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Published by Lucystar2000, 2019-01-09 20:27:57

Viiva OPP

Viiva OPP


Steinway Huang Bowen Wang

Devin Glazier Ken Wood Craig Johanson

What’s ViiVA?
Who we are?


Innovation Giving


Simple Empower

ViiVA is an Internet Social
Networking Platform

ViiVA Weight Management

ViiVA Breakfast

To have one million families to eat our most notorious and healthiest breakfast everyday

All Your Essentials in One
Protein | Fiber | Omega 3 | Greens | Antioxidants | Probiotics
| Adaptagens | Vitamins & Minerals

Clean & Pure
No Animal Products | Gluten Free | No Dairy | No Soy | No
Artificial - Sweeteners, Flavors, Colors | No Preservatives

Keeps You Full For Hours
Designed for the optimal balance of protein, fiber and essential
fats - the 3 key macronutrients for increased satiety.

Boost Your Daily Nutrients
Get your essential daily nutrients in one powerhouse shake.

Control Your Weight
Control your cravings with a delicious 250 calorie shake that
keeps you full for hours.

Support Your Training
Fuel your training and support your post-workout recovery.
Nourish your body with not only protein, but all your essential
nutrients, and see better results for all your hard work!

Fast Start Bonus

rAecFeaivsteS1t0a%rt Boorn1u5s%isopfatihdeiwrepeekrlsyontoalBernarnodllePea’rstnfeirrs( for all commissionable orders sold in the paid period. Enroller can

Eountroplelrecrecnatnaguepwgrialldcehaannygteimbeasiendfiornsty3o0udramyosntothrlyecseuivbesc1ri5p%tioonf.the Fast Start Bonus. After the first month, the Fast Start Bonus paid

Enroll With < 30 Days MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION 31+ Days
10% 120 10%
15% 240 15%

Team Bonus

The team bonus is paid weekly.
It is paid up to 10% of the volume of your lesser leg of your binary tree.

Left Leg volume 420 CV
Right Leg volume 240 CV
Left over volume=180 CV
Team Bonus will be 240 CV x 10%= $24
The left-over 180 CV will carry over to next
paid period.

Pay +

The Pay+ bonus is a monthly bonus paid to Enroller that can earn up to $1500 (including team bonus). Enroller
can receive 5% Team check match on first 5 personal enrolled levels on stronger leg.

Leadership Pool Bonus

The Leadership Pool bonus is paid to Brand Partner each month.
It is based on team bonus earnings.

Global Bonus Pool

IwTthiilesl pGbaeliodpbaqaidluaBoroutentrutloys qPinuoaoplleifriiiseoerd.asrnoefdMaanrdchp,aJiudnteo,pSaeipdteramnbkeSreannidorDVeciceemPbreers.ident and above. Up to 2% of total company CV

240 2
240 3
240 4
240 5

Lifestyle Bonus Pool

The Lifestyle Bonus Pool is earned and paid to paid qualified rank and above. Up to 2% of total company CV will
be paid out to qualifier.


• Rank specific
• Unlock training modules
• Progressively advanced

Pre Launch – March 15 2019

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