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April 2017

April 2017

VTHE illageObserver

Local author and founder of
the Black Dog Institute
releases new novel.





VTHE illageObserver


It never ceases to amaze me the range of talented Local GP Dr Sabrina Saldanha gave a particularly 1 Pottery Lane,
people who make up our community. People doing touching account of her arrival in Australia in 1960 Lane Cove NSW 2066.
incredible work and who make significant contributions together with her parents and young brother. Sabrina
to the betterment of not only our community, but also talked about the kindness that was extended to her family 20000 copies printed
society as a whole. by a lady who overheard their plight on a Melbourne monthly.
tram as her parents struggled to find accommodation in
This month we talk to one such person. Professor a new country where they knew no-one and with only
Gordon Parker, a long-time local resident and eminent $10 in their wallet. One woman’s kindness changed their
psychiatrist, founded the Black Dog Institute in 2002. whole desperate situation. It was a reminder for us all to Publisher: Gillian Batt
extend the hand of friendship beyond the people within P: 02 9427 6425
Gordon has dedicated his career to researching our immediate circle, as one small act can sometimes gbatt@lanecovenorthside.
and treating people with mood disorders - particularly change lives. Thank you Sabrina for sharing your story.
depression and bipolar. He has recently unleashed his
more creative side and this month has released a new Artists around the area are busily putting the final Editor: Jocelyn Biddle
novel ‘In Two Minds’. Turn to page 4 to find out more touches on their artworks with two major exhibitions P: 0418 560 844
about Gordon, his work and his new book. coming up. Lane Cove’s artXtra and the Hunters Hill Art editor@
Exhibition both take place in May, so if you have a spare
The International Women’s Day forum showcased wall, it’s the perfect time to treat yourself with a new piece
more local people doing great things. A large audience of art by a local artist. See pages 16 and 30 for details. Advertising: Mariano Massa
gathered to hear Moo Baulch, Emma Bird, Kerry P: 0408 813 154
Chikarovski, Kellie Rigney, Sabrina Saldana and Karen Jocelyn advertising@
Smith speak on the night.

10 Hunter’s Hill Council 16 news & features Graphic Design: Sharon Curby
P: 0450 370 575
w1o0r0ds Silence by Antuanelle 04 Local psychiatrist releases [email protected]

Hunters Hill Art Exhibition new novel Printed by: Spotpress

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In Two Minds

Long-time Northwood resident, Professor Gordon Parker,
describes his life working as a psychiatrist as being like a ‘pig in mud’.

But his path could have been very different, grappling at an early age with the
dilemma of whether to choose a medical or writing career. By Jocelyn Biddle.

It was medicine that ultimately By writing In Two Minds, Gordon was not
won out and in the past 50 years, only able to quell his writer’s itch, but it also
Gordon has established himself as an provides an opportunity to raise awareness
internationally recognised psychiatrist of mood disorders - particularly bipolar
specialising in mood disorders. He disorder.

has also written prolifically on the topic, Gordon is a passionate advocate
for identifying two mood conditions
producing hundreds of research papers In two minds Gordon Parker ‘I can more or less guarantee that you know someone - melancholia and bipolar disorder. He
for whom this book will be important and inspiring. established the Mood Disorders Unit at
and books. Doctor Martin Homer has a naturally sunny disposition. ABOUT THE AUTHOR There’s a very strong chance that person will be you.’ Prince Henry Hospital in 1985 in order to
Honourable, attentive and trusted by all of his patients, Professor Gordon Parker AO is improve their diagnosis and management.
the founder and former Executive Minds A NOVEL “My raison d’être has been to provide the
Director of the Black Dog Institute. right diagnosis with the right management. If
Gordon has more recently indulged hishe has only ever loved one woman – his wife, Sarah. Gordon Parker you do that, people can get their life back and
When his mother dies suddenly, Martin’s life is thrown Currently Scientia Professor of you obviate suicide risk.
9/02/2017 9:55 am
Psychiatry at the University of New “At the end of one hour with a patient,
South Wales, he was, for nearly “I believe I want to be able to provide them with a
creative side with the release of his secondinto complete disarray. His profound grief sinks him Australia is ahead diagnosis, treatment options and plenty
into a state of black dog depression, before he is of information so that they can make an
propelled to new heights in a frenzied, manic high. two decades, Head of the School of of the world in informed decision as to the best path
destigmatizing forward.”
Psychiatry at UNSW and Director
of the Division of Psychiatry at depression. With a long list of career highlights, the
fiction novel – some five decades afterIn between riding his new skateboard around the There is still a way pinnacle for Gordon was founding the Black
streets and skating on thin ice personally and Prince of Wales and Prince Henry to go – and thus Dog Institute in 2002.
a secondary aim for
Hospitals. His first novel was “We established the Black Dog Institute to
my novel.” expand clinical services and drive research
published in 1966, and he has in order to better understand, prevent and
treat the mood disorders, and to help create
written for The Mavis Bramston a world where mental illness is treated with
Show and OZ Magazine. He the same level of concern, immediacy and
was an ABC Science broadcaster seriousness as physical illness.”

and a book reviewer for the The Institute now has over 100 staff who
professionally, the now self-entitled Martin crosses conduct research, offer clinical services, and
provide health professional training and
the first. Having spent his career writingpaths with Bella, a beautiful and sensual young woman community education programs. 
profoundly damaged by trauma of her own.
Sophisticated information is presented on
technical books and papers on mental illness,In Two Minds takes you on a quirky, rollicking journey the Institute’s website, together with online
questionnaires that people can use to test
he was keen to step out of his comfort zone.that unveils the complexities of mental illness with themselves for depression (which affects
wit and warmth. Gordon Parker’s impressive career about one in four women and one in six
in psychiatry reveals itself through rich and insightful men over their lifetime), bipolar or anxiety.
Sydney Morning Herald and The A NOVEL Each month, around 60 thousand people
Australian. His play, Personality undertake the bipolar test alone.
Games, was staged in 2004 while
“In Australia we have managed to de-
his autobiography, A Piece of My stigmatize mood disorders better than
Mind: A Psychiatrist on the Couch, any other country in the world, helped in
was published in 2012.
“When I wrote my first novel in 1966, I’ddescriptions of depression, bipolar disorder and
borderline personality characteristics – and their
powerful impacts.

sit down and type in the evening and all

of a sudden it would be 3am. I was keen to

test if I could ‘capture the muse again’ bycoverwhite11mmwide

experiencing the novel’s taking on
Cover illustration: Aura Parker

a life of their own.”FICTION 9 781925 384192
The result is a novel that has seen two ofAlsoavailableasanebook

Gordon’s passions - psychiatry and writing -3821TwoMinds_COVER.indd 1 22mm


In Two Minds, which was released on April

1st, follows the story of Martin, a Sydney-

based GP. Martin is a high achiever who

is popular amongst his friends, patients

and colleagues. However the death of his

mother triggers an episode of melancholic

depression, later followed by a manic

state, that sees him being lead astray by the

alluring, yet manipulative Bella.

The situation is completely out of

character for Martin, who is a loyal and

devoted husband to his long-standing

wife Sarah - who happens to be away on a

business trip at the time.

What unravels is a series of events that

sees Martin, Bella and Sarah struggling with

the fallout of his actions, representative of

the risk-taking behaviours often seen when

someone is in the grip of a psychotic episode.

The insights that Gordon has gleaned

from years of clinical practice listening to the

narrative of people with mental health issues

brings an insightful perspective to the novel.



Music meets design
with the Yamaha ISX-803D

Occasionally we come across what we consider
to be a remarkable buy, and the Yamaha Restio
ISX803D is exactly that.

This is a delightful sounding freestanding audio system
that includes FM and DAB+ radio, CD, USB input,
Bluetooth, alarm, amplifier and a two-way
four-driver speaker array in a very attractive

This unit is now in its third generation,
and when initially released it sold for
$999. It was later repriced at $799,
and at that price represented

exceptional value.



e component. The level of power and performance that they c–afnoratrheemteacnhynmicualltmipliensdoeAfdvat–hilaeibtplheraiicnseBaoludfeits,hWteorhGtitiooel,ndBlDreicevkveailanoldef tB0.l.Pa0c0luk0sc5o%lo-urs.

achieve from a relatively small package is uncanny. effectively non-existent. As you would expect this unit will play
Integhriagthin-rgeasnoluautidoino msyustseicmfiilnetsoatlohnegdwéciothr oefveyroyutrhhinogmeelse
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box’, so to spevaika. EWsip-Feci ioarllBylsuoetwohoethn, tahnisdhfeaastnuoretsbbeoetnhat
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1) bA otxraedsiatinodahsnpsaacteslaoccbauiolfinepmcdseapiapntkoilgoun.nseIsttnhaterHeais-sFoi csyiastteedmp,rwiciethtamg.ultiple Adding to its funtoctpioaniratlwapopGeoalld, ’tshteoImSXa8ke0a3Dsteurneiot
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disappoinotuintpgustooufn4d,5q00uality. We challenge aenaysiolynethteobfeinstdwairuenleitssthsaptesaokuernodfsitshiksind
The YamahawIaStXts8(0th3astt’sill does not have the absolute
performancceoorrfeacqt –uafloituyrcomponent system – but it does good, looks thwisegkonoodw, ohfa–s tphluissmitaisntyonfesaotfufruens.aItnids aislso a
sound very tghooouds,aanndd, at a fraction of the price.
level. ThattYImhiasemptirohawrehtraaei’nstqetun-lyieuvopfiwpiafrvtolseuisesdopnnhuuaedtulcnaseoniodknrfdegtaparrher1rgieeds0ors)e8chasakdeuwtBacroddeoreinnkscgiogef‘nWrat.!rAiItrt’.euldeisosABfefaaiurtoyp: ened this well buiwlt efolcrotmhiesdaempaorutunrteoffrommonwehya!t we have come
We certaintolyedxpoenc’tt kfrnoomweolefcotrnoen.ic companies.
also has a rated frequency response of 14Hz to 27kHz – very TdHroEpIESinvXea8nn0dif3hiDtaivsAeToau$lt4ios9tfe9cnuI.SrioAsNityE,XCEPTIONAL BUY.

few high-end audio systems can boast that, and those that You will enjoy the


9427 6755 • 44 BURNS BAY ROAD, LANE COVE




Play, learn, thrive “Unstructured outdoor play is such an
integral part of our day here at Birrahlee.
Mayor Deborah Hutchens opening the new the children to play, learn and thrive. It’s wonderful to see the children forming
playground areas at Birrahlee Preschool with Birrahlee set out to create a fun, friendships and using their imagination
the assistance of a willing helper and Director within the new play areas. From baking
Kate Damo. natural environment which is dynamic, ‘mud pies’ to leading expeditions in
ever-changing and enticing for children to search of bugs and lizards, the children
During a Welcome BBQ on Saturday explore and stimulate their imagination. have really embraced the changes, and
18th March, existing families at Birrahlee The play space needed to engage all are looking after the new gardens with
Preschool were on hand to witness the the senses through careful selection of fascination and pride.”
official opening of the new playground textural, colourful and scented plants,
areas by Mayor Councillor Deborah foliage and fruits which change through Birrahlee Preschool has been providing
Hutchens. the seasons. quality preschool education to the
Lane Cove community since 1958. As
Designed by Edible Kids Gardens, Linking the healthy food policy at a community-based not-for-profit
the redevelopment was made possible Birrahlee, the addition of edible plants organisation, they aim to provide
with the addition of a $2300 grant from and a veggie patch helps to connect the valuable initial experiences and
Lane Cove Council, and has significantly children to the food they eat - how their guidance to pre-school children aged
enhanced the outdoor space available for fruit and veggies grow; how soils, air, 3 – 5 in a safe, friendly and happy
water, food, animals and waste are so environment.
intimately linked; and how each of us
has a role to play in contributing to and Having recently been rated as
shaping these systems. ‘Exceeding’ the National Quality
Standards by the NSW Department of
The construction of bridges, pathways Education and Communities, Birrahlee’s
and tunnels aim to guide and entice the high quality two and three day program
children through the space while also is tailored to each child’s strengths,
promoting balance and gross motor skills. interests, and unique qualities.
Birrahlee Director, Kate Damo, has been
delighted with the positive feedback on For more information visit www.
the new upgrades, from both parents and or contact Kate Damo on
children alike. 9427 5900.

Enjoy a


lifestyle at

Lane Cove

Gardens Units

Linen Service • Overlooking Chatswood from just
Golf Course and Lane Cove $400,000*
If you or someone you know is over 65, National Park.
living in the Lane Cove area
• Modern reception which includes
and finding it difficult to manage hair salon and sunny lounge areas.
changing and laundering their sheets,
• Dining room and indoor swimming pool.
please contact us to find out more
about our Linen Service. • A peaceful oasis just 10km from the city.

For information, • 24/7 On Call Assistance should you need it.
please call Carolyn: 9427 6425
VisitoOurRsfoMFr OoannRdaaApyNpStooAAinTFPtUrmPidReOaDnyINtA9cTYaaMml9l E-AM5NMpeTml-in1,Cd2SAaNaLotOuLnrOd11aN88y00010099a11m11-91982899n.oon



We’re not a franchise, but a collective of like-minded independent
partners sharing knowledge to benefit our customers & the
area we work - that’s our neighbourhood advantage.

If you are considering a move or are simply interested in some market
information, feel free to contact our Lane Cove team on 8318 7888
or call into our office at 85 Longueville Road, Lane Cove.

We look forward to meeting you.

85 Longueville Rd, Lane Cove | 8318 7888 |


100 words Our new 100-word story competition showcases writers
we have within the community. Each month we will

publish a selection of these stories. We hope that our
readers get as much enjoyment from reading them, as

our contributors have had in writing them.

Alice Street is where my heart flies It’s so late it’s early when I rub the Blood. Gushing, spurting, pooling
when I think of my beautiful brothers, cleanser into skin: the smoky light before my eyes. It must have hit an
parents and wonderful grandmother. of winter dawn diffuses through the artery. I felt sick; nauseous. I closed
Now ghosts who I can conjure up, my window and brushes across pale, fleshy my eyes. Deep breaths. In through the
throat tightens as I reminisce. It was stomach swelling over the sides of dark nose, out through the mouth. Come
there I played in the security of family. jeans. Nobody except for me is awake on, you can do this. I forced them
Happy innocent days, my imagination but I pull my jeans up anyway: inhale – open, taking in the ghastly scene. He
was boundless, I was Tarzan. tight! – and exhale carefully. was trying to stem the blood flow with
Sixty years ago we played under the his hands, the red seeping through his
home of my Nan. I’m now her age and That’s when I catch my eyes in the fingers. My vision was going fuzzy – my
realise the powerful truths that she mirror, staring sorrowfully from their brain trying to save me. I couldn’t do
showed me. sunken, sleepless self-pity. They are this. Picking up the remote, I hit fast
cast against a face stripped of mineral forward and sighed bitterly. I was never
One day, when my grand daughter powder, a face that suddenly stings going to be ready for Game of Thrones.
is still young enough to imagine but and I splash water, reach blindly for a
old enough to appreciate, I will take towel. The cleanser bleaches it between Kari Leigh, Lane Cove
her to see Alice Street. my hands.

Graham Jones, Greenwich Sophie Serafim, Longueville

He sits curled up on the cold hard TO ENTER: Email your story with your Needing milk, I'd gone to Coles in
pavement as piercing westerly winds name, address and phone number to my worn tradie gear - khaki shorts,
swirl around him. How did he get here? [email protected]. short-sleeved shirt and sandshoes -
Married, 2 kids, a house in the suburbs, and on return was carrying a fabric
in a flash it was all gone. Bored with CONDITIONS: Stories must be exactly bag with my needs plus an impulse
life he tried recreational drugs, it 100 words and can be about any subject purchase of frying pan and saucepan.
wasn’t enough, next came heroin. He and in any writing style. They must be I was ten metres short of my door next
hasn’t seen his family for 2 years and original and unpublished. There is no to the hotel when the girl spoke to me.
misses them terribly. He hasn’t shot up limit to the number of stories that you "It's raining, isn't it."
for a few weeks now, no money! contribute during the year.
"Yes it is," I agreed. Wonder what
A helping hand offers a steaming Each month, selected entries will be brought that on? I thought as I walked
cup of coffee, a warm bed for the night published in TVO. At the end of the year, past. Four steps further on, she called
and tomorrow, assistance to turn his all entries will be judged based on their after me "Have you got a home?"
life around and get his family back! originality and creativity.
The answer was clear. As a vagrant,
Patricia Clarey (Pat), Greenwich THREE WINNERS WILL BE SELECTED I needed help.
BOOKERY VOUCHER. Alan Ecob, Lane Cove

The brush turkey was an unwelcome “You always could look right inside What excitement. Bess heavily
visitor. With powerful, sinewy legs me darling, and tell me what’s on my swollen with calf on the line with the
and sharp, clawed feet it destroyed mind.” I'm thinking of a neat hole, Flyer due. Gramps riding bareback up
the beautifully tended garden as it soon to be covered with titanium. the track waving his red shirt.
explored, sweeping up the carefully Parts of me that never saw sunlight are
laid out mulch into nesting mounds being stirred by puffs of air. There are With the Flyer stopped metres from
with no regard for the work of the no nerves where she's gone, into the Bess, nine bush kids invited aboard. The
gardener who had created a wonderful core of me. The me of me. open mouth wonder of it all.
“Good one,” she says, preoccupied. Sampling the nectar of the gods
Distraught, the gardener took “No bright flashes? Odd sensations?” called lemonade, the cold pathway
advice how to discourage this wilful down the gut and the burp that
beast. Many methods were employed “No. Ooh!” followed. Heaven sent.
and eventually the turkey sought “What?”
“I need you like I need a...”
refuge elsewhere. But it was only a There’s a groan. “Brain surgery Overwhelming delight to be
pyrrhic victory for the garden’s owner. patients. All comedians.” introduced to Anne of Green Gables,
Nature had worked a miracle and I should’ve vetted my surgeon for to fall in love with Gilbert and begin
this week a healthy, fluffy baby chick her ability to appreciate a pun. correspondence with Lucy Maud
emerged. The rhythm of life! “Doing well. Nearly finished.” Montgomery, who wrote how
delighted she was to find a reader so
Jill Curtin, Northwood Kylie Webber, Lane Cove far away.

10 I THE VILLAGE OBSERVER I NO. 261 I APRIL 2017 Margaret Hartnett, St Leonards


Welcome Dom Mortgage Choices

We are pleased to introduce our Fixed rates gaining popularity. New data has revealed
newest team member Dom Russell. that over 20% of borrowers are choosing to fix their
home loan. According to the latest national home loan
For all of you who have said to us over approval data from Mortgage Choice, fixed rate home
time that it can be hard to get appointments, help is at hand. loans accounted for 22% of all loans written in February.
Dom has spent the last month with us in the practice observing Mortgage Choice Lane Cove Principal, Stephanie Cook,
and training. He has now started taking on a full case load. says “traditionally Australians prefer variable rate loans for the flexibility
they offer, however, given that so many lenders have raised their
Dom grew up locally and recently graduated from Australian interest rates over the past few weeks, I am not surprised to see 1 in 5
Catholic University with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy. Whilst borrowers opting for a fixed rate mortgage.”
studying, he volunteered as a physiotherapist at various sporting Looking ahead, Stephanie said “I wouldn’t be surprised to see even
events including the City to Surf, GPS Basketball and state and more borrowers choosing to fix part or all of their mortgage, as lenders
local netball. He has also worked as a volunteer physiotherapist continue to lift their interest rates out of cycle with the Reserve Bank of
with disabled children in Vietnam, and with local intellectually Australia.
disabled members of our community helping them to integrate “In recent weeks, the RBA’s Governor, Philip Lowe, has made it clear
into the community. that future rate cuts are now more unlikely than likely. With this in
mind, it would appear the only way for rates to go is up.
Dom brings with him first-hand experience in a variety of “As more lenders start to lift their rates, we may see more borrowers
sports including surfing, running (half marathons), rugby, touch choosing to fix their mortgage in a bid to avoid further rate hikes and
football, swimming and tennis. This also means he has had provide themselves with some certainty around their regular mortgage
experience of being a patient at physiotherapy practices. Being repayments.”
an injured athlete gives great insight into what it feels like to be As your local mortgage professional with 20 years industry experience,
on the receiving end of treatment. Stephanie says “the main benefit of using our service comes down to
saving you time, money and effort. Best of all, Mortgage Choice does
BURNS BAY PHYSIOTHERAPY. not charge you for this service.”
Ann Ross, Jill Ross, Kirsty Tradell.
P: 9427 83331 Please feel free to contact us on 9420 3052, visit 15/43-45 Burns Bay Rd,
Lane Cove or email
[email protected]

Mortgage Choice Limited ACN 0M0o9rtg1a6g1e 9Ch7o9ic.e ALimuistetdraACliNa0n09C16re1 9d79it. ALuisctreanliacneCr3ed8it2L8ic6en9c.e 382869.



Ask your local health professional

Medical More of a problem for big debulked (a relatively new your airway.
procedure) so as to open up You wake up briefly and take
Dr Tim David men than small women, the child’s airway.
a few breaths to restore the
BURNS BAY Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Q: When should I see a oxygen level to the brain. This
MEDICAL is when you may gasp or choke,
CENTRE - OSA - can significantly Doctor? even briefly. This pattern may
occur up to 30 times a minute
Tel: 9427 4855 impact on your quality Any collection of in severe cases. You never
www.burnsbaymedical symptoms that is significantly get down to deep, satisfying
of life. affecting your life really needs and restoring grade 5 sleep to be investigated. Not having where the brain reorganises
Q: How do I know if I have OSA? OSA is one thing, but missing itself in ways we do not fully
If you have a it altogether is a disaster understand.
health or wellbeing The key symptom is being tired and waiting to happen.
question you would unrefreshed in the morning after a night’s Q: What are the risk
like to have answered sleep. Afternoon sleepiness and a certain Do mention OSA as a
by Dr David, please dullness or fogginess of memory and possibility to your doctor factors in OSA?
send it through to concentration often also occurs. if you are experiencing
loss of energy, get up and Excess weight; an
editor@ According to the Mayo Clinic, you go, quickness of thought, anatomically narrowed airway;
thevillageobserver. or others may notice any number of alertness, sleep satisfaction, chronic nasal congestion either
the following. These symptoms can be low concentration or the inability anatomically or from hay fever; grade and subtle in the early stages to have easy follow through smoking; diabetes; being male;
You may be doing of OSA. of tasks or projects later in having a family history of OSA,
a great service to • Loud snoring: If your wife or husband has the day without sleepiness. and asthma are all associated
others too shy to ask! Also keep in mind the other with an increased risk of OSA.
left the marital bed, get checked for OSA subtle symptoms mentioned
asap! Snoring is a big turnoff for marital above. Q: What are the outcomes
• Observed episodes by your beloved of Q: What causes OSA? of untreated OSA?
stopped breathing or choking at night,
particularly whilst sleeping on your back. The Mayo Clinic writes Some disasters such as
• M orning headaches and a sore or dry the following with simple Chernobyl have been attributed
throat. diagrams – it’s well worth a in part to OSA. Many car
• Sudden waking overnight with gasping visit if you’re worried about accidents involve drivers falling
and/ or choking episodes. OSA. asleep at the wheel, some
• Mood changes such as depression, night- likely from OSA (2-5 times
time sweating and decreased libido. When the muscles at the more likely, according to the
back of your throat relax so Woolcock Institute).
Q: Can children have OSA? much that they narrow and
interfere with the normal Closer to home there are
Yes. This is usually related to huge airway, then OSA may associations between OSA
tonsils and/ or adenoids blocking their develop. When muscle tone and coronary artery disease,
airways. Such children need to see an ENT relaxes, collapse occurs and heart attacks and high blood
surgeon for removal of their tonsils and/ so obstruction develops. pressure. Diabetes, glaucoma
or adenoids. For those parents anxious and stroke are associated too.
about the loss of their child’s tonsils Your brain notices the
(which are a first-line immune defence reduced oxygen flow and so All are good reasons to be
organ), they may elect to have the tonsils rouses you from your sleep to checked if you suspect OSA.
take a decent breath to open



l Dr Tim David Accredited Travel

Vaccine Centre

l Dr Alison Browne l Dr Margie Coleman (inc. Yellow Fever)
l Dr Audrey Saurajen l Dr Felix Choi
l Dr Peter Arnaudon l Dr Dominic Barnes

BURNS BAY Download iphone & android apps search “Qualitas Health”





Dental Should I be using Some mouthwashes contain teeth and therefore should
anti-inflammatory ingredients. never be considered as even a
Dr Mark Casiglia a mouthwash? If you have mouth ulcers, these partial substitute for proper
can help reduce pain and speed brushing and flossing.
Tel: 9420 5050 Mouthwash can be useful in many up healing. instances, but actually detrimental in 2. Many mouthwashes
others. Let me attempt to explain that Mouthwash cons
statement. leave stains on teeth. Because
As I have just outlined, most people don’t realise this,
Mouthwash pros mouthwashes are very useful they get themselves into a
to treat specific conditions. vicious cycle of using more
If we have a specific condition we are However, for patients who mouthwash to try to shift the
trying to treat, mouthwash can be of don’t fall into any of these stain, unknowingly making the
great assistance. categories, my strong problem worse.
recommendation is to forget
For example, according to countless using them. There are two main Mouthwash manufacturers
studies, patients with a particular reasons: will have us believe that their
tendency towards tooth decay benefit products are a cure-all for every
greatly from regular use of fluoride- 1. When using a mouthwash possible oral health condition.
containing rinses. But as we know, if it’s too good
as part of a normal daily to be true…it probably isn’t!
Also, patients with acute or routine, the temptation to
chronic gum infections have a much underdo or completely skip The formula for good oral
easier time recovering and achieving regular brushing and flossing health is simple - a healthy, very
resolution if they use a mouthwash that altogether is far too great. low sugar diet; avoid smoking;
contains antibacterial agents such as Because mouthwash leaves brush and floss effectively, and
chlorhexidine. Similarly, patients who our mouths feeling so fresh see your dentist or hygienist for
have had oral surgery have an easier time and clean, we trick ourselves regular maintenance. If you do
avoiding post-operative infections if they into thinking this is enough. all this, your chances of tooth
use an antiseptic mouthwash in the first However, it does absolutely decay and gum disease will be
few days after their procedure. nothing to shift plaque from low…without the need to buy
and use mouthwash.

Pharmacy Are you getting Omega-3 levels in the disease, the average Omega-3
& Nutrition enough Omega 3? blood can now be measured Index is 10%. In western
by using a simple tool called countries it is thought to
Diana Boot Most people know that we need to the Omega-3 Index test. It be <5%. Clinical trials have
increase the amount of fatty fish we measures the percentage been performed where the
Phone : 9436 1675 eat. The Heart Foundation recommends concentration of omega 3 Omega-3 Index has risen
www.greenwichpharmacy that we eat three serves per week of oily levels in red blood cells. The after increasing the dietary
fish, which gives us up to 500mg per day benefits of using red blood or supplementary intake of of Omega-3 fatty acids. But this raises cells are that they are easy to essential fatty acids. There
questions. Is eating fish sufficient or do we measure, they have a similar is also an improvement in
need to take supplements? Are the cells fatty acid content to other markers of inflammation and
in our bodies actually getting the benefit tissues in the body and the heart disease.
of the fish oil? How do we know if we are fatty acid levels in them are
getting enough? relatively stable. The important point
with this test is that we
A low Omega-3 Index can also measure the effect
carries with it a high risk for that increasing the intake of
high blood pressure, heart essential fatty acids has on
disease, poor brain function, your own personal Omega-3
depression and other health levels and therefore the risk
issues. This is shown in studies of developing the associated
where patient groups with diseases. We can now know if
these diseases have a lower you are getting enough.
Omega-3 Index than healthy
controls. Please ask us in the
pharmacy if you would like
In Japan, where there is a more information or to buy a
high intake of Omega-3 fatty test kit.
acids and a low risk of heart


The ACCC targets
hearing aid centres
Enter now for the
Hunters Hill
Choosing a hearing centre to get a hearing test

Art Exhibition

and hearing aids is often a confusing affair.
The ACCC recently reported on hearing centres

and chains that are owned by manufacturers, where

With over $27,000 in prizes, the annual Hunters clinicians work on commissions and try and push
Hill Art Exhibition attracts both emerging and the most expensive hearing aids. Some clients were
charged up to $15,000 for a pair of hearing aids!

established artists. Some hearing centres also only fit one brand and

A constant feature on the Sydney Art calendar limit the choices that are available to clients.

since 1955, the exhibition bringing together a diverse The very elderly were seen as particularly
array of artists and styles and features an extensive vulnerable.
selection of original Australian artworks.
When choosing a hearing centre, WHAT The
Over 350 finalists are meticulously curated Hearing Centre recommends an independent clinic
across three historic venues, including the Hunters with a well-experienced Audiologist.
Hill Town Hall, Vienna Cottage and Hunters Hill
Congregational Church. "Make sure they don't work on commissions and
that they listen to your needs and budget. There are
Entry forms are due by Friday 14th April and the plenty of good quality hearing aids at lower prices that
major award has prize money of $8000, open to a
l Council msereveitctehSsielfeonnrecpeedebnsyosAifonmntueoarsnsteaplnleedopDlVe.ATghoelrdecaarredahlsooldfererse(and

painting, drawing or sculpture in any medium. Other their dependents)," says Audiologist Damian O'Connor.

categories include the Regional Art Prize, Sculpture Ask lots of questions and even bring a friend or

family member in to the appointment.
Many doctors refer to WHAT The Hearing Centre

in Lane Cove. The centre provides professional
Prize, Water Colour Prize, Smaller Works Prize, Nora
Heysen Award, People's Choice and Kids' Choice.

ters Hill Art ExhibitionWinnersareannouncedattheopeningnighton
Friday May 12th. The exhibition will then run from independent advice regarding your hearing, and can
Saturday 13th until Sunday 21st May. All artwork is recommend any of the major brands of hearing aids
for sale. and prices based on your requirements.
12 - 21 May 2017Works
• The exhibition program will also include the Established 17 years ago, it continues to be at the forefront of
Festival of Art Weekend, Art|History Tours, Pop Up technology, including the fitting of the latest cochlear implants.

PgaollperiUespanGd maolrlee. rFoier msor•e inFfoersmtaitvioan,lsWee eekend •NasoArceoqrmutimre|idHs.sioinss taroe prayid aTnod rueprorsts are sent back to your doctor You can contact WHAT

huntershillartexhibition #hhartwalk #HuntersHillTAhrte Hearing Centre on 9420 2300.

WHAT 21/03/2017 11:39:31 AM

the hearing centre



Your local family owned independent hearing centre,
established 17 years ago, with Damian O'Connor.


WHAT The Hearing Centre • 174 Longueville Rd, Lane Cove • 9420 2300 •


Rocking the boat with

music cruises

There’s plenty of options if you’d like a
cruise where the entertainment will rock
you ‘til the wee small hours…

Are you a cruiser? Or not yet? We are nearly at the end of ‘wave season’ in for is the ‘ELVIS Meets the Legends’
Sydney and I always feel the harbour looks so much sorrier without the constant cruise that is happening in 2018. OMG,
parade of gorgeous ships. Okay, I’m prepared to concede that not all ships are this is going to be serious fun. Better
gorgeous, but the non-classic ‘ugly ducklings’ are usually stunning on the inside. than anything! We’ve got the six best
ETA’s (that stands for ‘Elvis Tribute
And it's what goes on inside that you cruising back. Singalongs allowed! Artist’ not ‘Estimated Time of Arrival’)
really counts. A ship is hardware and For hardcore rockers, we have Jon from Vegas, together with Scott ‘Buddy’
of course it makes a difference if the Cameron, Johnny Cash The Concert,
ship is new or old, tired or refurbed, Stevens and Angry Anderson, Status The Roy Orbison Show, plus over 25
spacious or a rabbit warren. However Quo, Baby Animals and The Radiators rock ‘n roll bands! WOW.
in my experience, clients are prepared ready to hammer your eardrums on
to forgive shortcomings if they’ve our ‘Rock the Boat’ cruise. I’m not sure The ‘parties’ are fabulous. There will
been given the good and bad oil you’ll see these acts at breakfast… be the ‘Viva Las Vegas Glitz & Glamour’
prior - and the crew, the food and the they’re more likely to be beside the theme party and a ‘Blue Hawaii Luau’
entertainment exceed expectations. pool at lunchtime wearing dark glasses, theme party. Seal your union with
as will be the passengers destined to another kiss at the ‘Vegas Renewal of
So it is with the Cruiseco music rock the night away. Vows’ ceremony and sing the hymns with
cruises that happen onboard Radiance gusto at ‘Elvis the Gospel Years’ concert.
of the Seas each October. The ship is not Myself, I’m more of a classical girl, so I
one of Royal Caribbean’s most deluxe fancy our ‘Bravo! Cruise of the Performing Fancy yourself as an up and coming
vessels, but it is extremely comfortable Arts’ sailing. Barbara in our Lane Cove Elvis? Then how about entering the
and fit for purpose and has quickly office has done this and swears it is ‘Young Elvis’ Rising Star concert, or
become a favourite among repeaters. magic. In 2017, Jose Carreras will headline the Elvis and Priscilla look-a-like
All because of the music. a superb cast of artists including David contests! There will be Elvis trivia for
Hobson and Marina Prior, Guy Noble, true diehards, and an Elvis cooking
Now those of you who haven’t the Cellists of TMO, the Femme Fatales show (fried chicken anyone?). If it’s
cruised on a music cruise will wonder and Emma Pask. You may only recognise all too much, then chill at the Elvis
what all the fuss is about and why they a few of these performers now, but join poolside movie cinema. And just when
are so popular. For starters, where the cruise, hosted by the inimitable Ray you thought it was over, make sure you
else can you expect to eat breakfast Martin, and you’ll be agog at the talent are captured in the Elvis ‘Super-Fans’
alongside John Williamson or Troy we’ve amassed. group photo.
Cassar-Daley or James Blundell? On
our ‘Cruisin’ Country’ cruise, that’s One of the most charming aspects Now who said that cruises were for
where! With over 40 country artists of this cruise is the choir, comprising the nearly dead or newly wed? Not on
including Gina Jeffreys, Amber volunteers from among the passengers these cruises, where the entertainment
Lawrence and Tania Kernaghan, these who will do anything to get up on a will rock you ‘til the wee hours.
guys and gals will have you tapping your stage to perform. Jonathan Welch, Exclusive to Trendsetter in this area,
toes and bootscooting for all eight days. famous for his work with the Choir of be quick or you’ll miss the boat (ship
Hard Knocks, tells the story of how some actually)!
Fancy yourself as more of a groover? who missed out in the original audition
Then ‘Cruise and Groove’ is just perfect formed their own choir, practised TRAVEL
for you. KC & The Sunshine Band, their hearts out and then demanded a Adrienne Witteman,
Boney M, Marcia Hines, Paul Young place in the programme. He was seriously Managing Director,
and the sensational Tina Turner Show impressed and a good time was had by all. Trendsetter Travel
featuring Rebecca O’Connor will have & Cruise Centre.
However the cruise I’m saving myself

LANE COVE MARKET SQUARE 9427 6666 LONGUEVILLE 9428 5900 * Conditions apply


Keeping a time-to-time.
Happy Budgie If your budgie is currently
fed a seed only diet,
Healthy budgies usually have a life span of NATIVE TO converting to pellets or
6-10 years. Like cats and dogs, they should AUSTRALIA, crumble is time consuming.
have an annual health check once a year, BUDGERIGARS However, it is healthier for
need a proper balanced diet together with CAN MAKE the bird in the long term.
clean and appropriate housing. GREAT PETS. Always throw out the old food
So how can you keep your budgie happy rather than putting fresh
and healthy? At nighttime, cover the food on top, as mould can be
cage if it is located in a dangerous for birds.
Housing place that is likely to drop Water should be changed
in temperature. This also daily and be placed to
Generally the larger the cage, the happier the bird. An encourages your budgie to avoid the bird’s droppings
absolute minimum size would be 30 x 30 x 60cm for settle down for the night. contaminating the water bowl.
one bird. Cages that are longer than higher are preferable, Avocado, coffee and
so the bird can exercise within the cage. The width of the Diet chocolate are toxic to birds
bars should be no wider than 0.5 inches to avoid the head so never feed these items.
getting stuck. A well-balanced diet helps There is no need to add grit
Many cages come with perches that are too small. This causes to avoid health problems to the diet of your budgie.
the foot to wrap around the perch leading to arthritis in the and should include pellets,
long term. It is preferable to find natural wood perches that vegetables, sprouts and Entertainment
are wide enough so that the majority of the foot can sit on seeds. It is vital that your
top. Never use sandpaper on perches or on the floor of the budgie is not fed just one In the wild, budgies forage
cage as this can cause painful skin problems. It is also not a type of seed. Seed mixes for food for the majority of
substitute for nail trimming. marketed for budgies are the day. When we provide
Square shaped cages feel more secure for your budgie than not balanced and complete. easy access to food, birds
round ones. It should be above ground level with a tray to Bird pellets or crumble can sometimes develop
catch the droppings and needs to be cleaned every 3-4 days should be available ad lib abnormal behaviours such
with hot, soapy water. together with a selection as feather picking. Providing
Cages should be made from stainless steel or BHP polymer of fresh vegetables daily, your bird with a variety of
covered wire to avoid heavy metal poisoning, which is very with a small amount of seed bird-safe toys such as bells,
common. Also avoid placing metallic objects inside. offered in the evenings. swings, chew toys, mirrors
A water feeder and either a water bowl or enclosed water Vegetables can include and ladders can keep their
bath allows the budgie to drink and bathe. Some budgies parsley, spinach, beans, minds and bodies active
prefer to be sprayed with a mist of water. alfalfa, broccoli, silverbeet, and prevent boredom.
sweet potato, and baby Each week change the toys
PET DESIGN carrots with the greenery to provide environmental
still attached. enrichment. Be careful not
Professional grooming Gum leaves and grass can to overcrowd the cage and
for dogs and cats also be added. Some budgies avoid having a swing right in
will occasionally eat fruit, the middle of the cage that
DOG GROOMING: "Our goal is to develop a life- such as rockmelon and makes flying difficult.
All breeds of dogs are bathed long relationship with you and apple. Cooked rice, pasta, Budgies shouldn't be kept
and clipped to your specific your pet by providing a friendly, seeded bread and mashed in their cages all day. They
requirements by our highly professional and compassionate potato is also suitable from need to spread their wings,
trained groomers. service. We value our clients, so wing clipping is generally
listen to them and we are always not recommended as it
CAT GROOMING: careful to address your pet’s will affect their ability to
Professionally groomed by properly exercise. Always
appointment by Jenny Kent, with individual needs." supervise cage free time.
the owner staying with the cat A solitary bird will need
and completed within 30 minutes more attention than a pair
with no sedation ever required. or a group of budgies living
together. This should be
WE HAVE THREE LOCATIONS: Lane Cove 9428 1333 taken into consideration
Epping 9876 3336 Manly 9976 6744 when you decide whether to
get one or two budgies.
Dr Gretta
Twitter: @


What’s the story behind your favourite recipe?

A new initiative from FoodFaith, who manages the community garden in Hughes Park, aims to celebrate
cultural and faith diversity through gathering and sharing special recipes and their stories.

This month another two Lane Cove locals - Lincoln Gomes and Carol Selva Rajah - share a recipe
with TVO readers and describe what it means to them.

These recipes will also be included as part of FoodFaith’s initiative called Recipes: Re-discovering Our Roots
and will be posted on its website at

So why not get inspired and try out a new recipe from a different faith and culture in April!

community gardener who writer and Asian chef who has
treasures this recipe from his been educating Australians
Grandmother. for two decades through her
cookbooks, school and courses.

Bread and butter Tau Yew Bak (or Pork in Soy Sauce)
• 1 tbspn rice bran oil

INGREDIENTS The Village • 1 kg pork ribs and 1kg pork neck, sliced and cubed
• 6 cloves garlic, chopped
• 550ml of room temperature full cream milk Observer is on the
• ½ cup of sugar • 2 tbspn black bean paste
• 3 eggs
• ½ cup sultanas, soaked in very hot water lookout for local chefs • ¼ cup sweet caramelised soy sauce

for 30 minutes to contribute to our • 2 tbspn chilli paste
• 1 ½ tsp vanilla essence monthly food column, • 2 cm ginger, sliced
• 2 slices wholemeal or white bread, so this is a great chance • 2 star anise, pounded or broken into pieces
• 1 tbspn Chinese black vinegar or red wine vinegar
buttered on both sides for you to be • 2 to 3 cups stock from bacon bones
• 2 tbsp whole fruit strawberry jam
• ½ tsp nutmeg discovered! • 2 tbspn shaved palm sugar or 1 tbspn raw sugar

• Salt and pepper to taste

• ½ tsp cinnamon METHOD

METHOD Blanch cubed meat in boiling water to remove the strong meaty
flavours. Drain well, then rub with some soy sauce. Heat oil, sauté
Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees. Mix milk, sugar and eggs with a garlic and black bean paste until aromatic. Add pork ribs and fry
beater and add vanilla essence. Butter both sides and spread on medium heat until golden brown - do not allow meat to stick to
jam on the top of wholemeal or white bread. Pour off the the pot. Add stock and cook for at least 20 minutes on low heat.
hot water from the sultanas and lay them in the bottom of Add soy sauce, chilli paste, ginger, star anise, wine vinegar and
a small, rectangular ovenproof dish (just large enough to stock. Cook on medium heat to simmer until pork is almost falling
accommodate the two slices of bread). Place the bread on off the bone. Add palm sugar and balance with salt and pepper
top, cutting a corner of one piece. To the side with the missing and/or chilli paste and ginger and sugar.
edge, gently pour in milk and egg mixture, allowing the bread The meat can be reduced down to a thick flavourful dish. It should
to rise above the mixture. Add nutmeg and cinnamon to the taste hot, sweet, sour and salty.Serve hot with steamed white rice
top and bake for 50 minutes, surrounding the small oven dish and crisp slices of cucumber.
in a larger one filled with water, to about half way up

the outside. THE RECIPE’S ROOTS

THE RECIPE’S ROOTS "I learnt this recipe from my Chinese nanny who cooked for the
household. She brought the recipe from China, but her version was
“When I was a kid, we used to eat this pudding at most simply cooked in water - no chilli and not cooked for as long. Once
family gatherings, but I didn't learn to cook it until after my in Malaysia, the nanny started using Malaysian ingredients like chilli
Grandmother had passed away. and wine vinegar with a clearer oil and better meat.

“Growing up, my Grandmother would cook most things from This dish is cooked at Chinese New Year and for altar worship of
scratch, the old fashioned way. From memory, we only ate it on the people long gone. If there is a family altar, a tiny dish of the pork
special occasions. is also added so the Gods may ingest the food in spirit.

“The taste is hard to describe, since it's meshed with old I often ate this dish with my family, especially at Chinese New
memories and other smells that I recall when I eat it, but suffice Year. I am not Chinese, but in a multicultural country one is invited to
to say, if you gave it to me in a blind tasting, I'd be able to tell

which was my Grandmother's.” each of the festivals and food is always laid out for guests. "


GOVERNMENT M: 0422 174 730
E: [email protected]
A Message from the Mayor of Lane Cove

Councillor Deborah Hutchens

With the Easter break just around the corner, I would like to take the and Hunter’s Hill councils can drop
opportunity to wish those who are going on holidays a safe journey. For off items at St Ignatius’ College,
those who will be around Lane Cove, may you enjoy a restful time with Regis Campus, 29 Riverview Street,
family and friends, hopefully with some sunshine after such a wet and Riverview. Proof of address via rate
wild March. notice or driver’s licence is required.
For a full list of acceptable items visit
I would like to thank those in our community who have helped during
the unprecedented weather we had last month. In particular our local
emergency services and their volunteers - on behalf of Lane Cove, Disability Inclusion
we thank you. Action Plan

ANZAC Day refurbished playground and garden As mentioned last month, Council is
plots. Council contributed towards the seeking feedback to help put together
I encourage you to join us on Tuesday newly established garden plots through its first local Disability Inclusion Action
25 April at the ANZAC Day Service a Sustainability Small Grant. This new Plan (DIAP) which will identify actions
hosted by Council and the Lane garden will greatly benefit children’s to assist people with disability to
Cove RSL Sub Branch. Please arrive appreciation and learning for planting, participate more fully in community
by 7:25am for a 7:30am start. Those nurturing and harvesting vegetables life. A community survey is now
members of the community who would and flowers and will benefit students available on Council’s website along
like to participate in a short march now and into the future. A magician with other ways to have your say. Visit
at the beginning of the ceremony are and sausage sizzle complemented the
asked to congregate in Birdwood Lane celebration. for details.
by 7:10am. The service will conclude
around 8:30am. International Women’s Day Captured Photography

Neighbour Day Thank you to Moo Baulch, Emma Entries will be open from 10th
Bird, Kerry Chikarovski, Kellie Rigney, April for Lane Cove’s annual Captured
Congratulations to the community Dr Sabrina Saldanha and Karen Smith Photography competition. This year’s
groups involved in putting together who shared their story with us at a theme Love Where You Play, encourages
a fantastic Neighbour Day event at very successful International Women’s you to capture what it is you enjoy
Hughes Park last month. Lane Cove Day event last month. Everyone was doing out and about in Lane Cove. Full
Community Chaplaincy, the Rotary intrigued by the different journeys of details of the competition, entries and
Club of Lane Cove and Foodfaith led each speaker and a wonderful evening prizes can be found at www.lanecove.
the way for other community-minded was had by all. Entries close 21
organisations to put on a free event May 2017.
for the local community. We are Playground upgrade at Lane
fortunate to have such an active group Cove Occasional Care Seniors Safety Program
of organisations supporting the Lane
Cove community. It was my pleasure to officially open Council and Lane Cove & North Side
the upgraded playground at Lane Cove Community Services have partnered
New garden plots at Occasional Care last month. The rain to help improve the safety of our local
Birrahlee Preschool did not dampen the excitement as senior residents. This includes access
children and their families celebrated to support services and small funding
Last month I was invited along the new layout and equipment which to assist with physical improvements
to Birrahlee Preschool and had the was made possible through funding to help make homes safer. This is a
pleasure of opening their newly from Council and the centre’s own wonderful opportunity to make our
fundraising efforts. community safer for seniors and I
encourage those interested in finding
Electronic waste collection out more to contact Lane Cove & North
Side Community Services.
Council’s next e-waste collection
day is Saturday 22 April. From 8:00am Council merger update
– 4:30pm residents from Lane Cove
Council is due in the Supreme
Court in early April where it is likely
we will learn the outcome of our
merger appeal. The latest information
will be updated on Council’s website



He was only 19...

Richard Henry Hallams - ‘Killed in action’
during World War One.

One hundred years ago in April ABOVE: Studio portrait of Private Richard Henry to a Rest Camp, and here Dick was
1917, Private Richard Henry Hallams, 19th Battalion of Artarmon (courtesy killed by a long-distance shell on 17
Hallams, service number 5345, of the Australian War Memorial). April, 1917. Buried at Noreuil, France.’
was killed in action in France.
TOP LEFT: Richard Hallams’ entry in the Hallams’ name is also recorded on
Born at Redfern in 1898, Hallams Chatswood South Uniting Church Book of two local honour rolls - the Longueville
worked as a grocer. He was just nineteen Remembrance (courtesy of the Chatswood (now Lane Cove) Public School Roll of
when he enlisted in the Australian South Uniting Church). Honour for the Great War, which listed
Imperial Forces in January 1916. Both local citizens as well as students, and
his parents, William and Jane Hallams Australian National Memorial at Villers- the Lane Cove World War One Honour
signed his consent form because he was Bretonneaux, France. Roll. Originally located in the School of
under twenty-one years of age. Arts, it has recently been restored and
His official service record notes relocated to the foyer of the Lane Cove
By 1913 the family had moved to no further information regarding his Council Civic Centre.
Keighley, a house on Gordon Road death, but the Chatswood South Methodist
(now Pacific Highway) not far from Church – Book of Remembrance (recently Following the war, Richard’s parents
the Chatswood South Methodist donated to Lane Cove Library Archives) and sister Edith continued to live in
Church (now Chatswood South Uniting records…’After service in the front line the Lane Cove area. Their 1919 Sydney
Church). Richard attended the church the battalion was relieved and marched Morning Herald ‘In Memoriam’ notice
and was later remembered as a Sunday stated Richard was ‘deeply mourned
school scholar. by his loving father and mother and
sister’. Edith married Clifford Hopkins
With three and a half years previous in 1925 and they lived in Helen Street.
experience as a senior cadet, Richard
was initially attached to D Company, Four new Lane Cove streets were
45th Battalion and sent to training constructed when the No.2 subdivision
at Bathurst. He was transferred to of Parklands Estate was offered for
the Liverpool camp in April 1916, sale in September 1919. The streets
joining the 14th reinforcement of the were named in memory of four local
19th Battalion. He embarked for the lads killed in World War One. Garling,
Western Front on HMAT A18 Wiltshire Munro and Gentle Streets along with
on 22 August 1916 landing at Plymouth, Hallam Avenue were formed in a
England in October. After further triangle of land between Moore Street
training at Folkestone, UK, he joined (now Epping Road) and Centennial
his battalion on the Western Front in Avenue. The advertising of the day
France on 23 December 1916. described the land as suitable for
‘splendid building sites’.
The 19th Battalion had fought in the
atrocious conditions at the Battle of By 1941 Hallam Avenue, Lane Cove
Flers during November 1916 and was West had been extended westward
in need of the reinforcements. During from its original subdivision plan. A
1917 the Battalion would follow up the road originally named as Pasadena
German forces in their retreat to the Avenue in the Austral Estate
Hindenburg Line. subdivision of 1928 and in existence
during the 1930s also had its name
Private Hallams was ‘killed in action’ changed to Hallam Avenue, linking it
on 17 April, 1917. Like many men who across Barwon Road to Cullen Street.
died on the Western Front, Hallams Pasadena Avenue continued to be
has no known grave but his name named in some street directories in
is remembered with honour on the the 1950s.

Lane Cove Library actively collects stories, documents and photographs about people and places within the municipality of Lane Cove.
If you have some memories to share, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact Local Studies on 9911 3637 or visit the Library catalogue to contribute to the Lane Cove: On the Street Where You Live! database.



LANE COVE THEATRE COMPANY Mowbray Public School Strings and Band Ensembles
NOW SHOWING commenced Term 1 on a high note as they took part in a half-day
‘Kickstart’ music camp. The students enjoyed small intensive
DATES tutorial groups to workshop new pieces that promoted rapid
Thursday 6 April, 7.30pm music progression. The ensembles then showcased their work
Friday 7th April, 7.30pm with a wonderful performance in the School Hall.
Saturday 8th April, 2.00pm
Saturday 8th April, 7.30pm LANE COVE YOUTH ORCHESTRA
Sunday 9th April, 2.00pm
VENUE Anacrusis will be a concert that heralds a great start to the New
O'Kelly Drama Theatre, St Ignatius College, RIVERVIEW. Year and the promise of much more to follow. Featuring guests
BOOKINGS from Greenwich Public School, with director Shaun Warden.
TICKETS $28, concessions $23 LCYO will be showcasing some exciting works including
Beethoven’s Symphony No. 4 in Bflat Major and Rossini’s The
Cast of ‘COSI’ in rehearsal. Dawn Pugh Photography Thieving Magpie. They will also present the high-spirited
Fandango and Alborada by Rimsky-Korsakov and the Lord of the
For more information go to: Dance by Ronan Hardiman. When: Monday 3 April, 7pm, Lane Cove Public School hall.
Tickets: At door. Adults $12, concession $6, with refreshments.
or follow us on Facebook Info: 0411 413 335 or email [email protected]

The Lane Cove Music and Cultural Centre (LCMCC) has recently
DATES relocated to 1 Pottery Lane (opposite the Lane Cove Pool). After 22
Friday 5 May, 7.30pm wonderful years in the old ladies bowling club at 266 Longueville
Saturday 6 May, 7.30pm Road, they have moved to a new purpose built facility.

VENUE Lane Cove Council generously provided a beautiful new space
St Aidans Performance Space, 1 Christina Street, which contains six spacious, air-conditioned, acoustically treated
LONGUEVILLE. BOOKINGS music rehearsal rooms/studios; a small central area which can be
TICKETS $25 concessions, $20 used for small group performances and early childhood classes;
A very funny, melodic, and entertaining tale of four kitchen; storeroom and new office spaces.
survivors of a nuclear attack – a poet (Michelle); her
partner, a painter (John); a scientist (Val); and her Adjoining this is the Terrace Function Room, complete with
creation – a robot (Vicki). They ‘discuss’ art, science, outdoor terrace and a new commercial kitchen that can be used
logic, love, lust, feelings, reason, and yes, nuclear bombs for bigger events.
during their weeks of zany, serious and amusing living
together in a nuclear fallout shelter. According to President Robyn Mah, these new community
facilities are a credit to Council’s years of planning.
Lane Cove Theatre Company “We would like to pay tribute to Council for delivering this
project to the community.
“Our 15 staff members and 180 enrollees have been busy
learning about this new site, underground car parking and lifts
which is a new experience compared to the humble cottage
at 266 Longueville Road. As a thriving community group and
with continued and support from the local community, we look
forward to developing some new programs in 2017/2018.

“Recently we introduced Suzuki Early childhood classes on
Wednesday and Friday mornings and a Suzuki Cello program.
Four grand pianos and six new uprights are working overtime and
our 22 year long student concert series recommences next term.”

The Centre is open 7 days a week for music tuition, studio hire
and rehearsals.


When: 1 - 5pm, Sunday 7th May
Where: Lower Ground Floor, 1 Pottery Lane, Lane Cove

Come along to enjoy individual student performances, early
childhood demonstrations, Suzuki cello, violin groups, local
choral groups, jazz groups and a flute choir. There will be short
breaks in the performances to enjoy the community atmosphere
and to view the wonderful new community facilities.

The official opening will take place at 3pm with
Mayor Deborah Hutchens in the Terrace Function room.

Enquiries 9427 8027 or email [email protected]

Music Notes

This event is proudly supported by



For Lane Cove and Hunter’s Hill Council Residents Only

Saturday 22 April 2017
8:00am – 4:30pm
St Ignatius’ College, Regis Campus,
29 Riverview Street, Riverview

Please ensure you bring your rates notice or driver’s licence.
For a list of acceptable electronic items and more
information, please visit Lane Cove Council’s website
at or call 9911 3555.

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COMMUNITY Consultation for Disability
Inclusion Action Plan
How often do people throw out stuff like cooler bags and
backpacks because there is a rip or the zippers don’t work? We all Council is currently seeking input from the community on its
know the answer is plenty of times, as these are cheap and easy first Disability Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP), designed to identify
to replace! The sewing team at the Repair Café rescued two such actions to assist people with a disability to participate more fully in
items recently. community life.

From our volunteer Sarah: “One repair I really liked was The plan will address four key areas that have been nominated
patching a cooler bag. So many of these probably end up in by people with disability as being of primary importance in creating
landfill, so it was great to put a patch over a rip and repair the zip an inclusive community:
seam to prolong its life.” • Developing positive community attitudes and behaviours
• Creating liveable communities
From our volunteer Tracy: “Daisy’s backpack had come apart • Supporting access to meaningful employment
at the top. Since it was nylon, I could use a lighter to stop the • Improving access to services through better systems and processes
lining fraying further and then stitch it in place.”
How to get involved
Come and listen to live music in April
Council is inviting people who live with disability, their carers,
On April 2nd, Sarah is playing the harp, along with two other family members, friends and the general community to provide
wonderful musicians. On April 9th, the lovely Janet returns with input into this plan by:
her fantastic band of ukulele friends to fill the café with music! • Participating in a community survey during March and April,
DATE: Sunday April 2nd and 9th (first and second Sundays of
the month). TIME: 1 - 3pm where all members of the community can have their say about
PLACE: Chatswood South Uniting Church Hall, corner disability inclusion. The survey is also available in paper form at
Mowbray Road and Pacific Hwy key Council facilities.
INFO: Call Wendy 9420 4884 or 0410 280 912, email • Attending a focus group for people with disability, their carers
repaircafesydneynorth@ or visit and their families. • Having a one-on-one conversation with consultants if you are
not comfortable in a group situation or need extra support.
Make sure you also take time to visit the magnificent • Arranging or requesting a Meeting in a Box Toolkit. This is a mini
Permapatch Community Garden. Just a stone’s throw away, marvel consultation that can be used by groups, families or friends to run
at its lush edible crops! their own meeting using standardised procedures and questions.
To register your interest in taking part, please phone
9911 3953 or email [email protected]

Lane Cove History Prize

The Lane Cove Historical Society is running its Once again, LCHS Committee member Emeritus Professor Dr
History Prize again in 2017. Frances Christie, will supervise both history prize programmes.

With a $2000 winner's prize, generously supported by the Details, including guidelines and criteria for submission of
Hyecorp Property Group, entries can be in essay form or as an entries, can be downloaded from the Carisbrook Historic House
oral history project and need to include historical research into website at
any aspect of the history of Lane Cove and its environs. For enquiries, email [email protected]
or phone 9420 4010.
Last year's inaugural competition gave some outstanding
histories featuring local identities and localities. These essays are The Lane Cove Historical Society
currently being published in a special edition of the LCHS Journal and
will be archived in the Local Studies Unit of the Lane Cove Library. LANE COVE HISTORY PRIZE
Supported by HYECORP Property Group
Research topics could be the lives of interesting Lane Cove Enquiries
individuals or families; early settlers or ethnic groups who came — click on 'Society'
to live in Lane Cove; the evolution of local roads and transport
systems, houses or public buildings; or the histories of bush care, [email protected]
local churches or sporting teams. Phone: 9420 4010

The term 'Lane Cove and its environs' refers to the modern
Municipality of Lane Cove. However in the past, 'Lane Cove'
covered a much broader geographical area, including parts of
modern Hunters Hill, Woolwich, North Sydney, Chatswood and
suburbs north to Gordon.

Submissions that deal with a historical period in which these
areas constituted 'Lane Cove' will be accepted. For instance, the
first Lane Cove school, initiated by Governor Macquarie in 1816,
was in Gordon, as was the Lane Cove Post Office until 1879.

Another initiative of the LCHS is the Primary Schools History
Awards, which is a programme to encourage primary students in
the study of history.



The Safety for Seniors Program ● receive updates about crime Security Improvement Scheme:
and Security Improvement Scheme prevention ideas and things to do;
are designed to assist seniors feel Funding for this scheme is
and be more connected to the ● receive a copy of the seniors available twice a year, in the months
community and to be safer in their newsletter, the Lane Cove of April and November. It will
own homes. Connection; contribute a maximum of $100
towards the cost of purchasing and
Lane Cove Council runs both the ● join the Next of Kin program with installing low cost measures to
program and scheme in conjunction the NSW Police Force; increase the safety of older people.
with Lane Cove & North Side
Community Services. ● receive invitations to talks and This can include items such as:
safety programs.
Safety for Seniors Program: ● a key lock box so that people who
Eligibility are given the code can have access
This free program supports the to the premises in an emergency;
more vulnerable and isolated seniors This program is for people who:
within our community. ● live alone or with a fully ● fluorescent or reflective house
numbers to help locate the house
It offers the opportunity to: dependent spouse; at night in case of emergency;
● have no or minimal contact with
● connect with a friendly volunteer ● a door viewer so the resident can
by phone at least once a month for family; see who is at the front door;
a chat; ● feel socially isolated from the
● smoke detectors;
● receive a free Crime Prevention community; ● a key chain for the front door;
through Environmental Design ● are aged 65+; ● sensor lights;
checklist to help identify areas on ● want to receive a monthly phone ● timber dowel window chocks.
property that could improve safety;
call from a Lane Cove & North Side
Community Services volunteer.

If you are interested in the program or scheme, or for more information,
please contact Lane Cove & North Side Community Services on 9427 6425.

Free JP Services The difference is 40 years experience.

Come visit our new office at 1 Pottery Lane Experience the difference.
for our new JP service.
Check out our new website, and get in touch
Mondays from 2-4pm. Please call in advance to see what we can do for you.
to ensure the JP is in that week.
For information, please call 9427 6425.
Ph 9816 2304 Mob 0409 983 195

Unit 17, 33-37 College Street,
Gladesville NSW 2111
Enter College Street from
Frank Street, off Victoria Road
at Kennards.



The impact of separation on children factors. However, mothers are often
the gatekeepers of their children’s
Many parents involved in a divorce their ‘couple’ role from their ‘parental’ relationships with their father. So it’s in
or separation worry about its impact role. children’s interests for mothers to use
on their children. Have they done the this responsibility wisely, supporting and
right thing? How can they best help Of course, separation can be stressful encouraging the child’s relationship with
their children? for parents as well as children. Major the father. There are exceptions where it
disruptions to their housing and locality is necessary, and in a child’s best interests,
In most cases, they need not worry and loss of living standards can affect to greatly restrict or even terminate a
so much. them. About 20% of children of divorce parent’s involvement with their child, for
do fare significantly worse than other reasons of the child’s safety or if there is
In fact, experts tend to agree it is children when it comes to things like a serious parenting incapacity. But such
a myth that children are necessarily educational results, future employment, cases are in the minority.
better off if their parents stay together. and the likelihood of psychological
Although divorce is stressful, research problems like depression. Children of joint shared parenting
indicates the great majority of children arrangements, and arrangements where
from divorced families are emotionally But children of separation can be the children spend substantial time with
well adjusted. Following a separation, protected from these things to a large each parent, do significantly better than
children tend to be resilient and extent. If at least one (and preferably children who don’t often see the other
resourceful; about 80% of children both) parents provide good quality, parent. It’s also what the majority of
from separating families do adjust well. ongoing family relationships and children want. But the success of joint
demonstrate authoritative, loving and parenting arrangements depends upon an
However, it is the degree of conflict appropriate parenting and provide for absence of major conflict.
in the family, and the extent that the their children’s expenses, the children will
children are drawn into any conflict, tend to thrive. If both parents avoid conflict with
each other and focus on the needs of the
that makes all the difference. Children Experts also generally agree that, children, then a successful outcome for
following a separation, fathers are just the children is likely.
from divorced, but conflict-free homes, as important as mothers. Children with
close relationships with their fathers do FAMILY LAW SPECIALIST
do significantly better than children significantly better after a divorce than Andrew Corish.
children who don’t when it comes to Corish & Co Specialist Family
remaining in conflicted marriages. If things like higher academic achievement, Lawyers, North Sydney.
self-esteem and a host of other positive
parents keep their negative thoughts and

conflicts to themselves, and don’t involve

their children in their disputes, their

children are less impacted. The essential

factor is the parents’ ability to separate

Lane Cove
West FC

LCFC celebrated a win over Blue Mountains FC in the Westfield FFA Cup played in March. Lane Cove West Football Club is a small football
(soccer) team that has been playing in the area for
Lane Cove FC breaks drought in over 40 years.
They are currently looking for recruits for their
In just its second year in the Westfield FFA Cup, Lane Cove broke its All Age and O35s teams. The O35s having been
drought with a win over Blue Mountains FC. promoted to Division 1 this season. Goalkeepers
are in demand for all teams.
A goal in each half from Jamie Morriss, with his trusty left foot, ensured
a reasonably comfortable 2-0 passage into the fourth round. For a side With teams in Men’s All Age Division 5 and in
that has basically been re-built in the last couple of months under new Men’s O35s and O45s divisions of the Northern
coach Jason Barnes, this was an encouraging start to the season. Suburbs Football Association leagues, games are
mostly played on Saturday afternoons.
A crowd of around 200 was there to enjoy the atmosphere generated
by this national knockout cup, which now features over 600 clubs from The season kicks off on Saturday 31st March and
around Australia. training takes place on Wednesday evenings.

The next round to be played at Blackman Park will be on either Tuesday If anyone is interested in becoming a referee,
4th April or Thursday 6th April (see and will be played the club can arrange for attendance at a training
against the winner of Albion Park White Eagles from the Wollongong course. Referees are paid $60 a game - it’s tax free!
Association or Peakhurst United from the St George Association.
Please email Ivan Colhoun at president@
The Club is hoping another good crowd will be there to cheer the team on. to express an interest or for further

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Friday 30 June 9:30am – 10:45am Meet at Gore  Activities are for 2 to 5 years term time, 2 to TTHHEESSVVuuIILLppLLppAAooGGrrEEtteeOOddBBbbSSyyEERRLLVVaaEEnnRRee CCII ooNNvvOOee..UU2266nn11iittIIiinnAAggPPCCRRhhIILLuu22rrcc00hh1177 II 3399
Creek Reserve, at playground far end of oval, 10 years school holidays & 7 years & over

Northwood Spotlight Walks.

client's homes. Friendly volunteers Chatswood Bowling Club, Gordon Can you spare some time to
deliver on a daily or weekly basis. Ave, Chatswood at 9.45am, third help someone locally?
For services to Hunters Hill, Tuesday monthly. 9428 3357.
call 9817 0101. Volunteer
HUNTERS HILL COMBINED meet drivers needed
MEETING HOUSE COMMUNITY at Hunters Hill Club at 9.30am, first
CENTRE A not-for-profit organisation Tuesday monthly. 9879 3725. YOU CAN MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE
with a varied and interesting program IN SOMEONE’S LIFE.
of activities catering for people HUNTERS HILL LADIES meet at
of all ages including playgroups, Hunters Hill Club, 12-20 Madeline St We are currently looking for volunteer
Community Café, community at 10am, fourth Monday monthly. drivers for our Medical Transport Service
garden, yoga, craft, seniors outings 9816 5116.
and shopping trips. Located at 23a to take older people to their
Stokes Street, Lane Cove North, WAVERTON COMBINED meets at medical appointments.
ph 9427 1841. The Meeting House Lane Cove Country Club, 180 River
Kindergarten caters for children aged Road, Northwood on the third With a team of over 200 volunteers, Lane
3 - 5 yrs, with highly experienced and Monday of month at 10.15am. Cove & North Side Community Services
university qualified staff offering a full Phone: 9955 5126.
preschool program Mon to Thurs 9am provides a range of services
to 3pm. Located at 47 Burns Bay Rd ROTARY CLUB OF LANE COVE to support over 500 older residents and
(opp Coles), ph 9008 5549. people living with a disability living in our All welcome at our weekly meeting.
6.15 for 6.45pm until 8.15pm, local community.
MEN'S SHED Currently looking for Tuesdays at the Lane Cove Country If you are interested in finding out
new members. Drop in for a cuppa Club, 180 River Road. Dinner cost
and a chat. Located in the carpark at $20/head. more, please email:
St Columba Retirement Centre, 15 or phone 0407 216 552. [email protected]
Figtree St. Open Mon, Tues and Thurs,
10am-3pm. Call Ted on 0428 024 208 SAHAJA YOGA MEDITATION or call: 9427 6425
or email [email protected]
FREE classes. Discover how to THE VILLAGE OBSERVER I NO. 261 I APRIL 2017 I 43
MINDFULNESS MEDITATION FOR achieve inner balance, peace and
SENIORS Relaxation and simple deep understanding. No obligation.
mindfulness exercises to bring more Lane Cove Library, Thurs 7-8.30pm.
joy and peace into your life. FREE For info, call Clare on 0422 798 498.
monthly session with Dr. Ana Brandão
at Lane Cove Library. 3rd Monday of SHINNYO-EN BUDDHIST TEMPLE
the month at 10.30 am. Phone 0428
569 373, email ANZAC Day Remembrance Service at
[email protected] or visit Shinnyo-en Buddhist Temple. Join us in extending our respect and prayers
meditation/seniors-meditation to the foundation of Australia. Family
service. All welcome. April 25 @2pm-
NORTH SHORE BRAIN TUMOUR 3pm Inquiries: 9418 6688, email
SUPPORT GROUP [email protected]

Provides patients and families with SPIRIT OF LIFE UNITARIAN
education & emotional support. FELLOWSHIP
Meetings are facilitated by health A highlight for April will be Jan
care professionals and held at North Tendys speaking on 'The Sensible
Shore Private Hospital. For details, Centre. Is that Us?'. Kirribilli
email Allison O’Dea @ snog@snog. Neighbourhood Centre, 10.30am, or visit Sun. 23rd April. Inquiries: 9599 1180
CHOIR Anybody who loves to sing is
Information and support for people invited. Performing contemporary
impacted by Prostate Cancer. Note and traditional songs, this unique
a lot of women attend with their choir will be participating in
husbands. Venue is Kolling Building, community events and activities. For
5th floor, North Shore Hospital. more info, Louise on 0452 006 693.
For info, contact John Fullagar,
9498 1984 or 0400 420 602 or visit U3A UNIVERSITY OF THIRD AGE
www.prostate-cancer-support- Whatever your interest, U3A offers
an extensive variety of events and
PROBUS CLUBS intellectually stimulating daytime
courses held in an informal, friendly
Fellowship meetings for retirees. atmosphere. Ph 9262 2702 or
Programs include guest speakers,
regular excursions, morning,
afternoon tea and lunches. WAIG - WOMEN'S ACTION AND
INFO GROUP Stimulating speakers,
CROWS NEST COMBINED meet discussions and book reviews
at Crows Nest Centre, 2 Ernest for women of all ages. Mondays
Place, Crows Nest, at 10.00am third 10.30am in school terms. Lane Cove
Thursday monthly. 9439 3455 Library, Meeting Rm 1. For info, call
Caroline on 0411 016 784,
LANE COVE COMBINED meets at [email protected] or
Lane Cove Bowling Club, Burns Bay Facebook
Road at 10am, second Monday each waigwomen
month. April speaker is Michael
Meade on Fiji and Vanuatu. May WOM:NI - WILLOUGHBY OLDER
speaker is Faye Yarroll on Cochlear MEN: NEW IDEAS "Meet a friend
implant awareness. - Make a friend - Be a friend." For
Information: 0414 978 596 men over 55. Meetings held in Club
Willoughby, Crabbes St, Willoughby
LANE COVE LADIES meet at every 2nd and 4th Wednesday. For
Lane Cove Club at 10am, second info, call Doug on 9417 3715
Wednesday monthly.9419 5068.
Get fit, sweat, make friends and have
fun! Classes suitable for everyone or call
Dianne on 0406 765 827.



03 05 06 07

9:30am 9am - 11:45am CHESS/SOLO 9:30 - 12:30pm
1pm - 3:30pm TABLE TENNIS
1:30pm - 4:30pm 13 12:30pm OR 2:30pm
3 Course Meal 12 SOCIAL BRIDGE/
$15 CHESS/SOLO Phone Shopping
12noon SHOPPING BUS 1pm - 3:30pm 9:00am - 12noon
9am - 11.45am
COLES Phone Shopping 14
1:30pm - 4:30pm 9:00am - 12noon GOOD FRIDAY

Public Holiday

17 18 19 20 21

Public Holiday Public Holiday 9am - 11.45am CHESS/SOLO 9:45 - 12:45pm
No book club 1pm - 3:30pm
1:30pm - 4:30pm 12:30pm OR 2:30pm

Phone Shopping
SHOPPING BUS 9:00am - 12noon
9am - 11.45am
24 25 27 28
Public Holiday CHESS/SOLO 9:45 - 12:45pm
3 Course Meal 1pm - 3:30pm
12:30pm OR 2:30pm
Phone Shopping
9:00am - 12noon


COMMUNITY CAFE 2nd May 2017at 10.30amVILLAGE BUS MSeHetULFeFaLgEuBeOleAgReDn1d1th May 201P7haotnO1eN0SaLhmINopEping
Steve Mortimer The “Golden G9ir.l1s5”amwil-l1p1r.e45saemnt
3 Course Meal Formerly of the “Irish Drov9earsm” w-il1l 1.45am 10am-11am their autumn faTsAhiBoLnERTaEnNgeN.IS

coming up$15 present his “Ireland over Here” show. MENS COOKING GROAUftPerwards en1j2o:y30aplmusOcRio2u:s30pm
in 1M2noaony... 12:30pm morning tea. Cost $10
Join us for morning tea andMaAshHo-wJ.ONG
Cost $10 * Bookings Es1s:e3n0tipalm* - 4:30pm


1 Pottery Lane, Lane Cove, 2066 l Phone: 9427 6425 l Email: [email protected]

BUS TRIP: There will be no outing this month due and will carry any parcels to the kitchen bench on (Topic to be advised) Morning tea provided at the
to Easter Holidays. Outings esume for May 2017 your return. $7 single or $10 per couple. Bookings 1 Pottery Lane, Lane Cove.
COMMUNITY CAFÉ: Provides a wonderful three- essential. FOCAS GROUP: Become a Community Centre
course meal plus tea and coffee for just $15 on the PHONE SHOPPING: Weekly service, Fridays volunteer. 1st Monday of the month Morning tea is
2nd and 4th Monday of the month. Bus pick up just 9:15am – 11:45am. Phone our office and speak provided. We knit, sew, crochet all sorts of articles and
$5 return– Bookings essential. to our friendly Volunteers, who take down your make handmade calico dolls for children in hospitals
BOOK CLUB: Meets 3rd Monday of the month. shopping order. There will be a delivery charge. NB: and the needy. We have four street stalls each year
NB: There will be no meetings this month due to As there will be no service on Good Friday, we will to generate information about our service and
the Easter Holiday. offer the service on Thursday 13th April. fundraising. We look forward to meeting you!
SOCIAL BRIDGE/GAMES CLUB: Meets in our TABLE TENNIS: Two sessions every Friday. A
Community Room downstairs at 1 Pottery Lane small donation for afternoon tea is appreciated. SPECIAL EVENT 2nd MAY, 2017
Road, Lane Cove. $4 includes afternoon tea. All EASY PLAYING - LOTS OF FUN!
welcome. Please call Julie for details. 9427 6425 BOOMERS: An informal social group for older men The Ireland over Here Show featuring Patrick Brady.
MAH-JONG: Every Wednesday at the Living & who are independently mobile; sticks & walkers The world class entertainer with a dash of Irish Charm.
Learning Centre, 180 Longueville Road. $5 includes are welcome. Outings are typically three hours Formerly of the “Irish Drovers” he will be Singing and
afternoon tea. All welcome. For enquiries please in duration & include destinations such as cafés, playing guitar, tin whistle and harmonica. Guaranteed
call Nellie 9427 1208 or Vanessa 9428 2972 parks, galleries, museums, historic houses and to make your toes tap.
VILLAGE (SHOPPING) BUS: Weekly door to door other places of interest. This month we visit the Come and join us 10.30am at 1 Pottery Lane for a
service, Wednesday mornings, with 2 hours in Lane Garden Island RAN Heritage Centre $10 includes scrumptious morning tea followed by performance
Cove Village. Friendly drivers and volunteers bring outing, morning tea & transport; and we will have at 11am to 12pm. Cost $10. Bookings essential as
any shopping up from WOOLWORTHS to the bus a visit by guest speaker from the Garvan Institute. numbers are limited.


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