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Revista Natal 2019

Revista Natal 2019



Christmas 2019

Dear Students, Parents and Teachers,
Christmas is coming soon… the end of the first academic term is getting near, too.
We hope that all our students’ results meet their expectations! Fingers crossed!!
We have fantastic news from Bristol School. Being an Exam Centre for the International Cambridge English Examinations,
we are happy to announce that the number of candidates for these International Exams has been steadily increasing and
the grades awarded have systematically been very good!
Last June we ran Young Learners exams (YL Movers) for the first time and our lovely young students achieved 100%
success!! They were outstanding! So were our students who took up A2 Key, B1 Preliminary, B2 First, C1 Advanced and
C2 Proficiency. We had 98% success in these exams, and most of our candidates passed with “A’s” and “B’s”!
Pieces of good news are to be shared and we can’t help but share them with all of you. We want our students, parents
and teachers to be as proud as we are!
Thank you, dear parents for your cooperation, consistent determination and for being aware of the importance of English
in your children’s future. It will definitely be an essential tool for their life.
Thank you, dear students, for your effort and good performance! Keep it up! Never give up!
A big thank you to all the staff for your hard work and cooperation.
Last, but not least, thank you dear teachers for your commitment, professionalism and zeal. You play a vital role in this
Without everyone’s precious contribution, Bristol School wouldn’t have the good reputation it has gained and the excellent
results achieved over 30 years of teaching.
Our target is to do better and better and to have a more and more fantastic school where everybody feels happy and
We wish you and your family a joyful Christmas and All the Best for the year 2020.
May all your dreams come true!
The Directors,


Christmas acrostics

Diogo V., EJ4

P lace
R eindeer
E lf
S nowman
E lves
North Pole
T oys
S tar

Francisco, A2.1a

Sofia Costa, A2.2 T insel
O rnaments
Martim Fernandes, EJ1 Y ellow
S tar
Maria Soares, EJ1 C arol Francisco Rocha, EJ4
Hot chocolate S tar
P eace R eindeer T insel
R udolph I cicle A ngel
d E corations S tar R eindeer
Santa Claus T insel
D E cember M istletoe C andles
North pole A ngel A ngel
T insel S leigh R eindeer
S nowman O rnaments
T oys L ove
Afonso Silva, A2.2d R udolph
E lf Joana & Vitoria,
E lves A2.1a

Sofia Silva &

Sofia Velho, A2.1a

Santa Claus
T oy
A ngel
R eindeer

Catarina Neves, A2.1a

Maria Miguel, EJ1


To me Christmas is ...

To me Christmas is a lot of fun because I
get together with my family and I play

with my family and cousin.

Tiago Braga, A2.1a

Beatriz, EJ3

‘Holiday show and tall’ Matilde Laranjeira,
My name is Inês Fonseca. My family and I like to sing
and dance Christmas songs. Our tradition is to exchange My name is Catarina Rodrigues. Fun things my family and I do
gifts at midnight. We always eat different codfish when we are waiting for midnight is doing a treasure hunt with
dishes. Our favourite Christmas songs are ‘Jingle bells’, chocolates, listening to music and chatting with each other.
‘Holly night’ and ‘Let it snow’. At our house Christmas is Our favourite tradition is having dinner together and opening
not Christmas without watching the movie ‘Home Alone’ the presents.
and ‘Paddington’, we watch them repeatedly every Our holiday dish is codfish with boiled potatoes and vegetables.
year. We always play Bingo and Cluedo. I love We don’t have a favourite holiday song, because we like many.
Christmas, it’s my favourite time of the year. One of them is ‘All I want for Christmas is you’.
Our favourite holiday activity is being all together in family.
Inês Fonseca, A2.1b Our favourite holiday movie is ‘Home Alone’.

My name is Artur. A fun thing my family and I do is Catarina Rodrigues, A2.2d
opening the presents. Our favourite tradition is eating
codfish. And our favourite holiday music is a singer not Christmas is when family are all together. We love
a song, the singer is Quim Barreiros. Our favourite Christmas because of the food and the presents.
holiday game is Monopoly. Our favourite movie is Merry Christmas!
Class: A1a
Artur Borges, A2.2d


All I want for ChristmasDear Father Christmas Hello Santa, All I want for Christmas
… …
We have been good girls and boys. This I hope you are great!
Christmas we would like to receive a book,
clothes, poopsie slime, toys, xBox360. Is it cold in the North Pole? I have
been a good kid! For Christmas I want
We wish you a Merry Christmas! my family to be happy.

Thank you. Merry Christmas!

Class EJ3 Class: EJ1

I don’t want a bad grade at Bristol

there is just one thing I need.

I don’t care about grades

or the grades under 80

I just want a 90 David, EJ4

More than you could ever know

Make my wish come true, oh

All I want for Christmas is Bristol School

Teresa Pisco & Rui Ribeiro, B1.1

Hello Santa Claus! I: Hello Santa Claus! How are you? I: Hello Santa Claus! How are you?
S: Hello! I’m fine, thank you.
Interviewer: I hope everything is fine with I: Where do you live? S: Hello! I’m fine thank you.
you, because this time of year you have lot
of work! S: I live in Lapland. I: Why do you wear a red suit?
I: Why do you like giving presents?
I’d like to ask you some questions… can I? S: Good question. I didn’t always dress
S: I like that, because the children are in red, before I dressed in green but
Santa Claus: Yes, of course. happy. after an advertisement I made for
a company called Coca Cola in
I: So, do you have any children? I: How many houses do you visit each which I dressed in red, I decided to
year? keep my red suit.
S: No, I don’t. I have a lot of work and
having a child would be even more tiring. S: I visit almost six billion houses each I: Where do you live?
But I consider all the elves my children. year.
S: I live in Lapponia.
I: It’s a very nice answer! And where do you I: How many sleds have you got?
live? I: Where is Lapponia?
S: I have only got one sled.
S: I live in a very beautiful, cheerful and cute I: How many reindeer have you got? S: Lapponia is in Finland.
place. I love it! S: I have got eight reindeer.
I: Have you got a dog? I: Why did you decide to give people
I: I would love to visit. The next question is one presents?
I’m very curious about… who are your S: No, I haven’t got a dog, because I’m
best friends? a busy person. S: I give people presents because a
long time ago when I was an
S: To me, everyone I work with is my best I: Thank you for answering these archbishop in Turkey I would go up
friend, because we all get along so well, questions! on the roof of houses and throw
and we love each other. presents through the chimneys to
S: Good bye! Merry Christmas! people who needed it.
I: This is really cute! Thank you very much.
Beatriz Capela, A2.1d I: Ok thanks for the interview.
S: You’re welcome! Goodbye.

I: Nice to meet you Santa Claus! S: Bye.

S: Nice to meet you too! André Costa, A2.1d

Joana Martins, A2.1d


It would be great to be an elf!
If I were an elf, I would be very funny and small.
My name would be Bristol and my job would be to bake cookies for Santa Claus and his wife.
My favourite part of being an elf would be helping Santa Claus.
And my special talent would be to wake up Santa Claus, it would be very nice!
I would love to be an elf.

Catarina Neves, A2.1a

Inês Braga, EJ3 Rafael, EJ3 Inês, EJ3

Job Offer

Dear Santa Claus, Dear Mr. Santa Claus,

I am writing with regard to the advertisement that I I am writing to apply for the elf position advertised in the Times
saw in an international newspaper for the role of an Square building. One of my reasons for applying is that I love this
Elf. I have a degree in Toy Manufacturing from Elf time of the year and I want to make children’s wishes come true more
Underground School, which is an establishment with a than anything.
good job system, and I have hundred years of
experience in this job. At present I am a student at Upper School. I am currently in school,
but my holidays will start soon. As requested, I have a certificate in
Christmas is a very important event for all people as Toy Manufacturing from an accredited elf institution. However, I
people prepare their Christmas tree with large regret I have not had several hundred years of related experience.
amounts of decoration and it is considered a magical
time of year. For children, it is also a special time I very much enjoy travelling, therefore I have knowledge of all
because they can order their presents for Santa and different Christmas traditions around the world and of childhood
we, Elves, are the people behind this project. dreams and wishes. I am also very sociable, so it’s easy for me to
Furthermore, I am an excellent expert in making work with everyone, even chubby and jolly elves.
cookies of various different types and flavours and
an extreme person in favour of the cold. In addition to this I can also tolerate extreme cold weather. I can
cook, even though I sometimes burn some things and I am nimble,
I believe I have all the skills that are required of an quick and, the most important, magical.
I feel I would be suitable for the job especially because I have big
Yours sincerely, pointed ears, a must to be an elf.

Mariana Correia, B2.2d I am available to start working in two weeks. I can be contacted on
07935033195 at any time. Thank you for considering my

Yours sincerely,

Filipa Maudslay, B2.2d

Francisca, A1d


Dear Mr. Santa Claus,
I would like to apply for the position of Elf which I saw in an international newspaper called CandyCandy on the
thirtieth of February.
I am currently in Portugal, but I have no problem travelling to the North Pole at any time. I know that the timetable is
full in December and maybe I’ll need to do extra hours, which is no problem for me. I would like to point out that I
have no experience whatsoever in this area. However, I am able to design, develop and build toys: I have been
making my sister’s presents for years with my own hands.
I am also aware of the Christmas traditions around the world, for example the creation of the Christmas symbol in
people’s buildings to receive the wished presents underneath it, or as it is called on more common terms: decorating a
Christmas tree. I do regret to say that I do not have experience taking care of reindeer or sleighs, I do not even know
what a sleigh is, although, I would like to acquire experience of it. Even though my ears are not as pointed as I wished
them to be, I am proud to say that I have a little bit of magic in my hands that can be quite useful.
I also have access to a sled, I just don’t know how to use it, the proof of that was the speeding ticket I received last
week or the medical treatments I had to pay a duck for running him over. So, as you can see, even though I have some
things to learn, I am quite suitable for the job.
I can be contacted by email ([email protected]) and I am available for an interview after Easter since I
will be working for the Easter Bunny until then, and before October because I have a part time job with the Halloween
I hope you consider my application.
Yours faithfully,

Dear Mr. Santa Claus, Dear Santa Claus,
I am writing to you not because I want a present for
I would like to apply for the position of Elf which I saw Christmas but because I would like to apply for the
advertised in The Times on 15th September 2019. This is position of Elf, which I saw in an international newspaper
my dream job, so I decided to apply for it right away. that I think you might know called The North Pole Paper.
One of my reasons for applying is because it seems nice
I am writing from Greenland and I have a certificate in and fun to make presents for children.
Toy Manufacturing from an accredited Elf institution. I am I am from Denmark, so I can tolerate extremely cold
eligible for a membership with the Elf Craft Guild in North weather. At present, I am working for a Christmas shop
Pole. I have several hundred years of related experience, where I pack presents. I can bake really good cookies
but this job is my main goal. I know all the Christmas and tolerate chubby and jolly elves. Furthermore, I have
traditions around the world and children’s dreams and a Diploma in Toy Manufacturing from an Elf Construction.
wishes. I am able to work effectively with elves at all levels So, I feel I would be suitable for the job as I think I have
of the North Pole enterprise, including chubby and jolly all the abilities you asked for in the advert.
ones because I am very sociable. I am completely humble, I am available to start work even today if you need it
quick and slightly magical. I can also make hot rum and and I can be contacted on 023457689 at any time.
bake cookies. I hope you will consider my application.
Your faithfully.
I have always been interested in becoming an Elf. I have
pointed ears which was mentioned as a preference in the Manuela Vergas, B2.2d
newspaper. I am admittedly passionate about it. I am
willing to work hard every day. This job would give me Maria Miguel, EJ4
the opportunity to fulfil my dream and work for Santa
Claus. As a result of living many years in Greenland I am
well acquainted with extreme weather conditions.

I am available to start working or attend an interview any

I can be contacted on 079345178 all day. I hope you will
consider my application.

Your sincerely,

Mariana Coimbra, B2.2a


It’s Christmas time…

The perfect Christmas Day The magic accident
For me the most important thing about December is
Christmas day. It is when my family is gathered, and Once upon a time Santa Claus was in his lab preparing something
the most important thing for all the kids is being with special. He wanted to invent a magic potion capable of spreading
their families and having some place to stay, so that joy, peace and Christmas magic all over the world.
on that night, they feel the Christmas magic.
I think that, especially at Christmas, everyone must Finally, he made it: a jar of a shiny liquid. One drop of it was able
be happy with their family because some people to do extraordinary things.
would give all the world to have all the family with
them. The Best Christmas ever has to have some So, Santa gave it to his favourite elf, Adolf, and gave him one
Christmas songs like Last Christmas and All I want for simple task: spread it all over the planet. But the unexpected
Christmas is you. happened…
For me the best Christmas day is with all my family
gathered and a lot of Christmas music. Then when A storm began!! Thunder, rain, clouds, wind, fog…the night came
the time comes to open the gifts, I would like to and Adolf and his partner Rudolf were terrified. They did
receive an iPad pro. In that iPad I would do a lot of everything they could to keep the sleigh going but it was
things like play music, study English, see Netflix and impossible. They crashed…
a lot of more things.
Now, I’m about to finish but I would like to wish my The jar fell off Adolf’s hands and broke. All magic power spread
teacher a Merry Christmas… in that little village called Paris.

Diogo Vieira B1.2c They couldn’t do anything. Adolf and Rudolf were now watching
the powerful changes that love, joy and Christmas spirit can do.
My gingerbread house
I live in a gingerbread house. My house is beautiful. And so was born…Disneyland!
The house is made of gingerbread with chocolate
chips. The inside of the house is furnished with milk Diogo Monteiro B1.2c
chocolate and white chocolate furniture. The walls
are made of strawberry chocolate. It’s a beautiful Day off!
and delicious house.
Santa’s elves always have a day off. Piki, the smallest of Santa’s
Nuno Carvalho, A2.2d elves, was on his day off. He always does the same things on his
day off, but this year he decided to do something different. He
Santa’s true identity decided that he would help people in his village.
When I was an elf, Santa Claus gave all the elves
hot chocolate every day. But one day he gave us Piki woke up and realized that today he didn’t have to go to work.
toys. Obviously, I was curious, so I went to his room He got dressed, got out of his home and went to the centre of his
and I saw Santa Claus writing a postcard with an village.
angel, I lazily entered and hid. One billion of years
later (1 hour) he stopped writing the postcard and He was so small that no one could see him. At first, he tried to help
he snapped his finger and turned into Thanos!! people carry their bags from the grocery, but the bags were so
He jumped into the sleigh and started delivering heavy that every time he tried to carry a bag, he was smashed by
gifts at the houses. The best adventure ever! it. After that he decided to go for a walk in the city, so Piki went
to a park. There were so many dogs there that he had to run from
Francisco Duarte, A2.2c them and hide on the slide for the kids. After that he saw a very
pretty house with an open window, and inside there was a kid
playing with dolls. Piki decided to come in and started to talk to
the kid, he looked around and saw a Christmas tree. Piki is a
perfectionist so he decided to fix the star that was almost falling,
he climbed over the tree and when he was almost there, everything
started to shake, and the tree fell. Piki didn’t know what to do, and
just after the tree had fallen Mika’s mom arrived home. Piki told
Mika’s mom that it was Mika’s fault, Mika told her mum that she
hadn’t done anything, and her mum believed in her, so she started
screaming at Piki. Piki said that he would help Mika’s mom set up
the tree.

Santa’s smallest elf, Piki, said sorry to this family and went home.
He realized that maybe it wasn’t a good idea to go inside the
homes of people that we don’t know.

Francisca Completo, B1.2c


Christmas tree André, EJ4

Once upon a time, a big family was decorating the Christmas
tree when Sophie said:

- Mom, why we are decorating the tree?

The mom looked surprised at her daughter and said:

- Because it’ s Christmas, I guess

- But doesn’t the Christmas tree have an exciting history?

- I don’t know but you can go to the internet.

Sophie ran fast to her computer and searched “Christmas
tree”. She opened a website and, on the website, she read:

“Once upon a time a little girl was in her home when her
father came home. When she saw her father she said:

- Dad, today is Christmas, can we do a different thing?

- Yes. We can go for a walk in the forest.

When they were in the forest the little girl said:

- Dad, can we take a tree back home?

- Yes, we can.

They picked a tree and took it home.

When they arrived at home, they put the tree in the living
room and decorated it.” Since then it has become a tradition
and every family has good moments decorating their
Christmas tree.

B2.1 Matilde Rodrigues, B1.1b

A Christmas Story

On December 24th, in a very small town in North Carolina, a girl named Isabela decided to catch a train to Washington D.C

Right there she sat across from a famous singer (Stuart). At that time Isabela didn’t realize that Stuart was a famous singer and
she told him to get out of her away, because she was very upset, she had to make a very important decision in a short time.

After some time, the train stopped because it was snowing a lot, and Isabela just left the train and went to a cafe, to eat
something. Stuart saw her and he went after her. By that time Isabela realized that Stuart was a famous singer. They sat at the
same table, and other girls were looking at him because he was a well-known singer. Isabela was very angry, and she didn’t
like that lots of girls were looking at them.

After they had eaten, she left the cafe and Stuart followed her again, she was going home as it was snowing a lot, and she
needed to take care of her mother (Lily), because she was sick. Before they arrived at Isabela´s home, they passed by a church
to get shelter because they were wet. There they found Isabela’s mother and grandfather (Edward). They were very surprised
especially her grandpa because Isabela was with a boy and that wasn’t usual. It was Christmas and Stuart was going to spend
it alone, so Isabela’s mother invited him to spend Christmas with them and he accepted.

At their house, Stuart was wet, so Lily gave him some her father’s clothes and Isabela went to her room to change hers. When
Stuart sat at the table, Edward looked at him with a weird face because Stuart was wearing a suit. They ate and Stuart said
thanks to them because he didn’t have any family, his home was on the stages. After some time, Lily turned on the radio, she
started dancing and Stuart started dancing with her and Isabela with her grandfather.

Isabela went to her room and Stuart followed her, she was thinking about that decision that decision she had to make. She had
to decide if she was going to university in Washington D.C, or if she was going to stay in North Carolina and take care of her
sick mother. She thought that her grandpa couldn’t take care of her mother and of himself. Her mother heard that and asked
Stuart if he could leave the room for them to talk in private. Stuart stayed by the door, listening to what Lily was saying. She
was saying that Isabela should go to university and think about her future. Stuart came in the room and said that he could go
with Isabela and help her with the things that she needed. Lily said that he could do it, but Isabela said that she couldn’t accept
that, so Stuart said that would be her Christmas gift.

After some days Isabela called Stuart and accepted his proposal.

Inês Fonseca, B1.2c



Cursos de Verão em Inglaterra e Estados Unidos

A Bristol School organiza cursos de Verão no Estrangeiro há mais de 30 anos. No Verão de 2020 iremos a
Lincoln/ Cambridge e a New York ou Washington DC com fim de semana em Niagara Falls (Canada).
Serão duas semanas de divertimento, aventura e imersão total na língua em escolas internacionais com alunos
de várias nacionalidades.
Os alunos são sempre acompanhados por líderes / professores da Bristol School.
Em ambos os destinos, o curso inclui:

- Alojamento e alimentação completa em Campus Universitário;
- Aulas de inglês em turmas com o mesmo nível e alunos de diferentes nacionalidades;
- Certificado do curso;
- Programa cultural e social com excursões de dia inteiro e tardes de visitas;
- Atividades supervisionadas no Campus;
Programas muito prometedores! Consulte-nos na Bristol School para mais informação.

Summer Courses 2020 EUA: 5 a 19 de Julho

Inglaterra: 28 de Junho a 12 de Julho

US / UK 2019

Last summer I went to Bath and London with the Bristol School. It was very cool. This Last summer, we had maybe
was my first time in the UK and it was a fantastic experience! I hope to go there again. the best experience of our
I wish I could go every year!! In the morning, we always had classes with different lives. We went to New York
teachers, and we discussed about different things, only in English, of course. Then after city with friends and an
lunch in a lovely canteen, we went to visit different places. At the weekend we went to amazing group leader.
Wales and London.
We stayed at Montclair
It was absolutely superb! State University for 2 weeks
in Newark, New Jersey. Not
We had the opportunity to make new friends, talk to classmates from other countries only did we visit the
and know about different cultures. landmarks of NYC, such as
Central Park and Times
These two weeks were the best of my life! Everything was amazing! Squares, but we were also
in contact with the American
Luis Ilunga, B1.1d culture. We followed their
diet full of fast food and
sugary desserts and we met
American high schoolers. It
was a memorable trip and
we’re certain WE WILL NEVER

Ana Catarina Cruz &
Joana Azeredo, C2.1a


Home Alone

I’m going to write about a Christmas movie,

named Home Alone 1.

In this film, we have a main character,

Kevin, he’s only eight years old, and

secondary characters, who are the

criminals and his parents.

This film is about a family that is planning

to spend Christmas in Paris, but on the day

of leaving, the family forget the youngest

son, Kevin, and only realise that Kevin is not

with them when they are on the airplane.

After this, the family try to go home but

they can’t.

Kevin has to stay alone in his house for

many days and this is an adventure. In this

period, he needs to fight two thieves who

are trying to hurt him.

I would like to recommend this film because

it is a good one to watch with family at

Christmas. And it’s funny! João Neves, B1.1c

Love actually

‘Love actually’ is a Christmas film. It talks about the stories of really different people. In the
end, all these people gather together.

My favourite part in the film is the wedding, because when the couple leaves the church a
group appears singing a Beatles song ‘All you need is love’. It’s a beautiful moment and I
love the music before and after the 80’s.

This film also has a Portuguese actress, Lucia Moniz. I was happy because my country is
represented in a film, one of my favourites.

If I get the chance, I’m going to see it again.

Guilherme Rebelo, B1.1d


The Grinch

“The Grinch” is one of the most amazing Christmas films, with a creative plot and a
powerful message. It achieved success and got positive comments. “The Grinch” is
about a green monster who lives on the top of a mountain. Due to the fact that he
hates Christmas, he tries to put an end to the celebrations. Some days before
Christmas, he planned everything he could do to destroy that holiday. But when
Christmas arrived, with the help of some children, he understood why he didn’t like
Christmas. The reason was the fact that he spent it alone, every year. Those children
invited him to join in the Christmas dinner. In that moment, Grinch realized that what
put him against Christmas was the loneliness he felt during that holiday. Apart from
that, before, he had always got angry when he saw people spending their Christmas
together. I think that it happened because he knew that others were loved and he
wasn’t. At the end of the film, Grinch changes his opinion about Christmas, he starts to
think that Christmas is an enjoyable festival.

The message is that the most important thing at Christmas is to spend time with your
family, friends and people who are lonely.

I highly recommend “The Grinch” because in my point of view it’s a funny and great

film, which shows an amazing message! Beatriz Coimbra, B1.1b

Shrek, Christmas Santa Buddies – A Christmas adventure

The donkey is very happy about Christmas, but Shrek This movie is about Puppy Paws, Santa Paws’ son. He will be the
doesn’t like it. next dog to be responsible for Christmas.
On Christmas Eve, as it was going to be Shrek’s first
year celebrating Christmas with his family, he But he just wanted to be a simple and normal puppy so he decided
decided to buy a book on how to make it perfect. to go to Budderball, a very naughty dog, and that’s where the
whole story begins. When he met Budderball, he got very excited
To make it the perfect Christmas he needed to because he wanted Budderball to teach him how to be a normal
decorate the house and tell a Christmas story. dog. He said that if he helped him he would go to Father Christmas’
nice list, but Puppy Paws ruined everything. Budderball was
Donkey invited all their friends to go to Shrek’s house blamed and he was furious. Puppy Paws decided to leave. He then
on Christmas Eve. Shrek got angry and left the party. met Nica and explained that he was Santa Paws’ son and that the
pigment that fed Christmas was melting because nobody wanted
Fiona looked for him and told him to go back to the to know about Christmas, so she denied, and she said that the
party. Shrek came back and they started telling Christmas miracle was her only hope. The next day Santa’s helper
Christmas stories. The message of this film is: and buddies found him, and he and the buddies came back to the
Christmas is not happy without friends. North Pole to fly. There they had all the energy, but the reindeer
were too weak, so the buddies pulled the sleigh with Puppy Paws
I like this film because I agree that, without friends, and saved Christmas.
Christmas isn’t happy!
A message that this film conveys is that Christmas is not just gifts
Matilde Silva, B1.1b but a moment for socializing with our family.

Tânia Gaspar, B1.1 b


Elf Die Hard

My favourite film is “Elf” in New York. Die Hard is a Christmas and action
movie starring Bruce Willis which
Buddy is a clumsy elf who is too big. After wreaking havoc on the North tells the story of a policeman trying
to save some people from terrorists.
Pole community because of his large size, the character played by Will
Bruce Willis stars as John McClane,
Ferrell is dispatched to the United States, where he must seek his true
the police officer, alongside Alan Rickman as Haus
identity. On the sound track you can hear the well-known song Jingle Gumber, the leader of the terrorist group.

Bell Rock. Ana Carolina Pinheiro, B1.1d He captures John McClane’s wife and her coworkers
in a skyscraper at the same time John visited her,
and so he decided to hide while the terrorists were
keeping the rest of the people hostages. Then, John
started to fight, and even to kill some of Guber’s
henchmen, while keeping in contact with another
policeman and writing each of the terrorists’ names.

With a premise like this, “Die Hard” doesn’t really
seem like a good Christmas movie. In fact, it doesn’t
seem like a Christmas Movie at all. But it is, and a
great one. Not only does it happen during Christmas
time, but it has the same formula a lot of Christmas
movies have: a working father tries to come home on
Christmas Eve to keep in contact with his family. The
difference is that it does this formula in a way that
has everything you would want from a Christmas and
action movie. As a Christmas movie, it has Christmas
trees, snow, gifts, family, songs… As an action movie,
it has guns, violence, blood, knives… and even a bit
of comedy too!

So, overall, “Die Hard” isn’t for everyone. It’s neither
a good family movie nor a movie for people that
don’t like action. However, for those who like
Christmas and action, this is an obligatory movie.

Pedro Santos, B2.1d

The Holiday

My favourite Christmas film is “The Holiday”. The film is a romantic comedy.

This film is about two women, Amanda Woods from Los Angeles and Iris Simpkins from London. They have love problems and
when they meet on the internet, they agree with exchanging houses during Christmas. During the exchange Iris has fun in
Amanda’s luxury house and Amanda spends a great Christmas in Iris’ modest home. Amanda falls in love with Iris’ older brother.
Iris is not as lucky as Amanda, however, she arouses the interest of Miles who is a big friend of Amanda’s ex-husband. These
situations make it really funny and romantic film, perfect for Christmas!

“The Holiday” shows us the cultural differences and the meaning of love. It doesn´t matter who you are, you can’t be happy
without love! It also shows us that love can be where we least expect it.

I love this film because I’m a big fan of romantic comedies. It also shows an important Christmas message about love and it’s a

really good way to spend a good time during the Christmas holiday! Lara Patrocinio, B1.1b

A Christmas Prince

“A Christmas Prince” is an American romantic movie produced in 2017. The film is directed by Alex Zamm,
played by Karen Schaler and Nathan Atkins.

The movie was released on Netflix, on November 17, 2017. A young American journalist, Amber Moore, is

sent to the foreign nation of Aldovia to cover a press conference about Prince Richard, who will take the

throne after his father’s recent death. But Richard is not so sure he wants to be a king. João Sá, B2.1d


X-mas activities

Christmas word search

S ANT ACL AUS T  Santa Claus Beatriz A., A1c
B A Y M I S MN K T V  Stocking
Y L OE GH F L P OY  Snowman
K S N O WM A N Q C B  Family
MU U L E OE L F K C  Star
N WJ S F A C I N I Z  Toys
OD S T A R E GY N A  Bell
P F E OMX F H P GX  Lights
A H T O I Z D T X OU  Elf
S GA T Y D K M I J B Francisco Costa

Christmas Word Search  Tinsel Salomé, EJ4
 Kings
A OU MA OE J C  Stars
T B CAND L E S  Toy
I K I NGS F S T  Candles
N J OGU I T C A  Bell
S U B E L L OK R  Elf
E L F R O E Y WS  Lights
L I GH T S S Z R  Manger

Afonso, EJ4 Catarina Ruivo


Inês Fonseca, A1c


Let’s sing along!

This is one of my favourite Christmas songs. This is one of my favourite Christmas songs. My family likes to listen to
The artists are John Lennon and Yoko Ono. It this song at Christmas, we have a lot of fun.
belongs to the album “Imagine (the ultimate
mixes). Its release date was 1971 and it is Listen and complete the song:
considered rock music. “Jingle Bell Rock”

Listen and complete the song. Jingle bell, _______________, jingle bell rock
Jingle bells swing and jingle bells ___________
“Happy Xmas” ____________ and blowing up bushels of fun.
Now the jingle hop has ______________
So this is ___________
André Santos, A2.2d

And what _____________ you done The song “All I want for Christmas is you” is an icon on Christmas!
Another ____________over This song is performed by an American singer and songwriter, Mariah
And a __________ one just begun Carey. It has won two world music awards: world’s best song and
And so this is Christmas world’s best video.
I __________ you have fun
The near and the dear one At Christmas I love to listen to this song because I like the lyrics and the
The ___________ and the young melody. It’s an inspiration!
A very __________ Christmas
And a __________ New Year Lately I’ve been listening to this song everyday especially when I’m
sad because this song makes me happy!

So, in my opinion everyone should listen to this song!

Leonor Ribeiro, B2.1d

Let’s hope it’s a good one I don't want a lot for Christmas I just want you for my own
Without any fear There is just one thing I need More than you could ever know
And so this is ________________ I don't care about the presents Make my wish come true oh
For weak and for strong Underneath the Christmas tree All I want for Christmas is you

For rich and the ______________ ones

The world is so wrong One of the best Christmas songs I’ve ever heard is
“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”, but
And so very ______________ my favourite version of this song is the one by
Michael Bublé.
For black and for white
He is a great vocalist, but this song is the most
For yellow and ____________ ones Beatriz, EJ1 special of all. This song is about the Christmas spirit
before and during Christmas time and Michael
Catarina Rodrigues, Bublé gives up a taste of smooth and that’s what
A2.2d makes this song so special.

To sum up, this is a very cool song. I think it is the
best Christmas song ever, so I totally recommend it!

Gonçalo Oliveira, B2.1d

Isaura, EJ4 It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Everywhere you go
Take a look at the five and ten,
it's glistening once again
With candy canes and silver lanes that glow
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Toys in every store
But the prettiest sight to see
is the holly that will be
On your own front door

Old but gold 17

Christmas is coming and there are many aspects The song I chose was “Last Christmas”. This song tells us about
that completely change when Christmas arrives. a person who suffered a heartbreak the previous Christmas and
Music isn’t an exception. There are many that next Christmas did not give his heart to the same person who
Christmas songs. Some people love classics, made him suffer. Years later they meet, but both with a different
others prefer newer pop songs. My favourite is boyfriend and girlfriend. The boy gives the girl a note saying
“It’s the most wonderful time of the year”, it’s that he loved her and if he was kissed, he would fall back into
a great classic. her arms. In general, I like the song because it refers to a special
moment that is Christmas and that is the time of year when all
In my point of view the song gives you a people come together and celebrate this special day. I
Christmas feeling of hot chocolate near the fire recommend this song for all ages and suggest that you listen to
place on a cold day. The melody is really old- this song with friends. I’ve heard some live lounge and yet my
fashioned and it reminds you of black and white favourite is still the original.
films with old ladies with their umbrellas and
gloves. If we analyse it, the title mentions a real Ricardo, B2.1d
fact, Christmas really is a fantastic time that
really affects how people act and the way Last Christmas, I gave you my heart
things seem brighter and more colourful. But, I’m But the very next day you gave it away
not too fond of how slowly Andy Williams sings This year, to save me from tears
the song, I think it needs a little more rhythm. I'll give it to someone special

In conclusion, this song is a traditional and “Christmas lights” by Coldplay
successful classic, that is unforgettable at Christmas lights was released on 1st December 2010.
Christmas time. It was released in 1963, so it has The music video is quite cool. It is on a stage in a park and
been part of many generations and part of the we can see lots of Christmas lights. In the last part we can
whole Christmas tradition for long. see river Thames.
In our opinion this song is very beautiful, and they use old
Lia Forman, B2.1d things to describe Christmas.

Hugo & Pedro, B1.1d

Francisca, EJ4 Every year, the communications company, “NOS” makes an
incredible Christmas advert which usually makes reference
What do monkeys sing at Christmas? to family and love. Last year, the advert wasn’t that good,
Jungle bells, jungle bells. but I’ve never forgot it.

The advert was about a step-mom who took her step-
daughter to a party. The dad starts yelling at her for her
to come home but she ignores him. After that, her step-mom
tells her again to come home and she screams “You’re not
my mother”, and because of that, her step-mom gets really

A week later, on Christmas day, the girl forgets her phone
at her dad’s and her step-mom’s house, and when her step-
mom calls her, her phone rings and her contact is “Mommy”
with a heart after it and a special song. So, she smiles and
the advert ends.

João Miranda, B2.1d


The main Christmas meat in Canada is often roast In Poland, they eat carp, “barszcz”
turkey with vegetables and ‘all the trimmings’ like (beetroot soup) as well as “krokiety”
mashed potatoes and vegetables. (pancakes with mushrooms and cabbage)
Traditional favourite Christmas desserts include Christmas/plum and fish head soup.
pudding and mincemeat tarts. Christmas crackers are popular For dessert, they eat a poppy seed roll, dried fruit
with many people in Canada as well. A rich fruit Christmas cake and gingerbread.
is also normally eaten around Christmas time! Christmas Eve dishes in Poland vary depending on
which part of the country you are in, but almost every
Mariana, A2.1 dinner on this special day consists of 12 dishes and
dried fruit kompot. The 12 dishes give you good luck
In Colombia, on Christmas day they eat chicken soup, for the next 12 months.
“buñuelos” (cheesy fritters) and “lechona” (pork Wesolych Swiat!
stuffed with rice and peas). They have hot chocolate,
rice pudding and biscuits for dessert. A2.1
Feliz Navidad!
For an Irish family, the traditional Christmas
A2.1 dinner is key and getting it right is a real art.

Egyptian cuisine is characterised by dishes such as Ful Roast turkey and stuffing, clove-studded baked ham,
medames, mashed fava beans, koshari (a mixture of crispy goose fat potatoes, steamed Brussels sprouts,
lentils, rice, pasta and other ingredients), mloukhiya, buttery sweet carrots, crispy parsnips, cranberry
chopped and cooled bush okra with garlic and sauce, bread sauce, gravy, … . There’s a lot to think
coriander sauce. Tea is the national drink in Egypt. of!
In Egypt about 15% of people are Christians and celebrate
the religious Christmas. But most people decorate their houses Francisca Lessa, A2.1
and celebrate Christmas.
Eid Milad Majid! What do they eat at Christmas in the
Inês Soares, A2.1 Some people plan and cook a large meal with a
range of luxurious food at home. Typical food include:
North Sea shrimps, smoked fish, especially salmon and
eel, soup, roast or stewed turkey
St. Nicholas’ Eve on the 5th December is also a big
celebration in the Netherlands.
Zalig Kerstfeest!


What do snowmen eat for lunch?
Iceburgers and brrr-itos

Leonor, EJ4



INGREDIENTS Chocolate cream: Cream:
Cake: 1 egg 125ml of cream to beat very cold
3 eggs 90gr of butter 50gr of sugar powder
150gr of sugar 50gr of sugar
50gr of flour 50gr of cooking chocolate
50gr of corn-starch 1tsp of coffee
10gr of vanilla sugar
1 teaspoon of Royal yeast
20g of butter


For the base: start by beating the egg yolks with the sugar. When the mixture starts to whiten, add the yeast, flour,

cornstarch and 1 tsp of water. Beat the egg whites until stiff. Mix the egg whites with the dough and stir well. Place the

batter in a previously greased rectangular tray lined with parchment paper and cook for about 10 minutes in a preheated

oven to 180ºC.

For the filling: in the meantime, make the chocolate cream. Beat the egg with sugar and butter. Melt the chocolate with

the coffee and add it to the egg cream and butter. Mix well and store in a refrigerator. Also prepare the cream, beating

the cream until firm, then add the sugar, stir well and store in the fridge. Mix the chocolate cream with the cream.

When the cake is ready place it on a clean cloth and let it cool slightly. Then fill with half of the cream and roll it carefully,

let it cool completely on the cloth.

For the topping: after it cools cut the two tops of the cake to form the Christmas trunk. Place the cake on the serving plate

and place one end over the cake and the other end aside. Cover with the remaining cream and refrigerate to harden

slightly. Using a fork, simulate the stem veins in the chocolate cream and garnish. Serve cold. Inês Duarte, A2.1a

Maria Rodrigues, EJ1

Rita, EJ3

Recipe for a sweet Christmas

Ingredients: Directions:
Step 1: Preheat oven to 350ºF.
 2 cups of friendship Step 2: In a bowl, beat 4 spoons of joy with 2 cups of friendship. Add ½ pound of
 1 pinch of love
 4 spoons of joy sharing and a pinch of love. Mix all the ingredients. Add 1 zest of
 ½ pound of sharing Step 3: Bake in a greased baking tray for 40 minutes.
 1 zest of tenderness

Salomé, A2.2d

Matilde, EJ4

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