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Smart Reader April 22, 2021


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April 22, 2021
Volume 19 - #8

On Happenings Q&A,
a very candid Sheriff David Beth
discusses the escalating
gun violence in
our community



Q&A with Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth

Thirteen years ago on Q: For some time now the city of Kenosha is on that MASS SHOOTING LOCATIONS w
April 15, 2008 we launched you have voiced concerns regular of a basis that you
Happenings Q&A on the about the direction things almost miss it, that It is the randomness of recent mass shooting sites, as evidenced in this
airwaves of AM 1050/WLIP. are heading, recalling your something is not right if you information provided by CNN, that has caused an uneasy feeling for some
Serving as a companion earlier days with the Sheriff's don't hear anything? people who venture out of their homes in a quest to live out their daily lives.
piece or an extension of two Department and how many
of our publications, things have changed? Q: Do you think there Church Concert Municipal Center
Happenings Magazine and was a time when we were Elementary School College Newsroom
Your Smart Reader, our A: It's not Mayberry almost an island or an oasis Nightclub Homes
vision was to reach out and anymore. Our squad cars from crime? High School Workplaces
interview interesting people were a lot simpler back then. Restaurant Bar
at both a local and national Right now it is basically a A: I would tout that when Military Base Wal-Mart Massage Parlors
levels. computerized office. And we I spoke at different places I Navy Yard FedEx Facility Gas Station
are always on camera. We called us an island where you Post Office McDonald’s The Street
Kenosha County Sheriff live in a different society have a police department, a Movie Theater Hospital Festival
David Beth was one of the right now as far as law sheriffs department and Synagogue Community Center Hotel
guests to appear on air with enforcement goes and of the schools that all work Grocery Store City Center Airport
us that very first week and 39 years I still love almost together and really do a
has remained a regular everyday coming to work.At good job. The community, becoming desensitized to kind of business as usual.We lot of them don't believe
presence over these many 1:30am, yesterday morning, the families and kids, that this? are moving on and we are they're going to live past
years. During the past when made aware of the was a priority for everybody. getting used to it. Sadly. their to 20 or 30.
thirteen years Dave has been Somer’s shooting I didn't like And right now, it still is, but... A: We probably can't even
a fun and popular interview. that, but we've got to find we're falling behind, it's 100% name most of the cities you Q: People want to settle Q: Is the talent pool
He is always candid with his more people who still want catch-up right now. have on your list right there. disputes with guns.What are shrinking?
thoughts and observations to come and do this job and your thoughts on that?
and on occasion painfully care and want to protect Q: What has changed? You don't even hear about A: The top candidates that
blunt. We believe his candor people and society is making these anymore... this A: As a former D.A.R.E. we had that we have on our
has served him well having it more and more difficult all A: You have parents that situation, this person knew officer, I go back to the sixth current list seem to be
won the last 5 elections with the time. want to move here, they who he was going in to grader I had 25 years ago at outstanding. 39 years ago
a comfortable victory want to get their kids out of shoot. It wasn't like he went one of the schools who said when I took the test
margin. However, the one Q: Is the Kenosha area violent Chicago or in to a bar or business or a I know I am going to prison hundreds of people applied
constant or takeaway is that starting to resemble Milwaukee and they say let's performance and just I just don't know what it is to be a sheriffs deputy...
Sheriff Beth doesn't hold Milwaukee? go to Kenosha, they have randomly started shooting for yet. Every one of my hundreds took the test. A
back when there is things under control there. people. He targeted these uncles and my father and testing list lasted a year and a
something serious that he A: I go back to when we And a lot of times they people because of a everyone in my family is in half to two years. With the
wants to share with our had a homicide in Kenosha bring that culture with confrontation a short time jail. How do you get to that current lists we have about
listeners. County, one every other them and they bring the earlier. We do become point in your life that you 80 people taking the test it
year, that was a lot. But now gangs and the violence from desensitized with this whole don't care about what lasts... we will be retesting
This is something he did it's, three in one day. One of the inner cities of Chicago. issue and a lot of us get to happens to you in the again in about 6-7 months,
on the Monday April 19 my friends who lives in the A lot of calls that we have, the point where 40 years ago future. just to keep refreshing it.
show following the city of Kenosha, she's you get connections to the if someone was killed in Because the top candidates
aftermath of the fatal surprised because she went Zion or Waukegan area that Kenosha everyone knew Q: So with this youngster, have applied at 3-4 different
shooting at the Somers outside to talk to me on the come here.We get a lot of about it and it was terrible it is a self fulfilling prophecy? departments.   They are in
House. Here are excerpts phone and said I'm surprised our work from just south of and I wonder how terrible. If demand. We are trying to
from that interview and one I haven't heard gun shots in the state line. you take our area by itself A: In some communities come up with new ways of
4 days prior which have been the last 15 minutes. She said our homicides, or that is what they believe and promoting joining law
modified for brevity and usually I hear them. I'm Q: CNN is reporting 40 shootings... I couldn't even a lot of them don’t believe enforcement. A couple years
clarity. thinking 'oh my god' we're to US cities that have tell you how much it has they’re going to live past ago we started doing (I don't
that point where gun fire in experienced a mass shooting gone up. I mean do you their 20’s or 30’s. know what to call it) a dog
in the last 32 days.With all of remember when we had the and pony show at the
this frequency are we shooting at Shirl's? That was Q: Doesn't make for schools. Recruiting. We have
how long ago and that was recruitment of officers to start doing that more.
MASS SHOOTINGS SINCE huge. That was devastating it very easy?
MARCH 16th was like having a pandemic Q: Did you ever imagine
here in Kenosha and people A: Nope, it doesn't it's we would be having this
in which 4 or more people were shot were terrified. Now we have been getting more difficult conversation today?
had a triple homicide and it's the last decade. Every year it
On the morning of Monday April 19, CNN News shared with viewers a list gets a little bit more difficult. A: No, this whole last year
of 40 U.S. cities that had experienced at least one mass shooting in the past Two years ago we had one of has been different than
32 days in which 4 or more people were shot with Kenosha first on the list, the applicants who made it anything else I have gone
a fact Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth shared at a press conference last to the list with me, he had though in my life.There have
his 3rd OWI... he had his 3rd been good things out of it
Monday afternoon. drunk driving arrest and I and there have been some
read that in his application, really terrible things.
Kenosha, WI Allendale, MI Essex, MD I'm going, oh my god. He
Columbus, OH Fort Worth, TX Yazoo City, MS passed all the different steps Q: Will there be changes 
River Grove, IL to get up to my level to the in how a subject is
Detroit, MI Bryan, TX Virginia Beach, VA final steps before you do a apprehended?
Indianapolis, IN Rock Hill, SC drug and alcohol and a
Pensacola, FL Milwaukee, WI Norfolk, VA physical and that kind of A: Yeah, I think more
Washington, DC Monroe, LA Philadelphia, PA thing... but he made it that officers will die because
Baltimore, MD Birmingham, AL far and I flat out said as long everyone will be
Beaumont, TX Aliceville, AL as I am here we will never apprehensive about pulling
Chicago, IL Wilmington, NC Boulder, CO get to that point. their gun and they'll be
Wichita, KS Tuscaloosa, AL Houston, TX second guessing before they
Seattle, WA New Orleans, LA In some communities that
Memphis, TN Dallas, TX Gresham, OR is what they believe and a story continues on page 8
Koshkonong, MO Quincy, FL Stockton, CA
Waterbury, CT Orange, CA Atlanta, GA
Cleveland, OH

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April 22, 2021 - Volume 19 Number 8


Think 2020 was bad? Historians say 536 was
worst year ever to be alive

You wake up to a dark, eclipse, for the beams it shed
dreary, glum-feeling, Monday- were not clear nor such as it
type of morning. For the is accustomed to shed," was
547th consecutive day. Just the grim account Procopius,
18 months prior, you were a a prominent scholar who
hard-working farmer gearing became the principal
up for another bountiful Byzantine historian of the
crop season. 6th century, gave in  History
of the Wars.
But then the skies went
dark. From early 536 to 537, "And from the time when
they stayed dark. this thing happened men
were free neither from war
Across much of eastern nor pestilence nor any other
thing leading to death."
Europe and throughout Asia,

spring turned into summer

and fall gave way to winter Some 1,500 years later,

without a day of sunshine. Harvard University medieval

Like a blackout curtain over historian  Michael

the sun, millions of people McCormick  has reached a

across the world's most similarly grim conclusion

populated countries about not just 536, but the An eerie mixture of fog and smoke casts an orange glow over downtown San Francisco, Calif., at 11:30 a.m.,
on September 9, 2020. File Photo by Terry Schmitt/UPI
squinted through dim dreadful decade that

conditions, breathing in followed that terrible year.

chokingly thick air and losing For people living across "Aerosols for the big remained dimmed for up to and Europe, a dense fog was Paul Mayewski of the
Europe in 536, "It was the an inescapable daily Climate Change Institute.
nearly every crop they were beginning of one of the volcanic eruptions blocked 18 months, multiple nightmare while widespread Using ice core samples from
worst periods to be alive, if agricultural challenges in Iceland, the team mapped
relying on to harvest. not the worst year," solar radiation, dropping the historical witnesses Ireland resulted in a "failure out an archaeological
McCormick said recently. of bread from the years 536- timeline to pinpoint when
This isn't the plot of a solar heating of the Earth's recounted, triggering the 539," according to The and where the initial volcanic
dystopian TV drama or a Gaelic Irish Annals. eruption must have occurred
fantastical "docu-fiction" surface," he told dark year of turmoil that in Iceland.
production. This was a harsh Much of scientists'
reality for the millions of AccuWeather in an email, earned 536 its dubious understanding of the impacts Its impacts were
people that lived through from the Iceland volcano widespread and deadly.
that literally dark time -- or, As McCormick told adding that climate analysis distinction. were found during
as some historians have AccuWeather, it was all set the  Historical Ice Core "Ancient eyewitnesses
declared, the very worst year off by rapid, drastic climate from Cambridge University Weather patterns were Project, a partnership report that the sun stopped
ever to be alive. change. severely affected by the between the University of shining brightly for 14-18
in the U.K. done on tree blocked sunlight, leading to Maine and Harvard months," McCormick said.
summer snowfall in University that McCormick "The result was several years
rings show the average China  and the lowest co-led along with Professor of failed harvests, famines,
temperature levels in more
summer temperature than 2,300 years, according see 2020 v 536 on page 5
to recorded historical
In the spring of 536, a "dropped by between 1.5 accounts and climate
volcanic eruption triggered reconstruction analysis.
the Late Antique Little Ice degrees and 2.5 degrees
Age (LALIA), McCormick
"For the sun gave forth its told AccuWeather. And its Celsius across Eurasia."
light without brightness, like ramifications, on top of
the moon, during this whole ensuing eruptions in 540 and That's 2.7 to 4. 5 degrees In the Middle East, China
year, and it seemed 547, were devastating. Fahrenheit cooler due to the
exceedingly like the sun in heavy smog left behind after
the eruption. The skies

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Donald who? Lower-profile Trump
still has grip on GOP.

Has Donald Trump’s time capitalizations. They are Trump is no longer own party. To be sure, some the odds-on favorite for the hand the Republicans the net
come and gone? After failing Twitter-ready, and often, in president, and therefore has mainstream Republican GOP nomination, given his gain of five seats they need
to win reelection in 2020 fact, tweeted and retweeted to be more strategic in leaders (and ex-leaders) fundraising skill and to retake the House.
and getting booted from by reporters and advisers. making news. Merely aren’t happy with him. See showmanship. But it’s far
Twitter after the Jan. 6 appearing on Fox or former House Speaker John from certain that he’ll run In the 50-50 Senate, the
Capitol insurrection, he Yet somehow, old- Newsmax doesn’t guarantee Boehner’s new book, “On again. He may find that, at GOP faces a tougher playing
seems a shadow of his buzz. the House,” which blames this stage in his life, he’d field, but there are some wild
former self. Even his fashioned emails lack the Mr.Trump, among others, for rather play kingmaker than cards. One possibility is that
“ Tr u m p ” - e m b l a z o n e d GOP dysfunction. take on the heavy lift of New Hampshire’s popular
Boeing 757 sits idle and punch of those 280- another campaign – not to Republican governor, Chris
reportedly in disrepair at an But there’s a larger mention another term in the Sununu, runs against
airport in upstate New York. character missives that used But make no mistake. Mr. dynamic at play: Mr. Trump White House. There’s also incumbent Democratic Sen.
Trump remains de facto still owns the Republican the not-insignificant fact of Maggie Hassan. If he does,
In lieu of tweets, former to land on millions of phones leader of the Republican grassroots, and the his legal troubles in New that’s a likely toss-up and
President Trump or his team Party, and – unprecedented grassroots own the party. York over his tax returns. potential GOP pickup. In
now issues near-nightly multiple times a day. On TV, in modern times for a one- Three months after the siege that case, it would be key for
emails with political term president – may run for of the Capitol, in which five Thus, all the attention to Mr. Trump to lie low. New
endorsements, attacks, and the medium that made him a the White House again. He people died including a Mr. Trump’s political Hampshire is a blue state in
pronouncements, peppered has raised tens of millions of police officer, half of endorsements – and to the presidential politics.
with his signature star with “The Apprentice,” dollars for his leadership Republicans believe it was comings and goings at Mar-a-
exclamation points and political action committee largely a nonviolent protest Lago. When he reportedly
his presence has returned to and is helping other or fomented by left-wing turned down a request for a
Republicans fill their coffers. activists, a Reuters/Ipsos poll sit-down with Nikki Haley,
the modest levels of May finds. And 6 in 10 his former United Nations
Republicans endorse Mr. ambassador, it was widely
2015, right before he Trump’s false claim that the seen as punishment for her
2020 election was stolen. blasting him over the Capitol
launched his 2016 insurrection.This week, in an
“Usually the far-right will apparent effort to make
presidential campaign, say, the nominee doesn’t amends, Ms. Haley said she
represent me,” says a Florida wouldn’t run for president in
according to the Stanford Republican strategist with 2024 if Mr.Trump gets in.
ties to Mr. Trump’s orbit,
Cable TV News Analyzer. speaking on background. For now, though, the name But nationally, a strong
“Now it’s the RINOs who of the game is 2022.
To state the obvious, Mr. At last weekend’s say, Trump doesn’t represent Historically, the party out of GOP midterm performance,
me,” he says, referring to power in the White House
Republican National “Republicans in Name Only” usually gains seats in with Mr. Trump playing a
– Mr.Trump’s proxy term for Congress, and given the tight
Committee donor summit in the GOP establishment. margins, the GOP has an smart strategic game in
excellent shot at retaking
Palm Beach, Florida, Mr. If Mr. Trump does run for one if not both houses. fundraising and
president again, he will be Redistricting alone could
Trump did make headlines – endorsements, could be all

by stirring controversy, to he needs to get revved up

the chagrin of some for another shot at the Oval

attendees. In a speech to Office.

donors at his Mar-a-Lago “If Republicans have a
great year in 2022, he can
estate, he veered off script, insert himself as the head of
things,” says Dante Scala, a
attacking Senate Minority political scientist at the
University of New
Leader Mitch McConnell and Hampshire.

expressing “disappointment”

in former Vice President

Mike Pence for proceeding

with the counting of And maybe Mr. Trump can
figure out a way to take
electoral votes in Congress Trump Force One out of
on Jan. 6.

Mr.Trump may seem to be By Linda Feldman
shooting himself in the foot
by fanning discord within his

4 SMART READER April 22, 2021 Former President Donald Trump speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference in
Orlando, Florida on February 28, 2021.


2020 v 536

continued from page 3 Mayewski, a glaciologist
from the University of
causing migrations and Maine, was also heavily
turbulence across Eurasia." involved in the Historical Ice
Core Project and he  told
While the 6th century Science Mag  that his team
outbreak of the bubonic was able to analyze 2,000
plague may be less years worth of historic,
remembered than the 14th- natural disasters taken from
century reoccurrence of the a 72-meter drilling in Iceland
disease, which came to be that presented the
known as the "Black Death," researchers with a historical
the 6th-century pandemic timeline of element levels.
was still responsible for
destroying at least one-third Using a laser to carve 120- Mount Saint Helens emits a plume of steam and ash from an area of new crevasses in the crater glacier south of the 1980-
of the eastern Roman micron slivers of ice from 86 lava dome on October 1, 2004. File photo by Scott Taylor/US Navy/UPI
Empire population, leading to the core, scientists could
its collapse. analyze the element spikes Without a Summer." In the University, told the McCormick said that as "It was a pretty drastic
and drops of different United States, snow fell in publication. "The importance more natural climate change it happened
Dubbed the Justinian moments in history to line June in New York and Maine of the event is even greater, records and LALIA overnight," he said. "The
Pandemic or the Plague of them up with disasters that while heavy frosts and ice both how the Maya reconstructions are better ancient witnesses really
Justinian, the disease spread helped better piece together storms occurred as late as overcame it and how it understood, scientists will be were onto something. They
throughout Roman Egypt our understanding of what July in the region. impacted what happened able to be better understand were not being hysterical or
before infecting the rest of shaped the world we live in next." how that dust veil drastically imagining the end of the
the world over the ensuing today. changed the weather in world."
200 years. McCormick said The pair of cataclysmic different parts of the
ancient DNA has shown the In the ice sample from the In the 6th century, the eruptions are believed to Northern Hemisphere. By Mark Puleo
disease-causing pathogen to have combined to trigger the
beYersinia pestis, bubonic spring of 536, graduate other history-altering following decade's years of
plague, a disease of rats and disease, famine and tragedy.
other rodents that spilled student Laura Hartman and volcano erupted about 5,000
over into human Using historical dating
populations. volcanologist Andrei miles away from Iceland in techniques such as tree ring
analysis and stable carbon
In the wake of the climate- Kurbatov found microscopic Central America, with a isotope records, the "The Arabian peninsula for
altering volcanic eruptions researchers presented a instance, might have become
and darkened year of 536, particles of volcanic glass, volcanic blast more than a model to depict just how a little less dry, while the
McCormick said the brutal life was for people effect seems more dramatic
situation was fatally ripe for which closely matched glass hundred times stronger than alive at that time. and negative north of the
the plague to wreak havoc. Mediterranean," he said. "So
particles previously found in the 1980 eruption of Mount The dust veil, they say, far, most of the natural
Although he said there has reduced normal levels of climate records from which
yet to be a precise relation lakes around Europe and an St. Helens, Researcher solar radiation and thus the LALIA has been
established between the ruined years of crop reconstructed come from
abrupt onset of the LALIA ice core sample taken from Robert Dull  told National harvests, and "contributed to Eurasia and North America,
and the Justinianic Pandemic, remarkably simultaneous so more northerly latitudes."
McCormick said that "it Greenland. Geographic. outbreaks of famine," leaving
seems likely that, for humans with a long-term Even if it may sound hard
instance, the food shortages Kurbatov concluded that A team of researchers lack of vitamin D, which to believe given the past 100 For more, tune in to
caused by the sudden the perfectly disastrous mix published a study in diminished health and quality years of multiple World Wars Happenings
cooling in many parts of of winds and weather in 536 the  Quaternary Science of life in those years of and numerous, devastating
Eurasia weakened the must have guided the plume Reviews placing the location darkness. pandemics, McCormick  told Q&A/AM1050 WLIP on
populations and made them across Europe and into Asia, of the eruption in central El  that the Monday, May 3rd at
more susceptible to the casting a chilly pall as the Salvador from the dormant horrifying period of history
pathogen." The famines volcanic fog "rolled through." Ilopango. Today, a lake the was  not blown out of 2:30 with Dr. Alexander
almost certainly led to mass size of 28 square miles sits in proportion by witness More, Research
migrations of people as well, Other researchers also the volcanic caldera left accounts.
he said, likely carrying the believe that the Icelandic 536 behind. Associate, Research
disease with them. eruption emitted thick ash Professor and Associate
that spread across the "This is the largest
Compared to the Northern Hemisphere, eruption in Central America Professor of
modern-day hardships dealt pumping large quantities of that human beings have ever Environmental Health
by COVID-19, the sulfate into the atmosphere, witnessed," Dull, a geologist at Harvard University.
differences are shocking. according to a 2015 article at California Lutheran
in Smithsonian Magazine.
"You have to take the
period as a whole," he said. On top of that eruption,
"[The year] 536 was just the other studies conducted
beginning of a very tough recently have suggested that
time. The plague pandemic there could have been more
on top of the abrupt cooling than one volcano
must have been very responsible for that time
difficult." period's tragedies.

"Today COVID-19 is The other notable blast,
terrible, but compare the researchers says, is believed
death rate for bubonic to have been one of the
plague," he continued, strongest eruptions of the
pointing to the  1.8 case- last 10,000 years, likely only
fatality ratio  in the U.S. comparable to the 1815
compared to the 40 to 60 eruption of Mount Tambora.
mortality rate for untreated
bubonic plague. That Mount Tambora

So just how massive must eruption also led to a
those volcanic eruptions
have been? similarly bleak year, as much

of 1816 was also shrouded in

darkness, leading to

unprecedented low

temperatures and hundreds

of thousands of deaths from

the eruption and starvation

due to that season's failed SR042221

crops. That time period

became known as "The Year


my turn

160 years later,

U.S. still fighting Dr Harlan Ullman is UPI's
Arnaud deBorchgrave
over Civil War Distinguished Columnist.  His
next book due out in 2021 is
with Harlan Ullman The Fifth Horseman and the
New MAD:The Tragic History
One hundred and sixty perished from starvation, of How Massive Attacks of
years ago, Confederate disease or friendly fire -- a Disruption Are Endangering,
forces opened fire on Fort total far greater than those Infecting, Engulfing and
Sumter in Charleston, S.C., who have perished from Disuniting a 51% Nation.
starting the American Civil COVID-19 to date.
War. Ultimately, the North Harlan Ullman joins
prevailed over the 11 states Happenings Q&A on
Between 600,000 and of the Confederacy. In the Thu., May 6th at 2:30
800,000 soldiers on both process, much of the South
sides died over the next was devastated, and on AM1050 WLIP.
four years, and perhaps Reconstruction did little to
another 200,000 to heal the wounds of the war. A statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee stands in the U.S. Capitol in 2017.The New York Times accused Lee of
300,000 non-combatants treason in 1865.

Many of the horrors of after Lincoln's

that dark period have assassination, agreed with

resurfaced today in the the Times, arguing for harsh

form of debate over treatment for Lee and his

reparations to the current generals. However, Johnson

survivors of the some 4 ran afoul of the North's

Tune in to million souls who were held war hero, Gen. Ulysses S.
Happenings Q&A
on AM1050 WLIP in slavery in1861, and more Grant, who promised in the
every Wednesday
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Call Kim at 262-496-7182 or email when our weekly
at the headliner joins The renaming of U.S. officer and man will be
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5125 6th Ave us on air military bases, largely Army allowed to return to his
forts recognizing home, not to be disturbed

Confederate generals, has by United States authority,

gained momentum. Even so long as they observe

West Point's Lee Hall, their paroles and the laws

honoring Confederate in force where they may

commanding Gen. Robert reside." Grant had wanted

APRIL 23 & 24 • 8pm E. Lee, revered for decades peace and included this line
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likely to change. no future reprisals against
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at 8pm government superseding treason on the basis that
MAY 7 & 8 • 8pm those of the states and the the terms of parole agreed
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Slavery was not formally arrangement and can have
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well, although a tiny wrote Grant seeking
MAY 14 & 15 • 8pm percentage compared with amnesty.
Headliner the South.
Nine days later, in
FRITZ NOTHNAGEL The New York Times response to Lee's request,
accused Lee of treason, Grant wrote to Secretary
MAY 21 & 22 • 8pm writing in a June 4, 1865, of War Edwin Stanton:
Headliner editorial: "He has 'levied
war against the United "In my opinion, the
BILL BORONKAY States' more strenuously officers and men paroled at
than any other man in the Appomattox courthouse,
MAY 28 & 29 JEFF SHAW JUNE 18 & 19 LARRY REEB land, and thereby has been and since, upon the same
JUNE 4 & 5 ANDY BENINGO JUNE 25 & 26 PAT TOMASULO specially guilty of the crime terms given to Lee, cannot
JUNE 11 & 12 ALI SULTAN of treason, as defined in the be tried for treason so long
042221 Constitution of the United as they observe the terms
For advance tickets visit States," and "whether Gen. of their parole. This is my
or stop in at 1420 63rd St. Kenosha between Noon - 4pm Mon. - Fri. Lee should be hung or not, understanding. Good faith,
is a minor question." as well as true policy,
Call for more information 262-564-8800 dictates that we should
President Andrew observe the conditions of
that convention. Bad faith
Johnson, who took office
see ULLMAN on page 8


my turn

I’m a capitalist, Readers may email Cal
Thomas at
Mr. President, but
[email protected].
you’re not Look for Cal Thomas’ new
book “America’s Expiration
with Cal Thomas Date:The Fall of Empires and
Superpowers and the Future
Back in the day when Let’s define two terms. President Joe Biden speaks in Pittsburgh on March 31, 2021, as he unveils his $2 trillion
“Saturday Night Live” was First, capitalism: “an of the United States”
funny, Chevy Chase would economic system in which infrastructure plan.
open the “Weekend investment in and
Update” segment by saying, ownership of the means of that only government is the persuaded some businesses collective problem.” question and no one in the
“I’m Chevy Chase … and production, distribution, answer to every problem
you’re not.” and exchange of wealth is by proposing a global to  move back  to the U.S. The obvious question Biden administration has
made and maintained minimum tax.Axios reports from overseas. They had then becomes, if big voluntarily offered an
That line came to mind chiefly by private what it concludes is the exited because of higher government can solve our explanation.
over President Biden’s individuals or corporations, rationale behind her taxes. problems, why hasn’t it
massive tax-and-spend especially as contrasted to thinking: “Convincing other Speaking of Chevy
proposals, which are unlike cooperatively or state- countries to impose a
anything since FDR, after owned means of wealth.” global minimum tax would Mark Zandi, chief solved them by now? Chase, the comedian
whom Biden appears to be reduce the likelihood of
modeling himself. The Now, socialism:“a theory companies relocating economist for Moody In a 2018 article, once said: “Socialism works
president thinks he’s a or system of social offshore, as Biden seeks to Analytics, reacted to the Investor’s Business Daily … [and] Cuba might prove
capitalist … but he’s not. organization that advocates increase the corporate rate Biden administration’s tax- quoted the Bureau of that. I think it’s conclusive
the ownership and control from 21 percent to 28 and-spend proposals when Economic Analysis: “… that there have been areas
In a very short time, we of the means of production percent.” he told The Hill: “It takes a some $305.6 billion where socialism has helped
have regressed and distribution, capital, whole different perspective returned to the U.S. from to keep people at least
from  Ronald Reagan’s land, etc., by the community That’s got it backward, on government. … Ever overseas accounts (after stabilized at a certain level.”
“government is not the as a whole, usually through but it typifies the thinking since Ronald Reagan it’s President Trump cut
solution to our problem, a centralized government.” of those whose faith is in been about government corporate tax rates). That’s Yes, and that level is
government IS our ever growing, more dysfunction, we need a $1.2 trillion annual rate, mutually shared mediocrity
problem” and Bill Clinton’s The definition of what expensive and intrusive smaller government, less and far more than the $35 and, in some cases, mutually
declaration that “the era of government. government. … This is the billion one year before.” shared poverty. Capitalism
big government is over” to fits the Biden tax and complete opposite. It’s raises boats for those who
Biden’s belief that the era saying government and only How is returning to the play by its rules,
of big government is just spending blowout is the Former President government can solve the bad old days of higher taxes accompanied by shared
beginning. problems we have because going to convince those moral values, while
latter. Treasury Trump’s reduction in they’re so large and beyond companies that returned socialism, especially when
any one of us. home to stay home? No paired with communism,
Secretary  Janet Yellen  is corporate tax rates Infrastructure is a reporter has asked that sinks too many boats and
ratcheting up the notion

Want to reform crucial that policing reform
policing? Start by efforts drill down beyond
making them appearances to examine the
good listeners. events that led up to that
with Mary Sanchez
For the most part, there’s
A man pays for cigarettes demanding police Readers can reach Mary no way to charge an officer
with a $20 bill. accountability. Sanchez at for not de-escalating. Maybe
that’s why it doesn’t gain
A child plays with a toy [email protected] the attention that it
gun in a park. and follow her on Twitter deserves.
A teenager and his friend One of the topics of Obviously, every situation
walk down the middle of a debate that has arisen from Mary Sanchez joins is different and hindsight
street in their the Black Lives Matter Happenings Q&A on makes things clearer, but
neighborhood. movement is how to keep Tuesday, May 4th at de-escalation skills are
these routine scenarios, 2:30 on AM1050 WLIP. pretty basic: the ability to
Each is a seemingly things that officers slow a situation down,
innocuous occurrence, encounter daily, from active listening, short
actions that anyone across unnecessarily turning deady. commands, a calm voice.
America might do on any Additional training in
day of the week. But in each There are those who will not, is often the deciding maybe even a non-violent mishandle or vulgarly abuse checking implicit bias,
case, a police officer was argue that it’s always the factor. This is a key policing arrest. But nothing the opportunity to make understanding how people
soon involved. And in each actions of the person who term being thrown at the dramatic, nothing that scars different choices, as was the in a mental health crisis
scenario, the man, the child wound up shot dead, not public during the trial of community-police relations case with Chauvin. react are another layer of
and the teenager all ended police, that deserve former Minneapolis officer or worse, ends a life. crucial skills.
up dead. scrutiny. A litany of Derek Chauvin, charged in And yet, most states do
rationales will follow. “If the death of Floyd. In these crucial moments, not mandate de-escalation The most effective
George Floyd.Tamir Rice. they had only complied what is said and done, how training. It’s often the chiefs officers in de-escalation
Michael Brown. with what the officer De-escalation makes all the officer interprets the of police or sheriffs who sound a whole lot like
ordered. If they hadn’t been situation as well as whether decide whether it’s valued, if people you’d like for a
Their names could be high. If they hadn’t argued the difference in policing. It they have the skills to calm the skills are worth neighbor; calm, caring, with
listed along with so many …” If, if, if. it before the stakes rise can cultivating and reinforcing high levels of emotional
others that never piqued prevent a fatal, avoidable among officers. intelligence.
national media interest, but How about if the police represents the crucial crescendo.
nevertheless are deaths officer had kept in mind By the time a life is taken, Police shoot about 1,000
that people had in mind that the initial infraction minutes, sometimes Virtually every well- the circumstances might civilians dead every year.
when they took to the could never be worth the known death at the hands appear to meet the legal The numbers are pretty
streets this summer life that they were taking? seconds, that determine of police, either by gun or qualifications for lethal use consistent, despite dramatic
force, saw an officer ignore, of force. However, it’s declines in violent and
whether a police officer and
see SANCHEZ on page 8
citizen interact in a way that

“De-escalation,” whether ends without incident —
the officer is adept at it or
with a citation or a warning,


Deaths from cocaine, meth, Sheriff Beth Q&A
opioids on the rise
continued from page 2 department whatever it is, that would
Overdose deaths resulting have to be figured out.
from a dangerous combination shoot.
of cocaine and opioids are Q: The last thing law enforcement
outpacing fatalities linked to Q: Will some officers retire early? want to do is discharge their gun?
cocaine abuse alone, a new U.S.
government report warns. A: We are able to leave at 50 years A: Oh my god, our perfect day is...
old, you have to have at least 10 years on nothing happens. Our perfect day is no
"Much of the increase in the but yeah I picture some if they are going neighbors get into fights, no one beats
rate of drug overdose deaths to go they will go. up their husband or their wife, there's
involving cocaine in recent no car accidents, no one speeding down
years is due to the co- Q: What are your thoughts on the road. Our perfect day is we can find
occurrence of opioids," said counselors going out on calls? nothing to do except go to the corner
study author Dr. Holly gas station and get a cup of coffee and a
Hedegaard. A: I have no issue with that, if they can doughnut.That would be the perfect day.
get a counselor out to these calls fast
A similar trend has started explore why these drug addiction is treatable." enough... I have no problem with that. Q: What is your take on what is
combinations are so lethal. That is really what we do, if you think of happening in the Twin Cities and around
taking hold because of the And while the latest study all the different jobs that a police officer the country?
But given that "these opioids was conducted before the has the list is endless. absolutely endless
combined abuse of both are very powerful and deadly," coronavirus pandemic, "the of what we are supposed to do what we A: These are very difficult times. It is
the findings come as little COVID-19 pandemic is likely are expected to do and how we are difficult to know what is going to happen
methamphetamines and surprise to Lindsey Vuolo, vice driving the increase in drug supposed to do it. I can't think of any day on your department and not
president of health law and overdoses," Vuolo said. another job, I'm mean surgeons jobs are only do we have to worry about what
opioids. Starting in 2017, deaths policy with the Center on technical you have to have a steady happens in our department we also have
Addiction in New York City. "The economic losses, grief, heand but, a police officer has to be able to worry about what happens across
attributed to that pairing She reviewed the findings and anxiety and social isolation are to deal with small children, deal with this country as well. We saw that last
was not part of the study. leading to increased substance people in a shooting situation, in an year, so yeah, it's been an extremely
started to outpace deaths use and putting people in accident situation, in a death situation, difficult year and I feel sorry for
The numbers, Vuolo said, recovery at risk for relapse," solve a burglary, solve a crime. Minneapolis. After the George Floyd
linked to meth alone. "reflect prior trends: Overdose she said. "People are also Everything we do, even if you are driving incident there was civil unrest
deaths related to cocaine and increasingly using drugs alone down the road you are responsible for throughout the entire country. At
Still, the role played by psychostimulants have been because of social distancing. watching the traffic the best you can, varying levels. Even in small parts of
opioids in cocaine and meth increasing [and] rates of And that means, in the case of listening to your radio and everything Wisconsin there was but in some of the
overdoses have so far differed overdoses from synthetic an overdose, no one is there to else that is going on, and still have major cities there was huge unrest. In
by degree. opioids -- such as fentanyl -- administer naloxone -- the (although you are supposed to let them Indianapolis, I remember driving by last
have also been increasing." opioid overdose reversal go) you have issues at home that you are year   and seeing all of the exits closed
For example, 54% of all medication -- or call 911, thinking of at the same time. It's a going into Indianapolis because of
meth-related deaths in 2019 In fact, she noted that the leading to a greater risk for a daunting career, it's a rewarding career, demonstrations that were going on
also involved opioids. By number of people dying from fatal overdose." but it is getting more and more difficult. down there at the time. And nothing
contrast, 75.5% of all cocaine- overdoses have actually hit happened down in Indianapolis, so it is a
related deaths also involved record levels, citing recent data COVID-19 has also led to Q: Police will make mistakes, how do difficult time for communities, for law
one or more opioids in 2019. from the U.S. Centers for increased barriers to in-person these officers go forward? enforcement and (I want to say) for the
Disease Control and care, Vuolo added, making black community too.  We as a country
The findings may explain why Prevention indicating that treatment even more difficult A: It all depends on how you look at are in a very difficult time.
fatalities due to cocaine and approximately 88,000 people to get. it and one avenue to take is if an officer
meth have been on the rise in died from a drug overdose is in a situation like this and looking at it Q: Are you looking forward to
recent years, suggested between August 2019 and Hedegaard and her from their point of view, I think the state retirement?
Hedegaard, an injury August 2020. colleagues reported their legislatures have to come up with a
epidemiologist in the division of findings in the April issue of the retirement of some sorts for the officers A: Well yes, I mean when you are
analysis and epidemiology at "That equates to more than NCHS Data Brief. that are cleared of any wrong doing. For almost 61 years old you're kind of at the
the U.S. National Center for 240 people each day, and a as long as there is going to be law end of that and looking to move on to
Health Statistics. 26.8% increase from the prior By Alan Mozes enforcement people are going to pull something different. But I have enjoyed
year," Vuolo said. guns they are going to do all kinds of what I've done. And times are different
The overall trend seen in the Guida Brown, things and we're gonna react and we're the new generation is going to have to
analysis was substantially And "treatment access has Executive Diretor of the gonna take lives. State legislation has to do things differently.
different across U.S. regions. not been improving much for get in and give the officers a form of
people with addiction," she Hope Council on okay, thank you for your service but we Sheriff David Beth returns to
For example, a pairing of added. "That is why we Alcohol & Other Drugs are going to move you on to a different Happenings Q&A on Fri. May
cocaine and opioids accounted continue to see such high joins Happenings Q&A chapter so you never have to go though 7th at 12:00 on AM1050 WLIP.
for more than 83% of all numbers of overdose deaths. on Thu. May 6th at 1pm the threats... it could include training to
cocaine-related deaths in the People are dying because they be a CNC machinist or whatever it is.
Northeast, but just 63% in the can't get effective care. These on AM1050 WLIP. They would have to figure out how the
West. deaths are preventable because pension part world work. Would it be a
pension representing your two years on
Similarly, fatalities due to a the department or your 30 years on the
combination of meth and
opioids made up nearly 80% of
meth-related deaths in the
Northeast, but just 44% in the

The study team did not

Sanchez used to defuse the situation? What would Underwood, in Norfolk, has already
had an injurious effect, and I would ask
continued from page 7 Ullmanhappen if officers listened when Floyd told them that he be ordered to quash all
he was claustrophobic and didn’t want to be put indictments found against paroled
property crime rates in the last two decades. continued from page 6 prisoners of war, and to desist from
into the police car? further prosecution of them."
Certainly, in some deaths at the hands of
police, the lethal threat to the officer or Or what about the information that’s been on the part of the government, or a One wonders what Grant would say
someone else would be indisputable. But in turned against Floyd’s character in the trial of construction of that convention if he magically reappeared? Clearly,
other cases, an analysis of the entire interaction Chauvin — that fact that Floyd was suspected of subjecting the officers to trial for many of today's generals have markedly
would likely show other patterns, mistakes and being high and toxicology reports showed that treason, would produce a feeling of different views. And one wonders if in
opportunities that could have resulted in he had fentanyl and methamphetamine in his insecurity in the minds of all the today's hyper-charged and polarized
everyone walking away unharmed. system? How should officers treat someone in paroled officers and men. If so political environment, any minds would
that state? disposed, they might even regard such be changed.
Training instructors might instead act out the an infraction of terms by the
details of the events of George Floyd’s death, Slavery was horrific. But can we
but do so using solid de-escalation tactics. People shouldn’t have to be saints to walk government as an entire release from resolve the issue and end the Civil War
once and for all? A truly civilized state
How could the fact that Floyd was apologizing away unscathed from an interaction with a all obligations on their part. I will state could. Can we?
to officers when he stepped out of the car be
police officer. George Floyd died over a $20 bill. further that the terms granted by me

Tamir Rice was playing with a toy pellet gun.And met with the hearty approval of the

Michael Brown was walking down the street. president at the time, and of the

All of them should be alive today. country generally. The action of Judge


April 22, 2021 health
Kenosha County Aging & Disability Resource Center community


Be heard by your own state legislators!

Are you interested in issues affecting Your voice can make a difference! your legislative visits and for you to
older adults? Join members of the receive the training packets in the mail.
Wisconsin Aging Advocacy Network Aging Advocacy Online 2021 activities
(WAAN) and others to help educate focus on connecting aging advocates For more information visit
state legislators about priority issues with their legislators to advocate for this h t t p s : / / g w a a r. o r g / a g i n g - a d v o c a c y -
impacting Wisconsin’s aging population year’s WAAN key focus issues: online-2021.
via this year’s virtual events!
• Aging & Disability Resource Questions may be directed to:
No experience is necessary. You’ll get Center Reinvestment – includes
the training and support you need to funding to support the Elder Benefit Janet Zander, Advocacy & Public
speak effectively with state lawmakers in Specialist program and to expand
a two-hour statewide online training Dementia Care Specialist services, Policy Coordinator, Greater WI
Monday, May 10. Then put your training caregiver support and programs, health
to use on Wednesday, May 12, in a short promotion services, care transition Agency on Aging Resources, Inc.;
virtual meeting hosted by Kenosha and services, and Tribal Aging and Disability
Racine Aging & Disability Resource Resources (715) 677-6723 or
Centers. All state legislators in Senate
Districts 21 and 22, are invited to attend • Family Caregiver Support – [email protected].
the meeting covering Kenosha and includes caregiver tax credit, Family and
Racine counties. Your group will present Medical Leave Act amendments, and
WAAN’s 2021 priorities and share expansion of the Alzheimer’s Family and
related personal stories. Your Caregiver Support Program
experiences are important and help
policymakers understand how specific • Infrastructure Expansion – includes
policy issues and proposals impact older transportation support, high-speed
constituents. internet access, and housing affordability

Wisconsin Aging Advocacy Online • Lowering Health Care Cost –
Schedule includes falls reduction funding,
prescription drug cost affordability
Monday, May 10, 1 — 3 p.m. Advocacy
training The key focus issues are subject to
change. Registration open now
Wednesday, May 1, 1— 2 p.m. Meet with through April 26, 2021
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Together we are KAFASI; Where • Help elderly and disabled adults by • Provide technical assistance to
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At KAFASI, concerns like access to run other needed errands
nutrition and preventing social • Provide basic assistance and/or
isolation have always been a priority. • Volunteer assignments are flexible troubleshooting
KAFASI’s programs are needed now to work with your schedule
more than ever, and they cannot do • Help seniors connect virtually so
this work without volunteers. If you • Driver mileage is reimbursed at they can participate in online
are currently looking to reconnect $0.42 per mile educational or social events and keep
with service opportunities, take a in touch with family and friends
look at the opportunities listed Meal on Wheels Drivers
below.You might find a perfect fit for Grocery Shopping Program
your schedule and current comfort • Deliver meals to home bound
level. seniors in our community • Designed to assist those with
barriers to grocery shopping
CURRENT OPPORTUNITIES • Your time provides a fresh meal,
regular social interaction, and a visual • Pick up orders and deliver to
Urgently Needed: Volunteer safety check participants home
Transportation Drivers
• Training is provided Questions? Call KAFASI at 262-
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Tech Assistance


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ask amy months, until they have you don’t know), but this
completely disappeared. is an issue you should
run past your sons.
You might suggest this
idea to your What might seem like
Grandpa wants to benign “general
bribe girls not to Dear Amy: My adult
get ink sons are so estranged knowledge” to you might
from my ex-husband that
neither invited him to strike them as private
their weddings. While I
still have difficult feelings and intrusive.
toward my ex, I try to
have some level of civil As it is your
interaction with him.
Dear Amy: I am changing jobs or is that be able to have any compassion toward your
grandfather to three He often asks for something that only they knowledge of what is
precious girls, via my two updates as to what our should share? going on in their lives. ex-husband is
wonderful kids. The sons are up to and how
granddaughters are ages they are doing. He is He rarely tries to commendable, but you
18, 15 and 11 — and their father, and it seems contact them, although I
they are all intelligent, to me that he has a right Since they want no know he has reached out seem to be placing his
hardworking, to know at least a bit in the past.
charismatic, and lovely. about what is going on in contact with him, desires and “rights” over
their lives. I don't pass along
Ours is a close family, without some anything I would think of those of your sons.
even though we are bi- Is it inappropriate for as a confidence. But
coastal. me to share general information from me he sharing some basics You could use this as
information, such as doesn't seem wrong to an attempt to build a
Recently my daughter You can email buying a house or would have virtually no me. Am I off base? – rickety bridge between
informed me that the Amy Dickinson at Unsure all of these men: “Dad
oldest granddaughter is [email protected] knowledge of them. often asks about you; I
talking about getting a or send a letter to Dear Unsure: You don’t want to violate
tattoo. Ask Amy, P.O. Box 194, While I do hope that don’t say why your sons your privacy, so I want to
Freeville, NY 13068. at some point my sons' want no-contact with make sure it’s OK if I
If she (the You can also follow her on feelings toward their their father (and perhaps share very general
granddaughter) were to Twitter @askingamy father will soften, I have knowledge with him –
ask me my thoughts never pushed them to just to let him know the
about this idea, I would or Facebook. have more interactions basics?”
tell her honestly that I with him.
disapprove for the simple nothing to do with love
reason that body ink is — I will love them Still, it does seem sad
for the most part regardless, of course — to me that he should not
permanent, extremely nor is it “punishment.”
painful, and complicated
to remove. If they really want a Friendly Visitor Senior Center Without Walls ±MAY 2021
tattoo, they should Program
But she hasn’t asked probably get one — but A unique telephone conference call connecting
my opinion. It is, after all, if they choose not to, or SUNDAY
her body and therefore at least to wait until they people from the comfort of your own home
of no personal concern are 30 (when I will most
reward them for
Still, I honestly don’t indulging me. – Too 1
want her to get a tattoo. Controlling?
Not now, not ever.
Dear Controlling: If 2 Sunday with Sally 3 4 NAMASTE 5 6 11:00 am 7 8
So, what do you think you want to teach these Join Mary Ann for an
of the idea of bribing her lovely girls to tie the 4 pm engaging PAUSE for Guided Q&A 15
(and her sister and concept of accepting 9 Sunday with Sally 10 conversation ³,W ZDV 22
cousin) not to get one? (extremely generous) so much FUN Meditation With Senator 29
bribes to making 4pm ZKHQ«´
I have in mind telling all personal choices, then go Bob Wirch
three girls that if they for it, understanding that
will refrain from getting a there are possible 2 pm
tattoo until, say, age 30, I unintended
will provide a “bonus” to consequences. 11 LIBRARY LADY 12 13 11:00 am 14
their inheritance (I’m Book discussion:
thinking $10,000 each.) PAUSE for Guided Technology
Immortal Life of Meditation
I would be careful to Henrietta Lacks by Assistance
explain that this has Rebecca Skloot
with Troy

16 Sunday with Sally 17 18 Friendship Circle 19 20 11:00 am 21
Military Special Series PAUSE for Guided Q&A
For instance, the next Meditation With Senator
choices they could run Bob Wirch

past you might be: The 2pm

decision to take up 23 Sunday with Sally 24 25 Dinosaur Museum 26 27 11:00 am 28

smoking, or engage in _____________ We will explore PAUSE for Guided Technology
31Memorial Day .HQRVKD¶V own Meditation
________________ Assistance
other risk-taking
30 Sunday with Sally We Will special exhibit with Troy

behavior they know you 4pm Not Forget 2pm 2pm

might be willing to pay For more information contact Kenosha Area Family and Aging Se2rpvmices, Inc, 262-658-3508 PLEASE REGISTER TO JOIN THE CALL

them to avoid.

Bribing also might lead
them to do what they
want, but simply not tell
you about it, in order to
avoid disappointing both
you and their bank

I need to add that 031821
technological advances
have apparently hit the
world of ink. There are
now tattoo products
that advertise as
“ephemeral,” designed to
fade over a series of

FOR ADVERTISING RATES CALL 262-564-8800 SMART READER April 22, 2021 11

social security -- If you were born on
and you the 11th through 20th of
the month, you will get
Three rules about your Social Security
Social Security check on the third
checks everyone Wednesday of the
should know month.

with Tom Margenau If you have a Social -- If you were born on
Security question,Tom the 21st through 31st of
Margenau has the answer. the month, you will get
your Social Security
Contact him at check on the fourth
thomas.margenau@comcast. Wednesday of each
net.To find out more about month.
Tom Margenau and to read
There are some basic No. 1: Social Security benefits are not Some may wonder why Having said that, some
facts about when and benefits are paid one past columns and see prorated. As you will checks are sent one
how Social Security month behind. In other features from other Creators learn, this is good news month late. In a nutshell, people (mostly people
checks are due and words, the benefit while you are alive. But it the law says you must
delivered that confuse payment for May will be Syndicate writers and can be bad news for your meet all the eligibility who were already getting
many people.To help you sent to you in June. cartoonists, visit the Creators survivors after you die. requirements for an
understand, here are entire month in order to benefits before the
three rules about getting No. 2: For most Syndicate website at The rest of this column get a Social Security
Social Security checks people, your Social will explain these rules. check for that month. In staggered delivery
that everyone needs to Security benefit arrives in other words, the
know. your bank account on fourth Wednesday of So, the first rule is government must wait schedule went into
the second, third or each month. Although, pretty cut and dried. until the month is over
some people, mostly old- with before it knows for effect) still get their
timers, get their check on sure that you are due
the third of each month. benefits for that month. benefits delivered on the

No. 3: Social Security One other point about third of each month. And
this rule:When the Social
Security retirement for reasons I haven't
application asks you
which month you want been able to figure out,
your benefits to start,
don't worry about the some members of a
month you will actually
be paid. Just put down married couple will get
the eligibility month. For
Comfortable example, if you want his or her benefits on the
Housing benefits to start at age
65, and you are 65 in May Wednesday delivery date
2021, indicate May as
your starting month -- that applies to the other
not June, even though
that is when you will spouse.
actually be paid.
And as I hinted earlier,
The second rule takes
Pay Only 30% of Gross Income for Rent! a little more explanation. when it comes to the
For decades, all Social
1 Bedroom, Heat, Appliances Security benefits were third rule, the proration
paid on the third of each
month. But as the of Social Security checks,
number of Social
Oakview Manor Apartments Ages 62+ Washington Court Apartments Ages 62+ Security beneficiaries it is generally good news
grew, Social Security
4720 Byrd Avenue 55110011WWrrigighhttAAvvennuuee officials noted that this on the front end of your
once-a-month payment
Racine, WI 53406 Racine, WI 53406 schedule was putting a Social Security
huge workload on their
262-498-5813 262-61392-10178392 field offices and call experience but bad news
centers at the beginning
Call Reilly-Joseph Company for an application today! of each month. So, they on the back end. For
decided to stagger Social
Security payment dates example, let's say Mary
on each of three
(414) 271-4116 SR042320 Wednesdays throughout was born on Aug. 28,
the month.
1955, and wants her
-- If you were born on
OPPORTUNITY the first through 10th of benefits to begin at her
the month, you will get
your Social Security full retirement age of 66
check on the second
Wednesday of each and 2 months -- or Oct.
28, 2021. She will get a

Social Security check for

the entire month of

October (payable in

November), even though

she was 66 and 2 months

for only two days of the


On the other hand,
let's say John dies on
Oct. 28, 2021, at age 85.
The law says John must
be alive the entire month
to get a benefit for that
month. So, John's wife or
family will not be due the
proceeds of his October
check, payable in
November. However, if
his wife is eligible for
widows benefits, she will
get those benefits for the
entire month of October,
even though she was a
widow for only two days
of the month.

And now that you have
a better understanding of
these basic rules.


12 SMART READER April 22, 2021 FOR ADVERTISING RATES CALL 262-564-8800

What’s your why?

We’ve all been asked, trust most to follow done because of all the
“Do you have an advance benefits associated with
directive?”, when visiting their wishes and direct it.Yet, knowing this, in my
our healthcare 20s and 30s and I still
professionals. their healthcare. In some didn’t think I needed
Unfortunately, many of one.”
us, just like community states, such as
leader Adelene Greene,
don’t always take care of Wisconsin, family
it right away.
members who are “next-

of-kin” can’t make Meier finally realized
she needed the peace of
healthcare decisions for mind she had promoting
for years. Meier
a loved one without an continued, “For me it
was having control,
advance directive in designating who I wanted
to make certain
Greene recently took place. decisions for me in the
event that I wasn’t able
part in Kenosha County’s Last Friday the to do so. This was
extremely important to
National Healthcare Kenosha County Care me. What I do know,
from being a practicing
Decision Day event and Transitions Coalition attorney is that you don’t
always know what a
shared her story to help honored National court will rule, and you
don’t always get what
others understand the Healthcare Decisions you’d want.”

importance. “I’ve known Day, by gathering

for years I needed to community leaders

complete an advance virtually to share their

directive,” Greene stories and their ‘whys’

shared, “My doctors to inspire others to do conversations… these make these difficult National Healthcare
things are very spiritual decisions,” began Wilson. Decisions Day was
would ask, and I’d say, the same. in a sense. It goes with “I have these founded in 2008 and
the meaning and purpose uncomfortable takes place every year on
‘Yes, I know I need to Helen Sampson, a in their lives. What they conversations with April 16. It highlights the
believe and don’t believe. patients, but it’s harder importance of advanced
complete one, but no, I member of the coalition, When my wife and I with family.” Ultimately care planning for adults
were filling our forms Wilson chose a close over the age of 18. But
haven’t done it yet.’” opened the panel out, I was kind of friend to be her agent, as you don’t have to wait
shocked that she had she felt it would be too for April 16 to roll
Greene said part of her discussion with a Hospital Chaplain very different views difficult for her family to around every year to
about after life, such as have to reject life complete an advance
motivation was her question. “Your Dave Baugher’s big ‘why’ getting cremated or sustaining measures. directive. Staff at the
buried. These things Kenosha County Aging &
family. Once completed, experience,” Sampson was working in come up when you start Disability Resource
having the conversation. I Center are available to
she was surprised how explained,“speaks louder healthcare for almost 15 think it’s very assist with the
important.” completion of this
simple and easy it was. “I than those of us who years along with his wife. important document. For
more information call
feel much better now. have been beating this Baugher explained, “You the ADRC at 262-605-
People will know what drum. I’d like to start ask people about
By Paula J. Clark,
my desires are in the with ‘why’, because it’s advanced healthcare. It’s Community Outreach

event that I would ‘the why’ that is kind of hypocritical if you Coordinator, ADRC

become incapacitated in underneath all our don’t have your own Making future

the future.” Greene choices in life.Why were advanced directive. It healthcare decisions

shared. you motivated to was a good motivator. known to family, friends

A Power of Attorney complete your advanced Working in crisis and and healthcare providers
for Healthcare is an
advance directive that directive?” healthcare we see allows a person to have a
allows a person to
document what their “I was a practicing people coming in, young Dorthia D. Wilson, an voice in their healthcare
healthcare wishes would attorney for 25 years
be if they become unable before becoming a and old in crisis, and all of advanced practice if at some point in their
to communicate. It judge,” Judge Jody Meier
allows a person to began, “I would be the a sudden, they are in provider, completed her lives they’re not
choose someone they one preaching to
everyone to get this intensive care and unable form after a serious physically able to do so.

to make their own illness. “When I was “We need to move this

decisions, and now acutely ill, it was very from being a burden to

what?” Baugher scary knowing I had not being an opportunity,”

continued, “Having those yet named a person to shared Sampson.





7110 74th PL, Kenosha, WI
“Located next to Menards”

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books Philip Roth biography emphasizes
his unruly life over his novels

“I don’t want you to rehabilitate me. women, and Bailey

Put a spring in your Just make me interesting,” was demures, “Not all of
step with the 10 best celebrated novelist Philip Roth’s Roth’s mentoring
astringent instruction to his projects had an erotic

books of April biographer, Blake Bailey.The result is component.” Roth
the nearly 1,000-page Philip Roth: meets the great

From a buoyant novel to an eloquent memoir, and from The Biography, in which Bailey, who Czech writer Ivan

a spot-on biography to a history of the slave trade, these completed the book after Roth’s Klíma, who tours him

recently released books provide opportunities for death in 2018, seems to be saying around Prague; he

reflection and renewal. something along the lines of: “You’re meets the Milan

already interesting. I shall therefore Kundera, and readers

rehabilitate you.” learn a little about the

Making Roth interesting is the easy Czech novelist; but
part. From the start of his literary
career to his ascent to literary when Roth meetsVera
stardom (and notoriety), Roth was
one of the most famous writers in Saudková, the
America. He was more disciplined
than his cohort Norman Mailer, more daughter of Franz
stylistic than John Updike, more
overtly humorous than his literary Kafka’s youngest
father-figure Saul Bellow. By the time
he died, Roth had led one of the most sister, he offers, more
prominent literary lives in United
States history. or less on the spot, to

marry her. She

declines, saying her

two sons lived in

Prague. Or, Roth

speculates, “she was

waiting for an offer

Rehabilitating Roth, however, is from John Updike.”
frankly impossible, although Bailey
The Elephant of Belfast by S. Kirk Walsh does his best. His research is At every turn, with book: Roth’s many novels are very
enormously comprehensive, but every anecdote, “Philip Roth: The much portrayed as his business, and
A young zookeeper caring for a motherless elephant although he includes incidents that Biography” inadvertently paints its maybe his therapy, but almost never
plumbs the depths of love and loyalty in a spellbinding Roth might have wanted him to subject as a griping, whining, scolding, his passion. Each new novel’s gestation
novel set in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in World War II. S. exclude, he’s always ready with manipulator and a compulsive and critical reception is logged, but
Kirk Walsh’s account was inspired by the true story of the equivocation, obfuscation, and womanizer who then turned around there’s far, far more of the writer than
“elephant angel” of the Belfast Zoo, and she provides a euphemism. and vilified the women in his life for the writing in these pages. Like many
deeply researched backdrop for complex characters. not being sufficiently supportive. of the women in Roth’s life, the reader
Roth orchestrates harassment simply can’t avoid him. After leaving
campaigns against reviewers he Readers don’t require their writers this cenotaph, they may very much
doesn’t like, and Bailey calls them to be saints, or at least they shouldn’t. want to.
“pranks.” Roth uses college teaching But the more the saint recedes, the
jobs to stalk and prey on young more weight the work must bear, and By Steve Donoghue
this is a striking weakness of Bailey’s

Early Morning Riser by Katherine Heiny

Behind the processed food industryThis funny, smart, and enormously kindhearted novel

begins in 2002, as Jane, a 20-something Michigander and

second grade teacher, settles into her new life in upstate In the past 40 years,America's including titan investor Warren
Boyne City.As Jane’s love life kicks into gear and her social waistline has grown. If obesity is Buffet.
circle expands, the dynamics of small-town relationships defined as 35 extra pounds for
play out in honest, hilarious ways. an individual of average height, Buffet who had bet a chunk
than we are in trouble. It began of his money and personal diet
First Person Singular by Haruki Murakami in the late 70's when obesity on Coke said, "I'm one-quarter
increased from 15 percent to 40 Coca-Cola. If I eat 2,700
Haruki Murakami enthralls with this short-story percent of the population. calories a day, a quarter of that
collection that proves again why he is foremost a is Coca-Cola. I drink at least
remarkably affecting storyteller. In these tales, older men

remember their younger selves; a tanka writer disappears When you do the math that five 12-ounce servings." Buffet

but her verses linger; Charlie Parker plays again; a lonely equates into 96 million obese who was behind the merger of

monkey speaks of love; and baseball inspires poetry. Americans and almost as many Heinz and Kraft said there are

The Music of Bees by Eileen Garvin classified as overweight. Pre- people who can be counted to
pandemic, the US Surgeon continue to buy the most
The striking beauty of the Pacific Northwest, and the General said that obesity was heavily processed foods.
humble marvel of beekeeping, bring home nature’s life responsible for nearly 300,000
lessons to a trio of misfits in Eileen Garvin’s debut novel. premature deaths each year. In his book Hooked Michael
This charming small-town story about second chances Moss, deftly lays out
hums along, with the characters finding renewal in the Now factor in that obesity and compelling case of food
kindness of friendship. diabetes can substantially companies, with their cutting
increase morbidity in patients edge food science and clever
Peaces by Helen Oyeyemi with Covid-19 and the stakes are marketing campaigns that

Otto and Xavier Shin and their pet mongoose set off on even higher and one more continue to exploit our

a mysterious train trip, the start of a surreal adventure of reason why Hooked: Food, vulnerability and addiction to

imaginings and memories and illusions. In this weird and Free Will, and How the Food processed adulterated

wonderful novel, the trio explore the exquisite sleeper Giants is a must read. convenience foods.

train as they uncover enigmas including personal insights Michael Moss, the number one Unfortunately we have become a By Frank Carmichael
that will forever bind them together. New York Times best selling nation of sugar addicts with food
author of "Salt, Sugar, Fat" returns with manufacturers having developed 56 Author Michael Moss joins
My Broken Language by Quiara Alegría Hudes a scathing expose of the food industry. types of sugar added to their Happenings Q&A on
Using the latest research on products. Big food is cognizant of the
Quiara Alegría Hudes wrote the book for the Tony- addiction, Moss reveals the truth, that fact that people were becoming aware Thursday, April 29th at 12:30
winning musical “In the Heights” and won a Pulitzer for her food manufacturers have capitalized of their tactics, but there still were on AM1050 WLIP.
play “Water by the Spoonful.” In this raw and eloquent on the fact that in some cases holdouts in the industry that saw no
memoir, she brings a brutal honesty to the experiences of adulterated food can be more reason to push the panic button
Latina girls and women. She uncovers how language both addictive than alcohol, cigarettes and
reflects and distorts the self-images of immigrants. drugs.

see page 15 for more

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Q&A with Lesley-Ann Jones, author
of ‘The Search for John Lennon’

The Fab Four had horribly to I ended up really loving
become him. And I’m somebody
nicknames: the cute things he who’s adored Paul Best books of April
didn’t believe McCartney ever since I was
one, the quiet one, the in for the a child. John found the thing continued from page 14
sake of fame that I’ve never found, which
smart one, the funny and fortune.  is the one true love. He The Light of Days by Judy Batalion
solved his problems from
one. The brainy Beatle the outside inwards by Judy Batalion’s thrilling, devastating book tells of an
accepting that Yoko was the underground network of young Jewish women in Poland
was also dizzyingly woman for him.  who resisted the Nazis by engaging in smuggling, sabotage,
and even armed defense. Their courageous deeds, largely
complex, as He did treat his first wife, forgotten until now, are astounding.
Cynthia, terribly badly. But I
demonstrated in The Yo ko feel now that he probably The Ledger and the Chain by Joshua Rothman
Ono, didn’t know how else to tell
Search for John Lennon’s her that the marriage In smoothly readable prose and with an unflinching
second wife, wasn’t working and that moral eye, Joshua Rothman uses the biographies of a few
Lennon: The Life, is often he’d found someone else. A key players to investigate the internal slave trade of
painted as a lot of the time, a man might America in the years before the Civil War, when a half-
Loves, and Death of a villain who seem to do something million enslaved people were bought and sold all over the
broke up mean and spiteful because South.
Rock Star, which the Beatles. he doesn’t know how to do
How do you it any other way. So I have a The Triumph of Nancy Reagan by Karen Tumulty
arrives as fans mark the view her?  lot of sympathy for John. He
did learn from women. And Karen Tumulty combines years of original research and
40th anniversary of his we can understand him sharply readable prose to effect a near-miracle: the
most by examining the complete rescue of former first lady Nancy Reagan from
murder in New York on women in his life. the hands of slanderers and trivializers. The woman who
emerges from these pages might not always be likable, but
Dec. 8, 1980. Randy By Randy Dotinga she’s the most formidable first lady in half a century.

Dotinga spoke with the British rock Ages of American Capitalism by Jonathan Levy
historian Lesley-Ann
book’s author, British Jones answers more Economic historian Jonathan Levy has written a history
questions about one of the American economy that is simultaneously
rock historian Lesley- She was of music’s brightest comprehensive and readable. He explains fundamental
his salvation economic concepts and their importance with unusual
Ann Jones, about her in so many stars – and the clarity, and recounts the major economic and societal shifts
ways. For shadows he left in the United States with an emphasis on their effects on
deeply perceptive one, she was behind when she joins ordinary lives.
the ultimate
portrait of this brilliant, m o t h e r- r e p l a c e m e n t Happenings Simon & Schuster
therapy. She also was a Q&A/AM1050 WLIP pulls out of book by
troubled, not-always- much more enlightened, on Friday, April 30th cop involved in
better-educated person Breonna Taylor raid
admirable musician.  than John and a trained at 1:30.
musician herself. She Publisher Simon & Schuster says it won't distribute a
What surprised you He wrote it when he was introduced these more book written by a Louisville police officer who was part of
about John Lennon’s life? 24. It was a very upbeat, global ideas and brought the controversial raid that killed Breonna Taylor more than
jolly song that we’d dance him into the 20th century.  a year ago. Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly's book, The Fight for
I didn’t realize quite how around to. If you really Truth:The Inside Story Behind the Breonna Taylor Tragedy,
much his songwriting was a listen to the words – “Help! How did Lennon is being published by Post Hill Press. Simon & Schuster
blatant cry for help. He’s I need somebody / Help! redeem himself late in distributes books published by Post Hill Press, a Tennessee-
always trying to claw his Not just anybody” – he’s life? based publisher. The company said it had only recently
way back to his mother. I’ve crying out to his mum. learned of the book's existence.
interviewed many rock When I was a child listening He found genuine
stars, and it’s struck me to these very catchy songs, I happiness as a partner and "We have subsequently decided not to be involved in the
how much these guys tend had no idea that they were a father. All of his failings distribution of this book," Simon & Schuster said in a
to have in common. They so personal, and so with his first wife [the late statement. Mattingly was part of a botched "no-knock"
almost always come to multilayered and so full of Cynthia Lennon] and his drug raid at Taylor's Louisville apartment on March 13,
music as an escape. They’ve his own angst, trying to son Julian are redeemed 2020. He fired six shots during the confrontation after he
mostly had dysfunctional work things out, get a with [his second son] Sean, was shot in the thigh by Taylor's boyfriend Kenneth Walker,
childhoods with abuse or handle on himself, and find although that obviously who later said he thought the officers were intruders.
abandonment, and there’s a out who he was.  didn’t do Julian much good.
massive void that they’re But I think Julian also has Sam Aguiar, a Louisville attorney who represented
looking to fill in some way. Lennon often comes forgiven his father by now Taylor's mother in a civil lawsuit against Louisville, thanked
For the book, I wanted to across as a mean, cruel, and has come to terms with Simon & Schuster for its decision not to distribute
approach it from a woman’s and violent person. How the reasons why he was Mattingly's book.
and a mother’s point of should we consider those neglected. John did come
view – bring the small boy parts of his personality? full circle and was happy. "This book will be a joke and do nothing to expose all
John back, see [the world] the things he's been hiding," Aguiar said, according to the
through a child’s eyes, and He hadn’t the best start Louisville Courier Journal.
try to bring him along with in life, and fear was the
me and understand him at thing that drove John the A petition demanding that Simon &
every stage. most. It is very important Schuster cancel Mattingly's book attracted more than
to reveal him in all his 20,000 signatures.
How does the hit facets, warts and all, how he What’s your
Beatles song “Help!” fit compromised himself This is the second time in three months that Simon &
into this narrative? assessment of Lennon? Schuster has pulled out of a book agreement involving a
high-profile author. In January, it abandoned a book by
NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLERS Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley following his continued support
for protesters and supporters of former President Donald
PRINT & E-BOOKS NONFICTION PRINT & E-BOOKS FICTION Trump who attacked the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

1. Broken Horses (Carlile) 1. The Hill We Climb (Gorman) "[We] cannot support Sen. Hawley after his role in what
2. Finding Freedom (French) 2. The Four Winds (Hannah) became a dangerous threat to our democracy and
3. Broken (Lawson) 3. Where the Crawdads Sing (Owens) freedom," Simon & Schuster said at the time.
4. Beautiful Things (H.Biden) 4. The Midnight Library(Haig)
5. The Light of Days (Batalion) 5. Good Company (Sweeney)
6. The God Equation (Kaku) 6. The Red Book (Patterson/Ellis)
7. The Code Breaker (Issacson) 7. Win (Coben)
8. The Body (Bryson) 8. Northern Spy (Berry)
9. Killers of the Flower Moon (Grann) 9. The Song of Achilles (Miller)
10. The Body Keeps the Score (van der Kolk) 10. Later (King)

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Pet World animals

with Cathy Rosenthal in the news

How to handle a cat who Rangers try to
hates being picked up capture wandering
goat in Death Valley
Dear Cathy, We have an pick her up -- but only a few As well as being a recuring Aggressive goose National Park
18-month-old tabby. When we feet off the floor and only for a guest on Happenings Q&A, patrols parking lot
brought her home from the few seconds. Talk to her in a Officials at Death Valley National
shelter, she had an upper sweet voice, and then Cathy M. Rosenthal is a Park said they are trying to capture a
respiratory infection and immediately put her down in longtime animal advocate, goat seen wandering in the California
chlamydia, which was passed front of a tempting treat or author, columnist and pet part of the park. Park rangers said in a
on from her mother. For six special wet cat food. It's expert who has more than post on Death Valley National
months, we had to "burrito" important you put her down Park's  official Facebook page  that a
her to give her eye drops. before she reacts. Essentially, 30 years in the animal tourist spotted the goat wandering
Now, if we pick her up, she you are rewiring her brain to welfare field. Send your pet near Stovepipe Wells in California and
only allows us to hold her for associate being held with a questions, stories and tips to shared a photo with officials. Rangers
literally 10 seconds before she special treat. For the next few said they are attempting to capture the
starts to hiss, bite and scratch, weeks, pick her up only to give [email protected]. goat, which is not native to the park.
which makes it impossible to her the special treat or food, "Missing your goat? We aren't kidding,"
give her routine nail cuts or increasing how long you hold Customers and employees at a New the post said. "Although it may make
get her into her cat carrier for her and how high off the floor. show that it is his, and the new Jersey diner said an aggressive goose is for a seemingly fun surprise to see a
a trip to the vet. boyfriend likely triggered the protecting his brood in the parking lot goat in Death Valley, domestic goats are
behavior even more.There are and has been attacking humans who a known vector of a respiratory
Our vet prescribed a a few ways to address this get too close. Witnesses said the male disease that is fatal to bighorn sheep."
tranquilizer for vet visits, but problem. First, make sure your goose has frequently been spotted in
even under the influence, she After a few weeks, re- dog is fixed. Second, get a the parking lot at the Park West Diner Black bear cubs
becomes a devil cat at the vet, introduce nail trims, but only canine pheromone collar for in Woodland Park and has been acting wander into nursing
escaping and running around do a paw a day, followed by a him to wear so he is more threatening toward customers and home
the office, hissing and biting. treat. When taking her to the relaxed and receptive to employees. At least one man has been
We tried the same vet, drop a towel over her to training. Third, make sure the knocked over by the goose and left A pair of curious young black bears
tranquilizers at home for her pick her up and put her in the house is picked up to limit his with bruises on his face from the bird's figured out how to work the front
nail clipping with the same crate.With time, you can build places to pee. No computers, pecking. Experts said male geese are door of a North Carolina nursing
results. up her tolerance to these cardboard boxes or dirty known to be aggressive this time of home and wandered into the vestibule.
things. But remember, some laundry on the floor. Witness Cindy Brown captured video
We think this behavior cats simply don't like to be year because they are protecting their showing the two bears wandering up
developed from her earlier held and prefer to sit on your to the front door at Accordius Health
medication routine. She is lap instead. Next, use an enzymatic eggs. Canada geese  are protected at Asheville. One of the bears manages
otherwise a sweet cat and will to open the door and the bears
brush up against us and allow cleaner (available at the pet under the federal Migratory Bird Treaty wander in and out of the facility's
us to pet her.What can we do vestibule while wrestling. The video
to regain her trust? - Frances, Dear Cathy, I have a 7- store) to remove all traces of Act and regulated by the New Jersey shows the bears open the door from
Levittown, New York the outside at least twice. Brown told
year-old dog named Baxter. I the urine so he is not drawn Division of Fish and Wildlife. "If you go WLOS-TV  the unexpected visit
Dear Frances, While some brought "smiles to everyone" at the
cats simply don't like to be have had him for five years. I back to the same spot. Then, near their nest, they will come after nursing home. The North Carolina
held, early experiences can Wildlife Commission  issued a
shape behaviors. Let's replace have a doggy door that he uses start leaving treats in these you, they don't bite, but they'll clam on statement in March asking members of
an unhappy memory with a the public to keep a safe distance from
new experience associated to go into a fenced backyard. areas for him to find. If he you and you'll have a black or blue bear cubs as the animals began to
with food. Here's what you can become more active as temperatures
do. However, he pees on the thinks he might find a treat by mark that will last a month or so," rise.

Get her a feline pheromone dishwasher, refrigerator, the dishwasher, he is less likely Paterson Animal Control Officer John Tortoise with joint
collar to wear. These have a problems gets around
calming effect on cats. Let her washing machine, couch, and to pee on it. DeCanto told WABC-TV. He said male on roller board at zoo
wear the collar for a few days
so she is in the proper mindset cardboard boxes. If my new Don't rely on the doggy geese usually stay close to the nests A 23-year-old African spurred
for the training. tortoise at a German zoo gets around
boyfriend leaves the door to door. Routinely take him where their mates are tending the on his own despite joint problems
When you start training, thanks to a roller board. ZOOM
his room open, Baxter pees on outside to reduce his ability to eggs. "Just like us, you know we're here Erlebniswelt Gelsenkirchen zoological
adventure world in North Rhine-
surfaces in his room, most mark. to protect our little ones and we Westphalia said the 220-pound
tortoise, Helmuth,  started having
recently on a computer sitting Finally, have your boyfriend would do anything in our power to trouble supporting his own weight due
feed your dog, give him treats, protect them, it's the same thing," to shoulder joint problems with his
on the floor. I have never pet him and take him for DeCanto said. front legs. The zoo said Helmuth is
getting used to moving on his own
caught him peeing. I always just walks. They need to forge a Buddy the beefalo again after being lifted onto a board
with wheels that he can propel with his
clean up the mess and do not legs. Zookeepers said Helmuth's  legs
are strengthening  from his training
yell at him because he is relationship since your dog captured after 250 sessions with the roller board and he is
getting skilled at navigating around on
sensitive. I am at a loss at what may be feeling anxious with his days, gets reprieve on his wheels.
presence. The walks also will processing fate
to do. - Autumn, Littleton, encourage Baxter to mark
outside, which should help Police in Connecticut announced a
Colorado limit his inside offenses. beefalo that escaped from a
slaughterhouse has been captured after
Dear Autumn, Your dog is
likely marking the home to

250 days on the loose. The Plymouth

Police Department said the beefalo, a

hybrid of a buffalo and a domestic

cow,  was captured  after several

months  of failed attempts. The animal,

nicknamed Buddy,  escaped from a

trailer  outside the Plymouth Meats

processing facility Aug. 3 and police

warned the public to keep a safe

distance from the potentially aggressive

bovine. "The Plymouth Police is happy

to announce the capture of the ever

elusive Buddy the Beefalo," police

said  in a Facebook post. "His capture

was the result of a community effort

from spotting him, feeding him

throughout the winter and to the

experts who were able to make the

final capture." Police said Buddy will

now be transported to Massachusetts

for a veterinary exam before moving

on to his new permanent home at the

Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary in

Gainesville, Fla.

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Mayo Clinic

What is a bicuspid

aortic valve?

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I rather than the normal three detect bicuspid aortic valves. tests to monitor the valve general population. lifestyle. — Michael Cullen,
consider myself to be in cusps on their aortic valve. Bicuspid aortic valves often and aorta on a regular basis.
good health. I work out Although bicuspid aortic make characteristic sounds Echocardiograms are the People diagnosed with a M.D., Cardiovascular
several times a week, but valves can occur sporadically when health care providers most common tests to bicuspid aortic valve should
recently I began without any inheritance listen to hearts. monitor people with understand that they will Medicine, Mayo Clinic,
experiencing episodes of pattern, the condition also bicuspid aortic valves, but require regular monitoring
shortness of breath after can run in families. Many In addition to early valve CT scans and MRIs also can and may eventually require Rochester, Minnesota
going up and down the stairs people can live with a degeneration, people with serve that purpose. The valve replacement or repair.
in my home.After running on bicuspid aortic valve for bicuspid aortic valves carry a frequency of monitoring They should otherwise live E-mail a question to
the treadmill a few weeks their entire life, but there are risk for enlargement, or depends on the degree of an active, healthy and normal MayoClinicQ&[email protected].
ago, I got dizzy and fainted. I those who may need to have aneurysm development, of valve stenosis or
went to my doctor who told their valve surgically the ascending aorta, which is regurgitation, ascending For more information, visit
me that I have a bicuspid replaced or repaired. the main blood vessel that aorta enlargement, and a
aortic valve. Can you share carries blood out of the person’s family history. Tests
more about what this is and When people are born heart. People with bicuspid may be necessary as One-fifth of U.S.
if it can be fixed? Also, I have with a bicuspid aortic valve, aortic valves rarely can have frequently as every six adults live with
children. Are they at risk for the bicuspid valve typically narrowing, or coarctation, of months to as rarely as every chronic pain
this condition? functions well throughout the aorta. Echocardiogram, five years. Because bicuspid
childhood and early CT scan and MRI can detect aortic valves can run in More than 50.2 million Hospital and Mass Eye and
ANSWER: It can be a adulthood. When people aneurysms and coarctations families, all first-degree adults nationally report
shock to receive a diagnosis reach middle age, bicuspid of the aorta.Your health care relatives (i.e. children, siblings experiencing chronic pain Ear in Boston, used data
that you have a heart aortic valves can begin to provider may want to and parents) of people with due to a variety of health
condition. The good news is degenerate. Degeneration is monitor you with scans at bicuspid aortic valves should conditions that range from from nearly 32,000
that you should be able to normal for aortic valves as different intervals. have an echocardiogram to arthritis to fibromyalgia, a
live a healthy and active people age, but occurs at a check for a bicuspid aortic study published Tuesday by respondents to the survey
lifestyle with the right care. younger age in bicuspid Bicuspid aortic valves are valve and an ascending aortic the journal  Pain  found.
aortic valves compared to more prone to infection than aneurysm. Collectively, these pain- to estimate the prevalence
As a reminder, the heart normal aortic valves. normal aortic valves. causing conditions result in
has four major valves. The Infection of a heart valve is There are no medications $300 billion in lost of chronic pain nationally.
two valves on the left side of Degeneration occurs in called infective endocarditis. to treat a bicuspid aortic productivity each year
the heart are the aortic valve two forms: narrowing, also It can have devastating valve. The only treatment is because of missed Just over 20% of
and the mitral valve, and the known as stenosis; or consequences. Infective surgery to repair or replace workdays other effects on
two valves on the right side leaking, also known as endocarditis can occur from the aortic valve if the job performance, the respondents to the survey
are the pulmonary valve and regurgitation. People do not bacteria that are a normal stenosis or regurgitation researchers said.
the tricuspid valve. The feel any symptoms of part of the human mouth. becomes bad enough, or if reported experiencing
aortic valve is the main bicuspid aortic valves until People with bicuspid aortic the ascending aorta
"door" out of the heart. the narrowing or leaking valves in addition to dental becomes too large. chronic pain, reporting
Blood flows through the becomes severe enough to abscesses or other mouth
aortic valve to exit the heart, affect heart function. At that infections carry a higher risk Not all patients with missing just over 10
and supplies oxygen and point, people with bicuspid of infective endocarditis. It is bicuspid aortic valves will
nutrients to the rest of the aortic valves may notice critically important that need heart surgery. Studies workdays annually,
body. shortness of breath, difficulty people with bicuspid aortic suggest that up to 75% of
exercising, lightheadedness valves undergo regular people with bicuspid aortic compared to those
The normal aortic valve or chest pain. This sounds dental cleanings and maintain valves will require
has three leaflets, also like what happened in your excellent oral hygiene. intervention at some point without chronic pain, who
known as cusps. Some situation. in their lives. If people with
people can be born with People with bicuspid bicuspid aortic valves have missed just under three on
one, two or even four cusps If heart function becomes aortic valves need to have regular monitoring and
of their aortic valve. The significantly impaired, people examinations from their prompt treatment, their average.
most common of these can develop heart failure — health care provider and lifespans are similar to the
abnormalities is an aortic the symptoms of which In 2019, the National These missed workdays
valve with two cusps — include fluid retention, Center for Health result in nearly $80 billion
thus, a bicuspid aortic valve. weight gain, swelling in the Statistics, part of the U.S. in lost wages each year.
legs, substantial breathing Centers for Disease Those with chronic pain
A bicuspid aortic valve is a difficulty and, potentially, Control and Prevention, also reported more
common cardiovascular even syncope, which means began questioning adults limitations to participation
condition, affecting about 1% passing out. nationally about pain in its in social activities and daily
of the general population. National Health Interview activities, the researchers
Bicuspid aortic valves are Health care providers Survey. The survey is said. Back, hip, knee and
more common in men, but usually diagnose bicuspid produced from an annual foot pain were the most
also affect women.A bicuspid aortic valves with an questionnaire and offers common sources of pain
aortic valve is a congenital ultrasound of the heart valuable insights into the reported, and physical
condition, meaning that called an echocardiogram. health status of adults therapy and massage
people are born with two CT scan and MRI also can nationwide, Yong and his therapy were most
colleagues said. commonly sought as
The researchers, from
Brigham and Women's

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rfoecoidpe&s Asian Chicken
Nutrition News never too old to lose weight. In Lose It! and Fitbit. Choose one
with Charlyn Fargo a study published recently in you like, and use it every day. Servings: 4
Clinical Endocrinology, a group Tracking calories is like keeping 1 large boneless, skinless chicken breast, cubed
COVID-19 Pounds of randomly selected track of your bank account.
individuals with obesity You don't know what you have 2 scallions, sliced, white and green parts
The news is in. We managed attending a hospital-based to spend -- whether it's 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
to gain 2 pounds a month weight loss program lost calories or money -- unless 1 small zucchini, sliced
during our shelter-in-place weight whether they were 60 you keep track. 1 small yellow summer squash, sliced
quarantine. That's according to and over or younger than 60. 1 bell pepper, any color, chopped
a new study published in Both groups were given And second, exercise daily. It 6-8 large Brussels sprouts, quartered
JAMA. Overall, that's where dietary and psychological takes a lot of exercise to lose a 1 1/2 cup broccoli florets
the extra 20 pounds support to make lifestyle pound, but the value is in the
registering on our scale comes changes. And both age groups mental state it puts you in.You 2 cups grape or cherry tomatoes, halved
from. Just blame COVID-19. lost around 7% of their body think twice about that bowl of 1-2 cups sliced mushrooms
weight. ice cream at night if you know 1/2 cup water
Ugh. it will make your workout 1 tablespoons sesame oil
My best tips for losing those harder in the morning. More
So, we're already getting Charlyn Fargo is a COVID-19 pounds? Start important, exercise makes you 2 tablespoons sweet chili sauce
older and exercising less, and registered dietitian with SIU tracking your calories.Write it feel good, from the endorphins 1 tablespoon hoisin
now we need to buy a new Med School in Springfield, down, or use an app on your you get to your joints and that
size of pants. phone. There are lots of good general feeling of wellness. 1 teaspoon low-sodium soy sauce
Ill. For comments or ones, such as MyFitnessPal, 1 teaspoon raspberry preserves
Study author Dr. Gregory questions, contact her at
Marcus, a cardiologist at the • Saute chicken, scallions and olive oil in large skillet or
University of California, and [email protected] wok until chicken begins to look cooked through.Add
colleagues analyzed 7,444 or follow her on Twitter zucchini, squash and peppers, and cook for 3-4 minutes.
weight measurements from Add remaining vegetables, water, sauces and raspberry
269 people in 37 states who @NutritionRd. preserves. Reduce heat and simmer about 10 minutes,
voluntarily used Bluetooth- allowing flavors to marry. Serve on its own or with brown
connected scales (Fitbit or than half a pound every 10
iHealth) from Feb. 1 to June 1 days, or about 1.5 to 2 pounds rice.
of 2020. They found a month.
participants (enrolled in the • Per serving: 440 calories; 52 grams protein; 20 grams
Health eHeart Study) had a They also found that many of carbohydrates; 17 grams fat (2 grams saturated); 143
steady weight gain of more the participants were losing milligrams cholesterol; 5 grams fiber, 345 milligrams sodium.
weight before COVID-19 hit.

Here's the good news:You're

America’s Test Kitchen

We pay homage to a San Francisco cafe's roast chicken

For our own take on Zuni Cafe's Roast Chicken with Warm Bread Salad
roast chicken with bread salad, we
started by butterflying a whole Serves 4 to 6 • Using your fingers, carefully loosen the skin bread with broth and 2 • Transfer chicken to a carving board and let
chicken and salting it overnight so it covering the breast and legs. Rub 1/2 tablespoons oil until pieces are rest, uncovered, for 15 minutes. Run a thin
would cook quickly and evenly and 1 (4-pound) whole chicken, giblets evenly moistened.Arrange the metal spatula under the bread to loosen it
be juicy and well-seasoned. discarded teaspoon salt under the skin of each breast, bread in the skillet in a single from the bottom of the skillet. (Bread should
Kosher salt 1/2 teaspoon under the skin of each leg, and layer, with majority of crusted be a mix of softened, golden-brown, and
Before roasting the chicken in a Pepper 1 teaspoon salt onto bird's cavity.Tuck wings pieces near the center, crust crunchy pieces.) Carve chicken and whisk
475-degree oven, we covered the behind back and turn legs so drumsticks face any accumulated juices into the vinaigrette.
bottom of a skillet with bread 4 (1-inch-thick) slices country-style bread inward toward breasts. Place chicken on a side up. Add bread and vinaigrette to arugula and
cubes that we had moistened with (8 ounces), bottom crust removed, cut wire rack set in a rimmed baking sheet or
oil and broth and then draped the on a large plate and refrigerate, uncovered, • Pat chicken dry with paper toss to evenly coat.Transfer salad to a
chicken on top. The bread cubes into 3/4- to 1-inch pieces (5 cups) towels and place, skin side up, serving platter and serve with chicken.
toasted and browned beneath the 1/4 cup chicken broth for 24 hours.
bird while absorbing its juices to on top of bread. Brush 2 Tasty tips
create a mix of moistened, crispy- 6 tablespoons plus 2 teaspoons extra- • Adjust the oven rack to the middle position teaspoons oil over chicken skin and sprinkle Note that this recipe requires refrigerating
fried, and chewy pieces all packed virgin olive oil and heat the oven to 475 degrees. Spray a
with savory flavor. 12-inch skillet with vegetable oil spray.Toss with 1/4 teaspoon salt and 1/4 teaspoon the seasoned chicken for 24 hours.
2 tablespoons champagne vinegar pepper. Roast chicken until skin is deep • This recipe was developed and tested using
To finish the dish, we built a 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard golden brown and the thickest part of the
vinaigrette of champagne vinegar, 3 scallions, sliced thin breast registers 160 degrees and thighs Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt. If you have
oil, currants, thinly sliced scallions, 2 tablespoons dried currants register 175 degrees, 45 to 50 minutes, Morton Kosher Salt, which is denser than
Dijon mustard and chicken rotating the skillet halfway through roasting. Diamond Crystal, put only 1/2 teaspoon of
drippings that we tossed with 5 ounces (5 cups) baby arugula
peppery arugula and the toasted • While chicken roasts, whisk vinegar, salt onto the cavity.
bread. We served the salad • Place chicken, breast side down, on a mustard, 1/4 teaspoon salt and 1/4 teaspoon • Red wine or white wine vinegar may be
alongside the carved chicken so the cutting board. Using kitchen shears, cut pepper together in small bowl. Slowly whisk substituted for champagne vinegar, if desired.
greens didn't wilt. through the bones on either side of the in remaining 1/4 cup oil. Stir in scallions and • For the bread, we prefer a round rustic loaf
backbone; discard backbone. Do not trim off with a chewy, open crumb and a sturdy
For 25 years, confident cooks in any excess fat or skin. Flip chicken over and currants and set aside. Place arugula in a
the know have relied on America's large bowl. outer crust.
press on breastbone to flatten.
Test Kitchen for rigorously tested
recipes developed by professional test FOR ADVERTISING RATES CALL 262-564-8800
cooks and vetted by 60,000 at-home

recipe testers. See more online at

18 SMART READER April 22, 2021

jill on money

Navigating a career Jill Schlesinger, CFP, is a CBS
change brought on by News business analyst. A
COVID-19 former options trader and CIO
of an investment advisory firm,
with Jill Schlesinger she welcomes comments and

As the economy and labor don’t necessarily rely on questions at
market heal in the later technical expertise. One [email protected]. Check
stages of the COVID-19 tech executive told me that
pandemic, many are trying to her number one priority is her website at
assess what comes next. For filling open sales team roles,
some, the pandemic not engineering ones.
reframed their views on resume and cover letter:
their current career 2. Assess Your Strengths:
trajectories. For others, this While it is easy to focus on Make sure that these
scary and anxiety-ridden technical skills or
period of time has prompted educational attainments, annoying, but necessary benefits or vacation time? people whose jobs have new businesses started since
a reflection on what’s next. many employers are also Do you want to feel more the pandemic began, a more
Whether you are sidelined focusing on the harder to documents reflect who you connected to the mission of always seemed interesting to than 40% increase from the
from the labor force and are quantify “soft skills,” like the an organization? Are you prior year. When people ask
considering getting back in, ability to communicate, are today. Then update your burned out from the you — just send a quick about starting their own
or are lucky enough to have empathize, work with others pandemic or from your job businesses, I advise them to
a job, but need a change, or solve problems. This is online presence, including itself? This has been a note and ask for time to start with a side hustle.
consider these steps: also a good time to figure grueling year for so many, Doing so is a good way to
out where you need to cleaning up your social which may cause some chat. One positive aspect of test a concept and see if it
1. Conduct research: improve and whether you people to conflate the gains traction, while enjoying
While the labor market is need to acquire new skills. profiles so they are general period of time with the lockdown is that we the stability of a full-time job
recovering, some industries While you are at it, identify the jobs they hold. and benefits. If you do decide
are faring far better than what moves you. What jobs professional and have all learned how to to go the full-time route,
others. Tech, health care, or tasks have you enjoyed 5. Network: You may don’t forget that you will
online learning, e-commerce doing? Most of us can find networking-ready. This may cringe when you see that communicate more need to investigate health
and digital entertainment one or two things that we word, but all you really need insurance, life and disability
have revved up hiring, and liked doing, even if the include changing settings, so to do is to talk to people effectively through a screen. insurance, as well as
many have opened up overall job wasn’t a great fit. that you know and also with retirement plan options.
opportunities in areas that they are private. those with whom you share If you’re still rusty, practice
3. Review and update your a connection. Contact those
4. Figure out why you’re with friends or family and try
jumping ship: If you are
considering a departure, to be clear and concise.
what is motivating you to
make the move? Are you 6. Consider a Side Hustle:
seeking more money? While
a pay raise can be great, Whether out of necessity or
would it require longer
hours, days or a loss of desire, the pandemic has

spurred Americans to

become more

entrepreneurial. There have

been more than 4.4 million

Will infrastructure
spending supersize
growth under the
American Jobs Plan?

with Jill Schlesinger

If you didn’t have the time infrastructure spending is
or the energy to dive into that the country needs an
the Biden Administration’s upgrade to many of its
$2.3 trillion American Jobs systems. The White House
Plan (AJP), fear not — I have notes that “public domestic
you covered. investment as a share of the
economy has fallen by more
The plan seeks “to than 40% since the 1960s,” for veterans. companies from taking and lead to more jobs. expected to be 6% in 2021
reimagine and rebuild a new which is why the wealthiest advantage of lower tax rates
economy” by deploying country in the world ranks Spending on infrastructure abroad. The government’s after the historic
government money in four 13th when it comes to the would be spread out over
areas: overall quality of our eight years, but it would be In addition to making up investments in infrastructure contraction of -3.3% in 2020.
infrastructure. paid for over 15 years, for the lack of investment
1. Classic Infrastructure: through higher taxes on over the past decades, the will add more juice to the Global growth has
Roads, rails, bridges and corporations. The plan other promise of the AJP is
transit systems ($621B) would increase the that “it will create millions of economy over the next few accelerated due to the
corporate tax rate to 28%, a good jobs.” While the plan
The AJP makes the leap walk back of the previous may add a bunch of jobs, the years, but estimates are all massive $16 trillion in
2017 tax law that slashed U.S. labor market is already
2. Home Economy: Water from physical infrastructure corporate rates from 35% to on track to recover its over the place for just how government spending
21%. Additional changes former glory. According to
($111B), child care facilities to “human infrastructure” include imposing a 15% Moody’s Analytics, the AJP much of a boost the plan worldwide, which
minimum tax on large would help the labor market
($25B), schools ($100B), when it adds in money companies (those with return to its pre-pandemic would provide. In fact, the “prevented far worse
income above $2 billion), level by early 2023, “not
federal buildings ($10B), allocated to the caregiving doubling the tax rate on much different than without economy was set to explode outcomes.” The IMF’s
companies’ foreign earnings the plan.” The reason is that
broadband ($100B), economy. Human from 10.5% to 21%, and the it would likely take a couple higher this year, before the estimates suggest “last year’s
establishment of a global of years for government
affordable housing ($213B) infrastructure is a term that minimum tax to stop spending to boost growth AJP. In its most recent severe collapse could have

has been coined to cover outlook, the IMF made “a been three times worse had

3. Caregiving Economy: To government spending on sizeable upgrade for the it not been for such
help the nation’s elderly and
disabled ($400B) health, education, and United States (1.3 support.”

nutrition. The best example percentage points),” The IMF has not yet
weighed in on the AJP, but
4. Workplace Economy: of it was the postwar GI Bill, predicting growth to come the most immediate impact
R&D ($180B), manufacturing of the legislation is that it
and small businesses which helped millions of in at 6.4% this year. That could supersize growth both
($300B) and workforce in the US and around the
development ($100B) WWII veterans access comes after a 3.5% globe.

college or trade schools, contraction in 2020.The IMF

provided low-interest also upgraded its view on

The rationale for mortgages, and established global growth, which is

medical care and hospitals

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15 things March 2021
Kenosha Court Report
to do in Kenosha  
with Meridith Jumisko Jennifer Emma Bain & Christopher James Bain
Heather Ann Bond & Harry Paul Bond
As I write this, I am adding Rebecca Marie Clemons & Larry Lloyd Clemons
Dori Cloherty & Alan Cloherty
events to the Kenosha Area Jeffrey Allan Damaschke & Jeanne Marie Damaschke
Dustin Dennis Esselman & Sara Rebecca Esselman
Convention & Visitors Stephanie Sara Fox & Mauricio Arizola
Jan Sherel Glas & Gene Walter Glas
Bureau's Event Calendar. Kurt Michael Gumbmann & Katharina Gumbmann
Tabatha Danielle Hannaman & Jeffrey Roger Hannaman
This is a positive change Claudette M. Hansom & Richard K. Hanson
Justin C. Hilbert & Dominique M. Hilberg
from this time last year, Natalie Lynne Jesse & John David Jesse
Rayna Breanna Johnston & Matthew Lee Johnston
when I was removing events Mohammed Johra & Brandy Michelle Brown
Kelly E Kelly & Stacey D Kelly
from, our photo - Kara Lee Klawitter & Matthew Joseph Klawitter
Hannah Marie Lass & John Robert Lass
staff was recycling the takes place on Sundays, place each Saturday. Brittany Davidson Lee & Terrence David Lee
April 18 - October 10 KPM2GO is the weekly John William LeGrande II & Tracey Lynn LeGrande
Spring/Summer 2020 FUN Meridith Jumisko is (excluding August 15 and virtual shopping portal - Jeremy Frederick Lenzing & Randi Marie Lenzing
Public Relations Director 22) at the Kenosha County with pickup on Saturdays. Renae Nicole Leutik & Garrett Allen Leutik
101 brochure, and we were Fairgrounds. $2 & under  FREE admission  Sara Ann Lopiparo & Paige A. Lopiparo
at the Kenosha Area Tina Marie Luckett & Demario Markeith Luckett
a few weeks away from Convention & Visitors 8. Lounge on a beach. 15. Walk, bike, or drive Jennifer Renee Maze & Michael Edward Maze Jr
Bureau. Contact her at Kenosha has five beaches through Kenosha's four Jason Benjamin Melichar & Jennifer Lynn Melichar
pivoting and creating a new [email protected] or on the Lake Michigan shore! historic districts. The Maria Magdalena Miranda & Carlos M. Rodriguez
FREE  birthplace of Orson Welles Kimberly Mitchell & Kenneth Mitchell
Spring/Summer 2020 drop her a tweet is in the Library Park Samantha Ashley Murray & Timothy John From Murray
@MJ_Kenosha 9. Play at Kenosha's district. FREE   Lloydd William Norton & Melisa Robin Norton
COVID-19 Edition.    inclusive, 100% accessible Alyssa Pencak & Alexander Pencak
characteristics is that so playground: The Dream For 86 more things to see Leanne Marie Peterson & Cody Dallas Peterson
While we don't yet know many FREE outdoor Playground at Petzke Park. and do for $10 and under, Ryan Chad Richards & Katie Lee Richard
how 2021 will turn out, concert series are offered.  FREE   go to Robert Allen Sargent & Suzanne Sargent
things are looking up. We FUN101.  Since 2010, the Sherrie Sue Shannon & Scott Richard Shannon
have resumed producing 2.Watch the sun rise over 10. Come see our castle! Kenosha Area Convention Scott Bradley Siebman & Elizabeth Ann Siebman
our traditional FUN 101 Lake Michigan. FREE   Enjoy one-of-a-kind photo & Visitors Bureau has Connie Lou Spence & Randy Lee Spence
list: 101 Things to See & Do spots at Mars Cheese produced the popular FUN Crystal Marie Suarez & Brian Omar Suarez-Rivera
for $10 & Under (Many are 3. Enjoy a round of golf at Castle. FREE   101 list. The list Melissa Mae Tassotti & Marc Anthony Tassotti
FREE!). The new Brighton Dale Links or is created twice a year – for Burl Timothy Thomas & Stephanie Daniel Thomas
Spring/Summer 2021 list Petrifying Springs Golf 11. The Transparent the fall/winter and Kaylee Ann Torosian & Zachary Tyler Torosian
can be found at Course. Ask about the Watercolor Society of spring/summer months.  Ann Marie Weber & Jere Ruppert Weber 9-hole walking Super America 45th Annual Ashley Lillian Weinmann & Michael Ryan Weinmann
The list is currently only Twilight rate of $10.   National Juried Exhibition is Learn about these and Karen E.Young & Howard M. Hickey
published online.  on display May 1 - July 31 at more  local attractions, Karyn Gimbel Youso & Pamela Sue Kerr
4. Enjoy the Sculpture the Kenosha Public restaurants, and shops to Stacey H. Zimmerman & Paul D. Zimmerman
Use the FUN 101 list to Walk, which runs along the Museum. FREE  support in-person or online
harbor and features a dozen at our website OWIs
discover – and/or re- works of art. FREE.  12. Looking for outdoor The Bader, Gabriel P. Kenosha. OWI (3rd)
dining? You have many Kenosha Area Convention Bell, Richard M. Kenosha. OWI (2nd)
discover – what affordable 5. View our Great Lake choices – including the & Visitors Bureau has been Brandies, Nicholas A. Kenosha. OWI (2nd)
from the 1866 Southport Garden of  Eatin' at The Kenosha's official travel Bruno, Kenneth. Kenosha. OWI (3rd)
adventures await in the Lighthouse. There are 72 Coffee Pot. Try the resource since 1986. Please Chaput, Jake H. Salem. OWI (2nd)
steps to the top! A new Homemade Corned Beef remember your mask and Collins, Quintus M. Kenosha. OWI (3rd)
Kenosha Area. Our new list season of tours opens in Hash! $10  maintain social distancing Corns, Melanie A.Twin Lakes. OWI (3rd)
May. $10 & under  when in public; be Cunningham, David E. Kenosha. OWI (5th/6th)
includes  seasonal activities, 13. Bring your pooch to respectful of the safety Crystrunk, John E. Kenosha. OWI (2nd)
6. Enjoy our online play at one of our many off- guidelines that individual DeNormandie,Theodore.Trevor. OWI (4th)
attractions,  events,  shops, Kenosha Area Activity leash dog parks. FREE to $5 venues are setting; be Frye, Eric W. Kenosha. OWI (3rd)
Book. It's for all ages and depending on park   patient.   Gunderson, Jessie J. Kenosha. OWI (2nd)
outdoor recreation includes trivia, coloring, Hamilton, Adrianna S. Kenosha. OWI (1st)
puzzles, photo quizzes, and 14. Kenosha Public Market Hill, George S. Green Bay,WI. OWI (3rd)
opportunities, restaurants, other activities – all related offers in-person and online Johnson, Johari Q. Kenosha. OWI (2nd)
to Kenosha. FREE   shopping. The market takes Kubart, Jon G. Kenosha. OWI (5th/6th)
landmarks, at-home Leahy,Timothy D. Kenosha. OWI (3rd)
7.The Wilmot Flea Market Maddix, Joshua J. Milwaukee. OWI (2nd)
experiences, and more.  Be Maldonado, Jose M. Burlington. OWI (1st)
Martin, Edward J. Pearl City, HI. OWI (3rd)
A Tourist  In  Your Own Mincks, Jacob A. Lake Villa, IL. OWI (1st)
Ochoa, Humberto. Chicago. OWI (3rd)
Town and use this list as Olsen, Baron. Kenosha. OWI (4th)
Parker, Jeffrey Scott. Darien,WI. OWI (1st)
your guide!  Scheskie,William F. Lindenhurst, IL. OWI (1st)
Stambrowska, Anna. Johnsburg, IL. OWI (1st)
Here are the Steinberg, Lisa Marie. Mt Pleasant. OWI (3rd)
first  15  items on our new Tiedke, Dustin S. Kenosha. OWI (1st)
FUN 101 list:  Torosian, Zachary T. Kenosha. OWI (1st)
White, Darion M. Kenosha. OWI (2nd)
1. Summertime is music Woods, Stephanie Rion. Kenosha. OWI (1st)
to our ears. One of the Workman, Heather D. Kenosha. OWI (3rd)
area's most distinguishing

Bode Brothers store, C.E. Dewey, January 12, 1941.

This view of Bode Brothers Store was taken from 55th Street just west of Sixth Avenue. It shows part of the
approach to Sixth Avenue bridge, and at the rear of the store can be seen a part of one of the Simmons Company
factory buildings. Bode Brothers was prominent in Kenosha's retail business starting in 1894. The Hub Furniture
Company and the Furniture Exchange were also a part of Bode Brothers. The building was built in 1883, and
destroyed by arson on Super Bowl Sunday (Jan 26th) 1986. Firefighters were inhibited by -40 degree wind chill, and
two firefighters were injured in the effort. The ice was so thick that some firefighting equipment was left on site for
a week until they could be melted free. Photo copyright of the Kenosha County Historical Society.

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It takes a village, & to make sure the kiddos
an AMAZING are not only learning, but
daycare! having a blast while they
are there.They also run the
by Carolyn Serpe summer camp for the
older ones, which is super
The second week of April work. to Ms.Alice (& Ms. Kara) in don’t know how they do it! cool too! Field trips every Carolyn Serpe is a
marks what is called, “The the Firefly Room priming week, swimming and fun Kenosha native whose
Week of the Young Child”. Knowing the owners of our talkers and walkers. Right now Charlie is in activities as well. family owns The Lettering
It is honestly my favorite the center was huge. We Then you have the mighty the Butterfly Room with Machine in Downtown
week of the year! Chris knew that they would pour and amazing Ms. Jen in the Ms. Victoria (The big girls Bottom line is that we Kenosha. She has been
and I get to wear a lapel pin their hearts and souls into Ladybug Room. This lady had Ms. Amy!). It really says have been with Here We manager at the shop since
that showcases our little making sure this facility was has had all 3 of our girls something when your child Grow Academy for about 7 her parents purchased it
one/s and the amazing the best of the best. Even (the “Serps” as she calls gets excited to see her 1/2 years and have loved from the previous owners
daycare center they go to. better were the Teachers them) and was the first teacher everyday.Victoria is every aspect of our time back in 2002. Carolyn is a
What exactly is this special and staff that they brought teacher we had the amazing with the kiddos. there. The transition Clara mom to 3 beautiful girls
week you may ask? It is a into HWG. I can’t help but pleasure to experience for She works closely with and Callie had from and a wife for 10 years to
week long celebration that to name a few that had a our girls. She is patient and parents and works hard to daycare to school was her handsome husband
recognizes the importance huge impact on our kind with some Grateful teach kiddos the basics seamless due to Chris. Carolyn welcomes all
of quality child care in our children, but please know Dead thrown in the mix! In they need to move onto to her crazy journey in life
community. And boy oh that this daycare operates the Caterpillar Room your 3K. the structured setting and about how she tries to
boy is quality child care as a team and there were kiddos get to play with Ms. and curriculum the center
important! many hands in each Fallen and Ms. Journey (Ms. Upstairs are the offers. They even do balance it all.
classroom that helped raise Sylvi was another fav). Grasshopper, Cricket, parent/teacher
Chris and I lucked out our little ones. When the These ladies, bless their Hornet and Dragonfly conferences to make sure for the last time.
when we found Here We girls ask me,“why can’t you hearts, work with the 2 Rooms. Here the children communication is open and
Grow Academy.A long time cook like Ms. Laura?” Or year olds. Tantrums and are paired with Ms. Terry, that the children are on We cannot express the
friend from grade school, demand to give Ms. Rachel potty training...I honestly and both Ms. Amandas! track with growing! We are importance of LOVING
Tiffany (Kresal) Vasquez, a huge hug before they They all work their hardest sure that Charlie’s the daycare your most
and her Mom, Cheryl leave, you know this is the transition will be just the prized possessions attend.
Leiting-Ruegger, were right place for your family. same.The only thing, is that Have you found a center
opening a child care center they always miss their that you connect with and
in Library Park downtown. From Ms. Glenda (& Ms. teachers and the comfort trust with your children?
The location was perfect! Angie) in the Glow Worm of Here We Grow.This was
Nice and close to our Room helping to make sure our last “Week of the Tell us all about it! Drop
family shop, The Lettering your babies get all the love Young Child” as Charlie me a line at
Machine, and on the way to they need and hit the will be headed to SJCA in [email protected]
milestones recommended, the fall this year. Of course
I got emotional the
moment I put my pin on

We miss those

classic car shows

by Joe Campolo, Jr.

Of all the events we lost veteran I enjoy seeing Joe Campolo Jr. is an back in the day, the ones needed a raincoat because crowd in good spirits, and
as a result of the Covid those very much. award winning author, we actually owned were it would never run when it vendors offer food and
pandemic, I believe I miss poet and public speaker. usually far from pristine. As was wet. Another beverage. During this
those classic car shows the I have some friends He is known for his three a matter of fact, many of acquaintance had a Ford event, my late friend Mike
most. Normally, every whose classic cars appear award winning books The them were patched up junk Galaxy which lost a whole Bjorn graciously allowed
spring through fall, or have appeared at many Kansas NCO, Back to the heaps that required front wheel as he was me to offer my books at a
memorable old buggies of of our area car shows. My World, and his most constant repair just to turning a corner one day. table in front of his store,
one kind or another show late friend Dennis recent publication Three keep them running. And one of our old “Mike Bjorn’s Fine
up in numbers in many of Sadowski had a collection Wars. A United States Air neighbors had to crawl Clothing”. His son Brett,
our city and county parks. of Vietnam era military I had a 58’ Ford with a under the front of his who now manages the
vehicles which he would Force Vietnam War 352-interceptor engine in Plymouth and short out store, has continued the
Chevy Nomads, Dodge bring to the shows. Pete veteran, Joe belongs to the it. The car would fly, but it the starter with a large courtesy.
coupes, Ford Mustangs, Pfaff and his wife Mary VFW,The American Legion, broke down more often screwdriver just to get it to
AMC Javelins,Woodies, and both have classic Dodges, the Kenosha Area Vietnam than a European opera star. start. It was funny watching Many of the car show
many other makes of old which they show at local Vets (KAVV), and Vietnam My 59’ Rambler wasn’t too him crawl under there sponsors donate proceeds
cars, in buff condition, show events. They have won bad of a runner, but it had every time he had to go to various charitable
off and compete for many trophies for their fine Vets of America (VVA). two or three rust holes somewhere. My dad owned causes. The Wounded
various prizes and the classic autos. John Goergen you could have thrown a a series of used cars, that Warriors car show, for
adoration of those has a very nice Rambler For more from Joe, visit cat through, and the he had to repair on a example, provides aid to
attending. American which he his website upholstery looked like it continual basis. It was military veterans who have
displays, and my late friend had been chewed up by a almost like a hobby for been injured as a result of
Baker Park, Petrifying Charlie Navoichick had a tyrannosaurus rex. I had a him. their military service. So, in
Springs, Kennedy Park, and beautiful Oldsmobile 65’ Rambler American that addition to providing us
several other outdoor Cutlass he would bring in. who has since passed, had a never broke down, but the It’s fitting that the with some great outdoor
venues host Kenosha car souped-up Mustang he first time I took it through Downtown Kenosha car entertainment, car shows
shows every year. There’s My young cousin, Jake would bring to the shows. I a car wash, the paint peeled show is held at the end of also give back to the
nothing like strolling Davison, has a 64’ Dodge probably don’t even off it like the skin off a summer. It’s our largest car community in many ways.
through the grass on a Golden Anniversary 880, remember all of my friends boiled potato. show of the year, and runs Let’s hope they’ll soon be
Sunday afternoon, among a with a 383 cubic inch who have, or have had for three days. Musicians back!
bevy of those old motor, which he rebuilt classic cars. One of my friends had a and entertainers keep the
automotive beauties. Of himself. A real beauty. 56’ Chevy that he claimed
course, we all have our Good friend Dale Wellman Nostalgia’s a funny thing.
favorites. Having owned a has a 29’ Dodge which he We often mostly
54’ Chevy in my younger tinkers with on and off. remember the “good”
days, I always try to find (Mostly off) Friend John parts of an experience. Or,
those among the crowd. Schlater has a very nice we remember the
Many of the cars shows Chrysler Imperial he experience as to how we
also feature old military shows, and Bruce Brehm, “hoped” it would be.
vehicles, and as a military another one of my old pals Although we love those old
vehicles dearly, the truth is,

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Artist Spotlight: Installation Art with Dale Mellor

What is Installation Kenosha.  daisy crafts with the aim of future plans for art do
Art? you have?
Another time at the having folks make & display
lighthouse, I met a lady
In 2019 I made giant who had come to mourn their own daisies to Before painting murals
daisies and displayed them the loss of a loved one. She and creating installation
on the North Pier came because of the water, encourage their art, I worked making
Lighthouse in Kenosha. but to this specific spot stained-glass windows.
Because this art was because of the art (murals) neighbors.  Locally, ‘Mary and the Baby
designed for a specific on the Lighthouse.That the Jesus’ hangs in St Matthew’s
location it’s an example of art drew her here, and Due to high winds, a Guild Hall; the window
Installation Art! My goal helped her mourn has second Daisy - the Daisy of made for Public Craft
was to decorate the inspired me to continue Resilience - replaced the Brewing will soon be back
lighthouse and make making art. first on April 20th. in their new building on
something surprising and 58th St; ‘The Elements of
smile-making for the What do you love Art’, which is a stained-
people of Kenosha. about the art community glass installation spanning
in Kenosha? 17 feet, is inside Salem
Grade School.
Please tell us about I love that the arts
your art studio community in Kenosha is
so varied. I love that the
Why do you make art, I have a small studio at different types of art hang
what inspires you? out together and help each
home that’s crammed with other. I think it’s worth a.
Arts List: Other art created locally
Communication is art materials, tools and has mostly been
temporary: murals and
something I value and work in progress. When I several Art Installations at
the North Pier Lighthouse,
visual art is a way to needed more space to Visual Arts - artists, artist of which the Gold Ring is
still in place.
connect with people. I aim build giant daisies, a local studios and galleries, art

to make art that gives you business owner market and fairs, public art,

a great feeling, tells you volunteered their building art classes;  Performing

something, or invites you for me to use, which was a Arts - live music venues,

to be part of it. If you get great help. classical & modern Future projects in mind

something from my art Although I work by performances, education are to create another art
myself I’m assisted by a
then we have studio-cat who's my Purr for both; theater and installation at the North
Manager and paint-water
communicated. quality control inspector. comedy; dance Pier Lighthouse and a
Her name is Bean, and you
What memorable can see her on my performance and sculpture for the Harbor
responses have you had Instagram @artistdale
to your work? At the beginning of the leaves inscribed with education - classical, Park Sculpture Walk. I am
pandemic I think we were words of encouragement
all quite shaken and feeling and put it on the modern, folk; Professional interested to discuss public
unnerved. I wanted to lighthouse, April 2nd 2020.
To have been repeatedly do  something to help and education for acting; Media art projects, such as murals
thanked for the Daisy Art encourage everyone.  The Southport Light
Installation is a response Station, a private residence Arts - professional audio and temporary art
that has most surprised, The Daisy Art Installation near the Harbor, and
and humbled me. People The last year has been sparked joy and a sense of the Civil War Museum also and film recording and installations with
felt good about it, rough to say the least, community in 2019, just put up daisies from 2019.
appreciated the meaning but you had a project to the thing we needed in production, television and individuals and Kenosha
behind the memorial help inspire the 2020. So, I took my I set up a Facebook
flowers and felt that it was community to stand remaining daisy, added group called  “Kenosha radio; Written Arts - area organizations and
good publicity for strong. Can you tell our Strong Daisies”  to share
readers about this creative writing, poetry, businesses. I can be
fantastic art display?
screenwriting….this isn't contacted through my

the end of the list. website www.RiverValley

Where can we see or Instagram
more of your art? What

Fools racing, or races. Among many other

racing fools? things, what makes this

with Meryl Strichartz course special is that it will

prepare sailors to be a part

of a crew, ensure existing

captains that new crew

Ahoy – I have a friend Wisconsin Marathon, a half members are
who was telling me that the marathon and 5k race
kind of gym she needs is winding through downtown knowledgeable, and provide
the kind that is filled with Kenosha and the parks. It is
hungry dinosaurs that also when the Kenosha those with an interest in
would chase her around— Yacht Club (KYC) will
fear of being eaten was launch their summer Meryl Strichartz is a captaining the tools to
pretty much what she season with an “April May Kenosha resident and
thought it would take to Fool’s Day Regatta.” This active board member of manage a crew.
get her moving. I thought it annual event is a fun and the Kenosha Community
was a hilarious idea and silly tradition that the KYC Sailing Center. She is also there is one available on Although you must be a Whether a cruiser or day
naturally we started coming racers do to inaugurate the a member of the Kenosha member of the Kenosha sailor, joining a racing
up with names like Jurassic sailing season. They will Yacht Club and ally to KYC’s website). Then, on Yacht Club to race under league is one of the fastest
Gym or Anytime Eaten often have backwards many Kenosha harbor their burgee, the racers are ways to build sailing skills
(Louie Arecco, remember sailing races and play other the first Sunday of June, the very welcoming and even and practice boat handling.
you heard it here first). sailing games in the businesses and hold moonlight and other So, if your neighbor has a
dinghies. environmental groups. She boats are blessed in a time- special races throughout sailboat sitting in their yard,
Then on the other is the owner of Lakeshore the season to encourage or if you know that they
extreme, I have my 14-year- The bridge over Simmons honored traditional participation in the club only use it as a floating
old son who loves running Island will be blocked off Pedal Tour and Career and racing. The league is tailgate party in the marina,
and makes me watch until the marathon is over Coaches of Wisconsin. ceremony, and the real organized and led by John it’s time to give them a
YouTube videos of Usain (usually by noon) at which She has her MBA from Weiss, a nationally ranked gentle nudge to get
Bolt and reviews of tennis point you might want to UW-Parkside and has racing begins. sailor, and is a good balance involved with the Kenosha
shoes. Yes, it’s true, there make it over to KYC to been involved with many between competition and Community Sailing Center
are countless videos where have a drink and watch the Kenosha and Racine The Kenosha Yacht Club camaraderie. and the Kenosha Yacht Club
shoe experts compare sailors compete in the is home to the Buccaneer to up their sailing game. If
carbon vs. nylon plates, who harbor for the title of best nonprofits. Fleet #15 as well as an This year the Kenosha that doesn’t work, tell them
knew, right? Ship of Fools. active PHRF (Performance Community Sailing Center that there is a roving pack
volunteers, have already Handicap Racing) keel boat is offering a class specifically of dinosaurs that have
Saturday, May 1st marks KYC’s Dock and Derrick started to launch boats. fleet. Races are held on for sailors who would like escaped from a local gym,
the beginning of the Master, Doug Vacarello, One by one, the boats are Thursday nights and late to enter the world of looking to eat people with
summer races with the along with a team of hoisted into the water and Sunday mornings. Awards racing. The course will sailboats that are not in
masts are stepped until all are presented to top focus on learning how to use.
of them are in the water by finishers and boats of all sail as a crew or “pod” and
June. (If you want to see a kinds are welcome. For a will integrate with the KYC See ya down at the lake –
short time-lapsed video of relatively small yacht club, Meryl
how a boat is launched, KYC has an extraordinary
number of skillful racers
who do well in the Double
Hander, Queen’s Cup, Mac,
Hook Race and Q Race.

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