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Pioneer Press

Volume 1; Issue 3

Pioneer Press

Volume 1, Issue 3 June 5, 2019

Springtime is a Busy Time Here at Sevastopol

D.I. Made it to Globals!

By: Liam Schultz, Finn Mathews, and Ben Martin

Can you imagine building props, structures, and writing scripts to complete a challenge? Then go to the Destination
Imagination, or DI competition, and win medals and more! In DI, we make a mini-skit that has a problem that you need
to solve, depending on the challenge that you have. Sevastopol does Destination Imagination to give students a chance
to learn everyday skills like teamwork, good sportsmanship. least favorite part, filling out paperwork! To enter in each
competition, each team must fill out an expense form, and an Declaration of Independence (but to be honest it's not that
bad, your just talking about your accomplishments!)
This year the challenges the elementary is doing are Drop Zone, Fine Arts, and Improv. In middle school, the challenges
that they are taking on is Drop Zone. In the secondary level the teams are doing Drop Zone and On Target.
The challenges at regionals were in Sturgeon Bay school on March 2. State is at UW Green Bay on April 13, and Globals
are in Kansas City, Missouri, May 20 - 26. All of Sevastopol School’s DI teams made it to state, however, only 3 of the 6
teams made it to Globals, two of these teams are elementary teams. The team doing the challenge Drop Zone scored 3rd
out of 74 teams. The team doing the challenge Fine Arts scored 10th out of 73 teams. Way to go Pioneers!

In Remembrance of Mrs. Symons 1

Paula was the heart of the elementary here at Sevastopol!
She not only was our school secretary, but also our athletic
director secretary. She loved her students with all her
heart and helped ensure they were all taken care of by
providing clothes, food, and gifts; even starting “Paula’s
Pantry,” where kids were able to find any supplies they
may be in need of. Not only would we see her smiling face
during the day, but also at all athletic events supporting
the students, helping wherever she was needed. Paula was
the teachers and students’ biggest source of stability and
comfort, always there for a quick chat and sound advice.
She will be missed dearly.

What Has Been Happening Around the School?

March Madness Staff vs 5th-Graders Mighty Pioneers Basketball Camp

By: Reid Kacmarynski and Liam Schultz ~ 5th Grade By: Logan Schuh and ~ 5th Grade

The 7th annual 5th Grade VS Staff basketball game was The Mighty Pioneers Basketball Camp took place at
held on March 22, 2019. It was an intense game that Sevastopol School on April 6th,13th, 20th, and the 27th.
had a close score the whole time. The history of the The Mighty Pioneers basketball program promised to
game is to get kids excited for teamwork and enhance the fundamentals of basketball. Coach Rikkola
collaboration and to show that their teachers have focused on footwork, passing, dribbling, shooting,
talents outside of the classroom. The teams playing layups, and defense. She came up with the camp idea
where the Wisconsin Badgers (Kids) vs the Oregon saying: “Basketball is a passion of mine. I remember a
Ducks (Teachers). The first point for the kids was scored man by the name of Dave Karlinsky, who would open
by Wes Long with a layup. Austin Pagels swatted a up the gym on Saturday mornings when I was a kid. It
teacher. Norman Luedtke sunk a “Three,” that was a was one of the highlights of my elementary years. Now
two point shot. Logan Schuh had the chance to win the that I have young kids myself, I want to get more kids
game with free throws but missed because of the in the gym practicing basketball. During our middle
pressure. The game ended up with the same results as school season this year, Tom Ash and I talked about
the NCAA basketball game with the Badgers losing to setting up and organizing a Saturday basketball
the Ducks. The 5th graders lost to the teachers with the program for our youth. We met with other interested
final score was 23 to 24, with Mr.Hilts scoring the adults and here we are!!!” It's really paying off, with
winning point. Mr. Skiba and Mr. Schauske mastered attendance being over 95 kids in grades K-5 attending.
reffing, even making calls to help the kids. There was a Next year, Coach Rikkola hopes it will be even bigger
halftime show that highlighted all grade levels in a relay and better.
race. This was a game that was not only fun to play in,
but also
intense to

Band Spring Concert 2

By: Cristian Ruiz and Damien Lardinois ~ 5th Grade

The Sevastopol spring concert is an annual event that people all over the
community can come and watch. It is hosted by Mrs. Hasenjager, the 5th through
12th-grade band director. Mrs. Hasenjager and her band kids work hard all year
for the Spring Concert. It is very difficult because they got their instrument in
October. The spring concert is when the 5th-grade and plays in there first actual
concert. The students got their music to work on about one or two months before
the concert. The 5th-grade band performed on April 30th. Mrs. Hasenjager has
been conducting the concert for nine years. It gives a chance to let all the band
players work together.

Kindergarten Carnival

By: Lily Snyder and Anna Gallardo-Ibarro ~ 5th Grade

Have you ever been to a carnival? With all the games and prizes and tasty treats? Well
Sevastopol holds one every year for the kindergarteners. This event is held towards the
end of the school year so that if parents do come, they can just take their kid home after.
The previous kindergarteners’ favorite carnival activity is the cupcake walk, where there
are numbers on the ground and then the teachers roll the big dice and then play some
music. When the music stops if the number you are on the same number as the dice, you
get to have a cupcake! Every year the fifth graders love to be able to help out with
whatever needs to be done to make it the best it can be. They help with the other
activities which include; a duck pond, ring toss, fun golf, and mini basketball. This
engaging event is held outside by the playground. This year will be the 5 year
anniversary. If you want to have a good time, and get some cupcakes too, head over to
the kindergarten carnival!

Tree Dedication Living Wax Museum

By: Kendall Christiansen, Charlotte Stueber, and Taylor By: Sadie Rikkola, Autumn Sargent, and Abi Rock ~ 3rd Grade
Kochanski ~ 4th Grade

Did you know that we celebrate the earth every year Who doesn’t want to learn about historical figures? Well,
with a tree dedication? We plant a tree to celebrate the Living Wax museum will tell you all about it. The
these important days and all that trees do for us. It’s main reason the Living Wax Museum is a project is that
also a way to celebrate people who have shown respect we learn about historical figures through research, we then
for the community. write a speech that we have to perform, and create a
Superintendent Carl Scholz instituted this special costume and a poster to show off our academic skills. Third
recognition as a part of Sevastopol School’s Arbor Day graders find important roles from history that may be
celebrations in 1969. Students, staff, and community living or deceased. Why we do the living wax museum is
members gather outside to watch Mr. Madden and an because it teaches all third graders about one person in
honoree plant a tree. We also give out a native tree history. It took all third graders about five and a half
sapling to all of the Sevastopol elementary students, weeks to memorize are speeches, but we had worked on the
because according to Mr. Madden, “Since people have one project for two months. Third-grade teacher, Mr.
been tearing down trees, which are also animals’ Skiba, thought ten years ago that this program was a good
habitats, everyone is encouraged to plant their tree to idea because it involves lots of academic research. It is
provide habitats.” very enjoyable but also a great learning experience at the
The tree was dedicated to Karen and Dave Schartner same time. The third graders performed on April 25 the
because every year they lead the 1st graders on a field wax museum this year.

trip around their 3
very own Farm
Market. Make
sure to ask your
parents if they
remember the
Tree Ceremony
here at

Continued Happenings. . .

Reading Buddies

By: Leah Schopf and Lily Saltou ~ 3rd Grade

Have you ever heard of reading buddies? Well, reading buddies are
third-fifth graders who are partnered with 4k- first graders to
encourage each other to read more. This program has been going on
for about seven years. There are “partner” classrooms throughout
the elementary school, such as third graders in Mrs. Thomas’ room
and kindergarteners in Mrs. Huehns’ room. Why do we do reading
buddies? According to Mrs. Thomas, “It's an opportunity to help
teach the kindergarteners and be responsible third graders. Also, we
get to practice our reading skills in a fun way.” If you ever get an
opportunity to be a reading buddy, take advantage of it.

Puppet Show Literacy Night

By: Brooklyn Ayer ~ 2nd Grade By: Lily Snyder ~ 5th Grade

Have you ever been to a puppet show? The 2nd Have you ever thought about what kids do on Dr. Seuss
graders perform a puppet show based on fables like night at Sevastopol? Why do we even have it? Well, it is a
“The Tricky Garden” and “Too Many Carrots.” Mrs. night where we celebrate Dr. Seuss, born on March 2, 1904.
Grooters and Mrs. Tanck started this eleven years ago, We have been celebrating this day for four years. Dr. Seuss
they got the idea from a performance at the Weidner night is something you can go to with your family and
Center. The students work very hard by practicing friends, and it's all for free. We celebrate this day because
their stories to help them get better speaking in front our school thinks that literacy is an important thing to
of an audience. The kids made their puppets out of continue and Dr. Suess shows cases literacy in all of it’s fun.
shoeboxes, rods, and bags, some volunteers helped the Kids get to do activities like building paper airplanes,
kids make the puppets. Mrs. Tanck says, “It is a obstacle courses, science and craft stations; anything that
natural way to practice reading fluency in a fun way. Dr. Seuss would love.
It also directly It's perfect for children
related to our 2nd of any age. So, why not
grade reading come to the next Dr.
standards.” The kids Seuss night, who knows,
were nervous to it could be inspiring to
perform in front of you!
people, but they did
it and it was worth it!

Buddy Bench

By: Juan Gallardo-Ibarra and Colton Blackley ~ 5th Grade

Have you ever used the buddy bench? There are a variety of reasons for this bench, but the most important is to make
new friends. You can look at it as a making friends machine. The buddy bench is located in an area behind the basketball
hoops and it is painted in flowers, suns, and rainbows. The creator of this amazing bench is the guidance teacher
Mrs.Retzlaff!! The bench was transformed from a rustic bench to bench full of possibilities, it was painted by Mrs.
Hutchison and some of the summer school students. “I feel like when someone I see is on the bench, they will be
accompanied by someone else,” explained Mrs.Rezalf, showing her confidence in the bench’s power to create friendships.
If you sit on the bench, other kids know that you need somebody to play with, if someone does come over, you can’t say
no. You need to open to making new friends. The bench has helped create and heal friendships for the past four years!

The Kindergarten classes took a field trip to the new Green The second grade class went to Peninsula State park. While
Bay Children’s Museum. They got to explore, construct, there, they learned about plants, helped clean up invasive
create, use their imagination, and learn about their five plants, discover the history of the lighthouse, participate in
senses. It was a great day and our students had a great time! an activity to see how many bears can live in a habitat, and
went on a nature and unnature hike.

3rd Graders at the Neville Public 4th Graders traveled to Madison to tour our state capitol and
Museum, learning about the ice walk around and enjoy the Henry Vilas Zoo. It was a beautiful

ages. day to explore and learn about our government.

5th Graders learned about the history and 5th Graders got to explore the 5
importance of water to local economies, as well as Horseshoe Bay Caves, going back 300
feet through the mud and water! But
explore shipwrecks at the Manitowoc Maritime
Museum. man was it fun!

Our Youngest Writers On Staff

Class Pets Why Florida

By: Ruth Sansom ~ 2nd Grade By: Maggie Thomas ~ 1st Grade

Have you had a teacher who had a class pet? Because Thirty-two students went to Florida since January. I
Mrs. Grooters, Mrs. Ploor, and Mrs. Bowers do. Mrs. think it is crazy that so many students are going to
Grooters has pet fish. One shubkin, and nine common Florida! I am pretty sure that they want to escape
goldfish to be exact. They are 13 years old. Mrs. Ploor school. If kids want to go escape school and go to
gets about thirty chick eggs every year, but sadly Florida, they have to ask Mr.Hilts so they can get their
sometimes some of the eggs don’t make it but that’s okay. homework. Mr. Hilts said, “Teachers need to know that
Mrs. Bowers had one rabbit for five years! His name was they are not sick.” If you leave school for a vacation, you
Earl. Some people like you might recall petting Earl or have to fill out a form. I wish I could go to Florida (if my
seeing him. I think the pets would like to join any class! mom and dad say so).
You should persuade your teacher to get one!
1,389 miles from Wisconsin to Florida

How long does it take to get to Florida?
21 hours by car
2 hours by airplane

Virtual Reality System 6

By: Reid LeClair ~ 2nd Grade

Did you know school has a virtual reality system? Mr.Phillips
has a VR system. A VR system is something that makes it feel
like it’s in real life. Mr. Phillips got a grant last February. It
took a week to get all the parts. Mr.Phillips and his students
built it in two weeks. He wanted to help get students
interested in computer science and robotics. My class got to use
it in typing class. You put the goggles on and Mr.Phillips
typed a world for you and it made it feel like it was actually
happening. Olivia Baier thought zombies were going to attack
her. Ruth said,” A dragon fish was jumping out at her with a
weird bone!” Mr.Phillips brings it home every summer. You
should try it!!!

Our 1st and 2nd grade writers joined the newspaper staff for our 3rd issue.

Classroom Volunteers

By: Selma Gigstead ~ 1st Grade

There are twelve volunteers in Ms.Bley’s first grade class. The volunteers
help us learn and write. Mrs. G is our only science teacher. Some of them
work in the hallway. There is at least one volunteer in the classroom every
day. My Grandma Jan is a volunteer and she says,”I like to watch the kids
laugh. I have seen such wonderful changes and improvements and
advancements. Kids have come a long way!” I like having volunteers in
our room!

Weidner Center Field Trip Girl Scouts

By: Olive Goettelman ~ 2nd Grade By: Madelyn Jarosh ~ 1st Grade

All second grade at Sevastopol went to the Weidner Do you know someone in Girl Scouts? I have been in
Center on Tuesday, March 2nd. Second grade went to Girl Scouts for two years. There are 14 kids in Girl
the play of Fly, Worm and Spider. We drove to Green Scouts at Sevastopol. At Girl Scouts we learn to be a
Bay and went on a bus for an hour. We went to it to better person. We meet in Mrs. Lama’s room every
hear good expression and fluency from the actors. All other Monday. Girl Scouts starts at 3:15 and ends at
the kids liked the actors. Reid liked the spider because, 4:30. In Girl Scouts we sell cookies, earn badges, make
“He was a good friend and helpful.’’ Milo liked the car models and ornaments, do crafts and we have a
spider because he likes spiders. It was fun being in a party at the end of the year. There are seven kids in my
theatre. troop. We have to be in Girl Scouts for two years before
we are called
Brownies. New
Girl Scouts have
to read books
to earn petals.
Join Girl Scouts,
it’s fun!

Chickens in the Classroom?! 7

By: Ella Grooters and Brooklyn Ayer ~ 1st and 2nd Grade

Have you ever seen a baby chicken? Mrs. Ploor’s 1st grade
class went to the Flying Tractor Farm, to get some chicken
eggs, and a student brought in some duck eggs. Mrs. Ploor
brings in eggs to help us learn about the life cycle of a
chicken. We research and write informational papers about
chickens. This year nine chickens hatched, and no ducks
hatched. The students got to watch the chickens learn how
to drink, as they were growing up. One student and a
farmer took the chickens home.

Summertime in Sevastopol

Summer Activities in Door County

By: Aiden Baier, Aleah Volkmann, and Lydia Schultz ~ 4th

What is everyone's favorite summer activity? Egg
Harbor Fun Park apparently, with 79 votes! We went
around to the whole Elementary to take a poll on the
most popular thing to do in Door County during the
summer. We asked 263 people. The six options were;
the Door County YMCA, Kurtz Corral, Harbor
Village, Cave Point, Clark’s Lake, and The Egg
Harbor Fun Park. There are many others options.
Which one would you choose?

Elementary students in grades 1st-5th D.C.B.C.
participating in DCBC ~ Summer 2018
By: Logan Schuh and ~ 5th Grade

DCBC ( Door County Basketball Camp) is a basketball camp that is back for
its seventh year and is bigger and better. I personally have been to DCBC
and it was the best experience! They teach you in a way that helps kids
understand, and it's so fun. You learn drills that you won't anywhere else,
and the teenagers that run it try to teach and help the little kids and they
take it seriously. The camp promises to teach the “Basic and advanced
skills to basketball players in a fast-paced and a fun setting.” This event is
held at Sevastopol School, on July 15-18. If you have questions contact
Pam Jorns at 920-493-2178 or mail her at 6115 Martin Rd, Sturgeon Bay
WI 54235. Hope to see you there!

Summer Sports 8

By: Norman Luedtke, Liam Schultz, and Reid Kacmarynski ~ 5th Grade

More summer sports activities are equal to better sports teams, and here at
Sevastopol we have some great talent but we need some help on some sports
teams so we should have more summer school events to make our school
better and more skilled. A group of teachers and people in the community
have gathered together to form a group to provide more organized youth
sports. They held a meeting to talk about upcoming events for ages
Kindergarten-5th grade. They are trying to encourage students to develop
skills while participating in a variety of athletic activities similar to the
recent Saturday morning “Mighty Pioneers basketball Camp.” Activities
will include basketball, volleyball, football, baseball, softball, and wrestling,
with even more opportunities to come. These camps will help get children
interested because they can go to their favorite sport and see their friends.
With these events, there are many benefits and one benefit is that kids can
make good friends that like the same sports.

Avoid the Summer Slide Summer School

By: Hailey Bosman ~ 5th Grade By:v Zaul Valdivia and Austin
Pagels~ 5th Grade
Summer Slide!? Have you heard of it? Well, summer slide is when you forget what
you have learned during the past school year during the summer. This could cause Summer. . . school!? Most kids
you to fall behind in such things as math and reading. This happens when you think of summer school as
don’t do anything during the summer that could help reinforce your school skills. torture, but Sevastopol has been
No worries though, there are some ways you can prevent this, like practicing your creating a more outgoing,
math facts, going to summer school, and making sure that you are reading! This interactive style to engage the
summer, make sure you don't get the summer slide! kids in classes. Starting in the
summer of 2018, there was a new
Some Fun Ways to Avoid the “Summer Slide” from Our Editors vision for what summer school
should look like. Teachers
Spend Time in the Kitchen Explore the Outdoors wanted to help kids enjoy
summer school, and they were
Allow children into the cooking process Kids learn where flowers and food able to do this by allowing kids
by measuring ingredients, reading come from and how they grow with to decide which classes they
recipes, watching the stove timer or care and nurturing. Exploring the would like to attend. Some of
trees, critters and soil on local trails the possible classes, for the
dividing up portions for dinner. This summer of 2019, that kids have
reinforces math and reading skills and in parks enhances kids' to choose from include;
without making children feel appreciation of the earth. wizarding, cooking, arts and
frustrated or intimidated. crafts, outdoor sports, spanish,
sign language, and many more.
Play Games and Do Crafts Take a Field Trip With this new style, kids will be
able to enjoy learning and being
Families can play cards or have a Parents can discuss strategy at the at school during the summer.
regular board game night to enhance game and talk about kids' favorite
strategy and problem-solving skills. A parts of museum exhibits. A walk to
daily craft activity promotes dexterity the park is an opportunity to talk

and language skills. about the neighborhood and its
history, using language and analytical


Read EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE! During STEM, multi-aged kids
worked together to create
Kids engage with words every moment of the day. They should read cereal WiggleBOTS.
boxes, menus, recipes and signs as they go about their summer activities.
Reading aloud to kids before bed and supporting their solitary time with books
help improve reading fluency and enjoyment. A family blog gets kids interested
in writing. Kids may create a scrapbook of summer activities with printed

pictures and pages they can flip through.

* Ideas gathered from:


Writing Across the Elementary

Genre: Informational
Purpose: To inform audiences about a specific topic.
Characteristics: Conveys information about a given topic, which means it is factual. This genre can be
styled many different ways, including essays, how-tos, newspapers, magazines, and many more.

In kindergarten, one In first grade, the kids
class observed the work together to
Decorah bald eagles research the life cycle
for two months and of chickens. They then
worked together to use this group
research interesting research to write
facts about the informational papers
eagles. The other about their topic.
class worked Then, they presented
together to research their findings to other
ocean animals and classrooms.
write about what This ties directly into
they learned. their science unit on
life cycles (see page 4).

In second grade, the kids worked with a
partner to research two animals that could
“verse” each other. They research such
aspects of the animals as habitat, diet, size,
special features and interesting facts. They
base this off of the ideas of the famous
“Who Would Win” book series.


In 3rd Grade, the
kids not really
researched and wrote
about an important
historical figure,
they also created
customs and
memorized the
historical figure’s
biography to share
at the Living Wax
Museum (see page 3).

In 4th Grade, the
kids get to choose
their informational
topic. They then
complete research
on their topic,
focusing on
hooking their
readers, organizing
information into
four paragraphs,
and writing a

In 5th Grade, the kids researched a topic of their choice and
then had to write five articles, each using one of the five
nonfiction text structures. They also had to include text
features such as; pictures, diagrams, timelines, and a glossary.

Good Luck 5th Grade

Ian Andrews Brynleigh Ash Jackson Beilfuss Colton Blackley Hailey Bosman

Voted “Soaring Towards Success” Voted “Quiet Achiever” Voted “Score Keeper” Voted “Future YouTuber” Voted “Ms. Sports”

Mr. Frank's Games in Going to Trees for 5th grade; we went to Tree It’s really fun and I want to The Field Trips!
Gym Tomorrow in 5th Grade. for Tomorrow and playing do it again” PS Trees For
Tomorrow was the best. Khloe Henrickson
Anna Gallardo-Ibarra Juan Gallardo-Ibarra basketball games.
Myles Hayes Voted “Listening Ear”
Voted “Always Smiling” Voted “Super Smiler” Chase Haberli
Voted “Superb Sportsmanship”
Voted “Mr. Sports”

Opportunities to meet My good friends! Nothing. Trees for Tomorrow and Meeting all the great and
new people and making making S’Mores. nice teachers!
Madison Lempke Wes Long
close friends Norman Luedtke Cora Maccoux
Voted “Mother Hen” Voted “Right Hand Man”
Damien Lardinois Voted “Out of My Shell” Voted “Stick to It”

Voted “Leader of the Pack”

The friendly teachers! Always being with all my Playing football and Playing sports! Elementary is
friends. basketball. EVERYTHING!

Grant Reyes Gigi Roman Cristian Ruiz Nathan Sansom Logan Schuh Liam Schultz

Voted “Friendly Neighbor” Voted “Dreamer” Voted “All Around All Star” Voted “Amazing Artist” Voted “Future Teacher” Voted “Future President”

Playing sports with my A lot of fun; swimming Recess, when I can Writing and math class Playing sports with my The fun teachers and the
friends. lessons and going on fun socialize with my friends because they gave me
field trips like, Trees For friends and having recess long recess.
the most. responsibility.
Tomorrow with them too, But also

all the easy homework.

As you graduate from elementary and head into middle school, what are

the favorite memories you’ll take with you?

Daniel Castillo Bryton Copiskey Anna Dalke Caitlyn Fellner Victoria Fiscus

Voted “Snicker Starter” Voted “Mr. Nice Guy” Voted “Ray of Sunshine” Voted “Writing Wizard” Voted “Taskmaster”

Playing basketball and Playing basketball and Playing basketball and Getting to know more people All the work we did to be
reading. going to Trees for spending one-on-one time and trying new things. prepared to be a middle
Gavin Jorns with my friends. schooler.
Reid Kacmarynski
Voted “Life of the Party” Ashlynn Keel Alex Kuehn Julian Langer
Voted “King of Questions”
Voted “Curious Cat” Voted “Outdoorsman” Voted “Let Me Tell Ya All About It!”

My friends! Playing sports and The field trips! Trees for Tomorrow and the The limited homework!
writing poetry. helping at the Kindergarten
Finn Mathews Austin Pagels Haley Peot
Harlee Mendoza Carnival!
Voted “Wonderful Workers” Voted “History Buff” Voted “Attitude is Everything”
Voted “Rockstar!” Noelle Patza

Voted “Ms. Caring”

All the fun activities that Sharing all the memories The long recesses and Trees for Tomorrow! Trees for Tomorrow and
we have done. with my friends! playing sports. the going to the caves!
Sydney Turner
Lily Snyder Dane Soukup Isaac Totaro Zaul Valdivia
Voted “Right Hand Woman”
Voted “Outstanding Organizer” Voted “Never a Dull Moment” Voted “Chatterbox” Voted “Daring Diver”

Try hard and you will be The field trips! Teachers were awesome! When I met all my friends Playing basketball with
Also, the Trees for and I knew they would friends!
a good student. Tomorrow field trip. always be by my side.
**Not pictured: Ben Martin and Ian Nasman

A Farewell Word From An Update on Our Key Dates to Keep in
Mr. Hilts Referendum from Mind

This year has been very exciting for Mr. Luedtke * June 7:
me. Whenever you go to a new
place it takes some time to get to Every other Thursday a Core Planning Awards Ceremony @ 10:15
know the new faces, the new people Team meets to discuss the building followed by picnic lunch and
and how things have been done in project. So far:
the past. I've enjoyed getting to Field Day
know everyone and love to see the * 4K and K classrooms will have the
smiling faces even as we enter the same design * June 10:
final days of this school year. * 1st through 5th classrooms have the
Learning new things is always same design Last Day of School!
exciting. This summer, some of you * Each grade level (4K-5) will have a
may do something you've never small group instruction room to utilize * June 16:
done before. Some of you have a * The tech ed and agriculture areas will
regular routine and that's great too. have four distinct areas: regular EcoLab Grand Opening
Whatever your plans are for classroom space, metals lab, woods lab
summer my one piece of advice is to and greenhouse * July 8 - 25
find time to do some reading. * The elementary library will be
Reading expands your experiences adjacent to the multipurpose room Summer Enrichment from
by taking you places you otherwise * There will be one 4K-12 Office with 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
couldn't go (and for those too young space for both secretaries, both Mondays-Thursdays
to read, have an experienced reader principals, both guidance counselors,
share a book with you). Have a athletic director, pupil services director, * August 5 & 6
wonderful summer and thank you and the school resource officer
for a great school year! * Renovations to the current 4K and Registration
5K classrooms to become middle school
rooms has been discussed *August 28

Open House 5-7 p.m.

*September 3

First Day of School

What a Fantastic Staff
of Young Writers!

It has been a fantastic
year getting to know

each of you and
working with you!
Thanks for sharing

your stories!

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