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J-School Journal published on June 10, 2017.

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Published by The Chronicle, 2017-06-10 17:55:13

The J-School Journal

J-School Journal published on June 10, 2017.

Produced by The Chronicle Summer J School Students Summer 2017

Young journalists make headlines
at The Chronicle J School




Drama performer enjoys playing challenging roles

By Christian Conner
J School Reporter

Senior Collin Aldrich splits personalities, Mason students perform The Drowsy Chaperone on stage in the Mason High School Theater.
and he likes it.
the audience.” main character has been one of his favorite
Aldrich is a member of the Mason High There were some roles Aldrich matched roles in his acting career.
School Drama Club and performs in many
productions including plays and musicals. up to like in The Drowsy Chaperone. He “My favorite role has definitely been man
Being an actor has required Aldrich to put played the lead also known as the man in the chair for Drowsy Chaperone because
himself into his character’s shoes. Along in the chair, which required many lines. I didn’t even have to act because it was just
with this comes the opportunity and the According to Aldrich his portrayal of this like me,” Aldrich said.
challenge of being serious, comedic, emo-
tional, and dramatic. Sometimes the roles
he plays can put him into some difficult

“The most uncomfortable roles are where
you learn a lot, so I don’t get embarrassed
easily,” Aldrich said. “It was kind of un-
comfortable to try to take on that persona,
but it was really cool in the end when I was
able to, but uncomfortableness leads to
learning and growing.”

Aldrich has been in many productions,
including “The Drowsy Chaperone”, “Ro-
meo and Juliet”, and “Our Town.” It was
his performance in “The Drowsy Chaper-
one” that was probably the most memora-
ble because Aldrich felt like the main char-
acter was a lot like himself.

“I’ve had some small parts like in Our
Town and Romeo and Juliet. They were
really small like ten lines,” Aldrich said. “It
[The Drowsy Chaperone] was so funny and
it was just nice because I was finally a lead
and I got to take that final bow in front of

MHS Dancers have rhythm Aldrich got his first big

By Victoria Bate break in the Mason drama
J School Reporter department

Dance isn’t on the complete dance style. By Arunima Rao
flipside of gymnastics. “I think my favorite is jazz. J School Reporter
Senior Shannon Mccalmont is
on the dance team, and said she There’s so much you can do with Senior Collin Aldrich just had his first ‘big break’ as part of
is familiar with many types of it, you can have a fast, hard-hit- Mason High School’s Drama Club.
dance. ting dance, or you can have a
really beautiful, contemporary Aldrich has been part of twelve shows in his acting career,
“I do ballet, jazz, hip hop and style dance, so it can go either and played a key role in many of them. But in his last play
palm,” Mccalmont said. “Ballet way. And it’s very impressive --The Drowsy Chaperone -- he was cast as lead for the first
we don’t do on the high school to watch,. With jazz, you need time.
dance team, we kind of just do really good flexibility, and the
it as a little warm up. We don’t balance. You need to be in sync “Actually the only official lead role I’ve had is one, and then
really compete in ballet, but we every second, and you have to the only other roles I’ve had are only like feature roles, they’re
compete in jazz, hip hop and have the big muscles to do leaps, usually not the smallest roles but not the biggest.”Aldrich said.
palm.” and so i feel like it’s the most im-
pressive, style you can incorpo- Aldrich said he began as a freshman in a field dominated by
Rhythm is not the only re- rate the most into,” Mccalmont seniors and juniors. He was cast in his first high school play as
quired trait to be a dancer. said. one of the only freshman. This feat was made even greater by
Mccalmont said that gymnastics Aldrich’s late beginning to acting.
are a major part of being on the Jazz is a very open style that
dance team, and she has become you can really incorporate tum- “I started in fifth grade, but as you know a lot of people are
sort of a gymnast herself. bling into. Mccalmont says that like ‘I started when I was three, I started when I was four,’”
gymnastics is also a very import- Aldrich said.“But I really don’t think it affected me too much…
“Especially in hip hop, we do ant part of jazz. it was just kind of natural”
a lot of tricks. We do back hand-
springs, We do a bunch of like, The audience was wowed by the performance Aldrich put on
Head spring, kip ups, We do ae- playing the comedic lead of the ‘Man in the Chair,’ In which he
rials in jazz all the time so there is listening to a record and walking the audience through it.
definitely is,” Mccalmont said.
Aldrich started at a disadvantage in his acting career, but
Along with practicing her quickly made his way to the top; Aldrich does not plan to pur-
gymnastics skills, Mccalmont sue acting as a career.
said her favorite style of dance is
jazz because it is a less strict “It’s more of like a hobby,” Aldrich said.




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Should parents keep an eye on what Mason High School student performers put on the play The
Drowsy Chaperone this spring.
they’re kids are watching?
MHS actor enjoys the
By Anayi H. Joshi view from on stage
J School Reporter
By Avani Jagdale
PG-13. Schools forget that there is a PG in it. J School Reporter

School’s are playing PG-13 movies in class without parental permission, nor For one Mason High School student, performing
guidance. And this has a really big affect on their child’s future. Some have on stage has put a spotlight not only on the stage,
committed suicide, and others have become a really violent person overall. but on new perspectives in life.
When “PG-13 comes to mind,” We think of “13 years of age with paren-
tal guidance.” Schools are forgetting about the parental guidance. Though Senior Collin Aldrich has been in Drama Club since
teachers are adults, some parents don’t really want their child to be watching he was a freshman, and his experiences as an actor --
violent, explicit movies. And I agree. Schools should reinforce the rules about with the skills he has acquired -- have had an impact
parental guidance and permission. on his life off-stage.

Kevin Morrissey, a Senior Mason Ohio Comet Skipper, suggests, “I think “It’s kind of cool because it gives you a different
I definitely say that, I mean, if kids are already old enough, like 13 or 14, I perspective to look at things,” Aldrich said, “It helps
don’t see that as an issue, but it definitely won’t hurt to talk to parents about you understand people in your real life better, be-
it first. Just getting an approval might help because some parents still should cause you’re seeing this person and all their emo-
be involved in that conversation. But if they hit the age, then I don’t see a tions and all their actions, and who they interact
problem.” Morrissey believes that if the child is actually of age, then it won’t with. You realize that person could actually be out
really matter because they are already 13 or 14 and they shouldn’t need pa- there in the world, and it kind of gives you a new
rental guidance. perspective.’’

While I was speaking to Morrissey about this problem, I also asked him Aldrich has been in twelve shows during his
about peer pressure and how this affects teenagers and their social life. acting career. The many roles he played have given
Morrissey said, “I think it could. Because there are always a few kids who will him a new perspective on the different people in the
always pressure about that and parents might not agree to that and the kid world. His acting experiences in drama club have
may feel left out or awkward if they were the only one who wasn’t allowed to also helped him to deal with challenges similar to
watch the movie due to peer pressure.” Morrissey does believe that this could performing on stage in real life.
possibly lead to a serious problem if the teachers don’t start giving out per-
mission slips more regularly for these types of movies and that peer pressure “Before public speeches, I always get nervous or
could increase because of it. a little scared, but it definitely helps because you’ve
had this experience in the past,” Aldrich said. “You’re
On the other hand, Mckayla Peebles, a Senior Student Body Representa- able to use the memorization skills and you’re able to
tive, has a different opinion about this topic. I asked her the same question express your emotions.”
for Morrissey. “I think that since the kids are 13 and if they have parent
permission, it’s ok to watch PG-13 movies at school. Some movies just have The acting skills that are learned through drama
a few bad words or graphic content, so I think that it is ok for them to watch club can be helpful in convincing people to do what
it.” Peebles believes that this isn’t a serious topic to consider if they have you want, or in getting a point across to someone.
parent permission, but they should consider the violence and swearing in the Aldrich says the ability to express himself can be
movies. useful at home.

I also asked her some solutions as a Student Body Government Represen- “At home, I can like act to get what I want. If you
tative to this problem if the parent doesn’t receive a parent permission form. have to like bribe your parents to get you a cookie or
Peebles said, “Maybe in the Student Handbook in the beginning of the year, something -- acting has definitely helped with that,”
everyone is supposed to read, sign it and give it to their parents to sign it too Aldrich said. ‘’It’s taught me how to express myself
and adding a line about PG-13 movies in the classroom could be an import- differently, (and has) made me more outgoing I
ant detail to add to the Handbook.” Peebles says that there are some movies would say.”
and shows that absolutely need the parent permission form such as 13 Rea-
sons Why and Pretty Little Liars, because of the intense visual representa- Aldrich also said that in college he wanted to do
tions and bad language, and some that can forego. something business or government related. The
things he did in drama club could be helpful in a
13 Reasons Why has intense raping and suicide scenes that may be intense field like that he said. He said Skills like being able to
for teenagers. This particular show interprets why Hannah Baker commit- speak in front of a large group, or expressing your-
ted suicide. This particular show has teens having to commit suicide or have self so that people will understand and agree with
suicidal thoughts. your points could be useful.

I feel that the school’s should reinforce the rules about parental permis- “[Acting] definitely helps you on the global stage
sion, if they can’t get the guidance. My school has allowed us to watch Pirates because you have to do all this public speaking and
of the Caribbean in the 2nd grade when the new movie came out. Thankfully, you have to be talking to people and public relating,”
I wasn’t there when they watched it, but I was concerned about my class- said Aldrich. “drama club really helps you see into
mates. Though I love the trilogy now, I am older and more aware of what is your emotions and how to draw in your emotions,
in it. I personally don’t agree when parents allow children under 13 to watch and your tactics and intentions, and how to get what
these movies with them because of the really bad influence it has on them. you want. I know that sounds bad, ‘how to get what
you want,’ but it definitely helps.”
I felt that way with my brother as well. I was very concerned when my
parents let him watch Furious 7 with them, because of the graphic content,
swearing, and really bad making out scenes. I fear that it may persuade him
to do something illegal in the near future like street racing. But, it is my par-
ents decision and I didn’t interfer.

All in all, even though this may not be a huge problem awakening, children
13 or under watching PG-13 movies may lead to depression, violent thoughts
or actions, and possible suicide. And we should all try to omit this problem
for good and save the young children’s lives.




Senior performer not afraid to make mistakes on stage

Mason High School student performers put on the play The Drowsy Chap- By Julia Li Shakespeare play “Romeo and Ju-
erone this spring. J School Reporter liet,” Juliet got a little too modern
for her time.
Break a leg-but don’t make a
mistake! “Another time during Romeo
and Juliet, Juliet had her phone
Mistakes are one of an actor’s on stage,” Aldrich said. “She died,
worst fear; messing up a line, for- and her phone came out of her
getting a prop, these can all cause pocket. I don’t think there was a
confusion in a play. But when reaction. She also hit her head on
you’re supposed to be in a play set this piece of set.”
in the late 1500s and your phone
falls out, things can get confusing. Mistakes will always happen,
Collin Aldrich, a senior at Mason no matter how big or how small.
High School, knows a thing or You could practice for months
two about mistakes in the theatre, and things can still go wrong.
especially in The Drowsy Chaper- In a play, with a whole audience
one. watching you, making mistakes
can be surprising, scary, and
“There was this one guy, he was sometimes even funny, but no
supposed to be wearing a blind- matter the mess-up, good actors
fold, and he was supposed to be can always cover it up, according
roller skating blindfolded. Then, to Aldrich.
he came out without a blindfold,”
Aldrich said. “When the kid didn’t “So sometimes things go wrong
come on with the blindfold, we and it’s weird because you have
were all like, we didn’t know what to try to cover it up and you don’t
to do. I was literally like, ‘Do I do know what’s going to happen.
something?’” There are different events that
you don’t see coming and some-
Mistakes are rare, but this isn’t times it’s really funny,” Collin
the only time that one happened Aldrich said.
during a play. During the famous

Chronicle editor enjoys her Mistakes uncommon on
role on newspaper staff stage, but can be humorous

By Vishva Kelkar “This was my third year (on By Sophia Schulz While Aldrich said this is a
J School Reporter the Chronicle), as a result, J School Reporter rare occasion, this isn’t the only
I’ve gotten to know the people time something like this has
The Chronicle is not only a on the Chronicle staff really Hey, I didn’t know Juliet had a happened. Yet another time,
place to spread the news, but well, and we’ve gotten really phone! something like this has hap-
it’s also a place to build one’s close, because a lot of times pened.
character members of the staff will That is what the entire audi-
come on the Chronicle, and ence was thinking, when Juliet’s “During Romeo and Juliet, Ju-
The Chronicle is the na- they won’t leave until they phone fell out of her pocket liet had her phone onstage, and
tionally recognized school graduate,” Porter said. “And during the Mason High School you know, she died, and then
newspaper written by the so, we do bonding events Drama Club’s performance of her phone fell out of her pocket
high schoolers of the Mason that we call chronding. We Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Ju- and fell onstage.” Aldrich said.
City school district, and it has become really close, so it’s no liet” right as she dropped dead.
written many, many articles longer like you’re just work- Sometimes, mistakes happen. So, while mistakes in theatre
that appeal to a lot of high ing in a class, working with are uncommon, they’re not un-
school students. people, it’s working alongside No mistake is welcome, and heard of. Sometimes, mistakes
your friends, people you know theatre mistakes are no excep- such as these are inevitable. You
Even though the Chronicle really well, and so we all sup- tion, according to Collin Aldrich, can practice millions and mil-
writes about sports stories, all port each other.” the worst thing that happens is lions of times, and sometimes,
the way to stories about pop- someone forgets their line or a mistake will just slip through
ular new fads, many students All in all, it seems as though something to that extent. But the cracks. But, while mistakes
in this school newspaper high school students who are other times, people forget props, are never a good thing, some-
learn more than just journal- in the Chronicle seem to have or maybe bring one thing too times they turn into fond jokes,
ism. changed internally and for many onto the stage. Aldrich, or funny things to remember in
the better if they joined the senior at Mason High School theatre.
Senior Asia Porter even tells Chronicle, and Porter said knows a thing or two about this.
us about how the Chronicle they seem to really be enjoy- “You don’t know what’s going
changed her as a person,“ ing themselves. “There was this one guy, and to happen, and you have to try
Yeah, so obviously, you know he was supposed to be wearing a and cover everything because of
it helps your writing skills, “I think that sometimes blindfold, and he was supposed different events you didn’t really
that’s a given, but I think people think that, the Chron- to be roller skating blindfolded, see coming, but at the same
that, um, I think that a lot of icle is just for if you want to and then he came out without time, they are kind of funny.”
people can vouch for this in be a journalist,” Porter said. the blindfold,” Aldrich said.
the Chronicle, that it makes “I love the Chronicle, but I’m
you more confident…,” Porter not looking to pursue journal- THANK YOU FOR ATTENDING
said. ism as a career, but I would CHRONICLE J SCHOOL
still say that this was a good
Porter also stated, that the experience.”
Chronicle helped her make
new friends, and bond a lot



What’s our J Schoolers favorite show on Netflix

18 13 VOTES
17 8 VOTES






Afternoon Session Award Winners


Mason softball star takes care of business off the field

By Annabelle Oscar barger said. “That was a rough Mason Comet senior softball pitcher Elle Buffenbarger delivers a pitch.
J School Reporter start to the season because I
didn’t know if I was going to fun to watch like battling for 17 “You have to put in the work
You wish you could hit like a play this season, but just the innings is crazy in any sport and every single day, you have to be
girl. support of my teammates was I think that’s definitely getting passionate about it and most
really great, and I got to play more attention.” importantly, you have to love
2017 graduated senior Elle this season which was my best it,” Buffenbarger said.
Buffenbarger said softball is year yet.” Buffenbarger said softball
often considered the girl version requires a lot of commitment.
of baseball. Although it is sim- Some of the challenges of
ilar in some ways, she said it is softball have taken a long time
it’s own sport. to improve. “Boys get more
attention for sure in sports.”
Buffenbarger is the pitcher for Buffenbarger said. “Especially
the Mason Comets,which is the the difference between softball
varsity softball team at Mason and baseball.” The average
High School. She said she start- attendance at an Major League
ed playing softball in the first Baseball game is 30,163 people.
grade and started pitching in For softball however, it is 5,023
the fourth grade. people.

“Schoolwork you really have “I don’t think people do it
to prioritize because if you don’t on purpose, like I don’t think
get your work done, you can’t anyone does it just to highlight
play softball.” Buffenbarger boys.” Buffenbarger said. “It’s
said. “I like being a part of every just that people don’t really
play and having control of the know about softball.”
game. If the ball gets hit, then
I know where it’s going cause I Buffenbarger said she is not
pitched it there.” sure if the divide will ever close
Right before this season, she
said faced some challenges with “I don’t know if it will ever be
the game. equal.” Buffenbarger said. “I
“The week before tryouts I had think like you can watch college
my thyroid removed because world series right now like the
I had thyroid cancer,” Buffen- 17 inning game. I mean that’s so

Buffenbarger has best season in J SCHOOL says
her senior year, wins player of year THANK YOU to

By Aubrey Smith ported me and everything was really MHS Student
J School Reporter great. I not only got to play this season, Interviewee helpers
but I had my best year yet.” And she
Softball is more than just a physical did, she won four GMC’s. Mason High School
Buffenbarger continued her season, Mason High School Student
Elle Buffenbarger, a 17-year-old girl which won four GMC’s in her four years Activities
who has played on the Mason softball of high school. But she didn’t get this
team since first grade (and has been good overnight. “We have categories for Mason High School
pitching since fourth), has overcame success,” Buffenbarger says as she ex- Custodial Staff
many mental obstacles. “Obviously, plains her coach’s methods of training,
there’s times where I’m frustrated in “and if we don’t reach those categories, Mrs. Lorri Fox Allen
myself,” Says Buffenbarger, “but there’s they explain which categories we didn’t
never been a time when I thought about reach and what we can do better next Mr. Brandon Rompies
quitting because I love my team and my time and that we’re a team and need to
coaches are so great to me, and there work together. So, we’re never really J School Participants
was never once when I thought about yelled at, but they encourage us to do
quitting.” better next time.” J School Parents

She continues to say. Buffenbarg- Her coaches work Buffenbarger and Chronicle Staff
er says she loves her teammates and her team really hard, though that’s not
coaches, though at first, it was very hard to say she “loves” her coaches.
for her to be a pitcher. Buffenbarger is
an incredible pitcher, though the weight During Buffenbargers’ interview, the
on her shoulders is extreme. Pressure, topic of why she loves her team came
though, was the least of her concerns. up. “I’d say that’s a part of it… they defi-
nitely push us, so they’re not too nice,
“A week before tryouts, I had thyroid but they push us to be the best we can
cancer.” Buffenbarger said. She said be, and the coaches are definitely a big
it was a very hard thing to deal with, part of why I’ve decided to stay with the
mentally. “That was a rough start to the (softball) program.” she said.
season because I didn’t know if I was
going to be able to play,” Buffenbarger Buffenbarger also says that a big part
said.. of why she loves softball is because of
her team.
Though the season had started out on “I not only got to play this season, but I
the wrong foot so far, there was still a had my best year yet.”
bright side. “But my teammates sup-


Buffenbarger pushes herself to be number one

By Faham Tak is someone ahead of you so you have to Mason Comet senior softball pitcher Elle Buffenbarger ended
J School Reporter work harder to get ahead of them, and her career as one of the best pitcher’s in Mason High School
that’s our mentality for practice.” history. She was All Ohio, 1st Greater Miami Conference,
When you play as number two, but Greater Miami Conference Player of the Year. Buffenbarger
have number one in your heart. Buffenbarger even faced a defeat, will continue playing softball next year at Youngstown State
but she then explained how her team University. Youngstown State University is a Division 1 col-
2017 Graduate Elle Buffenbarger was worked and practiced harder by us- lege in Northern Ohio. They play in the Horizon League.
part of the High School Softball team, ing the two-to-one rhetoric within the
which was known for having a suspect teams playing and remebering defeat,
of success over the years. However, and using it to push themselves harder.
through the line of her time playing
with Softball, she and the team, often “I’d say, my sophomore year, we
had to endure failures with hard times played Lebanon at the finals,” Buffen-
to the path to victory. barger said. “To end the season, we lost,
and I’d say we were all so fired up from
She often has to play as if she is not that loss, we did more just so we could
the best, as is the composition of the go farther, in my junior year we went
team chemistry. Buffenbarger said to state, so I would say my Lebanon
about how she has to place herself as loss would definitely be an impact after
the second best in practice, but then in twelve innings.”
a game, she has to push herself to be the
first. Buffenbarger often had to deal with
defeat and she often had to face it as a
“For everything we have the mentality rhetoric. Even though she says she is
to think gold,” Buffenbarger said. “We not the best, she still goes on.
always want to think we are at the high-
est level we can be, but for practice we “We could have been the number one
practice like a number two, so we can team this year,” Buffenbarger said. “We
play like a number one. So when you obviously didn’t make it as far as we
are practicing like a number two, there wanted to, but, I realy think my team
compares to the top in the state.”

Comet softball pitcher ends career as one of best ever

By Tyler Kim got older but right before a big “For practices we have that going I was getting better and
J School Reporter game there is always like the mentality for everything. We it was more fun when players
nerves like what if I fall on my practice like a number two so started pitching and it’s just my
If the cleat fits, wear it. face, what if I do this wrong, we can play like a number one favorite sport,” Buffenbarger
2017 graduate Elle Buffen- what if I strike out every time,” so when you’re practicing like said.
barger played varsity softball a number 2 there is someone
her senior year at Mason High Buffenbarger has won the ahead of you so you have to Even though Buffenbarger is
School. Buffenbarger said that Greater Miami Conference four work harder to get ahead of one of the best pitchers in the
softball was not always appeal- times and went to state. them. That’s our mentality for state, her first game did not go
ing to her, but she knew she had practice but when we get to a as planned.
skill. “I really think that we had game we play we have to play to
“ I don’t know how I got inter- a very special team the last 4 the best of our abilities and play “I don’t really remember the
ested in it because t-ball is so years. We have won the GMC, like there is no nobody better first time I played but the first
boring but I just loved it when I 4 times. We went to state and than us.” time I pitched they said hey why
was younger and I loved playing I really think that we could’ve don’t you try pitching and I did
in the atmosphere of dirt and been considered the number 1 Buffenbarger got her start at a and I think I threw 3 innings
but I was good at it and I wasn’t team this year but we obvious- young age, but did struggle the and I didn’t throw a single
good at anything else,” Buffen- ly didn’t make it as far as we first time she pitched. strike in any of those innings
barger said. wanted to but I really think that and I threw one strike and that
Buffenbarger said that even my team compares with the top “I had good hand eye coor- was because the girl swung and
though her skills have improved teams in the state.” dination like I wasn’t the best so it was kinda like if I don’t
during the years and it started hitter and i made contact every know this is for me but after the
getting harder. Buffenbarger’s team has time and it was good at that age first time getting the jitters out
“I’ve gotten better at it as I strategies to practice harder like because no one could field the it was a lot better,” Buffenbarg-
acting like they are number two ball and but it was just some- er said.
so they can strive to be number thing I loved to do and as it kept

J School Journal Quiz
Who was the student director of the J School?

Answer: Delaney Turner
Who is the incoming Editor-in-Chief for The Chronicle?

Answer: Asia Porter
Who is the Sports Editor for The Chronicle?

Answer: Eric Miller


Fire drills are annoying but necessary
By Tessa Joseph to say… know what to even push these (drills) away,” Mor- According to the National
J School Reporter think. rissey said.. Fire Protection Association “ …
in 2007-2011, U.S. fire depart-
This is not a drill. We all should be very thankful Shannon McCallmont is also ments responded to an estimat-
Drills are practice procedures of our school to be kind enough a senior at MHS. She said she ed average of 5,690 structure
we do, to be prepared during to take out class time, to teach knows what it is like to be in a fires in educational properties,
emergencies. There are a vari- us about safety protocols, we drill, and noticed that there are annually. These fires caused an
ety of drill our school performs, may need in the future. other sides to drills apart from annual average of 85 civilian
including fire drills, tornado the safety. fire injuries and $92 million in
drills, and even A.L.I.C.E. Drills are helpful to us, they direct property damage.” Those
(stands for alert, lockdown, aren’t a waste of time. “If it’s during classes that schools had drills, with luck,
inform, counter and evacuate) aren’t really my favorites, it only 85 were injured. If ALL
drills. Kevin Morrissey is a senior gives me five minutes to not be of us were to put full potential,
at Mason High School. He has in that class, especially if we focus, and effort that number
Many of us see drills as a gone through many of the our have quiz or something, it give could be decreased. (NFPA)
waste of time, but Mason High school drills, and has deemed us five more minutes to think
School seniors Kevin Morrissey the drills drills are effective, of the answer in our head. I Senior Shannon McCallm-
and Shannon McCallmont be- and necessary. don’t really find them boring, on believes that, “anything is
lieves they can be very import- it’s something, especially if it’s possible, and anything could
ant. McCallmont and Morrissey “To practice them over the really nice outside,” McCalmont happen, I feel like it is good
also belie year, I think It really helps said.. to be prepared, in any time of
remind us of what to do, during situation. Even though there is
ve that without these drills, real fires and other emergency There are many others who a low chance of it being likely to
in a real emergency, many of situations. It is for our benefit, also agree that drills are very happen there still is a possibil-
us wouldn’t know what to do… to help us, if there really is a cri- important to stay focused and ity.”
know where to go… know what sis like this. We really need to know what you are doing at
go through this, to know what least, during a drill.
to do. I don’t think we should

Renovations in schools will have students on the move

By Cora Grim There are many different bit nervous.” some renovations that needed
J School Reporter thoughts, such as the thought Deaton said that she hadn’t to be made, some of which the
that the fourth graders would renovators will probably in-
Students are moving more go to Western Row, bumping been to the middle school for a clude.
than ever, but there’s no need to the second graders into MECC. few years, so it was a bit difficult
pack bags. to remember what it was like “I thought that the middle
The seventh graders would go there. school was always dark and
Mason Middle School is to Mason Intermediate, along not enough windows compared
awaiting some big changes that with half of the eighth graders, “I don’t remember not liking to the high school.” Peebles
will happen during the year of leaving the other half in the anything about it,” Deaton said. said. “Once, I saw a rat there, it
2018-2019, causing a big move high school. “I know it was an older build- freaked me out, I would think
for students. ing so it used to be the old high that it should be redone.”
The other thought is that the school, but I don’t remember
Half of the second graders second graders are all at MECC, ever thinking that it ever need- Just because Peebles thinks
at Western Row are going to the third graders would go to ed to be redone or anything.” that the school should be re-
Mason Early Childhood Center, Mason Intermediate, and half done as her senior self doesn’t
and the third graders are going of the eighth grade would go to Deaton wasn’t the only one mean that her perspective is the
to Mason Intermediate. Western Row, along with all of with a perspective on the topic. same when she thinks back to
the seventh grade, leaving the Mckayla Peebles, a senior at the her seventh or eighth grade self.
Half of the eighth graders are other half of eighth grade to go Mason High School, also has a
going to the high school while to the high school. point-of-view. “No, I wouldn’t (want the
the other half, along with all of school to be renovated), be-
the seventh graders, are going Deaton was also adding a “It won’t affect the high cause at the middle school it
to Western Row. new thought to the mix: her schoolers too much because means that you are at your own
thoughts if she were a seventh when you get to high school you separate building, and that’s
Former Mason student Gina or eighth grader. feel very confident, but it would cool, it would just be the sev-
Deaton is currently a sopho- be scary for middle schoolers enth and eighth graders, so it
more at Xavier and said switch- “Also, where are my classes too,” Peebles said. “Some get would be kind of, you know,
ing schools suddenly would be going to be, are my teachers split up with their friends and, frustrating,” Peebles said.
strange if she were a seventh going to be the same,” Deaton and know you have to go to a “(They can) gain some confi-
grader. said, describing her worries, whole new building, a big build- dence at a bigger school.”
“but also excited because I ing, like the high school. It’s
“I wouldn’t want to go back would get to [peer] into the intimidating, and they get kind
to the Mason Intermediate middle school or going to the of stressed.”
school,” Deaton said. “I’m too high school so I would be a little
cool for there.” Peebles said that there were

Journalistic Terms
What is a LEAD?

The First Paragraph in a News Story



Aldrich wants to continue acting after MHS

Mason students perform musicals and plays By Josie Lorenz love with theatre.
throughout the school year. J School Reporter “You get to take on these different types of

Collin Aldrich loves of how theater has characters and express your self.It is not like
change the way he ‘acts.’ a sport.”

Aldrich has performed in manys shows Despite acting not being a sport, competi-
with Mason High School. His latest play tion and jealousy still stand but Aldrich said
was, “ The Drowsy Chaperone.” Through the motivation from other actors is what
friendship, his courage, and his skills, acting keeps him going.
has impacted him greatly.
“Sometimes it’s a little tense you know
Aldrich has learned the value behind con- there is some jealousy like ‘oh they’re going
necting with people over simply participat- to get a better part than me’, ‘oh they’re so
ing just for the drama component. much better than me’ but at the same time
it’s nice because they’re challenging you to
“It’s a family kind of style,” Aldrich said. do better and try harder and they’re so tal-
You go in there and your best friends are ented’,” Aldrich said.
there and everybody is so funny and outgo-
ing and it’s just so fun. It’s not for the plays Although he plans on continuing his act-
it is more for the people.” ing career into senior year, Aldrich said he
plans on stopping before college.
Starting his senior year in the fall, Aldrich
has been in 12 plays at MHS. The majority “It’s like a hobby not a job,” Aldrich said.
of student actors are juniors and seniors but “I’m mostly involved in other things like stu-
Aldrich acted in the first play of the year as a dent government, spanish honors society, I
freshmen. His love for the arts began when have a job. I just like to spend time with my
was only in fifth grade and he quickly fell in friends and go to Cincinnati and find things
to do there and do stuff outdoors.”

High School dancers enjoy McCalmont loves being
showing school spirit
a part of dance team
By Nina Chatterjee
J School Reporter By Lindsay Knight
J School Reporter
Someday, you’ll get to watch a group who performs in front of thou-
sands and still balances classes. Big performance, big audience, big applause.
Shannon McCalmont a 2017 senior Senior Shannon Mc-
The dance team at Mason High School does compete, and they Calmont dances for Mason High School’s varsity dance
typically make it to State, but that’s not all they do. MHS dancers also team. She often gets the opportunity to dance in front of
perform in front of the high school. the whole school and said the pressure can be stressful. “It’s
definitely nerve racking. Especially when I was a freshman
Shannon Mccalmont is a dancer on the team. She will be a senior or sophomore and I really didn’t know that many people in
this coming fall. the school yet. It was very scary being a tiny little 15 year old
girl standing on the big ‘M’ at Dwire Field. t is really scary.
“We perform at every pep rally in front of all 4000 Mason High It’s definitely gotten better. My junior year I wasn’t even
School students and teachers right on the football field,” McCalmont that scared at all because it was my third time doing it and I
said.. “We usually only have one pep rally, but last year we had a sur- knew a lot of people in front of me so it was okay.”
prise and did 2 pep rallies. We also dance at every boys varsity home McCalmont talks about only having a Varsity dance team
game.” at Mason and not being able to have a junior varsity to train
McCalmont said she personally liked performing better than com- “I think it’s very cool. We are definitely very selective. n
peting. most schools there is a JV and Varsity and since we don’t
have a JV level a lot of girls do get cut because we do only do
“There’s less pressure, and it’s more of just showing your school a team of about 18 girls and so it really has to be the best of
spirit and having a good time,” McCalmont said. the best. I do really think that the best of the best do com-
pete well with the other schools like best of the best. It works
A lot of people would think that with competing four times a sea- out well but it would have been cool to have a team that you
son and performing the schedule of a Mason High School dancer kind of train into to get on varsity.”
would get really busy and balancing homework would be difficult, but McCalmont talks about having a minimal amount of time
in reality, a dancer on the team actually has a fair amount of time to for an off season and how she gets home at four and still
do homework. has time for her homework.
“Yeah, we only have two months of off season. It is a little
“You get home at four, which isn’t that late, so you still have the hard because the year is so long and trying to keep up that
rest of the evening to do homework,” McCalmont said. motivation. Especially because we start in June but we don’t
have our big competition at state until March. But, the off
Not to mention that the dance studio isn’t that far. In fact, the stu- season is a really good time to recuperate and relax.”
dio the dance team practices in is right inside Mason High School. McCalmont gives advice on how to handle performing at a
“We just walk there as soon as the bell rings,” McCalmont said. pep rally and how her passion for dance is the main reason
why she is able to perform at pep rallies.
Journalistic Terms “But, once the music starts you kind of do what you’re
What is a Journalism? supposed to do and you kind of forget about being scared
and it goes by really fast.”
The activity or profession of writing for
newspapers, magazines, news website, or

preparing news to be broadcast.


Spelling Bee competitions can be challenging

By Harshita Ganga that have been in the Scripps “No, I do not think anyone know anything about, she gave
J School Reporter Spelling Bee. Cyndee is one of under the age of 10 should even a strategy. She said,”
them. She is a college professor be in a spelling bee -- it’s too “Sound it out. Um, I don’t
You don’t need to be a bee to in Mason. She has had an expe- stressful and takes a lot out know. Honestly, I don’t know.
spell. rience with spelling bees before of you intellectually.” She is But I need to write things out to
and has some strategies for kids talking about five and six year think about them.”
Ananya Vinay an Ameri- who want to be in scripps. olds that made it up to nation- Another thing she said
can-Indian from California, als. It is stressful for little kids ,”I think I would just study the
stole the honor from an eighth “Kids in the spelling bee study but also very impressive. roots of different languages
grade boy. for a year or more and have pri- cause that helps.”
vate tutors,” Cyndee said, Gina Deaton is a college stu- She also said,
The Scripps National Spelling dent from Mason, she has seen ” I know I usually misspell dou-
Bee held its 90th annual bee in She also shares some experi- Scripps national spelling bee ble letter words, you know but
Washington D.C.. Many expect- ences. “I was in a spelling bee, for the past few years. She just I can’t think of anything right
ed co-champions from Ananya I was in grade five….and I won didn’t watch this year. She said, now.”
Vinay and Rohan Rajeev. They for my grade ….but lost at re- ” I have seen it probably 4 or 5 Gina meant the hardest word
both spelled their words great. gionals on the word Mississippi. times. I watched it a few years she ever spelled. She also gave
You may be wondering how did Ha!” ago but like I said I didn’t watch one hard word that is a sugges-
Ananya win? She also gave some recommen- it this year.” Gina Deaton also tion. Gina said,”“
dations., has a brother in the scripps Any hard words? Sure, I do.
It was the flaw of nervous- ” I practiced with my teacher spelling bee. She said, Um, onomatopoeia a hard
ness. Rohan was given the word every day after school” and sug- “I think he got to district or word, right?”
marram but was really wor- gests this. regionals.” She also had recom-
ried that he spelled it wrong. mendations. She said, That was from two people
Ananya got the word marocain Miss Cyndee also gave some ” just if it’s something they are that live in Mason. They both
and managed to spell the word details. passionate about to study their gave some very interesting in-
right. It was a great experience ” It was when I was ten, I lived words and do their best and just formation that you might want
for kids to watch and to bee in. in Texas, I went to Atlanta Ele- be happy with whatever out- to read. There is also a review
Ha ha! While she was inter- mentary School and my teacher come happens.” from the scripps national spell-
viewed she was asked to spell was Mrs. Burleson, and I prac- She gave that recommendations ing bee. That was quite a bee!!
covfefe from Donald Trump’s ticed with her every day after for littler kids. Gina, if she came
tweet but couldn’t. That was the school. She also doesn’t recom- upon a hard word she didn’t
only word she can’t spell so far! mend going to the spelling bee
at a small age.
There are people from Mason

Drama club gives students
the opportunity to act at MHS

By Nithya Kothnur rushed, jumping from this to that.” The First
J School Reporter Lorri Fox Allen is the Student Activ- Amendment

Balancing school and afterschool activi- ities Director at the high school. She’s Congress shall make
ties can be difficult. responsible for all the clubs and organi- no law respecting an
zations that occur in the building.
The high school’s clubs and afterschool establishment of
programs fill up students schedules, “We have about 80 clubs that fall in religion, or
making them have to stay up late or get my world here at the high school.” Fox
up early to do their homework. Senior Allen said, ” Anybody who’s interested in prohibiting the free
Collin Aldrich puts up with this problem starting a club and all that can come and exercise thereof; or
because he’s involved in multiple activi- see me.” abridging the freedom of
ties such as Drama Club and Comet Sav- speech, or of the press;
ings and Loan, but always feels rushed to Students that schedule multiple of or the right of the people
go every where. these activities on their calendar, can be peaceably to assemble, and
very busy. But some students can gain
“Every day I practice (for drama). It’s many things from participating in these to petition the
normally Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, clubs. Government for a
Thursday, and Friday. I’m involved in redress of grievances.
other things, it’s a little insane, I don’t “Acting definitely helps you with public
know how I survive. So I’m in Student speeches,” said Aldrich. “It’s kind of cool
Government, I’m in our Spanish Honors cause it gives you a different perspective
Society, I have a job, and I’m in Drama to like look at things, and it helps you
Club too.” understand like other people in your real
life better, because you’re like seeing
Aldrich said that the more clubs and this person and all their emotions, and
activities he joins, the less and less he all their actions, and who they interact
participate in each one. with.”

“The more involved you get into clubs, Drama has helped Aldrich be a more
the less you are actually involved,” Al- outgoing person. But every thing come
drich said. “You have to leave early with a price, he stays up late to do his
constantly or come late, or you to miss homework, and rushes to go from class
something altogether. I don’t actually to class.
know when I do my school work, but
somehow it gets done. I’m constantly “Acting teaches you to express your-
self and it allows you to open up without
judgement,” Aldrich said.


Comet football players willing to put in the work

By Andrew Little
J School Reporter

With many players comes a lot The Mason Comets rush onto the field to take on their opponent.
of competition.
you can win,” Blackwell said. Mason’s. Miller said it’s tough a starting position.
The Mason football team has Mason players enjoy playing to get a starting job because “It was really tough,” Miller
nearly 100 players but only 11 there are so many talented play-
can be on the field at once for on such a large team. Senior ers on the team. said. “At the start of my junior
the varsity team. All the players Eric Miller, said that it is awe- year I didn’t start on varsity.
battle it out for a starting var- some playing on a team with “It’s tough, at schools like Ma- It was about having the right
sity position from the start of all his friends and he couldn’t son, the backups could start at mindset and not getting down
training camp in the summer, imagine playing on any other other schools because that’s just on yourself. Believing that if I
to the winter workouts. On such team. the depth that we have,” Miller keep working hard every single
a large team, the players need said. “We have a lot of great day, things will start work-
to work extra hard to start. “It’s awesome, you get to players and everyone makes ev- ing out and they did halfway
Senior football player Chris- hang out with all your best eryone better every single day. through the year. What kind of
tian Hutchinson said earning a friends every day. We all have It’s great competition.” work did you have to do to get
starting spot is very difficult. a lot of fun out there every a starting job. Extra work in
day,” Miller said, “I’m very You have to work very hard the weight room, making sure
“It’s really challenging, happy (with the team I’m on). I to get very hard to start. When you’re always doing more than
there’s a lot of people who couldn’t imagine playing for any asked about what he had to what’s asked of you, doing stuff
want to play,” Hutchinson said. other school or on any other do to earn a starting position. on your own, going up and run-
“There’s only one starter. You team.” Miller said that it takes a lot of ning, and doing a little bit more
gotta compete, work hard every extra work and doing more than of everything.”
day.” It’s very difficult getting a what you’re asked to do to earn
starting position on a team like
The other players that com-
pete with you, push you harder
to be your best. Senior Garrett
Blackwell said the other players
make him work harder.

“They make you work harder
to get that position,” Blackwell

Working hard in the offsea-
son and putting in the work
helps the players be prepared
for the season and ready to
compete for a starting job.
Blackwell said putting in work
to make sure you’re ready for
the season is worth it.

“Just putting in the work to
make sure that you’re ready
when the season comes so that

Football can be time The Chronicle is on Twitter
By Ravi Patel Blackwell said he start-
J School Reporter ed out playing a bunch of Follow Us !
sports when he was young,
Sometimes athletes need but then narrowed down his
a short time-out from the expertise.
“I played baseball and
Senior varsity football basketball and soccer when
players Garrett Blackwell I was really young,” Black-
and Christian Hutchinson well said.
said senior players spend a
lot of time practicing even Hutchinson started
before their first game. adapting to football over
time, even though he did
Hutchinson said that not originally enjoy it.
football is very time con-
suming compared to other “I started playing football
activities, but he had com- not liking it at all,” Hutchin-
mitment, and comes in early son said. “Mand over time
to workout my dad kept on making
me do it at a young age. ,”
“(On a) regular school day Hutchinson said. “Overt ime
people get here at 7:15, and I just started to like it more
we have to get here at 4:15 and (have) started to love it
for workouts,” Hutchinson now.”


Mason dancers not afraid of hard work

By Anika Dhingra

J School Reporter

Hard work can motivate a The Mason dance teams performs their holiday dance routine at a basketball game this past winter.
just the way to help friends and if I’m gonna continue dance are like really good,”Goukler
Hip hop is the beat that moti- to spend your free time so that’s in like college but the goals said.
vates dancer, Alana Goukler. kinda like what I would do,” that I set for myself in middle
Goukler said. school or high school were pre- Goukler likes dance so much
Unexpectedly, Alana started cious,”Goukler said. she said she may be a coach or
dance with her friend and she Alana set goals for herself an assistant coach.
decided to work hard to become that she that she would have Goukler said some of her
a good dancer. Senior, Alana a great senior year with dance family members did dance “That could be fun,”Goukler
Goukler, started dance with her and she also set good goals for when they were young so that said. “I know it’s a lot of work
friend and said she was sur- herself in middle school and inspired her to join dance. but maybe, I’d be like an assis-
prised she actually liked it. high school. tant coach perhaps for a while.”
“My mom did it in middle
“My friend made me go to “I just want to have a good school and my grandma did it, I
dance class when I was five and senior year, and I don’t know don’t even know but my cousins
I ended up liking it,”Goukler
said. n fifth grade I saw this
performance where there were
high schoolers, Alana said. “It
was really good.”

Alana said dance is every-
thing to her and it’s also time
she can spend with her friends.

“It’s just everything, that’s

Drama program Longmire has a voice with
gave Aldrich a start Mason Inclusion Club

By Annika Shetty way because I was the By Elinia Bishoyi with the school, sometimes to
J School Reporter only freshman in the cast,” J School Reporter help diverse groups,” said Long-
Aldrich said. “But, there mire.
Senior Collin Aldrich is was also a lot of pressure Everyone has a voice, they just
breaking boundaries in the on me because you feel like need to raise a microphone to it. Longmire wanted to pursue this
Mason High School Drama you have to prove yourself variety of job in the future.
Club. and kind of competing with Aniya Longmire, Board Member
these other super-talented of Mason Inclusion Club at Mason “In my life, this is not the exact
In many clubs at MHS, people.” High School, is kept busy with career I want to go down, but I
seniors and juniors take her job of keeping the community definitely want to have a group
charge in the activities. Aldrich said that he faced comfy and content. Mason Inclu- as I am an adult to help people
When it comes to drama many challenges while be- sion Club is not the ordinary ev- who may be feeling down or have
club, a majority of the cast is ing part of the musical, but eryday club, but an organization different issues, and I to just want
usually made up of seniors it was ultimately a reward- that helps students with different to help them,” said Longmire
and juniors, and freshmen ing experience for him. backgrounds have a voice and get
are few and far between. included. Every future starts with inspi-
The drama club puts on “We have so much fun,
three shows a year, a play in and people are just ran- “You definitely need commu- Aniya Longmire is involved with the Ma-
the fall, a play in the winter, domly singing songs, which nication skills, you need leader- son Inclusion Cllub. She will be a senior
and a musical in the spring. they’re so good at singing, ship skills, because in MIC it’s next fall.
and I’m like, ‘What the all about representing others,
Senior Collin Aldrich, an heck,’ I wish I was good, representing groups, so you have ration and Longmire’s job is no
active participant in drama and I’m not,” Aldrich said. discussions, you stand up in front exception. Longmire started with
club beginning his fresh- “It’s fun just being around of a room, and you guide the the club Mason African American
man year, was chosen to people who have the same discussion,” said Longmire when School for Change, or MAASC for,
be a part of the cast of the interests as you and who are asked about the skills required for short, before the club changed
musical ‘Lend me a Tenor,” passionate about it as well.” her job. their name from MAASC to Ma-
which seldom happens to son Inclusion Club/MIC. This
freshmen. Drama club provides an All jobs come with all sorts of name change helped Longmire
outlet for Aldrich to express skills. In Longmire’s case, com- find her goal.
“Lend Me A Tenor” himself. Aldrich said he was munication and leadership is a
was our winter show, and able to find his true charac- critical piece to her job. From “We felt like everyone needed
there were only eight peo- ter on the stage. the beginning to now, Longmire a voice for all groups all back-
ple on the cast,” Aldrich believes that she has improved on grounds,” Longmire said. “We felt
said. “Three seniors, three “It teaches you to express her skills that are required for her like if we changed the name then
juniors, one sophomore, yourself and about open up job. it would give everyone a voice so
and one freshman, and I without judgment,” Aldrich it definitely impacted how people
was the one freshman.” said. “I would say that “MIC has given me so many op- viewed groups and the diversity
definitely plays a part in me portunities because I get to work and how we help each other.”
Aldrich said that being being out going because you
the youngest in the cast can meet these different people Check out to see
have pros and cons. and to express and find out The Chronicle online
who you are and be proud
“It was kind of like a of it.”
boost of confidence in a


Students get involved Males and females compete for
in clubs at MHS roles in performances at MHS

By Kayla Stepp er really had a team to work By Isabella Lisa female students, and professional-
J School Reporter with.” J School Reporter ly, women are poorly represented
with a 2:1 male-to-female ratio.
Senior Alana Goukler a Another way in which as- Theater guys get the spotlight,
hip hop dancer, started to pects of community student while theater girls claw their way Relatively 38% of actors em-
dance, and senior Aniya showcase is through Long- to get on stage. ployed by theaters were women
Longmire started Mason mire’s club. from 2010-2011. Researcher
Inclusion club. In many cases fewer guys are Elizabeth Freestone’s article from
She is in charge of Mason interested in theater than the The Guardian shows us a possible
Senior and dance team Inclusion Club (MIC), which number of girls, and there are reason why.
member Alana Goukler said promotes diversity among more male parts in the shows. As
that she enjoys the team students. a result, it’s far more competitive “The root of the problem lies
chemistry and how that im- for girls to get a part, whether it be with Shakespeare,” Freestone said.
pacts their rehearsals. Longmire said that she for a career or high school drama “Shakespeare of course wrote for
wanted to create a club were club, a fact which is becoming all-male companies but his leg-
“My favorite memory anyone and everyone could more and more evident among acy has lived on and analysis of
about dance is when you have a voice. high school students. his plays show that only 16% of
go into practice, everyone the 981 characters he wrote were
is so ready dance and work “Anyone and everyone Mason High School drama club female.”
together,” Goukler said. could come to this club and is starting to see that gender plays
feel united and have a voice a big part in who gets roles in the Despite the fact that it’s so difficult
Goukler said the best part for what they feel strong cast. Senior Collin Aldrich, who for girls to get good parts, female
about dance is working with about,” Longmire said. has been in drama club since his members of the high school drama
a team, because she never freshman year, said he has always club are not dissuaded from par-
had the opportunity in the Longmire said she wanted had some type of role, due to the ticipating. Upwards of 50 girls try
past. things to be better for Ma- lack of guys in drama. out for every show the high school
son, so she created her club. puts on. The fact still remains,
“My favorite part about “There usually aren’t a bunch however, that the number of quali-
dance is being with all the “I felt like it would be of guys who do drama club, so it’s ty roles for women is lacking.
girls and working with a creative to create a place for usually much easier for guys to get
team,” Goukler said. “When students to come and just a role,” Aldrich said. “It’s more cutthroat for the
I danced with a studio, nev- let their hearts out,” Long- girls,” Aldrich said. “Because there
mire said. “I wanted things While in school, the number of are always so many girls and so
to be better for Mason.” male students who are in theater few girl parts.”
are greatly outnumbered by the
Aldrich takes on different
personalities on stage Student activity director must
perform a balancing act
By Gina Stenger easily thanks to being able
J School Reporter to express himself more. By Tania Riveros process” you also have to have
Aldrich used to be nervous J School Reporter patience with the process of mak-
Actors develop different about acting, but now it ing a club “there’s a two page
personalities on stage, and comes more easily. He has Juggling, balancing and keeping application form that the student
sometimes these personali- been acting for about six a cool head interested will put down their
ties have an encore. years now and has started generic information we need they
ever since fifth grade. Meet the conductor of the give a description of the club, why
Senior Collin Aldrich is clubs... Mrs.Fox Allen they the club should start, what
in Mason High School’s “It gives you a differ- the club is going the need,as far
Drama Club, and he said ent perspective to look at Mrs.Fox Allen is the student as a meeting space, will there be a
it has had a lasting impact things,” said Aldrich. activities director for mason high fee,what will it be used for what’s
on his personality. Aldrich school and has to juggle schedules the budget of that club going to
was a freshman when he Passion comes from dif- balance her time and stay patient. be. Associated with that applica-
first joined drama club, ferent places. Aldrich said she organizes all the clubs of tion form is a survey of student
and since then his life has his passion for the theater mason high school that you have interest, where they have to get
changed. came from his experiences joined. signatures of potential members
with people. of that club so we know people
“It sort of makes you Patience is a very important trait actually want that club after the
express yourself and you “So the passion is the peo- to have “with students and staff,” application is turned into me we
can open up more without ple there, the people I see said Fox Allen “because I live in discuss it and if it gets approved it
judgement,” Aldrich said. everyday.” Aldrich said. “I my world every day so when i may gos to mr.Hyatt our principal for
“It helps with public speech- hope to carry that passion to be dealing advisors that’s trying review we call the arts and activity
es.” the future, get to work with to figure out his or her budget so council and if they approve it as
other people, be different I have to be patient to remem- well as Dr. Krist-Kline it’s a club”
Due to going to drama characters and be in differ- ber that they don’t deal with this
club, he has learned how ent places.” every day refreshing their memo-
to do public speaking more ry and helping them through the



Collin Aldrich belives theater shaped personality

By Grace Bagadiong portion of a song,” Aldrich said. He is able to express himself Collin Aldrich enjoys the theater.
J School Reporter “If they like you, we have call- better at school but he does act
backs which are reading a scene even at home to get what he sionate about drama club but I
Being under a spotlight gives with a specific person to see you wants. don’t actually want to go into it
you the opportunity to express interact with each other.” as a profession, so it’s really my
yourself in many different ways. “It has to be the relation- goal to make the most out of it
Aldrich described how it ships you make, just going after and enjoy it now,” Aldrich said.
Senior Collin Aldrich joined shaped his personality: “It school, always having so much
drama club when he was a fifth teaches you to express yourself fun,” Aldrich d, “Being around
grader. He began acting when and open up without judge- people that have the same inter-
one of his friends who was in ment. I would say I’m out-go- ests as you.”
a play at Children’s Theatre of ing now and that has played a
Mason (CTM), pushed him to big part.” “(It) makes it easier in my
audition where he had to say own life to express myself,”
one line. Aldrich said that public Aldrich said.
speaking helps him in the real
“It was the best experience of world. “Definitely the people I get to
my life,” Aldrich said. see everyday, and I hope to car-
“Yes, it definitely helps you a ry that passion into the future,”
Aldrich also said that he lot in public speeches,” Aldrich Aldrich said. “I think it’s so fun
normally does comic relief roles said, “I still get nervous before to take on these new characters
and the club would do either but since I have done this be- and to express myself.”
solo or group auditions to find fore and have experienced it.
the best people who will act in It’s very helpful.” Aldrich’s story is able to teach
the next play. some people to express them-
Aldrich is a busy person but selves and it can help them do
“You say the monologue and he also said it affects the bal- better in social.
for the musicals, you sing a ance between school and home.
“It’s weird because I am pas-

Viral video creation helps MHS

student get prom date

By Krithika Sambamurthy Did you
J School Reporter know?

500 likes. All through social media. All for a Joey Wood created a video that went viral and helped him The
promposal. ask his girlfriend to prom this past spring. Mason
Senior, Joey Wood, posted a video of asking does something interesting, and takes time out athletic
his girlfriend to prom and it went semi-viral and to edit. Wood also said that his hobby of making teams
got about 500 likes on Twitter. videos doesn’t take much time and that it isn’t participate
that bad when having to balance school and so- in the
Wood makes his own videos and posts them cial life with his posts and videos. Greater
online. He also does digital art and posts con- Miami
stantly. Social media is Wood’s way of being “For me, what I do is I make it as casual as
recognised for his talent. He uses it as his outlet possible,” Wood said. “I don’t dedicate a day to Conference
to get his work out there. filming. I’ll film for the entire day, and then it’ll
take me about a few hours to edit it all.” [GMC]
Senior, Joey Wood, posted a video of asking
his girlfriend to prom and it went semi-viral and Most of Wood’s work is digital, but he has
got about 500 likes on Twitter. started to do more hand drawn stuff. He has
been able to explore new art forms and form
“I get a lot of inspiration from social media,” more of an open mind and appreciation for all of
Wood said. “You can see something that they do it.
and take your own kind of twist on it and make it
your own.” “It started out digital for me and then, over
that period of time, I’ve been doing a lot more
Wood gets his inspiration from others online. hand drawn stuff, but it started out digital and
He takes inspiration from YouTubers and Twit- then it just kind of went on from there.”
ter users by taking what they did and making it
his own. He posts a lot on Instagram and Twit-
ter, and sends it out for others to see. Many peo-
ple view his videos and appreciate what he does.

“It’s really nice to be recognised for what you
do.” Wood said. “It’s like a drive to do more.”

Wood got a silver key from a Scholastics com-
petition for graphic art that he produced. He said
that it was really great to be recognised. He also
takes a lot of inspiration from others. He has
learned to appreciate other artists through what
he does, and has become more understanding in
general of all art forms.

“I’ve become a lot more appreciative of film or
photographers.” Wood said. “Mostly, students
here at Mason who are included in the art field, I
appreciate what they do a lot more.”

Wood makes videos, but he doesn’t make them
on a schedule. He makes a video whenever he


Student clubs can lead to memorable experiences

By Laurel Wang process. proved, it goes on to Mr. Hyatt, everything and anything. Right
J School Reporter “Well, there’s a 2 page ap- our principal, for review,” Allen now, clubs focusing on commu-
said.” If he approves it, we call nity service are popular. Special
The extracurricular activity plication form that the student the arts and activity council and interest associations, such as
scene at Mason HIgh School interested will put down their if they approve it, as well as Dr. ones on video games, are always
features 3,800 students, 80 generic information we need,” Kist-Kline, it’s a club!” in demand; however, the club’s
clubs, and one woman. Allen said. “They give a descrip- premise doesn’t affect what
tion of the club, why they think Even though the process may Allen thinks about them.
Lorri Fox Allen, the Mason the club should start, what’s seem tedious, already over 80
High School Student Activity budget of that club going to be. associations have already been “They’re all memorable, to
Director, heads up the clubs Associated with that applica- formed. some extent,” Allen said. “Stu-
and activities organized by the tion form is a survey of student dents are memorable.”
students. interest, where they have to get “We pretty much provide
signatures of potential members something for everybody. We But Allen isn’t the only one
“Each individual oversees of that club, and so we know have probably 80 clubs and that creates memories through
their own club,” Allen said. “We people actually want that club.” organizations here. We also these clubs.
just make sure they are follow- encourage if there is something
ing the state of Ohio and educa- Following the paperwork, the that appeals to a student out “It’s where you find your
tion laws.” proposal goes on to the admin- there that they create their own best friends and your lifelong
istration for approval. and go through the application friends, people you’re gonna
Besides leading the organiza- process.” hang out with for the rest of
tions, Allen also guides students “After the application is your life. Makes a big place
through the club application turned in to me. If it gets ap- There really are clubs on seem small.”

Drama performance Inclusion club continues
to grow at MHS
can help outside of
By Paige Poloha
theater J School Reporter

By Neha Gunda Aniya Longmire is a board member for the Mason Inclusion
J School Reporter Club. She believes this club helps build unity at the high school.

Lessons learned on stage stay with actors even after the final “We are bringing unity to the school by providing a place to talk
bow. about a variety of issues,” Longmire said.

Many after-school activities have lasting impacts on the Longmire said the club has helped bring together many differ-
participants. One example is drama club. Drama club has ent groups of people.
taught its actors many skills, including public speaking and
how to show who they are.”Participants in drama club may “It really doesn’t matter what color you are,” Longmire said.
not pursue a career in theater, but the skills they learn help in “The club brings together people of all colors and backgrounds to
every career and daily life. talk about issues that are important to them.”

Senior Colin Aldrich participates in many clubs and activ- Students at Mason High School learn about the club through the
ities. The Mason High School drama club is one of them. He activity fair held at the beginning of the school year.
said theater has made a mark on his life, and it helps him in
everyday activities. “In the beginning of the school year we have a activity fair, so
basically everyone from Mason can look at the clubs that they’re
“It definitely helps you with public speeches, and people interested in, Longmire said.
have said, ‘Oh, you act this is going to be nothing for you,’
but definitely before public speeches I get nervous or scared,” According to Longmire the club hopes to use social media this
Aldrich said. “But it definitely helps because you’ve had this year to grab even more student’s attention.
experience in the past, and to kind of use the memorization
skills, and you’re able to express your emotions.” “Next year we want to use our social media to grab all audiences
throughout the high school,” Longmire said. “We want to attract
Public speaking happens very often, whether in class or more people to our club from all different types of backgrounds.
outside of school. But drama has also taught Aldrich about
personality too. The Chronicle
is a student produced newspaper that
“It teaches you to express yourself and about (how to) open is distributed monthy at Mason High
up without judgement,” Aldrich said. “I would say that’s why
I’m outgoing now.” School. Every student and faculty
member at Mason High School gets a
Being in drama club has had a social impact on many peo-
ple, including Aldrich. One important part of being in drama newspaper at no charge.
club is the experience and relationships. The Chronicle is able to pay for all
production costs for the newspaper
“It’s the relationships I get to make, and it’s fun just going through advertising dollars earned
after school, cause everyone’s so relaxed,” Aldrich said. “e just
have so much fun, cause people are just randomly singing by the student business
songs and their so good at singing. It’s fun just being around management team.
people that have the same interests as you and are passionate
about it.”
Aldrich said the art of acting has transformed many people in
many ways.

“It’s so fun to work with other people and, take on these
new characters, environments, and worlds, and expressing
yourselves differently,” Aldrich said.


Football players have different reasons for playing

By Praveen Babu “What motivates me is that I just really The Mason Comets in action during the 2016
J School Reporter playing the game.I really loving being out season.
there with my teammates, we have great
Senior football players Garrett Blackwell, friendships,” Miller said. “When we go out
Eric Miller and Christian Hutchinson have there because we love to play the game of
been playing football from a young age. football. It is a brotherhood.We play for
the guy for the guy next to us and the guy
One really wanted to play, one played be- to them. We’re playing for the community
cause everyone else was playing and one’s of mason because they support us and we
dad encouraged him to play. Each have give a little back to them. Just love playing
been playing for 10 years and have secured football.”
a spot on the Mason Comets football team
There is no I in team.
As a tight end, Hutchison acts as a receiv- Head coach Brian Castner leads the team
er and blocks on offence.As a safety, Black- to wins. Miller, Blackwell and Hutchinson
well’s job is reading the play and determin- all have experience with this coach, and
ing if it is a pass or not. Miller is tackle. A they agree he is a great coach. Garrett said
tackle blocks people and tries to help their that Coach Castner makes sure his team is
team score. doing the right thing he builds their charac-
“I hope to get a career in the NFL and There are some wins in a season but
college,” Christian said. also there are losses.The loss helps them
get better and the team builds from their
The National Football League (NFL) is mistakes.
a league of a lot of professional teams that
have skill.
What motivates people to play.

Football players MHS student activities director is a crusader
hope to continue for student clubs and involvement
after high school By Rianishi Jindal you talk to Allen. But she says it is important
J School Reporter to be patient in order to find the best fit.
By Raveneet Sangha
J School Reporter It’s a bird,no it’s a plane, no it’s Lorri Fox “Patience is a very helpful characteristic
Allen. Fox Allen is the Mason High School to have with students and staff,” Fox Allen
Football Players are kicking off Student Activities director and even though said. “Because I live in my world every day
their potential careers into the she doesn’t wear a cape and mask in the high so when I may be dealing advisors that’s
future. school sometimes she is a crusader for the trying to figure out his or her budget so i
high school students. have to be patient to remember that they
Many players are thinking about don’t deal with this every day refreshing
the future. They wish to continue Presenting a superhero that no man or- their memory and helping them through the
their football careers. They even woman can stop because she is organizer of process.”
imagine becoming a professional nearly a hundred groups and clubs in the
football player. Senior Christian high school. You also need to have patience with the
Hutchinson wishes to play football process of making a club because there is a
after he graduates high school and If you want to start a club you talk to Allen. lengthy application process because Fox Al-
moves on to college. If you want to know about a club you talk to len must make sure all the clubs meet some
Allen. If you want to become a part of a club basic school requirements.
“I started out with playing bas-
ketball, which, I just stopped play- The leadership team of
ing last year, I played soccer, base- The Chronicle consists
ball, and now Ii’m playing football
right now,” Hutchinson said. of:
Hutchinson, like many others, Managing Editor
enjoys football and would like to Sports Editor
pursue a future in this sport. Business Manager
Graphic Design and Layout Editor
“I love football too much to Online Editor
switch out of it, that’s why I stuck
with it.,” Hutchinson said. “I just
have a really big passion for it, so I
like where I’m at.”

Hutchinson also works hard and
is trying to ensure his career as a

“That’s definitely a dream I
have,” Hutchinson said. “I mean it
could be possible., Iit would take
a lot of hard work. Rright now I’m
just focusing on playing at college,
which I’m going to be doing, I just
don’t know where yet,” Hutchin-
son said.


Acting impacts the lives of drama performers

By Shreya Kothnur others shoes, gives him many perspectives. Although Aldrich get’s nervous during
J School Reporter “It’s kind of cool cause it gives you a performances, his passion helps him get
through it.
These kids have split personality, not one, different perspective to look at things” Said
not two but 20! Aldrich ”it helps you understand other peo- “So the passion is definitely the people
ple’s’ real life better because you are seeing that I get to like see everyday and I get to
Special actors like these kids are in a this person. All of the characters emotions act with and I hope to carry my passion
drama club at the MHS, they have been and all their actions, who they interact with like into the future because it’s so fun to
acting for a long time. Senior Collin Aldrich makes you realize that that person could work with other people and take on a new
is a Actor who has done acting for almost 6 actually be out there in the world and it sort charecters and new environments and like
years, Collin Aldrich says how nervous he of gives you a new perspective on them” expressing myself.”
has been for performances.
Senior Aldrich says how it feels to act Acting impacted Aldrich’s life in many,
“I always wanted to act, but I was always onstage in front of a audience. many ways.
to nervous to try out for one, and then I
knew CTM, the Children’s theater of Mason “It’s weird,” Aldrich said. “It feels like you “(Acting) teaches you to express yourself
was doing a show, well that seemed inter- are not going to be nervous, you know lead- and it allows you to open out without judg-
esting, and I talked to someone in it and ing up to it you know like it’s just a show ment, so I would definitely say that’s why
they said I should definitely audition in it and I’ve practiced like 800 times I know all I’m more outgoing now and I would defi-
and so I did and I had one line,” Aldrich my lines and everything, but especially this nitely say acting plays a part in me so I’m
said. “ I’ve been acting since fifth grade, so last show the musical I was the lead in that, more outgoing now because kinda meeting
I think it’s been 6 years, and I’ve been in 12 and right before the show I had the worst these different people and you’re able to
shows.” stomach ache and I thought I was going to express yourself and find out who you are.”
die. I got so nervous but once you start say-
Senior Aldrich says how stepping into ing it you get comfortable it gets easier.”

Mason Comet The J School Process

football players Day 1
Students learned how to conduct inter-
enjoy playing the views and formuat interview questions.
Day 2
game and for Students had the opportunity to inter-
view a student or staff member from
each other Mason High School. The J School stu-
dents used the information from their
By Tarun Killi interviews to help shape their stories.
J School Reporter Day 3
J School students learned to write
Football players’ motivation comes from different leads, develop transition paragraphs
sources. or sentences, add quotes to stories
and how to attribute those quotes to
Senior football players Eric Miller, Garrett Blackwell their source. The students used Day
and Christian Hutchinson all said they play the game for 3 to write and receive feedback from
different reasons; these include girls and fame, but there Chronicle mentors.
is one thing in common -- they play football for the love Day 4
of the game. J School students continued to write,
receive feedback from Chronicle ed-
Miller said a reason for why he plays football is simply itors, revise stories, and ultimately
because he enjoys the game. publish or submit stories to their edi-
tor. These stories are the ones you’re
“I play football because I love football,” Miller said. reading today in the J School Journal.
Miller is a starter on the team, but he is not the only
one to play football for the love of the game.That is not
the only reason students play football; students have
many motivations other than the love of the game.
Hutchinson said he plays the game because his father
influenced him to when he was young, and since then it
just stuck with him.
“My dad forced me to play football in second
grade,”Hutchinson said.
Some players think about others when they are play-
ing the game; some other reasons Miller plays football is
because he wants to give back to Mason.
“We all want to bring glory to Mason, we all want to
put Mason on the map,” Miller said.
Family can be a motivator. Miller said he also plays
for his ‘brothers,’ which he considers his teammates.
“We all love each other, we all want to win the game
and we play for each other,” Miller

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