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Published by Happenings Magazine, 2020-02-12 11:16:19

Homes Plus 021320

Homes Plus 021320

Keywords: Homes Plus,Kenosha


February 13th - March 11th, 2020
Volume 20 - Issue 2

Grace Parrish of RealtyPro says
real estate is hot right now - now
is the time to contact her for all
your buying and selling needs

Tim “Ask the Builder” Carter Being just minutes from the interstate,
gets a question from a this beautiful four-bedroom Bristol Ridge
Kenosha couple with a porch craftsman home is perfect for commuters
problem .….….… 4

It looks like a sellers market
will continue in 2020 6

For a first time home buyer,
do you need a lender if you
don’t need a loan? 8

Kanye West
and Kim
say their
kids were the inspiration
behind the design of their
new home ...… 10

PLUS • Area Property Listings
• Monthly Mortgage Calculator
• Kenosha County Home Sales
• Financial Q&A

Just shy of 4-years old — this craftsman
Bristol Ridge home is ‘move-in ready’

A gas fireplace is perfect to get roaring on our On just shy of a quarter acre, the yard is full and lush with private
chilly Wisconsin winter nights! woods, a small pond and plenty of space.

This month’s featured home front of the direct vent gas meals - but there is also a away for the head of the
is located in the Estates of fireplace in the main level household. It features a full
Bristol Ridge subdivision in family room to stay cozy when formal dining room just off the walk-in closet and a master
Bristol, at 12955 80th Street. If the snow is falling this season. bath with his and hers
you are looking for a beautiful kitchen. Perfect for vanities. After a long day,
home to raise a family in a The main level has an open enjoy a soak in the spacious
quiet and safe neighborhood, concept and flows nicely from entertaining friends and/or jetted tub; there is also a
just minutes from the the front hall to the large separate walk-in shower for
Interstate, this might be the kitchen, family room, and family. those quick mornings.
home for you. dining room. Stain-resistant
hardwood bamboo flooring The lower level has an The backyard of the home is
This lovely four-bedroom throughout the main floor open for your imagination! It
craftsman two-story was built opens to the kitchen. industrial-style laundry currently has a large concrete
in July 2016, and is ‘move-in patio for great summer
ready’ for a new family. The modern kitchen is a facilities with a heavy duty adventures. With plenty of
Nestled on an (almost) quarter delight, with plenty of space space, the next owner can look
acre lot, the property has a and under-cabinet lighting front-loading washer and dryer into building a deck, digging a
large backyard with private throughout. It also features a fire pit, putting up a volleyball
woods, a pond, bushes, and breakfast island, top-of-the- set. The lower level has also net — or all of the above! The
other greenery. line stainless steel appliances, possibilities are endless!
including a dishwasher, been equipped with a full-size
A two-car garage is attached microwave, range, and oven. This home is currently priced
to the home. No need to carry There are also French doors family area with a kitchenette, at $474,900. For a closer look,
groceries into the home in the with built-in blinds which call Grace Parrish with
harsh elements of our open to the back yard. a full bath, and plenty of room RealtyPro Professional Real
Wisconsin winters. Estate Group at 262-914-5338.
There is plenty of room in for an entertainment center
Speaking of our nasty the open area between the By Jason Hedman
winters, the new owners might kitchen and the family room leaving space for a ping pong
have time to snuggle up in for a small table for quick
or pool table or just a play area

for the kids. Tuff-n-Dry

waterproofing has been done

to the basement to help avoid

any catastrophes (with a 30-

year warranty). In addition to

the entertainment areas, there

is still plenty of storage space

in the lower level.

The four bedrooms are
located on the upper level. The
main suite is a perfect get-

The open concept main level gives a great flow from the family room to the A kitchenette and fully modeled lower level provides a
dining area to this spacious gorgeous kitchen! great escape for the family


Grace Parrish will love to help you
find the home of your dreams

I have been doing real estate
since 1986. My favorite part of

being a real estate agent is you
get to help people find the

“home of their dreams.” It’s
big step for a lot of people. It’s

one of their biggest
investments of their lives and

Grace Parrish being part of that has brought
great satisfaction. I work with
several lenders, home
inspectors, appraisers, title
companies and different

vendors to make their dream
become a reality. It brings me great joy when I talk

with my clients a few months later and they tell me
they just love their home. I love receiving referrals

from my clients and when they come back for me to
sell their home and buy or a friend’s home or their

parent’s home, it’s an awesome feeling. My
philosophy is “Do your best and God will help with

the rest”. He has, I have wonderful clients who love
seeing me succeed

Real estate is hot right now. Kenosha and Racine
are growing with Uline, Amazon, Harbro, two major

hospitals expanding and many more exciting things
happening in both cities and surrounding

communities where they are making adjustments to
help grow, expand and work together I’m glad to be

a part of it.

One of the things I remember my grandmother

saying was “education could never be taken away
from you” and therefore shortly after receiving my

license I took my first course in real estate and
received my first designation Graduate Realtor

Institute, also known as GRI. I have taken several
other designation courses throughout my real estate

career such as SRES, AWHD, and MRP to name a
few. I have been President of the Southshore

Realtors Association and Director and I have
received the following awards: Realtor of the Year,

Humanitarian, Top Best Agent for 2018 and 2019 and
“Strathmore Who’s Who Worldwide”.

My greatest joys are my daughters (Michelle and
Stephanie) and my beautiful grandchildren (Alysha,

Josh, Kylie, Aiden, Ethan and Brady) who bring so
much happiness into my life. I enjoy working on

puzzles and hitting a few golf balls. I am also a HP021320
Breast cancer survivor. Life is good and I am so


By Grace Parrish


Ask The Builder with Tim Carter

Got a toilet leaner in your household?
Install shims between tank and wall

Q: An unnamed person (rhymes with leans back against the tank while sitting and the rubber O-rings become less
"house") living in my home says that the on the toilet bowl. However, it's the pliable. I'm sure you've seen rubber that
toilet seat lid and the toilet tank are made rubber O-rings that surround the bolts that becomes brittle with age. You don't want
for leaning back against while using the are the issue. It's entirely possible to to hope that the rubber O-rings stay
fixture for personal needs. In a negotiation create a leak between the toilet tank and supple indefinitely. You hope for things
debate with this person, I mentioned that bowl if you push back against the tank too you can't control like the weather or when
the bolts fastening the tank to the bowl much. a volcano might erupt.
aren't strong enough for leaning as one
might against a standard chair. What say This is quite possible as the toilet ages Plumbers can install toilets so the tank is
you, wise Tim? Do you arbitrate these snug against a wall, but this requires quite
touchy discords between cohabitants on a a bit of planning. What's more, if the tank
frequent basis? --Donn R., Shelby is tight against the wall, the tank lid might
Township, Mich. not fit well because the lids are larger than
the tank and often have an overhanging
A: I live in New Hampshire and mice are rear lip.
as common indoors in the winter as snow
is outdoors. That said, I've never known It's easy to keep peace in these
one to be able to use a toilet. Oh, wait, situations. When the leaning cohabitant is
Donn isn't talking about a mouse! Truth out and about having coffee with a friend
be told, I adjudicate disputes -- or should or picking up groceries, you can glue some
I say spirited discussions? -- between two wood shims between the back of the toilet
people living under the same roof at least tank and the wall behind the tank.
once a month.
You can use paint stirring sticks, regular
I've been a master plumber since age 29. tapered wood shims, and construction
I've installed more toilets than I care to adhesive that comes in a standard caulk
remember. The traditional toilet tank used tube to accomplish this simple fix. The
to have just two brass bolts that connected key thing to remember is to be sure the
it to the toilet bowl. One manufacturer shims are about 1/2-inch below the top of
years ago thought this was insufficient the tank lip so the tank lid doesn't touch
and developed a three-bolt design. The the shims when you put it back on.
third bolt added lots of strength.
By Tim Carter
The bolts in either design are plenty Subscribe to Tim's FREE newsletter and
strong and should never break if someone
listen to his new podcasts. Go to:

Ask The Builder: With all this said, my wife and myself Attached is my home and a current
Kenosha Edition! are very leery to do anything at this point. home in the neighborhood going though
How would you approach a project like the process using the first mentioned
Dear Tim, Love your column! We this? process. Any feedback would be
purchased our current "built" home about appreciated!
11 years ago with the intention of "Oh
yeah - we can add that porch later." I Best Regards, Margaret & Greg Carrillo,
declined on that upgrade (cement porch Kenosha, WI
and overhead roof) and well, that seems
like a lesson learned, I should have done Award-winning builder and nationally
it up front. syndicated columnist Tim Carter is

I have had a few contractors come out featured in every issue of Homes Plus -
over the years and appears they will not Hear the answer from Tim when he
touch this due to possible shifting of any appears on Happenings Q&A on
new cement added next the stoop step (if
existing is used). Thursday, February 27th at 12:30 p.m.
E-mail your questions to
I have had another contractor state the
front door stoop would need to removed [email protected] under the
and since it is attached to the house they subject “Ask the Builder,” then tune in
where worried about damaging the to AM1050 WLIP to hear the answer!.
foundation in the process.



2020 could be another seller's market

As 2020 gets going, it's worth looking back at you'll settle in retirement.
another year in which home sellers did well in
some markets, but often at the expense of home If you're thinking about selling in 2020, you should keep an eye
buyers. on location and national trends. Millennials are starting to marry
and have children. Where they decide to move could influence
First, in much of the country, home prices rose home values dramatically. Companies located in the suburbs see
Ilyce Glink again in 2019. According to the November Zillow more of their millennial and Gen Z employees staying in more
diverse, urban areas and are either finding ways to make the
Real Estate Market Report, home values grew an commute by public transportation palatable (since these
average of 3.8 percent, and the median home generations don't love driving) or are moving back to the city.
value in the United States is $243,225. The
median list price per square foot in the United Despite what's going on in Northern California, the overall real
States is $154. The median price of homes estate market is slowing. In 2020, Zillow and the National
currently listed in the United States is $284,999, Association of Realtors expect home price appreciation to slow
while the median price of homes that sold is down to around 2.2 percent. That's a median number, so in places
$236,900. The median rent price in the United like Northern California, where millionaires are minted every time
States is $1,650. a tech company goes public and there aren't nearly enough homes
Samuel J. Tamkin In terms of inventory, homeowners continue to for everyone who wants them, you can expect to see home prices
live in their homes and pay off their cheap rise dramatically. In places like the North Shore of Chicago, in
mortgages. Why aren't they moving? That's still the big, suburbs like Glencoe, Winnetka and Kenilworth, home values
unanswered question, and there doesn't seem to be consensus on may shrink by 1 to 3 percent, or more.
the answer.
In a presidential year, you would expect real estate to slow down
At a fundamental level, people move because they need a little bit. This, however, is the first presidential election year
something: more or less space, a yard, a particular school district, with full employment, almost historically low interest rates and a
special services, or proximity to work, family, friends or a house strong economy. It's possible that we'll look back in a year and
of worship. If a job is lost or won, and family income is impacted, say that 2020 was another strong seller's market.
that could push a family to buy or sell property. If someone dies
or is born, the change in the size of the family could do the same. Ilyce Glink is the author of 100 Questions Every First-Time Home
Buyer Should Ask (4th Edition). She is also the CEO of Best
What seems to be happening is that people are working longer,
so there's no need to move for a job or retirement. And, if your Money Moves, an app that employers provide to employees to
children haven't settled down, married or partnered up and measure and dial down financial stress. Samuel J. Tamkin is a
started having children of their own, you might decide to wait a Chicago-based real estate attorney. Contact Ilyce and Sam through
few more years to see where they settle before deciding where
her website,




Know before you go: How to prepare for
home buying with an agent

Ilyce Glink Q: My wife and I are considering purchasing
our first home using our savings. We don't need
to obtain a loan, but we do have a couple
questions if we go this route.

If we don't get a loan, should we still be going
to a lender anyway to get a preapproval letter so
that our real estate agent knows we can buy
what we say we can? If we're paying from our
savings, how much information should we share
with the real estate agent on how much we can
spend on a home?

We've read it's best to keep your cards close to
Samuel J. Tamkin your chest when it comes to personal financial

information. What should we say about what we
can afford if the agent asks? Do we just tell them what we want
to spend vs. what we have to spend?

A: These are all great questions to ask before you start working
with an agent. Having some insight into how the process works
will help you understand where the information boundaries
should be with various people in this transaction.

First, you need to feel comfortable with the real estate agent you
hire and work with during the purchase of your home. If you don't
trust your agent, you shouldn't be working with that agent.
Having said that, you also need to understand whether the agent
that you work with is a buyer's agent or a seller's agent.

A seller's agent is an agent that has the seller's first and foremost
interests at heart. A buyer's agent is one that owes a fiduciary
duty to a buyer. Typically, your agent will have you sign an "agent
disclosure" form that will spell out who the agent is working for
in a particular transaction. If you are a buyer, you want to work
with an agent who will have a fiduciary duty to you and will work
to make sure you get the best possible deal.

Many buyers today look at homes online and then call the listing say to your real estate agent will wind up in the seller's ear.
agent to make an appointment. That buyer is not represented by
an agent, and the listing agent has a fiduciary duty to the seller. On the issue of getting preapproved with a lender, we don't think
So, the buyer winds up without representation in the deal and the that is necessary if you're paying cash for the property. You're in
buyer should expect that anything said to the seller's agent will a much stronger position if you can buy a home with cash.
get passed along to the seller. Without an agency agreement, the
buyer wouldn't be represented. What you might want to do is have your bank issue a "To Whom
It May Concern" letter indicating that you have sufficient funds in
If the same agent represents the buyer and seller in a single the bank to purchase a home up to a certain amount. In your
transaction, then the agent is considered a facilitator in the deal, situation, if you're looking to buy a home at $175,000, you can
or a non-agent, and represents neither the buyer of the seller. In have the bank give you a letter that says that you have at least
this situation, we can imagine that a buyer's personal information $175,000 in the bank available for the purchase.
might get shared with the seller, so you'd want to be careful about
what information you reveal. This gives you the ability to use other funds you may have or
funds above the $175,000 to use to buy a home without telling
If you understand whose interests your real estate agent has at anybody the exact amount you have in the bank. If your bank
heart, you can then decide how much information to give to your doesn't issue letters like that, a branch manager might be willing
real estate agent. to verify the amount of cash you have available, upon request.

In the past when we have answered questions like this, we often Ilyce Glink is the author of 100 Questions Every First-Time Home
get comments back from real estate agents, many of whom claim Buyer Should Ask (4th Edition). She is also the CEO of Best
they are your advocate and would never violate that trust.
Money Moves, an app that employers provide to employees to
But you can never know. We just heard about buyers whose measure and dial down financial stress. Samuel J. Tamkin is a
agent received (and passed on to them) unedited email from the Chicago-based real estate attorney. Contact Ilyce and Sam through
seller (she represented the seller too). The buyers knew exactly
what the seller was willing to take and while they got a better deal her website,
because of it, they decided to use a different agent when it came
time to sell the property. HP

Perhaps the smartest scenario is to imagine that everything you


Horse Lovers Haven Lovely country home close to city We’re Here For You...
conveniences. 61 Years of Experience,
Ready to Assist You with all
of Your Real Estate Needs

Best of everything here! Indoor riding arena, Updated kitchen with open concept dining Shiela Heg Steve Last
Great Barn, Great House, Great Fencing, room, large living room, French doors on
Low Paris Taxes! $790,000. home office/den could be converted to 4th
bedroom . Master bedroom en-suite features
Build Your Deam Home large walk-in closet plus additional closet and

full bath. All this and more for only 262-945-6069 262-271-2712
23 Years Experience 15 Years Experience
Very Clean and Well Maintained
Brick Apartment Building FOR RENT 2011 Realtor 2015 Realtor

of the Year of the Year

Broker-Owner 2019 Honor Society

2019 Honor Society

If you have ever dreamed of having a secluded

estate abundant with trees, wildlife and a ''bab-

bling brook''. You just found the perfect place to

build your dream home. 63 Acres. $579,900

2 Bedroom 1st Floor apartment with

Handyman Special assigned off-street parking. Bright & cheerful

Laundry facility on property. . Located just 3.6 Nick Wipper Jennifer Sturino

miles from the Kenosha Metra station, makes 262-496-4273 262-945-5653

this a great location for commuters 14 Years Experience 4 Years Experience
2019 Honor Society 2018 Honor Society
$900 per month.

Here is a SWEET HEART of a deal.

Hard to find Duplex located across the 4 Bedroom Brick Ranch. 2.5 garage, Alex Maryland Gina Perez
street from Silver Lake Association Beach finished basement. Call Steve
262-989-9191 262-694-5900
and Park. 3 bedrooms on 1st floor, 2
bedrooms on upper. Income generating 3 Years Experience 2 Years Experience
investment or make this a great lake area

get away. $89,900

“All your Real Estate Needs From Lake Michigan to Lake Geneva.”

Licensed In Wisconsin & Illinois HP021320
262-694-5900 • 877-843-8900 Toll Free


Kanye West and Kim Kardashian "There's some bigger than dad."
say kids inspired house
In the cover story, West described his family's house as a
Celebrity couple "futuristic Belgian monastery." West and Kardashian worked with
Kanye West and Kim Belgian designer Axel Vervoordt to design the home, which they
Kardashian say their first saw in 2013.
kids were the
inspiration behind "The kids ride their scooters down the hallways and jump
the design of their around on top of the low Axel tables, which they use as a kind of
house. stage," West said. "This house may be a case study, but our vision
for it was built around our family."
The 42-year-old
rapper and fashion Kardashian gave other insight into her family's life Monday on
designer and 39-year- Twitter, sharing how she mainly eats "plant based" meals and no
old television longer eats meat. She also said North is a pescatarian.
personality discussed their minimalist mansion in a video for
Architectural Digest magazine. By Anne Martin

West and Kardashian married in May 2014 and have four Decorator’s notebook
children, North, 6, Saint, 4, Chicago, 2, and Pslam, 8 months.
North crashed the couple's interview as Kardashian asked West (NAPSI)—Look up “basement” in the dictionary and you’ll see
about his inspiration for the house. cellar, vault—even crypt. But with a little effort and some design
flair you can make your basement come alive—and reclaim
"Well, yeah, the kids," West answered. "Say in the backyard, valuable living space.
there were all these stairs. We wanted the kids, or we needed the
kids to be able to ride their scooters or skateboards around and Create the workout room you always wanted. A dramatic home
not have to stop at the stairs. So as many places as I could take theater. Or a spacious office, playroom or craft area. If you can re-
stairs out, I did." imagine your basement, you can remodel it. Here are hints on
"Kids are the inspiration for all of our designs now, moving
forward," he said. "This is like an interim." 1. Make a plan: An accurate floor plan will help you visualize the
end result—especially if you’re dividing rooms, adding a pool
Kardashian quizzed North on her favorite things to do in the table, a large sectional or a projector and theater seating. Check to
house, which included dance competitions, cartwheels, and see if you’ll need a permit for improvements.
playing the piano and violin.
2. Banish water: Does your basement pass the smell test? If your
"And I like to find animals and huge crystals," North added. lower level has moisture problems, your nose will know. Besides
a musty smell, moisture leaves other clues: dark, saturated
MONTHLY MORTGAGE CALCULATOR concrete block walls, flaking paint or condensation.

With this chart it’s easy to compute what your monthly mortgage payment would 3. Elevate your ceiling style: Stained or sagging ceilings also
be. Multiply the factor by the number of thousands in the loan amount to calcu- point to excess moisture. Identify the cause and make repairs.
late the monthly payment. Then replace the old ceiling with coffered ceiling tiles. With the
For Example: look of sunken panels, they add depth and distinction. Some of
30-year mortgage of $80,000 at 7.0%, multiply 6.66 x 80 = $532.80 Armstrong Ceilings’ coffered options resist moisture and mold and
stand up to humidity.
Intrst Rt 30 Yrs 15 Yrs 10 Yrs
4. Beautify floors and walls: Beautiful, versatile flooring options
3.00% $3.37 $5.52 $7.72 are abundant today. Before you choose, think about how you’ll
3.25% $3.48 $5.62 $7.81 use the space. Consider structural issues, too. Creating a playroom
3.50% $4.49 $7.14 $9.88 or cozy retreat? If moisture isn’t a worry, add warmth and softness
3.75% $4.63 $7.27 $10.00 underfoot with carpeting or an area rug.
4.00% $4.77 $7.39 $10.12
4.25% $4.91 $7.52 $10.24 If your sub-floor is smooth and even, vinyl is hard to beat.
4.50% $5.06 $7.64 $10.36 Whether in tile, sheet or plank form, the styles are versatile and
4.75% $5.21 $7.77 $10.48 the material is water-resistant or waterproof.
5.00% $5.38 $7.91 $10.61
5.25% $5.52 $8.04 $10.73 5. Make a statement: Once you’ve landed on the look you love—
5.50% $5.68 $8.17 $10.85 whether it’s traditional, farmhouse or mid-century modern—
5.75% $5.84 $8.03 $10.98 personalize your décor to make it your own. Display cubes or
6.00% $6.00 $8.44 $11.11 built-in shelving with lighting are great options for showing off
your trophies, baskets, pottery or collectibles. For color and
warmth, mix and match a variety of pillows and plush throws.

To personalize your walls—without making a permanent design
commitment—consider wall decals. Their elegant patterns and
bold images add instant interest. You can even make your mark
with an inspiring, oversized quote. Use every type of lighting—
general, task and accent—to bring your basement out of the
shadows. Mirrors are another great way to add light—and the
illusion of space.

DIYers have never had more versatile design tools and materials
to choose from. So don’t let your lower level go unloved and
unused any longer. Let the transformation begin.


Melissa Roach - Zievers

KRA 2011 & 2012 Realtor of the Year

Office: 262-925-3091
Cell: 262-945-1018
Email: [email protected]

• Broker/Associate
• Sterling Group
• HUD Certified Agent

By Appointment Only

$599,900 Stunning Pleasant Prairie Contemporary
• 4 Bed/3.5 Bath
SG-1675202 • Over 4000 Square Feet
• Granite and Tiled Kitchen with
Breakfast Bar and Oversized Pantry
SG-1641051 • Tiled Master Suite with Jetted

$2,500 Whirlpool Tub and Dual Sinks
• Lower Level Finished Bar, Built In
Entertainment System, Pool Table
HP • 3 + Car Garage

• The Highlands of $124,900 • 2 Story Duplex
Hunters Ridge • 2 Bed/1 Bath
in each unit
• 3 Bed/3 Bath • Good money

• 1st Floor Master maker
• Good sized
with Jacuzzi tub
• Over 2500 sq ft,

• 2.5 car garage


• For lease only $1,600 * For lease only
• Across from • All utilities
Lake Michigan included
• New central air, • Across street

separate from Lake
entrances, all Michigan.
utilities included ª 2 levels of
open space


FEBRUARY 13 - MARCH 12, 2020 HOMESPLUS Page 11

2717 N Grandview Blvd, Suite 200, Waukesha, WI 53188 | Branch NMLS# 1154232 112119

Feature your home
like this with only a
3.75% commission!

Small, Local, Family Run Business Since 1985 Save Thousands!
No gimmicks, No curve balls!
• Quality Workmanship, Dependable & On Schedule Pull out a Calculator for yourself!
• Professional Preparation & Repair
• All Aspects Of Interior/Exterior Painting & Staining SR101919
• Light Carpentry & Other Handyman Jobs HP011620
Steve Simonovic
Valuable Coupon
LIC #:50511-094
10% OFFSSpuepceiralOURALREADY LOW RATES! [email protected]
Not valid with any other offer. Present coupon upon payment.
CALL TODAY (262) 620-3107
References FREE Friendly Estimates Insured
Available Salem, WI


Margaret Jacobson

Broker Associate, GRI, CRS, ABR,
Cell 262 496-1212
Email [email protected]

Asistente que habla español! 6905 Green Bay Road, Alexander Feuker
Anita Rosales Suite #104 Kenosha, WI
262 925-3012 Sales Associate-Buyer Agent
Cell 262 818-2185
Margaret Jacobson-RE/MAX Newport Elite
Email [email protected]
Click on I am an SRES® tab for more information.

All Properties Listed in WI & IL for Maximum Exposure

0 7th Street 7626 Green Bay Road,
Kenosha, WI Kenosha WI
110 Acres Zoned A-1
$3,250,000.00 2.41 Acres Zoned B-2


1720 87th Place 2710 25th Avenue 1315 55th Drive
Kenosha, WI Kenosha, WI Union Grove, WI
4.23 Acres, Heated
3 Bedrooms, 1.5 Baths 3 Bedrooms, Fenced yard 54x60 outbuilding
1267 Sq. Ft. $154,900.00
$164,900.00 $649,900.00

SOLD Retiring? Downsizing?
Or thinking about buying
7107 98th Avenue Unit A
Kenosha, WI or selling your home?

1st Floor Cornerstone Condo I’m your SRES®
$139,000.00 Senior Real Estate Specialist

CERTIFIED Solving the

PROPERTY homeowner FEBRUARY 13 - MARCH 12, 2020 HOMESPLUS Page 13

EXPERTS at a time


Ask The Builder with Tim Carter

Plumbing has come a long way

This is the first column in a series in which I'd now buy a vent-pipe flashing that has a superior siliconized
like to share with you how technology has rubber boot that might not be destroyed by the sun for five or
helped improve building products. more decades.

I've worked in the residential construction industry for decades. Water supply lines that connect sink faucets, toilet tanks, and
In that time, I've gotten a unique perspective on new products. washing machines to the water supply have seen amazing
Not all of them have worked out so well, and sometimes it takes changes. Not very long ago, plumbers had to carefully bend soft
several permutations until a manufacturer gets it right. copper tubes to make connections. Washing machines used old
rubber hoses. Now you as a DIYer can use flexible hoses protected
The same thing goes for techniques. Early in my career, I spent by braided stainless steel wire to make leakproof connections in
years taking apart 100-year-old houses and was able to see how seconds!
the old-school craftsmen built. Some of their methods, in my
opinion, are far better than the way things are done today. I'll Faucet manufacturers continue to make improvements with the
share much of that with you in this series that will unfold as the cartridges that control the water flow when you turn a handle. I
year progresses. clearly remember years ago having to change rubber washers
inside faucets to stop drips. It used to take some skill to change a
Today I'd like to dive into plumbing. It's a system that causes washer to stop a faucet leak. Now you can stop faucet drips
consternation with many consumers because repairs can be costly. without calling a plumber. With the plethora of how-to videos on
You might imagine that not much has changed in plumbing, given the Internet, you can switch out a faucet cartridge faster than you
that pipes and fixtures are pretty simple, but you'd be wrong. might read this column.

Let's start with simple advancements in both drainage and water My advice to you, if using a brand-new product, is to read the
supply piping. Go back in time and plumbers used cast iron, installation instructions and be sure everything is being done
galvanized iron and copper for drain lines. In rare instances, correctly. Also, keep in mind that the first generation of some new
they'd have to use a lead pipe to make certain drains work. The products might not have all the bugs worked out. If you're
old cast iron was susceptible to leaks and cracks because of how installing a product that's going to be hidden behind walls or
it was made. Galvanized iron pipes would corrode and start to under slabs, think about using one that has been around for
choke off with deposits causing clogs. several years so you don't become a statistic. Go with proven
technology in these situations.
Today's cast iron is spun cast and has a uniform wall thickness.
You create leakproof joints in seconds with rubber gaskets and By Tim Carter
stainless-steel band clamps. It's the perfect material to use for Subscribe to Tim's FREE newsletter and listen to his new
vertical stacks in your home to prevent noise caused by water
cascading down large-diameter vertical pipes. podcasts. Go to:

The entire plastics industry exploded in the 1960s and codes Tune in to Happenings Q&A on Thursday, February 27th at
permitted plastic drainpipes. Plastic drain lines perform quite well, 12:30 p.m. when Tim returns to the
and I've installed miles of this pipe. Not too long ago it show. Find us on your radio dial at
experienced another technology jump when it was made lighter AM1050 WLIP, or streaming live
than the first-generation plastic. You can buy foam-core plastic online at
drain pipe now.
Water supply lines many years ago were made using galvanized
iron. These would suffer from corrosion and choke off too. Copper
became the standard, but here, too, plastic muscled its way into
the marketplace.

Imagine installing plastic water lines in a new home that have no
joints or fittings. It's installed much like an electric cable. That's
what I just did at my daughter's new home. The only joints are in
the mechanical room at a distribution manifold and the shut-off
valve under a sink or where the pipe connects to a shower or tub

I installed all the water supply lines to four bathrooms, a kitchen
and five outdoor hose bibs in less than four hours. Using
traditional copper with hundreds of fittings, I might have gotten
part of one bathroom done in that same amount of time.

Copper water lines have also seen tremendous technological
advancements. In a recent column, I shared with you the new
fittings that require no solder. You can create a leak-proof joint in
less than five seconds using fittings that contain a rubber O-ring.
You can't imagine how much time these save. The best part is you
never have to wonder if a soldered joint will leak!

Accessory plumbing products have also seen big changes. For
years, the plumbing vent pipe flashing up on your roof has been
made with a standard rubber that gets destroyed by the sun's
ultraviolet rays in just a few years and then starts to leak. You can

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