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There is a new spy in town. She's on the field to finish her first task.

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Published by Lin Issa, 2019-05-08 10:15:26

Spy 101

There is a new spy in town. She's on the field to finish her first task.

SPY 101

Hi, my name is Emily, and I
always heard the saying like you
will always remember everything
exciting, sad, happy, weird and
funny experience. Let me tell you

about one of my memorable
experience of delivering a diamond

to work.

It all started on a Monday
I woke up from my slumber
40 minutes,before my thundering
alarm clock shocked me to wake. It
was a shiny happy Monday

I got ready and went to my
lovely, hand-me-down old
exhausted yellow truck. I went
to work and guess what
happened?TRAFFIC!! And if it
couldn´t, it get worse it started to

Then I thought ,´´What if I dive
in the store,and buy an umbrella
and run to work? And so that's
what I exactly I did.

I bought an umbrella from the
store and started running with the
umbrella and trying to hide the

Soon I saw I man, approaching me, then
he grabbed my arm and tried to get the
diamond. I fought him kicked him in the
face and ran away. I felt that I was the bad

Then I started to think, ¨ What if he
wanted to ask me a question but instead I
kicked him in the face? You know what? I
am going to go back and apologize for what
I have

done, ¨ I thought.

I walked to the old man. I saw that he
was hurt, but first, I hid the diamond in my
boots just in case he tried to steal it.

I walked up and said, ¨ Hey, am sorry
for kicking you. I thought you were going to
attack me.´´Then i started to laugh,a sorry

And to my surprise, it was my boss,
Liley. It turns out that she was testing how
well I handle situation, She picked a fake
diamond and picked the worst weather to
see how I would handle it

¨Did I pass¨? As I drowned her with

¨Yes you did pass¨
Hearing the words made me feel so
happy, and I wanted to jump so high and
make a scene, but I couldn't because it
need to be a secret shhh…..

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