their
of one part and the addition of another. garden done by the lawnmower man,
My husband insisted that he was Which nudged the whole thing from so it’s a simple matter of slipping him a
the man for the job. After about a year convenient to decidedly inconvenient. tenner and job done.
– literally - of hints, persuasion and Requests to get the device out so I
can use it are met with head-shaking





• LIFETIME GUARANTEE • Fast same day service
• Lifetime guarantee
• ALL TY•PE PSriOcFeEqLEuCoTtReIdCAbLeWfoOreRKwe start

• 1 30 positive google reviews • All types of electrical work available
• Seniors discount available
1300 627 727W W W W WL O C A T E D I N L A N E C O V E

LIC: 208297C LOCATED IN 1300 627 727



9427 6425 For the ladies and
gentlemen of Lane Cove
A Message from the CEO Gillian Batt
Heather and the team from Chill Hair
Last month we started an exercise program love to create beautiful colours for their clients'
aimed at those people who would like to exercise,
but don’t know where to start. individual needs.
It's amazing what a great colour can do

to enhance your look.
We invite our regular and new clients to come

and take advantage of our services


Tint or 1/2 head of foils,
cut and blow dry

$85 $95 $135
short med long

(Extra $25 for tint foils or more than one colour)

Our Movement Matters (in association with Lane Cove Council Short hair

and Lane Cove Rotary) attracted an amazing response. We hoped

to start with ten people, but within days we already had a full Tint, cut
class of 25 with more waiting, so we decided to run two seven blowdry

week programs and hope to run it again, perhaps adding an $85

additional intermediate class.

The response to the new program showed once

more how the Lane Cove and Hunters Hill

This month communities are keen to try something Short hair
we are running new and are interested in staying healthy
and active.

a number of This month we are running a Perm or body
new events number of new events and activities as
and activities part of Seniors Week. This will enable 85wave, cut $
as part of people to try and see whether there is and blow dry
something they would like to do more

Seniors Week. of in the future.
Coming up we have Lane Cove

Choristers; yoga; Tai Chi; the Hunters Hill

Men’s Shed is having an open morning; Park View

Café is having an accordion performance; and we also have Mens hair

a live drumming workshop.

Everything is free except for the accordion lunch at the Park

View Café (this is $15 and includes a delicious three course

meal). Check out the details on the website, $15 $65
telephone us on 9427 6425, pop into one of our offices (1 Pottery Tint and
Lane, Lane Cove or 46 Gladesville Road, Hunters Hill) and pick up

a flyer with all the details, or see page 40 of this issue of TVO.

If there is something you would like to try and you are a senior

living in Hunters Hill, Lane Cove and Ryde, please feel free to

write to me or email me on [email protected].

Just a reminder that we are always on the lookout for new Chill Hair 9427 3645

volunteers. Pop in and see us to have a chat about what area 150 Burns Bay Rd Lane Cove. Tue-Fri 9:00-6:00 Sat 9:00-5:00
might interest you - whether it be community visiting, Meals on

Wheels, volunteer driving or perhaps a bit of gardening.

100 words

Sue has not come downstairs this Our love making was as intense as it On a somewhat busy street in St
morning. Usually, she is the first to was on our wedding night some four Leonards sits an oldy-worldly relic,
wake up. After breakfast, they walk years ago. I have been in love with my wedged between two modern high-rise
out together and she sits under the wife Julie from the moment we first constructions. This unique building
pergola sipping her tea, enjoying met at a dinner prompted during our has two customer car parks of its
the cool breeze. Concerned he goes online chatting. She eased out of our own in front thereof. Many passers-
upstairs to check. Sue is still asleep. bed heading down the hallway to by have probably wondered how it
collect a couple of bottles of water escaped demolition. Perhaps the owner
Later Grandma arrives with a lunch from the kitchen. steadfastly refused to move, so that
carton, leaves it on the breakfast bar, the land on which it stands could not
goes upstairs, speaks to Sue and leaves. I was admiring the beauty of the be built on. All in all, this building
“It’s now late afternoon, poor Sue has silhouette her naked body made in attracts attention by its very size. St
not eaten anything since morning” he the moonlight while she meandered Leonards has grown like topsy and
worries. Reaching for the lunch carton down the hallway. That was until a the surrounding areas of this quaint
he takes it up to Sue. Amazed she pats huge shadow stepped out behind her. building are mostly commercial, with
and kisses him, as he licks her face. The hallway went black. I yelled. Julie the occasional corner building being a
screamed. café. Oh, that’s life.
Thevakie Karunagaran,
Wollstonecraft Marcus Kringas, Melissa Dettman, Northwood
Lane Cove North

Broken glass! “Run!”. Boys run, hide. TO ENTER: Email your story with your An emu became enthralled when a
“Who did this?” yells Mum. name, address and phone number to bird-like design took to the skies. Air
[email protected]. travel had always left him spellbound.
No kids, an old tin garbage bin, only He looked upwards with a rather
reminder that boys were playing CONDITIONS: Stories must be exactly wistful eye. The following days whizzed
street cricket. Oops, the window a 100 words and can be about any subject by until suddenly a decision was
side hazard. Boys in bare fee on hot and in any writing style. They must be made. Emu was going on an airborne
tar roads. The boys dream of Richie, original and unpublished. There is no excursion. He hurriedly packed his bags
Bradman, Millar! They come out again limit to the number of stories that you and went to the tarmac. The sonic buzz
and resume their game. contribute during the year. of all the planes stirred excitement.
Years of wanting to fly were about to
“Car coming” yells boy, picks up wicket Each month, selected entries will be come to fruition. Sitting on the plane's
(garbage bin), back out on the street. published in TVO. At the end of the year, wing, the emu soon found himself in
Batsman hits ball over the roof into all entries will be judged based on their icy Antarctica. Ironically, hundreds of
a backyard. Fieldsmen jump fences, originality and creativity. flightless penguins where there to greet
search, throw ball back to the street. him upon arrival.
Batsman has 36 runs. Next over begins. THREE WINNERS WILL BE SELECTED
Those were the days! TO RECEIVE A $50 BURNS BAY Linda Nathaniel,
Jim Strickland,
Lane Cove

Three of us hopped out of the little Grandpa lived alone, but he was not Standing in the bitter cold, bare
Cessna at about 8000 feet. After really coping. headed, we gave a hoarse cheer,
a short free-fall we opened our A family conference devised a strategy choking back our emotions as the
parachutes. and appointed a spokesman. ship we had come to love so much,
Unfortunately it was a day of “No! I will not live in one of those sank. We headed back to Murmansk,
unpredictable winds and we found places. They are ghastly and full of to a cold and frigid reception, as we
ourselves heading for a large paddock ghastly people. ‘God’s waiting room’ mustered on the snow covered jetty.
populated with tiny dots which we is not funny. Please don’t mention this
soon discovered were cattle. We landed again.” The last few days had taken their
in their midst and the chutes deflated. So much for strategy! toll, hours at action stations, nerve
The curious cattle came ever closer. A year later it was clearly time for breaking tension, loss of sleep, meals
Unexpectedly the wind returned. action. Another family conference of cocoa and corn beef, living in
Suddenly dragged off our feet we led to the old boy agreeing to a ‘short constant anxiety, all had lowered our
began bouncing along the ground. The holiday’. resistance.
alarmed cattle were racing ahead to On the second day the family visited,
escape, emptying their bowels before with much trepidation. Now a great weariness overcame us,
us. Our overalls never looked or smelt “There are some very nice people on we were dead tired, filthy, oil soaked,
the same again. this cruise. And I quite like my cabin”. unshaven, and shivering in the sub-
Phew!! zero temperatures.
Grahame Wilson,
Longueville Peter Clayton, Lane Cove Vic Egerton,

100 words

I sit in the box looking down on an I pulled on my first choice, a flowing Running. That’s what you do in the
empty stage. The tension is killing me. stain piece adorned with enough lace cross country. I love to run, so here I
There is excitement in the audience. you’d think I was in Les Miserables. am. As I follow the trail, I pass more
They are ready. The actors are ready - I No, too much. My next one, a simple and more people. The wind rushing
feel their nerves. I look down at the silky short red dress. Hmph. It’ll do. past me takes my breath away. My
desk, my hands longing to dim the I wanted it to be perfect, so I could legs are burning. The end of the track
lights. My hands shake and I forget. blend in for once. “Honestly, this is comes closer and closer. I’m almost
What cue is first. Second. Okay. You are my first time.” I whisper to Sophie. there. Suddenly, a blur rushes past.
in control. How do you speak again? I “Any advice?”
“None. Just stick to the It’s Abigail, my nemesis. Of course
breathe in and remember the feeling mission, find the target, get them she’s the one to overtake me. We are
of the play. The touch, the smell of the alone, you know what to do next.” I the fastest runners in our school. She
theatre and I remember. I smile at the felt a smile creep on my face.
“Easy as passes the finish and as I cross it two
person next to me. that?”
“Easy as that, Agent Jolie.”
With seconds later, I slouch in defeat.
“Ready?” that, I pulled on heels and started to One day I’ll finally beat her.
“Okay, Lights down” climb up the wall.
Maya Lecuna
Jessica Pizzinga, Romy Dobbie
16 years old, Concord

The soft grass under my bare skin This month we Separated. Pushed apart. The line that
felt softer, before the world was showcase the creativity divided it from me was indestructible.
incinerating. The flowers seemed of a selection of high There once was light, but darkness was
pinker, the weather, a perfect crisp school students, all that surrounded me now. Darkness
cold. I considered his eyes, blue. who wrote and formed by the society around me. To
Reflecting the colour of fear. Once contributed their 100 survive in this world you had to be
they stood out, icy and algid. Now word stories as part of ‘perfect’ and I was far from it. Tied
dark grey. He looked at me. Smiled, class exercises aimed down, critiqued. I heard the judgment
wistfully. The sky was turning red. The at developing their from every thought that surrounded
air suddenly turned fevered. I begin to writing skills. me. It consumed me and I had no
cry. I sit my head on the grass. I see him way to stop it. A 10-foot wall built to
looking at me from the corner of my divide it from me. I was not the first to
eye. He mimes the words, ‘I love you’. be detached from my happiness, and
It was the last thing I saw. sadly I would not be the last.
Then, blinding light.
Lilie Tyler,
Maia Sullivan, 16 years old, Balmain
12 years old, Enmore

As Ajay strolled into Al Toro’s Italian, It was chaos. Christy Thomas had I never wanted to move. Why did Dad’s
he noticed nothing different to any thought that it would be nice to spend work ruin everything? It’s not like it
other pizza place. He moved up, third the weekend at the Ridiculous Rides affected Mum; she still got to write.
in line. As the couple before him Amusement Park, however her day But what about me? I was finally
walked away, he began to give his was very different to what had been making friends…
order. planned. She had spent some time I guess it wasn’t all bad. Big house,
“A Hawaiian pizza with extra exploring the rides before she came many places to explore. But not the
pineapple and anchovies.”
The cashier across a rather nice-looking ferris- chained door. I wanted to go inside
just looked at him and pressed a wheel. Christy boarded it, enjoying but I just couldn’t get myself to do it.
“Welcome through’, she said the lovely view. At least, until things Sometimes because of the sounds,
in a slow monotone. A door opened started to go wrong. As it was on its sometimes because of the smells,
and revealed another room. Confused, way down, a cable tore, leaving the sometimes because of the silence…
Ajay asked what was happening, but carriage dangling dangerously over My Dad found his rocks, my Mum
was just led through what seemed water. Everything stopped. People were published her book. Me, I was never
like millions of different doors. Finally, screaming. The carriage turned slightly, found. I never should have gone
she spoke. “How did you find out the and then crashed into the water. through that door.
code?” It never resurfaced.
“What code? I came for pizza.” Isabel McKeogh,
Sylie Bhat, 12 years old, Epping 12 years old, Hunters Hill
Emma Lawrie,
11 years old, Stanmore



Glimpses of another world Dad went to the Commissioner of
Police in Nairobi and told him the story.
Local author Guy Hallowes writes another anecdote of his time He was told in no uncertain terms to
spent in Africa. Guy has lived in Kenya, UK, South Africa, Botswana ‘shut up’. The British had plans to bring
and Canada before settling in Lane Cove. He has written five books, thousands of ex-servicemen to Kenya as
together with a collection of short stories. settlers, which they did, and nothing was
going to upset those plans.
MAU-MAU MEETING Dad was absolutely horrified with
what he saw and heard. It was a Mau (This episode is included in ‘No
It was 1949 and three years after -Mau meeting and there was a man from Happy Valley’, the first book in Guy’s
Dad had put his life savings into a farm Nairobi who explained that the Mau- ‘Winds of Change’ trilogy. It’s entirely
at Ol’Kalou - the start of his dream of Mau was set-up, by the Kikuyu, to “chase true. Thousands of mainly British ex-
personal independence. all the whites into the sea.” The man servicemen settled in Kenya in the 1950’s
collected money from all the attendees and were ruined when the British were
Thirty of the 35 families living on the (only men). He appointed our cook as an forced to buy them out at very low prices
farm were Kikuyu. My father spoke fluent oath administrator and our ‘houseboy’ as part of the Kenyan independence
Kikuyu. He had heard two of the wives (I don’t like the expression either) as his settlement in 1963.)
of people working on the farm talking reinforcer.
about a ‘big meeting’ to be held on the 1981: Many assume that the Kenyan farmer
next Saturday night in one of the tractor lived in the lap of luxury. This was far from
driver’s huts. the case - our cottage pictured below was

This was reinforced with requests typical of many in the district.
for an unusual number of ‘beer permits’
(a nonsensical Government requirement
where the farmer had to give written
permission for an employee to
brew beer).

We were all away, except Dad who
had stayed to look after the farm. On the
appointed night, Dad locked the dogs in
the house, blacked his face and, unarmed,
went to the nearby Kikuyu village. Having
identified the hut, with women all
scurrying backwards and forwards with
beer and food, Dad went to the far side
of the hut from the door. He dug a little
hole in the mud that filled the gaps
between the timber that the hut was
constructed from and watched and
listened to the meeting.

NOW Lane Cove author Guy Hallowes latest book (his 6th).

The Burns
Bay Bookery



Jump onboard!

I’m back in familiar territory - my old
stamping ground of Japan.

And while this dating all the way back to the Joseon garden heaven Kyoto with thousands
is a mother and Dynasty. Amazingly, they are still of cherry blossom trees in bloom. Our
daughter holiday, lived in and in the heart of the city penultimate stop is Shimizu, from where
I’m also refreshing between Gyeongbokgung Palace and many will head towards iconic Mt Fuji ,
my knowledge and Changdeokgung Palace. Busan will be before a final sail into Tokyo harbour for
checking out things for new to me. Described by Lonely Planet our 3-night land touring.
March 2019 when I will guide as “one of the great unheralded
escort a fabulous cruise taking cities in Asia. Brimming with cobalt Wow, what a diverse and exciting
in China, Korea, and Japan during their oceans, verdant mountains and range of experiences this cruise and tour
haze free, picture perfect, too short delectable fare, it's a city full of surprises presents. I jumped onboard, so to speak,
spring. and a laid-back vibe.” I can’t wait! at the chance to escort a group on cruise,
If you haven’t heard of this trip which is sure to be a ‘best of’ event.
before, then you’re clearly not in the Finally, we travel south to Japan with The choice of up to 56 complimentary
know! This Regent Seven Seas luxury Nagasaki our first port of call. Long excursions is a wonderful bonus. I do
cruise (at a very affordable price) is all before it became famous as the second hope you can be enticed to join me
but sold out, save for the few rooms that of two Japanese cities to succumb to in March 2019 and I welcome your
Trendsetter still has available to sell. And extensive bombing, Nagasaki was the enquiries where I can tell you much
it’s a great deal because not only will you port where many foreigners, particularly more. I am brimming with excitement!
enjoy 18 days sailing, but we then follow the Dutch, came to trade and where
this up with 3 nights touring in Tokyo, missionaries tried to convert the TRAVEL Adrienne Witteman,
a most exciting city. Come with me for Japanese to Christianity. For decades Managing Director,
this taste of the experiences to come, if it was always more outward looking Trendsetter Travel & Cruise Centre.
not in reality at least vicariously! and somewhat accepting of cultural
Our journey commences in China differences, and this coupled with its
with an overnight in each of Shanghai southernmost location provides a totally
and Tianjin (the port for Beijing). Both different experience to that of the
these cities are amazingly modern traditional cities.
- remember the iconic architecture
created for the Beijing Olympics? And From Nagasaki we sail to Kagoshima,
yet each has managed to retain some of known as the Naples of the East
the traditional and old so that you can for its bay location, hot climate,
still feel the roots and sense the culture and stratovolcano Mt Sakura; and
that imbues life in China today. The then Hososhima, the gateway port
unlimited free excursions enjoyed on to a number of Kyushu’s beautiful
this cruise will allow you to experience shrines and temples. The next stop is
this for yourselves. Leave the skyscrapers Hiroshima, where it’s unlikely anyone
and travel to the water village of Suzhou, will miss the opportunity to visit Peace
or explore the Forbidden City in Beijing. Park and the Museum dedicated to the
Plenty of choices await. memory of the atom bomb experience
There is also one more Chinese city that in these times of political
you’ll get to explore and that is Dalian, uncertainty, serves as a poignant
consistently voted one of the top three reminder about why rearmament is
cities in China. It was supposedly indeed scary. An overnight in Hiroshima
built on a plan of Paris, and with its will allow us all to explore further –
many trees and gardens is high on the Hiroshima is not just about the war.
liveability index.
We then leave China and sail toward The Inland Sea of Japan is one of the
Korea, arriving after a palate-cleansing most scenically beautiful and revered
day at sea, ready for the delights of places in Japan, being a long expanse
Seoul and Busan. I’ll be heading to of inland waterway and peppered with
picturesque Bukchon Hanok Village, hundreds of small islands and rocky
a village of traditional banok houses outcrops. We wend out way up through
Kochi (where I will be looking to bathe in
some natural hot springs), and overnight
in Kobe, the port for the temple and

LANE COVE MARKET SQUARE 9427 6666 LONGUEVILLE 9428 5900 * Conditions apply

www.trenTHdE VsILeLAtGtEeOrBtSrEaRVvEReIl.NcOo. 2m72 I.AaPuRIL 2018 I 21


More than just a pretty smile

Looking after your pet’s teeth is Good dental hygiene starts with at home care. Your vet
one of the most important things can advise you on the best way to do this dependent upon
you can do for their health and your pet and their behaviour, size, current issues and dietary
wellbeing. requirements.

Dental disease is often underestimated - both in how Specially designed dental diets, chews and water additives
frequently it occurs and the significance it has on the affected can be used. However, the gold standard of at home dental
animal. Your vet can assess your pet’s teeth and guide you on care is tooth brushing. Many people just cannot imagine
dental care, whether it is home care or a dental procedure
performed under a general anaesthetic. Professional grooming
Dental problems in dogs and cats can range in severity
from tartar and gingivitis through to bone loss, tooth root DOG GROOMING: CAT GROOMING:
abscesses and rotten teeth.
All breeds of dogs are bathed Professionally groomed by
Dental disease often starts early in life, with vets and clipped by our highly Jenny Kent. The owner staying
commonly seeing tartar in animals as young as one or trained groomers. with the cat, completed within
two years old. This is not particularly surprising when we 30 minutes with no sedation.
consider that dogs and cats have teeth and gums that are
quite similar to our own. While people brush their teeth Providing a friendly, professional and compassionate service.
twice daily, floss and use mouthwash to maintain dental
hygiene, many pets receive little preventative care FOR INFORMATION:
throughout their life. LANE COVE 9428 1333
EPPING 9876 3336
People who own dogs and cats are often surprised when
their vet finds problems with their pet’s teeth. It is rare for
them to show evidence of pain, as stopping eating generally
only occurs at the most extreme end of dental disease.
We know ourselves that problems with our teeth can be
extremely painful - even with relatively minimal disease
compared to what our furry friends suffer from. However,
a dog or cat’s instinct is to keep eating for survival, so they
will eat through tremendous amounts of pain, potentially
downplaying the severity of the problem. This can make
dental disease more difficult to detect.



brushing their cat or dogs’ teeth, but surprisingly many

animals do take to it well. It is often easier to start when

they are young or train them to accept it using positive


Species appropriate toothpaste must be used which is

flavoured to increase appeal (chicken flavour is much more

acceptable to dogs and cats than mint!) and is safe for them to

swallow. A soft children’s toothbrush or a finger toothbrush

can be used. Brushing is best performed daily, however there

is still a benefit in a few times per week if you cannot commit

to daily brushing.

Once dental disease is detected, your vet may recommend

a dental procedure. It can only be performed safely,

painlessly and thoroughly in an animal under

anaesthetic, as full assessment of the teeth Procedures such as So next time you visit
root canals can be used to your vet, ask about your
requires probing of the gums and retain damaged teeth under pet’s teeth and how you
certain circumstances, can keep them in the best
dental x-rays. These tests are very and this would need to be possible health. Your dog or
performed by a vet with cat will thank you for it!
Dental important as teeth are much like additional training in
icebergs, with two thirds of the dentistry. Many owners Dr Michelle
worry about their animals Trebeck.
disease tooth being below the gum line being able to eat once teeth Veterinarian.
often starts and therefore out of view. are removed, but dogs and Figtree
early in cats are remarkably resilient Veterinary Clinic
life Once the mouth has been in this department, and Shop 10/225 Burns Bay Road,
assessed, the teeth will be generally eat normally and Lane Cove West.
scaled and polished, very comfortably once healing Ph: 9428 4700
similarly to how humans have has occurred.
their teeth treated at the dentist.

If any diseased teeth are detected,

they will generally be extracted

to remove the source of pain

and infection.




1 Carranya Road, Riverview 5 bed 2.5 bath 2 car 35 Wilfred Avenue, Chatswood 3/4 bed 1 bath 2 car
Enviably positioned on a rare 965sqm approx near-level, Hidden back from the street for the utmost privacy, 'Green
rear-to-north facing block (overlooking Warraroon Trees' is a unique period residence within a stunning National
Reserve), this inviting family abode embraces an idyllic Parkland locale. Perfect fusion of convenience and contem-
lifestyle within a prized locale. porary design, it delivers a secluded oasis close to everything.

Paul Nees 0432 995 847 Paul Nees 0432 995 847 Joanne Tan 0410 092 508

Ray White Lane Cove 9428 4100 [email protected]
162 Longueville Road, Lane Cove

21/04/18 28/04/18

at on site

19 Upper Cliff Road, Northwood 4 bed 3 bath 2 car 13 Campbell Avenue, Lane Cove 6 bed 3 bath 2 car
Open: Sat 1 – 1.30pm & Wed 6 – 6.30pm Open: Sat 3 – 3.30pm & Wed 2 – 2.30pm
• Substantial family home transformed by flawless renovation
• Elevated aspect with district, city skyline, Harbour Bridge views. • Grand, versatile entertainer on level lawns
• Formal and informal indoor/outdoor entertaining with • Gracious formal lounge w/ period details, media room

lap pool. • Open plan family living, courtyard w/ outdoor kitchen

Simon Harrison 0433 100 150 Kim Walters 0499 014 886 James Bennett 0403 504 724 Simon Harrison 0433 100 150

belle property hunters hill 3/52-56 gladesville road, hunters hill 9817 7729
belle property lane cove 158 longueville road, lane cove 9087 3333


Contact Contact
agent for agent for

details details

6 Robert Street, Greenwich 50 Ronald Avenue
An opportunity to purchase a level 651sqm block, superbly Greenwich
located. Potential to capture northerly and westerly 4 bed 3 bath
harbour views as well as the sought after bridge and city 5 car
skyline. 1 min walk to Greenwich ferry. Sensational
Bernadette Hayes 0431 558 505 architecturally
designed family
9966 0543 home in
exquisite bush setting.
Bernadette Hayes
0431 558 505

Making a difference

A visit to Nepal in 2006 impacted Lane Cove’s Patrick Price to such an extent,
that it led to him starting a charity that is changing educational outcomes
for thousands of children in that country.

As a teacher himself, Pat’s of female students would
leave school around grade 3.
first visit to Nepal exposed
“A lot of our focus with the
serious issues with its Heartland Academy is on the
long-term support of females
educational and disciplinary through scholarships and
educational opportunities.
standards. This was reinforced It’s leading to real societal
change, as these girls now
in subsequent visits, where Pat have far greater choice in their
lives which is having such
assisted in classrooms for up a positive impact for these
to eight months at a time.
Heartland Academy also
“Nepal is a very peaceful offers two tertiary streams
in science and management,
country, but inside the with teacher training about to
classroom I witnessed and have
Managed solely by
read thousands of cases about volunteers, CLCR Australia For more information
oversees the administration, on CLCR, together with
verbal humiliation and physical fundraising and project opportunities to assist this
management for the worthwhile charity through
corporal punishment dished out Heartland Academy. In volunteering or financial
excess of 97% of all money support, see
to vulnerable young children. donated is used directly by the
school, and for development
“One classroom could have initiatives including CLCR’s It’s almost three years since
teacher training program: the earthquakes in Nepal. In
Patrick Price has established a up to 70 kids together in a Education and Disciplining the aftermath of this disaster,
Children with Dignity in Nepal. the Heartland Academy was
charity which is providing educational small, dark space with rote used as a refuge centre.
opportunities to thousands of learning and strict discipline Pat manages his work
Nepalese students. being used to manage the with the charity in his spare Pat explains that there were
time, in between juggling over 100 people living on the
group. Kids can’t learn in that commitments with his basketball courts of the school,
young family and his full- with another 30 families
sort of environment - it was leading not only to high dropout time position with the NSW taking shelter in their adjoining
Department of Education. hostel and class rooms. CLCR
rates, but physical and psychological damage. were able to assist with water;
“It gives my life great food; temporary kitchen
“My vision was to set up a way to show teachers - many of meaning. We’ve had some facilities; solar recharging for
great turn arounds since we mobile phones; counselling
whom had no formal training themselves - how you can educate started it. Upwards of 10,000 for both children and adults
kids have come through our (which is ongoing), together
and manage a classroom without students feeling threatened school and we’ve helped with emergency educational
change their lives by providing packs when school was able to
and fearful." a positive learning experience.” start again.

Pat set about setting up the Centre for Learning and Children's Pat’s work was recognised “We had an opportunity
when he received a Paul Harris to support the community
Rights (CLCR) in 2007. This Australian not-for-profit organisation Fellowship from the Rotary and we’ve worked hard to
Club of Lane Cove. This award help them to rehabilitate.
is delivering educational and humanitarian projects in Nepal is one of the highest honours Some level of psychological
that Rotary can bestow upon damage still exists, but we
through its volunteer work, project implementation and skills a person, and recognises pride ourselves on being able
outstanding contributions in to reach out and assist in such
training. humanitarian and educational tragic circumstances.”
“Education is so important.
This has been my opportunity to

give back, using my skills
to assist the people of Nepal.”

Developed initially to deliver educational change through
professional teacher training, the charity then went on to
establish a school with a vision for practical and violence free
education. The Heartland Academy was started in 2008. Located
in Kathmandu, this school has educated thousands of students in
the past ten years, and currently has 500 students enrolled from
primary through to tertiary level.

“We selected the location of the school based on the fact that
it was a very poor community, with many of the students coming
from backgrounds of abuse. We look to provide as much support
as possible – this includes a 25-bed hostel for students that don’t
have a home,” says Pat.

The school employs 78 staff, mostly Nepali teachers who
are dedicated to providing a safe, non-violent educational
environment which caters for individual student learning needs
and encourages the holistic development of all children as
individuals and as leaders.

When Pat started his work in Nepal in 2006, upwards of 70%



Helping create a happier Lane Cove! "As patron of Action for
Happiness, I am delighted to see
A new course called Exploring What Matters will start in the work being done by members
Lane Cove in April, aimed at helping people discover how to of this movement to create a
live a happier and kinder life. happier and more caring society.
I wholeheartedly support the
Trish Sara will be running an satisfaction, mental wellbeing, Exploring What Matters course
‘Exploring What Matters’ course, compassion and social trust. Many say and hope that many thousands of
which starts in Lane Cove this April. the course is life-changing,” says Trish. people will benefit from it and be
inspired to take their own action to
The course has been developed The course is described as a help create a happier world."
by Action for Happiness, a UK-based challenge to the promotion of
movement of people taking action for a materialism and individual success Dalai Lama, Patron,
happier world. With 60,000 members which is predominant in Western Action for Happiness.
in 160 countries, it is a secular, science- culture.
based organisation open to people of "A good society is one where as
all backgrounds. Over an eight-week period, sessions many people as possible are able
will explore big questions. Starting to live happy, fulfilling lives. We
Lane Cove local Trish Sara has with "What really matters in life?" hope to see this course happening
volunteered to lead the course in and "What really makes us happy?", in thousands of local communities
Lane Cove. it is followed by sessions dealing with to help like-minded people support
adversity, having good relationships, each other in taking practical
"As a counsellor, I understand the caring for others, and creating happier actions which are not only good
enormous value in creating a happier, workplaces and communities. It ends for their own wellbeing but also
more meaningful life - not only for with "How can we create a happier contribute to the happiness of
ourselves but for our family, friends world?" others around them too".
and the greater community.
WHEN: Every Thursday for Professor Lord Richard Layard,
“Analysis of the course has found 8 weeks, starting on Co-founder, Action for Happiness.
that it leaves people both happier and Thursday April 12th
more pro-social, with participants WHERE: Meeting room, "In the modern world, we are
reporting increases in levels of life Sydney Speech Clinic, bombarded with false messages
Unit 6/46 Burns Bay Road. about what makes for a happy life.
COST: A donation of $160, The Exploring What Matters course
which covers hire of the room helps people discover for themselves
and material costs that real success has much less to
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION do with what we earn or consume
Email Trish Sara at - and much more to do with our
[email protected] inner attitudes, our relationships
or call 0438 388 336. with others and our contribution to

Dr Mark Williamson, Director,
Action for Happiness.

Lane Cove Mayor Pam Palmer, together with 63 volunteers, LANE COVE NORTH CLEANS UP!
joined the Stringy Bark Creek Residents Association at their
annual ‘Clean Up Australia Day’ in March. The Stringy Bark Creek Residents Association held their annual Clean Up
Australia event in March. Each year, these members representing the Lane Cove
26 I THE VILLAGE OBSERVER I NO. 272 I APRIL 2018 North community come together to express their care for the protection of their
unique bush and creek environment.

Joined by Lane Cove Mayor Pam Palmer and Councillors Andrew Zbik
and Frances Vissel, the volunteers filled 36 bags with litter, including 513
drink containers and a conservative 250 plastic bags, as well as a vast array
of other litter such as car parts and building materials.

The volunteers focussed on Batten Reserve and surrounding areas.
Stringy Bark Creek Residents Association member Guy Hallowes said that
they collect a similar amount of waste each year, and they are hoping that
this will reduce over time.

“We collected around 750 kilos of waste this year. The recently
introduced Earn and Return scheme, in combination with the elimination
of free single use plastic bags from 1st July, are small but important steps in
the right direction.”

Thursdays 7:00-9:00pm, starting 12 April 2018

4/46 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove
(Business Centre, behind BWS)

To find out more email, phone Trish or book online

[email protected] M: 0438 388 336


What’s On:

Lane Cove


LANE COVE PLAZA Thursday Tunes – Music that helped to win the war:
Thursday 19 April, 10:30am – 12:00pm. Local musician
First Fridays: Friday 6 April, 3:30pm - 5:00pm. A free Graham Ball presents this musical celebration of the diggers’
afternoon of fun and games from children in the Plaza. spirit.

Saturday Sounds: Alex Roussos, Saturday 14 April, Book Launch – Lane Cove Literary Awards 2017: An
10:00am - 12:00pm. Enjoy your weekend coffee, brunch or Anthology & Memories of Lane Cove: Thursday 19 April,
a spot of shopping in Lane Cove Plaza with Alex Roussos. 6:15pm for 6:30pm. Lane Cove is pleased to invite you to
Alex’s set will feature vocals, acoustic guitar and live looped the launch of two exciting new publications. To RSVP or for
beatboxing. further information please contact the Library.

ANZAC Day: Wednesday 25 April, SAVE THE DATE: Meet the Ancestors: An Introduction to
7:25am. Presented in conjunction Family History: Wednesday 2 May, 2:00pm – 3:30pm.
with Lane Cove RSL Sub Branch. Rain Budding genealogists will be provided with the basics of how
venue: Lane Cove Library. to start researching one’s family history. You will learn how to
use births, deaths and marriage records, immigration records
BUSHCARE EVENTS and online resources to discoveryour ancestor’s stories.

Saturday 7 April, 9:00am - 12:00pm. Discover the
technique for growing many beautiful shrubs from cutting at Saturday 21 April, 11:00am - 5:00pm, St Leonards Park,
this hands-on workshop. North Sydney. The annual ‘Youth Week’ live and free music
event returns with featured bands, food and market stalls -
Native Gardens Forum: Thursday 19 April, 6:30pm - visit the Shoreshocked Facebook page for more info.
8:30pm. Bring your best gardening tips and questions to
this evening dedicated to native gardens. Kath Gadd from SENIORS FESTIVAL EVENTS
Mallee Design will share her ideas on native plant selection,
maintenance and design. Ageing (dis)Gracefully: Tuesday 3 April, 10:30am –
11:30am, Lane Cove Library. Lane Cove couple Tutti and
Visit or 9911 Paul Bennet will share how their individual journeys have
3583 to book. influenced their attitude to living life with positivity, colour
and style. Bookings: 9911 3634.
All events are free. Call 9911 3634 to book. Senior Driver Workshop: Thursday 12 April, 10:30am –
12:30pm, Lane Cove Library. This free workshop covers
Author Talk - Pompey Elliott at War: In his own words a range of topics including updated road rules, seat
by Ross McMullin: Tuesday 10 April, 6:15pm – 7:30pm. positioning and safety, reversing, parking and more.
Award-winning historian and biographer Ross Mc Mullin will Bookings: 9911 3576.
be discussing his latest biography with April 2018 marking
the centenary of the stunning counter-attack at Villers- Raunchy Romance Storytime: Monday 23 April, 6:30pm -
Bretonneux, where Pompey Elliott was a key figure. 8:00pm, Lane Cove Library. This special adults-only storytime
features Megan Alston, Nick Maricic and Tim McIntyre.
History Talk: German Spring Offensive/Villers
Bretonneux (WWI): Tuesday 17 April, 6:15pm – 8:00pm. To book online or download your free Seniors Festival
This informative military talk will be presented by the Lane program, visit
Cove R.S.L Sub-Branch and Lane Cove Library.

For more details on these events
or call Lane Cove Council on 9911 3555.

28 I THE VILLAGE OBSERVER I NO. 272 I APRIL 2018 16/02/2018 7:03:21 PM
Whats On Council TVO Events_April.indd 1

Councillor Pam Palmer (Mayor) GOVERNMENT

P: 0431 959 980 E: [email protected] APRIL 2018

Let’s talk about a popular topic - growth in Sydney! A blueprint for our future growth has just been released by the Greater
Sydney Commission (GSC), a government body chaired by Lucy Turnbull.
Town planning is one of Council’s most important functions. Council has responsibility for shopping precincts, residential
neighbourhoods, commercial centres and industrial lands.
I realise we may have been expecting to take a breath after all the recent building activity in Lane Cove! Our new precincts
are just starting to take shape with young families moving in or empty nesters enjoying the benefits of downsizing. However,
the GSC’s plans will set new growth targets for dwellings and jobs in Lane Cove. But for the first time, the vision includes
consideration of both infrastructure growth and the importance of the natural environment.
No matter what your views on the growth of Sydney’s population, it is Council’s job to plan for it responsibly. We look to
provide neighbourhoods which cater to a range of lifestyles with transport, amenity, affordability and safety in mind.
But to preserve and grow our green areas and open spaces at the same time will be a conversation which everyone
might be interested in.

Local news and information Did you know?

Snap, Send, Solve New Council Email Address Lane Cove Library has a 3D printer.
It melts plastic and deposits it on a
While you are out and about you might Council has made a change to its email glass plate, repeating the process until
see a problem or issue that you would address with the new address being your design turns into a physical 3D
like to bring to Council’s attention – [email protected]. object. If you are interested in seeing
why not use the Snap, Send, Solve app the printer in action please phone the
to notify Council of the location. The The old address lccouncil@lanecove. Library on 9911 3634 or just drop in
app is available for both iPhones and will continue to work. on a Thursday night.
androids. It’s easy to snap and send
issues to Council such as graffiti, If you want to ask Council a question or
illegally parked cars, potholes, trip enquire about a service please use the
hazards in footpaths, abandoned new email address.
trolleys and other concerns.
To contact me directly please email me
The app can be downloaded from at [email protected].
Council’s website – www.lanecove. nsw. - at the bottom of the homepage Last month Council signed its pledge to
under ‘Download our Mobile App’. be a Refugee Welcome Zone (pictured
right) and hosted a panel discussion
as part of International Women’s Day
(pictured below).

Out & about in Lane Cove

Lane Cove Seniors Festival Free all ages music event Latest Works

The theme of this year’s Seniors Festival Shoreshocked will be held on Saturday • C ontinuing to upgrade our parks and
is ‘Try Something New’. 21 April at St Leonards Park, North
Sydney. The event brings together some reserve signage
The month-long celebration includes of Australia’s best musicians to provide
over 40 local events throughout April a festival experience in a drug & alcohol • Fencing either end of the newly
- some social, some physical, some free environment. For details visit the
cultural and some just for fun! The event’s Facebook page. constructed bridge at the Golf Course
program of events can be collected
from Council’s Civic Centre, the Lane ANZAC Day - 25 April • R eplacing a 60metre stormwater line
Cove and Greenwich libraries as well as
the Living and Learning Centre. Please join Council and the Lane at the Golf Course and upgrading an
Cove RSL Sub Branch in the Plaza by existing line
The online program of events is also 7:25am. If you would like to be part
available to download online at of the short march at the start of the THE VILLAGE OBSERVER I NO. 272 I APRIL 2018 I 29
wwww. service, please meet in Birdwood Lane.
I’m sure you’ll find something new to This is the last year of the Centenary
try in Lane Cove this April! commemorations which started in
2014. Remembrance Day will mark the
Centenary of Armistice this November.

GOVERNMENT Anthony Roberts, MP

Councillor Mark A. Bennett P: 9817 4757
E: [email protected]
Mayor of Hunters Hill P: 9879 9415
E: [email protected]

100 years of Anzac I recently had the honour of recounting to the Parliament
the achievements of not one, but four talented, gifted and
Council extends an invitation to attend the Hunters Hill 95th determined Lane Cove women who were nominated in the 2018
Memorial Service to be held in the Hunters Hill Town Hall on Women of the Year Awards.
Monday April 23rd commencing at 7.30pm.
Lisa Aynajian is my 2018 nominee for Local Woman of the Year.
The march will step-out from the RSL Sub-Branch Hall (corner Lisa is truly outstanding.
Ady and Alexandra Streets) at 7.15pm to arrive at the Town Hall After completing her secondary education at Our Lady of the
for the 7.30pm service. Sacred Heart, she went on to attain her Bachelor of Arts and a
Bachelor of Education before completing a Master of Inclusive
Guest speaker is award winning playwright Mr John Misto Education.
who will give his address on the moving subject of this year’s With Masters in hand, she set out to pursue her passion to
commemoration of 100 Years of Women in War. The Hunters Hill help students with special needs.
Sub-Branch members invite everyone to the RSL hall for a supper Lisa believes that helping children to achieve their potential is
following the service. the most professionally rewarding experience possible.
Lisa consistently goes the extra mile, baking cupcakes for
Local Planning Panels - selection of members children with special needs and organising community events
with a focus on fun for children. Her positive outlook and
On December 21st, Council was advised that the Minister enormous energy distinguishes this wife and mum in making a
had approved a list of independent experts from which Council difference for so many.
was to choose at least two for appointment to its Local Planning Another outstanding female is my nominee for the 2018
Panel. Minister’s Award for Women in Local Government, Councillor
Deborah Hutchens, a true pillar of our community and former
The Department advised that while two appointments were Mayor of Lane Cove Council.
necessary to constitute the panel, it was expected Council would Deborah is a Director of Sydney Community Services; a
also appoint a number of alternate experts to ensure that the LPP Board Member of Lane Cove Retirement Units; community
would continue to function if a member was unable to attend. representative of the North Shore Local Area Command; and
initiator of Lane Cove Council’s White Ribbon Day.
Council received an approved list of independent experts. This incredible individual is always looking for new
The list included a number of highly qualified architects and opportunities, creating new ideas and is committed to working
planners, many with existing panel experience. Given the calibre for the benefit of others in the community.
of these people, this list was reviewed by councillors at a Working Kristy Chong is another Lane Cove achiever and the winner
Party held on 12th February and a short-list of potential panel of the NSW Business Woman of the Year, an event that recognises
members was selected based on their level of heritage expertise excellence in business.
and knowledge of Hunters Hill. Council has now conducted Kristy is a mentor, presenter, advocate for body positivity and
interviews and information on Panel members is available on the CEO, founder and creator of Modibodi.
[email protected]. Modibodi is fashionable, sustainable, hi-tech, comfortable
underwear which replaces disposable hygiene products. Kristy is
101st birthday celebration positively changing lives.
Her goal was simple: revolutionise her industry and reduce
It was my great privilege to personally congratulate Mrs Joan the amount of single-use products ending up in landfill.
McKimm at her birthday celebration on March 9th. I can only Kristy’s Modibodi product and program supports woman in
imagine the changes she has witnessed throughout her life. Few need and is heavily involved in initiatives such as the homeless
have been blessed with this privilege. Throughout 101 years, she woman’s charity Share the Dignity, the McGrath Foundation and
will have acquired some amazing stories, many experiences and School for Life.
with the passing of time, much knowledge, much understanding She took a forbidden subject and produced a revolutionary,
and certainly many friendships. fashionable product for women’s use and comfort.
Doctor Cathy Zhao is another outstanding Lane Cove woman
Clean Up Australia Day and a finalist in the Harvey Norman Young Woman of the Year.
Cathy was recognised for her research on the effects of
Importantly, the total rubbish collected this year was Metastatic melanoma treatments on the skin - a highly relevant
considerably less than in the previous year. topic under the Australian sun.
She is an accomplished academic, a popular lecturer and has
On Sunday 4th March, 35 volunteers collected 51.6kg mixed written 17 first-author journal publications.
waste materials and 8.2kg recyclable containers/bottles at Cathy organised a first-of-its-type education day that brought
Boronia Park; and 12 volunteers collected 61.2kg mixed waste oncologists and dermatologists together to discuss the effects of
materials and 29.7kg recyclable containers/bottles at Gladesville cancer therapies on skin.
Reserve. On Sunday 11th March, seven volunteers collected As the local member, I am proud that Lane Cove is populated
33.6kg mixed waste materials (including toys) and 4.2kg by outstanding women.
recyclable containers/ bottles at Riverglade Reserve. Congratulations on your achievements, and thank you Lisa,
Deborah, Kristy and Cathy for your dedication and contributions
I wish to thank all volunteers who pick up rubbish regularly, as to our community.
well as those participating in Clean Up events.

Hunters Hill Annual Art Exhibition

Entries for the 2018 Hunters Hill Art Exhibition are now
being called. As one of Sydney’s favourite art events, it attracts
thousands of visitors over ten days, with high attendance rates
and sales. To enter the exhibition, or for more information, see


Suggestions for

Trent Zimmerman, MP donations include

P: 9929 9822 personal toiletries,
E: [email protected]
games, books,
Labor’s plans to put their hands in the pockets of
local pensioners and self-funded retirees magazines and

Many local residents have contacted me in anger about non-perishable
Labor’s new policy to abolish tax refunds for share dividends.
Help support food.
Labor’s attack on savings means over one million
individuals and self-managed super funds will be forced our troops overseas
to pay tax twice on what they earn from their hard earned
savings. For Anzac Day 2018, I am asking the community for
donations of items for care packages which we are
This would hurt 230,000 pensioners. It would hurt collecting to send to Australian Defence Force personnel
610,000 Australians on taxable incomes less than $18,200, serving overseas.
including many self-funded retirees. Tax refunds from share
dividends are relied on by many retirees in our area. This year we commemorate a century since the end
of World War I, and we will remember those who served
I am vehemently opposed to what Labor is proposing - it’s Australia in that war and those since.
simply an ill-conceived and harmful policy approach. If you
would like to join the campaign against this proposal, you At the same time that Australians take part in these
can sign a petition at commemorations at home, or travel to Gallipoli Cove or to
retirement-tax France, more than 2000 Australian men and women will be
serving overseas, protecting Australian interests, supporting
St Leonards Creative Precinct Open Night our allies, and working to end conflict across the globe.

Just before Easter I joined nearly 4,000 people at the fifth Serving in the field often means tough physical
annual TXT Creative Precinct Block Party, unveiling a new conditions, but even more than that it means separation
mural by Sophie Odling. from family and loved ones.

The Creative Precinct, opened in 2014, gives working space This year I will be collecting care packages at my office in
to artists working in or between a whole range of media, North Sydney to support and thank our defence personnel
with converted commercial buildings providing more than overseas. The packages are a great boost for morale and they
4,500m2 of space. This is a real fillip to the arts culture on will be sent to our troops as part of a defence department
the lower north shore. Even more importantly, it is linked initiative.
to mental health outreach through the Bridging Hope Charity,
which provides a meeting point for mental health initiatives Items can be brought to my office at level 10, 2 Elizabeth
and artistic endeavour. Plaza, North Sydney, or collected by my staff, which can be
arranged by calling 9929 9822.
The block party was a fantastic event, and shows
the continued dynamism and contributions of the arts It is suggested that residents or groups donate either a
community in St Leonards and beyond. male or female care package. Packages should weigh no
more than 2kg and clearly identify whether they are for a
Vale Fr Tony Smith SJ male or female.

Fr Tony Smith, the longest serving headmaster at St Suggestions for donations include personal toiletries,
Aloysius’ College in Milsons Point, passed away last month. He games, books, magazines and non-perishable food (Tim
lived for the local community, and although he is known by Tams are popular!). Please do not include pork products,
most for his time at St Aloysius’, he also served at St Ignatius’ alcohol, cigarettes, or clothing.
College, Riverview. Donations can be made to my office by Monday 11th April.

In both colleges, Fr Tony was not just there for the students In time for Anzac Day, Trent Zimmerman MP is collecting and sending
in the chapel or the classroom, but throughout their lives, to care packages to ADF personnel serving overseas. Pictured with Trent is
celebrate in the good times, at weddings and baptisms and to Tom Richardson OAM, President of the Kirribilli Club.
support and to console in the hard times, not only at funerals
but in any time of need. THE VILLAGE OBSERVER I NO. 272 I APRIL 2018 I 31

Fr Tony passed away on February 18th, having given
half his life to the community of North Sydney. He lived
ad majorem Dei gloriam, and the evidence is shown in the
memories cherished by students, colleagues, confreres, and
every one of the thousands he helped. It was an honour to
speak to his achievements in Federal Parliament, and I join
many in offering commiserations to those who knew
Fr Tony best.



VOLUNTEER LCFC recently competed in the FFA Cup game at Blackman Park
BUS DRIVERPOSITVE – 1 COLOUR BLACK against Granville Range.


Do you like Lane Cove FC
to drive? makes early exit
from FFA Cup
We are looking for friendly and
capable volunteer drivers to drive our Lane Cove FC received a tough opening round
community bus on day trips. A Light draw for this year’s FFA Cup, playing Granville
Rigid Licence would be required. Rage from the NSW NPL Third Division – some
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION two grades higher than LCFC’s current status.
Carolyn, the volunteer coordinator, The side performed on a wet and windy night at Blackman
Sydney Community Services on Park in front of some 200 spectators, but two goals to
9427 6425 Granville just before half time destroyed the fairy tale finish.
or email: [email protected]
A solid second half performance ended with a 0-3 score
MOVIES @ LANE COVE LIBRARY line to Granville, a result which reflects a brave performance
and gives hope for a strong season in the NSFA Premiers
Goodbye Christopher Robin (2017) competition in 2018. The side will be back for another crack
Tuesday 24th April, 2.00 – 4.30pm. at the Cup in 2019 when the dream will start again!
This story explores the creation of the magical world
of Winnie the Pooh by author A.A. Milne and the Lane Cove FC continues to see strong growth in numbers
impact his success has on his family, for its 2018 season, heading towards a milestone of 1,000
especially his son Christopher Robin. registered players for the first time. New teams in Women’s
All Age and 35s (for the first time), Men’s All Age and 45s will
see the club field over 70 teams for the 2018 season.

The season proper starts the weekend after Easter, with the
fields at Blackman Park and Pottery Green hosting the home
games for the Club.

Support is always welcome for all age groups,
so check the website at
to see who is playing where and when.
The quality is good and
the camaraderie even better!



Garling Street remembers one of
Lane Cove’s fallen sons

One hundred years ago, while the nation was
reading of the continuing battles on the Western
Front, the Lane Cove community was mourning
the loss of another of its young men.

Major Terence Ward Garling, aged 24, died of wounds Terence (left) and Pat
sustained in the second Battle of Dernancourt (Raymond) Garling probably at
in France on 5th April 1918. He was one of the Glenoak, Burns Bay Road, with
youngest Australians to be promoted to Major on the
battlefield. their pet calf and toy sailing
boat, circa 1903 (Courtesy D.
Terence was the younger son of Marie and William Mylam
Nicholas Garling (b. 1841). Terence's father, William, spent Hurley/Lane Cove Library)
much of his early life managing cattle stations in northern
NSW. In 1868, William married Jessie Pitt and they had five Photograph of the temporary wooden
children. Jessie died in Melbourne in 1887 and William then cross erected for Major T.W. Garling
remarried Mary Wise (known as Marie). William and Marie and two other members of 10th Field
moved to Sydney and had two sons - Raymond Wise Garling Artillery Brigade, AIF, in Warloy-Baillon
(b. 1892) and Terence Ward Garling (b. 1894). Communal Cemetery Extension, France,
circa 1918-1920s
By 1902, William and Marie Garling had settled into a (Courtesy D. Hurley/Lane Cove Library)
house named ‘Glenoak’ in Burns Bay Road, Longueville (as
Lane Cove was known at the time). William’s sons, Raymond Lane Cove Council sent a letter of condolence to his
and Terence, crossed the Lane Cove River each day to attend parents on 22nd April 1918. The receipt of a Returned Thanks
nearby Hunters Hill Public School. By 1907 the family had from them was noted in Council’s May meeting minutes.
moved into a newly built house named ‘Angledene’ a short
distance away. Raymond became a clerk with C.S.R. (Colonial The following year, William Garling wrote to Council
Sugar Refining Company) and Terence became a clerk with suggesting that a street in the Sofala Estate Subdivision be
Trebeck, Son & Co. Stock & Station agents. Both young men named ‘Terence Garling Street’ in memory of his son. Council
undertook military training with the citizens’ forces prior to suggested that the name be submitted to the developers of
the outbreak of World War One. the Parklands No. 2 Estate. In July 1919, William Garling again
wrote to Council, indicating that while the developers were
On 8th October 1914, Terence Ward Garling enlisted at the favourable to Garling Street, they should be allowed to add
rank of 2nd Lieutenant and embarked on HMAT A8 Argyllshire. the prefix ‘Terence’ to the street name. When the Parklands
At Gallipoli in September 1915 he was promoted to 1st No. 2 Estate subdivision offered building blocks for sale in
Lieutenant. In August 1916, on the French battlefields, Terence September 1919, four new streets - Garling, Munro, Gentle
was promoted to Captain. and Hallam - were named to honour and remember local
lads who had lost their lives in war.
Despite his injuries and time away for training, Terence
regularly returned to his unit at the front. In April 1917 he was T.W. Garling is remembered on the World War One
promoted to temporary Major, and was confirmed as a Major Honour Board located in the Lane Cove Council foyer. In
in May 1917. 1920, ‘W. Garling of Longueville’ received poppy seeds from
Villers-Bretonneux, France via the Sydney Botanic Gardens.
In September 1917 Terence was gassed and transferred to Terence’s letters as well as other memorabilia were kept by his
hospital in England. By the end of January 1918, he rejoined family in a special box. This collection was later donated to
the 37th Battery in the field in France, but on the 5th April the NSW State Library.
1918 he was badly wounded, suffering a thigh fracture from
a shell during severe enemy fire at Millencourt, near Albert,
during the battle of Derancourt. Despite surgery at the field
station, they were unable to stop the bleeding and Terence
died a few hours later. He was buried nearby in the Warloy-
Baillon Communal Cemetery Extension, France.

Lane Cove Library actively collects stories, documents and photographs about people and places within the municipality of Lane Cove.
If you have some memories to share, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact Local Studies on 9911 3637 or visit the Library catalogue to contribute to the Lane Cove: On the Street Where You Live! database.


How objective Lane Cove Art Society
is your art?
The aim of the Lane Cove
Art Society is to encourage,
recognise and reward artistic
talent in the community. We
warmly welcome new members
– the sole requirement is an
interest in art.

The Lane Cove Art Society
also holds two exhibitions
yearly as well as workshops,
visits to galleries or artists’
studios, and mini-exhibitions
for members.

The Lane Cove Art Society
meets on the 4th Tuesday of
every month (except Jan/Dec)
at the Living & Leisure Centre,
180 Longueville Rd Lane Cove
(almost opposite the Lane Cove

The meetings start at 7:30pm
with time to meet and talk
prior to the demonstration.
At each meeting there is a
demonstration or talk by a
leading artist or guest speaker
and anyone interested in art is
welcome to attend.

Objectivity was a major thread running through Patrick Carroll’s painting NEXT MEETING
demonstration at the Lane Cove Art Society’s first meeting for 2018.
The April meeting of the Lane
A multi award-winning artist, Patrick is a well-known tutor As the landscape gained Cove Art Society will include a
and art teacher and he raised many questions throughout his clarity through the application demonstration by Rosa Fedele,
relaxed yet thorough presentation. of vertical and horizontal an oil painter known for her
brush strokes, Patrick (not portrait and figurative work.
So what makes a painting successful? The challenge for unlike Cezanne), reminded his A finalist in the Portia Geach
Patrick seemed to be capturing a level of abstraction in his work audience that he was seeing Award 2017, Rosa loves the
– not being a slave to recreating exactly what was in front of him. the ‘shapes’ in the landscape, dramatic use of light and colour.
Tone and composition are so vital to the outcome of an artwork rather than the rocks and The Society’s Annual General
or print. If either element is not working, then the outcome will trees. He was looking for Meeting will also be held.
be unsuccessful. squares, circles, rectangles and • 7.30pm - Tuesday, 24th April
triangles and in so doing, was • Living and Learning Centre,
Using acrylic paints, Patrick commenced his demonstration injecting an abstract element 180 Longueville Rd, Lane Cove.
on a rough toothed, square canvas. The subject matter was into the painting. His moth-
from a photo depicting a landscape scene. A few free marks eaten-looking, dishevelled Maybe the main lesson
were quickly put down as a general outline for what was to brushes assisted in this task! from Patrick’s enjoyable
follow. “Inject your own response to the subject even as a rough These particular brushes demonstration was that all
drawing,” remarked Patrick. Whilst objectivity is the ultimate were fabulous for producing artists need to get a little more
goal, ironically a certain degree of subjectivity is also required wonderful tree type marks. objectivity into their work.
because passion is a vital ingredient in making art. Think about what original
Another step towards tools you can bring to your
The original voice of Patrick’s painting style was observed attaining more objectivity painting or printing to see how
throughout the demonstration. Having devoted most of his life occurred when Patrick moved it changes your mark making.
to making marks, Patrick was able to show and discuss freely a laminated sheet across his
so many painterly ‘tricks’ and philosophical views. Scraping work. Marks were blurred Where are those skewers?
back into the painting with old credit cards, knitting needles, and gained more character,
branches or other tools injected wonderful texture and life into enhancing the mysterious Illustration above: Artist Patrick
his work. These unusual tools served to heighten the objectivity quality of the work. Acrylics Carroll used his dynamic style to
of the work. are forgiving so Patrick had paint a landscape in acrylic at his
no hesitation in using these demonstration at the LCAS’s first
“Exploit artistic license,” exclaimed Patrick. He added a higher measures. He can work over a meeting of 2018.
horizon because he felt that was needed compositionally. He painting many times before he Photo by Pat Wilson.
constantly danced to and fro from the painting, all the while achieves the harmony
assessing where to go next in view of the recent brush strokes he is seeking. Lane Cove Art Society
and colours that had been applied. Most artists perform this By Margaret Vickers
creative dance as a means of balancing the objective and the
subjective marks that are made.



April Discover the ancient and contemplative craft of basket
Workshops making with professional basket maker Meredith (Meri)
Peach. In this workshop, students will learn the technique of
Coiled basketry with coiled basketry, where materials are stitched together.
reclaimed materials
Whereas plant materials were traditionally used for this Neutral Bay, Warwick Buddle, 2016
When: 10am - 4pm, technique, this workshop features a modern twist, making
Wednesday 11th April use of reclaimed materials such as plastic bags, scrap fabrics, MINIATURE ART
Cost: Free. onion bags, chip wrappers and scrap wool to create a colourful Workshop
basketry bowl. This is a great way to upcycle some waste
Bookings essential materials from around the house. Date: 10.00 am – 4.00pm,
Sponsored by Lane Cove Saturday 21st April
Council as part of senior’s week Included in the workshop will be discussion around the
history and culture of basket making; explanation of choosing Cost: $100
April and preparing materials; and demonstrations followed by one-
Exhibitions to-one instruction. Miniature art in the
21st century is as broad and
DIVERSION with Meri makes functional baskets and sculptures from both exciting in its scope as large
Basketry NSW Inc natural and reclaimed materials. She is an experienced teacher work. The artists use every
of basketry, has held several Artist in Residence positions and medium - from oil paint,
When: 4th - 28th April regularly exhibits her work in galleries. Meri is currently the watercolour and graphite to
Opening night: 6 - 8pm, President of Basketry NSW Inc. collage, printmaking, hand-
Wednesday 4th April made books and sculpture
Meri will provide all necessary materials, but students may - but the image can be no
From the Latin divertere also bring their own reclaimed materials for experimentation. more than 40cm in perimeter
(meaning ‘turn aside’), Most kinds of cordage and flexible materials that can be cut into (ie 10 x 10cm or similar).
diversion has several long narrow strips are suitable; for instance, plastics, fabrics, Three-dimensional work can
meanings in modern English. rubber, leather, wool, mesh, soft wires, electrical cords. Plastic be no more than 15cm in any
bags from the supermarket checkout are NOT suitable, they direction.
A diversion can be a means need to be the smoother, sturdier kind (eg. from fashion shops).
of turning something aside The miniature artists
from its course; departing Students need to bring scissors. No previous basketry leading the workshop will
from the usual route; or experience is necessary. explain the principles and
reallocating something for a parameters that guide
different purpose. EMBRACE NATURAL DYEING miniature art; the best
with Cee Egan Workshop with surfaces to work on, and
In this exhibition, Basketry Karen Tam brushes etc to use. For this
NSW members present When: 4th - 28th April workshop, it is suggested
striking and whimsical fibre Date: 10.30am – 3.00pm, that the art form would be
works in response to the Yarn bombing comes to the painting or drawing. The
theme of diversion. Gallery! Part exhibition, part Saturday 28th April attendees can work in the
experiment, part social space, medium of their choice, and
Embrace is an extension of Cost: $140.00 will need to bring all their own
Lane Cove artist Cee Egan’s Note: Over 18s only. Butane materials.
public art practice. The site gas and burners will be used.
will be transformed by yarn, The workshop is specially
knitting together stories past This introductory designed for experienced
and musings of what is to workshop will focus on artists who are interested
come. exploring natural colour from in developing their practice
flowers and foliage and other in miniature. It will be in a
Everyone is welcome ingredients like turmeric and format similar to a mentor
to drop in. Knitting and food waste. group for experienced artists
crocheting get-togethers will wanting to expand their
be held on one Saturday and Students will develop repertoire of work.
one Tuesday in the month of an understanding of dyeing
April. For more details, check fabric samples and dye their
the gallery website www. own silk scarf using basic and shibori methods.
Facebook page.
Learn how to bundle
dye using flowers, leaves
and steam. The focus of the
workshops is to share Karen’s
love for dyeing with natural
dyestuffs and earth friendly
ingredients in a fun and
sustainable way.

This workshop is suitable
for beginners – intermediate.
Maximum 6 people only.

Phone: 9428 4898



NSW Government reintroduces
land-clearing law

The NSW Government’s changes to planning laws and policies are complicated
matters that are central business for Lane Cove’s Bushland & Conservation
Society, with the current boom in development applications heavily impacting the
health and scale of the natural environment of Lane Cove.

for the loss of trees/ bushland to WIRES were contacted when this koala was
found on the side of the road near Bangalow.
a development will result in the Photo by Jesse Forrest.

degradation of nature in exchange for People who value nature or who
have architectural skills, an interest in
cash payments and other unsatisfactory environmental management, planning
etc, are encouraged to join the varied
outcomes as it is subject to ‘discounts’ at Society members in any capacity to
further these interests.
decision-makers’ discretion and payments
The ‘heavy lifting’ of the Society is
in lieu of genuine offsets. A developer, or in reviewing local DA’s, often adjoining
bushland, and writing submissions on our
even local council, could offer alternative members’ behalf, such as our submission
on ‘The Regional Forest Agreement (RFA)
land within 100km of Lane Cove as Review’. As only 9% of the native forests
that remain are protected in national
being equivalent to the vegetation to be parks or conservation areas, and much
is slated for logging as state forests,
removed for development. This is against incredibly important wildlife habitats
and stunning landscapes are at risk. The
the advice of leading scientists and would LCBCS found that the progress report for
the RFA review “fails to provide any data
degrade Lane Cove. to support the assertions that logging is
conforming to Ecologically Sustainable
Under Luke Foley, NSW Labor has Forest Management”.

Source: Total Environment Centre committed to repealing the entire Land So what can you do to stop the
prediction that at the current rate,
The NSW Government has just Clearing Laws if elected in 2019. even the koala may be gone from NSW
reintroduced a critical part of ‘land- by 2055?
clearing laws’ that the Land and Lane Cove is regularly challenged by
Environment Court ruled invalid, Become involved in campaigns to hold
remaking the codes overnight. developers who routinely attempt to the Government accountable for the
environment. Submissions can be found
The laws will accelerate wildlife exceed our carefully worked out local under ‘Communications’ on LCBCS’s
habitat destruction and damage our website:
local environment. They are so flexible development controls (eg. Northwood news/
that they could lead to the loss of
bushland pockets in Lane Cove, as proposal and near the Harry Howard By Shauna Forrest,
the flawed ‘biodiversity off-setting’ Sustainability Scribes President, LCBCS
rules can affect urban areas. walk), and chip away at

“By the Government’s own At the the narrow remnant
assessment, they will lead to a spike in current rate, bushland that
clearing of up to 45 per cent and expose makes Lane Cove
threaten wildlife habitat to destruction, even the koala unique, and that
including 99 per cent of identified koala
habitat on private land," said Nature may be gone cleans and cools
Conservation Council CEO Kate Smolski,
referring to advice from the Office of from NSW by the air. Increasing
Environment and Heritage to Ms Upton, 2055. population, parking
MP (SMH). and traffic also

"Only 1 per cent of koala habitat on remove trees from
private land is safe!”
schools, parks and streets
Under the new laws, ‘off-setting’
(eg. Greenwich school, Centennial Ave

‘tractor’ park).

LCBS members and sub-committees

use their varied skills to protect and

enhance Lane Cove’s natural green

heritage, such as our native plant stalls in

the Plaza, as this provides backyard and

balcony habitat and food for

native animals.

New solar mapping tool for Lane Cove

Lane Cove Council has launched a free online Solar Mapping Tool which allows residents and businesses to estimate the potential
for solar electricity generation on their roof.

The tool provides consumers with information that will assist with solar purchasing decisions. With 10% of Lane Cove buildings
already benefiting from solar panels, there remains significant potential for solar energy across the community.

The Solar Mapping Tool provides a key benefit for Lane Cove residents and businesses by taking into consideration roof pitch and
orientation, as well as shade from nearby buildings and trees. Using the tool will provide a more accurate insight into the potential
energy savings you can achieve from installing a solar system on your home or business.

To map your home or business solar potential, visit



LCTC has busily begun rehearsing for its May Thank you to the
production of Oliver Goldsmith’s classic bawdy community for embracing
romp She Stoops to Conquer. our world premiere
production of Rodney
She Stoops Stewart’s Vicki, which ran
to Conquer for three performances in
Rodney, a Lane Cove local, wrote the
11-29 May original tale of ‘Rikki’ in the 1970’s. There
was professional interest in the play,
VENUE: but it was so distorted by the producers
that it ended up being unrecognisable.
The Performance Rodney laid his script aside for many
Space @ St Aidan’s years to pursue other ventures and
Longueville. came back to it about ten years ago. We
were thrilled to be able to stage this tale
BOOKINGS CAN BE of four survivors of a nuclear attack – a
MADE ONLINE AT: poet, a painter, a scientist and a robot.
The fun script and catchy musical
www.trybooking. numbers made it a very memorable
com/ UJVL production which audiences and critics
thoroughly enjoyed.

Lane Cove Theatre Company
Generously supported by Lane Cove Council

This comic masterpiece mocks the simple morality of sentimental KIDS’ HOLIDAY
comedies of the period. Subtitled The Mistakes of a Night, the play is a light- WORKSHOPS
hearted farce that derives its charm from the misunderstandings which
entangle the well-drawn characters. Gallery Lane Cove/Centrehouse
is excited to announce two fun-
When Marlow mistakes Kate’s house for an inn and treats her father like filled weeks of April school holiday
an inn-keeper, things are not going so smoothly for him. With her brother workshops with three new teachers!
causing mischief, her father insulted and her mother plotting a marriage
that nobody wants, it’s no wonder Kate has to stoop to conquer. There will be four pottery
classes with experienced teachers/
This production belongs to that small group of classic English comedies ceramicists; relief printing; sketch
which never go out of fashion. Directed by Peter Farmer who has directed book; pop-art; and for the first time,
Away, The 39 Steps, Shadowlands and Charley’s Aunt for LCTC, this production two all-day, six hour workshops in
promises to be a true comedic delight - a sweet concoction of Goldsmith’s craft and drawing/sculpture/painting.
sly language and lovable characters. He has given us a rarity - a comedy that,
like Shakespeare’s comedies, has withstood the test of time.

The cast includes Ross Scott, Alison Grace, Katie Regan, Ross Holohan,
William Burke, Simon Emmerson, Esther Hannan-Moon, Natasha Nogueira,
Henry Taylor, Antony Akle and Larissa Turton.

Are you interested in becoming a member of the For more details on the workshops,
Lane Cove Theatre Company? go to and, or call
Are you interested in joining an active social group? Keen to audition for one of 9428 4898.
our productions or assist back-stage? The Company would love to hear from you.
Enquiries [email protected] or join our group or page on Facebook. THE VILLAGE OBSERVER I NO. 272 I APRIL 2018 I 37
Generously supported by Lane Cove Council.


Involving children in Family Dispute Resolution to persist amongst parents that they can
work out better arrangements without their
After their parents separate, should children process. It’s called Child Inclusive Family children’s direct involvement.
Dispute Resolution.
have a say in what happens to them? Indeed, Child Inclusive FDR is not suitable
Child Inclusive FDR involves appointing a in every case. But for parents concerned
The reality is that historically, in qualified ‘child expert’ who interviews the as to the effect of the separation on their
Australia, parents have tended to believe parents and then the children separately. children, and who want the best outcomes
they can work out arrangements without Then the child expert provides feedback to for their children’s welfare, it is worthwhile
their children’s direct involvement. the parents of the children’s needs, wishes discussing Child Inclusive FDR with a family
and perceptions. lawyer who can arrange it, or with a Family
It is true that mostly parents are Relationships Centre.
successful in working out the terms of A major study in 2007 showed that
their separation, and can do so without involving children from separated families In 1990, Australia became one of the
having to go to court. in Child Inclusive FDR achieved remarkably first countries in the world to ratify the
successful results. And not just for older United Nations Convention on the Rights
Often they will use a process called children. Children who were quite young of the Child. This convention has now been
Family Dispute Resolution (or FDR). This could express views and perceptions of ratified by every member of the United
is a very effective mediation process their parents’ separation and express Nations, except the USA. Among the rights
in which an experienced and impartial their desires. The children enjoyed and enshrined by the Convention is the principle
Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner benefitted from having their views and that children have a right to express their
sees both parties individually and prepares perceptions taken into account. Child own views freely in all matters affecting
and assists them to meet together with Inclusive FDR produced better outcomes their welfare.
the Practitioner and reach their own and more sustainable and longer lasting
resolution. Under the Family Law Act, for parenting agreements. The children’s views Child Inclusive FDR puts children’s rights
the great majority of separating parents it had a salutary effect on their parents, front and centre, and is in accordance with
is compulsory to try FDR before starting who often needed to hear their children’s our commitment to the United Nations
court proceedings. views; frequently to the effect that the Convention on the rights of the child.
children loved both parents and wanted
But in this process, the children’s views the arguments to end. FAMILY LAW SPECIALIST
are usually not taken into account. Mostly Andrew Corish.
parents attend FDR alone, without the To date, Child Inclusive FDR hasn’t Corish & Co Specialist Family
children. been common in Australia. Both parents Lawyers, North Sydney.
have to agree to it, and the belief seems
But there is a process by which they
can directly involve their children in the SECONDARY LOGO VARIATIONS



Come visit our office at 1 Pottery Lane Can you spare a few hours to relieve the isolation
for our new JP service. of a local resident?

Our JP will be in Monday 9th, 16th, 23rd You can make a big difference in someone’s life.
and 30th April fromPOSITVE – 1 COLOUR BLACK 2 - 4pm.
With a team of nearly 400 volunteers, Sydney
Please call in advance to ensure the Community Services (formerly Lane Cove & North

PhoJnP ies in9th4at2w7ee6k:425 Side Community Services and Hunters Hill Ryde
Community Services), provides a range of services to
38 I THE VILLAGE OBSERVER I NO. 272 I APRIL 2018 support over 500 olderPOSITVE – residents and1 COLORUERVBERLASCEK– WHITE people living

with a disability in our local community.
We are currently seeking volunteers for various roles.

If you are interested in finding out more about
our openings, please email:
[email protected]
or call: 9427 6425


p Waters what lay below me in the deep waters.. Karen Paull

Great Barrier Reef gave me three different Life can be like my dives. Living on the surface COMMUNITY CHAPLAIN

amidst the vibrancy and pleasures of life is very

htful snorkel amongst the dazzling colour of appealing and hard to leave voluntarily. But usually
f fish and corLalA. ANnEenCdleOssVdEeligWhtOthMatEI N’SweAaCreTfoIOrceNd t&o face harder realities at some stage. Being
well-equipped to face them is an advantage, but even if not,
an attitude of future hope can help us through them,
ing at the surwfaacsemaogareintofohretr.hSehtehwirdasdaivceo.mItmfitutleldneascst.ivist and she battled entrenched remarkable. It is the many facets which give

irst dive, butgeonvreicrnhmedenbtyatphaethkyntoowwlaerddgsenoefw arrivals, and hostility to Indigenous and it such beauty.
Chinese Australians. She also set u*pfraomscJhoohonl1in0:I1n0diina,tahnedBilebcletured on
This is also true of life. As a child

0 299 751, e.fkeamriennislpt atouplli@csb. Supported by Lane Cove Uniting Church develops, their gifts and abilities begin

to shine forth. We find they are capable

in many different areas, and often it can

All WAIG sessions are held at the Lane Cove Library, be difficult knowing which to choose to
Longueville Rd unless otherwise stated. hone. Outstandingly gifted children can be
the focus of much attention and may be

Cost of Monday sessions: capable of shining on their own, but most
$8 members/$10 non-members per session. have gifts they can enjoy contributing to
the whole. Each gift is like a facet, reflecting
For further information, visit our Facebook page, some of the rays that make a beautiful gem.

email [email protected] or call 0411 016 784. As adults, we learn that others have gifts

we lack and vice versa. When we choose to

collaborate, this can be powerful.

The emerging Games in the Park, held on

Carisbrook Historic House the last Sunday afternoon of the month at
Helen Street reserve in Lane Cove North, is
Phone a good example of this. An initiative of Lane
0418 276 365 Cove Community Chaplaincy and the Rotary
Club of Lane Cove, others quickly joined in.
Email Local groups, a business and neighbours
also offered their talents free of charge. This
enables far more to be offered to our local

Guides [email protected] community: table tennis, cricket, bowls,
volleyball, Frisbee, massage, face painting,
orienteering, and a free barbecue are the
current activities on a growing list. It’s fun

Wanted to be part of the team, discovering new
facets and new friends.

My experience shows it’s far better to

focus on the abilities of others (and my

own) than upon the deficits. Encouraging

people to find and utilise their gifts is

enriching. What facets in your life are

waiting to catch the light? Unleash them

and we will all be the richer!

‘For it was you (Lord) who formed my

inward parts; you knit me together in

my mother's womb. I praise you, for I am

fearfully and wonderfully made,’ The Bible, Psalm 139: 13-14 (NRSV)

Rev Karen Paull - 0400 299 751
[email protected]


Lane Cove Community Chaplaincy

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What’s on April 2018

monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday

02 PUBLIC 03 04 Shopping Bus 05 Social Bridge 06 Boomers Blue
9am - 11.45am Chess/Solo 9.45 - 12.45pm
1pm - 3.30pm Table Tennis
12.30pm or 2.30pm
Mah-Jong Coles
1.00pm-4.00pm Phone Shopping
9.00am - 11.30am

09 Parkview Cafe 10 11 Shopping Bus 12 Shuffleboard 13 Boomers Yellow
3 course meal 9.45 - 12.45pm
$15 9am - 11.45am 9.45am - Table Tennis
12.30pm or
Special Accordian 11.45am 2.30pm
Mah-Jong Social Bridge Coles
12 - 2.00pm 1.00pm - 4.00pm Chess/Solo Phone Shopping
1pm - 3.30pm 9.00am - 11.30am
16 F.O.C.A.S. Scrabble 10-12noon
Group meeting
9.30 - 12noon 17 Bus Trip 18 Shopping Bus 19 Social Bridge 20 Boomers Blue
9.45 - 12.45pm
Book Club Sydney Train 9am - 11.45am Chess/Solo
1.30 - 3.30pm Museum Loftus 1pm - 3.30pm Table Tennis
12.30pm or 2.30pm

$45 Mah-Jong Coles Phone
1.00pm - 4.00pm 9.00am - 11.30am

23 Parkview Cafe 24 25 Shopping Bus 26 Shuffleboard 27 Boomers Yellow
3 course meal 9.45 - 12.45pm
$15 9am - 11.45am 9.45am - Table Tennis
12 - 2.00pm 12.30pm or
11.45am 2.30pm

Mah-Jong Social Bridge Coles
1.00pm - 4.00pm Chess/Solo Phone Shopping
1pm - 3.30pm 9.00am - 11.30am
Scrabble 10-12noon

30 PDaornkv'tiefworCgaefet th2i6s month's Senior2s8EvSehnotpspiantg 1BPusotte3r0y Slaonciea,l LBarindegeCov2e9. Table Tennis
12.30pm or 2.30pm
3Tuceosu3rsAepmrile a-l LCPLaiaavnrlemkeDiVCnrigouevwmEefmCfCeaihcnfotegro-WisfAtoYecrorckgsos ahrdociplaa n ssP e9M1.r 0afa o0mhrp-mJm-ao1n1-n.c44ge.50 0111a02009m.p..00.33m0000anaammomo--n-11C1-121p0.h23.m0.e4.000s5a-0psam3pm/mSm.3o0lopm Coles
$W1e5d 4 April - Phone Shopping
1M2o-n19.4A5pprmil - 9.00am - 11.30am
Tues 10 April - 10 - 12 noon

BOOKINGS /ENQUIRIES CONTACT: Phone: 9427 6425 Email: [email protected]

1 Pottery Lane, Lane Cove, 2066

BUS TRIP: This month we venture down south to MAH-JONG: Every Wednesday now at the Seniors men who are independently mobile; sticks & walkers are
the Famous Sydney Tram Museum at Loftus. This Hub, 1 Pottery Lane in the Park View Room. $5 welcome. Outings are typically three hours in duration
Museum is Australia's oldest tramway museum and includes afternoon tea. All welcome. For enquiries & include destinations such as cafés, parks, galleries,
the largest in the southern hemisphere. Our visit will please call Vanessa 9428 2972 museums, historic houses and other places of interest. Join
be followed by lunch at the Georges River Sailing SCRABBLE: Fortnightly on Fridays – see calendar for our outings in April to Eden Gardens, Dragonfly Café and
Club. $45 Lunch and Morning Tea included. dates. $5 includes morning tea the Sydney Jewish Museum. Bookings essential 9427 6425
PARK VIEW CAFÉ: Join us for a wonderful three- VILLAGE (SHOPPING) BUS: Weekly door to door F.O.C.A.S : Become a Community Centre volunteer! 1st
course meal for just $15 on the 2nd and 4th Monday service, Wednesday mornings, with 2 hours in Lane Monday of the month morning tea is provided. We knit, sew,
of the month. Bus pick up just $5 return– Bookings Cove Village. Friendly drivers and volunteers bring any crochet all sorts of articles and make handmade calico dolls
essential shopping up from WOOLWORTHS to the bus and will for children in hospitals and the needy. We look forward to
SHUFFLEBOARD: Join us the 2nd and 4th carry any parcels to the kitchen bench on your return. meeting you at 1 Pottery Lane, Lane Cove in the Park View
Thursdays of the month for this fun, fast paced indoor $7 single or $10 per couple. Bookings essential. Room 9.30am -12noon. FOCAS WILL MEET MONDAY
game! 9.45 – 11.45am $5 includes morning tea. PHONE SHOPPING: Weekly service, Fridays 9:00am 16TH THIS MONTH.
Guaranteed fun!!!! – 11.30am. Phone our office and speak to our friendly
BOOK CLUB: Meets 3rd Monday of the month. Cost Volunteers, who take down your shopping order on- SAVE THE DATE
$4 includes borrowing the book and afternoon tea. line to be delivered a day of your choosing). There is WINTER FASHION PARADE
This month discussing no charge for the phone-in service; COLES charge a
SOCIAL BRIDGE/ CHESS/SOLO: Meets every small delivery fee. Thursday 10th May
Thursday afternoon 1pm - 3.30pm, in our Parkview TABLE TENNIS: Two sessions every Friday. 12.30 or Please call to book – 9427 6425
Room at 1 Pottery Lane, Lane Cove. $5 includes 2.30pm - $5.00.
4a0fteIrnToHoEnVItLeLaA.GAEllOwBeSlEcRoVmEeR. IDNetOa.il2s7:2JuI lAieP9RI4L2270168425 BOOMERS: An informal social group for older Not to be Missed!

Movie Afternoon

Please join us on Wednesday April 18th at JOIN US FOR
1.45pm as Alan Seale presents this classic
Oscar winning movie for Best Actor - The Mindfulness
African Queen - starring Humphrey Bogart & Relaxation
and Katharine Hepburn. Directed by John
Huston and set in Africa during World War WHEN: 1.15 - 2.15pm (note new time),
I, the movie tells the story of a gin-swilling Tuesday 10 April and
riverboat captain who is persuaded by a Tuesday 24 April, 2018
strait-laced missionary to use his boat to WHERE: Sydney Community Services,
attack an enemy warship.
1 Pottery Lane, Lane Cove
WHEN: Wednesday April 18th (parking underneath building -
at 1.45pm. entrance on Little Street)
Come and explore some easy
VENUE: Sydney Community Services, mindfulness and relaxation
1 Pottery Lane, Lane Cove techniques to reduce stress and
promote relaxation.
COST: $5 entry includes afternoon tea. Free for volunteers of
Volunteers of Sydney Sydney Community Services,
Community Services are free. $5 for the community.
Includes afternoon tea.
Please RSVP by: Emily Wilks, our instructor, is a fully
Monday April 16th to: qualified yoga teacher with an
[email protected] interest in teaching children and
or call 9427 6425. adults mindfulness, relaxation and
brain science.

To book your place, contact:
[email protected]
or call 9427 6425.
Spaces are limited.


BITS&PIECES PLEASE EMAIL: [email protected]

1ST LANE COVE SCOUT GROUP workshops, general and private plots. Street. Regular exhibitions and events. LANE COVE MASTERS SWIMMING
Sun 2pm. Ph Mandy 9436 2891.
Joeys 6-8yrs (register interest); COVE INVESTORS A small group Meets Tuesday 6.30-7.30pm, Lane
Cubs 8-11yrs (Wed 7pm); Scouts of local investors meeting monthly HUNTERS HILL WOMEN'S BOWLING Cove Aquatic Centre. Swimming coach
11-15yrs (Fri 7.30pm); Venturers (evenings), at the Lane Cove Library CLUB We are seeking new members. caters to all levels of swimming ability.
15-18yrs (Thur 7pm). New hall in to discuss and pool our knowledge Tuesday mornings. Free lessons.
Blackman Park, available for hire. and broaden our investment skills, Come and enjoy the friendship. LANE COVE RESIDENTS FOR e: mail@ primarily in the share market. 0419 258 662 or 0408 110 082. RECONCILIATION (LCRR) ph: 9428 4061 Interested? Contact Julian at
[email protected] JAZZ BAND Stringybark Jazz Formed in 1997, we are a local group of
ALL AGE SUNDAY SCHOOL rehearses Monday nights in Lane Aboriginal/non-Aboriginal community
C3 CHURCH LANE COVE Cove, vacancies available. Plays a members working together to advance
Classes 9am each Sunday. Morning Sunday services 9am (with morning diverse range of jazz from Swing, the process of Reconciliation. New
tea provided. Metropolitan Baptist tea after), and 10am for a 10.30am to Blues, Latin, R&B and Funk & members are most welcome. Come
Church, 223 Burns Bay Rd, Lane Cove start (morning tea before the service performs throughout the year at join us! Enquiries: 9428 1197 or 9428
West. Pastor Mario Schiavone on from 10am). Lane Cove Public School festivals, community events and 1201
0434 432 175 or visit Hall. Homebase Youth – 7.15pm private functions. Friday nights in school term. Monthly Contact: davidcbraybrook@bigpond. LANE COVE SCRABBLE CLUB
ACEAustralian Contemporary English) com or (mob) 0410 566 953.
ANC MIXED SOCIAL GOLF CLUB conversation evenings 9418 9211 New in Lane Cove North, meeting LANE COVE BRANCH OF THE fortnightly on Thursdays from 6pm in
Currently looking for new members to COUNTRY WOMEN'S ASSOCIATION The Meeting House, 23A Stokes Street.
join social golf club. We play alternate ENGLISH CONVERSATION CLASS Enquiries; Bob 0400 226 541 or email
Sundays on various public courses Meetings held on second Thursday of [email protected]
on the North Shore. No handicap Fridays 10am-12 noon. Improve your month, 10.15am-12.30pm in the Lane
required, but you must know basic conversation English with trained Cove Library, Room 1. LANE COVE UNITING CHURCH
rules and etiquette of the game. facilitators. $3/ week. Info from LCM For info, call Morag on 8407 9582 or
Contact Robert 0411 559 909 or Peter Church office on 9427 1163 or email case[email protected] All are warmly welcome to worship
0405 092 877. in the chapel, Sundays 9.30am, cnr
LANE COVE BUSH KIDS Figtree St/ Centennial Ave or come for
AQUALUNA CHOIR Fun acapella FOODFAITH COMMUNITY GARDEN coffee at 10.30am. Weekly activities
choir seeking singers- pop, gospel, Nature activities for 2 to 5 years include Christian Meditation and
world, sacred music. Wed 7.30pm, St F​ ree individual plots for growing your (term time) and 2 to 10 years (school Mahjong. Phone 9428 2240 or email
Andrew's church hall, Longueville. own veggies, fruit and herbs still holidays). Join us for fun and [email protected]
Enquiries: Christine on 0411 738 528 available. See [email protected] adventure in local bushland. Program
or [email protected]. details and online bookings at www. LANE COVE YOUTH ORCHESTRA
BON APPETIT TOASTMASTERS (also known as St Giles Greenwich). Calling young musicians! Have you
Sunday Service, 9am every week. 1st LANE COVE BUSHLAND & ever played in a symphony orchestra?
Meet over dinner on second & 3rd Sundays - Morning Prayer. 2nd CONSERVATION SOCIETY Why not come along and try out in
Wednesday evening of each month & 4th Sundays - Holy Communion. LCBS meets on the 2nd Tuesday each one of our rehearsals. Scholarships
in a supportive learning environment Sunday School also available. month at the Lane Cove Tennis Club, offered for selected students. www.
and great social atmosphere. Info: Kenneth St, Longueville. Newcomers
0404 049 565, GREENWICH SAILING CLUB welcome. For info, contact Ron 9427 Contact Lyndall 0411 413 335 or
Kids Learn to Sail, September 25. 1125, or Helen 9427 4845. [email protected]
BNI BUSINESS EXPRESS LANE COVE New members of any age are always
BNI is a highly professional business E: [email protected]
networking organisation whose Meets fortnightly at 8.00pm on Meets first Thursday of each month
primary purpose is to exchange HALLAM AVENUE TENNIS CLUB Thursday evenings. at the Lane Cove Club at 10am. Keep
qualified business referrals. Contact Details 9428 4834 or 9873 6315. up-to-date with RSL matters, DVA and
Dr Sarah McNeil on 9418 9031 or 58 Hallam Ave, Lane Cove West. New community services. 9906 5934.
[email protected] members welcome. Hire courts from LANE COVE CHORISTERS
CARISBROOK HISTORIC HOUSE $10 per hour. Call 0424 229 259 or Senior ladies' choir welcomes new LANE COVE TOASTMASTERS
email ha[email protected] members. Rehearsals on Tuesday
Open weekends from 11am - 4pm. afternoons at St. Aidan's Church, Become a confident public speaker
See this beautifully restored house HEALTHY LIFESTYLE Longueville. Regular concerts given. supported by a friendly group. Meets
and what it was like to live in the Strength Training - use adjustable For info, contact Bev on 9418 9063. 1st, 3rd & 5th Wednesday 6:45pm -
1880's during a time when there free weights and body weight 8:25pm at 23A Stokes Street, Lane
were no iPads, phones or TV's. The exercises to improve muscle strength, LANE COVE COAL & GAS WATCH Cove. Enquiries: 0403 392 122. www.
gardens are also a joy to wander Tuesdays 2.35-3.35pm. 10 week term,
through. Adults $8, Family $20, $110/$88 (concession). P:8877 5300. Meets first Monday of every month Cove-Toastmasters/
Concession $6. 334 Burns Bay Road. at Lane Cove Library 6.30-8.30pm.
Parking off Waterview Drive www. HUMMINGSONG COMMUNITY CHOIRS New members welcome. For more LANE COVE SUSTAINABILITY ACTION information, phone 8964 7805. GROUP Meets on the third Thursday
A network of women’s a cappella of every odd month (Jan, Mar, May, Jul,
CARER SUPPORT Carer Line is a choirs. Chatswood choir ‘Alkira' is LANE COVE CONCERT BAND Sept, Nov) at the Lane Cove Library,
free telephone information/support open to new members. Meets Monday 7-8.30pm. 9428 3553/0421 442 840.
service specifically for/about carers nights in school terms from 7.30pm - Want to join a local, friendly musical
providing information, support and 9.30pm at St Paul’s Anglican Church, organisation? Six ensembles, from LANE COVE WEST TENNIS CLUB
referrals. Call 1800 242 636, 1 View Street, Chatswood. beginner to advanced concert
Mon-Frid, 9-5pm. bands, 2 jazz bands and a woodwind Courts for hire day or night at
ensemble. New members welcome. Blackman Park, Lloyd Rees Drive (off
CLAN MACLEOD PIPE BAND HUNTERS HILL BRIDGE CLUB Cameraygal Wind Symphony Wood St). Amenities and children's
rehearses 7:45pm Thursday (AMEB playground. Contact Vic on 0417 667
Always wanted to learn to play Looking for a way to keep mentally grade 5 or higher); 020 or
bagpipes or drums? We practice fit, have fun and make friends? Turrumburra Concert Band rehearses New members welcome.
Monday nights at St Leonards Park, Join our Beginner Bridge lessons 7:45pm Wednesday (grade 3-4);
North Sydney and welcome new starting Thursday 8th March for 6 Karingal Concert Band rehearses LAUGHTER MELODY YOGA
members. Contact via website: www. weeks from 1 - 3.15pm. Cost $120. 7:30pm Tuesday (grade 2-3); Hunters Hill Bridge Club, Crown St, Stringybark Jazz rehearses 7.30pm Join one hour laughter yoga sessions
Henley. Registration required, contact Mondays (grade 5 or higher). to help you feel good, boost health
COMMUNITY CHAPLAIN Carol Sheldrake on 0438 619 780 or Visit or Paul and happiness. All welcome. Coin
Offers free activities: Local bush [email protected] Hummerston on 0407 124 600. donation. Enquiries: 0403 392 122.
walks, meditation, conversation and Check sessions at
coffee groups, chess, family camps, HUNTERS HILL CONGREGATIONAL LANE COVE HISTORICAL SOCIETY Laughter-Melody-Yoga/
women's retreats, private talk with CHURCH Our main gathering
chaplain Karen. is Sundays at 10am and during Next meeting is 7pm, April 24 at LAVOCE INC. COMMUNITY CHOIR the week in various homes in Lane Cove Library. The special guest
0400 299 751 our community. Cnr Ferdinand & speaker is author Jane Eales on Meets Tuesday, 6.15-8pm at the Lane
Alexandra Street. Phone 9817 2282 Secrets, Spies and Spotted Dogs - a Cove Living and Learning Centre,
COMMUNITY GARDEN (Permapatch) or remarkable story about the quest to 180 Longueville Rd to sing for fun.
uncover her mysterious birth-mother No audition necessary, new members
Behind Chatswood South Uniting HUNTERS HILL MUSEUM and the part she played in WWII. welcome. Enquiries: Adrian Lee
Church, cnr Mowbray Rd and Open Mon to Frid, 10am-12noon at Supper afterwards. Enquiries 0418 0424 507 321, email adrianlee2@mac.
Pac Hwy, Lane Cove. Huge, quiet Hunters Hill Town Hall, Alexandra 276 376. com; or
garden. 50 members. Sharing info, LONGUEVILLE ST AIDAN'S
ANGLICAN CHURCH Sunday morning
services 8am & 10am. Friendship
Service for the frail aged, 11.30am on


1st Wed of month. Healing service, care professionals and held at North Shinnyo-en Buddhist Temple. Join us friendly atmosphere. Ph 9262 2702
6pm on 3rd Sun of month. Youth Shore Private Hospital. For details, in extending our respect and prayers or
group, 7pm on Frid during school email Allison O’Dea @ snog@snog. to the foundation of Australia. April
term. Playgroup for toddlers & carers, or visit 25 @ 9.30 - 10.15am. Inquiries: 9418 WAIG - WOMEN'S ACTION AND INFO
10am Mon & Tues. Craft Circle, 10am 6688, email [email protected], GROUP Stimulating speakers,
on 3rd Frid of month. Cnr Christina & NORTH SHORE PROSTATE CANCER visit discussions and book reviews
Arabella St. SUPPORT GROUP Information for women. Every Monday during
and support for people impacted SPIRIT OF LIFE UNITARIAN school term, 10.30am-12.30pm at
LONGUEVILLE UNITING CHURCH by Prostate Cancer. Next FREE FELLOWSHIP A highlight for April Lane Cove Library. $8 members/$10
meeting is Thursday 19th April, will be Morandir Armson speaking non-members per session. Visit
Tuesday 3rd April: A United Kingdom 5-7pm in Kolling Building, 5th floor, on 'The origins of Easter’, Sun or email
(2016) - "One of the best films of the North Shore Hospital. Speaker is 22nd April at 10.30am, Kirribilli [email protected]
year." Set in the UK and Botswana, Dr Chris McMahon, Sexual Health Neighbourhood Centre.
the true story of a Botswanian Prince Physician on sexual rehabilitation Inquiries: 9599 1180 WALKING WELL Gentle movement
studying at Oxford, whose courtship after treatment for prostate cancer. class, 11am-1pm on the first Sunday
and then marriage creates turbulence Women and partners welcome to of every month at Lane Cove Bowls
and dissent in both Europe and Africa. attend with their husbands. For more ST MARK'S HUNTERS HILL Club, 151 Burns Bay Rd. Next
information, call Convenor, John PLAYGROUP session is Sunday 1st of October.
Catering: Fullagar on 9498 1984 or 0400 420 Held in St. Mark’s Church Hall, Enquiries to Shona on
9427 4740 / 9428 4287. BYO drinks. 602 or see www.prostate-cancer- Figtree Road, Hunters Hill on 0416 820 252 or www.movingintune.
$10. 6.30pm pizza, 7.15pm movie. Wednesdays 10 -12 noon during com/walking-well
school term. Mums, Dads, Grans
19 Rosenthal Ave, Lane Cove. and refreshments for all. Inquiries MEN: NEW IDEAS "Meet a friend
Playtime: Wednesday mornings @ Play tennis in beautiful bush setting Pamela 0409 327 087 or Mary 9879 - Make a friend - Be a friend." For
9.45am - 12 noon (Junior Jivers 10 with club house. Childrens play 8793. men over 55. Meetings held in Club
- 10.30am). A range of activities for area adjacent. Local community- Willoughby, Crabbes St, Willoughby
children 0-5 and their carers. run facility. Very reasonable rates. TREBLEMAKERS COMMUNITY every 2nd and 4th Wednesday. For
For permanent daytime bookings, CHOIR Anybody who loves to sing is info, call Doug on 9417 3715
LOWER NORTH SHORE MULTIPLE contact Ralph Bertinetti on 9428 invited. Performing contemporary
BIRTH ASSOC A club run by volunteer 2180 or [email protected]. The and traditional songs, this unique ZUMBA CLASSES IN LANE COVE
parents of multiples (twins, triplets Tennis Court is managed by Osborne choir will be participating in
etc) to support and assist other Park Progress Association. community events and activities. For Get fit, sweat, make friends and have
parents. Weekly playgroup. more info, Louise on 0452 006 693. fun! Classes suitable for everyone
Email [email protected]. PROBUS CLUBS Fellowship or call
au or visit meetings for retirees. Programs U3A UNIVERSITY OF THIRD AGE Dianne on 0406 765 827.
include guest speakers, regular
MAHJONG Wednesday afternoons excursions, morning, afternoon tea U3A offers an extensive variety of
from 1 - 4pm at Sydney Community and lunches. events and intellectually stimulating
Services, 1 Pottery Lane. Lessons daytime courses held in an informal,
available.Phone Vanessa 9428 2972/ CROWS NEST COMBINED meet
Sarah 0407 246 666. at Crows Nest Centre, 2 Ernest APRIL 2018
Place, Crows Nest, at 10.00am third
MEALS ON WHEELS HUNTERS HILL Thursday monthly. 9439 3455 ALL WELCOME - $3

Delivers healthy, affordable meals to LANE COVE COMBINED meets at Home-made morning tea.
client's homes. Friendly volunteers Lane Cove Bowling Club, Burns Bay 10am-12 noon
deliver on a daily or weekly basis. Road at 10am, second Monday St Andrew’s Uniting Church Hall,
Services to Hunters Hill 9817 0101 each month. In April, the topic is Christina St, Longueville
Motorcycle Adventures in Oz and
MEETING HOUSE COMMUNITY in May it is The Last Windjammer. WED 4 - SCRABBLE/ UNO
CENTRE A not-for-profit organisation Info:0408 680 507. THUR 5 - GOOD STORIES
with a varied and interesting program
of activities catering for people LANE COVE LADIES meet at WED 11 - SCRABBLE
of all ages including playgroups, Lane Cove Club at 10am, second THUR 12 - GAMES
Community Café, community garden, Wednesday monthly.9419 5068.
yoga, craft, seniors outings and WED 18 - SCRABBLE
shopping trips. Located at 23a Stokes WILLOUGHBY COMBINED meet at THUR 19 - MOSCOW
Street, Lane Cove North, 9427 1841. Chatswood Bowling Club, Gordon WED 25 - SCRABBLE
Ave, Chatswood at 9.45am, third THUR 26 - AUSSIE SAYINGS
MEETING HOUSE KINDERGARTEN Tuesday monthly. 9428 3357.
Caters for children aged 3 - 5 yrs, with If you need transport or have any questions,
highly experienced and university HUNTERS HILL COMBINED meet please call Frank on 9427 3215
qualified staff offering a full preschool at Hunters Hill Club at 9.30am, first or Chris on 9428 4287
program Mon-Thurs 8.30am-3.30pm. Tuesday monthly. 0407 018 071.
47 Burns Bay Rd (opp Coles), 9008
Hunters Hill Club, 12-20 Madeline St
MEN'S SHED Currently looking for at 10am, fourth Monday monthly.
new members. Drop in for a cuppa 9816 5116.
and a chat. Located in the carpark at WAVERTON COMBINED meets at
St Columba Retirement Centre, 15 Lane Cove Country Club, 180 River
Figtree St. Open Mon, Tues and Thurs, Road, Northwood on the third
10am-3pm. Call Ted on 0428 024 208 Monday of month at 10.15am.
or email [email protected] Phone: 9955 5126.
one hour of relaxation and simple
mindfulness meditations that will All welcome at our weekly meeting.
support you in bringing more peace 6.15 for 6.45pm until 8.15pm,
and joy into your life. We meet at Tuesdays at the Lane Cove Country
Centrehouse (178 Longueville Rd) on Club, 180 River Road. Dinner cost
the 3rd Sunday of each month from $20/head.
11am to 12pm, starting 18 Feb. For or phone 0407 216 552.
details see
meditation or call Ana 0428 569 373. SAHAJA YOGA MEDITATION

NORTH SHORE BRAIN TUMOUR FREE classes. Discover how to
SUPPORT GROUP achieve inner balance, peace and
deep understanding. No obligation.
Provides patients and families with Lane Cove Library, Thurs 7-8.30pm.
education & emotional support. For info, call Clare on 0422 798 498.
Meetings are facilitated by health

ANZAC Day Remembrance Service at



Pre-Easter Super Sale "a deeply courageous
Come along and find amazing designer and pre-loved
clothes, shoes, handbags, jewellery, collectables The Weekend Australian
and books. These events have always been very well
attended. the story of one
Come along to find a bargain and meet up with woman's search
friends. All day Devonshire tea will be served. for her mysterious
WHEN: Saturday 24th March, 10.00am - 4pm WWII birth mother
Sunday 25th March, 12.00pm - 4pm
WHERE: All Saints Church, Ambrose Street, 7pm Tuesday 24 April Lane Cove Library
Hunters Hill
Phone Deirdre on 0401 606 614,
Mary on 0416 251 994 or Margaret on 0421 335 045. This 30-minute film, with discussion
afterwards, is about the Adani mine that is
planned for central Queensland.
Presents 7.00 - 8.00pm, Thursday 22nd March

Charisma Trio WHERE:
Top Ryde Library, 1 Pope Street, Ryde
The Charisma Trio, David Organised by the Ryde Gladesville Climate Change
Miller, Ros Dunlop & Julia
Ryder bringing a piano, Action Group.
clarinet & cello ensemble
to a sparkling new level in
works by Farrenc & Rota. rydegladesvilleaction/events/

2.30 pm Sunday 8th April 2018 Champagne High Tea

Hunters Hill Town Hall Alexandra St Hunters Hill at Carisbrook
Tickets: $40 - Children under 12 FREE
334 Burns Bay Rd Lane Cove
Bookings: 02 9817 6803 or 02 9816 4078
Live music
PRESENTED BY ACCENT STRINGS from Jim Middleton/Bob Bellini Duo

Leo Kram (violin), Jane Stanley (violin), Delicious! $ 25
Daniel Williams (viola), Emily Palethorpe (cello) Sunday 29 April
Bookings essential:
WHEN: Tuesday 1st May 2018 at 8.00pm 0418 276 365 or
WHERE: Lane Cove-Mowbray Anglican Church, 19 [email protected]
Rosenthal Avenue, Lane Cove (behind the Post Office). 1pm - 4pm
COST: $25 at the door, children admitted free.
For enquiries, please phone 9428 4287 or 9427 4651
DIARY DATE: Concert at 8.00pm on 26th June:
Gliss Flute & Harp with Lisa Osmialowski (flute);
Azumi Lehmann (harp); Ella Brinch (viola).



■ Trust & SMSF • Renovation
Ѯ Prevent leaves from • Bathrooms
clogging gutters HG ACCOUNTING • Kitchens
& TAXATION • Shop Fitting
Ѯ No more dangerous SERVICES • Antique
gutter cleaning
• 9427 8774 Furniture
Ѯ Effectively screens out • 0425 238 510 Restore
birds and other pests • Repairs
Ѯ Improves tank water LANE COVE
Ѯ Fits to most roof types
Ѯ 15 year warranty

Call now for an obligation free quote
02 8678 2247 or 0413 894 971
[email protected]

Call for an obligation free quote
02 8678 2247 or 0413 894 971
[email protected]

Supply/install custom or standard Affordable Dancewear Lane Cove
rails in steel or timber, AVO KUPELIAN 0407 746 857
internal or external. Jazz, tap, ballet, gymnastics, costumes
Ballet shoes $17, Leotards $12 [email protected]
Shop 2, 91 Longueville Rd
Les 0439 967 102 Enter from Birdwood Lane Carpark
email: [email protected]

ACCOUNTANTS Commonwealth Bank............ 132 221 Lane Cove BBQ Kitchen.... 9420 8288 Blossom Tailoring/Alterations.9427 8817
Brian A Scott C. Acct........ 9418 6669 Infinity Wealth.................. 9420 9558 LC Chinese Kitchen........... 9427 0099 Lawrence Dry Cleaners..... 9428 4368
Deborah Hill...................... 9420 4660 Juliard Finanical Services.1300 302 188 Le Resto............................ 9427 6272 Minyan Design Tailor........ 9420 8848
Fodera & Co...................... 9418 9418 Kingston Financial............ 8117 2900 Suzie’s Restaurant............ 9427 6018 New Mayfair Drycleaners.. 9427 5667
Harry V Turner and Co...... 9427 0599 MLC Advice Centre............ 8035 7650 Noodle King...................... 9427 0855 Sally's Alterations............. 9428 5675
H& R Block Accountants.. 9427 9335 Mortgage Choice.............. 9420 3052 Ogalo Portugese Chicken. 9427 1200 Triple A Dry Cleaners........ 9427 3402
Infinity Financial............... 9420 9558 NAB...................................... 132 265 Oliver Brown Chocolate Cafe9. 7482111
Kingston Financial............ 8117 2900 Net International Finance.9420 2939 One Birdwood................... 9428 5155 ELECTRICAL/COMPUTER/
MAM Advisory Group........ 9428 6000 Smartline Home Loans..... 9420 1895 The Junction..................... 9418 8005 COMMUNICATIONS
Travis & Travis C.Acct....... 9427 6555 St George Bank..................... 133 330 Patchai............................. 9427 7882 Asmarina Consulting Services.9420 4658
Suncorp Bank....................... 131 175 Persian Basement............. 9428 5812 Classic Audio.................... 9428 3333
ARCHITECTS, BUILDING Westpac Bank................... 8962 4388 Pho Sam Noodle House.... 9869 0499 Electronics Central........... 9420 3811
& DESIGN Sircus Café....................... 9418 3222 Fastrack Technology........ 9043 5303
Architects Johannsen.. 0412 122 599 BARS & CLUBS Mowbray Eatery................ 9427 8083 Exp. Website Designer.0450 011 336
Architect Nathalie Curtet.0412 494 341 Lane Cove Bowling Club... 9420 5793 Subway............................. 9418 8355
Archizone Interior Design. 9428 2857 Lane Cove Club................. 9428 5155 Super Mix Juicery........ 0410 715 802
Buildscape Complete B.S..9428 3055 Lane Cove Country Club.... 9427 6631 Sushi Maru........................ 9418 8222 Len Wallis Audio............... 9427 6755
Carpenter - Michael..... 0419 861 545 Longueville Hotel.............. 9427 2021 Unwined Café & Bar.......... 9418 8074 McIntosh Electrical...... 1300 627 727
Cant Dibden...................... 9418 8633 Unwined Café & Bar.......... 9418 8074 Via Napoli......................... 9428 3297 Raw FM Network.............. 9420 4900
Designing Green......... 0412 494 341 Wok Passion..................... 9420 9567
D. Hall Building Appraisals9. 418 7750 CAFES, RESTAURANTS KIDS & TEENS
ECR International.............. 9418 3318 Coves Restaurant............. 9420 1412 CHILD CARE Ballet Stuff....................... 9428 4404
Garage Door Repairs......... 9427 8383 Birdwood Cafe.................. 8090 7940 Birrahlee Kindergarten...... 9427 5900 Burns Bay Dance Studio..0402 779 330
Handyman - John........ 0420 201 256 Caesars Pizza Palace........ 9427 6197 Burns Bay Cottage............ 9418 6188 Crayons........................ 1300 232 111
LJ Boland.......................... 9427 1511 Café Zivelli........................ 9420 1103 Greenwood Early Education.1300 947 336 Kidstuff............................. 9427 4333
Martin Wesley Builder.. 0411 856 492 Chargrill Charlies.............. 8095 9761 LC Occasional Care........... 9428 2324 Imagination Dance......... 458 333 063
PMB Plumbing.................. 9428 4041 Crust Gourmet Pizza......... 9418 9222 Meeting House ................. 9427 1841 LC Dance Academy........... 9418 7338
Reliance Roof Restoration.1300 300 748 Curry Lane........................ 9428 2922 Stringybark Day Care Centre9. 4273584
Sissons Neves Architects.. 9420 8855 Delhi Hutt.......................... 9428 5557 FASHION - MENS
Sunteca Blinds/ Awnings.. 1300 853 518 Dominos Pizza.................. 8424 4050 COMMUNITY SERVICES Gazman............................ 9427 3095
Encasa.............................. 9418 8577 Centrehouse ..................... 9428 4898 Good Will Op Shops.......... 9418 6835 Gelatissimo....................... 9418 7465 C3 Church......................... 9418 9211 St Vincent de Paul............ 9427 1115
Greenhouse Asian Salads.8540 0404 Gallery Lane Cove............. 9428 4898
BAKERIES & PATISSERIE Lodge................................ 9420 1629 Sydney Community Services.9427 6425 FASHION/ACCESSORIES WOMEN
Bakers Delight.................. 9418 3849 Fusion Coffee................... 9418 8074 Lane Cove Council............ 9911 3555 Adam Larissa Fashions.... 9427 6291
La Provence...................... 9418 9364 Fourth Fish....................... 9427 4896 Lane Cove Library............. 9911 3634 Baku Swimwear.................................
Pottery Green Bakers........ 9420 4793 Ground Caffe..................... 9420 0410 Lane Cove Seniors Centre.9911 3555 Bella Cove Lingerie........... 9418 6776
The Cake Man................... 8021 6195 King of Kebabs................. 9418 9533 Susan's Welcome Home Help.9428 4494 Blue Illusion...................... 9456 6041
La Piazza Pizza................. 9427 6041 Fuschia Boutique.............. 9428 3601
BANKS & FINANCE La Provence Espresso Bar. 9418 9364 DRY CLEANING AND Good Will Op Shops.......... 9418 6835
ANZ Bank..................... 1800 033 844 ALTERATIONS Iris & Lin........................... 9427 1395
Aussie............................... 8084 9733 Miss V Boutique................ 9418 9333
Running Bare.................... 9420 3025



for Seniors
Emma Grimes and Michael Fitzgerald
Now in our 40th year in Lane Cove Zumba® GOLD in Lane Cove Are you 55+?
Conveyancing. Commercial Law. Perfect for active older adults For affordable individual
Criminal Law. Wills and Probate. who are looking for a modified or small group tuition,
Zumba®class at a lower-intensity. see our timetable at:
Traffic Matters. Litigation (all Courts) Check the class schedule on: or
Telephone for an appointment:
Call Diana 0406765827 Living and Learning Centre,
9428 1577 180 Longueville Rd,
1st Floor, 139 Longueville Rd. Lane Cove
CENTREHOUSE AND To enrol, phone Sigrid:
GIFTS THE GALLERY LANE COVE 0411 207 512 or email
1. Art Teachers for kid’s [email protected]
AustralisCairoArgento. OUR COMMUNITY art classes Supported by Lane Cove Council
2. Experienced part-time CONNECTED
gallery installers
Please see our website
for further details at
www.gallerylanecove. or email info@

Stedmans Fine Jewellery.. 9427 3924 Bellini Hair Hunters Hill.... 9817 4422 Curves............................... 9418 6833 Nursing Links Universal.... 9427 2252
St Vincent de Paul............ 9427 1115 Chic Scissors.................... 9427 6164 Define Nutrition........... 1800 333 463 Pilates Connection....... 0400 012 693
TS14 + Virtu...................... 9418 9844 Cleopatras Beauty Clinic... 9428 2196 Dentocare......................... 9427 1099 Priceline Pharmacy........... 9418 6426
Zjoosh............................... 8065 0744 Cutting at the Cove........... 9428 2149 Douglas Hanley Moir......... 9427 6340 Rebalance Centre of Health.0400 600 035
Elan Hair........................... 9418 8171 Dr Vasili Orth. Surgeon..... 9420 1444 Reflexology & Healing... 0433521939
FLORIST Elizabeth's Beauty Clinic... 9428 5049 Dr Papadimitriouo Orth. Surgeon.9418 9777 Soulful Fitness.................. 9427 9855
Spotted Orchid.................. 9418 6770 Elysium Hair Design.......... 9427 0733 Dr Li's TCM Clinic.............. 9418 3778 Sydney Therapy & Co... 0449 619 182
Lane Cove Flower Lady..... 9420 0105 Gai's Salon........................ 9420 0554 Emerald Medical Centre.... 9420 0222 Swimming Lessons...... 0411 320 495
Pure Flowers..................... 9427 8214 Gambino Hair.................... 9427 6062 Emily Rowe Counselling 0. 405 003 945 Tai Chi Holistic Class........ 9420 9421
Hair by Erika..................... 9427 5088 Energy Essence........... 0410 471 557 Thai Chiva......................... 9420 8082
FOOTWEAR / SHOE REPAIR Hair Suite.......................... 9428 5522 Eyes on Lane Cove............ 9418 3329 The Foot Group................. 9428 3000
Lane Cove Shoe Repairs... 9428 2619 James Duffy..................... 9420 3387 Evolvere Pilates Yoga.... 0403 294 824 Top Gum Dental................ 9427 1888
LC Village Shoe Repairs.... 9427 3376 Jason Villa for Hair........... 9428 4327 Flex Hearing..................... 9879 7776 Total Care Hearing ........... 8999 9523
Natural Nails Design......... 9428 3381 Gavin Starr Pharmacy....... 9427 1755 Vanessa Speech Therapy.0449-619-182
FRESH FOOD New York Nails................. 9420 8187 Greenwich Pharmacy........ 9436 1675 Vision PT Personal Training.. 9427 8462
About Life.................... 1300 434 154 Sloans Hair Boutique........ 9420 4880 Health Space............... 1300 364 180 WHAT Hearing................... 9420 2300
Agora of LC....................... 9427 2275 The Clever Cut.................. 9428 2237 Hypoxi Body Studio.......... 9427 2727 Yogabowl...................... 0411 155 165
Big Barra Seafood............. 9427 0077 Toni & Guy........................ 9427 3213 ILS............................... 1300 941 037 Zumba classes 4u......... 0406 765 827
Figtree Greengrocers........ 9420 2111 Tres Jolie.......................... 9420 0700 Infinite Energies/Wellness.9427 7259
Hudson Meats.................. 9427 9000 Zara Skin Care Clinic......... 9420 9777 Japanese Yoga............ 0413 136 036 HOME & HOMEWARES
LC Village Fruit market..... 9428 1733 J.Brandt-Sarif Physio....... 9420 8802 Blind Inspiration.......... 1300 925 463
Lime Leaf Fruit & Veg....... 9420 0102 HEALTH / SPORT / FITNESS Knots in Knead................. 9438 5008 Declutter Service......... 0404 025 280
Riverview Meats............... 9427 2108 A Better Smile Dental....... 9427 3366 Lane Cove Aquatic Centre.9418 8858 DKOR Interiors.................. 8084 5803
Thomas Dux...................... 9420 4833 Action Plus Physio............ 9837 4440 LC Chiropractic Centre...... 9428 4033 Eco Downunder............ 0411 612 632
Anytime Fitness................ 9418 6299 LC Family Medical Centre. 9427 7622 Found Gifts &Homewares.0411 427 670
GROCERIES & LIQUOR Apple Dental..................... 9420 5050 Lane Cove Denture Clinic.. 9411 1179 Hot Dollar......................... 9418 6044
BWS Liquor....................... 9427 2058 Ben Ebert Psychologist.0403 197 533 Lane Cove Foot Clinic....... 9428 3000 Iris & Lin........................... 9427 1395
Cellarbrations................... 9427 6222 Better Hearing.................. 9394 8465 LC General Practice.......... 9418 9670 Smart Bargains ........... 0413 381 021
Chambers Cellars.............. 9427 3922 BlueFit Health Club........... 9418 8888 Lane Cove Optical............. 9428 5070 Smart Gutter solutions..... 8676 2247
Coles................................. 9427 0199 Bodytone Yoga............ 0423 595 557 Lane Cove Orthodontics... 9427 8088
Lucky 7 Convenience Store..9420 0888 Bridget Sheehan Pharmacy.9427 2241 Lane Cove Radiology........ 9418 9096 The Hunted...... 0498 222 130
Go Vita Health Foods........ 9427 4420 Burns Bay Dentistry.......... 9420 2888 Lane Cove Podiatry.......... .9420 4673 MAINTENANCE
Mori Mart.......................... 9427 7631 Burns Bay Medical Centre.9427 4855 LC Speech Pathology........ 9418 3503 Rubbish removal.......... 0409 041 617
Spices of Asia................... 9418 8684 Burns Bay Physio.............. 9427 8333 LC Therapeutic Massage.. 9427 6628
The Source Bulk Foods..... 9420 5055 Carlisle Swimming............ 9417 2060 LC Village Pharmacy......... 9427 0864
Woolworths...................... 9420 0134 Central Avenue Dental Care..9428 4888 Massage Envy .................. 8459 9380
Chemist Warehouse..... 1300 367 283 North Shore Gym.............. 9420 2815 LEGAL
HAIR & BEAUTY Connect Hearing............... 9420 2300 Northpoint Psychology.0419 467 794 Courtenay & Co................. 9420 1622
A Beauty........................... 9427 2222 Cove Dental...................... 8413 1779 Integroe Partners......... 0408 675 310
Allcare Laser & Cosmetic.. 9420 5577 Leslie Hargraeve Lawyers.9420 8871
Art of Beauty.................... 9420 4422 O'Connors Property Reports. 9420 9011
Beauty in the Cove............ 9420 1880 Paul Denny Conveyancing.9429 0000


Lane Cove’s
• One to one computer tuition • PC Repairs
• Reasonable hourly rate • Sales & Upgrades Best Plumber
• Windows 10/ 8.1/ 7/ Vista / • Email and Internet
• Virus removal for over 25 years
Apple Macbook • N etworking including
• Ipads/ laptops / desktops / • Friendly Fast Service • All Plumbing & Maintenance
wireless • Blocked Drain Specialist • Gasfitting / L.P.G.
iphones / smart phones • H ome & Small • Hot Water Systems • Roofing / Gutters
• E mail / internet/ skype /ebay / • Stormwater / Drainage
gumtree / apps A Proud Record of Excellence & Good Value
• L odge forms with health care NO CALLOUT FEE
All work guaranteed.
providers Ken Foster Licence 13508
• Set up government on line
0414 256 535 0418 863 554 / 9428 4041
• Multi function printer installation METRO 1
• B ack-ups
• R esumes, employment COMPUTER SERVICES

applications, assignments

0401 908 111

E: [email protected]

Support The Village Observer, your community,
earn cash and stay fit.

Walkers wanted 4-5 hours per day, 2-3 days per month to
distribute The Village Observer into letterboxes around the
Lane Cove and Hunters Hill areas.

YOU MUST BE fit, reliable & honest.
Attractive hourly remuneration

Call: (O2) 9695 O5O3

Select Conveyancing........ 9420 1252 Stuart Leal Photographer.0414 551 956 Ray White......................... 9428 4100 Vikki's Mandarin.......... 0433 031 556
Patrick Grimes.................. 9428 1577 Riverview Realty...................9420 0083
REAL ESTATE AGENTS/ RUN Property.................... 9941 2255 TRAVEL
NEWSAGENCY, BOOKS, MOVIES PROPERTY DEVELOPERS Standen Estate Agents..... 8556 7565 Flight Centre................ 1300 534 318
Dymocks........................... 9418 6500 Allen Estate Agents.......... 9410 2277 Stone Real Estate............. 9427 7466 helloworld Lane Cove........ 9418 6866
The Burns Bay Bookery..... 9427 4218 Australian Domain............ 9960 1535 Travel Crafters.................. 8964 4221
Lane Cove Newsagency.... 9427 0636 Belle Property................... 9087 3333 HOBBIES, PETS Trendsetter Travel............. 9427 6666
Blunts Real Estate............ 9427 5800 Furever Pets..................... 9427 5739
PRINTING/ FRAMING/ Bresic Whitney ................ 9816 8888 SERVICES
PHOTOGRAPHY/FILM Cobden Hayson ............... 8318 7888 TUITION Australia Post...................... 13 13 18
Copy Express.................... 8084 0152 First National Holgates..... 9427 4355 Driving Lessons................ 9420 8440 C3 Church......................... 9418 9211
Final Finish Framing......... 9816 2304 Harbourline....................... 9966 0543 Flute Connections............. 9420 4499 Lane Cove Council............ 9911 3555
IQ Printing........................ 9418 7177 Hamilton & Co Special Projects..9420 2066 G4 Guitar School.......... 0416 425 242 TAB...................................... 13 33 90
Lovely Photo Centre.......... 9418 9066 LJ Hooker......................... 9428 1877 Learning with Confidence. 9816 5959 LCM Churches................... 9427 1163
MBE Business Service...... 9418 8450 McGrath Real Estate......... 9417 9600 Soundhub.................... 0450 045 753
Motifex Audio Productions8. 065 5207


The Business Directory section of The Village Observer gives businesses Business Directory Display Ads can be booked on a monthly basis and
the opportunity to cost effectively advertise to a very targeted local are available in a range of sizes. (Larger sizes also available.)
readership on an ongoing basis.
■ 1 Block : 41mm (w) X 27mm (h) = $60 per issue
To secure your line or display ad spot within TVO’s Business Directory ■ 2 Block : 41mm (w) X 61mm (h) = $120 per issue
section, please contact: Mariano Massa on 0408 813 154 during office ■ 3 Block : 41mm (w) X 94mm (h) = $160 per issue
hours or email [email protected] ■ Single Line : Business name and number = $19 per issue


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RRaatteeMMyyAAggeenntt22001188 2018 awards for Lane Cove and Lane Cove North.
AAwwaarrddssWWiinnnneerr The awards recognise our dedication to the local
pTrhoepaewrtayrmdsarrkeectoagnndisceoomumr ditemdeicnatttioonextcoetllheentlocal
Ray White Lane Cove cpurostpoemrteyrmsearrvkiceet.and commitment to excellent
RTay0W2 9h4it2e8L4a1n0e0Cove customer service.
T16022L9on4g2ue8vi4lle1R0o0ad, Lane Cove “To be voted number one by your clients is the best
p“Troaibseewvoetceadnnruemcebiveer.”oPnaeubl yNyeoesu-rPcrlienncitpsaisl the best
1r6a2ywLohnitgeulaenviellceoRveo.acdo,mLa.anue Cove praise we can receive.” Paul Nees - Principal

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