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"Bring out the star in you "


Gibran was searching for jewellery as a gift for his younger sisters, which was unique,
personal, stylish and suited any outfit, mood or occasion.

Shocked at the lack of choice and quality that was within his price range "when searching for
the perfect gift", Gibran decided to design something himself.

However, with this idea lay an obstacle, he had never drawn anything in his life and knew
nothing about jewellery.

After spending countless hours teaching himself how to design and manufacture jewellery,
slowly but surely four beautiful, individual pieces emerged: a Sagittarius and T aurus necklace

with earrings to match.

T he girls were exceptionally pleased with their jewellery, showing off to all of their friends and
family, who were so impressed that they asked Gibran to design their star signs for them.

Soon after, a full collection of earrings and necklaces for all 12 signs of the zodiac had been
cr af t ed.

Gibran wanted to share his pieces with the world so that anyone who was looking for the
perfect gift, wouldn't be disappointed like he was. T his way everyone looking for unique,
personal, attainable gifts of "exceptional" quality would be able to treat their close ones with
something that they will love. T his was the birth of Orbis, which means 'World' in latin,

named so as Gibran's pieces are his "gifts" to the world.

Every piece of jewellery, embellishes a shining crystal which represents the star in each
individual, and is proudly set by hand before the piece is finished, as our stamp of approval.

20th January - 19th February

You are the most independent amongst

your friends, sometimes being the most
eccentric and energetic. Your problem
solving skills make you everyone?s go to
girl when there is a crisis. Being a natural
humanitarian, you try your best to ensure
that there is equality and justice for all. "


19th February- 20th March

Compassion is your greatest strength and

you are willing to help anyone that needs it.
Your selflessness is characterised by empathy,

making you extremely caring with good
emotional relationships with others.

"You" can be trusted to help a friend make the
perfect outfit choice.


21st March- 19th April

You are full of energy and everyone

looks forward to your presence, as they
know it will be exciting and well worth the

wait. T aking action is something you do
quickly, sometimes before you even think

about it. Your organisational skills are
crystal clear to all from the moment they

open your jewellery box.


20th April- 20th May

L ove and beauty are what you long to
be surrounded by so you try to add as
much chic into your life as possible. Your
ability to be practical and realistic make
you a good long term friend and you?re
always there for the people that you love.


21st May- 20th June

Your two personalities are at odds and

you never know which you will face. One
side of you is thoughtful, sociable and loves

to talk; the other can be serious and
emotional, so your friends need to
maintain the balance! You want to travel
the world, seeking new experiences and

friendships along the way.


21st June- 22nd July

B eing sympathetic and loyal to others
is something you care deeply about,
making you very protective over those that

are close to you. Having a great
imagination is the envy of others who can?t

dream like you can!


23rd July- 22nd August

L eadership comes naturally, which is why
your friends turn to you when it?s time to
make a decision, while creativity and
self- confidence help you to achieve anything

that you commit to.



23rd August- 22nd September

A ttention to detail and having a deep
sense of kindness are how your friends
would describe you. Your methodical
approach to tasks mean that you never leave

things to chance.
Wondering whether your hard work will pay
off isn?t something you think about often, as
long as the work gets done you feel content.


23rd September- 22nd October

B orn with a desire to bring out the best
in people means that you are the most
gracious of them all. You love helping people

and get bored when you?re alone. You
inspire others around you to be fair and
strive for justice. You love beautiful things so
choose quality over quantity every time.


23rd October- 21st November

Passion along with a lust for life, guide
you towards new experiences.
Expressing emotions and honesty is
important for you so you can be sure to be

an open book when it comes to your
feelings. W hen your friends have a secret,
they know that they can trust you to keep
them without giving anything away to the

rest of the girls!


22nd November- 21st December

Sense of humour is why others find you
intoxicating. Your curiosity and energy
motivate you to wander around in search for
the meaning of life. You are generous in every
sense of the word, whether you need to give
love, attention, time or effort, you can always

be counted on. Go you!


22nd December- 19th January

C an be mistaken for being serious when

you?re actually disciplined. Self- control and
making realistic plans keep you on the path
towards your goals. You don?t only focus on

the material world but try and focus on
improving yourself as a person so you'll
always choose helping others over shopping,

unless it involves jewellery.



Set s

N eck laces

Ear r ings

T here are 24 pieces in the Original Collection, 12 earrings and 12 necklaces. Each piece can
be bought separately or as part of a set.

We also have two new exciting collections coming out towards the end of the year! Please visit
our website at www.orbis- for more information or contact us via email at
enquiries@orbis- or via telephone 0044 7702 119447.

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