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Published by Malani Sanders, 2019-05-09 13:54:01




By Jacobi Williams and Malani Sanders

Desert climate\weather

Desert weather is hot in the day but at night it is cold because the temperature will
Drop. Deserts are so dry and the humidity is so low. Some deserts can reach over
100 degrees!

animals/plants in the desert

The giant saguaro cactus can grow 50 feet tall and can live 200 years!

Meerkats is a small mammal that is apart of the mongoose family they live in the
kalahari desert.

The location of the hottest desert

The largest hot and dry desert in the WORLD is the sahara
desert in northern africa.the sahara desert is filled with sand
and giant sand dunes.

Animal adaptation

The meerkats eat lizards snakes eggs and fruit.meerkats can adapt to very harsh
weather.meerkats get water from what they eat because its not alot of water in the

Fun facts for the desert biome

Only 20% of a desert is covered in sand.

Some deserts are covered in snow and ice they are called cold

Quiz for the desert

1.If I desert has snow and ice what is it called? Cold desert
2. Some deserts can reach over how many degrees? 100

3.What is the most hottest desert in africa? The sahara desert
4.How do meerkats get water? They get water from their food



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