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William Mason High School's first edition of the 2015-2016 school year

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Published by The Chronicle, 2015-09-18 05:57:53

Edition 13.1

William Mason High School's first edition of the 2015-2016 school year

h r o n i c l eThe
September 18, 2015 Volume 13, Issue 1

The thought Mason No excuse
process of Invitational, a for boredom
juvenile judges meet unlike in Mason, see
is unique, see any other, page 12
page 15 see page 20

Photo by Madison Krell

Feminism debate rages, fueled by ‘Meninist’ Twitter account

Juliana Discher | Staff Writer Self-proclaimed “meninist” and junior, Elijah said ‘#StopFathersDay’ and when women start that
[email protected] Kelly, said there is a misconception with what be- up, it’s ridiculous,” Kelly said. “There are women
ing a “meninist” truly means. where if a guy holds a door open, they will tell
“Meninism” and feminism: two concepts that them to close it, and that’s just crossing the line.”
sound similar, but each conjures up a starkly dif- “The ‘meninist’ account basically attacks (femi-
ferent set of opinions. nists), not feminism that promotes gender equal- Kelly, who owns a “#Meninist” t-shirt said he is
ity, but the radical, modern-day feminists that passionate about the core belief of “meninism”,
The “Meninist” account on Twitter has flour- want to end Father’s Day,” Kelly said. “Feminism not the controversial tweets posted by the account.
ished in popularity over the past year. According nowadays is an idea that promotes gender equality
to the British Broadcasting Corporation, it was with words, but then does the exact opposite with “When most people see the t-shirt they automati-
originally started by men making jokes, but has actions.” cally assume I am against women,” Kelly said. “It’s
become a channel to express the difficulties of be- not a sexist account, but it is about taking a stand
ing a man in the 21st century. The main account When he saw a viral hashtag on Twitter that pro- for men against the radical feminists’ attacks. The
currently has over 1,000,000 followers with nu- moted the ending of Father’s Day, Kelly said he Twitter account with the sexist tweet—I just read
merous replica accounts. began to resonate with “meninism”. that as a joke. I don’t support sexism. I am for gen-
der equality, but against the radical feminists.”
“There was a viral hashtag going around that
[story continued on page 19]

2 C September 18, 2015



Photo contributed by Dennis Bogan

Birth of the LGL

“Football forefathers”
wanted Friday night lights,
see page 7

Students will no longer participate in PARCC standardized testing, but AIR. Illustration by Madison Krell

PARCC test dropped by Ohio Department of Education, replaced with AIR

Photo by Madison Krell Asia Porter | Staff Writer issues with technology evident. Ac- MHS Principal, Dave Hyatt, AIR’s
[email protected] cording to Sass, PARCC was deemed two 90-minute testing sessions won’t
Crosstraining Craze unfit for state testing after schools require students or teachers to miss
It was no walk in the “PARCC”, expressed concerns with technology as many classes.
Athletes take on new but now it’s over. and the amount of testing.
fitness challenge, see “It is less intrusive; you will have
page 23 The 2014-2015 Partnership for As- “PARCC had some aspects of its less instructional time lost,” Hyatt
sessment of Readiness for College registration and technology plat- said. “Our teachers will be able to
Photo by Matthew Marvar and Careers (PARCC) tests have form that were very awkward and teach more, test less, which is a good
been removed across Ohio, changing cumbersome,” Sass said. “Our legis- thing.”
Choosing to Live in the face of Common Core testing. lators also listened to the fact that
the Moment having a performance-based and an According to Sass, many aspects
In the Spring of 2015, Mason was end-of-course part of the test made of last year’s testing will remain
Debate fueled by social introduced to a new state test set to for too many testing sessions.” the same; however, the new science
media, see page 11 replace the Ohio Graduation Test. exam will assess students on biology,
The online assessment called for The Class of 2018 in Mason will be not physical science.
students to take End of Course Ex- the first class not to take the Ohio
ams in English, Math, and Physical Graduation Test (OGT) their sopho- “Last year students may have tak-
Science. more year. Last year, freshman stu- en a physical science (exam) and that
dents worked towards the new grad- test is no longer. It’s switched com-
After the conclusion of the school uation requirement, sitting through pletely to biology,” Sass said. “But
year, talks about replacing PARCC 12 days of 90-minute testing sessions. if you took the physical science test
as the state test arose. Dr. Heather Initiation of the PARCC tests im- last year (the points) will count.”
Sass, Chief Academic Officer of Ma- mediately sparked frustrations with
son City Schools said with the sign- students. According to sophomore Students are set to take the tests
ing of the state’s budget bill came Gabi Renshaw, the extensive testing from April 4-May 13. Sass said she is
the removal of the tests. seemed out of place due to the out- pleased with what AIR has accom-
dated test material. plished for the state, and expects the
“Because of the law that was passed new tests to continue to be a part of
in June, Ohio is now no longer apart “The tests that we took—we didn’t Ohio’s state tests.
of that partnership (with PARCC),” do any of that stuff in school that
Sass said. “That left us with English year,” Renshaw said. “It wasn’t assess- “I think it has a very good chance
and Mathematics testing needed, so ing us on what we learned freshman (of staying in the long run),” Sass
we sought out the American Insti- year when we took it.” said. “In Ohio it’s really good for us
tutes of Research (AIR) to facilitate to have tests that are targeted to-
the development of our own test.” With the implement of AIR, im- wards our standards by our educa-
provements from PARCC are ex- tors, and I think that’s what AIR has
The majority of PARCC testing pected to be made. According to accomplished for us. In that way I
was done online, quickly making think AIR is a good move for us.”

September 18, 2015 C3

Administration Students in English teacher Mandi Bross’ class utilize Chromebooks for interactive learning. Photo by Madison Krell
unblocks Twitter
on school Wi-Fi New mandate attempts to equip each student with device

India Kirssin | Staff Writer Jonathan McCollough | Staff Writer write a 10-minute play. So they can program is that it meets the needs of
[email protected]
[email protected] just use them in class and I didn’t each individual student.
Twitter is officially #unblocked.
A study from Michigan State Uni- have to book labs because it’s over “The bigger, overarching vision is
versity proved classrooms using Starting this school year, seventh a week long process so it’s a lot of building a structure and personaliz-
Twitter experience higher grades. graders at Mason Middle School will labs.” ing it,” Cooper said. “You’ll see some
According to Assistant Principal begin class with a different kind of of that with blended courses and try-
William Rice, Mason High School “book” on their desk. “ Technology...should ing to meet the needs of the kids and
administrators were hoping for this not just being one size fits all.”
when they unblocked Twitter on MMS is launching a new 1:1 per- be the same experience
campus, opening the social media sonalized learning program that will (for everyone) in order for There are changes taking place
site to over 3,000 students. ensure each student has a device us to move to 21st century to create better more personalized
According to Assistant Principal both in and out of school. In most ways to learn, whether that means
William Rice, the sheer amount cases, that device will be a Google remodeling the learning commons
of people at MHS using Twitter Chromebook that can either be or buying iMacs for classes that need
makes it a valuable resource in the rented for $60/year, or purchased for
classroom. $200 from the school. Students also ”learning. them. According to Cooper, there is
“Many of our coaches and our have the choice to use their own de- — Jonathan Cooper a three-step process to introducing
teachers have continued to push vice so long as it meets the district’s Innovative Learning Officer new technology into the district.
technology use and integration in standards.
the classroom,” Rice said. “That’s “I always think of it like this: in-
the way you can share information, This program is being spearhead- vestigate, implement, institutional,”
that’s the way you can share up- ed by Mason City Schools Innovative Cooper said, “We have moved passed
dates, that’s the way you can share investigating devices and now were
news. Why are we asking them to Learning Officer Jonathan Cooper, Getting devices into the hands of in the implementation stage, and
integrate technology into their who said implementing technology students is the first step in the pro- eventually if we say, ‘Yeah, this
classrooms but not allowing them like this is essential students to be gram but according to Cooper, the works’, it will be an institutional way
the tool to do that?” successful in the 21st century. most important aspect of any new that we do business.”
Precalculus teacher Mark Wyatt “Technology...should be the same
said Twitter use has made his class- experience (for everyone) in or-
room more functional, allowing der for us to move to 21st century
students to focus more. learning and habits.” Cooper said.
“I use Twitter to post the home- “Chromebooks are the avenue into
work assignments...I started doing these different pieces. It makes it ac-
that was because people would take cessible.”
a picture of the screen every bell,” According to high school English
Wyatt said. “Instead of five people and Creative Writing teacher Mandi
rushing the board and taking a pic- Bross, every kid having their own
ture of the screen, I started taking computer would be very advanta-
one picture and then tweeting.” geous.
The change has also affected stu- “If I had a whole set, it would be
dents. According to junior Hannah great because I wouldn’t have to
Geiger, Twitter is a great way for book labs anymore,” Bross said.
her to get information from her “When I taught Creative Writing II,
teachers quickly and easily. (Chromebooks) were great because
“I know that (Twitter) would be for one of our biggest units, they
good to be able to use because a lot
of people have it and it would be
good for the teachers to use to con-
nect with (students),” Geiger said.
While there may be some con-
cerns about students abusing the
lack of restrictions, Rice said the
new policy will help teach online
“It all boils down to how we edu-
cate ourselves on responsible use
of technology or social networking
and it’s our responsibility to all be a
part of that,” Rice said.

4 C September 18, 2015
The Chronicle’s Policy
to the editor Staff Editorial
The Chronicle is the official student newspaper
of William Mason High School. Twitter, unblocked and soon to be unused

The Chronicle promises to report the truth and Let there be tweets.
adhere to the journalistic code of ethics through Those 140 characters we all love will no longer be
online and print mediums. forbidden—or even a drain on a 4G data plan—this
school year. Administration has slackened its restric-
The Chronicle is produced by students enrolled tions to allow us to roam Twitter on school grounds
in Journalism I, II and III. and Wi-Fi, and in doing so, has given us an unexpected
mark of trust.
Editorials reflect the staff ’s opinion but do not Not much has changed between this year and last,
necessarily reflect the opinions of the school ad- besides that extra pound we shoved into our already
ministration or the Mason City School District. frayed backpacks or that hour of sleep we lost at la-
crosse practice. It is still an era of Twitter Watch Lists
The Chronicle is published monthly. Call and cyberbullying suicides, and yet, Mason High
398-5025 ext. 33103 for information regarding School is no longer shying away from new technology.
advertising in The Chronicle. The Chronicle re- It is now an educational tool, used not only to retweet
serves the right to refuse advertising it deems @NICKIMINAJ, but as a platform for teachers to post
inappropriate for a high school publication. homework, share helpful study websites and remind
us to bring our textbook to class tomorrow.
As an open forum for students, letters to the We, the students, go ahead and tap that “plus” sign to
editor are welcome, but are subject to be edited add our teachers’ announcements to our feed, despite
for length, libel, obscenity, clarity and poor taste. assurances that we won’t be followed back. It’s fine, for
Letters to the editor may be dropped off in room a while. We actually remember to lug that Govern-
C103 and must be signed. ment textbook in from our lockers, and we swapped
Wikipedia for Khan Academy per a teacher’s sugges-
The Chronicle is a member of The Colum- tion.
bia Scholastic Press Association, The National But soon our coaches are on social media, and we
Scholastic Press Association, Quill and Scroll know they’re monitoring our feeds with or without
International Honorary Society for High School an official follow. (Complaints about practice equal 10
Journalists and the Ohio Scholastic Media As- sprints the next day.) We begin to trim the risk out of
sociation. our posts, opting for less suggestive humor and avoid-
Contact Information ing topics our teachers may broach during the bell.
The Chronicle It’s still fine, this new Twitter presence. Good, even.
William Mason High School It’s no secret that we could stand to be more conscious
6100 S. Mason Montgomery Rd. of our tweets, lest we hurt ourselves or someone else in
Mason, Ohio 45040 our race for the most favorites.
(513) 398-5025 And yet we now find follow requests from associate
The Chronicle Staff deans of admission at Ohio and Miami Universities
Editor-in-Chief awaiting us after campus visits at their respective col-
Gina Deaton leges. We may accept, not wanting to look aloof, and
Managing Editor insist we’re still okay with it. Anything to tip our fol-
Abbey Marshall lowing-followers ratio in favor of the latter is welcome.
Sports Editor But our future is on the line, in a more tangible way
Kylie McCalmont than it has ever been before. We could tweet that Silen-
Online Editor to “Watch me slip” parody we made with our friends
Jessica Sommerville and an under-used GoPro one Friday night, but would
Online Sports Editor it risk scholarship candidacy, perhaps even admission?
Eric Miller Before, we wouldn’t have hesitated, but as our feeds
Visual Editor become more schoolwork than GIFs, as our teachers
Madison Krell can scroll through our too-cool-for-this statuses, Twit-
Graphic Designers ter runs the risk of going the same way as Facebook.
Jake Broekema It was the “it” form of communication--until our par-
Kate Madigan ents friended us and commented on all the photos our
Business Manager friends tagged us in with gems like “Adorable!” and
Ashton Nichols “Can you send this to me?”
Staff Writers Suddenly our open forum for all things teen is more
Alyssa Brooks parent, more teacher, more homework, than it is Video
Serina Cline Music Award highlights. We miss the freeness of our
Arnav Damodhar banter with one another: a double-edged sword, as
Juliana Discher while it sometimes lead to bullying, this time it may
Ariel Jones lead to a “Thank you, MHS, but I really prefer Tumblr.”
India Kirssin
Madison Krell
Lauren Lysko
Charlie MacKenzie
Duncan MacKenzie
Isabel Marotta
Matt Marvar
Jonathan McCollough
Erin McElhenny
Eric Michael
Blake Nissen
Meghan Pottle
Asia Porter
Alekya Raghavan
Ellie Uecker
Dale Conner

September 18, 2015 C 5

Journalists of his inability to hold a job, he announced that public, delivering the truth, despite the failing
deliver truth the Charleston shooting was the tipping point for support. Why? Why do we continue?
despite Virginia him, and he wanted to partake in the “race war”.
shooting, There were several locals who had faithfully
public criticism This man, blindsided by hatred—most of which listened to Parker and Ward each morning in
he had created in his mind—took the lives of two Roanoke. After their death, many came to the
Gina Deaton | Editor-in-Chief young and flourishing journalists, killing with front of WDBJ’s news station to leave flowers and
[email protected] them all hopes and dreams they had for their ca- balloons at a makeshift memorial for the slain
reers down the road. journalists. Speaking on their behalf, one of the
On the morning of August 26, two broadcast locals had said, “(They were) kind of like Folgers.
journalists started their morning early, going on According to the International Federation of I started my day with them.” She claimed that
the air well before 7 a.m. as usual. The reporters, Journalists, 72 journalists have been killed thus their news segments lifted her mood each morn-
24-year-old Alison Parker and 27-year-old Adam far in 2015. Every day, around the world, journal- ing. She said, “They were part of the family. They
Ward, of Roanoke, Virginia, were well-known and ists risk their lives to report the truth and serve were in your house every morning.”
appreciated by the community. Their segments their viewers with it. It truly is a service, which
on WDBJ were trusted to be truthful, informative, some fully appreciate and support, and some nev- A journalist’s mission is to be a trustworthy
and helpful to start the day. That morning, Ward er will. In fact, the jobs of journalists are becom- source—every day. They’re reliable. They’re ac-
focused the camera on Parker, who was reporting ing less and less supported; at this point, they’re countable. They’re predictable and devoted, and
a story on local tourism and conducting an inter- being discouraged—it’s okay, though, because as one supporter put it—“a part of the family”.
view. journalism is dying, right?
We continue on because of those supporters.
At the end of their segment, Ward would turn Wrong. It’s the other way around: We are dying We continue on because of those who have fallen
off the camera, and they would be off the air—but for journalism. 72 people died for journalism. We doing our work. We continue on because we’re
this morning was different. That morning, at 6:45 are dying for journalism in hopes that our view- stubborn and arrogant, and we think we know
a.m., both journalists were shot and killed on the ers are dying for the the truth, and with or with- better than the public that they need us—and we
air. They had been murdered by an ex-colleague out support, we will deliver it. might just be right.
who had been fired from multiple news stations
for inappropriate behavior. Each time, he accused And yet, despite our tireless service, CareerCast High school journalists may not appear to
the station for firing him because of his race. named “newspaper reporter” the worst job of 2015, need this support, safe within our community.
Claiming he was already on the edge because slamming it at rock bottom with its rank at 200 But as it is preached every day, the completion
out of 200 jobs, right below lumberjack. Broad- of high school is a gateway to the real world. It’s
cast journalist was ranked nearby at 196 and pho- not long before we are in the shoes of Parker and
tojournalist at 195. The website encouraged those Ward, building our career on a local news station,
with “good writing skills” to pursue a job in pub- bright-eyed and filled with dreams. It’s not long
lic relations, marketing, or advertising, instead, before we are out in the same world where the
where “the outlook may be brighter”. lives of so many journalists were taken.

Yet passionate journalists persist, serving the We need all the support we can get.

C6 September 18, 2015

New teen driving law, parking regulations affect MHS drivers

Gina Deaton | Editor-in-Chief eryone carpools,” Dyer said. “I’m seeing an ex- So with that, it restricts you guys from many
options, (except to) A) to get on the waitlist for
[email protected] ceptional amount of carpooling among teen- parking, B) ride the bus, or have your parent
drop you off. Either way, it’s just too risky for
It’ll drive teens crazy, but it’s designed to keep agers in which (the driver is under 18) and a having your license suspended. As the driver,
them safe. violation like that, if caught, can get your license why risk it?”
suspended for six months at a time.”
According to the Ohio Department of Health, The new law restricts the options of many stu- Young drivers are being held responsible for
traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for being aware of these traffic laws, because the
teenagers in America. The Ohio American Acad- dents for transportation, according to Dyer, but
this does not mean the driver should risk it. possession of a license is a privilege and not a
emy of Pediatrics reported that Ohio suffered right, Dyer said.
more than 1,000 young driver fatalities,
between the ages of 15-18, over the past 10 “We’re actively trying to get the word out,
years. Because of this, new teen driving re- but responsibility falls on the student as well
strictions took effect on July 1 to help keep because you just received your driver’s license
teen drivers safe. and it’s in your book that you had to study for
According to the Ohio Bureau of Motor your driver’s license,” Dyer said. “And that’s
Vehicles, probationary license holders (li- the reason why they’re not that lenient on it;
cense holders who are 16 or 17 years of age) new drivers should have just recently read
may not drive between the hours of mid- that book that has that law in it. Your driver’s
night and 6 a.m. unless accompanied by a license is a privilege, not a right. So when you
parent or guardian, or with a documented receive a privilege like that, the expectation of
excuse for school, work, or a religious event. you knowing that is at a higher level.”
The Ohio BMV also requires that these
probationary license holders do not drive Along with violations of the new law with
with more than one non-family member as carpooling, and parking issues, Dyer said that
a passenger, unless they are accompanied students are not yielding to pedestrians when
by a parent or guardian. According to a 2012 arriving to school and leaving, which could
report from the AAA Foundation for Traf- also foster accidents.
fic Safety, 16 and 17-year-olds increase their
fatality risk per miles driven by 44 percent “Pedestrians have the right-of-way,” Dyer
when there is another passenger under age said. “You must stop before the crosswalk.
21 with no older passenger also. This risk in- There are students turning right on red when
creases to 102 percent with two passengers the walking sign is white and a pedestrian is
in the car under 21, and 339 percent when crossing.”
Illustration by Madison Krell
According to Dyer, the reason for action
carrying three or more passengers under 21. Teen drivers face more restrictions under the new driving law. among the new driving laws, parking issues,
The final requirements by the Ohio BMV and enforcing the right-of-way of pedestrians is
are that all passengers and the driver must brought to light when there are crashes—and
be wearing safety belts, use of a mobile commu- crashes are what these things are attempting to
nication device is prohibited, and the driver may “Ride the bus,” Dyer said. “That’s all we’ve got. prohibit, assuming drivers will follow them.
not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. With the laws in Mason, it’s illegal to park in
According to Officer Karlie Dyer, many stu- the community center lot, and it’s even illegal “It’s brought to light when there’s car crashes,”
to park in a school parking lot. It cuts your ties Dyer said. “Whether it be minor or not, that is
dents under the age of 18 are unaware of this from even outside parking, off-campus, because usually when it is addressed the most—when
new law and still drive multiple passengers that any officer has responded to a crash, and there
are not family members. they’ve now placed ‘No Parking’ signs over on are multiple juveniles in the vehicle, usually
Lakeside so that way you can’t park over there; that’s a charge the driver gets with whatever else
“With the parking problem that we have, ev- we’ll just tow your car. You’ll go and it’ll be gone. is going on.”

September 18, 2015 C 7

The first football team at Mason High School had 37 players and two coaches in 1962. Photo contributed by Dennis Bogan

the first green line
“Football forefathers” at Mason High School wanted Friday night lights

Eric Miller | Online Sports Editor started the Mason Boosters Club,” Bogan said. is at now on the home side of the field. That sum-
[email protected] “They started out basically with donations. There mer, the football players carried a lot of the blocks.
were probably 10 to 15 guys that were the nucleus Elsie Richardson, he was a local bricklayer...laid
The Mason football program, one of the larg- of it.” all the blocks and I don’t think they charged them
est in the state, was non-existent just 54 years ago. for that.”
In the early 1960s, funded by a community that Unlike today when all athletic facilities are sub-
wanted to bring the Friday night lights to their sidized by the school, O’Bryant said the beginning According to O’Bryant, he doesn’t think the
school, the Mason football team was born. of the Mason football program was almost entire- same type of fundraising effort could happen in
ly funded by the community at large. today’s day and age due to the size of Mason today.
Mason Athletic Hall of Fame Historian Michael
O’Bryant said before 1962, it wouldn’t have been Photo contributed by Dan Hilen “You look back at the names and you think of
possible for Mason to support a football team. As Mason’s 2015 football team has 118 players and 14 the size of the town. It was a pretty big percentage
Mason and southwestern Ohio as a whole began coaches. of people: families who were contributing directly
to grow, Mason began to think about football. to doing this,” O’Bryant said. “You can never say
“Just about every business in town contributed,” never, but I think it was pretty unique and hasn’t
“We were getting to be a big enough school that O’Bryant said. “The football field was built origi- happened since. People expect the school to build
we could support a football team,” O’Bryant said. nally not by the school, but by a lot of the par- things themselves, but this was really a grassroots,
“Back before ‘62 classes were only 30 or 40 people, ents in town. There’s a whole list of men on this community effort.”
15 of which were boys. Mason was really starting contract that put up collateral so that the Boosters
to grow and the whole area was.” could borrow the money to build a football field; Bogan said one of the biggest changes he’s seen
it was a real community effort.” in the last 54 years is the facilities.
O’Bryant said that as surrounding schools start-
ed football programs of their own, Mason wanted According to Bogan, some businesses donated “One of the things that’s changed a lot is the
to hop on board. more than just money. (facilities),” Bogan said. “The weight room we
had was back in the furnace room, it consisted of
“Kings, Waynesville, Blanchester were all start- “The first lights out there were installed free of a bench where you could bench press and some
ing football programs too,” O’Bryant said. “So now charge,” Bogan said. “At the time, there was only dumbbells, nothing like you have today. The up-
(we) not only (had) the people, but we (had) some one set of bleachers and that’s where the press box side of it was the temperature in there was the
people to play.” same whether it was winter or summer, about 95
Former Mason football player Dennis Bogan,
who played on the first Mason football team, said While the Comets draw thousands more on
before football, there wasn’t much to do in Mason Friday nights now than they ever did in the ‘60s,
on Friday nights. O’Bryant said football was just a big a part of the
community then as it is now.
“The gym was up in town, where the adminis-
tration building was at,” Bogan said. “Friday night “It’s always been pretty popular, right from the
basketball: that was about the only form of enter- very beginning,” O’Bryant said. “It’s always been
tainment then.” an important part of Mason schools. I think a lot
of that goes with success and the involvement, the
According to Bogan, the Mason football team fact (that) these people really felt like they were a
began with the Mason Boosters Club, which part of it. They actually worked on it; they contrib-
helped raise the money for the first football team. uted money.”

“There was a group of guys here in town that

C8 September 18, 2015

September 18, 2015 C 9

Roach takes new approach in class, no sitting on the job

Erin McElhenny | Staff Writer “What I’m finding is that kids that are
[email protected] standing are not the ones that say, ‘Right
there’, and point from where they are sit-
Time to start thinking on your feet. ting but they walk to the problem and talk
Math teacher Greg Roach decided it’s it out at the board,” Roach said. “It instant-
time his students started standing at their ly makes it more meaningful for a student
desks. Last year, Roach read an article on to discuss with another student by actually
the “sitting disease”, about a classroom walking and correcting it at the board. The
makeover. The sitting disease refers to conversations where we can get all the stu-
the amount of health problems that arise dents to the board are when the best con-
from students and adults sitting for too versations happen.”
many hours a day and not getting enough
movement in their daily lives. Over the According to, there
summer, Roach picked up some old tables are many benefits to adding standing
and constructed his own version of stand- desks in schools. Their research shows that
ing desks. classroom behavior improves with active
“I’m doing this because kids sit hours a learning. Children feel happier and are
day,” Roach said. “Then they go home and more creative when they can move more
sit more. Your job from 7:15 to 2:15 is to sit and aren’t restricted to a chair. Educational
there and use your right arm and right fin- test scores improve for students at stand-
ger. That’s it. Why not invite a little more ing desks. Reducing daily sedentary helps
physical activity?” kids to live longer and be healthier.
The University of California Davis Medi-
cal Investigation of Neurodevelopmental Roach said he hopes to expand the num-
Disorders Institute recently published re- ber of standing desks he has and to con-
search stating that the more fidgeting a vince his colleagues to join him.
child is allowed to do, the more they focus.
“Ultimately I would like everyone in my
Photo by Erin McElhenny class to be standing,” Roach said. “An ac-
tive classroom creates an active mind.”
Students in Greg Roach’s math class utilize standing desks.

Trending Now: Pixie Cuts

“I cut it freshman year when I got it stuck “I have wanted to cut my hair since I was like 10,
in a locker. I have really thick, curly hair. It’s just because it always seemed super fun. I was going
a pain to brush and take care of... I’ve had to wait until I was 25 and hip. People reacted well
a lot of people think I’m a boy. When you who were my age...I ask people to flip their hair for
hear bad things coming from your family me when I’m trying to be sassy. No one has assumed
and certain stereotypes with women of short I’m a lesbian. I haven’t seen or experienced it.”
hair, it can get annoying.”
— Carrie Lipps, senior
— Emily Miller, junior

“I dyed my hair and it was really dead, so Group of Interest:
I cut it off. I like my hair like this. It’s not
very hard to take care of. There’s a stereo- Rowing Club
type that you’re gay if you have short hair.
One time, a guy at work asked me if like Row America has taken over to help the coach and provide equip-
guys.” ment for the Mason Rowing club. Students with no experience to
regular rowing athletes are welcomed to come join the team or work-
— Melissa Violet, senior out group. Students can sign up and get a workout experience that
can fit their schedule throughout the year.
“I really wanted to make a change...I have
been stereotyped as a lesbian. I have had
plenty of people be aggressive and mean
about that. I think that it’s a great cut. If
anyone doesn’t feel like lugging around a
ton of hair, cut it off. It’s fun.”

— Sydney Braine, junior

Compiled by Arnav Damodhar and Juliana Discher See the full story on here
Photo contributed by Jillisn Blumberg
Compiled by Ellie Uecker

C10 September 18, 2015

September 18, 2015 C 11

Some students prefer to capture the moment on their phone rather than experiencing the event. Photo by Matthew Marvar

Teenage smart phone users capture life instead of live it

Matthew Marvar | Staff Writer “I know for me, if I don’t get a lot Through his roles as a psychologist Jessica Robertson, who explained
[email protected] of likes on (and Instagram photo), and a parent, he pushes students and that people use social media in an
I’m like, ‘Wow, maybe that wasn’t kids to fully experience the moment- effort to feel better about themselves.
If you went to a concert but didn’t the best picture to post’ or ‘Maybe I -but even then, he said, they crave
make an Instagram post out of it, did should try harder next time’ or ‘This the approval. “It’s this indirect way of boost-
you really go to a concert? needs to be perfect because I want ing your own self esteem—which
people to like me and how I look,’” “There’s definitely an effect,” isn’t how you want it to happen but
Of course, said senior Lauren Grace said. Schlaeger said. “(I see this) from my I think that’s why people do it—to
Grace, but people like posting social psych perspective, but even from my feel validated,” Robertson said. “That
media so that they can share the what they’re doing matters.”
experience. Capturing the Moment on Instagram 32%
75 Votes Marvin said that’s why he limits
“When you take pictures, it’s how much he uses his Instagram and
something that will take a snapshot Living in the Moment Illustration by Madison Krell Facebook.
of the time you were there,” Grace 68%
said, “You want to remember it and Results based on poll from 158 Votes “I do like to know the world
show other people that it was a good around me and what’s going on,”
memory.” For junior Cole Marvin, who once parent perspective...It’s hard, because Marvin said. “If something big hap-
used social media daily but has since I want to encourage people to live pens for someone, if someone breaks
Grace, who posts regularly to Insta- stopped, also knows what it’s like to in the moment, but you want to be a record in their sport or if some-
gram and Snapchat, said that people become infatuated with the spotlight. affirmed.” thing really cool happens in their
share because they want to be viewed “I kept using it because it’s almost Roughly 40% of teens admit to family, that’s always great to know.”
in a certain light—and social media like you can brag about yourself,” gravitating toward posting content
lets them adjust it. Marvin said. “Like if you do some- that will receive lots of likes and When it comes to simple things
thing really cool, you can post it and comments, according to Pew Re- however, he tries to stray away. What
“We do it anyway because we want a hundred people will like it, and search. Furthermore, 21% percent of it’s really about, Marvin said, is ex-
to really show our best self on social you’re like, ‘Wow, that’s really cool, social media users feel worse about ploring those moments for yourself.
media and we want people to like us people like what I’m doing,’ but out their own life because of the posts
and (to feel accepted),” Grace said. of that, it sometimes makes you a that they see from others on social “If I’m taking the time to try and
little too prideful.” media. make a filter look good...then I’m
This begins to get dangerous, ac- The consequences are real, said “Affirm” is the key word here, ac- not really discovering this moment
cording to the Pew Research Center. school psychologist Jeff Schlaeger. cording to school psychology intern for myself but trying to make it look
With 56% of teens going online better for someone else,” Marvin said.
several times a day, the anxiety “It’s a lot better to be there and really
behind improving their self image is enjoy that for yourself and let you
rising. Pew Research found that 40% feel what these different emotions
of teenagers on social media report and experiences feel like rather than
feeling pressured to only post what letting the world try and feel it—be-
makes them look good in front of cause as you live life, the best way to
others. figure who you are is to find these
moments for yourself.”
Grace has experienced this first-

12 September 18, 2015 C

No excuse to be bored in Mason; homet

Madison Krell | Visual Editor Diggs is a
[email protected] restaurant
Meghan Pottle | Staff Writer located in
[email protected] Mason with
food, sand
Painting with a Twist offers volleyball
painting classes for people courts, and
of all ages, specifically lots of fun.
teenagers and adults, and
allows guests to eat,
drink, and spend time with
friends while learning fro-
man instructor.

At Mad Potter, customers can choose
from various pottery pieces to design
and paint. Once the customer is
finished painting, the staff will glaze
and fire the piece, so it is ready to be
picked up in a week.

Mason Bowl is a family-owned business that has
been operating for more than 50 years. There are
18 lanes open for bowling, as well as a dine in
restaurant and facilities available to hold birthday
parties or events.

Not only does Prasco host baseball games for many different teams
different levels, but Prasco hosts events year round such as family m
the summer and ice skating inthe winter. Prasco usually serves free
like Chick-fil-a sandwiches or Mr. Softee’s ice cream.

C 13September 18, 2015

town offers several places to hang out

The Beach Wa- Great Wolf
terpark contains Lodge is
various slides and hotel located
attractions, along right next to
with a heated Kings Island
wave pool.The and offers
park is suitable restaurants,
for all ages and an arcade,
even offers swim- and indoor
ming lessons for and outdoor
children. waterparks.

Mason High School Kings Island is the largest amusement park in the
Midwest and it is located right here in Mason. The
park offers various rides and attractions for adults
and children, Soak City Waterpark, and live enter-

Lazer Kraze has laser tag, an indoor tram-
poline park, and an arcade with multiple
video games that are offered to kids and
adults. Lazer Kraze also has a snack bar
and hosts private events.

s at many Regal Cinemas is located in Deerfield Towne Cen-
movie night in ter and includes a concession stand and multiple
e food as well, screens, featuring new releases. This movie theater
usually provides midnight or earlier showings for new

C14 September 18, 2015

September 18, 2015 C 15




Illustration by Madison Krell

Juvenile judges consider age when sentencing young offenders

Ariel Jones | Staff Writer Photo by Blake Nissen cause it is a serious crime,” Maloney said. “It’s a fel- who was out running around ding-dong-ditching
[email protected] ony. I’m facing felony charges right now because of versus someone who broke into a person’s house
a bad decision...It’s not something to be proud of.” because they needed money for drugs. We have to
Across the podium, the look at those differences and judge the particular
judge is just as anxious as According to Kirby, it becomes difficult to sen- case. We look into your background too, of course.
the minor on trial. tence certain people, because he sympathizes with Seeing if you’ve ever been here before, if you’re an
them due to their crime being common among honor roll student, and all of that plays into it... Be-
Juvenile court judges de- cause really, we have two types of kids that come
termine whether to incarcer- “ other juveniles. in: the good kids who just made a bad choice, and
ate a minor or utilize non- The fact that you’re dealing the bad kids that just do bad stuff.”
incarceration options, which with juveniles makes it especially
can include a verbal warn- Warren County difficult, because some of this is kid A judge’s intent is to stop the behavior by some-
ing, a fine, counseling, com- Juvenile Court times using unfavorable methods. Giving severe
munity service, electronic Judge Joseph Kirby stuff— The mischief that goes along sentences to minors is difficult for Kirby, but he
monitoring, or probation. does it with an intention of helping kids in the long
”with being a kid.— Joseph Kirby run.
According to Warren County Warren County Juvenile Court Judge
Juvenile Court Judge, Joseph Kirby, the goal of the “We have 12-year-olds that come in here some-
juvenile court is to utilize rehabilitation methods “Once you get a juvenile in front of you, it’s kind times on very serious charges, and I’ve put them in
to correct behavior, while the adult court primarily of difficult, especially when you have kids,” Kir- a rehabilitation facility called MaryHaven, which
gives punishments. by said. “I have a daughter that’s a senior over at I know is going to be at least a six to nine month
Springboro, so when a kid comes in for something sentence,” Kirby said. “I don’t take it lightly when
“I spent about eight years as a judge over in the like staying out past curfew, I think to myself, ‘I taking a 12-year-old out of his home and away from
adult county court, and the role of sentencing over could see Sophie doing that.’ So it gets tough for his family and friends for six or nine months. I
there is punishment, first and foremost,” Kirby me to be completely objective about it.” don’t enjoy doing it. It’s difficult, especially when
said. “For the adults, if you do something, you looking at a little boy who just did something bad.
get punished—and if you can do some rehabilita- Kirby evaluates each particular case to get an It’s heartbreaking. But I also think, ‘He needs to fix
tion along the way, you try to do it, but otherwise, idea of the kind of person he will be sentencing, this now, because if he does it as an adult, he’s go-
punishment is the key. You come up here, and it’s and what method of rehabilitation will be most ing to prison for a long time.’ Not to mention that
reversed. Rehabilitation is the primary objective. beneficial. we’ll have more victims along the way. Sometimes
So everything you all do wrong as kids—we want the hardest thing to do is the right thing to do.”
those behaviors corrected. Along the way, some “The fact that you’re dealing with juveniles
punishment may be required sometimes just be- makes it especially difficult, because some of this is According to Kirby, the justice system can only
cause it’s so egregious.” kid stuff,” Kirby said. “The mischief that goes along help one to a certain extent, and the measures
with being a kid, like being out past curfew. I have juveniles take after rehabilitation to avoid future
According to sophomore Chris Maloney, his first to weigh it in terms of severity, like if I have a kid crimes are what truly benefit them.
time in court was last month. His sentencing in-
volved a small fine and attending a remedial class “All you can do is hope you made the right call,
so that he wouldn’t make the same mistake again. and you’ll know you did if you don’t see them
Despite being charged as a minor, Maloney said he again,” Kirby said. “You’ll also know if you didn’t,
is cognizant of the severity of his case. because they’ll be back. We all do things that are
wrong. It’s what you do afterwards that matters.”
“The judges all take their job very seriously, be-

C16 September 18, 2015

September 18, 2015 C 17

Sophomores Emma Smith and Lauren Bangs film their latest Youtube video for their channel. Photo by Madison Krell Career-driven student

Sophomores achieve YouTube success, create viral videos athletes prioritize sports

Isabel Marotta | Staff Writer care who knows.” have also done sponsorships or adver- over schoolwork
[email protected] The girls’ large following of sub- tising for different groups, including a
bathing suit company and a journal/ Alyssa Brooks | Staff Writer
Over 50,000 people have watched scribers isn’t worrisome according to planner company. She said picking the [email protected]
sophomore Emma Smith show off her Lauren’s mom, Cara Bangs. companies to do a sponsorship for is a
school supplies in a YouTube video. selective process. High school is all about priorities. For
“At first my concern was that it’s was some students, they prioritize swimming
Some students earn their money out there for everyone to see,” Cara “We get a ton of emails each day laps or competing in tennis matches over
working at Kings Island or fast food said. “But Lauren and Emma do a re- but you can’t do all the sponsorships textbooks and essays.
restaurants, but two students, com- ally good job of keeping a lot of their at once,” Lauren said. “You really have
monly known as “Lauren and Emma” personal life private. They don’t ever to break them up into what you want, With daily practices, competitive goals,
on YouTube, are making a profit by talk about where they live, and they’re because it’s too hard to do every single and constant high-pressure sporting events,
posting videos. Smith and sophomore pretty good about where they film. So one.” the balance between sports and school for
Lauren Bangs started their channel I’m not concerned about their safety.” student athletes draws a fine line.
in seventh grade where they posted The girls do make a profit because
beauty and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) vid- You Tube Upload: #107 of their channel, but Lauren will Varsity tennis player, junior Amanda
eos weekly, along with a variety of have to get a real job when she is old Huser said having to miss full school days
many more. They now have more than Lauren and Emma enough, according to Cara. for important tennis matches can be dif-
15,000 subscribers and videos with over ficult to manage.
48,000 views as of September 3, 2015. As of Septemeber 3rd, 2015 Total Views:266,975 “They do make money from their
YouTube channel but we don’t let her “For districts and state, we have to miss
They made their channel as a way Most Viewed Video: 48,138 use any of that money,” Cara said. “She a few days of school,” Huser said. “So that’s
to express their creativity, according Subscibers: 15,069 will need to get a regular job when sacrificing class time, especially junior year
to Smith. she’s 16 or 17 so she can pay for her gas when missing a day is a lot of work.”
Graphic by Madison Krell and all that kind of stuff normal teen-
“We liked being really creative and agers do.” At the most intense points in many
we thought that making videos was a According to Lauren, their channel student athletes’ seasons, the focus tends
good idea to be able to express our cre- is now signed with a network, which Several of their subscribers have to draw more towards athletics and less
ativity,” Smith said. helps them to manage all aspects of made fan accounts for “Lauren and towards academics. According to junior,
their work. Emma” which Smith said they find and three-time state champion, Ashley
The girls have become more open surprising. Volpenhein, the quality of her schoolwork
to talking about their account, Lauren “Our network helps us organize our is affected around the time of her most
said, despite the nervousness they had videos and channel to keep making it “I’m just a normal person so it’s important meets.
at first. grow,” Lauren said. “We have a desig- weird to think someone is a fan of me,”
nated manager and he helps with our Smith said. “Around state and districts in the winter,
“We were really nervous about peo- profit and to manage the content.” I turn a lot of my focus into swimming,”
ple finding out about our account at The girls are hoping their channel Volpenhein said. “It doesn’t completely
first because it’s a whole different side Along with making money from grows even more in the future, accord- affect my schoolwork but it’s not what I am
of you and people don’t know that’s their network, Lauren said, the girls ing to Lauren. going to be thinking about because those
what you like to do,” Lauren said. “But are the couple weeks that I dedicate to
when people find out about it they “We’ve set a lot of goals and we keep swimming,”
think it’s the coolest thing ever. Now meeting them so it’s really cool to see
we’re so open about it and we don’t how it keeps progressing each day,” Although these student athletes don’t
Lauren said. “We hope to graduate always prioritize sports over school, they
with a large following.” have established that making sports come
first on occasion is a necessity to being suc-
cessful in academics and also in reaching
their athletic goals.

According to a study of Ohio schools
conducted by government professor at
University of Texas in Austin, Jay P. Greene,
high schools that focus a large amount of
their energy on athletics tend to have more
academic success than schools that stress
academics the most. Greene’s studies show
when the rates of success and participa-
tion with athletics are high, the overall test
scores tend to be high as well.

Volpenhein said student athletes who pri-
oritize athletics over academics don’t do so
at the expense of their grades, stating that
maintain her grades is very important to
her. Yet according to the USA junior swim
team member, it is okay to prioritize sports
on the necessary occasion.

“I have to do what’s best for me and
realize the potential I have,” Volpenhein
said. “In order to maximize that, I have
to sometimes put school off to the side. I
wouldn’t say that it always is a second, but
sometimes it has to be.”

C18 September 18, 2015

September 18, 2015 C 19

Twitter account challenges
feminism and fuels debate

[story continued from page 1]

According to govern- avoids the “meninist” Illustration by Madison Krell
ment teacher Maria account at all cost.
Mueller, there is some- Teens use new tactic to cut off relationships
what of a negative con- “It’s just a troll,” Car-
notation attached to the ey said. “It started out Jessica Sommerville | Online Editor We didn’t.’ I (said), ‘But I’m at a movie with
word feminism, which against feminism, but
dates back to the 1970s. I think now it knows it [email protected] this new girl right now.’...then I just didn’t
gets people going and
“Feminism is an advo- gets people angry. It just Ghostbusters are in demand at Mason really talk to her.”
cacy for the equality of keeps doing and doing it Cottle said he hadn’t made it clear that
women,” Mueller said. “I because it’s getting the High School, as haunted relationships end their relationship had ended—a miscom-
think that the term has attention it wants.” when student turns ghost. munication which, according to senior So-
been a bit demonized...I These undead practice “ghosting,” in phie Maness, can cause confusion on behalf
don’t think it has any- As a supporter of which the ghosts of the relationship end all of the ghosted.
thing to do with be- equal rights for all, Car- communication—text According to Maness, her
ing ‘anti-male’. I think ey said she finds the ac- messages, phone calls,
it’s simply about chal- count disrespectful. face-to-face conversa- boyfriend of four months de-
lenging the status quo, veloped Casper-like qualities
which of course has al- “I get mad that they tions—in place of a after she texted him one Sat-
ways been: men rule, will degrade anybody,” traditional break up.
and women do what Carey said. “They of- According to a 2014 urday. The two had been out
they are told.” fend people like it’s not the night before, and while
a problem. They attack YouGov/Huffington her boyfriend’s responses
“ I don’t anybody who is not a Post poll, 11 percent of
white male. It just brings 1,000 adults surveyed had been delayed before,
support sexism. people down. ” have acted as ghosts at this time he did not answer.
I am for gender least once. OUT OF “Days went by where I
equality, just Even though men will never heard from him,” Ma-
against the point out that the ac- Sophomore and ness said. “And later in the
radical count is a parody, Car- ghost Grant Cottle said
ey said it doesn’t make his relationship headed school week, I found out
”feminists. what they post accept- for its grave after a win- that over the weekend, he
— Elijah Kelly able. ter break gone awry. ADULTS ADMINT TO GHOSTING had been hanging out with
Junior AT LEAST ONCE another girl and told her,
“Guys might think it’s
Mueller said she feels just a joke, and I am all “I was dating this girl ‘Yeah, me and Sophie have
the “meninist” account for a joke, but when you for two years, and then
is more of a joke, and are deliberately hurt- this one night, it was According to the kind of finished things up.
not a legitimate attempt ing somebody—what’s 2014 YouGo/ Hu ngton Post poll
to better the condition the point?” Carey said. We’re not really talking
of men. “If you’re not going to (about) two days after anymore.’”
say something to some- New Years’ Eve, winter
“I don’t imagine any- body’s face, then why do Though the couple had
one would take any- it online or through an break, I started hanging out with this one never defined their relationship, Maness said
thing on there serious- anonymous account?” girl,” Cottle said. “And then, the whole thing their frequent interaction with one another
ly,” Mueller said. “I don’t started with (my girlfriend saying) I cheated and their families implied commitment.
think there is much val- According to Carey, if on her, but I didn’t really cheat on her be- “He’d come over and met my parents a
ue because they aren’t the “meninist” account cause I didn’t really do anything with (the bunch of times, and sometimes, he would
generating meaningful was really trying to other girl).” give me rides to school,” Maness said. “Even
conversation. It’s not a make a difference to im- The couple then split, Cottle said, though though we never really defined the relation-
forum for any real kind prove the condition of in what he thought to be a mutual under- ship, I had just assumed that we were (dat-
of discussion of equal- men, then they should standing rather than a formal conversation. ing).”
ity; it’s just a lot people be going about it differ- “We broke up but didn’t really break up,” The break up was immature, according
trying to be funny or ently. Cottle said. “I went to a movie with the new to Maness, who said students should endure
sassy.” girl, and then my old girlfriend texts me, awkwardness in these situations.
“If you’re a feminist, ‘Why are you telling everyone we broke up? “We’re all getting older,” Maness said.
According to junior you’re a feminist no
Catherine Carey, she matter what gender
you are,” Carey said.
“If you are a true femi-
nist or ‘meninist’ then
you would be fighting
for men’s rights... You
wouldn’t be fighting just
because a girl put you
in the ‘friend zone’. You
would be fighting for all
people’s rights equally.”


SPORTSThe Chronicle IT’S GAME DAY Match-up: Mason Comets 2-1, UNDEFEATED
Colerain Cardinals 2-1 The girls tennis team is @MHSChronSpor ts 7:00 P.M. DWIRE FIELD: The Mason Comets, coming off a Colerain Cardinal Capsule: Wins currently undefeated in the
41-27 win over Winton Woods welcomes GMC powerhouse over Warren Central, St. Xavier GMC. Sanjana Datla, Isabel
Colerain to town. The Cardinals are coming off a 39-36 loss Prime Time Players: (QB) Deshaunte Cepeda, Amanda Huser,
last week to the LaSalle Lancers. The Cardinals have won Jones 236 yards rushing; (RB) Monalo and Elizabeth Kong have all
or shared the GMC title every year since 2000. Caldwell 164 yards rushing; (LB) Dan notched wins at the number
Bolden 1 sack one singles spot for the

Body and mind
tested at grueling
Mason Invite

Comet runners claim
first place title in boys,
girls race

Charlie MacKenzie | Staff Writer
[email protected]

As if running 3.1 miles isn’t difficult enough run- Photo by Isabel Marotta
ners at the annual Mason Cross Country Invitational
had to leap bales of hay, climb hills, dodge low hang- Junior Cross Country runner Grady Lipp splashes through the cold water at the Mason Cross Country Invitational
ing limbs and even sprint through a rocky creekbed. held Saturday, September 12. Over 3,500 runners and 100 schools competed in the unique running event.

On Saturday, September 12, Mason hosted the 41st in fill dirt and we cover it with mulch.” Photo by Blake Nissen
annual Cross Country Invitational. Over 100 teams According to head girls’ coach Chip Dobson, the
and 3,500 runners participated in 13 races throughout Junior Cross Country runner Ellie Brush closes in on
the day. The meet is the second biggest race in Ohio strenuous obstacles are included each year to make a competitor as she enters the woods portion at the
and one of the largest in America. It even included a the event unique from the average course. Mason Cross Country Invitational held Saturday,
Kids’ Fun Run for those nine and under. September 12.
“We think that a lot of cross country meets are track
The girls team captured first place in the 5k var- meets on grass,” Dobson said. “We try to spice ours To see more pictures of
sity run with a score of 42, and the boys followed suit up and have a little fun and excitement in there. It’s Justin Koehler and the
shortly after with a score of 39. Senior Meagan Murphy something different to vary it so that it’s not the same Mason Cross Country
finished the highest for the girls, placing fourth with every week.” Invitational scan the QR
a time of 19:07. Senior Alan Gordillo was the highest code or go to
finishing boy, placing fifth with a time of 16:32. Other schools may include creeks or hills in their
courses but Dobson said that the use of hay bales is Photo by Blake Nissen
The Mason Invititational isn’t your conventional something unique to Mason.
cross country race. The course includes 12 hay bales,
two creek crossings, and a steep muddy hill. An es- “Certainly some schools have a creek, they don’t
timated mile of the race takes place in the woods. have hay bales, but they have muddy sections or some
For the first time this year, volunteers set up a “creek tough hills,” Dobson said. “The hay bales we got from
cam” that showed runners crossing one of the creeks Nike Nationals who uses hay bales, and we thought it
on a screen near the finish line. was fun to throw a twist in there like that.”

The pre-race preparations includes a large contin- According to Murphy, the most challenging part of
gent of parent volunteers who do everything from running through the course is having wet shoes for a
spreading way hay bales to getting the creek ready majority of the race.
for the runners. According to parent volunteer Ivan
Wood said there was a long process of setting up the “The worst mental struggle is when you are coming
obstacles and the trail. off the mulch hill after the creek and your shoes just
start to dry off,” Murphy said. “Then you realize that
“Everything is prepped on the Thursday and Friday you have another creek to go through and then the
period,” Wood said. “Then at 5:30 in the morning some second one makes your shoes wet and heavy for the
of the prep activities on the course are the two creeks. rest of the race.”
In the base of the creeks rocks are removed so that
you don’t have any hard obstacles, and rocks are re- Murphy said that the home win was an important
moved from the creek bed and we put approximately assurance going into their next meet.
100 bags of pea gravel in the two creek areas. Local
farmers provide hay bales that we put on the course. “It’s not as important as winning later in season
Those are set up as well early morning on the race day. with state or regionals,” Murphy said. “But it is a nice
A tremendous amount of mulch is spread throughout piece of morale. We haven’t won a home meet in a
(the course). Fill dirt is used to fill in any of the holes long time.”
or areas where runners might twist ankles. We bring

September 18, 2015 C 21

“Making the cut” difficult for
aspiring Comet athletes

Kylie McCalmont | Sports Editor the baseball team, he found success Coach Bly talks to the team after last year’s loss agaisnt Moeller. Photo by Matt Marvar
[email protected] in cross country and track. Accord- “Making the Cut”: A closer look at the numbers
ing to Welage, it wasn’t worth it to
To cut or not to cut. switch schools just over one missed * Approximations made by coaches Graphic by Kate Madigan
As tryouts roll around, each coach opportunity.
ponders the same thing. With over Photo by Lauren Lysko
800 athletes competing for a lim- “I wouldn’t have done that
ited number of spots, some hard- (moved schools) because I wouldn’t The boys soccer team gathers before taking on Springboro in the season opener.
working players are sent home have left all my friends behind,”
without a jersey in hand. Welage said. “I realized Mason is a
Out of all sports at Mason High pretty tough place to make a sports
School, baseball is the most selec- team so I obviously was sad about
tive. This past season, 140 boys tried getting cut but I obviously had oth-
out with the hopes of earning a jer- er opportunities in different sports.”
sey and a spot on the roster but 60
were sent home with nothing more Although cuts aren’t the high-
than a few dirt stains. According to light of a coaching career, girls
varsity baseball coach Curt Bly, it head soccer coach Andy Schur
has gotten a lot harder to cut play- agrees that there are some positive
ers as his coaching career has pro- aspects to the harsh action.
“The competition obviously
“ It’s quite an helps the top kids know they can’t
accomplishment rest and be average the rest of their
to put a jersey on career,” Schur said. “They have to
”in this program. keep getting better if they want
—Curt Bly to keep playing in the program. I
Varsity Baseball Coach think it helps but I think it hurts
the dynamic for some kids who are
“It’s a difficult thing to make on the fringe who decide they don’t
that decision and as a program it’s want to experience it.”
been a long time since there was a
clear line between who could play Cross country as well as track
and who couldn’t,” Bly said. “When and field are both no-cut sports, but
I first started coaching here—this girls cross country and boys track
will be my 19th season coaching coach Chip Dobson said that they
at some level in the program—it do uphold some regulations to en-
was a lot easier. I think now there sure a competitive team.
is no doubt that we have to let go
of quality players, kids that can “We don’t cut but we have mini-
play in other programs at the high mum standards,” Dobson said. “If
school level.” you don’t make a certain minimum
standard, then you don’t race. You
As Mason’s student population in- can still be a part of the team, you
creases with every incoming class, can still train, but you don’t get
Bly said the size of the school—not to race. It kept some kids out who
the sport—may be the reason for would have been cut if there were
the large amount of cuts. cuts but it has kept the integrity
of the program together and it al-
“We are the largest high school lowed us to move forward in a posi-
in the state of Ohio in terms of en- tive way.”
rollment, so it definitely is more
difficult,” Bly said. “You have a lot At Mason, even with the large
of competition.” amount of cuts, a spot on the roster
doesn’t necessarily mean a spot on
To avoid the competition, some the field but according to Bly, each
kids resort to smaller schools, but player should be proud to wear a
not senior Matt Welage. After get- jersey as some classmates don’t
ting cut his sophomore year from even get the chance to have that

“I tell our guys if you earn a uni-
form, even if your playing time
doesn’t end up being what every-
one wants it to be, it’s quite an ac-
complishment to put a jersey on in
this program because of the inter-
est in it and the value of numbers,”
Bly said.

22 C September 18, 2015

Photo Contributed by Aliyah El-Naggar Commentary

Photos by Ellie Uecker and Lauren Lysko College
Sophomore Annie Metzger defends the ball from a Lakota West player. Senior Gary Zhao keeps the ball away from season yet
two Springboro players. to begin

Mason soccer teams have similar success Eric Miller | Staff Writer
[email protected]
Eric Michael | Staff Writer come which makes us closer as a team.”
[email protected] A completely different story can be told about While college football has been rolling for
three weeks, to me the season doesn’t truly
With Mason High School’s girls soccer team the girls team as they take pride in their young get going until week five: the beginning of
being led by a group of young superstars and talent and enthusiasm for the sport. Riding on conference play.
the boys squad relying on a group of seasoned an undefeated record so far this season, sopho-
veterans, the varsity soccer teams this year more Annie Metzger said her team sees their For the first four weeks of the season, col-
could be classified as polar opposites. There is, age as an advantage, rather than a lack of ex- lege football schedules are loaded with cup-
however, one characteristic that the two teams perience. cakes. In week two, for instance, Baylor plays
do have in common—winning. Lamar University, which none of you had
“Having a young team, everybody is so new ever heard of until now. Colorado State and
With both the boys and girls soccer teams so they’re all really excited for every game,” Akron both will play Football Championship
being ranked among the top 10 in the state by Metzger said. “It’s our first year (on varsity for a Subdivision (FCS) doormat Savannah State,, the two groupsare being lot of us), so it brings more energy to the game who went 0-12 in 2014. Savannah State has lost
held to high expectations for the season. when we play. Last year, everybody was so excit- their last seven games vs. Football Bowl Sub-
ed for tournament time, but this year everyone division (FBS) opponents in spectacular fash-
Coming off of a tie against St. Ignatius High was just as excited for our scrimmages.” ion, on average, 72-5, including an 81-9 loss
School, a team ranked fourth in the country as of to Georgia Southern. The Tigers aren’t alone;
September 13 according to Top Drawer, the boys Despite their opposing styles of play, one thing FCS teams struggle mightily against the big
varsity team is climbing higher in the rankings that the Mason soccer teams pride themselves bad FBS. From 1978-2013, FBS teams are stag-
as well. Led by a large group of seniors, veteran on is the overwhelming amount of support they gering 814-58-3 against FCS opponents, a win-
leadership and experience is vital for the success express for each other. According to girls head ning percentage of 93.4. So my point? FBS
of the Comets this season. coach Andrew Schur, the boys and girls teams teams need to take FCS teams off of their
are each very involved with each other and are schedules.
Junior goalkeeper Danny Mackzum said that always wishing the best for their counterpart.
having a large amount of seniors on the team So without the ability to schedule FCS
helps contribute to strong leadership and re- “I think there is a good dynamic of support,” teams, what happens to the Appalachian
spect for one another. Schur said. “I think that the kids on each team States of the world, you say? Teams like the
respect the accomplishments of the opposite Mountaineers, who pulled off a titanic 34-
“With the varsity team having so many se- gender. It’s hard for them to support each other 32 upset of number five Michigan in 2007,
niors and veteran players, it really helps,” Mack- by physically being at games some nights be- would still be eligible to schedule FBS teams
zum said. “So far we have been successful in our cause conference games are played on the same if my proposal went through.
season and I think it’s obvious to say that all of night…but come tournament time, when the
the senior players have been a big part of our games are on different nights, they’re there At the time of their historic upset of the
success. Our leadership has been great so far be- cheering as hard as anyone else for the other Wolverines, the Mountaineers were in the
cause the seniors have made everyone feel wel- group. I think it makes a huge difference.” midst of a run of three straight FCS cham-
pionships. So what I’m saying is the Moun-
ELLIE BRUSH Comet Stat Line taineers were a little bit higher caliber than
‘ol Savannah State. Under my proposal, the
Junior, Cross Country BRYSON WHITE 24 teams who make the FCS playoffs the year
prior, would still be eligible to have FBS level
18:15 5K Senior, Football teams on their schedule.
at Moeller
Invitational 37 attempts Keeping the cupcakes of college football
272 yards like Wagner and the University of Incarnate
Statistics as of September 13. 7.4 average Word off of the schedules of big-ticket col-
3 total TD’s lege football teams, will improve attendance,
as well as keep the level of play where it
should be. It would also allow the big dogs
of the FCS to test their mettle and see if they
can compete at the next level.

Senior, Golf

avg. per 9
2nd in GMC

September 18, 2015 C 23

Photos by Madison Krell

Senior triathlete Alec Enis prepares for races by swimming, biking, and running. Enis is preparing to compete in his second Morgan’s Little Miami Triathlon in October.

Triathlons present unique challenge for the true multi-sport athlete

Serina Cline | Staff Writer more because the first time I did it was swimming. while Enis decided not to return back to
[email protected] just to get it done,” Enis said. “Now my “The biggest challenge for me was basketball this upcoming winter. Accord-
goal is to get a better time than I did last ing to Enis, he wanted a new reason to
One sport wasn’t enough. time and then the next time after that.” overcoming the swimming but I didn’t stay in shape.
The Morgan’s Little Miami Triathlon really make a big deal out of the chal-
celebrates its 36th year this October. While Enis chooses to compete on a lenges,” Vermillion said. “I knew that it “In the spring I decided I didn’t want
Senior Alec Enis has completed his first more serious level, junior Reagan Snyder was my first time and I was just doing it to continue playing a high school sport
Morgan’s triathlon and is now training is choosing to do her first triathlon with for fun and to set a baseline for myself.” anymore,” Alec said. “I had to have
rigorously for his second one in October. a fun approach. motivation to keep myself active and I
According to Enis, he has a weekly ritual Vermillion said his motivation to en- thought a triathlon was the exact thing I
he performs to prepare for his next race. “I have been canoeing and we have dure the challenges of the triathlon was was looking for with all the training that
“I train by swimming at the local rec been trying to get out and run—biking his sister who runs on a collegiate triath- goes into it and all the hard work that
center and keeping up with my repertory we will probably just wing it,” Snyder lon team at the University of Alabama. leads up to it.”
and cardio,” Enis said. “I always try to said. “I’m not too nervous because I According to Vermillion, he considers
do at least five to 10 minutes of abs and am doing it with a friend and we aren’t following in her footsteps and making According to Enis, this three-sport
arms after I go on a run four to five days competing per say; we are just going out triathlons a hobby. challenge is great for individuals that
a week.” there to have fun.” want to reach a goal and that may not be
Individuals put themselves through “I’ll do what my sister did and join a the best at one particular sport.
these vigorous triathlons for different Senior Kevin Vermillion had a similar collegiate team in college next year,”
reasons, but according to Enis, he was outlook as Snyder when he completed Vermillion said. “As far as I’ve heard it’s “It’s really something that you don’t
motivated by his desire to reach a per- his first triathlon at Voice of America a lot of fun and you get to meet new have to be a superstar athlete to do,” Enis
sonal goal. Park last June. Vermillion is involved in people.” said. “It’s something that if you really
“Just doing it once isn’t my goal any- Mason’s cross country and track team, want to have an experience that is inde-
so while he went into the triathlon with Although the desire to race was scribable and accomplish something that
a lot of cardio training under his belt, prevalent, Snyder and Enis had another you never thought you could, triathlons
Vermillion said he wasn’t as ready for the motive. Snyder decided not to continue are something you definitely want to try.”
with high school soccer her junior year

Comet Stat Line

Senior, Cross Country
Senior, Soccer Freshman, Volleyball
16:23:80 5K
3 goals 2.58 at Moeller
1 assist kills/game Invitional
Bicycle kick vs .403
Loveland efficiency Statistics as of September 13.

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