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Smart Reader April 8, 2021


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April 8, 2021
Volume 19 - #7

Your Eye On Kenosha... Both City & County!

Estimated census numbers
show Racine and Kenosha
losing ground

COVID-19… Twelve months later
See page 4


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How pandemic snarls redistricting f
– and 2022 election plans

After the 2010 census, for Democracy Program. This
year, he predicts, the time for
example, fewer than a dozen post-redistricting litigation
has shrunk to two or three
states redistricted without months.

any legal objection to their “Litigation about maps is
sometimes the only way you
maps. Citizens and outside get fair maps,” says Mr. Li.“It’s
a much shorter time period
groups typically have a full six
story continues on page 13
months to litigate against

gerrymandering, says Michael

Li, senior counsel for the

Brennan Center’s

Violeta Alvarado (in car) takes a fan from Leticia Tudon (center) of the nonprofit group The Concilio as part of an outreach effort

about the 2020 census in Dallas, on June 25, 2020.

Just once a decade in the fall, it recently disaster that some people equivalently sized Closer to home

America’s political boundary announced that states can have made it out to be,” says populations. And because

lines get redrawn – and this expect to receive their data Mr. Levitt. new district maps can favor Covid-19 has upended all the Census would be
of our lives and we will live somewhat successful in
year there’s an extra plot by the end of September – Seven states gaining one party or the other – with the consequences for delivering an accurate
twist. six months later than seats years to come, specifically 10 population count. In
planned. ultimately affecting control years out when it applies to November, when asked again
It’s not an exaggeration to the U.S. Census. Timing the number dropped to 55
The problem: The In some states with say that the nation’s of Congress – the process is couldn't have been worse, percent.
redistricting deadlines constitutionally mandated with census forms appearing
pandemic happened to written into law, delay is population count affects far from simple. in mailboxes last March just Despite a revised
more than just inconvenient virtually every aspect of as the pandemic was putting timetable for Census 2020
coincide almost precisely – it’s illegal. Ohio’s Americans’ lives, including Gerrymandering, the the country into a vice grip. results we do have estimated
Constitution, for example, how more than $675 billion Needless to say, the numbers to share. In Illinois,
with the census timetable for mandates that the state of federal funds will be “packing or cracking” of collection process and 243,102 residents left the
Legislature agree on new distributed for things like deadlines at times appeared Land of Lincoln. Wisconsin
counting America’s districts by Sept. 30, the day schools, hospitals, and roads. certain populations to convoluted, casting doubt in saw a population increase of
the data is slated for release. the eyes of some.  145,669 but Racine and
population, which At least two states – Ohio Although the detailed increase one party’s chance Kenosha didn’t contribute to
and Alabama – have already census data that states need A Pew Research poll the increase, both in the
determines each state’s filed lawsuits against the U.S. for redistricting won’t be of winning, has plagued conducted last year showed negative column. Preliminary
Census Bureau for the delay. available until the fall, on a decline in confidence as to numbers show the city of
share of the 435 seats in the April 30 the Census Bureau redistricting throughout the accuracy of Census Racine with a loss of 2,151
With states scrambling to will confirm which states 2020. When asked  in and Kenosha 357.  Below is a
U.S. House of redraw maps on a tightened stand to gain or lose seats. American history. February/March of last year, list of other Wisconsin cities
calendar, the process could And by December the 65% of respondents felt that and how they fared.
Representatives. potentially blow past filing bureau had already given Voters’ understanding –
deadlines for congressional population estimates hinting
On March 11, 2020, the primaries in almost every at what the new House and corresponding
state. Watchdogs worry that makeup will look like.
same day the U.S. Census politicians will rush out new disapproval – of
maps drawn to favor their Texas and Florida, which
Bureau published a press party, without the usual level have seen the greatest gerrymandering has
of oversight against population growth in the
release announcing that its gerrymandering. past decade, are expected to increased in recent years,
pick up three seats and two
survey of households was “There will be less time seats, respectively. Five other with politicians from both
for challenges, and it’s likely states will likely gain one
getting underway, the World that that will encourage House district (Arizona, parties arguing for reform.
some redistricting bodies to Colorado, Montana, North
Health Organization get greedy,” says Justin Levitt, Carolina, and Oregon), while Since the last congressional
a law professor at Loyola 10 states, including California
declared COVID-19 a University who has written and several in the Midwest, maps were drawn in 2010,
several papers on will likely lose a
pandemic. Not three weeks redistricting and manages representative. voters in at least four states
the website All About
later, the Census Bureau Redistricting. But all states (except for have approved ballot
those with only one at-large
announced that it would be While the challenges are district) must engage in measures or constitutional
formidable, he is hopeful redistricting, given that
delaying its field operations states can avoid a political populations shift within a amendments that allow for a
train wreck. “I don’t think state and districts are
(a vital part of the process in [the delay] has to be the intended to represent bipartisan commission,

which census workers follow rather than the state

up with hard-to-reach legislature, to draw the

communities) to reduce the districts.

spread of COVID-19. “There is this spark of

At an already fraught time, interest from the public that
amid deep political rifts and
with control of Congress redistricting has never had in
closely divided, the
coronavirus pandemic is the past,” says Kathay Feng,
severely delaying the arrival
of new population data to national redistricting
the states. The result could
be delays in drawing district director with the
maps, potentially threatening
normal routines such as organization Common
candidates deciding to enter
primary races for the 2022 Cause.
“It’s not just that
legislatures should do the
right thing, it’s that regular
people are demanding it and
that’s totally different.”

Although the bureau Still, citizens and outside
eventually finished its count groups have increasingly
turned to the courts to rule
against gerrymandering.

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April 8, 2021 - Volume 19 Number 7


Neighbors feeding neighbors: Community
fridges strengthen ties

Taylor Stack, her gotten food from a food Sarita Ekya (left) and Diane Hatz pose for a picture with the East Village community fridge, which they started, outside the
roommate, and two new bank, according to a Pew macaroni and cheese restaurant S'MAC in New York, September 2020. Ms. Ekya is the owner of S'MAC, and Ms. Hatz
friends slowly wrestled the Research Center survey. founded and directs the nonprofit Change Food.
refrigerator up 12 steps to
street level and into the As lines at local food relationship, it builds To Mark Bucher, the he says,“and I’m like,‘Maybe I community centers around
waiting truck in a Boulder, pantries stretched around cooperative networks based appeal of a place to provide can fill these with meals.’”  the city. Donations to the
Colorado, neighborhood. the block, community fridges on solidarity. And although free meals was simple: an program go to local
emerged as a grassroots some experts feel the fridges opportunity to care for Because some sidewalk restaurants in exchange for
The fridge was old and response – neighbors feeding hide more important others. So when schools fridges have been shut down meals for the fridges.
bulky, and a darting dog neighbors. Similar to Little questions about how to closed last March, he called due to city health codes and
didn’t help. But it was Free Libraries and Little Free solve hunger, the community around. “What’s the plan?” permit requirements, Mr. “It’s a way of presenting
beautiful – painted light blue Pantries, only bigger, relationships they are he asked. As a restaurant Bucher approached the these meals to those that are
with large, bright suns shining community fridges let forming could serve as a owner in Washington, D.C., Department of Parks and in need in a dignified
on a field of sunflowers. Its anyone give and take food bridge to longer-term he wanted to help make sure Recreation at the outset, manner,” says Delano
final destination: a Denver freely, which is especially solutions.  no child went hungry in his which quickly agreed to a Hunter, director of the
sidewalk, where it would helpful in neighborhoods community. “I had been partnership. Mr. Bucher’s Department of Parks and
offer free food to the where access to fresh “Meeting the need that’s seeing some news stories program, Feed the Fridge, Recreation. “I know there’s a
neighborhood.   produce is limited. right in front of us” about community fridges,” now stocks 19 fridges in
see NEIGHBORS on page 5
“It felt really empowering The concept first
for us to be able to do it,” appeared in Germany around
recalls Ms. Stack, who works 2012. Then the pandemic
at a shelter for unhoused spurred its appearance in
people in Denver, “just folks cities across the United
coming together, supporting States. Now, there are more
one another, and getting than 160 new community
something done.” fridges throughout the
country, according to
The pandemic has shined the  spreadsheet  used by
new light on America’s Freedge, a food-sharing
hunger problem. Last facilitator. 
summer, researchers at
Northwestern University Although the fridges face a
estimated that food unique set of challenges –
insecurity  doubled  due to upkeep, food safety, and a
the economic slowdown. place to plug in – they have
Food insecurity was a become an emblem of
problem for up to 23% of all mutual aid, a concept that
households and around one- has become popular during
third of Black and Hispanic the pandemic. Mutual aid is
households. And since the different from charity, say
pandemic began, 35% activists, because instead of
of  lower-income adults  have forming a one-way

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SMART READER April 8, 2021 3
“Personalized Service… I handle your case from
start to finish and keep you updated at least
monthly with the progress being made.”




Mask recommendations continue, even with

vaccines becoming available

When the COVID-19 A surgical mask, also called U.S. had 23% more
a medical mask, is a loose- pandemic deaths
virus was first identified, fitting disposable mask that than expected in
protects the wearer's nose 2020
experts did not know the full and mouth from contact
with droplets, splashes and
extent of how the virus was sprays that may contain
germs. A surgical mask also
spreading, so there were filters out large particles in
the air. Surgical masks may
different recommendations protect others by reducing
exposure to the saliva and
and thoughts regarding when respiratory secretions of the
mask wearer.
to mask and what to wear. The United States saw However, since the start
At this time, the Food and 23% more deaths than
Currently, the World Health Drug Administration has not expected between March of the pandemic, experts
approved any one type of 1, 2020, and the start of
Organization and the surgical mask specifically for this year, due primarily to have questioned whether
protection against the the effects of the COVID-
Centers for Disease Control coronavirus, but these masks a surgical mask does because testing ways to disinfect N95 19  pandemic, which official figures
may provide some it can filter out both large masks so they can be reused. suggests the official
and Prevention (CDC) protection when N95 masks and small particles when the number of U.S. have  accurately
are not available. wearer inhales. As the name Some N95 masks, and coronavirus deaths is an
include masks in their indicates, the mask is even some cloth masks, have undercount, according to counted  infections and
An N95 mask is actually a designed to block 95% of one-way valves that make an analysis published
recommendations for type of respirator, which very small particles. them easier to breathe Friday by JAMA found. deaths, particularly during
offers more protection than through. But because the
slowing the spread of the Health care providers valve releases unfiltered air the early stages, when
must be trained and pass a fit when the wearer breathes
virus. test to confirm a proper seal out, this type of mask doesn't people may have been
before using an N95 mask in prevent the wearer from
Specifically, the CDC the workplace. Like surgical spreading the virus. For this misdiagnosed with the flu.
recommends cloth masks for masks, N95 masks are reason, some places have
the public and not the intended to be disposable. banned N95 masks. More than 2.8 million For this analysis, Woolf
surgical or N95 masks However, researchers are and his colleagues
needed by health care A cloth mask is intended people died nationally analyzed death figures
providers. Below are to trap droplets that are from the CDC's National
additional details on each and released when the wearer between when the first Center for Health
how they work to help stop talks, coughs or sneezes. Statistics, a database of
the spread of the COVID-19 Asking everyone to wear confirmed cases of the health trends for the
virus. cloth masks can reduce the United States, for 2014 to
spread of the virus by people coronavirus were 2019.
who have COVID-19 but
don't realize it. identified and Jan. 2, the

COVID19 - 12 months later Typically, for the general data showed. They then used these
public, a cloth mask is the numbers to calculate
April 7, 2020 April 5, 2021 covering that is ideal and That's roughly 522,000 "expected" deaths for the
most likely to reduce the more than would be period beginning on March
State Deaths Cases State Deaths Cases spread of the COVID-19 expected for the 10- 1, 2020, and ending on Jan.
virus when widely used by month period, based on 2, 2021, based on totals
New York 4,758 131,916 New York 50,700 1,900,000 people in public settings.And figures from 2014 through and trends from the prior
New Jersey New Jersey countries that required 2019. years.
Michigan 1,003 41,090 Michigan 24,600 930,000 masks, testing, isolation and
California California social distancing early in the
Florida 727 17,221 Florida 17,300 780,000 pandemic have successfully
Louisiana Louisiana slowed the spread of the
Pennsylvania 387 16,363 Pennsylvania 59,800 3,700,000 virus. These excess deaths
Massachusetts Massachusetts were higher than the
Illinois 512 14,867 Illinois 33,700 2,100,000 While surgical and N95 number of publicly Given data from the
Washington Washington masks may be in short supply reported COVID-19 same 10-month period in
Georgia 260 13,837 Georgia 10,200 446,700 -- and should be reserved for deaths across the country, the years 2014 through
Texas Texas health care providers -- cloth researchers said. 2019, the United States
Conneticut 254 13,629 Conneticut 25,200 1,000,000 face coverings and masks are would have expected to
Colorado Colorado easy to find or make and can see roughly 2.3 million
Indiana 179 13,127 Indiana 17,300 646,200 be washed and reused. Cloth deaths in 2020.
Maryland Maryland masks should include
Ohio 307 12,262 Ohio 23,700 1,300,000 multiple layers of fabric. The
Tennessee Tennessee CDC website even includes
North Carolina 381 8,824 North Carolina 5,300 370,000 directions for no-sew masks
Virginia Virginia made from bandannas and T-
Arizona 151 8,088 Arizona 19,200 1,100,000 shirts. "The number of U.S.
Missouri Missouri deaths attributed to
Wisconsin 294 7,558 Wisconsin 48,700 2,800,000 The CDC recommends COVID-19 is staggering,
South Carolina South Carolina that you wear a cloth mask but it's an under-count,"
Nevada 206 6,906 Nevada 7,900 316,700 when you're around people study co-author Dr. Steven However, more than 2.8
Alabama Alabama who don't live with you and H. Woolf told UPI in an million deaths were
Mississippi 150 5,172 Mississippi 6,100 496,000 in public settings when social email. reported nationally, the
Utah Utah distancing is difficult. data showed.
Oklahoma 139 4,944 Oklahoma 13,100 691,600 Children under 2 should not
Idaho Idaho wear a mask.
Oregon 142 4,450 Oregon 8,400 418,200
D.C. D.C. Finding a mask that is
Minnesota 91 4,045 Minnesota 18,600 1,000,000 comfortable is important, so
Kentucky Kentucky try several to find the best
Iowa 65 3,802 Iowa 11,900 817,000 material and fit for you. Here Black and Hispanic
Rhode Island Rhode Island are a few pointers for putting people accounted for
Arkansas 63 3,333 Arkansas 12,200 922,600 on and taking off a cloth "The additional deaths about 34% of these excess
Deleware Deleware can be explained by deaths, which is about 10%
New Hampshire 48 3,039 New Hampshire 10,400 626,200 see VACCINES on page 8 COVID-19 deaths in more than their collective
New Mexico New Mexico which the role of the virus share of the U.S.
Pureto Rico 59 2,737 Pureto Rico 17,000 844,900 was undocumented and population, based on 2010
Vermont Vermont deaths from other causes census figures.
Maine 65 2,456 Maine 8,900 584,600 produced by disruptions
Hawaii Hawaii from the pandemic," said
Nebraska 77 2,440 Nebraska 7,300 639,600 Woolf, a professor of
West Virginia West Virginia family medicine and
Montana 48 2,232 Montana 9,200 556,500 population health at
South Dakota South Dakota Virginia Commonwealth
North Dakota 52 2,006 North Dakota 5,300 305,400 University in Richmond.
Wyoming Wyoming
Alaska 58 1,953 Alaska 10,600 516,900

51 1,327 7,100 306,200

13 1,675 2,100 387,500 "Our results, along with
other research, suggest
51 1,327 5,000 440,000 that a large number of
deaths could have been
13 1,170 2,000 181,800 prevented if states were
more proactive in
29 1,132 2,400 167,100 promoting pandemic
control measures and that
24 1,097 1,100 45,100 lifting restrictions too
early cost lives," Woolf
27 1,082 7,000 527,600 said.

59 1,008 6,200 429,500

30 986 5,800 353,800 Officially, COVID-19
caused about 378,000
25 946 2,600 139,200 deaths across the country
in 2020, according
16 927 5,600 331,100 to  figures  released earlier
this week by the U.S.
25 864 1,600 96,600 Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention.
15 783 1,200 86,100

12 686 4,000 192,600

23 573 NA NA "Many states seem to be
making the same mistake
23 543 229 20,300 now, lifting restrictions
too soon, before
10 499 746 52,000 vaccination can reach
levels to counteract
8 412 467 31,400 This made the virus the community spread and
third-leading cause of stop the emergence of
5 387 2,200 212,000 death nationally, behind variants," he said.
heart disease and cancer,
4 345 2,700 143,700 and drove a 16% increase
in the nation's death rate,
6 319 1,500 105,100 the agency said.

4 288 1,900 118,500

3 225 1,500 103,700

0 212 700 56,500

6 191 313 64,000


Neighbors sign of “neighborliness,” he Miles away in Denver, Ms.
says, but they don’t solve Stack has similar hopes. She
continued from page 3 these problems.   says the fridges show “what
can happen when you
time and place for policy,” he the real problem behind Diane Hatz understands actually invest in a
says, but “we just want to hunger – poverty.   these critiques. Ms. Hatz is community.”
focus on meeting the need the founder of East Village
that’s right in front of us.” “The food distribution Neighbors in New York, Previously, she had been
which organized a considering leaving Denver.
system has never worked for community fridge last spring. “I felt a complete lack of
“A fridge is a Band-Aid and a community before COVID,”
For their part, the people in under-resourced stopgap,” she says. She wants Ms. Stack says. But when she
community centers are to see long-term solutions joined Denver Community
happy to distribute the communities,” says Rae to the country’s hunger Fridges, she met dozens of
meals to those they serve, problem, but for now, she people working to support
no questions asked. “They Gomes, executive director believes the fridges revitalize their neighbors. “During a
probably won’t tell you and rebuild communities time when the government
they’re hungry, but it’s going of the Brownsville that have become fractured. hasn’t been taking care of us
on everywhere,” says in a way that we need,” she
Sebrena Rhodes, who Community Culinary Like Mr. Bucher and other says, “we, as individuals, have
coordinates a community organizers, Ms. Hatz expects stepped up in communities
center for children in Ivy Center. She believes her fridge project to across the country to take
City, a low-income area of continue and grow beyond care of one another.” 
Washington. Every day she community fridges are a the pandemic. And she feels
gives out fresh meals from that fridges are a first step in She is no longer thinking
the center’s Feed the Fridge “feel-good” response that helping neighborhoods take about leaving her
refrigerator. “They combat ownership of the local food community.
hunger but they’re also doesn’t encourage people to system. “I’m hoping they
helping the restaurants, and serve as a bridge,” she says.  By Erika Page
so that’s a win-win think about why poor
situation,” Ms. Rhodes says. 
people are hungry in the

first place. 

Andy Fisher agrees. To
him, the problem is the way
the U.S. understands hunger.

“I think that we’ve made a the conditions that create minimum wages, high costs

decision as a society to hunger – like of living, and medical bills.

separate out hunger from unemployment, low Community fridges may be a

poverty,” says the author of

Can “neighborliness” end “Big Hunger: The Unholy
Alliance Between Working From Home?

Corporate America and Brand New
Quality Desks
Not everyone agrees. Anti-Hunger Groups.” By
153starting $
Some say that community treating hunger as a at

fridges, like other forms of technical problem to be

emergency food solved by handing out food,

distribution, can’t address Mr. Fisher says, we ignore


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my turn

China's threat to Dr Harlan Ullman is UPI's
Arnaud deBorchgrave
Taiwan needs Distinguished Columnist.  His
next book due out in 2021 is
more scrutiny The Fifth Horseman and the
New MAD:The Tragic History
with Harlan Ullman of How Massive Attacks of
Disruption Are Endangering,
Over the past week, the that a Chinese "military Infecting, Engulfing and
testimony of America's two takeover" of Taiwan some Disuniting a 51% Nation.
most senior admirals in time in the future was one
Asia, Philip Davidson of the of his greatest concerns. Harlan Ullman joins
Indo-Pacific Command and Happenings Q&A on
John Aquilino of the Pacific These warnings must be Thu., April 22nd at 2:30
Fleet, before Congress was taken very seriously given
chilling. China's crackdown in Hong on AM1050 WLIP.
Kong. More importantly,
Both cited the growing these warnings and the Chinese soldiers stand in formation as they wait to march back to their barracks in Beijing on March 19.
threat of China to the assumptions or assertions
region and especially to underlying them must be
Taiwan. Aquilino contended rigorously scrutinized and

challenged. No matter the Both political parties and
credibility, too often the
United States has greatly Congress are in agreement
exaggerated the nature of
threats and at least twice about the Chinese threat.
gone to war over reasons
that proved wrong. However, consensus on the

In August 1964, after nature of the threat and its
North Vietnamese PT boats
allegedly staged a second political, economic,
attack against two U.S.
Navy destroyers (USS ideological and military
Maddox and Turner Joy) in
Tune in to the Tonkin Gulf, President dimensions is lacking. A
Happenings Q&A Lyndon Johnson got from
on AM1050 WLIP Congress the resolution to thorough assessment of
every Wednesday use force opposed by only
at 12:30pm and two votes. The Tonkin Gulf Chinese policies and
Resolution trapped the
Help Wanted find out more United States in the options toward Taiwan is
when our weekly Vietnam quagmire it finally
Box Office/Bar Back/Cocktail Server at the headliner joins lost at the cost of 68,000 essential.
Call Kim at 262-496-7182 or email American and countless
5125 6th Ave us on air Vietnamese lives. But the To that end, a number of
[email protected] KENOSHA second attack never questions must be
occurred; and the first was addressed. First, what is
APRIL 9 & 10 • 8pm the result of a local North meant by a "military
Headliner Vietnamese commander takeover?" Is it a direct
acting without authority. military amphibious assault
NATHAN “TRICKY” ALLEN and a 21st century version
Thirty-eight years later, of the Normandy landing
Magician/Comedian by a large majority, but on cyber and modern
Congress passed the electronic steroids? And
APRIL 16 & 17 • 8pm Authorization to Use does China possess, or will
Headliner Military Force to deprive it possess, the actual
Iraq and Saddam Hussein of capability needed for a full
DR. BILL MILLER weapons of mass scale opposed invasion of
destruction it did not Taiwan that could require
APRIL 23 & 24 • 8pm possess. The region was hundreds of thousands of
Headliner thrown into geostrategic troops given that during
turmoil that has yet to be World War II, U.S. plans for
CHRIS BARNES settled. retaking the island
demanded 4,000 ships and
APRIL 30 & MAY 1 • 8pm Today, the United States 400,000 soldiers and
Headliner is engaged in a great power marines.
competition with not one
MIKE TOOMEY Featuring but two nuclear armed Of course, China could
Professional powers -- China and Russia threaten massive physical,
Special Event Pricing $15 Touring Comedians -- in which the aim of cyber or financial
As seen everyday on the WGN Every Friday & strategy is to compete, destruction as leverage or
Saturday Night deter and, if war comes, other threat that will not
television Morning Show! defeat both. Yet, so far, require a massive opposed
at 8pm specific requirements have assault. Will China subvert
MAY 7 & 8 • 8pm not been fully translated in the government from
Headliner Only $12 how to compete, deter and within for a regime change
defeat. in Taiwan? Will China use
SCOTT HENRY No Drink economic and other forms
Minimum. of pressure? Or will China
Special Event Pricing $15 threaten a blockade or
quarantine or measure well
short of war to force

For advance tickets visit 040821 Finally, what are the range
or stop in at 1420 63rd St. Kenosha between Noon - 4pm Mon. - Fri. of options to ensure
Taiwan's independence not
Call for more information 262-564-8800 just for Taiwan but for the

see ULLMAN on page 8


my turn

Jim Crow and Readers may email Cal
Thomas at
the Georgia
[email protected]
voting law Look for Cal Thomas’ new
book “America’s Expiration
with Cal Thomas Date:The Fall of Empires and
Superpowers and the Future
At his recent news stage as ‘Jim Crow’ — an
conference, President of the United States”
Biden said of Georgia’s new exaggerated, highly
voting law, “It makes Jim
Crow look like Jim Eagle.” stereotypical black

Jim Crow was not a character. apparently want us to
person, but unlike most believe there has been no
former presidents, he has a “Rice, a white man, was racial progress since then. Park Cannon, an Atlanta Democrat, is placed in handcuffs by Georgia State Troopers after
museum:  The Jim Crow one of the first performers being asked to stop knocking on a door that led to Gov. (TNS)
Museum of Racist to wear blackface Democrats should
Memorabilia. makeup…His Jim Crow
song-and-dance routine display some humility when right to vote. election outcomes racist? Today’s Democrats like
The name came from a was an astounding success
song written by Thomas that took him from it comes to African- The Georgia law leaves in Critics claim the new law to claim “voter
Dartmouth “Daddy” Rice. Louisville to Cincinnati to negatively affects African
From the museum Pittsburgh to Philadelphia Americans and voting since place many voting options, American voters. Do they suppression” when
webpage: “Rice, a struggling and finally to New York in think Blacks are so
‘actor’ (he did short solo 1832. He also performed to it was members of their in addition to showing up incompetent they can’t do Republicans attempt to
skits between play scenes) great acclaim in London the minimum required in
at the Park Theater in New and Dublin. By then ‘Jim party who opposed civil on Election Day. It order to vote? make sure every ballot is
York, happened upon a Crow’ was a stock
black person singing (a character in minstrel rights legislation, defended eliminates signature For years Democrats legitimate. We can’t afford
song titled ‘Jim Crow’) — shows, along with have expanded voting laws
some accounts say it was counterparts Jim Dandy slavery in the 19th century matching, which should to include registration at to repeat Donald Trump’s
an old black slave who and Zip Coon. Rice’s the DMV, early voting, and
walked with difficulty, subsequent blackface and promoted “black appeal to both parties.Vote absentee voting with no claims of suspect voting
others say it was a ragged characters were Sambos, excuses (still allowed under
black stable boy. Whether Coons, and Dandies. White codes” in Southern state tabulators will no longer the new law). The Georgia behavior, miscounting and
modeled on an old man or audiences were receptive law, which is being
a young boy we will never to the portrayals of blacks legislatures that denied have to subjectively decide duplicated in other states questions about machines
know, but we know that in as singing, dancing, grinning with Republican majority
1828 Rice appeared on fools.” many rights to former the authenticity of two legislatures, seeks to and illegal voters that he
prevent vote harvesting
slaves. Those were elected signatures. and voting by people who alleged characterized the
don’t exist, or who have
Democrats who stood in moved out of state. 2020 presidential election.

schoolhouse doors, Instead, voters will Most people are willing

denying access to black receive an ID number with to accept the defeat of

children. Democrat sheriffs their mail-in ballots or candidates for whom they

clubbed people in the applications. Those voted if they believe the

streets during numbers must match. In system was fair and the

demonstrations and sicced person voters who do not tabulations accurate.

dogs on them, among other have an ID can easily obtain Achieving that end is the

indignities. It was also the one. purpose of the new

party that required “poll How is doing a better job Georgia law. It’s not about
of ensuring ballot integrity
President Biden and taxes” and “literacy tests” and boosting confidence in Jim Crow, or for that

other Democrats for blacks, violating their matter, “Jim Eagle.”

Before the BLM Readers can reach Mary I met him in the early
movement there Sanchez at 1990’s, as a young reporter
was Emmett Till looking into the death of a
and the man who [email protected] Black Kansas teenager who
tried to bring him and follow her on Twitter turned up in a ravine after
justice @msanchezcolumn. being chased by the son of a
white police officer who
with Mary Sanchez hospital and rehabilitation thought the teen had
care centers in the Kansas broken into a truck. If that
City area he’d watched sounds like a current
cable news nonstop. headline, similar cases
punctuated all 64-years of
Breonna Taylor. Ahmaud Sykes’ life.
Arbery. George Floyd. Sykes
More than 40 years committed, might also be absorbed the news of each He approached justice in
before Black Lives Matter reopened in time. new death and watched the painstakingly detailed,
emerged as a movement, growth of the movement he unflappable and resolutely
Alvin Sykes was doggedly That’s impact. spent a lifetime nurturing. passionate ways.
questioning police brutality
in cases famous, and not. In many ways, the Sykes was a legal savant, Sykes embraced the
national consciousness able to find obscure federal wisdom that if justice is
Sykes convinced the around race and criminal codes that turned into new truly the calling, then you
federal government to justice in America is just avenues to pursue cases work with anyone who can
reopen unsolved 50-year- beginning to align with where witnesses had died, help.
old civil rights era murders, where the late Sykes always evidence had been lost and
scores of cases in focused. even double jeopardy Alvin Sykes, of Kansas City, Kansas, displays a photograph of Emmett and his The Kansas City, Kansas
Mississippi and other would otherwise limit mother, Mamie Till-Mobley.Till was murdered after he allegedly "wolf- native solicited cooperation
southern states, solving And yet, most of the prosecutions. from every recent U.S.
some and providing long throngs of people who took whistled," at a white woman.The 1955 murder has been called a catalyst for Attorney General, through
awaited attention for the to the nation’s streets in He never attended law the civil rights movement. Democrat and Republican
victim’s families. marches this summer, administrations, meeting
tagging their efforts #BLM, school. He wasn’t a mostly because they were with them one-on-one. The
He helped establish case had never heard of the politician. He saw himself as poor and Black, like him. first was Edwin Meese in
law and a unit within the Kansas native. a human rights worker, an Sykes educated himself by the Reagan administration.
Department of Justice so advocate for people who studying law books in public The last was Jeff Sessions
that newer cases of today Sykes died March 19 from society tends to pass by, libraries. during Trump’s.
and crimes yet to be complications of a fall two
years ago that left him see SANCHEZ on page 8
partially paralyzed. From


‘Highly likely' North Sanchez worried that Parker would
Korea can mount feel badly, because Sykes
nuclear warheads on continued from page 7 the type of work that had fallen trying to reach
missiles provides lessons in the far him.
Sykes’ approach had to reaches of grief, how the
A report from a United do with finding the truth, murder of one person Parker, when I called him
Nations panel of experts not exacting revenge or extends for generations, to let him know that Sykes
found that North Korea has self-glory. He wasn’t out to coloring attitudes about had passed, expressed deep
continued to fund its vilify police in the blindingly race, justice and life. I’m a gratitude and affection for
weapons program through self-righteous way that so better reporter and human his friend. He said Sykes
illicit means such as many people today because of it. had added a necessary
smuggling and cyberattacks practice. But he chapter to his family’s
and concluded that the consistently unraveled The Till case was Sykes’ history.
secretive state can probably cases where law most famous pursuit, but
arm its ballistic missiles with enforcement’s duplicity, bias not the one closest to his Sykes allowed a bit of
nuclear warheads. and sometimes outright heart.That honor would be closure, despite no new
racism allowed people to gaining a conviction for the convictions. Parker, a
"[I]t is highly likely that a get away with murder. 1980 murder of his friend Reverend, had given the
and fellow musician Steve eulogy when the family
nuclear device can be He convinced Congress Harvey, a man who had reburied Till following an
to pass legislation been beaten to death by an exhumation and autopsy
mounted on the instructing the Federal assailant who assumed that that was part of the new
Bureau of Investigation to he was killing not only a investigation.
intercontinental ballistic dig into unsolved civil rights Black man, but a gay one.
era murders.The legislation In his final two years,
missiles, and it is also likely safeguarding itself with its November 2020, the report was named for Emmett Till, In March of 2019, Sykes Sykes was reliant on the
own new air defense said. The panel of experts often called the sacrificial had been on his way to kindness of nursing aides
that a nuclear device can be system," the report said. cited the BeagleBoyz, a lamb of the civil rights Chicago when he tumbled and his roommates to hold
hacker group inside movement.When the initial over a metal bench as he a cell phone to his ear or
mounted on the medium- The U.N. panel assessed Pyongyang's Reconnaissance legislation expired, Sykes awaited an Amtrak train. prop it up on his pillow so
that North Korea's 5 MWe General Bureau intelligence lobbied bipartisan support The fall injured his spine. he could talk. He grew
range ballistic missiles and reactor at its Yongbyon unit, as responsible for to reauthorize it, creating a He never walked again. He frustrated, but not bitter at
nuclear research center is several cyberattacks on permanent cold case never regained the function his plight.
short-range ballistic capable of producing around cryptocurrency exchanges function within the of his dominant left hand.
7 kilograms of plutonium per and financial institutions. Department of Justice. The pandemic further
missiles," the report said. year and added that the The trip had been to isolated him from visitors.
country may possess 60 Till was a 14-year-old boy celebrate the 80th birthday
However, the report said kilograms of the radioactive The country has also from Chicago who, naïve to of Wheeler Parker, Jr., an After gangrene set in in
it remains uncertain chemical element. the depths of racial hatred older cousin of Emmett Till. his right foot, doctors said
whether North Korea "had defied international in the South, went to visit Parker is the last surviving amputation would be
developed ballistic missiles There have been no signs relatives in Mississippi in eyewitness to the necessary.
resistant to the heat of the reactor operating 1955 and wound up kidnapping of Till. He was in
generated during re-entry." since 2018, although gruesomely murdered. bed when the men came to He meditated for weeks,
other  activity  at the the door and demanded to to properly thank that foot
The report was created Yongbyon facility has been sanctions and "continued Sykes was long fascinated take him to teach him a for how it had served him.
by a panel of experts under recently taking place, by the case. He was lesson for wolf whistling at Sykes didn’t drive. He took
the U.N. Security Council according to satellite illicit import of refined instrumental in getting the a white woman, one of the the bus, found rides with
sanctions committee on imagery. FBI to reopen the murder men’s wives. friends. But mostly he
North Korea. petroleum, via direct investigation in 2004, for it walked, miles and miles. He
North Korea has was long believed that Till had adored his cousin was a Buddhist, a religion
supported its weapons deliveries and ship-to-ship more people than the two and begged to be allowed he adopted after being
development through illicit men first charged (and to visit other relatives in introduced to the faith by
activities such as importing transfers, using elaborate quickly acquitted by an all- Mississippi, tagging along musician Herbie Hancock.
oil in violation of white jury) were involved. with Parker who was a
Despite sanctions, an international sanctions and subterfuge," the report said. couple years older. The only thing left
economic downturn caused stealing cryptocurrency As a reporter/advocate unfinished was his book,
by the COVID-19 pandemic through cyberattacks. It concluded that the duo, we tracked down Looking back at notes chronicling these stories
and a series of natural everyone who had any during our conversations and so much more. The
disasters, North Korea was Pyongyang stole more shipments from January to connection, Black and since his devastating fall, I planned title gives evidence
able to upgrade its weapons than $316 million worth of white. And spent hours found one where Sykes was to his spirit: “Show Me
and defense systems in 2020. virtual assets from 2019 to September 2020 exceeded conversing with them. It’s Justice: The Happy Life
Journey of Alvin Page
the annual 500,000-barrel Sykes.”

cap "by several times."

North Korea "has not North Korea hasn't
only continued to develop conducted any long-range
and modernize its ballistic missile or nuclear tests since
missile program but has also 2017, but it launched a pair
increased its nuclear strike of short-range ballistic
capability, as well as its ability missiles into the sea near
to counter foreign missile Japan last week, violating
defense systems while U.N. sanctions.

By Thomas Maresca

Vaccine breathing or is unconscious Ullman Initiative be applied
or otherwise unable to specifically to a Taiwan
continued from page 4 can wash it. remove the mask without continued from page 6 agreements be modified or scenario? Or is PDI self-
help. remain based on strategic defeating by reinforcing the
mask: • Remove the mask by United States and other ambiguity? Would a likelihood of an outcome
untying it or lifting off the • Don't put masks on possible allies? Would the presidential declaration we do not want, namely
• Wash or sanitize your ear loops without touching children under 2. U.S .Congress vote to go that the United States provoking China to
hands before and after the front of the mask or to war over Taiwan and would come to Taiwan's assimilate the island with
putting on and taking off your face. • Don't use masks as a would the public support assistance if attacked or without the use of
your mask. substitute for social the use of force to respond enrage, engage or deter force?
• Wash your hands distancing. to Chinese aggression? China's intent to "reunfiy"
• Place your mask over immediately after removing What options short of war the island? Should Taiwan These and other
your mouth and nose. your mask. If you have concerns are available? be allowed to buy more
about wearing a mask, talk advanced military systems questions should be the
• Tie it behind your head • Regularly wash your with your health care Would any allies join us to prevent any Chinese
or use ear loops and make mask with soap and water by provider about how to in protecting Taiwan, and if attack? Would Taiwan subject of broader public
sure it's snug. hand or in the washing protect yourself and others so, under what consider a nuclear option
machine. It's fine to launder during the pandemic. -- circumstances and with to avoid the fate of Hong examination to avoid falling
• Don't touch your mask it with other clothes. Compiled by Mayo Clinic what capabilities? Can any Kong?
while wearing it. If you Staff of this be agreed to in into the trap of either
accidentally touch it, wash or Here are a few mask advance, and is that wise? Finally, how and where
sanitize your hands. precautions: E-mail a question to can the Pacific Deterrence exaggerating or
MayoClinicQ&[email protected] Should the Taiwan
• If your mask becomes • Don't put masks on Relations Act and other underestimating China's
wet or dirty, switch to a anyone who has trouble For more information, visit
clean one. Put the used mask actual capability, intentions
in a sealable bag until you
and options  vis a

vis Taiwan.


April 8, 2021 health
Kenosha County Aging & Disability Resource Center community


Healthy living in middle age reduces risk for
health issues in senior years

Live well, live longer. The adults in the study were an The risk of metabolic syndrome was All of the adults in the study were
average age of 47 when assessed 51% lower among those who followed white, so the findings can't be
New research offers more evidence between 2008 and 2011, and in their the physical activity recommendations generalized to other racial and ethnic
that the mantra rings true: People who senior years when assessed in 2016- alone, 33% lower in those who followed groups, and further studies that include a
got regular exercise and ate a healthy 2019. the dietary guidelines alone, and 65% range of racial and ethnic groups are
diet in middle age had a reduced risk of lower in those who followed both needed, the researchers said.
serious health problems as seniors. In middle age, 28% of the adults guidelines.
followed both the physical activity and By HealthDay News
"Health care professionals could use dietary guidelines, while 47% followed
these findings to further promote and only one of the guidelines.
emphasize to their patients the benefits
of a healthy diet and a regular exercise Adhering to the physical activity and
schedule to avoid the development of dietary guidelines in middle age was
numerous chronic health conditions in associated with a lower chance of
the present and in later life," said study developing the metabolic syndrome and
author Vanessa Xanthakis, an assistant other serious health conditions later in
professor of medicine and biostatistics in life, according to the study published in
the Section of Preventive Medicine and the Journal of the American Heart
Epidemiology at Boston University Association.
School of Medicine.
"The earlier people make these
Her team analyzed long-term data lifestyle changes, the more likely they will
from nearly 2,400 Americans in a large be to lower their risk of cardiovascular-
ongoing U.S. health study to determine associated diseases later in life,"
how closely they followed U.S. Xanthakis said in a journal news release.
government dietary guidelines and
physical activity guidelines. Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of
health conditions -- including excess fat
Physical activity guideline advocate at around the waist, high blood pressure,
least 150 minutes of moderate or 75 insulin resistance, high blood sugar,
minutes of vigorous physical activity per abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride
week, such as walking or swimming. levels -- that increase the risk of heart
disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

Feeling Stressed as a Caregiver?
Powerful Tools can Help

Are you feeling stressed, the participants’ confidence in their • make tough caregiving decisions
overwhelmed? Is it difficult to ability to provide caregiving while
communicate in challenging caregiving maintaining their own positive health. Register now for the free, online
situations? Are you struggling with
tough caregiving decisions? The ADRC Caregiver goals addressed Wednesdays, April 13 – May 18,
offers an online, free, 6-week workshop: 2021
educational series, Powerful Tools for
Caregivers, designed by Stanford • reduce personal stress 6 – 8 p.m.
University to give you tools to take
care of yourself while caring for a • change negative self-talk Registration is required by Monday,
loved one. April 12th. Additional classes will be
• communicate needs to family offered in September and October.
The goals of the program are to members and healthcare or service For more information or to register,
help caregivers develop a wealth of providers contact the Aging & Disability
self-care tools which have a positive Resource Center: 262-605-6646 or 1-
impact on caregiver health. • communicate more effectively in 800-472-8008. Or register online at
challenging situations; look for the
Mutual support and success builds red registration button. Connection
• recognize the messages in their information will be provided once
emotions registered

• deal with difficult feelings


social security
and you

Social Security If you have a Social
Disability: The Security question,Tom
program everyone Margenau has the answer.
loves to hate
Contact him at
with Tom Margenau [email protected]
net.To find out more about
I was heading into a The woman got out of Tom Margenau and to read
local grocery store the her car.And with a totally
other day, and I noticed a unexpected air of quiet past columns and see
few people gathered dignity, she calmly told features from other Creators
around a car parked in this man: "My son has
one of the spots end-stage non-Hodgkin's Syndicate writers and
reserved for people with lymphoma. He has about cartoonists, visit the Creators
disabilities. I heard three months to live. I
someone yelling. As I got would think that for the Syndicate website at
closer to the car, I saw an last 90 days of his life, he
old guy ranting and raving ought to be able to park
at the driver of the car, a a little closer to the front to the frequent email alcoholics getting guy is cleaning his gutters enough (almost 50 years)
woman maybe in her door of this grocery
mid-40s. There was a store." rants I get from so many benefits. Let me clear up and another guy is doing to know that no matter
younger man in the
passenger seat. I can't The jerk slumped away people about the Social that myth. You DO NOT some painting does not how much preaching I
repeat the "colorful" muttering something
language the guy was unintelligible. The small Security disability get Social Security prove they are healthy do, some of you will just
using. But here is a crowd of people were
snippet of what I heard: booing him and actually program. I'm always disability benefits simply and don't deserve not believe me. You are
"Why the @#$% are you started clapping for the
parking in a handicapped driver of the car. It really puzzled why so many because you are an disability benefits. Maybe absolutely convinced that
spot? You don't have a was a touching moment.
sticker, and there's people simply assume addict or alcoholic. But one has cancer and people are cheating the
obviously nothing wrong I just wish I could show
with you!" some of this same quiet that most folks getting you might get benefits if another has some severe system. Well, if that's so,
dignity when I respond
disability benefits, just you have problems mental issues and the then let me put the

like people parking in associated with those other has kidney disease. burden on you. If you

handicapped spots, are addictions. For example, I don't know. And these claim to know someone

pulling a fast one over on you could qualify for accusers don't know you think is getting Social

the rest of us. disability if you have either. You simply cannot Security disability

Getting a handicapped severe liver disease, a make broad assumptions benefits he or she is not

sticker for your car is condition that might have about their eligibility for due, I challenge you to do

one thing. Getting Social been brought on by disability benefits something. Turn that

Security disability excessive drinking. But without knowing all the person in. Call the Social

benefits is an entirely that's no different than facts. Security fraud hotline at

different matter. Please, someone getting benefits Someone else told me 800-269-0271. Or go
about a guy who was
dear readers, believe me: who has lung cancer getting disability benefits online at
who "gambles all his
As someone who brought on by heavy money away every https://www.socialsecurit
month at a local casino."
worked with the smoking. She went on to say, "This, and click on
proves the system is
disability program for Having explained how corrupt." "Report Fraud" under

many years, I know you truly difficult it is to the "Contact Us" link.

have to be severely qualify for Social Security Your report can be

MENU FOR SENIOR DINING CURBSIDE PICK UP AT disabled to qualify for disability benefits, I can anonymous.
benefits. Of course, I'm tell you from experience However, I also can tell
Pick up on Sheridan Road (east side) & 79th Street, Kenosha you from experience that
not naive enough to that everyone seems to Well, no, it does not 99% of you who claim to
Meals are offered for a suggested donation of $4 PER MEAL ($8 PER DAY PER prove that. It might prove know people who are
PERSON). Open to anyone age 60+ and a spouse regardless of age. Reservations must think that out of the know someone (a the guy is a bad money supposedly cheating the
be made by 10 a.m. on Wednesday morning for Thursday lunch. Call the office at 262- manager. But that's got system will not do this.
658-3508 to make your reservation or e-mail Janice at [email protected] and provide millions of Social Security brother-in-law, a nothing to do with the That tells me two things.
your name & date to reserve. Please pick up between 11:30 a.m. ² 1 p.m.. fact that he has a First, people will believe
disability beneficiaries, neighbor, that guy in the disability that qualifies what they want to
Each Thursday ± Participants Receive 2 Meals (1 Hot & 1 to Heat/Eat Later) him for monthly benefits. believe. They think that
there aren't a few bad handicapped parking If there was a little old government is corrupt
April 8th lady who gambled away and inefficient, so they
Salisbury Steak apples in that big barrel space) who they believe half of her Social Security want to believe there are
Mashed Potatoes/Gravy retirement check every a bunch of deadbeats
Prince Charles Veggie who are getting benefits is getting such benefits month, would you say who snookered the
Dinner Roll/Butter that "proves the system clueless bureaucrats and
Fruit Cup & Milk/Juice they don't deserve. But I fraudulently. is corrupt"? No. It just are ripping off the Social
Grilled BBQ Chicken Sandwich proves there is a woman Security system. But the
Potato Wedges assure you their numbers For example, someone probably not making the second thing the lack of
Cole Slaw & Fruit recently complained to smartest decisions about fraud reporting tells me
are few and far between. me that she knows a how to spend her Social is that, deep down, these
woman who is getting Security retirement folks know it's not true.
April 15th April 22nd The Social Security disability benefits who money.And so, too, there They just like to gripe.
disability program is takes kickboxing lessons. are people who don't And some of them like to
Turkey Burger Turkey Tetrazzini universally recognized as Someone else saw a spend their Social hassle nice mothers with
Sweet Potatoes Seasoned Broccoli one of the most difficult neighbor who is on Security disability money disabled sons who are
Seasoned Green Beans Glazed Baby Carrots programs to qualify for. disability cleaning his very wisely. parking closer to the
Fruit & Milk/Juice Roll/Butter, Fruit & Milk/Juice You simply don't get gutters. Another reader front door of the grocery
benefits if you have a bad told me about a guy store than they can.
Home Cooked Lasagna All Beef Chicago Style Hotdog back or a bum knee. You "with a fake disability"
Italian Veggies Chips must have a severe who was painting a
Side Salad Fruit physical or mental house. Somehow, those
impairment that is little snippets of daily life
Bread/Butter & Fruit expected to keep you proved to them that
out of work for at least these folks were cheating
April 29th Meal 1 April 29th Meal 2 12 months -- or a the system. Having said all that, I
condition that is can tell you this. I've been
Balsamic Chicken Chicken Salad/Tomato Wedges terminal. working with the Social
Roasted Potatoes Carrot Raison Salad Security program long
Brussel Sprouts Italian Pasta Salad Some people have Well, just because a
Fruit written to complain woman is taking
Roll/Butter about drug addicts and kickboxing lessons and a
Fruit & Milk/Juice


ask amy Virtual Memory Café
meets every month

Friendship falters Please join the Alzheimer’s Association and the
over shunning Kenosha County ADRC for a Virtual Memory Café,
on the second Tuesday of each month for the Virtual
Dear Amy: My Memory Café.The next Café will be held on Tuesday,
April 13, 1 - 2 p.m. The Virtual Memory Café is a
friend, “Cynthia,” and I place for persons with Mild Cognitive Impairment,
early-stage Alzheimer’s, or related dementia, and
have been close for 24 their care partners to socialize and have fun, all from
the comfort of your home! Once registered, you will
years. For most of that receive connection instructions.The Virtual Memory
Café meets every month on second Tuesdays.
time, we have met for Interested? Call the Alzheimer's Association at 800-
lunch once a week (when
Benefit Specialists
possible). We are both available

women over 60. The Kenosha County Aging & Disability Resource
Center (ADRC) has benefit specialists who can help
I have a 22-year-old You can email who are simply being accusation. (The Beatles answer questions and solve problems related to
granddaughter, who is Amy Dickinson at human. I think you should broke up The Beatles.) Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, other health
gay. Cynthia has decided [email protected] feel very sorry for this insurances, and public benefits (for example
that I am "too accepting" or send a letter to former friend of yours, as Forgive me if I am over- FoodShare or energy assistance). We assist people
of gayness in general and Ask Amy, P.O. Box 194, well as relieved to be who are age 60 and older as well as adults ages 18-
has told me that she can Freeville, NY 13068. shunned by her. No analyzing this 59 who have a cognitive disability, physical disability,
no longer be my friend. You can also follow her on doubt, you are in very or mental health diagnosis.The services provided are
Twitter @askingamy good company. unintentional slip, but to free and confidential. 

or Facebook. Dear Amy: I recognize new generations of Depending on the individual’s circumstances,
that the use of substitute benefit specialists can help a client:
She has gay family that you can influence names in the letters you feminist rockers, Yoko
members that she shuns; the person to change publish is a necessity. • Understand, access, and apply for public benefits
she told me she wanted their thinking. Some Ono is their favorite • Apply, appeal, and advocate for Social Security
me to shun my people also try very hard In a recent letter Disability
granddaughter. I will not to lovingly accept those concerning four longtime Beatle! – Tom in New • Access health care
do that. Cynthia has four whose views they abhor, friends, you used “John, • Learn about Social Security work incentives and
grandchildren under the as a form of radical Paul, George, and Ringo” Orleans rules
age of 10. Any of them acceptance. Also, deep as clever stand-ins. But I • Navigate the process and represent you when
could be gay. I asked her and long-term friendship feel it’s unfortunate the Dear Tom: I supplied benefits are denied
if we could agree to does mean that we see name “Yoko” was used to Call the ADRC at 262-605-6646 to learn more.
disagree, and she refused. and accept that our identify the sullen and those substitute names in
friends are flawed, just as angry woman mentioned
we are. Where this goes as “John’s wife.” the letter about four
awry is when your friend
demanded that you Many readers may friends, and I take
adopt her hateful views. recall the torrent of
In the end, she rejected criticism, if not hatred, responsibility for
you for refusing to hate. directed at Yoko Ono in
In my opinion, this shows the late 1960s, which, 50 replaying a very tired
how irredeemable she is, years on, may be viewed
and why you are now today as misogynistic and trope about Yoko Ono.
wondering why you anti-Asian vilification. She
My granddaughter has walked even partway was blamed for breaking As you rightly point out,
not asked me to shun toward her. up The Beatles, an unfair
anyone who is anti-gay. and mostly untrue “The Beatles broke up
I’d say that you should
allow your guilt about The Beatles.” I apologize
your own acquiescence
My friend has many fine to be your teacher.To be to Ms. Ono, who I
qualities, and I enjoyed a true ally, you must
her company. I realize I reject hatred, and not recognize as an
am much better off “agree to disagree,”
without her hatred in my when the matter at hand important artist, creator,
life. Was it wrong of me involves human beings
to be willing to “agree to and inspiration to many,
disagree” in order to
remain friends with including, of course, John
Cynthia? Is that
disrespectful to gay Lennon, who did such
people? – Worried
important work in

collaboration with her.

I also apologize to
Beatles fans and other
readers, who I know
deserve better.

Dear Worried: Many
people make choices to
tolerate someone whose
views are diametrically
opposed to their own. I
believe there are valid
reasons to do this,
among them: the hope

Exclusive Services and Engaging Amenities

Library | Coffee Shop | Spa Room
Beauty Salon | Activity Room

Homestyle Meals | Pet Friendly

Personalized care in
a family atmosphere

On-site caring staff available 24/7
24/7 emergency response system

7377 88th Ave. Kenosha, WI 53142

SMART READER April 8, 2021 11


KAFASI Expands

To better connect those 60+ in our community,
KAFASI’s Friendly Visitor added new services to
complement existing programs.

Virtual Connect is a peer led program which uses
the Zoom platform to host three programs
monthly.  Casual social group talks, special interest
programs and a technology program are featured
monthly.  The program expands the existing Senior
Center Without Walls (SCWOW) telephone
program to a new audience.  Both (SCWOW and
the new Virtual Connect) are designed to provide
those involved with socialization, information and a
greater sense of connectedness.  Whether you
prefer to connect over the phone or virtually we
have an option for you. 

Another addition to the Friendly Visitor is Tech
Assist.  It provides answers to tech related
questions. Participants involved will receive support
and resources to help navigate basic technology
needs.  Tech Assist helps with a wide range of topics
including virtual appointments, answering security
concerns or connecting virtually with family and
friends.  Participants who utilize Tech Assist are
connected with a volunteer who will provide

Friendly Visitor services are open to those 60 and
over. For information about these programs or if
you’d like to volunteer, contact KAFASI at 262-658-
3508 or email at [email protected]

Medicare Minutes: Savvy Caregiver Training Program
Cost Prescription
Program Free online class one, skills to assess the
for family caregivers abilities of their family
Medicare Minute presentations are being offered of persons with member and to learn
monthly by the Kenosha County ADRC.These dementia how to adjust the
programs provide information on a wide range of approach if needed, plus
Medicare topics. April’s Medicare Minutes will focus The Kenosha the confidence to set and
will be the Medicare Cost Prescription Program.The achieve caregiving goals.A
program will be offered virtually on Thursday, April 29, County Aging & caregiver manual and
2021, from 10 – 11 a.m. online caregiving tools
Disability Resource will also be provided. The
SHIP-branded Medicare Minutes are developed by Savvy Caregiver training
the Medicare Rights Center as a State Health Center (ADRC) is free to Kenosha
Insurance Program (SHIP) National Technical County residents.
Assistance Center service.The Medicare Rights together with the
Center is a national, non-profit consumer service For more information,
organization.They are one of the SHIP National A l z h e i m e r ’s or to register and receive
Technical Assistance Center partners. information on how to connect to the class,
Association, is offering please call Susan Johnson, Dementia Care
For reservations call the ADRC 262-605-6646 or 1- Specialist, with the Kenosha County ADRC at
800-472-8008. A Zoom link will be provided. a free, online, 262-605-6602.


training for the non-

professional caregiver.

The classes run on Wednesdays, beginning May 5 –

June 9, 2021, from 1 – 3 p.m.

During this 6-week training, participants will
gain knowledge to manage daily care of their loved


Pay Only 30% of Gross Income for Rent! For Kenosha Unified Schools

1 Bedroom, Heat, Appliances Paul R. Pulera & Paul T. Pulera
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Securities & Advisory Services Offered Through Harbour Investments Inc.
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12 SMART READER April 8, 2021

How pandemic snarls redistricting

continued from page 2

[this year], which means it’s time.”
much more likely that
discriminatory things are left States could – and should
in place for the 2022 – get a head start on
election.” mocking up potential district
maps without the final data,
The view from Texas’ say experts. In its press
6th District release announcing the delay,
the Census Bureau suggested
That is, if 2022 states could “begin to
congressional elections can design” their new districts
even happen on time. with census data published in
the past two years.
According to the
Monitor’s count, the And among the states with
redistricting process took an redistricting deadlines by law,
average of 13 months officials should proactively
following the 2010 census. ask local courts for a delay,
States will have to beat that says Mr. Levitt. California
average this year, once the officials, for example, already
data arrive on Sept. 30, or the appealed to the state’s
map-drawing process will Supreme Court and were
surpass the primary election granted an extension. And as
filing deadlines for several did for COVID-19,
congressional elections in all states should consider
but three states. moving their primary filing
And until they know the SOURCE: Loyola Law School's All About Redistricting,Wall Street Journal
new maps, local party officials
and organizers don’t know Getting it right?
where to focus their
resources. Even before COVID-19,

last year’s count was

If Texas’ 6th Congressional challenging for the Census
District, for example, an area
south of Fort Worth and Bureau. The 2020 count
Dallas that currently looks
like a bottom-heavy number featured the bureau’s first
8, is drawn to include more
of the cities’ suburbs, attempt at a primarily digital
Democrats will have a
fighting chance, says Kelly census, and the Trump
Blackburn, Democratic Party
chair for Ellis County,Texas. administration’s failed

attempts to include a

citizenship question taxed

the bureau’s staff and


“But everything is at a But COVID-19
standstill,” says Ms. jeopardized the fundamental
Blackburn. purpose of the decennial
census: to document where
Politicians or potential and how Americans live.
candidates can’t launch
campaigns if they don’t know “College students moved A flashing sign near the iconic Freedom Tower advises people to fill out their census forms in downtown Miami on Oct. 5, 2020.
what district they will back in with their parents; The U.S. Census Bureau said it won’t be delivering data used for redrawing legislative districts until the end of September
represent. older kids moved in with the 2021.That squeezes the calendar for state lawmakers and redistricting commissions facing deadlines to redraw maps.
grandparents to take care of
“It creates a lot of them,” says Ms. Feng with
Common Cause. “All these
uncertainty, especially different living situations
mean that even when the
knowing how precisely we bureau could restart their YOUR CERTIFIED GM SERVICE CENTER... WE USE GENUINE GM PARTS
field operations, they weren’t WE ALSO SERVICE ALL VEHICLE MAKES AND MODELS
expect them to looking at living conditions
that one might normally be
gerrymander,” says Amanda in.”

Litman, executive director of $20 OFF $2495
Transmission or
Run for Something, an Coolant Flush Balance &
Rotate Tires
organization that helps young PALMEN BUICK GMC CADILLAC
progressives run for office. Which is why several Cannot be combined with any other coupons.
redistricting experts say the See advisor for details. Expires 5/9/21. Cannot be combined with any other coupons.
“Your side of the street data delay, while stressful, See advisor for details. Expires 5/9/21.
isn’t inherently bad.The delay 10% OFF
could be cut out of the ensures that the Census $20 OFF
Bureau will do the best Parts & Labor on any 4 Wheel
district you are planning to count possible by double- add-on GM Accessory 7110 74th PL, Kenosha, WI • (262) 694-1500 Alignment
checking against duplicates.
run in.” So given the circumstances, PALMEN BUICK GMC CADILLAC “Located next to Menards” PALMEN BUICK GMC CADILLAC
the delay is a “very, very
And that creates a ripple positive thing,” says Mr. Cannot be combined with any other coupons. SOUTHEASTERN WISCONSIN’S Cannot be combined with any other coupons.
effect for down-ballot races. Levitt. See advisor for details. Expires 5/9/21. LARGEST TIRE DEALERSHIP! See advisor for details. Expires 5/9/21.
First-time candidates may
consider running for state $10 OFF 30 FREEWEWILL Battery Replacement
representative, for example, Oil Change MEET
if they know that their & Lubricant DAY BEAT LIFETIMEANY ADVERTISEDOR With 6 or 7 Yr Warranty
current state representative
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congressional seat instead. of [the U.S. in] April 2020, PRICELOWEST PRICE ON ANY TIRE WE SELL
that picture looks very odd,” Cannot be combined with any other coupons. WITH THE PURCHSE 6 YR. WARRANTY 7 YR. WARRANTY
“The most successful first- he adds. “It’s not clear how See advisor for details. Expires 5/9/21. OF 4 TIRES
time candidates are the ones much the delay can fix that PALMEN BUICK GMC CADILLAC
who can start 18 months picture, but it means they are OVER 18 BRANDS INCLUDING BFGOODRICH, BRIDGESTONE,
out,” says Ms. Litman. “The giving it a shot.” MICHELIN, GOODYEAR & MORE! Cannot be combined with any other coupons.
only resource in a campaign See advisor for details. Expires 5/9/21.
you can never get back is SR040821
By Story Hinckley


books ‘Red Island House’ probes
collisions of class and race

Jessica Simpson says Andrea Lee is best
Eric Johnson 'nurtured' known for her semi-
and 'supported' her autobiographical first novel,
memoir “Sarah Phillips,” about a
Harvard-educated daughter
Jessica Simpson  says her husband,  Eric Johnson, of the Black bourgeoisie
"nurtured" and "supported" her as she wrote her tell-all who runs off to Europe to
memoir. The 40-year-old singer and fashion designer said break free of the hermetic,
on  Good Morning America  that Johnson, 41, "read every old-fashioned world of her
chapter" and cried with her as she wrote her intimate childhood. Published in
memoir, Open Book. 1984, it has become
something of a modern
Simpson and Johnson, a former professional football classic.
player, married in July 2014.The couple have three children,
son Ace, 7, and daughters Maxwell, 8, and Birdie, 2. In the decades since, Lee a business brokering repair this backdrop, “Red Island lend her a false sense of
has settled in Italy, writing services for agricultural House” charts Shay’s familiarity with the people
Simpson released a new, paperback edition of  Open fiction that explores racial machines across Europe. journey of discovery – of color around her.” She
Book  on Tuesday.  The book explores  Simpson's personal and national identity. Red “He isn’t a bad man,” she getting to know both her envies the Malagasys’ deep
and professional life, including her past sexual abuse and Island House – her first writes, “but after long years home away from home connections to their
her struggle with alcohol and drugs. novel since “Lost Hearts in spent peddling irrigation (away from home) and homeland, and comes to
Italy” was published 15 valves, his soul is thrown herself. see herself as “the rootless
On  GMA, Simpson said Johnson supported her as she years ago – offers a fresh off-balance by the outsider, whose life of
revisited journal entries and attended therapy while take on colonialism, possibilities of a country privilege carried with it
writing the memoir. privilege, race, and heritage where he is not just a blindness, pride, and
from the perspective of a successful businessman, but scattershot ignorance.”
"Through the process of getting sober and stopping all Black American scholar a nabob.”
the drinking, I really wanted to go back to my childhood. I married to a rich Italian Another recurrent theme
wanted to go back to who I was and rediscover that businessman who, before is the “reckless self-
person, and who I am now," Simpson said. they met, built an indulgence” of “geriatric
ostentatious vacation home playboys” like Senna and his
Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson on an impoverished African friends – old white
island. Europeans who carry on
"He really just nurtured my character along the way," with young local girls. Shay
she said of Johnson. "After every therapy session I would The ylang-ylang-scented The couple live in Milan Like Lee’s earlier fiction, is occasionally amused by
have and the journal entries I would go through, I would setting is Madagascar, which with their two children but this novel is actually a series these pathetic late-life
share with him. It just ended up becoming a memoir." gained its independence spend several months a of linked stories – told in a dalliances, one of which
from France in 1960, yet still year on the fictional island tight third person that hews reads like the plot of an
Simpson said she wrote the book so the world "can attracts foreigners lured by of Naratrany in closely to Shay’s point of Italian operetta. But she is
understand me in a different way and on a different level tropical beaches, sex northwestern Madagascar, view. Many of these richly more often disgusted by the
and on a deeper level." tourism, gemstone mining, where Senna, “dizzied by evocative tales – two of louche exploitation, and
and prospects for lucrative the infinite possibilities which have been published doesn’t blame the girls for
"Eric, he's a very open person like I am. He supported it. development. “Outsiders offered by using First World in The New Yorker – are cashing in on the old fools
He read every chapter with me, he cried with me, he always want something money in a Third World individual gems; when because she recognizes the
laughed when I didn't," she said. "He's very supportive and from Madagascar,” Lee country,” has indulged his strung together, they add up driving economic necessity. 
he's very proud." writes in this portrait of tropical dreams by creating to a sort of variegated add-
neocolonialism. an extravagant resort on a-pearl necklace. When one of these girls
Simpson said she "can't wait" to experience the new Finoana Beach. accompanies a Red House
opportunities in her career with Johnson and their family. “Red Island House” is in paying guest to dinner on
the veranda, Shay is at first
The new edition of  Open Book  includes  diary entries part the story of the 20- bothered. But she is
that Simpson wrote following her split from her ex- humbled by the thought
husband, singer Nick Lachey. Lachey started dating his plus-year marriage of that the girl, “packaged as
now-wife,Vanessa Lachey, shortly after the split. cheap merchandise, was the
wealthy, hard-driving true heiress of the land on
"So, Nick, you're with another already? Seems that you which they all sat feasting.”
forgot the love you spoke to me," Simpson wrote in one Gianmaria Senna and his
entry. "I'm saddened beyond belief. Alone in the dark, with It’s one of many
no one to call my own." second wife, Shay Gilliam, a provocative observations in
this book, which explores
The new edition also addresses Simpson's mom jeans bookish African American But while the cumulative what really matters in a
controversy and features a new introduction, in which paradise that’s not exactly
Simpson writes more about the sexual abuse she scholar who teaches a effect is mesmerizing, the lost, but twisted.
experienced as a child.
perennially popular course episodic form, which Lee By Heller McAlpin

in Black American literature has long championed, has its

at Milan’s Università drawbacks. Rather than

Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. build steadily towards a

From the start, they are Shay, who was raised in denouement, the disjointed
an odd couple, 15 years and
a dozen worlds apart.When Oakland, California, “with narrative periodically loses
Shay, fresh out of graduate
school, meets Senna, he’s staunch East Bay political steam. Continuity issues like
divorced and prosperous,
and she’s “bowled over by a correctness amid the repetitions should have
man so different from the
cerebral American and progressive Black middle been caught in editing. And
European lovers she’s had
since she left her first brief class,” is uncomfortable one of the best characters,
marriage to her college
boyfriend.” For his part, being “the chatelaine of a Bertine la Grande – Shay’s
Senna “loves to explain
things to his overeducated neocolonial pleasure majestic head housekeeper
wife, robust truths about
the way the world functions palace,” this “emblem of and mentor in the magical,
outside of books.”
wealth in a land of poverty.” mythical ways of the island

And as an African American – figures strongly in the first

among the local Malagasy, chapter, but frustratingly

she finds it difficult to disappears until an

navigate the hierarchy of exceedingly late

race. posthumous tribute.

Lee draws a vivid picture Lee sets up these sources Several stories involve
of this willful, self-made of friction in the book’s the dangers of meddling in
man, who lifted his family opening pages, which also local rivalries and affairs.
from postwar poverty with pack in a lot of deeply Shay comes to realize that
researched information “her brown skin and her
about Madagascar. Against American expansiveness


Machines that learn: The origin
story of artificial intelligence

Lee Sedol, a world was fed cards marked with Larry McMurtry,
champion in the Chinese small squares on either the novelist and screen-
strategy board game Go, left or right sides. After writer, dead at 84
faced a new kind of reading about 50 of them, it
adversary at a 2016 match began to correctly identify
in Seoul. which cards were which –
  thanks to programming
Developers at based on the human brain. Larry McMurtry, a Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist and
screenwriter best known for penning Lonesome Dove and
DeepMind, an artificial for co-writing the adapted screenplay of  Brokeback
Mountain, has died at the age of 84. A cause of death has
intelligence startup Overhyped expectations not been disclosed. McMurtry wrote 29 novels, three
memoirs, two collections of essays and over 30
acquired by Google, had exceeded the technology of screenplays. His novel  Lonesome Dove  about two
retired Texas Rangers moving cattle, won the Pulitzer Prize
fed 30 million Go moves the era, and the study of so- in 1986 and was turned into a popular television mini-
series starring Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones.
into a deep neural called neural networks
The writer's first novel Horseman, Pass By was turned
network. Their creation, capable of replicating into 1963 film Hud starring Paul Newman, Melvyn Douglas
and Patricia Neal. McMurtry got his first Oscar nomination
dubbed AlphaGo, then human intelligence that he shared with director  Peter Bogdanovich  for
adapting his 1966 book The Last Picture Show.
figured out which moves remained largely fallow in
McMurtry also wrote the  Terms of Endearment  novel,
worked by playing millions subsequent decades. Even which filmmaker James L. Brooks turned into an Oscar-
winning film starring Jack Nicholson and Shirley MacLaine.
of games against itself, so, by 1991 the technology
McMurtry won an Academy Award in 2006 for co-
learning at a faster rate had advanced to a point writing the adapted screenplay of  Brokeback
Mountain with his longtime collaborator Diana Ossana.
than any human ever that a machine could learn
'Ramona the Pest'
could. to identify connections on a author Beverly
Cleary dead at 104
The match, which family tree or drive a Chevy
AlphaGo won 4 to 1, “was
the moment when the new from Pittsburgh to Erie,
movement in artificial
intelligence exploded into Pennsylvania.
the public consciousness,”
technology journalist As interest in AI waxed
Cade Metz writes in his and waned, early progress
engaging new book, in the field came from just a
Genius Makers: The handful of scientists. Metz
Mavericks Who Brought focuses on Geoffrey
AI to Google, Facebook, Hinton, a British-born
and the World. Canadian scientist who sold
his startup to Google and
Metz, who covers AI for subsequently won the
The New York Times and Turing Award –  the Nobel
previously wrote for Wired Prize of computing.
magazine, is well positioned
to chart the decades-long Metz’s description of Beverly Cleary, the author of dozens of children's books,
effort to build artificially including  Beezus and Ramona  and  The Mouse and the
intelligent machines. His Hinton and the many that helps self-driving cars though, Metz focuses less Motorcycle, has died in California. She was 104.
straightforward writing identify pedestrians might on the ethics of AI – and its
perfectly translates industry graduate students he also help make drone potentially troubling future Born in 1916 in Oregon, Cleary began her career as a
jargon for technologically strikes more accurate. applications – than he does librarian. She published her very first book --  Henry
un-savvy readers (like me) trained at the University of Google faced an internal on how researchers got to Huggins, about the adventures of a little boy and his dog,
who might be unfamiliar revolt over plans to work the present moment. Ribsy -- in 1950. She would go on to tell more stories
with what it means for a Toronto is a window into with the U.S. Department about Henry, sisters Beezus and Ramona Quimby, Ellen
machine to engage in “deep of Defense. Perhaps there will come Tebbits, Socks the cat and Ralph S. Mouse. She even delved
learning” or master tasks the work of a genius. a day when artificially into the world of  Leave It To Beaver, with a handful of
through its own intelligent robots can read books based on the popular television program.
experiences. Another pioneer, Demis Metz’s book as a history of
the baby steps that got She won a number of awards for her books, including the
Hassabis, a co-founder of them there: viewing millions Newbery medal  in 1984  for  Dear Mr. Henshaw, and the
of YouTube videos to learn National Book Award in 1981 for  Ramona and Her
DeepMind, started off how to recognize cats and Mother. In 2003, former President  George W.
mastering games like Go. Bush bestowed upon her the National Medal of the Arts.
creating computer games HarperCollins said her books were translated into 29
By Seth Stern language and sold 85 million copies across the globe.Asked
before setting out to build Metz cites New York where she got her ideas, she said: "From my own
experience and from the world around me."
“artificial general Times reporting that the

intelligence” capable of Chinese government

doing anything the human worked with AI companies

brain could do. to build facial-recognition

Artificial intelligence, technology that could help
which is still in its infancy,
Metz chronicles the mad has already remade speech track and control its
21st-century gold rush of and image recognition and
AI, in which American is helping Big Tech minority Uighur population.
frontrunner Google has companies predict what
competed domestically words you’ll type in an For the most part,
(against rivals like Facebook email or what ads you’ll
and Microsoft) as well as click on next. NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLERS
internationally (against
Chinese competitors like The potential is immense.
Baidu). Each company has So are the risks, and  Metz
spent billions on research, touches on some of the
gobbled up startups, and pitfalls that have already
attempted to lure a small emerged.
pool of talent with the kind
of money and urgency For one thing, AI’s output PRINT & E-BOOKS NONFICTION PRINT & E-BOOKS FICTION
usually associated with top is only as good as the
NFL prospects. China has information used to train it. 1. The Code Breaker (Issacson) 1. The Four Winds (Hannah)
announced plans to be the Big Tech companies have, in 2. Greenlights (McConaughey) 2. Win (Coben)
world leader in AI by 2030. many instances, relied 3. The Body Keeps the Score (van der Kolk) 3. The Consequences of Fear (Winspear)
disproportionately on 4. Caste (Wilkerson) 4. Double Jeopardy (Woods)
But it wasn’t always so photos of white men to 5. Becoming (Obama) 5. The Bounty (Evanovich/Hamilton)
frenetic. Metz shares the train photo-recognition 6. Untamed (Doyle) 6. Later (King)
origins of AI in 1958, when tools. That practice led to 7. Think Again (Grant) 7. The Midnight Library(Haig)
a Cornell professor the awful moment in 2015 8. A Promised Land (B.Obama) 8. Eternal (Scottoline)
successfully taught a when Google Photos 9. How to Avoid a Climate Disaster (Gates) 9. The Rose Code (Quinn)
computer to learn. The labeled pictures of Black 10. Just As I Am (Tyson/Burford) 10. Life After Death (Souljah)
machine was as wide as a people as “gorillas.”
kitchen refrigerator, and
And the same technology


Pet World animals

with Cathy Rosenthal in the news

Training can help dogs live
in harmony

Dear Cathy, I have a for Winston and "bingo" for As well as being a recuring
Pomeranian named Winston Puddles. A reward word is guest on Happenings Q&A,
who I am very bonded to. My what you say when your dog
boyfriend has a labradoodle does something right and is Cathy M. Rosenthal is a
named Puddles who is very always followed by a treat. longtime animal advocate,
sweet but needs lots of love Train them separately at first, author, columnist and pet
and attention.We have all been so they learn their separate expert who has more than
living together for a year now. reward words.
Any time I'm giving Winston 30 years in the animal
attention, Puddles inserts To teach "sit," ask the dog welfare field. Send your pet
herself between us and pushes to "sit" and wait for them to questions, stories and tips to
him out of the way. With my comply. Then say the reward
boyfriend traveling a lot for word and give them a treat.To [email protected]
work, I'm trying to split my teach "down," ask them to sit,
attention between them, but then put the treat in front of and your boyfriend expect Dog stops traffic to Pooches brave the
Winston often gives up and their nose and move your waves at Dog Surfing
walks away from our snuggle hand to the ground as you say from them, they will both relax rescue owner having Championships
sessions. I can tell my little guy "down." Your dog will naturally more and not be as needy. a seizure
is getting frustrated. He has fall into the down position as Some talented canines showed off
started to stand on the couch they follows the treat to the Cathy, I read your column An Ontario dog is being hailed as a their unusual skills by taking to the
and bark at Puddles almost ground. Say the reward word about an older dog's urination hero after she stopped traffic to get waves in Florida at the 8th Annual East
compulsively. He's also started and give them a treat. Teach problem. I was surprised that help for her owner, who was suffering Coast Dog Surfing Championships.The
pooping inside. I don't know them "out" when they walk you did not mention low from a seizure. Haley Moore of Ottawa event at Lori Wilson Park in Cocoa
how to split my attention into the kitchen. Simply stand thyroid as a possible cause of said she was walking her 1 1/2-year-old Beach, as part of the Easter Surf
between them fairly when it's in front of your dog and point the problem.We have had four dog, Clover, last week when she had a Festival,  followed guidelines from the
just me, and I don't know how your arm out over their body, older dogs develop urination seizure. "All I remember is waking up in CDC after the 2020 East Coast Dog
to calm Winston down when take one step toward them, problems as they aged that the ambulance and being really Surfing Championships was canceled
he's clearly upset that Puddles and say "out." Your dog will were caused by low thyroid. confused; just like what is going on," due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A
is in his space. Please help. - instantly oblige. Sometimes, low thyroid also Moore  told CTV News. A neighbor's yellow lab named Lily took the top
Karen, Costa Mesa, California manifests itself with noticeable security camera filled in the blanks in spot after braving rough waters on her
"Not now" is the simplest hair loss, but not always. All of the story, showing Clover checking on surfboard. "She had a blast," Lily's
Dear Karen, Even though phrase to teach.When my dog our dogs were small (less than Moore before running into the street owner and trainer Michael Vogt of Port
you all have been together as a wakes me too early, I tell him 8 pounds), and all were female. to stop a passing truck. "It was really St. Lucie told Florida Today. "It was fun
family for a year, Winston and "not now." There was no All responded well to twice impressive, the dog actually blocked my but it all benefits the Brevard Humane
Puddles are exhibiting stress special training involved daily thyroid medication of the way. She kind of backed into the road Society and that's what's important."
behaviors. Puddles is needing because the phrase was paired proper dose. Maybe the to block my truck," said Dryden
constant attention (she is with my lack of action, and my problem is not as well know as Oatwa, the driver of the truck. Moore Deer crashes through
probably insecure when your dog learned he needs to go I thought it would be. - Bob, was not seriously injured in the school bus
boyfriend is away), and back to bed until I am up. This Naperville, Illinois windshield, wakes
Winston is having trouble with phrase also works great when incident, but doctors still haven't sleeping student
Puddles in his space. he wants dinner and it isn't Dear Bob, Excessive determined what caused her seizure.
dinner time. urination is not one of the "If this ends up happening again, I feel A deer crashed through the
Get them both a canine commonly listed symptoms for 10 times safer and I know she will be windshield of a Virginia school bus and
pheromone collar to wear and You can use any of these thyroid issues and could be a there for me," Moore said. "You know landed on a student who was taking a
start training them so they phrases when you are giving symptom of many other health how good animals are and she's a really nap during the morning commute.
know their boundaries. You affection to Winston and need problems. Sometimes, I don't amazing dog and I love her to death." Footage shows the bus in transit when
have to be able to tell Puddles Puddles to wait her turn, and have the space to list all the Moore's parents said they rewarded a deer crashes through the windshield
"sit," "down," "out" or "not vice versa. Always follow up possibilities, but I always Clover for her heroism with a big juicy on the opposite side from where the
now" whenever she tries to with the dog you asked to appreciate my readers sharing steak. driver is seated and flips over a seating
get in between you and wait, so they learn you are not their personal experiences barrier to land on a student who was
Winston. Winston needs to saying "no." When each dog with me. I always learn Cat, missing for 28 sleeping. The bus driver opens the
receive the exact same training understands their own reward something new. days, found in doors and deer runs out, the footage
so they both understand word, you can train them neighbor's chimney shows. The student was not injured.
what's expected of them. together throughout the day. I am wondering though, The driver said the deer ran off into
Always use the right reward the distance and did not appear to be
Assign each dog their own word for each dog. how all four of your dogs A Washington state woman said her injured.
reward word like "awesome"
Once they know what you could all have similar thyroid 19-pound cat was missing for 28 days Firefighters rescue
squirrel stuck in
problems (unless they were before being found in a place she never tree's knothole

related). What are the odds of considered the portly feline could fit -- Austin Fire Department firefighters
said they conducted a highly unusual
that happening? her neighbor's chimney. Caitlyn rescue when a resident called 911 to
report a squirrel in distress. "This is not
Wertenberger said the house next an April Fools' Day joke," the
department  said in a Facebook post.
door  was vacant and under The post said the squirrel "had found
himself with his front half stuck inside
construction when Piper, her 19-pound the interior of the tree while his back
half remained unprotected." The
tuxedo cat, went missing from her department shared video showing
firefighters working to carefully extract
house. Wertenberger said she put up the small animal without injuring it.The
firefighters "managed to free the
flyers and searched the area, but there squirrel and send him on his way ... we
assume none the worse for wear since
was no sign of Piper. She said that 28 he didn't stick around to offer so much
as a 'thank-you,'" the post said.
days later, after her new neighbors had

moved into the home, one of them told

her they had been hearing meowing

inside their home for about five days.

The neighbors invited Wertenberger

to  come search their home, and she

found the feline stuck in the fireplace

damper. "She's a big cat, I didn't think

she could fit down a chimney," she told

KEPR-TV. Wertenberger took Piper

to a veterinarian, who said the cat was

dehydrated and had lost about 7

pounds during the time she was

missing but appears she will make a full




Mayo Clinic appears to show promise in
helping health care providers
How lung restoration better assess the health of
donated lungs and possibly
improves organ availability improve the function of
some donated lungs to the
DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I A lung transplant can be a point that they could be
was reading about lung suitable for a transplant.
restoration and innovation in lifesaving procedure for
the field of lung
transplantation. Can you people with serious lung Better assessment of
share more about this? donated lungs is crucial
diseases, such as pulmonary because in some cases, it is
ANSWER: Over the past difficult to tell if the lungs
several years, devices outside hypertension, emphysema, may be healthy enough for a
the body have been used to transplant. In these
evaluate human lungs pulmonary fibrosis, borderline situations, the
donated for organ transplant lungs may not be used for
before the lungs are bronchiectasis or cystic transplant.
transplanted. In the future,
lung restoration may fibrosis. But the number of
increasingly be used to treat
donated lungs to make them lungs available for transplant
healthier, so they could be
viable for a transplant. The consistently falls far short of
Food and Drug
Administration has approved the number of people
the use of a device known as
the Xvivo Perfusion System waiting for a lung transplant.
with Steen Solution
Perfusate, which is being In addition to a shortage Through lung restoration,
used at Mayo Clinic in of donors, in many cases, the
Florida, in a model lungs of those who have however, donated lungs can
constructed to make organs volunteered to be organ
available regionally. Other donors are not suitable for be removed from a deceased
systems are being transplant. Statistics show
investigated. that about 80% of all the donor, preserved and In the future, researchers and make the lungs suitable great, though, so if you
lungs available for transplant are looking to take this for a transplant. It is also
are deemed not suitable for attached to a ventilator process a step further and possible that marginal donor haven't done so already,
transplantation. That means treat donated lungs to make lungs could be treated to
only about 20% of donated outside the body. Blood or a them healthier. For example, reverse lung injury, making consider becoming an organ
lungs are transplanted. in some cases, the lungs may them clinically viable for
blood substitute is circulated become flooded with fluid transplant. donor. Being an organ donor
after a person dies -- a
through the lungs, and the condition called pulmonary As the technology for lung is a generous and
edema. It is possible the restoration advances, the
lungs are tested for excess fluid could be drawn hope is that it will worthwhile decision that can
out of the lung tissue after considerably increase the
circulation and airway the lungs have been removed number of lungs available for save lives. -- David Erasmus,
from the donor. Doing so transplant. The need for
pressure to see if they can could improve their function organ donors always will be M.D., Transplantation

be transplanted. In addition, Medicine, Mayo Clinic,

To combat this problem, samples can be taken from Jacksonville, Florida
researchers have been
investigating the potential of those lungs, and
lung restoration over the
past decade. In research bronchoscopies and X-rays E-mail a question to
studies, this approach MayoClinicQ&[email protected]
can be performed on them
For more information, visit
to assess their function


One in three COVID-19 patients diagnosed with psychiatric
disorder in six months after recovery

More than one-third of These diagnoses were University of Oxford in those of more than 106,000 neurological or psychiatric overall 44% greater risk for
people in the United States more common in COVID- England. people diagnosed with diagnosis were greatest in, neurological and mental
who survive COVID-19 19 patients than in those influenza and more than but not limited to, patients health diagnoses after
develop a psychiatric or with flu or respiratory tract Since the start of the 236,000 people diagnosed who had severe COVID-19. COVID-19 than after flu,
neurological condition infections over the same pandemic, several studies with any respiratory tract and a 16% greater risk after
related to the virus within time period, suggesting a have suggested that those infection. While 34% of people COVID-19 than with
six months of infection, an specific impact of the who survive the virus may respiratory tract infections.
analysis published Tuesday coronavirus on mental and be at increased risk of Within six months of infected developed these
by The Lancet found. brain health, researchers neurological disorders, as COVID-19 infection, 34% of
said. well as mood and anxiety patients developed a complications, that
Among those with a disorders. neurological or mental
psychiatric disorder related "Although the individual health disorder, the data percentage was slightly "Our results indicate that
to the virus, anxiety was the risks for most disorders are showed.
most common, at 17% of small, the effect across the higher, at 38%, among brain diseases and
patients, while 14% suffered whole population may be For 13% of these people
from depression, the data substantial for health and it was their first recorded hospitalized patients and psychiatric disorders are
showed. social care systems," study neurological or psychiatric
co-author Dr. Paul Harrison For this study, Harrison diagnosis. even higher, at 46%, in those more common after
Seven percent of patients said in a statement.
who experienced and his colleagues reviewed In addition to anxiety and in intensive care. COVID-19 than after flu or
neurological complications This is "due to the scale depression, 7% of those
had a stroke while in of the pandemic and [the the electronic health with psychiatric conditions Similarly, 5% of patients other respiratory
intensive care and 2% were fact] that many of these were diagnosed with hospitalized with COVID-
diagnosed with dementia conditions are chronic," records of more than substance misuse disorders 19 were diagnosed with infections, even when
within six months of said Harrison, a professor and 5% had insomnia. dementia, compared with
becoming infected. of psychiatry at the 236,000 COVID-19 2% of the total study patients are matched for
The risk for a population.
patients from the United other risk factors," study

States age 10 years and co-author Dr. Max Taquet

older who were infected said in a statement.

after Jan. 20, 2020, and still Meanwhile, after taking "We now need to see
what happens beyond six
were alive on Dec. 13, 2020. into account underlying months," said Taquet, a
researcher in psychiatry at
They compared rates of health characteristics, such the University of Oxford.

14 neurological and as age, sex, ethnicity and

psychiatric disorders pre-existing health

among these patients with conditions, there was an By Brian Dunleavey


rfoecoidpe&s Black and Blue
Nutrition News minimally processed. Frozen experiences with friends
with Charlyn Fargo vegetables are minimally around the table.When we can Servings: 2 (2 cups salad, 3 ounces beef and 3 tablespoons
processed. Choose the get back to those dinners with dressing each)
What Healthy Means Now freshest ingredients you can, friends, slowing down and
and turn them into your own savoring the pleasure of 2 (4-ounce) beef tenderloin steaks
There's a lot of chatter creations. sharing a meal, our health and Cooking spray
well-being is restored, not only
about what healthy eating Health-promoting foods. from the food but also from 4 cups romaine lettuce hearts, sliced
Foods that promote gut health our sense of community. 1/2 cup red onion, vertically sliced
really means. How do you put (think probiotics in yogurt) or
help prevent diseases such as Q and A 2 plum tomatoes, quartered
healthy eating into your heart disease (think oatmeal 6 tablespoons reduced-fat blue cheese dressing
lowering cholesterol or Q:What's the best diet after 1/2 to 1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
everyday meals and snacks? salmon providing healthy being diagnosed with breast • Heat a medium cast-iron or nonstick skillet over medium
omega-3 fatty acids) are foods cancer? high. Coat steaks with cooking spray.Add steaks to pan.
If you're looking for a Charlyn Fargo is a you want to choose more Cook steaks 2-3 minutes on each side or until desired
roadmap, turn to the new registered dietitian with SIU often. We want to fill our A:You may want to consider degree of doneness. Remove steaks from pan; let stand 5
2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines Med School in Springfield, plates with foods that reduce a diabetic risk reduction diet. minutes. Cut each steak into thin slices. Place 2 cups
(released in January). You can our risk of diabetes (less In a study presented at the San lettuce on each of 2 large plates. Sprinkle each salad with
also look to organizations such Ill. For comments or sugary drinks and sweets) and Antonio Breast Cancer 1/4 cup onion slices.Arrange 4 tomato quarters around
as the Academy of Nutrition questions, contact her at cancer (more antioxidants Symposium in December edge of each salad. Place 1 sliced steak in center of each
and Dietetics.And then there's from broccoli, Brussels sprouts 2020, women with stage 1 to salad; drizzle dressing evenly over salads, and sprinkle with
your mom's tried-and-true [email protected] and cauliflower) and enhance stage 3 breast cancer who
wisdom. An apple a day may or follow her on Twitter our immune systems (foods chose a diabetes diet improved pepper.
really have benefits, just like high in vitamin A, vitamin C and their survival. Called the Per serving: 242 calories; 26 grams protein; 15 grams
she said. @NutritionRd. protein). diabetes risk reduction diet, it carbohydrates; 10 grams fat (3 grams saturated); 3 grams
included a higher intake of fiber; 6 grams sugars (0 added); 506 milligrams sodium.
The message today may "personalize" healthy eating to Flavors and global cuisine foods such as nuts, coffee and
seem like a new approach, but fit into all cultures, enjoying a foods. The pandemic has whole fruits, and a lower intake Salmon Piccata
the basic premise has variety of wholesome, limited all of our physical of sugary drinks, trans fats and
remained: lots of whole foods nutritious foods that promote travel, but we can still red meat. Data from women Serves 4
and whole grains, plant- health. experience a new destination with stage 1 to 3 breast cancer 1 (2-pound) center-cut salmon fillet, about 1 1/2 inches
forward eating and more through its food. Trying a new with a follow-up of 16 years
seafood than meat. The Plant-forward. That doesn't cuisine offers a chance to found that those with higher thick
emphasis is on oil-based fats explore. And exploring helps adherence lowered their risk 1 teaspoon table salt, divided
more than saturated, and a mean you have to exclude our mental state. of all-cause death by 33% and 1 teaspoon pepper, divided
balanced diet is low in 17% for diabetes-related 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
processed foods and added meat, but it doesn't have to be Shared food. One of the death.
sugars. No foods should be things the pandemic took away 3 garlic cloves, sliced thin
eliminated, but all foods should the center of the plate. Fruits, from us was a chance to share 2 teaspoons all-purpose flour
be consumed in the right
portions. vegetables and whole grains 1/2 cup dry white wine
1/4 cup water
Every bite counts, and what take center stage, filling our
we put into our mouths can 2 tablespoons capers, rinsed
keep us healthy (or not). plates with their disease- 1 teaspoon grated lemon zest plus 1 tablespoon juice

Here are a few of the other fighting benefits of 4 tablespoons unsalted butter, cut into 4 pieces
current thoughts on healthy 3 tablespoons chopped fresh dill
eating: antioxidants; fermented foods
• Cut salmon crosswise into 4 equal fillets. Pat salmon dry
All foods can fit. The new have anti-inflammatory with paper towels and sprinkle all over with 1/2 teaspoon
Dietary Guidelines want us to
powers. salt and 1/2 teaspoon pepper.
• Heat oil in a 12-inch nonstick skillet over medium-high
Whole foods, minimally heat until just smoking.Add salmon flesh side down. Cover
processed.Turning fresh-picked and cook until browned on the bottom and registering
tomatoes into a no-salt-added 125 degrees (for medium-rare), about 5 minutes, or 135
tomato sauce is an example of degrees (for medium), about 7 minutes. Remove skillet
from heat and transfer salmon, browned side up, to a
America’s Test Kitchen
platter or individual plates.
A new spin on a weeknight favorite • Return skillet to medium heat.Add garlic and cook until
fragrant, about 30 seconds. Stir in flour and cook for 15
Piccata sauce is a simple but center-cut piece and cut it into to pat the fillets dry and sear to help thicken the sauce,
powerful mix of lemon, capers, individual portions ourselves. them in oil in a preheated along with a good glug of white seconds.Whisk in wine, water, capers, lemon zest and
white wine and butter. This Doing this ensures that each nonstick skillet. We found that wine, water to temper the juice, remaining 1/2 teaspoon salt and remaining 1/2
tangy, bold sauce is a great fillet is similar in size, which if we covered the pan, the sharpness, a handful of punchy teaspoon pepper. Bring to boil and cook for 30 seconds.
match (and foil) for salmon's means that they'll cook at a steam gently cooked the fish capers, and lemon zest and • Off heat, whisk in butter, 1 piece at a time, until
rich, full flavor. similar rate. without requiring a flip, juice for energetic citrus flavor. combined. Stir in dill. Spoon sauce over salmon. Serve.
keeping the fish from breaking We cooked the mixture down Recipe note: For skinless salmon, we refer to the side
When cooking salmon Because fish is prone to apart. This method provided before whisking in butter, one opposite where the skin used to be, which is typically
fillets, we like to buy a whole sticking in the pan, we decided browning on only one side of piece at a time, off the heat to more pink in color and more rounded, as the flesh side.
the salmon, so we opted to use ensure a viscous pan sauce and
skinless salmon and served the then finished with a sprinkle of
fillets browned side up. dill.

After cooking the fillets to For 25 years, confident cooks
125 degrees (for medium- in the know have relied on
rare), we let them rest on a America's Test Kitchen for
platter to ensure that they'd rigorously tested recipes
still be juicy when we dug in.
developed by professional test
While the salmon was cooks and vetted by 60,000 at-
resting, we started the piccata
sauce by sauteing some sliced home recipe testers. See more
garlic in the oil left behind in online at www.americas
the pan. Then we added flour


jill on money

Happy birthday,
pandemic bull market

with Jill Schlesinger

On March 23, 2020, stocks investment advice for the Jill Schlesinger, CFP, is a CBS
plummeted to the pandemic News business analyst. A
bear market bottom. The white-knuckle crowd: former options trader and CIO
month of March was of an investment advisory firm,
agonizing, as investors were remind yourself that you are she welcomes comments and
forced to dust off the term
“trading halt,” as they in it for the long term, be questions at
endured a gut-wrenching [email protected] Check
sell-off. The damage was thankful that you have a
swift: the records of the her website at
previous month vaporized diversified portfolio, and use
into a bear market (defined
as a decline of more than the sell off to rebalance and signs that should inform
20% from the previous high). your outlook. The most
When the selling finally check your risk tolerance. important of which is not to
reached a nadir on March allow yourself to forget how
23, the bear had gobbled up But even I, a survivor of bad you felt a year ago.
about a quarter of the S&P Maybe you want to purchase
500 index’s value and also more than 30 years of bear a meme stock, bitcoin or a
put an end date on the nonfungible token (NFT).
longest bull market for markets, replete with a few OK, it’s probably a little less
stocks on record (March obvious than that —
2009 to March 2020). crashes, could not have perhaps you are taking a
look at your retirement
A year ago, I held the imagined that stocks would account and feel like you devil on your shoulder. flyer, but before you do, for the long term.
hands of nervous investors, want to bail out of bonds consider this: In 2020, a year
many of whom had barely be trading more than 50 - and pour everything into Next, if you qualify for a when the financial services Finally, if you are fortunate
recovered from the Great stocks. Before doing so, $1,400 rescue payment or industry was shrieking that it enough to have participated
Recession of 2008-2009 and 75% higher over the course please, please, please look any other form of stimulus, would be “a stock picker’s in the stock market rally of
its associated bear market. I back at the calendar and be sure that you have year”, 60% of actively the past year, be careful not
trotted out my usual of just one year.The winning remember the fear and satisfied Aunt Jill’s request to managed U.S. large cap funds to think that every American
anxiety you may have felt fully fund your emergency could not match the return has also been able to do so.
cocktail was a massive fiscal and beat back that greedy reserve fund (six to 12 of the S&P 500 index, According to the Federal
months of your expenses), according to S&P Dow Jones Reserve’s 2019 Survey of
effort (emergency and also pay down Indices. It must be thrilling to Consumer Finances (the
outstanding consumer debt, think that there is someone most recent triennial
government spending) plus before you invest. who knows better, but for survey), a little over than half
the 11th straight year, the of U.S. households (52.6%)
similarly massive monetary Presuming that you have results are the same. That own stocks. A more recent
accomplished both of those means that the advice Gallup poll conducted in
actions by the Federal tasks, then try to avoid the remains consistent: stick to March/April 2020 found the
stock picking trap. Oh sure, low/zero cost index funds level to be 55%.
Reserve. Unlike previous maybe you want to take a

bear markets, the

institutional traders were

the ones who were panic-

stricken, not the retail

investors, who stuck to their

game plans.

As the bull continues to
run, there are a few warning

The real estate
conundrum: No

with Jill Schlesinger

Ayear ago, the nation’s Builders can’t keep up
housing market, like the rest
of the economy, went into a with demand for new
deep, COVID-induced
freeze. By the summer, the homes, where the same
real estate industry had
adjusted to socially market dynamics exists, but
distanced open houses and
buyers were trying to get also, the cost of materials,
ahead of what would
become a long year of work like lumber, crude oil (the
and school from home.
base component of paint,
As we enter the spring,
the housing market has a drainpipes, shingles,
major problem that has
persisted for a year: there is flooring), and copper are all
a lack of supply amid
skyrocketing demand. At the shooting up. The median
end of February, existing
housing inventory remained sales price of new houses
at a record-low of 1.03
million units, down by 29.5 % sold in February 2021 was
year-over-year – a record
decline. Properties typically $349,400, up 5.3 % year- said, the young set has to toured virtually but not in cities have launched cash house and its condition,
sold in 20 days, also a record. play catch up. Forty years person. These buyers can factor in 1% to 3 % of the
With so few properties on over-year. ago, the median age of also apply for loans and have initiatives, homebuying purchase price annually. And
the market, bidding wars homebuyers was 29, while Zoom closings, all from the for the transaction itself,
have erupted, and the Millennials, who had today, it has increased to 34. comfort of their current allowances, tax credits and don’t forget about closing
median existing-home sales remained on the sidelines dwellings. costs, which averaged more
price rose to $313,000 in for much of the housing These tech-savvy buyers money toward local goods than $6,000 last year. It’s
February, 15.8 % higher from market recovery, have are helping to change the Where is the housing easy to gloss over things like
one year ago. jumped into the fray. way houses are bought and market going next? Despite and services to induce mortgage loan application
According to an October sold. No longer confined to the fact that we are coming and appraisal fees, the title
survey from the National just looking at listings on to the end of the pandemic pandemic movers to search and insurance, as well
Association of Realtors, line, a new Zillow survey with accelerated as legal and recording fees,
nearly half of millennial shows that almost 4 in 10 vaccinations, many big relocate there. because they seem to be
home shoppers were Millennials said that they companies have announced built into the legal process,
planning to buy a home would be comfortable that employees working is an but you should ask for
sooner than expected buying a home online — remotely may continue to discounts along the way to
because of COVID-19 and without ever seeing it in do so permanently.That may online directory that curates see if you can push them
that helped push up the person. Fifty-nine percent allow some to seek out down.
share of first-time said they would be at least more affordable areas like the deals, which can help
homebuyers to 36% last somewhat confident making Austin, Charlotte, Miami and
year, from 31% in the an offer on a home they Nashville. Some smaller buyers with $5,000 –
previous two years. That
$15,000 in assistance.

If you are in the market to
buy, you will need to run the
numbers, including mortgage
principal and interest,
homeowners’ insurance, and
taxes. Add a line item for
upkeep and maintenance —
depending on the age of the


Five fun local a  Senior Scramble on April which the market
30.    is  known.  Admission  is  $2
outings  & under; there are no pets
For a bird's eye allowed.  By the way,  new
with Meridith Jumisko and novice vendors are
view:  climb, balance, and always welcome.  

traverse through the

treetops of Bristol Woods

It's spring – which means Park when you visit Also at the Kenosha

it's time to head outdoors Boundless Adventures. The County Fairgrounds, a new

to enjoy many fun activities aerial adventure park has race season starts May 1 at

right here in the Kenosha opened for its third season. Wilmot Raceway.  You can

Area.  Be A Tourist  In  Your Like last year, there will be enjoy motorsports

Own Town and check out COVID-19 safety measures entertainment on select

these  five in place, including capacity dates at this  3/8-mile clay,

fun  experiences  with your limits and social distancing semi-banked oval.  In any

family:   requirements. given year, you may see a

Picture a Meridith Jumisko is Reservations  are  required. future, current, or
Public Relations Director
morning  fishing  on Lake Boundless Adventures retired NASCAR superstar
at the Kenosha Area
Michigan – where you Convention & Visitors features six acres of race here  –  three-time
Bureau. Contact her at
watch the sun start to peek [email protected] or If golf is more your style, release.   obstacle courses NASCAR Cup Series

over the horizon, your drop her a tweet head to  Kenosha County's "We are excited (to) that vary in difficulty. There champion  Tony Stewart
@MJ_Kenosha show off our improved
captain and crew set the Brighton Dale conditions and new are nine courses with over has  appeared  in races  at
your fresh catch for you.    continuous cart paths at
bait and cast the lines for Links  or  Petrifying Springs Petrifying Springs Golf 120 elements that range 20 Wilmot in recent years!  
The  Kenosha Charter Course. We are really
you, you chat and watch Boat Association  is  getting Golf Course.  "We have proud of our golf courses to 40 feet above the Learn more about these
ready for another great this season and excited for and more  local attractions,
lines bobbing in the water, season of fishing. Call today completed the renovation our guests to play ground.   restaurants, and shops to
to book your charter them."  Daily fees and support in-person or online
and you reel in  your  own fishing excursion! Charters of the White Birch Course season passes have Shop for deals at our
can be booked in five or six remained the same great website
lunch or dinner. Beginners hour outings, and each boat at Brighton Dale Links that value for the last 11 years, during  Wilmot Flea Please remember your
can accommodate up to six with options including mask and maintain social
are welcome; no guests.  The captains and included addressing the unlimited golf, senior, and Market's 14th  season, distancing when in public;
crew  members  will wear junior rates.  Brighton Dale be respectful of the safety
experience is necessary. masks on request.   drainage, green surrounds Links  will host  a Spring which  gets underway on guidelines that individual
Scramble  on April 24  and venues are setting; be
The crew will help you and bunkers, and we've also April 18  at the Kenosha patient. 

every step of the way — had much of the County Fairgrounds. It's

from teaching you how to underbrush in the wooded open Sundays

reel in fish and netting your areas removed throughout through  October

catch for you  to cleaning Brighton Dale,"  Dan Drier, 10  (excluding August 15

your catch and bagging your PGA Professional and and 22),  7 a.m. – 2

filets.  Local  restaurants – General Manager of Golf p.m.  Concessions are

such as Boat House Pub & Operations for Kenosha available, including the

Eatery – will  even  cook County shared in a news popular Bloody Mary's for

One billion served

and we’re not

talking burgers

with Meryl Strichartz

Ahoy – When I’m beach rather than just
traveling, I often run into
fellow Wisconsonites and inviting community Meryl Strichartz is a
can identify them by their Kenosha resident and
Green Bay Packer clothing. members down to active board member of
But we also have another the Kenosha Community
claim to fame that I have participate. There are so Sailing Center. She is also
not seen branded onto a t- a member of the Kenosha
shirt, and probably should many organizations in Yacht Club and ally to
be. We are the founders of many Kenosha harbor
Earth Day. Yes, our very Kenosha that have already
own Senator Gaylord businesses and
Nelson made Earth Day stepped up, but she needs a environmental groups. She in the Great Lakes area. promoting awareness of to sustainable forestry,
official in 1970 and it is now is the owner of Lakeshore and access to the Kenosha
the largest secular few more and will be They run Veterans Corps Harbor and Lake Michigan. natural resources
celebration in the world Pedal Tour and Career
with more than a billion holding additional clean-ups Coaches of Wisconsin. programs which offer education, conservation
people every year taking She has her MBA from • Root Pike WIN –
environmental action. in our parks over the UW-Parkside and has assistance with Dedicated to restoring, and land preservation.
been involved with many protecting and sustaining
This year in celebration summer. Kenosha and Racine transitioning vets into the Root-Pike basin
of Earth Day, Nancy watersheds.
Carlson, the Program So, let me tell you a bit nonprofits. civilian life. They have a Go • Boy Scout Troop 422 –
Director of WATERshed,
has been organizing a about the WATERshed (virtual in 2020), Solar program that offers • Vet Corp – an inclusive Troop leader
Kenosha beach clean-up for fundraisers and exciting program that serves all
the Great Lake Community program. Their mission is community-building events. discounted solar panel veterans transitioning into [email protected]
Conservation Corps which civilian life. Administered by
is partnering with the to promote conservation WATERshed is working installation and a Reduce the Great Lakes
Environmental Protection with the Great Lake Community Conservation
Agency’s Trash-Free Waters of our natural resources Community Conservation the Runoff program which Corp. • Boy Scout Troop 544 –
initiative Corp because they have
through education and overlapping missions. In provides free landscaping to • Southport Park Troop Leader
To avoid large gatherings, addition to bringing the Association, - Dedicated to
Nancy has been seeking preservation in Lake Trash-Free Waters initiative qualified recipients to establishing public-private [email protected]
organizations who can to our area, the Great Lake partnerships committed to
commit a small group of 6- Michigan’s coastal Community Conservation minimize rainwater historic preservation and om
12 people to clean up a Corp addresses climate sustainable environmental
communities. The program change, advances greener pollution from runoff. They stewardship throughout
living and provides Kenosha’s lakefront park
has won multiple awards education and training for also run a Certification and system. Kenoshasouth If you would like to
disadvantaged populations participate in the Earth Day
and is consistently Emergency Response Beach clean-up or others
• Seno K/R Land Trust that will be organized this
recognized for their Training School out of Conservancy – Dedicated summer, please contact
Nancy Carlson at
excellence in education Racine and Milwaukee that [email protected]
om and if you can’t
(the program is linked to trains 18-20 year old participate but would like
to support the cause, please
Next Generation Science students to be first consider making a donation
to any one of these
Standards). The responders. worthwhile organizations
and groups. Happy Earth
WATERshed program uses The other organizations Day 2021!
that are stepping up to step
Lake Michigan and the out and clean up our
beaches include:
creeks and rivers that feed

into it as living laboratories

to help students make • Kenosha Community
Sailing Center – Dedicated
personal connections to to educating individuals in
the sport of sailing and
freshwater resources in our

community. They organize

many school field trips


Smelt fishing in open from the belly to the

old Kenosha gills. The guts were

by Joe Campolo, Jr. squeezed out by inserting

the thumb and running it

through the length of the

open smelt. The smelt

Many men go fishing all of usually start shortly after cleaning operation often
their lives without knowing Easter. The little grunions
that it is not the fish they would be in close to shore ran well into the next
are after. ~Henry David for about three weeks
Thoreau before heading back out to morning, depending on
deep water for the rest of
I’ve gotten some very the year. Fisherman up and Joe Campolo Jr. is an how well we did. Of
nice emails and notes down the shores of the award winning author,
regarding my perch fishing great lakes would lay in poet and public speaker. course, the consumption of
story in “Our Wisconsin” wait for them, when they He is known for his three
magazine. The story, which would swim in close to award winning books The various beverages
is also on my blog, recalls shore at night to Kansas NCO, Back to the
those “good old” days on reproduce. World, and his most continued during the
Lake Michigan when we recent publication Three
used to catch buckets of The Kenosha harbor Wars. A United States Air cleaning procedure and
yellow perch throughout would be lined up with
the spring and summer. groups of people using dip Force Vietnam War also after wards, as a batch
Those days, unfortunately, nets to catch the tasty little veteran, Joe belongs to the
are long gone as Alewives, buggers. The dip nets were VFW,The American Legion, of fresh smelt would be
Zebra and Quagga mussels, composed of a large square the Kenosha Area Vietnam
along with over fishing have net on a winch. The net Vets (KAVV), and Vietnam battered and fried.
decimated the yellow would be lowered to the
perch population in Lake bottom and cranked up Vets of America (VVA). would be endless yelling spring nights, this is when That’s great!!
Michigan.There is currently every so often to see if the and shouting. (On a typical the alcohol we had
a daily limit of five yellow smelt were “in”. Once the For more from Joe, visit raucous night, several consumed, along with our As with the perch, fried
perch on the lake, and smelt were “in” the nets his website people who fell in would bonfire on shore earned its smelt would be served
truth be told you’re often would be cranked up and have to be fished out, while medal. with coleslaw, bread, and
lucky to catch one. down frequently and on-lookers laughed and the beverage of your
groups of smelt would be cheered) Sometimes we’d catch choice. Finer dining was
I recently had the scooped out of the net em by the bushel! never had!!
opportunity to meet one with a smaller dip net. A Many smelters used a
of my readers and his wife. bright lantern or light was that smelt fishing was the sein net to catch the wily There were several And, unfortunately the
We had a good time used to see what was in little critters. We had a locations where we seined same factors that caused
kicking around the old the net, and to also attract stated reason for going thirty foot long sein which in Kenosha; Eichleman the decline of the lake
perch fishing days along the the smelt. Dip nets were we would walk out into the Park, Simmons Island next perch also caused the
Kenosha shoreline.We also also used up and down the down to the lake and lake with. After a short to the north pier, and disappearance of the smelt
talked about those great Kenosha shoreline in the pause, the sein net would Barnes Creek in Carol in the southern portion of
days in the spring, many “rocks” but it was not as freezing our butts off night go down and we would tap Beach were our favorite Lake Michigan. However as
years ago when we would easy to set-up and sure as our way back to the shore spots. Sometimes we’d a testament to the
catch buckets of smelt heck not as comfortable as after night every spring, to hopefully find a net full catch so many smelt that popularity of the event,
which had come in to smelting on the piers. of smelt. As I was usually we would drop off buckets every spring parties are still
spawn. however that would not be the shortest guy in our of them off at local taverns held at night in many
It must be mentioned “crew” I was the pivot man on our way home. This, of former smelt fishing
The smelt run would entirely accurate. who held onto the net course, was rewarded with locations; albeit without
while the taller guy went many refreshing beverages; the guest of honor… the
Partying…big time partying out into the lake and swung and extended the smelt smelt.
around. Often, especially fishing party.
was as much a part of when the lake was rough,
waves would break over Once home everyone
smelt fishing, if not more our chest waders and we got to work cleaning the
would get a good soaking. smelt. The method to
than catching the smelt  As Lake Michigan is never cleaning smelt involved a
warm, especially on cold scissors and your thumb.
themselves. Vast amounts The smelt would be cut

of alcohol were consumed This article is dedicated
to my long time smelt
during the event. Bonfires fishing buddies now passed:
Jim Booth, Don Booth and
roared and many portable Bob Stevens, hopefully out
there somewhere dipping
radios blared out music of their nets into the
“heavenly waters.”
one kind or another.

Fireworks went off, dogs

yelped and yipped and

when the run was on, there

Our quarantine on how to get Chase to
puppy stop jumping on everyone
(except for our buddy
by Carolyn Serpe Roy), how to follow simple
commands (sit, stay, leave
Our Quarantine Puppy home all the time and it there was one more male the tips and tricks from it) and how to walk better Carolyn Serpe is a
was a great opportunity to from the litter that was them.They even gave him a on the leash, just to name a Kenosha native whose
“In April near the get a puppy aquatinted and available, so she suggested going away gift! few. Sarah also did a great family owns The Lettering
beginning of the pandemic, trained. We were looking our Chase. We jumped on job working with our girls Machine in Downtown
it (Shelter Animals Count) for a specific breed/s of the opportunity to take As much as we love him, and teaching them how to Kenosha. She has been
saw the national pet puppy, but every time we this spunky little guy home raising a puppy is never train Chase. If you ever manager at the shop since
adoption rate jump 34 found one through the with us. Working with this easy, no matter the breed. need help or guidance with her parents purchased it
percent over the same shelters, they were gone in rescue was Thankfully, my parents got your furry one, look her from the previous owners
time a year earlier, a heart beat.An application us the best Christmas gift up! back in 2002. Carolyn is a
according to the group’s would go in and the waiting super easy and a great training! LOL! mom to 3 beautiful girls
'Covid-19 Impact Report.’” game would start. Every experience. We got to They hooked us up with This month Chase turns and a wife for 10 years to
- The Washington Post. single one we requested meet the foster family and Sarah, owner of Brainy K9 1. We can’t believe that he her handsome husband
Yes...we were one of those was taken, and it was heart learn as much as we could Dog Training. She was a has been with us for almost Chris. Carolyn welcomes all
families that adopted a breaking. NEVER did we about the puppy and get all amazing! She coached us a year already! He is such a to her crazy journey in life
puppy amidst the lock think that we could get good pup, except when he and about how she tries to
down...even though it took attached to a puppy by gets bored and eats the
a while to find one. looking at their photo couch :(. He is such a big balance it all.
online! But we did...many lover and lets Mommy
Chris and I have both times. snuggle and give him way Did you add a 4 legged
grown up with dogs and it too many kisses. He even family member? We would
was no doubt we would Finally, June came around deals with the torture from love to hear about it!
have one added to our and we decided to reach 3 little girls on the daily! He
family eventually. I was the out to the coordinator, loves his walks with Daddy Shoot us an email and
one that kept putting off Stephanie, at Hoovers and playing with his doggy share your story!
the addition for many Hause All Dog Rescue. We bestie Emmit. We couldn’t ([email protected]
years, till I came across our were inquiring about a imagine our lives without m)
little cutie, Chase! Why couple puppies from a him in it. He is one of the
were we looking now? Well litter and, once again, they positive things that came
the same reason everyone were already adopted. But out of this pandemic.
else was, someone was


What’s new at

Lemon Street?

with Lynn Johnston

This bit of news is Little Gallery was created Lynn A. Johnston is the
exciting and sooo with help from Stephen Gallery Associate and
innovative, in my opinion. Hovey, who made the door Member artist at Lemon
The first ever Little Lemon and roof; Melanie Hovey, Street Art Gallery, 4601
Street Gallery. You know for the media and
of Little Libraries, but this placement details; Mike Sheridan Road
is with ART! This is how it Litewski, for fashioning the (
works: You make a little art shelf and plexi-door;
piece of art. It can be 2D Missy Isely-Poltrock for Gallery and will be
or 3D pieces from 2 inches painting it and making the installed on the North-East
to about 3.5 inches. Then signage; and Kim Dary (in corner of Union Park in
like the Little Libraries, you Memorial), who built the May. So please stop in and
leave a piece of your art, foundation of the Little treat yourself and other to
and take a little Lemon Street Gallery. your art!
masterpiece with you in Currently, the Little
return. FUN! Right?? This Gallery is at Lemon Street

The Little Lemon Street Art Gallery - coming to Union Park soon!

We would like to photographer Rebecca art community that make it

welcome a new Member Power. The show goes so much fun to be a part

artist to Lemon Street. through May 9th, with of!  Please stop in and visit

Paula Touhey! Paula retired Second Saturday Reception me and the other Artists,

as Director of the Kenosha Saturday April 10, 6-9pm, Associates and all the

Museums, and is currently so you have plenty of time wonderful art at Lemon

active with the Kenosha to come see their works Street Gallery located at

Literacy Council. She is a AND the Little Lemon 4601 Sheridan. Or check

very talented painter in Gallery. us out the website at

watercolors, acrylics and The work from all of lemonstreetgaller,
oils. We are so very happy these artists can be found
she has joined the gallery. at, Find us on Facebook by
just click on the “Artists’
tab. searching “Lemon Street

The April Brick Gallery I hope you enjoyed this Gallery & ArtSpace, Inc.”
week's glimpse into Lemon
show opened with three Street and the people and and we are on Instagram

fabulous artists! Mixed under #lemonstreet

media artist Missy Isely- gallery

Poltrock, ceramic artist Stay Safe, Stay Busy, Stay
The work of new Lemon Street Gallery member Paula Touhey Julie Schilf and

Like it or not hate working out, it is a sign
of progress. Pushing
by Louie Arecco yourself to the next level
helps you develop the skills
Being healthy and being will get sick and with that Louie Arecco has been you need to be a better seldom achieved on the without expecting a medal
successful- at anything- your state of mind will in the industry of Health employee, or in fitness, to first, second, or even fifth for doing the minimum.
have more similarities that decline, most likely starting and Fitness for 15 years build muscles or run faster. attempt. You will never Make some mistakes, get
you may think. To begin, no a chain reaction of misery You will not make the cover enjoy your success if you your hands dirty, enjoy the
one becomes healthy by and health issues. I hope with a passion and of a fitness magazine after a did not have to work for it. journey and take chances.
working out just for one you agree with me that challenge of helping his month of workouts, so Opportunities are given to Engage in life and find your
month. Likewise, the first eating ice-cream daily is not clients maintain a fitness don't expect appraisal for those people that purpose, because when you
time you try something good for you. lifestyle at Anytime Fitness every ounce of effort you demonstrate the attitude do it will bring you positive
worthwhile you most likely in Downtown Kenosha. put in. You get to decide and appreciation to take energy and evidence that
you will not be successful Reaching success quickly how healthy you are and them. Remember failure is you are doing a worthwhile
(in any aspect of life). by doing what you like has earned so far. So, if you how well your muscles or only failure when you stop thing for you. Your health,
Perseverance and discipline the leaders of tomorrow want praises and accolades athletic accomplishments trying. So, failing is happiness, and attitude are
are important components wanting to be famous, rich, earn your keep, prove your flourish. Again, there is necessary, but not learning yours and so is your misery
on reaching either of those and fit, without the work it employer that his satisfaction on a job well from your failures is not. and failure. Take charge of
objectives, but the most requires to get there. Being investment in hiring you done or achieving your Stop turning down the your mindset and conquer
important ingredient is an influencer or an and training you was a good fitness goals. Enjoy the possibility of improving by all obstacles. Reset your
your mindset. Having a overnight celebrity is up on idea. Sticking around to results for what they are. hiding behind fear and expectations and begin
resilient positive mindset the list of wanted "careers". earn respect and The "likes" are nice but excuses just because taking care of your body
will help you find and stay Make money fast ideas are experience is the should not be your reason people don't recognize and mindset and you will
on a path to reach any paramount and our entire perseverance and discipline you do it. your efforts. Learn to have see how life will shine for
objective. The modern youth is looking to have the we mentioned before. This pride in the process you.
ideology to success is to most "likes" and followers works in fitness too. If you Life is not about what
reach it quickly by doing to feel accomplished. have a strong workout and you deserve. Life is what
what makes you happy. This Getting "likes" at work therefore are sore the next you are willing to make of
truth is in fact correct but requires earning your few days, it isn't a reason to it. Opportunities are
is highly misunderstood. stripes. If your boss does constantly presenting
The misconception is not praise you for doing themselves for you and it is
portrayed by this example: your job, don't get up to you to embrace
"if eating ice-cream makes discouraged and instead of them. Be grateful to those
you happy, why shouldn't I trying to blame your boss giving you a chance. A
be eating it every day?" The by finding his faults, realize positive mindset will help
implications of consuming that doing your job is the you on this journey to
that amount of sugar daily minimum expected. That success, while holding
will be counterproductive means that it is the yourself accountable for
to your own wellbeing. You minimum requirement to your own discipline and
get paid. No praises are perseverance. Success is


Look Who’s Getting Married!

Marriage Licenses Dillon Douglas Phillips SR082419
& Allyn Elizabeth Marten
March 22nd - April 4th, 2021 Wedding Cakes
Jamie Donald Lenzing
Jacob Thomas Dowling & Abigail Rae Jones & Ashleigh J. Krueger Ours Come in all shapes, sizes and prices.
David Michael Rogers & Dana Leeann Cody Ray Maddox & Tessa Kay Johnson We’re creative yet cost effective.
Barbara Marie Kuyawa Terrell Wayne Brown
Justin Jeremiah Kemp & Marie Lynn Boothe-Anderson Being Sweet to You Is Our Business!
& Tamara Louise Skrzypek Howard Christopher Lord II
Tyler Alexander Minor & Emma Ann Steagall 3526 Roosevelt Rd, Kenosha, WI 53142 (262) 652-3984
& Shaciara Leeondra Ann Milsap Adam Christopher Fox
Joseph Robert Trottier & Madeline Morgan Snarski Catering For Your Big Day!
& Jessica Nicole Joswiak Paulino William Ornelas
Michael Kenneth Schweineberg & Elsaris Janet Navarro Affordable & easy and oh, so good!
& Liesha Estella Vega Robert William Schroeder
& Kimberly Renee Diamante We offer buffet service or as SR102220
Peter Brian Hyde II & Alexis Marie Butler Jimmie Darryl Owens Jr simple as pick up and go.
Brandon Christopher Koelling & Auburn Raye Dush
& Lindsey Mae Metz Maximilian Randal Fahnrich Ask for Guy to help 2 Meats Buffet
& Amelia Rawley Andersen plan your next event
Joshua Allen Potthast & Olivia Rae Gomez Timothy James Wiercinski Includes:
Matthew Robert Lameer & Kayla Storm Robinson (262) 945-4270
& Emma Katherine Lee Landon Rayne McGuire [email protected] • Potato or a pasta
& Tasha Nicole Asberry • Italian green beans
Paul Joseph Sitarz & Kayla Marie Joswiak • Fresh garden salad with
Cory Obel Hesthaven 5617 - 6th Ave.
Kenosha dressing
& Jennifer Lynn Keippel • Italian bread and butter
Israel Hernandez & Camila Lopez 657-7673
M-F: 9AM-5PM 13$ 95
Anthony Dominic Zeeveld Sat: 10AM-2PM
& Amy Lynn Eaheart Delivery Available Starting at Per Person
Joseph Carmelo Pillizzi Minimum of 30 people
& Victoria Lynn Bogren
Absalom Moon Rowe DT2019V1 Hwy. 50 & 317th Avenue (262) 945-4270
& Allison Mae Covington Wheatland
David Paul Prill & Cornelia Harper Tang
Javier Medina & Tasha Ann Brnak

Call Tom for details. 262-818-2869. JOBS WANTED I will clean, do
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price! $99 at cabana tan spa. call to
Employment/Opportunities • Lost & Found • Miscellaneous CLASSIFIED DEADLINE IS MONDAY, MODEL TRAINS O and G gauge book: 262-843-2411. 20 minute ses- does seamstress work. Please call
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Please call Cassidy (262)564-8800 Gayle 262-748-4748.
E-mail your 170 character classified to: [email protected] WANTED TO BUY Old NURSING CARE/CONSULTATION:
Postcards~Back & White Photos $35.00/hour. Call or text to CUT AWAY GRASS Edging to last
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(Name and Phone number / e-mail address) First 3 words will be boldface type. TECHNOLOGY BROKER experi- FAST COMPUTER SERVICE - not stringline - will help drainage.
enced wanted by retired/disabled including network support, spyware
NO ANIMALS. • NO PERSONALS ALLOWED. DoD consultant to Air Force to sell removal, upgrades and PC repair. All with cleanup and haul away. Just
software to major companies, must For friendly service with a smile, call
have military security clearance or Vikkex today! Phone (262-694- call 262-654-2509.
ability to pass military security clear- 7746)
ance along with proven experience, EYELASH EXTENSIONS DIS- YARD CLEAN UP Junk, brush, dog
contact DSK, P.O. Box 866, COUNT Certified eyelash artist.
Kenosha, WI 53141 Classis full set: $50 fills: $30! Get waste, anything to haul away. Just
CLEANING LADY WANTED for your appt now text 262-287-6796.
twice / month coverage of 700 sq ft IG: thegirlisfabulash for pics. call262-654-2509.
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340-3446 Sandy 262-221-2289
LOOKING FOR REASONABLE HOUSES AND OR business sun am available Monday-Friday. If you
Priced Person To Cut Lawn With My shine klean is having a special this
Mower: In Trevor Area: 262-222- month for first time customers free are interested in an of the positions
3173 upholstery cleaning with at basic
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posters, comic books, LP records, 5103
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finish model 21830MR. E-mail VINTAGE 40S LIONEL Silver for dave
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Accessories, goggles. I am stocking down for queen bed, twin bed. WANTED TO BUY One Touch Ultra Please contact Alicia at 256-658-
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STORE inside DON'S HOBBIES microwave, TV antenna -- all fcnal. ft. Long x 5 ft. Wide, 16" high sides, agent appointment only call 262-
2219-63rd Street Kenosha. Call Paul @ WHEELCHAIR accessible standing Needs cleaning. $1495 OBO. 310- in good cond., 262-598-0216 595-8242 HAVE YOU RECENTLY had sur-
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Facebook: Steampunk General Store. frame. call for more details 847 872 KITCHEN TABLE 1950’s Kitchen SERVICES. live-in caregiver with 20 years expe- gery of just want to start your day
We can build your Steampunk Dreams Table Like Happy Days. Green mar- rience giving 24 hr. care references.
for You!Washington DC $674 May 2-8, 1022. ble look top. Seats 6, 8 w/extender. DRUM LESSONS Private instruc- Looking for job. If you need me, with a water program with a heated
2019 Meals / Lodging includied Racine Moving Must sell. $50 tion. Band, orchestra, marching and please call Teresa 262-497-0502.
/ Kenosha pick up. (262)977-6891 bel- 3 CEMETARY LOTS at Sunset [email protected] drum set. Rock and many other pool at Jane Vernon school? 6:00-
[email protected] HAND PUSH MOWER Mower, 16” musical styles. Learn to read music.
Ridge Park, 1500.00 each OBO. hand push non electric/gas. Used 7:00 AM Contact Linda (262) 654-
GERMAN CONVERSATIONALIST one season/small yard. Easy to use,
GROUP If you speak German or are Call 262 857 2723 or 262 818 1499 no fill-ups, no carbon footprint. Sell 6485
enthusiastic about the German lan- due to move. $80
guage and culture, come and join FOREIGN BEER BOTTLE [email protected] AFFORDABLE CAREGIVER
us. There are no membership fees TITLE 1 BOXING GLOVES Title 1
and attendance is whenever you are COLLECTION 100+ $1125Call Boxing Gloves size Large. Great SERVICES for All Ages $18 HR. To
available to join. At the moment, we shape; used briefly due to wrong
are staying connected via emails 262-764-0831. size. $30 w/ 2 pair of wrappings. inquire Call 262-358-7057
and phone calls until we can meet Used 2 years preCOVID.
again safely. Future meetings will SMALL CRAFTSMAN LATHE all [email protected] HOUSE KEEPING YARDWORK at
be held in the Kenosha and Racine 7 CEMETERY PLOTS at Sunset
area. This is an excellent group to tooling, plus stand $550 Call 262- Ridge, Section F. $800 each OBO! least 8 per wk more if you can do
practice speaking German as mem- Text 262-237-1144
bers' language skills are from begin- 764-0831 ONVERTIBLE CRIB 3 in 1, with more. Good pay good people. Must
ners to advance and we all have a drawer and deluxe mattress, great
good time. Please contact me, if HESS TOY TRUCK Collection, all condition, $95, 262-598-6647 have good references, good back-
you are interested in joining - Susan
Blust at [email protected] new, in box 1992-2006 $415 Call AN ground. [email protected]

FOR SALE 262-764-0831


model. Used twice 250 dollars. call 1.4 ACRE BUSINESS lot for sale in
Lake Geneva, Wisc., 139.3 X
262-358-3543 409.11 ft with sewer and water.
189,000 or B.O. Call Al at 224-814-
12 BLOWN CRYSTAL WINE glass- 9690 or e-mail to [email protected]

es 6 1/2 ounce From France new

never used, call J 262-331-0123



BLOCK 25$650.00 EACH! sum- 53140 262-237-1343 RUSS CALL
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[email protected] 2002 CHRYSLER PT CRUISER
AVE. 53140 262-237-1343 RUSS
Traditions bread bowl..never used. CALL OR TEXT $2650 ONLY 92K

Was over $100, asking $45 218-


slippers size 7-8. Call 262-331-


Stop by and enjoy a meal SR040821
at the Boat House!
SR102220 Senior Citizens
We serve a wide selection of Receive a 10%
seafood and freshwater fish DISCOUNT

4917 - 7th Ave. Harbor Side


We can help make your dream a reality!


Makes owning your home easier!

Ask about how you can get an Call Now

EXTRA $35,000 to see if

to use towards a “fixer upper” you qualify



Call for a

First Fidelity LOAN ANALYSIS

Home Mortgage of WI, LLC Si Habla Español 101520


262-605-0654 SR021421
1-800WeSayOk (937-2965)


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