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From paragraph to essay

From paragraph to essay


Activity page 19

It is a good name because the girl is watching hidden and that shows her curiosity.
Weddings in my country:
The weddings in Chile aren’t different from other countries in latin america before
doing the religious wedding the couple must get married in the civilly.
Then, they can do it in a church, no matter what religion practice. It is customary
to make a big celebration with lots of guests. Generally, the expenses used to be
paid by the parents.
Now day the groom and bride are the ones who pay for everything .
After the religious ceremony in the exit of the church the guests throw rice at the
grooms to wish you good luck the bride and groom
Marriage is a very pretty ceremony that usually change in certain aspects
according to the family habits of each person.

Activity page 21

 I live next to a park . The park is large and has tres and grass there is a big
lake. Where you can see people enjoying many activities. There are a lot
of places to sit an relax everywhere you walk you can see flowers. People
usually take their children who have a lot fun and enjoy of the park. I really
like spending time in this park

 The person i admire the most is Lil Wayne he is a rapper afro-american who
was born in E.E.U.U and he is 28 years old . He is not very tall and very
thin,her hairiscurly,for this reason he has very long dreadlocks, he has a lot
tattos in body.

I admire this person because he got out of a world very por and become a
very famous person. I don’t know this personality but in the future i’d like to
meet him.

Activity page 23

 to enter the university first you must produce the test PSU and obtain a good

 Then to select the career which you want to enter, in my case industrial civil

Then you must have good qualifications to be able to spend your subjects and
this way give ended to the career and to obtain a University Title

Finally you can obtain a work thanks to this university title

Activity page 31

 I have 5 Friends and their names are Juan, Pedro, Valentina, Antonio and

Well, Juan is a intelligent men but i think that Pedro is more intelligent tan he .
Valentina is my girlfriend and she’s the best girlfriend in the world.
Antonio is short and he is thinner tan Alonso but he is more taller tan he. Finally
i tell you about Alonso, he is the most polite person that i know. They’re my
Friends and i love them so much.

Activity page 31

 Adventages:  Disadvantages:

English makes comunicating with foreing The elevated prices of english schooling
people easier, because in most countries makes it harder for people to be able to
english is learn as a first or second pay for them

In the working market is important to
know how to speak, read and
understand english, because it gives you
and the Company the posibility to work
with foreing companies.

Activity page 34

 Traveling is something very entertaining since new cultures and different
languages are known.

One of the benefits is that you can organize yourself and have good
moments is already with your relatives or friends.
And a disadvantage would be losing privacy since if it leaves in group it is
necessary to spend most of the time with the group
We can say that it is better to travel in group since it is shared by relatives and
friends and of certain way one amuses himself more

Activity page 36

 The internet has become a simple place to be able to hack people, so
that this does not happen so often you can install an antivirus when the
page is not secure or simply not acces pages other tan the oficial of the
bank or Facebook or any acount you have

Internet is a good tool but when it is used badly it can be very dangerous for
the security

Activity page 40

 I think that university life is very complicated because at has many difficult
clases because we have a Little time

 I thin that internet is very dangerous because there are many hackers and
many people have acces to you information

Activity page 44

 my name is Cristobal Frias I am a moderately tall person, I am of thin
contexture and I have the black hair and the green eyes.

I am a happy and positive person I like many the animals, I have three
brothers and at present I live with them more my parents. I have lived in
Chillan and at present I live in the Hualpen commune, is work in shops as
falabella and fashions He Avoids. I like the happy thing that I am but I do not
like being very talkative
I like how I am and hope to improve every day more

Activity page 44

 I am very interested in realizing to master's degree degree since I would
like having different knowledge, and improving personally in your university
as prestigious as that.

Also I would like knowing its establishment since therefore I have read he is
one of the best of the world and I would like to be a part of Harvard University
My qualities are not the best but it would go ready to improve every day this
way to be able to have a brilliant yield in its establishment. Without anything
more that to add waited for a prompt answer

Activity page 45

 Perhaps you don't always need to use commas, periods, colons, etc. To
make sentences clear when I am in a hurry, tired cold, lazy or angry I
sometimes leave out punctuation marks grammar is stupid I can write
without it and don't need it My uncle Harry once said he was not very
clever and I never understood a word He wrote to me, I think ill learn some
punctuation not too much enough to write to Uncle Harry He needs some

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