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A book about iguanas

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Published by Addison Tomechak, 2019-05-07 15:01:40


A book about iguanas


by:Addison Tomechak

Iguanas: description

Iguanas are reptiles.They have long tails,and sharp claws to help them
strike down their enemies.Iguanas are also ectothermic.That means they
are cold blooded and can not make their own body heat.Iguanas eat
leaves,fruits,and vegetables.One of Iguanas characteristics is there scaly
skin.Because iguanas can’t make there own body heat so they live in hot
places like southwestern United states,Mexico,Central America,and South
America.They also live on a few Pacific and Caribbean islands.In addition
Iguanas can live for up to 20 years.

Iguanas:Life cycle

In the beginning,Once the female Iguana has mated with the male
Iguana.She will dig a hole in the ground and lay between 40 - 50 eggs at a
time.It is around 10 weeks in till the hatchling is born.

It can take anywhere from 1 week to 10 days.The hatchling will scratch the
egg and create a crack or two in the shell.Then the hatchling will go into a
resting phase.The iguana will do this until hatched.

Polliwogs are just like hatchlings but bigger.

An eft is an undersized,immature adult.

An adult is a full grown iguana.

Iguanas :offspring to parent

The most offsprings have bright green skin.But on the other
hand adult iguanas can have brown,gray,black,tan
or,green.The offspring can be up to 10 inches.In contrast the
adult iguana can be up to 6 feet.In compare they both have
rows of spines along there back.They are also
ectothermic,(cold blooded)Reptiles,and have long
tails.Something similar about them is that they can live for up
to 20 years,and they both have scaly skin.

Iguanas:cause and effect

Predators hunt iguanas.Since predators hunt them iguanas use their long tails to
strike down there their enemies.Because predators hunt them also use their sharp
claws to scratch their enemies.Another way iguanas protect themselves against
their enemies is running away.

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