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Published by Happenings Magazine, 2022-06-22 11:26:47

Happenings Magazine 062322

Happenings Magazine 062322

F June 23, 2022 8005 Sheridan Rd., KenoIsnhaSt•oT2ch6ke2S-L6ea5lre8gc-e1tsi0ot0n0
E Fans Of Venom
Have Something To
Oscar Winner Look Foward To

EMMA An Asprin

Breaks New Ground Yes Or No?
With The Hulu Series
“Good Luck To You, No Summerfest
Leo Grande”
For Justin Bieber
Could Mark
Cuban After Historic
Save Medicine?
After A Begins To Reopen
Health Scare Golden State
72-Year Old Jeff
Bridges Returns With Do It Again
The New FX Series
“The Old Man” After Season 4

You’re Snowpiercer
Engaged... Comes Off
Now What? The Rails

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Editor’s Note

On the corner of 6th Ave. & Considered In A How do you make money? It's a question that we have heard
54th Street Class Of Its Own, numerous times over the past 45 years. The business model is a
Rainbow Valley Continues simple one that relies entirely on you. If you are reading this, a
Wisconsin’s Premier To Maintain The Highest heartfelt thank you for picking us up. Without readers like
Carnival Comes To Industry Standard In yourself we could never convince advertisers to support our
Safety, Cleanliness And publication.
Kenosha’s Lakefront Rideability. Several of our advertisers have been with us for a very long
time, how long you ask? The Brat Stop, an iconic business now
Fri. July 1, (5pm-10pm) 062322 in its 61st year, began and has continued advertising with us
Sat. July 2, (Noon-10pm) since our launch in 1977.
Sun. July 3, (Noon-10pm)
Mon. July 4, (Noon-Close) As our primary source of revenue, the local advertisers you see
in this issue are what pay the bills and keep us in business. So
You’ll Find Rainbow please, help us out and let them know if you saw their ad on these
Valley Rides Overlooking pages. It goes without saying, they appreciate your business and
also knowing that their ad dollars are working with us.
Beautiful Harbor Another primary focus for us that has evolved over the years is
events. It actually began, quite by accident 22 years ago when
$25 WRISTBAND Penny Haney, then working in Mayor Antaramian's office,
approached us asking if we would be interested in partnering
Unlimited Rides with the city for a summer lunch time concert series. Penny and
the mayor had the idea and the name, Peanut Butter and Jam,
Saturday & Sunday Noon - 4pm Only but wanted help getting it off the ground.

! At the time, Downtown Kenosha was beginning to make
things happen but it didn't resemble the downtown of today.
10 The Golden State Warriors have won their fourth NBA Thankfully, the mayor’s vision, along with the grit and
champion-ship in the last ten years determination of so many business owners, organizations and
entities transformed our lakefront into a viable summer
18 Due to his recent health issues, Justin Bieber has destination for dining and entertainment. Also, I cannot think of
cancelled his upcoming Summerfest concert another city with a population of 100,000 that can boast of
having five museums, not to mention, all in walking distance of
19 Tom Hardy teased a third Venom film on a recent each other.
Instagram post
Back to Peanut Butter and Jam, it grew over the years and
22 Sophia Bush and Britney Spears are became known as PB&J. It has never been or intended to be
both included in our special summer Bridal section money maker for us. At the time we were considering billboards
to promote Happenings, until Penny came along with her idea. It
seemed that it would be more proactive of us to spend that money
on something that might bring a small amount of enjoyment to
the community. With civic minded PB&J sponsors including
Educators Credit Union; Habush, Habush, & Rottier;
Kenosha Heating and Cooling; LaMacchia Travel; Kenosha
Chamber of Commerce; and the Boys and Girls Club of
Kenosha; we have been able to continue to bring quality
entertainment on Thursdays in July and August.

A few years later Mayor Keith Bosman approached us asking
if we would be interested in doing something with July 4. People
would come down early in the day, stake out their vantage spot
for the fireworks and than have little or nothing to do the rest of
the day. From that came Celebrate America, which will take
place this year on July 2,3 and 4. It's no secret that Festival
Foods writes a very big check for the fireworks and Celebrate
America would not likely happen without our presenting partners
the City of Kenosha and Kenosha County, along with the
generous support of sponsors including Rustoleum, Carthage
College, Snap On, Care Animal Hospital, First American
Bank, Kaiser’s Pizza and Pub, Casey Family Options and
Cremations, and Visit

If you're leaving town for the upcoming holiday weekend, safe
travels. And hopefully, if you plan on being a tourist in your own
town for the 4th, you will pay a visit to our beautiful lakefront.

Frank Carmichael,

Happenings Magazine is published weekly by Carmichael Communications
Editor & Publisher/Frank J. Carmichael • Assistant to the Publisher/Reanna Stockdale • Sales/Kim Carmichael, Donald Stancato

Reception/Sarah Coleman • Editorial Manager/Jason Hedman • Art Director/Jasmine Hundertmark • Ad Design/Glen Kelly
Carmichael Communications: 1420 63rd Street, Kenosha, WI 53143, (262) 564-8800

June 23, 2022 • • Volume 45 Number 25

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FYI Emma Thompson finds 'utter delight'
Emma Thompson
in 'Good Luck' sex dramedy
April 15, 1959 (age 63) Oscar-winning actress and screenwriter Emma Daryl McCormack and Emma Thompson arrive on
Thompson says she wanted to star in the new sex the red carpet for the New York premiere of
London, England dramedy, Good Luck to You, Leo Grande, because it "Good Luck To You, Leo Grande" at the 2022
told a story she had never seen portrayed on screen. Tribeca Film Festival on June 15.
Thompson seemingly grew
up in an English fairy tale. Now streaming on Hulu, the film follows Nancy between them, is a kind of tectonic plate shifting all
Stokes, a retired school teacher and widow whose life the time. Some of it is absolutely seismic.
She is the daughter of a changes when she hires the titular charismatic sex
Scottish actress and English worker (Daryl McCormack), who is half her age. "So, what happens on their faces and their bodies,
writer. Her family lived in the that is our landscape. We don't have New Zealand or a
West Hampstead borough of Most of the critically acclaimed movie shows the cityscape, but we do have these two bodies, which
pair over the course of several meetings where they have so much to tell us."
London and Emma was talk about their lives, dance, laugh and have sex in
educated at the Camden Nancy's London hotel room. The stars praised Hyde and director of photography
Bryan Mason for doing their best to make viewers feel
School for Girls. "Normally, a script will come through and you go, 'I as though they are right in the hotel room with Leo and
know what this is,' because it fits into something that Nancy.
She believed that acting you've seen before. I've never seen this before,"
was inevitable. Thompson told UPI in a Zoom interview. "It is that intimacy that is the fertile ground for all
of this to take place," McCormack said.
“(I was) surrounded by creative "I knew the character. I've seen the character before,
people and I don’t think it but I've always seen her in relation to someone else The script's scenes were filmed in chronological
would ever have gone any doing something interesting." order to make it as easier for the actors to chart their
other way, really,” she said. characters' emotional growth as the story progressed.
The Love Actually and Harry Potter actress recalled
Emma’s gone punk. having an "immediate and visceral response" to Katy "Navigating that dance, it being simple takes, back
When she arrived at Newnham Brand's Good Luck to You script because it took a and forth, and primarily long scenes, it was an
woman Thompson described as someone commonly exploration in terms of our bodies, in terms of how the
College in 1977, Thompson seen as a "backup character" and placed her at the characters sat or stood or what gestures gave away the
became involved in feminism center of a fascinating story. internal journey that they were going on," McCormack
and the counterculture, which said. "That was a joy to explore -- both the external
"Nancy, being this very normal woman who has had and internal -- simultaneously."
led her to become a self- this very normal life -- nothing untoward, did
professed “punk rocker,” with everything right, ticked all the boxes -- suddenly does Nancy and Leo's voices came naturally to Brand as
short red hair and a motorbike something that is so out of character and crosses every she was writing the screenplay.
who aspired to be a comedian boundary known to woman and man," the actress said.
"It was just an utter delight to read." "I really started to enjoy hearing them talk to each
like Lily Tomlin. other. What would actually happen in this situation,
Peaky Blinders alum McCormack reacted similarly how would it play out?," Brand said.
In the 80s, to the screenplay.
Thompson became a successful "And so I wrote it quite freely, that first draft, but I
UK actress in projects opposite He said he was most intrigued by how the story was excited by it. I felt a thrill of writing that dialogue
unfolds largely in a single location in which two and hearing them talk."
Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry, strangers gradually become more comfortable with
and Judi Dench. each other as their candid conversations drift from Brand revealed she wrote the script with Thompson
family to careers to aspirations to disappointments in- in the hope that she would want to play the role of
By 1989, between sexual encounters. Nancy.
she got involved with fellow
actor Kenneth Branagh and "It really did touch on a lot of topics and themes that "I knew that she would have a certain cadence and
were considered to have led the I think are really important to display, especially on a way of delivering lines, a way of being funny,"
“British cinematic onslaught” camera and screen, particularly with regards to Brand added. "But also true at the same time."
in the 1990s with the films freedom, intimacy and non-judgmental exploration
“Henry V,” “Dead Again,” and and liberation," McCormack said. By Karen Butler
“Much Ado About Nothing.”
"To see that embodied in a young man was really
Their relationship would compelling and exciting, because I haven't seen that
go sour by 1995. type of young man portrayed on screen."

Thompson has The two characters are the whole film, and the
had memorable roles camera seldom looks away from them as they bare
in “Sense and Sensibility,” their souls and their bodies.
“Primary Colors,” “Love
Actually,” “Nanny McPhee,” However, Thompson insisted she had no lasting
the live action “Beauty and the reservations about being that vulnerable for that long
Beast” and “Cruella.” As well because they trusted each other and their director,
as franchise roles as Agent O Sophie Hyde.
in Men in Black and Professor
Trelawney in the Harry "We kept saying when we were feeling a bit nervy,
'How do we make it so alive all the time?'" Thompson
Potter films. said.

Thompson has "It's a wonderful script, but, nonetheless, it's two
been happily married people in a room," she acknowledged.
to English actor and producer
Greg Wise since 2003. "Somehow, the dynamism of it, what's happening

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Jeff Bridges: 'Old Man' reflects
'bout with my mortality'

Jeff Bridges said his health father, Lloyd Bridges, with giving Jeff Bridges is on the run in "The Old Man,” on FX and Hulu
scare informed his new FX series him his start. His father starred on
The Old Man. Production on the the show Sea Hunt and let him Jeff Bridges: Essential Viewing
show paused while Bridges, 72, appear on some episodes.
was being treated for non-Hodgkin 1971: Duane Jackson
lymphoma. "If you ever watched Sea Hunt in “The Last Picture Show”
and saw an 8-year-old kid, that
"That year and a-half bout with was probably me," Jeff Bridges 1974 Lightfoot
my mortality -- in times like that - said. "I am a product of nepotism." in “Thunderbolt and Lightfoot”
- it seemed that all your 1976: Jack Prescott in “King Kong”
philosophies and spirituality test The two later co-starred in 1982: Kevin Flynn/Clu in “Tron”
you," Bridges said on a recent movies like Tucker: A Man and
Television Critics Association His Dream and Blown Away. Jeff 1984: Terry Brogan
Zoom panel. "All of that has been Bridges' brother, Beau, also is an in “Against All Odds”
made more mature by that actor. 1985: Jack Forrester
"The big thing I learned from in “Jagged Edge”
Bridges also tested positive for [Lloyd] was the joy with which he 1988: Preston Tucker
COVID-19 while undergoing approached his work, or his play,"
chemotherapy. Now that his Jeff Bridges said. "When you relax in “Tucker: The Man and His Dream”
cancer is in remission and he tests like that, the good stuff, the story 1991: Jack in “The Fisher King”
negative for the virus, Bridges that you're telling can come out,
called his health scare a "bizarre and you're not tense." 1998: The Dude in “The Big Lebowski”
dream." 2000: President Evans
Though he got his start on his in “The Contender”
"I'm feeling terrific, and it's father's TV show, Jeff Bridges
great to be back with the gang," hasn't done a television series in 2008: Obadiah Stane in “Iron Man”
Bridges said. "I have always his adult career. He said he resisted 2009: Bad Blake
approached life the same way, but The Old Man, but thought about in “Crazy Heart”
this kind of made things sharper." his father's work ethic so agreed to 2010: Rooster
meet with the producers.
The Old Man stars Bridges as Coburn
Dan Chase, a retired CIA agent "One of my concerns was about in “True Grit”
who has been living in hiding. Dan how different it would be than 2009: Jon Katz in “A Dog Year”
is experiencing cognitive decline, making a movie," he said. "It is the 2013: Roy in “R.I.P.D.”
but when the CIA comes after him same thing. You have enough time 2016: Marcus Hamilton
again, he still can fight off their to do your work." in “Hell or High Water”
hired guns. 2017: Duane Steinbrink
Throughout his film career, Jeff in “Only the Brave”
Bridges worked with stunt Bridges has played memorable
choreographer Tim Connolly and roles, such as video game
Henry Kingi on The Old Man, programmer Kevin Flynn in Tron,
with Thomas DuPont doubling for the title alien in Starman and the
Bridges in some shots. Off set, villain in Iron Man.
Bridges said he practices the 8
Point Plank routine to keep fit. Perhaps his most popular and
beloved character is The Dude
"This plank is calling upon you from the Coen Brothers' cult
to be very stressed out in a very favorite, The Big Lebowski. Jeff
short period of time," Bridges said. Bridges reflected on the difference
"Life is stressful, so it's a good between his laid-back bowler
idea to practice stress." character and Dan Chase in The
Old Man.
A CIA adviser named
Christopher Huttleston also helped "One of the things that people
Bridges portray a former agent. dig about The Dude is his
authenticity," Bridges said. "When
"He turned me on to stoicism, you're in the CIA and you're a spy,
that philosophy, and I kind of you morph yourself into different
bathed in that in preparation for identities as needed and in a way
our show," Bridges said. you kind of lose your real
Bridges also cited The Obstacle
Is the Way as part of his research. The Old Man airs Thursdays at
The book discusses practicing to 9 p.m. on FX and streams on Hulu,
cope with stress rather than avoid the first episode is now available
it. on the streaming service.

Now in his seventh decade in By Fred Topel
the business, Bridges credits his

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062322 June 23, 2022 HAPPENINGS Page 9

the hit list Blue and yellow swirled in the skies
earlier this week as the Warriors
TOP SELLING DIGITAL POP SONGS celebrated their fourth NBA title in
eight years. It was ever the most sweet
1. Yet to Come/BTS that it was in San Francisco, the team's
2. Running Up That Hill/Kate Bush home since 2019. The team and
3. Run BTS/BTS Coach Steve Kerr were honored with
4. For Youth/BTS trophies and confetti. Steph, Klay and
5. As It Was/Harry Styles Draymond, were all the stars of the
6. Born Singer/BTS show. Kerr wore a shirt that simply
7. Gotta Move On/Diddy & Bryson Tiler said "Night, night," and he joked about
8. About Damn Time/Lizzo how the team was at a low point a
9. The Kind of Love We Make/Luke Combs couple of years ago. "We kinda stunk
10. AA/Walker Hayes for the last two years," he said. "I don't
know if you noticed that."
NBA Finals Fun Facts
1. Honestly, Nevermind/Drake
2. The Ultimate Hits/Garth Brooks Recent NBA Final Results • In 1949, the Basketball Association
3. TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge/game soundtrack of America (BAA) merged with the
4. Mr Morale and the Big Steppers/Kendrick Lamar 2022 Golden State Warriors best Boston Celtics National Basketball League to form
5. Harry’s House/Harry Styles 2021 Milwaukee Bucks best Phoenix Suns the National Basketball Association
6. Scoring the End of the World/Motionless in White 2020 Los Angeles Lakers best Miami Heat (NBA).
7. Encanto/Lin Manuel Miranda 2019 Toronto Raptors best Golden State Warriors
8. Top Gun:Maverick/various artists 2018 Golden State Warriors best Cleveland Cavaliers • The LA Lakers and the Boston
9. Vinyl Days/Logic 2017 Golden State Warriors best Cleveland Cavaliers Celtics share the record for the most
10. More Black Superheroes/Westside Boogie 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers best Golden State Warriors championships, with 17 each. Boston
2015 Golden State Warriors best Cleveland Cavaliers holds the title of most consecutive
TOP SELLING OVERALL - CD & VINYL 2014 San Antonio Spurs best Miami Heat wins, with eight in row from 1959 to
2013 Miami Heat best San Antonio Spurs 1966. But the Lakers have more Finals
1. Proof/BTS appearances, with 32 in total,
2. Harry’s House/Harry Styles including when they were originally
3. Playlist:The Very Best/Jim Croce located in Minneapolis (1947-1960).
4. Just Like That/Bonnie Raitt
5. Rich White Honky Blues/Hank Williams Jr • Six teams have never won a
6. Denim & Rhinestones/Carrie Underwood championship - the Clippers, Nuggets,
7. Top Gun:Maverick/various artists Bobcats/Hornets, Timberwolves,
8. Abbey Road (Anniverary Edition)/The Beatles Grizzlies, and Hornets/Pelicans.
9. Diamond Star Halos/Def Leppard
10. Harry Styles/Harry Styles Recent NHL Final Results

TOP SELLING RAP & HIP-HOP - CD/VINYL 2021 Tampa Bay Lightning best Montreal Canadiens The final round of the NHL Stanley
2020 Tampa Bay Lightning best Dallas Stars
1. Flower Boy/Tyler the Creator Cup playoffs are heating up this week
2. The College Dropout/Kanye West 2019 St. Louis Blues best Boston Bruins
3. Planet Her (Deluxe)/Doja Cat and we very well might have a
4. Good Kid, m.A.A.d. City/Kendrick Lamar
5. Call Me If You Get Lost/Kendrick Lamar 2018 Washington Capitals best Vegas Golden Knights champion this weekend as the Tampa
6. Mr Morale and the Big Steppers/Kendrick Lamar
7. Twelve Carat Toothache/Post Malone 2017 Pittsburgh Penguins best Nashville Predators Bay Lightning are trying to come
8. To Pimp a Butterfly/Kendrick Lamar back from a two-game deficit to
9. Man on the Moon:The End of Day/Kid Cudi 2016 Pittsburgh Penguins best San Jose Sharks defeat the Colorado Avalanche to
10. Igor/Tyler the Creator 2015 Chicago Blackhawks best Tampa Bay Lightning secure their third consecutive Stanley
2014 Los Angeles Kings best New York Rangers Cup victory.
TOP SELLING ROCK - CD/VINYL 2013 Chicago Blackhawks best Boston Bruins

1. Playlist:The Very Best/Jim Croce 2012 Los Angeles Kings best New Jersey Devils
2. Just Like That.../Bonnie Raitt
3. Abbey Road (Anniverary Edition)/The Beatles N.Y. TIMES BESTSELLERS
4. Diamond Star Halos/Def Leppard
6. Greatest Hits/Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
7. Chronicle:20 Greatest Hits/Creedence Clearwater Revival Weeks This Book Title (Author) Weeks This Book Title (Author)
8. Sounds of Summer/The Beach Boys Listed Week Listed Week
9. Live at El Mocambo 1977/The Rolling Stones
10. 18/Jeff Beck & Johnny Depp 2 1 Sparring Partners (Grisham) 1 1 James Patterson (Patterson)
1 2 Tom Clancy:Zero Hour (Bentley)
SOURCE: AMAZON.COM - MAY INCLUDE PRE-ORDERS 2 3 Meant to Be (Giffin) 6 2 Killing the Killers (O’Reilly/Dugard)
3 4 Nightwork (Roberts)
Page 10 HAPPENINGS June 23, 2022 1 5 Counterfeit (Chen) 2 3 Happy-Go-Lucky (Sedaris)
1 6 The Omega Factor (Berry) 7 4 Finding Me (Davis)
14 7 Run Rose Run (Parton/Patterson) 1 5 Battling the Big Lie (Pfeiffer)
1 8 Nightcrawling (Mottley) 7 6 The Palace Papers (Brown)
6 9 22 Seconds (Patterson/Paetro) 1 7 Scars and Stripes (Kennedy/Palmisciano)
79 10 The Midnight Library (Haig) 3 8 Here’s the Deal (Conway)
72 9 Greenlights (McConaughey)
47 10 Crying in the H Mart (Zauner)

well news stagnated or worsened for groups for years, though severity of (cholecystostomy). The patient
underrepresented in medicine. outbursts may decrease with age. recovered and outlived Bobbs.
Aspirin & Heart Disease Female clinical faculty levels rose Treatment involves medications
from 15% in 1977 to 43% in 2019, and psychotherapy. The first account of gallstones
Many adults take a low-dose and female deans from 0% to 18%. dates back to at least 1420 by
aspirin daily, believing that it can Observation Florentine pathologist Antonio
help prevent a heart attack or But Black and Hispanic doctors Benivieni, when he was describing
stroke. But a new study finds that still represent a small part of total "Life should be touched, not a woman who died with abdominal
for people who do not have clinical faculty, and growth and strangled. You've got to relax, let it pain. Jean-Louis Petit performed
cardiovascular disease, the representation of Black men in happen at times, and at others gallbladder surgery in Europe in
practice provides little to no academic medicine has remained move forward with it." — 1743.
benefit and may increase the risk flat or decreased. American author Ray Bradbury
of dangerous bleeding. (1920-2012) Last Words
At all faculty levels, non-
For adults ages 60 and up with Hispanic Native Hawaiian/other Medical History "Now, as soon as you please you
no cardiovascular disease or high Pacific Islander and non-Hispanic may commence the part of Creon
risk of developing it, the U.S. American Indian/Alaska Native This week in 1867, the first in the tragedy, and cast out this
Preventive Services Task Force accounted for less than 1%. gallstone operation in the United body of mine unburied. But, O
determined there was no benefit to States was performed by Dr. John gracious Neptune, I, for my part,
starting aspirin if not already on it. Counts Stough Bobbs, known as "the while I am yet alive, arise up and
father of cholecystostomy," in depart out of this sacred place;
Among adults 40 to 59 years 18: Percentage of parents of Indianapolis, Indiana. While though Antipater and the
old, the task force concluded "with children under 5 who say they operating on his patient Mary E. Macedonians have not left so
moderate certainty" that there was would seek a COVID vaccination Wiggins for a suspected ovarian much as thy temple unpolluted."
a small net benefit among those "right away" if authorized cyst, he found the gallbladder — Greek statesman and orator
who have a 10% or higher risk of inflamed and containing structures Demosthenes (384-322 B.C.) after
developing heart disease in a 10- 38: Percentage who would "wait like "several solid ordinary rifle taking poison to avoid arrest and
year period. and see" bullets." He opened the sac and trial for corruption. Apparently, the
removed multiple gallstones but poison was slow-acting.
Body of Knowledge 27: Percentage who would left the gallbladder in place after
definitely not vaccinate their child closing the defect By Scott LaFee, Creators
Newborn babies have nearly
100 more bones than full-grown 11: Percentage who would
adults. Many of these bones will vaccinate only if required by
fuse over time. school or child care Source: Kaiser
Family Foundation
Get Me That, Stat!
Best Medicine
Clinical faculties and academic
leadership at American medical Never lie to an X-ray technician.
schools are not keeping up with the They can see right through you.
growing diversity of the U.S.
population, according to a new Hypochondriac's Guide
analysis of 42 years of data and
reported in STAT. Intermittent explosive disorder
is a psychological condition that
While women have achieved involves repeated, sudden episodes
marked progress, improvement has of impulsive, aggressive, violent
behavior or angry verbal outbursts
in which the person reacts wildly
out of proportion to the situation.

It is chronic and can continue



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3717 80th Street • Kenosha AND CASH 1612 - 22nd Avenue Kenosha
Mon.-Sat. 12-6pm • Sun. 12-4pm (262) 551-8400
Open M-F 8 - 4, SAT 8 - 12
June 23, 2022 HAPPENINGS Page 11

my turn w/Greg Schwem through the metal detector as
Mass shooting solutions have become a
sales job “That seems pretty extensive,” I
A well-known joke has a man steel door frame to go with it.” coming in if he wants to. You need
applying for a retail sales job and a good guy with a gun standing “All I can say is that it’s
insisting to the manager that he “Um, OK,” I said. “I guess I’m watch any time you are in the working,” he said. “Since we
can sell anything to anybody. going to need three of each.’ house. I have one at my house.” eliminated doors at my house,
installed the metal detector and
“Prove it,” the skeptical “Why three?” “You have an armed guard? hired Adam, the ex-Green Beret, to
manager responds, nodding to a What does that cost?” guard our house, there hasn’t been
customer who has just entered the “Because I have three entry a single break-in.”
establishment. points into my house. Three “Is there a price on safety?” the
doors,” I said. salesman replied. “I just told my “Wow, you truly are an amazing
Within minutes, the customer wife we would have to pull money salesman,” I said. “Thanks for
exits the store with a top-of-the- “Oh, no, if you REALLY want from our food budget. Oh, and we your help. I’m going to pay for all
line fishing pole, a tackle box to make your house safe, you keep our thermostat at 60 degrees this stuff now. Well, first I’m going
loaded with expensive lures, sun should only have one door,” the in the winter because we’ve had to to liquidate my life savings; but
block, rain gear, a fish smoker and salesman said. “You need to close tap into the heat budget as well. then I’ll pay for it. Then I’m going
a speedboat. off the other two. Follow me. And when my kids complain that to go find a metal detector and an
You’ll need a pry bar, some two- they’ve been wearing the same armed guard.”
Flabbergasted, the manager by-fours, wallboard, joint shoes for three years, I tell them
says, “You are indeed the best compound, primer and baseboard the guard is there to prevent a gun- “Yeah, I’m sorry we don’t sell
salesman I’ve ever seen. Normally, molding.” toting maniac from shooting their either of those,” the salesman
fishermen who come in here just feet off!” replied. “We sell just about
buy bait or something cheap. How “I’m going to need another everything else, but it might take
did you DO that?” cart,” I said. “Wait here.” “Makes perfect sense,” I said. you a little while to find both of
“Actually, the guy came in When we loaded everything into “You bet it does,” the salesman
looking for tampons for his wife,” both carts, I began wobbling my said. “They also put up a fuss “If it means being safe, I’m
the salesman replied. And I said, way toward the checkout aisle. when I installed the metal detector willing to wait,” I said.
‘As long as you’re not doing “Thank you for your help,” I said. but they got used to it.”
anything this weekend, why don’t “My home already feels much Just then, a sullen-looking
you go fishing?’” safer.” “Wait, you have a metal young man, no more than 18,
detector? In your house?” I asked. approached the salesman.
Recently I met this salesman. “But it’s not,” the salesman said.
“Yes. As soon as my armed “Excuse me,” he said. “Do you
I had gone to my local hardware “Because…?” guard lets you through the one sell AR-15s?”
store, seeking a new lock for my door in my house, you have to pass
front door. “You need an armed guard “Of course,” the salesman
outside that single reinforced responded. “Follow me.”
“I just want to feel safe,” I told door.”
the salesman. Greg Schwem has appeared in
“What aisle is he in?” concert with the likes of Jay Leno and
“That’s not gonna cut it,” the Celine Dion and has appeared at the
salesman replied. “You need a “Unfortunately, we don’t sell
reinforced steel door. Better get a armed guards,” the salesman said. Kenosha Comedy Club.
“But a door alone isn’t going to Tune in to Happenings Q&A on Mon.
stop a bad guy with a gun from
June 27th at
12:30pm when
Greg rejoins the


Pick Up Next Weeks Issue Of Happenings For A
Full Line Up Of Celebrate America Events


Page 12 HAPPENINGS June 23, 2022


Vernazza: Humble Vernazza, the jewel of the Cinque Terre.
queen of Italy's
Riviera holds back the modern storm at on the harborfront and is unusual spent sitting on a bench and
the top. But the town's ruined for its east-facing entryway, rather people watching, either with
You can search the entire castle no longer says, "Keep out." than the more typical western gelato or a glass of local white
Mediterranean coastline for the The breakwater is a broad, inviting orientation. Hanging on the wall wine (I usually borrow the glass
best rustic village, surrounded by sidewalk edged with boulders -- inside are three historic portable from a bar; they don't mind).
vineyards and steeped in tradition, reaching out into the sea like a crosses -- replicas of crosses that During the passeggiata (evening
and not find a more rewarding finger beckoning the distant (locals like to believe) Vernazzan stroll), locals meander lazily up
escape than tiny Vernazza, my excursion boats. ships once brought along on and down the main street doing
favorite of the five villages that crusades to the Holy Land. During their vasche (laps). Sometimes I
make up Italy's Cinque Terre. While Vernazza's fishing fleet is religious processions, these join in, becoming part of the slow-
down to just a couple of boats, crosses are taken down and carried motion parade. Gelato in hand, I
The Cinque Terre is a stretch of locals are still more likely to own through town. gaze up at the people looking out
Italy's Riviera tucked into the a boat than a car. Boats are the windows of the faded pastel
mountainous shoreline between tethered to buoys, except in winter In front of the church, a mini buildings like a gallery of portraits
Genoa and Pisa. Long cut off from or when the red storm flag piazza decorated with a river rock hanging on ancient walls.
the modern world, this remote indicates bad seas. In that case mosaic is a popular hangout. It's
expanse only became easily they're pulled up onto the little where the town's old ladies soak Becoming part of that sleepy
accessible with the coming of the harborfront square, usually up the day's last bit of sun and kids Riviera scene, it's so easy to toss
train. reserved for restaurant tables. enjoy a rare patch of level ball my busy itinerary into the sea and
field. just be totally on vacation.
Of the Cinque Terre's five The humble town gathers
towns, Vernazza, overseen by a around its pebbled cove, where My evenings in Vernazza are By Rick Steves
ruined castle and with the closest well-worn locals enjoy some
thing to a natural harbor, is the shade on benches and tourists Yellowstone National Park to reopen some
jewel. The occasional train sunbathe on the rocks. In summer, entrances
popping in and out of the the beach becomes a soccer
mountain tunnels is the only ground, where teams comprised of Portions of Yellowstone To prevent the park from being
reminder that the modern world is local bar- and restaurant-workers National Park have reopened after overwhelmed with visitors, the
still out there somewhere. It's a provide late-night entertainment. flooding forced the park to close park is implementing a new
tough community long living off last week. The Park Service system that will allow visitors to
the sea -- and, in the last Vernazza has two halves. Sciuiu announced that the eastern, enter the park based on the final
generation, living off travelers (Vernazzan dialect for "flowery") southern and western entrances to digit of their vehicle's license
who love the sea. The church bells is the sunny side on the left as you the park reopened Wednesday, plate.
dictate a relaxed tempo. Yellow face inland, and Luvegu ("dank") allowing visitors to access the
webs of fishing nets, tables is the shady side on the right. But south loop of the park. Visitors with odd-numbered
bedecked with umbrellas, kids from end to end, everything's license plates will be allowed to
with plastic shovels, and a flotilla painted in one of the "Ligurian The park's northern loop will enter the park on odd dates, while
of gritty little boats tethered to pastels," as regulated by a remain closed until further notice those whose plates end with an
buoys provide splashes of color. commissioner of good taste in the due to flooding damage. even number can enter on even
And accompanying the scene is regional government. High above, dates. Visitors with reservations
the mesmerizing white noise of the castle -- now just a tower, "We have made tremendous will be allowed to enter the park
children at play, happy diners, and some broken stone walls, and a progress in a very short amount of regardless of their license plate
the washboard rhythm of the grassy park -- served as the town's time but have a long way to go," number.
waves. lookout back in pirate days. Below Yellowstone National Park
the castle, an interior arcade Superintendent Cam Sholly said in Park officials said they would
Vernazza's one street connects connected houses -- ideal for a statement. "We have an spend $50 million to restore
the harbor with the train station fleeing attacks. aggressive plan for recovery in the temporary access to the northern
before melting into the vineyards. north and resumption of part of the park, including
Like veins on a grape leaf, paths Village churches are always operations in the south." Gardiner and Cooke City, Mont.
and stairways reach from the main worth popping into. Vernazza's is
street up into this watercolor
huddle of houses that eventually
dissolve into the vines high above.
A rainbow of laundry flaps as if to
keep the flies off the stout
grandmothers who clog ancient

At the top end of town,
Vernazza's scrawny access road
hits a post, effectively a dead end
for drivers. No cars enter this
community of 600 people. Like
the breakwater holds off the waves
at the bottom of town, the post June 23, 2022 HAPPENINGS Page 13

coast to coast Elon Musk's child officers arrived to find an TV show inspired
petitions for name "extremely aggressive bear" had lottery strategy that
Medicare could save change to sever ties entered through an open window earned $100K win
billions by buying with billionaire father and the occupants had locked
generic drugs 'at One of Elon Musk's children has themselves in other rooms to hide A South Carolina man said a TV
petitioned a California court to from the animal. The bear series inspired the lottery-playing
"proceeded to destroy the house strategy that earned him a $100,000
Mark Cuban prices' recognize her name and gender, looking for food," the CHP said. Powerball prize. The man told
saying she no longer wants to be "The bear charged at officers Lottery officials he was inspired by
Medicare may be overpaying related to the billionaire Tesla CEO multiple times until they were able an episode of the TLC series
for some generic drugs to the tune to get it back outside." Lottery Changed My Life to
attempt an experiment: spending
of $3.6 billion. That's the amount Man's gravestone $25 a week on lottery games for
raises controversy three months. The man said he
the program "conservatively" with hidden profanity immediately started to see some
positive results. "The first week I
could have saved in 2020 by A headstone at an Iowa cemetery won $500," he said. The player said
is raising controversy after a Powerball ticket he bought
purchasing generic prescription residents noticed the family had during the seventh week of his
included a hidden profanity in the strategy gave him his biggest win -
drugs at the same prices offered grave marker's engraved message. - although he initially had difficulty
The family of Steven Paul Owens, figuring out if he had won. The
by billionaire entrepreneur Mark who died at age 59 in September man would have won a $50,000
2021, said the hidden message in is prize, but the "2" multiplier was
Cuban's direct-to-consumer meant as a tribute, not an insult, to drawn, doubling the total to
their departed relative. The $100,000. The man said his prize
online pharmacy, a new study headstone message reads: "Forever money will go toward buying a
in our hearts, until we meet again, new car and finishing his
says. In January 2022, the Mark cherished memories, known as our experiment.

Cuban Cost Plus Drug Co. Elon Musk son, brother, father, papa, uncle, Ripley's denies Kim
launched an online pharmacy, friend & cousin." The formatting of Kardashian damaged
the type causes the first letter of Marilyn Monroe dress
selling 100-plus generic and SpaceX founder. Vivian Jenna each line to spell out the message
prescription drugs at the cost of Wilson, formerly known as Xavier "[expletive] off." "It was a term of In a statement, Ripley's Believe
ingredients and manufacturing Alexander Musk, filed the petition endearment," Owens' daughter told It or Not! shot down claims that
plus 15% margin, a $3 pharmacy shortly after turning 18 in April, WHO-TV, "If he said that to you, it Kardashian damaged the iconic
dispensing fee and a $5 shipping asking the court to legally change meant he liked you. If he didn't like dress Monroe wore to sing "Happy
fee. Researchers compared the her name, which uses her mother's you, he didn't talk to you." The Birthday" to president John F.
price of 89 generic drugs sold by last name, to recognize her gender board said in a statement that it Kennedy in 1962 by wearing it at
Cuban's online pharmacy to the identity and to cut ties with her does not allow profanity on the Met Gala in May. Ripley's,
price paid by Medicare in 2020 to famous father. "I no longer live gravestones because "those others which acquired the dress for $4.8
estimate potential savings if with or wish to be related to my who have a place in the cemetery million in 2016, cited an early 2017
Medicare Part D plans had paid biological father in any way, shape have the right of decency afforded report which described light
Cuban's prices. They estimated or form," a court document said to them." "They do not want nor do damage to the dress which
potential Medicare savings as the citing the reason for the change. they appreciate the stone being in coincides with photos circulating
difference in unit price between Elon Musk has received backlash the cemetery," the statement said. online this week and debunking
Cuban's company and Medicare, on Twitter for his views on gender "This community will not stop until some claims that Kardashian is
multiplied by the number of units identity including a tweet in 2020 they have the headstone removed." responsible. "From the bottom of
dispensed to Medicare enrollees that said "pronouns suck." Musk, Owens' family said they are hoping the Met steps, where Kim got into
in 2020. Their finding of potential who is currently negotiating a $44 to reach an agreement with the the dress, to the top where it was
savings of $3.6 billion represents billion bid to buy Twitter, is the community to allow the stone to returned, the dress was in the same
37% of total spending for 77 world's richest man with an remain in place. condition it started in," Ripley's VP
generic drugs if they had been estimated net worth of close to of publishing and licensing
purchased in the maximum $230 billion. Vivian Jenna Wilson, Amanda Joiner said.
quantity supplied by Cuban's who has a twin named Griffin, is
pharmacy, a news release said. one of Musk's seven children. Her Kim Kardashian
The study was limited to the mother, Canadian author Justine
generic drugs sold by Cuban's Wilson, also shares triplets with the
pharmacy, representing 25% of billionaire. Musk also has two
the roughly $38 billion in young sons with pop star Grimes.
Medicare Part D generic drug

spending in 2020. Researchers Bear enters California
said they did not account for
Medicare beneficiaries' out-of- Airbnb through open
pocket costs. Cuban's online

window, destroysdirect-to-consumer pharmacy
house"does not accept insurance, so be
prepared to pay out of pocket,"
Dr. Hussain Lalani, the report's Guests at a California Airbnb
lead author, told UPI. were forced to retreat to their
rooms and call for help when an

"extremely aggressive bear"

entered the residence through an

open window. The California

Highway Patrol responded when

guests at an Airbnb in the Northstar

area called for help. The CHP said

Page 14 HAPPENINGS June 23, 2022

5125 6th Ave.
No Drink
Kenosha Minimum!

If It’s Not Live, You’re Not Living!

June 24 • 7:30pm • $10 June 24 & 25 • 8pm • $14 June 25 • 7pm

Pat Keith Starting at $5
McCurdy Lenart
Keith Lenart is a legendary comedian Vinyl ReMix
Milwaukee icon Pat McCurdy has
been entertaining audiences in from Detroit who has traveled all over Rain in Sight?
Wisconsin, the Midwest, and across Check facebook to
the nation for decades. He brings his the world. In short, his fast-paced see if the show will
unique style of improvisational come-
dy, music and audience interaction. delivery and jokes on an array of move indoors.

Rain in Sight? Check facebook to popular subjects holds the audience's
see if the show will move indoors.
attention from beginning to end.

You may recognize Keith from Last

Comic Standing,

Las Vegas Comedy

Festival, NBC's So

You Think You're at the The New Vinyls have created a new group called “Vinyl ReMix”.


June 26 • 2pm • $5 June 29 • 7pm o July 1 & 2 • 8pm • $14

Simply DJ Messes Bill

Yacht SMusical Boronkay

Rock Rock Once one of the country's fastest rising

Singer/Songwriter Performing all over sportscasters, Bill Boronkay enjoyed stops
the Midwest in a solo performance of
Sand Roll in Clarksburg, WV, Evansville, IN and
70's and 80's soft rock classics.
Bingo Kansas City before finally landing in sunny
Rain in Sight? Check facebook to
see if the show will move indoors. Cleveland, OH where he was assigned vari-

ous hazardous duties. Along the way,

Boronkay won 5

Emmys, one of which

is proudly displayed in

his mother's home

office behind a lamp at the

July 8 & 9 • 8pm • $14 July 15 & 16 • 8pm • $16 July 22 & 23 • 8pm • $14

Lenny Mr Showtime Brian Hicks &
David Scott Brian Noonan
Brian is one of the country's most sought-

Mr.Showtime is a entertainer and after stand-up comics. He has taken the

Lenny Schmidt first stepped on stage in comedy world by storm with his insightful

the late eighties. From the beginning, showman with a show that has been views on what people find funny. The laughs

Lennys act focused on life. It was real sto- called "Sharp-witted", "Clever" and come fast and frequently as he has spent

ries, problems, issues, rants, good times, "Pure Energy." He has been featured the last 22 years honing his craft at clubs

bad memories, every night, every show. and theaters across the United States.

Everything in Lennys life has been dis- on HBO and Comedy Central, Sirius Brian Noonan Performed on major network

XM Radio and is programs and local/national commercial

cussed on stage; his campaigns, as well as

alcoholic father, kids, the host of his own Featured on Chicago

divorce, sex life, thera- nationally syndicat- Med, The Tonight

py, neurosis... Its real at the ed radio show. at the Show, Malcolm in the at the

life. Its real comedy. Middle, and more.

Refreshing drinks, Tasty food,
Awesome Entertainment and

a stunning
harbor view

5125 6th Ave. KENOSHA • 262-564-8800 062322

STOP IN 1420 63RD ST. M-F 11am-4pm OR CALL 1-262-564-8800

4811 Green Bay Road

“Your Dealer Alternative”
Full Service Auto Repair • FREE Courtesy Shuttle • Loaner Vehicles

Call us for a vehicle

Check up!!

Don’t let a break down
spoil your Summer fun!

Complete Vehicle Inspection
$9499• Tire Rotation
• Oil Change (Standard)
• Check All Fluids
• Coolant Flush • Check Belts & Hoses Mention this ad
for this special
• Battery Check OIL CHANGE $3499 A/C PERFORMANCE 062322
Call to Schedule Appointment. Free Multi Point
Inspection, Free Battery Check, Top Off of All Fluids, Up CHECK $6999Includes: Diagnostic Freon,
to 5 Quarts of Standard Oil, Oil Filter and Lube Chasis. A/C Belt Check, Pressure Test,
Leak Check, and More.
Must present coupon at time of purchase. Valid on
most cars and light trucks. Not valid with any Please call for an appointment. Must present coupon at time of
other coupon or offer. Offer expires 8/31/22.
purchase. Valid on most cars and light trucks. Not valid with any

other coupon or offer. Offer expires 8/31/22.

Check Out Our Brand
New Menu Plus More...

DRIVEN TO SUCCEED Est. 1968 Re-Est. 2018

NOW HIRING 1543 22nd Ave. Kenosha • 262-551-8532
Open Tue. - Sat. at 4pm Truly the
Sturino’s Specials! in town
“None Better”

Bluegill Dinner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Only $14.95

Fish Lover Dinner . . . . . . . . . . . . .Only $19.95

All Dinners come with your choice of potato & homemade soup or salad.


RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE - 062322 Cheese Garlic Bread,
Lasagna, 3 Raviolis,
• Performing preventive maintenance on Trucks, Trailers
and refrigeration Units Onl1/2 Order of Gnocchi,
$ yChoice of two meatballs
• Making necessary repairs to Trucks, Trailers and refrigeration Units
• Maintain work area in a clean and organized manner 2 9or one Italian sausage.
• Perform other related duties as required or assigned 9 5Served w/ soup or salad

Willing to train the right individual for each person
Must have your own tools
#1 by our Customers Best FISH Fry In Town!
WE OFFER - With Our Secret Recipe, You’ll Never Forget

• Competitive wages • Vacation pay • Holiday pay Friday Fish Fry
• Attendance incentives • 401k
• Insurance health, dental and vision Baked or Fried Cod 3pc...$14.95, 5 pc...$16. 95
All 5 piece Meals are 1 full pound
Birchwood Transport is an equal opportunity employer
All fish fry meals include slaw, bread, butter & your choice of potato.
Please apply at 3111 152 Ave Kenosha, WI 53144
or at Best Drink Prices In Town
Pizza • Italian Foods • Cocktails • Catering
Or send resume to Roger at [email protected]
Banquet Facilities • Carry-outs

Page 16 HAPPENINGS June 23, 2022


Office Chairs
We would
rather sell it Tribute Island, the cover-band music
than move extravaganza that has seen thousands

it! flood the city’s lakefront in years
past, is returning for three days and
New and Like New 062322 nights on five stages featuring more

Locally Owned & Operated for Over 30 Years than 50 of the region’s top tribute
bands and performers including
Come Visit Our New Location Today! Janet Gardner lead vocalist with
7600 75th St. • Suite 112 • 262-656-1717 Vixen and Donnie Vie, former
frontman with Enuff Z'Nuff.
Kenosha, WI 53142 •

Now Servicing
1234 YF
Air Conditioning

A/C Recharge
Time! $12999

Check system for leaks. Includes
Recharge Freon. Install Dye Freon!

Up to 2lbs • 134A • Expires 6/30/22.

Suspension Special


Pair of Shocks Pair of Struts TICKETS ON
Expires 6/30/22.
7850 Sheridan Rd.
Kenosha June 23, 2022 HAPPENINGS Page 17
262-657-1646 061622

music news Diana Ross, Tame recovery, and is looking forward to
Impala release single getting back out on the road and
Beyonce performing for his fans overseas
Diana Ross and Tame later this summer," Bieber's tour
Beyonce drops new Impala's official music video, promoter AEG Presents said.
single 'Break My Soul' "Turn Up the Sunshine," for
the Minions: The Rise of Drake releases seventh
Beyonce dropped new single, Gru soundtrack premiered earlier studio album
"Break My Soul," from her this week. Motown, pop and disco
upcoming album, Renaissance. star Ross and Australian Drake released his seventh
The song samples Big Freedia's psychedelic rock band Tame
single "Explode." Renaissance, Impala collaborated on the music studio album, Honestly,
out July 29, will be Beyonce's video, featuring minions in disco
seventh studio album. Her outfits, overalls, and jogging suits Nevermind, last Friday. The
previous album, Lemonade, was dancing with a backdrop of
eleased in 2016. Beyonce released hypnotizing animations. The Justin Bieber Grammy Award-winning rapper
"Be Alive," for the film King single is a part of the 1970s
Richard in November 2021 and, soundtrack for Minions: The Rise Justin Bieber postpones posted the artwork for the album
before that, she released, "Black of Gru, from Grammy-winning tour, including
Parade," in 2020 in honor producer Jack Antonoff, which Summerfest, amid on Instagram, writing: "7th studio
of Juneteenth. will be out on July 1, along with health issues
the film. The film follows a 12- album HONESTLY,
Weezer return with new year-old Gru in 1970s suburbia, Justin Bieber has postponed
seasonal EP who is "plotting to take over the the remainder of his Justice tour NEVERMIND out at midnight."
world from his basement," after going public about his health
Weezer took to the stage on according to the studio's film issues. The 28-year-old singer will The album's cover art depicts the
Jimmy Kimmel Live! performing synopsis. It is a sequel to Minions, reschedule the remaining dates on
the new song "Records" during and the fifth film in the Despicable his Justice tour following his title of the project in technicolor
Monday's episode of the ABC late- Me franchise. diagnosis with Ramsay Hunt
night show. "Records" appears on Syndrome. The canceled shows chrome lettering on a black
Weezer's 7-song EP SZNZ: include Bieber's scheduled
Summer, released Tuesday. performance this Friday, June 24, background. Honestly, Nevermind
SZNZ: Summer follows the at Summerfest music festival in
release of the EP SZNZ: Spring in Milwaukee. "Justin continues to comes nine months after Drake
March. The EPs are part of a four- receive the best medical care
part project based on the seasons. possible, is upbeat about his released his sixth studio album,

Luke Combs releases Certified Lover Boy, in September.
single ahead of
upcoming album Drake

Luke Combs is back with a Billboard Charts
new single and music video for the
song "The Kind of Love We The Chicks Hot 100 (pop singles) Billboard 200 (albums)
Make," released last week. In the
music video, Combs tells the story The Chicks apologize 1. As It Was/Harry Styles 1. Proof/BTS
of two couples -- a younger couple after ending show early 2. First Class/Jack Harlow 2. Un Verano Sin Ti/Bad Bunny
going through a rough patch and 3. Wait For U/Future ft. Drake & Tems 3. Harry’s House/Harry Styles
an older couple who are still madly The Chicks issued an apology 4. About Damn Time/Lizzo 4. Twelve Carat Toothache/Post Malone
in love. The two couples are to fans after ending a show early. 5. Running Up That Hill/Kate Bush 5. I Never Liked You/Future
connected by a house fire. The The country music group 6. Heat Waves/Glass Animals 6. Dangerous/Morgan Wallen
single appears on Combs' apologized on Instagram after 7. Big Energy/Latto 7. Mr Morale and the Big.../Kendrick Lamar
forthcoming third studio cutting their concert short at Ruoff 8. Me Porto Bonito/Bad Bunny 8. Sour/Olivia Rodrigo
album, Growin' Up. The album Music Center in Noblesville, Ind. 9. Titi Me Pregunto/Bad Bunny 9. Ctrl/SZA
also features the single "Doin' "Indianapolis, we are so sorry we 10. Glimpse of Us/Joji 10. Denim & Rhinestones/Carrie Underwood
This." could not give you the show you
deserved OR the show we wanted FLASHBACK - TO THIS WEEK IN 1985!
Page 18 HAPPENINGS June 23, 2022 to give you. We will be back
Indianapolis!! Hold onto your Hot 100 (pop singles) Billboard 200 (albums)
tickets," the band wrote. The
Chicks played a few songs at the 1. Heaven/Bryan Adams 1. Beverly Hills Cop/film soundtrack
show before ending early. "I'm so
sorry. I just can't pull it off," 2. Sussudio/Phil Collins 2. No Jacket Required/Phil Collins
frontwoman Natalie Maines told
the audience. In comments on 3. A View To A Kill/Duran Duran 3. Songs From the Big Chair/Tears for Fears
Facebook, fans said Maines "was
struggling bad" with allergies. In 4. Raspberry Beret/Prince & the Revolution 4. Around the World in a Day/Prince and...
their statement, The Chicks did not
give specifics about why they cut 5. Angel/Madonna 5. Born in the USA/Bruce Springsteen
the concert short. The Chicks,
formerly known as The Dixie 6. The Search Is Over/Survivor 6. Reckless/Bryan Adams
Chicks, released their eighth
album, Gaslighter, in July 2020. 7. Everybody Want To Rule.../Tears for Fears 7. Make It Big/Wham!

8. Would I Lie To You/Eurythmics 8. Like a Virgin/Madonna

9. Things Can Only Get Better/H. Jones 9. The Power Station/The Power Station

10. In My House/Mary Jane Girls 10. Dream Into Action/Howard Jones

movie news of the organization. Fritz and his Watergate 50th anniversary: 5 acclaimed works
wife, Doris, had six sons, five of inspired by the scandal
Tom Hardy whom died before him, leading to

Tom Hardy teases third talk of the "Von Erich curse." Fritz Last Friday marked the 50th Ron Howard directed Peter
'Venom' movie in died in 1997. In 2009, the Von anniversary of Watergate, and Morgan's adaptation of his
Instagram post Erich family were inducted into many cinema fans most likely will play, Frost/Nixon, for the screen. It
the WWE Hall of Fame. is set in 1977 and follows British
Tom Hardy shared the photo of commemorate the political scandal
the cover page of a screenplay on
Instagram, suggesting he is that ended Republican Richard TV personality David Frost
making progress on the
third Venom action movie. The Nixon's presidency by watching (Michael Sheen) as he prepares to
post included a simple drawing of
the Marvel Comics alien symbiote the Oscar-winning 1976 film, All interview Nixon (Frank Langella)
creature with the number "3"
coming out of its mouth. Under the the President's Men, starring about his years in office and the
doodle are the words, "Story by
Tom Hardy & Kelly Marcel," and Robert Redford and Dustin events that led to his premature
"Written by Kelly Marcel." Hardy
and Marcel collaborated on Hoffman as iconic Washington exit.
Venom: Let There Be Carnage,
which earned $502 million at the Post journalists Bob Woodward Mark Felt (2017) - Netflix
global box office in the midst of and Carl Bernstein, respectively.
the coronavirus pandemic in 2021. But Hollywood's fascination with Liam Neeson took a break from
The first movie, Venom, opened in the Nixon-sanctioned break-in at his action-hero career to play the
theaters in 2018. The third film in the Democratic National real "Deep Throat" in the critically
the franchise was announced in Committee headquarters on June panned biopic, Mark Felt: The
April, but no release date has been 17, 1972, didn't stop with All the Man Who Brought Down the
named yet. President's Men. White House.

Zac Efron to star in Billy Eichner Here are five to watch after All
wrestling dynasty story the President's Men:
'The Iron Claw'
Nixon (1995) - Prime Video
A24 studio confirmed that Zac
Efron will star in The Iron Claw, Billy Eichner, Luke Oscar-winning filmmaker
which is based on the true story of Oliver Stone's biopic stars
the Von Erichs wrestling dynasty.
The film follows the famous Macfarlane star in Anthony Hopkins as the titular Julia Roberts
Texas-based Von Erich (real name gay rom-com commander-in-chief and Joan
Adkisson) wrestling family, which Allen as his wife, Pat. Gaslit (2022) - Starz
made a huge impact on wrestling The Starz miniseries, Gaslit, is
since the 1960s, through their Universal Pictures is giving a Dick (1999) - Prime Video based on the Slow Burn podcast
triumphs and tribulations. The glimpse of the new film Bros. The and focuses on Martha Mitchell
journey began with Fritz Von Writer-director Andrew (Julia Roberts), a gossipy
Erich (born Jack Barton studio shared a trailer for the gay socialite from Arkansas and wife
Adkisson), a top star in National Fleming pondered what might of Nixon's attorney general and
Wrestling Alliance promotions, romantic-comedy film best friend, John Mitchell (Sean
who was known for his wrestling happen if two 15-year-old girls Penn).
hold, called "The Iron Claw," and featuring Billy Eichner and Luke
achieved multiple belts in the (Kirsten Dunst and Michelle
1960s before becoming president Macfarlane. Bros is written by
Williams) stumbled into the
Eichner and Nicholas Stoller and
Watergate robbery, and his 94-
directed by Stoller (Forgetting
minute comedy, Dick, was the
Sarah Marshall). The new movie
is described as "a smart, swoony
and heartfelt comedy about finding Frost/Nixon (2008) - Prime
sex, love and romance amidst the Video

madness." Bros follows Bobby

(Eichner), a proudly single man WEEKEND BOX OFFICE REPORT
who unexpectedly falls for Aaron

(Macfarlane), a "gay Tom Brady" June 17th-19th, 2022

type. Ts Madison, Monica 1. Jurassic World: Dominion $58.6M
Raymund, Guillermo Díaz, Guy $51M
Branum and Amanda Bearse 2. Lightyear

also star. Bros is the first studio 3. Top Gun: Maverick $44M

romantic comedy to feature a cast 4. Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness $4.2M
of entirely LGBTQ+ actors. The 5. Bob’s Burgers: The Movie $1.1M
film opens in theaters Sept. 30. 6. The Bad Guys $980K

Best Sellers-Movies & TV 7. Everything Everywhere All at Once $959K
8. Downton Abbey: A New Era $830K
1. Downton Abbey:A New Era 9. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 $228K
2. The Batman 10. Brian and Charles $198K
3. Dune

4. Top Gun: Maverick FLASHBACK TO THIS WEEK IN 1985!
5. No Time To Die
6. Yellowstone: Season Four 1. Rambo: First Blood Part II $9.1M
7. Yellowstone: The First Four Seasons 2. The Goonies $8.3M
8. Morbius 3. Fletch $5.1M

9. Doctor Strange/Multiverse of Madness 4. Prizzi’s Honor $4.2M
5. A View to a Kill $3.4M
10. Fantastic Beasts: Secrets/Dumbledore - may include pre-orders June 23, 2022 HAPPENINGS Page 19


Here is a sampling *Kings Ransom The Umbrella Academy returns to Netflix for its third season on Wednesday, June 22. The series, based on the
of some films and *Big Shot comic book created by My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way and illustrated by artist Gabriel Bá,
TV shows now G.O.A.T. (S1) follows the misadventures of the Hargreeves family, a gang of odd superheroes who, time and again, must
available on your *Villains of Valley
favorite streaming View (S1) save the planet from some sort of cataclysmic event while doing their best to survive their own traumas and
services! *Obi-Wan Kenobi - remain a functional family in the process.
For a FULL list of Finale – Part VI
everything new and *Ms. Marvel – Ep3 Netflix *The Hidden Lives Large Snapped: Killer
on the horizon on June 24 of Pets Watergate: High Couples
Amazon Prime, *Rise Recently released *Love & Gelato Crimes at the White Symone
Netflix, Hulu, *Trevor: The Musical *Dead End: The Mist (2007) House The Weakest Link
Disney+ and June 29 Paranormal Park ONE PIECE: New Teenage Mutant June 22
more, visit *Owl House (S2) *Karma's World Episodes Ninja Turtles (2012) America's Got Talent *Baymax! S1 Music Videos: S2 Sing 2 (S1) Dancing With Myself
* - original *Ms. Marvel - Ep4 *Love & Anarchy: *Snowflake Tosh.0 (S12) June 23
programming S2 Mountain June 24 Below Deck Down
HBO Max *Rhythm + Flow *The Umbrella The 49th Daytime Under
Amazon France Academy: S3 Emmy Awards The Katie Phang
Father of the Bride, *Sing, Dance, Act: June 23 June 28 Show
Recently released 2022 Kabuki featuring *Best of the Fest Secrets of the The Real
The Summer I Turned *Lucas the Spider, Toma Ikuta *First Class Oligarch Wives Housewives of Dubai
Pretty (2022) S1B *Snoop Dogg's F*cn *Queen Hip Hop My *The Real
The Lake (2022) Non-Stop, 2014 Around Comedy *Rhythm + Flow House (S1) Housewives Ultimate
Jack Ryan: Shadow *Tom and Jerry Special France June 30 Girls Trip Ex-Wives
Recruit (2014) Cowboy Up! Won't You Be My June 24 Jack Ryan: Shadow Club, S2, Ep1-3
June 24 June 20 Neighbor? *Angry Birds: Recruit U.S. Senior Open
At Home With the *Birdgirl, S2 *The Martha Summer Madness: xXx: Return of Golf – Round 1
Gils (2022) *All American: Mitchell Effect S2 Xander Cage June 24
Chloe (2022) Homecoming Rainbow High: S2 Legacies: S4 Zoolander 2 Southern Charm
The One That Got *Chernobyl: The *She: S2 *The Man from Save Me (S1-2) The Katie Phang
Away (2022) Lost Tapes *Spiderhead Toronto Signal (S1) Show
Sin Límites / June 23 *You Don't Know *Man Vs Bee Voice (S1-2) U.S. Senior Open
Boundless (2022) *Little Ellen Me *Money Heist: Korea Golf – Round 2
*Menudo: Forever *Alchemy of Souls – Joint Economic Peacock *Would It Kill You
AppleTV+ Young, Charmed: S4 Area To Laugh? Starring
*Wellington *SPRIGGAN June 25 Recently released Kate Berlant and
Recently released Paranormal, S3 *Civil Grey's Anatomy: S18 Amor Valiente John Early
*Now and Then June 24 It (2017) June 27 Below Deck Down June 25
*Prehistoric Planet *Bing, S1B *Doom Of Love *Cafe Minamdang Under *Dateline: The Last
*Physical S2 *Rich & Philomena *Chip and Potato: Jaws, 1975 Day, S1, Ep5
*For All Mankind S3 Shameless, S1 All That: S2-3 Chip's Holiday Jaws 2, 1983 U.S. Senior Open
*Cha Cha Real Smooth *Tuca & Bertie, S2 *The Future Of June 28 Jaws 3-D, 1983 Golf – Round 3
*Home S2 June 26 *Joel Kim Booster: *Blasted Jaws: The Revenge, June 27
June 24 *Westworld, S4 Psychosexual *Cristela Alonzo: 1987 Love Match Atlanta
*Look Kenan and Kel: S1-2 Middle Classy Royal Ascot – Day 3 Symone
*Hello, Jack! The Hulu Ned's Declassified *Rutherford Falls S2, The Real
Kindness Show School Survival Paramount+ Ep1-8 Housewives of
Recently released Guide: S1-2 America Ninja Atlanta
Disney+ Good Luck To You, Zoey 101: S1-2 Recently released Warrior Watch What Happens
Leo Grande (2022) *Bruna Louise: Players Prem *Dateline: The Last Live
Recently released Fx's The Old Man Demolition *Jerry & Marge Go Day, S1, Ep4
*Incredible Dr. Livestream Killer Relationships,
Pol (S20) The Ledge (2022) S1
*Ultra Violet & Ted K (2021)
Black Scorpion (S1) June 22
Beyond Infinity: Motherland: Fort
Buzz and the Journey Salem: Final SPrem
to Lightyear – Prem June 23
grown-ish (S4, 9 Fx's The Bear S1
episodes) The Burning
Life Below Zero: Sea (2021)
Next Generation (S3) June 25
T.O.T.S. (S3, 12 Big Gold
episodes) Brick (2022)
The Wonder Gasoline
Years (S1, 10 Alley (2022)
episodes) June 26
*Family Reboot The Desperate Hour
*Love, Victor – S1 – F.k.a
2 and S3 – Prem Lakewood (2022)

Page 20 HAPPENINGS June 23, 2022

network news "This is an active criminal Daveed Diggs representative said in a
investigation, and may result in statement to The Hollywood
U.S. Capitol Police arrested additional criminal charges after was the final remaining original Reporter.
seven staffers from the consultation with the U.S. scripted series on TNT. "We can
production team for CBS' The Attorney." confirm that Snowpiercer will •••
Late Show with Stephen end after a successful, multi-
Colbert who were filming a ••• season run on TNT," a network When Calls the Heart was
comic segment with a salty officially renewed for a 10th
canine puppet. Capitol TNT confirmed that its season at Hallmark Channel.
Police arrested the seven people dystopian drama, Snowpiercer, With the renewal, the one-hour
in a hallway of the Capitol will end with its upcoming fourth show will reach the 100-episode
building last Thursday season, production on Season 4 is milestone in Season 10,
night. Politico confirmed that the now underway. The cast's options solidifying its status as the
seven individuals were staff were not picked up for a fifth longest-running scripted drama
members with the show. "They season, paving the way for the on the Hallmark Channel. When
were charged with unlawful stars to take other jobs. Featuring Calls the Heart recently
entry," according to the statement. Daveed Diggs, Jennifer concluded its ninth season in
Connelly and Sean Bean, the sci- May, averaging 2.9 million
fi thriller set on a high-speed train viewers each week.

streaming news Nicole Brown, Kelly Marie Tran, HULU Harrison Ford
Anthony Daniels and Billy Dee
AMAZON PRIME Williams. Lego Star Wars • Hulu is giving a glimpse of the • Paramount+ announced the
• Prime Video announced that it Summer Vacation follows Finn new documentary Machine Gun next Yellowstone prequel's official
will bring The Lord of the Rings: (Omar Miller) as he arranges a Kelly's Life in Pink. The title. 1923 will be the next Taylor
The Rings of Power to San Diego surprise vacation for his friends streaming service shared Sheridan series about the Dutton
Comic-Con this summer. Prime Rey (Helen Sadler), Poe (Jake a trailer for the film featuring family. The show was first
confirmed showrunners J.D. Green), Rose (Tran), BB-9, R2- singer and rapper Machine Gun announced as 1932. It stars
Payne and Patrick McKay would D2 and C-3PO (Daniels) aboard Kelly, 32. Life in Pink explores Harrison Ford and Helen
attend. They did not specify which the Halcyon, a luxurious Galactic Machine Gun Kelly's rise to fame Mirren.
cast members would be there. San Starcruiser. The trip goes awry and the pain and passion that drive
Diego Comic-Con will run July when Finn is separated from the him. The film is "coming soon" to PEACOCK
21-24 this summer. The Lord of group. Hulu.
the Rings: The Rings of • Bill Nye has a new series, The
Power premieres Sept. 2. • Guy Ritchie, who directed NETFLIX End is Nye, coming to Peacock in
• Doctor Who alum Jenna 2019's Aladdin live-action August. In the new series, Nye
Coleman and The Haunting of remake, is set to join Disney's • Netflix is giving a glimpse explores epic global disasters and
Hill House actor Oliver Jackson- upcoming live-action adaptation of Stranger Things Season 4, demystifies them using science to
Cohen have signed on to star in of the 1997 film Hercules. Volume 2. The streaming service show how we can survive,
the new Amazon series, shared a trailer for the new mitigate, and even prevent them.
Wilderness. Kit Harington episodes, which arrive on July 1. Each episode dives into the
APPLE TV+ The preview shows Eleven (Millie mystery and terror of one specific
• Peter Capaldi and Cush Jumbo HBOMAX Bobby Brown) and her friends threat, while also offering hope
will star in the crime thriller prepare to fight Vecna, a and a way forward.
Criminal Record at Apple TV+. malevolent and powerful being
• HBO has a Game of that has been terrorizing their
Weird Al Yankovic home of Hawkins, Ind. Noah
Thrones sequel series in the works Schnapp, who plays Will Byers,
DISNEY+ said on The Tonight Show
• Disney+ is giving a glimpse of about Jon Snow. Game of starring Jimmy Fallon last week Most Popular TV
the new special Lego Star Wars that there are deaths and gore to
Summer Vacation, which drops on Thrones actor Kit Harington is come in Part 2. Part 2 will consist
August 5 and takes place after the of two feature film length
events of the 2019 film Star Wars: expected to reprise his role of Jon. episodes. 1. Obi Wan Kenobi (DIS) 83%
The Rise of Skywalker. The
special features the voices of Harington played Jon • Production is expected to begin 2. Ms Marvel (DIS) 95%
"Weird Al" Yankovic, Yvette in Ireland next week on Bodkin, a
throughout Game of Thrones' darkly comedic thriller 3. The Old Man (AMZ) 94%
starring Will Forte and executive
eight-season run on HBO. In produced by Barack 4. Stranger Things (NFX) 91%
and Michelle Obama, Netflix
Season 8, Jon learns he is Aegon announced.

Targaryen, the true heir to the Iron PARAMOUNT+ 5. The Boys (AMZ) 93%

Throne, but ends up exiled from • Paramount+ announced that 6. Dark Winds (AMC) 100%
its Wolf Pack series will begin
Westeros and journeying north of production in Atlanta next week. 7. Peaky Blinders (NFX) 94%
The show is based on the Edo Van
the Wall. Belkom books, about four 8. God’s Favorite Idiot (NFX) 22%
teenagers bonded together by their
• Hacks, starring Jean Smart and respective bites from a werewolf. 9. Irma Vep (HBO) 100%
Hannah Einbinger, will return
for a third season on HBO Max. 10. For All Mankind (APP) 91%

includes rotten tomatoes average “tomatometer” June 23, 2022 HAPPENINGS Page 21

your bridal guide

It’s official! one engagement party. You may
register, however, for guests who
You’re engaged! insist on bringing a gift. Just
remember to set aside whatever
Congratulations. Now it’s time to gifts you do receive, open them in
private and send out thank-you
let everyone else in the news. It’s cards as soon as possible.

time to plan an engagement party Engagement parties can be great
fun. They give brides and grooms
and show off that rock on your fin- and their families and friends the
chance to get to know one and
ger. another and relax a little before the
real planning begins. If you have
Traditionally, it is the bride’s the budget to throw an engagement
parents that host the event, but any- party or someone offers to throw
one can host an engagement party, you one, consider it. You’ll get a
including the bride and groom. good taste of what’s to come.
Engagement parties can be as for-
mal or informal as you like. You By Tresa Erickson
can book a banquet hall and hire a
caterer, or you can host the party at The baby dilemma
the local bowling alley and serve
everyone pizza and soda. You can You’ve been to weddings where
have a clambake on the beach or a babies are in attendance and you’ve
barbeque in your backyard. been to weddings where babies are
not in attendance. There are pros
Once you have a setting, you can and cons to each. When they’re your baby. What would your baby groom will be busy and arrange for
get to work on the guest list. It isn’t happy, babies can make wonderful prefer? Is your baby rather congen- someone to care for the baby,
necessary for you to invite every- additions to a wedding; when ial? Does your baby like people? If preferably someone not directly
one you know. Immediate family they’re out of sorts, they can be ter- so, they might be perfectly at ease involved in the wedding. Your
members on both sides are a must. rors. You would like to think your at your wedding and not mind mother might adore her new grand-
After all, the point of an engage- baby would be bubbly, but you being passed around and held by a child, but remember, she also
ment party is to bring the two fam- can’t know for sure. What is a new lot of different people. If, on the adores you and would probably
ilies together and give them an mom to do? Will you arrange for other hand, your baby is not com- like to see you get married. Your
opportunity to get to know one and your baby to attend your wedding, fortable around people and tends to teenage niece, on the other hand,
another. If you have already select- or will you find someone to care cling to you, you might want to might rather be off in another room
ed the wedding party, you should for your baby at home while you reconsider having them at your caring for your new baby. That’s
invite them too, as the party will say, “I do”? wedding. Do you really want to right. You’ll want to set up a place
give them a chance to mingle. walk down the aisle and say, “I onsite for the babysitter to take
Whether your baby attends your do,” with a baby on your hip? your baby for feedings, naps and
Keep in mind that an invitation wedding depends first upon you. play. Don’t expect your baby to fall
to the engagement party almost What is your preference? Is this You also need to consider the asleep and stay asleep during the
always warrants an invitation to the your first baby? Would you be a uncertainty factor. The best babies reception in a ballroom with a lot
wedding, so make sure you invite complete and utter mess if your in the world have their moments. of high-stepping going on. Finally,
close friends as well. Don’t invite baby were not with you? Would Your baby could be delightful right make sure you have ample supplies
anyone who may not make the you be wracked with worry? If so, up until the exchange of vows and for your baby. You’ll be far too
guest list for your wedding. That you might want to arrange to have then let out a wail of terror and busy to make a mad dash home for
could result in hurt feelings down your baby somewhere onsite, per- continue to fuss throughout the rest diapers or formula.
the road. haps not sitting next to you but of the event. Babies are also prone
with a babysitter in a room nearby. to accidents, soiling their clothes Choosing what to do with your
While an invitation to the If you are bit more relaxed, you and the clothes of anyone who baby during your wedding is a big
engagement party necessitates an might want to consider leaving might be holding them, including decision. Think it through careful-
invitation to the wedding in most your baby with someone at home, you in your expensive white bridal ly, and should you decide it would
cases, it does not necessitate especially if you think your baby gown, your spouse in his tuxedo be best to keep your baby at home,
acceptance. Some people may not might pose too much of a distrac- rental or an out-of-town guest with don’t get wrapped up in the guilt.
have the time or money to attend tion. You’re going to be busy, and no ready access to a change of Your baby won’t know the differ-
both your engagement party and so are most of the people in the clothes. ence, and you can always arrange
your wedding. Be prepared for wedding party—why add to the to take some wedding photos with
some declines, especially from activity with a baby in need of con- Only you can determine whether them later or have the babysitter
people living out of town, and be stant care? to have your baby attend your wed- drop by with them at the reception.
understanding and gracious. ding. Should you do, be prepared.
Your decision also depends upon Understand that you and your By Tresa Erickson
If you have a rather large family
or circle of friends, you might want
to have more than one engagement
party. Just don’t expect a lot of
gifts. Gifts are not necessary, espe-
cially if you are having more than

Page 22 HAPPENINGS June 23, 2022

Your Special Day

ThKe eS&ntoesPlhliazazHaFaoFmmoierlmyOaHvdeearsI6tBa0leieYanneaSFresorovding

Weddings • Showers • Rehearsal Dinners Weddings • Rehearsal Dinners
Anniversaries • Showers
Accomodates 20 -180 Seating 20-100
Choose menu items or many buffet options.
For more information 262-551-7171
Locally Owned and Operated since 1973.
2129 Birch Road Kenosha, WI
2801 - 30th Avenue (Wood Road) Kenosha, WI
262-551-0600 033122

The Parkway Chateau 062322

(Brat Stop’s Premiere Banquet Hall)

Wedding Receptions • Quinceañeras • Bridal Showers • Rehearsal Dinners
Private Dressing Room For The Bride • Packages & Custom Menus Available

Hotels Located Within 600ft • 262-857-9006 x14

celebrity bridal news

Britney Spears

shares photos,

video from wedding

Britney Spears has confirmed on

social media that she married longtime

beau, Sam Asghari, this week, sharing

video and photos from her happy day.

"Wow !!! Holy holy crap !!! WE DID

Britney Spears & IT !!! WE GOT MARRIED!!!
Sam Asghari Gggggeeeeezzzzz !!! It was the most
spectacular day !!! I was so nervous all

morning but then at 2:00 pm it really

hit me ... WE'RE GETTING MARRIED !!!" Spears wrote on Instagram

Friday. "I had a panic attack and then got it together ... the crew who cre-

ated our home into literally a dream castle were fantastic !!! The ceremo-

ny was a dream and the party was even better!!!" she added. "So many

incredible people came to our wedding and I'm still in shock!!! @drew-

barrymore my girl crush and @selenagomez who btw is way prettier in

person if that's possible both came !!! I was speechless ... I kissed

@madonna again and we danced into the night with @ParisHilton ...

Thank you @donatella_versace for designing my dress ... I felt so beau-


Another post features a video of the bride and groom preparing for the
ceremony, exchanging vows and celebrating with friends. Spears can
also be seen riding in a horse-drawn carriage. The couple got engaged in
September after about five years of dating. In November, a judge ended
Spears' lengthy legal battle with her dad, Jamie Spears, over his 13-year
conservatorship of her business and personal affairs. In May, Spears, 40,
and Asghari, 28, delivered the sad news that they had suffered a pregnan-
cy loss.

'One Tree Hill' actress Sophia Bush

marries Grant Hughes

One Tree Hill actress Sophia

Bush is a married woman. The

39-year-old actress recently

married Grant Hughes in

Tulsa, Okla., the city county

clerk's office confirmed

Monday to People. E! News

confirmed that a marriage

license was issued to Bush and Sophia Bush
Hughes on June 8. The license

was returned to the court but

not completed, so Bush and Hughes must return a revised license by July

8 for the marriage to be legal. Us Weekly said Bush and Hughes married

June 11 at the Philbrook Museum of Art. The couple then held their wed-

ding reception at The Church Studio. Guests included Colton Underwood

and his fiancé, Jordan Brown, Aaron Paul, Jensen Ackles and Jeffrey

Dean Morgan. Bush and Hughes were first linked in May 2020 and got

SF2019 engaged in Lake Como, Italy, in August 2021. "So it turns out that being

your favorite person's favorite person is the actual best feeling on planet

Earth #YES," Bush said on Instagram at the time. Bush played Brooke

Davis on One Tree Hill and was previously married to her co-star Chad

Michael Murray.

Page 24 HAPPENINGS June 23, 2022

York-based branding com- legend David
pany issued a cease-and-
desist letter to several Las Beckham and former
Vegas chapels, according
to the story. The company pro golfer Greg
says the names "Elvis,
"Elvis Presley," and his Norman. The compa-
nickname, "The King of
Rock and Roll" are all pro- ny announced the
tected trademarks. Several
owners of wedding release of its Elvis
chapels in Sin City say the
Vegas chapels timing of the announce- On-Chain, a digital
told to stop ment couldn't be worse, as
Elvis weddings the hospitality industry keychain that is part
attempts to rebound from
Elvis Presley impersonators per- the COVID-19 pandemic. of its Elvis metaverse.

forming themed wedding cere- "This couldn't hit at a worse wedding industry. A number of Interest in Presley,
time. It's not a good thing," Clark people might lose their livelihood." who died in 1977, has
monies in Las Vegas, have been County Clerk Lynn Goya said in an remained high over
interview with The Journal. Authentic Brands Group also the years. Director
told they can no longer use the late manages licensing for the estates of Baz Luhrmann's
"It might destroy a portion of our Marilyn Monroe and Muhammad biographical movie
musician's likeness, according to a Ali, as well as for retired soccer Elvis debuted at the
2022 Cannes Film Festival and will
report in the Las Vegas Journal. be released in the United States on
June 24. The movie stars Austin
The report cites a statement from Butler, Tom Hanks and Olivia
DeJonge, with Butler playing The
Authentic Brands Group, which King of Rock and Roll.

licenses Elvis Presley-related mer-

chandise for his estate. The New

5912 75th Street 033122
Kenosha, Wisconsin


$1495 062322 June 23, 2022 HAPPENINGS Page 25

on the airwaves

JUNE 25, 2022

7 p.m. on LIFE Taraji P. Henson hosts the 2022 BET  Awards, airing Sunday night on BET.
Movie: He’s Not Worth Dying For
Based on actual events, this new Richard Ramirez (aka the Night as well as complicated life events treated as head of the family, in the
melodrama revolves around two Stalker), Ed Kemper (the Co-ed for Peter, his girlfriend Gwen Stacy Season 3 finale “Moneyballs.”
very different teenagers who find Killer) and Robert Hansen (the (Emma Stone) and his best friend Meanwhile, Jack (voice of Ty
themselves drawn into a bitter Butcher Baker). The series Harry Osborne (Dane DeHaan, Burrell) wants to impress his
romantic rivalry. Isla (Rachel Boyd) premiere, however, puts the stealing many of his scenes). The father, so he tries to prove he has
already has developed a following spotlight on a deadly female in huge cast also includes Paul control over his own household.
as an online influencer, while the “Aileen Wuornos: The Damsel of Giamatti and Sally Field. The voice cast includes Gerald
more introverted Grace (Hilda Death.” McRaney; Riki Lindhome also is
Martin) looks like a lock as her SUNDAY heard.
class valedictorian, after which she 8 p.m. on HIST JUNE 26, 2022
hopes to pursue a veterinary Pawn Stars 8 p.m. on HBO
career. Both girls are shocked to In the new double episode “Rick’s 7 p.m. on BET Westworld
discover the same boy, Jake Big Check; Priceless Pawn,” the As is traditional with “Westworld,” a
(Lachlan Quarmby), is dating them shop travels back in time when a 2022 BET Awards thick cloak of mystery surrounds
both, sparking a quickly escalating map from the late 1800s comes in, Season 4 of this adult sci-fi series,
feud between the girls. Robin and Corey spots a killer Mustang From the Microsoft Theater in Los which opens with several familiar
Givens and Lochlyn Munro also for sale. Later, Rick takes a ride to faces in the cast. Whether those
star. check out a collection of transistor Angeles, actress Taraji P. Henson faces are playing the same
radios, while Chumlee gets his characters, however, is very much
7 p.m. on NICK hands on a deck of Magic: The hosts this year’s edition of the in question. Leading lady Evan
Slime Cup Gathering prototype cards. Rachel Wood, for instance, saw
Top-ranked pro golfers Collin annual celebration of her iteration of the android host
Morikawa, Lexi Thompson, Jon 9:01 p.m. on A&E Dolores killed in Season 3, but the
Rahm and recent PGA Panic 9-1-1 achievements in music, sports, actress returns playing a new
Championship winner Justin Season 3 of this docuseries, which character, a writer. Other returnees
Thomas are the team captains in frames its stories with audio from television and movies. Among the include Emmy winner Thandiwe
this new “tee-riffic” golf real-life 9-1-1 emergency calls, Newton, James Marsden, Ed
competition, wherein four teams of opens with “I’m Dying,” which competitive music categories, Doja Harris, Jeffrey Wright, Aaron Paul
three vie on a “Nick-ified” golf includes an incredible distress call and Tessa Thompson.
course as they make their way to from a Florida woman begging for Cat leads the pack of nominees
an unpredictable final round, which help when her out-of-control 8 p.m. on SHOW
is played inside Rose Bowl estranged husband turns up and with six nods, ahead of Drake and The Chi
Stadium in Pasadena, Calif. This starts shooting at her through the This critically acclaimed coming-of-
game features one-of-a-kind tee front door. In other segments, a Ari Lennox, each of whom earned age drama revolving around
boxes, far-out fairways and terrified young mother calls from residents on the South Side of
greens, plus, of course, lots of her car when her brakes fail on a four nominations. Nominated for Chicago returns for its fifth season,
slime. Nick stars Gabrielle Nevaeh busy highway choked with holiday with several new characters
Green (“All That”) and Young Dylan traffic, and a Georgia family returns best movie are “Candyman,” “King joining the ensemble cast. New
join announcer Noah Eagle in the from vacation to hear a chilling guest stars include Nia Jervier
booth. sound coming from the woods. Richard,” “Respect,” “Space Jam: (“Dear White People”) as Tierra,
the polished and ambitious god-
7 p.m. on TCM 9:45 p.m. on FREE A New Legacy,” “Summer of Soul” niece of Douda (Curtiss Cook),
Movie: Mahogany Movie: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 whom he recruits for a rebranding
Berry Gordy directed this 1975 Andrew Garfield continues his and “The Harder They Fall.” effort; Carolyn Michelle Smith
drama starring Diana Ross as a reboot of the saga of angst-y (“Russian Doll”) as Deja, a new
model and fashion designer. After teenager Peter Parker in this 2014 7 p.m. on LIFE love interest for Shaad (Jason
rising from humble beginnings on release that drew sharply mixed Movie: Ice Road Killer Weaver); L’lerrét Jazelle as
Chicago’s South Side, she gains reviews from critics, chiefly for its A mother and her teenage Fatima, a fearless local journalist;
world fame but gives it up when cluttered script that included a daughter discover that no good and Antonyah Allen as Simon, a
she falls in love. Billy Dee Williams, major villain plotline for Jamie Foxx deed goes unpunished after they classmate of Kevin (Alex Hibbert).
Anthony Perkins, Jean-Pierre pick up a young hitchhiker on a
Aumont, Beah Richards and Nina lengthy road trip to a remote
Foch also star in the film, part of a northern cabin in this 2022 thriller.
theme night about 1970s style on Unfortunately the hitchhiker in
the big screen. question turns out to be a thief,
who — even more unfortunately —
8 p.m. on A&E currently is fleeing a cold-blooded
First Blood killer. Sarah Allen, Connor
This new true-crime docuseries McMahon and Zoe Belkin star.
looks at some of the most
notorious serial killers in American 8 p.m. on FOX
history through the lens of their first Duncanville
murder, which may reveal what After he gets a job, Duncan (voice
drove them to that violent moment. of Amy Poehler) starts contributing
Among the murderers profiled in to the household budget, but he
this 10-episode presentation are also thinks that entitles him to be

Page 26 HAPPENINGS June 23, 2022

on the airwaves showing a home to potential YouTube channel will catapult her and boys alike and create even
buyers. Later that same evening, to global fame. She has a dramatic more change.
MONDAY Beverly’s husband began getting meltdown when worried friends try
JUNE 27, 2022 texts from his missing wife, but to get her the help she clearly 8 p.m. on CW WCIU
eventually Beverly’s family and needs. In another segment, 27- Tom Swift
8 p.m. on CW WCIU friends realized that she was in year-old twins Daniel and David While he’s hosting a major tech
In the Dark danger. share everything, including event at Swift Enterprises, Tom
Josh and Gene (Theodore Bhat, compulsive game-playing with (Tian Richards) embarks on a
Matt Murray) try to link Murphy 8 p.m. on TNT other gamers online. Their daring gambit to stop a security
(Perry Mattfeld) to their latest case fondness for internet porn also has breach in the new episode “... And
and wind up with something they Rich & Shameless reached the point where their mom the Crashed Cotillion.” His success
never expected in the new episode and some of their friends are fed up depends on whether he can get
“Hard Pill to Swallow.” Meanwhile, The new episode “Pharma Bro vs. with them. extremely close to the enigmatic
Felix (Morgan Krantz) finally tricks Rowan (Albert Mwangi), whose
Max (Casey Deidrick) into revealing Wu-Tang Clan: Special unmistakable chemistry with Tom
what he’s been hiding, and Leslie makes it impossible for Tom to tell
(Marianne Rendon) is forced to Presentation” chronicles the story whether this guy is an adversary or
improvise after a plan she has set a guardian angel. Elsewhere, Lino
in motion goes completely off the of hedge-fund wunderkind Martin (guest star Donovin Miller) is
rails. weirded out by his newly
Shkreli, who quickly became TUESDAY heightened physical abilities.
8 p.m. on PBS JUNE 28, 2022
Hiding in Plain Sight: Youth Mental America’s Most Hated Man after 8 p.m. on A&E
Illness Bobby Brown: Every Little Step
Executive produced by master jacking up the price of an affordable In the process of his work to raise
filmmaker Ken Burns, this new two- awareness about the critical
part documentary, which concludes AIDS drug by more than 5,000 7 p.m. on CW WCIU problem of domestic violence,
Tuesday, features touching, even Superman & Lois Bobby continues struggling with the
revelatory first-person accounts percent, from $13.50 to $750 per Actor-turned-director Gregory tragic and untimely death of his
from more than 20 young people Smith (“Everwood,” “The Rookie”) daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, in
ranging in age from 11-27, all of pill. He also got into a heated war of helms the Season 2 finale, “Waiting the new episode “In Memory of
whom are living with mental health for Superman,” which finds Bobbi Kristina.” Elsewhere, on a
conditions of some kind. The words with Wu Tang Clan over his newswoman Chrissy Beppo happier note, Cassius, Bobby’s
program also includes comments (recurring guest star Sofia Hasmik) youngest son, hopes to follow in his
from parents, teachers, friends and ownership of their multi-million- delivering a stark alert to the father’s show-business footsteps.
healthcare providers in the lives of residents of Smallville: Not only is Another new episode immediately
these patients, as well as dollar secret album. In 2017, Ally Alston’s (recurring guest star follows.
independent mental health experts. Rya Kihlstedt) deranged plan to
These insights open a window into Shkreli was convicted of multiple merge Earth with its Bizarro twin 8 p.m. on HBO
the challenges of daily life that real, it’s already in progress. Tyler Movie: Endangered
includes these issues. counts of securities fraud and Hoechlin, Elizabeth Tulloch, Jordan Pulitzer Prize-winning producer
Elsass, Alexander Garfin and Ronan Farrow is an executive
8 p.m. on LIFE sentenced to prison. He was Emmanuelle Chriqui also star. producer on this startling new
TextMeWhenYouGetHome documentary from filmmakers
A new episode examines the released in May 2022. Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing,
chilling case of Beverly Carter, a which examines rapidly escalating
successful real estate agent who 9 p.m. on VH1 7 p.m. on ESPN threats against a free press both in
vanished without a trace after VH1 Couples Retreat the United States and abroad. The
The couples negotiate new 37 Words film chronicles a year in the life of
relationship contracts in a new four journalists working in
episode called, quite logically, “New “Part 3: The Daughters of Title IX” democratic countries where
Rules.” Nick Young breaks down freedom of the press traditionally
over his mounting fears of losing opens several years after the has been a given. Now, those
Keonna Green, while Shamari journalists find their lives in danger
DeVoe flips the script on husband passage of this landmark from autocratic world leaders.
Ronnie about their less-than-idyllic Meanwhile, the Committee to
open relationship. Elsewhere, Jess legislation and profiles members of Protect Journalists is buried with
Hilarious and boyfriend Daniel pleas for help from U.S. reporters.
Parsons reach an important the generation of women who’ve

had the doors of opportunity

9:01 p.m. on A&E opened to them. Thanks in large
Digital Addiction
A new episode opens with a digital part to the legacy of Title IX, these
addict named Bella, who at age 52
has become obsessed with her women have become stars who win
social media, convinced that her
Olympic gold medals and World

Cups, persevering past

discrimination to inspire young girls

Catch the season two finale of “Superman & Lois” Tuesday night on CW and WCIU 9 p.m. on FREE
Motherland: Fort Salem
Raelle, Abigail (Taylor Hickson,
Ashley Nicole Williams) and their
group seek sanctuary within the
mysterious Cession in the new
episode “The Price of Work.”
Meanwhile, the Unit discovers the
Camarilla is directly targeting the
Mycelium, inspiring them to strike
back. Elsewhere, Petra and
Anacostia (Catherine Lough
Haggquist, Demetria McKinney)
work to clarify where President
Wade’s (Sheryl Lee Ralph)
allegiances truly lie. June 23, 2022 HAPPENINGS Page 27

on the airwaves 9 p.m. on PBS If you are in the mood for a classic comedy, tune in to TCM Friday night for
Planet California an airing of the 1959 Billy Wilder classic “Some Like It Hot” starring Tony
WEDNESDAY This beautifully filmed two-part
JUNE 29, 2022 documentary that celebrates Curtis, Marilyn Monroe, and Jack Lemmon
California’s diversity in wildlife and
7 p.m. on FOX wild places concludes with a new 8 p.m. on HIST 8 p.m. on CW WCIU
MasterChef episode called “Close Encounters.” Alone
The top 18 all-stars travel to the For many people, mention this state As the survivalists near the 30-day Dynasty
U.S. Coast Guard base in Los and they immediately think of mark in their experience, the lack of
Angeles for their first team Hollywood, the movie capital. As food feeds their gnawing desire to Fallon and Blake (Elizabeth Gillies,
challenge in the new episode “Back this episode clearly demonstrates, abandon Labrador and return to
to Win: Feeding the U.S. Coast though, it’s California’s critters that their homes. Their daily routine Grant Show) come up with a
Guard.” Upon arrival, the chefs are are truly ready for their closeup, becomes one focused almost
tasked with collaborating with their whether they’re the magnificent entirely on finding something to eat, scheme to defeat his brother Ben
teammates to create a hearty and blue whales that roam California while one participant finds a
delicious meal for more than 100 waters or the quirky burrowing owls creative means of self- (guest star Brett Tucker), but Cristal
Coast Guard members. Judges on dry land. preservation. Another survivalist
Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sánchez quickly goes on the offensive after a (Daniela Alonso) strongly advises
and Joe Bastianich decide which 9 p.m. on TCM predator threatens to steal a recent
chef goes home at the end of the Movie: Spaceballs catch. them against it in the new episode
episode. “What’s the matter, Colonel
Sandurz? Chicken?” It’s no FRIDAY “My Family, My Blood.” Elsewhere,
7 p.m. on CW WCIU “Blazing Saddles,” but Mel Brooks’ JULY 1, 2022
The Flash poke at “Star Wars” brings plenty of Dominique (Michael Michele) does
In the Season 8 finale “Negative, laughs. Brooks has two roles, a 7 p.m. on MAX
Part Two,” The Flash (Grant Gustin) planetary politician and a diminutive Movie: Land all she can to stay out of this latest
is still reeling and utterly exhausted sage called Yogurt — based on Actress Robin Wright (“House of
from recent events, but the rest of guess who. The heavily accented Cards”) made her feature directorial family drama, although Ben seems
his team rallies to support the latter character steals his scenes debut in this moving, character-
scarlet speedster just when he with such lines as “Moichandising! driven 2021 drama, in which she determined to drag her into it.
needs their help most. The series Where the real money of the movie also takes the lead role as a
also stars Jesse L. Martin, Candice is made!” and “May the Schwartz middle-aged woman left shattered Meanwhile, Adam (Sam
Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Kayla be with you!” And Rick Moranis’ by an unspeakable tragedy.
Compton, Brandon McKnight and Dark Helmet is pure gold. Retreating to an isolated cabin in Underwood) keeps pressuring
Danielle Nicolet. the wilderness of Wyoming, she
9:03 p.m. on HIST begins her long healing process, Alexis (Elaine Hendrix) to let him on
8 p.m. on CW WCIU More Power which includes multiple physical
Wellington Paranormal Longtime sitcom colleagues Tim challenges, a near-death her TV shopping show so he can
In the new episode “Fear Factory,” Allen and Richard Karn (“Home experience and an unexpected
while Officers Minogue and O’Leary Improvement”) reteam for this new friendship with a local hunter promote his latest medical
(Mike Minogue, Karen O’Leary) are 10-episode docuseries that finds (Demián Bichir) who helps her
on patrol, they run into a series of the duo — joined by YouTube DIY reconnect with life. discovery.
terrified individuals, all of whom star April Wilkerson — looking back
have just been attacked by at the fascinating history of how 7 p.m. on TCM 9:30 p.m. on PBS
manifestations of their worst tools evolved from basic handheld Movie: Some Like It Hot American Anthems
nightmares. Their investigation implements to mighty industrial One of Hollywood’s truly classic Set in Nashville, Tenn., the new
points the officers to an amusement creations that make life easier for comedies, director Billy Wilder’s episode “Pocket Change”
park house that all the frightened society at large. Allen also 1959 laughfest casts Jack Lemmon introduces local unsung hero
victims recently visited. Maaka welcomes some of the most skilled and Tony Curtis as musicians who Ashley Ruiz, who has made a big
Pohatu also is featured. makers in America to his personal disguise themselves in drag after difference with her organization The
home shop, which serves as the witnessing the St. Valentine’s Day Laundry Project. The program
8 p.m. on A&E main base of operations for this Massacre. Hiding in an all-female periodically takes over a
Right to Offend: The Black Comedy show. band, one falls for a fellow member laundromat in a low-income area
Revolution (Marilyn Monroe) while the other for the day, covering the fees for all
Comic Kevin Hart is an executive THURSDAY attracts a wealthy admirer (Joe E. the linens and laundry each patron
producer on this new two-part, four- JUNE 30, 2022 Brown, who gets the unforgettable can wash. Volunteers assist with
hour documentary (which last line). ” laundry services and provide child
concludes Thursday night) that 7 p.m. on TCM care while parents are doing
charts the progression of Black Movie: Westworld laundry. Lee Brice collaborates with
comedy, starting with the pioneers In this 1973 science-fiction thriller songwriters Billy Montana and
of that scene who used sharply from Michael Crichton (“Jurassic Adam Wood to craft a song
pointed humor to expose, challenge Park”), a computer malfunction honoring Ashley and her “hope
and ridicule social injustices. These causes the robots at Delos, an adult dealers.”
performers also used laughter to theme park, to start attacking the
articulate their experience of being patrons. Their living quarry includes FOR MORE TV LISTINGS
Black in the United States. Among two pals (Richard Benjamin, James
the comics featured, in addition to Brolin) who find their hankering for Find them available
Hart, are Tiffany Haddish, David a Wild West adventure menaced by to download and
Alan Grier, DL Hughley, Kenan a relentless gunslinger (Yul print at home at
Thompson and Michael Che, along Brynner). The white-knuckle movie
with producer Norman Lear and also inspired the Emmy-winning
Richard Pryor’s daughter, Rain. HBO series adaptation of the same
title, which opens Season 4 this
week on that premium cable

Page 28 HAPPENINGS June 23, 2022

in the stars June 23, 2022
June 29, 2022

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Commitment is king. Making impulsive changes to your busi-

ness plans or family budget can place you in an awkward position. Be true to your word in the

week ahead and your honesty and loyalty should reap dividends.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): You may be wrapped up in romance as the week begins but pay

attention to what is going on in the outside world, too. Tune into the news to remain aware of

current events to avoid making serious career miscalculations.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Feedback from your friends may vary from positive to negative

in the week to come even if you only have the best intentions. Act according to the highest

principles when you must make significant financial decisions.

CANCER (June 21-July 22): Plant yourself where conditions can powerfully support your

growth. Financial schemes and opportunities can be put to good use in the week ahead.

Romantic partners may be more lovable than usual.

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): The secret to success is to focus on working closely with loved ones

and partners to achieve worthwhile goals. Remain persistent despite any setbacks. Build some-

thing up in the week ahead rather than tearing something down.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Trying to use a friendship to dig for information can backfire. Too

many questions may arouse suspicions or make someone feel that their boundaries have been

crashed. A loved one's common sense can be useful this week.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Be too passionate about supporting your family to make permanent

plans with unreliable people -- someone might change their mind at the last minute. The week

ACROSS 54 Bar requests 27 Rich dessert cake ahead may clarify the evidence of someone's trustworthiness.
1 Two-mile-high city 58 A.L. East team 28 Building artisan
6 Numbskulls 59 V 29 Trampled SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Embrace an opportunity to express love and enjoy romance.
11 Ate 62 It may need a boost 30 Emphatic refusal
14 Sister of Euterpe 63 Revered ones 31 Mountaineer's tool Weave interesting people, ideas, and things into the web of your life as the week unfolds.
15 Satellite's path 64 Official Wimbledon timekeeper 32 "Is there something __?"
16 "I __ you one!" 65 Summer shade 33 Photoshop image acronym Engage in a study or investigation that gives you fresh purpose.
17 V 66 Article of faith 37 Culinary herb
19 Carried the day 67 Title feeling "beyond power of 39 Org. seeking far-out life SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Nurture your inner strengths in the upcoming week. You
20 Brainstorm speech," in an "Into the Woods" 42 Playful prank
21 Spanish pronoun song 45 Summon up may be wiser and more astute about the practical aspects of life, especially when handling
22 Understated way to put it DOWN 46 False appearance
24 Old PC display 1 Son of Jacob 47 Dazed money. Avoid people who take advantage of your generosity.
26 City west of Hong Kong 2 Dry as a bone 50 "Yeah, sure!"
27 V 3 Go back and forth 51 __ party CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Yes, you may be lucky in love and lucky with money.
33 Scribble (down) 4 Include with an email 52 "Lost" setting
34 Read (over) closely 5 Wild place 53 Word before votes or shadows However, life always requires demonstrating your intention by working hard, too. You may be
35 Wind into rings 6 Clothing store department 55 Stitch's movie pal
36 Look into closely 7 Estimate phrase 56 Fifty-fifty motivated to pursue financial and material success. SOLUTION
38 Egg: Pref. 8 Kimono closer 57 Hot AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Following the group consensus
39 Suspends operations, with 9 Classic fast-food sandwich since 60 Long division?
"down" 1967 61 Mexican Mrs. might not be the best way to achieve your ambitions. In the week
40 European erupter 10 Gift bearer, informally
41 Low card 11 Polite greeting to come, a partner could set a good example of how to use drive,
43 Female antelope 12 MP's quarry
44 V 13 Disallow determination, and focus to help yourself.
48 La Scala locale 18 Old-school
49 Word with rolling or bowling 23 Door securer PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): When you are in the right place at
50 Slanted, in a way 25 Ready to pluck
52 Diamonds, slangily 26 Soda order the right time, you can take advantage of sweet deals. Make the

most of opportunities to strike a compromise in the week ahead

to avoid misunderstandings and to be more successful.


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things people say this week in pop culture history

"Luckily, I have a sister that has been June 25, 1967 200M people June 24, 1990 Donnie
across the world tune to to see Wahlberg of the New Kids on
through it all. We talked about it, and I The Beatles perform “All You the Block spent two days in the
Need is Love” via satellite as hospital after falling through a
consulted with a few therapists and friends part of the TV global link-up. trapdoor mid-concert at a New
York show.
who have been through it. I definitely June 30, 1975 Four days after
her divorce from Sonny Bono
wanted to wait six months, and that was is official, Cher marries rocker
Greg Allman.
the marker. I think it's different for

everyone and different things work for

different people, but you just have to do

what feels right and try to just be as Kim Kardashian
respectful and cautious as possible.” While
June 25, 1982 Harrison Ford
appearing on the Today show, Kim stars in the new sci-fi film
“Blade Runner” directed by
Kardashian says she was “cautious” when it came time to introducing Ridley Scott.

her boyfriend, actor and comedian Pete Davidson, to her kids. June 25, 1984 Prince releases
his sixth album, and first to
Kardashian shares daughters North, 9, and Chicago, 4, and sons Saint, feature his band the June 29, 2000 Eminem’s
Revolution, with “Purple Rain” mother files a $10M
6, and Psalm, 3, with her ex-husband, rapper and fashion defamation civil suit against
the rapper after takin exception
designer Kanye West. to the line “My mother smokes
more dope than I do” in his
"Honestly, I just don't think Marlo is capable of being a friend. I just single “My Name Is.”
think she's just too dishonest, too fake, too phony. She's not capable of
being a friend." During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, June 25, 2009 Michael
Kenya Moore says her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star Marlo Jackson died at his home in
Hampton is “not capable of being a friend.” In the June 12 episode Beverly Hills at the age of 50.
of RHOA, Hampton called Burruss a "ho" and claimed she slept with
"everybody for free.”

"Nobody knew for a while, because we like to be at home, cooking and June 25, 1988 When her song June 27, 2009 With their
not going out. I've also been really protective of it, because it's “Foolish Beat” tops the chart, single “Boom Boom Pow”
important that you can buy us as brother and sister on the show.” In an 17-year-old Debbie Gibson hitting #1, the Black Eyed Peas
interview with Redbook back in the early days of their relationship, becomes the youngest female start a 26-week run at the top
actress Lauren Graham talked about her romance with Parenthood co- to write, produce, and record a of the singles chart, The first
star Peter Krause. The two starred as siblings on the drama series for #1 single. single sat there for 12 weeks,
six seasons from 2010-2015 and last week Graham’s representative said then replaced by their second
the actors “quietly ended their relationship” after more than a decade. single “I Gotta Feeling,” which
spent 14 weeks at #1.

"My ancestors contributed to this great June 23, 1989 Michael Keaton June 30, 2021 Bill Cosby is
and Jack Nicholson star in the released from prison when the
nation. Their freedoms were beginning new film “Batman” courts overturn his sexual
assault conviction.
to be open and presented in this birthdays

country. Juneteenth, it's a celebratory

day. Everyone wants to be represented,

to be seen, to be appreciated and

acknowledged. So that's that day. It's a 6/23 Randy Jackson 66, Jason Mraz 45,
Melissa Rauch 42, Glenn Danzig 67
day not only for African-Americans but

Angela Bassett anyone who has felt unseen, anyone

who fights for freedoms." Angela 6/24 Mindy Kaling 43, Vanessa Ray 41,

Bassett, star of FOX’s “9-1-1” shares a message last weekend in Max Ehrich 31, Mick Fleetwood 75

celebration of Juneteenth. 6/25 Ricky Gervais 61,Angela Kinsey 51,
Carly Simon 77, Busy Philipps 43,
"Oh man, she's just the loveliest person. And when I first met her, she June Lockhart 97, Jimmie Walker 75
said very few words, but it was more looking in her eyes and you
realize, this is the woman that Elvis fell in love with all those years ago. 6/26 Ariana Grande 29, Derek Jeter 48,
And she still loves him to this day, and she's the mother of his only
child. And it was so surreal." Aubrey Plaza 38, Nick Offerman 52,
Chris O'Donnell 52, Sean Hayes 52
While promoting the upcoming bio-pic “Elvis,” who spoke about their
first meeting with Priscilla Presley, actress and ex-wife of the late rock 6/27 Khloe Kardashian 38, Drake Bell 36,
and roll legend?
Tobey Maguire 47, JJAbrams 56 Pop star Ariana Grande is sporting
For the answer, visit! a new mature look this summer
6/28 Elon Musk 51, Mel Brooks 96, and fans are finding her
A. Austin Butler Kathy Bates 74, John Cusack 56 unrecognizable.
Grande has changed her look
B. Tom Hanks 6/29 Camila Mendes 28, Gary Busey 78, from her trademark high ponytail,
Lily Rabe 40, Colin Jost 40, Don Dokken 69, to wearing her hair down and
C. Baz Luhrmann with bangs.
Nicole Scherzinger 44,
D. Olivia DeJonge

Page 30 HAPPENINGS June 23, 2022

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