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Sometimes a FREE
little job can
quickly turn November 14th - December 11, 2019
into a much Volume 19 - Issue 11
larger one. ‘Ask
the Builder’ Tim Scott Grundy, owner and broker of
Carter will help RealtyPro Professional Real Estate
that anxiety 4 Group, says that NOW is a great
time to invest in real estate!

The latest technology can Kenosha continues to grow! If you are a current business
help detect water leaks in owner, or someone looking to start a new one, take a closer
your home 6
look at this optimal new business office/retail space with
You can buy your thousands of potential customers traveling on Highway 50
own home with-
out draining your
savings accounts 14

PLUS • Area Property Listings
• Monthly Mortgage Calculator
• Kenosha County Home Sales
• Financial Q&A

A prime opportunity in the expanding

Highway 50 business distrcit

other services the city was businesses have been established, and

missing just ten years ago. now this location offers a prime

Personally, as a Kenosha opportunity for a new business to enjoy
resident who lives and works in success.

the city, it seems like every time I The existing building (11,000 sq. ft.),

drive down Highway 50, there is which formerly housed LeMay, is

a new restaurant open, a new already in the process of becoming

retail store, or a hospital has built home to the GI Associates Surgical

a new clinic - and the people are Center - already the largest

there, in droves. To say that the gastrointestinal practice in Wisconsin,

area is growing is an as well as one of the largest in the

understatement - it is exploding nation.

with development. Just east of the Surgical Center is an

If you are a current or potential all-new strip mall. Community State

business owner, now is the time Bank has already signed on to be the

for you to take that step and anchor of the strip, but two smaller

The traffic never stops along Highway 50 outside of consider locating your business areas are prime spots for an up-and-
this new strip mall!
along this alluring strip. coming business owner. Offering 5,000

It’s no secret that total square feet of
Wisconsin’s economy is on opportunity, this space would
the rise, and growth is be perfect for a retail store, a
expected to continue. Even lawyer’s office, or a dentist.

before FoxConn was With thousands upon

announced to be coming to thousands of cars

the area, Kenosha and consistently traveling along

Racine counties, both part of Highway 50, the customers

the very busy I-94 corridor will already be just outside

connecting Milwaukee and your store, all you need to do

Chicago - has seen a drastic is deliver great services to

upswell in the number of win them over.

developments in recent To take advantage of this

years. superior opportunity, call

According to the Kenosha Scott Grundy, Broker/Owner

Business Alliance, Kenosha of RealtyPro Professional Real

County has seen an Estate Group, at 262-308-

additional 11 million square GI and Associates Surgical Center and Community State Bank 1484 to discuss you options.

feet of development and $1.5 are the two anchor businesses in this new development By Jason Hedman

million in capital investment Back in 1977, Highway 50 This all-new modern business space is perfect for
since 2013. looked very different. And for your small office or retail shop!
those of you who remember, that
Although the recent news of the is actually quite the
upcoming closing of K-Mart in Kenosha understatement. But it was back
may seem to damper our shopping then when Gary’s Campers
options, it is undeniable that our cities moved out to this location, which
major successful commercial districts offered plenty of space to
are heading west, particularly along our showcase their RV’s. Fast forward
historic Highway 50 between Green Bay a few decades later and it was the
Road and the Interstate. home to day care center, and even
more recently the LeMay Auto
The old timers might sadly reminisce Group.
about the days of businesses lined up
along 52nd Street, but today, the shift Now this area, formally located
has moved over to Highway 50. As a at 8304 75th Street, has gotten a
bedroom community, Kenosha has full makeover, becoming an
redirected its focus to the thousands of essential strip mall along
citizens who utilize the I-94/Hwy 50 Highway 50. The anchor
interchange on a regular basis with
dozens of new shops, restaurants, and


A fast moving and always changing
market is just what Scott Grundy
likes to see in real estate!

Scott Grundy, owner of the RealtyPro This Thanksgiving we pause
Professional Real Estate Group, offers to reflect on the many
up years of solid experience and
delivers on the details to create the blessings bestowed upon us
best customer service to each one of throughout the year.
his clients.
Your business is
In his previous career in the banking greatly appreciated!
industry, he knew that banking wasn’t
for him and sought after his Real Melissa
Estate license. Roach - Zievers

When he first started as a realtor, he Office: 262-925-3091
Cell: 262-945-1018
Scott Grundy realized that he had found his career
calling, “I love helping clients get into Email: [email protected]
• Broker/Associate
their dream home,” he told Home Plus. • Sterling Group
• HUD Certified Agent
After just a few years, Grundy’s excellence was recognized 111419
as he earned his Brokers license in 2006 and was rose to MONTHLY MORTGAGE CALCULATOR
President of the Southshore Realtor Association.
With this chart it’s easy to compute what your monthly mortgage payment would
When asked about running his own brokerage, Grundy said, be. Multiply the factor by the number of thousands in the loan amount to calcu-
“It is a 24/7 job, but I love working with all the agents in my late the monthly payment.
office. I can honestly say I have some of the best agents in the For Example:
area. In our office, we have the team approach and everyone 30-year mortgage of $80,000 at 7.0%, multiply 6.66 x 80 = $532.80
is always there to help out. Real estate is a fast moving
industry. We pride ourselves in being customer friendly and Intrst Rt 30 Yrs 15 Yrs 10 Yrs
very detailed to the transaction. That’s why we receive so
many referrals from past clients and we are very thankful for 3.00% $3.37 $5.52 $7.72
all of them.” 3.25% $3.48 $5.62 $7.81
3.50% $4.49 $7.14 $9.88
Grundy says that the market today in Kenosha is “booming.” 3.75% $4.63 $7.27 $10.00
4.00% $4.77 $7.39 $10.12
“Realtors have had record years with all the new 4.25% $4.91 $7.52 $10.24
development. The area is definitely growing, especially with 4.50% $5.06 $7.64 $10.36
mortgage rates still historically low. It’s a great time to invest 4.75% $5.21 $7.77 $10.48
in real estate. The only real issue now it the lack of home 5.00% $5.38 $7.91 $10.61
inventory.” 5.25% $5.52 $8.04 $10.73
5.50% $5.68 $8.17 $10.85
“Last year, most of the homes we sold were at list price or 5.75% $5.84 $8.03 $10.98
above. This past summer, inventory was tight and homes 6.00% $6.00 $8.44 $11.11
continued to sell fast.”
And with RealtyPro, they won’t forget you after the sale of
the home; they are fully prepared to help you on ever step.

“RealtyPro takes pride in making sure our buyers and sellers
have all the information they need: whether it’s mortgage
questions, inspections, testing, lenders, or attorneys; we are
always here for them during the entire closing process.”

In 2017, Grundy was awarded with the SRA Realtor of the
Year, partially due to his devotion to customer satisfaction. “A
real estate agent’s day does not end at 5 p.m.,” he said. “I
make myself available all hours of the day and weekends.”

When he isn’t helping his clients find their dream home,
Grundy enjoys spending time with his family and friends —
including seeing his daughter, a senior at the University of
North Dakota whenever he can; and rooting on his son, a
player in the United States Hockey League.

For all your real estate needs, call Scott Grundy and his team
at RealtyPro at 262-653-9820, or visit their website at

By Jason Hedman


Ask The Builder with Tim Carter

Installing border strip makes hardwood
repair less conspicuous

My wife, Kathy, thinks I'm nuts. I talk to people on elevators. porcelain ceramic tile.
Talking to strangers is interesting to me, and I believe that's one
reason I jumped at the chance in 1994 to host a two-hour call-in Greg wanted to talk through his options, and I laid out the pros
home improvement radio show in Cincinnati. and cons of each kind of flooring. Not only is the extra cost of
hardwood an issue in that marketplace, but the probable lack of
Each week homeowners would call in and ask me for help. I skilled labor to install hardwood is also a reason the builders don't
thrived on the friendly back-and-forth and the challenge of like to offer it.
answering their questions live on the radio. The show lasted for
12 years before I hung up the headphones. Their new home is going to have an open floor plan, a change
from their current layout, and Greg thought that they had to stick
A month ago, a good friend of mine reached out and said that I with one tile design across the entire home.
should get back in front of the microphone, but offer the helpful
service to homeowners all over the USA. "Tim, it's time for you to I recommended that he visit some large tile showrooms that
start your own Ask the Builder podcast," he said. have large areas of tile installed where you can see the flooring. I
know of at least two stores like this where he'd be able to see tile
Podcasts are on-demand radio. You get to listen to whatever floors that have borders, medallions and complimentary tile
audio content you want on your own terms. There are thousands touching one another.
of different free shows about every possible topic out there. You
can download them to your smartphone, tablet or computer. My thought was that he could introduce stunning border tile to
set off different sitting areas in the rooms. Different types of tile
I launched my podcast last week, and it was a blast. It's only can create certain moods or compliment furniture or cabinetry in
about 30 to 40 minutes long and the first one included two calls a room.
and a story about a mistake I made years ago and how I learned
from it. You'll discover how to save time and money with each If you want to hear these discussion -- plus the personal
story, no doubt! anecdote, which I call "Humidity and the Black Goo" -- go to my
podcast page at I
The first call on the podcast was with Jill. She had a throw rug promise you're in for a treat!
in her kitchen in front of her dishwasher. That's fairly common.
My wife and I have one in front of our kitchen sink and it's wide By Tim Carter
enough that part of it extends in front of the dishwasher. Subscribe to Tim's FREE newsletter and listen to his new

Jill's dishwasher developed a very tiny leak. The rug, however, podcasts. Go to:
kept the leak hidden from her because she wears shoes in the
house and never felt the slightly damp rug. When she picked up HP
the rug to wash it as she normally does, Jill saw the damaged
hardwood floor.

The problem was made worse by the fact that Jill's hardwood
floor extends into other rooms of the house ,and she didn't want
to replace the entire floor. What a job that would be! Jill wanted
to know if there was an easier fix.

I recommended that she might think about cutting out part of
the kitchen floor in front of the dishwasher and cabinets and
installing a decorative border back away from the cabinets about
18 inches.

A simple strip of wood of a different species would look fantastic
to outline this area. It's a design that reminds me of my youth. My
aunt was a nun, and I remember as a small child going to visit her
at the convent each Sunday. In the magnificent old home where
the nuns lived the hardwood floors all had borders at the edges of
the rooms.

One benefit of installing a border, and then new flooring
between the border and the cabinets, is that if there's a leak again,
just the flooring inside the border has to be replaced. I say this
assuming the leak is caught in time.

You may be interested in my second conversation. Greg and his
wife are building a new home in San Tan Valley, Ariz., a suburb
southeast of Phoenix.

They both love the look and feel of hardwood flooring, but the
builders in Arizona discourage it. The houses there are built on
concrete slabs, and installing traditional 3/4-inch-thick hardwood
presents significant challenges. The builders promote large-format




New home tech can help guard against
water infiltration

Ilyce Glink Several months ago, we went to the
International Home and Housewares Show in
Chicago. There were a couple of companies
showing off their latest technology for detecting
water leaks in homes.

Water infiltration is the bane of a homeowner's
existence. If you're not worried about torrential
downpours, hurricanes, ice dams or hail, you're
worried about basement seepage, broken water
mains, dripping pipes, exploding hot water
heaters and the damage all of that (plus mold)
might cause.

Samuel J. Tamkin If you think it can't happen to you, welcome to to install it.) This device also will send you an email alert and
homeownership -- or vacation homeownership. allow you to monitor your water usage on your smartphone.

One of Sam's clients once had a vacation home about two hours A third type of device is mechanical with remote sensors. The
from Chicago. When that client went to the home after a long sensors can detect leaks and sends a signal to a water shut off
winter, he found that the entire basement was flooded with eight mechanism at your water main to move the valve to shut off the
feet of water in the basement that had been sitting there for weeks water supply. (Guardian Leak Prevention System with three leak
due to a burst pipe. detectors sells for around $400, and you can install it yourself.)

And, closer to home: A couple of years ago, our sump pump Each system has its own drawbacks. The Moen system detects
electric outlet failed during a storm and shut off power to the a leak but doesn't tell you where it is, and you have to spend a
sump pump. That caused some minor damage to the carpeting in bit of money to get a plumber to install the system for you. The
the basement. A different time, the water line to the ice maker Guardian system is for people who can do the plumbing work
broke off and leaked into the basement. More damage. And still themselves, but it only works on system where the shutoff valve
one other time, the line to the water filter under the kitchen sink is not part of a water meter or other complex pipe system, is
broke off and sprayed water all over the place. easily accessible and has no twists or turns. And the SimpleSence
detectors will tell you where the leak is, but there's nothing you
Each time, we were around when the water leakage occurred, can do if you're not at or near the home.
and we were able to cut the water off before there were any real
problems. Sam had installed water sensors around the home that In Sam's tests, the SimpleSence detector worked well, was
had given us warning on some of these events but in others, we pretty easy to install and sent both text messages and emails
were sitting right there when they happened. We were lucky. when it detected water. But the system is pretty expensive if you
need one by every potential water source. The same goes for the
Ilyce's mom lives on the 35th floor of a condo building. One day, Guardian system, as it comes only with three detectors, and
while she was out, the water line to her filtered drinking water in additional detectors will cost about $49 apiece.
the sink broke. Four hours and many gallons of water later, she
was able to turn off the water. By then, water had flowed through Just recognize that each of these systems has its limitations. For
several floors of the building, causing significant damage. example, Sam wondered what would happen if he left the hose
on a slow drip to water a flower bed overnight. Would the Moen
The good news is that today's wireless technology might be able system would shut off the water to the entire home the next
to either alert you instantly that there is a problem, or even shut morning? The company says that its artificial intelligence learning
off the water main automatically or remotely. system is quite sophisticated and will avoid those issues. (We
weren't able to test it.)
Some of these devices sense water and send off an audible
alarm along with a text or email alert so whether you are home But our guess is that soon all of these products will include
or away you get the alert. One device we've been testing is the artificial intelligence, wireless notifications, remote monitoring
SimpleSence Leak Detector. (Each sensor goes for around $60.) and helpful data analytics.
These devices only detect the water leak if that water leak ends
up touching the device, so the placement of the device is crucial. And, in the end, having something to help catch a leak before it
becomes a tsunami of problems is a lot better than nothing.
The company sent us two devices to test. In most homes, the
areas of concern for water would be under sinks, next to the Ilyce Glink is the author of 100 Questions Every First-Time
water heater, or adjacent to sump pump and ejector pits, Home Buyer Should Ask (4th Edition). She is also the CEO of
refrigerator, other water filter connections, etc. If you have a Best Money Moves, an app that employers provide to employees
larger home, you might need a couple dozen devices to detect to measure and dial down financial stress. Samuel J. Tamkin is
water leaks.
a Chicago-based real estate attorney. Contact Ilyce and Sam
It works well -- if the water leaks enough to touch the device through her website,
and if you're at home to go and shut off the water. But what
happens if you get the alert and are on vacation? What do you do? HP

There are other water detection and shut-off devices that use
artificial intelligence to detect water leaks in a home. If the device
detects a water leak, it shuts off the water to the home. (Flo by
Moen sells for between $450 and $499, plus the cost of a plumber


Margaret Jacobson

Broker Associate, GRI, CRS, ABR,
Cell 262 496-1212
Email [email protected]

Asistente que habla español! 6905 Green Bay Road, Alexander Feuker
Anita Rosales Suite #104 Kenosha, WI
262 925-3012 Sales Associate-Buyer Agent
Cell 262 818-2185
Margaret Jacobson-RE/MAX Newport Elite
Email [email protected]
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0 7th Street All Properties Listed
Kenosha, WI in WI & IL for
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15307 73rd Street I’m your SRES®.
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3821 17th Avenue
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5332 55th Avenue HAP NG
CERTIFIED Solving the
foreclosure NOVEMBER 14 - DECEMBER 12, 2019 HOMESPLUS Page 7
DISTRESSED crisis one HP111419

PROPERTY homeowner

EXPERTS at a time

A Beautiful Home Ask The Builder with Tim Carter
In One Of The Most
Desirable Neighborhoods DIY plumbing
$359,900 unforeseen challenges

Well Maintained 2-story home with 5 bed- Q: I have to install some new water supply lines in my home. My
rooms and 2.5 bathrooms in the prestigious current home has copper water supply lines. I'm intrigued by the
Peterson’s Golden Meadows subdivision. plastic PEX material, but it seems too good to be true. Using PEX, I'd
Huge eat-in kitchen, Den/office first floor. only have a joint in my basement and then up at the shutoff valve
Brazilian hardwood flooring. Ceramic Tile. at the fixture. Hard copper requires many more fittings and lots of
Easy access to I-94. soldering. What's been your experience with both materials, and
what would you use in your own home? --Victoria C., Grand Rapids,
FOR 3.75%! Mich.

A: I've been a master plumber since age 29. The good news is I've
got deep experience with both copper and PEX water supply lines.

I could write an entire book on the topic of copper vs. PEX water
lines. There's that much information to know about both products
when considering the pros and cons to each. Another thing to keep
in mind: There are different types of plastic PEX piping and different
systems. Having said that, I'm going to give you the Cliffs Notes
version. You'll be able to make a sound decision for sure.

I cut my teeth as a young plumber using copper. PEX hadn't been
invented at the time. Plastic PEX tubing first was introduced into the
USA market as a radiant floor heating product in the 1980s. Just over
20 years ago, in the 1990s, PEX started to appear as piping material
for use in domestic potable drinking water supply.

Copper is a time-tested water supply line material, but it's not
immune to trouble. There are places in the USA where the water
chemistry is aggressive. The water can dissolve the copper and cause
pinhole leaks and other catastrophic failures. Copper is also liable to
splitting if the water in tubing freezes and expands.

Copper is easy to work with. Believe it or not, a homeowner with
just a little practice and inexpensive tools can cut and solder copper,
creating leakproof joints. It may seem intimidating, but I recorded a
video years ago showing how to solder copper in just minutes. You

See PLUMBING on page 12 for more


The Spirit Of The Season Makes
Us Especially Thankful For Our

Many Clients And Friends
Like You!

Steve Simonovic Ron & Diana Dahlberg

LIC #:50511-094 262-657-1171
[email protected]
CALL TODAY (262) 620-3107
Page 8 NOVEMBER 14 - DECEMBER 12, 2019 HOMESPLUS HP101719


2019 Honor Society

Jerry Black Rose Bogosian Steve Bostrom Alicia Chovan Dave Corban Mike Fisher Marc Frisco
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Steve Last Shanna O’Connor Pete O’Connor Jill Olbrys Grace Parrish Mary Perrine Patricia Reed
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Humanitarian of Associates
the year Realtor
Humanitarian of of the year
the year

Ryan Reed Larry Stenholt Donald Trottier Nick Wipper Felicia Pavlica Michael Gniot Dave Corban
Mastermind Re/Max Re/Max Lake to Lake Realty Re/Max Newport Shorewest Coldwell Banker

Realtors Newport Elite Newport Elite Elite Residential

2020 SRA Board of Directors

Alicia Steve Andrew Marc Frisco Dave Mike Michael Carol Scott Brad Trick HP111419
Chovan Bostrom Hay Treasurer Corban Fisher Gniot Hawes Kirschner Director
President Director Director Director Director
Vice President Director
HP President Emeritus


Attempting to refinance a low mortgage
balance may be difficult

Ilyce Glink Q: Is it wise to refinance my mortgage if it has shorten the term of the loan, you've hit a homerun in terms of a
a balance of just $26,000? The loan was for 30 refinance deal and you should go for it.
years at a fixed interest rate of 7.5 percent. I
purchased the home and took out the loan in We realize that not every refinance can be a homerun, and you
1996. My payments each month include may have good reason to trade off a longer loan term for a lower
insurance and taxes. interest rate. If that's the case, you should focus on offsetting the
costs of your refinance with the monthly savings over a short
A: Given that mortgage interest rates have been period of time.
below 4 percent for more than 10 years, it's odd
that you're asking about refinancing now. You'll have to do some legwork to know what will be right for
Unfortunately, given that you are 21 years into you. What we can tell you is that in the past many of our readers
your 30-year loan, we doubt that you'd see much have complained that they can't get lenders to help them out on
benefit by refinancing. a refinance when the loan balance is less than $50,000 to $75,000.
Lenders may not make enough money on this size loan to make
Samuel J. Tamkin It isn't that we don't think getting a loan at it worth their while.
today's interest rates wouldn't benefit you. They
You might get lucky and find a lender willing to help you out or
would. It's that the cost of refinancing a home loan may outweigh find a loan product that suits your needs. Just remember, you're
the benefits of refinancing. And, you'd be refinancing such a only nine years away from paying off the loan. If you refinance
(relatively) small amount of money, that few lenders will be into a new 30-year loan, you'll be adding 21 more years of loan
willing do the work to refinance your mortgage without charging payments. To compare apples-to-apples, you have to make sure
you an outrageous amount of money. you understand what you will pay to refinance the loan, what
your monthly loan payment will be, and what your monthly loan
At this point in your loan, you are paying off more principal payment will be to end up paying off the loan over the same time
than you are paying interest and the cost of refinancing the loan as your current loan.
may approach $2,000 to $3,000. It will take you a long time to
offset the costs of refinancing with a lower interest rate on a It won't be easy, and you may just find out that you are
$26,000 loan. currently on the lowest cost trajectory now given the balance of
your loan and the time left to pay it off. If you find out that it will
In the past, some readers have suggested obtaining a home cost you more money for any alternative, you should calculate
equity line of credit or home equity loan because you might not how many payments you'll save by simply applying those fees to
have any fees to pay to obtain the loan. This might work for some your current loan balance.
borrowers, but typically rates on those loans are variable and the
interest rate may not be that much less than what you're already Good luck.
Ilyce Glink is the author of 100 Questions Every First-Time
Having said all that, you might want to talk to a mortgage Home Buyer Should Ask (4th Edition). She is also the CEO of
lender, a mortgage broker and a local bank or savings and loan to Best Money Moves, an app that employers provide to employees
see what loan programs they might have that could work for you. to measure and dial down financial stress. Samuel J. Tamkin is

Our rule of thumb for a refinance is if you can lower the interest a Chicago-based real estate attorney. Contact Ilyce and Sam
rate, realize a lower payment (excluding what you pay for taxes through her website,
and insurance since that should be the same for any lender), and




Plumbing continued from page 8

NEWPORT ELITE can watch it on my website.
Larry Stenholt
The issue with copper is that it
7520-39th Ave. • Kenosha, WI 53142 takes quite a bit of time to install a
(262) 945-1465 • water line from one part of a home
to another. You might have five or
3+ acres located on the more fittings to get from point A to
corner of Green Bay Rd & point B. Each fitting requires you to
cut and clean the pipe, clean the
Bain Station Rd fitting, apply flux and solder.
Working with a hot propane torch
Located in the Village Of around wood can be dangerous.
Pleasant Prairie. Countless house fires have been
started by plumbers and DIYers who
Zoned Commercial. Very high underestimate how fast a torch can
daily traffic count. ignite nearby combustible
$349,000. materials.

6 Unit Motel on Chippewa River There's a newer system to attach fittings to copper tubing without
solder. The fittings have a rubber O-ring inside them and an
Over 200 feet of river frontage on 16 acre parcel. Includes 2 bdrm owners quarters. 6 units total. expensive tool crimps the fitting onto the end of the tubing to make
Additional workshop and garage bldgs. $269,900 Call Larry a leakproof connection. I doubt you can afford to purchase the
required tool. The fittings are also expensive compared to those you
Campbell Woods solder.
1/2 Acre Wooded
PEX tubing is a magical material. For the most part, you install it
Sellers are looking for like you'd run an electric cable from a circuit-breaker panel to a wall
offers! outlet. You snake the PEX tubing through floors and walls from a
manifold or adapter in your basement or crawlspace and then end
Beautiful upgraded homes are the tubing at the fixture. There are no joints at all that can leak
in the between the two points.

subdivision I prefer the Uponor PEX system. You create a leakproof connection
using a small PEX collar that slides over the end of the tubing. A tool
Page 12 NOVEMBER 14 - DECEMBER 12, 2019 HOMESPLUS is used to expand the PEX so it can slide onto the end of a fitting. It's
far easier to create a joint using PEX than it is using copper, and I
created a "Connect PEX" video at my website to show you just how
easy it is to do.

HP111419 The PEX tubing has a memory and wants to go back to its original
shape, so it starts to squeeze very hard onto the ridges on the fitting.
After a short time, it's impossible for me to try to pull the tubing off
a fitting. I've never ever had a leak with PEX tubing.

Another benefit to PEX is its resistance to splitting when water
freezes inside the tubing. In my current home, which I did not build,
a second-floor water line to a sink always freezes in bitterly cold
weather because the builder and plumber goofed up installing the
PEX. The tubing has never split and leaked.

You can purchase electric tools that expand the PEX, or you can use
hand-powered versions. Cutting the PEX accurately is important and
a simple hand tool cuts the tubing square and perfectly each time.

You can install PEX as you would a traditional copper system,
where a larger-diameter pipe supplies water to all the fixtures as the
large line snakes through the house. Or you can install a separate
water line from a manifold to each fixture. The manifold method
ensures you have no hidden joints or fittings hidden in walls or
ceilings, but you end up using much more tubing material.

I'm a big believer in PEX. And because it's so easy to install, I'd use
it in any new home I'd build. I just installed over 6,000 feet of hePEX
in my daughter's home for radiant heating, and I installed about
1,500 feet of PEX for her hot and cold water lines. We went with the
manifold system because I didn't want any hidden fittings anywhere.

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October 2019 Kenosha How to Buy A House
County Home Sales Without Draining Your

Brighton 6318 57th Ave:$110,000 Savings47th Ave:$99,900
825 312th Ave:$1,075,000 9920 74th St:$106,000
Bristol 3921 70th St:$103,000 7520 118th Ave:$5,297,300
12400 Bristol Rd:$422,500 1012 38th St:$95,000 (NewsUSA) - Erin, who
15400 75th St:$270,000 Paddock Lake 9610 39th Ave:$175,000
10223 196th Ave:$230,000 6712 250th Ave:$165,000
7955 Williamsburg Ct:$217,000 7112 250th Ave:$150,000 8581 Lexington Pl:$150,000 works at Duke University in
18938 83rd Pl:$355,000 6116 248th Ct:$325,000
9721 Lakeshore Dr:$630,000 Durham, North Carolina, had

8049 98th Cir:$446,000 been toying with the idea of

3700 107th St:$265,000 buying her first home. She was

11421 8th Ave:$235,000 32 years old, and was very aware

8420 204th Cir:$314,000 6120 242nd Ave:$240,000 914 114th St:$152,000 that the Durham housing market

8014 198th Ave:$159,900 7711 241st Ave:$204,000 9011 24th Ave:$143,000 was heating up.
8216 198th Ave:$150,000 6017 241st Ct:$188,000
21108 122nd St:$126,000 6329 248th Ave:$173,500 9916 3rd Ave:$103,500 "I figured if I was going to buy
19206 101st St:$25,000 24901 69th Pl:$167,000
Kenosha 6501 235th Ave:$140,000 Randall a house, I'd better do it sooner
2614 23rd Ave:$199,900 68th St:$41,000
6905 67th St:$91,000 68th St:$41,000 33103 120th St:$315,000 rather than later because prices just kept going up,"
5216 32nd St:$342,000 6238 237th Ave:$37,000 39221 87th St:$186,000 explains Erin. However, with only $7,000 in savings at
1822 13th Pl:$340,000 6428 236th Ave:$200,000 38904 90th Pl:$155,000 the time, she felt she didn't have enough money for a
9216 61st St:$329,000 6922 250th Ave:$195,000 35829 90th Pl:$150,000 down payment. But the timing became a dilemma for
6149 111th Ave:$305,000 24933 74th St:$269,900 11911 344th Ave:$43,500 her. Should she wait to save more money for a house
3107 29th St:$299,900 6411 248th Ave:$172,000 Salem Lakes
6206 94th Ave:$284,900 24900 73rd St:$155,500 that would probably cost more in a year? Or, use all
4415 88th Pl:$220,000 Pleasant Prairie 11734 242nd Ave:$325,000
2623 27th St:$212,000 9932 48th Ave:$525,000 12000 259th Ave:$300,000 her savings to buy a house now - at the risk of leaving
5920 83rd St:$190,000 4715 98th St:$451,000 211 North St:$$270,000 herself with no funds for a rainy day or future
717 79th St:$189,900 10216 80th St:$435,000 23614 122nd St:$550,000 expenses?
1806 22nd St:$180,000 11337 42nd Ave:$375,000
6531 42nd Ave:$180,000 343 108th St:$334,000 12010 259th Ave:$310,000 The answer came when Erin visited the new home
5237 31st Ave:$179,900 7386 52nd Ave:$279,900 9910 269th Ave:$300,000 of a friend who had used a down payment assistance
22025 117th St:$255,000 program to purchase her house. Her friend explained
23330 84th St:$210,000 how down payment assistance programs give first-
1050 Eastwood Dr:$200,000 time homebuyers money to pay for a portion or all of
their down payment, with some programs even
202 Depot St:$165,000

27111 115th St:$158,000 helping with closing costs.

3217 14th Ave:$170,000 8719OldGreenBayRd:$260,000 29714 Wilmot Rd:$155,000 While there are more than 2,500 down payment

3227 14th Ave:$170,000 9620 39th Ave:$259,900 27541 94th St:$70,000 assistance programs available throughout the country,
2406 46th St:$158,000 6710 Meadowlands Dr:$190,000
2714 24th St:$157,000 4244 97th St:$800,000 23503 127th Pl:$50,000 Erin decided to apply for the same state-offered
2929 72nd St:$154,800 3390 115th St:$415,000
3530 10th Ave:$152,500 8315 W Ridge Dr:$415,000 11928 250th Ave:$392,500 program her friend had used.
4202 18th Ave:$151,700 8838 3rd Ave:$340,000
6706 36th Ave:$149,900 4504 116th St:$301,000 22134 Salem Rd:$300,000 The program, called North Carolina 1st Home
6209 33rd Ave:$140,000 8737 2nd Ave:$297,000 11916 255th Ave:$244,600 Advantage Down Payment, makes homeownership
4016 11th Ave:$133,000 11100 3rd Ave:$285,000 131 Cogswell Dr:$140,000 more affordable for state residents. It offers down
921 69th St:$132,500 11415 22nd Ave:$248,000 30418 82nd St:$115,000 payment assistance of up to 5 percent for FHA, VA and
7303 18th Ave:$130,000 8042 104th Ave:$200,000 8909 257th Ave:$532,900 USDA loans, and up to 3 percent for a conventional
6102 14th Ave:$128,000 6710 Meadowlands Cir:$167,000 11852 218th Ave:$355,000 loan. And because Erin had a decent credit score and
1413 61st St:$128,000 1030 116th St:$140,000 11852 218th Ave:$355,000 met the program's income limit, she qualified.
1413 61st St:$128,000 8055 Lexington Pl:$137,500 24928 113th St:$353,000
Erin received down payment help in the form of a
27321 93rd St:$285,000
8525 234th Ave:$250,000 zero-percent, deferred second mortgage. As long as
28703 Silver Lake Rd:$246,500 she doesn't sell or refinance the house for 15 years,
26825 110th St:$174,900 her down payment assistance will be forgiven,
APPLIANCE meaning she won't have to pay it back.
123 Elm St:$160,000

PARTS• Washers 11745 231st Ct:$95,000 Once Erin knew she was eligible for help with her

• Ranges Somers down payment, she earnestly began her home search.

• Dryers • Water 4015 47th Ave:$140,000 She found a historical 3-bedroom, 1-bath home that

• Refrigeration Heaters 4401 1st St:$210,000 was built in 1925. The price of the home was

• Furnaces • Air Conditioners Twin Lakes $152,000. She used conventional financing with

Largest in Stock Selection In Town 634 Gatewood Dr:$160,000 private mortgage insurance because she was putting

Normal Business Hours 1130 Medinah Way:$236,500 less than 20 percent down. With her 3-percent down

M-TH 8:30am 5:00pm F 8:30am-4:00pm S 8:30am-noon 3010RichmondParkDr:$151,000 payment assistance ($4,560), Erin successfully
Call before you stop by
139 Lance Dr:$500,000 purchased her home in 2016.
1213PointOWoodsDr:$285,000 "And, I didn't have to use all my savings!" says Erin.
262-657-7329 Homestead Dr:$43,900
HP021H4P11901118 Plus, she's built up equity over the last two years due
2601 ROOSEVELT RD. 2208 Matthew Ave:$339,900 to home values going up.
Wheatland Aside from the financial perks of owning her own
37067 55th St:$325,000
home, Erin enjoys other benefits. "I've got so much

The information contained herein is provided for general information purposes only. If any of the above information is mate- more space for the money than when I was renting,"

rial or being utilized to determine whether to purchase the property, the buyer should personally verify same or have it con-

firmed by a qualified expert. The information to independently verify and confirm includes but is not limited to total square says Erin. "And I like being a permanent part of the
footage formula, total square footage / acreage figures, land, building or room dimensions and all other measurements of
any sort or type. Equal housing opportunity listing. Copyright 2018 by Multiple Listing Service, Inc. Prepared by Southshore neighborhood and getting to know my neighbors."

REALTORS Association, Inc.


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