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grow your business with cosmocrat software solutions

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grow your business with cosmocrat software solutions

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If you already own a business in
the twenty-first century and don't
have a digital presence, you will
cease. This may have seemed cruel,
but it is the truth. If you want to
get more leads, and customers,
publicize your project or sell any
sort of service, you must appear in
online search results, ideally at
the top.
To help you tackle this task, we’ve
come up with a list of a few
unrevealed SEO statistics for
growing businesses. Keep reading to
know what works and what doesn't in
the ever-changing world of search
engine optimization.

A search
engine is the
beginning of

68% of all


Do you want to buy a new car?
You try looking up its
specifications on the internet.
Hungry? You take a glance at
restaurants in your area. Are
you going on a trip? You're more
likely to book your upcoming
trip online than through a tour
We have become overly dependent
on the internet to meet most of
our daily information
requirements. As a result, it's
no surprise that almost all
internet activity begins with a
search engine.

The two most
common internet
activities are
searching and

As per Pew Research's SEO
data, the two most
prevalent activities for
internet users are surfing
the web after operating a
browser search and
checking emails

-14.6 percent
of SEO-

leads arise in


SEO statistics indicate that
search engine marketing has
unbelievable conversion power. As
many as 14.6 percent of website
visitors who find websites via
effective search engine
optimization are often customers.
This is a considerable rise over
the 1.7 percent conversion
efficiency of traditional
outbound strategies such as
emails and print ads. In other
words, leads derived through SEO
are eight times more likely to
transform into legitimate
customers than leads generated
through traditional ad campaigns.

When Google
went down,
dropped by

According to Google data
released by Wired,
internet traffic dropped
by 40% during a five-
minute outage in 2013.
This illustrates how much
internet users rely on the
world's largest search
engine to direct them to
other websites. Nobody
needs to recall the full
URLs of the web pages they
visit when Google acts as
the perfect interpreter.

-Annually, Google makes 500 to 600
adjustments to its search algorithms.

The majority of people doing business in the twenty-first century
understand the significance of SEO. If you rank well on Google, you will
receive more traffic to the website, which will generate more leads who
will later become customers. Isn't it obvious? But how can you achieve
this goal when Google's algorithm for ranked search results is continually
evolving? That is the major question. Surprisingly, SEO statistics show
that only a few of the hundreds of algorithm changes made each year are
presumed standouts

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