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Published by Joshua Gauthier, 2019-12-11 11:07:18

Merged All About Me 2019 - 2020

Merged All About Me 2019 - 2020



-Hobbies - skateboarding 
  Member of the  
-Extra-Curriculars - art  DPMS 
-Interesting Facts - never broken   
a bone 
-Favorites - favorite friend cj 


Sophia Baierl 

March 8t​ h 

- ​I enjoy playing ​s​oc​ ​ce​r   
- And drawing with ​fr​ ie​ ​n​ds​  
  Member of the  
- I have ​en​ ou​ g​ h​ ​ cousins to  DPMS 
field a kickball game 
- I ​Lo​ ​ve​ ​ coconut ice cream 


Simon Rossich 
September 20th 

-Hobbies - video games   
-Extra-Curriculars - hang out with  Member of the  
friends or watch TV  DPMS 
-Interesting Facts - have my ears   
pierced and I have three siblings 
-Favorites - favorite colors are red 
and black 
-Favorite shows are Family Guy and 
American Dad 



Wyatt w   

-Hobbies - Ping pong, sports, hunting,   
playing outside, being in the woods 
  Member of the  
-Extra-Curriculars - Basketball and  DPMS 
other sports 
-Interesting Facts - I have a 
younger sister, a dog, and my sister   
and I each have a cat. I enjoy 
hunting with my DaD and being up 
north. I like to swim in my pool 
with my friends. 
-Favorites- I like hunting and 
playing basketball with my friends 
and family, My favorite food is 
rather pizza, tacos or grilled food.  

-William Johnson- 

-March 20th- 

-Hobbies: I post youtube videos, I  
make fun of myself (don’t worry I’m
fine with it), I’m on the Green Bay Member of the  
YMCA swim team, and every now DPMS 
and then I’ll try to make things from
video games out of lego, but It  
usually doesn't work
-Extra-Curriculars: Swim team  
-Interesting facts: I have 2 dogs
Food: Some kind of noodles
Movie series: Star Wars or John Wick
Music groups: Linkin Park, Slipknot,
and Three Days Grace
Dogs: German Shepherds and
English Mastiffs

Sully Pulukchu 

March 02 

Hobbies/what I enjoy to do:   
➔ Playing sports 
➔ Scrapbooking  Member of the  
➔ Playing board games  DPMS 
➔ Outdoor activities 
➔ Photography   
➔ Travel 
➔ Snowboarding & skiing   

➔ Go skydiving on 18th birthday 
➔ Go Parasailing in another 

➔ Visit my brother in Bulgaria 

with my whole family for his 

Medical School graduation 
➔ Travel to the 6 other 


-Sophia Coon- 
-May 11th-

Ѕ Soccer  Member of the  
Ѕ Flute  DPMS 
Ѕ Saxophone  
Ѕ I have 3 cats 
Ѕ I like to read 
Ѕ Harry Potter is my favorite 




-Shelby Bannach- 

-October 5- 

I really like to sing and it’s 
inspired me to become a musician.  Member of the  
I spend a lot of my time writing 
stories and baking.   
I moved from Back Creek and had   
to start a new school. 
I would love to travel the world 
when i’m older and go to Londan 
Fun Fact: I have 3 different colors 
in my eyes. Blue,Green and Hazel. 
I spend a lot of time with my 


March 15 

Favorite color is blue   
I play basketball, soccer and  Member of the  
football for fun  DPMS 
I enjoy fishing, hanging out with   
friends and playing video games 
I love sushi at umisushi 
I like swimming, trampolines and 
I’m good at math   

Roan Demovsky 
July 9  

  Member of the  
Baseball  DPMS 
I learned how to ride a bike at 10   
I really like to ​travel 


Riley Zapf 

September 12th 


I’m going to participate Track at  Member of the  
DP​ ​MS​ ​.   DPMS 


I have a sister in 9th grade named   


I like to go tubing over the 

summer with my family.  

My favorite color is p​ urple.  

I p​ lay​ the clarinet in band.  

Cheese​ is one of my favorite foods 

to eat with pretty much anything.  

My Favorite ​quote​ is: Stress Less 

and Enjoy The Best -Unknown 



● One of my many hobbies are 
Member of the  
fishing   DPMS 

● I have cut open my hand by 

● One of my favorite things to 

do is to hang out with our 

friends down in florida 

● One of my hobbies is to 







-Reese Abnet- 

-Nov. 17- 

I like to Run in my free time 
  Member of the  
I do track and cross country  DPMS 
Right now for cross country I would   
be in jv. 
I love steak and sushi  
I want to be a lawyer when im 
My favorite color is light blue or 


-Morgan E. Burt- 


  Member of the  

-Loves spaghetti- 
-Loves chocolate ice cream- 

-Hates cold weather- 



1​ 2​-2​ 7​-0​ 6 

My dog 

Hobbies​~Dance, Painting, volleyball, 
Member of the  
Swimming  DPMS 

Extra Curriculars~​ Volleyball,dance 

Fun Fact​~I have broken 5 bones 

Favorite food​~Strawberries, smoked 

salmon, cheese curds, Chicken wings 

Favorite colors​~ Turquoise, 

lavender,Mint green  




Owen Fergus 

February 20t​ h​, 2007 

I like hiking, playing soccer, and video 
games.  Member of the  
I play soccer for DPMS and I also like to 
play piano.   
I have a sister named Sophia and I moved to 
DePere in 2017. 

My favorite sport is soccer and my favorite 
video game is Rocket League.  
I also play percussion in band. 



-September 13- 

I like​ playing video games with my   

friends and playing soccer  Member of the  
I play​ for DPMS soccer after school   

An interesting thing about me​ is 

that like to read a lot and play 

basketball too 

My favorite​ color is blue, my 

favorite restaurant is culvers and 
my favorite​ video game is Fortnite 

(don’t judge I like others too)

-Molly Meeuwsen- 
-OCtober 18, 2006- 

-Sports I play- Basketball, Cross   
Country, and Tennis  
  Member of the  
-I love to water ski  DPMS 
-My favorite color is purple   
-My favorite Ice cream flavor is Mint   
Mackinac Island Fudge  

-Merrick Evenson- 


Playing video games    
Hanging out with  Member of the  
friends   DPMS 
Watching youtube   



-feb 1st- 

-Hobbies- video games    
-Interesting Facts- I have toy  Member of the  
dinosaur collection  DPMS 
-Favorites- The color green,   
hamburgers, cod waw, my favorite 
tank is the iS-6 and my favorite 
fighter plane is the yak-3. 


Mason Sequin 

October 16th 2006 

I play baseball, basketball, Football   
and i like to wakeboard  
  Member of the  
My Friends and I hang out a lot  DPMS 
during the summer and school year 
Food: Apple 
Color: Black/Red 
Sport: Baseball 
Subject: Math/Gym 


Luke Wesolowski 

April 13 

Hunting and fishing  
  Member of the  
I love working with wood  DPMS 
I have chickens and rabbits   
My favorite food is jerky

Marissa V. 
September 12th  


An extra curricular that I do is I play   
  Member of the  
An interesting fact about me is that I’ve  DPMS 
never b​ een on a plane before. 
I usually play soccer, volleyball or go 
adventure outdoors in my free time.    
I enjoy driving my family's four wheeler and 
side by side.  
My favorite season is​ Fall. 
My favorite f​ ood​ is steak.  
I’ve never broken a bone or gotten stitches 
I love learning about the weather and all the 
different natural disasters.  

​ Malachi 

April 25

- -

Play chess    
play basketball  Member of the  
I love fishing  
I love going to the archery  
I love chess and  
I love playing basketball- 
My favorite food is chicken Alfredo  
favorite sport is basketball  
and I love reading

Makenzie Sahs 

May 9th

Favorites  Member of the  

March 21, 2007 

-Dance, playing   
minecraft, and hanging 
out with friends-  Member of the  
-I am on a high dance   
team, I can do a lot 
of tricks but I never   
did gymnastics- 



I like to go outside. 
  Member of the  
I might be joining minecraft club  DPMS 
and archery. 
My brother was born with down 
I love pizza and i love to play 
My favorite color is Red. 


Lucas Koskey 

October 12th 

I like boating 
  Member of the  
Extra Curriculars  DPMS 
I play three sports baseball, 
basketball, football   
Blue is my favorite color, and 
baseball is my favorite sport 
Interesting Facts 

● I got to go to New York for 
a big baseball tournament 

● I like to play video games 
● I also like to play with friends 

and play sports 

~Lily Laurent~ 

~Jan. 26, 2007~ 

● Drawing/Art
● Golfing Member of the  
-Interesting Facts-
● I have JIA (Juvenile  


● I am a twin
● I like playing with

my dog Ziggy

● Food- Pasta
● Color- Green
● Animal- Squirrel


-september 12th- 

Hanging out with friends, shopping 
practicing   Member of the  
Playing volleyball, playing basketball   
-Interesting Facts- 
I lived in depere my whole life 
Fav color is teal or sky blue, I 
love my family  



- Kierra Bushey- 
- October 6th- 

- I have 1 younger s​ ister ​and 1  Member of DPMS 
younger ​brother 

- I want to be a ​pediatrician o​ r   
a g​ eneral surgeon 

- I want a ​Suburban w​ hen I 
grow up  

- I want to either ​adopt ​or have 
an ​exchange student 

- I want a black or yellow ​lab

Joe Picard
September 12

-Hobbies: playing soccer, running, going Member of the
fishing, playing with my dog DPMS
-Extra curriculars: Soccer, Cross Country
-Interesting Facts: I have one older brother,
a younger sister

-Favorites: playing with my dog, playing

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