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The Chronicle published on November 4, 2005.

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Edition 3.2

The Chronicle published on November 4, 2005.

The William Mason High School She’s number ONE!
Mason, Ohio see page 10

November 4, 2005

6100 South Mason Montgomery Road, Mason, Ohio 45040 Volume 3 Issue 2

NEWS Flash Voters to decide the fate of Mason schools...again

Students and staff BY OLGA BORODULIN Results in Education. ior and future voter Brent Burnett can
members contribute Chronicle Editor CARE founder, John Meyer, has been understand why some community mem-
to worthy causes bers may be confused on the voting topic.
Mason residents will be returning to actively working in Mason to "make the
Students, staff members and fami- polls on November 8 to decide on the long- school board look at unnecessary spending "Since I've attended several board meet-
lies raised funds for The Robert debated issues concerning school funding. and become more accountable." Meyer ings and researched the topic, I under-
Peraza Foundation and The Wendy The ballot will include different candi- attests that CARE is simply trying to look stand it. However, if you don't understand
Faulkner Memorial Children's dates running for three open school board out for the interests of senior citizens and the issues and take time to look at the
Foundation, established in the memo- positions. The ballot will also include low-income families who cannot afford the issues, then there are [community mem-
ry of local residents who lost their eight referendums, seven of which were tax increase. bers] who will be confused," Burnett said.
lives on September 11, 2001. petitioned by the Mason School Board,
Donations to the two foundations and 1 from the opposing levy group, School board officials have been asking Such confusion has been centered on the
amounted to $3,326.18. CARE, or Citizens for Accountability and residents for support using their cam- change in the Mason School Board cam-
paign slogan, "Vote NO in NOvember."
The district was also very generous

2 TheCHRONICLENews November 4, 2005

What people are Worst Case Scenario
Mason hopes to avoid the fate of neighboring school districts
“If the school board will
have to make a substantial BY CAROLINE JOHNSON 7.7-mill levy. Before Fairfield passed the the referendums pass.
cut, it makes me nervous not Chronicle Staff Writer levy, the school district made several "Potential ramifications to students
knowing where those cuts changes to cope with the financial losses
If the eight referendums placed on the due to the four failed levies. Beth Wagner, could be larger class sizes and a decrease
will be and how it will November 8 ballot pass, the Mason school School and Community Relations director in clubs. There could be any number of
affect our family," district will have a total loss of $24.8 mil- at Fairfield, saw direct results of the things, because 24 million dollars over
Karl Tripp lion including $6 million in 2006, $8.3 mil- failed levies on students. three years is a significant amount of
Mason Resident lion in 2007 and $10.5 million in 2008. money that we would have to find from
Superintendent Dr. Kevin Bright can "When the levy failed [the fourth time] somewhere," Allen said, stating that the
"I haven't completely made up relate to such a loss as he experienced a parents came together to organize a way loss of funding could hurt Mason High
my mind. It seems there are loss of $1 million in failed levy funding at to collect fees to keep [the school district] School's goal of 100 percent involvement.
excess in spending with the way his previous school district and claims the from eliminating extra-curriculars. They
our country is right now. I think damages still haven't "healed." literally took charge," Wagner said. Although board members state the crite-
there could be ways to look at ria that will be used to make the cuts will
the spending without harming "The previous district I was in was about Fairfield also cut back on busing, elimi- have the least impact on the classroom as
the education. I think it is okay the same size as this school district and nating transportation for grades 10-12. possible, Bright believes that "[the levy]
one million dollars cost us so much in per- Extra-curriculars continued, but in a can't help but have an impact on the class-
[that the referendums are sonnel that we had to make cuts that still "simplified" form. room because 88 percent of our costs are
on the ballot.” haven't healed 17 years later. If I look at in personnel salaries and fringe benefits."
Mary Jo Pagel what will have to cut out of our budget, it Lakota Public Relations director John
will devastate the district," Bright said. Weidlich noted similar affects due to their Allen has also commented that research
Mason Resident failed levy. in past studies have shown that when
Mason School District Treasurer Dick levies supporting the schools fail, home
"I think some of the CARE mem- Gardner believes if Mason does not "Our class sizes have gone up tremen- values in the community decrease.
bers have legitimate concerns, receive the funding the district is asking dously. The high school classes have gone
but they are going about it in the for, similar cuts to those districts around to 30-35 people per class and almost as "We are the envy of other school dis-
wrong way. They shouldn't be the state will be made, since "[Mason] has large at the elementary level," Weidlich tricts in the Ohio because the parents and
going against the school. I'm vot- the same kind of funding mechanisms as said. people in this community see that we are
all the other districts in the state." getting a good bang for our buck and that
ing NO because I think it is Lakota was also forced to cut back on our students are performing at an excep-
important to give the school the On November 2, 2004, Fairfield passed busing, drop advanced placement classes, tional rate. [If the referendums pass], we
money we promised them. I have a 4.9-mill operating levy on its fifth and downsize on custodians, administra- won't be able to operate in the same
volunteered at each school and attempt, while Lakota failed in passing its tors and support education staff. capacity that we operate now," Allen said.

have seen that they are very MHS Principal Dr. Dave Allen can see
frugal with their money." how similar cuts could be felt at Mason if
Kim Stein
Mason Resident Best Case Scenario

"Since I've attended several School district will continue to look at ways to reduce costs
board meetings and researched
BY OLGA BORODULIN and "refresh Mason's collection [of class- forced to pay fees in order to continue.
the topic, I understand it. Chronicle Editor es,]" by replacing classes that have lost There was also a cut in staff and adminis-
However, if you don't understand relevance or interest with newer classes, trative members, amounting to 120 job
the issues and take time to look Mason School hallways and classrooms instead of continually adding more class- cuts as a result of reduced school budget
may seem a bit darker in the next couple es. financing. Although the decrease in trans-
at the issues, then there are of months. This darkness, however, will portation was an option, Sycamore decid-
[community members] who not have anything to do with students or In May of 2006, the school board is also ed not to cut transportation or limit
teachers, rather the Mason School Board's planning on presenting the district with a sports.
will be confused." effort to conserve energy and cut energy bond levy, which will not increase taxes,
Brent Burnett costs by "de-lamping" lights from four for the completion of construction in the "[The Sycamore School Board] simply
MHS Senior bulbs to two in each school building. high school. implemented a participating fee. It wasn't
something we wanted to put on the stu-
According to Superintendent of Mason Another way in which homeowners will dents, but the board wanted to maintain
Schools Dr. Kevin Bright, such cuts will feel the passing of the levy is the addition the same opportunities that [Sycamore]
have to be made, even if the levy passes, of taxes. A $100,000 homeowner will pay had," Weber said.
in order to extend the length of time the an additional $200.29 in 2006, $252.35 in
levy lasts. These cuts have begun to worry 2007, and $304.41 in 2008; totaling Despite such cuts even with a passing
community members like Karl Tripp, who $575.67 a homeowner will pay in tax dol- levy, Weber admitted that excellent
is not sure how they will affect the lars in addition to tax dollars they're results are still being achieved, and the
schools. already paying. school board is working with community
members to establish a community in
"[If the school board] will have to make School board members have avoided which all expenditures are evaluated.
a substantial cut, it makes me nervous not from revealing their plan of action after
knowing where those cuts will be and how the passing or failing of the levy. "The school board really strived to listen
it will affect our family," Tripp said. to the community and evaluate their deci-
"We will not say at this point in time sions based on the community's needs,"
Mason City School District Treasurer where cuts will be made. Our advice is to Weber said.
Dick Gardner has mentioned that regard- refer to the actions taken by neighboring
less of the election outcome, the school school districts with failing [or passing] This mentality of listening to the com-
board "will continue to look at ways of levies," Gardner said. munity is something that Bright believes,
reducing cost, and reducing annual expen- despite any cuts, will be a chief goal of the
diture by over $4.5 million on specific Sycamore School District experienced a school board.
items over the next three years [in order failed 7.9-mill continuing levy in August
to help extend the levy over a period of 4 2004. The district came back in November "[The Mason School Board] will contin-
years.]" with a 5.5-mill levy that passed. ue to listen to our community, and contin-
ue to try to accommodate their needs. We
Gardner has also mentioned other According to Sycamore Treasurer Beth are lucky to be in such a community, and
actions that the school board has thought Weber, there was no decrease in property to have so many residents behind
of incorporating after November 8 is to try value since the levy passed. However, in us…With this positive attitude, I know
order to compensate for school cuts, stu- [Mason] will succeed," Bright said.
dents in sports and club activities were

Referendum: School officials hoping for Other Warren County school
a “No” vote on November 8 ballot districts relying on voters

November 4, 2005 TheCHRONICLENews 3

School board candidates respond to questions posed by Chronicle


46, a 21 year resident of Mason. year resident of Mason. year resident of Mason. year resident of Mason. resident of Mason.
Current Board Member Current Board Member
Education: Bachelors in Elementary Education: Bachelors in Chemistry Education: Bachelor of Science in
Education: Bachelors degree in Education: Degree in Business from Education from University of from Manhattan College in New York, Education and a degree in Recreation
Business Administration from the Miami University at Oxford. Cincinnati, Masters in Educational Masters in Chemistry from George and Park Administration from Eastern
University of Maryland Administration from Xavier University, Washington University in Kentucky University.
Employment: Loss prevention manag- and Doctorate in Education from Washington, DC, PhD. in pharmacol-
Employment: Realtor with Sibcy er at Luxotica retail. University of Cincinnati ogy from Indiana University. Employment: Inside sales executive
Cline Realtors with Packaging Corporation of
What will be your top priorities and Employment: Social Worker for Employment: Worked for 25 years America.
What will be your top priorities and goals if elected? "My top priority will Cincinnati Public Schools in drug development, 10 years as a
goals if elected? "Continuing to pro- be to continue to provide a quality edu- realtor broker, and taught at What will be your top priorities and
vide an excellent educational opportu- cation for our students and to pursue What will be your top priorities and Raymond Walters for 4 years. goals if elected? "My top priority
nity for the students of Mason and the efforts of the committee that has goals if elected? Boaz, who worked would be to improve the communica-
Deerfield township and to do that been set in place for senior citizens tax for Cincinnati Public Schools for 26 What will be your top priorities tion between the community and the
while being fiscally responsible." relief." years, aims to "continue the unbeliev- and goals if elected? "Whatever it school system. They are not putting
able academic success." Boaz takes to get more people involved, things in terms that everybody can
Do you feel the school does a good Do you feel the school does a good believes Mason has achieved this by I'm for," Miller said, who has asked understand. They need to make clear
job of balancing its budget? "Yes, job of balancing its budget? "I feel hiring the best educators and having the Intercommunity Regulatory the misunderstanding."
Mason is one of the best values in the they do because our students perform a professional development program Commission to tape the board meet-
state of Ohio," said Culbertson. "We well academically in the top one per- that is "unparalleled" and would sup- ings for public access channels. Do you feel the school does a good
consistently spend below the state cent of the state and our pupil expendi- port the programs as an important “[They said] they would be really job of balancing its budget? "I think
average per pupil and we've had the tures [dollar amount per student] are part of the school district's success. happy to come in if someone invited they do a good job of balancing its
highest ranking on the state report less than the state average." them,” he said. Miller would also budget, but yes I believe there are
card since it started in the year 2000." Do you feel the school board does establish a public forum. “In a public small areas and ways to improve.
If the referendums are passed, a good job of balancing its budg- forum you could have a much more Everybody always has room for
If the referendums are passed, which programs will you decrease et? fruitful discussion about spending,” improvement. An area I would look into
which programs will you decrease funding for or cut and which pro- "I think the school board does an out- he said. is ticket sales and booster money."
funding for or cut and which pro- grams would you protect? "I don't standing job," Boaz said. Despite the
grams would you protect? know the first place I would go but levy opposition's claim that Mason is Do you feel the school does a If the referendums are passed,
"If the referendums were to pass and because 86% of our budget is salaries spending too much, Boaz has seen good job of balancing its budget? which programs will you decrease
we were to take an eight million dollar and benefits, I might look into that. that "every objective review says “I really don’t know. I hear from [both funding for or cut and which pro-
hit to our budget we [could] not con- However, it would be devastating for that's not true." sides]. This is another problem the grams would you protect? "I would
tinue to run the school at the level we the school district to have to make board has, [people] don’t know where defend building maintenance, teacher
do today," Culbertson said. "If we these kinds of cuts. I support extra cur- If the referendums are passed, the money goes. I really need to be salary, and curriculum spending. I
were to cut eight million dollars out of ricular activities. I believe they com- which programs will you work to on the board [to have all the facts],” would look at extracurricular activities
our budget, a big chunk of that would plete each student's education." protect and which will you cut or Miller said. or clubs. I would also look at minor
be in staff," she said. "It's absolutely decrease funding for? issues that are self sufficient. Anything
not what I want to do. When you cut Do you support using levies to "I would try at any cost to keep class If the referendums are passed, that benefits the kids I would support.
teachers you are directly affecting the obtain funding for Mason City size down and I don't want to lose which programs will you decrease The students are what it is about."
students." Schools? "I'm not opposed to levies, any teachers because salaries go funding for or cut and which pro-
but I think the state needs to take on a down," "I don't think the community grams would you protect? “if the Do you support using levies to
Do you support using levies to larger responsibility. The state of Ohio wants to make those decisions. referendum passes, the school will obtain funding for Mason City
obtain funding for Mason City needs to make major changes. When That's why I'm optimistic the referen- no doubt put another levy on the bal- Schools? "At this point I sort of have
Schools? "Until there becomes schools depend on levies, it is difficult dums won't pass," he said. "They lot in May. I wouldn’t cut anything. It to. The Ohio legislation are the ones
another way of funding schools, on senior citizens on fixed incomes. voted for the levy in May and it would just create a disruptive situa- that are forcing the schools to rely on
school districts have very little Senior citizens should not bear the passed, I think that was [the commu- tion for a short time.” the public for funding. Problem with
options.” same financial responsibility as individ- nity's] statement." funding starts with the state. Also, The
uals who are still in their income earn- Do you support using levies to Ohio Supreme Court ruled that the
Why did you decide to run for the ing years." Do you support using levies to obtain funding for Mason City present funding system in Ohio is
Mason City School Board? "I love obtain funding for Mason City Schools? "I have to support them unconstitutional."
serving this community on the Board Why did you decide to run for the Schools? because that's the way it's done,"
of Education and it has been very Mason City School Board? "I see "I do think we need to lobby the state Miller said. Miller does not feel levies Why did you decide to run for the
rewarding and a privilege for the past the school board member's job as com- to change the funding system," Boaz are the problem but the way schools Mason City School Board? "Running
12 years.” munity service and I enjoy doing com- said. are funded in general. "The system for the school board has always been
munity service. I believe I can still have has to be changed so it doesn't come a long term goal of mine. I am fortu-
What qualities do you feel you can a positive influence on the work we still Why did you decide to run for down to a school levy based on prop- nate that life and certain situations
bring to the school board? need to do.” school board? erty taxes," he said. have given me the chance to run."
“I understand where we've been in the "I'm pro Mason Schools and that's
district and where we need to go." What qualities do you feel you can why I'm running," Boaz said, adding Why did you decide to run for the What qualities do you feel you can
Culbertson is also carrying out her bring to the school board? "My six that the new candidates (besides Mason City School Board? “I’ve bring to the school board? "I can
personal belief that "providing an years of experience [on the school Culbertson and Yingling, who are up been attending school board meet- bring educational background. I
excellent educational opportunity for board] will allow me to provide continu- for re-election,) are "either not pro ings for two years now [and worked in school systems throughout
children is one of the best things a ity to the board. I have business back- school [or] they're undecided." For observed] that they’re having trouble Butler and Warren Counties. I have
community can do." ground and experience in tutoring at Boaz, it is important for the school keeiping communities engaged,” also coached for 10 years, from recre-
risk children in the classroom. I also board to have supportive members in Miller said. ational to varsity. I have been in man-
If you could wave a magic wand believe we are responsible to all of our the event that the referendums pass. agement, inside sales, and have been
and change anything about Mason citizens, not just parents of school aged "If the referendums pass, and you What qualities do you feel you can a quality control supervisor. I feel could
Schools, what would it be? "I would children.” have to make those cuts, and you bring to the school board? "I'm bring different views and understand-
not allow taxes to be a burden for have people who are already anti- good at developing a consensus with ing to the school board."
families to pay for what we need to In what areas do you think the schools making those cuts, that's a different groups [and] successful at
pay for, whether it be senior citizens school district could improve and dangerous thing," he said. getting groups to work [together]." In what areas do you think the
or any family. how would you go about correcting school district could improve and
those areas? "I think the school district What qualities do you feel you can If you could wave a magic wand how would you go about correcting
Is your campaign supported or can continue to look for ways to be bring to the school board? and change anything about Mason those areas? "I think the school dis-
endorsed by any organizations? more efficient and continue to find "Honesty, integrity, [and] leadership," Schools, what would it be? "I trict can improve on communication to
Culbertson has been endorsed by the ways to serve each student because said Boaz, who can also bring the would like to see levies passing more the district. What I would want to do is
Mason Education Association. students have different needs. The experience of 26 years in education. in the range of 30/70 rather than a reword things in ways in which every-
school district can also continue to find 53/47. And that people wouldn't be body can understand. I would also like
- report compiled by ways to communicate better with the If you could wave a magic wand irritated by how things were done.” to distribute information throughout the
Stephanie Visscher public." and change anything about Mason community with the permission of local
Schools, what would it be? Is your campaign supported or businesses."
Declined... If you could wave a magic wand and "I would make the C.A.R.E. (levy endorsed by any organizations?
change anything about Mason opposition group) go away. They All funding was collected personally If you could wave a magic wand and
Editor’s Note: Schools, what would it be? can't argue with our success so they by Miller. change anything about Mason
School board candidate "I would have every child in every argue with how much we spend," Schools, what would it be?
Jennifer Miller declined state and school in this country devel- Boaz said. - report compiled by "What I would like to have for one day
THE CHRONICLE’S request op a life long love of learning and have Stephanie Visscher is have the community come together
to participate in this forum. all the resources they need to allow Is your campaign supported or as one, and not be divided as it is
that love of learning to grow." endorsed by any organizations? today."
Boaz has been endorsed by the
Is your campaign supported or Mason Education Association. Is your campaign supported or
endorsed by any organizations? endorsed by any organizations?
Yingling has been endorsed by the - report compiled by "No, I'm solely independent and not
Mason Education Association. Stephanie Visscher associated with any group or organiza-
tion what so ever."
- report compiled by Joey D’Amico

- report compiled by Joey D’Amico

4 TheCHRONICLENews November 4, 2005

News Notebook World Perspective

Sadie Hawkins Dance Political pressures force Supreme Court nominee to withdraw

Mason High School will be having a BY MATT PARTINGTON troubled by this conundrum." gious Law Journal, is a more experienced
Sadie Hawkins Dance on November 19 in Chronicle Staff Writer Other accusations, particularly from although divisive character than Miers,
the Mason Middle School arena. Tickets and his nomination will likely garner a
will be $4 presale and $5 at the door. Harriet Miers, President Bush's nomi- Democrats, stated that Miers nomination bitter reaction from the left.
nee to replace Sandra Day O'Conner as was a product of cronyism, or that she is a
Financial Aid meeting Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, close friend of Bush and he chose her out Unlike Miers, Alito has served as judge
recently withdrew herself as candidate for of personal loyalty. This also contributed for several years and also has a substan-
An important meeting will be held on the high court. to questioning Miers' judicial competence. tial amount of Supreme Court experience,
November 30 in the Mason High School arguing 12 cases there. As a Third Circuit
auditorium regarding filling out the free "Protection of the prerogatives of the OUT judge, Alito argued in Planned
application for Federal Student Aid executive branch and continued pursuit of Harriet Miers Parenthood v. Casey that women seeking
(FAFSA). The meeting will begin at 7pm. my nomination are in tension," Miers said Politicians on abortions should have to first get confir-
Interested seniors and their parents in a written letter to Bush, renouncing her both sides of mation from the father.
should plan on attending. contention. "I have decided that my confir- the fence were
mation should yield." unsure of The case eventually went to the
Ski Club Registration Miers stance Supreme Court where Alito's sentiments
Bush has nominated appeals court on many were ruled against. This case, and ones
Registration for ski club is going on now Judge Samuel A. Alito in place of Miers. issues. similar, has resulted in Alito being labeled
through November 11. The first trip is on with a famously conservative history with
January 9th. There is a $45.00 bus fee. Miers, a distinguished lawyer and close INSamuel Alito “extreme” beliefs.
See Mr. Eric Blask in room C202 for more friend of Bush, started her career serving
information. as law clerk for the U.S. District Court for A Third Circuit Strong convictions are expected to be
the Northern District of Texas eventually Judge, Alito drawn from liberals who fear Alito might
Mason to host ACT became Bush's private attorney during his appears to be try to overturn landmark cases such as
time as Texas governor and currently in for a fight. Roe v. Wade which struck down legal
Mason High School will be holding ACT serves on the White House counsel. Bush wants him restrictions on abortion. All ready in talks
testing on April 8. Registration is available confirmed by is the potential of a filibuster from
by mail or online at (the Although endorsed by an array of organ- year’s end. Democrats refusing to hear or vote on
school code is 363-275). Please register izations including the Texas Supreme Alito.
as soon as possible if you want to be Court justices, who said she is "a great Several days before Miers' withdrawal,
guaranteed a spot in Mason. The final lawyer, and will make a great judge," Democrats and Republicans began to This could force Bush to nominate some-
deadline for registration is March 3. Miers' lack of judiciary experience became demand legal papers intended to reveal one else in place of Alito, but the
an ever-swelling problem. the nominee's slant on key issues. The President has all ready stated that he
Christmas pageant White House refused to disclose the desires Congress to vote on Alito’s seat
"We spent about 1,200 hours together papers, and Miers was unable to produce before the year’s end.
Students interested in participating in the and had in excess of 6,000 agenda items, them.
2005 Christmas in Mason Pageant should and I never knew where Harriet was With two Supreme Court nominations in
visit the Mason High School front office going to be on any of those items until she She consequently yielded her nomina- less than a month, some are wondering if
for sign-up sheets. In addition to other cast her vote," Jim Buerger, a Dallas tion, only 24 days after being nominated Miers was a mere puppet intended to
prizes, the winner will receive a scholar- council colleague, said. and 11 days before her scheduled inter- escort in Bush's real nominee.
ship worth $250. The final deadline for view with the Congressional panel. Only
registration is November 9. Judging will With no judicial paper trail and few three days later Bush nominated Alito for Recent developments in Washington,
take place at the Mason Municipal Center court cases to demonstrate how she would the Supreme Court. precisely the legal indictments against
on November 13. vote as a Supreme Court judge on key House Majority Leader Tom DeLay and
social and political issues, Miers became a "Judge Alito is one of the most accom- one of the top assistants in the White
MMS to honor Veterans target for Democrats and Republicans plished and respected judges in America, House, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, has creat-
alike. and his long career in public service has ed an even wider separation between the
Mason Middle School will host a student- given him an extraordinary breadth of left and right in the last month.
led Veterans' Day ceremony on Thursday, "The central problem," Dan Coats, a for- experience," Bush said in a radio address
Nov. 10 at 7 p.m. in the MMS Auditorium. mer Senator from Indiana who traveled announcing his choice for Associate Alito’s nomination comes at the tail end
Call 398-9035 for more information. with Miers to several senate meetings, Justice. of what some consider Bush’s “worst polit-
said is that "senators rightly wanted to ical week yet,” and many hope that Alito
- compiled by Stephanie Visscher see some objective evidence of what her Alito, who went to Yale Law School and may confirm Bush’s dedication to the
judicial philosophy was. But as special thereupon served as editor of the presti- G.O.P. and tie together any loose ends cre-
counsel, she was in a position where she ated by the Miers’ nomination and eventu-
wanted and needed to protect the execu- al withdrawal.
tive privilege of the president. . . . She was

The Hubley Driving School
Student of the Month

Hubley Driving School & The Chronicle are proud to honor B E N M I L L E R

Grade: 10 Favorite Class(es):
In school accomplishments:
7th grade Student of the Year Future Plans/Goal:
Rotary Awards freshman and sophomore Hopes to attend a good college, start a
years family, and become an Algebra teacher
Student of the Month in October 5th and
8th grade Teacher Quote:
“Ben is probably the most genuine and
Out of school accomplishments: sincere student I have ever taught. He
Employed at Donatos has a joy for school and loves being
Passed all levels of Arrow of Light and here. He greets every student and staff
Scouts member with enthusiasm every day, and
Participates in community service genuinely cares about each one. He
through youth group, Faith Alive works his tail off in his studies.”

Personal Quote: Social Studies teacher,
"Sometimes the smallest groups make Mr. Jerry Schrock
the biggest difference."

Chronicle photo by Josh Geiger

5606 Tylersville Rd HUB LEY 5606 Tylersville Rd
Mason, OH 45040 Driving School Mason, OH 45040

754-8652 754-8652

November 4, 2005 TheCHRONICLENews 5

Stepping Out...

Thrift store shoppers step
out to make a statement

BY REBECCA ZIEGLER niture, appliances and books. The
Chronicle Staff Writer frequent thrift store shoppers recognize the trend.

Imagine waking up in the morning and not worrying about what "A ton of people are shopping at thrift stores now. I don't think that
shoes to wear, what shirt to throw on, or what pants to dig out of the shopping there makes you unique, so I don't feel any less unique know-
laundry for the day. To a growing population of "underground" thrift ing that other people are starting to," Hager said.
store shoppers, this is their everyday life.
Garchar agrees about the increase in shoppers, but dislikes the
"Thrift stores are just cheap, comfy, affordable, and unique," sophomore increase in the trend.
Jenna Garchar said.
"Thrift-store shopping is catching on more and more since people like
Thrift stores have become a growing source for buying clothing includ- the vintage look. There are even vintage tees at stores like Abercrombie
ing shirts, shoes, dresses, pants, hats, belts and every other item of cloth- now," Garchar said.
ing people can wear. While thrift stores used to be considered a place to Quadir still feels unique despite more people shopping at thrift stores.
shop for less fortunate people, dirty clothing and embarrassing to be seen in, "Although it's catching on, you still get to pick out what you wear, and the clothes
students in Mason admit to choosing these stores as their favorite place to shop. are one of a kind at the store. I've always felt unique, whether people shop there with
me or not," Quadir said.
"In the beginning, I started shopping at thrift stores because my sister would take This growing trend of thrift-store shoppers may be due to the more name brand
me. It was fun to look at the stuff there. Now it's mostly to save money, but it's just clothing appearing in thrift stores. Sophomore Tyler Boland shops at thrift stores like
fun to go," Garchar said. Plato's Closet and Gabriel Brother's for Abercrombie and Hollister type of brands.
"I used to think it was for lower class people, but my mom took me one day and I
Garchar shops at thrift stores almost every time she needs clothes. liked it," Boland said.
"I used to think the clothes might be dirty just because they were used. But it's just Boland thinks that the thrift store clothing is just as good as the high-end store
a better deal. It makes more sense to get a twenty dollar outfit instead of a twenty brands.
dollar shirt at the mall," Garchar said. "They are exactly the same, just less expensive. I saw a shirt from Abercrombie at a
Another full time thrift store shopper is senior Omair Quadir. Before Quadir moved thrift store and bought it for ten dollars less," Boland said.
to Mason last year, he shopped at thrift stores in California with such regularity that Boland buys his own clothes and feels that it makes more sense to use thrift stores.
they started to know him by name. He knows that some peers are afraid to admit where they bought an outfit.
"The old thrift stores I used to go to knew me by name, but since I moved, they're "I'm not scared to tell anyone that I shop there. I used to shop at Abercrombie but it
going to know my name soon," Quadir said. just became too expensive," Boland said.
Quadir has shopped at thrift stores since he can remember. Junior Halie Limpert also shops at the name-brand thrift stores.
"I started shopping at thrift stores when I was little with my grandma because I "I don't care if shopping at thrift stores is embarrassing to some people because I
was brought up to not waste anything," Quadir said. don't pay attention to that. When people ask me where I bought my clothes, they are
Despite having the freedom of choosing where to shop, Quadir still prefers thrift usually complimenting them. Most of them come from thrift stores," Limpert said.
stores to any other store. Not only are thrift stores a growing attraction for cheap and trendy shoppers, but
"I continue to shop at them because it's a treasure for me all the way back from the they also carry a lot of different and various items including videos, furniture, elec-
40's and 50's-a history of clothes. You ask yourself 'I wonder who's worn this' or tronics and art.
'what's the history of this jacket,'" Quadir said. "A lot of my friends will go to thrift stores like Goodwill to buy fun things. They
Like Quadir, junior Maureen Adaghebalu has shopped at thrift stores since she was have cheap, fun and awesome stuff you can't find anywhere else," Limpert said.
young. Quadir likes to look at all of items in thrift stores when he goes shopping.
"I grew up wearing thrift store clothing because we didn't always have much "You can find cool stuff there, not just clothes, from old generations. It's just neat,"
money," Adaghebalu said. Quadir said.
Adaghebalu shops at thrift stores now for the style aspect and the low cost. There are those students in Mason who are embarrassed to admit their time spent
"They have a large variety of stuff that name-brand stores do not, and that no one in thrift stores, but for these students, shopping in them is a way of life. Whether
else is wearing. I always feel the need to do something different so that I don't look they shop for bargains or fashions, clothing or appliances, thrift store shoppers have
like everyone else. I get bored. I want to be an individual," Adaghebalu said. independent minds that identify their styles.
Sophomore Jordan Hager shops at thrift stores for the same reason. "I don't want to be labeled as anything. You aren't the clothes or music you listen to
"I shop at thrift stores partially to save money, but it's usually the only place where you. You are just you," Quadir said.
I can get what I want," Hager said.
Thrift stores are becoming one of the latest trends from clothing all the way to fur- Chronicle photo by Rebecca Ziegler, Photo art by Matt Vollet

6 TheCHRONICLENews November 4, 2005

Just thought you When did Halloween become a holiday?
would like to know...
Night of ‘Tricks and Treats’ becoming a mainstream holiday;
Why the pumpkin? ranks second to Christmas in consumer spending

Jack-O-Lanterns arose from an Irish BY RACHEL SLEZAK Because of its pagan roots, some people "typical of a teenager."
folktale,from the eighteenth century, Chronicle Staff Writer in Ohio do not observe this holiday. One "I usually get together with a group of
in which a man named of these people is junior Annie Cai.
Jack was forced to walk the line Each October, Americans lavishly cele- friends and go trick-or-treating," Clay
of Heaven and Hell. The devil brate Halloween, and this year is no "My church doesn't believe Halloween said.
gave him a piece of coal to light exception. According to, is the best holiday," Cai said.
his way, which Jack put inside a Halloween spending was expected to Clay noted that most of the expense
reach $3.3 billion this year, up 5.4% from Cai's church believes that "little kids involved in Halloween is the costumes.
turnip, that has now evolved into a pumpkin. last year. might get confused" about what the holi-
day is celebrating. "People want advanced, cooler cos-
A Halloween icon The same study found that over half of tumes," Clay said.
American consumers planned on cele- Rather than ignore Halloween, Cai and
This image, popularly associated with Halloween, arose brating Halloween this year. This makes her church simply observe the day differ- Clay also includes candy as an impor-
from a Revolutionary War legend. In the Halloween the second-most expensive ently. "[My church has] a fall fest where tant aspect contributing to cost and has
story, the ghost of a soldier occasion after the winter holidays, rais- kids can get candy without going trick- developed her own "Halloween tech-
who had lost his head in a ing questions about its origins and how a or-treating," Cai said. niques."
battle could not be put to rest day that isn't even a nationally declared
until he found his lost head. holiday is so universally popular. While not an observation of Halloween, "We usually concentrate on houses
This legend was popular- the occasion is still included in seasonal with the larger [more expensive] candy,"
ized by its inclusion in Washington According to the History Channel, spending, along with celebrations of Clay said.
Irving's 1819 novel The Legend of Halloween has its origins from the those who enjoy the holiday.
Sleepy Hollow, featuring the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. Other Mason students do different
Taking place on November 1, the cele- But cases like Cai's are rare. Junior things for Halloween each year.
wanderings of this horseman. bration of summer's end and winter's Miharu Kato would go so far as to say Sophomore Josh Bruening said he likes
beginning had strong connotations of that "nobody cares" what Halloween is to go on "haunted hayrides."
Halloween options death. actually celebrating.
Junior Sam Smit believes she is too old
Many churches in the area offer an alternative to the The night before Samhain, October 31, Kato believes that Halloween's popu- for trick-or-treating and now celebrates
typical night of trick or treating. was said to be a night when dead spirits larity is extremely universal. Halloween with "parties."
Whether its a fall harvest came back to the earth. Typically, bon-
party or Trunk or Treat, these fires were lit, often for sacrifices, cos- "Everybody wants candy," Kato said. However, Smit still remembers being a
churches offer a night where tumes were donned, and fortunes for the Sophomore Jennifer Clay is one of the little kid and enjoying the holiday. She
kids can come decked out in upcoming season were told. many students at MHS who see the holi- believes the popularity of Halloween is
their costumes, play games, day in a positive light. because of the fun and memories
and get candy in a "Halloween is popular because people involved.
get to have fun," Clay said.
non-threatening environment. Clay's holiday celebrations are fairly "It's fun. You get to dress up and be
something you're not," Smit said.

Positive attitude keeps Yost in business
despite challenge from corporate giants

Chronicle Staff Reporter

Driving through downtown Mason, it is nearly impos-
sible to miss the distinctive blue awning with the border
of Y's. An iconic establishment in Mason, Yost
Pharmacy has been open for 60 years.
"We've been on this corner from 1945," owner Dick
Yost said. The pharmacy has been family-owned since
it opened. "I bought [Yost Pharmacy] from my father in
1972," Yost said.
The pharmacy has been exactly where it is now ever
since. Yost hopes to continue the tradition and keep the
pharmacy in the family.
"I have a son and daughter who are pharmacists," Yost
But with the growth Mason has experienced in recent
years, it might seem amazing that a small, family-
owned business has been around for so long.
"As Mason has grown, competition has grown," Yost
said. "We're competing for the same people."
However, Yost says he "didn't really have concerns"
about staying in business. Yost has not found that com-
petition has increased too dramatically in the last few
"The competition has been there all along," Yost said.
In fact, Yost believes the growing population of Mason
has helped him gain "stability."
Yost also credits customers who return year after year
with his success.
"We've had a lot of loyal customers," Yost said.
According to Yost, many of these customers have been
coming to Yost Pharmacy for twenty years or more.
Construction is currently being done at Yost Pharmacy,
changing the layout to something close to how it was in
the past. Yost has seen several returning customers
who will say "I remember when it used to be that way."
Yost feels these customers continue coming back
because of the quality they can find at his business.
"We try to give a fair price," Yost said. "Sometimes our
prices are lower than the discount stores."
Yost also strives to provide good service to his cus-
tomers. "We try to treat them right," Yost said.
Community member Audrey Butterfield has been com-
Chronicle photo by Olga Borodulin
ing to Yost Pharmacy for five years. Butterfield prefers Store owner Dick Yost has
Yost to other pharmacies because of its central location watched the pharmacy and com-
in Mason. munity grow for over 60 years.

view The Chronicle online at "It's more accessible. It's closer to home," Butterfield said. Mason resident Maria Pelopida is also a loyal customer and has been coming to Yost
Pharmacy since 1988. Pelopida keeps coming back to Yost because of the "service", the
Mason High School’s award winning website "prices", and the "hometown feel."
According to Yost, the construction project is all that is planned "for right now."
But as Mason continues to grow and change, Yost strives to "keep up."
Yost feels confident that his business will remain in Mason for several years.
"I try to have a positive attitude," Yost said.
Yost feels this attitude is one of the reasons the pharmacy has been successful, attributing
his initiative with his actual success.
"If you're afraid to fail, you probably will," Yost said.

November 4, 2005 TheCHRONICLEArts&Entertainment 7

Drama department to put new spin on classic tale

Mason artists featured at photo provided by Mason Drama Department
Xavier art exhibit
Seniors Annie Straub playing the role of Scout and Justin West as
Three Mason High school students' art- Atticus will bring the classic To Kill a Mockingbird to the stage on
work have been chosen to be displayed November 10, 11, 12 at the Mason High School theatre.
at Xavier University's Annual Regional
High School Exhibition. Students include BY MATT PARTINGTON Atticus Finch's best friend and the town Young said. "We strive, using the script
senior Mindy Carson, taught by Beth Chronicle Staff Writer sheriff. "The changes that were made, as a foundation, not to imitate another
Eline, senior Carrie Hayward, taught by however, make the play a much more performance, but build the characters
Liesa Eichner, and junior Gina Scibetta, There are few novels from the American cohesive whole." from the ground up."
taught by Aaron Roberts. The artwork will canon that are as beloved as Harper Lee's Senior Harry Paul sees the play in a new
be displayed from November 11 through To Kill a Mockingbird. First published in light due to the changes made. The audience will also be more directly
December 2. The opening will occur 1960, the poignant story of Scout and involved with the performance because
from 5-8 pm on November 11th, where Atticus Finch has mesmerized genera- "You have to accept the fact that it's not they serve as the jurors during the court
awards and prizes will be given to the tions of readers and continues to be a sta- the book," Paul said, who is in the play as scene. "When people are on the stand,
artists at the reception. For more infor- ple text in educational curriculum. Mason the antagonistic Bob Ewell. they aren't acting to another cast mem-
mation, call: 513-745-3811 or visit: Drama Club will be presenting a theatri- ber, they're bringing the audience into the
[email protected]. cal adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird Paul said he was drawn to the character story," Trexler said.
for its fall production in the Mason High of Ewell because "he has a lot of powerful
Mason Public Library to School auditorium on November 10, 11, scenes," and although it's not the biggest The cast and crew hope that students
host book talk on Nov. 15 and 12. role in the play, "you can't have the good respond better to Mockingbird since such
without the evil and sometimes it's fun to a large portion of the school has read it,
Mason Public Library will be dis- Mason's rendition is based on the play play the bad." and it is more easily understood than
cussing Debbie Macomber's novel Can by Christopher Sergel, and will differ something along the lines of Shakespeare.
This Be Christmas?. Can This Be slightly from the book. Allen Young, Because of the point of view and back- "Sometimes people in the play don't even
Christmas? is a story of extremely Mason's drama director and the play's drop of To Kill a Mockingbird, the cast understand what's going on," Paul said,
frustrated strangers abandoned in a director, points out that, "the character of and crew have had to take a more realis- alluding to the complexity of some story-
New Hampshire train depot on Miss Maudie serves as the narrator of the tic approach to the production than in the lines in theatrical productions. "It should
Christmas. The group will meet at 7:00 production and has a more expanded role past, but with a romanticized twist. be more enjoyable for the audience
pm on Tuesday, November 15, 2005. than in the novel." because most have read it."
For more details, call 398-2711 or send "The dialogue, the acting style, the cos-
an e-mail to [email protected]. Also, "a good third of the play is com- tumes, and the setting all need to be ide- "It's a play about right and wrong, good
prised of the court scene." Despite these alized versions of a small city in the South and evil, and the people that are brave
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof alterations, Young believes that Sergel's during the great depression," Young said. enough to stand up to what's right, and
featured at the Playhouse adaptation remains more authentic to the "We have tried to present Maycomb as the those who are too cowardly to do so,"
spirit of the novel than others, and confid- place Scout would remember as an adult." Trexler said.
Cincinnati's Playhouse in the Park is ed that "the playwright did a great job of
featuring "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" by distilling the novel into something that is In turn, To Kill a Mockingbird's set has "It's such a powerful piece of writing,
Tennessee Williams, a Pulitzer prize win- both theatrically engaging for the audi- become a substantial endeavor. "The set you just can't help but be moved by it."
ning drama, located at Robert S. Marx ence and faithful to what Harper Lee is massive, with multiple near full-size Young added, "I don't know if there is a
Theatre. "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" is about accomplished in the book." houses that replicate the time period," more universally loved book than To Kill
a wife named Maggie who strives to win Trexler said. a Mockingbird...It will give [students] an
back her alcohol addicted husband and "Since it's such a beloved story, I opportunity to view the work in a new
keep her family whole. The program is thought it would definitely be risky to The play's cast has also had to make a light, and might answer some questions
held on Nov. 5th: 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm, make changes," senior Matt Trexler said, great effort in order to capture the tone they had about the work or raise new
6th: 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm, 8th and 9th: who is playing the role of Heck Tate, and mood of a small southern town facing ones,” Young said.
7:30 pm, 10th and 11th: 8:00 pm, 12th: paradigm societal changes in the 1930s.
5:00 and 9:00 pm, 13th: 12:00 pm and "We spend a great deal of time in rehears-
7:00 pm,15th: 7:30 pm, 16th: 1:00 pm al making each character the actor's own,"
and 7:30, and 17th and 18th: 8:00 pm.
For more information, visit www.cincy- Winning posters
Mason Coalition for Drug and Alcohol Free Youth poster contest winners in the grade 9-12 area are:
Anime Film Fest to be Junior John Overly (1st), Junior Gen Tripp (2nd), and there was a tie between third with Senior
held at Cincinnati Library Lauren Kirch and Sophomore Jack Sauer. 1st place was awarded $200, second place, $100, and
third place, $50.
On November 19, 2005, the Anime
Film Festival and CosPlay Take 2 will be Second Place Gen Tripp, Junior
held at the Cincinnati Library from 1:00-
5:30 for ages 12-18. You can come Third Place Lauren Kirch, Senior
dressed as your favorite anime/manga
character and try to win a prize, or talk to First Place John Overly, Junior
a comic book expert about your favorite
manga. CosPlay events and judging will
be from 1:00-5:00 and the Anime Film
Festival will be from 3:30-5:30. The
Cincinnati Library is located on 800 Vine
Street. For more information, call: 513-

Horror Film Festival to be
held at Symmes Library

The program "Heritage of Horror Film
Festival" will be held for ages 12 & up
from 7:00 - 8:30 pm on November 9, 15,
and 17 at the Symmes Township Library.
The library is located at 11850 Eastern
Enyart. For more information, call: 513-

Anime Film club to meet

The Anime Club will be held on
November 16, at 7:00-8:30 pm. This
event is for ages 13 and up and requires
registration. The Anime Club will take
place at Symmes Township Library locat-
ed at 11850 Eastern Enyart. For more
information, call: 513-369-6001.

- compiled by Sarah Fukatsu

8 TheCHRONICLEA&E November 4, 2005

‘Band’ of MHS students pursue dreams as members of prestigious orchestras

BY SARAH FUKATSU Wang play with the Cincinnati Symphony level high-schooler orchestra of since he was seven years old.
Chronicle Staff Writer Youth Orchestra (CSYO), while junior Cincinnati,'" Sohn said. "I was taught by a former CSO player,
Sarah Min plays with the Southwest
When incoming freshmen make the var- Regional Orchestra (SRO). Sohn has been playing since she was six Allen Martin, for 6-7 years," Wang said.
sity teams, congratulations are in order. years old, and remembers how her pas- Wang has played solos for Community
But when fellow Mason High School stu- CSYO is composed of students from sion of music began. "I knew I wanted to
dents are accepted in the Cincinnati grades 9-12 that represent 30 schools play something, so my parents let me pick Orchestras in Lebanon, Ohio, toured
Symphony Youth Orchestra, your jaw from southwestern Ohio, southeastern an instrument," Sohn said. Chicago in 7th grade, and Australia in
can't help but drop. Indiana, and northern Kentucky. 5th grade. "I don't like to practice, but I
Currently, the students are studying Sohn is the first chair violin in her like to improvise," Wang said.
Sophomore Emily Hayes agrees that Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. CSYO is Orchestra class, and can see the differ-
students who participate in such an activ- directed by Cincinnati Symphony ence in difficulty of orchestra class com- This leads to his decision that the most
ity are in a league of their own. Orchestra (CSO) Assistant Director, Eric pared to CSYO. "I wouldn't say orchestra he'd carry out with violin as being a pro-
Dudley. class is easy, but it's a lot easier than fession would probably be striving toward
"It's pretty impressive," Hayes said. CSYO," Sohn said. a minor in violin.
Junior Andrea Sohn and senior Norman "[Eric Dudley] likes to call us the 'top
Junior Sarah Min, another ambitious Another local orchestra here in
Chronicle photo by Sarah Fukatsu high school musician, plays with another Cincinnati is called Basso, where fresh-
orchestra known as SRO, an orchestra for man Jaslyn Sahota and Tim Scruta prac-
Junior Andrea Sohn applies her talents every Sunday at Cincinnati Conservatory grades 9-12 spanning from Cincinnati to tice and perform.
of Music where CSYO practice is held. around Dayton. SRO feeds into All-State
Orchestra and is connected to the Ohio "I play the double bass. So I'm the first
Music Association Education. and only chair of double bass in Orchestra
class," Scruta said.
"I used to play the violin and the piano,
but I hated the violin and I didn't want to Scruta has been playing since the 4th
play the cello or a band instrument. Plus, grade, and would like to play for CSYO in
the viola sounds really pretty. It's mellow a year or two.
and awesome," Min said.
"I love the double bass because it's dif-
Min played for ten years prior to her ferent, and I plan to play professionally,"
position as first chair viola in Orchestra Scruta said.
class here in Mason.
Freshman Jaslyn Sahota is also a mem-
"For the SRO and CSYO [audition], they ber of Basso and Orchestra class here in
ask for a solo, a scale, then they ask you Mason High School, which she was told as
to site read, and they send you an excerpt a suggestion to take private lessons.
which they ask you to prepare. As usual, "I found out that private lessons work
I was scared, and it was nerve-racking," much more effectively than learning with
Min said. a group," Sahota said.

Min auditioned for SRO last year, and "I want to audition for CSYO next
has decided to audition again this year. year, and then when I reach college, hope-
Recently, she received the information fully my college will have an orchestra I
that she has been accepted into SRO, but can join," Sahota said.
even more exciting, she has been accepted
into the All-State Orchestra. All of these musicians love doing what
they do, and it's not because of hours of
"I don't want to play professionally, practice that brought them where they
because I don't play to be good. I play to are now. It's the passion they have for
express myself, and because I enjoy play- playing for themselves and not for some-
ing," Min said. one else.

Another fellow CSYO musician is sen- "Before I just played because it was
ior Norman Wang who has been playing required of me, but recently, it's become
extremely personal. I love playing the
viola, and I will never stop," Min said.

November 4, 2005 TheCHRONICLEA&E 9

Sam Ben Brown Candice Stephanie
Goldsmith Video Game Philpot Visscher
Music Review Review Book Review Movie Review

Franz Ferdinand leaps World of Warcraft creates Classic novel a favorite Elizabethtown provides
from the underground ultimate world of gaming among students more than just a pretty face
with much anticipated
release It's energy draining, time consuming, As an English student at Mason High I'll admit it. Orlando Bloom makes my
and in many gamer's opinions, the most School, so far there has been no required heart flutter. But lately even I have been
Franz Ferdinand has been one of addictive item to be sold. It's already reading that I have enjoyed more than forced to admit that a handsome guy
the most impressive groups that has captured over ten million people world- Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird. The with a sword does not automatically
come out in the last five years. Even wide. And no, I'm not talking about Lost curriculum of MHS requires all students make a good movie (exhibit A: Kingdom
though the Scottish band is popular, on Tuesday nights. Rather, "it" is the to have read this Pulitzer Prize winning of Heaven, Bloom's most recent movie
like The Killers, they can still be con- newest and fastest growing sector in the novel by the end of sophomore year, a req- that tanked at the box office).
sidered underground. The anticipa- video game industry, the emergent land uisite I fully support.
tion for the second album was height- of MMORPGs or “massively multiplayer Fortunately, Bloom's new film is lack-
ened, due to the popularity of their online role playing game.” If you don't To Kill a Mockingbird takes place in the ing in the medieval weapons department,
first surprise hit "Take Me Out." know what I'm talking about, I'd advise small southern town of Maycomb, so the promise was good that it would be
you to run. Save yourself. It's too late for Alabama in the 1930's, a period of history enjoyed by more the one million or so
Overall, this sophomore effort could those of us who have been sucked in. that was shadowed by the Great Future Mrs. Blooms wandering the
be considered a success in that it Depression, and where segregation was a world. And fortunately for Bloom's
approaches the quality of the first World of Warcraft or WoW can appeal familiarity. In the midst of her father's career, Elizabethtown delivers.
album. It just doesn't surpass it. to just about everyone. To those who use court trial, where a black man is accused
AOL Instant Messenger, which is most of of raping a white woman, Scout Finch The story starts when Drew Baylor
One of the great joys of Franz the Mason community, World of must adjust to all that is changing around (Bloom) makes a major mistake and loses
Ferdinand is the swagger and power Warcraft may just be the most interac- her, and the personal growth she is forced the shoe design company he works for.
of guitarist and lead vocalist Alex tive chat room known to man. There are to make. His suicide plan is thwarted by a phone
Kapranos. He has great energy and at least six different ways you can ask call from his sister informing Drew that
conviction whenever he sings, partic- where the nearest reagent vendor is, and To Kill a Mockingbird revolves around his father, Mitch, has passed away.
ularly on the first single, "Do You there's always a way to talk to someone, two main plotlines, one of which is Atticus
Want To," which, by the way, starts even if they're a virtual continent away. Finch's court trial, where he is the lawyer Drew must then travel to Mitch's
out in mono and expands to stereo to You can digitally scream a series of of the accused rapist, Tom Robinson. The hometown of Elizabethtown, Kentucky to
great effect. words or use any leetspeak language, majority of the reactions from the citizens retrieve the body. On his red-eye flight
which is a cryptic form of spelling replac- of Maycomb are negative, some of which out he meets a perky flight attendant
His spirit goes on through the ing letters with numbers, to what may are even directed toward Scout and her named Claire (Kirsten Dunst) who gives
entire album. The band itself is be the only community on earth that can older brother Jem. Drew driving directions as well as her
quite well constructed musically. interpret such a proclamation. At its phone number (supposedly) just in case
From the anger in "The Fallen" and core, WoW is as multiplayer as games This teaches Scout about human dignity he has any questions. Lonely one night,
"Evil and a Heathen" to the softness like Soul Calibur and Super Smash and makes her realize for the first time Drew calls up Claire. Romance ensues.
of "Fade Together," the band is tight Brothers. You could play it solo, but that Maycomb is not the perfect place she
and sounds as if its members have you'd miss out on huge portions of this once imagined. But all this you could have learned from
been together longer than their three truly massive game including Player ver- the trailer. The fear that this would be
year history. sus Player, where at the most basic level, The second plotline involves the chil- yet another film that showed all the good
your character and someone else's char- dren's growing friendship with the "malev- parts in its preview also ran through my
My only true concern regarding acter try to kill each other. olent phantom" and neighborhood recluse, mind. But, as it turned out, I need not
this album is that, at a first listen, it Boo Radley. Lee's description of Boo, and worry at all. The film is filled with tons of
is hard to differentiate between the In WoW, the characters are divided the actions the children do to "make Boo subplots that enrich the story and (gasp!)
songs. I had to wonder at times into two "factions" including the Alliance come out" are very humorous and well- even cause a few laughs.
which track I was actually listening which includes humans, dwarves, elves, written.
to. Repeated listenings could per- and gnomes (hobbit-like animals), and From Drew's cousin's parenting prob-
haps lead to an understanding of cer- the Horde, which includes orcs, trolls, Lee did an exceptional job writing from lems to his mother's coping with becom-
tain subtleties, but it will not win undead, and tauren (bipedal cows). Both a child's point of view, and the dynamics ing a widow, the movie leaves the audi-
over the casual listener. these character groups share Azeroth, she was able to create between the chil- ence with plenty of entertainment in
the "world" of World of Warcraft, and are dren are outstanding. The mood of the addition to Drew and Claire.
Despite this nagging problem, in a perpetual state of war. Ever felt the book fluctuates from lighthearted and
Franz Ferdinand continues to do urge to go raze a village now and then? humorous to dramatic and emotional There were only major problem with the
what they do well: give the general In WoW, you can simply take some other throughout, and well-written transitions film is that it is slightly drawn out. It
public a taste of indie music. Like raiders and go ahead. Just watch out for are incorporated between each change of takes forever for the audience to find out
The Killer's Brandon Flowers, the level fifty five computer-controlled mood. if Drew and Claire ever get together.
Kapranos has a genuine rock voice guards. There is also a road trip Drew takes at
that demands attention.You Could There are some aspects of the novel, the end of the film that has the only pur-
Have It So Much Better could be bet- Between races, classes, professions however, that are difficult to understand pose of taking up time. But hey, that just
ter, but in fact, it's better than a lot (blacksmithing, alchemy, etc), equip- upon the first reading. There are some means more time to gape at the beauty
of other popular music out there. ment, talents, pets, and more, this game passages where the writing is not clear- being pictured on the screen. And by that
is fully deserving of its "massive" title in cut and straightforward. In order to com- I mean the lovely Kentucky scenery, of
Editor’s Note: MMO, and there's always something new prehend the writing, the reader must look course.
Sam Goldsmith and Ben to work on. Nick Carey, aka outlawfoxx deeper into the passage and analyze char-
Brown are contributing the tauren warrior, says it in a simpler acters and situations. Many of you will disregard this review
writers to The Chronicle. way: "It's basically the best game ever because it is about an Orlando Bloom
created." I would recommend To Kill a film. But I can honestly say that
See you in Azeroth everyone. Mockingbird to anyone who has never Elizabethtown has universal appeal. At
been able to simply read it for enjoyment. least it beats watching Dakota Fanning's
This is a stimulating novel that takes a newest film (and I use the term "film"
comical look on adolescence, influencing loosely).
the reader to recall memories from child-
hood and is filled with life lessons about
dignity, honesty and human behavior.

10 TheCHRONICLEFeature November 4, 2005

I’m number one, I’m number one....Senior proudly perched at the top of the ‘class’

BY DANIELLE WILLIAMS her more because of her infamous plans to attend either, Ohio
Chronicle Staff Writer name, which can be useful as she is University, Miami University, or
involved with Student Government, University of Dayton.
During the crucial years of high Yearbook, MBC, and a member of
school, many students strive to be Mason Youth Organization's softball While Abbas is in high school, she
number one, ultimately finishing at team. will remain number one, and it is
the top of their class and to accept likely she will still be holding the
anything less is not an option. "It is a way for people to know me," number one spot throughout her
Abbas said. future.
These dedicated students devote In school, being first has other perks "It would be interesting if I'm
hours to ensure their work is flawless as well. There are always class lists, number one later," Abbas
and compete to make the rank. lists for assignments, and projects, said.
Students involved in sports practice but with her name at the top of the
hours in order to claim the status of list, she never needs to be searched
most valuable player. for on the roster.

However, while these students are Furthermore, when picture day
deeply focused within their studies rolls around, she can guarantee her
and performance they are oblivious to picture will be flawless. "Being first
one student who has already con- has been good for picture day because
quered the prestigious number one I get my pictures done first," Abbas
spot in all aspects, senior Kaitlin said.
Although she has the number one
Out of 8,843 students in the dis- spot on the top of the district list,
trict, she is alphabetically first on the being first has pushed her to strive
list, making her first on every school to be number one in school as
list in school. People yearn to be well as in other activities. "I
number one while this honor has try to do the best in every-
been handed to her at birth. thing that I do," Abbas said.
"I feel honored and privileged," Abbas
said. Nonetheless, being first at
In fact, Kaitlin is not the only one times can ultimately cause
who shares this honor at being num- stress. "Sometimes I feel
ber one. Abbas is a popular Arabic pressure to set a good exam-
name, spelled the same, but pro- ple considering I'm always
nounced differently. Its meaning is first," Abbas said.
the description of a lion, as the king
of the jungle; it is first in its class. A perfect instance will come
"I'm strong-willed like a lion, I won't spring of 2006, as Abbas will
quit," Abbas said. be first to walk at graduation.
Abbas' two older siblings were once "I'm excited because I'm
number one, but now she has been going to be the first to gradu-
given the title. As she claims the ate. I'll be the first one from
number one spot, the outlook of her our class and I can say I was
future is anything less than average. first to walk," Abbas said.
Nevertheless, as with many things, As her senior year is swiftly
being number one has its advantages passing, her future plans are
and disadvantages. now a priority on her agenda.
Abbas has found people recognize
Abbas wants to major in
Early Childhood Education or
possibly Psychology and


7451 Mason Montgomery Road

(513) 398-6966

Jack Flaherty
Duke Flaherty

November 4, 2005 TheCHRONICLEAds 11

12 TheCHRONICLECenterspread Novembe

paralyzed. After I started screaming, my friend came
around to my window and held my hand, trying to calm watching
Leah walk so
me down," Hanson said.
soon, because we didn't know if she could walk. It was
By Drew Allen However, Hanson would soon see something that
Chronicle Staff Writer would scare him beyond anything he had ever experi- really cool watching her walk down the hallway with all
of our friends there to support her."
"The whiplash and G-forces from the car were so enced before.
immense it snapped off the C7 bone in my neck," sen- Because of his quick "recovery,"
ior Cody Hanson said. "The bone floated around in my "The rescue squad had
spinal cord for a day." arrived, but I did not know they "I looked over and saw Hanson was able to leave the
were there yet. And I looked hospital that Monday. Being
That gruesome injury was suffered by Hanson on over and saw that a white that a white sheet had housebound for over two weeks,
August 19th, four days before Mason students would
pack the hallways at Mason High School. While turn- sheet had been laid over been laid over Leah. I many friends came over, helping
ing onto Kings Mills Road, Hanson's car hit the curb Leah," Hanson said. "I thought the time to pass just a little faster.
and slammed into a pole.
thought she was dead."she was dead." "I was limited to the couch,"
"The shock was so instantaneous; I had no time to In truth, the sheet had been Hanson said. "But lots of people
think. I couldn't even feel the pain in my neck. The
only thing that came to my mind is 'I hope everyone laid over her to protect her Cody Hanson, Senior visited, so that made things bet-
else is okay,'" Hanson said. "The entire time it felt like from the glass shards that ter."
a dream."
would fly from the car when With the accident almost three
Hanson was not the only one in the car, nor was he
the only one injured. the rescue squad attempted to months behind him, life has

"I was riding with four other people. After the crash, cut her out of the car. An identical sheet was placed returned to normal for Hanson.
my friend on the passenger side immediately got out
of the car and just leaned on the car, trying to grasp over Hanson to protect him when the squad cut him "People really didn't treat me weird," said Hanson.
what had happened," Hanson said. "I just looked
around, trying to take into account who was still in the out of the car with a device he described as the Jaws "They mostly just asked me how I was doing, con-
car. No one else was left in the stantly. But life has returned to normal."
car except for [Sophomore of Life.
Leah Bromley]," Hanson said. Despite the pain and suffering he endured from his
However, even though he had been liberated from
With his seatbelt wrapped injury, Hanson believes he still would go back and
so tightly around his legs that the car, the horrible ordeal was not over yet.
they lost circulation, Hanson experience the wreck again, with one thing different.
lost all feeling in his legs and "I was put on a wooden board and lifted into the
was unable to get out of his ambulance. For the next five hours in the emergency "Because of how much of a reality check the crash
seat. After realizing he was room I was stuck on that board," Hanson said. "I didn't was, I would go back again and be in the wreck. I
trapped, Hanson began to think about how I don't remember the last thing I said
lose his sense of calm. get a room until four in the morning."
Later that Saturday, Hanson was forced into making to my mom, so I'm more careful with what I say. I'm
"I freaked out, because I a quick decision that would affect him for a also more careful as a whole, because I now know
couldn't feel my legs and I how fast life can be taken away," Hanson said. "But
thought had good portion of his life.
become the only thing I would change is for Leah to not get
"The surgeon
came in and told hurt."
me I had to decide Even with the accident almost three months in the
past, he still has a daily reminder of that horrible night.
in 10 minutes if I
wanted surgery or "It hurts every time I see Leah with her brace on,"
Hanson said. "It's a constant reminder of what I did
not, because he
had only one open- and what happened that night."

ing," Hanson said.

"That was a huge

decision, because I

had only ten minutes

to make it."

After surgery, Hanson By Sharon Stewart

said the pain was Chronicle Staff Writer


and diffi- On August 19th, Sophomore Leah Bromley distinctly
cult to remembers that it was a dark night and everyone
endure." inside of the car was singing along as the music
was playing. Bromley remembers hearing a
"The red car revving its engine and seeing senior
pain was so Cody Hanson looking over his shoulder
bad that I while driving. Then she recalls junior
couldn't talk, Kaitlyn Crowe screaming for him to
and I was con- watch out. Bromley looked and saw
stantly falling the beams of light from their head-
asleep," lights getting bigger and bigger on
Hanson said. a pole in front of them. The car
"My diet was kept going, but the pole didn't
basically Jello and move. Then she blacked out.
water following
that." "When I woke up it was
Once the pain only Cody and myself in the
wore off, his hospital car," Bromley said. "I was in
experience dramati- shock and didn't feel pain. I
cally improved. felt uncomfortable,
"I was walking by though, so I unbuckled
that Sunday, which was myself and laid down
really fast," Hanson flat across the back seat
said. "But the really with my knees curled
amazing part was

er 4, 2005 TheCHRONICLECenterspread 13

up." shock, Bromley said the fracture in sister's bed into the living room, so I lived in there for
the first week. I blacked out a few times when I started
Junior Brittany Pelfrey had been in the back seat itself didn't even sink in until the next day. going to the bathroom; I hated having to do that. Also,
I wasn't allowed to go in a car for the first two weeks
with Bromley and had not suffered any serious "They fit my back for a brace with this hot iron. It either, so I was stuck at home. The biggest thing was
that I couldn't take a shower by myself," Bromley said.
injuries. Pelfrey was the first person Bromley came in was the worst pain I've ever been through," Bromley
Bromley proudly admits to having more appreciation
contact with. said. for the people around her now.

"Brittany opened up the right hand door and just She was able to find the positive in the hospital and "I'm more willing to say how I feel about everything.
If I want to say that I'm sorry, I would say it today and
held my hand. With my left hand, I reached backwards speak fondly of her five days there. not tomorrow because that's how fast life can be taken
away," she said.
and felt a bone sticking out of my back. All I kept say- "Everyone was just so nice to me, though. In fact,
A new outlook on life lets Bromley account for
ing was, 'This is a dream, this is a dream,' over and when I get my brace off, I'm bringing my nurses flow- what she has been blessed with.

over," Bromley said. ers and cards; they were all amazing," she said. "I don't want anything I have to go to waste. The
crash made our youth group realize how lucky we are
Little did Bromley know, driver Cody Hanson had Constant love and support from friends and family to have each other."

suffered severe whiplash resulting in a broken neck. was shown to Bromley in one of her most trying times. Speaking with peace of mind and a smile on her
face, Bromley said, "The little things you take for grant-
"Cody was screaming to me asking if I was okay, "[Sophomore Lauren Heslop] would stay with me ed really become prominent. I believe the only reason
I'm alive is because of God and His plan for my life."
but for some “With my left hand, I reached and read my magazines while
reason I wasn't she would watch me sleep and Bromley believes those two seconds it took to buck-
le up saved her life.
answering. I backwards and felt a bone stick- all that best friend stuff.
started to feel [Senior Andrew Riley] was "I could have been thrown through the windshield
and killed instantaneously. I view it as a miracle that
the pain all ing out of my back. All I kept say- there almost every day and my I'm alive, and I would do it all over again and the only
over my back parents took shifts of watching thing I would change is that Cody wouldn't get hurt,"
she said.
side and I start- ing was, 'This is a dream, this is a over me," Bromley said.
ed screaming She now places a Bromley understands that God's "got her back" and
to Brittany ask- dream,' over and over," notes how amazing it is to see the wreck shine light on
ing if everyone higher value of gratitude on withheld qualities she didn't know she had.
else was Leah Bromley, Sophomore her family.
"You don't realize how much strength you
"My parent's first reaction need in situations like this until its neces-

alright," she was what any parent's would sary to apply it. I never needed to use
the strength I had until this. I had to
said. be when they hear that their be brave for my friends. I had
to be brave for my family. I
Bromley child's hurt. They were worried had to be brave for
couldn't be consoled until the rest of the passengers and nervous. Now, just being with them makes me feel

came to reassure her of their safety at the emergency good, like sometimes when I'm at school I just want to

room. call my mom and have her come over just so I can

"That was the closure I needed that they were see her," Bromley said.

alright. I had been buckled, but it was the middle seat- Now that she has her brace, Bromley has found an

belt, and that's just how it happened- my body easy way to start conversations with new

snapped in half," Bromley explained. people.

"Doctors gave me the maximum amount of mor- "I have the opportunity to meet new

phine and two other drugs, and I still felt pain," people. Now they have a chance to hear

Bromley said. my story and take away something.

X-rays revealed a broken L3 and L4, which are two Anything," she said.

vertebrae in the lower back. Not even a car crash can hinder

"They gave my parents the option of either having Bromley's consideration for her friends.

me wear a brace for three to six months or having sur- "I never felt any anger towards

gery, and my parents wanted to try what was the more Cody for the crash; I just wanted him

natural way," she said. to be okay. I didn't even think about

Being numb anger until I was out of the hospital

and in and at home," Bromley said.

As glad as Bromley was when

she was discharged from the hos-

pital, her house was a strangely

difficult place to adjust to with

the realization of new


"When I got

home, my par-

ents brought

down my


Photos Contributed

William Mason High School Senior Angela Bizzarri
Home of The Comets looks to claim her sixth
individual state title this
The Chronlcle weekend. See feature
on page 20.

SPORTS Since 1964 the Fort Ancient Valley Conference has been in
Shorts existence. In that time many schools have come and gone.
One school has stood head and shoulders above the rest. In
McCall and Pham finish the fall of 2005 the Mason Comet dynasty established itself as

in top eight at state. the dominant program in this historic league capturing
six league championships.
Sophomore Ashley
McCall McCall and freshman
Pham Emily Pham recently
qualified for the girl’s
state tennis tourna-
ment. The pair is the
first to make such an
appearance for
Mason since the
1999 season. McCall
and Pham upset the
number one seed
from Perrysburg and
finished in the top

Flaherty headed to Xavier

Senior Kelsey Flaherty will sign with

Xavier University November 9.

Flaherty will run

cross country and

track for the

Musketeers next

year. Flaherty was

named second team

Flaherty All Conference.


Mason High School Athletes have Photo art by Matt Vollet
captured seven total individual state
championships and Angela Bizzarri Pictured: Chris Rapp, Faith Juillerat, Chase Conn, Ryan Britenriker,

owns five. See feature page 17. Emily Sweetman, Arun Sathyanathan, and Maggie Chaney

Did you know? Comets dynasty dominates FAVC opponents during fall season

Two weeks ago, junior quarterback, BY BROOKE BARIA both finished undefeated in the FAVC. The boys team hasn't
Matt Koman threw five touchdown pass- Chronicle Sports Editor captured a league title since 1994 while the girls won their
first championship in six years under new coach Paul Reedy.
es in a win over Harrison Dynasty. Over the course of history, the Hanovers,
breaking a record that Windsors, Stuarts ruled over England for centuries. Julius Boys and girls golf swept through the conference tourna-
had stood for 40 Caesar dictated Rome in his reign. And Napoleon took con- ment after they secured the conference championships by
years. Koman’s five trol of France through his conquests that threatened the more than ten strokes.
TD’s broke the world. His empire symbolized his dominance for genera-
record held by tions. With four seniors leading the girls cross country team,
former Mason they were able to claim the FAVC title for the third consecu-
football coach and Dynasty. Over the course of history, Mason has started its tive year.
quarterback Tim own rule over the Fort Ancient Valley Conference. Mason
Lichtenberg has captured the All Sports Trophy seven times in the the Girls volleyball, boys cross country, and girls tennis all
who threw for past ten years and with the success from this fall season, finished second in the conference this season.
four touch- Mason looks to obtain yet another after clenching six of the
nine conference titles during the fall sports season. Winning six of the nine conference titles and for the
downs against Waynesville in 1965. remaining three teams to finish second, Mason has proven
After beating Glen Este, the Comet football team guaran- its dominance in the FAVC.
teed themselves a share of a third consecutive league title.
Like the royal families, Caesar, and Napoleon, Mason's
Boys and girls soccer also captured the league title as they dominance has threatened the rest of the FAVC as the
Mason athletes spread their influence of their athletic

November 4, 2005 TheCHRONICLESports 15

Boys golf claims conference title Boys soccer wins first title since 94'

BY MATT SCRUTA second in the FAVC in stroke average. BY MORRISON TRACY and Daniel Bethel. Senior goalkeeper, RJ
Chronicle Sports Writer Conn finished the season with a 37.90 Chronicle Sports Writer Winkler, posted a city leading eight
stroke average, while Bawa finished with shutouts and led the conference with four
The Comets boys golf team claimed a a 39.2 stroke average. Sophomores Jeff The drought is over. The 2005 boys var- shutouts.
league title led by the talented Chase Stephens (40.20) and Eric Prater (40.40) sity soccer team finally claimed their first
Conn, who was named FAVC Player of also played consistently well this season. FAVC title in over 10 years. Closing the Senior and captain Tom Burnette was
the Year. The Comets finished the season On their way to the league title, the season with a record of 10-3-4 and a con- the vocal leader on the team. "It just feels
atop the FAVC final season standings. Comets won a thrilling FAVC tourna- ference record of 6-0-1, the team clinched so good to finally win the FAVC. I'm so
With a final score of 39, the Comets fin- ment. Four players were tied at 81 at the their first league championship since proud of my teammates and to be the
ished ahead of Loveland (36) to win the end of regulation. Tyler Davis and 1994. team to end the drought is just awesome,"
league title outright for the second consec- Stephens went on to play a six hole play- Burnette said.
utive year. off to guarantee the Comets a league title. A combination of strong defense and
explosive offense kept the Comets in the "We accomplished our number one goal
At the FAVC tournament, the Comets Stephens won the playoff against Davis driver’s seat for nearly the entire season. from the start. We had big wins all sea-
fired a team score of 327 beating Loveland to claim the FAVC title. The Comets con- The Comets outscored opponents 34-12 son. Beating our rival Loveland 2-0 was
by 14 strokes. tinued playing well in the post season huge for us. After the Princeton game, I
making it to districts where Conn shot an That explosive offensive was kick start- felt like we got our reality check being it
"This is the first time in years that we impressive 75, one stroke away from the ed with the help of Long Island, New York was our first loss, but we began to roll
have been listed in the top ten of the city state tournament. transfer, Arun Sathyanathan. after that game and really turned our
for three straight weeks," coach Dick entire year around,” Burnette said.
Sutphin said. "Maybe in the near future Coach Sutphin and Conn earned coach Sathyanathan led the FAVC in total
we will compete for the top spot in the and player of the year honors respective- points and goals, and was tied for fourth The turn around for the Comets con-
city." ly. Prater, and Stephens made first team with five assists. tributed to the success offensively led by
All FAVC and Bawa earned second team Sathyanathan. He was supported by fel-
Individually, junior Chase Conn and honors. Sathyanathan blended his offensive tal- low seniors Zach Parr, Andrew Moore,
freshman Rajan Bawa finished first and ents with an experienced team that Jay Steiner, Mike Federle, Tom
played as unit the entire season. Senior Loughead, and Tyler Chini.
Girls soccer undefeated in the FAVC leadership held Mason together through a
league race that went right down to the The team bowed out of the state tourna-
BY MORRISON TRACY girls worked hard and it showed on the wire. ment with 2-1 defeat at the hands of
Chronicle Sports Writer field with their performance," Reedy said. Lakota West after an impressive 5-0
Tough defensive pressure was present drubbing of Oak Hills.
The 2005 Lady Comets played with the Senior forward Faith Juillerat led the throughout the season from seniors Kyle
swagger they needed in order to capture Comets in all major offensive categories. Wilking, Travis Vornberg, Tim Sparks,
the FAVC title. The girls finished with a Juillerat was second in the conference
record of 12-6-0 and a perfect conference with 38 total points and 15 goals. Ashley Girls golf captures second consecutive league title
record of 7-0-0. Thompson, senior midfielder, led the
FAVC with nine assists. BY MATT SCRUTA quartet with 92 which was good enough
It was a season of firsts as first year Chronicle Sports Writer for eighth place overall.
head coach Paul Reedy was at the helm Excellent defensive play from juniors
for the 2005 campaign. "Winning the Ashley Lintz, Darien Cooper, Noel For the second consecutive year, the "They played well," Reeder said. "They
FAVC was our number one goal from the Amend, and Brittany Bare played a sig- girls golf team claimed the Fort Ancient were the favorites, so there was the pres-
start. When you accomplish your most nificant part in keeping the team in every Valley Conference Championship. sure to perform. They were dominant,
important goal, you have to be satisfied,” game. and left no doubt that they were the best
coach Reedy said. The girls, led by FAVC Coach of the team in the conference."
"Strong defense was really our main Year Fred Reeder, won the FAVC tourna-
With only four seniors, the Comets field- contribution toward winning this year. ment in dominant fashion. During the regular season, the girls
ed a young and feisty team that was very We played tough, physical defense and also played dominantly. Alexis Nelson
competitive right from the start. that's the reason we won a lot of the Their low-score of 345 beat runner-up also finished atop the FAVC in stroke
games we did," Reedy said. Kings by nineteen strokes. Although average with 40.18 strokes per round.
The Comets were tested early in the sea- Kings had the top individual finisher in Nelson, along with Sweetman (41.85),
son by a highly ranked Sycamore team, According to Reedy, it took an entire the tournament, the Comets claimed Baria (45.00), senior Lauren Riley (45.64),
but the Aviators ranking didn’t impress team effort throughout the season to three of the top four spots on their way to and Kelsey Nelson (45.70), swept the top
the Comets as they notched a 1-0 victory. accomplish this lofty goal. Juniors Ali the team title. five averages in the FAVC.
Bagley, Chelsea Baysore, Susan
As the midseason approached, the girls McKinley, Danielle Crotty, and seniors Leading the Comets was freshman The girls boast an impressive resume.
continued to work hard and prove to their Maddy Pittman and Jenny Duffy were Alexis Nelson, who shot an 82 for second To go with Reeder's Coach of the Year
new coach and the entire league that they instrumental on the Comets’ success. place overall. The third and fourth place honors, the Nelson sisters, Sweetman,
were for real. finishers were sophomore Kelsey Nelson Baria, and Riley made first team All-
As a team, the Comets outscored their and senior Emily Sweetman. Senior Conference. Sophomore Tara Buesking
"There really isn't a game that I can look opponents by a mark of 35-17. Junior Brooke Baria rounded out the scoring was second team All-Conference.
back on and say that's the turning point goalkeeper, Ashley Wheaton, ranked sec-
in the season. As we got midway through ond in the conference with a total of seven Girls cross country continues FAVC dominance
the year, we started to show a lot of con- shutouts including three conference
sistency and we really started to come shutouts. BY DREW ALLEN a team title at the district meet. Bizzarri
together and roll off some key wins. The Chronicle Sports Writer claimed her third straight district title,
with Flaherty placing sixth. Freshman
Football team wins third straight league title The last three seasons in the Fort Emily Staresinic was the third Comet to
Ancient Valley Conference has been dom- place in the top ten, with a finish of ninth
BY JOEY D’AMICO thought their ability to finish 7-3 showed inated by one team and one team only. place.
Chronicle Sports Writer the team's character. Having won the last three team titles, the "We'd like to make it to the state meet
Mason girls cross country team has estab- again, as a team, after our first team
The football team managed to earn their "It's a character thing. It's a belief in the lished themselves as the dominant pro- appearance last season," Affatato said. "If
third consecutive shared league title. In program. We trust our kids, and they gram in the league. we make it that far we'd like to improve
2003 the Comets shared the title with trust us," Popovich said. on our third place finish from last year."
Anderson while last year there was a With a team score of 30, Mason achieved
three-way tie with Winton Woods and The week seven game against Glen Este their goal of defeating Loveland at the Rapp going to state
Glen Este. This year, they share it once was looked upon as the game of the sea- conference meet.
again with Glen Este. Though a win over son for the rallying Comets. BY BROOKE BARIA
Winton Woods last Friday night would "We came back to beat [Loveland] in the Chronicle Sports Editor
have given the Comets sole possession of A win over the Trojans turned out to be FAVC meet to become league champions
the Fort Ancient Valley Conference, the a crucial victory because a loss wouldn't for the 3rd year in a row," Head coach A fifth place finish at the regional meet
season was a success. have given Mason even the opportunity to Kelly Affatato said. guaranteed senior Chris Rapp a spot at
claim a share of the league title. Glen the state cross country meet this week-
"It was a good season; I wish it would Este beat Winton Woods 42-14 finishing With five of the seven girls on the team end. At the district meet at Rapp fin-
have ended better but there is nothing to the season 9-1 and fourth in the city rank- placing in the top 10, the Comets ran ished fourth to qualify to the regional
be ashamed of," varsity football head ings. away with the meet. Angela Bizzarri won meet with a time of 16:12.20.
coach Gary Popovich said. first place, along with Emily Staresinic at
Earning a share of the league title for fifth, Stephanie Chaney at seventh, Rapp improved his time to 16:04.00 at
After starting the season 1-2, the the third straight season shows that Kelsey Flaherty claiming eighth and the regional meet held in Troy. Rapp is
Comets strung together a six game win- Popovich has high expectations. Danielle Terreri placing ninth. the first individual in boys cross country
ning streak which put them in position to to qualify for state since Dennis Sherrow
gain a share of the league title. Despite a "I think winning is contagious. I'm real- The team was rounded out with Maggie in 1987.
shaky start to the season, Popovich ly proud of winning league, it shows we and Katie Chaney placing 11th and 12th,
have consistency," Popovich said. "It respectively.
shows our kids understand what it takes
to be champions." This victory was further extended with

16 TheCHRONICLESports November 4, 2005

JV Journal Fantasy Sports gains popularity among students

Girls JV Soccer BY JOEY D'AMICO You may not be a star
concludes season with Chronicle Sports Writer on the playing field, but
the FAVC Title in fantasy football land
You see the students running to the nearest computer on a you can become the
If it wasn't for a September 28th Monday morning. For some, it is time to check their grades on star player.
game in Loveland, you would be Edline, but for fantasy sport players, it is time to check the
looking at an undefeated girls JV results of their fantasy team, or in some cases, teams. about the players, but I do check the internet and other sources
team. The Comets finished the sea- for additional news on players," Timmons said.
son 14-1-1 making this one of the To a fantasy player, Monday morning is when the preparation
most successful seasons for the for next week's game begins. Monday morning is when you cut Though the key to success in fantasy sports is based primarily
girls JV program. A bright future the players on your team that aren't putting up numbers. on one's knowledge of the game and players, prediction and luck
lies ahead for the Lady Comets due are also important factors in the selection of a player.
to the youth of this year's dominant Monday morning is when you make that blockbuster trade for
JV team. LaDainian Tomlinson. Monday morning is what separates a "It's fun to predict which players are going to have breakout
hobby from an addiction. seasons and watch my predictions that my friends thought were
The team included nine freshman wrong turn out to be correct," Timmons said.
and nine sophomores. A strong More than 15 million Americans participate in fantasy sports,
overall team contribution was the and the students here at Mason are no exception to this statis- Some fantasy sports, such as football, require a player to
key for the Comets in 2005. The tic. update their team only once a week, while other sports such as
leadership of sophomores Dori baseball, hockey, and basketball require a player to make roster
Steele, Abby Laymon, and Alyssa Though the 2005-2006 NFL season has brought out new mem- and lineup changes on a daily basis.
Wilking has been the glue that's bers to the game, many remain seasoned veterans to this fast
held the Comets together through- growing hobby. "I usually check my teams every morning before school to see
out the season. how they did, and if necessary, I will make roster and lineup
"Justin Brown started a league about four to five years ago changes," Wilson said.
The consistent play of freshman with some other students and friends, and we have continued to
Hailey Morris and Megan Matula play every year," senior Derek Wilson said. As more people become introduced to fantasy sports everyday,
was a spark in the Mason offense they will have to decide between making them a side hobby or a
throughout this successful season. While fantasy football holds the crown as the most popular and time consuming addiction
Morris' speed and ball handling played fantasy sport, other sports such as baseball and basket-
skills kept her among league lead- ball are climbing up the list. "I think there is a fine line between hobby and addiction,"
ers in goals. With the Varsity pro- Timmons said. "And even though I might dance with it, I do real-
gram graduating four starters from "Besides football, I am part of fantasy baseball, basketball, and ize it is just for fun."
this year’s championship team, NASCAR," Wilson said.
there will be plenty of opportunities
for these young players to step in Each year, the fantasy sports industry makes more than 150
and contribute next season. million dollars in profit off people that pay to play and from play-
ers that purchase special stat packages.
JV boys soccer finish
undefeated in 2005 While most high school students do not pay to play through a
website, some students do participate in friendly leagues that
Not a single tally in the loss col- have a pre-determined fee you must pay in order to join the
umn for the 2005 junior varsity league and play.
boys soccer team was recorded. In
their second to last game the only "One of my fantasy football leagues I am in had a ten dollar
thing close to a loss for the boys buy-in. It's pretty simple, the winner at the end of the year takes
this season, was a 2-2 tie against home the pot," Wilson said.
Fairfield. This season, the Comets
outscored their opponents 59-5 in a While money adds to the competition, some players make the
showcase of pure dominance in the money a second priority to the fun and competitiveness they
FAVC. experience with their friends.

A potent offense and a dominating "I have paid to play but it really wasn't my idea. Usually the
defense was the key to the Comets money becomes secondary to the bragging rights and friendly
strong play in 2005. A perfect 6-0-0 competition," senior Mike Timmons said.
FAVC record gave the Comets out-
right first place of the conference Most fantasy sports players play to win. However, while some
title. players are satisfied with a mediocre team, others won't settle
"We have had success this year for anything short of a league championship, which usually
because we are truly a team. We means discovering ways to obtain the best team possible.
have 18 guys that contribute day in
and day out at practice, and that "I usually watch Sportscenter and have always had knowledge
carries over to the playing field for
games. The talent never drops as MHS grad returns to intern in Mason Athletic Department
we make substitutions,” coach
Adam Schaffer said. BY BROOKE BARIA had invested in me. I was just coming "You are able to be a part of a high level
Chronicle Sports Editor back to a school I graduated from and of competition but at the same time the
Combining the experience of cared about," Silverman said. main focus of athletes at the high school
upperclassmen with incoming fresh- "There are two pictures in Mr. Russell’s Returning to Mason has given Silverman level is the love for playing the game,"
man never seemed to present a office. One was the football field with a insight to his past as well as his future. Silverman said. "High school athletics or
problem for this dominating team. barn as the concession stand and the bus After seeing student-athletes today, activities in general are one of the most
"I have many returning players from garage right behind the school and the Silverman wishes he would have trained important parts of being in high school. It
last year, so the team in general second of Dwire field today. He's trans- harder because of its advantages in com- allows you to gain social and team skills
knew what to expect from me in formed our Athletic Department into petition. By interning at his alma-mater, as well as work towards goals and
terms of style of play and the work what it is today, and that's why I wanted Silverman has gained more than realiza- achievement."
it would take to be successful. The to come back to Mason," 2002 Mason tions about past experiences.
new players that we added fell right High School graduate, Eric Silverman, After the few months Silverman
into place early, and made a good said. Returning to Mason taught him the interned at Mason, he now has an even
team from last year even better." strenuous tasks that athletic department stronger desire to work as an Athletic
Schaffer said. As a well received student-athlete by the must complete for everything to be run Director.
faculty and his peers, Silverman returned smoothly.
The strong offensive play from to what he fondly calls home as an intern "I got a taste of the highs and lows as an
junior Peter Springsteen and sopho- with the Mason Athletic Department this "A high school athletic department does Athletic Director. But at the end of the
more Scott Burnette translated into fall. more than arrange simple schedules. The day I will be able to look in the mirror and
high scoring for the Comets. Both entire job it takes to operate an athletic say I've set these young people up for suc-
players had a conference leading After graduating and going to Florida department is monumental," Silverman cess. To be able to teach high school ath-
nine goals. Junior goalkeeper Bryan Southern College and then on to Ohio said. Although the job of an athletic direc- letes to set goals and the determination to
Fusco and sophomore Patrick Lipka University, Silverman recognized the tor is demanding, Silverman cannot wait succeed makes me want it even more,"
combined for 11 shut outs on the importance of involvement in high school to be involved at the high school level. Silverman said. "Rod Russell watches
season and only gave up five goals and could not let his passion of high athletes develop as they achieve their
the entire season. school sports dwindle. Silverman had the option of working at goals every day and because of that,
the high school, collegiate, or even profes- Mason has the best Athletic Department
Next season looks bright for "I wanted to give back because I was a sional level. There was no question where in the state."
these players as the varsity pro- student-athlete and saw all that Mason his heart was.
gram will be heavily hit by gradua-
tion but if this season is any indica- FAVC All Conference Boys Soccer Girls Soccer Girls Cross Country Eric Prater, Sophomore Girls Tennis
tion the Comet varsity squad could Coach of the Year Coach of the Year Coach of the Year Jeff Stephens, Sophomore Coach of the Year
be chasing another FAVC title in 2nd Team
2006. Jay Reutter Paul Reedy Kelly Affatato Rajan Bawa, Freshman Carol Lehman
Player of the Year Player of the Year Player of the Year
- Compiled by Morrison Tracy Arun Sathyanathan Angela Bizzarri, Senior Girls Golf 1st Team
1st Team Faith Juillerat 1st Team Coach of the Year Emily Pham, Fr., Singles
Tom Burnette, Senior 1st Team Angela Bizzarri, Senior Ashley McCall, So., Singles
Andrew Moore, Senior Ali Bagley, Junior Stephanie Chaney, Fred Reeder Susanne Martie, So., Doubles
Zach Parr, Senior Faith Juillerat, Senior Emily Staresinic, 1st Team Annika Olsson, So., Doubles
Arun Sathyanathan, Senior Ashley Lintz, Junior 2nd Team Brooke Baria, Senior 2nd Team
R. J. Winkler, Senior Ashley Thompson, Senior Katie Chaney, Senior Kelsey Nelson, Junior Amanda Downey, Jr., Singles
2nd Team Ashley Wheaton, Junior Maggie Chaney, Senior Lauren Riley, Senior
Seth Petrey, Senior 2nd Team Kelsey Flaherty, Senior Emily Sweetman, Senior Football
Kyle Wilking, Senior Allison Ott, Junior Danielle Terreri, Alexis Nelson, Freshman As of press time the football all
Maddie Pittman, Senior Kelsey Nelson, Junior conference selections had not
Volleyball Boys Golf 2nd Team been released by the FAVC.
1st Team Boys Cross Country Coach of the Year Tara Buesking, Sophomore
Beth Riestnberg, Senior 1st Team
Molly Rowland, Junior Chris Rapp, Senior Dick Sutphin
2nd Team 2nd Team Player of the Year
Justine Congdon, Sophomore Jacob Huggins, Junior
Jessica Priessman, Senior Mike Kelly, Senior Chase Conn
Alex Larcomb, Senior 1st Team
Chase Conn, Junior

November 4, 2005CROSS COUNTRY TheCHRONICLESports 17


CoAfnHaaAtoMmPyION Also an outstanding student in the classroom
SENIOR Angela Bizzarri, one of Bizzarri, with a 4.4 GPA, has the ability to not only
the most decorated individual athletes ‘out run’ her opponents, she often ‘out thinks’ them
in Mason High School history, heads to with her ability to focus unlike any of her
Columbus this week in her quest for competitors, especially as she takes the early
yet another state championship. lead in every race.


“We lift twice a week dur- With five individual state titles, Bizzarri will
ing cross country season continue her dominance at the collegiate
and because we don’t level. She is being recruited by colleges all
sprint, being stronger over the country such as Michigan, Illinois,
definitely helps with and Duke, but remains undecided.
endurance at the end of
a race.” HEART of a CHAMPION

No GUTS no GLORY Bizzarri is not only successful
because she’s talented. She
Diet plays a significant role in the craves victory and every time she
success of runners, except for tastes it, she craves more.
Bizzarri who has been known to eat
her share of fast food. However, her “It all depends on how much
regiment on race day is a little dif- you want to win. Every race, I
ferent. want to win and I have to go in
expecting to win,” Bizzarri said.
“I eat waffles every Saturday
before my race.” Although her eat- KICKING some BUTT
ing habits don’t affect her perform-
ance, her nerves do. Throughout the season, Bizzarri
has been dominant, crossing the
“If there’s someone that’s fast, finish line on average nearly a
I get nervous because I know I minute and half ahead of her
have to run well.” opponents. At the FAVC meet,
Bizzarri finished 35.40 seconds
The most incredible FEAT ahead of the 2003 state
champion Sarah Leeper
2002: State Champion of Loveland.
2003: Conference Champion
FAVC Athlete of the Year
2004: State Champion KELSEY FLAHERTY, Senior
An outstanding competitor, Flaherty
Conference Champion has already committed to run track
FAVC Athlete of the Year and cross country at Xavier.
2005: Undefeated
Conference Champion KATIE CHANEY, Senior With a per-
FAVC Athlete of the Year sonal record time of 19:20.00 this
season, she is being recruited by
2003: 3200 State Champion many Division I programs, including
Conference Champion Ohio State.
FAVC Athlete of the Year
2004: 3200 State Champion As a second year varsity member,
4x800 Relay State Runner-Up she contributed to the league title
Conference Champion by making Second Team All FAVC.
FAVC Athlete of the Year
2005: 3200 State Champion Just a freshman, Starsenic finished
4x800 Relay Fourth Place Finish fifth overall at the FAVC meet.
Conference Champion
COMPILED BY BROOKE BARIA, Chronicle Sports Editor Like her twin sister, her personal
record time this season is 19:20.00.
Chronicle photo by Josh Geiger Maggie is also considering OSU.

The youngest of the Chaney sisters
made a name for herself when she
finished seventh at the FAVC meet.

18 TheCHRONICLESports November 4, 2005


New coaches gear up for Some coaches won’t admit it but these Comet coaches reveal secrets to their success
opening of winter sports
As the winter sports season Chronicle Staff Writer
approaches, and official practices Over the years, the Comet athletic stature has grown in the Fort Ancient Valley Conference. Whether it is football, wrestling, basketball,
begin, first year varsity coaches, cross country, tennis or soccer, the multitude of league titles and trophies that Mason has earned express overall dominance by the athletic
Craig Murnan and Rob Matula, department. Many things contribute to this success: The long hours of practice, the spirit of competition, and, of course,
look toward a successful season. superstition.
Yes, superstition could be the key to a successful season. "Anything that you can do to get your mind in a state where you feel more
Murnan, returning assistant confident about what you are about to partake in is key," Coach Craig Murnan said. "I don't like to get out of a routine, because I feel like it
coach from last season, has then takes you out of where you need to be focused mentally."
stepped up to fill the varsity The respect for superstition is expressed at all levels of competition. Professional moguls such as Michael Jordan wore lucky shorts, and
wrestling head coach position after the coaches at Mason High School have their own superstitions. Mason coaches share these customs, and reveal secrets to their success.
vacated by departing coach Jerry
Varsity Varsity assistant
The wrestling team returns sen- football coach
iors Joel Cooperstein, Nick Ford, wrestling coach Head Fast Pitch
An Nguyen, Jamie Morton, and Softball coach
state qualifier Brian Porter.
"I wear a certain tie for a certain rea- "On game day, a lot of us teachers eat from the
"We have a mature team return- son, and I keep that reason to myself," same restaurant, as long as we're winning,"
ing with experience," Murnan said. Murnan said. "Once I accomplish that Castner said. "We eat in the conference room, and
"We have kids in all weight classes goal, I'll let everybody know why I wear the same people have to sit in the same spots."
ready to step up to varsity." a certain tie. Until then, I keep the Every Friday morning, Castner works out in prepa-
reason to myself, as personal." ration for the game that night. He also listens to
Murnan is excited by the Frank Sinatra's song, My Way, one of his favorites.
prospect of many talented athletes GREG RICHARDS
competing for varsity spots. "We Varsity boys "[Senior Josh] Geiger does a video for us every
have a lot of individuals and com- Friday," Castner said. "We didn't do a video for the
petition in the room to see who will basketball coach Hilliard-Davidson game and we lost."
get the varsity spot," Murnan said.
Like Murnan, Matula, first year Varsity assistant
varsity girls basketball coach, soccer coach
hopes for a successful season.
Matula also looks to experience "I always gotta stop and get my "If I wear a shirt and we lose," said
and maturity as key to a success- coffee at UDF," Richards said. The Rudowski. "I try not to wear that shirt
ful season. veteran basketball coach also again. If we win, I try to wear the same
believes that if something is not stuff." Rudowski, who has also coached
"We have a lot of returning play- broke, then you don't need to fix it. baseball, had some superstitious rituals
ers and three key seniors that will in that sport as well. "You never step on
step up," Matula said. With a posi- "We play a game and lets say we the foul lines," Rudowski said. "If we
tive outlook prior to the season, win," Richards said. "That game, I were doing well in an inning, then I
the Lady Comets expect to win a am wearing a coat and tie so the wouldn't leave the spot where I was
lot of games. next game, I am wearing a coat standing."
and tie. If we get beat, then I'm
"We'll find out what we're made going with a sweater vest."
of after the Princeton and
Beavercreek games, but we should HIGHLIGHT REEL Chris Rapp Zach Parr Matt Koman
have a successful season," Matula Cross Country Soccer Football
said. Emily Starsenic Senior Junior
Cross Country Senior
Post season wrap up Freshman

This fall, several of Comet sports Freshman Emily Staresenic Senior Chris Rapp finished The Boys Varsity Soccer team Quarterback Matt Koman has
teams had a successful post sea- finished in 5th place recently this season as the fourth clinched the FAVC for the first led the Mason Varsity Football
son. After clinching six of the nine ranked runner in the FAVC. time this season since 1994.
Fort Ancient Valley Conference at the girls Cross Country With a personal best time of Senior Zach Parr helped the team to seven straight wins
championships, the Mason varsity Conference Meet. She was 15:59, Rapp was the only and their third straight Fort
teams were prepared for postsea- named to the All Conference Mason runner to make FAVC Comets clinch their title by Ancient Valley Conference
son play. First Team and helped the All Conference First Team. dishing out seven assists, Title. Koman also broke a 40
cross country team to their which was second most in the year old school record by
Boys golf qualified for Districts third FAVC title in the past four FAVC, and has scored a total throwing five touchdowns
at Weatherwax Golf Course after of eight points o the season. against the Harrison Wildcats.
firing a team score of 315. After years.
making it to districts, Conn fell
short of qualifying for state by one

The girls varisty golf team joined
the boys at Weatherwax after
shooting a school record 319 at
sectionals. The girls missed going
to state after finishing 4th while
the top three teams qualify.

The girls soccer team made it to
the second round of playoffs beat-
ing Loveland 2-1 but ending on a
tough loss to Lakota East 2-1. The
boys soccer team shut out Oak
Hills 5-0 and continued their post
season against Lakota West where
they were narrowly defeated 2-1.

Sophomore Ashley McCall and
freshman Emily Pham qualified for
the girls tennis State tournament
and competed in the doubles divi-
sion finishing in the top eight.

The girls volleyball team finished
their season after defeating
Hamilton, but falling to St. Ursula
in the sectional finals

Chris Rapp and the girls cross
country team qualified for the
State tournament which will be
held November 5th.

- Compiled by Brooke Baria

November 4, 2005 TheCHRONICLESports 19

Graham crackers are key Campus Scene

Gameday Rituals to Kely s success Fall Sport Stars

THE NIGHT BEFORE In this month’s College Watch we are checking
WE HAVE A MEET, I HAVE out two former Mason High School students. Both were stars for the
Comets during their days in high school and are continuing to see
“T O S T A Y U P L A T E . success at the collegiate level.
Danielle Young: Class of 2004


”G R A H A M C R A C K E R S . W H E N Danielle Young has become one of the most prominent

WE GET READY TO RUN, I young players for the Lady Bobcats of Ohio this season.
Mike Kelly, Senior BEFORE WE START." Young, only a sophomore, is one of only four players to

Varsity Cross Country start all 12 games this season as a midfielder. She has

recorded seven shots, including two on goal. Young scored

Kelly, in his senior season, is in the top 15 for total time in the FAVC. her first collegiate goal against Northern Illinois in her

The hard work from Kelly and the other seniors on the team Mason in the freshman year. During her freshman year, she appeared

hunt for an FAVC title. The team ended the season with a solid second Ohio University in 18 games,

place finish at the conference meet. started six games,

Facts and took nine

- Compiled by Morrison Tracy Nickname: Bobcats shots , which was

second most

Conference: MAC (Mid American among Ohio's Young
Conference) freshman.
How I got Started...
Young had an out-

The Chronicle wants to know how you got started playing your sport... Famous Alumni: standing high school career, scoring 13
Roger Ailes (President of FOX News), goals and 31 assists as a four year varsi-
"I started playing when I was 4 because it was Nancy Cartwtight (Voice of Bart Simpson ty player for Mason. She was a two time
and other characters on The Simpson's), all conference selection and helped lead
really the only sport you could play at that age. I Arsenio Hall (Comedian), Matt Lauer (co- the Lady Comets to a district title in 2001.
Host of NBC's Today Show), Mike Shmidt She was also selected to an all academic
would look up to my older cousin who played and I just (Hall of Fame Third Baseman), Dave team for all of her four years. She played
Zastudil (Punter for the Baltimore Ravens), for Cincinnati's prestigious club team
Cincinnati United Premier, and was a
Zach Parr, Senior wanted to be as good as he was one day. He was prob-
three time state runner up.

Varsity Soccer ably my main inspiration in playing.”

Parr is in his senior season and has a total of ten points which is good Jessica McCann: Class of 2004
for top ten in the FAVC. As a junior last season, Parr was a first team All-
FAVC player. Parr currently is tied for second in the conference with six- Jessica McCann, currently a sophomore at Bowling Green
assists and is striving to be on this years All FAVC team as a senior.
State University has proven herself to be a dominant force
- Compiled by Morrison Tracy

What’s Your Take? as a member of The Lady Falcons golf team. As a fresh-

man, McCann finished second on the team with an average

score of 81.55 per eighteen holes.

Currently, McCann is enjoying a good start to her sopho-

more season. At the Youngstown State Invitational, McCann

We surveyed 100 students and asked what fantasy sport tied for second with a two round score of 154. Her success
is your favorite?
carried over to the Ball

Bowling Green State University State Cardinal Classic

Facts where she finished first

Nickname:Falcons on the team and 21st

Conference: MAC (Mid American overall in the tournament McCann
Conference) with a two round score of


McCann, a 2004 graduate of Mason was a three

Famous Alumni : year varsity letter winner. She was named player
Tim Conway (Actor), Nate Thurmond of the year by the Ohio Golf Course Owners
(member of the NBA Hall of Fame), Association for winning two tournaments and fin-
ishing second or third four separate times.
Orel Hershiser (Cy Young Award McCann received first team all league and city
Winner), Dorothy and Lillian Gish honors during her sophomore, junior, and senior
(Actresses), James Baldwin (writer), seasons. During her senior season, McCann
Rob Blake (hockey player for the placed third at the districts tournament. Not only
Colorado Avalanche) Scott Hamilton was McCann a contributor to the golf program,
but also was a four year letter winner in the soft-
(professional figure skater)

ball program.

- compiled by Joey D’Amico and Matt Hunter

Gary’s Barber Shop

Gary Oglesby

314 W. Main Street
Mason, OH 45040

Phone: 398-8801 Hours: MTTF 9-5:30
Saturday 8 - 2:30
Closed Wednesday

20 TheCHRONICLESports November 4, 2005

What coaches say... Proper nutrition and eating habits play a big role in athlete’s success

Coaches and trainers paying closer attention to the eating habits of athletes

"There is a direct BY JOEY D'AMICO amongst athletes and coaches. While some Athletes have to be very disciplined and
correlation between injuries can't be prevented, other injuries careful about what they put into their bod-
performance, nutrition, Chronicle Sports Writer result from fatigue and poor nutrition, ies in order to perform well during compe-
and diet. You can tell how a which an athlete can try to prevent tition. However, this becomes very difficult
kid responds during We don't always think of athletes to be at through proper eating habits. for student athletes whose lives are con-
risk when it comes to their health. stantly busy. The quickest option usually
competition and However, some even believe that couch "Injuries such as stress fractures usually takes precedence over the healthier choice.
how well a kid potatoes live longer than athletes because occur because of nutrition. The athlete
manages their nutrition." athletes are not meeting the nutritional usually isn't drinking enough milk and "We promote easy lifestyles with all of
Craig Murnan demands that are placed on their bodies receiving enough calcium," Varsity girls the fast food restaurants. It's okay to eat
Varsity Wrestling Coach from high levels of activity. track coach Tony Affatato said. "If you're out every once in a while, but it can't
not providing your body with proper food become a big part of your diet. You have to
"We promote easy While the athletes themselves may over- and nutrients, your body will deteriorate be smart about what you are eating and
lifestyles with all of the look the importance of nutrition, most and breakdown, resulting in fatigue and putting into your body," Eversole said.
fast food restaurants. It's coaches make it a point to address their injury." "Eating habits of athletes and people now
team about its importance. will stick with them later on in life."
okay to eat out every In order to prevent fatigue and injury,
once in a while, but it "Not only do we talk to our guys about athletes need to put more nutrients and The coaches and training staff realize
can't become a big part of the importance of nutrition, we give them minerals into their bodies and replenish it teaching the athletes the importance of
your diet. You have to be websites, handouts, and give information more often than the average person. The proper health and nutrition now is setting
smart about what you are to parents at our parent meeting," Varsity seven most essential minerals for athletes them up for a healthy future.
eating and putting into wrestling coach Craig Murnan said. "The include calcium, iron, magnesium, potassi-
parents have to be involved." um, selenium, sodium and zinc. The bene- "What we are trying to teach the athletes
your body. fits from these minerals range from keep- is not only good in the short term, but also
Paul Eversole Though athletes may not believe that ing bones strong to minimizing fatigue. in the long term," Murnan said. "People
Strength and Conditioning good nutrition can affect their physical are creatures of habit, getting into good
performance during competition, the way To make sure their athletes are receiving habits now can carry on in life."
Coach you eat and the food you put into your body the proper nutrients and minerals, coaches
can affect one's performance during a have their own individual way of informing Though educating the athletes on the
game, meet, or match. their team about what they need to be eat- importance of nutrition continues to
ing before competitions. improve, coaches still believe it is being
"There is a direct correlation between overlooked.
performance, nutrition, and diet. You can "We talk about pre-race meals, a lot of
tell how a kid responds during competition pastas, chicken, fruits, vegetables, and "Not every team works out in a weight
and how well a kid manages their nutri- water," Affatato said. room, so some athletes and teams aren't
tion," Murnan said. informed," Affatato said. "In some sports
While some coaches talk to their team nutrition matters more, but in every sport
Strength and conditioning coach Paul about maintaining proper nutrition, other nutrition is important to give the athletes
Eversole also stresses the importance of coaches provide their team with the neces- the best possible performance."
nutrition to all athletes and he, too, can sary food.
notice when athletes are failing to provide While nutrition seems to be focused on
their body with the proper amount of food. "On pre-match day, our parents provide more in the lives of athletes, it can be
the food for the kids," Murnan said. "They healthy habit for everyone.
"You can tell when athletes aren't eat- receive a bottle of water, a banana which
ing," Eversole said. "They lose weight and gives them potassium, a sandwich which "Talk to somebody who is educated on
their performance lacks and they become has protein, and some power bars they can nutrition," Eversole said. "Nutrition isn't
tired, which can lead to injury." eat throughout the day." just for athletes, but for everybody."

Injuries are a big fear and concern

November 4, 2005 TheCHRONICLEAds 21

Aponte’s Pizzeria


After transfering to Mason at the end of his junior year, Arun Sathyanathan has
been a significant member of the Varisty boys soccer team this season. As a first
year Varsity player for the Comets, Sathyanathan led the team to their first Fort
Ancient Valley Conference title since 1994.

Sathyanathan leads the FAVC in all offensive categories. In the conference, he
had nine goals, three assists, and 21 points. Overall he had 13 goals, five assists,
and 31 points.

Because of Sathyanathan’s leadership on the field, the Comets remained unde-
feated in the FAVC at 6-0-1.

Sathyanathan had two hat tricks (three goals) this season in games against
Walnut Hills and Glen Este. His individual success helped the team in an effort to
prepare for post season. He had one assist and one goal against Oak Hills to win
5-0 and advance to the second round of playoffs where the Comets were knocked
off 2-1 by Lakota West. Sathyanathan made a tremendous impact on the Varisty
boys soccer team this fall and because of his accomplishments, The Chronicle
and Aponte's Pizzeria are proud to present Arun Sathyanathan as the November
Athlete of the Month.





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22 TheCHRONICLEViews November 4, 2005


The Chronicle is the official student Maybe distractions can finally come to an end with Nov. 8 vote
newspaper of William Mason High
School. The Chronicle is produced by Mason has been an unlikely battle- out the worst in all involved. school district be glad when this is all over
students enrolled in Journalism I, II, and ground for over a year now. The district The CARE group may be well inten- but so will the people who really
III. has waged a war against CARE (Citizens matter....the kids.
for Accountability and Results in tioned in their call for responsible spending
Editorials reflect the staff’s opinion Education) in their effort to raise funds for and especially in a time where everyone is Mason teachers in all buildings have
but do not neccesarily reflect the opin- this growing district while the state contin- watching their wallet. But many of their done a tremendous job educating students.
ions of the school administration or the ues to cut back on the money they provide. methods should be questioned. That is their charge to execute the mission
Mason City School District. statement of our school district. Teachers
Besides being bombarded with e-mails, Spending and fiscal responsbility is on have been loyal to their school, they have
The Chronicle is published monthly. letters, door-to-door requests, articles, and the agenda of every school district in this worn t-shirts at football games and wrote
Call 398-5025 ext. 33110 for informa- signs the Mason community has also financially strapped state. But at a time post cards but most importantly they have
tion regarding advertising in The endured school board meetings in which when meaningful dialogue could occur at stayed loyal to their students. Despite all
Chronicle. The Chronicle reserves the cruel words were exchanged, and no solu- how to address these matters and its bur- these distractions they have taught the
right to refuse advertising we deem tions made. den on tax payers, all that has happened is students with the same passion and vigor
inappropriate for a high school publica- Mason superintendent Dr. Kevin Bright a string of raucus school board meetings that has made Mason one of the top school
tion. and his entire administrative staff have that spend more time focusing on shouting districts in the state.
spent months defending themselves attacks rather than the positives of a
As an open forum for students, letters against a litany of requests. school district that is considered by many Hopefully the distractions will end soon.
to the editor are welcome, but are sub- the envy of all others in this state. The distractions in our community have
ject to be edited for length, libel, obs- The CARE group has kept school officials literally forced our school officials to focus
centiy, clarity, and poor taste. Letters to busy by making requests for previous The voters of Mason spoke back in May solely upon explaining and cooperating
the editor may be dropped off in room information ranging from a variety of sub- and their message was in favor of their with CARE every day.
C110 and must be signed. jects usually dealing with money or how excellent schools. Now the district is
money was spent. A look inside Mason defending itself once again, all the while The multitude of tasks set before the
The Chronicle is a member of The City School’s Treasurer Dick Gardner's using valuable resources and time to school board has forced them to give up
Columbia Scholastic Press Association, office would reveal the amount of work he defend itself rather than focus on all the time usually spent on trying to research
The National Scholastic Press has to complete, knowing that most of it good that goes on in this gem of a school how to make our schools better to at times
Association, Quill and Scroll will be go unused. district. listening to incredible requests or criti-
International Honorary Society for High cisms about the district.
School Journalists, and the Journalism At Fairfield, district officials are still This battle has divided Mason. A quaint
Association for Ohio Schools. picking up the pieces after CARE leader community nestled between Cincinnati Hopefully after November 8 the district
Arnie Engel and his group waged war in and Dayton where parades still happen and this community can begin a time of
CONTACT INFORMATION their district. Throughout this whole with fire trucks and bands now is home to healing and get back to the business of
process it seems as if this fight has brought hurt feelings and factions. what Mason City School does best, educate
The Chronicle kids.
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Mr. Dale Conner

November 4, 2005 TheCHRONICLEViews 23

“No” vote means yes to Mason schools True love can wait We owe it to ourselves to take
school safety measures seriously
At the Mason football tailgate, I looked over to what I From birth, teenage girls are brought up to go to school,
believed to be a group of Mason moms, and saw them graduate, and start a life with the "man of their dreams." School security has changed drastically in the six
wearing "Issues 29-36: Vote No" stickers. At first I was Usually the dream ends with having a couple of kids in years since the Columbine shootings. Schools are now
angry and confused, assuming it meant they were the suburbs and growing old. These girls consider their equipped with metal detectors, security cameras and in
against the schools. However, under closer inspection, I lives to be complete because they met that spectacular many cases their own police officer. Mason has had its
saw "Defend Mason Schools" written on the bottom of man and got married. own threats since then.
the sticker, easing my concern.
What would have happened if they had followed their The sad fact is that schools are not as safe as they
I was aware that CARE had discovered a loop-hole in dreams before they met their sweetheart in high school or used to be with out these precautions. I am very glad
the law allowing the issues from the May levy to be re- college? One might never know. After marriage and chil- Mason High School takes security seriously, and for the
voted on, however, I was not well versed in these mat- dren, it is almost too late to chase a dream. most part I feel completely safe at school. Where stu-
ters and did not fully understand what was really going dents fail, however, is that they do not take the drills
on. Relationships in high school change every girl, and usu- seriously.
ally, not for the better. It happens all the time. Your best
Upon further research I discovered voting "no" on this friend gets into that "momentous" relationship, swears Take for example the most recent lockdown during
ballot was supporting the schools, because each referen- that she is in love after two weeks of dating him, and which my entire class was told to hide behind the wall
dum was a cutback on the total amount of money the before long you are out of the picture. If for some reason with the classroom door by crouching down and cover-
district would acquire. Also, a cutback of approximately you are still in the picture, Mr. Perfect is talked about for ing our heads.
24.8 million dollars over three years would be made if hours on end, which is probably not the friendship you
the referendums passed. This would obviously make a wanted. There were many snickers among the students, as
huge impact on our school district, and I became nerv- well as many opinions as to why the drill was "ridicu-
ous whenever I think about it. Girls in high school, and maybe even in general, spend lous" and a "waste of time." The most prevalent reason-
too much of their lives worrying about the opposite sex. ing behind these opinions was that the students who
This nervous feeling arises because I am actively No one, including boys, should need to live through any- could fit directly along the wall (the space of which is
involved in the school, and not because I am told to do one else. No one should ever have to make friends or have limited by a book case) would be hidden from view, but
so, but because I enjoy being in clubs. I look forward to a social life because of their boyfriend or girlfriend. What as the class crowded as close to the wall as possible the
going to my meetings after school. I think they give me ever happened to creating your own happiness? Or follow- majority of the students were in clear view of the win-
an out of the classroom experience that is precious. ing through on what is, or used to be, important to you as dow and any attacker passing by.
a person?
Not only do I believe these experiences help me aca- People also commented on how the locked doors pro-
demically, but socially as well. I can't fathom what kind High school is a time to find out who you are and decide vide little protection considering the attackers could
of a negative impact my life would take if any of these where you want to be in the future. Basing plans such as easily break the window and enter the classroom.
programs were cut because the school did not have college or leaving the town in which you grew up on a
enough funding. high school relationship is not only ignorant, but depress- It is quite understandable why students would have
ing to the family and friends that know you best and love these opinions because they are not informed of the rea-
Academically, the extra-curriculars I am involved in you the most. soning behind their instructions. I myself was confused
help me tremendously. They make me a better leader, a how hiding behind a classroom wall would keep me
better writer, and a better public speaker. They teach Teenagers need to come to the realization that they safe.
me to work in well with my peers, and allow me to probably will not end up marrying their high school
express my opinions. sweethearts. If they do, the divorce rate is highest for After talking to a teacher, I now know that all studies
these relationships. According to a report in the Atlanta of school shootings show that the safest plan of action is
Socially, the extra-curriculars I participate in Journal Constitution, "early marriage is a key predictor of to keep students in the classroom. Leaving to find
enhance my high school experience. I have made a large later divorce. Nearly half of people who marry under 18 another hiding spot or evacuating the building puts
variety of friends and gain self-confidence. Clubs also and 40 percent under age 20 end up divorced. It's only 24 people in direct contact with the attackers. Also, keep-
have made me a well-rounded student, and without percent for people who marry after age 25." National ing staff and students contained in the classroom iso-
them I believe my chances of into getting into a good Center for Health Statistics said, "nearly half of mar- lates the shooters, so they are easier to apprehend.
college may be hindered. riages in which the bride is 18 or younger end in separa-
tion or divorce within 10 years." When it comes to student safety, students shoud not
Although administrators will try to make cuts as far have to seek out information on their own. The problem
away from the classroom as possible, a 25 million dollar “Nearly half of marriages in which the of students not taking the lockdown drills seriously has
loss is a lot of money to cut from the budget. I believe bride is 18 or younger end in be prevailent through out all three of my years at
class sizes are excellent where they are right now Mason High School. As soon as this problem was
because teachers are able to focus on a single student if separation or divorce within 10 years." noticed, action should have been taken to better inform
necessary. staff students. The reason this has yet to be done is
The bottom line is that as you grow older, you change, because no one actually believes a school shooting could
If the referendums pass, class sizes may go up which and you are not the same person that you were in high happen at Mason, so both staff and students may think
could hurt student's academic careers. Also the large school. It is unrealistic to settle for the first person that correcting students’ attitudes is a waste of time. But if
variety of classes offered at the high school allow stu- you were attracted to when you are a teenager. there is one thing we have learned from school violence,
dents to get a real world perspective and hands on it is that it can happen anytime, and anywhere.
experiences that will help students in later years. If Sometimes it is more fun to sit around with a group of
classes are dropped because of funding, it will impact friends and laugh, rather than to worry about why he did- “When it comes to student safety,
students' educations and futures. n't call, or who he might be with. There is no use in students shoud not have to seek out
I have faith in the Mason community. I believe many spending your four years of high school on someone who
of us moved here for the schools, therefore we want to could possibly limit your life and the awesome experiences information on their own.”
support the schools and see them at their best, meaning you can have. Besides, after the break-up, who wants to
we must continue funding the programs that make our be bitter and broken-hearted for relationships to come? I'll admit that I've laughed at some of the jokes people
district excellent. make during these drills, but it is something that
The excitement of true love comes when you least expect should make everyone ashamed when they think about
I will be heartbroken if these referendums pass. Our it. The happiest love should come when you are content the real people killed in school shootings. It is disre-
schools need the funding in order to maintain the excel- with yourself and most situations in your life, thus mak- spectful of their memory to make light of school shoot-
lent level that they operate at right now. I will be ing that person only add to your happiness and not create ings. To survivors, the situation is very real.
pained to see programs ripped away from students; pro- it for you. It is important to have a sense of self and self-
grams which allowed us to grow and learn both socially worth, because it allows people to better respect you. By not taking lockdown drills seriously, we are not
and academically. I will be sad not only for myself, but adequately preparing ourselves for the event of a real
for all my classmates who were stolen from, by the When you are in misery about a relationship gone awry, emergency. Students need to be informed about our
elimination of opportunities that made Mason students I challenge you "to live deliberately" as Walt Whitman safety procedures so that they can respect the schools
stand out. once said, and figure out what you want out from the plans of action and, most importantly, feel safe at
world, aside from romance. When you realize where life school.
I ask you as the Mason community to be well can take you, the new you will resurface and be more
informed, know the facts and don't be swayed by aware of what kind of person will best suit you later on.
rumors. On behalf of Mason students, I ask you to vote Figure yourself out first. It is worth the exploration.
"no." Support our school district, and allow the next
generation to experience the opportunities Mason can After all, confidence is very attractive.
offer. Vote "NO" on November 8, and don't let anyone
compromise our futures.

Feedback: Do you plan on voting in the November 8th election?

" Yes, "No, "Yes my mom "No, I "I'm 18 and it's
because being because I encouraged wanted to important and I
didn't me to but I forgot feel the need
a part of a register and register to register!" to help the
democracy, it the issues
is important don't concern because Naomi Kristie community."
to fulfill your me." it's a Calvert
civic duty of right I Senior Travis Brown
voting." Senior
Compiled by Michelle Rotbart
Tom Loughead Erica Centers Sarah Griffiths
Senior Senior Senior

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