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Revista Natal 2018

Revista Natal 2018


Christmas 2018

Dear Students, Parents and Teachers,
Time goes by very quickly and another Bristol School magazine is coming soon.
The Christmas season has arrived, bringing colourful decorations to brighten streets, houses and cheer up our hearts on
these short days. It is a blessing which makes Winter warmer and more beautiful.
Let’s forget all our problems, all our negative episodes and replace with good memories, positive attitudes, joy and hope.
Let’s give place to good news and I must tell you that we have a bunch to share with you.
Both the Bristol School in Maia and in Ermesinde have already celebrated their 30th anniversary and in a very few years
we will be celebrating our 40th anniversary!
We feel very proud of our students and teachers and are very grateful to both the former and the latter for the
wonderful success achieved over 3 decades of teaching. We are now a Cambridge Exam Centre, and this enables our
students the privilege to do their International English Exams at our premises.
Last June we achieved 99% success in the KET, PET, FCE, CAE and CPE exams. Let’s keep up on this fantastic track and
continue our high level of performance.
Obviously, we would not be able to give you such good news if our students and teachers didn’t work with commitment
and enthusiasm. It is undoubtedly your merit!
Congratulations and thank you all for making the Bristol School a prestigious and well-known school for its high-quality
Thank you, dear students, teachers and staff, for your effort and contribution to make this magazine so earnestly, full of
inspiring and creative pieces of writing and drawings.
We wish you all and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
The Directors,

Luís Chéu, A1c


Christmas messages

Christmas Message Christmas is a special day
The day of Santa Claus
Oh, thinking about it: He travels with reindeer
It’s Christmas time! That have got cute paws
But think twice:
It’s just another day in your life! On this night
We open our presents
No matter what they say, And the Christmas tree Diogo Silva, EJ4
No matter what they do.
Just think about it Has colourful lights Candle
And be just you! Holly
Filipe and Beatriz, B1.1c Rudolph
Don’t you care about the presents Incredible
Or about the Christmas Tree! The funniest face Santa Claus
Just share your love with the world Looked out at me Tree
And be with your family! From a silver ball Mary
On the Christmas tree Angel
Share your love, share your happiness! Sleigh
Be kind, be gentle every day! At first, I thought
Make the difference to someone you care It was Santa’s elf Sofia Pereira, A2.2a
Because it could be Christmas every day! But I looked again and
It was just myself
Merry Christmas!

Raquel Lima, B1.1a

I’d like a stocking made for a giant Francisca Sousa, EJ2
And a meeting house full of toys
Then I’d go out in a happy hunt
For the poor little girls and boys
Up the street and down the street
And across and over the town
I’d search and find them everyone
Before the sun went down

Maria João, B2.2b

Merry Christmas to all of
you! I love receiving gifts at
Christmas, but Christmas is
not just that. It’s about Jesus!

My snow poem, by
Maria Leonor, A1d

It’s Christmas eve Vitória, A1d At Christmas:
The children are playing Have a tradition
Everybody’s waiting Receive presents
Santa is coming In Christmas we have peace and love
Sitting on the sofa and watching TV
The reindeer pull the sleigh Take photos
They’re almost here More happiness
Santa gives the presents Amazing games
I hope you were not naughty this year Stay at the table and talk
Merry Christmas!
Margarida Castro, A2.2b
Carolina Campos, A2.2b


Christmas Stories

It was my only day off in Santa’ s daily routine Who’s been cutting down the
the whole year and I Christmas trees?
screwed everything! I’m On Christmas day Santa Claus and
going to tell you what his elves are very active. In the How would you feel if there were no
morning he gets up very early and he Christmas trees this year? I can’t even
happened… It all started in has breakfast. Then Santa puts on his imagine how Christmas would be
red suit. After that he goes to the without Christmas trees! Those big
the morning, it was a snowy factory where the elves are making green members of the family with all
the presents for children. the colourful lights and decorations.
day, so I decided to play in
Isaura, the snow. Before lunch he sees the reindeer and It is sad to say that someone has been
EJ2 feeds them. cutting down and stealing trees from
the Christmas tree farm so, this year,
I was having fun in the snow, when two He is very fat so for his lunch he hasn’t we may not have a Christmas tree in
guys arrived and said that they were fast-food, he has salad but then he our living rooms on Christmas Eve. In
going to offer me hot chocolate. I was eats chocolate… to give him strength. fact, a big part of the trees planted on
very cold, so I accepted, but it was a Santa Claus’ farm have been cut down
mistake. They didn’t offer me hot In the evening his dinner is very and we haven’t found an explanation
chocolate, they took me to a deserted healthy. One banana and yet. Now, the question that remains is:
place, and they forced me to tell the raspberries. At midnight all the clocks “If there are no Christmas trees, where
secret of how Santa delivers so many stop. Santa Claus goes to all the are we going to put the presents?”.
presents, all over the world, in one countries in the world.
night. I had to tell them. I told them, and It is really strange to think that someone
they ran away. I found out that they The children are so excited to see has enough courage to cut these trees
told a news programme and now Santa. First, he goes to Asia, then to down. How can he/she/they do that
everybody in the world knows the Africa, after that to Europe and then without feeling guilty for ruining
secret. to America. everyone’s Christmas? We need to stop
them now! It is crucial to find out who is
At 2 a.m. Santa Claus is very tired so responsible for that and to plant new
he goes to his home and he sleeps all trees, so they can grow until Christmas
day! arrives.

I love Christmas and I love Santa As far as I’m concerned, I will do
everything I can to save Christmas!
Claus too! Matilde Venâncio, A2.1c What about you? It is up to everyone
to solve this problem.
Santa had to fire me after that. And
that’s what he did, he fired me. Leonor Oliveira, B2.2b

And this was how I screwed my day off

and got fired from Santa Claus’

factory. Gonçalo Oliveira, B1.1c

Sofia Silva, EJ3 Maria Jales, EJ3

Beatriz Almeida, EJ3 Beatriz Amorim, EJ3 Benedita, EJ3 Rita Mendes, EJ3 Matilde D, Ej3 Pedro, EJ3


Hello, Francisco Costa, A2.1d I spend my Christmas at my grandma’s house
on 24th December. We eat at 9 p.m. After
My name is Filipe and my Christmas Eve starts like dinner my family and I watch a film. At
any other day, but at night I receive presents and midnight Santa Claus (my dad) knocks on the
I am with my family. My family is my father, my door and I see presents on the floor.
mother, my aunt, my uncle, my cousins, my
grandmother and my grandfather and great Francisca Lessa, A1d
grandmother. I have dinner with them. On
Christmas day I stay at my grandmother’s house I’m João! I love Christmas, presents, a
and enjoy my presents. Christmas tree, snowmen. I like Father
Christmas too. This Christmas I will go to
I love Christmas! Brazil and make a lot of friends. I will visit a
building with 34 floors.
Filipe Ribeiro, A2.1d
João Maria, A1d
Christmas is celebrated from the night of 24th
December to 25th. On Christmas Eve I usually eat Christmas is a festivity to be with a family
codfish or octopus. After that I play games or I and to remember the birth of Jesus.
talk with my family, at midnight we open the
presents. It is the most exciting moment in the night. Leonardo, A2.1d
I love presents but I think that the most important
thing at Christmas is to be with my family. The true spirit of Christmas is to be present in
all the good deeds we do during our lifetime.
Beatriz Coimbra, A2.2b
Merry Christmas!
I usually spend Christmas in my grandparents’
house. On the 24th, at dinner I eat chicken and lots Joana Duarte, A2.2c
of candies. At midnight I can receive and give
presents to my family. Christmas is very important because the
children have a lot of presents. Christmas is
Last year I received clothes, money, PS4, a mobile very cool.
phone and video games. I like Christmas because
of the food and presents. At Christmas I eat fish and potatoes.
Normally I have nice presents. I celebrate
Gonçalo Duarte, A2.2b with my family.

Tiago Barros, A2.2b

Marta, EJ4 She likes cake and she loves lollipops. Her
name is Rita. She is my sister.
My sister is my best friend. At Christmas she
opens her presents at 12pm.

Tânia Gaspar, A2.2b

My top 5 worst Xmas presents

Today I’m going to point out the 5 worst things to give to a teenager, but this list won’t be in any special order and it’s
a list based on my opinion.

❖ “Underwear” - underwear isn’t a good present idea because… well I think everyone knows why…
❖ “Xmas clothes” - this kind of clothes are neither good nor bad, they’re horrible, they look and feel horrible and

they are meant to be only used on the 25th December, so they are also practically useless.
❖ The next item on the list is: “Presents meant to be given to 5-year-old kids”. Why is this a bad idea? Because

those toys aren´t in any way cheap and are of little use to teens.
❖ “Chocolate Christmas calendar” - this is a bad present because those calendars are meant to be given in the

beginning of the month and sometimes chocolates taste weird so if you haven’t given this by the time you read
Xmas don’t give it.
❖ But the worst of the worst presents someone can receive is the sensation that someone wanted to give them a
present, but they couldn’t afford it.

Conclusion: as bad as a present can be, it will always be a present. Pedro Moura, B2.2b


A Christmas story

I woke up with a start. What had woken me up? I listened hard. Yes, there it was again. Bells, I could hear jingling bells!

The noise was coming from outside. When I opened the window I recognised the person who was making the noise. It was
like looking into a mirror but slightly different. He had my eyes, the same hair colour and the same facial expression. The
only difference between us was that he looked like a homeless person. The first thing that came to my mind was helping
him just like the couple who had adopted me when no one else did.

“Sir! Do you need help? Why are you jingling bells at my front door?”

“It is really you! I’ve been looking for you since we were separated! Don’t you recognise me?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

“You are my twin sister! Here! Look at these pictures! This is us when we were 4! This is 2 days before you disappeared.”

He then showed me another photograph. It looked like it had been ripped into two. I suddenly remembered. When I was
left in the orphanage I had what seemed part of a photograph. It was me when I was younger. I have been trying to find
the other half ever since I can remember. And there it was. He had the other half. He… He was my long-lost twin brother.

“What is your name?” I asked.

“My name is Nicholas, the III.” Leonardo, A2.1d

“Who? What? Is this a joke? How do you have that picture?”

“May I come in? I swear it will all make sense when I explain it to you. Or, at least I hope it will.”

I let him in. I pointed to the sofa so that he could sit down and explain everything to me.

“I’m going to sound crazy, but you have to trust me. My name is Nicholas, the III, as I said, but you can call me Nick. I
am… We are… Twin siblings. Our parents are… Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus. When we were born, our family expected
great things from me. You see, it was supposed to be a male heir, to continue the legacy. Since you’re a girl, people
thought you were a curse to our family kind of like Grinch, you know? Anyway, over the years, while you were still with
us, our family started to realise you were actually a very nice person, but the people who lived in our town still thought
you were there to ruin us. So, one day a woman kidnapped you and gave you up for adoption. That picture went with
you because everyone from where we come from has to carry it. It is sort of a passport in the North Pole. You always
have to carry it so people decided it was easier to put it in their pockets so that they would never forget. The woman who
kidnapped you probably forgot to take it out of your pocket. She also wiped away all your memories from when you
were with us. It’s an easy trick, us “North Polers” can do. I can put it back for you, and you will remember us again, your

He proceeded to snap his fingers and I realised that it was all true. I remembered him. I remembered mom and dad.

“I understand if you don’t want to come home with me. After all, your other family is here.”

“Actually, they’re not. They died in a car crash eight years ago.” I could feel the tears in my eyes. “But, I certainly know
something. If they had known what had happened, they would have told me to go with you. They are still my parents.
They taught me everything I know. They made me who I am. But I need to meet the rest of my family. Get to know them
and get them to know me. It is Christmas! And Christmas is all about being with your family and give. I want to give you
my love.”

I could see Nick was tearing up. We hugged, and I realised that it was the beginning of a new chapter of my life.

“But before all of that let’s have dad’s favourite drink”

“Coca-Cola it’s all about love all about love and greater things to come.”

“Cut! Great job, guys!”

“Thanks, Jim!”
And this, my friends, was the end of this years’ ad for Coca-Cola.

Story written by: Teresa Rocha
Filipa Correia
Maria Isabel Velho
Rita Gigante
Joana Costa
Class B2.2a

Guilherme, EJ4

Our snow globes are beautiful! Match the snow globe to its description. 7

b c

João Santos, A1a

Gustavo, A1a There are three There are four houses There is a house Jorge, A1a
houses. There is a and a tree and a
d snowman. It is cold. and two trees. snowman. e
____ I like Winter because of It is the second day
the snowman. ____ of Winter. ____ Catarina, A1a

There are snowflakes, there’s There’s a yellow star and g
a snowman, there’s a house snow fall. I like Christmas
and there’s a mountain. very much because of my Miguel, A1a
I like Christmas because I like family and the presents. I’m
presents. ____ happy. ____ i

Inês Duarte, A1a There are three houses. There are 9 houses, 8 stars, two Sofia, A1a
There is a Christmas tree and Christmas trees, 23 presents and
f a snowman. I like Christmas 3 snowmen. There isn’t a table. l
because I like chocolate and I like Christmas because there
Francisco, A1a my family. ____ are any presents. I like the
snowmen. ____
There’s “Happy Christmas There are 3 snowmen, 3 boys and a
Josué, A1a today!” in the globe. house. There is a boy making a
There is snow, there’s a snowman. A boy is dancing, and the
Christmas tree and there’s a other boy is making a snowball.
present. I love Christmas I like Christmas, I don’t like Winter.
because of the family. ____ The boys are wearing gloves, boots,
jeans and jumpers. ____
There are Christmas balls
and there is snow. There are There’re children playing
bells and there is a with their snowman. There’s a
Christmas Tree. I like house, a mountain and a
Christmas because we don’t tree. ____
work. ____ I like Christmas!

There are three houses and
two snowmen. It’s snowing
but I don’t like Winter
because it is cold. ____


Marta Ramos, A1a João Azevedo, A1a Tomás Abreu, A1a

All I want for Christmas… Hello Santa Claus, 8
How are you? This year I have been good, I
helped my mother and my father, I studied Dear Santa,
very much. I helped my brother and my sister I wanted to ask you very kindly for
without any fights. I always lent my games some hugs. I want a game for the PS4,
to them. a ball, a Hoverboard, an Iphone
I know that you have a lot of work at this seven and a beacon.
time of year to make all the children of the I hope you give me this.
world happy, but I ask you not to forget me. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
Thank you, Santa Claus.
I wish you a Merry Christmas Diogo Teixeira, A2.1b

Pedro Ferreira, A2.1a Dinis, A1c

Dear Santa Claus, ANNOUNCEMENT
Hi, I’m Pedro Maravilha and I’m eleven years This year Christmas will be banned.
old. For Christmas I don’t want to receive a gift,
but to wish peace and health to the world. The President
I wish we could build a better world. Christmas
is a good time for this because people are Dear Mr. President,
more giving. I’m writing to you because, with all due respect,
Thanks Santa Claus! I’m feeling extremely offended. I’ve recently
I wish you a good Christmas. seen your latest announcement informing that
Christmas will be banned. In the name of most
Pedro Maravilha, A2.1a people of our country, I would like to express
my sadness and disappointment. By making
Catarina, A1a this decision you are destroying one of the most
if not the most, important holiday for most
Dear Santa Claus, families. Christmas is to many, a way to gather
This year I guess I was a good girl at school all dear and loved ones, an opportunity to
and with my family at home. I think my exchange gifts, eat great and delicious food,
behaviour is better now than before, so I want and most importantly, enjoy others’ company.
to ask you for some little gifts. It’s a chance for families to be together and
I really want a PS4, the new edition of the book reunited. Christmas is not just another holiday
“Diário de um Banana” and a pair of and therefore, I really think you should
rollerblades. reconsider this incredibly drastic decision. If
But it’s Christmas time and I really want to be not, I’m warning you, you will most likely be
with my whole family. hated forever…
Thank you, Yours faithfully,
Xxx Marie

Maria Inês Silva A2.1a Marta Almeida, B2.2b

Tiago Martins, A2.1b


This is a game – try to find out the code

Mickey turns 90 this year and
he looks great for his age!

Ana Teresa, A1c
Afonso Loureiro A2.1b




Cursos de Verão em Inglaterra e Estados Unidos

A Bristol School organiza cursos de Verão no Estrangeiro há mais de 30 anos. No Verão de 2019 iremos a Bath/
Bristol com dois dias em Londres e New York.
Serão duas semanas de divertimento, aventura e imersão total na língua em escolas internacionais com alunos
de várias nacionalidades.
Os alunos School são sempre acompanhados por líderes / professores da Bristol School.
Em ambos os destinos, o curso inclui:
- Alojamento e alimentação completa em Campus Universitário;
- Aulas de inglês em turmas com o mesmo nível e alunos de diferentes nacionalidades;
- Certificado do curso;
- Programa cultural e social com excursões de dia inteiro e tardes de visitas;
- Atividades supervisionadas no Campus, todas as noites;

Summer Courses 2019

Inglaterra: 30 de Junho a 14 de Julho New York: 30 de Junho a 15 de Julho

Programas muito prometedores! Consulte-nos na Bristol School para mais informação.



Film: The fault in the stars Film: Charlie and the chocolate Film: Johnny English reborn
factory Comedy
Romance, 2012 Johnny English reborn is about a
The film is about a poor child, top spy who left retirement to
The fault in the stars is about a Charlie, his parents and his hunt a Chinese thief and he uses
couple. This film is adapted from grandparents who live in a simple a lot of gadgets to protect the
a book. The film is set in the USA. house. They lived in a big city, with world.
It tells the story of a girl who is a chocolate factory, the biggest in I think Johnny English is a good
sick and meets a boy who falls in the world. Charlie’s grandfather film because you laugh a lot.
love with her, it’s a successful had worked there, but he was made
romance and drama. redundant. His dream was to go into Pedro Nunes, B1.1e
the factory again.
I love the acting in this film. Film: Home alone
One day, Willie Wonka, the owner My favourite Christmas film is
My favourite character is Jane of the factory announced that he Home Alone, because it’s very
(the girl who is sick) because she was giving away five chocolates funny. A family go out on
is brave and cheerful. with a golden ticket to enter the Christmas holidays, but they
factory. Charly was lucky and found forget a young kid, that stays at
She is brave because she is sick one of the papers. home or flies to a different
and she lives life without destination, on a different
problems. Jane doesn’t care In the factory, Charlie and his airplane.
about the opinion of others. grandpa had amazing adventures During that time, he has to
and the little boy teaches Wonka escape from two men, that want
I think this is an ideal film for many important things about life. to catch him. He always escapes
people who like romance. It is a by throwing a wardrobe at them
bit sad at times. I give The fault I love this film because the boy or throwing bricks from the roof.
in the stars five stars. Go and reveals that family is more It’s a funny film because the kid
watch it soon! important than anything! always wins using methods that
make us laugh.
Francisca Osório, B1.1e Inês Maia, B1.1e
Tiago Teixeira, B1.1d

Film: Civil War
It’s an action movie. Civil War is a war movie with all the heroes of marvel. They fight
because some of them want to surrender but the others want to continue saving people.

The film doesn’t have any main stars. They are all stars; however, Captain America and
Iron-Man play a prominent role. My favourite character in the film is Spiderman because
he is very cheerful and funny. I like his super power because I like spiders.

I suggest this film to people who like action, war and science-fiction, and obviously all
marvel fans. I like this film because I love super-heroes!

Sérgio Pinto, B1.1e


Film: A Christmas Carol

Eberezer Scrooge is a greedy man who hates the Christmas season. He works in an office in
London with Bob Cratchit who is poor but a happy father, with a special affection for Tim,
who has problems in his legs.

On Christmas Eve, Scrooge is visited by his former partner Jacob Marley, who had died seven years before that same
day. Marley says that his spirit cannot rest in peace, since he was neither good nor generous in life, but that Scrooge
has a chance and that three spirits will visit him.

The first spirit arrives. This is the spirit of the past which takes Scrooge back in time and shows his adolescence when
he still loved Christmas. The second spirit is the spirit of Christmas presents and shows the family of Bob Cratchit who
are very happy, and they are poor. The third spirit is very tall and dark and is the spirit of future and shows Scrooge
his future, dead and all alone. Then he wakes up.

On Christmas day, Scrooge becomes a more generous and kind person, and helps Bob Cratchit, by giving him more

money for his family and he creates a strong friendship with Tim. Rita Nunes, B1.1d

Film: The walking dead Film: Grinch

It is a drama, mystery and The film talks about a green creature
action film. This film was who hates the Christmas spirit. When
released in 2008. he was a child Grinch was taken by
his classmates because of his
I like the film because I like action films. My favourite appearance. At school he fell in love
character is Vee, the main character. He has got with a girl who consequently fell in
blond hair and green eyes. love with him.

He is timid, insecure, crazy. He is an excellent artist. Christmas was enjoyed by all colleagues on Christmas
It all starts when Rick Grimes wakes up in a hospital. Day, except for the girl who fell in love with him, he
When he wakes up he knows he was attacked by fled and took refuge on the top of a mountain in a
walkers. cave with his dog Max eating garbage and making
advanced machines for ruining Christmas. He intends to
However, the film is scary until the end. ruin Christmas Eve by stealing presents and
decorations with his dog Max. At the same time, small
The public enjoyed the film, it was very nice. Cindy Lau, who lives in the City observes people
thinking only of purchases, presents and wants to know
João Torres, B1.1d the true meaning of Christmas.

Film: Incredibles 2 Filipa Durães, B1.1e

The Incredibles 2 film is an animated action film about Film: The Christmas Chronicles
how a family of super heroes live a normal life with
normal jobs instead of being super heroes. The Christmas Chronicles is a drama film about a family
who live a normal life. It tells the story of a sister and
The film is set in an invented city. In this film all the brother who plan to catch Santa Claus.
family plays the main roles, with a lot of different
actions. My favourite character is the elastic woman This film was produced by Netflix / 20th Century Fox.
because she is the person with the most spectacular
and amazing power. As conclusion I love this film
because it has Santa Claus.
I recommend this film to Ho! Ho!
people who like animation
films, who like films for children. Gonçalo, B1.1e

André Pinto, B1.1e


X-mas activities

Christmas word search Find 10 school objects and write ______________
S ANT AC L AU S B OOKND G L U E ______________
E E X R C H WR B A ______________
T N A J E S U S E O  Bells C A L C U L AT OR ______________
E T O M A Z O L T C  Star MK S O T B P OC S ______________
B I A W Z E A I R K  Presents GD P S P F B KKC ______________
E I A E M G H G E S  Santa Claus ACH PHNNE O I ______________
XNP E NC I L R S ______________
L M A B E A N H E T  Angel R U L E R OMK O S ______________
L P R E S E N T S U  Socks WOR K B OOK P R Carina, A1c
S C E U T D E S V A  Lights

B E O M A N G E L E  Jesus

I GR E R I AT AO Luis, A1c

Inês Duarte, A1a

Lia Marques, A2.2a F B S K I NGCAK E S  Gift
D E N MU L A Z D L E W  Santa Claus
X L S OMY N G B V C G  Chimney
I S ANT AC L AU S U  King cake
KP F R I L OS D S DF  Bells
B OMU J C I QD A R U Beatriz Teixeira,
E D Y S A B N F MR N L A2.1d

Francisca, EJ4 I love Christmas! Don’t you love it too?

Matilde Serrão, A2.1d

DIY 15

Snowmen decorations Christmas Slime
• Glue (100gr)
Materials: • Colouring (enough) - optional
• Glue, Scissors, Markers • Borax – mix of sodium borate
• Eyes, Buttons
• Paint and Paintbrush (a tea spoon) with boric acid (a
• Toilet roll little pinch)
• Ribbon and an old sock • Shaving cream (a little bit)
1) Paint the toilet roll white. Put the glue into a container, add the shaving foam and
2) Draw a nose on the toilet roll. the colouring and mix, mix, mix! Next, put a little bit of
3) Glue the eyes and the buttons on the toilet roll. borax and mix, do it again until you start to get slime!
4) Cut the sock to make a hat and put on the snowman. When it’s done, keep it well, because it dries out. If you
5) Cut some ribbon and wrap around to make a scarf. want, put glitter to get prettier slime.
Now you have a beautiful winter snowman. Tips:
Add hot water for more liquid or sticky slime. For the
2. slime not to dry, keep it in a container. Add more shaving
foam if you want it fluffier. Put more borax if you want
Materials: it harder.
• Glue, Scissors, Markers
• Buttons, Bottle tops and Ribbon Carlota, B1.1b
• Paint and Paintbrush
Afonso, A2.1b
1) Paint the bottle tops with white paint.
2) Glue 3 bottle tops onto the ribbon.
3) Fold the ribbon at the top creating

a loop and glue it.

4) Paint a face on the bottle top.
5) Cut the ribbon to make a scarf.
6) Glue a button onto the scarf.
7) Glue the scarf onto the snowman.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Teacher Nicola

Alexandre, A2.1c


Let’s have fun!

Christmas riddles

1) I come in many colours, so beautiful and bright, I turn so many houses into a beautiful sight. What I am?
2) I get chopped, decorated and on one end you’ll see wings on top. What am I?
3) If the end of the year in on December 31st, then what is in the end of Christmas?

Luís Chéu, A1c
1) Christmas lights; 2) Christmas tree; 3) the letter ‘S’


12 Idioms of Christmas

Can you guess what these idioms mean?

1 Christmas comes but once a year. Duarte, EJ4
2 There’s no place like home for the holidays.

3 Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

4 Like turkeys voting for Christmas.

6 5 Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle.
7 6 The proof is in the pudding.

7 It’s the thought that count.

89 8 Written in the stars.
9 Be there with bells on.
10 10 The more the merrier.

11 12 11 Don’t be a scrooge.
12 Lit up like a Christmas tree.

Anna, A1c



Anna, A1c


Chocolate Salami My favourite dish is Francesinha. For
4 eggs (only yolk) people who don’t know what it is,
200gr sugar Francesinha is a dish and it has got
200gr chocolate powder bread, cheese, sausages, ham, meat
200gr Maria biscuits and egg. I don’t like Francesinha
200gr butter with egg, I like to eat it in Ricardo’s
Mash the biscuits. Melt the butter. Mix 3 because they put much sauce on it.
all the ingredients. Put everything in
aluminum foil and put it in the fridge. João Caló Fernandes, B1.1b

Diogo Rodrigues, A1c Josué, A1a

Mug cake

• Flour
• Sugar
• Chocolate powder
• Milk

Preparation mode Tomás Martins, EJ4

In a mug put 3 tablespoons the flour, 2
tablespoons of sugar and the chocolate
powder and stir everything. Add 4
tablespoons of milk and stir again. Take
the preparation to the microwave.

Decorate the mug cake as you like.

Inês Soares, A1c

Francis Fernandes, EJ4 Christmas recipe: “Aletria”

This is one of my favourite dishes and a typical
Portuguese Christmas dessert!!


• 1 egg
• 300gr “Aletria”
• 100gr sugar
• 1 litre milk
• Lemon zest
• Salt

Start by breaking up the “Aletria”, then put the milk in
a pan, add the sugar, the egg yolk, the lemon zest and
the salt. When the milk begins to boil add the “Aletria”
and let it boil for 5 minutes.

We serve it on a dish and decorate with cinnamon.

And it is ready to eat! Yummy!!!

Catarina Almeida, A1c


Christmas chocolate cookies Pasteis de bacalhau
▪ 1 cup unsweetened cocoa powder Hi, I’m going to teach you how to make the famous
▪ ¾ cup all-purpose flour Christmas recipe “Pasteis de bacalhau”
▪ 1 pinch of salt Ingredients:
▪ 120g unsalted butter
▪ 160g sugar • 500gr of cooked cod (without fishbones)
▪ 1 egg • 300gr of potatoes
• 3dl milk
Sift the cocoa, flour and salt into a bowl. In another bowl, beat • 4 eggs
the butter and sugar with the electric mixer. Add the egg and • Chopped parsley
beat until well mixed. Gradually, add the dry ingredients to the • White pepper
wet mixture until you get a uniform, dark dough. Divide into two • Salt
portions, give them the shape of a disc, wrap them in cling film Boil the cod and the potatoes and mash them.
and take to the fridge about 1 hour. In a large bowl mix the cod, potatoes, milk, egg
Preheat the oven to 180º. Place the dough between two sheets yolks and pepper with a wooden spoon until
of parchment paper and roll out until you get a layer of about everything is homogeneous.
0.5cm. Cut the cookies with the cutters, place them in a non-stick Add four egg whites, chopped parsley and salt and
baking sheet and bake for about 20 minutes. pepper seasonings. With two tablespoons make
Glacé icing Fry them in very hot olive oil, allowing them to drain
▪ 250g icing sugar afterwards.
▪ 1 egg white
▪ Lemon juice and /or water Kamilla, A1c

Put the egg white in a large bowl. Sift the sugar into the bowl, Sofia Velho, A1a

stirring with a whisk. Do not add the sugar all at once, check for

consistency. It should look smooth and thick. Add some drops of

lemon juice and whisk again. If you want a thinner consistency,

you can add some water, if you want thicker, add more sugar.

Cover with cling film on the surface if you are decorating the

cookies later, as it dries very quickly. Use a pastry bag to

decorate or a clean freezer bag, cutting a little from the tip.

Enjoy! Merry X-mas!

José Bernardo, A2.1b

Ginger bread men

Portuguese “Leite Creme” (créme brulée) Ingredients:

• 1l of milk • 1 package butter scotch pudding mix.
• 3 yolks • ½ cup butter
• 4 table spoons of corn flour “Maizena” • ½ cup packed brown sugar
• 10 table spoons of sugar • 1 egg
• 1 rind of lemon • 11/2 cups flour
• ½ teaspoon baking soda
Put the flour in the bowl and mix with part of the • 11/2 teaspoon ginger
milk. Mix the yolks with some sugar and the rest of • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
the milk.
Add the rest of the sugar and keep stirring. Directions:
Cook it in a pan, medium heat, for 10 minutes.
When it begins to boil let it boil for extra 5 minutes. In a medium bowl, cream together the dry butterscotch
And that’s it! You have got your “Leite Creme”! pudding mix, butter, and brown sugar. Stir in the egg.
Yummy! Combine the flour, baking soda, ginger and cinnamon. Stir
into the pudding mixture. Cover and chill until firm, about
Sofia Costa, A2.1b 1 hour.

Preheat the oven to 175 degrees C and grease baking
sheets. On a floured board, roll dough out, and cut into a
man using a cookie cutter. Place cookies 2 inches apart on
the prepared baking sheets. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes in
the preheated oven, until it is golden at the edges.

Tiago Saraiva, A1c

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