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Branding RFP
The purpose of this initiative is to position the Michigan Works! system as the state’s “go-to talent partner” as well as differentiate Michigan Works! from the Unemployment Insurance Agency and other State of Michigan entities. The branding should focus on (1) who we are; (2) who we serve (job seekers and employers); and (3) our focus on reemployment as our specialty. The chosen vendor shall provide the Michigan Works! Association with a market research study to determine the view of Michigan Works! in communities across the state.
The vendor must create a branding campaign for Michigan Works!, incorporating the existing trademarked Michigan Works! logo and brand standards, that can be easily and effectively utilized across multiple graphic identity applications and communicative mediums such as advertising, letterhead, signage, videos, social media marketing materials and websites. The vendor will create a branding campaign that highlights the Michigan Works! system, contributions, and successes to position the system as the “go to” talent organization for workforce development needs.
The Michigan Works! Association seeks a proposal that exemplifies the primary goals and objectives to be achieved by the branding initiative and process:
• Uniformity – The branding campaign should convey a common message to audiences. • Identity/ Pride – Identify and promote what makes Michigan Works! distinct and appealing. • Flexibility – The branding campaign must be flexible and adaptable in order to meet the needs of the 16 Michigan Works! organizations that comprise the system. It must also be flexible enough to grow and evolve along with any changes in the market. • Endorsement – The branding campaign must be authentic and resonate with citizens, businesses, employees, and community groups across the state of Michigan
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