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Mrs.Brown Project

Mrs.Brown Project


Yasmin’s Stunning Lashes

Table Contents

o Resume
o Mission Statement
o Recommendation Letters
o Business Policy
o General health and safety recommendations

o Client consent form (eyelash extension)

o Client consent form (lash removal)
o Before and after pictures
o Salon menu/ prices
o Table set up


Yasmin Idalia Rodriguez
3908 Peru Cir. Pasadena Tx 77504

[email protected]

An organized and motivated Business Administrator with over 15 years of experience. More than 10 years
of experience on customer service and communications skills. With a B.A. in Business. Customer
satisfaction is my main objective.

• SJC Eyelash Tech. Certified.
• Licensed to practice in Texas.
• Bilingual.
• Good Listener.
• Continued Education.
• Good Administrator.

• 15+ years as a Business Administrator.

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administrator.


YSL brings poise and grace to beauty by looking good.
We offer a unique experience for beauty, by providing the best lashes.


The policies listed below have been put in place to help you have the best experience possible.
If you steel have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us. It will our pleasure to assist
If you have any concerns with the service you received, let us know within 2 days and we will fix
it to your satisfaction at no extra charge. This is a policy we are proud to offer you.
We require 24 hours of notice if you have to cancel an appointment. If you need to cancel an
appointment on the same day, you may be charged a late cancellation fee of $50.00.
We accept cancellations by phone or email or in person.
Please notify us if you are running late for your appointment. Failure to do so may result in your
service being altered to fit remaining time available.
If you are at least 30 minutes late and haven’t heard from you, your appointment will be treated
as a NO SHOW and fees may apply.
After 3 no show, full payment of service will be required at time of booking.
If the time permits, your service may be changed to one is longer. Please ask your technician
about this policy.
If you need some assistance choosing the right set, check our pictures models for a little of
We require a $ 50.00 dlls. deposit to book your appointment via Paypal, Zelle or cash. Checks
are not accepted.
The remaining balance have to paid in cash only.
We do not offer refunds on services. We do however, offer a guarantee stunning lashes.


Classic set- $100
(1hour and 45 min.)

Classic refill-$40.00 -$50.00
(1hour )

Volume set- $180
(3hours and 30min)

Volume refill: $70-$80
(1hr and 30min – 2hours)

Hybrid set- $130
(2hours and 20min)
Hybrid refill: $50-$60
(1hour-1hour and 30min)

Client consent form

I have agreed to have eyelash extensions applied and/or removed from my eyelashes. Before my
professional eyelash technician can perform this procedure, I understand I must complete this
agreement and provide my consent by signing and dating this consent form.

Client Information:

Name: ___________________________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________________

City:________________________________ State:_______ Zip:_______________

Phone: ___________________________ Email:________________________________________

How did you hear about us:__________________________________________________________

Birthday: Month and Day : _______Month _______Day ( we have birthday coupons! ) Is this your first
time having Eyelash Extensions? ____Yes _____No

If yes, please let us know about your experience and approximately how long ago you had your last

Are you having lash extensions applied for: _______Special Occasion -or- _______Daily Wear Do you
wear Contacts? ______Yes ______ No
Do you have ANY make up around your eyes today? ________Yes _______No
Do you often rub, pull or pick your lashes for any reason? _____ Yes _______ No

Do you have , or are you being treated for any eye illness or injury? ______ Yes ______ No

Please list any eye drops or eye medication you are currently using._______________________

Are you able to lay on your back for 2 hours to have your lashes applied? ______Yes _____No

Will you be able to keep your eyes completely closed for up to 2 hours? ______ Yes _____No

Are you pregnant? _________ Yes _________ No

What other products do you currently use around your eyes? ( eye creams, oinments, lash growers, etc.)


• I understand that some irritation, itching or burning may occur on the skin if the bonding agent comes
into contact with it.

• I understand that this is a semi-permanent procedure, as my natural lashes will continue to grow
and fall out normally, making touch-up or “fill” appointments necessary to maintain the original look
achieved by replacing the lashes that have fallen out. Most clients require a fill appointment every 2-3

• I consent to “before and after” photographs for the purpose of documentation, potential advertising and
promotional purposes.

• I understand and agree to the after-care instructions provided by the certified eyelash extension
professional for the use and care of my eyelash extensions. I realize and accept the consequences of
failure to adhere to these instructions may cause the eyelash extensions to fall out and/or decrease the
time the lashes will last.

• I understand and consent to having my eyes closed and covered for the duration of approximately 60-
120 minute procedure. Times may vary depending on the type and number of eyelashes applied.

• I understand that it is imperative that I disclose all of the information requested in the Client
Profile/Health History.

I understand that if I have any concerns, I will address these with my lash extension
specialist. I give permission to my lash extension specialist to perform the lash extension
procedure we have discussed, and will hold him/her and his/her staff harmless and nameless
from any liability that may result from this treatment. I have accurately answered the
questions above, including all known allergies, prescription drugs, or products I am currently
ingesting or using topically. I understand my lash extension specialist will take every
precaution to minimize or eliminate negative reactions as much as possible. In the event

I may have additional questions or concerns regarding my treatment, I will consult the lash
extension specialist immediately. I agree that this constitutes full disclosure, and that it
supersedes any previous verbal or written disclosures. I certify that I have read, and fully
understand, the above paragraphs and that I have had sufficient opportunity for discussion to
have any questions answered. I understand the procedure and accept the risks. I do not hold
the lash extension specialist, whose signature appears below, responsible for any of my
conditions that were present, but not disclosed at the time of this procedure, which may be
affected by the treatment performed today.

Client Name (Printed)_________________________________________________________________
Client Name (Signature)____________________________________________Date:_______________
Lash extension specialist______________________________________________

Lash extensions removal consent

Since an adhesive remover is applied near the eye area for the removal of your eyelash
extensions, your consent is required. Thank you for your cooperation.

I ____________________________ (client) am consenting to the use of an adhesive remover to
be applied near my eye area. Certified eyelash extensionist, ______________________.

Reason for removal:

[ ] Upcoming surgery [ ] Need a break [ ] Irritation/Itching

[ ] Dissatisfied with lashes [ ] Dr.’s orders [ ] Financial Reasons

[ ] Other (please specify):

Will you consider having them applied again in the future? [ ] Yes [ ] No

_______________________________ ________________________
Client Signature Date

________________________________ ________________________
Extensionist’s Signature Date

May 6, 2019

To Whom it may concern:

It is my pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Yasmin Rodriguez who has been a mentor
to me. In my opinion, Mrs. Rodriguez is an outstanding person who is truly knowledgeable and
guides me on my best path.

I have been witness to the leadership of Yasmine amongst her peer’s. She has demonstrated that
she has good use of time and a passion to learn every day. I believe Mrs. Rodriguez is a humbling
character. She currently is a full-time student and full-time mother her dedication to school and her
family are second to none. I know she is always prepared, constantly studying and practicing
eyelash extensions on her clients, while juggling her family and church life. I have witnessed her as
a mother figure helping me reach my goals in school and work. Mrs. Rodriguez is always advising
me to do what’s best for me, to always strive in college and prioritize my future in school over my
job. She is a highlight in my life I can look towards for advice and compassion.

Yasmin is a perfect fit for any workplace/organization. Her passion for understanding and self-
perseverance is a rarity.

Feel free to contact Alex Cantu with any additional questions you may have at (713-732-7532).
Thank you for your time.


Alex B. Cantu


Table set up

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