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Smart Reader 121919

Smart Reader 121919

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December 19, 2019 Volume 17 - #27



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Tues.-Sun. 4-9PM Felice
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Alec Cabacungan, spokesperson for
Shriners Hospital for Children, is
proud to bring awareness to all

You may recognize 17-year-old Alec Cabacungan Alec has been going to the Chicago Shriners Hospital for treatment since
from the various commercials for Shriners Hospitals 2002. Since then, he has made great progress thanks to receiving
for Children that have aired nationally.Alec, a patient of customized treatment from our rehabilitation specialists. Alec receives
Shriners Hospitals for Children — Chicago, has intravenous (IV) infusions of pamidronate, a medication that slows down
become a popular television star, been interviewed on the process of bone resorption and improves bone mass. He also routinely
numerous national news and talk shows, and has visits the hospital for physical therapy, and has had several surgeries.
captured the hearts of many with his adorable smile
and charming personality. Alec is quite the active Thanks to the health care system’s focus on improving the quality of life
teenager. From playing wheelchair softball and of patients and families, Alec has developed a level of confidence that has
basketball, to assistant coaching tee-ball, he loves just opened up a world of opportunities.
about any sport. However, because he has osteogenesis
imperfecta (OI), also known as brittle bone disease, Over the years,Alec has been a tremendous voice for Shriners Hospitals
Alec’s approach to his favorite activities is a little for Children, and has appeared in numerous national commercials,
different. representing the many patients whose lives have been changed forever by
the health care system. He has also been a featured guest on many
OI is a genetic bone disorder characterized by fragile television shows, sharing his appreciation everywhere he goes.
bones that can frequently and easily break, which can make it hard for Alec to participate in
sports.The underlying cause of OI is a lack of collagen – or abnormal collagen – in the bones “Without Shriners Hospitals for Children, I wouldn’t be able to dream as big as I do,” said
that prevents them from absorbing appropriate minerals and developing correctly. Alec. “I know anything is possible because the staff remind me all the time that I can do
whatever I set my mind to. I live a full life because of Shriners Hospitals.”

Alec Cabacungan is just one incredible mission of Shriners As a famous spokesperson, helping me live out my dreams. Take five
of many children who have Hospitals for Children. It truly have your televised with Alec
benefited from the hope and brings me joy to inform people commercials had an impact What motivates you to be
healing found at Shriners of the amazing wrap-around on your daily life? so positive about life? Q: What is your favorite
Hospitals for Children and he care they bring to the over 1.4 sport?
joined The Smart Reader for this million children served. My life has changed and hasn't As I've gotten older I have Basketball and football
exclusive Q&A. changed at the same time. I think noticed that my situation is not Q: What is your favorite team?
What do you find the biggest impact is just being as bad as others. Whenever I The Chicago teams -
Tell us a little about challenging about being the noticed everywhere I go, even at feel down, I think about all the Bears/Bulls/Cubs/Blackhawks
yourself Alec/ Where are you national spokesperson? the movies or the marke,t good things that have happened Q: Who is your role model?
from?  What are your people recognize me. Don't get to me and I try to help others Derrick Rose, Ernie Johnson,
interests? In my opinion the most me wrong, I love it! feel the same way. some Shriners that have been
challenging thing about being the apart of my life. And many more
I live in Chicago, Illinois with "spokesperson" is that it's hard I'm extremely grateful for all What do you hope to people.
my parents. I am a senior in high for me to balance all the the recognition I receive but it's accomplish as the national Q: What is your favorite
school getting ready to go to requests for appearances not just me. I have a great spokesperson for Shriners movie?
college. If I'm not at school or between the Shriners temples support system that helps me Hospitals for Children? Remember the Titans
helping Shriners Hospitals you and the 22 hospital locations, I and I work with a great Q: Who is your favorite
can find me on a basketball want to be at everything production crew that makes me My number one goal has musical artist?
court with my best friends possible and it's challenging for look really good. always been and will always be I'm a fan of every genre of music,
playing for hours. me to not be there all the time. to help more and more kids get but my favorite artist has to be
What impact has Shriners the best quality of care. Drake.
What do you like about What are some of the most Hospitals had on your life?
being the national memorable moments you What are your future plans
spokesperson for Shriners have had as spokesperson? Shriners Hospitals for after you're done with high
Hospitals for Children? Children has given me a life school?
I'll always remember the first where I can live without any
My favorite thing about being time I got recognized for the limitations. They have given me College for sure, but keeping
the spokesperson is that I get to commercials and feeling so medical help since I was 2 my entertainment industry
bring awareness to the happy. months old and now they are options wide open.

Choo Choo Chicago. the children they serve. opportunity to help out our great cause.
Charlie’s now That’s a combination we think people will be
Charlie’s “This is a fantastic opportunity for us to “This could become a model for Shrine all-aboard for. It’ll be a day to remember not
Shriner Diner branch out in fresh ways to help children,” clubs across the country,” Kenosha Shrine just for the children,” Gename said, “but the
said Dan Winter, development officer the Club President Jim Gename said. “We’ll be whole community.”
Choo-Choo Charlie has traded in his hospital. “Charlie’s is a well-known brand in giving people good food while giving them an
Kenosha as a place for kids to have fun and
conductor’s cap for a fez. The mascot of the eat classic American food. We think it will
become an even more popular destination
downtown Kenosha train-themed kids’ with parents knowing they are helping boys
and girls get life-changing medical care just by
restaurant began donning the traditional eating a meal.”

burgundy hat that signals membership in the The restaurant continues to serve
authentic comfort foods kids crave – and
Tripoli Shriners last month when Choo- while the trains that have become its
hallmark will also remain, the décor will be
Choo Charlie’s was rechristened Charlie’s changed to include photographs and
information about Shriner’s Hospitals and
Shriner Diner. Half of all profits from food

and beverage sales now benefit the young

patients at Shriner’s Hospitals for Children in

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Carmichael Communications 1420 63rd Street, Kenosha, WI 53143

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December 19, 2019 - Volume 17 Number 27

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Vaping bans: How one health crisis
prompted a crackdown on another

Some promising trends fall Caily Stoyanov talks about her life-threatening vaping experience at Revere High School on Oct. 22, 2019, in Richfield, Ohio. Some schools, colleges, and cities hav
short of real progress. banned the flavored nicotine cartridges believed to be most alluring to teens.
Vaping – once considered
safer than cigarettes – has teens most commonly use e-cigarettes although often in market research firm for the cannabis industry. “This is the
emerged as a public health
harm for teens and adults. combination with cigars, chewing tobacco, and other equivalent of people dying and going blind from bathtub gin
Has the dearth of research
sent solutions up in products. during alcohol Prohibition.”
The Vapor Technology Association, representing the legal The outbreak of lung injuries spread so quickly that
he online vape store looks legitimate: It warns away those nicotine part of the industry, is suing Massachusetts, arguing researchers are still unsure what has caused it.The CDC has
under 21; a customer chat box pops up when you open the its ban on flavored tobacco products will be detrimental to pointed to Vitamin E, which is used to thicken the THC-
home page; there are online coupons, even a Black Friday sale, its members and that a better solution would be to raise the containing liquid before it is heated, as a potential problem.
for the cartridges filled with marijuana ingredients. legal age for smoking from 18 to 21. But as quickly as it spread, the crisis may have already peaked
as new reported cases decline.
But you can’t pay with credit cards, only cash transfers The industry has had some success with its lobbying
(Western Union or Zelle), gift cards (Amazon or iTunes), or efforts. In September,White House officials publicly said they See VAPING BANS on page 6 for more
bitcoin. And the brand the store specializes in – Dank Vapes were moving to ban most flavored e-cigarettes nationwide.
– is probably counterfeit, says the U.S. government. But in November, after a pushback from vape-shop owners El Fuego Gyros
and vaping enthusiasts in person and on social media
This unregulated, gray-market corner of the vaping industry (#WeVapeWeVote), President Donald Trump backed away Gift MEXICAN AMERICAN CUISINE
plays a large but underrecognized role in a pair of public from the plan.
health crises that are rapidly tarnishing the image of vaping. Certificates Dine-in or Carryout SR110719
Once thought of as helping to wean adults off of smoking, The uproar caused by the THC devices, made by unknown
vaping is increasingly viewed as a menace, enticing teens to people containing unknown substances, has hurt sales of Gyros, Burgers, Tacos, Fish Fry & Much More
try smoking with cool-looking e-cigarettes and fruity and nicotine-vaping companies.“There has never been a stronger
other alluring flavorings. argument in favor of legalization and regulation,” says Troy Al’s Super Burrito $6.49
Dayton, CEO of The Arcview Group, an investment and
The substantial rise in teen nicotine vaping threatens to With latin rice, beans, cheese, sour cream,
undo decades of progress in reducing teen smoking. But the $28 Eye
epidemic that has caused the most alarming health effects Exam fresh tangy salsa wrapped in flour tortilla.
may well stem from adults using vaping devices to inhale
marijuana rather than teens finding new ways to get nicotine. Your choice chicken, beef or gyro steak $6.99

These twin crises, overlapping and intersecting at El Fuego Special Burger $8.49
vulnerable places, such as schools, are testing researchers and
policymakers alike as they search for solutions. 3 quarter pound patties, American
cheese, gyro meat, bacon, grilled onion
“It’s a mess,” says Dan Romer, research director at the
Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of & Jack Daniels BBQ sauce.
Pennsylvania.“The whole thing is wrapped into a whole lot of
uncertainties, because we don’t know if vaping or other liquid 262-656-0887 |
nicotine is safe. ...We’re in a regulatory no-man’s land.”
2828 75th St. | Inside the American gas station
Until recently, vaping was considered safer than smoking.
Instead of burning tobacco or marijuana plants, creating tar Back To Merry
and potentially other toxins, e-cigarettes or vaping devices School Christmas!
warm up liquids containing nicotine or tetrahydrocannabinol
(THC), the mind-altering compound linked to the marijuana Expires 10/31/19. Eyeglasses exam $49 without purchase of eyeglasses. See store for details. 082219
“high.” But since the spring, public health officials have
contended with a fast-moving epidemic of vaping-related lung $18 Eyeglasses Place
injuries and fatalities.
554-1121 • 3701 Durand Ave.
This epidemic has led to a backlash against teenage nicotine
vaping, even though the main culprit appears to be THC Coolant Oil Change
vaping by adults. Of the 48 fatalities and nearly 2,300 cases Flush
requiring hospitalization, the large majority involve THC and Synthetic Blend
those over 18, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease NOW
Control and Prevention. More than half the cases specifically & Filter
involved Dank Vapes marijuana cartridges, which the CDC $4999
says “appears to be the most prominent in a class of largely $2299
counterfeit brands … that is used by distributors to market Up to 2 Gal. coolant. Most makes
THC-containing cartridges with no obvious centralized & models. Expires 1/1/20 Call for appt. Up to 5 quarts
production or distribution.” 520 or 530 • Expires 1/1/20

The other crisis, involving teenage use of legal nicotine 7850 Sheridan Rd. SR121919
vaping devices, has drawn far more attention from Kenosha
policymakers. Schools, colleges, and cities have banned the
flavored nicotine cartridges believed to be most alluring to 657-1646
teens. On Nov. 27, Massachusetts GOP Gov. Charlie Baker
signed into law the first permanent statewide ban on all
flavored nicotine vaping products as well as flavored tobacco
products, including menthol cigarettes.

“I’m so, so proud of Massachusetts,” says Gwendolyn
Stewart, director of Tobacco Free Mass, a statewide advocacy
coalition for tobacco issues. “It was an incredible step
forward for preventing young people from becoming addicted
to nicotine.”

Surveys of teens suggest that their nicotine use is on the
rise again after decades of declines in teenage smoking. More
than half of high school students and a quarter of middle
school students have tried a tobacco product, the CDC
reported last week, and a third of high-schoolers have used
one within the past 30 days.That’s up from 20% in 2017.The

FOR ADVERTISING RATES CALL 262-564-8800 SMART READER December 19, 2019 3

Did FBI try to take down Trump? Three
questions about DOJ’s report

President Trump has
alleged for years that the
FBI’s investigation into ties
between his campaign and
Russia was politically
motivated. The 434-page
report examines the ori-
gins of the probe – and
recommends reforms.

More than three years after the FBI launched a covert
investigation into whether the Trump campaign colluded with
Russia, the Department of Justice has some answers.

The inspector general’s 434-page report, which relies on FBI Director Christopher Wray leaves the stage after speaking at the 2018 Boston Conference on Cyber Security at Boston College on March 7, 2018.
more than 1 million documents and upwards of 170
interviews with over 100 witnesses, covers a period between ‘sensitive investigation involving a presidential candidate. In Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants.
July 2016 and June 2017. During this period, the FBI
investigated four Trump campaign associates: Michael Flynn, particular, the report examines the process for obtaining Inspector General Michael Horowitz found that, according
Paul Manafort, Carter Page, and George Papadopoulos.
to the FBI’s low threshold, a friendly government’s firsthand
Two main issues are examined: whether the FBI adhered to
its own policies and protocols, and whether those policies account of possible collusion was sufficient to predicate the
and protocols are sufficient, particularly in the case of such a
AToNR.Ye.Em.ePmARbeTrY initial investigation. “This information provided the FBI with
1 an articulable factual basis that, if true, reasonably indicated
activity constituting either a federal crime or a threat to
national security, or both, may have occurred or may be

However, the report also identifies a pattern of errors and

omissions, some in contravention of the FBI’s own policies,

3 that led top decision-makers to take action based on
uncorroborated, inaccurate, or incomplete information. Here
are three questions about the report (all quotations below
are from the Horowitz report, unless otherwise noted).

4 Was the FBI’s investigation of the Trump campaign
politically motivated?
The formal documentation opening each of the four
10 Entertainers All In One Fun-Filled Night! investigations in August 2016 was approved by Peter Strzok,
whom a previous report found to have exchanged text
1. Our headliner Chris Barnes can be best described as a high-energy comic that will take an audience and keep them laughing as he interprets his experi- messages with an FBI colleague that “included statements of
ences of life. Barnes is also the man of many faces; his personality and facial expressions will bring an audience to life. hostility toward then candidate Trump and statements of
support for then candidate Hillary Clinton.”
2. Hari Rao who owns 27 cardigans and hasn’t worn a pair of shorts in public in over 30 years is the funniest nerd you’ll ever meet.
Denise Medina has performed at The Improv, Laugh Factory and Zanies just to name a few. John Morehouse is a Kenosha native who makes his However, the inspector general found that the decisions to
comedic debut on the last day of 2019. open the investigations were reached by consensus and
included FBI decision-makers above Mr. Strzok. Mr. Horowitz
3. Simply put, Mighty Joe is a musical powerhouse. With strong vocals, simple melodies, precise musicianship, & powerful lyrics, Mighty Joe is a singer who concludes: “We did not find documentary or testimonial
addresses issues (whether serious or comical) from his own point of view yet has the rare gift of speaking for others at the same time. A former high evidence that political bias or improper motivation influenced
school teacher, Joe crossed over to full-time music in 1999. Since then, he has averaged 250 gigs per year. the decisions to open the four individual investigations” or
“the FBI’s decision to seek FISA authority on Carter Page,” an
4. Shandini’s Magic is top notch! Starting as a street performer (busker), Shandini developed his craft, remarkable skill and unique style. He now performs adviser to the Trump campaign.
across the country, on stages both big and small. He is a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians with over 20 years of experience in the
Magical arts. The report also determined, however, that the FBI omitted
information about the political motivations of former British
5. Powerful and Captivating; performing throughout Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, Boys and Toys provides a diverse mix of Rock music and a dynamic intelligence officer Christopher Steele and his reports, known
stage performance. One of the area’s most popular bands. as the Steele dossier, upon which the FISA warrant for Mr.
Page was “substantially” based.
VIPOnly includes entire Includes Prime Rib Dinner, WANT TO MAKE THE NIGHT
night of 2 Hour Open Bar (6 - 8pm) EVEN MORE SPECIAL? A month after the initial FISA order was issued in October
And Preferred Seating For 2016, the FBI learned that Mr. Steele was “desperate that
$$ aenndtehrtoatin&mceonldtOR Comedy Show. Call the Wyndham Garden Hotel at 262-658-3281 Donald Trump not get elected and was passionate about him
not being the U.S. President.” However, the FBI did not reveal
29 99hors d’oeuvres & show them proof of purchase to our event & get a this during three subsequent FISA warrant renewals, and
relied on Mr. Steele’s largely uncorroborated allegations
room for 2 at the discounted rate of $99 plus tax! despite speculating and later confirming that his assignment
was politically motivated.
With VIP package you get waterview and a late checkout.
To what extent did the FBI rely on the Steele dossier?
The FBI had considered requesting a FISA warrant for
VISIT HAP2IT.COM Carter Page as early as August 2016, but shelved the idea
STOP IN 1420 63RD ST. OR CALL 1-800-838-3006 because it didn’t have enough evidence to “support probable
cause that Mr. Page was an agent of a foreign power.” The day
it received Mr. Steele’s election reporting on Sept. 19, 2016,
they initiated the process for obtaining a FISA warrant, which
was granted a month later.

A key aspect of the FISA warrant application – “Page’s
alleged coordination with the Russian government on 2016

See DID THE FBI TRY TO TAKE DOWN TRUMP on page 21 for more

4 SMART READER December 19, 2019 FOR ADVERTISING RATES CALL 262-564-8800

Shepherds in uniform: Meet the cops
ensuring that Paradise is not lost

One year after the the Pacific Gas & Electric Co., the Camp fire
deadly Camp fire incinerated 90% of the housing stock, more than 500
threatened to wipe businesses, and the unseen bonds of community.
Paradise, California, off
the map, the town’s Two weeks ago, under a resplendent sun, Paradise
police chief is helping filled back up. Thousands of displaced residents
to restore the bonds of returned for a day of events to commemorate all they
the community. had lost.

Most entered along Skyway Road, the town’s

Eric Reinbold’s rise through the ranks of the primary thoroughfare, where 85 American flags
Paradise Police Department peaked on September swayed in the breeze, one for each person who died
17 last year. During a brief swearing-in ceremony, he in the fire. The surge of visitors created the illusion of
became police chief of his Northern California a town that had already recovered. In reality, an
hometown, 11 years after joining the force as a estimated 3,000 people live here – barely one-tenth of
cadet. The native son had climbed a career summit its pre-fire population – and fewer than 20 new
in the shadow of the Sierra Nevadas. houses have gone up in the past year. Former
residents list various deterrents to rebuilding,
The next 51 days brought little out of the
including battles with home insurers, California’s high
ordinary as he settled into the job. On Day 52, the
construction costs, the town’s tainted water supply –
town he had known his entire life ceased to exist. A vintage car among debris after the Camp fire tears through Paradise, California, November 8, 2018. and fears of another inferno.
California officials said November 19, 2019, that crews have finished removing millions of tons of debris
A wildfire ignited outside Paradise early on left by the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in state history. “I don’t know if that feeling ever goes away,” says

November 8, and within hours, a day that had See SHEPHERDS on page 23 for more

dawned bright and blue turned black with smoke

and ash and anguish. The inferno claimed the lives of 85

people, destroyed more than 14,000 homes, and forced the

town’s 27,000 residents to flee, along with another 23,000

who lived in nearby communities.

Recovering from the deadliest and most destructive
wildfire in state history presented an existential crisis for Mr.
Reinbold and his department. How do you patrol a town that
is no longer there?

“It was overwhelming,” he says, sitting in his office three This Week’s Headliner Next Week’s Headliner Upcoming Headliner Featuring
days before the one-year anniversary of the blaze.The flames DR. BILL MILLER VINCE MORANTO BILL BORONKAYDec. 20th at 8pm
spared the police station but torched his home and those of Dec. 27th at 8pm Jan. 3th at 8pm Professional
several of his officers.“It’s one thing to lose a portion of your Dec. 21st at 7 & 9pm
town. But when you lose basically the whole thing – the Dec. 28th at 7 & 9pm Jan. 4th at 7 & 9pm Touring
houses, the businesses, the hospital, most of the schools – After growing up Once one of
there isn’t anything quite like that.” VINCE started hisin Los Angeles the country's at the
comedy career at tand graduating fastest rising
The story of his efforts to hold together the department Comedy CottageUCLA, he started sportscasters, Comedians5125 6th Ave. KENOSHA
parallels the larger narrative of Paradise’s struggle to reclaim in suburbanperforming at Bill Boronkay
itself.The Camp fire at once gutted the town’s landscape and Chicago in 1982.comedy clubs enjoyed stops Each show features Every Friday at 8pm
its daily routines, and as Mr. Reinbold and his officers He quickly becamewhile in in Clarksburg, at least 3 comedians.
attempted to restore a semblance of order, the fallout a regular at theNorthwestern No Drink Minimum! and Saturday at
engulfed them. local clubs, andUniversity WV, Evansville, IN and Kansas 7 & 9pm.
then, worked his way throughoutMedical School and has headlinedCity before finally landing in Only $12
The police force represented one of the few aspects of the U.S. During the years that fol-clubs throughout the country sincesunny Cleveland, OH where he
Paradise that remained intact after the fire – at least for a lowed, Vince performed for Zanies,the 1980, with a 15-year hiatus towas assigned various haz-
time. In the ensuing weeks and months, 10 of its 21 officers The Funny Bones, The Improv,raise kids. Now hes back with aardous duties. Along the way,
departed, lured away by other jobs and the chance to leave Catch A Rising Star, and Funnyvengeance. Boronkay won 5 Emmy’s, one
behind their own sense of despair. Business, among many, many of which is proudly displayed in
other clubs. his mother's home office

behind a lamp.

Fri. Dec. 27 • 7:30pm April 3rd, 2020 • 8pm April 18th, 2020 • 8pm

“They lived here, too,” Mr. Reinbold says, “and driving
around and seeing the devastation day in and day out, that
could be retraumatizing.”

He understood their reactions. He felt the emotional Vito Zatto Live at The Crystal
weight of the town’s sudden absence, the burden of its Ralph J. Houghton Bowersox
broken future. He realized the Paradise of his lifetime – the Vito is a Vegas style singer & Performance Center
tight-knit idyll tucked into forested foothills – would exist entertainer who has earned a repu-
only in memory. tation for delivering quick- witted, at Reuther High School
spontaneous and high-energy
The chief chose to stay. He wants to rebuild his depleted entertainment. Full of hilarious
department on a foundation of empathy and resuscitate his comedy, impersonations, incredi-
hometown on the strength of belief and persistence. He ble singing, audience participation
resolves to move forward, gathering what he calls “little bits and lot’s of good times!
of hope” out of the shattered portrait of Paradise.
“With so much in limbo, his presence has provided ONLY $10
stability,” says Mayor Jody Jones, whose house burned down.
“It’s not just a job to him.This is his home.”

The morning of November 8 dawned bright and blue again
this fall in Paradise. Almost nothing else that came after
resembled the same day a year ago.

Last November, as ash rained from a darkening sky, the Tickets Make Great Stocking Stuffers!
town emptied out in harrowing slow-motion, its four main
roadways clogged with traffic as residents sought to escape.

Wind-swept flames devoured home after home, store after FOR EVENT TICKETS VISIT HAP2IT.COM SR121919
store. Pine trees and utility poles exploded like giant Roman STOP IN 1420 63RD ST. OR CALL 1-800-838-3006
candles amid booming detonations of propane tanks and
abandoned cars. Sparked by broken power lines owned by

FOR ADVERTISING RATES CALL 262-564-8800 SMART READER December 19, 2019 5

Senate committee passes bill
prohibiting president from
leaving NATO

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has passed a bill of the alliance,"
to explicitly prohibit any president of the United States from
withdrawing from NATO without congressional approval. Kaine said. The
The bill, passed by the committee last Wednesday afternoon,
awaits referral to the Senate for a full vote and is intended to legislation would
close a loophole in the constitution that specifies what it
takes to enter a treaty but not what it takes to exit one. require any

It also follows reports from former National Security president -- Trump
Advisor John Bolton and other White House sources that
President Donald Trump has privately expressed interest in or his successors --
leaving the military alliance. Sen. Tim Kaine, a Virginia
Democrat and member of the SFRC, introduced the bill to seek the advice
along with colleagues in January and applauded its passage in
a press release. and consent of the

"Recent actions have raised serious questions among our Senate to Sen.Tim Kaine, D-Va. applauded the Senate Foreign
allies about America's commitment to NATO.This bill would Relations Committee's passage of a bill that would
clarify that no U.S. President can withdraw from NATO terminate U.S. prevent any President from unilaterally exiting
without Congressional approval.This sends a strong message
that -- after 70 years -- Congress sees the continuing vitality participation in NATO

NATO, and

requires the president to notify the SFRC and House Foreign

Affairs Committee of any effort to terminate U.S.

membership within 48 hours after taking action.

The bill, if passed and signed into law, would also authorize
legal counsel for both houses of Congress to take action
should the President seek unilateral withdrawal.

By Christen McCurdy

Good Food and a Great Cause!
Charlie has partnered with the
Kenosha Shrine Club to benefit Shriners EfvoeKorAidCdynpshHfSuduageanrrei’Snclnsttih.aeefaB&aulyiFasscnSeHRapcnuEktkueihEentTl!rtcoswS.ioanm1tuiCkgot1aghehpt:lhs3hlaa.fI.Den0.enryefl-siu1tcein.:v33e00. Vaping Bans
Hospitals for Children® -Chicago! Now when
you dine at Charlie’s Shriner Diner, half of the
profits go to the Chicago Hospital where
children are provided life-changing care
regardless of family’s ability to pay.

® - Chicago

continued from page 3

Law enforcement is also cases, five probably involved
struggling to catch up. Illegal
THC liquids are often seized THC from a legal, state-
while agents are looking for
other drugs. “It’s just too licensed marijuana
new,” says Katherine Pfaff, a
spokeswoman for the Drug dispensary..
Enforcement Administration.
Now Under New “This is absolutely something In the face of the twin
Management! that we are diligently looking crises, the company often
into.” credited with sparking the
popularity of vaping devices
Advocates argue that is fighting a rear-guard action.
vaping legal nicotine saves In the past few months, once
lives because it doesn’t high-flying Juul has been sued
involve the tar and other by local school districts,
toxic ingredients that replaced its top executives,
combustible tobacco does. slashed jobs, is reportedly
There are as yet no long- under federal criminal
term scientific studies on investigation, and has seen
those claims.And the lines of China and India seal off their
separation between nicotine huge markets. It has reduced
and THC and the legal and its offerings to tobacco- and
illegal portions of the menthol-flavored cartridges
industry are not quite as in an effort to restore its
solid as the industry image.
New GM Eric Colmer invites “We must reset the vapor
you to stop in and enjoy one In Massachusetts, for category and reduce
of his signature sandwiches example, at least 28 of the 90 underage use,” Joe Murillo,
delivered by one of our trains. people with confirmed or the company’s chief
probable vaping injuries regulatory officer said in a
Tasty Appetizers Including inhaled nicotine, not THC, statement last week. “If we
according to the state’s don’t, we will lose a historic
• Deep Fried WI Cheese Curds public health department. opportunity to reduce the
And of the THC-related harm caused by smoking.”
• Chicken Wings with a Kick Breakfast 120519
Traditional Italian Beef

(One of Kenosha’s Best) Coming Soon! Located in the historic Metra Station
5414-13th Ave. Kenosha
Signature Philly Cheesesteaks By Laurent Belsie
• Regular • Bacon & Cheddar • Mushroom & Swiss

Great Burgers including 262-220-3634
• Bacon Cheddar Sun-Thurs 11am-3pm • Fri & Sat 11am-7pm
• Mushroom & Swiss

Reuben Sandwich Closed December 24, 25, 31 & January 1, 2020.

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Jeff Schmidt, Jeff Schmidt
Financial Advisor at
Edward Jones

6040 39th Ave Suite 5 Kenosha

Brings you


Jill on Money well as cash. Start the process by going back to last holiday season - tally
up what you spent and who you spent money on for gifts and
Charitable giving the smart way Divert RMDs For those who are 70 1/2 and older and don't forget all the tips to your dog walker, doorman and hair
need to withdraw money from an Individual Retirement stylist. Then create the list for this year and add the cost of
December is the most popular month for charitable gifts. Account, consider a qualified charitable distribution, which entertaining.
Before you start the process, consider these six important allows you to direct some or all of your required minimum
steps: distribution to a public charity (not to a private foundation, As you attach dollar amounts to each line item, remember
nor to a charitable supporting organization or a donor- that research finds that experiential gifts are the most
Confirm that the charity is legitimate and financially advised fund). memorable, so consider spending time with someone instead
sound Earlier this year, the IRS warned against a big uptick in of giving another unused gift card. Consider a special hike, a
charitable frauds. "Scam artists commonly use charities as a You don't get to count a QCD towards an itemized free museum day or maybe offer to babysit for a friend or
cover to lure honest people into providing money and charitable deduction, but you avoid being taxed on the money. family member.
sensitive personal information," said IRS Commissioner As a result, using a QCD may be a smart way to give, because
Chuck Rettig. "Protect yourself, and make sure you are it can minimize your adjusted gross income and a number of And yes, sticking to the game plan is like trying to eat well
dealing with a reputable group before making a donation." benefits, like Medicare premiums and taxation of Social during the holidays: a laudable goal, but hard to execute.
Security, key off AGI.
Access the IRS's Exempt Organizations Select Check Tool Technology may help you keep you on track. Giftster is a
to confirm that the organization is a registered public You can transfer up to $100,000 a year from your IRA and free app that can help organize your gift list and is sharable
501(c)(3) organization and has legitimate IRS Employer you can give away more money than your actual RMD with friends and family; ShopSavvy allows you to scan the
Identification Number. Then see what experts say about the amount. A QCD can be tricky, which is why working with a barcode of any product and compare all the best prices
organization and how much of your donation goes to CPA or CFP can be crucial. available; Shopular provides deals, coupons and location-
supporting programs, versus salaries and marketing. The based notifications; and Honey is a free browser extension
Better Business Bureau's Wise Giving Alliance, Charity Watch, Keep good records For any cash or property valued at that automatically finds and applies coupon codes at checkout
GuideStar, Charity Navigator and GiveWell are helpful $250 or more, you must have a receipt (bank record, payroll for over 30,000 shopping sites. It's hard not to get sucked
resources. deduction or written communication) identifying the into the vortex of the holiday shopping frenzy. But avoid
organization, the date and amount of the contribution and a impulse buying, which can blow up your plan quickly.
Ditch the cash Never send cash donations or wire money description of the property.
to someone claiming to be a charity. If you are planning to Finally, the season will once again underscore winners and
send a check, your payments must be postmarked by midnight For text message donations, flag the telephone bill with the losers. This season, online sales are poised to jump 14% to
Dec. 31 to qualify for a deduction, and pledges aren't name of the receiving organization, the date of the 18% compared with 2018. In its annual holiday outlook,
deductible until paid. contribution and the amount given. PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP found that 54% of respondents
will opt for shopping via their smartphones, laptops, PCs and
Donations made with a credit card are deductible as of the Holiday shopping expected to in-home voice assistants this season, compared with 50% last
date the account is charged, so if you are a little late in the grow this season year.
process, you probably should stick to credit cards.
This holiday season, a 4.5 to 5.5% increase is estimated Retailers such as Walmart and Target have smartened up
Let the bull run U.S. stock indexes are up over 20% this from last year's shopping season. If that rate holds, it would and are using marketing, social media and a blend of online
year, which makes it a great time to gift appreciated securities bring total retail sales that likely would exceed $1.1 trillion ordering with in-store pickup to lure consumers into brick
from a taxable investment account. Doing so allows you to this winter, up from $1.09 trillion last year, Deloitte and mortar stores, where they, hopefully, will be tempted to
write off the current market value (not just what you paid) economists say. spend even more money.
and escape taxes on the accumulated gains.
Analysts note that while the economy has downshifted to But it's a tough sell in certain segments.
Use the tax code If you want a tax advantage from your an annual growth rate of about 2% from last year's 2.9% pace,
giving, you have to itemize deductions. One way to get there consumers have remained resilient and have been the main Macy's, Kohl's and J.C. Penney all reported weaker
is to "bunch" or "bundle" future gifts into one year. One way driver of spending this year.With more Americans employed quarterly results ahead of the holiday season. The one-year
to accomplish this is by establishing a donor advised fund, and overall inflation remaining low, consumer confidence stock performance gives you an idea of the problems. As of
which allows you to make multiple years' worth of donations remains above its long-term average. this writing, Macy's has plunged by more than 50% from a year
up front. ago; Kohl's has dropped nearly 30%; and J.C. Penney is off
Before you get too excited about the holiday shopping 17%. During the same time horizon, the S&P Retail ETF (XRT)
An added bonus of DAFs is that you can contribute hoopla, let me don my CFP hat and remind you that those is down 2.25% and the broader S&P 500 is up over 17%.
appreciated securities from a taxable investment account, as who create lists are far more likely not to blow through their
coveted emergency reserve funds or pile on debt. By Jill Schlesinger

Bank mistakenly deposits $37 Jill Schlesinger, CFP, is the Emmy-nominated CBS
million into woman's account News Business Analyst. She welcomes comments
and questions at [email protected] Check
A Dallas woman husband about the LegacyTexas account," the 2010 when $5 million was
discovered her bank account mysterious fortune and he statement said. mistakenly deposited into her website at
had more than $37 million in called the bank. LegacyTexas his bank account. Benjamin
it -- but it turned out to be a Bank told the couple the "Due to the fluctuation in Lovell, 50, said he repeatedly
clerical error. Rush Balloon money was the result of a exchange rates, all foreign tried to work the situation
said she checked her clerical error and the currency transactions must out with his bank, but ended
account balance at mistake was corrected. be manually entered into up spending a chunk of the
LegacyTexas Bank and was our system through our funds on investments, gifts
shocked to see $37,203,337 "I was a millionaire, I have back office. When our and medical costs.
in the account that she a screen shot of it so I can client's deposit was being
couldn't explain. say that now," Balloon said. keyed in, our representative Lovell was originally
"It's quite a story." entered her account charged with larceny, but
"I was like, 'wow, we have number into the amount pleaded guilty to a lesser
a lot of money,'" she told The bank explained the field by mistake," it said. charge as part of a deal with
KTVT-TV. incident in a statement. "Our prosecutors. He was
client made a foreign A New York man was sentenced to probation.
Balloon said she told her currency deposit into her sentenced to probation in

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my turn Yet why should I be shocked that raw consumerism is scented candles, etc. - I remember my distinct lack of
such an intimate part of Christmas? It's been that way enthusiasm.
Values in throughout my lifetime. But when I was a kid, there was a
shrink-wrap protracted battle against it, a cry among the religious to I couldn't imagine Christmas without that morning
"put the Christ back in Christmas" that put the brakes on crinkle of wrapping paper and the ritual emptying of
Robert Koehler Amid the love and ripped the forces of commerce, or so it seemed. Now there's stockings stuffed with lip balm and boxes of raisins. And
shrink-wrap plastic of then, of course, there's the super-revved anticipation of the
Christmas, my 7-month-old been an all-out surrender to these forces.
great nephew, Joey, sat The battle for the soul of the season has a lot more to children (the ones slightly older than 7 months). Can't
contentedly gumming the let them down. In any case, the conversation about a
cardboard label on a stuffed do with fending off consumer overkill and the almighty less commercial holiday never got off the ground.
pink elephant he'd been given - dollar than it does with fretting about rampaging political
his grin piercing the excesses of correctness. All of which leads me back to Joey's big grin as he
the season that lay crumpled all ignored his present and sucked rapturously instead on
around him. Perhaps I'm only noticing this because, as I age, I feel a the cardboard label that was meant to be thrown away
deepening reverence for family, connection, community - after purchase. Of course, he was securely in the arms
Bear with me for a moment, please, while I tread the values of the hearth, which I find myself especially of his grandma at the time - and in fact all of us were
gingerly through the cliches of this time of year and aching for at this time of year. Surprise, surprise. The together, secure and basking in one another's
examine the complexity of giving. We need to give, yearning for sacredness is poorly served by retail hyper- company.
we need to receive, but we don't need all this stuff, drive.
which is a problem, considering that Christmas-Hanukkah This is when it occurred to me that whatever we
buying fuels the retail sector of the economy, accounting But I say all this confessionally. Even though I am a were looking for on Christmas morning was not to be
for a quarter of its annual revenue. perpetually harried, last-minute shopper, when my sister found inside the wrapped boxes but in spite of them.
broached the subject of somehow cutting back on The act of giving may have been symbolized by the
If you read business news as infrequently as I do, and Christmas this year - buying a Third World family a water presents - the more shrink-wrap, the less symbolism -
aren't inured to the lingo, headlines such as this one atop buffalo through Heifer International in one another's but the loot spread out before us was, in fact, a lot less
an AP story - "Post-Christmas Sales Keep Shoppers names, say, instead of giving out the usual books, scarves, than it seemed, no matter how much it cost. The
Buying" - seem to conceal the desperation of a drug addict. opened gifts were the empty shells. The point of it all
- our love for one another - was intangible.
"The day after Christmas offered merchants another
shot at getting consumers to open their wallets," the story That night, the adults sat in focused reflection, each of us
informs us, "with retailers hoping customers would be reviewing the highs and lows of 2005 in a very personal
lured by sales and come to spend their gift cards, which are way. The time we spent doing this was far more powerful
recorded as sales only after they are redeemed." than the gift-giving; indeed, I oozed with joy as we shared
our lives in this way.
I'm not religious, but something here strikes me as
obscene, if not insane.The season for affirming our deepest Since then I've been talking to others who in one way or
values has mutated to the season for jump-starting Wal- another have flouted convention and bucked the
Mart. Doesn't it seem as though more than just our gift commercial drift of the holiday season, which makes me
cards need redemption? think it's time for a new public dialogue about the holidays.
So I throw the question open:What do you do to reclaim
the season's spirit and free its values from the shrink-
wrap? Let me know. Maybe we can start a movement.

By Robert Koehler
Koehler is an award-winning, Chicago-based journalist and nationally
syndicated writer. His book, "Courage Grows Strong at the Wound," is
still available. Contact him at [email protected], visit his website

at or listen to him at Voices of Peace radio..

What we get classic example on Thanksgiving eve. He reportedly late November.
wrong about launched a tirade at Ken Cuccinelli, acting deputy secretary
civility of the Department of Homeland Security, when the two Coulter’s the author of, among other books, “Adios
ran into each other in a Washington pub. America! The Left’s Plan to Turn our Country into a Third
Civility gets a bad rap these days. World Hellhole.” The title tells you all you need to know
O’Malley reportedly challenged Cuccinelli to justify the about her and about the intentions of those who invited
One need look no further than our Trump administration’s practice of separating immigrant her. Anyone who seriously wanted to have a productive
children at the U.S.-Mexico border and warehousing them conversation about immigration — even a very pointed
head of state for confirmation, but it in chain-link cages. Fair point — and an honest reply and critical one — would never invite Coulter as the
certainly would have been illuminating — but it was lost speaker. She’s a provocateur, not an honest scholar or
could be argued that Donald Trump is amid the drama. At one point, O’Malley asked Cuccinelli if thinker of any discernible public spirit. She’s somebody you
he wanted to throw a punch, according to reporting by the invite to campus to start a rumble.
no more capable of civility than he is of Washington Post.
And, as expected, more than 2,000 people protested, and
humility, justice, good faith, wise A few days prior, first lady Melania Trump was jeered and there were a handful of arrests. Luckily there was no
booed by teenagers in Baltimore. The students were violence.To the university chancellor’s credit, Berkeley had
counsel or any other virtue we’d wish Mary Sanchez reportedly reacting to the president’s rude and undergone a yearlong dialogue on free speech, including
our leaders to have.The rest of us — unprovoked slandering of their city as “a disgusting, rat and seminars on respectful dialogue, itself a response to
rodent infested mess” where “no human being” would campus disturbances over right-wing speakers in 2017.
we can be better. What disconcerts is that some of the want to live.Trump’s remarks, in turn, were meant to insult
Rep. Elijah Cummings, who had criticized Trump. The point of civility is not to keep the boat steady. In his
finer minds and political talents of the younger generations “Letter From a Birmingham Jail,” Martin Luther King Jr.
The heckling carried on for a good portion of the first warned of the pitfalls of decorum, pointedly cautioning
in particular — but not exclusively — have formed a lady’s short speech.The students never settled down while against “the white moderate, who is more devoted to
she tried to pitch a message to “be best.” ‘order’ than to justice; who prefers a negative peace which
distorted impression about what it means to engage in a is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the
They failed.Their beef is with the president, not the first presence of justice.”
civil manner. lady. It would have been far more productive if they’d held
signs asking her to press her husband to “be best.” Rather, the point is to reprove those who champion
If not corrected, that will be the country’s loss. Because error and injustice unsparingly — with words — in
young adults are often the most passionately bold in their Civility requires that we avoid precisely the behaviors reasoned debate. That can be discomfiting enough! The
beliefs and possess the conviction and time to lead that Trump indulges: name-calling, slurs and childish duty of civility is to articulate the highest and best values in
substantial change, before the obligations careers and derision. However, it doesn’t require us to suppress our civic life. It doesn’t have to be nice, but I’m pretty sure it
family take over their lives. emotions, even anger. doesn’t involve throwing a punch.

But people are rejecting the notion of civility. They College campuses, in particular, have become the scenes Readers can reach Mary Sanchez at
wrongly believe it’s the same thing as meekness, or at best of the national civility crisis. Groups on the left and right [email protected] and follow her on Twitter
moderation and politeness.That a civil person is docile and battle it out in a familiar pattern. Right-wing student group
genteel to a point of ineffectiveness. invites incendiary right-wing speaker; left-wing students set @msanchezcolumn
out to shut it down, by any means necessary. An all-too-
However, its root is the Latin “civilitas,” which denotes typical example is the appearance of conservative writer To hear more from Mary, tune in to
that which pertains to citizenship, politics and government. Ann Coulter at the University of California, Berkeley, in Happenings Q&A (AM1050 WLIP) on
This sense needs to be reclaimed, I think, and civility ought Tuesday, December 31st at 12:30 pm
to describe the attitudes and comportment that promote
our best public values, the constructive aims we hold dear. when she rejoins the show.

Unfortunately, we’re seeing more and more behavior
that accomplishes the opposite.

Maryland’s former governor Martin O’Malley provided a

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December 19, 2019 health
Kenosha County Aging & Disability Resource Center community


Watch for these
ten signs during
this holiday season

December is filled with Holiday 5. Trouble understanding visual images

celebrations and family gatherings. As we and spatial relationships.

gather with friends and family throughout 6. New problems with words in speaking • Occasionally needing help to use the and help you maintain a level of
this month to celebrate, it is a good time to or writing. settings on a microwave or to record a independence longer.You may also increase
be aware of the signs of dementia and have television show. your chances of participating in clinical
conversations with your loved one if you 7. Misplacing things and losing the ability drug trials that help advance research.
see signs of the disease. to retrace steps. • Getting confused about the day of the
week but figuring it out later.
Age is the greatest risk factor for 8. Decreased or poor judgment.
• Vision changes related to cataracts.
Alzheimer’s disease, and as we age all of 9. Withdrawal from work or social
• Sometimes having trouble finding the
our brains change. Therefore it isn’t activities.   right word. • Have more time to plan for the future –
  A diagnosis of Alzheimer's  allows you to
surprising that often times we find our 10. Changes in mood and personality. • Misplacing things from time to time and take part in decisions about care,
self’s wondering if the changes we are retracing steps to find them. transportation, living options, financial and
experiencing are typical age related If you notice any of these 10 signs in legal matters. You can also participate in
changes or a sign of something more yourself or a loved one, don’t ignore them, • Making a bad decision once in a while. building the right care team and social
serious happening. For many adults there is schedule an appointment with the doctor. support network.
a high fear factor related to changes that It’s frightening when we or someone we • Sometimes feeling weary of work, family
may indicate the beginning signs of love is experiencing symptoms of a medical and social obligations. • Get Help for you and your loved ones –
Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia. condition, and the thought of a possible   Care and support services are available,
So as friends and families gather for the diagnosis of a brain disease can be • Developing very specific ways of doing making it easier for you and your family to
Holidays, it is a good time to Know the 10 especially frightening. things and becoming irritable when a live the best life possible with Alzheimer’s
routine is disrupted. or dementia. 
Signs that may be indicators of some type However, it’s not an easy condition for an
With early detection of Alzheimer’s
of dementia. unprofessional to diagnose. There are disease or related dementia, you can: Now is a good time to be aware of
changes in cognition!
1. Memory loss that disrupts daily life.   several typical age-related changes which • Get the maximum benefit from available
may NOT be signs of Alzheimer’s include: treatments  –  You can explore treatments
2. Challenges in planning or solving that may provide some relief of symptoms
problems.   • Sometimes forgetting names or For more information on the 10 Signs of
appointments, but remembering them later.
Alzheimer’s disease, visit

3. Difficultly in completing familiar tasks.   • Making occasional errors when, or contact the

4. Confusion with time or place.    balancing a checkbook. Alzheimer’s Association’s 24/7 Helpline at


Staying active, even in looked at only two weeks of a low step- muscle strength. At the same time,
cold weather, can count of 1,500 per day in both young and percentage of body fat increased by as
improve health for older adults. This type of short-term much as 3 percent in younger study
older adults reduction in activity often occurs as a subjects and as much as 4 percent in older
result of people spending more time at subjects.
The weather outside may be getting risk for diseases like osteoporosis as well home due to illness, adverse weather or
frightful in much of the country as winter as broken bones from falls, researchers even just over the festive period. In addition, cardio-respiratory fitness
approaches, but a new study suggests older revealed. significantly declined during the inactivity
adults may want to limit the time they To compare the effects of this activity in period, as measured by oxygen capacity and
spend cozy and warm indoors if they want "The severe impact of short-term both older and younger adults, the study other metrics. Cardio-respiratory fitness is
to stay healthy. inactivity on our health is hugely important enrolled 47 participants -- 26 "younger" the efficiency with which oxygen is supplied
to communicate to people," Juliette people between 20 and 36 years of age and to muscles during physical activity, and it is
The new research, presented during the Norman, a doctoral student at the 21 "older" adults between 54 and 66 years affected by cardiovascular and respiratory
Physiological Society's Future Physiology University of Liverpool, where the research of age. health.
2019 conference in Liverpool, England, was conducted, said in a press release. "If
found that after just two weeks of reduced the gym is hard to get to, people should be Prior to starting the two-week period of Poor cardio-respiratory fitness may
physical activity -- around 1,500 steps per encouraged to just meet 10,000 steps as inactivity for the study, both groups of increase one's risk of developing certain
day or fewer -- older adults lose significant even this can guard against reductions in participants engaged in the same level of conditions, like heart disease, at a younger
amounts of muscle and experience muscle and bone health, as well as physical activity over a four-day period -- age.
substantial gains in body fat. maintaining healthy levels of body fat." more than 10,000 steps per day, as
measured using an app on a mobile device, The authors said their findings are
Inactivity also decreased bone mineral The University of Liverpool study is without "vigorous exercise." notable, given that people generally
density -- which for older adults increases unique, the researchers said, because it experience losses in muscle mass, strength
After the two-week period of inactivity, and bone density as they age, leading to
the authors observed that study reduced ability to perform daily activities
participants experienced "significant losses" and, potentially, chronic health conditions.
in total body lean mass, lean leg mass and

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Senior Dining

Dining Menu SALAD BAR MENU For more information about this Call Julie at 1-262-948-9890
program/volunteer opportunity please Serves 11:30, M, W, F
December 23 - Janurary 3 Offered every Thursday, 11 a.m. - 12:30 contact KAFASI at 262-658-3508 x118
p.m. at Westosha Community Center, Rainbow Lake Manor
Mon., Dec. 23: Pork roast with Bristol, Lakeside Towers, Parkside Dining Site Locations 19900 128th Street, Bristol
cinnamon apples, au gratin potatoes, Baptist Church, Kenosha Call Diana at 262-658-0237
corn, bread, pumpkin bar, cream of EASTERN KENOSHA COUNTY Serves 12:00 Fridays
celery Thu., Dec 26: Chicago style hot dog,
wheat bun, vegetable lentil soup, Kenosha Senior Center REGULAR SENIOR DINING
Tue., Dec. 24: CLOSED DUE TO tossed salad, boiled eggs, variety 2717 67th Street SITES/DAYS
HOLIDAY toppings, cottage cheese, diced melon, Call Deb at 262-658-9311
potato salad, milk Serves 11:45, M-F * Meals include soup or salad, dessert
Wed., Dec. 25: CLOSED DUE TO and beverage
HOLIDAY Thu., Jan 2: Tuna salad sandwich, Lakeside Towers * Meals are offered for a suggested
wheat French roll, cream of broccoli, 5800 3rd Avenue donation of $3.
Thu., Dec., 26: Hot dog on bun, oven tossed salad, boiled eggs, variety Call O.B at 262-654-0103 * Open to anyone age 60+ and a
fries, bean casserole, banana, toppings, cottage cheese, mandarin Serves 11:30, M-W; F spouse regardless of age.
vegetable lentil soup oranges, carrot raisin salad, milk *Salad Bar Thursdays, 11:00 - 12:30 * Reservations must be made by 10:30
a.m. at least 24 hours, one business
Fri., Dec. 27: Lasagna with meat VILLAGE PUB RESTAURANT Parkside Baptist Church day in advance. Monday cancellations
sauce, broccoli, bread, oatmeal raisin 2620 14th Place must be called in the Friday before.
cookie, fruit cup Offered every Wednesday and Friday, Call Sean at 262-552-7737
11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Choose between Serves 11:45, M-W; F SALAD BAR DAYS*
Mon., Dec. 30: Roast turkey with gravy, the breakfast or lunch senior special *Salad Bar Thursdays, 11:-00 - 12:30 Locations indicated have a separate
baked sweet potatoes, mixed menu for salad bar days, consisting of a
vegetables, stuffing, fruit, Minnesota Wed., Dec. 25: CLOSED Boys & Girls Club variety of salad toppings, premade
wild rice soup 1330 52nd Street salads, fruit, sandwich and soup. No
Fri., Dec. 27: BREAKFAST: Scrambled Call Diana at 262-658-0237 reservations needed for salad bar days
Tue., Dec. 31: CLOSED DUE TO eggs, biscuits with sausage gravy, fruit Serves 12:00 Wednesdays and guests are welcome to arrive
HOLIDAY cup, orange juice LUNCH: Lemon anytime between the designated time
baked cod, baked potato, coleslaw, rye WESTERN KENOSHA COUNTY frame.
Wed., Jan. 1: CLOSED DUE TO bread with butter
Wed., Jan. 1: CLOSED 19200 93rd Street-Bristol
Thu., Jan. 2: Chopped steak and gravy, Call Ken at 262-358-5554 Village Pub of Silver Lake
mashed potatoes, cauliflower and red Fri., Jan. 3: BREAKFAST: Scrambled Serves 12:00, M-W; F 307 N Cogswell Drive, Silver Lake
peppers, bread, mandarin oranges, eggs, sausage patty, hash brown, *Salad Bar Thursdays, 11:00 - 12:30 Call Diana at 262-358-5779
cream of broccoli wheat toast, fruit cup LUNCH: Baked Serves W, F 11:30 - 1:30
white fish, baked potato, coleslaw, rye New Life Bible
Fri., Jan. 3: Citrus Alaskan pollock, veg bread with butter 112 W. Main Street. Twin Lakes No reservations needed, arrive anytime
rice pilaf, country blend vegetable, roll, Call Diana at 262-358-5779 between designated timeframe.
chick pea salad, fresh melon Training and Support: Volunteers Serves 12:00, M, Tu, Th Suggested donation of $4.00. Choose
participate in program orientation and are from a few menu options. Guests under
strongly encouraged to attend program The Sharing Center 60 may order from regular restaurant
meetings/trainings (6 meetings a year). 25700 Wilmot Road (Hwy. C) menu.

dear doug abilities vary over time and throughout the day. Most having to worry?
seniors are most clear during the morning and early
Communication afternoon, with a decline in the evening. If you need to A: Holiday travel is widely disliked for a reason. Roads
Setbacks have a serious discussion, plan it for earlier in the day. are crowded. Nonlocal drivers make accidents more likely,
and many people are in a rush to get somewhere.
Q: It's getting harder and harder for Remember, one day you'll be in the same boat. A little However, adjusting your plan can help you maximize your
our family to talk to my dad. He's in his empathy goes a long way! -- Emma, Doug's enjoyment of the holiday.
early 90s and still up and moving, but granddaughter
he's no longer on top of it. One suggestion is to split your travel up between two
Getting there days. Staying the night at a hotel or someone's house will
Our main problem is that he doesn't help you avoid crazy traffic. If possible, consider carpooling
make sense. He starts talking about Doug Mayberry Q: My daughter and son-in-law are planning a big with someone else or using a driving service.
topics without any introduction, so we Christmas celebration, as always.This year, my husband and
spend several minutes in confusion. He also doesn't I are feeling nervous about traveling for an hour there and What time does it start? Most seniors find driving most
seem to listen to our responses consistently. back -- especially late at night when people have been difficult during the evening, due to decreased night vision.
drinking! Another suggestion is to leave the party earlier than usual.
Even when we seem to be communicating well, we
might find out 10 minutes later that we were talking about On the other hand, we definitely don't want to be left If the party starts later in the day, your best option is
two entirely different things. It's very frustrating! How can out of the festivities. This is the only time during the year probably to stay somewhere local.Your age shouldn't have
we talk to each other more effectively? that we see some of our family members who live out of to get in the way of living your life! Instead, adapt your
state. What can we do to make sure we make it without plans to fit your changing needs and abilities. -- Doug
A: Be patient, and ask questions. Slow down when
necessary. Cognitive decline is a natural part of aging Contact Doug Mayberry at deardoug
but very frustrating for all involved. Being patient will
allow you the opportunity to understand each other a
little better.

Consider that hearing issues may be a contributing
factor. When seniors can't hear well, many often blindly
agree to whatever you say. Hearing problems can be
frustrating or embarrassing, and many people often
underplay the severity of their hearing loss.

While this may make the conversation move forward
fluidly, it can be hard to know if you actually understand
each other. Don't be afraid to repeat a question or ask for
clarification. If you're not sure what he's talking about,
ask for confirmation. Making sure that you're on the
same page early on will help you avoid long, awkward

Additionally, it's helpful to remember that cognitive

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social security I can offer is to try calling at the very beginning or end of ask amy
and you the workday. SSA representatives are available to answer seniors edition
calls between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. (local time) every Monday Spouse's solo
More Complaints through Friday. I would try calling right after 7 a.m. or wanders leave
About Social shortly before 7 p.m. others to wonder
Security Service
Some readers may wonder why I didn't recommend that Dear Amy: I hope you can help me
Last month, I mentioned the fact women file for their widows benefits online. Claims for with a response for when people ask me
that the new commissioner of widows benefits must be done in person. why I don't go on trips with my husband.
Social Security, a guy named A few years back, my 57-year-old
Andrew Saul, has promised to Q: A few months ago, I tried filing for spousal benefits on husband of 33 years told me that he was
improve the service people get my husband's Social Security account. I called SSA's 800 retiring.
when they call the Social Security number, and after a 90-minute wait, I finally talked to a nice
Administration 800 number or visit young woman named Janet. She reviewed our records and I had no say in it, and it didn't matter
a local Social Security office. I said I told me that I was due some extra money on my husband's to him that his choice would make things financially difficult.
hoped he would be true to his account. She set up an interview for us at our local Social He said he wanted to travel before he got too old, and if I
word and wasn't just blowing a lot Security office. Fast-forward two months. We finally had didn't understand that, then I don't care about him, and he
our appointment yesterday. And imagine our shock when would go without me.
of political smoke.Today's questions Tom Margenau the local representative, a guy named Rodney who seemed
to be new to the job, told me I would not be due any extra I have always been the primary breadwinner, so he didn't
illustrate the kinds of problems he benefits until my husband dies.We left the office confused think it would be a big deal for me to be the ONLY
is facing. and disappointed. How do we know which agent to breadwinner.This has been very hard on our marriage, and I'm
believe? working on what to do about that. Meanwhile, at this time of
Q: I wanted to share my recent experiences when I filed year when we see family and they ask what we're up to, my
for widows benefits. First, I called the Social Security A: Regrettably, I hear stories similar to yours all the time. husband gushes about his upcoming trips.
Administration 800 number. I was told there would be a And I always tell people this: Insist on filing a claim.You have
two-hour wait before an agent would be available to help every right in the world to do so. That way, you will get a Inevitably, they turn to me and ask why I don't join him.
me. Can anyone really be expected to wait on hold for two formal and legal decision that will come from SSA's Some sit me down and try to convince me that I should join
hours? So I decided to hang up and try my luck at our local national computer system and not just Janet's or Rodney's him. My husband just says that I'm no fun.
Social Security office. Because I didn't have an appointment, opinion about your eligibility for benefits.
I was given a number. I could tell by the numbering system Nobody seems to realize that someone has to pay for his
that it would be a very long time before I would see Q: When I was 66, I took spousal benefits on my excursions, not to mention the mortgage, food, etc. Can you
anyone. It turned out to be four hours! The woman I was husband's record. I will soon be turning 70 and need to help me to come up with a response to: "Why don't you have
finally assigned to seemed tired, overworked and frazzled. switch to my own retirement benefits. I called the 800 some fun and travel with your husband?'
Throughout the entire interview, she never once looked up number and told them what I wanted to do. The agent
at me, except at the very end when we were all done.And proceeded to interview me. I could tell she was filling out -- Grounded
frankly, I was disappointed that she never once a form on her computer. It started simply enough, when
acknowledged my situation. I had recently lost my husband she asked for my name, Social Security number, etc. But Dear Grounded: I respect your perspective on this, but
and a simple expression of sympathy would have meant so then things got weird. She asked how much money I had in would first ask that you do a little work to determine
much to me. I left the office feeling much worse than when my savings account! She asked if I owned any property whether, in fact, you would choose to go on any of these trips,
I went in.What can be done about this? besides my home. And she wanted to know if I had a life even if you could. Some people don't like to travel. Some --
insurance policy. I asked what this had to do with trying to like me -- enjoy traveling but (basically) hate to leave home.
A: Gosh, I feel so sorry for what you went through. I start my Social Security. She said these were just routine
hope your experience with the local Social Security questions. I finally decided to end the interview. I plan to go In your case, because there seems to be such a lack of
representative was not typical. Many years ago, when I was to my local Social Security office and start the process over balance in your relationship -- and so much tension -- you
taking claims from Social Security customers, I used to again. Are they also going to be asking me these strange might not choose to travel because you don't enjoy being
constantly remind myself that even though I did this every questions? dominated by your husband, who expresses such a lack of
day for a living, it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for respect for you.Your very long marriage might continue on its
the person I was talking to.And I knew the experience, for A: You were right. That was indeed a very weird current track precisely because you don't spend all of your
them, was fraught with tension, anxiety and in cases of interview. I can guess what might have happened. I wonder time together.
survivors benefits like yours, a great deal of sorrow. So I if you used the term "SSI" when you talked to the
always did my best to make sure the person I was talking telephone representative? I have written many past You should not be forced to finance your husband's trips. If
to felt welcome and at ease. Let's hope most SSA columns about how many people confuse SSI (which stands he is racking up debt (or depleting savings) to travel, you
representatives today offer the same level of for Supplemental Security Income, a federal welfare should consult with a family law attorney to see whether you
compassionate service -- and that maybe you just got stuck program), with Social Security. In other words, I think you as an individual are responsible for your spouse's debts (the
with someone who was having a bad day. may have possibly said, "I want to file for SSI," when you answer seems to be: "It depends").
really meant to say, "I want to file for Social Security." The
And sadly, if my emails are any indication, your reason I think that is because all those questions you were You should also research the idea of negotiating a
experience with SSA's 800 number was typical. People are asked about your bank accounts and property ownership "postnuptial agreement," where you mutually agree how to
always complaining to me about long wait times before an are standard questions on an SSI application form. divide your assets and income during your marriage.
agent comes on the phone to help them. They also gripe
about the fact that if they are trying to set up an interview Still, even if you used the wrong term, the SSA telephone But your question is really about what to say to people
at their local Social Security office, the first available representative, with a little bit of extra questioning, should when they grill you about your own choices.You can respond
appointment is often many months in the future. have been able to figure out that you wanted to apply for with your version of the truth: "I'm working hard to pay for
Social Security and not SSI. Oh, well. Just make sure you my husband's trips." Or something less specific: "I'm tied
As far as dealing with the long wait times, the only advice don't say "SSI" when you go to your local Social Security down with work and obligations at home." If people call you
a "stick in the mud" over this, then that's on
If you have a Social Security question, them. Own your individual choice, and don't
Tom Margenau has the answer. Contact him at apologize for it.

[email protected] You can contact Amy Dickinson via email:
[email protected]

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2020 Medicare Animeals volunteers needed! F
Numbers Released
What is the Animeals volunteer drivers to pick up

The Centers for laboratory services and Program?  Having a furry and deliver by the third
Medicare & Medicaid week of the month.
Services (CMS) recently testing. Regardless of work companion positively
announced the 2020 Key Responsibilities of
premiums, deductibles, and quarters, everyone pays a impacts the health and well- Volunteers:
co-insurance amounts for
Medicare Parts A and B. Medicare Part B premium being of homebound • Help with donation
(unless a person qualifies seniors. Financial and
• Organize pet food
for a premium subsidy). physical limitations can be
• Pack client pet food
Typically, Medicare Part B barriers to caring for pets. bags for delivery

Medicare Part A covers provides insurance This program enables • Deliver pet food bags to
client homes
inpatient hospital stays and coverage on an 80/20% KAFASI to ease some of
Time Commitment: 
rehabilitation care at a basis. these burdens to make it Spend as little as one hour The ability to lift 10 to 20 supervisor.
every month or as many pounds.
skilled nursing facility. 2020 COLA possible for local seniors hours as desired. For more information
Training and Support: 
According to CMS, more Beneficiaries receiving and their pets to stay Q u a l i f i c a t i o n s :   Volunteers receive initial
Interested applicants must and ongoing training, as well
than 95% of Medicare Social Security retirement, together by making complete a KAFASI as support from an on-site about this
Volunteer Enrollment Form
beneficiaries receive survivors, and disability monthly pet food deliveries and pass both a background program/volunteer
check and a national sex
premium-free Medicare benefits will see a modest to them. offender background check. opportunity please contact

Part A since they have at increase in their monthly us at 262-658-3508 x106

least 40 quarters of benefit amount in 2020. How Does it Work? 

employment paying into The Social Security Donated pet food is stored Eat Well - Herbs

Medicare taxes. Administration recently and packed at Kenosha

Medicare Part B covers announced that Achievement Center When someone Herbs can be divided
into two main categories;
physician services, beneficiaries will receive a (KAC). Volunteers help mentions increasing tender herbs and woody
herbs. Woody herbs tend
outpatient hospital 1.6% increase in 2020 due pack and deliver pet food. to be cooked longer than
tender herbs that are
services, durable medical to the cost of living The pet food is packed the antioxidant intake we tend

equipment at home, adjustment (COLA). 2nd week of the month and to think about blueberries,

outpatient rehabilitation then sorted into routes for cranberries, and wine.

therapies, and outpatient However, herbs are a great

Comfortable source of antioxidants usually used as garnish.
while providing delicious Tender herbs include basil,
flavor in a small serving! chives, cilantro, dill, mint,

Housing For example, just ½ and parsley. Woody herbs
teaspoon of ground cloves include lavender, oregano,

Pay Only 30% of Gross Income for Rent! is thought to have as much rosemary, sage, and thyme.
antioxidants as ½ cup of Woody herbs are used in

1 Bedroom, Heat, Appliances blueberries. There are similar ways to tender
many studies that support herbs but can infuse a

the benefits of distinct flavor in the food

Oakview Manor Apartments Ages 62+ Washington Court Apartments Ages 62+ antioxidants due to their through extended cooking.

4720 Byrd Avenue 55110011WWrrigighhttAAvvennuuee protective properties that Some of my favorite herb
Racine, WI 53406 Racine, WI 53406 help to protect cells from and food parings are
262-632-0732 oxidative stress. These cilantro on tacos, basil on
262-880-4757 beneficial characteristics pizza, and rosemary on pan

Call Reilly-Joseph Company for an application today! SR112119 also help to prevent fried potatoes. This month
chronic diseases like heart considering trying a new
(414) 271-4116 disease. Herbs and spices herb in a dish or even

OPPORTUNITY are a great way to reduce buying your own herb

sodium intake while plant. The flavor

Kenosha Funeral preparing food. Studies combinations are endless!
have shown that high
Services and Crematory sodium intake is associated By Pam VanKampen,
with a greater risk factor RDN, CD
Quality • Value • Service for heart failure, stroke,
and other problems, Greater Wisconsin Area
When you need it the most especially in those over 55. Agency on Aging

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year

from our
to yours

8226 Sheridan Rd. Kenosha, WI 53143
(262) 652-1943

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Find Support in your Caregiving Role

Talk to someone who physicians that “a referral to
provides care for their aging a support group should be
loved one and they will tell recommended for all
you what a difficult and caregivers.” Oftentimes,
stressful job caregiving can people hear the words
be. The American Medical “support group” and
Association states that the immediately tune out. They
role of caregiving places are uncomfortable with the
demands on the caregiver idea of sharing their feelings.
which leaves them at risk Or they think of a support
for health problems group as a bunch of people
including serious illness and sitting around whining
depression. And according about their lives. But
to the American Journal of support groups are much
Public Health, middle-aged more than that and the
and older women caring for benefits they offer are
their spouses are six times valuable.
more likely to suffer from
depression or anxiety The definition of a
disorders than their non-
caregiving counterparts. support group is a gathering
The result of this decline in
health by the caregiver not of people in similar
only affects the person
giving the care, but it may situations who provide each to identify and express help you feel less alone, give can feel more joy and groups call the Kenosha
also compromise the care stressful feelings. Having this you new strategies to cope contentment in your County Aging & Disability
they are providing their other moral support, support can improve your with day-to-day stressors caregiving role. Resource Center at 262
loved one. mood and decrease feelings and help you feel affirmed in 605-6646.
practical information and of distress. your work as a caregiver. Support groups have
Reading information like The result will be a expanded from the Jane Mahoney, Caregive
this can make caregiving tips on coping with your • They provide affirmation healthier, happier you which traditional sense and can Specialist, Older American
sound bleak and and advocacy. The group in turn means better care sometimes be found as
discouraging. But we also unique situation. Here are serves as a source of for your loved one. By groups offering virtual, or Act Consultant, Greate
know that caregiving can be validation and can offer taking time to care for your webinar versions to make it Wisconsin Agency on Aging
a very rewarding job. The some of the benefits of avenues to local resources. physical and emotional easier for caregivers to
key difference between a needs, you will discover you participate. For more Resource
caregiver who is barely attending and/or The benefits of attending information on these
hanging on and one who is support group meetings can
happy and at ease is having participating support group
proper support in their role
as a caregiver. Healthy and meetings.
content caregivers receive
help with tasks like • They provide valuable Happy
providing personal cares information that will Holidays
and housekeeping and they increase your knowledge of
take regular breaks from caregiving. One of the best
caregiving. But most resources for caregivers is
importantly, they also have other caregivers!
found an emotional support
network. • They teach coping skills. • For Active Adults 55+ • Spacious 1 & 2 Bedrooms
The information and advice • Beautifully Landscaped • Open-Air Gazebo
The American Medical the group provides can
Association suggests to assist in problem solving the • Elegant Dining Room • Beauty Shop • Exercise
many different challenging Room • Gardening Area • Elevator • Library
situations you may be
experiencing. • Garages Available • Monthly Activities Calender

• They are a place to PCSTeaporleslucoFrinao&alrsl

share common concerns

and joys. Others in similar

situations can then offer

encouragement and

support. 910 85th St., Kenosha

• They provide emotional (262) 697-8277 122018
support and are a safe place
* Dependant On Availability. wwwwww..bbeeeecchhppooiinntteelliivviinngg..ccoomm

SR121919 SF2019

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books ‘The Impeachers’ minutely recounts
the first presidential reckoning
The best nonfiction
books of 2019 Stevens, who railed against pervasive sentiment that only
white men should run the U.S. government. “To say so is
A Good Provider Is One political blasphemy, for it violates the fundamental
Who Leaves by Jason principles of our gospel of liberty,” Stevens said. “Equal
DeParle rights to all the privileges of the Government is innate in
every immortal being, no matter what the shape or color
Reporter Jason DeParle of the tabernacle which it inhabits.”
first met Tita Comodas in
the slums of Manila three Johnson consistently made the counterintuitive
decades ago. His book is not
just an affecting rendering of The Impeachers: The Trial of Andrew
her family’s experiences but Johnson and the Dream of a Just Nation
an intelligent, compassionate by Brenda Wineapple
analysis of the economic,
political, and cultural When Brenda Wineapple started her research for “The argument that, because secession was unconstitutional, the
ramifications of global Impeachers:The Trial of Andrew Johnson and the Dream of Confederate states had never actually left the Union.
migration. a Just Nation” six years ago, she had no idea how topical Following that logic, the president wanted an immediate
her book would become. restoration of representation in Congress for those states,
Last Boat Out of Shanghai by Helen Zia with minimal strings attached.
She grew interested in the first impeachment trial in the
Journalist-activist Helen Zia adds to the international United States while working on her previous book, Wineapple writes, “Every time Johnson vetoed a bill
refugee narrative with the only book in English about the “Ecstatic Nation: Confidence, Crisis, and Compromise, aiming to reconstruct the South he argued that the bill
late-1940s mass exodus of one-quarter of Shanghai’s 6 1848-1877,” which explored political and cultural events wasn’t constitutional because the ex-rebel states weren’t
million people escaping the Communist Revolution. Zia leading up to and during the Civil War and into represented in Congress.”
highlights four survivors to share intimate stories of Reconstruction.
displacement, separation, adaptation, and reinvention. Again and again,Wineapple shows how far apart Johnson
Andrew Johnson was an accidental president, a stood from Congress – as well as the relentlessly hateful
Midnight in Chernobyl by Adam Higginbotham Tennessean whose Constitutional absolutism left him an and cruel conditions and circumstances faced by black
anti-secessionist, pro-Union politician despite what we people.Two of the most vivid examples occurred in 1866.
Journalist Adam Higginbotham sifts through archives and would call today his racist, white supremacist beliefs. Both were essentially race riots started by white mobs. In
dozens of firsthand accounts to produce the most Johnson was a U.S. senator and a “War Democrat,” a Memphis, 46 black people were killed, five black women
complete and compelling history yet written in English of member of the faction that supported military action were raped, and dozens more were wounded. Two white
the worst nuclear power plant meltdown in history. against the 11 Confederate states. men died, one of whom shot himself. Several months later,
in New Orleans, a nascent attempt to enact black voting
The Lost Art of Scripture: Rescuing the Sacred Texts Abraham Lincoln, fearing for his re-election chances in rights as part of a state constitutional convention devolved
by Karen Armstrong 1864, named Johnson as his running mate in an attempt to into a bloodbath exacerbated by (at best) lax federal
balance the Republican ticket and shore up support in a oversight and corrupt local police and government.
Religion scholar Karen Armstrong argues persuasively nation battered and exhausted by years of war.
that sacred writings are an art form, not words cast in Former Confederates accounted for two-thirds of the
stone. Text on a page cannot represent the experience of Lincoln, of course, won, as did the Union. But the New Orleans police force, Wineapple notes. Instead of
transcendence. Instead, the faithful are meant to wrestle euphoria was momentary: John Wilkes Booth assassinated preserving or restoring order, in some cases they helped
with these living documents, and find their relevance for Lincoln in April 1865, a little more than a month after white mobs kill, beat, and wound hundreds of black men
today. Lincoln’s second inauguration and six days after the Civil and women.Terrorism of black people ran rampant during
War ended at Appomattox with Robert E. Lee this era, a time that included the formation of the Ku Klux
Young Castro by Jonathan M. Hansen surrendering to Ulysses S. Grant. Lincoln’s murder made Klan.
Andrew Johnson president.
Jonathan M. Hansen crafts a portrait of Fidel Castro Impeachment followed a slow, deliberate, and unsteady
before the beard, before the Cuban missile crisis, and long Wineapple writes the kind of popular nonfiction that path for more than a year before the eventual trial and
before the fall of the Soviet Union. The book succeeds deserves a wide audience, blending graceful prose with a acquittal of the president in 1868. Congress and the nation
wonderfully in making young Castro – idealist and a deeply researched but accessible history. In “The grappled with defining untested Constitutional concepts of
devourer of books – come alive. Impeachers,” she shows how those in Washington initially “high crimes and misdemeanors” as well as the allowances
embraced Johnson, believing he would hew to the initial and limits of executive power.
The Education of an Idealist by Samantha Power Reconstruction course set by Lincoln and backed by
Republican majorities in Congress. When impeachment came – triggered by Johnson’s
Samantha Power was one of President Barack Obama’s attempt to fire War Secretary Edwin M. Stanton in
ambassadors to the United Nations and won the 2003 Soon enough, Johnson made clear his disdain for violation of an equally murky 1867 law that prevented the
Pulitzer Prize for “A Problem From Hell.” In this memoir, meaningful Reconstruction; that is, fairness and equity for president from unilaterally removing cabinet members –
she traces her life from her early years as an Irish the four million freed slaves. What ensued were endless the subsequent trial turned into a public spectacle.
immigrant all the way to the White House. battles between the executive and legislative branches,
often punctuated by the president undoing or simply Johnson survived conviction by a single vote, that of Sen.
The Contender by William J. Mann ignoring Congressional mandates. Edmund G. Ross of Kansas, whose vote,Wineapple argues,
was almost certainly bought.
Marlon Brando is known not only for his roles in award- Johnson opposed the Fourteenth Amendment
winning films such as “A Streetcar Named Desire” and “The guaranteeing all people the rights of citizenship. He vetoed Notable and fascinating historical personages abound in
Godfather,” but also for his social protests.William J. Mann’s civil rights legislation. He allowed numerous ex- these pages, including the nakedly ambitious Chief Justice,
biography probes Brando’s enigmatic persona in an Confederates to reclaim political power after the war.And Salmon P. Chase; Grant, the taciturn Union war hero and
illuminating manive History by Ted Gioia as for his political foes – led by fiery Pennsylvania Rep. future presidential candidate; William Tecumseh Sherman,
Thaddeus Stevens, Massachusetts Sen. Charles Sumner, and Grant’s close friend who loathed politics but couldn’t
Music: A Subversive History abolitionist Wendell Phillips – the president went far escape them; and literary lights Herman Melville and Walt
by Ted Gioia beyond heated rhetoric. In fact, he publicly called for Whitman.
Stevens and Sumner to be hanged.
Historian Ted Gioia asserts Two of the most powerful voices immersed in
that music history generally Few leaders of the era look better in retrospect than Reconstruction-era America were the freed slave-turned-
shares the whitewashed stories orator Frederick Douglass and novelist Mark Twain, who
of the assimilators.The truth, he served as a Washington correspondent at the time.
says, can be found with the
disrupters, the musicians who Both offered profound (and profoundly different)
innovated despite cultural observations. Said Douglass: “Slavery is not abolished until
upheaval or, sometimes, in the black man has the ballot.” Twain summed up matters:“I
response to it. Through believe the Prince of Darkness could start a branch of hell
exhaustive research, Gioia in the District of Columbia (if he has not already done it).”
reaches back to the ancient
Greeks and Johann Sebastian Bach, through to Elvis Presley “The Impeachers” offers insights and a distillation of
and Jay-Z, to illustrate his points. events that have undeniable parallels with this moment in
our history.
Our Man by George Packer
By Erik Spanberg
George Packer’s biography of diplomat Richard
Holbrooke, best known for brokering the Dayton Accords
that ended the Balkan wars, is also an elegy for the vision
of American power he represented.

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Bill Marriott, Founder Of The The best
Largest Hotel Chain In The World, fiction
Shares Never-Before-Published books of
Stories That Made Him An 2019
International Business Icon
The Island of Sea
From a root beer stand to the largest hotel chain in the Women by Lisa See
world, Bill Marriott was the driving force behind the
growth of the world-famous Marriott hotel company. “Bill Lisa See draws readers
Marriott: Success Is Never Final” is the remarkable story into the fascinating history of
of a man who had the vision to create a multi-billion-dollar Korea’s Jeju Island and its
business, who understands the power of giving through women divers (haenyeo)
substantial philanthropic work, and who lives the creed who risk danger to collect
that hard work will pay off but success is never final. shellfish while the men raise
the children. Mi-ja and Young-sook are soul sisters who find
Readers will learn the fascinating details about the joy and heartbreak in this unforgettable epic spanning 50
successes and failures of Bill’s business ventures and relate years, as their culturally rich island’s legacy is forever
to his challenges of balancing roles as a CEO, a husband changed by world events. Readers will witness the fortitude
and father, and a man of faith. He shares details about his of these women to transcend tragedy and find forgiveness.
private struggles with his father’s chronic harsh criticism;
his innovations in the hotel industry; and the boundless The Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead
passion and energy he demonstrated for his work, family,
and faith. Read an excerpt: Two boys sentenced to a reform school in Jim Crow-era Florida reveal a study in contrasts: one is cynical, the other
idealistic and inspired by the words of Martin Luther King
“’Success is Never Final’ helps me to understand Bill’s Jr. As they navigate abuse and corruption, they influence
success as a competitor and as one of the most each other in ways that will alter the course of their lives.
remarkable businessmen of our times,” said Tom Pritzker,
Executive Chairman of Hyatt Hotels Corp. Chances Are ... by Richard Russo

Bill Marriott: Success Is Never Final During a weekend on Martha’s Vineyard, three men meet
by Dale Van Atta to renew their college friendship and puzzle over the
mysterious disappearance, 40 years earlier, of a young
“Bill Marriott: Success Is Never Final” was written by trust yourself and follow your instincts.We almost lost the woman with whom they were all in love. Richard Russo’s
Dale Van Atta, a New York Times best-selling author and company in 1990 due to a confluence of events beyond storytelling, word pictures, and understanding of character
journalist who has been nominated five times for the our control: the real-estate recession, the Gulf War and and community are rich in psychological detail.
Pulitzer Prize. He co-authored the world’s most widely the Japanese stock market crash. I feared, at the time, that
syndicated news column with Jack Anderson, reaching 50 I had let my father down.Thankfully, we pulled through but Out of Darkness, Shining Light by Petina Gappah
million readers. not without growing pains...I hope I’ve passed on some
important life lessons.” Bill also shares with his blog Petina Gappah’s work of historical fiction delves into the
In 2018, Shadow Mountain Publishing traveled to Lake readers that his “biography is transparent about some of story of two African servants of famed 19th-century
Winnipesaukee, N.H., and interviewed Bill at his lake house our mistakes, too.” Read more at explorer David Livingstone. After Livingstone’s death, the
along with several family members. Video excerpts from pair are among those who transport his body, and his
those interviews can be watched at notes, 1,000 miles to ensure the body’s safe return to This is the tell-all book about Bill Marriott’s family life, England. The novel glows with the insightful voices of the
his religious life, and the never-before-published stories two servants and the strength of their devotion.
On the blog, Bill recently stated regarding that made him an international business icon.
his biography, “Over the decades, I’ve learned you have to Strangers and Cousins by Leah Hager Cohen

McCartney’s "We are thrilled to be What could be more romantic than getting married in
children’s book partnering with Netflix," your family’s ancestral home? Lots of things in Leah Hager
coming to Netflix McCartney said. "I've Cohen’s timely, timeless comedy. For one, the barn is about
always loved animated to collapse and the house isn’t in much better shape. For
Netflix is adapting Paul McCartney's children's films and this is a hugely two, the parents plan to sell right after the wedding. For
book High in the Clouds as a new animated film. The important passion project three, their daughter is planning less a heartfelt ceremony
streaming service announced in a press release for me. I can't wait for the and more “an ersatz comedy on the institution of
that it has teamed with Gaumont to produce a world to see it." marriage.” Then someone steals the wedding ring.
feature film based on the novel by McCartney, Geoff
Dunbar and Philip Ardagh. High in the Clouds The World That We Knew by Alice Hoffman
follows Wirral, an imaginative teenage squirrel. The
McCartney will produce and create original songs character finds himself pulled into a ramshackle Into the recognizable form of a Holocaust novel Alice
and music for the film. Jon Croker (Paddington, gang of teenage rebels who live in the clouds after Hoffman injects magical realism in the form of a golem,
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald) wrote he accidentally antagonizes the gang's leader, conjured from sacred Hebrew words. The golem is
the screenplay, with Timothy Reckart (Head Over Gretsch the owl. McCartney published High in the entrusted with the safety of a young Jewish girl. Hoffman
Heels, The Star) to serve as director. Clouds in 2005. The former Beatles member delivers a lyrical novel that underscores what makes us
released his second children's book, Hey human and calls out how we deny humanity in others.
Grandude!, in September.
Akin by Emma Donoghue
Noah Selvaggio is a retired chemistry professor who is
PRINT & E-BOOKS NONFICTION PRINT & E-BOOKS FICTION set in his ways.The last thing he needs is a call from social
services asking him to temporarily foster his pugnacious
1. Educated (Westover) 1. The Guardians (Grisham) 11-year-old grandnephew whose mother is in prison. A
2. Me (John) 2. Where the Crawdads Sing (Owens) captivating tour of the French town of Nice follows, as they
3. Sam Houston/Alamo Avengers (Kilmeade) 3. The 19th Christmas (Patterson/Paetro) piece together a World War II-
4. A Warning (Anonymous) 4. Criss Cross (Patterson) era family mystery.
5. Becoming (Obama) 5. A Minute to Midnight (Baldacci)
6. Talking to Strangers (Gladwell) 6. The Silent Patient (Michaelides) Ayesha at Last by Uzma
7. The Body (Bryson) 7. Blue Moon (Child) Jalaluddin
8. The Book of Gutsy Women (Clinton/Clinton) 8. Twisted Twenty-Six (Evanovich)
9. I Heard You Paint Houses (Brandt) 9. The Rise of Magicks (Roberts) Who among us doesn’t love a
10. Blowout (Maddow) 10. The Institute (King) good update of “Pride and
Prejudice”? Uzma Jalaluddin
delivers with a satisfying
romance full of wit and humor,
set among a Canadian Muslim
immigrant community navigating
tradition and assimilation for its
young men and women.

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Mayo Clinic source of the problem on your own. It could be an Vaping outbreak may have
allergy or a food intolerance, or it may not be related peaked, but more cases
Elimination of dietary lectins to your diet at all. reported, CDC says
isn't a cure for medical
disorders or conditions If you're in that situation, consider working with a The number of vaping-related lung brands were reported by EVALI
registered dietitian, or a health care provider and a illness deaths reported rose again patients, the agency said. The brand
DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I keep reading about dietitian team, to sort out the cause of your this week to 52, up four from last Dank Vapes, a counterfeit THC
weight loss and other health benefits from a diet symptoms. Some medical centers have dietitians that week's total, but federal health brand home-made by smaller
where people eliminate lectins. Is there any truth to specialize in gastrointestinal issues, and those researchers believe the outbreak has dealers from internet-purchased
the claim that a lectin-free diet can cure autoimmune professionals can be particularly helpful in these kinds peaked. More deaths are under packaging, was the most commonly
diseases and other health problems? of cases. investigation. A total of 2,409 reported brand used by patients
patients have been hospitalized, an nationwide, the agency said.
ANSWER: No scientific evidence exists to show A dietitian may recommend, for example, a short- increase of 118 from last week.
that eliminating dietary lectins will cure any medical term elimination diet, excluding certain categories of Cases have been found in all 50 DankVapes showed up most often
disorders or conditions, including autoimmune foods that tend to cause allergic reactions most states, Puerto Rico, the District of in the Northeast and South, while
diseases. But your diet certainly can have an effect on often. Once those foods have been taken out of a Columbia and the U.S.Virgin Islands. TKO and Smart Cart brands were
the way you feel, especially if you have a chronic diet, they then can carefully be reintroduced in an The outbreak appears to have more commonly reported by
condition. If you have a medical concern triggering effort to identify possible causes of food-related crested in September, but new cases patients in the West. TKO is a legal
symptoms that seem to be related to the foods you symptoms. Based on that or on other evaluations, a continue to be reported or THC brand manufactured in
eat, consider talking with a registered dietitian, who dietitian can then make recommendations that fit the recategorized by state health California, but has been
can review your diet and offer suggestions for situation. officials, the Centers for Disease counterfeited, the company said.
modifying it in a way that may help ease your Control and Prevention said. Rove, also a legal brand, was more
symptoms. Rather than using a generalized approach and common in the Midwest.
trying to apply it to everyone - such as avoiding all Meanwhile, a study from Oregon
Lectins are naturally occurring proteins that are food with lectins - a diet that's structured and showed that terpenes added to THC Federal health investigators still
found in most plants. Some foods that contain higher overseen by a dietitian and based on scientific vape cartridges could emit toxic recommend that people not use
amounts of lectins include beans, peanuts, lentils, evidence can be customized to accommodate a chemicals. Terpenes are added to THC-containing vaping products,
tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, fruits, and wheat and person's individual sensitivities. That type of pure THC distillations to dilute the particularly from illicit sources. They
other grains. Lectins serve a protective function for systematic approach typically yields better long-term product and provide the vapor with also should not use vaping products
plants as they grow. They don't have any nutritional results than just avoiding a certain kind of food or a aroma and taste. Pure THC has no that have been altered, the agency
value when consumed in foods. food ingredient and hoping to feel better. - Katherine flavor or smell. said. The CDC earlier identified the
Zeratsky, R.D., Endocrinology/Nutrition, Mayo Clinic, THC diluent cutting agent vitamin E
Some research seems to indicate that taking in Rochester, Minn. Cannabis companies in the newly acetate as a chemical that showed
large quantities of raw lectins could have negative state-legalized industry have spent up in lung tissue from EVALI patients
health effects. The amount you'd need to consume Mayo Clinic Q & A is an educational resource and millions of dollars on developing from 10 states who said they vaped
each day to get to that level, however, is much higher doesn't replace regular medical care. E-mail a question specific branded terpene profiles for illicit THC vapes.
than a typical diet would include. And studies have vaping products.
shown that lectins break down when processed or to MayoClinicQ&A(AT SIGN) For more "While it appears that vitamin E
cooked, so the risk of adverse health effects arising information, visit Lab-created e-liquids and "dabs" acetate is associated with EVALI,
from lectin-rich foods that aren't raw is not cause for produced toxic chemicals when they evidence is not yet sufficient to rule
concern. were heated, said senior researchers out contribution of other chemicals
at Portland State University. Those of concern," the agency said. Patients
In addition, most foods that contain lectins are included cancer-causing benzene and with EVALI typically experience
recommended as part of a healthy, well-balanced diet. an air pollutant called methacrolein, symptoms that include shortness of
There's a well-established body of scientific evidence as well as xylenes, toluene, styrene breath, coughing, chest pain and
that clearly supports the benefits of a diet rich in and ethylbenzene. gastrointestinal symptoms of
fruits, vegetables and whole grains.The health benefits abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and
you receive from including those foods in your diet Also, the CDC last week identified diarrhea. Other symptoms may
outweigh any perceived benefits from avoiding foods brands of THC vaping cartridges, include fever, chills and weight loss.
with lectins. With that in mind, a diet that avoids most of them illegal, that patients The CDC now only counts patients
lectins is not one most dietitians would typically had identified with e-cigarette, or who have been hospitalized with
recommend. vaping, product use associated lung EVALI for its weekly updates.
injury, or EVALI. Overall, 152
Also, if you're eating a diet that includes a variety of different THC-containing product
foods and you're having symptoms that make you feel
unwell, it often can be difficult to pinpoint the specific

Finding purpose in life can "Many think about the meaning and
improve health purpose in life from a philosophical
perspective, but meaning in life is associated
Do you feel like you know why you're affecting their mood, social relationships, with better health, wellness and perhaps
longevity," Jeste continued. "Those with
here? The answer to that question could psychological health, and ability to think and meaning in life are happier and healthier than
those without it."
determine how you feel day-to-day. reason.
This conclusion comes from a three-year
If you've found meaning in your life, you're "We found presence of meaning was study of more than 1,000 people aged 21
more likely to be both physically and associated with better physical functioning and older living in San Diego County.
mentally healthy, a new study reports. and better mental functioning," said senior
study author Dr. Dilip Jeste. He is senior The new study was published online Dec.
On the other hand, people restlessly associate dean for the Center for Healthy 10 in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry.
searching for meaning in their life are more Aging at the University of California, San
likely to have worse mental well-being, with Diego, School of Medicine.
their struggle to find purpose negatively

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the four-legged report

Pet World Dear Bob, I have been box. She placed another Animal Control
working in the animal litter box downstairs, which
withCathy Rosenthal welfare field for more than instantly solved the Dog starts
25 years and have learned problem. kitchen fire by
Special bowls things along the way, as they turning on
can help slow say, and can't always recall Litter box solutions microwave
down fast the origins of my require a lot of detective
drinkers knowledge. But, if you work. Adding a new litter The Essex County Fire &
search online, you will see box when problems arise
many celebrity pet people can often help resolve an Rescue Service said
and veterinarians issue by giving cats more
advocating for the one litter options in the home. firefighters responded to a
box per cat plus one.
Dear Cathy, All your small fire at a Stanford-Le-
While this is not suggestions were right on
necessary in every home, for the sneezing cat (in Hope home. Firefighters
especially if there are no New York), but I want to
litter box issues, it's also add one more thing. Keep a discovered the fire had That's no dog
not always practical. For warm air humidifier running
example, someone with 10 at 30% to 40% in the home. started in the kitchen when A Manitoba man who
cats may not want 11 litter My vet recommended it struck what he thought was
Dear Cathy, My Siamese cats. Over the boxes in their home, so the and it solved our problem the owner's dog, a husky, a dog on his way to work
Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix course of 40 years, we have advice is mostly for people entirely. It might also help loaded the animal into his
drinks his water much too had 12 cats: 10 Siamese, one who have a cat or cats with rule out other problems started the microwave, back seat and only later
quickly. He starts coughing Turkish Angora and one litter box issues. such as a viral or bacterial discovered the canine was a
and wheezing as the water Balinese. infection. - Mary,Tucson causing a package of bread coyote.
goes down the wrong pipe. Cats are very territorial
I hold him on my lap, hold Our normal operation is creatures, so even adding Dear Mary, Hopefully, rolls inside to burn and "I thought it was a
his chest and slap his back. to have one large litter box one extra box in a new the reader with the German shepherd or a
It helps but only after much with cover and liner. We location when litterbox sneezing cat will go back to catch fire. The homeowner husky," Eli Boroditsky told
coughing. change the litter and liner issues arise can make a the vet first to rule out CBC News. "I didn't think it
every day. We use litter difference. illnesses, but a humidifier, was not present at the time was a wild animal." The man
Any suggestions that from a local supermarket especially during the winter loaded the injured animal
might help the little guy? He that is bulky: 10 pounds of A few years ago, a months when the heat of the fire but alerted into his back seat and drove
drinks from a raised water litter gives a lot of bulk for woman wrote to me saying inside our homes can dry the rest of the way to work,
bowl alongside his food the cats to play in. We go her cat was not going our nasal passages, will authorities when he where a coworker took a
bowl. Water is changed a through 10 pounds every upstairs to use the litter benefit everyone in the look and informed him the
few times daily. - Larry, day. I recognize that this is box and was using the home, including the cat. noticed the smoke on the animal was a coyote.
Westbury, New York not the cheapest way to go. downstairs kitchen floor
We have tried other non- instead. I asked her to As well as being a recuring security cameras "It is amazing how docile
Dear Larry, There are clumping litter, but it observe the other three guest on Happenings Q&A, it was. I was petting it,"
special bowls designed to doesn't provide enough cats in the home for a few Cathy M. Rosenthal is a longtime connected to his phone Boroditsky said.The coyote
slow down fast-drinking litter to play in. days.When she wrote back, is currently recovering from
dogs. Slowdown bowls have she said she noticed the animal advocate, author, app. Firefighters said the injuries including head
something in the middle of Over the years, we have three cats blocking the columnist and pet expert who trauma and scrapes to its
the water dish, so the dog had two to four cats and other cat from going has more than 25 years in the dog was not injured. face and leg. Officials expect
has to nudge around it to only one litter box with, for upstairs to use the litter animal welfare field. Send your the coyote to be released
drink. Floater bowls have a the most part, no problems. pet questions, stories and tips to "Clearly this is a very back into the wild in a few
floating disk in the water So, where does the "cats weeks.
bowl. When the dog's plus one" number of litter [email protected] strange incident involving
tongue nudges the disk, it boxes come from? - Bob, Escaped dog
sinks a bit and the water via email the man's dog, but it could travels 65 miles
rises up for the dog to
drink, which keeps them still have been more A dog that escaped from
from gulping water. a rescue in Ohio was
serious. Microwaves captured two months later
traveling an estimated 65
shouldn't be used to store miles. Lost Pet Recovery
said Payton, a long-haired
There is also a bowl food when they aren't in mixed breed, escaped from
called a StayDry Dog Water the foster family. Payton
Dish.While it's designed for use," Geoff Wheal, watch was spotted about 22 times
dogs that splash water all during her two months on
over the place, it could be manager at Corringham the loose, and Lost Pet
useful for dogs who like to Recovery set a trap and a
gulp water, too. It's a closed Fire Station, said in a camera at the location of
water dish that brings the last sighting.
water to the surface via a statement.
grooved spinning wheel Rescuers said they believe
that's activated when a dog Loose donkey Payton traveled about 65
licks it. gets 'field miles during her time on
sobriety test' the loose. The dog’s foster
family said Payton may have
Let me know if one of Police in Connecticut put her adventurous ways
these works for your dog. joked a donkey was given a behind her, as she now likes
"field sobriety test" when it to walk circles around them
Dear Cathy, I am having was found wandering loose whenever they go out for a
a hard time understanding a in the rain. The Waterford walk.
concept I see frequently Police Department said in a
mentioned these days that Facebook post the donkey
the number of litter boxes was found loose in the city
in a home should be the and an officer held onto the
number of cats plus one. animal's leash from inside a
patrol car to guide the
When I got married, I animal home because it was
inherited my wife's two raining. The donkey was
reunited with its owner.

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Nutrition News Wolfgang Puck’s Kitchen
with Charlyn Fargo
Is Heart-Healthy Holiday Eating Chocolate coconut cookies have
intriguing spice notes

While celebrating the holiday of the cake If you've been a reader of my column You probably already
these past many years, you know you have all the ingredients in
and eating healthy may seem like a home to eat can expect one thing from me as surely your pantry or can find
as the fact that I love to help people them in any supermarket.
tug of war, there are strategies to later. cook and eat the best food possible: And, being slice-and-bake
When December rolls around, at some cookies, the dough can be
help. Be gentle on point I'm going to turn my attention to mixed in advance and kept
Christmas cookies. chilled in the refrigerator,
Don't think all or nothing. If you yourself. If you ready for baking as needed.
My love of holiday baking goes back
had a piece of pie (or two) at start the holidays with too strict to my earliest childhood memories. Next comes the
Every year, the kitchen of our little wonderful way in which
Thanksgiving, it's not time to give rules, you're going to break them home in the southern Austrian town of these cookies are both
Sankt Veit an der Glan seemed always familiar and yet different
up on eating healthy. When and disappoint yourself. That full of the rich, sweet, and spicy aromas enough to make people
of Christmas cookies being baked by open their eyes with
morning rolls around, get back on strategy often sets you up for my mother and grandmother. Guests surprise and delight at first
who dropped by were offered cookies bite. At first glance, they're
track. One piece of pie, one meal excess because you start thinking with coffee or tea. simply chocolate-flavored, buttery cookies with an
attractive rim of shredded coconut. But the very
or one day of overeating isn't going there's no reason to keep trying. When we visited friends, we brought first bite reveals a very pleasing surprise: very
assortments of our homemade holiday treats. subtle but noticeable hints of black pepper and
to reverse everything. Go back to Focus on some nonfood And, of course, my brother, sisters and I ate plenty cayenne, not too spicy at all but just enough to
the basics: more fruits, vegetables, activities.The idea is to spend time of the cookies ourselves at home, some of which counterpoint and emphasize the delicious
lean proteins, low-fat dairy and with our loved ones, not just eat we'd be served as snacks or desserts - and some, chocolaty flavor.
whole grains. together. Take a family walk, go see of course, that the four of us would sneak when
the grownups weren't looking. When you think about how many other
Drink plenty of water before the some holiday decorations, or traditional Christmas cookies have the word
This year, I'd like to share with you yet another "spice" in their names, you'll instantly understand
next holiday party, and if it's a attend a holiday concert or service. cookie recipe you haven't seen from me before in how perfectly appropriate these seasonings are
this column: Chocolate Coconut Spice Cookies, a here.
potluck, bring something healthy We all can survive the holidays classic from Spago. I think they make a great
that you can eat. cookie to add to your seasonal repertoire, for a With the recipe's yield of five dozen cookies,
without the dreaded 5- or 10- number of reasons. easily multiplied if you allow yourself sufficient
time to make several batches, you'll have enough
Portion control allows you to pound weight gain. Be intentional First of all, they're easy to make. I think that is to share as festive gifts. Pack the cooled cookies in
essential not only because this is the busiest colorful airtight containers, with single layers
indulge in a piece of fudge and not about the foods you really want, cooking time of the year but also because they are separated by sheets of waxed paper.They're a gift
something the whole family can enjoy preparing anyone on your list will welcome!
feel guilty. Life is about enjoying and leave the rest alone. together.

these moments. If red velvet cake is Charlyn Fargo is a registered
your favorite -- and you only have it dietitian at Hy-Vee in Springfield,
this time of year -- have a piece, Illinois, and the media representative
preferably a small one, and enjoy for the Illinois Academy of Nutrition
every bite. Just don't bring the rest
and Dietetics.


SMOKY PAPRIKA SHEET PAN CHICKEN Makes about 5 dozen the speed to high and continue mixing until • Before baking, position the rack in the
fluffy, stopping as needed to scrape down the center of the oven and preheat the oven to
1 tablespoon smoked paprika tablespoon olive oil; sprinkle with 1/3 of the 1 1/3 cups (335 ml) all-purpose flour sides of the bowl with a rubber spatula. 350∞F (175∞C). Line 1 or 2 baking trays
spice mixture, and toss to coat. Spread pears with parchment paper.
1 tablespoon ground cumin and vegetables out in an even layer. Rub chicken 3/4 cup (185 ml) unsweetened cocoa • Reduce the speed to medium, add the egg
thighs with remaining 1 tablespoon oil. Sprinkle powder and vanilla, and continue beating just until • Remove the plastic wrap from the dough
2 teaspoons garlic powder both sides with remaining spices. Place chicken they are incorporated. Reduce the speed to log. Sprinkle the remaining coconut on a
over pears and vegetables, spacing evenly. Roast 3/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon medium-low and, still beating, gradually add clean work surface and reroll the log as
2 teaspoons kosher salt until chicken reaches 170-175 F with a the flour mixture, continuing to mix just needed to coat areas that don't have enough
thermometer, about 40 to 45 minutes.Transfer 1/8 teaspoon salt until combined. coconut.With a very sharp knife, cut the log
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper chicken to platter, and tent with foil to keep crosswise into slices about 1/4 inch (6 cm)
warm. Switch oven to broil, and place sheet pan 1/8 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper • Scrape the dough out of the bowl onto a thick, forming about 60 slices total, placing
1 pound ripe pears, cored and halved on rack about 6 inches below heating element. clean work surface. If it seems too soft to them about 1 inch (2.5 cm) apart on the
Broil pears and vegetables until lightly browned, 1/8 teaspoon ground cayenne pepper shape, wrap it in plastic wrap and refrigerate prepared baking trays. Bake until the
1 pound small potatoes in a variety of colors, about 5 minutes. Divide pears and vegetables until it firms up a bit, about 1 hour. coconut looks lightly toasted, about 10
halved among 6 plates.Top with cilantro and sour 6 ounces (185 g) unsalted butter, at room minutes total, rotating the baking trays back
cream. Serves 6. temperature, cut into small pieces • With very lightly floured hands, roll the to front about halfway through.
12 ounces baby carrots, halved dough into an even log shape about 15
• Per serving: 176 calories; 15.8 grams protein; 1 cup (250 ml) granulated sugar inches (37.5 cm) long and 1 inch (2.5 cm) in • When the cookies are done, use a wide
2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, divided 21.8 grams carbohydrates; 7.9 grams fat; 18.1 diameter. Sprinkle the coconut evenly on the metal spatula to remove them from the
milligrams cholesterol; 176.3 milligrams sodium. 1 large egg work surface and then roll the log in the baking tray, transferring them to a wire rack
6 bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs coconut to coat it evenly all around and to cool.When completely cooled, store at
11/2 teaspoons vanilla extract from end to end. (Gather up and reserve cool room temperature in an airtight
1/4 cup fresh cilantro, coarsely chopped excess coconut.) Wrap up the log in clean container in single layers between sheets of
1 cup (250 ml) unsweetened shredded plastic wrap and refrigerate until well chilled waxed or parchment paper.
Sour cream for serving coconut and very firm, preferably overnight but at
least 2 to 3 hours.
• Preheat oven to 425 F with rack in the • In a mixing bowl, sift together the flour
bottom third of oven. In a small bowl, mix cocoa powder, cinnamon, salt, and black and
paprika, cumin, garlic powder, salt and pepper. cayenne peppers. Set aside
Set aside. On rimmed baking sheet, combine
pears, potatoes and carrots. Drizzle with 1 • In the large bowl of an electric stand
mixer, using the paddle or beaters, soften the
butter at medium speed. Sprinkle in the
sugar and, as soon as it is incorporated, raise

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6107 Washington Ave.

Brings you

auto Expires December 30, 2019.

news from the road

Festive SUV pulled "What does the Grinch and a Trooper have in common? Truck spills load of
over for excessive They both would have pulled this vehicle over for illegal grapefruit onto
Christmas lights lighting," Axtman wrote. Florida's Turnpike

The Washington State Patrol is warning drivers not to He said the trooper "didn't have a heart two sizes too The Florida
get too festive with their vehicles after an SUV decked out small" and the driver was let go with a warning. Highway Patrol
with Christmas lights was stopped on the highway. said traffic on a
Residents responded to Axtman's tweet with photos of stretch of highway
Trooper H. Axtman, public information officer for a vehicle spotted in the area with even more intricate came to a standstill
Washington State Patrol District 7, tweeted photos lights, including a glowing snowman on the trunk, and when a truck lost
showing the vehicle with a light-up Christmas tree on its Axtman said troopers are aware of the vehicle being its load of up to
rear and the roof rack covered in colored lights. spotted around Snohomish County. 1,000 grapefruits.

"Love the Christmas spirit, definitely not legal and very Lt. Kim Montes, a
distracting," he tweeted. spokeswoman for
the highway patrol,
said the crates inside the truck broke about 12:50 p.m.
Wednesday and the fruits spilled out onto Florida's
Turnpike in Ocoee, which is in Orange County.

"Usually when any type of produce, food, you know, any
kind of load is spilled on the roadway, it's typically from a
crash or a load shifting," Montes told the Tampa Bay Times.
"It is not common that this happened."

Troopers said traffic came to a full halt for about 10
minutes before police and road crews were able to open
a single lane of traffic.

No injuries resulted from the spill, which was fully
cleared from the roadway by 4 p.m.

Did the FBI try to take down Trump? TAX PROBLEMS?

continued from page 4 “to provide accurate and complete target U.S. persons in both CAN HELP YOU WITH A
information” about Mr. Page’s prior FREE NO OBLIGATION
U.S. presidential election activities” – relationship with another U.S. counterintelligence and TAX STRATEGY SESSION
“relied entirely” on Mr. Steele’s reports intelligence agency, to whom he had
without any corroborating information. disclosed his contacts with a Russian counterterrorism investigations.” IRS • State • Payroll • Business • Individual
The decision to do so, with a footnote intelligence officer – contacts which the
indicating FBI “speculation” that Mr. FBI cited in the original FISA warrant After reviewing the report, FBI UPFRONT, STRAIGHTFORWARD FEES FOR
Steele’s assignment was politically application. Director Christopher Wray wrote that SERVICES WHICH INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING:
motivated, was approved at the highest while the “investigation and related • Offers in Compromise.
levels, including by then-Director James In total, the Horowitz report investigations of certain individuals • Installment Agreements
Comey. By early 2017, FBI team identifies at least 17 “significant errors were opened in 2016 for an authorized • Lien/Levy Releases, Currently Not Collectible
members learned that the firm which or omissions” in the applications for a purpose and with adequate factual • Audits
hired Mr. Steele, Fusion GPS, had been FISA warrant on Mr. Page, and criticizes predication,” the FBI “accepts the
engaged by the Democratic National the FBI for “serious performance Report’s findings and embraces the Filing back Tax Returns?
Committee to investigate Mr. Trump’s failures” regarding the FISA need for thoughtful, meaningful
Russia ties. applications. remedial action.” He is ordering more you have to be compliant before
than 40 corrective steps to modify the a settlement can be negotiated!
The first FISA warrant overstated the Did the report uncover any FISA process to include more stringent
case for Mr. Steele’s credibility, and as systemic problems beyond this verifications. “I contact the IRS and/or State on your behalf,
more information about his work and specific case? so you don’t have to.”
its political origins came to light during Asked directly in an interview with
the course of the year, this was largely Yes.The inspector general concluded ABC News whether he believes the FBI “Personalized Service… I handle your case from
omitted from subsequent FISA warrant that “given the extensive compliance improperly targeted the Trump start to finish and keep you updated at least
renewals. failures we identified in this review, we campaign, Mr.Wray said, “I do not.” monthly with the progress being made.”
believe that additional OIG [Office of
This information included concerns the Inspector General] oversight work President Trump, who appointed Mr. DON’T WAIT! CONTACT PAUL TODAY,
expressed by people who knew Mr. is required to assess the FBI’s Wray after firing Mr. Comey, blasted AND REGAIN YOUR PEACE OF MIND!
Steele or his work and raised questions compliance with Department and FBI him on Twitter this morning: “I don’t
about his judgment. Also, that the key FISA-related policies that seek to know what report current Director of 262-752-6992
source upon whom Mr. Steele’s election protect the civil liberties of U.S. the FBI Christopher Wray was reading,
reporting relied – whom the FBI met persons.” It added: “Accordingly, we but it sure wasn’t the one given to me.
and deemed credible – “rais[ed] have today initiated an OIG audit that With that kind of attitude, he will never SMART READER December 19, 2019 19
significant questions about the will further examine the FBI’s be able to fix the FBI, which is badly
reliability of allegations included in the compliance with the Woods broken despite having some of the
FISA applications.” And the FBI failed Procedures in FISA applications that greatest men & women working there!”

By Christa Case Bryant 060619


Our Earth your path and set intentions Make Stuff. Take time to November
that speak true to you and create, no matter what that Divorce report
with Gretchen Covelli yours. looks like to you. Creativity
feeds the soul. Elizabeth Aguayo & Alonso Ronquillo
Writing a Be present in your AdaYaritza Alvardo Cruz & Josue Martinez Maldonado
family manifesto moments. I know this gets Be Alone. I know that can Maria Del Sagrario Atilano & Jose De Jesus Atilano Reyes
passed around a lot during the be scary, but oh my do we Solenid Daniel & Robert C Daniel
Ah, resolutions. We all make and this is just my humble Holidays, but in today's life we need it. Jennifer Ann DeMoe & Jacob Ronal DeMoe
them. And I'm pretty sure we opinion, I think it's actually a are busy ALL.THE. TIME. Michael Anthony Dinovo & Carrie Nicol Dinovo
all break them (just being real very personal plan, a manifesto, During the Holidays we take Get out of Dodge. Travel Franklin James Domingo &Wilma Jane Domingo
here).....eventually anyway. if you will. Everyone is many pictures and are often and enjoy the new Brooke Anna Frye & Paul J Frye Jr
Maybe some stick and others different, what works for one intentional with making it scenery and the unknowns. MargaretWai Galvan & Jose Javier Galvan
fade. Let's face it, LIFE will actually set another other memorable. Let's focus on Even just a few hours away can Mytoya Michelle Garcia & Andre James Garcia
happens. We continually have up to fail. Finding your niche is our "every-days". The bedtime be a new experience. Michael Anthony Gonzales & AshleyTaylor Gonzales
to adjust, make due, realign. also part of the achievement. stories, the short minutes David L Halvorson & Susan Halvorson
But I think the one thing we For me, it's writing a Family together before heading off to Plan and Dream. Never Matthew Mark Johnson & Jennifer Eve Johnson
can all agree on is in the end, Manifesto, "a declaration of school/work, riding in the car Stop planning and dreaming. Kevin Scott Kalinoski & Nicole Rechell Kalinoski
you do what makes you happy! intentions for our upcoming and family dinners. ChristopherWillliam Kram & Kristina Holly Kram
So maybe we set the bar to year". I write our Manifesto Thank you for taking the Desirae L Ludwig & Justin Barker
high or our resolutions are a on a big chalkboard that hangs Do More- Spend Less. time to read and share this Michael Madero Jr & Paola A S Gonzalez
little too unrealistic, expecting in our kitchen. We make it Drive to "nowhere", play board space with me. I wish you Dana Ann Marker & Russell Eugene Marker
a complete 180 of life. Maybe look aesthetically pleasing- games, go for hikes, bake many blessings in the New Year Krystal Martinez & Oscar E Martinez-Estrada
we just have too many hanging pictures around it and together, read together, family full of peace, love and Lori Lynn Miller & Luis Felipe Perez
resolutions. Don't get me use brightly colored chalk. It art night, make hot cocoa and happiness. Hold your loved Randy Douglas Moore & Sharon Elaine Moore
wrong, I am in no way telling draws our attention and is a homemade pizzas. ones close, be present in the Tiffany Lee Mullins-Remus & RonnyWayne Patton
you not to set goals for the reminder each time we look at moment and cherish the Lola Miquelle Oliver & Andrew James Oliver
upcoming year. In fact, my it. I am sure it will come as no Savor the Seasons. Be out memories to be made. - RobertWayne Peterson & Jeanette Rosella Peterson
intentions are quite the shock to you when I say my of doors no matter the Gretchen. Amy Nicole Pizzala & Robert Christopher Pizzala
opposite. It's about to be resolutions are not of the weather and enjoy the magic of Elaine Gloria Radloff &Timothy Gustave Radloff
2020, a new DECADE! Set "norm", they are also very it all. Play in the rain, Soak up Hi there, I’m Gretchen. Valerie Dee Renz & Nicolas Paul Renz
some goals, some intentions!. personal to me and who I am the sun, Roll in the snow, Jump I own Gypsies Baskets, a small Nicole A Ryan & Nolan P Ryan
Let's grow as individuals! and the path I choose to follow in the leaves! Fair Trade basket business. Most Ginnifer Lynn Strode-Miller & Frank August Miller
Pursue our passions!! What in my life. Please know I write Saturdays you will find me in my MargaretWaiVarty & Stephen MatthewVarty Sr
does that look like and how do merely as suggestions, in hopes Be Cuddly and Cozy. No Renee DianeWhite & Shawn MichaelWhite
we accomplish that?? Well, that they help you to choose matter the season, remember booth at the Kenosha Natasha DeannWooten & JohnnyWillieWooten
to take time to relax. Grab HarborMarket. My family and I
your best blankies, melt into love adventuring through nature OWIs
those cozy pants and cuddle up preserves, shopping at downtown
with those who mean the most Barnes, Cleveland L,Waukegan, OWI (1st)
to you. businesses and restaurants, Bell, Jeffrey L, Kenosha, OWI (7/8/9th)
exploring the museums and the Bowers, Joshua A, Kenosha, OWI (1st)
art district, or strolling along our Carpenter, Marcus D, Kenosha, OWI (2nd)
Chandler, Candace L, Kenosha, OWI (2nd)
gorgeous lakefront. Cross, Ryan L, Kenosha, OWI (1st)
Cymbal, Sabrina R,Twin Lakes, OWI (1st)
Guzman, Randy, Kenosha, OWI (1st)
Hansen Gina-Lisa, Genoa City, OWI (2nd)
Jones, Richard Lee, Jonesboro, IN, OWI (2nd)
Kotas, Barbara C, Chicago, OWI (2nd)
Mangiaracina,Vincent,Twin Lakes, OWI (3rd)
Martin, Stacey L, LakeVilla, OWI (1st)
Motino, Stephanie C.A., Kenosha, OWI (3rd)
Powers, Charles J, Oregon,WI, OWI (5/6th)
Preusser, Lee C, Gurnee, OWI (1st)
Rodriguez, Michael, Kenosha, OWI (1st)
Roskres, Benjamin A, Somers, OWI (2nd)
Schmidt, Michael Daniel, Union Grove, OWI (1st)
Taylor, Montray A, Kenosha, OWI (1st)
Zasada, Kaitlin, Cary, IL, OWI (1st)

Kenosha History FOR ADVERTISING RATES CALL 262-564-8800

Schend Tavern, c. 1850-1902.

Built in 1850 at the northern limits of Kenosha, it stood on the NE
Corner of 7th Avenue and 46th Street. Due to its location

approximately halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee, it became a
popular stage stop. Regular travelers would make special

arrangements to spent time with "Father Shend." Its owner,Adam
Schend, was one of Kenosha's first German immigrants and made his tavern well

known in the Midwest. During the Civil War, it was a meeting place for
recruitment for the Union cause, local and state political campaigns would be
planned at its tables. Schend Park, now Union Park, was established across the

Schend Tavern burned on the night January 15/16, 1902. At some point it had been
renamed the Park City Hotel, and at the time of its burning it was home of many

social clubs including the Old Retired Hook and Ladder Company, the Jolly Six
(possibly a euchre club), and the Pioneer Bowlers.

Photo copyright of the Kenosha County Historical Society. Want to learn more
about old Kenosha? Visit and plan your next visit to

the Kenosha History Center at 220 51st St. (on beautiful Simmons Island).
Call 262-654-5770 for hours.

20 SMART READER December 19, 2019

Winter Break in Look Who’s Getting Married!
Marriage License & Waiver SR082419
by Meridith Jumisko Fee Report
Wedding Cakes DT2019V1
Whether you call it Winter Recess, November 11th - December 8th
Winter Break, or Christmas Break, it's Ours Come in all shapes, sizes and prices.
a great time to set aside the normal Guillermo Velazquez We’re creative yet cost effective.
routine, get up without an alarm, & Kaytlyn Nicole Eidson
unplug from the office, relax with family, and have fun. I Donovan Michael Hundertmark Being Sweet to You Is Our Business!
firmly believe in taking one every year - hey, it's not just for & Vanessa Lyn Cano Valencia
kids!  Harold Jerome Rasmussen 3526 Roosevelt Rd, Kenosha, WI 53142 (262) 652-3984
& Judith Ann Willquette
Given my job, I can give you many ideas of what to do John Rober Lass & Hannah Marie Shafer 5617 - 6th Ave.
during this time. I could give you 101 ideas! Be sure to Matthew Paul Susienka Kenosha
check out our current FUN 101 list: 101 Things to See & & Krista Jean Sackmann
Do for $10 & Under (Many are FREE!). It's available at Ethan Gabriel Corrigan 657-7673 And that's just a start!  & Arizona Susan Johnson M-F: 9AM-5PM
Matthew Bryan Postlewait Sat: 10AM-2PM
Our website is full of ideas of places to dine, shop, and & Louisa Lucia Fredriksson Delivery Available
play at. Here are a few options:Wilmot Mountain is a great Axel Martinez & Kendra Allania Jones
place for winter fun! The resort boasts 120 skiable acres, 23 Matthew Joseph Ruhle
unique trails, a newly transformed terrain park, a 22-lane & Amber Elizabeth Allmann SUIT PURCHASE SPECIAL
tubing area, a state-of-the-art ski school, and three places Drew Vincent Van Dyke
to eat. The attraction welcomes newcomers while also Regular or Slim Fit
catering to seasoned skiers and riders. A Kids New Year's & Stacey Lee Rouse
Eve Bash will be held on Dec. 31.   Joshua John Elder & Tarah Ann Alley Elder 179$ 00 Mike Bjorn's
Includes any shirt, tie, belt
If you're not outdoorsy, you have your pick of local Bee Yang & Payao Moua or suspenders & socks. Perfect for Wisconsin’s Largest Full Service SR020919
museums to visit! The Rambler Gallery at the Kenosha Alan Robin Suhajda & Diane Deetman Sizes 34 short to 48 long wedding Men’s Clothing Store
History Center has two new exhibits and a new set of cars parties
on display. The AMC Design Studio features two clay Davide Eric Juopperi
concept models by a team of former AMC designers as it & Dana Louise Andersen Downtown Kenosha 262-652-0648 • M-F 10-5, Sat. 10-2
takes a look at the design side of our local automotive Robert Ealy Breckenridge
history. The museum also debuts its first dedicated exhibit & Siri Rose Beckstrom
on the impact of engine manufacturing in Kenosha, thanks David Michael Truax & Melanie Dee Maki
to generous donations of artifacts, photographs, and more Samuel Lawrence Falaschi
from UAW Local 72. Also view two rare Kenosha
automobiles: a Nash Pickup - they didn't make many - and & Jodie Lea Loyd
the one-of-a-kind 1972 Gremlin "Voyageur".  Christopher Michael Patton
& Melissa Dayana Martinez Osorio
Meanwhile, the annual Frost Fest with free family
activities takes place at the Kenosha Public Museum from 1 William Wayne Stommel
to 4 p.m. on Dec 27 and 30. The theme on Dec. 27 is & Nicole Therese Briatta
Norwegian Traditions, while on Dec. 30, discover how
people around the world celebrate the New Year. Make Peter James Matson
decorations for your own celebration! Just as entertaining & Melinda Ene Horswell
and educational are visits to the nearby Civil War Museum Kenneth Gaylord Paisley III
and Dinosaur Discovery Museum. Take a ride aboard the & Kathleen Elizabeth Gibson
Electric Streetcar while you're in Downtown Kenosha! Timothy Raymond Downer Sr
& Victoria Nan Brummel
Going out for a treat is also a fun outing! Have a malt at Mark Anthony Haubrich
the vintage soda fountain counter at Jack Andrea. Enjoy a & Kelly Madalyn Peterson
shake at Bristol 45 Diner. Go for ice cream at Sandy's Kevin James Schuirmann
Popper or Scoops Ice Cream and Candy. Pick your favorite & Samantha Houser Thorstad
pie flavor at Elsie Mae's Bakery & Cannery. Enjoy a cupcake Jordan Daniel Lee & Tiah Elizabeth Degroot
at Robin's Nest Cakery or a smoothie at Nutrition Jeffrey Joseph Dial & Marinate Monahan
Revolution. Javier Triana & Melissa Ann Solis

Be A Tourist In Your Own Town! Log on to Pick up the Newest Issue Today!  for details on these and more
places. You can also call us at (262) 654-7307 or visit one #Downtown Kenosha Magazine
of the two Visitor Information Centers that we staff: at 600
– 52nd Street, Suite 140 in Downtown Kenosha and at I-94 Online at
& Hwy. 165.

Meridith Jumisko is Public Relations Director at the Kenosha &
Area Convention & Visitors Bureau. Contact her at

[email protected] or drop her a tweet @MJ_Kenosha


Want to advertise in the 120519
greatest publication of 121219
All-time?! Next issue

is out Feb. 3rd 2020
Contact “Downtown Donny”

[email protected]

FOR ADVERTISING RATES CALL 262-564-8800 SMART READER December 19, 2019 21

We reached out on social media and asked, Beyoncé - Homecoming
- Julie Hundley
Your Voice “What is your favorite album of 2019?”
This Land - Gary Clark Jr.
Ghosteen by Nick Cave Hail Stan by Periphery - Gary Farrand
- Rachel Sipos - Sean Kory
Divino Niño - Foam
Feral Roots by Rival Sons Western Stars - Bruce Springsteen - Ruthy Christy
- Frank Parise - Jeff Stevens

Noah Kahan - Busy Head This Land by Gary Clark Jr.
- Courtney Breit - Chuck Miller

Planetary Clarivoiance by Tomb Mold Sturgill Simpson - Sound and Fury The Rosedales - Stereo Ghost!!!
- Nathan Ehlers - Jada Pfarr - Gregory Zgorzelski

Staff Picks The Smart Reader staff delivers their best of 2019

Donny Stancato Jason Hedman Matthew Gonya

Sales, Ideator Editorial Manager Production Manager

1. Vampire Weekend - Father of the Bride 1. The Sh-Booms - The Blurred Odyssey 1. Weyes Blood - Titanic Rising
2. Diane Coffee - Internet Arms 
3. Alex (Sandy G) - Sugar House 2. Claypool Lennon Delirium - South of Reality 2. Tacocat - This Mess Is A Place
4. Black Pumas - Black Pumas
5. Weezer - The Black Album 3. Gary Clark, Jr. - This Land 3. Wand - Laughing Matter
6. Foxygen - Seeing Other People
7. The Lumineers - III 4. The Coathangers - The Devil You Know 4. William Tyler - Goes West
8. Black Keys - Let's Rock
9. The Raconteurs - Help me Stranger 5. Rev. Beat-Man/Izobel Garcia - Baile Bruja Muerto 5. Lizzo - Cuz I Love You
10. The Growlers - Natural Affair
6. IfIHadAHiFi - We’re Never Going Home 6. The Regrettes - How Do You Love?

7. Bad Religion - Age of Unreason 7. Hot Chip - A Bath Full of Ecstasy

8. Honeyblood - In Plain Sight 8. The Chemical Brothers - No Geography

9. Lizzo - Cuz I Love You 9. PUP - Morbid Stuff

10. Royal Republic - Club Majesty 10. Bob Mould - Sunshine Rock

Call or text 262-758-1974. around your new computer. Help with any ment only call 262-595-8242
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24 hr. care references. Looking for job. If
Employment/Opportunities • Lost & Found • Miscellaneous CLASSIFIED DEADLINE IS WEDNESDAY, Mausoleum. West Lawn Memorial(9000 DRUM LESSONS Private instruction. you need me, please call Teresa 262-497-
• Real Estate • Rentals • Rummage Sales • Vehicles • Wanted DECEMBER 25, 2019 AT 12 NOON 0502.
Washington Ave. (9,000). Band, orchestra, marching and drum set. JOBS WANTED I will clean, do shopping,
E-mail your 170 character classified to: [email protected] run errands, etc. Also does seamstress
[email protected] Rock and many other musical styles. Learn work. Please call Gayle 224-565-8882.
Please include your contact information in the classified. CUT AWAY GRASS Edging to last - not
(Name and Phone number / e-mail address) First 3 words will be boldface type. ADULT PONCHO for wheelchair recipient. to read music. Call Tom for details. 262- stringline - will help drainage. All with
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Green waterproof outer material with 818-2869. 2509.
YARD CLEAN UP Junk, brush, dog
fleece lining. In excellent condition. $25. OFFERING SENIOR CARE and childcare waste, anything to haul away. Just call262-
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$99 Schwinn Exercise Bike $45 All in good alzheimers and parkinsons dependable ter, running errands. I am available
Monday-Friday. If you are interested in an
condition. (262) 498-6375 vehicle your home energetic compassion- of the positions listed please contact me
at 224-565-8882 (Gayle)
MISCELLANEOUS Weather Tec Car ate 262-748-6171 PIANO LESSONS RACINE Interested in
beginning piano lessons? I'm located in
MatsHonda CRV 2007-2011 front and Child-care 3rd Shift 10:30 PM to 8:30 AM the downtown YMCA. 262-902-8500
cargo (used one season) $65 each or Winthrop Harbor, IL $50 per week discount services. 1 hour minumum 24 hour care is
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HAVE YOU RECENTLY had surgery of
Exercise Machine with meter gently used 705-3310 just want to start your day with a water pro-
gram with a heated pool at Jane Vernon
$55 obo Phone 262-942-0892 PROFESSIONAL LED TEETH WHITEN- school? 6:00-7:00 AM Contact Linda (262)
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for all ages $15 HR (1 hour min a month up
WANTED cabana tan spa. call to book: 262-843- to 24 hr care available). Call 262-358-7057
more information or make a appointment
2411. 20 minute session = a bright white Dennis

for Charlie’s Shriner Diner. Please call
WANTED TO BUY Old Postcards~Back & Pershing Blvd, Kenosha. Non-smoker only,
White Photos Call /Text Stan 262-496- $35.00/hour. Call or text to (262)758-1974 security deposit, references required.
1822 $105/week. Call 262-652-5252
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Saturday, October 5. Call Cassie at 654- panies, must have military security clear- 2005 FORD TAURUS 176K MILES WIN-
MISC 7323 for more information.Submitted by Helps reduce pain and swelling after sur- ance or ability to pass military security upgrades and PC repair. For friendly serv- TER READY SEE IN KENOSHA AT 4121-
Dorothy Jansen..tutor....Kenosha Literacy clearance along with proven experience, 7TH. AVE. 53140 262-237-1343 RUSS
KENOSHA STEAMPUNK SOCIETY CouncilSent from my Galaxy Tab A gery hips, knee etc. or accidents! Speeds contact DSK, P.O. Box 866, Kenosha, WI ice with a smile, call Vikkex today! Phone CALL OR TEXT $1750
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STEAMPUNK STORE UPTOWN! More 3 200 liter Poly Wine Barrels, very clean, house for tasks in lieu of some rent; 262- AVE. 53140 262-237-1343 RUSS CALL
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22 SMART READER December 19, 2019 FOR ADVERTISING RATES CALL 262-564-8800

community Winter Solstice Night Hike booth, party favors, games, DJ, and more! Food included
is a pizza, pasta, and salad buffet available throughout the
calendar Learn about the significance of the winter solstice and event. Admission is $20 for kids (12 & under), $25 for
enjoy the quiet beauty of the woods on this moonlit adults (13+) Reservation are required, limited seating
TO PLACE A LISTING: hike on Saturday, December 21st from 6:30 - 8 pm at available, call 262-862-2301.Walt's Tavern will be closed
e-mail to: [email protected]; or mail to: Community Calendar c/o Carmichael Pringle Nature Center, 9800 160th Ave. Admission - $5 to the public for the day. Resort will close at 10 p.m.
Communications, 1420 63rd Street, Kenosha, WI 53143-4451. Please include all pernient general public / free for Friends of Pringle members.
information including the who, what, where, when, why, and how much. Listings may be Pre-registration required. Email [email protected] Noon Year's Eve Celebration
with questions.
edited for length and are none are guaranteed to be included. Ring in the Noon Year with games, musical activities, and
Saturday Group Run a fun photo booth at the Southwest Library, 7979 39th
ONGOING EVENTS Ave on New Year’s Eve from 11am - 12:30 pm. Make
Make your Saturday running plans with the Kenosha your own hats and decorations, complete a scavenger
Hold Your Horses! Running Club on Saturday, December 21st.Wear as hunt, and count down to the noon “firecrackers.”   This
much green and red and Christmas themed running is a free program for families with children. 
This is a display of Civil War Museum artifacts and history gear as you can! Group photo taken at 7:30am sharp
surrounding the First Regiment Wisconsin Cavalry. On so make sure to be a few minutes early. They meet at First Day Hike
display though January 2020 at the Civil War Museum, the flagpoles just south of Common Grounds on 6th
5400 First Ave. Avenue.The best place to park is in the parking lot on State Parks across the nation host New Year's Day
the corner of 54th St and 6th Ave. Street parking is also hikes. Join in the celebration to start your year off right
Kenosha Winter HarborMarket available, but please do not park in front of Common and learn a little about the park and nature too at the
Grounds. For more info, please find Kenosha Running Bong Recreation Area, 26313 Burlington Road on
Find about 25-35 vendors inside an all new location this Club on Facebook. Wednesday, January 1st, at 1pm! Leashed dogs are
year - inside the Kenosha Masonic Center, 115 56th St, welcome on this hike. Dress for the weather! Meet at
including cheeses, bakery goods, art, crafts, prepared Midday Movies the Visitor Center.
foods, and more - every Saturday from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Every Thursday afternoon at the Southwest Library, Lemon Street Gallery Warehouse Sale
UW-Parkside Art Exhibit 7979 38th Ave., come see movie screenings of highly-
rated newer releases and nostalgic throwbacks. On This is a great time to take advantage of artists clearing
Featuring the talents of Esther Pearl Watson: Dream Thursday, December 26th, at 12:30 pm, bring your out their studios for the new year at the Lemon Street
Believer (Fine Arts Gallery, upper level) and Kevin popcorn and settle in for the 1995 rom-com “While You Gallery and Artspace, 4601 Sheridan Road! Opening
Miyazaki: Kuroshio (Fine Arts Gallery, lower level), Were Sleeping” starring Sandra Bullock.Visit Reception will be held on Saturday, January 11th, 6 – 9
running through January 24th; gallery open Tuesdays - for more Midday Movies and other p.m. Meet the makers and enjoy refreshments at the
Thursdays, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m., and by appointment. The Fine events. opening reception.The Warehouse Sale will continue
Arts Gallery is located in “The Rita” (Rita Tallent Picken through January 26th (open Wednesdays - Sundays).
Regional Center for Arts & Humanities) on campus, 900 Frost Fest Lemon Street Gallery is a creatively driven non-profit
Wood Road. Admission is free. visual art organization with a mission to provide quality
Enjoy free family activities on Friday, December 27th visual arts education, sponsor and support cultural
Comedy Shows at Kenosha Comedy Club and Monday, December 30th from 1 - 4 pm at the events, and offer a juried forum for artists to exhibit
Kenosha Public Museum, 5500 First Ave. No pre- and sell their work. It is home to nearly 85 member
Every Friday and Saturday the Kenosha Comedy Club at registration is required. Come and leave when you like. artists as one of Southeast Wisconsin's most respected
Wyndham Garden Hotel, 5125 Sixth Avenue, presents a Friday, December 27: Norwegian Traditions. Learn about non-profit artist collectives.  Email
hilarious 90-minute show that features two opening winter traditions, play Nordic games, make your own [email protected] with questions.
comedians plus a touring headliner. Show stars at 8 p.m. Viking shield, and explore cultures that inspire movies
on Fridays, two shows on Saturdays, 7 p.m. or 9 p.m. like Frozen. Monday, December 30: Around the World. First Fridays at the I-94 Visitor Information Center
Tickets are $12 and available at or at Discover how people around the world celebrate the
the door. New Year and make decorations for your own The first Friday of each month, the Kenosha Area
celebration. Call 262-653-4140 with any questions. Convention & Visitors Bureau hosts a free, fun,
Senior Center New Member Orientation informative, and tasty Open House at its I-94 Visitor
The Vito Zatto Show Information Center.Travelers taking a break from the
Stop in at 9:00 am on the last Wednesday of every month road, as well as local residents - tourists in their own
and learn more about the Kenosha Senior Center, 2717 You'll feel like you’re in a Vegas nightclub where a fun- town - are invited. Meet the people behind some of our
67th St. Get a tour and get your questions answered. filled time is in store for you when highly-acclaimed, local attractions and businesses, and pick up ideas of
Vegas-style Singer & Entertainer Vito Zatto delivers a things to see and do in the Kenosha Area and
UPCOMING EVENTS night of full of hilarious stand-up comedy, celebrity throughout Wisconsin. Come see the mammoth skull,
impersonations, incredible singing, audience participation courtesy of the Kenosha Public Museum! The I-94
The History of Mystery Exhibit closing soon! and lots of good times at the Wyndham Garden Hotel Visitor Information Center is located at the southeast
in Downtown Kenosha, 5125 Sixth Ave. on Friday, corner of I-94 and Hwy. 165, at 10519 - 120th Ave. (Exit
From super-sleuths to superheoes, original art, comics, December 27th at 7:30 p.m. Audience members can be 347). Stop by on Friday, January 3rd from noon - 3 p.m.
and books uncover the greatest creators and characters guaranteed one thing...they will somehow be part of the For questions, call 262-857-7164.
of the genre. Collector and writer George Hagenauer show.Vito is very spontaneous and "plays" off his
shows how the mystery genre grew in America to audience; you can be assured that each show will be Behind the Scenes Tour of the Simmons Library
become one of the largest influences in popular culture, unique.Tickets $10 - visit or call 262-
from detective stores to gangsters and G-men, noir and 564-8800 for details. Enjoy a peek behind the scenes of our local historic
pulp fiction, gothic mysteries, masked heroes and caped treasure: the Simmons Library, 711 59th Place! Learn
crusaders, kid detectives, international spies, and much Kids New Year's Eve Bash about Zalmon Simmons, Daniel H. Burnham, and the
more. General admission is free.This free exhibit at the history of this beautiful building on the Second Saturday
Kenosha Public Museum closes on Sunday, January 12th. Ring in the New Year with the family at the new Kid's of every month at 2:30 p.m..This tour involves
Get out to see it before its gone. Call 262-653-4140. New Year's Eve Bash at Wilmot Mountain, 11931 Fox significant stair climbing. Everyone welcome! This is a
River Road. Enjoy a family friendly 2-hour daytime free event on Saturday, January 11th. For questions, call
party at Walt's Tavern, three party times available: noon, 262-564-6130.
3pm, or 6pm. The event includes face painting, photo

Shepherds stripped from you.” ranging from grocery stores and restaurants to auto shops
and beauty salons. The police department will add three
continued from page 5 Mr. Reinbold served as acting police chief for seven months cadets by early next year, and town officials authorized Mr.
last year after Paradise’s top cop retired in February. Town Reinbold to offer a $20,000 hiring bonus to recruit veteran
Megan Rawie, who had lived with her husband in Paradise for officials conducted a wide search for a successor before cops.
19 years when the blaze reduced their house to rubble.The appointing him to the position in the fall. The calamity that
couple moved to a town an hour’s drive north and remain arrived 52 days later revealed an unexpected benefit to He plans to boost his force from 11 to 17 officers to
unsure about whether to keep or sell their vacant lot. choosing a native son. shoulder the dual roles of empathy patrol and law
“There’s always the thought that this could happen again.” enforcement.A rise in crime since summer – the work of car
“If he had come here from somewhere else, he might’ve thieves, burglars, property squatters – offers another, less
The gathering of Paradise’s refugees laid bare their decided not to stick around,” says Lt. Anthony Borgman, a desirable sign of gradual recovery. “It’s funny because people
enduring privations. The Camp fire cost Amy McFarland her member of the department since 2016. “With all that chaos, say,‘Oh, it must just be dead in Paradise,’” he says.“Well, no.”
nursing job and razed the home she shared with her husband it helped that he was somebody people could count on being
and two children.They now occupy the cramped confines of here.” Mr. Reinbold and his officers witnessed Paradise’s Mr. Walters has found himself responding to more
a mobile trailer parked on family property 30 miles away. almost total obliteration as they worked to evacuate emergency calls in recent months. He crisscrosses town in
residents. The baptism by wildfire gave him insight into his his SUV, passing over shallow abrasions in the roads where
“There’s still such a strong feeling of loss,” Ms. McFarland own and his hometown’s capacity to bear misfortune. He abandoned cars melted as Paradise burned. A year ago, in the
says. She paused to wipe away the tears behind her suggests that communal ties will deepen as more people confusion and panic of a mass exodus, he aided some 250
sunglasses. “Everything is just gone.” return and move through the stages of healing from a shared people when traffic ground to a stop. He told them to leave
ordeal. their vehicles and follow him to a strip mall parking lot where
The distress of residents after the Camp fire reached as far the pavement would act as a buffer against the fire. They
as the police chief. Mr. Reinbold’s public stature provided thin “The bonds are being strengthened because they know watched the orange flames approach in the smoke-choked
armor against personal adversity. they’re not going through this alone,” he says. For the sake of darkness.Tense hours passed.The danger receded.
stability and their kids, he and his wife bought a house this
The toll went beyond the home where he lived with his spring in Chico, a college town 15 miles away, but he “That day changed me. It made me feel more loyal to the
wife and three children. His in-laws’ house burned to the continues to devote most of each day to Paradise.“I feel like community,” Mr. Walters says. As Paradise tries to mend, he
ground; they since have moved to Idaho. A cousin lost his the future does look brighter.” waits for residents to return.“I definitely want to be here for
place. Familiar family landmarks – his childhood home, his them. I want to help them come back home.”
father’s old auto repair shop, his late grandmother’s house – Evidence of slow progress has emerged even as questions
wound up as piles of ash and gnarled metal. persist about rebuilding in a fire-prone region. Stop lights and By Martin Kuz
street signs have reappeared. The town has issued 300
“It feels,” Mr. Reinbold says, “like even your memories are building permits and some 200 businesses have reopened,

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