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57802019–2020 ‫ה‘תש“פ‬

Dear Friend, With Great Appreciation
to Rabbi Tzvi and Dassie
As one year comes to an end and a new year is about to begin, I am Stroh, for their devotion
reminded of the story of these people that were looking to fly off an island
with all of their gear, they hired a pilot and started loading up the small and sacrifice to the
airplane. After loading up a number of bags the pilot stops them and says Jewish community of Bay
“that’s all that this plane can handle”, “it’s not a problem” they replied
“we’ve done it before with this exact model plane”. The pilot said “okay, if Ridge.
you’ve done it before we can do it again”. After taxiing down the runway,
the airplane got around 5 feet off the ground before falling back down to Mark and Mary Anne
the ground. “That’s strange” said one of the passengers, “the exact same Stuczynski
thing happened last time we took off”
Best wishes to all in Bay Ridge:
As we all approach the new year let us not be like the above- Happy New Year, good health
mentioned passengers who were surprised when their same actions
produced the same results that they had gotten earlier. Take a few and much prosperity.
moments to plan ahead, look at the calendar and make a specific Keith Karon
commitment, this year I’ll learn Hebrew, go to a Torah class, come to
synagogue more often, participate in one of the various activities, or find
another area of growth.

As we make our commitment to have a better year, may we merit
that G-d should give us, our
loved ones and the entire
world a year of health,
blessings and much happiness.

Rabbi Tzvi & Dassie Stroh
& Family

SEPTEMBER 2019 Elul 5779—Tishrei 5780
‫אלול ה‘תשע“ט—תשרי ה‘תש“פ‬

One of the major accusations often leveled First day, this year, for saying Selichot,
at the CEO of the universe is inaccessibility. “prayers for forgiveness.” The first Oil on Canvas by Michoel Muchnik
These charges are entirely unfounded. Selichot are said early Sunday morning
after midnight (about 1:00 a.m. when Special Rosh Hashanah Foods Rosh Hashanah is about. It is to hear days of Rosh Hashanah, Sept. 30 and
G-d is everywhere, and from there He awaits Daylight Savings Time is in effect). The On Rosh Hashanah, our table is a feast the sound of a Shofar blown thirty Oct. 1, during the daytime.
your call. And just to prove it, one month other Selichot are said before dawn or in of optimism celebrating the sweet times in the sequence written in the
before Rosh Hashanah, He devotes an entire the early morning. and abundant year to come. Instead prayerbook. A Shofar is not a trumpet Tashlich
month to being as approachable as an of salt, we dip our challah in honey. or a French horn; it is a plain horn of A beautiful and ancient custom
Almighty Creator can get. ELUL 25 On the first night, we follow this by an animal. We don't play a symphony observed in most communities, full of
First day of Creation, according to one dipping an apple in honey. Some or a sonata, just a raw and simple symbolism and drama. On the first day
Think of it as though the big boss took a stroll Talmudic opinion. Rosh Hashanah is the will place the head of a sheep or a cry. Our Sages say it is the sound of of Rosh Hashanah, we walk to a body
through the cubicles, happily chatting with sixth day, when Man was created. fish on the table. Pomegranates and a small child crying for his father. If of water containing live fish and recite
anyone who approaches, giving each his full sweetened carrots are also customary. you listen carefully, you can hear that Tashlich, a prayer that G-d, out of His
attention and a warm smile. That is what our TISHREI 1-2 | ROSH HASHANAH cry inside as well, a simple, primal cry great compassion, will toss our sins into
Sages mean when they call Elul the Month of Rosh Hashanah literally means “Head The Shofar as each soul yearns to return to its the sea. The fish, too, take part in the
Divine Compassion. During these days, you of the Year.” Imagine the year as a There is one mitzvah, the core mitzvah essential Father on this day. We hear metaphor: Just as fish never close their
can repair all that went amiss from the entire body and Rosh Hashanah as its brain, of this day, that sums up all that the sounding of the Shofar on both eyes, so is G-d ever-watchful over us.
year—with study, with charity and good deeds, containing all the switches for every day
with meditation and prayer. That is also why of the year. That's also why it is the Day
we blow the Shofar every day of this month of Judgment: Every moment of these 48
(except Shabbat), as a wake-up call to prepare hours, our words and actions adjust the
for the magnificent days to come. We also program for another day of the year.
have our Mezuzot and Tefillin checked during
this month. On the first evening of Rosh Hashanah,
we bless one another, saying, “May you
ELUL 18 be signed and sealed in the Book of
Birthday of Rabbi Yisrael Baal Shem Tov (1698– Life!” This Book of Life is not written on
1760), founder of Chassidism, renowned for paper, but programmed into the natural
his love of every Jew. Birthday of Rabbi Shneur order of things. Over the period of ten
Zalman of Liadi (1745–1812), known as the days until Yom Kippur, the code can still
Alter Rebbe, founder of the Chabad-Lubavitch be revised by revising our own hearts
intellectual branch of Chassidism, author of and lives. After that, it is burned in.
Tanya and Shulchan Aruch HaRav. Rewrites are awkward.

‫ו אלול‬
1 ‫א אלול‬ 2 3‫ב אלול‬ ‫ג אלול‬ 4 ‫ד אלול‬ 5 ‫ה אלול‬ 6 7 ‫ז אלול‬
1 Elul 2 Elul 4 Elul 5 Elul 6 Elul 7 Elul
3 Elul
‫ראש חדש אלול‬ 7:30 PM ‫שופטים‬
Labor Day
Rosh Chodesh Elul Light candles at 7:02 p.m. SHOFTIM

Avot: chapter 6

Shabbat ends at 8:00 p.m.

8 9‫ח אלול‬ 10‫ט אלול‬ 11‫י אלול‬ 12‫יא אלול‬ 13‫יב אלול‬ 14‫יג אלול‬ ‫יד אלול‬
8 Elul 9 Elul 11 Elul 12 Elul 13 Elul
Hebrew School 10 Elul 14 Elul

First Day Light candles at 6:51 p.m. ‫כי תצא‬

15 16‫טו אלול‬ KI TEITZEI
15 Elul
Avot: chapters 1 & 2

Shabbat ends at 7:48 p.m.

17‫טז אלול‬ 18‫יז אלול‬ 19‫יח אלול‬ 20‫יט אלול‬ 21‫כ אלול‬ ‫כא אלול‬
16 Elul 17 Elul 18 Elul 19 Elul
20 Elul 21 Elul

Farbrengen – 8:30 PM Light candles at 6:39 p.m. ‫כי תבוא‬


Avot: chapters 3 & 4
Shabbat Selichot

Shabbat ends at 7:36 p.m.

22 23‫כב אלול‬ 24‫כג אלול‬ 25‫כד אלול‬ 26‫כה אלול‬ 27‫כו אלול‬ 28‫כז אלול‬ ‫כח אלול‬
22 Elul 23 Elul 24 Elul 25 Elul 26 Elul 27 Elul
28 Elul

Shofar Factory Happy Birthday ‫נצבים‬
11:30 AM Rochelle
Light candles at 6:27 p.m.
Avot: chapters 5 & 6

Shabbat ends at 7:24 p.m.

29 ‫כט אלול‬ 30 ‫א תשרי‬ Have an uplifting High Holidays at Chabad Earliest Tefillin TIMES SHOWN ARE
Evening service 1 Tishrei Latest Shema
7:15 PM Midday/Midnight FOR
Tashlich Earliest Mincha METRO NY-NJ
‫ערב ראש השנה‬ Sunset
Tashlich ceremony October 8th – 9th Earliest Evening SEPTEMBER
Eve of Rosh Hashanah Shema
Light candles at 6:24 p.m. 6:00 PM September 30th 1 5:28 6:23 9:38 12:56 1:29 7:28 7:57
8 5:35 6:30 9:41 12:54 1:27 7:17 7:45
New Moon: 5:50 5 18 a.m. ‫יום א דראש השנה‬ October 1st Kol Nidrei - 6:40 PM 15 5:43 6:36 9:42 12:51 1:23 7:05 7:33
22 5:50 6:43 9:45 12:48 1:20 6:53 7:21
First day of Shacharit - 9:30 AM Shacharit - 10:00 AM 29 5:57 6:50 9:47 12:46 1:17 6:42 7:10

ROSH HASHANAH Shofar - 12:30 PM Yizkor - 12:30 PM TIMES SHOWN ARE FOR
Light candles after 7:20 p.m. At Chabad of Bay Ridge – 373 Bay Ridge Avenue

 373 Bay Ridge Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11220  718-974-6366 @JewishBayRidge  [email protected] 

OCTOBER 2019 Tishrei–Cheshvan 5780
‫תשרי–חשון ה‘תש“ פ‬

Gedaliah was a righteous Jewish governor There is another mitzvah unique to Sukkot: The Torah tells us
appointed by the Babylonian conquerors after to take an etrog (a Mediterranean citrus fruit), a lulav (palm Oil on Canvas by Baruch Nachshon
they destroyed the First Temple. When he was branch), three hadassim (myrtle branches) and two aravot
assassinated (422 BCE), our people's plight hit (willow branches), hold them together and shake them gently.
an extreme low. This fast day commemorates We do this each day of the festival, excluding Shabbat.
this tragic event.
This mitzvah is deep with meaning. The Four Species
TISHREI 6 express the diversity of the Land of Israel, the
Yahrtzeit of Rebbetzin Chana Schneerson, mother of the diversity of human experience and the diversity of the
Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson. Jewish People. All four corners of this diversity are
needed to complete the mitzvah, and all four must be
TISHREI 10 | YOM KIPPUR held together as one. For example, the Jewish People:
Yom Kippur (“Day of Atonement”) is the holiest day Every single one of us is a vital part of our People.
in the Jewish Year. So holy that the soul is “at one”
with G-d. When you’re at one, all is forgiven. There is TISHREI 21 | HOSHANA RABBAH
a catch: Nothing must interfere with that oneness. On Hoshana Rabbah, a verdict is issued Above: How much
That's why, from Tuesday evening, Oct. 8, until rain will descend this year, and where. As Earth’s lawyers,
Wednesday night, Oct. 9, in addition to the prohibition we follow ancient customs to influence this decree. All the
of work—just like on Shabbat—there are five other off- preceding night, we recite the Book of Deuteronomy and
limits activities: Eating and drinking, anointing with the Book of Psalms. In the morning, we circle the bimah
perfumes or lotions, marital relations, washing (for (Torah reading platform) of the synagogue seven times,
pleasure) and wearing leather shoes. lulav and etrog in hand, while reciting the Hoshanot. Then,
in an ancient rite of profound mystical significance, we
TISHREI 15-21 | SUKKOT beat five willow branches on the floor.
Sukkot is a joyous holiday. For seven days, we are
once again the original people of Moses wandering TISHREI 22-23 | SIMCHAT TORAH
in the wilderness, surrounded by the Clouds of On the evening of Simchat Torah (Monday, Oct. 21), and in
Glory. Only now those clouds are the greenery of some communities, on the evening of Shemini Atzeret as
a festive hut called a Sukkah. All meals are eaten well, we make seven hakafot (circlings) around the bimah,
in the Sukkah, barring inclement weather. All the singing and dancing with the Torah scrolls. On the morning
common activities of life, when they happen inside of Simchat Torah, Oct. 22, the final portion of the Torah is
the Sukkah, become holy acts. And all of the person read, completing the yearly cycle. Then we immediately
is encompassed in this mitzvah, from head to toe. read the first portion, beginning the cycle anew.


TIMES SHOWN ARE ‫ג תשרי‬ ‫ד תשרי‬ ‫ה תשרי‬ ‫ו תשרי‬
3 Tishrei 4 Tishrei 5 Tishrei 6 Tishrei
FOR Earliest Tefillin 1 2 3 4 5‫ב תשרי‬
METRO NY-NJ Sunrise 2 Tishrei
Latest Shema
OCTOBER Midday/Midnight
2019 Earliest Mincha
Earliest Evening

6 6:04 6:57 9:49 12:44 1:14 6:30 6:58 ‫יום ב דראש השנה‬ ‘‫צום גדלי‬ 6:30 PM ‫וילך‬
13 6:12 7:05 9:53 12:42 1:11 6:19 6:47
20 6:19 7:12 9:55 12:41 1:09 6:09 6:37 Second day of FAST OF GEDALIAH Light candles at 6:15 p.m. VAYELECH
27 6:26 7:20 9:59 12:40 1:07 5:59 6:28 Fast begins at 5:29 a.m.
ROSH HASHANAH Fast ends at 7:06 p.m. Shabbat Shuva
TIMES SHOWN ARE FOR Yom Tov ends at 7:19 p.m.
METRO NY-NJ Shabbat ends at 7:12 p.m.

6 7‫ז תשרי‬ 8‫ח תשרי‬ ‫ט תשרי‬ 9 10‫י תשרי‬ 11‫יא תשרי‬ 12‫יב תשרי‬ ‫יג תשרי‬
7 Tishrei
8 Tishrei 9 Tishrei 10 Tishrei 11 Tishrei 12 Tishrei 13 Tishrei

‫ערב יום כפור‬ ‫יום כפור‬ Light candles at 6:04 p.m. ‫האזינו‬

Shabbat ends at 7:01 p.m.
Light candles at 6:09 p.m. Yizkor
Fast begins at 6:23 p.m.
Yom Kippur ends at 7:06 p.m.

13 14‫יד תשרי‬ ‫טו תשרי‬ 15 16‫טז תשרי‬ 17‫יז תשרי‬ 18‫יח תשרי‬ 19‫יט תשרי‬ ‫כ תשרי‬

14 Tishrei 15 Tishrei 16 Tishrei 17 Tishrei 18 Tishrei 19 Tishrei 20 Tishrei

Columbus Day

‫ערב חג הסוכות‬ ‫יום א דחג הסוכות‬ ‫יום ב דחג הסוכות‬ In loving memory of Sushi in the Sukkah ‫ג דחול המועד סוכות‬ ‫ד דחול המועד סוכות‬
Necha Aidel Bas R. Eliezer ‫ות‬5‫וכ‬:‫ס‬3‫ד‬0‫וע‬P‫המ‬M‫ב דחול‬
Eve of Sukkot First Day of SUKKOT Second Day of SUKKOT 3rd Intermediate Day of SUKKOT 4th Intermediate Day of SUKKOT
Light candles after 6:58 p.m. Yom Tov ends at 6:57 p.m. ‫א דחול המועד סוכות‬ 2nd Intermediate Day of SUKKOT
Light candles at 6:01 p.m. Light candles at 5:54 p.m. Shabbat ends at 6:51 p.m.
1st Intermediate Day of SUKKOT

20 ‫כא תשרי‬ 21 ‫כב תשרי‬ 22 ‫כג תשרי‬ 23 24‫כד תשרי‬ 25‫כה תשרי‬ 26‫כו תשרי‬ ‫כז תשרי‬

21 Tishrei 22 Tishrei 23 Tishrei 24 Tishrei 25 Tishrei 26 Tishrei 27 Tishrei

‫הושענא רבה‬ Hakafot ‫שמחת תורה‬ ‫אסרו חג‬ Light candles at 5:44 p.m. ‫בראשית‬
Hoshana Rabbah 7:00‫רת‬P‫צ‬M‫שמיני ע‬ SIMCHAT TORAH Isru Chag BEREISHEET
Yom Tov ends at 6:47 p.m.
Light candles at 5:51 p.m. SHEMINI ATZERET Blessing of the new month

Yizkor Shabbat ends at 6:42 p.m.

Light candles after 6:48 p.m.

27 ‫כח תשרי‬ 28 29‫כט תשרי‬ 30‫ל תשרי‬ 31‫א חשון‬ ‫ב חשון‬

28 Tishrei 29 Tishrei 30 Tishrei 1 Cheshvan 2 Cheshvan

October 17th
5:30 PM

Come rejoice and dance

Happy Birthday New Moon: 6:34 6 18 p.m. ‫ראש חדש חשון‬ ‫ראש חדש חשון‬ Enjoy Kosher Sushi & with the Torah as we
Yonah entertainment in the Sukkah celebrate its completion.
Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan

 373 Bay Ridge Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11220  718-974-6366 @JewishBayRidge  [email protected] 

NOVEMBER 2019 Cheshvan–Kislev 5780
‫חשון–כסלו ה‘תש“ פ‬

Inside that small case nailed or glued at the entrance of a Jewish home is a At the time of the Holy Temple, the economy of Israel
miniature scroll, written with exquisite care by an expert scribe, containing the was dependent on rainfall to make the crops grow. Oil on Canvas by Gadi Dadon
Shema Yisrael—the proclamation of a Jew’s faith. The mezuzah is a covenant we Nevertheless, out of their great love for one another, the
have made with the Master of the Universe: We will inscribe His unity upon the Jews in Israel waited two full weeks after Sukkot, until
doorposts of our homes, and He will protect us wherever we may be found. Cheshvan 7, before requesting rain, rather than possibly
inconvenience even the last few pilgrims on their return
It is a symbol for all that a Jew is meant to accomplish in this world—for this trip to the most distant boundary of the Holy Land.
entire cosmos is truly His home, lacking but the signature of the Artist at the
entrance to each thing. We and our mitzvahs are meant to be His signature. And CHESHVAN 9
with this, the world finds stability and peace. RoSh, Rabbenu Asher ben Yechiel (c. 1250–1327), renowned
codifier of Jewish law, author of important works and leader
A mezuzah should be affixed to the doorpost of every room in the home and of German Jewry (later fled to Toledo, Spain), passed away.
place of business, including the basement, attic and garage. We do not place one
at the entrance to a bathroom. Each mezuzah should be examined by a reliable In 1339 the King of Poland affirmed the rights of the Jews,
scribe at least twice every seven years. opening his land to mass Jewish immigration. Poland and
its affiliate lands of Lithuania, White Russia and the Ukraine
Before affixing a mezuzah to a doorpost, recite the following blessing: became a haven for Jews for the next 600 years.

Buh-rookh ah-tuh ah-doh-noi, eh-loh-hay-noo meh-lech huh-oh-luhm, ah-shehr kee- CHESHVAN 11
deh-shuh-noo beh-mitz-voh-suhv, veh-tzee-vuh-noo lik-boh-ah meh-zoo-zuh. Rachel, wife of Jacob, mother of Joseph and Benjamin,
passed away (1563 BCE). She is buried outside Bethlehem.
Blessed are You, L-rd our G-d, King of the universe, Who has sanctified us with
His commandments, and has commanded us to affix a mezuzah. CHESHVAN 13
Burning of the Talmud in Venice by order of the pope in 1553.
If more than one mezuzah is being affixed at one time, only one blessing is recit-
ed. When affixing a mezuzah to an entrance without a door, no blessing is recited. CHESHVAN 17
Beginning of the Great Flood (2105 BCE); Noah and his family
The mezuzah is affixed: were saved in the Ark (Genesis 6-8).
A. On the right doorpost as one enters.
B. In a slanted position, with the top pointed to the inside of the room. CHESHVAN 20
C. In the upper third of the doorpost height. (If the doorway is very tall, place it at Birthday of Rabbi Sholom Dov-Ber (1860-1920), known as the
shoulder height.) Rebbe RaShaB, fifth leader of Chabad-Lubavitch.
D. On the outer 3.2 inches of the width of the doorpost.

For more information, or for help in obtaining or checking a mezuzah, please contact us.

‫ג חשון‬
TIMES SHOWN ARE 3 6:33 7:28 10:03 12:39 1:06 5:50 6:19 November 18th 1 2 ‫ד חשון‬
FOR 10 5:41 6:36 9:07 11:40 12:06 4:43 5:12 7:30 PM 3 Cheshvan 4 Cheshvan
17 5:48 6:45 9:12 11:41 12:07 4:37 5:07
METRO NY-NJ 24 5:55 6:53 9:17 11:43 12:08 4:32 5:03

Earliest Tefillin
Latest Shema
Earliest Mincha
Earliest Evening

Uncovering Thursdays - 8:30 PM 6:30 PM ‫נח‬

your hidden self Light candles at 5:35 p.m. NOACH
Shabbat ends at 6:33 p.m.

3 4‫ה חשון‬ ‫ו חשון‬ 5 ‫ז חשון‬ 6 ‫ח חשון‬ 7 ‫ט חשון‬ 8 ‫י חשון‬ 9 ‫יא חשון‬
5 Cheshvan
6 Cheshvan 7 Cheshvan 8 Cheshvan 9 Cheshvan 10 Cheshvan 11 Cheshvan

Standard Time begins Light candles at 4:27 p.m. ‫לך לך‬

Shabbat ends at 5:26 p.m.

10 ‫יב חשון‬ 12‫יג חשון‬ 13‫יד חשון‬ 14‫טו חשון‬ 15‫טז חשון‬ 16‫יז חשון‬ ‫יח חשון‬

1112 Cheshvan 13 Cheshvan 14 Cheshvan 15 Cheshvan 16 Cheshvan 17 Cheshvan 18 Cheshvan

Veterans Day Light candles at 4:20 p.m. ‫וירא‬

19‫כ חשון‬ VAYEIRA
Shabbat ends at 5:21 p.m.
20 Cheshvan
17 ‫יט חשון‬ 20‫כא חשון‬ 21‫כב חשון‬ 22‫כג חשון‬ 23‫כד חשון‬ ‫כה חשון‬

1819 Cheshvan 21 Cheshvan 22 Cheshvan 23 Cheshvan 24 Cheshvan 25 Cheshvan

Light candles at 4:15 p.m. ‫חיי שרה‬


Blessing of the new month

Shabbat ends at 5:17 p.m.

24 ‫כו חשון‬ 26‫כז חשון‬ 27‫כח חשון‬ 28‫כט חשון‬ 29‫ל חשון‬ 30‫א כסלו‬ ‫ב כסלו‬

2526 Cheshvan 27 Cheshvan 28 Cheshvan 29 Cheshvan 30 Cheshvan 1 Kislev 2 Kislev

New Moon: 7:18 7/18 a.m. ‫סלו‬Th‫כ‬an‫ש‬ks‫ד‬g‫ח‬ivin‫ש‬g D‫א‬a‫ר‬y ‫ראש חדש כסלו‬ ‫תולדות‬

Rosh Chodesh Kislev Rosh Chodesh Kislev TOLDOT
Shabbat ends at 5:14 p.m.
Light candles at 4:12 p.m.

 373 Bay Ridge Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11220  718-974-6366 @JewishBayRidge  [email protected] 

DECEMBER 2019 Kislev–Tevet 5780
‫כסלו–טבת ה‘תש“פ‬

CHANUKAH MENORAH KISLEV 10 Kohen Gadol (high priest). It had only enough THE MENORAH
KINDLING BLESSINGS Release from imprisonment on false charges, oil to light for one day. A miracle occurred to
in 1826, of Rabbi DovBer (1773–1827), it, and they used it to light for eight days. The By Emmanuel Snitkovsky
1. Buh-rookh ah-tuh ah-doh-noi, second leader of Chabad-Lubavitch. following year, they (the Sages) established
eh-loh-hay-noo meh-lech huh-oh- it as a permanent holiday of praise and
luhm, ah-shehr kee-deh-shuh-noo KISLEV 19 thanksgiving” (Talmud, Shabbat 21b). This
beh-mitz-voh-suhv, veh-tzee-vuh-noo Rabbi DovBer of Mezeritch, known as the occurred in the year 165 BCE.
leh-hahd-leek nayr khah-noo-kuh. Maggid of Mezeritch, passed away (1772).
He was the chief disciple and successor of HOW TO CELEBRATE CHANUKAH
Blessed are You, L-rd our G-d, King of the Baal Shem Tov. Kindle the Chanukah menorah on each of the
the universe, who has sanctified us with eight nights of Chanukah. For the dates and
His commandments, and commanded Release from czarist imprisonment in times, see the calendar below. For the lights
Petersburg (1798) of his youngest disciple, of the menorah, use olive oil or candles large
‫כסלו–טבת‬us to kindle the Chanukah light. Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liozhna (later of enough to burn until at least half an hour
Liadi), known as the Alter Rebbe, founder of after nightfall.
2. Buh-rookh ah-tuh ah-doh-noi, eh- Chabad-Lubavitch, author of Tanya, Shulchan
loh-hay-noo meh-lech huh-oh-luhm, Aruch HaRav and other profound works. Use a “shamash” (service candle) to kindle
sheh-uh-suh nee-sim lah-ah-voh- After disproving the false charges of his the lights, and place it in its special place on
say-noo, bah-yuh-mim huh-haym opponents, he so impressed the ministers the menorah.
biz-mahn hah-zeh. and senators who judged him (and even the
czar himself, who personally visited him) with For the number of lights and the order of
Blessed are You, L-rd our G-d, King of his wisdom and saintliness, that the entire kindling, see the calendar below.
the universe, who performed miracles Chassidic movement was vindicated and
for our forefathers in those days, at could henceforth spread its teachings freely. Before kindling recite the blessings, and after
this time. Celebrated throughout the world as the “New kindling recite “Haneiros Hallalu.” See the
Year of Chassidism.” calendar below for which blessings to say.
The following blessing is said only on
the first evening (or the first time one KISLEV 25–TEVET 3 | CHANUKAH All members of the family should be present
kindles the lights this Chanukah): “What is Chanukah?… When the Greeks at the kindling of the Chanukah lights. Have
entered the Sanctuary (in Jerusalem), they all young boys kindle their own Chanukah
3. Buh-rookh ah-tuh ah-doh-noi, eh- defiled all the oil (used for lighting the seven- menorahs, and all young girls light their
loh-hay-noo meh-lech huh-oh-luhm, branched menorah) there. When the rule of own Shabbat candles. Students and singles
sheh-heh-kheh-yuh-noo, veh-kee- the Hasmonean family overcame them and who live in a dormitory or in their own
yeh-muh-noo, veh-hee-gee-uh-noo triumphed, they searched and found only one apartments should kindle menorahs in their
liz-mahn hah-zeh. flask of oil remaining with the seal of the own rooms.

Blessed are You, L-rd our G-d, King
of the universe, who has granted us
life, sustained us, and enabled us to
reach this occasion.

‫ח כסלו‬
1 ‫ג כסלו‬ 2 ‫ד כסלו‬ 3 ‫ה כסלו‬ 4 ‫ו כסלו‬ 5 ‫ז כסלו‬ 6 7 ‫ט כסלו‬
3 Kislev 4 Kislev 5 Kislev 6 Kislev 8 Kislev 9 Kislev
7 Kislev

Start to say Tal Umatar in Maariv

Happy Birthday Ushi 6:30 PM ‫ויצא‬

Light candles at 4:11 p.m. VAYEITZEI
Shabbat ends at 5:14 p.m.

8 9‫י כסלו‬ 10‫יא כסלו‬ 11‫יב כסלו‬ 12‫יג כסלו‬ 13‫יד כסלו‬ 14‫טו כסלו‬ ‫טז כסלו‬
10 Kislev
11 Kislev 12 Kislev 13 Kislev 14 Kislev 15 Kislev 16 Kislev

Light candles at 4:11 p.m. ‫וישלח‬

Shabbat ends at 5:15 p.m.

15 16‫יז כסלו‬ 17‫יח כסלו‬ 18‫יט כסלו‬ 19‫כ כסלו‬ 20‫כא כסלו‬ 21‫כב כסלו‬ ‫כג כסלו‬

17 Kislev 18 Kislev 19 Kislev 20 Kislev 21 Kislev 22 Kislev 23 Kislev

Farbrengen - 8:30 PM Light candles at 4:13 p.m. ‫וישב‬


Blessing of the new month

Shabbat ends at 5:17 p.m.

22 ‫כד כסלו‬ 23 ‫כה כסלו‬ 24 ‫כו כסלו‬ 25 ‫כז כסלו‬ 26 ‫כח כסלו‬ 27 ‫כט כסלו‬ 28 30 Kislev ‫ל כסלו‬
‫ראש חדש טבת‬
24 Kislev 25 Kislev 26 Kislev 27 Kislev 28 Kislev 29 Kislev Rosh Chodesh Tevet

Nightfall during Chanukah Legal Holiday After Shabbat is over and havdalah is
recited. Blessings 1 & 2
is at 5:05 p.m.

123 4 56 1234 5 67
1 12 123 1234 12345 Before the Shabbat Candles. Menorah
After Nightfall. Blessings 1, 2 & 3 After Nightfall. Blessings 1 & 2 After Nightfall. Blessings 1 & 2 After Nightfall. Blessings 1 & 2 Blessings 1 & 2 Parade MIKEITZ
After Nightfall. Blessings 1 & 2
New Moon: 8:02 8 18 p.m. Light candles at 4:17 p.m. Shabbat ends at 5:21 p.m.

29 30‫א טבת‬ 31‫ב טבת‬ ‫ג טבת‬ Earliest Tefillin TIMES SHOWN ARE
1 Tevet Sunrise STANDARD TIME
2 Tevet 3 Tevet Latest Shema
‫ראש חדש טבת‬ Midday/Midnight FOR
Earliest Mincha METRO NY-NJ
Rosh Chodesh Tevet Sunset
After Nightfall. Blessings 1 & 2 Earliest Evening DECEMBER
1 2345 6 78 Shema
Sunday, December 22nd- 4:30 PM 1 6:02 7:00 9:21 11:45 12:09 4:29 5:01
8 6:08 7:07 9:27 11:48 12:13 4:29 5:00
15 6:13 7:12 9:31 11:51 12:15 4:30 5:01
22 6:18 7:17 9:35 11:55 12:19 4:32 5:04
29 6:20 7:19 9:38 11:58 12:22 4:37 5:08


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‫טבת–שבט ה‘תש"פ‬
Oil on Canvas by Mira Eisen
Anniversary of the start of the siege of
Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon
(425 BCE), culminating in the destruction of the
First Temple. Commemorated since then as a
public fast day.

RaMBaM (Maimonides), Rabbi Moshe ben
Maimon (1135–1204), passed away in Cairo,
Egypt, and was buried in Tiberias, Israel.
Outstanding codifier, commentator, philosopher,
physician to Sultan Saladin, and leader of
Egyptian Jewry, his brilliant works are studied
to this day. It was said of him: “From Moses to
Moses (i.e., the RaMBaM), there was none like

The Lubavitcher Rebbe has urged all Jews to
study daily his Mishneh Torah (authoritative
code of Jewish law), or at least the briefer Sefer

Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, first leader of
Chabad-Lubavitch, passed away in 1812.

On this day Moses began telling the Jewish
People the Book of Devarim (Deuteronomy 1:1),
fifth of the Five Books of Moses. It was his last
will and testament before he passed away over
a month later, and before they entered the land
of Israel.

‫ו טבת‬
TIMES SHOWN ARE 5 6:21 7:20 9:40 12:02 12:26 4:43 5:14 FAST CELL 1 ‫ד טבת‬ 2 ‫ה טבת‬ 4 ‫ז טבת‬
STANDARD TIME 12 6:21 7:19 9:41 12:05 12:29 4:50 5:21 PHONE FIX 4 Tevet 5 Tevet 6 Tevet 7 Tevet
19 6:19 7:16 9:41 12:07 12:32 4:58 5:28
FOR 26 6:15 7:11 9:39 12:09 12:34 5:06 5:36 8611 4th Avenue
METRO NY-NJ 718-921-4700
2020 Earliest Tefillin Closed on Sat.
Latest Shema
Earliest Mincha
Earliest Evening

Legal Holiday Farbrengen - 8:30 PM 6:30 PM ‫ויגש‬

Light candles at 4:23 p.m. VAYIGASH
Shabbat ends at 5:27 p.m.

5 6‫ח טבת‬ 7‫ט טבת‬ ‫י טבת‬ 8 ‫יא טבת‬ 9 10‫יב טבת‬ 11‫יג טבת‬ ‫יד טבת‬
8 Tevet
9 Tevet 10 Tevet 11 Tevet 12 Tevet 13 Tevet 14 Tevet

‫תענית עשרה בטבת‬ Light candles at 4:30 p.m. ‫ויחי‬

Fast begins at 5:49 a.m. Shabbat ends at 5:33 p.m.
Fast ends at 5:17 p.m.

12 13‫טו טבת‬ 14‫טז טבת‬ 15‫יז טבת‬ 16‫יח טבת‬ 17‫יט טבת‬ 18‫כ טבת‬ ‫כא טבת‬
15 Tevet
16 Tevet 17 Tevet 18 Tevet 19 Tevet 20 Tevet 21 Tevet

Light candles at 4:37 p.m. ‫שמות‬

Shabbat ends at 5:40 p.m.

19 20‫כב טבת‬ 21‫כג טבת‬ 22‫כד טבת‬ 23‫כה טבת‬ 24‫כו טבת‬ 25‫כז טבת‬ ‫כח טבת‬
22 Tevet
23 Tevet 24 Tevet 25 Tevet 26 Tevet 27 Tevet 28 Tevet

Dr. M. L. King Jr. Day 29‫ב שבט‬ 30‫ג שבט‬ Light candles at 4:45 p.m. ‫וארא‬

2 Shevat 3 Shevat VA’EIRA

Blessing of the New Month

Shabbat ends at 5:48 p.m.

New Moon: 8:46 9 18 a.m.

26 27‫כט טבת‬ 28‫א שבט‬ 31‫ד שבט‬ Holy‫ה שבט‬

29 Tevet 1 Shevat 4 Shevat 5 Shevat


‫ראש חדש שבט‬ Light candles at 4:54 p.m. January 27th

Rosh Chodesh Shevat 7:30 PM

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FEBRUARY 2020 Shevat–Adar 5780
‫שבט–אדר ה‘תש“פ‬

Torah is the medium of communication through Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn (1880–1950), sixth
which G-d enables man to know, serve and leader of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement, passed away. Watercolor by Gadi Dadon
connect to Him. The campaign for Torah study He is renowned for his devoted efforts in strengthening
encourages every individual to set fixed times Judaism in the USSR, the USA and many other lands. He
for Torah study every day, so that our spiritual brought the Chabad movement to America. A prolific
growth and development can be systematic writer, he is said to have written over 100,000 letters in his
and directed. Since the giving of the Torah at lifetime!
Sinai, Torah study has been an integral part
of Jewish life. Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi This day also marks the beginning of the leadership of his
explained that Torah study should be fixed not successor, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M.
only in time but also in soul. It should be the Schneerson.
vortex around which the entire spectrum of our
day-to-day experience revolves. SHEVAT 15
New Year for trees, when the earliest-blooming trees begin to
The Talmud tells the story of when the Roman bud in Israel. It is customary to partake of fruits, especially
government issued a decree forbidding Torah those for which the Land of Israel is praised in Scripture.
study. Papus ben Yehudah saw Rabbi Akiva The seven species of Israel are wheat, barley, grape (wine), fig,
conducting Torah classes and asked him, “Do pomegranate, olive (oil), and date (honey). Many people have
you not fear punishment by law?” Rabbi Akiva the custom of eating carob on this day, while others eat jam or
answered with a parable: A fox was strolling preserves from the etrog left over from Sukkot.
along the riverbank and noticed fish swimming
swiftly from place to place. He asked, “Why PARSHAT SHEKALIM
are you running?” They replied, “We are afraid When the Holy Temple stood in Jerusalem, it would be
of the net that people set up to catch us.” The announced on Adar 1 that Jews should start paying their annual
fox slyly said, “Perhaps it would be wise to half-shekel head-tax (Exodus 30:11–16). The revenue was used
ascend to the shore and live together with me for animals for the daily sacrifices offered on behalf of the entire
as my parents lived with your parents.” The nation. Nowadays we read the relevant Torah passage, known as
fish responded, “You speak foolishly; if we Parshat Shekalim, on the Shabbat on or before this date (besides
are afraid in our native habitat, our fear will the regular weekly portion).
be even greater on land, where death will be
certain.” Similarly, Torah is our source of life ADAR 3
and may save us. Without it we will definitely Dedication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem in 349 BCE.
perish (Berachot 61b).


TIMES SHOWN ARE 2 6:10 7:05 9:36 12:10 12:36 5:14 5:44 Join us on the First Friday of 1 ‫ו שבט‬
STANDARD TIME 9 6:03 6:58 9:33 12:11 12:38 5:23 5:52 every* month as the Bay 6 Shevat
16 5:55 6:49 9:29 12:11 12:39 5:32 6:00 Ridge Jewish community gets
FOR 23 5:46 6:39 9:23 12:10 12:38 5:40 6:08 together to celebrate Shabbat, ‫בא‬
METRO NY-NJ experience the tastes of a
TIMES SHOWN ARE FOR different country and enjoy BO
FEBRUARY METRO NY-NJ meeting new people Shabbat ends at 5:56 p.m.
2020 Earliest Tefillin Uncovering
Sunrise Happiness
Latest Shema
Midday/Midnight February 25th – 7:30 PM
Earliest Mincha
Earliest Evening

* Please refer to calendar for dates and times

2 3‫ז שבט‬ 4‫ח שבט‬ ‫ט שבט‬ 5 ‫י שבט‬ 6 ‫יא שבט‬ 7 ‫יב שבט‬ 8 ‫יג שבט‬
7 Shevat
8 Shevat 9 Shevat 10 Shevat 11 Shevat 12 Shevat 13 Shevat

Farbrengen - 8:30 PM 6:30 PM ‫בשלח‬

Light candles at 5:03 p.m. B’SHALACH
Shabbat Shirah
Shabbat ends at 6:04 p.m.

‫טו שבט‬ ‫טז שבט‬ ‫יז שבט‬ ‫יח שבט‬ ‫כ שבט‬

15 Shevat 16 Shevat 17 Shevat 18 Shevat 20 Shevat
‫יד שבט‬ ‫יט שבט‬

9 10 11 12 13 14 1514Shevat 19 Shevat

‫ראש השנה לאילנות‬ Light candles at 5:11 p.m. ‫יתרו‬

New Year for Trees YITRO
Shabbat ends at 6:12 p.m.

16 17‫כא שבט‬ 18‫כב שבט‬ 19‫כג שבט‬ 20‫כד שבט‬ 21‫כה שבט‬ 22‫כו שבט‬ ‫כז שבט‬

21 Shevat 22 Shevat 23 Shevat 24 Shevat 25 Shevat 26 Shevat 27 Shevat

Presidents Day 26‫ל שבט‬ 27‫א אדר‬ Light candles at 5:19 p.m. ‫משפטים‬

25‫כט שבט‬ 30 Shevat 1 Adar MISHPATIM
29 Shevat
Blessing of the new month

Shabbat ends at 6:20 p.m.

23 24‫כח שבט‬ 28‫ב אדר‬ 29‫ג אדר‬ ‫ד אדר‬

28 Shevat 2 Adar 3 Adar 4 Adar

New Moon: 9:3010 18 p.m. ‫ראש חדש אדר‬ ‫ראש חדש אדר‬ Happy Birthday ‫תרומה‬
Chana Nechie
Rosh Chodesh Adar Rosh Chodesh Adar TERUMAH
Light candles at 5:28 p.m. Shabbat ends at 6:27 p.m.

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A married woman customarily lights two candles, and may add an additional For an unusually smooth taste and texture to enhance your Shabbat and Yom
one for each of her children. An unmarried girl should light one candle, in DATE FESTIVAL BLESSING(S) Tov meals.
deference to her mother. *Sept. 29 First Eve of Rosh Hashanah No. 1 and 5
**Sept. 30 Second Eve of Rosh Hashanah No. 1 and 5 5 pounds flour
As soon as a young girl can understand the idea of the Shabbat and can say ***Oct. 8 Eve of Yom Kippur No. 2 and 5 2 ounces fresh yeast and 1 package dry yeast
the blessing (approximately 3 years old), her parents should provide her with a *Oct. 13 First Eve of Sukkot No. 3 and 5 2 cups warm water
candlestick and teach her to kindle the Shabbat candles. **Oct. 14 Second Eve of Sukkot No. 3 and 5 1 1/2 sticks margarine
*Oct. 20 Eve of Shemini Atzeret No. 3 and 5 2 1/3 cups boiling water
The young girl should light before her mother, in case she needs assistance **Oct. 21 Eve of Simchat Torah No. 3 and 5 2 tbsp. salt
from her. *April 8 First Seder Night No. 3 and 5 1 1/2 cups sugar
**April 9 Second Seder Night No. 3 and 5 5 eggs
It is customary to put a few coins into a tzedaka pushka (charity box) before *April 14 Seventh Eve of Passover No. 3
lighting the candles. **April 15 Eighth Eve of Passover No. 3 Glaze:
*May 28 First Eve of Shavuot No. 3 and 5 1 egg, beaten
The correct time to light the Shabbat candles is at least 18 minutes before ****May 29 Second Eve of Shavuot No. 4 and 5 Poppy seeds
sunset every Friday. Young girls should light just prior to this time.
* I f lighting after sunset, light only from a pre-existing flame. Dissolve yeast in 2 cups warm water, in a small bowl, until it bubbles. In a large
THE FESTIVAL CANDLES bowl, place margarine and pour boiling water over it and stir until margarine is
Just as candles are lit in honor of the Shabbat, so are they lit in honor of the ** D o not light before the time indicated. melted. Add salt and sugar. Let cool for a few minutes and beat in eggs. Add
festivals. Light only from a pre-existing flame. the bubbling yeast. Gradually add flour. Knead for 10 minutes. If dough is too
moist add a little more flour.
Various blessings are recited on different festivals. See the chart on the right *** D o not light after sunset.
for Festival Candle-Lighting. When ready to rise, smear top of dough with oil, cover and let rise 1 hour.
**** Do not light after sunset. Light only from a pre-existing flame. Separate a small portion of dough known as ‘challah’ from the whole dough.
CAUTION: When lighting after the onset of a festival, a pre-existing flame must Shape and let rise another hour. Brush with beaten egg to glaze. Sprinkle with
be used to light the candles, since it is prohibited to create a new flame by A pre-existing flame is a flame burning continuously since the onset of a poppy seeds.
striking a match, lighter, etc. However, it is permissible to use (or transfer fire festival—such as a pilot light, gas or candle flame.
from) a flame burning continuously since the onset of the festival, such as a Bake at 350° 1 hour for large challahs, 1/2 hour for smaller challahs and rolls.
pilot light, gas or candle flame. BLESSINGS FOR FESTIVAL CANDLE-LIGHTING
PROCEDURE FOR LIGHTING THE SHABBAT CANDLES 1 Buh-rookh ah-tuh ah-doh-noi, eh-loh-hay-noo meh-lech huh-oh- Traditionally served on Rosh Hashanah and Erev Yom Kippur, symbolizing of
The woman (or young girl) lights the candles, then spreads her hands out luhm, ah-shehr kee-deh-shuh-noo beh-mitz-voh-suhv, veh-tzee- our wishes for a sweet year.
around the candles, drawing her hands inwards in a circular motion three times vuh-noo leh-hahd-leek nayr shel yohm hah-zee-kuh-rohn.
to indicate her acceptance of the sanctity of the Shabbat. She then covers her 3 eggs
eyes and says the blessing: 2 Buh-rookh ah-tuh ah-doh-noi, eh-loh-hay-noo meh-lech huh-oh- 1 pound honey (11/3 cups)
luhm, ah-shehr kee-deh-shuh-noo beh-mitz-voh-suhv, veh-tzee- 1 1/3 cups sugar
‫ ֲא ׁ ֶשר ִק ְ ּד ׁ ָשנ ּו‬,‫לֹ ֵהינ ּו ֶמ ֶל ְך ָהע ֹו ָלם‬-‫י ֱא‬-‫ָּבר ּו ְך ַא ָּתה י‬ vuh-noo leh-hahd-leek nayr shel yohm hah-kee-poo-reem. 1 cup strong coffee
‫ ְו ִצ ָ ּונ ּו ְל ַה ְד ִליק ֵנר ׁ ֶשל ׁ ַש ָּבת קֹ ֶד ׁש‬,‫ְּב ִמ ְצ ֹו ָתיו‬ 2 tsp. baking powder
3 Buh-rookh ah-tuh ah-doh-noi, eh-loh-hay-noo meh-lech huh-oh- 3 tbsp. margarine
Buh-rookh ah-tuh ah-doh-noi, eh-loh-hay-noo meh-lech huh-oh-luhm, ah-shehr luhm, ah-shehr kee-deh-shuh-noo beh-mitz-voh-suhv, veh-tzee- 1 tsp. baking soda
kee-deh-shuh-noo beh-mitz-voh-suhv, veh-tzee-vuh-noo leh-hahd-leek nayr shel vuh-noo leh-hahd-leek nayr shel yohm tohv. 4 cups flour
shah-bus koh-desh. 1 tsp. cinnamon
4 Buh-rookh ah-tuh ah-doh-noi, eh-loh-hay-noo meh-lech huh-oh-
Blessed are You, L-rd, our G-d, King of the universe, Who has sanctified us luhm, ah-shehr kee-deh-shuh-noo beh-mitz-voh-suhv, veh-tzee- Preheat oven to 325°. Grease and flour a 9” x 13” pan.
with His commandments, and commanded us to kindle the light of the holy vuh-noo leh-hahd-leek nayr shel shah-bus veh-shel yohm tohv. Beat eggs and honey together. Add sugar and mix again. Mix coffee with
Shabbat. baking powder, and then add with margarine to the egg mixture. Add baking
5 Buh-rookh ah-tuh ah-doh-noi, eh-loh-hay-noo meh-lech huh-oh- soda, flour, cinnamon and beat together well. Bake in greased 9” x 13” pan at
She then uncovers her eyes to behold the Shabbat lights. luhm, sheh-heh-kheh-yuh-noo, veh-kee-yeh-muh-noo, veh-hee-gee- 325° for 55 minutes to an hour.
uh-noo liz-mahn hah-zeh.
The time of lighting is considered an especially propitious time to pray to G-d NOTE: This calendar contains sacred writings.
for health and happiness. The prayer is readily accepted because it is said Please do not desecrate it.
during the performance of this great mitzvah of lighting the Shabbat candles. However it is not considered Shaimos.

CAUTION: The candles must be lit before sunset. It is prohibited and is a
desecration of the Shabbat to light the candles after sunset.

Traditionally served on Simchat Torah, as the rolled cabbage Cheese blintzes are served hot, with sour cream or apple- Kreplach, a chopped meat or chicken mixture encased in
HAMANTASCHEN reminds us of the Torah scrolls. sauce. They are a special favorite on Shavuot, when it is dough and then cooked or fried, is traditionally served the
Hamantaschen, a traditional Purim delight, is a three-cornered customary to eat dairy products (not hard cheese) before the afternoon before Yom Kippur, on Hoshana Rabbah and at the
pastry filled with mohn (poppy seed) or other sweet filling. Preparing Cabbage for Stuffing: main lunch meal. Purim feast.
Place cabbage in the freezer and leave there for 2 to 3 days.
1 cup sugar Remove and allow to defrost overnight. Cabbage rolls can be Batter: Dough:
1/3 cup oil made in the morning. When cabbage has defrosted, cabbage 4 eggs 2 cups flour
1/3 cup shortening leaves are limp. Remove leaves carefully, lifting each one 1 cup milk 1/2 tsp. salt
3 eggs separately and tearing off at bottom. Leaves come out very 1 cup flour 3 tbsp. oil
1/2 cup orange juice large this way. Rinse out individual leaves well so as to remove 1 tbsp. sour cream 2 egg yolks
4 cups flour any insects. 1/4 cup sugar 1/2 cup water
3 tsp. baking powder 1 tsp. vanilla extract 11/2 tsp. baking powder or baking soda
1 tsp. salt Rolling Cabbage with Meat Filling: Pinch of salt
1 egg, beaten Place a spoonful of chopped meat mixture on the rib of each Filling:
2 pounds mohn filling leaf. Roll cabbage leaf along its length. When you are nearly Filling: 1 onion, diced
finished rolling it, tuck in both outer ends and continue rolling. 16 ounces cottage cheese 2 tbsp. oil
Cream sugar, oil and shortening. Add eggs and juice and mix Cabbage leaves will remain neatly rolled up if they are stuffed 2 egg yolks 1 cup ground cooked meat or chicken
well. Blend with dry ingredients and roll into a ball. Divide while they are still warm. 2 tbsp. margarine or butter, melted 1 tsp. salt
into four parts. Roll out each piece very thin (approximately 2 tbsp. sugar 1/4 tsp. pepper
1/8-inch) on a floured board. With the rim of a cup or glass (de- Note: Using the leaves that are too small to roll, by lining the pan 1 tsp. vanilla extract 1 egg
pending on desired size) cut into the dough to make circles. with them, and then placing another layer on top of the rolled 1/4 cup raisins (optional) 1 tbsp. matzah meal
Place 1/2 to 2/3 teaspoon of filling in the middle of each circle. cabbage in the pot enhances the flavor of the dish. 1/3 cup oil for frying
DOUGH: Combine flour, salt and oil. In a separate bowl, beat egg
To shape into triangle, lift up right and left sides, leaving the 1 medium cabbage BATTER: Combine eggs and milk. Add sour cream and blend yolks, water and baking powder (or soda). Add to flour mixture.
bottom side down, and bring both sides to meet at center, well. Add flour gradually. Mix well until batter is smooth. Knead and roll out, thinly, on floured surface. Cut into 3-inch
above the filling. Lift bottom side up to center to meet other Sauce: Heat a small amount of oil in an 8-inch frying pan, on a low squares or circles.
two sides. 2 tbsp. margarine flame, until hot but not smoking. Ladle a small amount of
2 onions, sliced batter (approximately 1 ounce) into pan, tipping pan in all FILLING: Sauté onion in oil. Add chopped meat and brown for
Preheat oven to 350°. Brush dough with beaten egg before 3 cups canned tomatoes, with juice directions until batter covers the entire bottom of the pan. Fry 5 minutes. Remove from heat and cool. Add salt, pepper, egg
baking. Place on greased cookie sheet. Bake at 350° for 11/2 tsp. salt on one side until set and golden, approximately 1 minute. Slip and matzah meal, and mix well. Fill center of each square or
approximately 20 minutes. 1/2 tsp. pepper pancake out of pan and repeat until all batter is used. Add oil circle with meat mixture. Fold into triangles, or bring both sides
Yields 4 dozen Hamantaschen. Beef bones (optional) to pan as necessary. and bottom together towards center, pinching together and
thus forming a triangle. Place in lightly salted boiling water for
POTATO LATKES Meat: FILLING: In another bowl, mix all ingredients for filling. approximately 20 minutes until kreplach float to top. When ready,
Because of the great significance of oil in the history of Chanu- 1 pound chopped meat remove from pot and serve in soup. Can also be served as side
kah, Latkes—fritters fried in oil—are usually served. 4 tbsp. uncooked rice ASSEMBLE: Fill each pancake on golden side with 3 tbsp. of dish. For firmer kreplach, fry in heated oil in skillet over medium
4 tbsp. grated onion filling. Fold in sides to center and roll blintz until completely flame until golden brown on both sides.
5 large potatoes, peeled 1 egg closed. Replace rolled blintzes in pan and fry for 2 minutes,
1 large onion 3 tbsp. cold water turning once. OUR ARTISTS
4 eggs Seasoning Michoel Muchnik, Brooklyn, NY | (718) 363-8721
1/3 cup matzah meal 3 tbsp. honey Recipes reprinted with permission from Baruch Nachshon, Hebron, Israel | 972-2-9961-032
1 tsp. salt 1/4 cup lemon juice The Spice and Spirit of Kosher-Jewish Cooking Emmanuel Snitkovsky – Chai Gallery | (718) 774-9149
1/4 tsp. pepper 1/4 cup seedless raisins ©1977 & 1990 by Lubavitch Women’s Cookbook Mira Eisen – Leviim Gallery | (347) 401-0811
1/3 cup oil for frying Gadi Dadon – Betzalel Gallery | (718) 307-1005
SAUCE: Heat margarine in 6-quart pot and sauté onions. Add © 2019 Outreach Publishing, Brooklyn, NY
Grate potatoes and onion on the fine side of a grater, or in food tomatoes, salt, pepper and bones. Cook for 30 minutes. WWW.OUTREACH770.COM
processor, or in blender with a little water added to it. Add
eggs and mix well. Add matzah meal and seasoning and mix MEAT: In a bowl combine meat, rice, onion, egg and water.
well. Heat oil in frying pan, then add mixture, 1 tablespoon at a Place one large tablespoon of mixture onto each leaf and roll
time, into frying pan. When golden brown, turn over and brown as described above.
other side.
TO COOK: Place cabbage rolls in sauce. Cover and cook for
11/2 hours over low heat. Sauce should cover at least half of
the rolls. If more sauce is necessary, add 1 cup tomato juice.

After 11/2 hours add honey, lemon juice and raisins.

Note: Stuffed cabbage freezes well. When reheating defrosted
stuffed cabbage, 6 potatoes cut in quarters may be added.
Cook until potatoes are tender.

MARCH 2020 Adar–Nissan 5780 ADAR 14 | PURIM
‫אדר–ניסן ה‘תש“פ‬ Purim commemorates the day when Jews throughout the
Persian Empire rested from fighting their enemies on the
SHABBAT CANDLES previous day, having totally routed them.
Darkness is setting upon the world; the workweek is coming to
a close. A week of activity, a week of growth, a tiring week. But HOW TO CELEBRATE PURIM
as the sun goes down, a new day is being ushered in: the day for
which we toiled the entire week, a day of rest and tranquility, the Listen to the Megillah
holy Shabbat. To relive the miraculous events of Purim, we listen to the reading
of the Megillah (the Scroll of Esther) on Monday night, March 9,
Greeting the Shabbat (and also Jewish holidays) are girls and and again during the daytime of Tuesday, March 10. When Haman’s
women across the globe. Shortly before sunset they light candles, name is mentioned, we twirl graggers and stamp our feet to “drown
which usher in peace and blessing to their homes and to the world. out” his evil name. Tell the children that Purim is the only time
when it’s a mitzvah to make noise!
The Torah enjoins us to “honor the Shabbat and call it a delight.”
Now, one element of this “delight” is to have candles lit. In addition Send Gifts of Food
to creating a bright and cheery ambiance, the candles ensure that On Purim we emphasize the importance of Jewish unity and
we don’t spend the evening stumbling around in the dark. The friendship by sending gifts of food to friends. Send a gift of at least
Torah clearly tells us that we may not kindle fire on Shabbat. So two kinds of ready-to-eat foods (for example, pastry, fruit, beverage)
the key is to light the delight-giving candles before the onset of the to at least one friend on March 10, during the daytime. It is proper
day. that men send to men, and women to women. Sending these
gifts should be done through a third party. Children, in addition to
The mystics explain that Shabbat is the day that brings illumination sending their own gifts of food, make enthusiastic messengers.
to our world, which so often seems to be dark and negative.
Furthermore, candles are a metaphor for Torah and for the human Give Gifts to the Needy HAPPINESS
soul. The Shabbat candles represent the light we introduce into the Concern for the needy is a year-round responsibility for the Jew.
world through studying Torah and observing its precepts. And they On Purim, particularly, it is a special mitzvah to remember the Oil on Canvas by Gadi Dadon
also represent the additional soul that our sages say we are given poor. Give charity to at least two—but preferably more—needy
on Shabbat. (See center of calendar for candle-lighting instructions individuals on March 10, during the daytime. The mitzvah is best Machatzit Hashekel The Fast of Esther
and blessings.) fulfilled by giving directly to the needy. If, however, you cannot
find poor people, place at least several coins into pushkas It is a tradition to give 3 half-dollar coins to charity To commemorate the day of prayer and
PARAH ADUMAH – THE RED HEIFER (charity boxes). Even small children should fulfill this mitzvah.
On the 2nd of Nissan, one day after the inauguration of the to commemorate the half-shekel given by each Jew fasting which the Jews held before their
Tabernacle, Moses prepared the very first Red Heifer, in order to Eat the Festive Meal
ritually purify the Jewish nation in preparation for the bringing of As on all festivals, we celebrate Purim with a special festive meal in the time of the Holy Temple. This mitzvah, usually victory, we fast on the day before Purim, on
the Paschal Lamb in the newly erected Sanctuary. on March 10, during the daytime, when family and friends gather
There were nine Red Heifers brought from the first one in the time of together to rejoice in the Purim spirit. performed in the synagogue, should be done on March 9.
Moses, until the destruction of the Second Temple. A tenth Red Heifer
will be brought by Moshiach, may he come quickly in our days.

March 9 or March 10, according to your custom. A JOYOUS PURIM!


1 2‫ה אדר‬ 3‫ו אדר‬ 4‫ז אדר‬ 5‫ח אדר‬ 6‫ט אדר‬ 7‫י אדר‬ ‫יא אדר‬
5 Adar
6 Adar 7 Adar 8 Adar 9 Adar 10 Adar 11 Adar

6:30 PM ‫תצוה‬

Light candles at 5:35 p.m. TETZAVEH


Shabbat ends at 6:35 p.m.

8 9‫יב אדר‬ 10‫יג אדר‬ ‫יד אדר‬ 11 ‫טו אדר‬ 12 13‫טז אדר‬ 14‫יז אדר‬ ‫יח אדר‬
12 Adar
13 Adar 14 Adar 15 Adar 16 Adar 17 Adar 18 Adar

Purim in Outer Space

Daylight Saving Time begins Megillah Reading 7:15 PM ‫פורים‬ ‫שושן פורים‬ Light candles at 6:43 p.m. ‫כי תשא‬
‫תענית אסתר‬
Fast begins at 5:53 a.m. Parah
Fast ends at 7:26 p.m.
Shabbat ends at 7:43 p.m.

15 16‫יט אדר‬ 17‫כ אדר‬ 18‫כא אדר‬ 19‫כב אדר‬ 20‫כג אדר‬ 21‫כד אדר‬ ‫כה אדר‬
19 Adar
20 Adar 21 Adar 22 Adar 23 Adar 24 Adar 25 Adar

Light candles at 6:51 p.m. ‫פקודי‬-‫ויקהל‬


Blessing of the new month

Shabbat ends at 7:50 p.m.

22 23‫כו אדר‬ 24‫כז אדר‬ 25‫כח אדר‬ 26‫כט אדר‬ 27‫א ניסן‬ 28‫ב ניסן‬ ‫ג ניסן‬
26 Adar
27 Adar 28 Adar 29 Adar 1 Nissan 2 Nissan 3 Nissan

New Moon: 10:1411 18 a.m. ‫ראש חדש ניסן‬ Light candles at 6:58 p.m. ‫ויקרא‬

Rosh Chodesh Nissan VAYIKRA
Shabbat ends at 7:58 p.m.

29 30‫ד ניסן‬ 31‫ה ניסן‬ ‫ו ניסן‬ Purim in Earliest Tefillin TIMES SHOWN ARE
4 Nissan Outer Space Sunrise FOR
Model Matzah Bakery 5 Nissan 6 Nissan Latest Shema
March Midday/Midnight METRO NY-NJ
10th Earliest Mincha
Sunset MARCH
Earliest Evening 2020

1 5:36 6:29 9:18 12:09 12:38 5:48 6:16
8 6:25 7:18 10:12 1:07 1:37 6:56 7:24
15 6:14 7:07 10:05 1:05 1:36 7:03 7:31
22 6:02 6:55 9:58 1:03 1:35 7:11 7:39
29 5:50 6:44 9:52 1:01 1:34 7:18 7:46


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APRIL 2020 Nissan–Iyar 5780
‫ניסן–אייר ה‘תש“פ‬

NISSAN 11 food. Also check for chometz in chometz and are prohibited on NISSAN 15-16 | THE SEDER NIGHTS 9), we begin Sefirat Ha’omer, the THE EXODUS
Birthday of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, your car and office—don’t overlook Passover. Examples are breakfast The first two nights of Passover we conduct counting of the 49 days between
Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson. desks and drawers. Other spots to cereals, licorice, most candy bars, a Seder—a festive yet solemn event. At a Pesach and Shavuot. Oil on Canvas by Emmanuel Snitkovsky
be investigated include: clothes, pasta, vinegar, beer and whiskey. table royally set with our best crystal and
HOW TO PREPARE FOR PASSOVER pockets (especially the children’s), silver and the finest of kosher wines, we NISSAN 22 | LAST DAY OF PASSOVER eating a special third meal on the
pocketbooks and attache cases. How to Sell the Chometz re-enact the Exodus from Egypt in ancient The eighth day of Passover is last day of Passover, complete with
What is Chometz? Vacuum cleaner bags should be Since we can’t own chometz on times. We also pray for the forthcoming traditionally associated with our fervent matzah and wine, called the “Meal of
Chometz is any food or drink made discarded or cleaned. Passover, we need to sell to a non- redemption speedily in our days. hope for the coming of Moshiach. Moshiach.” On that day, he said, one
from wheat, barley, rye, oats or spelt, Jew, before the time indicated on the can feel the approach of Moshiach.
or their derivatives, which is forbidden How to Prepare the Kitchen calendar, all chometz that we will not Second Night of Pesach The Baal Shem Tov, founder of
on Passover because it is leavened Since the kitchen has been used the consume or destroy before Passover. On the second night of Pesach (April Chassidus, instituted the custom of Passover does not end until the night
or fermented. If a food contains whole year long for chometz, it’s going This is not a simple transaction. That of April 16, at the time indicated on
any of these ingredients and is not to need some work to prepare it for is why we empower a competent the calendar. Until approximately
certified as “kosher for Passover,” Passover use. Contact us for details. Rabbi to do it for us. an hour after that time, no chometz
it’s considered chometz. If a food should be bought or eaten.
contains even a trace of chometz, Shopping for Passover Search for Chometz
we don’t eat it, we don’t sell it, and While shopping for Passover, we must On the evening of April 7 we search
we make sure not to have any of it in be careful that the foods we buy are our homes for chometz.
our possession on any of the days not only kosher but are also kosher-
of Passover. (Note: Matzah used all for-Passover—that is, completely Burning the Chometz
year round is not for Passover use. chometz-free. On the morning of April 8 we burn the
Only matzahs baked especially for chometz that was found during the
Passover may be used on Passover.) In addition to raw ingredients, there search, and all other chometz that is
are many kosher-for-Passover not stored away to either be sold to
Cleaning for Passover packaged foods available. However, the non-Jew or eaten on Wednesday
Take all the chometz—both food and be careful to purchase only those morning.
utensils used throughout the year (and packaged foods that display the
not koshered for Passover)—and store insignia of a reliable supervising The Morning Before Passover
it all away in closets or rooms that you agency, together with “P” or “kosher On April 8, we can eat chometz
will lock or tape shut. You’ll sell this for Passover.” only until the time indicated on the
chometz temporarily to a non-Jew. calendar. After that time we may
Obviously, all leavened foods such eat only foods which are kosher-for-
Clean your entire house, purging it as bread and cake made from wheat, Passover. However, we do not eat
of all crumbs and small pieces of barley, rye, oats or spelt are actual matzah until the Seder.


TIMES SHOWN ARE Earliest Tefillin Moshiach’s Seudah (Meal) 1 ‫ז ניסן‬ 2 ‫ח ניסן‬ 3 ‫ט ניסן‬ 4 ‫י ניסן‬
Latest Shema 7 Nissan 8 Nissan 9 Nissan 10 Nissan
FOR Midday/Midnight
METRO NY-NJ Earliest Mincha
APRIL Earliest Evening
2020 Shema

5 5:38 6:32 9:44 12:59 1:32 7:25 7:54 A meal of inspiration Light candles at 7:05 p.m. ‫צו‬
12 5:26 6:21 9:38 12:57 1:31 7:33 8:02 with the light of
19 5:14 6:10 9:32 12:55 1:30 7:40 8:09 redemption TZAV
26 5:03 6:01 9:27 12:54 1:30 7:47 8:17
Shabbat Hagadol
METRO NY-NJ Shabbat ends at 8:06 p.m.

5 6‫יא ניסן‬ ‫יב ניסן‬ 7 ‫יג ניסן‬ 8 ‫יד ניסן‬ 9 ‫טו ניסן‬ 10 ‫טז ניסן‬ 11 ‫יז ניסן‬
11 Nissan 13 Nissan 14 Nissan 15 Nissan
12 Nissan First Seder Second Seder 16 Nissan 17 Nissan
The Rebbe’s birthday ‫בדיקת חמץ‬ Eruv Tavshilin
Search for chometz at 7:57 p.m. Community Seder Sefirah 1 Sefirah 2
Farbrengen - 8:30 PM ‫ערב פסח‬
‫יום א דחג הפסח‬ Community Seder ‫יום א דחול המועד פסח‬
Eve of Passover
1st day of PASSOVER ‫יום ב דחג הפסח‬ 1st intermediate day of PASSOVER
Eat chometz until 10:42 a.m. Light candles after 8:11 p.m. Shabbat ends at 8:14 p.m.
Burn chometz until 11:43 a.m. 2nd day of PASSOVER
In evening count Omer 1 Light candles at 7:13 p.m. In evening count Omer 3
Light candles at 7:10 p.m.
In evening count Omer 2

12 ‫יח ניסן‬ 13 ‫יט ניסן‬ 14 ‫כ ניסן‬ 15 ‫כא ניסן‬ 16 ‫כב ניסן‬ 17 ‫כג ניסן‬ 18 ‫כד ניסן‬

18 Nissan 19 Nissan 20 Nissan 21 Nissan 22 Nissan 23 Nissan 24 Nissan

Sefirah 3 Sefirah 4 Sefirah 5 Sefirah 6 Sefirah 7 Sefirah 8 Sefirah 9

‫יום ב דחול המועד פסח‬ Happy Birthday ‫יום ד דחול המועד פסח‬ ‫שביעי של פסח‬ Moshiach’s Meal ‫אסרו חג‬ ‫שמיני‬
‫אחרון של פסח‬ Isru Chag
2nd intermediate day of PASSOVER Sara’le 4th intermediate day of 7th day of PASSOVER SHEMINI
‫יום ג דחול המועד פסח‬ Light candles after 8:18 p.m. 8th day of PASSOVER Light candles at 7:20 p.m.
In evening count Omer 4 3rd intermediate day of PASSOVER PASSOVER Avot: chapter 1
In evening count Omer 7 Yizkor In evening count Omer 9 Blessing of the new month
In evening count Omer 5 Light candles at 7:17 p.m.
Yom Tov ends at 8:19 p.m. Shabbat ends at 8:22 p.m.
In evening count Omer 6
In evening count Omer 8 In evening count Omer 10

19 ‫כה ניסן‬ 20 ‫כו ניסן‬ 21 ‫כז ניסן‬ 22 ‫כח ניסן‬ 23 ‫כט ניסן‬ 24 ‫ל ניסן‬ 25 ‫א אייר‬

25 Nissan 26 Nissan 27 Nissan 28 Nissan 29 Nissan 30 Nissan 1 Iyar

Sefirah 10 Sefirah 11 Sefirah 12 Sefirah 13 Sefirah 14 Sefirah 15 Sefirah 16

In evening count Omer 11 In evening count Omer 12 In evening count Omer 13 In evening count Omer 14 In evening count Omer 15 ‫ראש חדש אייר‬ ‫ראש חדש אייר‬
New Moon: 10:5812 18 p.m. R‫ע‬os‫ר‬h‫צו‬Ch‫מ‬o-de‫ע‬s‫י‬h‫ר‬I‫ז‬ya‫ת‬r
Rosh Chodesh Iyar
Light candles at 7:27 p.m.
Avot: chapter 2
In evening count Omer 16
Shabbat ends at 8:30 p.m.

In evening count Omer 17

Join a celebration over 3000 years old!
26 ‫ב אייר‬ 27 ‫ג אייר‬ 28 ‫ד אייר‬ 29 ‫ה אייר‬ 30 Enjoy a traditional Seder:‫ו אייר‬

2 Iyar 3 Iyar 4 Iyar 5 Iyar 6 Iyar

Sefirah 17 Sefirah 18 Sefirah 19 Sefirah 20 Sefirah 21

In evening count Omer 18 In evening count Omer 19 In evening count Omer 20 In evening count Omer 21 In evening count Omer 22 • Complete with the 4 cups
• Hand made shmurah matzah
• Delicious Kosher meal
• Loads of inspiration & rejoicing

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MAY 2020 Iyar–Sivan 5780
‫אייר–סיון ה‘תש“ פ‬

SEFIRAT HA’OMER | COUNTING OF THE OMER IYAR 18 | LAG B’OMER his people roamed the Sinai Desert. Unlike LAG B'OMER
The festivals of Pesach and Shavuot The 33rd day of the Omer counting is other prophets, Moses writes in the third
are linked: Pesach marks our physical celebrated as a holiday. Two reasons: 1) person, describing events as though he were Oil on Canvas By Boruch Nachshon
liberation (the exodus from Egypt and Between Passover and Shavuot, one year in a passive observer. This is because Moses
the birth of the Jewish nation), and on the early 2nd century, 24,000 disciples of Rabbi was no more than a clear conduit, allowing
Shavuot we received the Torah—the Akiva (greatest Sage of Israel in the Mishnaic G-d’s wisdom to flow into the world with no
spiritual essence and liberation of the period) passed away because they were not interference from his own ego.
Jewish people. To note this link, we count respectful enough to each other. Therefore,
every one of the forty-nine days between this period is a time of semi-mourning (no SHAVUOT OBSERVANCES
these two festivals. This counting, called weddings, etc.). On the 33rd (LaG = 33) On the first night of Shavuot, many
Sefirat Ha’omer, expresses our eager day of the Omer, they stopped dying. 2) An communities host an all-night learnathon.
anticipation of receiving the Torah. outstanding later disciple of Rabbi Akiva,
Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, Mishnaic Sage and The next morning, May 29, every man,
The counting begins on the second night author of the Zohar, principal work of Jewish woman and child attends services to
of Pesach, immediately after nightfall, and mysticism (Kabbalah), passed away. Having hear the Ten Commandments read from a
is continued every subsequent evening fulfilled his mission in this world, he asked that Torah scroll. It is especially important for
(after nightfall). the anniversary be celebrated as a happy day. children to be there, since they served as our
guarantors the first time the Torah was given.
IYAR 14 | PESACH SHENI Children have a custom to play with bows
The Second Passover. The year after and arrows, and are taken on trips to parks Before the main meat meal on the first day
the Exodus, G-d commanded the Jewish or the countryside. In Israel they light giant of Shavuot, the tradition is to eat a festive
People to celebrate Passover in the bonfires the previous night. dairy meal (not hard cheese). Cheesecake
desert. However, some complained that is a big hit.
they had become ritually impure and would SIVAN 6-7 | SHAVUOT
not be able to purify themselves in time to Shavuot is a major festival, celebrating an event It is customary on Shavuot to decorate our
offer their Passover sacrifice (Numbers 9). so important that the world would be an entirely synagogues and homes with flowers, fruits
G-d told Moses they would get a second different place without it. 3,322 years ago and greens.
chance to offer their sacrifice on Iyar 14 (a on this day, the entire Jewish nation stood at
month after Nissan 14, when the Passover the foot of Mount Sinai, and the transmission King David passed away on Shavuot. So did
sacrifice is normally brought). This applied of Torah from heaven to earth began. the father of the Chassidic movement, Rabbi
until the cessation of sacrifices with Yisroel Baal Shem Tov.
the destruction of the Second Temple In its most specific sense, Torah refers to
in 70 CE. Some still have a custom of the Five Books of Moses, written down over Shavuot is an opportune time to fix a daily
celebrating the day by eating matzah. a period of 40 years by Moses while he and time for Torah study.

‫ז אייר‬
TIMES SHOWN ARE 3 4:52 5:52 9:22 12:54 1:30 7:55 8:25 Tuesday - May 12th – 5:30 PM Join us as we 1 2 ‫ח אייר‬
DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME 10 4:43 5:44 9:18 12:53 1:30 8:02 8:33 7 Iyar 8 Iyar
17 4:34 5:37 9:14 12:53 1:30 8:08 8:41 Sefirah 23
FOR 24 4:27 5:31 9:11 12:53 1:31 8:15 8:48 Sefirah 22
METRO NY-NJ 31 4:22 5:27 9:09 12:54 1:32 8:20 8:54 ‫קדושים‬-‫אחרי‬
7:30 PM
2020 METRO NY-NJ Light candles at 7:35 p.m.
Earliest Tefillin Lag B’Omer Parade receive the Ten Avot: chapter 3
Sunrise & Commandments In evening count Omer 23
Latest Shema Shabbat ends at 8:38 p.m.
Earliest Mincha In evening count Omer 24
Earliest Evening

Family Picnic Shavuot
Ice Cream Party
A day of Jewish pride & unity. May 2ͻ–Š ̷ ͸ǣͲͲ

3 4‫ט אייר‬ ‫י אייר‬ 5 ‫יא אייר‬ 6 ‫יב אייר‬ 7 ‫יג אייר‬ 8 ‫יד אייר‬ 9 ‫טו אייר‬
9 Iyar 13 Iyar
Sefirah 24 10 Iyar 11 Iyar 12 Iyar Sefirah 28 14 Iyar 15 Iyar

In evening count Omer 25 Sefirah 25 Sefirah 26 Sefirah 27 Happy Birthday Sefirah 29 Sefirah 30
Menachem Mendel
‫פסח שני‬ ‫אמור‬
In evening count Omer 26 In evening count Omer 27 In evening count Omer 28 In evening count Omer 29
Light candles at 7:42 p.m.
Avot: chapter 4
In evening count Omer 30
Shabbat ends at 8:47 p.m.

In evening count Omer 31

10 ‫טז אייר‬ 11 ‫יז אייר‬ 12 ‫יח אייר‬ 13 ‫יט אייר‬ 14 ‫כ אייר‬ 15 ‫כא אייר‬ 16 ‫כב אייר‬

16 Iyar 17 Iyar 18 Iyar 19 Iyar 20 Iyar 21 Iyar 22 Iyar

Sefirah 31 Sefirah 32 Sefirah 33 Sefirah 34 Sefirah 35 Sefirah 36 Sefirah 37

In evening count Omer 33 Parade, Picnic

& Jewish ‫בחוקותי‬-‫בהר‬

Pride ‫לג בעומר‬ Light candles at 7:49 p.m. BEHAR-BECHUKOTAI
Mother's Day In evening count Omer 34 In evening count Omer 35 In evening count Omer 36 In evening count Omer 37 Avot: chapter 5
In evening count Omer 32
Shabbat ends at 8:55 p.m.

In evening count Omer 38

17 ‫כג אייר‬ 18 ‫כד אייר‬ 19 ‫כה אייר‬ 20 ‫כו אייר‬ 21 ‫כז אייר‬ 22 ‫כח אייר‬ 23 ‫כט אייר‬

23 Iyar 24 Iyar 25 Iyar 26 Iyar 27 Iyar 28 Iyar 29 Iyar

Sefirah 38 Sefirah 39 Sefirah 40 Sefirah 41 Sefirah 42 Sefirah 43 Sefirah 44

In evening count Omer 39 In evening count Omer 40 In evening count Omer 41 In evening count Omer 42 In evening count Omer 43 Light candles at 7:55 p.m. ‫במדבר‬

In evening count Omer 44 BAMIDBAR
New Moon: 11:4213 18 a.m.
Avot: chapter 6
Blessing of the new month

Shabbat ends at 9:02 p.m.

In evening count Omer 45

24 ‫א סיון‬ 25 ‫ב סיון‬ 26 ‫ג סיון‬ 27 ‫ד סיון‬ 28 ‫ה סיון‬ 29 ‫ו סיון‬ 30 ‫ז סיון‬
1 Sivan 2 Sivan 3 Sivan 4 Sivan 5 Sivan 6 Sivan 7 Sivan

Sefirah 45 Sefirah 46 Sefirah 47 Sefirah 48 Sefirah 49
Eruv Tavshilin
‫ראש חדש סיון‬ Ice Cream
Late night study Party ‫שבועות‬
Rosh Chodesh Sivan
In evening count Omer 46 Memorial Day In evening count Omer 48 In evening count Omer 49 marathon ‫שבועות‬ SHAVUOT
In evening count Omer 47 ‫ערב שבועות‬
‫ח סיון‬ SHAVUOT Yizkor
Eve of Shavuot Light candles at 8:01 p.m.
8 Sivan Shabbat ends at 9:09 p.m.
Light candles at 8:00 p.m.
‫אסרו חג‬

Isru Chag

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JUNE 2020 Sivan–Tammuz 5780
‫סיון–תמוז ה‘תש“פ‬

Food for the Soul Rabbi Chanina ben Teradyon, saintly Sage, was caught
Just as there are foods that are good for the body and foods that are harmful, so there teaching Torah when the Roman Emperor Hadrian had Oil on Canvas by Baruch Nachshon
are foods that nourish the inner person—the soul—and foods that harm it. forbidden it. He was wrapped in his Torah scroll and
burned alive (c. 135). His executioners placed wet wool
The Kosher laws are the Torah’s guide to those foods that affect the Jewish soul adversely. Any next to his heart to prolong his suffering. As he died, he
meat or fowl that is eaten must be slaughtered in a prescribed, humane fashion. Meat and milk told his disciples: “I see only the parchment burning, but
must never mix. Scavengers, predatory beasts and fish, shellfish and certain other animals are the letters float upwards!”—a poignant expression of the
forbidden. Any processed foods must be produced under strict Kosher supervision. eternity of our Torah.

Eating Is Sacred SIVAN 29
When they talk about spirituality, people think about meditation, prayer, and maybe At the request of the Jewish People, Moses sent 12
music. Few imagine eating as a spiritual activity. But according to the Torah, everything spies, one from each tribe, to spy out the land of Canaan.
a person does is another way to infuse the world with spiritual meaning. Especially They spent 40 days traversing its length and breadth,
eating. When a person eats food with the proper mindfulness and uses the energy of wondering at its giants and bringing back enormous
that food for good things, the food becomes elevated through his eating. samples of its fruit (Numbers 13). But their false report
kept the nation in the desert for 40 years, a year for each
That’s another reason for the Kosher guidelines. Kosher foods are those that a Jewish soul is day of their journey.
able to elevate. Non-kosher foods are those that will only drag the soul down. When enough
people are busy elevating the world rather than being dragged down by it, the world is able to TAMMUZ 3
reach its fulfillment, the time described by the prophets as the Era of Moshiach. Passing of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel
Schneerson, in 1994. The Rebbe emphasized many times
It’s Never Been Easier! after the passing of his father-in-law, in 1950, that the
Seventy percent of the packaged foods in your cupboard are probably kosher already. anniversary of the passing of a righteous Jewish leader is
Kosher foods are the fastest-growing segment of the food industry. Going the full mile an auspicious time for us to rededicate ourselves to the
can be a smooth, step-by-step process—each step a mitzvah all on its own: realization of his most cherished goals.

• Don’t mix meat and milk. The Rebbe’s leadership continues to inspire us. He has
• C ut out pork, shellfish and non-kosher fish. taught us that with every good deed we do, we bring the
• Buy only kosher meat. world one step closer to perfection. Indeed, every kind word
• B uy only those processed goods that have kosher certification. we speak, and even our positive thoughts, have a potent
• Make your kitchen kosher. beneficial effect. By remembering the Rebbe’s vision and by
connecting to his purpose, we can hasten the unfolding of
For more information or for help in keeping kosher, please contact us. the final Redemption and a better life for all humankind.

‫יג סיון‬
TIMES SHOWN ARE 1 ‫ט סיון‬ 2 ‫י סיון‬ 3 ‫יא סיון‬ 4 ‫יב סיון‬ 6 ‫יד סיון‬
DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME 9 Sivan 10 Sivan 11 Sivan 12 Sivan 13 Sivan 14 Sivan

FOR 7:30 PM ‫נשא‬
Light candles at 8:06 p.m. NASSO
2020 Avot: chapter 1

Shabbat ends at 9:14 p.m.

7 8‫טו סיון‬ 9‫טז סיון‬ 10‫יז סיון‬ 11‫יח סיון‬ 12‫יט סיון‬ 13‫כ סיון‬ ‫כא סיון‬
15 Sivan
16 Sivan 17 Sivan 18 Sivan 19 Sivan 20 Sivan 21 Sivan

Light candles at 8:10 p.m. ‫בהעלותך‬


Avot: chapter 2

Shabbat ends at 9:18 p.m.

14 15‫כב סיון‬ 16‫כג סיון‬ 17‫כד סיון‬ 18‫כה סיון‬ 19‫כו סיון‬ 20‫כז סיון‬ ‫כח סיון‬
22 Sivan
23 Sivan 24 Sivan 25 Sivan 26 Sivan 27 Sivan 28 Sivan

In loving Light candles at 8:12 p.m. ‫שלח‬
memory of
Velvel Ben SHELACH

Chaim Avot: chapter 3
Blessing of the new month

Shabbat ends at 9:21 p.m.

21 22‫כט סיון‬ 23‫ל סיון‬ 24‫א תמוז‬ 25‫ב תמוז‬ 26‫ג תמוז‬ 27‫ד תמוז‬ ‫ה תמוז‬
29 Sivan
Hebrew School 30 Sivan 1 Tammuz 2 Tammuz 3 Tammuz 4 Tammuz 5 Tammuz

Graduation ‫ראש חדש תמוז‬ Visit to the Ohel Farbrengen – 8:00 PM Light candles at 8:13 p.m. ‫קרח‬
Father's Day ‫ראש חדש תמוז‬
New Moon: 12:2614 18 a.m. Rosh Chodesh Tammuz KORACH
Rosh Chodesh Tammuz
Avot: chapter 4

Shabbat ends at 9:21 p.m.

28 ‫ו תמוז‬ 29 30‫ז תמוז‬ ‫ח תמוז‬ A meeting of Souls Learn about the Earliest Tefillin
Rebbe’s life & Sunrise
6 Tammuz 7 Tammuz 8 Tammuz A visit to the Ohel teachings at: Latest Shema
chabadofbayridge. Midday/Midnight
June 23rd com/TheRebbe Earliest Mincha
For more information Earliest Evening
about the Ohel Shema

Happy Birthday Go to 7 4:18 5:25 9:09 12:55 1:34 8:25 8:59
Mushky 14 4:17 5:24 9:09 12:56 1:35 8:28 9:02
21 4:18 5:25 9:10 12:58 1:37 8:30 9:04
28 4:20 5:28 9:13 1:00 1:38 8:31 9:05


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JULY 2020 Tammuz–Av 5780 TAMMUZ 12-13 Anniversary of the Divine decree that the
‫תמוז–אב ה‘תש“פ‬ Birthday of Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Jewish People remain in the desert for 40
Schneersohn (1880–1950), sixth leader years, until that generation died out, after
MOSHIACH–OUR REDEEMER world of peace and consummate of Chabad-Lubavitch. they cried over the 10 spies’ false report REDEMPTION
“I believe with complete faith in holiness. about the Land of Israel.
the coming of Moshiach. And Release of Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Oil on Canvas by Mira Eisen
though he may tarry, I shall wait, Moshiach will free the Jewish Schneersohn from Bolshevik Anniversary of the destruction (by the
anticipating his arrival each day.” People from all servitude to imprisonment in Leningrad in 1927. His Babylonians under Nebuchadnezzar) of the
(Number 12 of Maimonides’ 13 foreign nations, rebuild the Holy imprisonment followed his implacable First Temple (422 BCE), and (by the Romans
Principles of Faith) Temple in Jerusalem and gather struggle to preserve Jewish religious life under Titus) of the Second Temple (70 CE).
all the Jews of the entire world throughout the Soviet Union. Aided by his
Belief in Moshiach is Central to Israel. Peace and prosperity faithful followers, he established a vast Capture by Romans of Beitar, last Jewish
to Judaism will be universal, and all the underground network of Torah schools, fortress to hold out in the Bar Kochba
The concept of Moshiach is nations of the world will serve the and of financial aid for construction rebellion, with terrible loss of life (c.
basic to Jewish belief. It is found one G-d. and upkeep of mikvaos (ritual pools for 135 CE). Jerusalem was ploughed up
in the writings of the prophets, marital purity), for Shabbat observers and turned into a non-Jewish city, Aelia
which are filled with references Moshiach will reveal G-dliness in and for the purchase of religious objects. Capitolina (c. 135 CE).
to Moshiach. Throughout history every facet of the Creation. He Although the initial sentence was
our ancestors have prayed for will elevate each of us from our death, international pressure brought In 1492, Av 9 was the last day by which all
Moshiach’s arrival. respective limitations and open commutation to 10 years’ hard labor in Jews who would not be baptized had to
our eyes to the G-dliness that is the Arctic, and then to three years’ exile leave Spain. Over 300,000 chose to leave,
Why Do We Need Moshiach? the inner reality of our life. We in the Urals. After a few days in exile, suffering terrible privations till they found
In the Messianic Era, the Divine will still have our family, friends he was released on Tammuz 12–13 and stable new places of abode. Of those
plan for the world will be fully and possessions. However, they forced to leave Russia. His release was who succumbed and converted in order
realized. There will be universal will be more wholesome and considered miraculous. to remain in Spain, many secretly retained
peace, prosperity, goodness and meaningful because we will see their Jewish identity for generations. They
knowledge of G-d. their true value—their Divine TAMMUZ 17 were known as Marranos. But many were
purpose. This day is observed as one of the six caught by the Inquisition’s watchful eye
How Will Moshiach Affect Our public fast days. It begins the “Three and burnt at the stake.
Lives? How Do We Prepare for Weeks,” a period of national mourning
The coming of Moshiach will Moshiach? for the destruction of the two Temples, World War I, too, began on Av 9. It
not cause a break with the past By doing more mitzvot, learning during which we celebrate no weddings uprooted large Jewish populations and
and the beginning of something more Torah and praying for his and schedule no festivities. threw most Jewish communities into
entirely new. On the contrary, it revelation, we hasten Moshiach’s chaos. It brought in its wake the Russian
is the culmination and crowning coming and prepare ourselves to AV 9 | TISHA B’AV Revolution, which systematically crushed
stroke of all our efforts toward a greet him. Saddest day in the Jewish calendar. Judaism; the Cossack massacres of Jews
Commemorated as a 25-hour fast, throughout the Ukraine (1918–1921); and
beginning at sunset of the previous the conditions which gave rise to Nazism
evening. and the Holocaust.

Next course starting
on August 18th

Beyond Destruction
11 Tammuz
FOR 1 2 3 4‫ט תמוז‬ ‫יב תמוז‬
METRO NY-NJ 9 Tammuz
‫י תמוז‬ 12 Tammuz
2020 10 Tammuz Independence Day

July 22nd 7:30 PM ‫בלק‬-‫חקת‬
7:30 PM
Light candles at 8:12 p.m. CHUKAT-BALAK

Avot: chapter 5

Shabbat ends at 9:20 p.m.

5 6‫יג תמוז‬ 7‫יד תמוז‬ ‫טו תמוז‬ 8 ‫טז תמוז‬ 9 10‫יז תמוז‬ 11‫יח תמוז‬ ‫יט תמוז‬
13 Tammuz
14 Tammuz 15 Tammuz 16 Tammuz 17 Tammuz 18 Tammuz 19 Tammuz

‫תענית יז תמוז‬ Light candles at 8:10 p.m. ‫פינחס‬

Fast begins at 3:45 a.m.
Fast ends at 9:03 p.m. Avot: chapter 6

Shabbat ends at 9:16 p.m.

12 13‫כ תמוז‬ 14‫כא תמוז‬ 15‫כב תמוז‬ 16‫כג תמוז‬ 17‫כד תמוז‬ 18‫כה תמוז‬ ‫כו תמוז‬
26 20 Tammuz 21 Tammuz 22 Tammuz 23 Tammuz 24 Tammuz 25 Tammuz 26 Tammuz

Light candles at 8:06 p.m. ‫מסעי‬-‫מטות‬


Avot: chapter 1
Blessing of the new month

Shabbat ends at 9:11 p.m.

20‫כז תמוז‬ 21‫כח תמוז‬ 22‫כט תמוז‬ 23‫א אב‬ 24‫ב אב‬ 25‫ג אב‬ ‫ד אב‬

27 Tammuz 28 Tammuz 29 Tammuz 1 Av 2 Av 3 Av 4 Av

New Moon: 1:1015 18 p.m. ‫ראש חדש אב‬ Light candles at 8:00 p.m. ‫דברים‬

Rosh Chodesh Av DEVARIM

Avot: chapter 2
Shabbat Chazon

Shabbat ends at 9:05 p.m.

27‫ה אב‬ 28‫ו אב‬ 29‫ז אב‬ 30‫ח אב‬ 31‫ט אב‬ ‫י אב‬ Earliest Tefillin
8 Av 9 Av Sunrise
5 Av 6 Av 7 Av 10 Av Latest Shema
Earliest Mincha
Earliest Evening

Evening Services Afternoon ‫תענית ט אב‬ Light candles at 7:54 p.m. 5 4:25 5:31 9:15 1:01 1:39 8:30 9:03
8:30 PM Services 12 4:30 5:36 9:18 1:02 1:40 8:27 9:00
7:15 PM FAST OF 9 AV 19 4:37 5:42 9:21 1:03 1:41 8:23 8:55
Fast begins at 8:10 p.m. Fast ends at 8:45 p.m. 26 4:45 5:48 9:24 1:03 1:40 8:17 8:49


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AUGUST 2020 Av–Elul 5780
‫אב–אלול ה‘תש“פ‬

THE HOLY TEMPLE The sacrifices brought on the Temple’s altar
The Talmud relates that the Evven Hashesiyah, were consumed by a heavenly fire which
a huge rock at the center of the Temple site, descended from the sky in the shape of a lion,
is the very cornerstone of the universe, the even though wood burned continuously on
foundation upon which the world is built. the altar.
The place where King Solomon built the Among the miracles associated with the
altar of the Holy Temple was the same place Temple was the fact that although hundreds
where Abraham built an altar and bound his of thousands of pilgrims would visit
son Isaac; where Noah built an altar upon Jerusalem for the festivals, no one ever
his departure from the ark; where Cain and lacked a place to stay.
Abel brought their offerings; and where Adam The Menorah, the Temple’s seven-branched
brought a sacrifice after he was created. candelabra, was fashioned, with many
There too, Adam’s creation took place. intricate decorations and designs, from a
Modern engineers cannot fathom how the single block of gold. Moses had difficulty
huge stones of the Temple—some weighing as understanding and explaining how it should
much as 400 tons—were quarried, transported be made. Therefore the Almighty told him
and lifted into place. Our Sages say that the to throw the gold ingot into the fire—and the
ministering angels assisted in the construction, menorah emerged by itself, fully formed.
and the stones bore themselves aloft.

In the Temple’s Holy of Holies, atop the Ark of When the kohanim (priests) saw the THE HOLY TEMPLE
the Covenant, were the winged cherubim, two Holy Temple in flames at the time of its
angelic figures of gold. It is said that when the destruction, they climbed to the rooftop with OTilHonECHanOvaLsYByTBEarMuchPNLaEchshon
Jewish People lived in harmony and obeyed the Temple’s keys, crying: “Master of the
the will of the Almighty, the cherubim faced Universe! We have not been loyal caretakers. Oil on Canvas By Baruch Nachshon
each other, and when the Jews did not, their Let these keys return to the rightful owner!”
faces were turned away. They threw the keys upward, and a hand AV 15 bury the dead of Beitar, after 14 years. “There were no greater
Inside the Ark were placed the original tablets stretched forth from heaven, retrieving the Anniversary of several happy events: the end of the 40- holidays for the Jewish People than Av 15 and Yom Kippur.”
upon which the Ten Commandments were keys. year decree that the Jewish People remain in the desert; the
inscribed. The Holy of Holies, in which the Ark Though the Temple is destroyed, one wall has reconciliation of the tribe of Benjamin with the other tribes of AV 20
was placed, was 20 cubits wide. Yet when the remained intact throughout the centuries— Israel; the removal of the guards stationed by Jeroboam ben Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Schneerson, renowned scholar and
distance was measured from the Ark to the the Western Wall. All over the world, Jews Nevat to prevent pilgrimages of the Ten Tribes of Israel to the Kabbalist, and father of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi
surrounding walls, there were 10 cubits on pray three times daily toward the site of the Temple in Jerusalem; and the grant of Roman permission to Menachem Schneerson, passed away (1944).
either side. The Ark was a physical object, and Temple, the gate through which all our prayers
yet it did not take up physical space—because are heard and answered. As our Sages tell us,
it stood at the gateway between the material “The Divine Presence never departs from the
and the spiritual worlds. Western Wall.”


TIMES SHOWN ARE 2 4:53 5:54 9:27 1:02 1:38 8:09 8:41 KING IN THE FIELD 1Chabad Hebrew School ‫יא אב‬
DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME 9 5:02 6:01 9:30 1:01 1:37 8:01 8:31
16 5:10 6:08 9:33 1:00 1:36 7:52 8:21 AWHEhBeRrEeWJSuCdHaOiOsLmYOcUoRmCeHsILDtoWIlLifLeL0OVE. 11 Av
FOR 23 5:18 6:15 9:36 12:58 1:33 7:41 8:11
METRO NY-NJ 30 5:26 6:22 9:38 12:56 1:30 7:30 7:59 For information or to register call: ‫ואתחנן‬
(718) 974 – 6366 Or go to:
Earliest Tefillin Shabbat Nachamu
Sunrise Avot: chapter 3
Latest Shema
Midday/Midnight Shabbat ends at 8:56 p.m.
Earliest Mincha
Earliest Evening

August 20th – 7:30 PM

2 3‫יב אב‬ 4‫יג אב‬ 5‫יד אב‬ 6‫טו אב‬ 7‫טז אב‬ 8‫יז אב‬ ‫יח אב‬
12 Av
13 Av 14 Av 15 Av 16 Av 17 Av 18 Av

Happy Birthday ‫חמשה עשר באב‬ 7:30 PM ‫עקב‬
FIFTEENTH OF AV Light candles at 7:45 p.m. EIKEV

Avot: chapter 4

Shabbat ends at 8:47 p.m.

‫כא אב כ אב‬ ‫כב אב‬ ‫כג אב‬ ‫כד אב‬ ‫כה אב‬

22 Av 23 Av 24 Av 25 Av
‫יט אב‬ 20 Av 21 Av

9 10 11 12 13 14 1519Av

Light candles at 7:36 p.m. ‫ראה‬


Avot: chapter 5
Blessing of the new month

Shabbat ends at 8:37 p.m.

16 17‫כו אב‬ 18‫כז אב‬ 19‫כח אב‬ 20‫כט אב‬ 21‫ל אב‬ 22‫א אלול‬ ‫ב אלול‬
26 Av 28 Av 29 Av 1 Elul
27 Av 30 Av 2 Elul

New Moon: 1:5416 18 a.m. ‫ראש חדש אלול‬ ‫ראש חדש אלול‬ ‫שופטים‬

Rosh Chodesh Elul Rosh Chodesh Elul SHOFTIM

Light candles at 7:26 p.m. Avot: chapter 6

Shabbat ends at 8:26 p.m.

23 24‫ג אלול‬ 25‫ד אלול‬ 26‫ה אלול‬ 27‫ו אלול‬ 28‫ז אלול‬ 29‫ח אלול‬ ‫ט אלול‬
3 Elul 4 Elul 5 Elul 6 Elul 7 Elul 8 Elul
9 Elul

30 31‫י אלול‬ ‫יא אלול‬ ‫כי תצא‬

10 Elul 11 Elul KI TEITZEI

Light candles at 7:16 p.m. Avot: chapters 1 & 2

Shabbat ends at 8:14 p.m.

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SEPTEMBER 2020 Elul 5780—Tishrei 5781
‫אלול ה‘תש“פ–תשרי ה‘תשפ“א‬


Oil on Canvas By Michoel Muchnick

THE MONTH OF ELUL (about 1:00 a.m. when Daylight Savings That’s also why it is the Day of Judgment: Sept. 20 during the daytime. On the second TISHREI 10 | YOM KIPPUR
Last month in the Jewish year, Elul is a Time is in effect). The other Selichot are Every moment of these 48 hours, our day of Rosh Hashanah, we visit a body of Yom Kippur (‘Day of Atonement’) is the
time of introspection and self-examination said before dawn or in the early morning. words and actions adjust the program for water or pond containing live fish and recite holiest day in the Jewish Year. It is so holy
in preparation for the coming New Year. another day of the year. Over the period the Tashlich prayers. that the soul is “at one” with G-d. When
It is customary to blow the Shofar after ELUL 25 of ten days until Yom Kippur, the code the soul is at one, all is forgiven. There’s
morning prayers (except Shabbat) to First day of Creation, according to one can still be revised—by revising our own TISHREI 3 | FAST OF GEDALIAH a catch: Nothing must interfere with
remind us of the approaching days of Talmudic opinion. Rosh Hashanah is the hearts and lives. After that, it is burned in. This fast day commemorates the tragic that oneness. That’s why, from Sunday
judgment–Rosh Hashanah and Yom sixth day, when Man was created. Rewrites are awkward. assassination of Gedaliah, a great Jewish evening, Sept. 27, until Monday night,
Kippur. leader during the Babylonian exile. Sept. 28, in addition to the prohibition
TISHREI 1-2 | ROSH HASHANAH It is customary on Rosh Hashanah to eat of work—just like Shabbat—there are
ELUL 24 Rosh Hashanah literally means “Head of foods symbolizing sweetness, blessings and TISHREI 6 five other off-limits activities: Eating
First day, this year, for saying Selichot, the Year.” Imagine the year as a body and abundance. As the first day of Rosh Hashanah Yahrtzeit of Rebbetzin Chana Schneerson, and drinking, anointing with perfumes or
“prayers for forgiveness.” The first Selichot Rosh Hashanah as its brain, containing is on Shabbat, we hear the sounding of the mother of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi lotions, marital relations, washing (for
are said early Sunday morning after midnight all the switches for every day of the year. Shofar on the second day of Rosh Hashanah, Menachem Mendel Schneerson. pleasure) and wearing leather shoes.

In loving memory of:



Tera OB”M

May his memory be a blessing!

‫טו אלול‬
TIMES SHOWN ARE Earliest Tefillin 1 ‫יב אלול‬ 2 ‫יג אלול‬ 3 ‫יד אלול‬ 4 5 ‫טז אלול‬
DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME Sunrise 12 Elul 13 Elul 14 Elul 15 Elul 16 Elul
Latest Shema
FOR Midday/Midnight
METRO NY-NJ Earliest Mincha
SEPTEMBER Earliest Evening
2020 Shema

6 5:34 6:28 9:40 12:54 1:27 7:19 7:47 7:30 PM ‫כי תבוא‬
13 5:42 6:35 9:42 12:51 1:24 7:07 7:36
20 5:49 6:42 9:45 12:49 1:21 6:56 7:24 Light candles at 7:04 p.m. KI TAVO
27 5:56 6:49 9:47 12:47 1:18 6:44 7:12
Avot: chapters 3 & 4
METRO NY-NJ Shabbat ends at 8:02 p.m.

‫יז אלול‬ ‫יח אלול‬ ‫יט אלול‬ 10‫כ אלול‬ ‫כא אלול‬ 11 ‫כב אלול‬ 12 ‫כג אלול‬

6 7 8 917 Elul 18 Elul 19 Elul 20 Elul 21 Elul 22 Elul 23 Elul

Happy Birthday

Labor Day Light candles at 6:53 p.m. Rochelle



Avot: chapters 5 & 6

Shabbat ends at 7:50 p.m.

13 14‫כד אלול‬ 15‫כה אלול‬ 16‫כו אלול‬ 17‫כז אלול‬ 18‫כח אלול‬ 19‫כט אלול‬ ‫א תשרי‬
24 Elul 25 Elul 26 Elul 27 Elul 28 Elul 29 Elul
1 Tishrei

Shofar Factory New Moon: 2:3817 18 p.m. ‫ערב ראש השנה‬ ‫יום א דראש השנה‬

Eve of Rosh Hashanah First day of

Light candles at 6:41 p.m. ROSH HASHANAH
Light candles after 7:38 p.m.

20 ‫ב תשרי‬ 21 22‫ג תשרי‬ 23‫ד תשרי‬ 24‫ה תשרי‬ 25‫ו תשרי‬ 26‫ז תשרי‬ ‫ח תשרי‬

2 Tishrei 3 Tishrei 4 Tishrei 5 Tishrei 6 Tishrei 7 Tishrei 8 Tishrei

‫יום ב דראש השנה‬ ‘‫צום גדלי‬ Light candles at 6:29 p.m. ‫האזינו‬

Fast begins at 5:18 a.m. Shabbat Shuva
ROSH HASHANAH Fast ends at 7:23 p.m. Shabbat ends at 7:26 p.m.

Yom Tov ends at 7:36 p.m.

27 ‫ט תשרי‬ 28 29‫י תשרי‬ 30‫יא תשרי‬ ‫יב תשרי‬ Get ready for the New YeFarridaayt Chabad
9 Tishrei 10 Tishrei 11 Tishrei 12 Tishrei
September 18-20
‫ערב יום כפור‬ ‫יום כפור‬
Eve of Yom Kippur YOM KIPPUR
September 27 - 28
Light candles at 6:26 p.m. Yizkor
Fast begins at 6:40 p.m.
Yom Kippur ends at 7:22 p.m.
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