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Published by Sabrina Mancini, 2019-12-08 18:07:39

Talkin' Trash

A sustainability zine

Keywords: zine,sustainability,ecofriendly,graphic design

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FRIENDLY LIFESTYLE starting from today..


You don't need to revolutionize DO NOT RUSH and change one
your life in order to have a more little thing at the time,
sustainable life. Or better, you otherwise you wil most likely
do, but not in a day, or two, or have a rebound effect because
ten. Changes need time and it you wil feel overwhelmed and
takes time to get accustomed you might give up and think
to them and to make them that changing is a pain in the
integral part of our life. ass and it's impossible.


STOP, for fuck's sake, STOP buying You can find an infinte amount of tote bags, yes I'm
those stupid plastic bottles! You need giving you a good excuse to go shopping. But I'm quite
to stay hydrated and drink at least sure we al have some king of reusable bag at home,
two liters of water everyday, that's whatever the shape, size or design. It's just a container,
good for your health, but what about right? Wel, make sure to always have one with you,
the planet's health? maybe put a couple in your car, so that if you need to
tuhRatbwinreashhEvoovbeeareUuelitrtsteSnerhts!aAdwsmgaBTitwireeLlrpesnyiEltaatpahhnsirtSotdeoaTnutvitcauAeotnmnnIafbNdtnybiortLdoetsyuhyErtotocerSu,louoSebfllbsdowofuWntdoretgfointvAfom'letftrTrerueh.EybhrneoRIeuovtsdnuyyeeatiBrorniystuOtg.,gbTwIjrowbtaTaueuonsnLbtncmdttaE'rstciyaSgmakzhtoeb.tytshumehtaraaabotamttsebimtolpekwaueprnoeorniltdrettoopubfacoegynefotouly buy something last minute you have them with you. It's
such a simple habit but that can make a big difference.
Plastic bags are ugly bitches and they're conspiring
aygrOpoweioncuhtecitcaxuuhhtrpedersiiesswsmcfaoiooetmfurlhynecytyuoonousuoouerrtnrsfebeuto,elwhavbaeenunpryaddlmugryusiyeno.goskuu,K.rseiYcfweeo'mlpoufyConon'cuabut.apunTAbthirRlasssinvyAottoge,ViulhsEtyeocLotomuamanarMekosesUofkptwGilynanfodcfoouearcrrlsmouCapiponwldUuassioPslstrt.aoboignmTcfrlrahufiantneegmedoyr,. against the planet together with plastic bottles.

BUT we're gonna win this war.


It might sound like a stupid piece of advice, but
sometimes we just forget how beautiful it is to take
a walk. We are always rushing somewhere and we feel
like we are always on a run. Slow down, if you have the
possibility, take youre time and go have a strol. If you
need to go somewhere close or if you think it is not
necessary to take your car, then don't. Even if it's
just once in a while, it is stil better than never.
Maybe you wil rediscover the beauty of using your
feet to walk instead of driving and you wil spare the
planet more carbon emissions. Anyways, if you are lazy
ass, maybe opt for public transit instead. It's a matter
of choice and we do have choice. Ask yourself the right
question and go get some fresh air!


This is maybe the hardest but also the most important
one. Learn to say "NO, THANK YOU". Say NO to PLASTIC
CUTLERY, STRAWS, BAGS, BOXES, CUPS, anything that is
unnecessary and you wil throw away. Bring your own, wait
until you go home, drink from the cup and not from a
straw. There is ALWAYS something that you can do and
sometimes al it takes is the courage to say a wise no!


Here we are again. You don't even realize how Prefer packaging free products, my
many plastic bags are thrown each year, and friend. And if you're looking for
al it takes is just to remember to bring something that only comes in a
your own bags. What's so hard about that? packaging than prefer a brand that
use recycled packagings or paper
CLOTH PRODUCE BAGS. instead of plastic.
Sometimes it can be very hard, because not many food brands understood the
Same goes for single use produce plastic bags for emergency we are living, and if you give a good look around next time you go
fruit and vegetables. Buy yourself a set of grocery shopping, you wil notice the scary amount of plastic around you. It'
reusable cloth produce bags that you can bring insane. Something very interesting that you can do is go find your nearest
with you and reuse as many times as your want. PACKAGING FREE SUPERMARKET. They are now spreading al over the world,
You can easily find them on Amazon, they are finaly, but stil you cannot find many. However, they are a briliant alternative
cheap and they are a one time buy. A simple way and they provide just another kind of shopping experience that wil make you
to Invest your money on your future. Easy peasy. appreciate what you are buying witouth passively throwing items in your cart.


Seasonal food costs waaay less but most Let's get this straight. You don't have to be
importantly, vetables and fruits out of season or become a vegan or a vegetarian, This is not
are grown in greennhouses and very often are what I am saying. Make your own life choices.
imported from other courntries, which, as you However, intensive meat production creates a
can imagine, is not the most ecological practice.
crazy amount of methane, a powerful
You can easily find online guides, images and greenhouse gas.
charts with seasonal food for every month of
the year. Once you learn it wil become very Reducing meat consumption and favoring a more balanced diet with chicken,
automatic to look for the right kinds of food. fish and eggs can make a big difference. So I'm not asking you to cut out
meat from your diet, just buy less of it. Two or three times a week is more
than enough. There are innovative brands such as BeyondMeat that, we don't
need that much. now produce synthetic meat, that stil tastes and look like
standard meat, that is way more sustainable and that is already becoming a

game changer. Downside? It's quite expensive, as you might imagine.


It's as easy as it sounds: tap water. They are cute, they are washable and they are reusable.
Why do you have to keep buying What else would you ever want? Beeswax wraps are
plastic bottled water when you have simply the perfect alternative to plastic food wrap. You
FREE water in your house? Save some money and do can use them to store food in your fridge but also to
the planet a favor. You can buy a couple of glass bring a sandwich with you in your bag. Wrap it around
bottles to fil them up and leave them in the fridge. any food that needs protection and mold it with the
If you don't break them, they wil last forever! heat of your hands, it's magic. Clean it in between uses
and they wil last approximately six to twelve months.
WATER FILTER JUG. Not to mention that besswax has also natural
antimicrobial properties. Wow, nature!
If you're stil not fuly convinced, I have
the solution for you. Buy a water filter USE CONTAINERS.
jug. If you feel like tap water in your
In alternative to beeswax wraps you can use simple,
house is not that good, if it's too reusable, washable containers. Stil, most of them are
strong or if it tastes "weird" than this made of plastic, but at least they are not disposable!
is the perfect item for you. Once again, i Use them to store food but most importantly, pack your
t's an investment that wil last forever and lunch! Don't always buy food to go, you can save money
they're not even expensive. You wil only need to and packagings by just bringing something to eat with
change the filter every once in a while and you wil you! Also, you might bring them with you when you
always have perfectly clean and drinkable water. Stop
reading this and go get one on Amazon! go to restaurants, so that if you want to bring
leftovers home you already have your containers.


You might have empty glass jars from cangles or food, don't
throw them away! You can use them for so many different
purposes. You can drink in them, you can put flowers in them,
you can use them to store jams, sauces, spices,
candies, you can use them to bring nuts around
with you, you can use it as a piggy bank or to
put cosmetics. And these are just some ideas.
Get creative and go zero waste!


Oh yeah, s o a p b a r s. How oldschool is Period sucks, period. And you know what sucks even more?
that? Have you ever thought about al the Disposable tampons are heavely poluting our planet. Now,
plastic packagings that inhabit your us women cannot help but just blood our souls out every
bathroom? The answer is quite easy: SOAP month, and don't even dare to say "ew", that is just how
BARS, SOLID SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER. it works. Ladies, the answer is a little piece of soft
They can be used exactly like your standard silicone. I'm not going to go into details, I think you can
products, with the difference that they are get the jist of it. If you feel comfortable enough, give a
naked, which means that they have no menstrual cup a try. Also, it's waaaay cheaper than buying
packaging whatsover. Do I need to add pads every month, since it is around twenty euros and it is
more? Just go to Lush and invest your gonna last for years.
money in amazingly beautiful and scented
NATURAL soap. No packagings, no problem. MICROFIBER CLOTH AND COCONUT OIL.

BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSH. If you like your fulface of makeup, my friend, you
can say bye forever to cotton pads, makeup
Plastic toothrbushes are the worst, honestly. Just think
that we are almost eight bilions people on this planet, remover wipes and al of the other kinds of similar
and each one of use changes an average of three products. Al you need is a microfiber cloth to wash
toothbrushes every year. Wel, there is an alternative:
BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSH. It is entirely COMPOSTABLE and you face and take off al your makeup and dead
it is just like a regular toothbrush, with the difference skin cels. Also, you can pair it with coconut oil,
that it doesn't kil dolphins. Fair enough, no? your best aly for waterproof mascara, lip tints or
more intense looks. It wil honestly remove anything
you have on your face. And it smels like natural
coconut. I mean. can it ever get better than this?
It's a win win. Also, try coconut oil as a hair mask,

you'l thank me later.


We al have hair. A lot of hair. Some of us want to
get rid of them, which is fair. And most of us use
disposable plastic razors, that must be changed very
often, which in turn is not fair at al for our planet.
Wel, here's the deal, you either start using a
reusable metal safety razor, which btw looks very
profesh and posh, or you wil turn into a very hairy
bear. Chalenge accepted?


First thing first: WE BUY TOO MUCH. We buy too much stuff that we don't Exchange clothes with friends and family, or bring your
need. We buy too much stuff that we don't need and that is awful quality, clothes to the needy ones, or to thrift shops if you
made out of the most synthetic fabircs that when washed release micro want to make some money. How many times a year do
plastics fibers that end up in the sea and in fishes' stomachs. So, if you you think that you have nothing to wear? Wel, first of
realy want to buy something new, make sure it's at least good quality. al. bitch please. Second of al, if you feel like your
clothes don't reflect your style or personality anymore,
SHOPPING YOUR OWN WARDROBE. give them away! This linear and over consumistic fashion
industry is kiling our planet. Therefore, the aim is to
Do you think you realy need that new achieve a CIRCULAR ECONOMY, and exchanging clothes
tshirt or pair of trousers from Zara? The
answer is most likely NO. Most of us tend with others is just as great as it sounds.
to always wear the same clothes, maybe
because they are our favorites, but just WEAR MORE, WASH LESS.
try to look in the back of your wardrobe
and you wil be amazed by that creased Okay, wait. Let me rephrase that.
shirt that you forgot about and that you Wear clothing multiple times before
can give new life to. Try it, IT'S FREE washing. I know it might sound gross,
SHOPPING. You heard me right. but it's realy not. Many people wash
they're clothes after a single wear.
TRY THRIFT SHOPPING. That is unnecessary, my friend, and it
is a waste of water and energy. Not
If my words didn't convince you and you stil need to pour to mention that clothes wil wear
your problems into compulsive shopping, go on Google and look out way more quickly. Just make the
effort, wash your clothes when they
for the nearest thrift shop. Used doesn't mean dirty, old, realy need to be washed and save
ruined or trash. Also, you can find unique pieces that you precious resources.

cannot find in shops anymore, which is amazingly
satisfying, let's be real.

One of the most loved and used apps. The claim This amazing app prevents food waste and wil
saiys "Buy. Sel. Discover". I would add "save money, make you save some serious money! TooGoodToGo
save the world". You can sel your stuff and buy provides a list of local businesses that have food
from other people, thus becoming part of a or products that they would otherwise throw
circular economy. away
This app is as simple and as genius as it can get. Edo's claim is "Know what you eat", and this is
Refil provides you with a map and a list of the exactly what it wil do for you; it wil guide you
nearest refil stations for your bottles. You can in your grocery shopping. You can scan barcodes of
also contribute to the cause by adding places products and Edo wil tel you how healthy it is,
with pictures and address. Amazingly effective. what are the pros and cons and wil give you
MyFoody wil make you discover supermarkets near alternatives. Just like Refil, you can colaborate
you that have discounted items that are close and add prodcuts yourself
to their expiring date. A great way if you're on a Junker is a must. Everyone should download it. It
budget and if you hate the idea of food going alows you to scan or look for specific products
to waste. At the moment it only works in Italy. and it wil tel you how to properly recycle the
packaging in the correct waste bin. Once again,
colaboration is the keyword. Add products and
information on how to recycle its packaging.

These are just a few of the many ecofriendly brands that you can find on the
market, just to get you started and start exploring! P.S. if you want to start
your research you can just even type "zero waste" or "ecofriendly" on Amazon.

A super useful instagram account that wil give you one new easy eco tip every
single day! They also have a webite but isn't it better to just bump into a
possible life changing sustainable tip while scroling the pictures of your ex?

Even if you think you already have a sustainable lifestyle, I strongly recommend Gittemay makes very interesting videos about her journey as a thrifter, zero
to calculate your carbon footprint. Awareness is the very first thing and you wil waster and total sustainable babe. The topics span from food to travel, fashion,
most likely be shocked by the results of the test, I was too. beauty and lifestyle. You wil find anything you need in a video format! Btw, she
also had a blog but Iknow that you're a lazy ass, so just watch her videos.
This website wil give you an insight of many projects, programmes and policy
areas with the objective of fueling a zero waste future for Europe. A great Ecominimalism is Shelbi's keyword. She has a degree in Environmental Science and
source of information is you want to get to know more. she claims that her mission is "to create a community where the average person
can come and feel like they can make a difference." Do I even have to add more?
This Instagram account is basicaly and evolution of this zine. Megan wil give you
amazing realistic zero waste tips that you can implement in your everyday life. Eartheasy is a family business committed to bringing you practical products and
Hit that folow button! information for sustainable living. This is how they define themselves. They sel
sustainbale products, they plant a tree for every purchase and they have super interesting articles in their "learn" section. WOW.

I know that blogs are a bit out of fashion, but this lovely Australian lady wil
provide you with tips and tricks to reduce your waste production and run a
plastic free life. She also wrote two books that you should definitely check out. I saved the best for last. Grist is "an independent, irreverent news outlet and
network of innovators working toward a planet that doesn't burn and a future
that doesn't suck." It's just everything you might ever want from a website.

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