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October 21, 2021
Volume 19 - #21



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The City of Kenosha Has A Photo by Tom Chamberlain
Variety of Positions Available
Plumbing Inspector
Electrical Supervisor
Stormwater Engineer

*Full-time City positions come with a generous
benefits package including pension, zero premium
health insurance, compensatory time eligibility as
well as generous accrued vacation and sick leave.

Part-Time Bus Driver - we provide paid,

on-the-job training with certified
DOT instructors to those with a

CDL-Instructional Permit
Seasonal Snow Plow Operator *CDL Required*

Currently accepting applications

for Certified Police Officers

Kenosha Police Department and
Kenosha Fire Department recruitments

will begin in early 2022

To apply, and check out other current openings, go to

Chart A Better Course!

California Gov. Gavin Newsom expands
drought emergency statewide

California Gov. Gavin

Newsom expanded a

drought emergency

statewide as the state has

failed to meet its goal to

decrease water usage.

The Democratic
governor in July had
expanded a drought
emergency to 50 counties
while urging Californians to
voluntarily reduce their use
of water by 15% to protect

However, the State Water California Gov. Gavin Newsom (C) issued a statewide drought emergency on
Resources Control Board Tuesday amid the worst drought the state has experienced since the 1800s.
said Californians only
achieved a 5% reduction in
August compared to a year

"As the Western U.S.

faces a potential third year

of drought, it's critical that

Californians across the forecast for soaking rains board with more powers to to prevent communities potential third dry year. Newsom first issued the
cut wasteful uses of water, from running out of emergency drought on April
state redouble our efforts The proclamation adds including to wash sidewalks, drinking water. According to the 21 for two counties of the
the remaining eight counties driveways, buildings, cars governor's office, California Russian River watershed,
to save water in every way of Imperial, Los Angeles, and irrigate landscapes is experiencing its worst which was then expanded in
Orange, Riverside, San within 48 hours of rainfall. draught since the 1800s May to 41 counties and 50
possible," Newsom said a Bernardino, San Diego, San The proclamation also with August having been the in July.
Francisco and Ventura to It also makes available hottest August on record
statement Tuesday the drought emergency, resources to limit the requires local water while also being the second
which arms the water effects of the drought and driest.
announcing the statewide suppliers to implement

emergency. contingency plans

Hopes for dampened responsive to local
Calif. fire season rise with
conditions and plan for a

FDA, CDC expected to authorize COVID-19
booster shots, 'mixing and matching'

by Wednesday night -- after discuss authorizing the Those three vaccines are
Moderna and Johnson & the only ones that have
an advisory committee Johnson boosters. been approved for use in
the United States.
recommended their The FDA and CDC have
already signed off on Researchers have said the
authorization last week. booster doses of the Pfizer "mix and match"
vaccine for Americans over recommendation could
If the FDA signs off on 65 and those with especially be beneficial for
the panel's compromised immune those who received the
recommendations, it would systems or underlying single-shot Johnson &
effectively finalize Moderna health risks that make them Johnson vaccine, as data
booster doses for older and more vulnerable to have shown that the shot
more vulnerable Americans infection. doesn't seem to offer as
-- and all adults who took much protection as the jabs
Johnson & Johnson's single- Federal regulators are from Pfizer and Moderna
dose vaccine. expected to act on "mixing do.
and matching" vaccine
The CDC would also doses after a study last "If you look at the data, it
need to approve the week by the National certainly looks like it might
boosters. Institutes of Health showed be better," Dr. Paul A. Offit,
that doing so is safe and director of the Vaccine
A nurse holds vials of the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines. The FDA also may effective in bolstering the Education Center at
The FDA is expected to officially sign off on booster doses of the vaccines recommend "mixing and immune system against Children's Hospital of
produced by Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, possibly by Wednesday night matching" coronavirus COVID-19. Philadelphia, said of giving
vaccine boosters on Moderna or Pfizer boosters
Federal health regulators the vaccine they previously examine data and requests Wednesday, or advising that Full regulatory approval for Johnson & Johnson
are expected to take action received. related to the available recipients of one COVID- means that Americans who recipients, according to The
soon on multiple requests coronavirus vaccines. 19 vaccine can receive a received the Pfizer vaccine, Times.
related to COVID-19 The Food and Drug booster dose of another for example, could get a
vaccines -- including Administration and Centers The FDA is expected to brand. Moderna booster -- and "I think we should move
formally recommending for Disease Control and officially sign off on booster those who received the quickly on this because it's
that recipients in the United Prevention each have doses of the vaccines The New York Times, shot from Johnson & already happening."
States can have a booster meetings scheduled on produced by Moderna and Johnson could take a
dose that's different from Wednesday and Thursday to Johnson & Johnson, possibly Washington Post and CNN booster dose from Pfizer.

reported that the FDA

panel could make that

recommendation by

Wednesday night when they

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October 21, 2021 - Volume 19 Number 20

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'Broken heart' syndrome diagnoses
up in last 15 years, study says

The number of women, with those aged 50 to rise as awareness grew. blood vessels prone to
Americans diagnosed with to 74 at greatest risk. dysfunction, Wittstein
"broken heart" syndrome And from the beginning, noted.
has steadily risen in the past "It's like a window of Wittstein said, it's been
15 years -- with the vast vulnerability," said senior clear that women account Fortunately, he said, in
majority being women, a researcher Dr. Susan Cheng, for the vast majority of most cases the heart's
new study finds. of the Smidt Heart Institute cases. His 2005 study pumping ability fully
at Cedars-Sinai Medical reported on 19 cases, 18 of recovers in one or two
The condition, which Center, in Los Angeles. whom were women. weeks. But in rare cases,
doctors call stress people can develop heart
cardiomyopathy, appears Exactly why women bear While the symptoms of failure or a life-threatening
similar to a heart attack - the brunt of stress stress cardiomyopathy heart arrhythmia.
with symptoms such as cardiomyopathy is unclear, mimic a heart attack, the
chest pain and Cheng said, but menopause conditions are very No one is certain how to
breathlessness. But its cause is thought to play a role. different: Heart attacks are prevent broken heart
is entirely different: Experts caused by a blockage in a syndrome -- and, again
believe it reflects a "It has something to do large artery supplying the fortunately, it seems most
temporary weakness in the with those hormonal heart muscle. But in stress people do not have repeat
heart muscle owing to a changes, but that's not the cardiomyopathy, tests show episodes,Wittstein said.
surge in stress hormones. whole story," Cheng said. no evidence that such
obstructions are to blame, But, Cheng said, it's
Most women, clearly, do between 2006 and 2017. Johns Hopkins University, in Wittstein said. generally wise to follow a
And the incidence rose Baltimore. heart-healthy lifestyle and
The condition got its not develop stress steadily over time -- Instead, the condition find ways to manage stress -
nickname because it may particularly among women Wittstein led a 2005 appears to arise when a - through exercise, yoga,
arise within days of an cardiomyopathy, and aged 50 to 74. study published in the New spike in stress hormones meditation or getting
emotionally difficult event, England Journal of Medicine temporarily "stuns" heart better, for example.
like the death of a loved one researchers are still trying that introduced the concept muscle cells.
or a divorce. But other of broken-heart syndrome "Sometimes we just don't
stressful situations, from a to understand what triggers to the wider medical field. According to Wittstein, realize that mental stress
traffic accident to one theory is that the can affect our hearts, too,"
undergoing surgery, can also it in certain women, she In 2006, the condition A separate study changes of menopause alter Cheng said.
be triggers. was barely on the radar. By describing cases of the the nervous system in a way
said. 2017, there were roughly novel cardiomyopathy was that puts some women at For more heart healthy
1,500 cases per million published in the journal risk: During times of stress, tips, tune in to
Stress cardiomyopathy is hospitalizations among Circulation at nearly the the smaller blood vessels of
fairly rare. According to the women ages 50 to 74. same time, he noted. the cardiovascular system Happenings Q&A on
American College of constrict rather than dilate. Mon., Oct. 25th at 2:30
Most people fully recover Cardiology, there are Meanwhile, women aged "So, thousands of doctors when noted cardiologist
from this type of broken between 15 and 30 cases 75 and up also showed a became aware of this within People with stress Dr. Raaid Museitif joins
heart, but in rare cases it for every 100,000 rising incidence of the a week," Wittstein said. cardiomyopathy may have
can be fatal. Americans each year. But, condition - as did men, some of the traditional risk the conversation on
the group notes, the true though the numbers were That timing, he said, factors for heart attack, AM1050 WLIP.
In the new study, incidence is likely higher, much smaller. accounts for why such as high blood pressure
since people may not seek hospitalizations for the or diabetes -- conditions
researchers found that help for milder symptoms. condition suddenly took off that also make the small
in 2007.And they continued
since 2006, an increasing Using a federal database What accounts for the
that tracks hospitalizations,
number of Americans have Cheng's team found over growing numbers?
135,000 documented cases
been hospitalized for stress of stress cardiomyopathy Increased awareness and

cardiomyopathy. The diagnosis, according to Dr.

overwhelming majority -- Ilan Wittstein, a stress

over 88% -- have been cardiomyopathy expert at


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5414-13th Ave. Kenosha

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Colin Powell: Public life, Volvos, and a
poignant what if

Colin Powell – who held late 1980s to the early Washington jobs. After
some of the most stressful 2000s as America’s national
national security posts in security forces switched Vietnam, he spent 17 of the
the U.S. government during focus from the clarity of the
decades of public life – used Cold War to the diffuse next 22 years in Pentagon
to relax by fixing up old demands of a worldwide
Volvos. war against terrorism. or D.C.-based employment.

Asked in an interview Along the way, he met two
how he dealt – for years
and years –  with the future Republican
firehose of news, opinions,
advice, and criticism that secretaries of Defense who
washes over any top U.S.
He would say that unlike official, General Powell became mentors: Caspar
quoted one of the U.S.
many geostrategic Army’s favorite military Weinberger and Frank
theoreticians, 19th-century
problems, a balky German Gen. Carl von Carlucci.
carburetor could be In 1987, President Ronald
“There’s a great
straightforward to fix.  Clausewitzian expression Reagan appointed him
which says ‘beware the
When he was chairman vividness of transient national security advisor,
of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in events,’” General Powell
the early 1990s, he kept five said. “There are lots of where he dealt with a Soviet
or six Volvos stashed in transient events out there,
garages near his quarters in and I am trying to beware of Union in the final throes of
Fort Myer, Virginia. At that their vividness.”
point he figured he had its existence. He then
already renovated more A military life at high
than 30 of the boxy, reliable speed served as the nation’s top
Scandinavian cars.
Colin Powell’s parents military officer, the
immigrated to the United
States from Jamaica. He was chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Gen. Colin Powell, shown in December 2004, served an important transitional
born in Harlem and grew up from 1989 to 1993. In the role as America’s national security forces switched focus from the clarity of
in the South Bronx. He Gulf War of 1991 he the Cold War to the diffuse demands of a worldwide war against terrorism.
attended City College of became known for the so-
New York, where he
Lynne Cheney, wife of participated in the Reserve called “Powell doctrine” of
then-Defense Secretary Officers Training Corps
Dick Cheney (and mother (ROTC), and was military force, which was, in candidate for the 1996 In February 2003, political boomlet long pre-
of current GOP Rep. Liz commissioned a second essence, that the U.S. GOP nomination. Secretary Powell delivered a
Cheney of Wyoming) lieutenant in the U.S. Army needed to employ speech before the United dated the Trump years and
wanted to buy one of upon graduation in 1958. overwhelming strength. But he never even Nations in which he
Chairman Powell’s finished launched an exploratory bid presented evidence the U.S. the party’s sharp turn right
projects. The JCS chief and Military life provided the – perhaps because of family intelligence community said
the head of the Pentagon rituals, symbols, and sense This approach worked reasons, perhaps because he proved that Saddam toward populist
eventually decided that of belonging and purpose well in expelling Saddam was beginning to seem like a Hussein and Iraq had
wasn’t a great idea. that the young Powell Hussein from Kuwait in moderate policy throwback continued accumulating conservatism.
craved, and he never looked 1991 – perhaps too well in the GOP, or maybe weapons of mass
“Dick and I allowed as back. Early on he was tagged even for Chairman Powell. because he just felt he didn’t destruction. International But the election of
how it would be better if as a “fast burner,” or man on As Iraqi forces streamed have the near-maniacal drive inspectors weren’t enough Ronald Reagan – and the
the chairman of the Joint the move. In his first tour of back toward Baghdad under it takes to successfully to head off the danger of a continuing rise of a young
Chiefs of Staff and the Vietnam, he survived a Viet withering U.S. fire, the head compete for the nation’s possible Iraqi nuclear House member from
secretary of Defense did Cong shell that hit a tree of the Joint Chiefs of Staff highest office. weapon, Secretary Powell Georgia named Newt
not have a car-selling under which he was began to push for an end to insisted. Gingrich – might have
relationship dealing with a sheltering; in his second hostilities, remembered In 2001, newly elected indicated that shift in the
used, ancient car,” General tour, he survived a then-Deputy National George W. Bush, with little The subsequent U.S. GOP was already occurring.
Powell said in an interview. helicopter crash. Security Advisor Robert foreign-policy experience, invasion succeeded in
Gates in an  oral history asked General Powell to be toppling Hussein, but no The interesting thing
Colin Luther Powell, who Then his crisp efficiency archived at the Miller his Secretary of State.When weapons of mass about discussing politics
passed away on Monday, began to land him Center of the University of he was sworn in, Secretary destruction were found.The with General Powell was
was a thoughtful, witty, and Virginia. Powell became the highest- pre-war U.S. assessment that he didn’t home in on
self-aware public servant. ranking Black official to that had been wrong. foreign policy, or military
He never ran for electoral point in American history, strength, or other security
office himself, despite ranking fourth in the Secretary Powell later issues he’d spent his life on.
pressure from many who presidential line of defended his presentation,
believed that, as a “This is turning from a succession. saying it wasn’t something He’d talk about kids, and
Republican with moderate military conflict into a rout that had been pasted providing them the
social and economic views and from a rout into a The September 11 together from scraps of opportunities he’d had in
and military experience, he massacre and the American attacks that year bent the espionage in his Foggy life.
had a good chance of Army does not do course of U.S. history, and Bottom office.
becoming the first Black massacres,” Mr. Gates the Bush administration One fall day in 1995, after
American president. recalls General Powell began to look at foreign “It wasn’t an he retired from the military,
saying. military intervention as a exaggeration, and it wasn’t a he looked out of the
forceful step in the newly falsehood,” he said in an windows of his office in
A bend in history declared war on interview. Alexandria, Virginia, at the
international terrorism. city seven stories below him
General Powell’s But he also acknowledged in the gathering dark.
that the presentation was in
popularity soared in the fact wrong, and that it
would remain a “blot” on
wake of the Gulf War his record. Asked what special skills
he’d bring to the presidency,
Instead, he served an victory. By the mid-1990s he ticked off a rote list:
important transitional pretty good leader,
leadership role from the pundits often mentioned experienced at the process
of compromise, somebody
him as a possible strong who knows how to set
$28 Eye
Exam For Kenosha Unified Schools “I’m the one who Then he paused, and
presented it on behalf of the looked at the city’s housing
United States to the world,” projects visible in the near
General Powell told Barbara distance.
Walters on ABC News in
2005. “I want to bring the sense
of hope and faith that fueled
What might have been my life into the life of every
for the GOP – and America young kid,” he says. “I can

What would it have been take you five blocks from

Eyeglasses exam $49 without purchase like if Colin Powell had run here and show you kids that
of eyeglasses. See store for details.
Place Paul R. Pulera & Paul T. Pulera for president – and won? don’t have that anymore in
$18 Eyeglasses 5455 Sheridan RD their lives.”
The history of the
Suite LL20 • Kenosha Republican Party could have By Peter Grier
been different. After all, his
(262) 652-9696

Securities & Advisory Services Offered Through Harbour Investments Inc.
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Amazon to hire 150K seasonal workers,
offer $3,000 signing bonuses

Amazon  announced it time, part-time, and now
plans to hire 150,000 seasonal jobs with great pay
temporary and seasonal and benefits," said Alicia
workers for the holidays, and Boler Davis, the online giant's
is seeking to entice them senior vice president for
with $3,000 signing bonuses. global customer fulfillment.

The jobs, including "Our seasonal hiring helps
positions in stowing, picking, us deliver on our promises
packing, shipping and more, to customers while also
will be available in "hundreds providing flexibility to our
of cities and towns" across full-time employees during
the United States, company busy periods."
officials said in a  news
release. To lure new workers
during an extraordinarily
This year's level of tight job market, Amazon is
seasonal hiring is  50% offering an average starting
higher  than in 2020, when pay of $18 per hour -- $3 per
Amazon said it would add hour more than its minimum
100,000 temporary workers wage -- signing bonuses up
for the holidays, reflecting to $3,000 and an additional
soaring customer demand $3 per hour for some shifts
for e-commerce. and locations.

Amazon and other large In offering higher wages
employers in the United and other benefits, the
States have implemented company is seeking to match
new perks and higher wages similar moves made by
in recent months to attract competitors.
employees, particularly amid
worker shortages during Costco in
the COVID-19 pandemic.
February  raised  its hourly $15 last year. for some 565,000 retail store workers to $16.40. rise  more than expected in
"We are proud to be workers by $1 ahead of the September, jumping 0.7%
offering a huge range of full- minimum wage to $16 for Walmart  announced  last holiday buying surge, bringing Meanwhile, consumer from the previous month to
month it is increasing wages its average hourly rate for spending  continued to $625.4 billion.
U.S. employees, while Target

hiked its  minimum wage  to

Over 300,000 women left
workforce last month

Over 300,000 women age Men gained 220,000 jobs the NWLC  previously said, existed before the pandemic "robust investments in child Back Better" plan, which
20 and over left the the same month, resulting in in comparison to just under was "not sustainable for lawmakers have worked on
workforce entirely in the overall job increase. 1.8 million men. millions of working women, care and home-based as part of social benefits and
September, the National particularly Black, brown, climate package, but
Women's Law Center said in The economy has lost A few months prior to the and immigrant women, single services, universal lawmakers have disagreed
a new analysis. nearly 5 million jobs since pandemic, women  made up mothers, and women with on the size and scope of the
February 2020 and women the majority  of the U.S. disabilities." kindergarten, universal paid package.
The number represented account for 57.5% of those workforce.
the largest drop in women in losses. The NWLC added that leave, extending the Child
this age group no longer The NWLC  told The Hill  the "best path" forward is
working or looking for work "It would take over two that the "normal" that Tax Credit."
since the same month last years of growth at
year, when 863,000 women September's level to gain Many of those measures
left the labor force, the back the nearly 5 million have been included in
NWLC said. jobs the economy has lost President  Joe Biden's "Build
since February 2020,"
Women's labor force according to NWLC Improve Your
participation for the same calculations using BLS data. Well Being With A
age group fell to 57.1%, from "If the nearly 2 million “Stand Up” Desk
57.4% in August, remaining women who have left the
below the pre-pandemic labor force since February 102121
rate of 59.2% in February 2020 were counted among 090221
2020, the U.S. Bureau of the unemployed, women's Electric Adjustable Desks
Labor Statistics data shows. unemployment would have
been 6.8% last month." 439starting $ 00 48” to
Before the  COVID- at
19  pandemic started, Black and Latina women 71” tops
women's participation rate have been
in this same age group had disproportionately impacted Standard & Custom Color Options Available.
not been as low as 57.1% by higher rates of
since 1988, more than a unemployment since the Great for home or office!
generation ago, the NWLC pandemic in comparison to
noted. women overall and White Delivery Available
men, the NWLC data
Overall, the U.S. showed. Locally Owned & Operated for Over 30 Years
economy  gained  194,000
jobs last month, but women Over the first 10 months 7600 75th Street Kenosha
lost 26,000 jobs and are still of the pandemic in the Phone (262) 656-1717
short nearly 2.9 million jobs United States, more than 2.3
since February 2020. million left the labor force,

FOR ADVERTISING RATES CALL 262-564-8800 SMART READER October 21, 2021 5

my turn

Great power

competition with

Russia, China is a Dr Harlan Ullman is UPI's
Arnaud deBorchgrave

fallacy Distinguished Columnist.  His
next book due out in 2021 is

with Harlan Ullman The Fifth Horseman and the
New MAD:The Tragic History

Interestingly, the Obama, to "pivot" to Asia, of How Massive Attacks of
subsequently softened to Disruption Are Endangering,
Trump and Biden "rebalancing." And he
toughened military strategy Infecting, Engulfing and
administrations have Disuniting a 51% Nation.

pursued remarkably similar

foreign policies based on a to read "deter and defeat if Harlan Ullman joins

great power competition war comes" these Happenings Q&A on

with Russia and principally competitors, along with Thu., Nov. 18th at President Xi Jinping declared last weekend that China
will pursue peaceful unification with Taiwan.
China, as what is now, North Korea, Iran and 1:30 on AM1050 WLIP.

according to the Pentagon, violent extremism.

"the pacing threat." President Donald

President Barack Obama Trump's National Defense

made the decision in 2011 Strategy expanded

Obama's, directing the Italy, Austro-Hungary and
lesser states erupted in
Department of Defense "to world war with the
assassination of one
contain, deter and defeat" archduke. Could a similarly
small spark ignite a major
China and Russia as war today?

principal dangers and

5125 6th Ave. 102121 upping the competition by The Trump
Kenosha imposing tariffs on China administration concocted
that led to a tariff war. two unlikely fait accompli
If It’s Not Live, You’re Not Living! scenarios as the basis for its
President Joe Biden's strategy: a Russian takeover
team has not released its of the three Baltic states
National Security and and a Chinese invasion and
Defense Strategy yet. occupation of Taiwan.
However, both are
This Week’s Headliner Featuring However, it is clear that the farfetched at best. NATO's
Professional same general directions will Article 5 that an attack
PATTI be followed with perhaps against one is an attack
Touring more emphasis on the against all protects the
three Baltic member states.
VASQUEZ Comedians "deter" than "defeat" And as President Xi Jinping
at the Every Friday and criterion. declared last weekend,
October 22 & 23 5125 6th Ave. KENOSHA Saturday at 8pm. China will pursue peaceful
I have been critical of unification. While many do
great power competition not trust Xi's word, China
lacks the military capacity
October 30 • 7:30pm November 5 • 7:30pm strategies for a number of for the foreseeable future
reasons. First, nowhere has to launch a successful
invasion of Taiwan.
Simply Vitto the "contain, deter and
Sound Zatto
defeat" requirements been
Simply Sound (Katie Somers and Rod Guico) is Vito is a Vegas style singer & entertainer
a musical group based in the North Shore area who services Chicago and the surround- defined in close to specific
of Chicago that performs the biggest pop hits of
today as well as the past few decades. Many of ing area. Vito has earned a reputation terms. From what are our
for delivering quick- witted, spontaneous
the artists covered range from Tom Petty, Ed adversaries being
Sheeran and Toto to Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and and high-energy entertainment.
Maroon 5. Smooth harmonies combined with a contained? How and from
November 12 • 7:30pm
wide spectrum of soulful ballads, upbeat dance what are they being
hits and creative mash-ups make Simply Sound
the perfect solution for your entertainment needs. deterred? And how do we

November 6 • 7:30pm defeat thermonuclear- Great power

armed enemies in war? competition also helped

Bill Pat Second, where is the off- cause World War II. Nazi
Serritella McCurdy
ramp for reducing these Germany was determined
Sounds of Vegas Cabaret Singer/Songwriter
tensions and moving to dominate Europe and
The sounds of Sinatra...the ultimate crooner A singer-songwriter with an unusual off-beat
himself. They say he was an entertainer without sense of humor. A favorite of the college crowd, toward more stable and much of the world as a
this national performer is known for his comic
equal. The love affair that the world had with peaceful relations? In the great power. Likewise,
Frank can be heard through the recreation that lyrics and hilarious observations on life, love
is the hallmark of a Bill Serritella performance. and the wonders of sex and beer. past with the USSR and for fascist Japan had great

November 13 • 7:30pm November 20 • 7:30pm a time with the Russian power aspirations as it

Cruzotti Simply Federation, arms control moved to establish its
A kenosha band Rock was one mechanism. But Great East Asia Co-
performing originals
Singer/Songwriter the United States seems prosperity Sphere in the
and covers
Performing all over the Midwest in a solo per- unwilling to address arms late 1930s. Of course, given
formance of 70's and 80's soft rock classics.
control without China's the horrors of World War I

participation, which and the understandable

declines even a discussion. pressure not to start

Perhaps a new agreement another war, the

will be reached with democracies were

Moscow. However, that is complacent and appeased

not certain. these powers, and the

Last, does no one recall junior partner Italy until it

FOR EVENT TICKETS VISIT HAP2IT.COM history? In August 1914, the was too late.
STOP IN 1420 63RD ST. M-F 11am-4pm OR CALL 1-262-564-8800 great power competition
among Russia, Wilhelmine 2021 is far different.
NATO collectively spends

Germany, Britain, France, see ULLMAN on page 8

6 SMART READER October 21, 2021 FOR ADVERTISING RATES CALL 262-564-8800

my turn


education down Readers may email Cal
Thomas at
with Cal Thomas
[email protected].
What is the greatest didn’t include, as President Look for Cal Thomas’ new exodus. Over the past five CSF alumni responding to a good life. Read some
threat to educating Biden often does, the book “America’s Expiration years – starting before our alumni survey these stories on the site.
children today? Is it LGBTQI-plus demographic. Date:The Fall of Empires and COVID – New York City graduated high school on
COVID-19, or ignorance? Superpowers and the Future public schools shed at time in 2018, compared to Since their founding, CSF
I’m going for number two. In New York, outgoing least  10 percent  of their the most recent average has provided $885 million
There is growing evidence Mayor Bill de Blasio of the United States” students, according to NYC public school in scholarships for 185,000
to back me up. ordered the  elimination  of DOE figures. graduation rate of 77.3 children. In the past school
the city’s gifted and as now? percent. Of the CSF alumni year, CSF and local partners
In August, Oregon talented program. You can The decline in American who graduated, 87 percent distributed $46.9 million
probably guess the reason. De Blasio education is not a new indicated they planned to scholarship awards. More
Governor Kate Critics of the program ludicrously  claimed, “I bet trend, but it has been enroll in college.” The same children could be rescued if
claim it is racist because you a lot of parents are accelerated in recent years gap between CSF students more politicians adopted
Brown  privately signed  a white and Asian students going to look at this plan by certain politicians who and public schools exists in school choice, which is a
are overwhelmingly and say this is a reason to allow their ideology and other cities where they are growing trend, along with
bill ending a requirement represented. De Blasio will stay in public schools.” politics to replace active. home schooling.
let children currently Quite the opposite. outcomes.
that high school students enrolled to complete the Enrollment in city public What is – or ought to be Cutting a gifted and
program, but no new schools has fallen below I’ve written about – especially pleasing is the talented program and not
prove they are proficient in students will be accepted. 890,000 students — down the  Children’s Scholarship testimonies given by the requiring kids to read,
Instead, reports  The New from more than a million Fund  (CSF) in the past mostly minority students write or do basic math
writing, reading and math York Times, “The system kids a decade ago, because it has a record of who have been rescued flunks the test of what
will be replaced by a according to internal success, which ought to be from their failing public education is supposed to
before graduating. The law program that offers the Department of Education the primary goal, not schools and given a chance mean and limits a child’s job
possibility of accelerated (DOE) records viewed pleasing politicians and at a real education, not to and career opportunities.
lasts for three years. The learning to students in the by  The New York Post. teachers’ unions. According mention a moral That is a form of child
later years of elementary COVID-19 is only part of to CSF’s website, “In New framework for how to live abuse.
pandemic was blamed for school.” Who will qualify the reason. Home- York City, 99.4 percent of
for that? And who gets to schooling and people
students falling behind, but say? What if it is the same moving out of New York
racial and ethnic imbalance are likely bigger
the real motive was contributors to the

revealed by the governor’s

spokesman, Charles Boyle,

who said existing standards

failed students who don’t

test well and that new

standards would aid the

state’s “Black, Latino, Latinx,

Indigenous, Asian, Pacific

Islander,Tribal and students

of color.” I’m surprised he

The myth of the 1990s
'crack baby,' and it’s
pandemic-related lesson

with Mary Sanchez

Like crack cocaine, only ratcheted up the Readers can reach Mary The nation will likely where a parent has The reply should be to
COVID can be easily chastising, fearmongering Sanchez at soon face vaccine pounded about the horrific
politicized. tones. The war on drugs opportunities for young impact masking or online monitor children’s
mentality was a factor too; [email protected] children and schools learning has had on
The deeply troubled lives always ready to lean toward and follow her on Twitter continue to manage hybrid children. development even closer,
of “crack babies” thankfully, moral preaching and @msanchezcolumn. and masked learning for
never came to pass. blaming, rather than seeking another year.The long-term There is indisputable especially lower income
ways to help mothers with Mary Sanchez joins impacts on children are a evidence that the pandemic
If you missed that era of addiction. Happenings Q&A on valid concern. and all that it has brought families, where the greatest
hyperventilated has affected children’s
pronouncements, here is a Forty years later, no one Thu. Oct. 28th at But like crack cocaine, learning and for some, their slips in education
synopsis. talks about “crack babies” 1:30 on AM1050 WLIP. COVID-19 has and social development. How
for one reason: they don’t continues to be easily could it not? attainment have been
When crack cocaine first exist. The dire life-altering Some developmental politicized.
swept through American conditions never came to impacts were overcome as But are children tracked.
cities, much concern and pass. the child aged, and the People have already been permanently behind and set
social anxiety arose about measurable differences willing to push political up for failure in life? Is it And attention to young
the long-term impact if Longitudinal surveys overall weren’t large, points about masking and impossible to even consider
women used the drug while found that the impact of a according to the Maternal social distancing as it relates that what research is finding people’s mental health
pregnant. mother’s usage was slight Lifestyle Study, a large to children in school. to be a two-to-three month
on the child. Low birth federally financed program Virtually all major cities gap for some in learning should never be
A widespread belief weights and a few points based at Brown University. have a viral Facebook video assessments can’t be
(often plied by media) was lower I.Q. scores were of a school board meeting reclaimed? discounted. One recent
that children would be born tracked in some of the The “crack baby” episode
hyper aggressive, they’d fail children. in American public health is study published by the
in school, fracture already instructive for today.
struggling families and But other factors such as Journal of Pediatrics found
would be challenged with poverty, the stress of living
any number of mental in violent neighborhoods, that at least 140,000
health conditions. and yes, poor parenting,
accounted for many of the children under 18 have had
All because their issues faced by the children
mother’s smoked crack studied. And there were a parent or other caregiver
before giving birth. those who did fine,
graduating high school, then die of COVID-19, or a
Crack dealers in the ‘80′s college and starting their
and 90′s preyed on poor own, healthy families. pandemic-related issue.
Black communities to
peddle the stuff, a fact that Just as the impact of
see SANCHEZ on page 8

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Poll: U.S. parents worried kids Meals given to the poor often
fell behind in school during score low on healthy eating scale
Accessing healthy, School Lunch Program
nutritious food remains
It is a fear that millions of blended or fully remote parents with no concerns challenging for people participants also live in
parents have been harboring were much more likely to be about their child falling living in poverty in the
since the pandemic began: somewhat to extremely behind in school. United States, even households that
Will their children fall concerned their child was among those who
behind in school due to falling behind (43%) than receive meals at work receive SNAP benefits,
disruptions caused by those whose child attended or school.
lockdowns, closings and school in-person full time The survey also found that they said.
social distancing. (28%) or who was home- parents of children with
schooled (24%). special needs were more Meals provided
likely to be somewhat to
Parents' work situations extremely concerned (44%) through the program
were associated with than parents of children
concerns about children without special needs (32%). are required to adhere
falling behind in school.
Meals obtained by to strict nutrition
One in five parents who
A new U.S. poll finds that had a change in employment adults during free food standards based on the
fear is widespread, with just were extremely concerned
over half of more than 3,000 that their child was falling programs offered USDA's Dietary
parents and caregivers of behind in school, compared
children under 18 worried with 10% of those who had Parents who reported through their work had "A lot of food in the Guidelines for
that their youngest school- no change in employment financial problems, no daily American diet is acquired
aged child was not keeping and 14% of those who routines for their children, an average score between for free, like free lunch at Americans, agency officials
up with lessons, especially worked less due to intimate partner violence school and free food at
those with children who employer decisions. and other household 38 and 43 points on the 100- work," study co-author said.
were learning in a blended problems were more likely Aviva Musicus said.
or fully remote setting. Rates were slightly higher to be concerned that their point Healthy Eating Index "School meals are vital to
among parents who child was falling behind in "One way for people to the health and well-being of
teleworked (38%) than school than those without scale, the data from a study make healthier choices is for our nation's children," a
among those who did not such problems. the institutions that provide spokesman at the USDA
(31%). published this week by PLOS free food to improve the said..
nutritional quality of the
Parents worried about One showed. foods they offer," said
their child falling behind in Musicus, a post-doctoral
school had higher levels of Similarly, free meals research fellow at the Most workplaces
stress. Half of parents who obtained by children during Harvard T.H. Chan School of
"The pandemic quickly were extremely concerned school had average Healthy Public Health in Boston. nationally do not have
said they felt stressed or Eating Index scores that
turned people's lives upside nervous most of the time or The Family Snapshot ranged between 38 and 50 The findings of the standardized nutrition
always since the beginning of Survey was conducted by points, the researchers said. analysis suggest that free
down, including as it pertains the pandemic or felt they the American Academy of meal programs offered by requirements, and few
were facing so many Pediatrics in collaboration schools and employers need
to education, forcing parents difficulties that they could with the U.S. Centers for to be regulated with "strong nutritional standards govern
not overcome them, Disease Control and nutrition standards" to
of school-aged children and compared with 30% of Prevention, PCA America On average, people age 2 improve their "health profile, food offered in institutional
and Tufts Medical Center. and older in the United which can in turn improve
teachers alike to alter well- States have diets scoring 57 overall dietary quality for settings, Musicus and her
points on the Healthy Eating American families," she said.
established routines and Scale, a measure of dietary colleagues said.
quality, according to the About 38 million people
search for new, and Department of Health and in the United States, about She and her team
Human Services. 50% of whom are children, evaluated the nutritional
sometimes unconventional, receive SNAP benefits -- quality of both free and
monthly funds to pay for "non-free" meals accessed
ways for children to learn "This survey reinforces groceries -- according to the by people with household
USDA. incomes below 185% of the
effectively," explained the need to equip adults -- at federal poverty level --
Most of the free meals $26,500 for a family of four -
Melissa Merrick, president home and at school -- with offered to children in - and compared them with
schools are provided those living above that
and CEO of Prevent Child resources to provide the The 100-point Healthy through the National School threshold.
Eating Index was established Lunch Program, which is also
Abuse America. safe, stable and nurturing by the U.S. Department of administered through the
Agriculture, which runs USDA and provides free and
Rates of worry were 51% relationships and Supplemental Nutrition reduced-price lunches to
among parents of children Assistance Program, in 2010. more than 30 million
ages 5-9, 58% of those with environments that children children daily, Musicus and
children ages 10-14, and 53% her colleagues said.
among those with children need to succeed
ages 15-18. Roughly half of National
academically, socially and

emotionally throughout life," Scores were slightly The study period covered
higher for free meals 2019 and 2020, with the
Merrick said in an AAP news obtained by children living in latter year seeing many
poverty who received SNAP schools and businesses
Parents whose child's release. benefits -- roughly 50, on closed due to the COVID-
school arrangement was average -- compared to 48 19 pandemic, the
for those who did not researchers said.
receive these federal
subsidies, according to the During the study period,
researchers. about 30% of meals obtained
by SNAP recipients were
However, for adults, the acquired through free food
Healthy Eating Index scores programs, compared with
for free meals actually were 22% for non-SNAP
lower for SNAP beneficiaries with incomes
beneficiaries, at about 38 on less than 185% of the federal
average, than those who poverty level, about $49,000
were covered under SNAP, annual income for a family of
at 43, they said. four, the data showed.

Ullman the great power competition through cyber and social media Sanchez
foundation, beginning with lifting influence operations.
continued from page 6 the tariffs. The role of the Defense continued from page 7
Department as stated in Title X of Given the political turmoil in
about $1 trillion dollars on the U.S. Code suffices: "Be Europe -- Germany without Angela crack was racialized and blown out of proportion, anything
defense. Germany and Japan are on prepared to conduct prompt Merkel; the United Kingdom and involving the pandemic and education can quickly take on a life
the side of the democracies. And sustained operations incident to European Union deadlocked over of its own.
Russia and China have no real combat," adding globally, and the Northern Ireland trade
allies. without naming specific enemies. protocol; Poland's court rejecting Pfizer and BioNTech are asking for clearance by the FDA. to
EU law; Czechoslovakia in political give the vaccine to children aged 5-11, so conversations about
The Biden administration has Greater emphasis on allies and crisis; France furious over the the pandemic’s effect on children will soon escalate.The vaccine
two options. If it continues the engagement with partners and canceled Australian submarine fears and hesitancies of parents will have to be respected and
Obama-Trump line of great power potential adversaries is vital to deal; Romania without a met with science-based facts.
competition, it must define, prevent an untoward or accidental government again; and an energy
certainly to itself, what the criteria event from escalating into war.And crisis enveloping the continent -- a This could be a reset. We need fewer politically driven
are to contain, deter and defeat far more focus must be placed on new strategy is vital. arguments, less labeling of good and bad parents and attention
both. Failing that understanding, no defeating what Vladimir Lenin to pushing back against wild assumptions of permanent
strategy can be successful unless called "active measures," or Great power competition is not educational losses.
through luck. interactions below using force but it. But will the Biden administration
ones that can be politically recognize this need and recall what Most of all, we don’t need another sorry chapter in
The second option is to reject destabilizing and more dangerous happened in 1914? Probably not. hyperventilated, stretched predictions meant to scare families,
not help them.

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October 21, 2021 health
Kenosha County Aging & Disability Resource Center community

A Woman's Guide news
to Social Security

I'm going to start this column retirement benefits than rule applies to widows (or And the corollary to that eligibility requirements; like
by shamelessly promoting my women. And because women divorced widows). A widow has dependency assumption is that duration of marriage or your
little Social Security guidebook have lower retirement benefits, the choice of taking reduced if you get a higher Social age). You won't collect benefits
called "Social Security -- Simple that means they are more likely benefits on one record and later Security benefit than your on both records. You will get
and Smart." You can get it for to qualify for supplemental switching to full benefits on husband does, or if you get a benefits from the husband on
less than 10 bucks at benefits as a spouse on their another record. For example, a higher non-Social Security whose record you are due the and other husband's or ex-husband's widow could take reduced retirement pension (like higher benefit.
booksellers. I am always Social Security record. And that retirement benefits at age 62 teacher's pensions in some
referring readers who send me is the primary reason for the (assuming she is not working), states), then you are not And if you are currently
emails to that book because it special women's guide in my and then at age 66 switch to full financially dependent on your married to one man, you cannot
will help them a whole lot more book: to help women (and their widow's benefits. husband and you cannot get collect benefits on another
than a few lines I scribble into husbands) understand the rules wife's or widow's benefits on his man's Social Security record.
an emailed reply. And by far the associated with eligibility for DEPENDENCY record. The primary exception to this
most common section of the benefits as a wife, a divorced rule applies to widows who
book that I refer people to is wife, a widow or a divorced This is an important eligibility DURATION OF MARRIAGE remarry after age 60. A woman
the chapter called "A Woman's widow. factor for spousal benefits. over age 60 can get married and
Guide to Social Security." Most Simply put -- you do not qualify As a general rule, you must still be eligible for benefits from
of what follows is an excerpt Here are some basic rules for wife's or widow's benefits have been married to your a deceased husband's (or ex-
from that chapter. about Social Security that every just because you are or were husband for at least one year in husband's) Social Security
woman needs to understand. married to your husband. order to qualify for benefits as a record.
Why does a woman need a Instead, you qualify for those wife on his record.To qualify for
special guide to Social Security? YOUR OWN SOCIAL benefits if you are/were married widow's benefits, the duration- If your ex remarries, this
After all, almost all Social SECURITY BENEFIT AND if you are/were financially of-marriage rule is only nine generally will not affect you.
Security rules are asexual. For dependent on your husband. To months. However, if you are Assuming his second wife is also
example, retirement benefits If you have worked enough to keep matters simple, the law divorced, the marriage must eligible for benefits on his
are figured the same way for qualify for your own Social just assumes that if your Social have lasted at least 10 years record, both of you will get
men and women. Spousal Security benefit, you will usually Security benefit is less than your before you can get divorced whatever benefits you are due.
benefits are also gender-neutral. be paid that benefit first. After husband's benefit, then you are wife's or divorced widow's Benefits paid to a current wife
In other words, a woman can paying your own benefit, the deemed to be financially benefits. do not offset those paid to a
possibly qualify for benefits as a Social Security Administration dependent on him. This does divorced wife.
wife or widow in the same way will then look to your husband's NOT mean that just because IF YOU HAVE BEEN
that a man might qualify for (or ex-husband's) Social your Social Security rate is less MARRIED MORE THAN As I said, this was just a
benefits as a husband or Security record to see if you than your husband's rate, you ONCE snippet of my woman's guide to
widower. qualify for any supplemental automatically qualify for benefits Social Security. If you want to
spousal benefits on that record. on his record. All it means is If you have been married to learn more, cough up 10 bucks
But even though Social that you meet the dependency more than one man, you are and buy the book!
Security's rules treat men and MOST SOCIAL SECURITY test -- just one of several potentially due benefits on
women equally, society and APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN- entitlement factors. either husband's Social Security By Tom Margenau
history have not treated men ENDED record (assuming you meet the
and women the same way. Men
tend to work for a longer SSA has a rule that says an
period of time and have more application for one Social
years of earnings on their Social Security benefit is automatically
Security record -- in part considered an application for all
because women bear more of other Social Security benefits
the burden of child-rearing and you are due. Here is an example
spend more years out of the of what that means. You cannot
paid workforce. And statistically, apply for benefits as a wife on
men tend to earn more than your husband's Social Security
women, so they have higher record at age 62, and then later
earnings on their Social Security switch to your own benefits at
record. age 66. Your application for
wife's benefits is automatically
Those and other factors are considered an application for
why men usually end up with your own Social Security
higher monthly Social Security benefits -- and vice versa.

The one exception to that

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Your Kenosha ADRC update

Improve lives one visit at a

Volunteer Ombudsman are needed in
Kenosha, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine &
Sheboygan counties.

Volunteer Ombudsmen are advocates for seniors
in long term care by making weekly, unannounced
visits to an assigned nursing home in their area.
Become a voice for residents and serve as the
“ambassador” of our Regional Ombudsman.
Volunteer Ombudsman provide a vital service by
building trusting relationships that allow the
residents of the nursing home to feel at ease in
sharing concerns and identifying ideas that would
bring them more comfort and greater quality to
their lives.Volunteer Ombudsman empower, educate
& support others, focusing their visits on Resident
Rights & Quality of Care.

Becoming a Board on Aging and Long-Term Care
Volunteer Ombudsman for the State of Wisconsin is
a privilege. To apply you must successfully complete
a Caregiver Background Check and attend an Initial
Training being held in November. Call our toll-free#
1-800-815-0015 or email [email protected]
to request more information on becoming a resident
centered advocate. Ask for Sheryl and she will be
happy to assist you with the screening process and
reserve your spot for the November Class.

Memory Café Meets in who care for, or care about, someone with dementia. relax, chat and learn helpful tips and strategies.
November – In Person! Learn the basics of normal memory loss, mild
cognitive impairment and different types of dementia. To accommodate employed caregivers, as well as
We are pleased to announce the Memory Café is Discover useful resources that help make sense of a those at home, the Family Caregiver Lunch Bunch
returning to in-person meetings, beginning Tuesday, complex topic. Call the ADRC at 262-605-6646 to meets the first Thursday of every month. The next
November, 9, 2021. Join the Alzheimer’s Association register and to receive information on how to meeting will be held on Thursday, November 4, noon
and the Kenosha County ADRC for a Virtual connect to the class. – 1 p.m.
Memory Café at the Kenosha Public Library, 7979
38th Avenue.The Virtual Memory Café is a place for Are YOU a family caregiver? The Caregiver Coffee Club meets the first
persons with Mild Cognitive Impairment, early-stage ADRC offers two Family Wednesday of each month from 10-11 a.m.The next
Alzheimer’s, or related dementia, and their care Support Groups meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 3.
partners to socialize and have fun! The Virtual
Memory Café meets every month on second Caregiver Coffee Club and Lunch Bunch Available by video conferencing or phone.
Tuesdays. New members please call the Alzheimer's Facilitated by Dementia Care Specialists from the
Association at 800-272-3900 to register. Are you helping with the care of a loved one? ADRCs of Kenosha and Walworth County. To
Running errands, grocery shopping, doing laundry, register contact the ADRC in your county: Kenosha
Medicare Minutes: Medicare cooking and driving a loved one to the bank and County ADRC: call 262-605-6646 or Walworth
Coverage of Vaccines other appointments are just some of the tasks family County ADRC: call 262-741-3273.
caregivers do when caring for a loved one. Often, we
Medicare Minute presentations are being offered don’t see ourselves as caregivers—we are simply
monthly by the Kenosha County Aging & Disability husbands and wives, daughters and sons, neighbors
Resource Center. These programs provide and friends.
information on a wide range of Medicare topics.
November’s Medicare Minutes will be Medicare Kenosha County Aging & Disability Resource
Coverage of Vaccines. The program will be offered Center, together with Walworth County, is offering
virtually on Tuesday, November 16, 2021, from 10 – two virtual support groups to help family caregivers
11 a.m. stay connected and informed. Join others engaged in
helping their loved ones manage day to day living, to
SHIP-branded Medicare Minutes are developed by
the Medicare Rights Center as a State Health
Insurance Program (SHIP) National Technical
Assistance Center service. The Medicare Rights
Center is a national, non-profit consumer service
organization. They are one of the SHIP National
Technical Assistance Center partners.

For reservations call the ADRC 262-605-6646 or
1-800-472-8008. A Zoom link will be provided.

FREE Online Dementia 101 SR102121
Program Offered
SMART READER October 21, 2021 11
The Kenosha County Aging & Disability Resource
Center (ADRC) is offering Dementia 101, a FREE
online, dementia related program, on Tuesday,
November 16, 2021, noon – 1 p.m.

Susan Johnson, Dementia Care Specialist with the
ADRC, will present practical information for those


Poll: Many older people in U.S who should
check blood pressure not doing it

If you are over 50 and Institute for Healthcare never used their monitor. complications and kidney
you have high blood Policy and Innovation failure. That's why national
pressure or a health surveyed more than 2,000 Only about two-thirds guidelines call for them to
condition for which blood adults aged 50 to 80. check their blood
pressure control is of those who had blood pressures regularly," Dr.
essential, at-home blood It found that 60% said Deborah Levine, a blood
pressure checks can avert they were either taking pressure-related health pressure researcher at the
medical emergencies. medication to control their University of Michigan,
blood pressure or had a conditions who said their said in a university news
The trouble is that too chronic health condition release.
few of these people that requires blood health providers
actually perform them, a pressure control, such as a "The more that people
new survey reveals. history of stroke, heart encouraged them to check with these health
disease, heart failure, conditions can monitor
"This poll shows that we diabetes or chronic kidney their blood pressure their blood pressure
have more work to do to disease. Of those patients, between appointments
encourage older adults the 74% who said they had regularly did, according to with their doctor, nurse
with certain chronic health a home blood pressure practitioner or other
conditions to monitor monitor were more likely the poll.Of the older provider, and share
their blood pressure," said to check their blood readings digitally or over
Alison Bryant, senior vice pressure at home than adults who said they check the phone, the more
president of research for those without a monitor. information their provider
AARP. "We know that the their blood pressure at will have to counsel and
risk of high blood pressure But fewer than half of treat them," said Michigan
increases with age, so this survey respondents with home regularly, only 50% Medicine neurologist Dr.
is an important topic for both a blood pressure- Mellanie Springer, who
older adults to discuss with related health condition share the readings with a worked with Levine on the
a health provider," Bryant and a home blood poll.
said. pressure monitor said they health provider.
checked their blood
The National Poll on pressure at least once a Of those with blood
Healthy Aging from the week, and 19% said they pressure-related health
University of Michigan conditions who didn't have
a home blood pressure
monitor, 54% said it was
because they didn't think
they needed it or had
never considered it.

"For people with these

chronic health conditions,

having uncontrolled high

blood pressure can

substantially increase the

risk of death, stroke, heart

attack, diabetes


Pay Only 30% of Gross Income for Rent!

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ask amy your own (meditation,
movement, and spending
time each day in nature).

Also, you are grieving!

Retired first For many people, this is
responder needs
comfort, now what intense grieving

feels like. Sadness plus

anger equals grouchiness.

You can email Self-care for you would
Amy Dickinson at
Dear Amy: I am a point of self-harm at all, [email protected] involve learning how to
retired fireman. I spent but I just feel down and or send a letter to
my career solving grumpy, starting from the Ask Amy, P.O. Box 194, be as gentle and
problems and not moment I open my eyes Freeville, NY 13068.
thinking about the in the morning. You can also follow her on generous toward
underlying stress I was Twitter @askingamy
experiencing. I just did I can’t find any your stated goal to feel to triage your mental yourself as you have
what needed to be done. enjoyment in anything I or Facebook. better in the future. health and response to
do and do not want to these very tough losses. always been toward
I recently had a parent continue having it affect As a first responder,
die (not unexpectedly), my family. I know they you experienced high others.
but then my best friend understand that I’m in a stress on the job,
died as well. crappy mood — and the including physical danger I believe a multi- I hope you will let your
reasons for it — but it’s and trauma, as well as family soothe and take
I am not afraid to say it not fair to them. laugh again, before I get sleep deprivation. You pronged approach would care of you for a while. I
has taken its toll on me. too old to do it. – Really were an occasional hope you will keep in
I’ve felt withdrawn and The bottom line is I Sad witness to intense help you, including a mind that you are
depressed — not to the want to enjoy life and human suffering. strongest when you
clinical assessment recognize that you need
Now you are using help, and that you
Dear Sad: You your training and insight regarding your absolutely deserve to
receive it.
deserve much credit for depression, individual

putting all of this counseling, peer support

together and for from other first

describing your responders, and

symptoms, along with mindfulness work on




2319 63rd Street, Kenosha, WI 53143


Delivery Available for Seniors Only! SR082621


$6.50 COLD BAG

Monthly Menu Available Online
Meals Are Available for Everyone & Pickup!

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books Amor Towles creates an American
road trip of epic proportions

Set among the stacks: Early on in Amor Towles’ latest It’s Billy’s mission that lands the Chicago; Omaha, Nebraska; and
Four enchanting novels novel, The Lincoln Highway, a group on the road. Earnest, open, and Cheyenne, Wyoming, the route
for bibliophiles character named Duchess recalls rarely without his treasured embodies the escape the quartet
wisdom he received at a young age “Professor Abacus Abernathe’s seeks – if only for a few hours.
From the ancient Greek Athenaeum to your cozy local while living at Saint Nicholas’ Home Compendium of Heroes, Soon, plans go awry, side trips
reading room, libraries have long served as a refuge for for Boys. Adventurers, and Other Intrepid distract, characters disperse – and
longtime book lovers and new readers alike. But a place to Travelers,” Billy yearns to follow the readers may wonder where the
borrow books is just the beginning – for many people, a Sister Agnes had sermonized about postcard-mapped path of their Studebaker will surface next.
library is a place of opportunity, learning, and self- wrongs committed versus injustices mother. In 1946, she left for San
discovery. received — and the guilt and Francisco – for good – by way of the Towles toggles the narrative
indignation resulting from each. Lincoln Highway. between the four boys, plus a
“Libraries of all kinds are key to the vitality of “Since it’s these debts — those we’ve passel of secondary voices
communities,” according to Patty Wong, president of the incurred and those we’re owed – that Built in 1912, the highway was the including Ulysses, a Black World
American Library Association. “If the past year has taught keep us stirring and stewing,” realizes first in America to stretch coast-to- War I veteran riding the rails;
us anything, it’s that America’s libraries are nimble enough Duchess later, “the only way to get a coast. Connecting Times Square in Pastor John, a conniving charlatan;
to meet changing local needs and foster community good night’s sleep is to balance the New York with South Bend, Indiana; and Sally, the no-fuss neighbor
resilience.”  accounts.” who’s more than ready for her
own new path. The characters’
The keepers of these libraries are often unsung heroes This desire to balance accounts many vignettes, musings, and
who deserve praise. Four recent outstanding novels look sets Duchess on a boisterous journey histories make for entertaining
inside these mighty institutions to celebrate the joy of — one of many winding through the reading, even as the novel’s bigger
books, the inspirational power of storytelling, and the ways pages of Towles’ immersive, but plot points start to fray.Along with
that library communities can uplift lives. ultimately uneven follow-up to his a perplexing structure, the novel’s
immensely popular second novel “A abrupt ending cheats several
A righteous fight Gentleman in Moscow.” characters out of their potential for
It’s 1954 in America’s heartland.
Alongside Duchess, a philosopher- Late in the book, Sally considers
thief of good heart and bad judgment, “the mystery of our will to move.” Is
travel three other boys with their it vice or virtue that compels some to
own agendas in a 1948 Studebaker. stay put and others to wander? It’s a
Woolly, a privileged, gentle soul question rich with possibility and
undone by his father’s death, searches complexity; for some, “The Lincoln
for “a one-of-a-kind kind of day.” Highway” and its many detours may
Moral, thoughtful Emmett, having paid not explore it far enough.
a debt to society, itches to build a new
life with his younger brother Billy far By Erin Douglass
from his family’s foreclosed Nebraska

Jane Goodall finds reasons for hope

Freya Sampson’s winsome novel, The Last Chance for the planet’s survival
Library, takes place in a small English  village, where the
local Chalcot Library is about to lose its funding. June Imagine long leisurely evenings engagement, even anger. Not new popular speaker and gifted
Jones, a shy and lonely 20-something library assistant (and alongside Jane Goodall, perhaps on ideas, of course. But even for this communicator, she now travels the
daughter of the town’s late legendary librarian) finds the veranda of her house in Tanzania. initially cynical reader, Goodall’s world to “wake people up,” trying to
blessings in believing in herself, as she takes on the task of As the sun slowly sets, she recounts eloquent reflections prove strikingly inspire respect for all life and a
fighting to keep the library open with the help of a host of stories, experiences, and insights from persuasive and often profoundly commitment to preserve it.
quirky co-workers and library patrons. From Stanley a lifetime as one of the world’s most moving.
Phelps, a kindly fan of World War II novels who practically renowned primatologists and an The book ends with a direct
lives in the library, to an array of townsfolk, June finds a impassioned climate activist. Goodall defines hope as a survival “Message of Hope from Jane,” which
sense of family in friendships she never knew she could mechanism that “enables us to keep broaches the topic of new human
have. That’s a bit how The Book of going in the face of adversity,” and she diseases that researchers say come
Hope: A Survival Guide for Trying points to four main reasons for hope, from our interactions with animals
“Libraries aren’t just about books,” our narrator Times reads. Goodall’s new book, which form the book’s chapter titles: (like COVID-19). She says that in
reminds us. “They’re places where an eight-year-old boy with writer Douglas Abrams as the “the amazing human intellect, the addition to defeating these diseases,
can have his eyes opened up to the wonders of the world, reader’s inquisitive stand-in, unfurls as resilience of nature, the power of we must fight against “stupidity, greed,
and where a lonely eighty-year-old woman can come for a series of engaging conversations and youth, and the indomitable human and selfishness.” And she assures us
some vital human contact. Where a teenager can find fascinating stories that Goodall hopes spirit.” She illuminates the that “the cumulative effect of millions
precious quiet space to do her homework and a recently will touch the heart as well as the interconnected tapestry of life with of small ethical actions will truly make
arrived immigrant can find a new community.” mind, with Abrams teasing out her extraordinary tales of animals and a difference.”
thoughts and ideas. Through plants brought back from the brink. “I
June’s reconnection with an old school chum who’s substantive interviews, we get a sense truly believe nature has a fantastic By Karen Campbell
visiting town is charming. Sampson’s storytelling is of a lively woman of brilliant intellect, ability to restore itself after being
refreshingly Capraesque, with messages that ring out for keen insight, and impish humor, soft- destroyed, whether by us or by
finding purpose, connection, and joy in embracing spoken and empathetic yet natural disasters. Sometimes it
community and following one’s dreams.  passionate. The book also clearly restores itself slowly, over time. But
demonstrates that Goodall’s urgency now, because of the terrible harm we
Literary healing surrounding the issue of climate are causing on a daily basis, we often
change is allied with hope. need to step in and help in the
In The Reading List, Sara Nisha Adams’ captivating restoration,” she says.
novel, a mysterious book list discovered within the pages Goodall is no glib Pollyanna. She
of Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” changes lives. An writes in the opening chapter, Throughout, the book is seeded
endearing West London widower and nonreader, Mukesh, “Probably the question I am asked with captivating photos that bring
anxiously wishes to connect with his granddaughter more often than any other is: Do you people and places to life. We get
through books, just like his cherished late wife did. Summer honestly believe there is hope for our glimpses of Goodall’s remarkable life,
library assistant Aleisha is a distraught teenager who is world?” She is unflinching in her from a shy, sickly child dreaming of
balancing a challenging home life. When the unlikely pair assessment of the dire state of our studying animals in Africa to a
form a book club, they discover incredible stories and planet. Yet she maintains that there is trailblazing researcher whose time in
characters that help lift them out of loneliness and grief. a window of time in which we can still the wild with chimpanzees led to
“Piles and piles of books,” Adams writes.“It was as though repair much of the harm inflicted on challenging the reductive notion that
they were floating all around him, lifted up by some kind of the natural world – but in addition to human beings are different from and
magic, offering up new worlds, new experiences. It was hope, there is a need for action, superior to all other animals. A

story continues on page 15

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Cosmic puzzle-pieces come together
in masterly ‘Cloud Cuckoo Land’

In this ambitious follow-up to his Elderly Zeno, lonely

Pulitzer Prize-winning “All the Light and buttoned-up, has Bibliophiles
We Cannot See,” Anthony Doerr searched for a sense of
delivers in a big way.A huge sweep of a home and purpose since continued from page 14

story, “Cloud Cuckoo Land” features being freed from a prison Adams’ book shines with a bighearted cast finding

no fewer than five plotlines and as camp in the Korean War. rejuvenation in books and the community. The book

many key characters contending with Seymour, who is explores issues of mental health, and Adams’ emotionally

big events, challenges, and questions. increasingly overwhelmed finely tuned prose shows a trending toward peace, even

In some hands, this could have been by the outside world and after unexpected tragedy.“The Reading List” is an ode to
a big mess. The good news: Doerr’s devastated by the the power of stories and the enchantment of reading.
creation lifts off quickly, soars, and destruction of a nearby
then, like the various wildfowl forest that offered Real-life heroes
wheeling through the story, lands with soothing shelter, walks a
practiced finesse. darker road. The local This third library novel brings World War II into its
public library – a place of landscape, honoring librarians who worked for the
“Cloud Cuckoo Land” may sound to refuge and possibility for American Library in Paris during the Nazi occupation.
some like a ridiculous title, but readers both men – becomes Risking their lives, these librarians smuggled books to
paging through the book’s opening their meeting ground, isolated soldiers and Jewish patrons who had been
pages will discover – or be reminded – with potentially explosive banned from visiting libraries. In Janet Skeslien Charles’
that the name comes from results. stirring tale of courage, The Paris Library, the high
Aristophanes’ 2,400-year-old play “The stakes underscore the power of books: “No other thing
Birds.” Finally, Doerr takes possesses that mystical faculty to make people see with
other people’s eyes. The Library is a bridge of books
Here, “Cloud Cuckoo Land” refers readers to 15th-century between cultures,” she writes.
to Doerr’s own made-up myth about a
hapless shepherd named Aethon Constantinople in the The novel is filled with fascinating facts about the real-
journeying to a utopian city “floated in
the heavens.” Purportedly written by months leading up to its life American Library, engagingly narrated by young
Diogenes in the first century, the tale
threads through the book; fragments siege. Orphaned, librarian Odile Souchet, whose twin brother is sent off to
of text from recovered pages
introduce each chapter. inquisitive Anna longs to fight in the war. Charles, herself, worked at this library as

In ways both subtle and overt, the read and cares for her myth is an idea – an instructive tale programs manager, and integrates moving portrayals of
myth connects the novel’s chief
characters, all of whom face their own ailing sister within the city walls. about the hunt for someplace better: actual staff members such as Dorothy Reeder, director of
journeys in vastly different parts and
periods of our world. Twelve-year-old oxherd Omeir, a an aerial nirvana. Second, the myth is a the library; Boris Netchaeff, its head librarian; and others.

There’s Konstance, a 14-year-old gentle soul conscripted into the form – first tablets, then parchment, Soul-searching
aboard a ship called the Argos decades
in the future; she shares her quarters Ottoman army with his two mighty then a codex, and later pixels – in need
with a filament-and-light Artificial
Intelligence entity named Sybil. Part of oxen, wearily marches south. Anna’s of translation and care. Each of these stories uniquely captures the rewards
a select group escaping climate-
battered Earth for a habitable planet discovery of the “Cloud Cuckoo Land” that books can bestow upon individuals and
light-years away, Konstance faces the
twin challenges of survival and fact- codex transforms her into both myth- With its emphasis on the communities. Matt Haig’s dazzling bestselling novel from
finding after stumbling on a mystery in
the ship’s virtual-reality library. sharer and protector. Omeir has a part importance of sharing and preserving last year, The Midnight Library, goes a step further by

In present-day (although pre- to play as well. stories, “Cloud Cuckoo Land” is, creating an imaginative modern fable with nods to “It’s a
pandemic) Idaho, two very different
men cross paths: Zeno Ninis, a Greek Fueled by deep imagination and ultimately, an ode to libraries. These Wonderful Life.”
insistent compassion, Doerr weaves repositories and their keepers, Doerr
together his storylines with brisk asserts, play an essential role in Nora Seed is a 35-year-old woman who feels she’s
pacing that never feels rushed. His introducing humanity to ideas and failed miserably at life, and regrets just about everything.
characters struggle, search, and learn, After she finds herself at a magical library helmed by the
mirroring the travels and trials of helping ensure those ideas endure.
Aethon himself. ever-wise Mrs. Elm (Nora’s grade school librarian aka
Whether battered by war, climate guardian angel), her enlightenment begins. Nora starts
disaster, or alienation, Konstance, choosing “books” that all revolve around lives she could
Zeno, Seymour, Anna, and Omeir all have lived. She becomes an Olympic swimmer, a
One of the joys of the novel is its strive for nostos, or “homecoming, a glaciologist, a rock star, and more.
vivid, energetic language. Birds and safe arrival.” And although their
more birds – owls, terns, osprey, homecomings look very different, each Haig’s adventurous storytelling is profound. Nora
grouse – fly off the page. Embroiderers arrives exactly where she needs to be, having gained
conjure “a nightingale from thread and prevails.
patience.” A leering merchant hunches greater perspective, forgiveness, and gratitude.
like a vulture. Letters are packed onto Writing in the midst of pandemic
and lockdown, Doerr, in the words of Netflix to launch Book
American translator in his 80s, and a parchment “like the tracks of a Aristophanes, has successfully created
Club with Uzo AdubaSeymour Stuhlman, a troubled 17-year- hundred shorebirds.”
“something big, smacking of the

old loner who’s most at home in Aethon’s narrative plays two clouds.” Netflix is set to launch a Book
important roles in the book. First, the By Erin Douglass Club initiative with Uzo Aduba
along with social series But Have

You Read the Book? Netflix

NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLERS Book Club will select a new book
every month for fans to read that
is being adapted by Netflix. Fans

can then watch the Netflix

adaptation of the book and join Uzo Abuda
Aduba in But Have You Read the

Book? The former Orange is the

New Black star will be the inaugural host and will hold

discussions about the book and the adaptation process

with authors, cast members and creators over coffee at

Starbucks in the series. But Have You Read the Book? will

PRINT & E-BOOKS NONFICTION PRINT & E-BOOKS FICTION premiere on Nov. 16 on the Still Watching Netflix
channel on YouTube and Netflix's Facebook page. The

1. The Storyteller (Grohl) 1. The Lincoln Highway (Towles) first selection for Netflix Book Club is Nella Larsen's
2. I’ll Take Your Questions Now (Grisham) 2. The Wish (Sparks) novel Passing. Netflix is releasing a film adaptation of the
3. Peril (Woodward/Costa) 3. Cloud Cuckoo Land (King) book written and directed by Rebecca Hall on Nov. 10.
4. Taste (Tucci) 4. Apples Never Fall (Moriarty) Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga star. "I can't tell you
5. Vanderbilt (Cooper/Howe) 5. The Butler (Steel) how many times I've asked friends, 'But have you read the
6. The Dying Citizen (Hanson) 6. Crossroads (Franzen) book?' So I'm excited to host Netflix Book Club and
7. American Marxism (Levin) 7. Harlem Shuffle (Whitehead) bring together loyal book fans, TV and movie obsessives
8. There is Nothing For You Here (Hill) 8. 2 Sisters Detective Agency (Patterson/Fox) and the creators behind their favorite stories. I can't wait
9. A Carnival of Snackery (Sedaris) 9. Foul Play (Woods) to dive deep into the creative process and what it takes
10. The Body Keeps the Score (van der Kolk) 10. It Ends With Us (Hoover) to bring a book to life," Aduba said in a statement.

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Pet World animals

with Cathy Rosenthal in the news

Moving? Please take Wildlife officials free
your pets with you mule deer from
backyard hammock
Dear Cathy, My daughter the car every few hours, which As well as being a recuring
has two dogs and two cats is what is recommended for Wildlife officials in Idaho came to the
from an animal shelter. The people who are driving as well. guest on Happenings Q&A, rescue of a mule deer buck that
two dogs are pugs and are Keep a litter box in the car so needed some help disentangling its
about nine years old. The cats the cats can do the same. One Cathy M. Rosenthal is a antlers from a resident's backyard
are about four years old, and of you must stay in the car to hammock. The department said in a
one has health issues. She is let the cats out of their longtime animal advocate, news release the buck "discovered
thinking of moving from New kennels. Do not open the car first-hand that hammocks aren't always
York to Washington state due doors again until the cats are author, columnist and pet as relaxing as they are claimed to be."
to a career change. Should she returned to their kennels to Two Fish and Game personnel held the
take them with her or think ensure one of them doesn't expert who has more than buck still, while a third cut through the
about giving them away (which bolt from the car. Don't worry ropes to free the animal, the
she doesn't want to do)? Is if the cats don't drink or use 30 years in the animal department said. "The buck was
there a safe way of driving the litter box along the way. released unscathed for the most part,
cross country with them? - They will eat and use the welfare field. Send your pet though its antlers were bobbing loosely
Deb, New Hyde Park, New litterbox when you are settled as a result of the animal's struggle with
York into a hotel for the evening. questions, stories and tips to the hammock," the release said.

While a little more work, [email protected]. Bear wanders into Animal control
your daughter can and should officers wrangle loose
keep her pet family together. Cathy Rosenthal joins house, breaks pigs on highway
Make sure they are all Happenings Q&A on computer monitor
microchipped before she goes. Animal control officers in Tennessee
Tue. Nov. 2nd at An Alberta man captured photos rounded up a pair of loose pigs after
Dear Cathy, For the past 2:30 on AM1050 WLIP. when a bear wandered into his family's one of the escaped hogs was spotted
four years, my two cats, a 13- running on a highway by a U.S.
year-old and seven-year-old, home and made a mess of his son's congressman. Rep. Tim Burchett, R-
regularly hack and throw up Knoxville, tweeted that he had spotted
Dear Deb, Please their food and hairballs. I add gaming computer. Sean Reddy said the a loose sow hog on Alcoa Highway in
encourage her to take her pets water to their food, but one Knoxville and urged his followers to
with her. When animals are day accidentally put in lots bear encounter at his Fort McMurray- "drive carefully." The Knoxville Police
given away or left at an animal more water and they drank it. Department said animal control
shelter, these animals are Since that time, about seven area home began when his dogs officers were dispatched to the area
usually very depressed for months ago, she hacks very and ended up rounding up a pair of
quite some time as they little, and has only thrown up also minimizes shedding. cornered the bear in the family's loose pigs. "You don't see this every
mourn the loss of their family. two hairballs and no food. I day," the department said in a
They also are rarely rehomed wonder if the added water Dear Cathy, I have two garage. Reddy said he got his dogs to Facebook post.
or adopted together, which would help other cats who
traumatizes the animals even have a hairball problem. - Pat, indoor/outdoor cats. They are safety and the bear was gone when he Nearly 100
further. Appleton, Wisconsin rattlesnakes found
three years old. Oscar has checked the garage, leading him to under home
Dear Pat, Increased water
intake can definitely help cats started to catch baby rabbits in assume the animal had left the area. An animal rescuer responding to a
with hairballs. Cats don't California home where snakes were
generally drink much water, so the yard. We also have two The father said he soon discovered he spotted under the house said he ended
feeding them both wet and dry up rounding up nearly 100 rattlesnakes.
food or adding water to their small dogs that use a doggy was wrong when his 10-year-old son Al Wolf said he responded to a North
food helps increase intake.You Bay home where a resident spotted a
also should groom your cats to door that the cats also use. reported hearing scratching sounds snake slithering under the building, and
reduce the amount of hair they he looked under the house to discover
swallow while grooming Aside from keeping the cats inside the house.The bear had climbed dozens of rattlesnakes taking shelter.
themselves. Another option is "It took about three hours, but I found
People move all the time to give them a hairball inside day and night, is there in through a window and Reddy saw a total of 92 rattlesnakes under that
preventative, which helps house, I was tickled pink, I wish that
with their pets, and it can be a move the hairballs through the something I can do to keep the animal cross a hallway into his son's happened everyday to me," Wolf told
digestive system and/or feed WABC-TV. Wolf posted photos of the
very positive experience. It just them a hairball formula pet him from hunting these cute bedroom. Reddy posted photos to snakes he removed from under the
food, which does the same, but house to Facebook.The reptile rescuer
requires planning. There are little bunnies? -- Craig, Facebook showing the bear said it's unusual to find so many
rattlesnakes in one place, and the
many pet-friendly hotels so Levittown, New York investigating his son's computer. The recent drought is likely to blame. "The
drought will cause them to go to areas
your daughter will have no Dear Craig, Besides always resident enlisted the help of a neighbor where there's water, looking for lizards
supervising them when they to use a bookshelf and other furniture and rodents," he said.
problem finding are outside, your best options to create a barricade before reopening
are to either build a catio - a the bedroom door to allow the bear to
accommodations as she drives screened in porch for your leave through the same window it used
cats -- or purchase a mesh cat to enter the home. Reddy said the
across the country. She will tent, which will contain them damage to the house was minimal, but
and prevent them from killing the bear smashed his son's computer
need to carry leashes, baby rabbits and birds, etc. monitor and ate some cereal that had
Both options also give them been left out. Alberta Fish and Wildlife
medications, pet food, water, safe outdoor space to enjoy. If officials said they set up a trap outside
you opt for the tent, place it in Reddy's home, but the bear has yet to
and their beds. I recommend a shaded area and don't leave return to the scene of the break-in.

the pets be kept in kennels them in it all day.An hour or so Mountain lion

large enough for them to stand

and turn around in. (If they are

loose in the car that may cause

an accident.) If there is a space

issue, find ways to carry the

luggage on top of the car. The

animals must always ride inside in the early morning or early captured at California

the vehicle. (While obvious, it evening are the best times for condo complex
tent time. Be sure to include a
has to be said.) water bowl and a few toys as Wildlife officials in California said
well as their beds so they have they successfully captured a mountain
Along the drive, stop at rest a place to sleep. lion that wandered into a condo
areas so your dogs can stretch complex and climbed a tree. The
and relieve themselves. Plan
for 10 to 15 minutes outside California Department of Fish and

Wildlife said residents in Palm Springs

contacted authorities when they

spotted the mountain lion in a back

yard. Fish and Wildlife officials

responded alongside Palm Springs

Police and animal control officers to

tranquilize the cougar, which was found

in a tree. Officials said the feline was

found to be underweight and injured.

"The decision was to guard it and
relocate it but after looking at the
health of the lion, it was really
emaciated. Looked like he got hit by a
car possibly because all the nail beds
were fractured," Fish and Wildlife
lieutenant supervisor Kyle Chang told
KESQ-TV. Chang said the mountain
lion was taken to a rehab facility in San
Diego and will be released back into
the wild once it has recovered..

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Mayo Clinic new teacher. It's helpful to
alert his teacher that he may
Talking test anxiety have test anxiety. The
teacher can provide insight
DEAR MAYO CLINIC: focus, and affect physical and into what is going on in the different techniques to help before a test.And make sure determine if your son might
My son is 10 and entering mental health. classroom. This can be your child ease nervousness. your son has a good benefit from speaking to
the fourth grade. He has valuable if your son is breakfast the day of the test, another professional or if
struggled in the past with While symptoms of test struggling in the moment so Create a consistent as well. Avoid sugary foods there is something else that
nerves and anxiety, often anxiety vary and can include that appropriate routine before a test. This and drinks, as well as needs to be addressed. --
visiting the school nurse trouble sleeping the night accommodations can be may include a special meal caffeine, which can elevate Tina Ardon, M.D., Family
with complaints of a before a test, people such as reviewed. the night before, quiet time the heart rate and cause Medicine, Mayo Clinic,
stomachache or headache. your son may experience to study, turning off the TV other concentration issues. Jacksonville, Florida
Last year, his teacher noted it trouble breathing, a I also offer these tips to early and limiting the use of
happened on days when he stomachache, a headache or help prepare your son for other electronics. If your child's anxiety is E-mail a question to
had tests. What can I do to even an elevated heart rate. tests and alleviate mild test not improving or your child MayoClinicQ&[email protected].
help him? anxiety: Get plenty of rest and eat seems to be struggling with
The challenge for many well. It's important to get a learning overall, talk to your For more information, visit
ANSWER: It's normal for parents, especially of Be prepared. Having good night's sleep every day, pediatrician or primary
both adults and children to younger children, is ample time to prepare and but especially the night health care provider to
feel nervous once in a while. confirming whether a study is important to reduce
A little anxiety prior to an complaint of headache, stress. Encourage your child
event like a presentation or stomachache or another to have the materials
test is common -- and ailment is related to an necessary to study for a test
normal -- especially for actual illness or anxiety. in one place, including books
children and teens. and notes.
For younger students such
While feeling a little as your son, it may be hard Be familiar with the test
nervousness before a test to determine if they are format. Is it multiple choice,
can be helpful in that it can struggling due to test anxiety short answer or an essay?
sharpen your mind and focus or other issues. I suggest that Knowing the type of test and
your attention, some people you speak to your son first the format can alleviate
develop test anxiety. This about his concerns.Then you some anxiety and help with
brings feelings of worry and can develop appropriate preparation and study habits.
self-doubt that can interfere strategies to help him.
with concentration and Try relaxation techniques.
Also, talk to your son's Before the big day, try

Pfizer vaccine 93% effective at preventing COVID-19
hospitalization in teens

The two-dose Pfizer- years," the CDC researchers care unit, all 29 critically ill
BioNTech vaccine is 93% wrote.
effective at preventing case-patients and both
hospitalization due to severe As of Oct. 18, 46% of U.S.
illness from COVID-19 children and adolescents deaths occurred among
among teens ages 12 to 18 ages 12 to 15 and 54% of
years, according to data those ages 16 to 17 were unvaccinated study
released Tuesday by the fully vaccinated against
Centers for Disease Control COVID-19 with the Pfizer- participants.
and Prevention. BioNTech vaccine, according
to the CDC. Meanwhile, only six of the
fully vaccinated teens in the
This study focused on the study required hospital care,
Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine and none was admitted to
because the Moderna shot the ICU or died.
had not yet been cleared for
This was true even during use in teens when it was Unvaccinated teens
the period when the more conducted, the agency said.
contagious Delta variant of hospitalized with the virus
the virus was "the The one-shot Johnson &
predominant" one in Johnson vaccine has not yet spent about five days in the
circulation across the been cleared for use in
country, the agency said. people age 18 and younger. hospital, on average,

The findings of the study compared to three days
are based on an analysis of
data on 464 teens ages 12 to among those fully vaccinated,
18, 99 of whom, or 21%,
were fully vaccinated, the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. analysis, which was intensive care unit, or ICU, the data showed.
meaning it had been at least conducted from June 1
The Delta variant also has two weeks since they had More than 330 of the through Sept. 30. and 29, or 16%, were "This evaluation
been linked with more received a second dose of teens included in the study
serious illness, particularly had at least one underlying Of the 179 study considered critically ill and demonstrated that nearly all
among young people. health condition that put participants who tested
them at increased risk for positive for COVID-19 and received life support during persons aged 12 to 18 years
COVID-19, the researchers developed symptoms, 3%
said. were fully vaccinated, the hospitalization, including hospitalized with COVID-19
data showed.
"This evaluation In addition, 205 of the invasive mechanical were unvaccinated," the
study participants had Among those sickened
demonstrated that two attended in-person classes at with the virus, 77, or 43%, ventilation. agency researchers wrote.
school during the time of the were admitted to an
doses of Pfizer-BioNTech Two of these 29 critically "[It] reinforces the
ill patients died from the importance of vaccination to
vaccine were highly effective virus. protect U.S. youths against
severe COVID-19," they
in preventing COVID-19 said.

hospitalization among All 77 case-patients
admitted to the intensive
persons aged 12 to 18

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food &

Nutrition News
with Charlyn Fargo

Mindful Eating

Ever wondered what
mindful eating is all about?
It's the opposite of
dashboard dining, desktop
lunches and grab-and-go

Mindful eating isn't about Charlyn Fargo is a hunger. It's best to eat No. 5: Eat slowly. Take Maple Thyme Grilled
what you eat, but how -- registered dietitian with SIU something when you're time to chew your food and Chicken Thighs
recognizing that food and Med School in Springfield, slightly to moderately savor the flavors. You may
mealtimes are about more hungry so you can slow have to set down your fork Servings: 6
than fuel and are meant to Ill. For comments or down and eat mindfully.You between bites. It takes 20 1/4 cup low-sodium soy sauce
be enjoyed. questions, contact her at want an appetite but not to minutes for your stomach
be ravenous. to signal the brain it's full. 1/4 cup olive oil
The term "mindfulness" [email protected] Give yourself time to feel 2 tablespoons pure maple syrup
is defined as "paying or follow her on Twitter No. 2: Limit distractions that.
attention in a particular at the table. Disconnect 1/2 teaspoon black pepper
way, on purpose in the @NutritionRd. from your phone or the I often have my patients 2 tablespoons fresh thyme
present moment, and non- television. Eat your meals at time how long it takes them 2 tablespoons chopped fresh rosemary
judgmentally" by Jon Kabat- each bite. the table rather than to eat a single Hershey's
Zinn, leader of the standing at a counter, so Kiss, practicing mindful 3 cloves garlic, minced
Mindfulness-Based Stress In a 2017 article, "Mindful you are fully present. eating and letting the 8 boneless, skinless chicken thighs
Reduction program at the Eating: The Art of Presence chocolate melt in their Trim excess fat from chicken thighs.Whisk soy sauce, oil, maple syrup, pepper, thyme,
University of Massachusetts While You Eat," published in No. 3: Start with mouths. Most find after rosemary and garlic together. Pour marinade over chicken thighs in a large container or
Medical School. He's the Diabetes Spectrum, author gratitude and appreciate letting it melt, their mouth zip-close bag. Marinate chicken for 30 minutes or more in the refrigerator. Heat grill to
author of the book "Full Joseph Nelson offers ideas the food in front of you. is saturated with chocolate, medium-high heat. Place chicken on the grill over direct heat for 2-3 minutes per side, or
Catastrophe Living." on how mindful eating can and they don't want until char lines appear. Move chicken to indirect heat (a top or side rack on the grill) to
shift how you think about No. 4: Pay attention to another one; they're finish cooking until internal temperature of chicken reaches 165 F, about 5-10 minutes
Kabat-Zinn goes on to food and how it can help your food. What does it satisfied. more. Remove from grill and serve. Serves 6.
define mindful eating as an you make better choices look like, smell like? What Per serving: 342 calories; 39.2 grams protein; 5.3 grams carbohydrate; 17.6 grams fat
approach to food that and build a healthier does it feel like in your That's the point of (3.5 grams saturated); .2 grams fiber; 4 grams sugars; 190 milligrams sodium.
focuses on individuals' relationship with food. mouth? How does it sound mindful eating -- taking time
sensual awareness of food when you chew it? What to really enjoy what you
and the experience of Here are a few steps to flavors do you detect? eat.
eating food. It has less to do get started:
with calories and nutrients
and more to do with No. 1: Check in with your
savoring the moment and

America’s Test Kitchen Apple Cider-Glazed
Pork Chops
A great weeknight dinner for the season

Whether you're looking for a comforting dish for the fall or a quick meal for a weeknight dinner after a long day of work

and school, these pork chops are perfect for the whole family. Our recipe tester, 10-year-old Zoe, wants kids to know that

"it looks fancy, but it's something you can do yourself (with a little help)." Serves 4

1/2 cup apple cider

2 tablespoons maple syrup

2 teaspoons Dijon mustard

1 teaspoon minced fresh thyme or 1/4 teaspoon dried

4 boneless pork chops, 3/4 to 1 inch thick

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/8 teaspoon pepper

1 tablespoon vegetable oil

1. In a liquid measuring cup, whisk together apple cider, maple syrup, mustard and

thyme. Set aside.

2. Make 2 cuts through the fat on the edges of each pork chop, about 2 inches apart.

(Cut through the fat only, not the meat.) Pat chops dry with paper towels and sprinkle

both sides evenly with salt and pepper.Wash your hands.

3. In a 12-inch skillet, heat oil over medium heat for 1 minute (oil should be hot but not

smoking).Tilt and swirl skillet to coat evenly with oil.

4. Place chops in the skillet. Cook, without moving the chops, until well browned on first

side, about 5 minutes.

5. Flip chops. Reduce heat to medium-low. Pour apple cider mixture into skillet. Cook until

chops register 145 degrees on an instant-read thermometer, about 5 minutes.Transfer

chops to a serving platter. Cover platter with aluminum foil.

6. Increase heat to medium and cook apple cider mixture in skillet, stirring often with a

rubber spatula, until thick and syrupy, 2 to 3 minutes (sauce will be very bubbly when it

thickens).Turn off heat. Spoon glaze over chops and serve.

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jill on money disappointing headline,
because “other than
Delta slows volatility in the education
September job sector, this was actually a
growth good report, as the labor
market continues to firm.”
with Jill Schlesinger
The unemployment rate,
When the government Jill Schlesinger, CFP, is a CBS which is calculated based on participation rate, which is its policy to contain inflation, and it could force the central
released the September jobs News business analyst. A the number of people the share of adults working despite the slowdown bank to reverse course and
report, my heart sank. The former options trader and CIO working or actively seeking or seeking work, has held at shown in the September buy defaulted bonds if the
economy added 194,00 new of an investment advisory firm, employment, fell by 0.4% to or below 61.7% since June jobs report. Economists debt ceiling were breached.
positions, 300,000 fewer she welcomes comments and 4.8%, the lowest since the 2020 – that’s down from believe the central back
than expected, the smallest pandemic began. That 63.4% in Jan 2020. remains on track to begin Hopefully Congress will
gain since December 2020, questions at occurred due to a “Participation in the labor tapering its $120 billion get its act together to avoid
and lower than the upwardly [email protected]. Check combination of people force tends to lag overall monthly emergency bond the break the glass
revised 366,000 in August. getting jobs, but also because improvement in the labor buying program as soon as scenarios. If so, there are
After talking to a bunch of her website at the labor force fell by market,” says Swonk. next month. likely to be renewed calls for
economists, I learned that 183,000, remaining 3 million the Fed to raise interest
the news was not as bad as it below its pre-pandemic For those who are However, the Fed’s rates to help control
had seemed at first blush. creation is averaging 561,000 level. Notably, the working, the smaller labor process could bump up inflation. Thus far, Powell has
per month. contraction in the labor force helped push up wages. against the debt ceiling if maintained that higher
To start, the Labor force occurred despite the The average hourly earnings Congress does not act by prices are mostly temporary,
Additionally, there were expiration of enhanced of private-sector workers the newly self-imposed and if some of the increases
Department collects losses in public sector federal unemployment climbed 4.6% in September December 3rd deadline. Fed remain sticky, the Fed will be
education, but that may be benefits for more than 6 compared with a year Chair Jerome Powell and able to manage them with its
employment data in the first due to the timing of when million workers. earlier, which is good news Treasury Secretary Janet monetary policy toolbox.
teachers went to back to for households, who are Yellen have warned that not That may be “easier said
two weeks of the month. In work. Economist Joel Naroff What is keeping would-be contending with higher addressing the nation’s than done,” according to
advised to look beyond the workers out of the job prices. Many are looking to borrowing limit could be Swonk.
September, that was market and contributing to the Federal Reserve to shift catastrophic to the economy
the labor shortages that we
precisely when the Delta are seeing? Diane Swonk,
Chief Economist at Grant
variant was surging in many Thornton, maintains that in
addition to COVID fears,
parts of the country. “An acute shortage of
affordable childcare, the
Another factor to take into need for upskilling and
mobility constraints are the
consideration is that the most often cited reasons for
workers who remain on the
monthly numbers are sidelines.” The labor force

subject to revisions. The

previous two months were

adjusted higher in this

report, which could happen

again. So far this year, job

Fall housing: From
boiling over to just

with Jill Schlesinger

The frenzied pace of the news is that inventory is
housing market has started higher than the record low
to abate, but that means that of 1.9 months, recorded in
instead of boiling over, the December 2020, but it is still
market is just hot. For the below what is considered
first time this year, Existing the “normal” range of three
Home Sales were down from to six months.
a year ago — 1.5% below the
August 2020 rate. The year- Until more people are Federal Reserve Bank of are armed with cash and no worse for new homes, where calculations by plugging in
over-year comparisons are willing to list their homes, Atlanta has developed a tool, contingencies. The average just 28 percent were sold for mortgage principal and
likely to show drops for the many hopeful buyers are which presents a national time for selling an existing less than $300,000, down interest, homeowners’
rest of 2021 because activity turning to newly constructed view of affordability for the home was 17 days in August, from 43% two years ago. insurance, and taxes, upkeep
was elevated in the last four dwellings. New home sales median homeowner. As of and 87%of all sales took less and maintenance (experts
months of 2020. made up 27% of all single - July, a typical household than a month. And it is not Despite the changing suggest 1- 3% of the
family homes for sale in would need 32.1%of its just financing that is making it market conditions, my advice purchase price for, depending
Although the pace of August, the largest share income to cover mortgage difficult to enter the market on purchasing a home on the age of the house and
activity is edging lower, since records began in 1982. payments on a median- — first-time buyers are also remains the same: crunch the its condition), and closing
prices continue to remain Builders have been trying to priced home, the highest struggling to find lower numbers. Consider whether costs, which can add an
elevated. The median home keep up with the demand, share since Nov. 2008. priced homes. Existing buying might preclude you average of about $6,000 —
price for an existing home in especially as the cost of homes that sold under from addressing other or more in some markets.
August was $356,700, up materials has come back to $250,000 represented just important financial issues, After considering all of this,
nearly 15% from a year ago. If earth. The inventory of new 30% of all transactions in like paying down student you may find that renting is
you can believe it, this data homes has increased to 6.1 August, down from 44% two loans or saving for more viable for you.
point was seen as a positive, months at the current sales years ago. The news is even retirement. Begin your
because the pace of annual rate, but that expanded
price growth decelerated supply has not kept prices at
from a sizzling 18% in July. bay: the median price for a
new home stands at
The culprit for high prices $390,900, a 15% increase
is not just demand, but also from a year ago.
supply: the number of homes
for sale (inventory) is down Although mortgage
13.4% from a year ago.
Unsold inventory sits at a interest rates remain Compounding the
2.6-month supply at the
current sales pace. The good relatively low, these price problem is the fact that first

gains are making a home time buyers have struggled

purchase less affordable. The to compete with those who

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What’s the word regions many, many moons
ago that is. There is
with Justin Sawyer something about being able
to walk into a bistro or
Passion in the time of that my passion and interests Kenoshan Justin Sawyer still love you!) food & items. The smells, the heat, bodega you’ve never stepped
Turmoil for these things come very has over 15 years in the beverage. Man, I could go on the instant release of foot in, and you can pick the
organically, in various ways and on about this topic. To dopamine and serotonin that EXACT, perfect liquid for the
Passion, what is it? What throughout my day to day food and beverage be frank, if you’ve never had for me, makes me rush back occasion. You can take the
does it mean? The Latin root life. industry, as well as a a sip of a drink or a bite of for more. For centuries local politician and a
“Passio” means to suffer or former Tour Manager for food that dead stopped you civilizations have been bricklayer, two people you
have an intense desire. To Let’s break those down a national touring artists for in your experience, and literally breaking the bread, would never in your life
borrow a quote from one of bit, as I’m sure you’re 7 years. His interests and made you go “oh S**T” then for many reasons.The act has imagine would have a thing in
my favorite cinemas “ Did thinking “ hey man, I like all pieces will cover a wide you haven’t experienced it. ended wars, built friendships, common. Now take a bottle
you know the Greeks didn’t those things too!” So let’s variety of topics ranging Yes, in the beginning food and signed off on business of lets say, Cabernet Franc,
write obituaries? They asked start with music. from music & art, food & and drink were forms of deals in a manner that a between the two of them
one question after a man fashion, to mental health sustenance, a means of stuffy conference room and by the time that bottle is
died, ``did he have passion?” Music to me is a language and self awareness. survival.As time went on, we could never. empty, the bricklayer is now
that supersedes any other found ways to create, to the new contractor for the
So as the author of this other language. At a young holiday, because it meant I adapt, to elevate. We took My personal favorite local park being laid down.
piece, I pose the same age music came and spoke to got to see everyone and it something basic from an drink, wine. There is
inquiry, do YOU have me in a way that nothing else wasn’t always as often as I animal, or a “scrap” like the something of an old school, My point in closing is
passion? What is your had. That feeling has grown had hoped. Sisters, brothers, liver and suddenly you have a forgotten romanticism of simple, passion has no face. It
passion? Are you actively with me for decades. When cousins all are our first phenomenal patte. Patte is a wine. This is one of the has no color, creed, race,
chasing, honing, and creating many other things seem to friends; even if they didn’t spread, you can find it oldest drinks, this was at one sexual orientation, or
with that passion or desire? fail me, I can scrounge have a choice. Family is your amongst many charcuterie point considered safer to motive. Passion is organic,
If not, why? These are all valid through my vinyl collection first support system, the drink than water in many passion is one of the
questions I feel we should be to find the perfect song or ones you bonded over strongest emotions you
asking ourselves on a regular album that speaks what I sports, food, gatherings, and could ever feel. If you haven’t
basis, and then answer them can’t always seem to convey hardships with. This passion felt that strong push of
honestly and without bias. into words. is as organic as they come desire, you need to search
for it and keep searching.
For me answering that Moving on, let’s tackle Now, let’s chat about Once you’ve found it, never
question begs for a complex, family. Now I know I’m not arguably my biggest passion lose it, keep chasing it. A life
yet all the more simple alone when I say, family is (sorry mom, sorry records I devoid of passion is in my
answer. For me, my passions absolutely a huge thing for opinion, nothing short of a
are pretty cut and dry. I have many people, as it should be. slow crawl of existence, a
a passion for music, art, I come from a big family, means to an end.
fashion, family, and a deep which means I grew up with
rooted passion for the food people all around me.
and beverage world. I find Christmas was my favorite

Upcoming events discover their unique The 5k race takes place on wanting to host a trunk or the Haunted Trails of
features. Advance the paved running path treat stop should register Hawthorn Hollow. Explore
Haunted Simmons Tour place over the two days, registration required. Each around Lake Andrea. Packet for tickets. Otherwise, those the woods on this guided
October 22nd-23rd, visit the listed website to night has 4 half-hour pickup at 4pm, race starts at just looking to attend do hike where they share scary
Sessions available 5:45pm- register. sessions. 5pm. All ages welcome. All not need to have tickets. stories, local lore, and more.
7:45pm participants receive a finish
Simmons Library Dinos in the Dark Kenosha Comedy Club medal and t-shirt, prizes for Howl-O-Ween! Ghost Hunting (18+)
711 59th Pl • October 22nd & 29th, welcomes Patti Vasquez best costume! October 29th, 6:30pm.Price: October 29th, 9pm-11pm
groups each hour, 5pm-9pm October 22nd & 23rd, 8pm Free- Northside Library, Price: $20 / $10 Friends of
Are the rumors true? Is Dinosaur Discovery Kenosha Comedy Club at Underwater Pumpkin 1500 27th Ave the Kenosha Public
Simmons Library really Museum, 5608 10th Ave, Wyndham Garden Hotel, Carving Dress up your pet in their Museums
home to the supernatural? 262-653-4450 5125 Sixth Ave • October 24th, 1pm, Price:$5 Halloween best for a pet Dinosaur Discovery
Come out for this updated, Diver Dan’s Scuba & Aquatic costume contest (human Museum 5608 10th Ave •
spooky version of their $10 general public; $5 Center, 3927 39th Ave costumes encouraged too).
behind the scenes Simmons Friends of the Kenosha Dia De Los Muertos Pumpkins must be pre- Paint a mini-pumpkin, visit Visit the museum after
tour, complete with staff Public Museums October 23rd, 1pm-4pm gutted (cleaned).  All carving the KPL Book Truck, learn hours to hear spooky
reports of ghostly sightings The dinosaurs will come Price: Free must be completed about local pet resources stories of strange
and more. Five sessions take alive in the shadows as you Kenosha Public Museum, underwater in the time and more. happenings. Explore possible
5500 1st Ave • allotted. Pumpkins can be evidence of the paranormal,
GRAPHIC DESIGNER NEEDED 091621 pre-marked. Prizes will be Candlelit Halloween Hike including pictures and EVPs
Free family fun! Celebrate awarded. Pre-registration October 29th, 6:30pm- captured by real life ghost
PART-TIME POSITION AVAILABLE Day of the Dead at the necessary by Oct. 23rd, call 8:30pm Price: $6 / Friends hunters. Advance
museum. Learn about 262-652-9399. Can’t make of Pringle Members: $4.50. registration required.
A QUALIFIED CANDIDATE SHOULD: traditions surrounding the it? Check out their live feed Pre-registration required.
• BE FAMILIAR WITH APPLE COMPUTERS holiday, make ofrendas by finding Diver Dan’s on Pringle Nature Center at Racine Zoo Halloween
• HAVE KNOWLEDGE OF DESIGN PROGRAMS (offering or altar), play Facebook. Bristol Woods Park 9800 Glow
Mexican games, and create 160th Ave • now - October 31st
SUCH AS QUARKXPRESS AND PHOTOSHOP paper crafts for celebrating Fall Fest 2021 This program is self-guided Sunday - Thursday dusk-9pm
• BE DETAILED ORIENTED at home. October 24th, 11am-1pm, and family-friendly.. Pre- Friday - Saturday dusk-10pm
Price:$10, Italian American registration is required by 4 Price: $5, 2131 N Main
EMAIL YOUR RESUME AND PORTFOLIO TO Kid’s Spooktacular Society of Kenosha, 2217 pm on October 28th; NO Street, Racine (262) 636-
[email protected] Saturday 52nd St WALK-INS. Choose from 9189 •
October 23rd, 10am-Noon [email protected] one of three start times and Halloween Glow allows
20 SMART READER October 21, 2021 RK News Hallmark, 5914-B Food, games, and fun for the register early, as space is guests to enjoy an
75th St • rknews- whole family - children are limited. Please dress for the enchanting Halloween encouraged to come in weather, bring your face experience from the
Their wonderful story teller, costume. Reservations covering, and leave lights at comfort of their own
Miss Lisa will be reading recommended. home to make the vehicle.Tickets are only
books throughout the experience better for available at the gate (cash
whole event. Kids can pop Herzing Trunk or Treat everyone! and credit cards only).This
in anytime to listen to a October 28th, 5:30pm-7pm is a drive-through only
story, make some crafts, and Price: Free, Herzing Haunted Trails Night Hike experience, no walking
participate in activities. University 5800 7th Ave, October 29th, 7:15pm-9pm allowed.
(262) 293-5475 Price: $10-$15
Scary in the Prairie 5k Join Herzing University and Hawthorn Hollow. 880 For more great local events,
October 23rd, 4pm other community members Green Bay Rd • hawthorn be sure to bookmark
Price:$25 RecPlex, 9900 for a family-friendly, trunk or - for
Terwall Terrace treat event! Those that are Celebrate Halloween with everything Kenosha!


Get your 10,000 Kenosha. It's never too
early to start – or finish –
steps in Kenosha your holiday shopping! If
nothing else, you can get
with Meridith Jumisko some ideas and return later
to make your purchases
Visit Kenosha is an photo - when you're not out for a
organization that promotes walk! Sixth Avenue alone
the Kenosha Area to key Meridith Jumisko is One of the routes is a Southport Light Station will bring you back to the includes such places as
travel markets in the Public Relations Director Lake Michigan one. This Museum, and our most harbor area where you Total Cyclery, Jockey
Midwest using a number of may come as no surprise to popular beach in the began. Factory Store, Sandy's
strategies including print at Visit Kenosha. you, but the Lake Michigan summertime. Popper, To & From Gift
and digital advertising, Contact her at shoreline, and the many The distance of this Shop, A Summer's Garden
social media, e-marketing, [email protected] parks that adorn it, Florist, Mike Bjorn's
public relations, and comprise the #1 attraction You'll continue on suggested route is 4.6 Clothing, Duck Duck
customer care efforts. We will make exercise time in the Kenosha Area. Nearly Goose Children's Shop,
always have been and will more fun! It is suggested 90 percent of our lakefront through Downtown miles. To complete your Bellissima's Boutique, and
continue to be a resource that 10,000 steps is a good is publicly accessible and House of Nutrition &
to community members as target number of steps to features free parking, Kenosha and HarborPark steps: Visit the Southport Wellness. EQUINOX
well.Whether you are fairly reach daily for the average beaches, bike routes, and botanical boutique and Blue
new to the Kenosha Area person. This loosely yes walking paths! This where you'll find sculptures Lighthouse (open House Books are among
or a long-time resident, translates to about five route takes you around the the shops on Sixth Avenue
you'll find our website miles. Armed with a digital Kenosha Harbor to on display, two museums, seasonally), Kenosha Public "A". Beyond Sixth Avenue and our pedometer or mobile Simmons Island where you are still more shops!
Kenosha Area Visitors device, you can enjoy many can enjoy two lighthouses, and plenty of great photo Museum, and The Civil War
Guide to be quite helpful! attractions in the Kenosha the Kenosha History The 10,000 Steps routes
Area.We encourage you to Center, the seasonal opportunities. As you head Museum to get a few flights are at
For instance, our website stop and enjoy all the great
has both a Blog and a Trip things around you while farther south, you'll pass by of stairs in! There are 72 Find details on local shops,
Ideas & Itineraries section you walk on. attractions, events, outdoor
that are full of ideas on how Wolfenbuttel Park, which is steps to climb the recreation, restaurants, and
to Be A Tourist In Your more at
Own Town. For one named for our Sister City lighthouse, and about two- You'll also find our Fall
itinerary, we've done the 2021 / Winter 2022 FUN
"leg work" for you and in Germany before you dozen steps at each of the 101:  101 Things to See &
come up with a variety of Do in the Kenosha Area for
10,000 Steps routes that circle Library Park (one of museums. $10 & Under (Many are
our four historic districts). May I also suggest you
stop and browse at some
A stroll along Sixth Avenue, of the shops in Downtown

the heart of Downtown,

Will you bubbly, interested and parts of Alzheimer's
involved, to lethargic, dementia that we haven't
remember me? complacent, contained, touched on, like financially
bored and frustrated over preparing or things that
by Carolyn Serpe such a short time.  you can do to slow down
Remembering that they the effects of the disease,
Do you wake up in the Carolyn Serpe is a were respected members but those will have to be
morning and know where Kenosha native whose of society during their lives for another time...when we
you are?  Do you recognize family owns The Lettering and are now just a shell of actually figure them out
your loved ones?  Do you Machine in Downtown the person they used to be, ourselves and can fully
remember how to use a Kenosha. She has been is extremely important.  discuss.
spoon to eat your manager at the shop since Continuing to respect
oatmeal?  I do.  But her parents purchased it them as people is just one Do you have a loved one
unfortunately, some people from the previous owners thing that we can do to that is suffering from this
are not as lucky.  One of back in 2002. Carolyn is a help them through this horrible disease?  Please
these people is very near mom to 3 beautiful girls transition in life. share any tips/tricks you've
and dear to my and a wife for 10 years to got. cserpe.blogger@
Grandmother.   her handsome husband There are MANY other
Chris. Carolyn welcomes all
I consider myself, and my to her crazy journey in life photo submitted by Carolyn Serpe
children for that matter, and about how she tries to
beyond blessed that we still your loved one to that Unfortunately, this DELIVERY HELP NEEDED
have all of my balance it all. helps trigger memories and Part-time position available
Grandparents with us.  I works on their motor degenerative brain disease to deliver Happenings Magazine.
have written about them all and accelerated her Alz.  skills.  
in a past article about the She regressed slowly at runs in our family.  But • Must be a dependable individual w/your
foundation of a family.  This first, but then very fast.  The hardest part we have own vehicle & automobile insurance
time we are talking about a Everyday that we call or found is getting my fortunate for us, there is • Must be available on Wednesday
disease that is affecting one visit, we pose the question, Grandma the proper care
of my wonderful "Will she remember me she needs.  Working with early testing to see if we afternoons & Thursday mornings
G r a n d m o t h e r s .  today?"  "Worldwide, 50 the ADRC and KAFSI as • Must be familiar with Kenosha
Alzheimers dementia.  million people are living well as some other have the gene that carries • Must be able to lift & carry at least 50 lbs.
"Alzheimers's is the most with Alzheimer's and other organizations help, but it is
common form of dementia, dementias" (Alzheimer's ultimately up to you to Alz.  It is not incredibly
a general term for memory Association), so what she is make sure that the
loss and other cognitive going through is not facility/program is what you accurate, but it may be able
abilities serious enough to uncommon.  There are are wanting for your loved
interfere with daily life" - many support groups to one.  A memory care wing to help us prepare as best
Alzheimer's Association.  help those with the disease is very important when you
And boy has it affected her as well as their family have a family member as we can, although that
daily life.   members.  In town here suffering from Alz.  They
there are ADRC and KAFSI focus on keeping them doesn't take away the
In a nutshell, about 5 to name a few.  Both occupied and stimulated. 
years ago, my groups offer many options They also understand how emotional pain of this
Grandmother fell and hit for help and support, from horrible this disease is and
her head.  This triggered a therapy/coping groups to have loving compassion for disease.  For the person
couple brain aneurysms events that you can take their patients.
that has to go through this,

waking up everyday with

less and less memory,

understanding and HDapeplievneirnygs

functionality is the hardest.  Fill Out An Application At
1420-63rd St., Kenosha, WI
Watching a loved one
Mon. - Fri. 11am - 4pm
completely change in front

of you and eventually not

know who you are is also

the hardest.  My

Grandmother went from

incredibly independent, 121919

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Those great old September 2021
Court Report
bike trips
by Joe Campolo, Jr. Truman E Andrews IV & Jamie J Andrews
Duane Arrington & Brook A Arrington
When I was a kid, our Joe Campolo Jr. is an photo submitted by Joe Campolo included Simmons Beach, Stephanie M Ash & Anthony W Ash
bicycles were our life lines award winning author, Pikes Creek, Petrified Keith Aulds & Annette C Aulds
to the world. From the age poet and public speaker. Kenosha, back in the day. Springs, and the Teapot Steven D Bailitz & Rose M Bailitz
of eight, and on into high He is known for his three We’d spend a couple hours Woods. If there were no Ashley K Ball & Mark F Ball II
school we depended on our award winning books The swimming the beaches places to lock our bikes, we Boyd Becker & Mandy Becker
bikes for both work and Kansas NCO, Back to the along there and then head had to keep an eye on them, Anne M Borchert & Randy S Borchers
recreation. World, and his most home. and sometimes they would Ryan M Bronk & Arielle K Fritz
recent publication Three still get swiped. When that Jennifer Carrubba & Jeffrey Carrubba
Many of us had paper Wars. A United States Air Sometimes we’d ride our happened, we would all go Teresa A Danko & Devin J Kawa
routes as kids. My brother bikes all the way out to looking for the culprits and Gina M Edwards & Kevin A Edwards
and I had bikes equipped Force Vietnam War Paddock Lake in Kenosha try to get the bike back as Sol Feleison & Javier Feleison
with side baskets to carry veteran, Joe belongs to the County. Highway 50 wasn’t quick as we could. Usually, Hanna L F Escobedo & Stephanie Fontaine
the papers to our VFW,The American Legion, nearly so busy back then the bikes were stolen by Arleth Garcia & Jorge A Ortiz
customers. After our paper the Kenosha Area Vietnam and it wasn’t a bad ride. other local kids, and after a Anita Gil & Mnieczyslaw Gil
routes were done, we’d Vets (KAVV), and Vietnam Whenever we’d take these few days we’d find the David J Golownia & Karen K Golownia
often go fishing or long rides to swimming stolen bike abandon Esther Gomez-Garcia & Roberto C Castillo-Macias
swimming in Lake Michigan Vets of America (VVA). spots, we’d be completely somewhere. Sometimes Ryan Graf & Holly Graf
or the Lincoln Lagoon. air dried before we got we’d find them damaged and Brian Hicks & Cassie Fletcher-Hicks
(Fishing only) The side For more from Joe, visit back. would have to do some Sarah N Hylinski & Jamison M Hylinski
baskets in our bikes would his website repairs, other times we’d Jeanna L Jackson & Daniel J Jackson
now contain our fishing One kid in our find them with wheels or Nicole M Landry & Timothy L Landry
poles, bait and tackle boxes, neighborhood had relatives other parts missing. Delia Laughlin & Robert Laughlin
and/or our swimming on Lake Shangri-la, in Joshua N Lawell & Heidi L Lawell
trunks and towels. cobbled up a couple of thin Kenosha County. We’d ride Riding to school one day, I Sarah O Leonard & Frank B Leonard III
tire bikes for my brother out there, taking highway C, managed to get hit by a car. Debra M LeWand & Norman A LeWand
My dad worked part time and I. One speed, coasters, almost all the way. It took I banged up my knee a little Taneeka M Lopez & Jason R Lopez
at Tyson’s Sporting Goods they were much faster (and quite awhile to get there and totaled my bike. Taking Blake M Lyons-Sylvester & Megan A Schroeder
Store, repairing bicycles. He cooler) than our old and had a couple of killer full advantage of the Adam J MacDougall & Rebekah J McDougall
also repaired bikes at home balloon tire tanks. We hills along the way, but was opportunity for sympathy Jamila Magee & Eric T Magee
for all the neighborhood painted them ourselves and always a good time. The kid benefits, I got Dad to build Jason S Mayberry & Irene U Mayberry
kids and anyone else who added accessories like fancy whose relatives we went to me a newer, better bike in Theresa J Minkowski & Robert C Minkowski
asked. Repairing bikes was pedals and better seats. A see had a “stiff hub” set-up just a few weeks. Laura M Moddes & Mark A Moddes
more of a hobby for him few of our neighborhood on his bike. That meant the Heather L Nelson & Susan M Siel
and he did it mostly free of buddies were quite hub and pedals turned Despite a few accidents, Aaron G Sanderson & Shannon A Sanderson
charge. industrious, enhancing their constantly, with no thefts and other mishaps we Shauntell R Shavers & Tommy L Shavers
bikes all the time. It was opportunity to coast. The had a great time riding our Megan M Stewart & Paul M Stewart
Many of us rode our bikes hard to keep up with them, bikes that had them were bikes, all over Kenosha and Karen F Trujillo & Gilbert R Trujillo
to school, weather but we tried. fast, but it was a bear Kenosha County. I still ride Donna A Yngve & Daniel A Yngve
permitting. We’d lock them pedaling them non-stop for today, although with a
in the bike racks and Besides swimming and those long distances. When “Grandpa” style bike…and DUI’s
sometimes tear home on fishing nearby, we also took going down steep hills he the rides are pretty short. Barwick, Christopher J. Greendale,WI. OWI (1st)
them for lunch. The kind of many long bike trips, usually had to take his feet off the Bellomy, Goebel L. Kenosha. OWI (1st)
bike you had would add or during the hot summer pedals as they spun so fast. Colin, Xavier. Kenosha. OWI (1st)
subtract to your standing in days. Carol Beach was one Crane, Hannah J. Kenosha. OWI (1st)
the school hierarchy. Those of our favorite spots and Our other destinations Dodge, Jamie L. Kenosha. OWI (1st)
of us with old balloon tire we’d ride all the way down Eiserman, Nicholas C. Pleasant Prairie. OWI (1st)
tanks, sucked wind to where Joe Louis had his Gahart, Mark J. Burlington. OWI (2nd)
compared to those who had home when he trained in Gomez, Arturo. Kenosha. OWI (1st)
the thin tired speedsters. Gonzales, Alejandro. Kensoha. OWI (2nd)
And if you were a rich kid Henke, Benjamin A. Chicago. OWI (2nd)
with one of the new ten Jackson, Derrick J. Kenosha. OWI (2nd)
speeds, you were golden! Jacowski, Cory J. Mt Pleasant. OWI (3rd)
James,Westely H.Waupan,WI. OWI (2nd)
After a few years my dad Karl, Jack Jd. Iron Ridge,WI. OWI (3rd)
Simmons, Latreese. Milwaukee. OWI (1st)
Susan Tatay of Kenosha is the winner of our recent coloring contest sponsored by Donovan Scherer’s Studio Moonfall, Klug, Angelica.Waukesha. OWI (1st)
5031 Seventh Ave. Susan takes home $100 cash, a $50 gift certificate to Choo-Choo Charlie’s, 5414 13th Ave. and $100 Korcal,Thomas J. Pleasant Prairie. OWI (2nd)
in gift certificates to upcoming Happenings events of her choice, including the Kenosha Comedy Club (! Luckett, Arttacgo A. Zion, IL. OWI (1st)
Congratulations to Susan and thank you to everyone for taking part in our coloring contest! Marron,Todd M. Kensoha. OWI (4th)
Meyers, Jack G. Kenosha. OWI (1st)
Donovan Scherer’s Studio Moonfall is a bookstore, art studio, and publishing company with well over 100 titles of Mims, Roman E. Chicago. OWI (2nd)
illustrated novels, coloring books, and more.Visit Studio Moonfall to enter a world of fantasy, horror, science fiction, Neermann, Andrew C. Kenosha. OWI (1st)
and mischief! Nelson, Casey O. Pleasant Prairie. OWI (2nd)
Newman, Douglas A. Kenosha. OWI (1st)
Krakow,Timothy C. Chicago. OWI (1st)
Salcedo, Samuel. Racine. OWI (1st)
Savage, Melvin S. Bristol. OWI (2nd)
Sinozich, Jarrod A. Kenosha. OWI (3rd)
Soto, Allen. Glenview, IL. OWI (3rd)
Spruille, Luster B. Prairie du Chien,WI. OWI (5th/6th)
Subido, Mauro L. Gurnee. OWI (1st)
Sullivan, Zackary W. Kenosha. OWI (1st)
Teasley,Terry D. Pleasant Prairie. OWI (3rd)
Tornovish, Ronald D. Kenosha. OWI (2nd)

22 SMART READER October 21, 2021 FOR ADVERTISING RATES CALL 262-564-8800

Look Who’s Getting Married!

Marriage Licenses Jeffrey J Fredenburg SR082419
& Shannon D Covey
October 4th - 15th, 2021 Benjamin M Wipper & Kelly L Lang Wedding Cakes
Lucas J Habeeb & Bethany A Rosner
Nicholas F Maier-Larsen & Nicole M Reis Kyle A Wise & Amber A Rattina Ours Come in all shapes, sizes and prices.
Fabio Perasso & Kayleigh D Mallek Ian V Sommer & Kristina M Haines We’re creative yet cost effective.
Aaron M Griffith & Nicole A Hadlock
Christopher S Harris & Kristy L Spitzer Johnny R Plunkett & Carolyn J Mitchell Being Sweet to You Is Our Business!
Ethan E Berg & Brielle J Gunderson Aubrey A Reynolds & Regina M DeFalco
Dominick A Grano & Kendra M Wallner 3526 Roosevelt Rd, Kenosha, WI 53142 (262) 652-3984
Richard O Baumgarten & Yvonne Besyk Dustin O Beth & Courtney A Herriges
Dennis J Pearson III David A Fuhrer & Jillian G Birkholz Catering For Your Big Day!
& Samantha P Shaffer Travis M Ketterhagen & Kristi L Rodgers
Sloane K Hagen & Jayna L Rouse Affordable & easy and oh, so good!
Casey P McGrain & Katelyn I Tarpey Ronnie Steakhouse Jr & Ashley L Parks
Logan D Matthews & Areli A Luengas Daniel E Figueroa & A Joan Parkkonen We offer buffet service or as SR102220
Harley J Karaway & Rosena J Gladden simple as pick up and go.
Harold E Nicodem Jr & Heather D Clinger Lynn K F Koehler
& Alexandra V E Huffman Ask for Guy to help 2 Meats Buffet
John W Ohm & Londa L Rowlette plan your next event
Cirinio A Perez & Natividad S Benitez 5617 - 6th Ave. Includes:
Paul M De Luisa & Jennifer J Becker Kenosha (262) 945-4270
Brian A Gard & Jennifer L Salisbury [email protected] • Potato or a pasta
Elijah E Roanhaus & Kandi J Wheeler 657-7673 • Italian green beans
Jorge E Gonzalez & Michael S Marinello M-F: 9AM-5PM • Fresh garden salad with
Joseph R Perry & Nicole M Kalinka Sat: 10AM-2PM
Delivery Available dressing
Alexander J Carr & Kayla L Pech • Italian bread and butter
Zachary A Pulver & Caryn E Gezzer
Daniel J Spencer & Madisyn M Wulf 13$ 95

Samuel A Rail & Andra J Grosse Starting at Per Person
Ryan P Uttilie & Samantha M Ornig
Minimum of 30 people

DT2019V1 Hwy. 50 & 317th Avenue (262) 945-4270

MOVIE POSTERS, COMIC TYPING. I am an experienced person. Must have own car, insur-
BOOKS, LP RECORDS, VINTAGE ance, good driving record and a
FREE CLASSIFIEDS! TOYS, HORROR VHS, HORROR legal secretary with excellent typ- willingness to deliver the best pos-
MEMORBILIA, SCIENCE FIC- sible product to our customers.
TION PULPS & MAGAZINES, ing skills wanting to type for you at Hourly wage plus tips. Full or part
VIDEO STORE PROMOTIONAL time. Immediate employment for
ITEMS. PH 262-237-0318 home. Please contact Alicia at the right person. Please apply in
CARGO TRAILER ENCLOSED 4' person at either the Racine (262-
X 6' or 5' x 8" Andrew Phone 256-658-4484. 634-8988) or the Kenosha (262-
262-237-0318 697-2233) Marcos Pizza location!!
TAX & BOOKKEEPING. 30 Years Hope to see you soon!
Employment/Opportunities • Lost & Found • Miscellaneous CLASSIFIED DEADLINE IS MONDAY, experience Audits handld enrolled organize spaces. Call Kellie at
• Real Estate • Rentals • Rummage Sales • Vehicles • Wanted NOV. 1, 2021 AT 12 NOON 262-455-5551 at J & K Cleaning
agent appointment only call 262-
E-mail your 170 character classified to: [email protected]
Please include your contact information in the classified.
(Name and Phone number / e-mail address) First 3 words will be boldface type. CAREGIVER SELF-EMPLOYED

NO ANIMALS. • NO PERSONALS ALLOWED. live-in caregiver with 20 years

SERVICES. experience giving 24 hr. care refer-

DRUM LESSONS Private instruc- ences. Looking for job. If you need

tion. Band, orchestra, marching me, please call Teresa 262-497-

and drum set. Rock and many 0502.

other musical styles. Learn to read CUT AWAY GRASS Edging to RENTAL/REAL ESTATE

music. Call Tom for details. 262- last - not stringline - will help 1.4 ACRE BUSINESS lot for sale

818-2869. drainage. All with cleanup and haul in Lake Geneva, Wisc., 139.3 X

PROFESSIONAL LED TEETH away. Just call 262-654-2509. 409.11 ft with sewer and water.

REMINDER: PLEASE RESUB- FOREIGN BEER BOTTLE and dryer. Must be in good working WHITENING for a fraction of the YARD CLEAN UP Junk, brush, 189,000 or B.O. Call Al at 224-814-
ISSUE. Maximum 3 Listings Per COLLECTION 100+ $1125Call order. [email protected] price! $99 at cabana tan spa. call dog waste, anything to haul away. 9690 or e-mail to [email protected]
262-764-0831 LOOKING FOR NURSES Aid for to book: 262-843-2411. 20 minute Just call262-654-2509. SENIOR LOOKING TO
RABBIT CAGES (2) Large, Very in home care. Call Barbara 262- session = a bright white smile! I AM LOOKING FOR WORK as: RENT/SHARE home with Senior
CONVERSATIONALIST GROUP - good condition, with food and toys. 455-3953 Home caregiver, cat sitter, seam- Home Owner. Reduce your taxes
German or are enthusiastic about $30. Call 262-657-6049. WANTED TV REPAIR & antenna NURSING CARE stress, babysitter, running errands. and/or mortgage. Vaccinated
the German language and culture,
come and join us. There are no TOW DOLLY 2010 Master Tow tilt service to access TV cable lines & /CONSULTATION: $35.00/hour. I am available Monday-Friday. If Veteran willing to do chores,
membership fees and attendance
is whenever you are available to bed tow dolly. Model 80THDSB. antenna needs; apt 3rd floor, ph Call or text to (262)758-1974 you are interested in an of the errands, and driving. Safe driver,
join. Meetings will be held in the
Kenosha and Racine area. This is Asking $650 PH 262-694-1345 847-340-3446 FAST COMPUTER SERVICE positions listed please contact me insured, knows the area.
an excellent group to practice
speaking German as members' 5' X 12' DOG KENNEL metal, WANTED FOR MY APT leaning including network support, spy- at 224-565-8882 (Gayle) References provided. Please call
language skills are from beginners
to advance and we all have a good $350. 262-456-1962 lady once / month for semi-dis- ware removal, upgrades and PC 1-866-PIANIST PIANO TUNER Ron at 847-340-3446 or 262-729-
time. Please contact me if you are
interested in joining - Susan Blust GENUINE LA-Z-BOY abled veteran; 700 sq ft, 1 bdr/1 repair. For friendly service with a 17 years of experience in Racine, 7330
at [email protected].
ROCKER/RECLINER, Recently bath, ph 847-340-3446. smile, call Vikkex today! Phone Kenosha, Walworth, & Lake Co.
re-upholstered for $800. Excellent WIS REALTOR: vet needs to (262-694-7746) VEHICLES0
NATIONAL O-RING service kit, kit
#OK311 Call Robert 262-654- condition. $395 obo. 310-770- share your house in consideration BABYSITTING YOUNG LADY AFFORDABLE HOME 95 CAMERO CONVERTIBLE
4653 Green & tan top; major engine
BIRD FEEDERS, bird houses, 1065 of rent & other assistance on a good with kids can watch 1 or 2 HEALTHCARE services. 1 hour restoration & other accessories; no
Suet feeders for sale Call Robert emissions testing; classic car value
262-654-4653 TILE-TOP TABLE white, wooden monthly basis; willing to provide children call 262-620-4745 minumum 24 hour care is avail- for right future owner; $10K ph.
73" X 73" OAK ENTERTAIN- 847-340-3446
MENT CENTER 2 pieces. Lots of legs, 29" square, $49. 262-456- transportation (perfect driving House cleaning woman + a bucket able. Call 262-358-5619 for more 2011 NISSAN VERSA 128k NIS-
display areas $100 obo Panasonic SAN VERSA SEE IN KENOSHA
26"TV works great $50 obo Many 1962 record), contact Ron at 847-340- - reliable, dependable. Also clean information On services available. AT 4121-7TH. AVE. 53140 RUSS
antiques to sell, make an offer 262-237-1343 CALL OR TEXT
Linda Putrow 262-694-3554 TALL WOODEN STOOLS black 3446. vacant houses. Call for estimates - work NICE GAS SAVER
[email protected] 2004 TOYOTA COROLLA LE , sil-
with backs, 4. $80. 262-456-1962 WANTED IN TWIN LAKES AREA Sandy 262-221-2289 HAVE YOU RECENTLY had sur- ver, good condition, new tires, A/C
recharged, new starter, regular
SALOMON SX52 LADY SKI teen to help disabled vet with mis- HOUSES AND OR business sun gery of just want to start your day maintenance. 188,400 miles.
$4,500. 262-654-1869 leave mes-
BOOTS Fits woman's foot size cellaneous home and yard proj- shine klean is having a special this with a water program with a heated sage or 262-220-4208.

71/2.Gently used. $99 firm. Email ects, must be good worker and month for first time customers free pool at Jane Vernon school? 6:00-

your interest to me at mechanically inclined. upholstery cleaning with at basic 7:00 AM Contact Linda (262) 654-

[email protected]. Approximately 10/week for cleaning for only $39.95 262-287- 6485

2 BRAND NEW HANKOOK $10/hour. If interested call 262- 5103 AFFORDABLE CAREGIVER

TIRES P185/65x14 $55.00 Both 374-2222 CNAS TO JOIN wellness team at SERVICES for All Ages $18 HR.

FOR SALE Kewpie Doll Collectible SENIOR LOOKING TO Barton of Zion, five star assisted To inquire Call 262-358-7057

$50 OBO Call 262-771-8764 RENT/SHARE home with Senior living. Send resume pdifore@bar- HOUSE KEEPING YARDWORK

AN Home Owner. Reduce your taxes apply within at at least 8 per wk more if you can

and/or mortgage. Vaccinated 3500 Sheridan Road Zion, IL do more. Good pay good people.

WANTED. Veteran willing to do chores, 60099 847-872-1500 Must have good references, good

VINTAGE 40S LIONEL Silver errands, and driving. Safe driver, FREE HOME HEATING Fuel Oil background.
Streak 8 piece electric train. Also
tracks & 0ther Lionel cars and insured, knows the area. Removal I will remove your [email protected]
items **$1,000.00 **252 620-4301.
LOOKING FOR REASONABLE References provided. Please call unused home heating fuel oil for NOW HIRING DRIVERS Looking
priced portable stackable washer
Ron at 847-340-3446 or 262-729- free..clean and safe . Inquire about for a few good smiles to join our

7330 tank removal also ... 262 818 1967 teams at the Racine & Kenosha

WANTED TO BUY: VINTAGE ..ask for dave Marcos Pizza locations. No experi-

ence needed-we will train the right

FOR ADVERTISING RATES CALL 262-564-8800 SMART READER October 21, 2021 23

Stop by and enjoy a meal SR102220 Fellowship Baptist Church
at the Boat House!
We serve a wide selection of FOR FAMILIES FOOD GIVEAWAY
seafood and freshwater fish
4917 - 7th Ave. Harbor Side SAT. OCT. 30TH





1700 89TH STREET,

Senior Citizens
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Wisconsin For
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1-800WeSayOk (937-2965)

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