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Hampton Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. 2021 October Spotlight

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Hampton Alumnae Spotlight - October 2021

Hampton Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. 2021 October Spotlight




Welcome back, my sorors! situa ons. The memory and legacy of our Founders has
ins lled in us a resiliency that is unmatched. So as we
We are into our second month of return from our summer breaks energized and excited to
mee ngs of this sorority year and our do the work of Delta, we will con nue to keep
first issue of the Hampton Spotlight. sisterhood, service and scholarship in the forefront of all
Over the last couple of months, the that we do.
Execu ve Commi ee and Board have
been working to plan programs for this year that will In this issue of the Spotlight, we acknowledge our
engage members and support our community. chapter officers and commi ee chairs who con nue to
advance our mission. We introduce our new school
Ge ng back to the business of Delta has been on the partner, Machen Elementary and bring awareness to
minds of everyone as we navigate the day to day changes Breast Cancer.
to how we operate not only in our sorority, but also in
our families and our professional lives. However, as With a grateful heart,
Deltas we have pledged to stay commi ed to improving
the lives of those in our community regardless of adverse

IN THIS ISSUE Round-Up 2021 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Birthdays and Celebra ons . . . . . . . . 10
Breast Cancer Awarness . . . . . . . . . . 6 Sensa onal Sorors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Back to Delta Business . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 BYOB . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Calendar of Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
School Partnership . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Commi ee Highlights . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Stay Connected . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
HAC Educators . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
Re-Energize, Renew, and Refresh . . . 4


by Michelle Lewis

Following the relaxing and care-free summer months, we slowly se le into our fall rou nes. Which also means
ge ng back to the business of Delta! Although, our Execu ve Commi ee con nued to work throughout the
summer months planning for the upcoming year, many of the board and chapter members enjoyed a break. The
enthusiasm to get back together was evident during the virtual Round-up event which kicked-off the new year.
With commi ee chaIr introduc ons, games and a lot of laughter, Hampton Alumnae members embraced the
event's “Back Together Again” theme.


The 2021-2022 Execu ve Board is Chapter President Hospitality - Donna Dabney Scholarship - Reatha Montgomery
excited to begin the new year and Z. Janez Joyner Pace Membership Services - Iris Mann Social - Shirley Smith
welcome several new commi ee chairs First Vice President Nomina ng - Virginia Owens Social Ac on - Hope Harper
to the Board. With two Board mee ngs Anne e Monroe-Mar n Pan-Hellenic - Pam Ellio Technology - Tonya Grant
completed, commi ee chairs have Second Vice President Policies and Procedures - Time and Place - Anita McCray/
shared plans for the sorority year and Valerie Fauntleroy Valerie Fauntleroy Sharmaine Alexander-Riggins
are recrui ng members to join their Recording Secretary Program Planning and Ways and Means - Illa Hamle e
commi ees. Tonya Grant Development Special Commi ees:
Asst. Recording Secretary
Each chapter member is encouraged to Joann Lewis-Nixon  EMBODI - Kelsey Callahan/  Collegiate Transi on -
sign-up for at least one commi ee. Corresponding Secretary Jenier Mitchell Alaria Benton
Many commi ees meet virtually, which Karen Albany
makes it easier to stay connected and Financial Secretary  Delta Academy - Michelle Jones/  Conven on - Gala Harvell
Mary Vick Hope Tyler  Founders Day -
Asst. Financial Secretary
Cheryl Griffin  Delta GEMS - Sandra Bailey Stephanie Gwaltney
Treasurer - Sharon Chappell  Adopt-A-Spot - Marnita Edwards  May Week - Brenda Fowlkes
Asst. Treasurer - Felecia Blowe  Economic Development -  Risk Management -
Sergeant-At-Arms - Pamela Ellio
Chaplain - Lisa Crump Alexis Swann Anne e Monroe Mar n
Custodian - Hope Tyler  Interna onal Awareness and DeltaCare Ini a ve Facilitator
Journalist - Michelle Lewis Terry Guyton-Smith
Parliamentarian - Felecia Jordan Involvement - Tammi Haggins-
Ledbe er  Delta Emergency Response
Arts and Le ers - Alice Capehart  Food Bank and H.E.L.P. - Team (ERT) -
Audit - Regina Jones Lucy Overton Jemecia Braxton-Barre
Budget and Finance -  School Partnership -
Sharon Chappell Reatha Montgomery  Mental Health-
Heritage and Archive-Jeane e Grase  Domes c Violence - Anne e Alfreada Brown-Kelly
Monroe-Mar n/Sharon Chappell
Protocol and Tradi ons -  Delta S.I.Z.E.D. - Pam Porter
Milly Swann  Relay for Life -
Publicity - Michelle Lewis
Media - Alice Brower Delcenia Griffin-Hobson
 St. Jude - Stephanie Durrah
 World Aids Day - Laurine Press




Machen Elementary school was selected as the School Partnership school for
2021-2023 a er 3 years with Basse e Elementary. The commi ee collected
more than 4 carloads of supplies during Round-up and one addi onal pickup
site that were delivered prior to the start of school. The administrators were
overwhelmed by the generosity of the Chapter and grateful for the supplies
that would assist teachers and students as they transi oned back to an in-
person learning environment. Chapter members donated a variety of supplies
which included backpacks, pencils, paper, and notebooks to help students
have a successful year. The commi ee will work with the community resource
specialist to iden fy other opportuni es to support the students and staff.

Dual Enrollment Instructor/Adjunct Faculty Early Childhood Instruc onal Leader
New Horizons Regional Educa on Center Patrick Elementary
Hampton University 15 years

Special Educa on/Literacy Interven on Speech Language Pathologist Family & Consumer Teacher
Teacher Newport News Public Schools Bethel High School
Thomas Eaton Fundamental Middle School 33 years 8 years
14 Years
Middle School Teacher Business and Informa on Technology Teacher
DE US History/Government Teacher Phenix PreK-8 School An Achievable Dream Middle/High School
Phoebus High School/TNCC 33 years 22 years
25 years
J Professional School Counselor and Teacher
Support Staff/ School Informa on Processing Third Grade Teacher Booker T Washington Elementary School
Specialist Carver Elementary School (Newport News) (Suffolk)
Hampton High School 35 years 30 years
26 years
York County School District
26 years

We're Back…Re-energized, Refreshed and Renewed!

Welcome back sisters! Much like Jesus, who o en went away to spend quiet me with our
Heavenly Father, we too need me away to clearly hear God speak to our individual lives, as
well as direct us on ways to effec vely move forward in Delta business. Such me away is so
inspiring that I call it the three R's; re-energize, refresh, and renewed.

RE-ENERGIZE – When we feel burnt out or can't give anymore, Phil 4:13 reminds us, “I can

do all things through him who gives me strength.”

REFRESHED – God’s word is where we can physically find His promises, and His word gives

us refreshment. Tim 3:16-17 tells us, “All scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for
teaching for reproof, for correc on and for training in righteousness that the man of God may
be competent, equipped for every good work.”

RENEWED – God is so amazing because every day before our feet hit the ground, He

promises in Lam 3:22-23, “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come
to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” However, sisters, the
greatest sense of renewed strength should come from knowing that His son rose from the dead
for all of us.

Spending me away in God's presence, we find more and more incredible, inspiring moments
where He reveals new insights on what's next. He also reminds us of our unique gi s and
talents to the point where He gives us new ways to maximize our talents.

So my sisters, now that we're back how will you move forward applying your three R's in HAC
Deltaland? Will you:

 Join a commi ee, or two (or more)?

 Serve our community?

 Become more sisterly?

 Offer ideas and sugges ons?

Remember, God granted us me away to focus on the three R's. Let us be inten onal in how we
honor Him.


Chapter Chaplain



By Cheryl Griffin

This event was a two-part event that took place on
Saturday, August 14, 2021. The first part was HAC
celebrated our first Virtual Round Up. We had truly
planned on mee ng face-to-face; but with the numbers of
Covid 19 cases rising and added concern for our Delta
Dears, we decided a virtual Round Up would be just as fun.

It opened with a welcome from our President Z. Janez Pace;
then Soror Milly Swann led us in prayer. We welcomed
several visi ng Sorors: Marie a Blueford, Yve e Pauling,
Jennifer Wiggins, Carina Williams, Rana Wilson, and Lavita
Young. Soror Pace introduced the Execu ve Board and the
financial officers gave brief reports concerning the
upcoming year. But it wasn't all business. There were
games: What's on Your Phone, Name That Tune, and DST
Trivia. Gi cer ficates were given to the winners. We also
gave out gi cer ficates as Door Prizes (by spinning the HAC
A endee's Wheel).

Our adopted daughter, Janee Thomas, sent a “thank you”
video for the scholarship money and our suppor ng her
during this trying me. Soror Milly Swann gave a few
reminders concerning Zoom protocol during Execu ve
Board and chapter mee ngs. Soror Pace gave closing

The second part of this event took place from 2pm to 4pm,
sorors brought their school supplies; and winners from
Round Up Part 1 were given their gi cer ficate. Also, Soror
Pace presented Soror Evelyn Anderson with her 50 Year

Special thanks to Soror Wanda Gatlin for providing the Cute
Clicz HAC Round up sign at Bethel High School; Kelsey
Callahan for who technology support; and to Joann Lewis-
Nixon for decora ng the Drive thru table.

Commi ee members: Cheryl Griffin, Chair, Staysi Blunt,
Kelsey Callahan, Sharon Chappell, Tonya Davenport,
Delcenia Hobson, June Javier, Michelle Lassiter, Michelle
Lewis, Joann Lewis-Nixon, Janez Pace, and Milly Swann.

NOVEMBER: How do you give back during the holidays?

Email your 25 word or less response to [email protected] by Oct. 21


BCARNEACSETR October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual
AWARENESS MONTH campaign to raise awareness about the impact of breast
by Sheila Williams cancer. One of the top priori es is educa ng women on
what they can do to be proac ve with their breast health.
Knowledge and early detec on save lives. Breast cancer can't
usually be prevented, but you can take three important steps
to help detect it earlier.

1STEP Do It Yourself 2STEP A Clinical STEP3My Story:Mammogram
Breast Exam Breast Exam Imaging Exam

The first step can increase your chance of The second step is an in-office exam, which will The third and final step is the mammogram.
finding breast cancer before it spreads. This most likely be completed by your family This is an x-ray that allows a qualified specialist
exam is very important to perform once a physician or gynecologist at your annual exam. to examine the breast ssue for any suspicious
month. Be aware of how your breasts/chest They are trained to recognize many different areas.
normally look and feel. types of abnormali es and warning signs. Screening and Diagnos c Mammography is
used to screen or for closely evalua ng a lump
even if you find a lump or have or other abnormality. High Resolu on Breast
other breasts/chest changes it does not mean Ultrasound has long been a crucial component
that you have breast cancer. Confirma on of of comprehensive breast health care, and it
cancer can only be determined by microscopic remains an important tool for evalua ng
examina on of the ssue. palpable abnormali es, high risk pa ents,
breast implants and inves ga ng abnormal MRI
I am a breast cancer survivor and I encourage each and every woman findings.
to do these exams. I found my lump by performing the self-breast exam. I felt Full-Field Digital Mammography with
something hard and at that point I made an appointment with my gynecologist. I was Computer-Aided Detec on provides higher
diagnosed with breast cancer and had to have my breast removed. This was very hard resolu on images more quickly, and with less
to accept as a woman but choosing a loss of my breast vs losing my life was the best radia on exposure. Breast MRI magne c
choice of my life. I had to do chemo as well, for preven ve measure to make sure all resonance imaging is another integral tool. Its
the cancer was removed from my body. Thank God for my healing. many uses include monitoring and managing
breast cancer pa ents, providing another view
for high-risk pa ents and breast implant
evalua ons, and following up indeterminate
mammogram and ultrasound findings.


THROUGHOUT THE YEAR AND ESPECIALLY IN OCTOBER, We celebrate our Breast Cancer Survivors

Donna Askew Milly Swann Tatrece Swann Sheila Williams




From laughter to tears and so many emo ons in between,
sorors and guests enjoyed a private screening of the movie,
“Respect” chronicling the life of Honorary Member Aretha
Franklin. The movie starred Jennifer Hudson and highlighted
songs from an extraordinary career and life.

The Arts & Le ers commi ee hosted the Fall Red Carpet Event
on Sunday, September 26 during an a ernoon screening as
one of the commi ee’s ac vi es that support the Na onal
Arts & Le ers Commission.

~Details to follow~



Chapter Round-Up

(August 14)

Machen Supply Drive
& Distribution

(August 14)

Red Carpet
Movie Screening

(September 26)

~Details to follow~


Stephanie Sadler Willie Darby
Sandra Warren Grace Brown
Marqueta Tyson Norma Harold
Donna Dabney Cassandra Krah
Candice Frye Karla Prewi
Anne e Monroe Angela Brown-Douglas
Maxine Parker-Phillips Donnamaria Tapp-Reid
Mildred Forbes Jean Roach
Sharon Ponquine e Donna Woods
Elizabeth Oates Gala Harvell
Leesa Swi enberg Stephanie Gwaltney
Anita Williams Lynda Burke
Tinea Savage-Otey Edwadine “Dean” Whitehead
Sharon Chappell Lisa Crump
Tammi Haggins-Ledbe er Mildred Swann
Diane Williams Alfreada Kelly
Harriet Ferguson

Where are you?
Share your accomplishments,
so can celebrate !

— 10 —

Chapter Mee ng (V)
Fall Regional Mee ng (V) Hampton Alumnae Chapter
Membership Services BYOB (V) Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
Execu ve Board Mee ng (V) 26 Towne Centre Way #711
ELECTION DAY- Vote! Vote! Vote! Hampton, VA 23666
Chapter Mee ng (V)
Delta Day at City Hall (V)
World Prematurity Day [email protected]
World AIDS Day
Chapter Mee ng (V)

The Publicity Commi ee would like to thank all Sorors who contributed to the content of the Hampton
Spotlight Newsle er. We welcome comments and sugges ons to help us improve our publica on for you.
Please email comments, correc ons or sugges ons to [email protected].

SUBMISSION – Ar cles submi ed for this sec on
GUIDELINES should provide a unique aspect of a program, event or person
and/or ps and resources. Logis cal details (date, me, place,
Does your commi ee have a successful service project, event or cost) of an event should be secondary to the story aspect. Clear
program to share? Are you a subject ma er expert on topics ac on photos are desired and given preference.
relevant to the Sorority? Do you have a personal accomplishment
to announce? If so, we want to hear from YOU! (150 word maximum) – Ar cles submi ed for
this sec on should highlight the soror's recent accomplishment
and also include a headshot or ac on photo.

Our chapter newsle er is your opportunity to share program
stories and ideas to spotlight commi ees and members. The
newsle er's purpose is to keep sorors informed of current issues UPCOMING ISSUES
and events, strengthen chapter rela onships and empower
members with resources and profiles. Each monthly issue will have All ar cles and photos are . Send
a feature topic, as outlined in the Upcoming Issues sec on. submissions to [email protected] or any commi ee

 Third-person narra ve Michelle Lewis, Chapter Journalist/Chair
 Microso Word format (do not send as a pdf) Staysi Blunt, Wanda Gatlin, Jeane e Grase,
 Limit of three high-resolu on digital photos (jpeg or png) Delcenia Hobson, June Javier, Debra Vance, Sheila Williams
 The Publicity Commi ee reserves the right to edit submissions

– Ar cles submi ed for this sec on should align
with the issue topic and provide a personal experience, ps,
ac on items, and resources.

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