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Gabby’s Digest

Gabby’s Digest

Gabrielle Fulford

Gabby’s Digest

Daily edition

Table of Contents

Attention Deficit Disorder 2
Drones 3
Aunt Barbara’s chocolate chip sour cream cinnamon sugar bundt cake 4
Michelle Lynn Cohen 5
A song of remembrance 6
Hold on 7
8th grade secrets 8
Summer fun 9
Thirteen Reasons Why 10
Strange but True 11

Attention Deficit Disorder

Attention deficit disorder, also known as A.D.D, is a mental disorder common in children and
adults. The symptoms of A.D.D always begin in childhood (WebMD). The Attention Deficit Disorder
Association’s definition of A.D.D is “a highly genetic, brain-based syndrome that has to do with the
regulation of a particular set of brain functions and related behaviors.” Basically a disorder that
regulates a part of someone's brain to cause them to function differently than people without it. These
functions include attention, concentration, memory, motivation and effort, learning from mistakes,
impulsivity, hyperactivity, organization, and social skills. There are various contributing factors that
play a role in these challenges including chemical and structural differences in the brain as well as
genetics (Attention Deficit Disorder Association). People with A.D.D have a hard time focusing and get
sidetracked easily. Having A.D.D is not a bad thing. People with A.D.D aren't bad people and aren't
weird. They are normal people that have a harder time focusing than others.

A.D.D is commonly mistaken with A.D.H.D, but they are very different. People with A.D.H.D are
hyperactive and people with A.D.D are not. A.D.H.D is Attention Deficit Hyperactive disorder, and A.D.D
is Attention Deficit Disorder as stated above (Keath Low). A.D.D is not bad. You are not weird if you
have A.D.D or A.D.H.D. You are special.


Drones, also called UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), are remote controlled multirotors, which
means they are helicopters that have more than two rotors, which are typically designed for unmanned
flight, which is where the unmanned vehicle comes from(Google). Essentially, drones are flying robots.
Drones are used for many different things. They are used to take photos, videos, and are typically used
to get pictures of things where people can't reach. They are also used for commercial use. Have you
ever seen a commercial or a video where it is an aerial shot of the mountains, or the sky, and the
camera looks like it's moving? The company who made that video most likely used a drone to get
those shots(Drone Aerial Photography). Shots using drones are very beautiful, because they can get
pictures of the top of mountains, or a view of a lake, and many other monuments. You can get your
own drone and take pictures of amazing things too! There are different sizes and quality of drones for
beginners, intermediate, and experienced fliers(Amazon Drones). Just make sure you check your
state's aircraft rules before you go out for a flight. Only some drones have cameras though. The
drones that do have cameras are typically more expensive than the ones that don't have cameras, but
that is because it has a camera attached to it. Most aren't that more expensive with the camera, so
you don't have to worry about money issues. And hey, have fun with the drone!

Aunt Barbara’s chocolate chip sour cream

cinnamon sugar bundt cake

2 Passover Extra Moist Yellow Cake Mixes with Frosting (note: we don’t use the frosting for this recipe)
1 Package Instant Vanilla Pudding (Kosher for Passover version)
4 eggs
1/2 Cup Passover vegetable oil
1 Cup sour cream
12 oz chocolate chips
cinnamon and sugar

Preheat oven to 350. Grease and cake meal a bundt pan. Mix all ingredients except the chocolate chips and cinnamon/sugar. Take a handful of
the chips and fold into batter. Layer 1/2 batter; layer 1/2 cinnamon sugar mixture and chocolate chips, layer 1/2 batter; layer 1/2 cinnamon
sugar mixture and chocolate chips, and so on… (we do three layers) Because the batter is so fluffy and hard to work with, we use a cookie
dough scoop to put the batter in the bundt pan. There are no ‘measurements’ for the cinnamon sugar mixture — just depends on your personal
tastes. Bake at 350 for 50 minutes or longer -- test with toothpick. Sometimes my cakes require an extra 5 minutes… every oven and bundt pan
bake differently :~)

My Aunt Barbara's famous chocolate chip sour cream cinnamon and sugar Bundt cake is meaningful to me, because we eat it on Passover,
which is a Jewish holiday, and I am Jewish, and so I feel close to my religion. It's also my aunt's recipe, so that's very special to me. She has
been making it every year on Passover for a very long time, and my sister Alexandra and I were always fond of it, and so she finally gave my
mother the recipe, and we have been making it ever since then. Whenever we take it over to our friend’s house for Passover, everyone is
mooning over it and saying how delicious it is, and I TOTALLY agree with them. It is amazing!!! It is also kosher for Passover, which is why we

Michelle Lynn Cohen

Michelle Lynn Cohen was the name given to my mother on September 22, 1973. She was a cute baby with a loving family. She grew up
living in many different places due to her father being in the Navy and having to move to different places frequently. Her mom's name is Rita
Cohen, and her father's name is Joe Cohen. Together they had two children, Mark Cohen, my uncle, and Michelle Cohen, my mother. When they
were young, their parents got a divorce. Her father Joe remarried a young woman named Martha Farish. Martha had a son, Adam Farish, but
Michelle and Adam never really talked. They didn't consider each other stepbrother and stepsister, since they were both at the brink of
adulthood. Michelle and her biological brother Mark did not have a good relationship when they were both young. Mark still does not have a
relationship with the rest of the family. My mother married a man named Mark Fulford, and Michelle and Mark got married and had two
children, my sister Alexandra, and I. When my parents had my sister, they lived in Colorado Springs in a wealthy neighborhood. They lived next
to a golf course next to the Cheyenne mountains. That's where their first dog comes in, Cheyenne. When my sister Alexandra wasn't even
thought of yet, my mother and father decided to get a dog. My mother was and still is a dog lover. So, my mom convinced my dad to get,
Cheyenne, who, yes, was named after the Cheyenne mountains they lived by. My mother and father loved this dog. My mother would go in
walks up in the mountains with her, and Cheyenne would run around a chase deer and coyote. When my sister was born, my mother and father
decided to stay in Colorado until she turned 2, and then they moved to Kansas City. There, they had me. Everyone used to say how much I
looked like my mother, and I still think we do. We both have brown hair, blue eyes, the same nose, and much more. My mother loves to walk our
dogs that we have now at the OTE playground and at the dog park. Every morning she takes them to a big field by where we live, and they get to
run around and my mom walks around and gets lots of exercise. My mom is a health freak. She makes my sister and I have at least one protein,
one vegetable, and one fruit in our lunches before we get to put one unhealthy thing in our lunch. She also limits our sugar intake so that we
don't have too much sugar. My mom does this because she loves us. My mom is a loving and caring person and is kind to everyone. My mother
is my idol. I look up to her. Even though sometimes I get on her nerves, I know my mom still loves me. She is so understanding and cares for
everyone. I love you mom!

A song of remembrance

The day my dog died, I was devastated. I was devastated for
a month. My best friend isabella knew what I was going through.
She knew I loved music and singing, so she thought of
something that would cheer me up. She came up to my room
and told me her idea. I agreed. We went downstairs to my
basement and got my guitar. She said, “just let all your feelings
out.” So I did. I sang and I sang and I sang. I wrote a song. We
went upstairs and sang it to my family. I was all better.

Hold on

One day when I was just born, my sister got to hold me for
the first time. She was sitting down in our chair, and my mom set
me down beside her. She smiled for pictures, and had her arm
wrapped around me. I kept kicking my feet for no reason, but I
stayed there. About two minutes went by, and then my mom said
“Alexandra, make sure you hold on to her.” And so that's what
Alexandra did. She held onto me. Except she grabbed my foot
and held onto me. And that is how Alexandra held me.

8th grade secrets

8th grade is the last year of middle school for most people. Eighth grade is a tough grade. Typically people in Eighth grade
are either thirteen or fourteen. In eighth grade, you learn about lots of different things in the different subjects. One thing you learn
about is health, and how to do CPR! It's important to know CPR because if something happens to someone, you may need to know
how to do CPR so you can save them! Some other things you will be learning about are the civil war and other cool wars! What you
need to know about eighth grade is that you need to be responsible, because you are representing your whole school! You are the
oldest of everyone at your school, and so you need to set a good example for the sixth and seventh graders. It's important that you
know how to do this in a certain way so that you don't set a bad example for all of the students at your school. When you are in
eighth grade, that's your last year in middle school, so you need to make it a good year! Some ways to do this are to get enrolled in
after school activities and extracurricular activities like track, basketball, cross country, and much much more! You don't have to
do anything through your school, but you can still do some things through your school. Some other things to know about eighth
grade are that you may be becoming a teenager in eighth grade! You become a teenager when you turn thirteen, and most people
turn thirteen in either seventh grade or eighth grade. It depends on when you were born, and when you started kindergarten.
Something else to know about eighth grade is that most girls and boys get boyfriends and girlfriends in eighth grade, so you'd
better watch out, because having a boyfriend or girlfriend in eighth grade is GROSS!!!!! I don't want to have a boyfriend until I am in
highschool and I am more mature and the boys are more mature, because that's another thing to know about eighth grade. Boys
are immature and selfish and are really annoying. So keep all of these things in mind when you go into eighth grade, because you
may need them!

Summer fun

Summer is the time of year when kids are getting fresh air, moms are relaxing by the pool tanning, and the dads
are having a barbeque with their beer in hand and laughing their heads off. So many people can't wait for summer, but
when it comes around, people don't know what to do with themselves. They have so much free time! Sometimes
people have too much free time, and they even think about, gulp, school. Ugh, school. Every kids nightmare. Sitting in
class all day, three hours of homework every night, and no sleep. That's why you NEED summer options. And that's
what i'm here for. Now, during the summer, people want to be outside getting fresh air, and having fun. So I have
chosen a few options for you to consider, so that you can guarantee an AWESOME summer. The first option is Worlds
of Fun and Oceans of Fun! This is a great place to go if you want to get some sun and have some fun. At worlds of fun,
there are tons of rides you can choose from. Some of my favorites include the Mamba and the Prowler. These are two
FAST rides. And at Oceans of Fun, you can enjoy a day of fun and getting wet! Some of my favorite places at Oceans of
Fun are the Wave Pool and the slides! They are both AWESOME!! You can cool off in the cool waters of Oceans of Fun.
Our next destination is the Kansas City Zoo. This is a great place to go if you have younger ones and want them to be
able to be distracted for the day so that you don't have to come up with something for them to do. Even the parents will
have fun! There are so many amazing animals at the Kansas City Zoo that you can feed and pet! You'll have a blast here
with the whole family!

Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why is a show about a teenage girl named Hannah Baker. Hannah Baker was an average teenage girl
who had a job, went to high school, and had friends. Or so she thought. I think it will be easier if we start from the beginning. In the
beginning of this book, Clay Jensen gets a package delivered to his front door with no return address. He wonders what it is, so he
decides to open it. Inside he finds 7 tapes, each with an A and a B side. He doesn't know what they are for, so he listens to the first
one. It's Hannah Baker saying that Clay was one of the reasons why she killed herself two weeks earlier. WAIT!!!!!! You're probably
saying to yourself, “ummm, Gabby. You didn't explain anything. I don't know what you are talking about. All you said was that he
got a package with tapes saying that this random guy who I know NOTHING about was one of the reasons this random weird girl
killed herself! WHAT THE HECK!!!” This might be easier. The whole plot of this book is the thirteen reasons a girl killed herself, and
each of the tapes has a different person on it saying what that person did to make Hannah Baker want to kill herself. Does that
help a little? Ok, good. So anyway, in the beginning, she says “hi it's hannah baker.” blah blah blah “these are tapes saying why I
killed myself and you're one of the reasons.” And when you are finished with the tapes, you pass them onto the next person, and
the whole story is about her explaining what everyone did, and some of the things some of the people did was just horrible. One
girl crashed into a stop sign and just left it there, and then one of the other characters crashed in it and got killed, and this book
and movie is just a really depressing story, but at the same time I feel like everyone can relate to it, not because they have been
raped, but because there is bullying in this world, and it's not a good thing, and things like this happen, and nobody really does
anything about it, and it's really sad. That's all I have to say.

Strange but true

This edition of STRANGE BUT TRUE will be talking about many very interesting facts and some strange but true
events that occurred! So without further ado, let's get on with the article!!!!!!!! The first topic we will be exploring today
is... Inventions!!!!! The first strange but true fact about inventions is… “The world's first handheld mobile phone cost
$3,995!!” That's Strange!!! But it's true!! Did you know that the first handheld phone was built in 1973 by a man named
Martin Cooper?! That's Cool!! Our next STRANGE BUT TRUE fact is...“The first ever microwave oven was almost as tall
as a refrigerator!!” That's Strange!!! And it's not a lie!! Did you know that the first microwave was invented in 1946 by a
man named Percy Spencer?! That's awesome!! Our next STRANGE BUT TRUE fact is… “Popsicles were invented by an
11 year old!!!” That's Crazy!!!! But it's true!! Did you know that 2 Billion popsicles are sold each year?! That's weird!! Now
that you have some STRANGE BUT TRUE facts on inventions, let's move on to our next topic. So, without further ado,
the next topic we will be exploring today is… Bugs!!!!! The first STRANGE BUT TRUE fact about bugs is... “dragonflies
can see in all directions at once!!” That's Strange!!! But it's correct!! Did you know that dragonflies have been around for
over 300 million years?! That's a long time!! Our next STRANGE BUT TRUE fact is…”a caterpillar has more muscles than
a human!!!” That's unbelievable!!!! But it's real!! Did you know that caterpillars need energy to turn into a butterfly?!
That's cool!! Now that you have plenty of information on crazy inventions and crazy bug facts, I think i'm done here. So
i'll see you next time on, STRANGE BUT TRUE!!

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