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The Definitive Northern Thailand Guide to Studio, Shop and Special Place.

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Art&Culture Lanna Issue Apr-Jun2018

The Definitive Northern Thailand Guide to Studio, Shop and Special Place.

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Take an extraordinary journey of rejuvenation, balance and pure
relaxation at an Oasis Spa, one of Thailand’s top day spas. Let our
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Points to Ponder

When traveling – look
Codes next to the shop names mean:
RWE – Retail, Wholesale, Export WE – Wholesale, Export

Shopping Health & Wellness
Eateries with Attitude Living ‘n Style
Artists & Galleries Getting There
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8 Old Silver 7 Prempracha’s Collection

Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) is hosting the second
edition of STYLE, the region’s biggest and most comprehensive lifestyle
trade fair, that combines BIFF&BIL, BIG+BIH and TIFF in one, at BITEC Bangna.

The featured products are divided into three categories: fashion

(clothing and accessories, footwear, bags, leather goods, sports equipment,

travel and recreational products), gift & houseware (gifts, home decorative items,
houseware, office stationery, toys, wellness) and furniture



Wit's Collection

Cover: &
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Apr - Jun 2018

Free Copy


Jolie Femme

Produce bolts of high
grade silk but also

bedclothes, pillowcase
and other luxury
household ware.

By Jolie Femme

19 24


April to June 2018

Publisher 1


Thai Treasures – Passion Buys 2

Huay Kaew / Nimmanhaemin 3

Sankampaeng 4

Chiang Mai City 8

Hang Dong 10

Celebration & Event 14

Emergency Number 15

Eateries with Attitude – World Cuisine 16

Tranquility – Body and Soul

Health & Wellness 19

Artists & Galleries 24

Asian Accents 28

Traveler’s Tips 29

Chiang Mai Attractions 30

Out of Hand 31

Legend 32

Map 33


[email protected],

7 Prempracha's Collection
12 Amata Décor
9 Wit's Collection


South East Asian Arts

10 Patara Studio

Shopping I Huay Kaew / Nimmanhaemin

3 Studio Naenna Textile Gallery

Inspired to revitalise local Thai hand weaving and intricate patterning,
this eco-textile studio uses the complicated weft ikat techniques.
Naturally dyed silks and cottons from home grown indigo and other plant
dyes, creates one-off distinctive textiles. Exquisite clothing, shawls, wall
murals and accessories grace their shops. Custom orders welcomed, too.


Ms Lamorna Bangkok Showroom:
Chiang Mai City Showroom: Soi Promsri 1, off Sukhumvit 49
Adorn with Studio Naenna (in Soi Klang Racquet Club compound)
22 Soi 1 Nimmanhaemin Rd. Open from Tuesday to Saturday
ถนนนมิ มานเหมนิ ทร์ ซอย 1
Open daily from 10.00 to 18.00 hours. 09.00 to 17.00 hours
t +66 (0) 53 895 136 t/f +66 (0) 2 714 7269
[email protected]

4 Jolie Femme Shopping I Sankampaeng
娇媚 茱莉

As one of the original silk producers in Sankampaeng, this company
displays beautifully the traditional and the most modern of fabrics and
finished products. Intricately woven Lanna textiles tailored into heritage
clothing stand next to chic shapes for the younger generations. Select from
their stock or have a one-off design created in 1-2 days. Men’s wear, silk
bedding, table runners, home and fashion accessories make the perfect
gifts. Awarded SEAL OF EXCELLENCE for Handicrafts, International 2007
Open daily from 08.30 to 17.30 hours.


Mr Fuengpong
8/3 Chiang Mai-Sankampaeng Rd
(opposite The Siam Commercial Bank)
ถนนเชยี งใหม-่ สันกำ�แพง เยอ้ื งธนาคารไทยพาณชิ ย์
สาขาสีแ่ ยกสันก�ำ แพง หนองป่าครง่ั
t +66 (0) 53 116 777-8, f +66 (0) 53 116 779
[email protected]

Shopping I Sankampaeng RWE

5 Oriental Artifacts
Home Décor & Fashion Accessories
オリエンタル・アーティファクツ 东方古物

Find an array of quality crafted interior design products and accessories.
Hand knotted silk carpets, ornamental jewelry, kashmir scarves, silks
woven with pure gold, papier maché, and objet d’art to name just a few.
Complimentary transportation. Open daily from 08.00 to 18.00 hours.

Mr Abeed Chiang Rai:
Showroom 1: 120/35 Dusit Island Resort
Chiang Mai-Sankampaeng Rd. (next to P. Collection) t +66 (0) 53 607 999
ถนนเชยี งใหม-่ สนั ก�ำแพง ตดิ กบั รา้ นพคี อลเลคชนั่ Le Meridien Resort
t +66 (0) 53 339 199, +66 (0) 86 431 3982 t +66 (0) 53 603 333
Showroom 2: 57 Chiang Mai-Mae Rim Rd., The Plaza Surin, Phuket
Mae Ram, Mae Rim (to Samoeng 500m
before Mae Sa Waterfall)
ถนนเชยี งใหม-่ แมร่ มิ 500 เมตรกอ่ นถงึ น้�ำตกแมส่ า
t +66 (0) 53 044 277

Head Office: Chiang Mai-Sankampaeng Rd. [email protected]
t/f +66 (0) 53 339 331

6 P. Collection Shopping I Sankampaeng
Silver Products RWE
ピー・コレクション 琵系列

P. Collection, since 1991, is the center for both old and new silver products.
Northern Thai silver is most popular with its distinctive designs and heritage
craftsmanship. Sterling silver, silver accessories are complimented with
marcasite, gold, fine and costume jewelry. Create your own bracelets
by yourself when you visit P. Collection Complimentary transportation
Open daily from 08.00 to 17.30 hours.

クォリティー銀製品 高质量的银制品

Ms Chanya
120/33 Chiang Mai-Sankampaeng Rd.
(next to Oriental Artifacts)
ถนนเชยี งใหม-่ สนั ก�ำแพง
ตดิ กบั รา้ นโอเรยี นทลั อารท์ แิ ฟคส์
t +66 (0) 53 339 351, +66 (0) 89 634 2699
[email protected]

Shopping I Sankampaeng RWE

7 Prempracha’s Collection


With over 30 years of experience in fine arts, Prempracha has continually
delivered excellence in design ceramics. Each piece is hand-crafted with
quality and elegance. Their extensive selection is innovative and unique.
Choose from their stock or have your custom designs produced.
Open Monday to Saturday from 08.30 to 17.30 hours.

Ms Aumporn
224 Chiang Mai-Sankampaeng Rd
(At Bo Sang intersection)
ถนนเชียงใหม-่ สันกำ�แพง แยกบ่อสร้าง
t/f +66 (0) 53 338 540, +66 (0) 53 338 857
[email protected]

Shopping I Chiang Mai City

8 Old Silver

オールド・シルバー 老银器

From her family collections, Ms Narintip presents high quality and
some rare products from northern Thailand and Myanmar. Old silver,
handmade jewelry, laquerware, antique furniture, handwoven textiles and
new items, also. Each piece from reliable sources. Established loyal
admirers and collectors select distinctive Karen Hilltribe handcrafted
silver items, antique silver betel nut sets, bowls, and decorative items.
Open daily from 11.00 to 21.00 hours.


Ms Narintip
8 Ratchadamnoen Rd.
(2nd floor @Ratchadamnoen near Thapae Gate and M Hotel)
ถนนราชด�ำเนนิ ชนั้ 2 โครงการ @ราชด�ำเนนิ เยอื้ งประตทู า่ แพหลงั โรงแรมเอ็มโฮเทล
t +66 (0) 85 863 4320
[email protected]

Shopping I Chiang Mai City RWE

9 Wit’s Collection
Interior Design – Objects

Home decoration shop, variety and extensive selection items that were
particularly selected from experienced designer, their also created
with chic and cute ideas, sophisticated crafted product. Each piece is
unique and extinctive with high quality from credible manufacture.
Open form 10.00 to18.00 hours. Closed on Sunday.


110/5 Nandakwang Garden Mall. Cholprathan Rd.,
(2.8 km from ton payom market)
2.8 กม. จากตลาดตน้ พยอมไปหางดง เสน้ คนั คลอง
ชลประทานแลว้ กลบั รถ ซา้ ยมอื Wit’s Collection
interior design -objects

t/f +66 (0) 53 329 019, +66 (0) 53 329 018, [email protected]
+66 (0) 81 884 14 66

10 Patara Studio Shopping I Hang Dong
パタラスタジオ 芭達拉工作室

You may have seen Patara’s decorative pieces enhancing many upscale
hotels and resorts throughout Asia and beyond. With over 10 years of
experience, this highly creative team produces decorative and functional
products in an Asian contemporary style. Each project form lamps to furniture
distinctively reflects the client’s taste. Choose from their stock or preferably
make to order customised furnishings creating your own outstanding style
Open from 09.00 to 17.00 hours. Closed on Sunday.

自宅のインテリアや宿泊施設の家具。 家庭內部和住宿的家具。

Patara Studio: 68/3 Cholpratan Rd.,
T.Namprae, Hang Dong
จากถนนเลยี บคนั คลองชลประทาน 3 กม. ปากทางเขา้ วดั ศาลา
t +66 (0) 64 878 0767, +66 (0) 90 316 3968,
+66 (0) 52 010 286
[email protected]

Shopping I Hang Dong RWE

11 De Gallery
Chinese Antique Furniture & Fine Art

Asia’s finest, certifiable authentic antiques, furniture and decorative pieces
are housed in this outstanding gallery. Browse the sophisticated collections
in the highest quality. With years of experience, the owner hand selects
these unique collectables for their distinctness.
Open daily from 08.00 to 17.30 hours.

中式古董、家具和装饰品 South East Asian Arts

Mr Piyasak
16 Baan Tawai Rd
(300m from Baan Tawai intersection)
ดแี กลลอร่ี 300 เมตร จากปากทางเขา้ บา้ น
t/f +66 (0) 53 441 575
+66 (0) 95 669 1556
[email protected]

12 Amata Décor Shopping I Hang Dong

From raw logs to finished furniture, this company produces one-off pieces
all in their own factory. The designer/owner with his skilled crafts people
carefully select pieces of various wood and shape, sand and hand cut
into tables, chairs, bars and sculptures. The wood texture and grain often
dictates the finished product of which no two are identical. Their showroom
and factory is well stocked with products crafted from acacia, lynchee,
makha and other exotic woods. Bring your own concepts for them to
create, too. These distinctive functional art pieces are enjoyed worldwide.


Mr Amata
Amata Gallery: 111 Baan Tawai Rd. (200m from Baan Tawai intersection)
200ม จากแยกบา้ นถวาย ขวามอื ตรงขา้ มเซเวน่ อเี ลฟเวน่
Open from 08.00 to 17.00 hours.
Factory: 125 Baan Tawai Rd. (6 km from Baan Tawai intersection)
6กม จากแยกบา้ นถวาย อยทู่ างดา้ นซา้ ยมอื กอ่ นถงึ ตลาดน้�ำโทง้
Open from 08.00 to 17.00 hours, closed on Sunday.
t/f +66 (0) 53 441 988, +66 (0) 53 441 775
+66 (0) 86 197 1414 (English), +66 (0) 88 252 1070 (English)
+66 (0) 81 992 9691 (Thai), +66 (0) 61 492 8888 (Thai),
+66 (0) 89 783 6666 (Thai)
[email protected]

Songkran Thailand’s New Year
April 13 - 15, 2018

Apart from marking new beginnings, Songkran,
is a time for giving thanks. Considered the most
important occasion for individuals to reflect
upon the many acts of kindness bestowed
upon them and experiencing consequential
peace and happiness, Songkran is also Thai
New Year – and family reunions.
Cleansing and purification are the underlying
principles of Songkran – the riddance of
misfortune and ills and starting the New Year
afresh. Symbolic cleaning of houses and
bathing Buddha images with lustral water are
gestures of renewal and respect.

Some villages construct rafts of banana-tree
trunks. As people gather at the riverbank,
a ceremony called longsangkran, involves
floating away the raft symbolically loaded
with all that is unlucky and evil and starting
new again.
Traditionally, scented water gently poured in
the hands of elders and esteemed individuals
expressed respect. However nowadays the
practice of throwing water in a fun-loving free
for all is the norm. Songkran is celebrated from
the 13th - 15th of April.

Celebrations & Events

Events are scheduled year round in Chiang Mai
Learn more about this diversely amazing Northern Province, both traditional and trendy.

take home many wonderful experiences, memories, gi s. Chiang Mai at its best.



Thapae Walking Street

Every Sunday evening
The largest street market in Chiang Mai. Filled with Local products,

clothing, bags, pattern, north Or Hill tribe prints.
Wua Lai Walking Street
Every Saturday evening

Explore the street markets enjoying local Thai and Hill tribe products and cuisine.

Poi Sang Long Festival
清迈府清迈城巴闁寺 2018年4月4-6日 泼桑龙节

- April
At Wat Pa Pao, Muang, Chiang Mai

Pee Mai Muang; Lanna s New Year Festival
清迈府清迈城三王纪念版 2018年4月12-15日兰纳新年节

- April
At Three Kings Monument Muang Chiang Mai

Songkran Festival
清迈府清迈城护城河 2018年4月12-15日 清迈泼水节

- April
At Chiang Mai Moat, Chiang Mai

Lord of North s Pagoda Ceremony
清迈府清迈城颂德庙 2018年4月17日 礼拜北方长官典礼

April 8
At Wat Suan Dok, Muang Chiang Mai

Poe Tradition Crutches
清迈府宗通县 2018年4月16日 木枝树菩提习俗

At Chom Thong District, Chiang Mai

Tai Lue Festival
清迈府湄欧恩县 2018年4月 探寻傣仂史

At Mae On District, Chiang Mai

Inthakin City Pillars Festival
清迈府清迈城契迪龙寺 2018年5月11-17日 祭祀因撒坎柱习俗

11 - 17 May
At Wat Chedi Luang, Chiang Mai

The tradition of walking up Doi Suthep
清迈府清迈城素贴山 2018年5月28日 爬素贴山习俗

28 May
At Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai
Emergency Number

Emegency Help 191


Tourist Police 1699


Tourist Police ( Airport) 0 5327 0222 ext. 2191


Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) 0 5324 8604 , 1672


Police Station 0 5323 4051 , 0 5325 2787


Ambulance service 1669


Rescue 0 5325 9354


Maharaj Chiang Mai Hospital 0 5322 1122, 0 5322 1141


Chiang Mai Ram Hospital 0 5392 0300


McCormick Hospital 0 5392 1777


Lanna Chiang Mai Hospital 0 5399 9777


Chiang Mai Bus Terminal 0 5324 2664


Chiang Mai Railway Station 0 5324 4795 , 0 5324 4094


Chiang Mai International Airport 0 5327 0222 to 33


Taxi Meter Chiang Mai 0 5324 4268, 0 5324 1955


Flight Information Check train travel

清邁航班信息 檢查火車旅行


18 Le Crystal Restaurant

17 The Barn Steak House

World Cuisine

17 The Barn Steak House

納屋ステーキハウス 穀倉牛排餐廳

The Barn Steakhouse, the famous steakhouse in Pattaya, is now avail-
able in Chiangmai. The Barn Steakhouse is located in the Hidden Village,
Sanphisuea Road. The Barn selects the finest meats and ingredients
with experienced chiefs, we serve in Thai-European style in reasonable
prices. The Barn Steakhouse recommends Lamb chop steak, beef steak
which we imported from Australia, Barbecue pork rib including fusion Thai-
European dishes for example Pad-tai spaghetti, The Barn fried rice which
we proudly present that it is blended with Northern style ingredients. The
only steakhouse that you will be in the great environment with giant bugs
and arts garden. We also serve you the private party.
Open daily from 10.00 to 19.00 hours.


77/19 Sanphisue, Chiang Mai City
In the Hidden Village, On 700th Anniversary
Chiang Mai Rd. ถนนสมโภชเชยี งใหม่ 700 ปี
t +66 (0) 64 550 0305, +66 (0) 52 010 299
[email protected]

World Cuisine

18 Le Crystal Restaurant


Voted Thailand’s Best Restaurant 2007-2013 and 2015-2018 by Thailand Tatler.
Experience the Finest French Cuisine in a superb Lanna style venue
with a magical garden by the Ping River. A warm atmosphere, live jazz
music, exceptional French cuisine and wine cellar awaits you. Perfect
for a romantic evening or any special occasion.
Open daily from 6.00 to 10.30 hours.
Live music: Trio jazz band 7.30-10.00 pm. (except Sundays)
Free transportation from the city.


74/2 Paton Rd., Chiang Mai City ถนนปา่ ตัน
t +66(0) 53 218 059, +66(0) 53 218 060
f +66(0) 53 218 062,
[email protected]

The Oasis Spa Thailand

Makkha Health & Spa

Tranquility Body and Soul

Health & Wellness

Museflower Retreat & Spa

3220 Museflower
Retreat & Spa
Fah Lanna Spa

Health & Wellness

20 Fah Lanna Spa

ファーランナー・スパ 法兰娜水疗

This exclusive spa exudes natural
charm in Northern Thai style. Step
over the bridge and enter the spa,
while the city’s hustle and bustle
melts away. You feel welcomed
into this pleasant spa that eminates
peace and tranquility. Their treatment
rooms provide private showers.
The facilities include the unique
herbal steam cave and couple
rooms with Jacuzzi. Top quality
service and a variety of treatments
to choose from at affordable rates
Open daily from 10.00 to 22.00 hours
(last appointment 21.00 hours)


57, 57/1 Wiang Kaew Rd
Chiang Mai City
(inside moat, near Chang Puak Gate)
ถนนเวยี งแก้ว ฝงั่ คูเมืองดา้ นใน
ใกล้ประตูช้างเผอื ก
t +66 (0) 53 416 191,
+66 (0) 88 804 9984
[email protected]

21 Makkha Health & Spa

マッカヘルス&スパ 玫卡健康水疗中心

You will find a new experience in a relaxing atmosphere in the
traditional style. Makkah Health and Spa is located in the center of
Chiang Mai old city, surrounded by the old canals and beautiful temples.
Purchase spa package 2,000 baht up, Get FREE! Hand cream at the spa
(Valid until 30 June 2018). Moreover, you can also enjoy the relaxing body
treatments with our aromatic spa products made from 100% natural herbs
Open daily from Weekday 10:00 to 22:00 hours.
Weekend from 10:00 to 22:00 hours (Last Booking 21:00 hours)

伝統的なヘルス&スパ 傳統的健康及水療中心

38/1 Soi Ratchamanka 8 Phra Sing, Chiang Mai City
ซอยราชมรรคา 8 ถนนราชมรรคา
t +66 (0) 53 271 423
[email protected]

Health & Wellness

22 Museflower Retreat & Spa

ムーセフラワー・リトリート&スパ 清莱缪斯花蕾水疗疗愈中心

Let Nature Inspire Your Creative Spirit In peaceful and natural surroundings of
Chiang Rai, experience yoga, meditation, detox, healing, as well as holistic spa
therapies and organic vegetarian cuisine. A haven for all travelers who want a
mindfully green, health conscious place to stay while visiting and exploring Chiang
Rai. Open daily from 09.00 to 21.00 hours. Spa: from 09.00 to 19.00 hours.

健康ナチュラルリトリート 健康休闲,自然

159/1 Wiang Chai Phya Mengrai Rd., Wiang Chai, Chiang Rai
(17km from City, follow 1/AH2 to Hwy 1020 to Hwy 1152 to
Phya Meng Rai)
จากตวั เมอื ง 17 กม ตามเสน้ ทางหลวงหมายเลข 1/AH2, #1020
และ #1152 เสน้ ทางไปอ�ำเภอพญาเมง็ ราย ขวามอื
t +66 (0) 52 029 823, +66 (0) 93 137 0414
[email protected],

23 The Oasis Spa Thailand


Private garden villas in the middle of the city. Experience unique signature
massages and packages that are wonderfully relaxing. Awards over the
past 11 years are countless for innovation, highest standards of service,
excellence in customer service and maintaining a distinctively Thai ambiance.
The well trained therapists exude genuine Thai hospitality at its best.


Chiang Mai: t +66 (0) 53 920 111
Bangkok: t +66 (0) 2 262 2122
Phuket: t +66 (0) 76 337 777
Pattaya: t +66 (0) 38 364 070
[email protected]

Suvannabhumi Art Gallery

Heun-Faung-Fah Museum


The Meeting Room Art Cafe

Artists & Galleries

25 The Meeting Room Art Café

Creative Art Space since 2011


Here is a laid back place to make yourself at home. Share ideas,
experience the art, chill, read a book and meet new friends in this
artist’s atmosphere. As supporters of upcoming artists, view the new
generation's work all around you. Enjoy coffee and yummy homemade
pastry at Melt Away Bakery that are baked by super-skilled young minds.
Where a warm welcome awaits even if you simply pop in to say hello.
New exhibitions are held every 15 days.
Open daily from 10.00 to 20.00 hours.


89 Charoenrat Rd., Chiang Mai City
(opposite Ket Karam Temple) ถนนเจรญิ ราษฎร์ ตรงขา้ มวดั เกตุ
t +66 (0) 80 627 9219 [email protected]

26 Heun-Faung-Fah Museum


Promoting Thai culture, traditions, nature and history, northeast artist,
Jay Surasen creates serene scenes painting with acrylics. He started as
a university art professor yet now is well known in northern Thailand for
his distinctive, one-of-a-kind work. The gallery is open daily 09.00 hours
to noon. Call for appointment after hours.


Mr Jay Surasen
264/1 Chiang Mai-Chiang Rai Rd., Doi Saket
หอศลิ ป์ เฟ่ืองฟ้า บา้ นศาลาปางสกั ดอยสะเกด็ เชยี งใหม่
t +66 (0) 81 454 4056
[email protected]

Artists & Galleries

27 Suvannabhumi Art Gallery
Art from Myanmar

The Suvannabhumi Art Gallery opened in 1999, with ‘The History of Art
Collection’, featuring several well-known Myanmar artists. Suvannabhumi,
was a great kingdom of the Mon, a major ethnic group in Myanmar, and
was famous for its rich art and culture civilisation. This Gallery continues
to showcase the best artists from Myanmar as well as from other Asian
countries. The original works are uniquely themed highlighting the full
culture of Asia past and present. Open daily from 10.00 to 21.00 hours.


Ms Mar Mar
116-118 Chareonrat Rd
Chiang Mai City ถนนเจรญิ ราษฎร์
t +66 (0) 53 260 173, +66 (0) 81 031 5309,
+66 (0) 85 705 8443
[email protected]

5 Oriental Artifacts

Asian ASchcoepnpitnsg

3 Studio Naenna
Textile Gallery

8 Old Silver

Traveler’s Tips

Useful Tips for a Happy Holiday in Thailand
Presented by Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)


GREETINGS: In Thailand, a very polite and friendly way to greet each other is by
saying “Sawadee” with a “wai”. To “wai” is to put your palms together in front
of your chest. This is the most common greeting practiced among Thai people.



LITTERING: Do not litter anywhere, especially on the streets -- not even a small
cigarette butt or toothpick. Offenders will be fined. Put rubbish into containers
where it belongs.


SMOKING: Do not smoke anywhere except designated areas. Smoking is prohibited
in all air-conditioned areas such as cinema theaters, indoor restaurants, hotel lobbies,
etc. It is also banned in all temples, schools, public gardens, and parks. All international
airports have designated smoking rooms.


SPITTING: Spitting is unacceptable in Thai society and is considered despicable
behavior in Thailand. Use tissue paper or a handkerchief.


CONVERSING: Do not speak too loudly in public. Thai people are soft-spoken
people, as the Thai spoken language has a very soft tone. Thais do not talk loudly
in public and may be offended by anyone doing so.


EMOTION: Showing anger and confrontation in public is considered disgraceful.
Try to resolve arguments or differences in an amicable way by compromising as
Thai people normally do. Couples hugging and kissing in public are also consid-
ered quite impolite.


SMILE: Thailand is a country of smiling faces. Always wear a smile and you will
win many more friends.


Chiang Mai Attractions

チェンマイの観光名所 清迈旅游景点

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Wat Phrathat Doi Doi Inthanon
Suthep 双龙寺 因他暖山
Wat Chedi Luang Doi Pui
契迪龙寺 Hilltribe Village
Wat Phra Sing 泰国清迈苗族村
帕辛寺 Khun Chang Khian
Wat U-Mong Highland Research
悟孟寺 Station
Three Kings 泰国清迈坤昌阡
Monument Mon Cham & Nong
三王纪念碑 Hoi Royal Project
Bhubing Palace 蒙占山
蒲屏皇宫 Chiang Dao Cave
Rajapruek 清道洞景区
Royal Park Sankampaeng
拉查帕皇家花园 Hot Spring
Chiangmai 山甘烹温泉
Night Bazaar
夜市 Doi Angkhang
Bosang Handicrafts 安康山
博桑伞村 Huai Nam Dang
Baan Tawai National Park
Handicraft Center 怀楠登国家公园
班塔外木雕村 Mae Sa Waterfall
Wat Phra That Sri (Namtok Mae Sa)
Chom Thong Voravihan 美萨瀑布
屈宗通 Pha Chor
National Park

Wiang KumKam

Out of Hands

The only limitation to
creation is imagination

This cultural section glimpses
into the wonderful world
of the talented artisans at work

Old and new sterling silver products and more.
Northern Thai silver - distinctive designs,heritage craftsmanship.
All items are designed and produced in the factory shop.
Highly skilled craftspeople expertly polish and engrave stones. 6 P. Collection


Huay Kaew / Nimmanhaemin Chiang Mai City Eateries with Attitude – Artists & Galleries
World Cuisine 25 The Meeting Room Art Café N7
3 Studio Naenna Textile Gallery 8 Old Silver N5 26 Heun-Faung-Fah Museum L8
China Kitchen P6 27 Suvannabhumi Art Gallery N7
D5 , E7 9 Wit’s Collection A2, H6
Special Places – Living ‘n Style
Lao Airlines E8, Q2 Lao Airlines E8, Q2 17 The Barn Steak House F3
18 Le Crystal Restaurant K7 Romantic Boutique Resort O7
X2 Chiang Mai
Sankampaeng Hang Dong Riverside Resort L7

4 Jolie Femme I2 10 Patara Studio C1, C5 Tranquility – Body and Chiang Rai
De Gallery C4, C5 Soul Health & Wellness Art & Culture Lanna
5 Oriental Artifacts I3 Chiang Rai Treasure Map
(Home Décor & Fashion 12 Amata Décor C4, C7 20 Fah Lanna Spa N4 Phinyo All Group Ltd., Part
Accessories) The Oasis Spa Thailand Office
N2, G8, O4, B2, L8 22 Muse Flower Retreat & Spa
6 P. Collection (Silver) I3
7 Prempracha’s Collection H4 21 Makkha Health & Spa O4


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