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Smart Reader 120519

Smart Reader 120519

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December 5, 2019
Volume 17 - #26


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View From Above! M.J. shares her

breathtaking views using drones I

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s just one of M.J.’s drones! With photo: Facebook:VIEW from ABOVE - Wisconsin
over 2,600 followers on her Facebook page, VIEW from M.J. took out her drone on Thanksgiving afternoon to capture the line-up for the Black Friday sales outside J.C. Penny’s on Highway 50.
ABOVE - Wisconsin, Kenosha resident Marge Freund,
known as “M.J.” is generating quite the buzz online over her Q: What are some of the general rules and regulations Q: Do you have a favorite spot in Kenosha where you
unique and masterfully shot aerial photos she has been
capturing using drones. by FAA/City/State/Fed? like to drone?

Graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh in There’s actually quite a bit in terms of FAA regulations; the Our iconic red lighthouse on Simmons Island. Every time,
the early 90’s, M.J. was immediately hired by Abbott best thing to do for more information on these is to visit the photos are different.
Laboratories and has worked with them for the past 27 or FAA DroneZone
years. She discovered her love for flying before graduating Q: What are some of the challenges you face with
UW-Oshkosh, as she pursued her pilot's license on the side Q: What is your favorite time of year to take pictures flying drones?
and began flying planes in 1992. with your drones?
People have a terrible misconception about what drones
Flying planes less frequently in recent years, M.J. began to I love the summer because it’s warm and you can take your do. And I get it because there are certainly drone operators
discover her passion for another type of aircraft; drones. Not time outside but I also really like the winter because you can out there who do take advantage of their technology in a
really thinking too much of it, M.J. began using her drones to get some really beautiful and contrasting shots. negative way. But it’s unfortunate that this seems to be the
capture images of Wisconsin from above. Posting a few of reputation that we get.
these images on her Facebook page, M.J. began getting a really Q: How high can your drones fly?
good response from the Facebook community and decided Obviously, weather can be a challenge, along with trees and
to make a professional page for her photos. Picking up speed, Drones are allowed to fly up to 400 feet above ground power lines.
M.J. began receiving for-hire inquiries and she decided to get level. But let’s say I want to drone a structure that is 1,000
her drone pilot certification in order to be able to “fly-for- feet tall; legally, I can fly 400 feet above that structure. Q: Can you fly a drone in rainy or snowy weather?
hire.” Her Facebook page now has over 8,000 photos and has
reached over 1 million engagements as she continues to gain Weather is a definite factor when flying. Typically drones
followers daily. are friends to fair weather, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fly
in the rain or the snow. You just have to be aware of the
photo: Facebook:VIEW from ABOVE - Wisconsin conditions, especially wind conditions, or heavy snow. There
Ahead of the Lightin’ Up Downtown Kenosha event, M.J. caught this is a lot of things we learn as we go, but there are also a lot of
Apps that we can utilize to help with droning.There are also
great shot of the star at the top of our Christmas tree on the waterproof or water-resistant drones and other specialty
Kenosha Public Museum campus. drones that are specific for working through harsher weather
We recently sat down with M.J. for this exclusive Smart
Reader interview. Q : Your hobby has grown to become a little business
for you. What services do you provide?
Q: For the readers who don’t know, what is a drone?
A drone is a U.A.S., an unmanned aircraft system, that you I do a bunch of different stuff. I take pictures for real estate,
fly from a controller and it can go up in the air about 3 or 4 golf courses, weddings, gardens, churches, buildings. I have
thousand feet. But there are legal limitations on where and done search and rescue for lost dogs. I love covering the big
how high up you can fly it. Drones can range in price from events and parades, and then I will also work with individuals
$200 to the 30-40-50-thousand dollar range.The drone I have and groups who will come to me with unique projects such
right now is the Mavick 2-Zoom and I can easily get up to as tracking, scavenger hunts, or even just taking pictures of a
about a thousand feet in the air. group from above.
Q: Do you have to be certified to fly the drones you
use? Q: If someone is interested in starting to drone, where
No certification is necessary to be simply a “hobbyist.” should they start?
However, all drones need to be registered through the FAA
(Federal Aviation Administration) at and One thing I highly recommend is going to YouTube and
there are still very specific rules/guidelines that a drone starting the search there by watching videos from other
hobbyist needs to follow when flying because they could end droners. A favorite YouTuber of mine, Ken Heron, is a great
up in a lot of trouble. Additionally, if you want to fly-for-hire resource, and I would strongly suggest checking his channel
or use your drones any other way which generates income, out.The website is a great resource as well.
you must be certified. I am certified so that I can ‘fly-for-hire,’
meaning I can be hired by any organization or individual to Interview conducted by Donald Stancato.
take pictures. Edited by Cassidy Gillespie-Dipinto

Luckily, we have tall ceilings at the Smart Reader offices when M.J. To see M.J.’s awe-inspiring gallery of thousands of photos, visit
gave us a live drone demonstration! the Facebook page “VIEW from ABOVE - Wisconsin.” And tune in

to Happenings Q&A on Monday, December 16th at 1:30 p.m.
when M.J. joins Frank, Kim, and Reanna on
the show. Find us on your radio dial at
AM1050 or online at

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December 5, 2019 - Volume 17 Number 26

2 SMART READER December 5, 2019 FOR ADVERTISING RATES CALL 262-564-8800

Surveying hope: Can US instill
optimism in regions of ‘despair’?

Hope matters – improving
health, productivity, and
even lifespans, two
Brookings scholars write.
While economists usually
aren’t known for their
work on optimism, they
say, “the geography of
desperation in America
suggests that we must
begin to take this issue

In the past few years research about Americans’ well-being This is the case even though, materially, black and Latino were public invitations for people to pose in “family photos”
has become newsy for all the wrong reasons. Americans are often worse off than white Americans. Partly, with people they didn’t know. The result in many cases was
this has to do with an upward trajectory over time, even if an unexpected smile and meeting someone new.
Overall mortality rates have risen, in a break from the progress is slow. But it also has to do with social connections,
nation’s own past and from the typical pattern as countries Ms. Graham writes in a related article. Such efforts may sound almost trivial, but Ms. Graham and
advance economically. And amid a rise in suicides, drug Mr. Pinto have found that elements of optimism or pessimism
overdoses, and diseases linked to high-risk behaviors, the “We can also learn from the informal safety nets and play a meaningful role in well-being, even after controlling for
term “deaths of despair” has entered the mainstream lexicon. community support common in African American and other factors that may influence one’s degree of optimism
Hispanic communities. These include extended families, (such as age, education level, and marital status).
Carol Graham is one of the social science researchers churches, and other social entities that give purpose and
tracking all this, and she sees potential solutions as well as a meaning to life beyond an income and a job,” she says. “Much previous work shows that hope matters to health,
sobering problem. productivity, and lifespans,” they write in their new report.
For young people, paths toward optimism might include “While restoring hope among populations where it has been
The geography is stark. Locations that have struggled policies that build skills. For older people it might be efforts lost is not a topic that is usually the bailiwick of economists,
economically amid a long decline of factory jobs and other to ease feelings of isolation. the geography of desperation in America suggests that we
opportunities for less-skilled workers tend to be hot spots must begin to take this issue on.”
for “deaths of despair.” Santa Monica, California, is one community that, by tracking
indicators of well-being, recognized a challenge with By Mark Trumbull
But recent research by Ms. Graham and colleague Sergio loneliness.Among the efforts that followed, says Ms. Graham,
Pinto, both of the Brookings Institution in Washington,
suggests that answers may come from thinking harder about
how to restore hope.

They find that a lack of optimism about the future is a
defining feature for regions of “despair,” but also that minority
populations in those same areas have a higher sense of
optimism than white people.

“Our story is a nuanced one, with pockets of remarkable
levels of hope and resilience among cohorts with a history of
discrimination and marginalization, but who are gradually
getting ahead and for the most part have faith in an American
dream,” Ms. Graham and Mr. Pinto write in a report released
in October.

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Does Trump’s Navy SEAL pardon
undermine military justice?

At the heart of a presiden- fighters from sentences their commanders and comrades in President Donald Trump, shown here during halftime of the 119th Army-Navy
tial pardon for a Navy arms might impose could undermine the military justice game in December 2018, said “we’re gonna protect our war fighters,” adding,
SEAL accused of war system. It raises the question, too, of whether the impulse to
crimes is the question: Do protect the less than 1% of Americans who have been fighting “Somebody has their back, and it’s called the president of the U.S., OK?”
many American war fight- the nation’s wars for the past 17 years – sometimes in the
ers believe that the cur- face of fear or under the strain of multiple deployments – while deployed to Iraq in 2017. He was also charged with
rent rules of war are also means pardoning the war crimes a small minority may attempted murder for firing sniper shots at an Afghan
unfair? commit. schoolgirl, and with “wrongfully posing for an unofficial
picture with a human casualty” after texting a photo of
When the secretary of the Navy was forced out this week Mr.Trump’s decision to intervene in the Gallagher case will himself and the ISIS teenager’s body to a friend with the
by the secretary of defense, it was just the latest and most have consequences, says retired Lt. Gen. David Barno, former caption: “I got him with my hunting knife.”
high-profile fallout from the case of a Navy SEAL accused of commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan and now a visiting
war crimes – but championed by the president of the United professor of strategic studies at the Johns Hopkins School of He was reported for this behavior by several members of
States. Advanced International Studies. “This undermines chain of his SEAL team platoon, whose concerns were initially
command in the military, and efforts to hold [troops] sidelined by SEAL commanders. Chief Gallagher denied the
But while the departure of Secretary Richard Spencer may accountable – and it in effect undermines the righteousness charges, arguing that they were made by troops who resented
have capped the saga of Chief Petty Officer Eddie Gallagher, of those young soldiers who have said, ‘My leader has done his tough style.
it has brought the debate over Mr. Trump’s pardon of Chief something wrong.’”
Gallagher and other convicted and accused U.S. war criminals President Donald Trump signaled earlier this year that he
into stark relief. Though the president undoubtedly has the “We’re gonna protect our war fighters” might preemptively pardon Chief Gallagher before his court
power to issue pardons, military officials are now grappling martial hearing. He also weighed in periodically with
with the lasting impacts those pardons could have. Chief Gallagher was charged with first-degree murder for supportive tweets and orders to move Chief Gallagher to
allegedly stabbing to death a teenage Islamic State terrorist – less restrictive confinement as he awaited trial, which the
Critics warn that the notion of the need to protect war who was injured and being held prisoner by U.S. forces – Navy carried out. “He was one of the ultimate fighters –
tough guy,” the president said this week. “These [insurgents]
Friday December 6 • 8pm Saturday December 7 • 7pm are not weak people. These are tough people. And we’re
gonna protect our war fighters.” Mr.Trump added,“Somebody
RICK LINDY A NIGHT OF has their back, and it’s called the president of the U.S., OK?”
and the
TSO: TRANS- A military court of his peers ultimately found Chief
WILD ONES Gallagher guilty in June of only one count – posing with a
BAND INFINITY “human casualty.” They also bumped him down in rank,
Tickets meaning he would get less retirement pay. In the aftermath of
ONLY $10 ORCHESTRA the ruling, the president restored Chief Gallagher to the rank
of Chief Petty Officer, allowing him to retire with full benefits.
A Salute to the legendary Arists of Rock n’ Roll! Live at Mr.Trump also objected to Chief Gallagher being stripped of
his Trident pin, a prized symbol in the Navy SEAL community,
Ralph J. and so he was allowed to keep it, despite initial Navy plans to
convene another hearing of Chief Gallagher’s peers to decide
Houghton whether it would be stripped from him or not.

Perforamnce Mr. Trump’s protections of Chief Gallagher, as well as his
pardons of several other convicted and accused U.S. war
Center at criminals, appear to have stirred a considerable difference of
Reuther High Christmas, Classical & Rock Music All In opinion among service members. In a May flash poll of
One Fantastic, Family Friendly Show military service members, the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans
School of America (IAVA) found that most veterans (52%) either
“strongly disagree” (39%) or “somewhat disagree” with the
Friday Vito Zatto prospect of the president “issuing pardons for service
December 13th members who have been convicted under court martial.” A
Fri. Dec. 27 • 7:30pm sizable minority (40%), however, either “strongly agree” (23%)
7PM or “somewhat agree” with the pardons.
Tickets ONLY $10
Tickets starting at An “even more concerning finding” in the same poll was
ONLY $15 Vito is a Vegas style singer & entertainer who has that 33% of IAVA’s members do not think “the laws and rules
earned a reputation for delivering quick- witted, spon- that apply to use of force for service members in a combat
Reserve a table for taneous and high-energy entertainment. Full of hilari- zone are fair,” says Maj. Lindsay Rodman, who served as a
your office today ous comedy, impersonations, incredible singing, audi- lawyer in the Marine Corps and is now IAVA’s executive vice
ence participation and lot’s of good times! president for communications and legal strategy. The
presidential pardons could reinforce this notion and for this
This New Year’s Eve Featuring reason “represent a potential existential threat to the military
11 Performers including justice system,” since “implicit in these pardons is a lack of
Boys and Toys bring in 2020... Professional faith” in it, she says.
Last year was a Sellout
Touring Major Rodman recalls teaching law of war to young
Buy your Marines in Afghanistan.“I knew in that room that there were
Tickets Now. Comedians some people who didn’t feel like the rules were just or fair,
Every Fridayatthe or should pertain to them. They would say it or whisper it”
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4 SMART READER December 5, 2019

Colleges, officials try to thaw effects
of the US-China chill

The Trump administration Li Yiyang, from China’s Sichuan province, is a graduate student in statistics at had led them to keep a low profile and avoid conflict, and one
has emphasized that the University of Washington in Seattle, where she hopes to work after said he feared a new cold war would break out. But most
Chinese students enrich indicate they are engaging with Americans and soaking up U.S.
U.S. universities, but the graduation.The number of Chinese students in the U.S. has reached an all- culture.
trade war and other ten- time high, although the rate of growth continues to slow.
sions may trickle down to Josh Jiang, who earned an MBA and is working on a second
campuses. Schools are Trump administration officials now say they seek to recruit master’s degree in information systems, says he “loves
struggling to figure out: even more top students from China – as well as India, Brazil, Seattle.” “American people treat me very well, and I have a
What now? and other countries – as part of a global marketing campaign bunch of friends here,” he says. “If my parents did not live in
to broaden the international student presence at America’s China, I would definitely want to live here.”
Fan Rong crosses the University of Washington’s red-brick 4,700 colleges and universities.
central plaza and steps into a lively lounge filled with students Other students said they were embracing the U.S. style of
working on fall-quarter projects. A graduate student in civil “We have significant capacity to host many more students education.
engineering from China, she’s happy studying in the United from around the world,” said Assistant Secretary of State for
States, and recommends it to all her friends back home. Educational and Cultural Affairs Marie Royce in a conference Eddie Chen, a lanky freshman from the northeast
call last week with journalists about the data from IIE, noting Heilongjiang province, says studying in the U.S. has helped him
Ms. Fan says she’s planning to stay on after graduating in that 70% of foreign students are concentrated at only 200 grow up, and he would recommend it. “You have to solve
2021, joining tens of thousands of her fellow students from institutions, and 1 out of 3 is in California, Texas, or New problems for yourself,” he says.“You have to be independent.”
China. “I’d like to find an internship or job in Seattle,” she York.
says, noting that “Seattle has a lot of tech companies and we Mr. Chen’s friend Yiyi Zheng nods in agreement, saying she
can collaborate with them.” A major part of that campaign is an effort by Washington would advise U.S. study for “people who want to get out of
to ensure Chinese students feel welcomed, despite their comfort zone and see the diversity of the world and
Chinese students such as Ms. Fan are still flowing to the heightened concerns over Chinese espionage. In recent different cultures.”
U.S. in record numbers, despite tensions in U.S.-China months, U.S. officials have warned that Chinese intelligence
relations that have hampered exchanges and raised fears of services have abused the visa process and co-opted scholars By Ann Scott Tyson
visa restrictions. Chinese students in U.S. colleges, to try to gain access to sensitive research and intellectual
universities, and professional training reached 369,548 this property. But only a tiny fraction of Chinese student visa The Bradford, Indian Trail 111419
year, an all-time high, according to data on the 2018-19 applicants – .0001% – have been rejected on these grounds, and Tremper Madrigal Singers present
academic year released Monday by the Institute of Secretary Royce said in a July speech.
International Education (IIE) nonprofit in New York. The 45thYe Old Englishe
overall number of Chinese students in the country has more Asked about overall student visa approval rates, a State Christmasse Feaste
than tripled over the past decade. Department official wrote in an email that “We do not
provide specific statistics on denial rates for particular At Tremper High School Banquet Hall
But as the two countries’ relations chill, and the rate of groups of students.” The official reiterated that “national Evening Performances
growth in enrollment continues to steadily slow – from 29.9% security is our top priority when adjudicating visa
in 2009-10 to just 1.7% in 2018-19 – officials and campuses applications.” December 12, 13 & 14, 2019
are giving new attention to recruiting and welcoming foreign
students, who are now a significant source of tuition for cash- President Donald Trump emphasized that Chinese Doors open at 6:00 p.m.
strapped schools. students are an asset during an Oval Office appearance with Feasting begins at 6:50p.m.
China’s Vice Premier Liu He last month. “We have the
“There are pressures in both positive and negative greatest university system in the world, and we’re going to December 15, 2019
directions. When factored together the result has been a keep it that way.And one of the reasons it’s great is we have
softening of demand” for U.S. education among Chinese a lot of students from China,” he said. Special Matinee Performance
students in the past five years, says Brad Farnsworth, vice Doors open at 2:00 p.m.
president of the American Council on Education. Faced with Apart from their academic strengths, Chinese students
slower increases in enrollments, some U.S. schools are accounted for nearly $15 billion of the $45 billion that Feasting begins at 2:50p.m.
struggling, particularly community colleges and regional public international students contributed to the U.S. economy in
universities, says Mr. Farnsworth, whose organization is 2018, according to U.S. Department of Commerce data. Thursday Tickets $34
launching a public survey aimed at building community All Other Tickets $37
support for international students, and thereby strengthening Beyond the classroom
the U.S. position as their top global destination. Online Ticket Sales
Both Chinese and U.S. officials have stressed the
Competition from other English-speaking countries, as well importance of student exchanges to the bilateral Online & Phone Tickets Sales will be available
as from China’s own elite schools, has eroded the U.S lead. relationship. “People-to-people [exchanges] are the core,” after November 13th until an hour prior to
“Chinese universities continue to climb in the rankings. ... says Qian Jin, deputy Chinese consul general in New York. doors opening on the night of the show if
Some are really world class,” says Mr. Farnsworth, who has “We want more exchanges and interactions between the
taught in China. two peoples.We don’t want obstructions.” available.

Political rhetoric casting China as an enemy has also hurt One way to promote bridge-building, U.S. officials say, is to Call 1-262-854-0322
student exchanges, Mr. Farnsworth believes, although he encourage Chinese students here to break out of the social
notes the slower growth began before the Trump and information “bubble” created when they primarily
administration. Beijing, for its part, this summer warned interact with other Chinese students and mainland media. Food by Sophisticatering
Chinese youths of the risks of studying and living in the U.S.
At the University of Washington, which has more than Pick up the Newest Issue Today!
But with continued economic growth, China’s rising middle 4,000 students from China enrolled on a campus of 54,000,
class can still afford the costly U.S. tuition, and many parents a few students suggested the tensions in U.S.-China relations #Downtown Kenosha Magazine
want their children to develop critical thinking skills that they
view as lacking under China’s traditional system. Li Yiyang, a MAGAZINE Online at
graduate student in statistics from Sichuan Province, says her
family pushed her to study in the U.S. “My parents were
educated in China and didn’t feel it’s an energetic &
environment” for learning, she says.
Want to advertise in the 120519
Ms. Fan, who graduated from China’s prestigious Tsinghua greatest publication of
University, said she was drawn to study in the U.S. in part All-time?! Next issue
because of the real-world opportunities.At Tsinghua, she says
“all the students and teachers respect academics more than is out Feb. 3rd 2020
industry experience. But here students find internships at an Contact “Downtown Donny”
early stage and are thinking of entrepreneurial careers.”
Broadening appeal [email protected]

Chinese students remain by far the largest contingent of
the more than 1 million international students in the U.S. for
the 2018-19 academic year – totaling more than those from
the next six countries combined.

FOR ADVERTISING RATES CALL 262-564-8800 SMART READER December 5, 2019 5

Rethinking farms and food in the AI age

As robots and other today’s food consumers relate to farming by big data? A robot delivers burgers in Hamburg, Germany
inventions take over
agriculture, society must There’s reason not to despair. Technological innovation in consequences. Even with the introduction of bigger, more
rethink its relationship to agriculture solves numerous problems. AI farming promises central farming methods, some farmers are moving in the
those who nourish it. fewer greenhouse gas emissions and higher efficiency – other direction. A recent Monitor article documented the
leading to more, healthier crops. Even though it will likely rise in silvopasture, an age-old farming method that manages
Tomorrow’s farmlands will look very similar to those of displace workers, there is already a notable skills gap in the grazing, livestock farming, and tree cultivation, which is ranked
today.Tomorrow’s farmers, though, will look quite different. agricultural equipment industry. Further development may as the world’s ninth most impactful climate change solution. It
open up more jobs and ease the load on overburdened represents movement toward the local, to more responsible,
Artificial intelligence is already reshaping agriculture with farmers.Thus, when a team of engineers launched what they personal relationships with the land on which farmers rely. It
innovations like driverless tractors, robotic seed-planters, and said was the world’s first autonomous tractor in Britain two also signals that, while the agricultural industry as a whole
drone crop sprayers. Such inventions are driving a years ago, many farmers applauded. may become more corporate, what will remain are farmers
competition to develop the first farm with equipment that is who still tend the earth and reap its fruits in return.
fully autonomous, perhaps within five years. In general, misuse of data by big data firms has given the
public cause to question large corporations.Agriculture is no By Anna Mulrine Grobe
This shift toward automation could easily cause worry exception.Yet the shift toward high-tech farming comes at a
among those skeptical of technologies with little human time of higher public awareness. Regulation may not yet be Five Near-Term
touch and especially among those whose jobs get plowed robust, but it’s catching up. Those officials responsible for Predictions on
under. AI, in fact, could radically change the current model of oversight – in the U.S. and abroad – must require a careful, Small Farm
farm ownership. Farmers may, for example, lease their responsible approach from tech companies. AI farming is no Robots
equipment because of the high cost of new machines. longer the Wild West of change, but it’s not the city quite yet.
Manufacturers, meanwhile, will want to track the data of their Here are some predictions of what we will see in farm
equipment to both refine their inventions and keep farmers Past disruption in other industries provides examples for robots in the next 5–10 years.
as dependent customers.This raises a question: If data-driven how to manage this change. Government, consumers, and
companies take over much of the actual agricultural work, corporations can ask what kind of agricultural world they 1 Small farm robots will steal increasing market share from
will traditional farmers be a thing of the past? And how will want to live in, even before there is a clear view of tech’s traditional farm machine makers like John Deere and
Caterpillar. Small farm robots will also blow open wide a
Good Food and a Great Cause! whole new market for farms that didn’t exist or could never
Charlie has partnered with the have made use of a large tractor or combine. Naiotech’s
Kenosha Shrine Club to benefit ® - Chicago smallest model, the Little Oz is available for as little as $300
Shriners Hospitals for Children® - per month, with rent to own financing. It’s being promoted
Chicago! Now when you dine at especially to ag colleges and farm vocation schools in Europe
Charlie’s Shriner Diner, half of the for classes to buy, use, and give feedback on.
profits go to the Chicago Hospital
where children are provided life- 2 Helping farms collect data and make sense of it will be an
changing care regardless of increasing role of small farm robots.These will not just be dull
family’s ability beasts of burden. They will remind the farmer when to shut
to pay. off irrigation pumps, sound the alarm on early disease signs
and collect phytochemical information to tell the farmer
Now Under New when to fertilize or harvest.
3 A farm bot for every garden.With multi-colored Ball Jars
New GM Eric Colmer invites and an expanded veggie patch at the White House, edible
you to stop in and enjoy one landscaping is already trending. Add small farm robots to the
of his signature sandwiches mix and watch out world! And the avid home gardener is a
delivered by one of our trains. strong growing market, in urban, suburban and rural areas
Tasty Appetizers Including Breakfast
• Deep Fried WI Cheese Curds 4 A human-scale vertical farm unit is sorta like a farm
• Chicken Wings with a Kick machine that you can walk into. Advances in relatively small
scale indoor agriculture, a la Local Roots Farms and Freight
Traditional Italian Beef Coming Soon! 5414-13th Ave. Kenosha Farms, are not so different in function than a small farm robot.
They are not mobile. But they can provide a huge machine-
(One of Kenosha’s Best) learning boost to an individual, small scale food grower.

Signature Philly Cheesesteaks 262-220-3634 5 These machines will move beyond farms to help with
ecological restoration, preserve enforcement and
• Regular • Bacon & Cheddar • Mushroom & Swiss Located in the historic Metra Station conservation stewardship. Machine tricking that it’s cow.They
might even be important parts of the collective consciousness
Great Burgers including Sun-Thurs 11am-3pm • Fri & Sat 11am-7pm of a rural community, with one robot alerting whole groups
of ranchers, farmers or fishers, when a crop is coming into
season or pests are on the way.

By Brian Hallweil

• Bacon Cheddar

• Mushroom & Swiss

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e Jeff Schmidt,
Financial Advisor at

. Edward Jones

6040 39th Ave Suite 5 Kenosha
n 262-652-3819 Jeff Schmidt

e Brings you


moneys matters

.Jill on Money The low level of savings, combined with increasing life
expectancies, explains why many older Americans are staying
rs.eWnhoyuwghe aren't contributing in their jobs longer.
toward retirement
According to AARP, "Americans 55 and older make up
e U.S. stock indexes continue to hit new all-time high levels, slightly less than a quarter of the nation's labor force, but they
.though not with the usual hoopla. Perhaps politics is filled almost half (49 percent) of the 2.9 million jobs gained in
yeovviedresnhcaedothwaitngalmmoasrtkehtalf performance, but there is also 2018 - the biggest share of any age group."
the country doesn't care. Just 52
Working longer is one of the ways many people are helping
percent of Americans actually own stocks or stock mutual to fund retirement.

funds either inside or outside of a retirement account. And The end of the year is a great time
to think about money
that half doesn't tell the whole story.
It's the most wonderful time of the year - time to make
A research 2017 paper by New York University professor money-saving and headache-preventing moves before we roll and escape taxes on the accumulated gains.You can also sell
Edward N.Wolff found that "despite the fact that almost half into 2020. investments with losses to offset gains during the year. If you
of all households owned stock shares either directly or have more losses than gains, you can deduct up to $3,000
indirectly through mutual funds, trusts, or various pension 1. Think about April now: Use the IRS's withholding against ordinary income; and if you have more than $3,000,
accounts, the richest 10 percent of households controlled 84 estimator to see if you have enough money set aside to pay you can carry over that amount to future years.
percent of the total value of these stocks in 2016." your tax bill in April. If you need to increase your withholding,
contact your payroll department immediately. If you are self- 5.Take required minimum distributions:You must withdraw
I thought about these stats after the IRS announced its employed and no organization is withholding taxes, you money from retirement accounts after you turn 70 1/2, unless
annual inflation adjustments to retirement plan contributions should be making quarterly tax estimates to avoid the you are still working. Failure to do so results in a 50% penalty
for tax year 2020. If you participate in a 401(k), 403(b), most dreaded April surprise. If you have not done so, now is the on the amount you should have taken. If you have multiple
457 plans and the federal government's Thrift Savings Plan, time to figure out what is due so you can address it. IRAs, you only need to take one RMD based on your age and
you will be able to contribute a maximum of $19,500 next the total value of the accounts. If you have a 401(k) or 403(b),
year, up $500 from 2019. 2. Determine whether you can itemize: Although 90% of you need to take the RMD from each account individually.
taxpayers claim the standard deduction, it's worth checking
The catch-up contribution for employees ages 50 and over to see if that will be the case for 2019. If you purchased a 6. Take advantage of the gift tax exclusion:You can give up
in these plans will increase from $6,000 to $6,500. (Note: the house in an area with high local taxes, have assumed a to $15,000 ($30,000 for married) to as many people as you
limit on annual contributions to traditional and Roth IRAs is mortgage or were especially charitable this year, you may wish in 2019, free of gift or estate tax. If you are making gifts
unchanged at $6,000, as is the catch-up contribution for benefit from itemizing. Given the higher standard deduction into 529 education accounts and your state offers a tax
those over 50, which stays at $1,000.) threshold, consider "bundling" or "bunching" charitable gifts, benefit, your 2019 deadline is Dec 31.
whereby you give larger, lump-sum gifts. Doing so may allow
For many Americans, these limits are irrelevant because you to itemize and capture the tax benefit associated with 7. Consider a Roth conversion: If your income was lower in
they are not even close to maximizing their contributions. It's giving. 2019, if you believe that tax rates are likely to rise in the
not due to some moral flaw. According to a recent paper future, or you want to limit the impact of RMDs in the future
from the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, 3. Slash your tax bill with Uncle Sam's help:The best way to because it could negatively impact future taxation of Social
for workers to accumulate substantial retirement savings, reduce your tax liability is to maximize your retirement plan Security benefits or increase Medicare costs, consider
they must contribute regularly to their plans, keep their contributions. If your cash flow allows, try to increase your converting a traditional IRA into a Roth IRA. Check out IRS
money in the accounts and they also need to maximize after- contributions before the end of the year. If you are self- tax brackets, because the amount you convert will add to
fee returns. employed or have made extra money from a gig, consider your taxable income. Once you pay the tax due, the
establishing your own retirement plan. Most plans, with the converted money will grow tax-free in a Roth.
That's a tall order, according to the authors, who say the exception of a SEP-IRA, must be established (though not
reason that most workers have 401(k)/IRA balances at funded) by Dec. 31. By Jill Schlesinger
retirement that are "substantially below their potential" is
due to aspects of the U.S. retirement system that make it 4. Rebalance thoughtfully: If you itemize and have a taxable Jill Schlesinger, CFP, is the Emmy-nominated CBS
difficult to achieve these goals. investment account, you need to spend time on your News Business Analyst. She welcomes comments
rebalancing. Start by identifying highly appreciated securities and questions at [email protected]. Check
The two biggest factors that contribute to the low level of that you can gift to qualified charities, which allows you to
retirement savings are "the immaturity of the system" and write off the current market value (not just what you paid) her website at
"the lack of universal coverage." The paper notes that the
shift from employer-funded pensions to employee funded This Week’s Headliner
retirement accounts occurred in the 1980s, which means KEN SEVERA
"many of today's 60-year-olds did not participate in a 401(k)
plan when they were young workers." Dec. 6th at 8pm

Additionally, many workers today still do not participate in Dec. 7th at 7 & 9pm Next Week’s Headliner T.B.D. Featuring Professional Touring Comedians
plans, either because the employer does not offer one or
because they are not eligible to participate. Severa's comedy goes for the juglar, cutting Dec. 13th at 8pm Every Friday at 8pm and Saturday at 7 & 9pm.
through the hype and telling the truth about
Of those who do participate, some retirement balances living and working in America today. In addi- Dec.14th at 7 & 9pm Each show features at least 3 comedians
shrink over time due to "leakages," which include the ability tion to hosting his own radio and television Only $12!
to cash out when changing jobs, in-service withdrawals talk shows, Ken has also been heard on over Upcoming Headliner
(hardship and tax-free withdrawals beginning at age 59 1/2), 1000 radio stations across the country and is DR. BILL MILLER
and loans; and those dastardly fees. a frequent guest on the
nationally syndicated "Bob Dec. 20th at 8pm
and Tom Show". Severa
has also shared the stage Dec. 21st at 7 & 9pm
with entertainers such as
The analysis concludes "the typical older worker has less Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Murray, After growing up in Los Angeles and graduating at the SR120519
than $100,000 in 401(k)/IRA assets, instead of the $364,000 George Carlin, Jay Leno UCLA, he started performing at comedy clubs while
he would have had under a system in which workers and Gloria Estefan. in Northwestern University Medical School and has 5125 6th Ave. KENOSHA
participated throughout their careers, paid zero fees on headlined clubs throughout the country since the
account balances, and did not withdraw money prematurely 1980, with a 15-year hiatus to
from their accounts. The discrepancy is somewhat less if raise kids. Now hes back with a
individuals under 30 and those with defined benefit plans are vengeance. Dr. Bill has been on
excluded from the analysis, but it is still significant." many television shows including
Showtime Comedy Club
Network, and continues to work
clubs and corporate events and

For advance tickets visit, call 800-838-3006 or stop in at 1420 63rd St. Kenosha between 9am-5pm M-F 101719

To be assured a good seat, purchase tickets early. However, limited tickets will also be available at the door the night of the show.

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my turn foreign policy authority and credibility? Regarding Ukraine, resignation. Should the Supreme Court decide 5-4 or even
three ambassadors, a Cabinet secretary and this wild card 6-3 along partisan lines to forbid disclosure of the
Donald Trump's lawyer formed a toxic mix that would lead to disaster. president's income taxes, that will incite a nuclear political
impeachment: backlash and the end of the notion of an independent
21st century Who was in charge of Ukrainian policy? No one. judiciary.
firing on Fort Gordon Sondland, U.S. ambassador to the European
Sumter? Union, a post bought with a million-dollar contribution to That America now has two failed political parties -- the
the inaugural committee, had no foreign policy experience, Democrats have moved so far left and so anti-Trump as to
Donald Trump cannot stay as Harlan Ullman let alone with Ukraine. Ambassador Kurt Volker, a highly be incredible, and traditional Republicans have been
president. But the House experienced and able former Foreign Service Officer was inhaled by the party of Trump -- is potentially politically
impeachment inquiry is unlikely to the special envoy who should have been in charge. And fatal. Unless a candidate emerges from the wilderness on
provide sufficiently credible evidence acting Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor, who had held both sides to challenge Trump and Democratic
for conviction. And if Trump survives that post before, lacked a mandate. contenders, a very unlikely prospect, the president must be
this process, a good bet, do not favored to win in 2020.
discount his chances for re-election. Engaging Energy Secretary Rick Perry, who likewise is a
How can this be? foreign policy novice, made little sense. Confounding these America has experienced bad times before. The Civil
different lines of communication to Ukraine was the role War, the Depression, the Vietnam War and Watergate all
The Trump base will remain loyal to the president, of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Hired pro bono threatened the foundation of this country.The reasons for
regardless of his conduct and whatever laws or rules he to defend the president from impeachment, Giuliani was each of these earlier debacles were very visible. The
may have broken. His own incompetence and his policies - directed by Trump to strong-arm Volodymyr Zelensky, difference today is that damage being done by this
- from unleashing unlimited debts and deficits to Ukraine's new president, to publicly announce an president is submerged and less visible. One can argue that
disengaging from friends and allies abroad and the inability investigation of Joe and Hunter Biden over the Burisma this warning is exaggerated:The economy may be stronger
to understand, accept or appreciate truth and fact are company. than we think; and the Trump presidency will not have
prima facie reasons for removal for office. Yet, these will lasting negative consequences.
not be ample grounds to terminate his presidency. The Keystone Kops were geniuses by comparison. How
could this organizational scheme work, or better put -- The crisis today is different. In simple terms, it rests on
For objective observers, little doubt exists that Trump how could it not fail? Suppose Trump had innocent this idiosyncratic and erratic president. Trump's
abused his office to threaten withholding aid to Ukraine intentions and genuinely wanted corruption in Ukraine "unconventional" conduct and casual demeaning and
until its president publicly called for investigations on the reduced before U.S. aid was transferred? That was not disregard for the law will create possibly irreversible
Biden family, his political rival.Whether that rises to a high illegal or wrong.Yet the manner in which the White House divisions among a highly polarized society. In these
crime and misdemeanor or not, and whether Trump has executed even this benign interpretation of Trump's aims conditions, impeachment could prove to be a 21st century
obstructed justice by refusing to provide material to should be grounds for relieving the president for equivalent of firing on Fort Sumter, starting the Civil War.
Congress, do not appear to catalyze a large majority of incompetence. The Constitution, however, does not allow Americans should be very worried.
Americans to support the president's removal. Still, other that. Remember, George W. Bush invaded Iraq, for which he
evidence underscores the foreign policy disaster this should have been fired. By Harlan Ullman
administration has wrought. As well as being a recurring guest on Happenings Q&A, Ullman is
Where does that leave the nation? The answer is in UPI’s Arnaud de Borchgrave Distinguished Columnist and a senior
existential limbo.The House will find it difficult to produce adviser at the Atlantic Council. His latest book is “Anatomy of Failure:
evidence as devastating as the Nixon tapes were in forcing
Why America Has Lost Every War It Starts.” Follow him

How can any president oversee and orchestrate a
foreign policy without fully understanding the key issues,
while dismissing coordination and depending on family ties
for advice and an attorney without a security clearance or

Impeachment and
"The Crown"

There is a telling scene in Season 3 President Donald Trump's base will remain loyal, regardless of his conduct and whatever laws or rules he may have broken.
of the Netflix drama “The Crown”
about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II The Queen:Yes. Doing nothing is exactly what we do and do.
that can instruct contemporary bide our time and wait for the people who voted him in to
America about Democrats’ attempt vote him out again if, indeed that is what they decide to If articles of impeachment are passed by the House, it
to impeach President Trump. do.” could take the Senate at least until the beginning of
primary election season in February to hold a trial. The
The episode is titled “Coup.” Mountbatten decides not to proceed. Whether this process might drag on even further should Majority Leader
scene is accurate, or not (and much of the series claims Mitch McConnell decide to do so, and Republicans call
Harold Wilson is prime minister of fidelity to history), it makes a point Americans should take witnesses of their own, including the Bidens.
to heart. President Trump won the 2016 election in spite of
Britain. He has just devalued the Cal Thomas many obstacles, including united media opposition, While impeachment is a constitutional process,
British pound and a bad economy meddling by Russia and corrupt elements in Ukraine, which democracy is a greater one.The phrase “We the people” in
sought to tilt the U.S. election in favor of Hillary Clinton. the Preamble was critical to the Founders. It separated
has provoked street demonstrators to call for his removal America from the notion that the state and its leader,
Unlike 1968 when the economy was bad in Britain, the whether kings, queens, or dictators, and testimony from
from office. U.S. economy now is booming and consumer confidence is unelected bureaucrats is supreme. It says the people
high. The impeachment hearings exposed disagreements possess ultimate power.
A cabal ensues, led by Cecil King, the editor of the over foreign policy, foreign policy the president has a right
otherwise pro-Labour Party newspaper, the Daily Mirror. to make. They revealed a legitimate concern by the That is why it should be up to voters this close to the
The plotters select Lord Mountbatten as the one they wish president that U.S. aid would go down a corruption rabbit next election. Wait for the people who voted Trump in
to replace Wilson. hole, something the Obama administration had been either to re-elect him or vote him out. Impeaching him will
concerned about because it refused to send lethal aid to likely alienate half the country and could damage faith in
Wilson hears about the coup attempt and calls the Ukraine “fearing that it would only escalate the bloodshed our electoral process.
Queen before the plotters can get to her. She then invites and give President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia a pretext for
Mountbatten to Buckingham Palace where she admonishes further incursions.” If Democrats are right in their antipathy toward the
her second cousin after which the following exchange president and if they can sell their version of facts to
takes place: It appears that Trump also wanted the new leadership in voters, they should try to do so. That is the best way to
Ukraine to investigate the activities of former Vice protect both our Constitution and our democracy.
Mountbatten: “Why would you protect a man like President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter in Ukraine, and
Wilson?” whether they had become tainted, something the American Long live the Queen!
media and President Obama’s Justice Department failed to
The Queen: “I am protecting the prime minister. I am This year marks Cal Thomas’ 35th year as a syndicated columnist.
protecting the Constitution. I am protecting democracy.” Readers may email Cal Thomas at [email protected].

Mountbatten: “But if the man at the heart of that
democracy threatens to destroy it, are we supposed to just
stand by and do nothing?”

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December 5, 2019 health
Kenosha County Aging & Disability Resource Center community


An Obvious Sign of Scams: Happy Holidays
Payment in Gift Cards from the
Recently, a resident of with an Association
Wisconsin received a emergency and
threatening call from needs money right If you have a caregiver or a person with Alzheimer’s on
someone saying he was from now. your gift-giving list, we’ve got some suggestions to make
the Social Security your shopping a bit easier.
Administration. The resident • Callers
was told there was a warrant pretend to be Gifts for people with Alzheimer’s
out for her arrest, and that from a utility In the early stages:
she needed to cooperate or company, telling
she would be arrested. He you to pay your • Magnetic reminder refrigerator pads
told her exactly how many bill by gift card or
minutes away the local Dollar they’ll cut off your • Baskets or trays that can be labeled within cabinets or
General store was from her power or water. drawers
house, which is where he told
her to buy $200 worth of eBay gift cards. The caller then • Sellers on • A small pocket-sized diary or notebook
instructed her to give him the redemption codes on the online auction sites who ask for gift cards will ask to “buy”
gift cards.The resident was obviously scared, and complied. big items like cars, motorcycles, boats, RVs, tractors and • Erasable while boards for key rooms in the house
After she met this first demand, the caller told her she electronics.
needed to get another $500 worth of gift cards to get out • A memorable calendar featuring family photos (write
of trouble. Luckily, on her drive back to the store, she • Someone may pose as a servicemember to get your special family occasions on calendar)
realized this may be a scam and went to the sheriff’s office sympathy, saying he has to sell something quickly before
instead. deployment and needs you to pay by gift card. • Clock with the date and time

Gift cards have become a popular way for scammers to • Callers will say you’ve won a so-called prize for a • Favorite musical CDs or DVDs
steal money because they are nearly as untraceable as cash sweepstakes you probably never entered – but first you
and are much more transferable. In previous scams, have to use a gift card to pay fees or other charges. In the middle-to-late stages:
imposters would ask you to wire money to them but,
increasingly, they tell you to go put money on a gift card. • A caller may buy something from you, probably online, • Sensory stimulation gifts (scented lotions, soft blanket
and will send a check for more than the purchase price. or afghan)
How the scams work The caller will then ask you to give them the difference on
a gift card, and the check will bounce. • Comfortable clothing (sweat suits, shoes with Velcro)
The caller will often tell you to go buy a popular gift card
from iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, or in the case above, What all of these callers have in common is an urgent • Favorite musical CDs
eBay.The caller will tell you to get the card at a particular need for you to send money right away. The most
store near you such as Walmart,Target,Walgreens, CVS, or important takeaway? Gift cards are not used — and cannot • Framed photographs or a photo collage
a dollar store.They may even have you buy several cards at be used — to pay bail, taxes or court fines. Gift cards are
several stores. Sometimes, the caller will stay on the phone just that – gifts. • MedicAlert + Safe Return bracelet
with you while you go to the store. Once you buy the card,
the caller will demand the gift card number and PIN on the Gifts for caregivers
back of the card.Those numbers let the caller immediately
get the money loaded onto the card. Once the caller has • The gift of time
those numbers, the money is gone, and usually without a
trace. • Gift cards/certificates

Examples of the types of callers • Books

• Someone may claim to be from the Social Security What if you paid a scammer with a gift card?
Administration, telling you that you owe money and if you
fail to pay you risk losing your monthly benefit check. If you paid a scammer with a gift card, tell the company
that issued the card right away. When you contact the
• A caller may pretend to be from law enforcement, a company, tell them the gift card was used in a scam. Ask
court, or an attorney’s office, threatening arrest, court them if they can refund your money. If you act quickly
appearance, or bailing a family member out of jail. enough, the company might be able to get your money
back.Also, tell the store where you bought the gift card as
• Someone might call you and claim to be from the IRS, soon as possible. In the case above, the EBS helped the
collecting back taxes or fines. client notify the Dollar General store, which agreed to
educate employees about these scams.You can also do the
• The callers might say they’re from tech support, asking following:
for money to fix your computer. They may try to tell you
that they’ve detected a virus on your computer that they • Tell the Federal Trade Commission about any type of
will help you remove. scam or fraud you detect at, or call toll-
free: 1-877-FTC-HELP.
• Someone might even say he or she is a family member
• Report it to your state Attorney General (for a list of
state offices, visit

From FTC:


From AARP:

By the GWAAR Legal Services Team (for reprint)

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Senior Dining

Dining Menu SALAD BAR MENU Training and Support: Volunteers The Sharing Center
participate in program orientation and are 25700 Wilmot Road (Hwy. C)
December 9 - 20 Offered every Thursday, 11 a.m. - 12:30 strongly encouraged to attend program Call Julie at 1-262-948-9890
p.m. at Westosha Community Center, meetings/trainings (6 meetings a year). Serves 11:30, M, W, F
Mon., Dec. 9: roast beef with gravy, Bristol, Lakeside Towers, Parkside
mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts, Baptist Church, Kenosha For more information about this Rainbow Lake Manor
bread, chilled pears, ranger cookie program/volunteer opportunity please 19900 128th Street, Bristol
Thu., Dec. 12: egg salad on wheat contact KAFASI at 262-658-3508 x118 Call Diana at 262-658-0237
Tue., Dec. 10: meatball sandwich OR French roll, tomato Florentine soup, Serves 12:00 Fridays
sliced turkey rollup with spinach and tossed salad, boiled eggs, variety Dining Site Locations
cheddar on tortilla, lettuce and tomato, toppings, cottage cheese, mandarin REGULAR SENIOR DINING
bean soup, banana, melon oranges, pea salad, milk EASTERN KENOSHA COUNTY SITES/DAYS

Wed., Dec. 11: spaghetti and Thu., Dec. 19: broccoli quiche, dinner Kenosha Senior Center *  Meals include soup or salad, dessert
meatballs, broccoli, garlic bread, roll, vegetable gumbo, tossed salad, 2717 67th Street and beverage
peaches, cream of cauliflower boiled eggs, variety toppings, cottage Call Deb at 262-658-9311 *  Meals are offered for a suggested
cheese, orange smiles, fruit yogurt, milk Serves 11:45, M-F donation of $3.
Thu., Dec. 12: chicken in country *  Open to anyone age 60+ and a
chicken gravy, stuffing, mashed sweet VILLAGE PUB RESTAURANT Lakeside Towers spouse regardless of age.
potatoes, northern bean and tomato 5800 3rd Avenue *  Reservations must be made by 10:30
medley, cranberry applesauce, pea Offered every Wednesday and Friday, Call O.B at 262-654-0103 a.m. at least 24 hours, one business
salad 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Choose between Serves 11:30, M-W; F day in advance. Monday cancellations
the breakfast or lunch senior special *Salad Bar Thursdays, 11:00 - 12:30 must be called in the Friday before.
Fri., Dec. 13: cheese ravioli Alfredo,
zucchini with red peppers and onions, Wed., Dec. 11: BREAKFAST: Parkside Baptist Church SALAD BAR DAYS*
vegetable, roll, cookie, fruit cup pancakes, bacon, fruit cup, orange 2620 14th Place Locations indicated have a separate
juice LUNCH: open face beef Call Sean at 262-552-7737 menu for salad bar days, consisting of
Mon., Dec. 16: baked meatloaf, sandwich, mashed potato with gravy, Serves 11:45, M-W; F a variety of salad toppings, premade
cauliflower mashed potatoes, stewed green beans *Salad Bar Thursdays, 11:-00 - 12:30 salads, fruit, sandwich and soup. No
tomatoes, roll, pineapple tid-bits, cream reservations needed for salad bar days
of mushroom soup Fri., Dec. 13: BREAKFAST: ham & Boys & Girls Club and guests are welcome to arrive
cheese omelet. hash brown, fruit cup, 1330 52nd Street anytime between the designated time
Tue., Dec. 17: fish sandwich on roll wheat toast LUNCH: baked cod, potato Call Diana at 262-658-0237 frame.
OR caprese pasta salad with grilled pancakes, coleslaw, rye bread with Serves 12:00 Wednesdays
chicken, lettuce and tomato, split pea butter RESTAURANT SENIOR SPECIALS
soup, chef’s choice fruit, carrot raisin WESTERN KENOSHA COUNTY
salad Wed., Dec. 18: BREAKFAST: country Village Pub of Silver Lake
omelet (potato, sausage, onion, Westosha Community Center 307 N Cogswell Drive, Silver Lake
Wed., Dec. 18: BBQ chicken thigh, cheese), fruit cup, orange juice, wheat 19200 93rd Street-Bristol Call Diana at 262-358-5779
oven fries, green beans and onions, toast LUNCH: prime rib with provolone, Call Ken at 262-358-5554 Serves W, F 11:30 - 1:30
bread, fruit Jello, soup du jour French fries, fruit cup Serves 12:00, M-W; F
*Salad Bar Thursdays, 11:00 - 12:30 No reservations needed, arrive anytime
Fri., Dec. 20: BREAKFAST: apple between designated timeframe.
cinnamon French toast, sausage patty, New Life Bible Suggested donation of $4.00. Choose
fruit cup LUNCH: lightly breaded 112 W. Main Street. Twin Lakes from a few menu options. Guests under
pollock, French fries, coleslaw, rye Call Diana at 262-358-5779 60 may order from regular restaurant
bread, butter Serves 12:00, M, Tu, Th menu.

dear doug A little assistance can go a long way to help your mom and is diabetic.
remain independent.
Independent What should I watch out for at home?
Living The loss of a spouse or partner acts as an aging
catalyst for many seniors. After a while, they stop caring A: With a stroke, the best thing you can do is catch it
Q: My mother seems like she's losing for themselves, triggering a rapid decline and loss of early. If you arrive to the hospital early enough (generally
it. She's been alone since my dad died higher functioning. within three hours of onset), doctors can administer
two years ago and hasn't been thriving Doug Mayberry medication to break the blood clot causing the stroke.
since. She's losing things like her wallet Create a support network to help your mom avoid
and keys almost every day. Last week, she had her falling through the cracks. The more people in her orbit, Remember the acronym FAST: face drooping, arm
water shut off because she lost her bill statement and the less likely she is to be neglected in a time of need. weakness, speech difficulty and time.
forgot to take care of it.
Does she have any friends or friendly neighbors who If your husband is stumbling or struggling to speak or
I was able to go over and help take care of it, but the see her more regularly? If they're willing to keep you in understand, ask him to smile and lift both his arms. Look
problem seemed like a wake-up call. Dealing with the the loop, they can share important info and may have a for imbalance; asymmetric strength is a hallmark of
immediate problem doesn't fulfill her ongoing needs. better perspective on her day-to-day functioning. — strokes.
I have two other siblings, but I'm closest and I still live Severe, inexplicable headaches can also be a warning
30 to 40 minutes away. I know I can't be there for her all Stroke signs sign. Pay special attention around wake-up time and early
the time. evening. Scientists have found that strokes are most likely
Q: One of my oldest friends just had a stroke and isn't to happen between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. or between 6 p.m. and
doing well. She lives alone and didn't have anyone to catch 8 p.m.
the warning signs. As a result, the stroke ended up being
much worse than it could have been. My husband is at risk It's better to be safe than sorry. If you suspect he's having
for a stroke of his own because he has high blood pressure a stroke, get medical attention. — Emma, Doug's

Contact Doug Mayberry at deardoug

Even though she's clearly having problems, I'm
worried that I'm overreacting. She's always been very
independent, and I don't want to force her into premature
change. How old is too old to be left alone?

A: It depends on the individual. Look for warning
signs, rather than choosing a certain age.

Aging is a very individual process, so there's no
standard age for seniors to need daily help and
supervision. Some people experience a quick decline in
their 70s, while others remain independent well into their

The most important markers to watch out for relate to
your mom's health. Does she eat enough food and keep
hydrated? Is her home hygienic? Has she had a bad
fall? Aside from health, the other issues are less
concerning. Look for practical solutions, like bill autopay.

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social security Reducing Holiday
and you Stress

Women Who Say It’s time for the holidays once again -- decorating,
They Are Not shopping, parties, family gatherings, presents, greeting
Getting Enough cards… and the list goes on and on. While many people
From look forward to the hustle and bustle of the season,
Social others see the holidays as a time of stress, chaos and
Security sadness.
Just out of curiosity, I wanted to
People who have experienced changes due to
find out what the most common Alzheimer’s, stroke or other medical conditions may feel a
great deal of loss during the holidays. Those who are
questions readers have been asking caring for these loved ones may feel overwhelmed by
trying to keep up holiday traditions while continuing to
lately were. I was pretty sure I provide care. They may also be uncertain about gathering
with friends and family for fear the changes in physical
knew, and a quick check of my Tom Margenau health, behavior and personality may make others
emails from the past month verified uncomfortable.

what I thought. By far, the most questions came from If you are experiencing anxiety over the upcoming
holiday season it is important to realize that these feelings
women who think they should be getting higher benefits are normal, and you are not alone. There are ways to
reduce stress during the holiday season. Please take a
on a husband's account. Here are some examples. moment to contemplate what you can do to better
manage your life during this busy season.
Q: I am 86. I took my Social Security at age 62. I get $1,400 level. And both benefits kept growing over the
$1,230 per month. My husband is 95. He waited until he years. You said you are getting $1,900 now. I'm guessing • Adjust your expectations. You can’t and don’t have to
was 70 to start his Social Security. He gets $3,020. I know about $1,200 of that is your own retirement money and do everything you’ve done in the past. Talk with your
a wife gets half of her husband's benefits. Half of his is the remainder is your widows benefit. loved ones and choose a few traditions to carry out.
$1,510. So, by my calculations, I should be getting $280 in
spousal benefits to take me up to that $1,510 level. We And here is a recent email in a similar vein.This is from • Ask for help. Involve other family members or friends
went to our Social Security office, and they told us he has a widow who understands how the combined payments in your holiday preparations. Not only does this reduce
to be dead before I can get any of this Social Security.You work, but she's still upset. your stress, but it provides you and your loved one with
said in your columns that a wife gets half. So how do I let socialization. Write down tasks that need completing so
the Social Security people know they are wrong? Q: I am 68. Before my 71-year-old husband died recently, you can be specific when people offer to help.
I was getting $2,328 per month, and he was getting $2,649.
A: They are not wrong. And in my column, I've said After he died, I started getting $2,649 in widows benefits. • Prepare family and friends before getting together.
maybe a thousand times over the years that a wife gets half The Social Security people told me this is actually my Update family and friends on how your loved one has
of her husband's Social Security IF she waits until her full $2,328 check and $321 on his record. But come on! Get changed and what they can expect during their visit. Offer
retirement age to claim benefits. You didn't do that. You real! This is all just bookkeeping malarkey. In other words, suggestions on how best to communicate.
took reduced retirement benefits at 62 and a similar if I never worked a day in my life, I still would be getting
reduction carries over to any wife's benefits you might be that $2,649 widows check. So I'm really not getting my own • Offer suggestions about gifts. Give friends and family
due on your husband's account. At 62, the spousal rate is Social Security. I'm just getting a widows check. And my ideas of useful gifts they can give such as music cd’s, photo
about 35%. money is gone! I think if the system really was fair, I should albums, comfortable clothing, videos or audio books.
get both my own $2,328 retirement check and $2,649 in Don’t forget your own wish list, too! Gift certificates for
And it's not 35% of your husband's age-70 rate; it's 35% widows benefits. dining, laundry or cleaning services are some ideas.
of his age-65 rate (65 was his full retirement age). I'm
guessing that rate is about $2,300 per month. And 35% of A: I understand where you are coming from. But let me • Keep the needs of your loved one in mind. For those
that is about $805. Your own $1,230 benefit is way more make a couple of points. First of all, whether you believe it with memory loss, remember that distant memory stays
than that. So you aren't due anything on your husband's or not, $2,328 of your current $2649 benefit really is intact the longest and plan activities accordingly, avoiding
account. coming off of your own Social Security account. At least, new games or activities. Many stroke survivors have lost
that's the way it is set up on the Social Security the ability to feed themselves and may find it
You aren't due anything now. But when he dies, you will Administration books. It's not "malarkey." It's really uncomfortable to eat in front of guests. An afternoon of
get widows benefits.A widow over full retirement age gets happening. looking at old slides or photos and reminiscing might be
100% of whatever the husband was getting at the time of more appropriate than sharing a meal. Schedule
death, including any extra benefits he got for waiting until Still, I know this doesn't appease you because the bottom gatherings during the day rather than in the evening since
age 70 to start his Social Security. So, when your husband line is that you are still getting a total benefit of $2,649 symptoms often are worse in the evening.
dies, you will keep getting your $1,230 retirement check, (your husband's rate), and it just feels like a widows benefit
and you will get an extra $1,790 to take your total benefits to you. • Be good to yourself. Make it a priority to care for
up to his current $3,020 rate. yourself. Getting away with friends for lunch, a movie or
Secondly, I must address your idea that you should be a concert might be just what you need. Or perhaps some
Readers should note the ages of the people who sent me getting both benefits — your own full retirement check time by yourself to read, write in a journal or enjoy a
this first question. I am constantly amazed by the number and a full widows benefit — at the same time. At first bubble bath is how you recharge. Determine what
of emails I get from very old readers, people who have glance, this maybe seems fair, and a lot of people might rejuvenates you and take the time to do it.
been getting benefits for decades, who still question the agree with you. But think of it this way: If you can get two
amount of benefits they are getting. I often wonder: Have full benefits, then any married person should be able to get Don’t let the hustle and bustle of the holidays add
they been stewing over this perceived injustice for all these two benefits. For example, if Warren Buffett's wife died, anxiety to your life! Find ways to simplify and enjoy a
years? Or did something they read just recently prompt should he get his own Social Security check and a stress-free holiday season filled with love, joy and good
them to write to me? Well, this next question shows there widowers check on his wife's account? Or, take my memories!
are some people in the first category. neighbor. He's a retired executive with a fairly substantial
Social Security check. If his wife dies, should he be able to By Jane Mahoney.
Q: I am 82 years old. I've been upset about this for get a widowers benefit on top of his already maximum Older Americans Act Consultant,
almost 20 years now. I took my own Social Security at 62. retirement check?
I was getting about $800 per month. Then, when I turned GWAAR
65, they switched me to widows benefits on my deceased I could get into a long discussion about the financial
husband's record. I started getting about $1,400. (Of dependency clause that is the root of eligibility for spousal SMART READER December 5, 2019 11
course, over the years, that has grown as the cost of living benefits from Social Security. But I hope you see my point.
increases. I now get about $1,900.) But here is what has If the system had been paying all of these extra spousal
always bothered me. What happened to my own benefits? benefits over the years — essentially double benefits to
I worked hard all my life. And, poof! That money just went everyone — it would have gone belly up a long time ago.
away when they switched me to a widows check!
If you have a Social Security question,
A: Well, I hope this makes you feel a little better. Your Tom Margenau has the answer. Contact him at
own benefits didn't go "poof!" What actually happened
back when you turned 65 is that they kept paying you your [email protected].
own $800 benefit, and they started giving you an extra
$600 in widows benefits to take you up to your husband's


Eat Well DID YOU KNOW? Air pollution may
speed memory
Nutrient Rich Desserts For baked goods, you can use half the butter, oil, or decline in older
shortening and replace the other half with applesauce adults
As we are approaching the holiday season, the challenge without changing the taste
to keep our diets balanced and healthy becomes Air pollution may trigger Alzheimer's-like brain changes
increasingly difficult. There has been research that has RECIPE and speed memory decline in older adults, a new study
shown the average person gains approximately 1 pound suggests.
each holiday season.That same research states that people Chunky Cranberry Spread
may not lose this added weight and over the years, the Previous research has implied that exposure to fine
pounds can add up. Holiday meals and desserts are an • 1 8-oz. package low-fat cream cheese particle air pollution increases the risk of Alzheimer's
integral part of our holiday traditions, so how can we make disease and other types of dementia, but it wasn't clear
these dishes healthier? There are various ways to tweak • 1-2 tablespoons low-fat milk how this type of pollution affects the brain and memory.
our recipes to make them nutrient dense, in ways where
the taste remains unchanged! Some examples are using • 1/2 cup chopped dried cranberries "This is the first study to really show, in a statistical
whole wheat flour instead of white flour, egg whites model, that air pollution was associated with changes in
instead of eggs, and skim milk instead of whole milk. You • 1/4 cup chopped blanched almonds or other nut people's brains and that those changes were then
could also add additional ingredients to your current connected with declines in memory performance," said
recipes that would increase the nutrients in your desserts. • 1/2 teaspoon orange zest, preferably fresh researcher Andrew Petkus. He's an assistant professor of
For example, adding pureed beans in place of half the clinical neurology at the University of Southern
shortening in your brownies is a great way to make them 1. Place cream cheese in a medium bowl and allow to California's Keck School of Medicine.
nutrient dense without affecting the flavor. In pie crusts, soften at room temperature. Mash and work with a fork
you can also use ground up graham crackers and a couple until texture is light enough to combine easily with other "Our hope is that by better understanding the
tablespoons of low-fat milk as an alternative to butter, ingredients. (See Alice's tip 4) underlying brain changes caused by air pollution,
which saves you calories and added fats. Therefore, by researchers will be able to develop interventions to help
reviewing your recipes for the holiday season, there are 2. Gradually add just enough milk so cheese becomes people with or at risk for cognitive decline," Petkus
small changes that could be made that will make your soft and easy to spread. explained in a university news release.
favorite dish more diet-friendly! There are also many tasty
dessert recipes out there that are good for you, and taste 3. Mix in remaining ingredients. Cover and refrigerate up The study included nearly 1,000 women, aged 73 to 87,
great as well! Happy Holidays! to 2 days ahead. Flavors will blend and mellow if this recipe who had brain scans five years apart.The researchers also
is made ahead of time and allowed to refrigerate at least a assessed information about where the women lived and
few hours before serving. Spread on slices of a whole-grain environmental data from those locations to estimate the
bread. women's exposure to fine particle pollution.

Nutritional Information: Makes about 1 1/2 cups, or 1 The results showed that women who were exposed to
tablespoon per average slice of bread. Per serving: 36 higher levels of fine particle air pollution had more
Alzheimer's-like changes in brain structure and greater
By Pam VanKampen, RDN, CD memory declines than those with less exposure to such
Greater Wisconsin Area Agency on Aging pollution. But the study only showed an association, and
couldn't prove that air pollution caused brain changes or
memory declines.

Alzheimer's is the sixth leading cause of death in the
United States.There's no cure or treatment.

"This study provides another piece of the Alzheimer's
disease puzzle by identifying some of the brain changes
linking air pollution and memory declines. Each research
study gets us one step closer to solving the Alzheimer's
disease epidemic," Petkus said.

Fine particle air pollution -- which is inhaled easily, and
reaches and accumulates in the brain -- has been linked
with asthma, heart disease, lung disease and premature
death. These tiny air particles come from industrial
production, forest fires or vehicles, according to the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency.

The findings were published Nov. 20 in the journal

Kenosha County
Durable Medical
Equipment &
Supplies Loan Closet
in Need

Kenosha County Aging &

Disability Resource Center

(ADRC) offers a free Loan

Closet for those in need of

Durable Medical

Equipment and supplies.

The loan closet is in need

of adult incontinence pull-up underwear, in small, medium

and large sizes at this time.

Individuals needing durable medical equipment and
supplies for either short-term or long-term use, who are
not enrolled in one of Wisconsin’s long-term care
programs, such as Family Care, IRIS and Partnership may
contact the ADRC to request equipment.

SR120519 If you wish to donate, or are in need of medical
SR032319 equipment, please call the ADRC, 262-605-6646, Monday
– Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., or stop by and visit us at 8600
Sheridan Road, Entrance D.

12 SMART READER December 5, 2019 FOR ADVERTISING RATES CALL 262-564-8800

ask amy wealth. said, "Happy Birthday," and nothing else from anyone. No
seniors edition cards or calls.
Midlife dater ignores I have one daughter, two grandchildren, and nieces,
red flag waving nephews, and grand-nieces/nephews. They are all wonderful The closest lives 500 miles from me, so I rarely see any of
people. them. If I call them and leave a message they rarely respond.
Dear Amy: I casually dated two different men at the same
time: One man is my age (early-50s), and another man is 20 I send cards and gifts to them for birthdays and holidays. But I lie awake at night pondering my estate. I could leave each
years older. I did not commit to either man, nor did I lead everything is "one-way." $500,000, with more to my daughter and grandchildren. Or I
them to believe that we were exclusive. could leave each $100 and give the rest to charities.
For my recent birthday I got a text from my daughter which
When my mom got sick and my workload increased, I told How much is good for them? How much might cause them
each man that I needed to focus on other things, and asked for to become lazy? If I leave them anything, they won't be able to
some space. The younger man respected my request and for say "Thanks" because I won't be here to hear it. -- A Rich
the last several months has sent me an occasional text or Uncle
phone call to say hello, which is fine with me.
Dear Uncle: You should not lie awake pondering how to
The other man was texting me every single day. divide your substantial estate. Instead, you should be sitting in
the office of a competent estate planner, making deliberate
I found it annoying, and rarely responded. Eventually I wrote choices that reflect your values.
him a letter making it very clear that I do not want a romantic
relationship and would like to be friends, but that can only It seems that your family members are already "lazy" (at
happen if he backs off. He continues to send me at least one least when it comes to you). It is a totally legitimate choice for
text every day, which goes unanswered. you to honor, reward, or acknowledge any individual family
members you feel close to with more money, leaving a
My mother is now stable, and I am ready to start dating nominal sum (or nothing at all) to others.
again. The guy who texts every day tells me he loves me and
that he just wants me in his life. He's not a terrible guy; he's My own opinion is that you should carefully pay down your
generally kind and makes a good living. estate during your lifetime, giving to people, causes, and
organizations that will appreciate your largesse, while you are
Is it possible that he is being chivalrous, and this is his way still here to enjoy their gratitude.
of fighting for me? Or is this a red flag hitting me in the face?
-- Midlife Dater Dear Amy: I have ideas for grandparents to give gifts to
kids who already have "too much."
Dear Dater: Here's a basic dating rule of thumb: If you have
to ask if something is a red flag, then it IS a red flag.What's that I have 13 grandkids. We give them experiences: Visits to
I see? It's a "not so terrible" guy hoisting a piece of crimson water parks. rafting trips, sporting events, music concerts,
colored fabric up a flagpole. indoor skydiving, go-cart racing, zip-lining and more. Every one
of us loves this. We call it building memories, and we have
You don't like his behavior. You've told him so and have some great ones. -- Dear Oregon Granddad
asked him to stop.
Dear Granddad: This is not possible for all
Stalkers, boundary-crossers, or obsessed lovelorn or love- grandparents, but I agree that this is ideal.
struck people often believe they are being chivalrous. But
there is nothing chivalrous about disrespecting someone's You can contact Amy Dickinson via email:
stated wishes. True chivalry involves being willing to sacrifice [email protected].
your own wishes and desires for someone else's sake.
This man is of an older generation, and he may not fully Housing
understand how annoying it can be to receive unwanted texts,
but telling a woman that you love her after she has asked you Pay Only 30% of Gross Income for Rent!
to back off is not a Hallmark movie; it's a Lifetime movie.
1 Bedroom, Heat, Appliances
Meanwhile, there's a perfectly nice guy close to your age
who is respecting your wishes. Hmmm. It's your call. Oakview Manor Apartments Ages 62+ Washington Court Apartments Ages 62+

Dear Amy: I am a 66-year-old man -- recently remarried. 4720 Byrd Avenue 55110011WWrrigighhttAAvvennuuee
My wife has three grown daughters, ages 33, 31, and 29 (none
are married). She has a codependent relationship with all Racine, WI 53406 Racine, WI 53406
three daughters.
262-880-4757 262-632-0732
They know how to manipulate her, and she seems to need
to allow it.This has put a tremendous strain on our marriage. Call Reilly-Joseph Company for an application today! SR112119
Less than a year into our marriage, we separated and are close
to divorcing. (414) 271-4116

I feel very alone and cannot accept being neglected while OPPORTUNITY
she caters to her daughters' every need, at the expense of our
marriage. Neither of us seems to want to divorce, but unless SF2019
things change it seems inevitable. We have sought counseling,
where she admits this and vows to change, but never follows
through. I don't want to give up, but continuing this way is no
longer an option for me. Your advice? -- Married but Soon

Dear Soon Single: My understanding of codependency is
that it really boils down to a desire to control. And so while
your wife's daughters manipulate her, her intense engagement
with them is really about her own wish to manipulate and
control them.

Grown-ups need to be allowed to grow up.And your wife's
over-involvement is likely impeding her daughters' growth and
independence, which might be her actual (but unspoken) goal.

If she wanted to be in a robust and healthy marriage with
you, your wife would put the marriage at the center, and
engage with her daughters lovingly, but not exclusively, while
they orbit.

That having been said, if she can't or won't adjust her
behavior, you will either have to accept being a satellite in this
family system, or exit it altogether.

Dear Amy: I just turned 76. I grew up poor. I studied and
worked hard -- and now find myself with over $10 million. I
live simply, and none of my relatives know that I have this

FOR ADVERTISING RATES CALL 262-564-8800 SMART READER December 5, 2019 13

books A bounty of books to spark
adventures for young readers

Starr Rose and illustrated by Alexandra Bye, Albert
Whitman & Company, 32pp.

National Book Awards Some may know the name Nellie Bly, but have you heard
2019 celebrate the of her around-the-world adventure and the parallel
vitality of books journey of another reporter, Elizabeth Bisland? The story
of two daring women is well told in A Race Around the
It's been called the literary World (ages 4-8) by Caroline Starr Rose, illustrated by
equivalent of Oscars Night. Alexandra Bye. In 1889 Bly, a reporter for the New York
World newspaper, defied her editor who believed this was
On Nov. 20, the 70th something only a man should undertake. The two women
National Book Awards were suffered weather delays and communication disruptions,
held in New York at a benefit but both completed the trip. An exciting story to inspire
dinner. I'll get to the winners young adventurers.
in a moment.

But first, what caught my For ages 8-14
attention was the theme of
the evening: the cultural While they usually prefer to choose their own reading
importance of literature, and material, tweens might not mind a nudge in the direction
of telling truth to power. of one of these noteworthy books.
Books were also recognized
as offering respite from daily These fall picture books are perfect for gift-giving, family “Child of the Dream: A Memoir of 1963” by Sharon
distractions. read-alouds, and sharing with a friend. Robinson, Scholastic, 240 pp.

“Trust Exercise” by Susan Choi, won “I agreed to judge this For ages 3-9 The daughter of baseball great Jackie Robinson gives us
this year’s National Book Award for prize for partly selfish Child of the Dream:A Memoir of 1963 (ages 8-14). Sharon
“The Love Letter” written by Anika Aldamuy Robinson shares her vivid memories, including learning
fiction. reasons. I wanted an excuse Denise and illustrated by Lucy Ruth Cummins, about the Birmingham church bombing and hearing Martin
HarperCollins, 40 pp. Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech in Washington.
to shut out the news and to As the young teen navigated the often awkward social
The Love Letter (ages 4-8), written by Anika Aldamuy arena of first dances and best friends, she was always proud
block out the increasingly insane chatter of social media,” Denise and illustrated in lovely muted colors by Lucy Ruth of her father: “[F]or a lot of people, he provided
Cummins, is a joyful celebration of friendship. Hedgehog, inspiration. To do the impossible. To reach for equality.”
said author Danzy Senna, in her remarks before introducing Bunny, and Squirrel, three unlikely chums, each receive a Enhanced by photos and more, Robinson’s appealing
mysterious letter telling them “You are a joy, a light, a memoir is perfect for readers curious about civil rights and
the winner of the prize for fiction. She added: “I had a secret hope.” The power of this simple thought carries about being 13 in this pivotal year in United States history.
these three through their day, feeling cheerful or helpful or
romantic notion that through reading – prolonged, carefree. And, in the end, loved. A perfect picture book to “The Class” by Frances O’Roark Dowell, Atheneum,
be treasured and read many times. 320 pp.
excessive reading – I might return to a younger, pre-
“Fry Bread: A Native American Family Story” Frances O’Roark Dowell’s newest novel,The Class (ages
election self.” written by Kevin Noble Maillard and illustrated by 9-13), is told by 20 sixth-graders as they navigate a new
Juana Martinez-Neal, Roaring Brook Press, 48 pp. school year. Readers will encounter a budding artist, a class
The emcee was actor-director LeVar Burton, who hosted geek, a vegan, and a former goody two-shoes-turned-
the long-running series PBS series “Reading Rainbow.” In his In Fry Bread:A Native American Family Story (ages 3-6), schemer. Adding to the complexities of middle-school
opening, Mr. Burton, who is African American, gave a shout- written by Kevin Noble Maillard and exuberantly angst, there’s a mystery. Who’s swiping – or maybe
out to his mother, the first in her family to go to college, illustrated by Juana Martinez-Neal in acrylic, pencil, and borrowing – the teacher’s treasures? Perhaps the moral of
saying,“For me to be a well-known literary advocate in this graphite, even the endpapers tell a story. Children of all this story is that you really never know what others, not
nation, a place where only a scant few generations ago it sizes and descriptions assemble fry bread ingredients, your best friend or your biggest bully, are struggling with.
would have been illegal for me to read, is no small thing.” shape the dough, drop it in the sizzling skillet, and delight But Dowell isn’t one to preach. She’s too busy making us
He continued,“I believe literature is the birthright of every in the taste. The author’s note reminds us “They are laugh in this funny, thoughtful book that’s perfect for book
single one of us,” and he added that if you can read, “you communions ... because bread is not meant to be cooked clubs, read-alouds, and class discussions.
are free.” He concluded by saying, “It is storytelling that for one.” Like so many dishes and their tales handed down
holds our civilization together.” through generations in many cultures, this simple yet “Crumbled!” by Lisa Harkrader, Yellow Jacket, 224
powerful story reminds us of the importance of shared pp.
This event is hosted each November by the National traditions.
Book Foundation, whose mission includes keeping Lisa Harkrader’s Crumbled! (ages 7-10) is funny, fast-
literature at the forefront of public consciousness and “Rabbit and the Motorbike” written by Kate Hoefler paced, and about dung. Or to be precise, dung farmers in
increasing the legions of book lovers. Oh, and bestowing and illustrated by Sarah Jacoby, Chronicle, 48 pp. the Middle Ages. Young Nobbin Swill’s family has been
the coveted gold sticker on the jacket of the winning cleaning the royal latrines for generations, but he’s faced
books. In Kate Hoefler’s new picture book, Rabbit and the with a dilemma. Should he return the royal seal ring he
Motorbike (ages 4-7), Rabbit and Dog have such a sweet, found, or sell it and escape the family business? Then the
The 2019 winners are: lovely friendship. Rabbit is not brave but his friend is an prince’s assistant directs him to nab the jewelry thief who’s
adventurer who regales Rabbit with stories. But when Dog also kidnapped Hansel and Gretel, and Option 3 lands in
Fiction “Trust Exercise” by Susan Choi dies, his motorcycle sits as a sad reminder until Rabbit the lad’s lap. Grown-ups will chuckle at the clever asides
slowly conquers his fears. Illustrated by Sarah Jacoby with (investigating the theft of a gingerbread shingle, Nobbin
Nonfiction “The Yellow House” by Sarah M. Broom gorgeous watercolor and mixed-media spreads, this sympathizes, “People would eat you out of house and
touching story beautifully handles grief and sadness. A home. Truly.”) and youngsters will love the rollicking
Poetry “Sight Lines” by Arthur Sze tender, breathtaking picture book that you’ll read again and adventure. Happily, the next in this series, Croaked,
again. releases in 2020.
Translated Literature “Baron Wenckheim’s Homecoming”
Translated from Hungarian by Ottilie Mulzet. Written by “A Race Around the World” written by Caroline
László Krasznahorkai

Young People’s Literature “1919: The Year That Changed
America” by Martin W. Sandler

To the winners, and to the finalists, congratulations! And
to all the writers out there who keep working at their craft,
contributing their thoughts and dreams to sustain our
culture, thanks and keep the books coming!

By April Austin

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EST. 1968 • REEST. 2018 Gift Certificates Available
OPEN TUES. - SAT. 4-10PM SUN. 4-8PM BUY $75 In Any Amount You Wish
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14 SMART READER December 5, 2019

The unheralded women of the
Disney Studios

A young woman hurries up to a soundstage building, and sit well with the

a security guard interposes himself. “Sorry, ma’am, this is a men under her Three audiobooks to
keep you company
story meeting,” he tells her. “Restricted entry.” a u t h o r i t y.
This season, curl up by the fire and listen to the these
“I’m a writer here,” she explains, a bit puzzled, “and I’m “There was audiobook picks of the month.
supposed to attend these meetings.” grumbling
among the male The World That We Knew by Alice Hoffman Read by
“Women aren’t admitted to the Judith Light; Simon & Schuster Audio; five hours

story meetings. It’s men only,” the guard The Queens of Animation Actress and narrator
Judith Light has a
tells her, dismissing her by looking away. by Nathalia Holt memorable voice, with a
soothing, moderately deep
“No, no, you’re mistaken. I’m a new timbre and a cadence like no
other. However, she
hire, and I should be in there,” the woman tells him, getting artists about sometimes overdoes it and
one wishes she had pulled
more and more angry and finally putting her foot down. having a woman back a bit, as this story is
dramatic enough without
“I’m going in now.The meeting is starting and I need to be as their leader,” her underscoring it vocally.
This unusual mash-up of
a part of it.” Holt writes. history and folklore gives you a lot to think about in a
Holocaust story. Trying to save her daughter, a Jewish
The young woman was Grace Huntington, one of the “Bristling at any mother creates a golem (a creature formed out of
stars of Nathalia Holt’s new book “The Queens of inanimate matter) to guide her daughter to safety. The
Animation: The Untold Story of the Women Who display of ramifications of that act are not what anyone expects.
Transformed the World of Disney and Made Cinematic Grade: A-
History,” a bolt of pure reading delight that outdoes even femininity, they
Holt’s utterly winning earlier book “Rise of the Rocket I Eat Men Like Air by Alice Berman Read by Elizabeth
Girls.” This new book tells the backstage story of the were especially Evans; Audible Original; 14 hours
women who worked at Disney during its earliest years and
first heights of glory, indeed who themselves pushed it to vexed when This audio-only mystery,
those heights. It concentrates on five such women: Grace which is currently not
Huntington, Bianca Majolie, Retta Scott, Sylvia Holland, and Barbara insisted available in print, is a steamy
especially Mary Blair, and through their stories, invaluably and quite adult look at the
that her group fallout from a particularly
ugly evening in which a
wear hairnets party went off the rails. It is
really less a mystery than an
to prevent a exploration of complicated
and troubled people
single strand of navigating a world of
privilege in which little is
hair or flake of denied.The writing is a little sloppy, but the characters are
intriguing and sometimes quite humorous. The material is
dandruff from falling onto the [animation] cels.” mature and includes violence. Grade: B

researched and assembled here, our author gives readers All of these women faced discrimination and most of The River by Peter Heller Read by Mark Deakins;
Random House Audio; seven hours and 30 minutes
a look at the women who gave shape to so many of their them struggled to have their work recognized or even to
This is an entertaining
childhood memories. receive credit. Ironically, in this book about pioneering thriller set in the deep
woods of Canada when a
Bianca Majolie, who had attended the same high school women, Walt Disney stands out in these pages as a late summer canoe trip goes
as Walt Disney, was working in art direction at J.C. Penney particularly vibrant character, the ultimate true believer in horribly wrong. There is a
when she saw “Steamboat Willie.” She sent Disney a letter, the enchantment of movies. fire driving out the animals, a
deranged man, and a woman
seeking career guidance and assuring him,“I’m five feet tall “Story development at Walt Disney Studios was a in peril. Though not his
strongest novel, anything by
and I don’t bite,” along with a cartoon she had drawn. As competitive sport,” Holt writes, and that sport is still Peter Heller is going to be
entertaining, and this is,
Holt tells the story, “Walt expressed regret that Bianca played today. Take, for instance, the story of Linda though it is also a bit
disjointed and somewhat repetitive. However, he
didn’t bite and then invited her to send him her comic Woolverton, who was working on Disney’s “Beauty and successfully captures the male psyche, so his dialogue and
motivations all seem believable. Narrator Mark Deakins is
strips so he could assist her.” Majolie was eventually the Beast” in the late ’80s. She’d written a scene in which fabulous. He adds subtext and edginess as needed, but
never emotes. Grade: B
offered a six-month apprenticeship in the story Belle is using push pins to mark on a map all the places she
By Rochelle M. O’Gorman
department, even though Disney’s story artists were all wants to explore, but when Woolverton saw the

men. storyboards, the action had been changed by other

Majolie, like dozens of other women who worked for writers: now Belle was decorating a cake in the kitchen.“It
Disney in the 1920s and ’30s, did much of the grunt work was the kind of editorial change that made Linda lean over
behind the greatest Disney films of all time. and literally bang her head on the wooden table before her
in exasperation.”
In a beautifully sculpted narrative of hurtlingly fast pace,
Holt tells the stories of these women and their female The fight goes on, then, but in “The Queens of
colleagues, both in the Ink and Paint department and in the Animation,” Nathalia Holt has told the story of
subsequent new airbrush department, which Disney picked indispensable trailblazers. It’s gripping, galvanizing reading.

Barbara Wirth Baldwin to lead – a circumstance that didn’t By Steve Donoghue



1. A Warning (Anonymous) 1. A Minute to Midnight (Baldacci)
2. Triggered (Trump Jr) 2. The Guardians (Grisham)
3. Me (John) 3. Where the Crawdads Sing (Owens)
4. Sam Houston/Alamo Avengers (Kilmeade) 4. Twisted Twenty-Six (Evanovich)
5. Becoming (Obama) 5. Blue Moon (Child)
6. Talking to Strangers (Gladwell) 6. Tom Clancy:Code of Honor (Cameron)
7. Educated (Westover) 7. The Great Alone (Hannah)
8. Finding Chika (Alborn) 8. The Dutch House (Patchett)
9. The Body (Bryson) 9. The Night Fire (Connelly)
10. With All Due Respect (Haley) 10. The Giver of Stars (Moyes)

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Mayo Clinic past 20 years should continue cervical cancer Sleep deprivation increases

Women older than 65 screening. Other women at high risk who
generally don't need to
continue Pap tests errors in completing tasksshould continue screening past 65 include

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I am way past my those with a compromised immune system If you feel like you can't think straight after "After being interrupted there was a 15
childbearing years and do not have any health and those who were exposed before birth to a sleepless night, new research suggests you percent error rate in the evening and we saw
problems. Do I need to continue getting Pap diethylstilbestrol (DES) - a drug given in the are not imagining things. that the error rate spiked to about 30
smears? At what age is this test no longer U.S. between 1940 and 1971 to prevent percent for the sleep-deprived group the
necessary? pregnancy complications. In addition, women The mental impacts of sleep deprivation following morning," said co-author Michelle
over 65 who are sexually active with multiple are much more serious than previously Stepan, a doctoral candidate at Michigan
ANSWER: Getting regularly scheduled partners should talk with their health care believed, the study found. State. "The rested participants' morning
Pap smears is important for almost all provider about continuing Pap testing. scores were similar to the night before."
women. That said, whether you need to "Our research showed that sleep
continue getting Pap smears, also called Pap deprivation doubles the odds of making The researchers said this study is one of
tests, depends on your age, risk factors for placekeeping errors and triples the number the largest of its kind and the first to assess
cervical cancer and results of past Pap tests. of lapses in attention, which is startling," said how sleep deprivation impacts placekeeping.
study author Kimberly Fenn. She directs the
Pap smears often can catch cervical cancer
in its earliest stages, many times before it has Sleep and Learning Lab at Michigan State "Our findings debunk a common theory
even progressed to being cancer. Therefore,
they are one of the most reliable prevention University. that suggests that attention is the only
steps you can take to protect yourself against
cervical cancer. The researchers describe placekeeping as cognitive function affected by sleep
following several steps to complete a task, deprivation," Stepan said in the release.
During a Pap test, your health care provider
uses a brush to retrieve cell samples from despite interruptions. "Some sleep-deprived people might be
your cervix to look for abnormal changes. Pap
tests also may be combined with an HPV or If you've had a complete hysterectomy, "Sleep-deprived individuals need to able to hold it together under routine tasks,
human papillomavirus test, which looks for which means the uterus and cervix have been exercise caution in absolutely everything like a doctor taking a patient's vitals," she
the presence of high-risk strains of the removed, you don't need a Pap test again that they do, and simply can't trust that they noted. "But our results suggest that
sexually transmitted virus HPV, which is the unless you have had cervical cancer, DES won't make costly errors. Oftentimes -- like completing an activity that requires following
biggest risk factor for cervical cancer. exposure or high-grade abnormal Pap tests when behind the wheel of a car -- these multiple steps, such as a doctor completing a
over the past 20 years. Most women don't errors can have tragic consequences," Fenn medical procedure, is much riskier under
Women should start getting Pap smears need a Pap test after a hysterectomy, said in a university news release. conditions of sleep deprivation."
when they turn 21unless they are infected especially if the hysterectomy was for a
with HIV or if their immune system is noncancerous (benign) condition, such as In the study, 77 people stayed awake all There are some tasks people can do on
compromised.Women 21 to 29 with previous night and 61 slept at home. Their ability to auto-pilot that may not be affected by a lack
normal Pap smear results should have the test do two types of mental tasks were assessed of sleep, but "sleep deprivation causes
every three years. For women 30 and older, a in the evening and again the next morning. widespread deficits across all facets of life,"
Pap smear may be performed every three Fenn said. The study was published Nov. 20
years as well; however, sometimes the Pap One test assessed their reaction time to a online in the Journal of Experimental
smear is recommended every five years if the stimulus and the other measured their Psychology: General.
procedure is combined with testing for HPV. placekeeping ability.

In general, women older than age 65 don't uterine fibroids or bleeding. If a vaginal Pap
need Pap testing if their previous tests were
negative and they have had three Pap tests, or test is needed, your health care provider will
two combined Pap and HPV tests, in the
preceding 10 years. However, there are collect a sample from the upper part of the
situations in which a health care provider may
recommend continued Pap testing. vagina, called the vaginal cuff.

Women with a history of cervical cancer As always, it's best to consult with your
or high-grade, abnormal Pap tests over the health care provider about your individual
risks and recommendations for screening. -
Beatriz Stamps, M.D., Gynecology, Mayo
Clinic, Phoenix

Mayo Clinic Q & A is an educational resource
and doesn't replace regular medical care. E-mail

a question to MayoClinicQ&A(AT
SIGN) For more information, visit

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the four-legged report

Pet World Animal Control

withCathy Greek reporter Chihuahua
Rosenthal chased by pig drives owner's
on live TV SUV across busy
How to deter road
A Greek reporter
dog from delivering a live report on Police in Louisiana shared
recent storms was security camera footage
digging interrupted by a large pig from an incident at a gas
that decided to chase him station involving a
Dear Cathy, My command. Ask her to "sit," use a strip of chicken wire do not reach in to pet her. around and bite him. chihuahua that managed to
grandson adopted two then say her reward word, about 18-inches wide, You will get nailed every drive its owner's vehicle
rescue dogs. The second like "bingo," so she knows folded in half and then time. Instead, get a stuffed Lazos Mantikos, a across a street.
dog he adopted had been she did what was asked, and opened into an L-shape. I sock or wire toy and let her reporter for ANT1 TV's
hit by a car and left on the a treat will follow. Introduce mount one side to the attack that while on her Good Morning Greece, was Slidell Police shared
road to die. She was found other training while in the fence with a staple-gun and back. Reward her with delivering a report on security camera video from
by a rescue provider, taken back yard to keep her mind the other side to the praise or a treat for using recent rains in Kineta when the Gause Boulevard gas
to a vet, nursed back to distracted and busy. ground with landscape pins. the toy. he had to flee from a pig. station, where a 5-pound
health and was fostered by Your dog won't want to dig chihuahua had been left
my grandson. She was such Second, make sure she along the fence line As for petting, learn to "Good morning, we have alone inside an SUV Friday.
a sweetie that she became has plenty of playtime and anymore, and your grass read her body language, like an issue," Mantikos says in
part of the family. She gets exercise before going into can still grow through the dilated pupils or a slowly the footage. "Giorgos can Police said the chihuahua
along well with the older the yard. This might involve wire and be mowed. swishing tail, to determine you hear me, we have a pig knocked the SUV into
dog. two 30-minute walks daily when she has had enough. If here that has been chasing reverse due to a mechanical
and a game of fetch when Dear Cathy, My 1-year- she always bites after 10 us since this morning ... issue that allowed the
The problem is, a few she first goes outside. Give old cat, Princess, is strokes, then only pet her folks sorry I can't stand transmission to change
months ago, she started to her a toy she can only have affectionate and sweet, but seven times and stop for at [still] because it's biting gears without the brake
dig holes in the back yard. while in the back yard. when she rolls on her back least five minutes before re- me." being engaged.
This has become an When she comes into the and wants to be petted, she engaging her. If she does
ongoing habit. Can you give house, pick up the toy and grabs my hand with her bite, say "no" firmly, and The video shows the SUV
any insight into why this is put it away. Rotate through front paws and pulls them turn your back to her for at rolling backward across a
happening? She is 1. -Esther, different toys for the next in her mouth and then the least one minute or put her busy road as cars speed
Floral Park, Florida five days, so she doesn't get back claws attack. This is in a separate room for a past.
bored. becoming a serious few minutes.
Dear Esther, Dogs dig problem. "It is a miracle that no
when they're bored, You also can create a If you don't use your one was seriously injured
stressed, going after prey or digging zone for her. This Is there any way I can hands for playtime and and that no other vehicles
simply because it's involves creating a doggy break her of this habit? She learn to reward her when were struck during this
instinctive and it feels good. sandbox (a square of land does not like to be held for she gets it right and ignore incident," police wrote. "Let
Some breeds dig more than with a wooden frame) more than a few seconds. If her when she misbehaves, this be a lesson to everyone
others, but no matter what, where she is allowed to dig. I pet her for too long, she she should over time learn to please use caution when
there are a few ways to Use wet sand and place a grabs my hand. -Francine, the rules of engagement. leaving pets inside of your
manage the behavior. few treats just poking out East Meadow, New York vehicle."
to encourage her to dig. As well as being a recuring
First, supervise the dog Bury toys deeper for her to Dear Francine, It's guest on Happenings Q&A, Anchor Giorgos
in the yard (until she stops find later. Reward her for natural for cats to use their Cathy M. Rosenthal is a longtime
the digging behavior) and digging there and not by the claws and mouths during Papadakis joked about the
train her not to dig. If she fence. (Keep a tarp over the play.To train your cat not to animal advocate, author,
starts digging, you or your sandbox when not in use.) bite, always use toys instead columnist and pet expert who incident when the feed cut
grandson should say her of hands for playtime. No has more than 25 years in the
name and then say, "no dig." Finally, some people exceptions. For example, animal welfare field. Send your back to the studio.
Immediately call her to you. place rocks, bricks, and when she rolls on her back, pet questions, stories and tips to
Do not give her a treat until railroad ties around the "Lazos, because it's a
you give her a second fence line to deter digging. I [email protected]. tragic issue and we are
counting our wounds in
Kineta try and work things
out with the female pig," he
says, as laughter can be
heard in the studio.

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Nutrition News Wolfgang Puck’s Kitchen
with Charlyn Fargo
Easy, versatile lemon cake is a winner
Holiday Help
during the holidays
Oh, the holidays. For many trying to that's what you really
maintain weight -- and not gain the want; just don't eat that (SET ITAL) and You've probably heard people talk about different occasions but also
dreaded 5 pounds over the winter season (END ITAL) a piece of pecan pie. Decide their "go-to" recipes. Maybe you have some for the ways in which you can serve them.
-- holiday festivities can be stressful. which one you really want, and be go-tos yourself. With holiday celebrations
Celebrating the holidays while eating satisfied. of all kinds fast approaching, desserts are Marian Getz’s Lemon Velvet Sheet Cake,
healthy can seem like an impossibility. generally the go-to recipes that are most in the recipe for which she generously shares
Don't nibble. You'd be surprised how demand. Especially prized are treats that are here, is a perfect holiday go-to for any
What's the best strategy? quickly the calories add up when having versatile, appropriate not only for a range of number of reasons. First, of course, is the
hors d'oeuvres or nibbling on small bites fact that it's delicious, with a bright lemony
Don't jump off the cliff if you feel you've while preparing food. Like the chips at a flavor thanks to its combination of fresh
overindulged. Just get back on track the Mexican restaurant, you can eat your lemon juice and zest and lemon extract, all
next morning. allotment of calories for a meal before the incorporated into the batter, and still more
meal even comes. lemon juice in its easy icing glaze that's
Have a plan for handling all the excess poured on right after the cake comes out of
food and goodies over the holidays. Keep to your exercise regime. Not only the oven.
Decide what foods you want the most, does it help burn a few calories but it also
bring a low-calorie dish to a family dinner, keeps your mood high and helps you cope For something that tastes so good, the
and have a healthy snack before the big with holiday stress. very basic nature of the recipe also means
holiday meal to keep hunger under that it's versatile. Try swapping out orange
control. Charlyn Fargo is a registered dietitian at or even lime or grapefruit for the lemon.
Hy-Vee in Springfield, Illinois, and the media You could also bake the batter as cupcakes
Keep portion control in mind. You can if you like.And feel free to play around with
have a small piece of that pumpkin pie if representative for the Illinois Academy of the icing or frosting.
Nutrition and Dietetics.


ROMANO-TOPPED BRUSSELS SPROUTS Make one 9-by-9-inch (22.5-by-22.5 cm) cake, 9 to 16 servings spray the bottom and sides of a 9-by-9-inch (22.5-by-22.5-
CAKE: cm) baking pan; set aside.
3 tablespoons olive oil • Preheat oven to 425 F. Combine minutes. Remove from oven. Sprinkle 2 cups (500 ml) granulated sugar
olive oil, salt, black pepper and Brussels sprouts evenly with cheese. 1/2 cup (125 ml) vegetable oil • In a mixing bowl, combine the granulated sugar, vegetable
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt Brussels sprouts in a medium bowl; Serve immediately. Serves 8 (serving 1/2 cup (125 ml) sour cream oil, sour cream, lemon zest, lemon juice, lemon and vanilla
toss well to coat. Divide Brussels size: 1 cup Brussels sprouts and Grated zest of 2 lemons extracts, and eggs.With a wire whisk, stir them together
1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black sprouts mixture evenly between 2 about 2 teaspoons cheese). 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice briskly until smoothly blended.
pepper small roasting pans or jellyroll pans 1 teaspoon lemon extract
coated with cooking spray. Bake at • Per serving: 122 calories; 5.5 grams 1 teaspoon vanilla extract • In a separate bowl, combine the flour, baking powder, baking
2 1/2 pounds Brussels sprouts, 425 F for 20 minutes or until protein; 12.7 grams carbohydrates; 2 large eggs, lightly beaten soda, and salt; stir with a clean whisk until thoroughly
trimmed and halved lengthwise Brussels sprouts are browned and 6.8 grams fat; 3 milligrams 11/2 cups (375 ml) cake flour blended.Add these dry ingredients to the wet ingredients
crisp-tender, rotating pans after 10 cholesterol; 5.4 grams fiber; 215 1 teaspoon baking powder and stir with a whisk just until no streaks of the flour
Cooking spray milligrams sodium. 1/8 teaspoon baking soda mixture remain.
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
1 ounce pecorino Romano cheese, GLAZE: • Pour the resulting batter into the prepared baking pan.
shaved (about 1/3 cup) 11/2 cups confectioners sugar Place the pan on the oven rack and bake for about 30
3 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice minutes, until a long wooden toothpick inserted off the
GARNISHES (optional): center of the cake comes out with just a few moist crumbs
Freshly whipped cream clinging to it. Remove the cake from the oven and set aside
Fresh berries on a wire rack.
• Position a wire rack in the center of the oven. Preheat the
oven to 350∞F (175∞C).With nonstick baking spray, evenly • Immediately put the confectioners sugar and lemon juice
for the glaze in a small mixing bowl. Stir them together with
a small whisk or a fork until smooth, and then immediately
pour the glaze evenly over the still-hot cake.

• Serve the cake straight from the pan, hot, warm or at room
temperature, cutting it into squares. Garnish, if you like, with
whipped cream and fresh berries.

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news from the road

New Mustang Mach-E Futuristic concepts
'strikes like forked make splash at Tokyo
lightning' Motor Show

For the first time in more than a half-century, Ford The Tokyo Motors Show opened in Japan this fall, and as As Temperatures
Motor Company has added to its Mustang lineup -- an expected, it showcased potentially revolutionary concept Drop, Check Tire
electric sport-utility version it says "strikes like forked vehicles for the future. Pressure More Often
Some of the vehicles which made a splash at the week- You may notice, when the weather turns colder, the tire
The American automaker unveiled the Mustang Mach-E long event include a Lexus model that includes a drone and pressure monitoring system (TPMS) light on your
on Sunday ahead of its official debut at the Los Angeles a Suzuki vehicle with a shape-shifting body. Many of the dashboard lights up more frequently.The Car Care Council
Auto Show. It's Ford's first addition to the Mustang lineup concepts at this year's show are fully electric. recommends checking your tire pressure regularly during
since the iconic ponycar was introduced in 1964. the winter to help keep the TPMS light off and your vehicle
"The motor show has been reinvented to provide safe.
Ford said the Mach-E has a range of 300 miles on a visitors with a vision of a future mobility society; to this
single charge and can reach 60 mph in four seconds -- or end, the show's scope has been expanded to encompass “It’s typical at this time of year for motorists to get TPMS
three seconds, if you have the GT Performance edition. It's 'the excitement of cars and motorcycles,' 'Futurehomes' warnings and then get worried about their tires,” said Rich
scheduled to go on sale late next year. and 'Future towns,'" the event says. White, executive director, Car Care Council. “Often
drivers will see this in the morning when it’s coldest. If the
"At the first-ever Detroit auto show, Henry Ford said he The Lexus LF-30 debuted at the exhibition -- an electric- temperature warms, the light could turn off but it’s likely
was working on something that would strike like forked powered luxury vehicle with gull-wing doors and a that tires will still be a few pounds per square inch (PSI)
lightning. That was the Model T," CEO Bill Ford said. deployable drone the automaker says can carry groceries under-inflated. This is why it’s important to check tire
"Today, the Ford Motor Company is proud to unveil a car to the driver's front porch. Lexus said the advanced vehicle pressure regularly.”
that strikes like forked lightning all over again.The all-new, "weaves in autonomous driving and other new
all-electric Mustang Mach-E. technologies." According to the U.S.Tire Manufacturers Association, for
every 10 degree drop in temperature, tire pressure
"It's fast. It's fun. It's freedom for a new generation of Other vehicles at the show expected to attract attention decreases one to two PSI. Checking the tire pressure is
Mustang owners." The Mach-E is available in rear- and all- are the Daihatsu Waku Waku sport-utility vehicle, important for vehicle safety, tire life and gas mileage.
wheel drive versions and can reach 332 horsepower. Ford Mitsubishi's electric MI-TECH SUV, Nissan's IMK concept,
said the standard all-wheel-drive model can hit 60 mph a Mazda crossover vehicle with retro-inspired freestyle, or Incorrect tire pressure can lower gas mileage by 0.3
faster than the base version of the Porsche Macan. "suicide," doors -- and Toyota's Batmobile-like E-Racer.The percent for every one PSI drop in pressure of all four tires
Tokyo Motor Show, celebrated its 46th edition this year. and improve fuel efficiency by up to 3.3 percent when the
Ford said it also plans to offer a full-glass roof and correct tire pressure is maintained.
animal-free interior. The Mach-E will be built at Ford's
Cuautitlan, Mexico, plant. “Tire pressure should be checked at least monthly. It is
important to note that newer cars with tire pressure
Hino Motors' "FlatFormer" is seen at the Tokyo Motor Show in Tokyo, Japan monitoring systems may not alert you until the tire is
significantly under-inflated, so you may want to check it
more frequently,” said White. “It is important to check tire
pressure whenever there is a significant weather change
and more often during the winter months.”

The Car Care Council is the source of information for
the “Be Car Care Aware” consumer education campaign
promoting the benefits of regular vehicle care, maintenance
and repair to consumers.

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when you pay $25 denomination
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(With coupon. “ServingKenoshaSince1979” Casual Gourmet
Maximum 5 cards) with a TWIST
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Our Earth I couldn't resist.
Fabric- yes, you read that correctly. I
with Gretchen Covelli
Your Voicehave a stash of fabrics that range from
Wrapping with care beautiful antique prints to holiday prints

Wrapping paper. We spend hours to solid color! I have some that I have We reached out on social media and asked,
picking it out, choosing just the right
weight, thickness, design. How many sewn into premade gift bags, others that “What do you want for Christmas?”
rolls will we need for the amount of
gifts we have? Bows, ribbons, tags, I keep in various sizes. I purchase from bag??? All for it to be torn
open, balled up and tossed consignment shops, estate sales and “I would like everyone to be
in the garbage. Now please garage sales (generally where I find the healthy, wealthy and happy.”
don't get the wrong most unique prints) or watch for fabric
impression of me. I cherish sales and close out prices after the - Chris Clarke DeLeo
gift giving. I truly believe the
entire package is part of the Holiday. Again, this option comes with
gift and will pour my soul
into the entire process. some clarification. I do not wrap every “Good health and peace of
For me, that means finding Christmas gift mind. And maybe another
alternatives to traditional this way. Please dog!” - Mary Beth Lindqvist
wrapping paper. I started don't add to the
this practice 10 years ago
and every year turns out pressure of the
unique in itself. Some years
I do more, some less. Some are all new ideas some go Holidays by
back to my old ways. Either way I always try to give
myself grace. I will say that growing into these feeling like you
alternatives ways, although may seem daunting at first, has
truly simplified the process for me. Here are a few ideas have to sew 30 “Long, happy, healthy lives for
on what I have done over the years. plus gift bags!! my family and friends.”
Start small and - Donna Pillizzi Talbert
Brown Kraft Paper/ butcher paper. This is very common give yourself
now and can be found in most stores, I have found the
best deal however, ordering online and in bulk. Now, I grace.
fully understand that a plain brown package may not
scream Christmas to most, but trust me when I say that Burlap sacks! “A trip to Florida to see my
wrapped with beautiful ribbon, bakers twine or burlap, a I have loved the family.”
sprig of holly or pine and a gift tag. It makes for a beautiful look of this one for a while now and it - Karen Gregory-Ritacca
package. I have written quotes or messages directly on to is so simple. They come in a variety of
the package. My kids will draw pictures onto their gifts for sizes, some have print, some lettering “A cure for cancer.”
others and it becomes very personal and genuine! and numbers, some plain. They make a - Lisa Henthorn
great gift bag alternative for large or
Recycled wrapping paper/ gift bags. If I do go the more "hardy gifts". Tied off with a ribbon or
traditional route, I will purchase wrapping paper and gift twine, add pine, berries or pine cones.
bags that are made from recycled materials. This way they Simple. Beautiful.
can be recycled again. (FYI- wrapping paper and gift bags
that have metallic, glitter or texture are not recyclable). Thank you for taking the time to read “All I want is for the Badgers to
and share this space with me. Please win the Big Ten, and the Packers
Baskets! (shameless self promotional plug- sorry) know that these are merely suggestions to win the Super bowl.”
Baskets are a beautiful alternative to wrapping and, bonus, on the path I follow and I encourage you - Doug Kollman
the basket itself is a gift! Now, I know this great little pop to find what works best for you and
up shop that carries Fair Trade, handmade baskets that are your family. “100,000 YouTube subscribers.
perfect for just this sort of thing. They come in a variety I'm at 35.”
of sizes, shapes and colors and she can be found at the I wish you many blessings this Holiday
Kenosha HarborMarket most Saturdays......if you haven't season full of peace, love and happiness. - Aaron David
caught on just yet. It's me. I am Gypsies Baskets. Sorry, Hold your loved ones close, be present
in the moment and cherish the “My two front teeth…”
souce: memories to be made. - Gretchen - Dave Moresi

Hi there, I’m Gretchen.
I own Gypsies Baskets, a small Fair Trade
basket business. Most Saturdays you will

find me in my booth at the Kenosha
HarborMarket. My family and I love
adventuring through nature preserves,
shopping at downtown businesses and
restaurants, exploring the museums and
the art district, or strolling along our

gorgeous lakefront.

Kenosha History

Badger Brass Solar lamps on a True Cycle car, c. 1913. Photo copyright of the Kenosha County Historical Society. Want to
learn more about old Kenosha? Visit
Founded in 1898 by Charles N. Frost, George A.Yule, Richard Welles, and E.L. and plan your next visit to the Kenosha History Center at 220 51st
Williams, Badger Brass produced one of the first successful acetylene lamps for
bicycles. They quickly expanded to provide acetylene lighting for automobiles, St. (on beautiful Simmons Island).
boats, airplanes, and even dirigibles and sold their products around the US and Call 262-654-5770 for hours.
Europe. They worked by introducing a steady drip of water into a vessel full of
calcium carbide. The chemical reaction produces acetylene gas and slaked lime; the

gas was burned via a porcelain burner. The company was sold to C. M. Hall,
another lamp maker, in 1917.

The great actor and director Orson Welles often said that his father (Richard
Welles) was the true inventor of the automobile. Orson Welles said a lot of things

about his father, including that Dixon, Illinois was named after him. However,
Richard Welles DID design automobiles. In 1901, Badger Brass workmen built two

steam cars of Welles' design. And in 1913, they produced a single cycle car.
The cyclecar filled a gap between the motorcycle and the automobile which was
created by extra taxation on full size cars. Generally small with either a single
cylinder or V-twin engine, cyclecars were often exempt from that taxation. They
were cheaper to buy and own. Bursting into popularity in around 1910 and hitting
their peak about 1913, they almost completely disappeared by the 20s as car prices
dropped. When Badger Brass completed their prototype, the market was already

visibly in decline and they did not pursue production.

20 SMART READER December 5, 2019 FOR ADVERTISING RATES CALL 262-564-8800

Overhead in Kenosha Look Who’s Getting Married!

with Jake Hoey Marriage License & Waiver Fee Report SR082419

Autumn of 2019 in Kenosha has been a truly wild ride, October 28th - November 10th Wedding Cakes DT2019V1
weather-wise. September was both extremely hot and
wet with around 10 inches of rain for much of town Samuel Paul Terrill & Brandi Rey Gonzales Ours Come in all shapes, sizes and prices.
(normal is 3.5”) and average temperatures close to 5°F Nicholas Ryan Rochor We’re creative yet cost effective.
above normal. October started much the same with over
3 inches of rain in the first week, which is more than the & Randall Hope Higginbottom Being Sweet to You Is Our Business!
normal total for the entire month. It ended up with a Shawn Michael Haas & Morgan Meyer Harvey
slightly below normal average temperature but the heavy John Stephen Hasser & Rachael Rae Daumen 3526 Roosevelt Rd, Kenosha, WI 53142 (262) 652-3984
snow on Halloween threw us all for a loop with bitter David Alan Boyd & Karen Marie Christensen
cold to boot. 5617 - 6th Ave.
Jessica Marie Vasquez Kenosha
That frigid air only worsened as November began, and & Elizabeth Ashley Konen
it reached its zenith on the 12th when Kenosha saw a high Duane Allan Morris & Erica Marie Shelton 657-7673
of only 18°F and a low of 6°F, nearly 30°F below normal! Aminu Alihu & Kubra Ahmed M-F: 9AM-5PM
A couple more rounds of snow accompanied the cold in Ryan Michael Combs & Cierra Michelle Franz Sat: 10AM-2PM
November, but the pattern of very wet conditions Frank Emanuel Rizzo & Taylor Elizabeth Agnew Delivery Available
concluded in October, since November had around half Zachary Scott Purser & Alyssa Lynn McTernan
to ⅔ as much rain as normal. Heizel Naomi Echevarria Rosas
& Taylor Nicole Bergman
As we enter the final month of 2019, Fall stands as Caleb Raine Anderson & Judith Arlene Butler
probably the most extreme season overall due in large
part to the high rainfall in September and October. With Michael James Caleys
over 40 inches of rainfall this year so far, we have already & Christina Lynn Ragusca
reached one of the highest totals in Kenosha’s recorded Dennis James Paterkiewicz & Yareli Millan
history (normal being in the 30-35” range). Michael William Brand & Krysta Cherie Barton
David Andrew Vandervere & Melissa Ann Craig
I’ll expand upon Kenosha’s 2019 weather highlights in a Nicholas Edvin Pulizzano & Ria Jill Blake
forthcoming column, but what do we have to look
forward to for the final month of the year? Most signs SUIT PURCHASE SPECIAL
point to a relatively mild December with an unfortunate
trend of above normal precipitation. Regular or Slim Fit

Hopefully, for those dreading snow, that warmth means 179$ 00 Mike Bjorn's
rain is the prevailing precipitation type, but we can’t get Includes any shirt, tie, belt
that specific with seasonal outlooks. or suspenders & socks. Perfect for Wisconsin’s Largest Full Service SR020919
Sizes 34 short to 48 long wedding Men’s Clothing Store
For the rest of Winter, it doesn’t look as forgiving. parties
January and February have the potential to be quite cold
and snowy. Long term outlooks are oftentimes unreliable Downtown Kenosha 262-652-0648 • M-F 10-5, Sat. 10-2
so let’s hope that's also the case this time for the
beginning part of 2020! Shop Kenosha

By Jake Hoey by Meridith Jumisko
Jake Hoey is a local meteorologist who publishes the
Facebook page - “Jake’s Kenosha Area Weather Page.”

Are you p.m.) Dec. 7-8 as
part of Kenosha
scurrying about HarborHoliday -
looking for Market & Festival.
The market will
presents and be outdoors in
heated tents on
stocking stuffers? pavement east of
the Kenosha
Whether you Public Museum
and Civil War Museum. There will be
want to shop more than 50 food, gift, and produce
vendors. Be sure to go INSIDE the
local, shop small, museums as well, as there will be
more vendors - especially at the
or just shop unique - I have ideas! International Holiday Faire inside the
Kenosha Public Museum. It will feature
We list numerous locally owned foods, gifts, and crafts from around the photo: Facebook:VIEW from ABOVE - Wisconsin
shops at I world.
would be remiss if I didn't give a for the Arts - or to a Kenosha
shout-out to Seebecks. Also known as Give the gift of an experience! I love Symphony Concert. The Bristol
Seebeck Gallery, the shop owned by to give - and receive - restaurant gift Renaissance Faire's Holidazzle Ticket
Vicki and Jon Seebeck is closing at the cards. Did you know the Kenosha Sale continues through Jan. 6; the new
end of this month after 27 years in Charter Boat Association offers gift season opens July 11. Do you know
business. We thank the Seebecks for certificates? A Wilmot Mountain gift country music fans? I sure do!! Tickets
all they have done in the community! card would also look great under the are on sale now for next summer's
tree, just as a Kenosha Kingfish gift Country Thunder. Keith Urban,
More places to shop include card would be a hit.The baseball team Miranda Lambert, Kane Brown, and
Pleasant Prairie Premium Outlets (80+ opens their seventh season at Historic Dustin Lynch are among the stars who
stores) and Jelly Belly Visitor Center. Simmons Field on May 26. Or hit a will be here July 16-19.
Museum gift shops carry a variety of hole in one with gift cards to Brighton
Kenosha keepsakes as well as items Dale Links and Petrifying Springs Golf And there you have it. Just a few
related to each museum's mission. For Course. It's never too early to think ideas to get you started - and closer
example, the Kenosha History Center spring! to being finished - with your shopping!
has AMC and lighthouse clothing, Log on to for details
among other gifts. Surprise your family and friends with and even more ideas. For more
tickets to an upcoming Lakeside information you can also call us at
With our Great Lakes reaching record level highs combined with high winds, Art galleries offer handmade gifts. Players production at Rhode Center (262) 654-7307 or visit one of the two
our beautiful lighthouse on Simmons Island has become a potential death Lemon Street Gallery & Artspace is Visitor Information Centers that we
trap.We would like to ask all our fellow Kenoshans to use common sense hosting the Artistree Giftable Art staff: at 600 – 52nd Street, Suite 140 in
and not trek out on the pier in inclement weather like this. Photo by MJ Show & Sale through Dec. 24.You can Downtown Kenosha and at I-94 &
also find handmade gifts at Kenosha Hwy. 165.
Freund - VIEW from ABOVE - Wisconsin Facebook. Winter HarborMarket on Saturdays
from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. inside the Meridith Jumisko is Public Relations
Kenosha Masonic Center at 115 56th Manager at the Kenosha Area
Street.The market takes place on two
days with expanded hours (10 a.m. – 4 Convention & Visitors Bureau. Contact
her at [email protected] or drop

her a tweet @MJ_Kenosha

FOR ADVERTISING RATES CALL 262-564-8800 SMART READER December 5, 2019 21

Navy Seals And moving forward, it’s not likely that Study shows link between
anyone with a penchant for committing war Amazon fires, melting of
continued from page 4 crimes will mistake a presidential pardon for Andes glacier
a license to kill, he adds. “I very much doubt
extra rules on me? This is difficult enough as that there are any troops who think that Fires burned in the rain forest near Rondonia, Brazil, on Peru -- may increase the melting of the
it is,’ and treat it like just another briefing because of the president’s actions, they can August 24, 2019. A scientific study says that the train Zongo Glacier, a rapidly-shrinking supply of
from an out-of-touch officer who doesn’t now commit a crime,” General Dunlap says. forest fires are accelerating the decline of Bolivia's Zongo fresh water in Bolivia calculated in 2013 to
understand what life is like on the ground,” “Overwhelmingly, U.S. troops do the best be 724.4 square miles in area.
she says. “Of course, 99% of Marines have no they can to follow the law because it’s the Glacier.
problem following the rules. It’s that 1% we right thing to do.” Using data from fires between 2000 and
have to deal with.” Fires in the Amazon River region may 2016, researchers Newton de Magalhães
At the same time, they are adhering to laws increase the melting of a nearby Andes Neto, Heitor Evangelista, Thomas
That minority of service members tends to of warfare that are far stricter than at any Mountains glacier, a study published last Condom, Antoine Rabatel and Patrick
“underestimate, I think, how thorough the point previously in history, says retired Col. Thursday said. Ginot identified "a massive contribution of
system is,” General Barno says. The result of Peter Mansoor, who served as the executive black carbon and dust particles emitted
the Gallagher case, which resulted in a officer to Gen. David Petreaus in Iraq, and is Fires burning in the Amazon rain forests from biomass burning in the Amazon
conviction only on the least charge, now chair of military history at Ohio State are common, notably in Brazil, with Basin" as part of the glacier's decline.
demonstrates the worries of the minority are University. “We’ve gotten more disciplined farmers recently encouraged by the
often taken into account, he says. today.” And with good reason, he says, given government to burn natural habitats to The pollution alone, sitting atop snow
that the laws of warfare are designed not only create pastures. and reducing reflected sunlight, has the
Exploiting the system? to protect civilians, but also to minimize the potential to accelerate the increase the
risk of moral injury to troops.“The military is More than 72,000 fires occurred this glacier's decline by up to 14 percent.
Mr.Trump has indicated he may intervene in a lethal business – it’s violent, there’s killing year in Brazil, an increase of 84 percent
a number of pending cases involving U.S. and destruction – and you want to minimize over last year. Smoke from the fires has The study is the first to identify a
troops accused of war crimes.The fear is that the damage to our values as much as possible, been visible from space. connection between the smoky Amazon
Chief Gallagher’s case may teach lawyers of so you don’t go over the edge.” fires and the melting of the glacier.
the accused to “set themselves up to lobby” New research published in Scientific Atmospheric data from 2007 and 2010,
their cases through television, rather than the And on the off chance that troops are Reports suggests the fires in when an unusual amount of burning
military courts, General Barno says. tempted to hurt people they shouldn’t, there "southwestern Amazonia" -- an area which occurred, indicates that black carbon from
are ways for commanders to respond, includes rain forests in Brazil, Bolivia and the fires were carried by wind to the
“It’s worrisome that the president seems Colonel Mansoor adds. glacier.
disproportionately influenced not by senior
military leadership, but by Fox TV,” he says, “You tell troops, ‘If you want to take the "Amazon deforestation and fires - events
and now lawyers, family members, and other chance that the president will look at your that occur mainly in Bolivia, Peru and Brazil
organizations may learn to “exploit this.” specific case and grant you leniency, then - cannot be considered a regional issue,"
good luck with that, because I’m going to de Magahales Neto told the BBC. "They
While the lobbying is troubling, it is make the law apply to all of us,’” he says.“And, have social implications at the continental
important “to remember that pardons and ‘Oh by the way, Trump won’t be here scale, [because] accelerating the loss of
clemencies are not rogue actions, but integral forever.’” glaciers increases the risk of a water crisis
to the Constitution’s scheme of criminal and the vulnerability of several Andean
justice, to include the military’s,” notes retired By Anna Mulrine Grobe communities in response to climate
Maj. Gen. Charles Dunlap Jr., a former military change."
lawyer and now executive director of the
Center on Law, Ethics and National Security
at Duke University School of Law.

TERY-1147 WEST BLVD.$750, EACH! task. Call 262-515-1967. CAREGIVER SELF-EMPLOYED live-in
caregiver with 20 years experience giving
FREE CLASSIFIEDS! LOT B-BLOCK 25! DRUM LESSONS Private instruction. 24 hr. care references. Looking for job. If
you need me, please call Teresa 262-497-
Employment/Opportunities • Lost & Found • Miscellaneous CLASSIFIED DEADLINE IS WEDNESDAY, [email protected] Band, orchestra, marching and drum set. 0502.
• Real Estate • Rentals • Rummage Sales • Vehicles • Wanted DECEMBER 11, 2019 AT 12 NOON JOBS WANTED I will clean, do shopping,
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BABY CLOTHES $.25 and up, Coffee pot FRIENDLY TECH Serving all your techin- TYPING. I am an experienced legal secre-
cal needs. Friendly and reasonalble rates.
for parties $10, Exercise Bike $75 OBO, Computers, television, network, I’ll even tary with excellent typing skills wanting to
teach you if you need help finding your way
Women's bike $175, Lawn mower 14 yrs around your new computer. Help with any type for you at home. Please contact Alicia

old $175 OBO, 2 toaster ovens $10 - 2106 at 256-658-4484.

30th Street TAX & BOOKKEEPING. 30 Years experi-

FOR SALE:- FIVE GRAVE SITES IN ence Audits handld enrolled agent appoint-

SAME LOT. RACINE MOUND CEME- ment only call 262-595-8242

22 SMART READER December 5, 2019 FOR ADVERTISING RATES CALL 262-564-8800

community Christmas at Kemper Trans Infinity Orchestra in Concert

calendar Victorian Holiday Eve, Durkee Mansion at Kemper Just in time for Christmas, it's a night of Trans-Siberian
Center, Dec. 1st – Jan. 12th. Historical mansion lavishly Orchestral music when Infinity Presents: A Night of TSO.
TO PLACE A LISTING: period decorated in celebration of Christmas. Free Chicago's ultimate tribute act, Infinity brings their holiday
e-mail to: [email protected]; or mail to: Community Calendar c/o Carmichael admission, donations appreciated. magic to Kenosha on Saturday, December 7th at 7 pm at
Communications, 1420 63rd Street, Kenosha, WI 53143-4451. Please include all pernient the Houghton Center at Reuther High School, 913 57th
information including the who, what, where, when, why, and how much. Listings may be Christmas Wonderland Ball, Simmons Auditorium at St.  Enjoy the full spectrum experience with eight
Kemper Center, Dec. 14th, 7 – 10 p.m. Doors open at 6 musicians, four singers, and a fantastic laser light show.
edited for length and are none are guaranteed to be included. p.m. There will be a 10-piece band called “Southport Tickets start at $10, plus service fee, and available at the
Sound” conducted by John J. Sorenson. There will also be door or in advance by visiting
ONGOING EVENTS a cash bar, which will include special holiday drinks, and a
free dessert buffet. Tickets sold at the door: $15 per Annual Holiday Cookie Walk
Hold Your Horses! person.
The Pleasant Prairie Woman’s Club will hold its Annual
This is a display of Civil War Museum artifacts and history Lakeside Players: Miracle on 34th St. - A Holiday Cookie Walk Fundraiser. on Saturday, December
surrounding the First Regiment Wisconsin Cavalry. On Live Musical Radio Play 7th, from 9am - noon at Village Hall, 9915 39th Ave The
display though January 2020 at the Civil War Museum, Cookie Walk will have a wide variety of homemade
5400 First Ave. When a department store Santa claims he's the real Kris cookies to purchase and share with your family and
Kringle, his case gets taken all the way to the Supreme friends during the holidays! All proceeds go toward
Chess Night Court and a little girl's belief makes the difference in the community service projects.
'miracle.' With live Foley effects and a score of Holiday
Play chess in the company of fellow enthusiasts and the Carols, Miracle on 34th Street is a beloved musical that 13th Annual Working Artist Holiday Sale
Kenosha Chess Association at the Southwest Library, will melt even the most cynical of hearts. Showtimes are
7979 38th Ave. Bring your own chess set or use one of December 6th - 15th, with performances at 7:30 pm on The 13th Annual Working Artist Holiday Sale will be held
theirs. Free. Meet up at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday. Decemer Fridays and Saturdays and 2pm on Sundays at the Rhode at the Kenosha Union Club (it was formerly held at the
18th. Everyone is welcome: beginners to experts of all Center for the Arts, 514 56th St. Tickets $11-$14, for Historic Southport Beach House), 3030 39th Ave., on
ages (kids under 9 must be accompanied by an adult). advance purchase, visit Sunday, December 8th, from 10am - 4pm. The sale
features items such as ceramics, drawings, fibers, gourds,
Kenosha Winter HarborMarket UPCOMING EVENTS glass, hand-bound books, jewelry, paintings, photography,
prints, soap, wood, and much more.Admission is free and
Find about 25-35 vendors inside an all new location this Kenosha HarborHoliday – International there is ample parking.
year - inside the Kenosha Masonic Center, 115 56th St, Market & Festival
including cheeses, bakery goods, art, crafts, prepared Scrantonicity Office Themed Party
foods, and more - every Saturday from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Come to Downtown Kenosha Saturday and Sunday
December 7th and 8th for an expanded two-day event Do you believe Michael Scott is the World’s Best Boss?
UW-Parkside Art Exhibit that showcases the celebrations and flavors of the Do you love Pam as much as Jim … and Pam and Jim as
holiday season across cultures. Enjoy a special edition of much as Meredith loves alcohol?  Do you long for you
Featuring the talents of Esther Pearl Watson: Dream Kenosha HarborMarket in two outdoor heated tents on own Dwight Schrute bobblehead? If you answered “yes”
Believer (Fine Arts Gallery, upper level) and Kevin pavement east of the museums, the Kenosha Public to any of these questions, you’ll have a great time
Miyazaki: Kuroshio (Fine Arts Gallery, lower level), Museum's annual International Holiday Faire, The Civil answering trivia questions about the beloved sitcom The
running through January 24th; gallery open Tuesdays - War Museum's Victorian Christmas celebration, family Office at Scrantonicity, a Christmas party celebrating all
Thursdays, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m., and by appointment. The Fine activities, free rides with storytellers aboard the electric things Dunder-Mifflin . The Office-themed blowout that
Arts Gallery is located in “The Rita” (Rita Tallent Picken streetcars, art activities, and much more. This is a has popped up in cities all across the U.S. is coming to the
Regional Center for Arts & Humanities) on campus, 900 combination of indoor and outdoor events offering fun Wyndham Garden Hotel, 5125 Sixth Ave. at 7 p.m. Friday,
Wood Road. Admission is free. and food for the entire family, plus holiday shopping! Dec. 13 – just in time for a Christmas party extravaganza
Admission is free.Visit for a even Angela would approve of.  Early bird reserved
Comedy Shows at Kenosha Comedy Club full schedule of events. tickets are $15, plus service fee. Tickets available online,, or at the Happenings office at 1420 -
Every Friday and Saturday the Kenosha Comedy Club at Holiday Boutique and Bake Sale 63rd Street, Mon.-Fri. 9am-5pm.
Wyndham Garden Hotel, 5125 Sixth Avenue, presents a
hilarious 90-minute show that features two opening Unique, hand-crafted holiday gifts, wreaths & sprays made
comedians plus a touring headliner. Show stars at 8 p.m. from natural materials gathered on the grounds will be
on Fridays, two shows on Saturdays, 7 p.m. or 9 p.m. available for purchase. Plus, fresh greens, pine cones, etc.
Tickets are $12 and available at or at will be available for your own crafting at Hawthorn
the door. Hollow, 880 Green Bay Road on Saturday, December 7th,
9am - 3pm. Stock up on homemade items like cookies,
Senior Center New Member Orientation cakes and candies perfectly packaged for gifts, or for your
own holiday table. Plus, we have a maple syrup sale where
Stop in at 9:00 am on the last Wednesday of every month you can sample our very own dark and light maple syrup
and learn more about the Kenosha Senior Center, 2717 before purchasing some for your family and friends!  Visit
67th St. Get a tour and get your questions answered. for more information.

Looking for a Fun, Part Time Job? Gift Cards Available! HT2019

Join Our Events Team! 2926-75th Street . Kenosha

We’re looking for friendly, outgoing individuals to help with our many 262-652-2522
events throughout the year indoor & out. If you are an outgoing
individual & are available nights & weekends, please stop by & fill out an
application. If you’re not afraid of work and truly like people, we would like
to talk with you at Happenings Magazine 1420 63rd St. Kenosha.

Food! Watershow! Carnival! Music! Fireworks!

at the

5125 6th Ave.


Happenings is looking for a dynamic, charismatic, hardworking individual 121715
to sell advertising in the Kenosha & Racine markets.
The qualified candidate will... CERTIFICATES
• Be a multitasker
• Engraving
• Be disciplined and a self-starter • Expert Jewelry Repair
• Have reliable transportation • We Buy Gold
• Have sales experience
• Work well in a professional enviornment Ancient
aQ& Please send resume to 110719
am1050WLIP Reanna Stockdale HT2018 Regency Mall

c/o Happenings Magazine 5556 Durand Racine, WI
1420 63rd Street
Kenosha, WI 53143
or [email protected] SMART READER December 5, 2019 23


Christmas Gift Giving is Easy at the Boat House Offering cost-effective quality care that is personalized for individual needs.
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3 nutritious meals a day dignity, comfort & Respite care can be the for a Tour
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5320 Green Bay Rd. Kenosha, WI


24 SMART READER December 5, 2019

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