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Your Eye On Kenosha... Both City &JunCe 1o6,u20n22ty!
Volume 20 - #11






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Over 25 Years Experience

Millionaires leave Russia, Ukraine over Bernie Sanders’
war as wealthy bypass U.S. 2019 'wealth tax':
'There should be
Millionaires are on the no billionaires'
move again as the war in
Ukraine, political instability

and the threat of higher During his campaign for married couples with a net
the Democratic worth of $32 million.
taxes force the world's presidential nomination, Those making from $50 to
Sen. Bernie Sanders $250 million would pay 2
wealthy out of Russia, unveiled a proposal to percent and those at $250
implement a new "wealth to $500 million 3 percent.
Ukraine, Britain and even tax" that would target The tax grows to 8
millionaires and billionaires percent for Americans
the United States, according in the United States -- making $10 billion or
particularly the richest 0.1 more.
to the latest Henley Global percent.

Citizens Report, which

tracks worldwide

investment migration


The report released Millionaires are leaving Russia and Ukraine over war, as the United The Vermont senator, "There should be no
Monday showed Russia States and Britain also see losses due to threat of higher taxes, billionaires," Sanders
suffered the largest according to Henley Global Citizens report. who had been fighting with tweeted in 2019. "We are
emigration of millionaires in going to tax their extreme
the past six months, with fellow candidate Sen. wealth and invest in
15,000 expected to leave working people."
the country by the end of shows that trend is "Affluent individuals are numbers of millionaires are Elizabeth Warren for
the year. Russia's invasion is changing. Britain, which was also expected to move to
also driving out affluent once touted as the world's extremely mobile, and their Malta, Mauritius and progressive support,
investors from Ukraine financial center, continues to Monaco.
which is expected to lose see a steady loss of movements can provide an introduced a plan to tax "One of the biggest
2,800 millionaires, its highest millionaires due to Brexit And the millionaire sources of wealth for
net loss in the country's and rising taxes, with more early warning signal into migration is far from over, wealthier households with middle-income families is
history. than 1,500 expected to experts say, and is projected owner-occupied homes,
leave the country by the end future country trends," said to increase in 2023. steeper rates. which are taxed in most
of 2022. states at rates that can be
Andrew Amoils, head of "Next year, the largest "Today, the United States as high as, or even higher
The United States is also millionaire migration flows has more income and than, 1 percent," the plan
becoming less popular for research at New World on record are predicted -- wealth inequality than states.
migrating millionaires with 125,000 -- as affluent almost any major country
financial experts pointing to Wealth. "Countries that investors and their families on Earth, and it is worse
political instability and the earnestly prepare for the now than at any time since
threat of higher taxes. The draw wealthy individuals and new post-COVID world, the 1920s," his plan stated.
United States still attracts with an as yet-to-be
"The 2022 forecast more wealthy than it loses, families to migrate to their revealed rearrangement of
but the net inflow projected the global order, and the
reflects an extremely for 2022 is 1,500, an 86% shores tend to be robust, ever-present threat of
drop from 2019 levels which climate change as a constant
volatile environment saw a net inflow of 10,800. with low crime rates, backdrop," Steffen said. "This proposal would
ensure that assets owned
worldwide. By the end of competitive tax rates and By Sheri Walsh "In order to reduce the by the top 0.1 percent are
outrageous level of taxed the same way as
the year, 88,000 millionaires attractive business inequality that exists in much of the wealth owned
America today and to by the middle-class is
are expected to have opportunities." rebuild the disappearing already taxed."
middle class, the time has
relocated to new countries," According to the report, come for the United States
those countries gaining the to establish an annual tax
said Dr. Juerg Steffen, CEO most millionaires in 2022 on the extreme wealth of
include the United Arab the top 0.1 percent of U.S.
of Henley & Partners. Emirates, which overtook households."
the United States in the top
While millionaires tend to spot, Australia, Singapore, It's estimated Sanders'
migrate to financial giants Israel and Switzerland. Large
such as Britain and the tax could have raised $4.4
United States, the data
trillion over the first 10

years. By comparison,

Warren's similarly

Millionaires group places 'Tax the Rich' The tax, if it was aggressive tax plan
billboards in NYC, Washington, D.C. implemented today, would projected to raise $2.6
apply to 180,000 trillion.
households -- beginning
with a 1 percent tax on By Cylde Hughes

Over the past year, the group "The billionaires, millionaires and

Patriotic Millionaires have dispatched CEOs trying to stop these critical Millionaires are leaving Russia and Ukraine over war, as the
mobile billboards throughout New York reforms are the biggest threat to our United States and Britain also see losses due to threat of
City and Washington, D.C., calling for nation's stability," Patriotic Millionaires higher taxes, according to Henley Global Citizens report.
higher taxes on the wealthy and founder Erica Payne said in a statement.

promoting progressive taxing policies. "Their wealth was created in a rigged

The group said they parked the game, that many of them still cheated in.

billboards outside the homes of It's time for them to pay to repair the

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and Senate damage they have done."

Republican leader Mitch McConnell in Each of the mobile billboards
Washington, D.C., as well as the U.S. displayed different messages. One
Chamber of Commerce, Business reads, "Tax me if you can." Another
Roundtable headquarters, the Internal says, "Tax the Rich, Save America. It is
Revenue Service and U.S.Treasury. that simple."

In New York City, the mobile A third billboard includes photos of
billboard was sent to Wall Street, the Bezos, Facebook founder Mark
Federal Reserve Building, the New York Zuckerburg and Tesla and SpaceX
office of Senate Democratic leader founder Elon Musk.
Chuck Schumer, Bezos' apartment and
57th Street Billionaires Row. Patriotic Millionaires is composed of
hundreds of high net-worth U.S.
President Joe Biden had called for a residents who say they are committed
rollback of former President Donald to progressive tax and economic
Trump's tax cuts, which slashed the reforms.
corporate tax rate, to support his
major infrastructure bill. By Clyde Hughes

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June 16, 2022 - Volume 20 Number 11


10 questions worth Eight Wisconsinites make Forbes
a million dollars World’s Billionaires List

How many millionaires are in the US in 2020? Wisconsin has its fair share of billionaires. With a net worth of $16.6 billion,
Forbes released its annual list of the world's John Menard, Jr. is all smiles.
The Global Wealth Report says that the total number of billionaires and many of them were from the
millionaires in the US is 20.27 million.The United States also Badger State. The list includes a list 2,755
added 2,251,000 new millionaires from 2019 to 2020 alone, billionaires, eight of whom were from here in
which puts it at the very top of the list of countries with the Wisconsin. The pandemic was good for John
most millionaires. Since the adult US population is around 250 Menard Jr., who remains the top billionaire in
million, that means that just over 8% of Americans are the state. The founder of Eau Claire-based
millionaires. (Source: Credit-Suisse) Menards, he had a 2022 net worth of $16.6
billion, a substantial increase over 2021’s $14.2
How many US millionaire households are there? billion, this increase makes him the 104th
richest person on the list. Here are all of the
A new survey has found that there are 13.61 million Wisconsin billionaires that made the list, in
households that have a net worth of $1 million or more, not order of net worth:
including the value of their primary residence. That’s more
than 10% of households in the US. So the US is definitely the John Menard Jr. Menards 2021 worth 2022 worth
country with the most millionaires. (Source: Spectrem) Herbert Kohler Kohler Company
Diane Hendricks Hendricks/ABC Supply Co. $14.2B $16.6B
What percentage of millionaires inherited their Judy Faulkner Epic Systems $9.8B $10.7B
wealth? James Cargill Jr. Cargill Inc. $8B $8.8B
S. Curtis Johnson S.C. Johnson & Sons $6B $7B
Only about 20% of Americans inherit their riches.The rest Helen Johnson-Leipold Johnson Outdoors $3.6B $5B
of them (80%) are self-made, first-generation millionaires. H. Fisk Johnson S.C. Johnson & Sons $3.6B $3.3B
Most millionaires have to work for the money and don’t get $3.6B $3.3B
rich once a relative dies, according to “The Millionaire Next $3.5B $3.3B
Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy” by
Thomas J Stanley. (Source: Ramsey Solutions) Millionaires in America:
The States Ranked
How many people are worth 10 million?
concentration of millionaires New Jersey is the top spot for millionaires per capita in
There are an estimated 1,456,336 households with a net the U.S. Like Connecticut, New Jersey has a high
worth of at least $10 million. It is important to note that we 1. New Jersey 9.76% concentration of millionaires largely thanks to its proximity
are talking about a household, not an individual. So there may to NewYork City. But not all of New Jersey's millionaires are
be more than one person earning in a single household. 2. Maryland 9.72% clustered near the Big Apple. Farther south, the state capital
(Source: DQYDJ) of Trenton – and its metro area that includes tony Princeton
3. Connecticut 9.44% – has plenty of millionaires, as well. Athletes and sports
How many multi-millionaires are in the US? competitors, surgeons and CEOs are among the state's best-
4. Massachusetts 9.38% paid residents. Also like Connecticut, the Garden State is
About 8,046,080 US households have a net worth of $2 pricey and taxes are high. N.J.'s cost of living is 13.4% higher
million or more, covering about 6.25% of American 5. Hawaii 9.20% than the U.S. average, according to C2ER.
households.  5,671,005 US households have a net worth of $3
million or more, covering about 4.41% of all US households. 6. District of Columbia 9.12% Kenosha Funeral
(Source: DQYDJ)
7. California 8.51% Services and
How many billionaires in the US are there?
8. New Hampshire 8.47% Crematory
According to a census report in 2020, there are 788
billionaires in the United States with a combined net worth of 9. Virginia 8.31%
$3.431 trillion. In contrast, the United States had 404
billionaires in 2010. (Source:Wealth-X) 10. Alaska 8.18%

How many millionaires are in Congress? 15. Illinois 7.13%

There are 229 millionaires in Congress.The exact number 29. Wisconsin 5.83%
is hard to determine since Congress members reveal their
finances in ranges. But according to the Center for Working From Home? Quality • Value • Service
Responsive Politics, 43% of congress members had a net
worth of over $1 million in 2018.  That’s 43%, over seven When you need it the most
times the national rate of 6%. (Source: Center for Responsive
Politics) Brand New

What is the average age of US millionaires? Quality Desks

According to a report about the US millionaire population 189starting $ 00
by age, the average age of US millionaires is 62 years old. at
About 38% of US millionaires are over 65 years of age. Only
1% are below 35. Millionaires on the West Coast are slightly MODULAR UNITS: BUILT TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS!
older, as well. So don’t worry. You most probably still have DRAWERS, FILE CABINETS ETC...
time to become rich. (Source: Spectrem)
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What is the percentage of millionaires in America by
race? Chairs Includes: Professional Service Fee, Alternate Care
of Remains, 1 hour Greeting Time, Memorial
According to the most recent data available, 76% of US 179starting $ 00 Services, Transfer of Remains to our Facility,
millionaires were white or Caucasian. Black American and at Cremation Fee, and Alternative Container.
Asian millionaires each accounted for just 8%. Hispanics made
up 7% of the total millionaire population. (Source: Statista) Locally Owned & Operated for Over 30 Years Make An Appointment To Pre-Plan Your Funeral Today

What is the average age of US billionaires? Prepay for your funeral now and
the price will be guaranteed.
The average age of billionaires is slightly higher than that of
millionaires at 65.9 years old.According to a 2016 report, only 8226 Sheridan Rd. Kenosha, WI 53143
46 people became billionaires before the age of 40. This (262) 652-1943
further reaffirms that
billionaires are not
made overnight but SMART READER June 16, 2022 3
are built through 7600 75th Street Kenosha SR 061622
Phone (262) 656-1717 SR012722
experience and
time. (Source:


Behind bitcoin plunge: Question of
trust lingers for cryptocurrency

It has been a red-ink and secure transactions and the assets that back it. bonus, nearly two-thirds kind of cryptocurrency: consumer purchases remain
spring for American independent of the stablecoins, which are built private while building in
investors. Rattled by real- traditional banking system. That trust is being sorely stopped using it, according to maintain the same value enough transparency to
world inflation, shortages, tested right now, as some as the U.S. dollar or some track criminal financial
and war, stock markets in cryptocurrencies continue to a recent study for the other traditional currency. activity? Will digital coins be
the United States and to fall and as chastened The stablecoins that mined (created) in an
around the world have “Finding ways to make investors take to social National Bureau of collapsed in May were based energy-intensive way like
stumbled. In the world of media to vent their anger or on an algorithm, or bitcoin, which consumed
digital money known as [financial transactions] lament their losses. Economic Research. mathematical set of rules. By more electricity than
cryptocurrency, the losses contrast, the three major Norway last year, or use
are far, far worse. cheaper and faster, and Another fifth of households stablecoins backed by actual other protocols that require
dollars have held their value, far less computer power?
Bitcoin, the world’s finding ways to make people never even bothered to despite intense selling
biggest cryptocurrency, has pressure.
lost more than half its value that are unbanked or under- spend the bonus. This year,
from November highs. The question not yet
Another digital currency banked able to send peer- It “is definitely a time to virtually no one has resolved is who will issue a
called TerraUSD, designed to stablecoin that can gain the
be worth $1 at all times, to-peer value to each other, question the downloaded the app. And world’s trust. It could be
collapsed along with its one of the current crop, like
sister token, Luna. Another in real time, and for no cost, trustworthiness of a lot in the government’s vision of Tether or USD Coin. It
so-called stablecoin, DEI, has could be another private-
lost its $1 peg and is now is going to be a game crypto,” says Omid Malekan, giving free digital financial sector entity, like a
trading around 51 cents. cryptocurrency
changer for economies, not a Columbia Business School tools to its poor and entrepreneur or a big “There hasn’t been too
Yet, despite all this international bank. Or it much effort put into
turmoil, acceptance of just in this country but professor and author of unbanked people – 9 in 10 could be a central bank like upgrading the underlying
cryptocurrency keeps the U.S. Federal Reserve. By technology behind bitcoin,”
spreading. In May, a law firm elsewhere in the world,” “Re-Architecting Trust,” a Salvadorans don’t have a one count, 87 nations are says Christian Fioravanti,
based in Dubai, United Arab researching or testing the chief marketing officer and
Emirates, began accepting Republican Sen. Cynthia book on cryptocurrencies bank account – has fallen idea of issuing their own point person for blockchain
payment in bitcoin and a few digital currencies. technology strategy at Mad
other digital currencies. An Lummis of Wyoming said that will be available in July short. Energy, a clean-energy
Italian restaurant in Wales Among major economies, company. “It’s old and
claimed it was that country’s earlier this month at an on Amazon. “A lot of those “The main concern China is the furthest along. outdated, and unless a major
first restaurant to do the In the past two years, Beijing change is made to upgrade
same. Here in Waltham, online forum of the [digital currencies] are more people have … is trust,” says gradually has been rolling the technology, … people
Massachusetts, Bentley out its central bank digital may move to better
University announced it’s American Enterprise hype than substance. But David Argente, an currency, called e-CNY and technologies that are much
now ready to take tuition based on the yuan. The more futuristic.”
payments in cryptocurrency. Institute, a Washington think bitcoin has a unique value economics professor at European Union’s executive
branch plans to propose a
Why would anyone trust tank. proposition because it’s like Pennsylvania State digital euro law next year.
such shaky money? Here in the U.S., the Federal
Bringing money up to a currency that has its own University and a co-author Reserve Bank of Boston and
For high rollers interested speed the Massachusetts Institute
in investing in built-in transfer mechanism. of the study, which surveyed of Technology have
cryptocurrency, as opposed partnered to find solutions
to using it as a currency, the Wait a minute, you may That feature hasn’t existed 1,800 Salvadoran to the technological
volatility has been part of protest. I already can move challenges of creating a
the appeal – at least when money digitally for free and before, other than cash.” households. They prefer to stable, safe, and secure
prices are going up. But one almost instantly with digital dollar.
key reason is also that the services like Venmo and Still, the road to future use dollars; they don’t trust
software technology behind Zelle. But that is a bit of an money is proving quite Big questions remain. For
most cryptocurrencies illusion – or a Ferrari front bumpy. the government’s system or example, how would a
promises a revolution in end on a horse-and-buggy central bank guarantee that
finance – through efficient back end, as one digital asset bitcoin itself. Then there’s the recent
banker puts it – involving an
advance on money that still This past September, El That survey was plunge in bitcoin and
takes today’s plodding world Salvador became the first conducted even before
of government-issued cash country to make bitcoin bitcoin and the No. 2 Ethereum, which has dented
and authorized financial legal tender. By law, cryptocurrency, Ethereum,
institutions much more time businesses had to accept it. made their latest plunge. confidence in
to transfer. And the government These wild swings in value
worked hard to convince discourage consumers from cryptocurrencies. What
citizens to use it. It created a using them to buy things and
mobile-phone app that pay bills. That’s why most happens if one of these
allowed users to trade Salvadorans – as well as
bitcoin and dollars with no many companies – who giants, on which layers of
transaction fees.And anyone receive cryptocurrencies
who downloaded the app quickly convert them to other crypto products are
got $30 worth of bitcoin, a dollars. Here in the Boston
considerable sum in a poor area, Bentley University uses based, should collapse?
country like El Salvador. a crypto exchange called
Those who used it to pay at Coinbase to automatically “Because there’s no
a service station got a make the conversion for a
discount on gas. small fee. intrinsic value, as people

begin selling, there’s no place

The so-called blockchain to go except zero, because

technology behind there’s no collateral to sell,”

cryptocurrencies is a radical Thomas Vartanian, executive

departure. Instead of relying director of the Financial

on central banks, it’s Technology & Cybersecurity

designed to be Center, warned at the

decentralized. Anyone can American Enterprise

launch new digital coins Institute forum. “So it starts

without government In the initial rush, half of Wanted: Stability out as an incredibly high-risk
the nation’s households
permission. And in theory, downloaded the app. But The failure of bitcoin to endeavor. And that’s fine.
after spending their $30 act as a stable currency has
users don’t need to trust attracted investors and That’s absolutely fine. And it
consumers to a different
any of the players in the may be the future. But the

system, only the technology problem is that we’re

dealing with something that

is highly unregulated and

basically an analog of the

Wild West.”

Whether wild or
increasingly regulated – as
some in Congress are
weighing via legislation – the
future of money at least in
the medium term could turn
out to be crowded.

At root, money or currency is built around trust. Will it be worth its promised value? “I don’t think cash will
Cryptocurrency may seem to have failed that test, yet people are turning to it for reasons completely disappear,” says
that go beyond stable value relative to traditional dollars. Andy Long, chief executive
of White Rock Management,
a Swiss-based bitcoin mining
firm that’s expanding to the
U.S. “I don’t think the dollar
is going away. I think there
will be a dollar [digital]
currency. I think bitcoin is
not going away, as well. And
they’ll coexist.”

By Laurent Belsie


my turn

Biden visit to Saudi Dr Harlan Ullman is senior
Arabia puts him adviser at Washington's
between Putin and Atlantic Council, the prime
MBS author of "shock and awe"
and the upcoming book "The
with Harlan Ullman Fifth Horseman and the New
MAD: How Massive Attacks of
Poor President Joe Biden. American journalist Jamal Disruption Became the
Looming Existential Danger to
He is caught between a Khashoggi to a hit squad a Divided Nation and the

current-day Scylla in the under the command of World at Large."

form of Russian President MBS. Harlan Ullman joins
Happenings Q&A on
Vladimir Putin, aka "war Russian and Saudi
criminal" and the Charybdis economies are entirely Thu., June 23rd at
of Saudi Crown Prince dependent on energy -- gas 1:30 on AM1050 WLIP.
Mohammed bin Salman, aka and oil reserves. Both also
human rights "pariah." Can use oil as a political weapon Russian President Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked invasion
he negotiate around or to gain leverage. Europe is of Ukraine was largely directed against NATO.
through these dangerous dependent on Russian gas
waters, whether over the and oil.The United States is
war in Ukraine or a pending depending on MBS to
visit to Saudi Arabia? increase oil production to

This dilemma contrasts drive down the costs of

the tensions between a gasoline in America that are

pragmatic and a values- at $5 or $6 a gallon.

based foreign policy and Yet, here is the rub. Saudi 5125 6th Ave.
Biden's construct of a battle Arabia is an American "ally," No Drink
possibly to the finish buying many billions of Kenosha Minimum!
between democracy and dollars of U.S. weaponry;
autocracy. This foreign providing basing access; and If It’s Not Live, You’re Not Living!
policy debate has often standing against Iran. Saudi
been cast as Washingtonian cooperation in improving
versus Wilsonian legacies. relations with Israel, and

In his farewell address, ultimately recognizing it, is June 17 • 8pm • $6 June 17 & 18 • 8pm • $14 June 24 • 7:30pm • $10

President George vital to long-term regional Judson Vince Pat
Brown McCurdy
Washington warned "to stability. And the world Duo Maranto
Milwaukee icon Pat McCurdy has
steer clear of permanent depends on its oil. Is that The Judson Brown Duo specializes in acoustic VINCE Maranto started his comedy been entertaining audiences in
rock, pop, and country music. It's like your iPod career at the now defunct Comedy Wisconsin, the Midwest, and across
alliances with any portion more important than on shuffle... only better! The duo specializes in Cottage in suburban Chicago in the nation for decades. He brings his
1982. He quickly became a regular at unique style of improvisational come-
of the foreign world" (and human rights? "countrified" arrangements of pop and rock the local clubs, and dy, music and audience interaction.
songs. In addition to their diverse set list, the then, worked his
did not say to avoid Russia is a huge disruptor band loves challenges, and entertains most any way throughout the Rain in Sight? Check facebook to
permanent entanglements), in Europe. A near U.S. in many clubs. atthe see if the show will move indoors.
reflecting his pragmatism. permanent conflict with request on the spot.
President Woodrow Wilson NATO over Ukraine seems
called for an "end to all inevitable with the risk of June 24 & 25 • 8pm • $14 June 25 • 7pm June 26 • 2pm • $5
wars" through a League of escalation. But without
Nations relying on an negotiations or some form Keith Starting at $5 Simply
idealistic view of the future. of reconciliation, a strategic Lenart Yacht
Vinyl ReMix

Ironically, in dealing with nuclear arms race will drain Keith Lenart is a legendary comedian Rock

from Detroit who has traveled all over

Putin and MBS, both seem treasuries and lead to the world. In short, his fast-paced

delivery and jokes on an array of

strikingly interchangeable in further tensions, especially popular subjects holds the audience's Singer/Songwriter Performing all over
the Midwest in a solo performance of
attention from beginning to end.
70's and 80's soft rock classics.
terms of actions and as "newer" technologies You may recognize Keith from Last
Rain in Sight? Check facebook to
Comic Standing, see if the show will move indoors.

Las Vegas Comedy

intentions. Both started such as hypersonic Festival, NBC's So

You Think You're at the The New Vinyls have created a new group called “Vinyl ReMix”.

wars for similar reasons. weapons threaten to Funny.

Putin's unprovoked invasion destabilize the current June 29 • 7pm o July 1 & 2 • 8pm • $14 July 8 & 9 • 8pm • $14

of Ukraine was largely military balances. DJ Messes Bill Lenny

directed against NATO. What should or might SMusical Boronkay Schmidt
MBS's war in Yemen is Biden do? First, his
against the Houthis, dichotomy of democracies Rock Once one of the country's fastest rising Lenny Schmidt first stepped on stage in
surrogates for Saudi's and autocracies needs to be
archenemy Iran. The revised as it is a false sportscasters, Bill Boronkay enjoyed stops the late eighties. From the beginning,
difference is that Putin is distinction. Two NATO
using Soviet weaponry in allies for whom all are Sand Roll in Clarksburg, WV, Evansville, IN and Lennys act focused on life. It was real sto-
Ukraine; MBS is bombing committed to defend if
the Houthis with American- either were attacked, Bingo Kansas City before finally landing in sunny ries, problems, issues, rants, good times,
made weapons systems. Hungary and Turkey, are not
Cleveland, OH where he was assigned vari- bad memories, every night, every show.

ous hazardous duties. Along the way, Everything in Lennys life has been dis-

Boronkay won 5 cussed on stage; his

Emmys, one of which alcoholic father, kids,

is proudly displayed in divorce, sex life, thera-

his mother's home py, neurosis... Its real

office behind a lamp at the life. Its real comedy. at the

Both are ruthless pristine democracies. Refreshing drinks, Tasty food,
Awesome Entertainment and
autocrats. Both have During the Cold War,
a stunning
punished dissenting elites virtually any Soviet harbor view

by stripping them of wealth opponent could become an

and position. Putin has had American ally. And as

opponents arrested, jailed Napoleon and Hitler 5125 6th Ave. KENOSHA • 262-564-8800

and likely killed, not only in learned, opening a second FOR EVENT TICKETS VISIT HAP2IT.COM
STOP IN 1420 63RD ST. M-F 11am-4pm OR CALL 1-262-564-8800
Russia. U.S. law front against Russia led to 060922

enforcement and disaster.

intelligence agencies The United States has

attributed the murder and

dismemberment of Saudi- see ULLMAN on page 8


my turn

Prime time for Readers may email Cal
anti-Trumpers Thomas at

with Cal Thomas [email protected]
Look for Cal Thomas’ new
If things aren’t going your any is needed, that the book “America’s Expiration
way on issues such as high Date:The Fall of Empires and
gas and food prices, media and liberal politicians Superpowers and the Future
inflation and the hordes
flowing across the are joined at the ideological of the United States”
southern border (Fox
News, The Guardian, and hip. It recalls Bill Clinton’s
other news outlets report
between 10,000 and 15,000 image makers, Harry and
migrants are on the way
and neither Congress nor Linda Bloodworth appointees, along with
the Biden administration
are doing anything to stop Thomason. Linda some Democratic
them), the only strategy left
is to try and change the Thomason produced the members, have already
ironically named TV show issued public statements Supporters of President Donald Trump riot
The House Jan. 6 at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., on
congressional committee is “Designing Women” and about the riot, which is like Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021
attempting to divert the
attention of what concerns “The Man from Hope” a jury in a criminal trial
most Americans to what
some have called the “near documentary. She once announcing its verdict
destruction of our
democracy.” said, “I believe in honest before the proceeding. already be predetermined. mostly seems to be holding the people they are
accountable those who supposed to represent.
It begins with a propaganda.” Unlike a criminal trial, broke the law and so this
primetime performance presentation will be more
choreographed by former Viewers of the The committee promises like a performance. If it
ABC News president James proceedings, which are were a Broadway show, it
Goldston, who is assisting scheduled to begin on however, there is likely to that new and shocking might be forced to “close” According to
the committee to plan the Thursday, June 9, should after opening night. Again,
hearings and frame how keep in mind that the be little, if any, cross- information will be we’ll see., public
information is presented. committee is the work of
This is more evidence, if the highly partisan Speaker examination of the revealed, presumably Many viewers might want approval of Congress as of
of the House, Nancy Pelosi. to know why Congress
She refused to allow House witnesses and probably no alleging a direct connection can’t seem to fix any of the April was at 20 percent and
Minority Leader Kevin country’s real problems.
McCarthy to name Trump- confrontational questions between Trump and the Jan. That perennial question is disapproval at 76 percent.
loyal Republicans to the why increasing numbers of
committee citing “… as we are used to hearing 6 insurrectionists. This Americans have grown These hearings are not
respect for the integrity of sour about Washington.
the investigation", instead when Democrats question might be difficult to prove. They see members of likely to raise the approval
appointing Republicans Liz Congress more interested
Cheney (R-WY) and Adam witnesses they don’t like. Will there be witnesses in re-election, in their numbers and are more
Kinzinger (R-Ill), both of careers and in perks than in
whom are critical of the Democrats won’t ask who claim that Trump likely to increase its
former president. These tough questions and
neither will Cheney or motivated them to commit disapproval if they come off
Kinzinger. Cheney faces an
uphill battle for re-election criminal acts by attacking as partisan, as seems likely.
and Kinzinger is retiring to
focus, he says, on Trump’s the Capitol, destroying Regardless of Mr.
influence on the GOP. Goldston’s TV experience,
property, injuring Capitol many may choose to
change the channel to
police and threatening to legitimate entertainment.
The hearings will likely be
“hang” Vice President Mike nothing more than political
Pence? (Four people died

The “fix” seems to be in, as a result of the Jan. 6
meaning that the outcome
of these hearings could Capitol attack.) We’ll see,

but the justice system

How do you warn a tuned-out
nation that its greatest threat
is within?

with Mary Sanchez

The U.S. Capitol riot willing to recognize the Readers can reach Mary Protesters march past Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh's home on June 8,
hearings were upstaged necessity of illustrating the Sanchez at 2022, in Chevy Chase, Maryland.
before they started. All it anti-democratic, violent
took was one man with a strains that have gained a [email protected] scenario, possibly a hostage and security of Kavanaugh that stewed among the
lethal intent toward a U.S. strong foothold in America. and follow her on Twitter plan, maybe torture and and his family, but as an people who stormed the
Supreme Court justice. A That’s what swarmed the @msanchezcolumn. most certainly terror. attack upon America. Upon Capitol, fighting in what has
relatively young man at that. Capitol. Underline this part, the the judiciary. been described as
But one with access to the Mary Sanchez joins target was a U.S. Supreme “medieval,” hand-to-hand
type of weaponry favored And now, a misguided, Happenings Q&A on Court Justice. And it came, not from combat with law
by many of the fools who dangerous soul from some foreign power, but enforcement, while others
took part in the January 6, California reiterated the Mon. June 27 at It deserves to be seen from within. chanted, “Hang Mike
2021 Capitol insurrection. threat, hammering it home 1:30 on AM1050 WLIP. not only as an attempted
with an explicit example brazen attack on the safety That’s the same bucket of see SANCHEZ on page 8
Let’s admit it. The before the hearings began. ammunition, pepper spray, dysfunction and treason
hearings were anticipated zip ties, a hammer, a
by Democrats, not Thankfully, 26-year-old screwdriver, a nail punch, a
Republicans. Nicholas John Roske of Simi crowbar, a pistol light and
Valley, California, was duct tape, in addition to
The GOP is still half- quickly spotted by two U.S. other items,” as reported
heartedly trying to distance deputy marshals as he by The New York Times.
itself from the fact that arrived by cab in front of
many of the rioters who the home of Justice Brent Roske’s choices in
stormed the Capitol were, Kavanaugh. material convey a wicked
at least theoretically, on
“their team” as adherents Roske carried a backpack
of former President Donald and a suitcase.According to
Trump. the affidavit charging him
with attempted murder, he
It is such a dangerous, was loaded down with a
weak position. “black tactical chest rig and
tactical knife,” a pistol with
Democrats, at least in two magazines and
this instance, are far more


When protests – and threats –
come to officials’ front doorstep

Shortly after the draft found that 1 in 6 local expected conservative- people,” says Alauna
election officials have leaning rulings on abortion Safarpour, a postdoctoral
opinion overturning experienced threats, and a and guns, the overall trend fellow at Harvard
Johns Hopkins survey found toward violence has been University’s Kennedy School
women’s constitutional right more than half of local far more prevalent on the of Government who has
public health departments right. studied views on violence.“If
to an abortion in the United were targets of harassment you see less of yourself in
during the first year of the other Americans, it could be
States was leaked, activists pandemic. less of a leap to think these
people are inherently evil.
began showing up outside Incidents like this really
speak to the need to get to
the homes of Supreme “When a mainstream know people unlike
party has aggrandized yourself.”
Court justices. On many violence as a way of serving
a citizen, that brings political To this point, Michelle
nights since, protesters have violence into the Peterson says she has a
mainstream,” says Ms. “personal line” when it
marched and chanted along Experts say it all reflects a Kleinfeld. “Political violence comes to protesting.
that used to be a fringe Standing alone outside the
the tree-lined street in political environment in phenomenon of the left and Supreme Court on a drizzly
right 50 years ago is no afternoon in mid-May,
suburban Maryland where which the stakes across a longer fringe on the right.” holding a handmade sign
that says “My Body My
Justice Brett Kavanaugh and range of issues suddenly Choice” in front of the
recently erected fencing, Ms.
his family reside. seem greater than ever – Peterson says she declined
to join fellow activists
To some, these and the outcomes often all outside the justices’ homes
demonstrations, which have because she herself is a
been nonviolent, represent a or nothing. With the mother.
last-ditch effort to try to
send a message on an issue country closely divided, “I understand that they
of vital importance. Many are public figures, that these
others, however, see them many voters feel as though A Washington Post- people are protesting within Protesters gather to oppose then-Senate Majority Leader Mitch
as harassment – and a University of Maryland poll the limits of the law, and McConnell's plan to immediately vote on a replacement of
breach of privacy that could the views of the other side from December found that that’s well within their Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, outside his home in
ultimately endanger public one-third of Americans rights,” says Ms. Peterson, a Louisville, Kentucky, on Sept. 19, 2020. The internet has made it
officials. are being unfairly imposed think it is sometimes stay-at-home mom in Silver easier for activists to find out where public officials live and to
justified for citizens to take Spring, Maryland. “But as a organize protests in front of their homes.
upon them. That sense of violent action against the mom myself with two
government. Broken down teenagers at home, I don’t
powerlessness, along with by party, the divide is stark: want my address out there.
Twenty-three percent of And it just takes one nut.”
the erosion of norms Democrats surveyed feel
this way, compared with New technology, less
surrounding political 40% of Republicans. privacy suburbs almost every night professor at William & Mary
of the week this month. and author of the
discourse, has led to a rise in Social media and the forthcoming book “Managed
internet have played an Dissent: The Law of Public
Those fears seemed to confrontations and a greater undeniable role in this Meanwhile, they Protest.” “People are still
play out this week, when trend. doing these classic forms of
police arrested a man in his potential for violence. themselves have been protest because the visual
mid-20s, armed with a pistol Within a few minutes of sends a message ... and
and other weapons, who “Politics feels existential searching online, this victims of the same dangers people are desperate to get
told them he was in the now because there is so reporter was able to track their point across.”
neighborhood to assassinate little overlap in the middle,” down the home addresses they are criticized for
Justice Kavanaugh. says Rachel Kleinfeld, a for Supreme Court justices. The desperation in part
senior fellow at the And activist groups such as inflicting on others. When reflects how politics has
Carnegie Endowment for Ruth Sent Us, which has devolved into a zero-sum
International Peace who Many Republicans, been organizing most of the asked to speak with the game. Single-party control
studies democracies facing neighborhood rallies, have of Congress for substantial
polarization and violence.“It however, are blaming Senate shared locations on Monitor, several members of periods of time is less
used to be that a moderate Facebook and promoted common than it used to be
Republican from New Majority Leader Chuck marches across these the group declined to be as elections become
England and a conservative increasingly competitive –
Following the Democrat from the South Schumer for Wednesday’s interviewed for fear of their meaning that the policies
used to overlap quite a bit in directly affecting Americans’
neighborhood protests in their policy beliefs. But now event in Chevy Chase, own safety. day-to-day lives can be
we see very little overlap – completely upended by a
early May, the Senate and that has a huge impact Maryland, sharing clips of “We are being doxxed, few votes.
on your daily life: what your swatted, getting non-stop
unanimously passed a two- kids learn in school, if you the Democrat telling Justice death and rape threats and “Not only do the issues
can have an abortion or gory photos sent to us via feel existential, but the fight
page bill that would boost carry a gun.” Kavanaugh that he has all channels,” one member feels winnable to either side.
texted the Monitor.“Do not So we are correct as a
security for Supreme Court released “the whirlwind” put our names out there,” country that the stakes are
instructed another. “You will very high,” says Ms.
justices and their families. with the court’s draft be endangering our lives.” Kleinfeld. “But it would
behoove people of all
The bill has yet to be voted abortion ruling and “he will parties to realize that no
one wins when people start
on in the House, a measure pay the price.” using violence to solve
political problems.”
that Republicans have And officials are preparing
By Story Hinckley
pushed for in recent days. for more violence in the

But House Democrats’ future. Two layers of fencing But the limits of social
media have also worked to
delay isn’t because they still surround the Supreme reinforce an American
tradition of public protests –
disagree with the basis of Court as the Department of even if the style of these
protests feels more
the bill – it’s because they Homeland Security and dangerous today.

don’t think the Senate bill From fringe toward state governments are
goes far enough. They want expecting “increased

to add protection for clerks, Many experts point to the incidents” of unrest or
unprecedented attack at the
staff, and their family U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, criminal behavior after the
as a prime example of what
members as well. can happen when final abortion ruling is “You have this media
confrontation is encouraged landscape with the claim,
Threats against federal by a political leader. And released later this month. ‘You can reach millions of
judges have jumped fourfold while the man arrested near people with a click of a
in recent years, and threats Justice Kavanaugh’s house “Being in these echo mouse!’ But unless you have
against elected officials in was reportedly upset about chambers – which more and thousands of followers, no
Washington have increased more Americans find one hears you online,” says
ninefold. A Brennan Center themselves in – leads Timothy Zick, a law
poll from earlier this year individuals to see more
differences across groups of

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of eyeglasses. See store for details.

$18 Eyeglasses

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Liz Cheney’s last stand:
Why she is staking her career on Jan. 6

On the evening of Jan. 6, day. Only a few generations Former Vice President Dick Cheney walks with his daughter, Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney, in the Capitol Rotunda in c
2021, Rep. Liz Cheney had a in American history, Washington, Jan. 6, 2022. Representative Cheney, who lost her House GOP leadership position over her stance
rendezvous with Clio, the President John Kennedy on Jan. 6, is serving as vice chair of the House select committee investigating the attack on the U.S. Capitol.
muse of history. once said, have been
“granted the role of herald her as a rare example and oil fields. bureaucrats. In many ways, from trees, Buffalo Bill Cody
Congress was just about defending freedom in its of courage in an age of this is the biggest test of the transformed the image of
to reconvene to confirm Joe hour of maximum danger.” partisanship, one of the few As the Jan. 6 committee former president’s influence cowboys from social
Biden’s victory after being Republicans of national over the Republican base. outcasts to romantic icons
disrupted by a riot that “Today, that role is ours, as stature willing to confront begins revealing to the public of strength and courage.
ricocheted round the world. we face a threat we have former President Trump and “I think this is a watershed
The Wyoming never faced before: a former call out her party for what it has learned so far, election,” says GOP state Now,Wyoming is debating
congresswoman strode into president attempting to enabling his lies. Indeed, it Sen. Cale Case of Lander, who should represent the
Statuary Hall, where officers unravel our constitutional was at the John F. Kennedy Ms. Cheney will be front and who is supporting Ms. state in Congress – and how
in tactical gear were leaning republic,” Representative Profiles in Courage Cheney. “We know that the independent the voters will
against the marble figures of Cheney would later say.“The ceremony, where she was center, both documenting – nation is looking at us.” be, especially those who
great American men and question for every one of us one of the five honorees, supported Mr.Trump.
women, exhausted after is, in this time of testing will that she shared her and etching her place in – The view from Wyoming
hours battling their we do our duty?” reflections on history and Ms. Hageman, a fourth-
countrymen. duty. history. Meanwhile, her Casper has been at a generation Wyomingite and
The No. 3 Republican then national crossroads before. daughter of a longtime
Above the door, Clio went back into the House Critics, however, say her Republican primary In the 1800s, settlers legislator, was raised on a
watched over them. She sits chamber and was among a myopic focus on Mr. Trump streamed over the North ranch and has developed a
atop a clock fashioned by an minority of her party who has abetted a politically opponent has logged 23,000 Platte River en route to a reputation for sticking up for
octogenarian clockmaker did not object to the motivated investigation. It new life in Oregon or the the state’s farmers and
from Roxbury, Electoral College count in has also undermined her miles crisscrossing gold mines of California. Five ranchers.
Massachusetts, where 15 of two swing states. A week ability to serve her different routes once
the first Cheneys who came later, she was one of only 10 constituents, who decry her Wyoming’s vast plains and converged here, including “I know Wyoming, I love
to America are buried. in her party to vote to lack of help in fighting Biden the Mormon Trail that two Wyoming, I am Wyoming,”
William Cheney arrived in impeach President Donald policies that are hurting mountain ranges to meet of Ms. Cheney’s great- Ms. Hageman told the crowd
1640 as part of the wave of Trump, saying he “summoned Wyoming’s farms, ranches, grandmothers trod. As at the Trump rally. “I know
Puritans fleeing religious this mob, assembled the with voters. homesteaders hewed cabins
persecution. Two centuries mob, and lit the flame.” see CHENEY on page 16
later, Samuel Fletcher Within months, she lost her At a rally in Casper last
Cheney fought to save the leadership position. month, Mr. Trump – who
Union. And now here stood won Wyoming by the largest
Elizabeth Lynne Cheney, Now, she is vice chair of a margin of any state –
leader of the House Democratic-led committee denounced Ms. Cheney for
Republican Caucus, on the investigating the attack on doing the bidding of
threshold of an era of the U.S. Capitol, which will “corrupt” Democrats, and
division unseen since the hold the first of a series of urged voters to instead back
Civil War. highly anticipated hearings Harriet Hageman, an
on Thursday evening. attorney who has built a
It was a solemn moment career battling federal
for the scion of one of To Ms. Cheney, Jan. 6
America’s most influential represents an existential
Republican families. Perhaps battle for the American
it was no mistake that she republic – one for which she
had dressed all in black that is willing to sacrifice her
political career. Supporters

Ullman Sanchez viewed as a vote for another highly anticipated Supreme
Court decision, one that may further loosen gun laws.
continued from page 5 continued from page 6
Pence!” For many, these ideas indicate that Roske leans liberal.
declared a two-front battle against China and Russia. Yes,
America won a two-front war against Japan and Nazi Amid the frenzy of mob rule, they very likely might have Again, he is anti-government, disrespectful (to say the
Germany. But this is not 1941. Neither Nazi Germany nor killed the vice president. least) about the sanctity of the court and a threat to an
Japan had the world's second-largest economy, as China's orderly and safe democracy.
is, or Russia's nuclear superpower status. Roske allegedly admitted his goal was to murder
Kavanaugh and then commit suicide.Again, by the grace of So many issues — ones where calmer people should be
Biden would be well-advised to let the democracy God, he didn’t come even close and calmly turned himself able to find common ground — have been latched onto by
versus autocracy slogan gradually dissipate. Further, over to law enforcement. extremists: the upcoming midterm elections, the
national interests should dominate thinking and not impending decision on Roe v.Wade, increased numbers of
necessarily human rights.The purpose of a visit to Riyadh It shouldn’t matter, as it did to some, that Kavanaugh is migrants gathering at the southern border, and bitterness
should be focused on improving relations with Israel; either fit or unfit for the court. It also shouldn’t matter if over former President Donald Trump’s loss to Joe Biden.
ending the Yemen War; and developing a viable security you thought he got a raw deal during his confirmation
regime for the region. Should MBS agree to increase oil hearings or skated by, despite some antics of his own and The fringes, some of them dangerous, are churning.
output, that must be his decision and not a formal request insufficient accounting of the allegations about his previous
from the president of the leader of the free world. behavior toward women. “Given a high-profile U.S. Supreme Court case about
abortion rights, individuals who advocate both for and
About Russia and Ukraine, negotiating with a "war None of that matters here. He’s a U.S. Supreme Court against abortion have, on public forums, encouraged
criminal" would, at best, seem awkward. But there must be Justice. violence, including against government, religious, and
back-channel, discreet talks, led by the secretary of state reproductive healthcare personnel and facilities, as well as
or defense; or by the CIA director, who has longer The attempt on Justice Kavanaugh’s life came a day after those with opposing ideologies,” DHS officials wrote.
experience dealing with Russia, as a former ambassador the Department of Homeland Security issued its sixth
there. The purposes are to end the war in Ukraine that warning of a heightened threat of terrorist attack, and a Our greatest threat is the disgruntled, anti-government
preserves Ukrainian independence and sovereignty and day before the Capitol riot hearings began, televised on types who owe allegiance to neither mainstream political
establish a dialogue with Moscow.That will take time. But primetime. party.They will pivot left or right, depending on the issue,
talks must start now. or their whims.
Homeland Security’s warning emphasized the very sort
Hypocrisy, pragmatism and human rights are always in of grievances stated by Roske, according to his affidavit. He Most people exist in a far more moderate, reasonable,
conflict.The president should pursue the second to avoid reportedly was upset about the school shooting in Uvalde, and open-to-compromise center. But too often, their
falling into the trap of the first. But will he? Texas, and the leaked legal draft that indicated the high voices aren’t amplified. Instead we are left to worry about
court will soon overturn Roe v.Wade. the extremist outliers.

Kavanaugh was also allegedly targeted because he was And now, a red-flag just showed up ready for battle at
the doorstep of a U.S. Supreme Court Justice.


June 16, 2022 health
Kenosha County Aging & Disability Resource Center community


Poor blood sugar control risky for breast
cancer survivors with diabetes

Breast cancer is tough to beat, but if "Our findings suggest that in patients itself," she said. burdensome for patients," Cheung
you also have diabetes and poor blood with breast cancer who have a noted. "A link between poor blood
sugar control your long-term risk of relatively good prognosis despite their "In some instances, blood sugar sugar control and worse cancer
death rises, researchers report. cancer diagnosis, a more proactive control may not be strongly pursued by outcomes may modify the way doctors
management of blood sugar may lead doctors, especially in cases where the treat diabetes in patients with
Their study included 488 women to a longer life span," said lead cancer is advanced, and strict diabetic advanced breast cancer."
with metastatic breast cancer, which is researcher Dr. Y.M. Melody Cheung, control may be considered overly
cancer that has spread to other organs. from Brigham and Women's Hospital
Overall survival rates five years after and Harvard Medical School, both in
cancer diagnosis was similar between Boston.
the 50% of women in the study with
diabetes and those without diabetes. "These findings are important as they
suggest that diabetes treatment and
But among the women who survived blood sugar goals should be tailored
at least eight years after their breast specifically to patients even with
cancer diagnosis, survival rates at 10 advanced cancer based on their
years were 67% for those with diabetes projected prognosis," she said in a
and 87% for those without diabetes. meeting news release.

Survival rates at 10 years were also This is the first study to specifically
higher among those with good blood examine the effect of blood sugar
sugar control (83%) compared to control on cancer outcomes in
those with poor blood sugar control advanced breast cancer patients,
(63%), according to the study according to Cheung.
presented Sunday at the Endocrine
Society's annual meeting, in Atlanta. "It remains uncertain whether
Such research is considered control of blood sugars in patients with
preliminary until published in a peer- diabetes and breast cancer can
reviewed journal. improve the outcomes of the cancer

Social isolation linked to higher risk of dementia

Staying connected to others may risk factor for later dementia." illness, lifestyle, depression and significant after adjusting for
help protect your brain as you age, genetics, socially isolated people had a depression, which explained 75% of the
new research reveals. For the study, Rolls and colleagues 26% increased likelihood of developing relationship between loneliness and
analyzed brain imaging data from more dementia, according to the study dementia, the researchers explained.
The study showed that social than 30,000 people in the United published in the journal Neurology.
isolation -- but not loneliness -- can Kingdom and found that those who "With the growing prevalence of
cause changes to certain brain were socially isolated had lower The association between social social isolation and loneliness over the
structures and increase the risk of volumes of gray matter in brain regions isolation and dementia was strongest past decades, this has been a serious
dementia. involved in memory and learning. in those over 60 years of age. yet underappreciated public health
problem. Now, in the shadow of the
The findings suggest that social After adjusting for risk factors such Loneliness was also associated with COVID-19 pandemic there are
isolation could be used as predictor of as socioeconomic status, chronic dementia, but that link was not implications for social relationship
dementia risk, the British researchers interventions and care -- particularly in
added. the older population," Rolls said in a
university news release.
"There is a difference between social
isolation, which is an objective state of And, according to study co-author
low social connections, and loneliness, Barbara Sahakian, of the University of
which is subjectively perceived social Cambridge's department of psychiatry,
isolation," said Edmund Rolls, a "Now that we know the risk to brain
neuroscientist in the University of health and dementia of social isolation,
Warwick's department of computer it is important that the government
science. "Both have risks to health but and communities take action to ensure
... we have been able to show that it is that older individuals have
social isolation, rather than the feeling communication and interactions with
of loneliness, which is an independent others on a regular basis."


10 SMART READER June 16, 2022 1 Fri: Veal parmesan, penne pasta w marinara sauce, 21 Thur: Asian glazed chicken, citrus brown rice,
broccoli, Vienna bread, melon oriental blend veg, ginger cabbage slaw, bread,
jello, fortune cookie
4 Mon: Closed for Holiday!!!

22 Fri: Turkey rigate pasta salad, lettuce, tomato,
5 Tue: French dip of beef w mushrooms and onions, tri bean salad, bread, pineapple tid bits.
oven fries, corn, French roll, melon

6 Wed: Lasagna w meat sauce, squash medley, Italian 25 Mon: Prime rib of pork, baked potato, parslied
cauliflower, rye bread, mixed fruit
green beans, bread, chilled pears

26 Tues: Italian sausage w marinara sauce on bun,
7 Thur: Surimi crab salad, salad greens w tomato scalloped potatoes, brussels sprouts, melon
wedges, dilled cucumbers, bread, apple crisp, fruit cup

8 Fri: Hot dog, bun, twice baked potato casserole, 27 Wed: BBQ pulled chicken on bun, cheesy
peas & carrots, banana mashed potato, broccoli, chilled pears

11 Mon: BBQ riblet, bun, sweet mashed potatoes, 28 Thur: Dilled tuna salad sandwich on kaiser roll,
FKHI ·V YHJHWDEOH VWUDZEHUU\ \RJXUW lettuce, tomato, garbanzo and kidney bean salad,
slivered carrots balsamic, banana

12 Tue: Hamburger, bun, bean casserole, mixed 29 Fri: Chicken marbella, rice florentine, country
vegetable, fruit sunburst blend, bread, orange

13 Wed: BLT Chicken salad, salad greens w tomato
wedges, tri bean salad, crackers, mandarin oranges

14 Thur: Spaghetti and meatballs w marinara sauce,
capri blend veg, bread, chilled pears

FOR ADVERTISING RATES CALL 262-564-8800 15 Fri: Herbed baked chicken, mashed Parkside Redeemer
potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole, bran muffin 2620 14th Place
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Call Sean 262-552-7737
18 Mon: Meatloaf w country gravy, mashed potatoes, Serves M-F, 11:30
stewed tomatoes, bread, orange

19 Tue: Eggs w biscuit and gravy, diced hash browns, Senior Dining
apple cobbler, juice, banana
July 2022
20 Wed: Roast Beef, au gratin potatoes, carrots and
chives, dinner roll, mixed fruit

Your Kenosha Senior Center Without Walls JUNE 2022
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others from the comfort of your own home
Critical Need for
Senior Transportation
1 2 11:00 am 3 Q&A 4
There is a critical need for volunteer drivers in PAUSE for Guided With Senator
Kenosha County to provide transportation for Meditation Bob Wirch
Kenosha County residents, 60 years or older and/or
adults with a disability, who are ambulatory and have 2pm
difficulty using public transit.
5 Sunday with Sally 6 7 NAMASTE 8 9 11:00 am 10 11
Volunteer Transportation helps Kenosha County PAUSE for Guided 18
residents attend local and regional medical 4pm MaryAnn joins us as Meditation Technology
appointments, shop for groceries, obtain 12Sunday with Sally 13 we talk about Assistance
prescriptions, visit the bank, and do other personal LOVE and Marriage 16 11:00 am with Troy
business. 4pm PAUSE for Guided
2pm 15 Meditation 2pm
Our nation’s senior population is growing
exponentially, outpacing the resources available to 14 LIBRARY LADY 17
serve vulnerable adults and putting their health and Book discussion:
well-being in jeopardy. Kenosha Area Family and ³12 Years a Slave´ Q&A
Aging Services, Inc., (KAFASI) works to address Solomon Northup With Senator
these challenges by promoting health and improving and David Wilson Bob Wirch
the quality of life for seniors and individuals with
disabilities in Kenosha County. 2pm

KAFASI is home to Kenosha’s largest volunteer 19 Sunday with 20 21Friendship Circle 22 23 11:00 am 24 25
force, providing programs and services supporting Sally PAUSE for Guided
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• Thursday, June 23, 2022, 10:30 – 12:30 p.m. screens every Monday, 8 a.m. - noon. Memory screens
are suggested for anyone concerned about memory The Kenosha County ADRC's Loan Closet is doing
Twin Lakes Library, 110 S Lake St changes, at risk of Alzheimer’s disease due to family a bit of spring cleaning and is currently not accepting
history, or who wants to check their memory now donations. Please consider holding on to your loan
• Wednesday, July 13, 10 a.m. – noon for future comparison. Some memory problems can closet donations until we are able to catch up with
be readily treated, such as those caused by vitamin inventory and create space. Thank you for your
Southwest Neighborhood Library, 7979—38th deficiencies or thyroid problems. In general, the continued support!
Ave., Kenosha earlier the diagnosis, the easier it is to treat memory
loss. Memory screening can: Individuals needing durable medical equipment,
• Tuesday, August 30, 10 a.m. – noon such as walkers, shower benches or wheelchairs, for
Provide relief for individuals concerned about either short-term or long-term use, and who are not
Southwest Neighborhood Library, 7979—38th normal memory loss enrolled in one of Wisconsin’s long-term care
Ave., Kenosha programs, such as Family Care, IRIS and Partnership
Lead to diagnosis of treatable conditions may contact the ADRC to request equipment. Please
Due to limited seating, reservations are required. call the ADRC, 262-605-6646, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m.
Call the ADRC at 262-605-6646 or 800-472-8008 to Offer the ability to make lifestyle changes early - 5 p.m., or stop by and visit us at 8600 Sheridan
make a reservation or learn more. when they have the greatest potential for positive Road. Appointments are preferred.
effect and the opportunity to participate in making
MEMORY CAFÉ – See you future decisions Lunch Bunch or Caregiver
at Petrifying Springs! Coffee Club?
Warning signs of dementia include forgetting
Memory Café is now meeting in person at people’s names and events, asking repetitive ADRC offers two Family Support Groups for
beautiful Petrifying Springs! Join the Kenosha County questions, loss of verbal or written skills, confusion Caregivers
ADRC's Dementia Care Specialist and the over daily routines, and personality changes.
Alzheimer's Association for a Memory Café, a place Kenosha County Aging & Disability Resource
for persons with Mild Cognitive Impairment, early- Screening results are not a diagnosis, and individuals Center offers two virtual support groups to help
stage Alzheimer’s, or related dementia, and their care who have concerns are encouraged to pursue a full family caregivers stay connected and informed. Join
partners to socialize and have fun. Offered the medical exam. Appointments are recommended. others engaged in helping their loved ones manage
second Tuesday of every month, 1-2 p.m., the next Interested persons may call the ADRC at 262-605- day to day living, to relax, chat and learn helpful tips
meeting will be on July 12, 2022. For questions, 6646 to make an appointment. and strategies. The Caregiver Coffee Club meets the
specific location information, and to register, call first Wednesday of each month from 10-11 a.m. The
Alzheimer's Association: 800-272-3900. June - July 2022 Virtual next meeting will be on July 6.
Connect for Seniors
To accommodate employed caregivers, as well as
Join KAFASI for these fun and informational those at home, the Family Caregiver Lunch Bunch
sessions during Virtual Connect Zoom meetings for conveniently meets from 12-1 p.m. on the first
Seniors: Thursday of the month. The next Lunch Bunch
meeting will be July 7. To register contact call 262-
• Wednesday, June 22, 11 a.m. Senior Yoga poses 605-6646.
with Yoga & Friends.
Veggie voucher program
• Monday, June 27, 2 p.m. Monthly Technology
Tips with Troy The Kenosha Senior Veggie Voucher program is
accepting applications for new participants The
• Wednesday, July 6, 11 a.m., Yoga and Friends Kenosha Senior Veggie Voucher program serves
income elibible, Kenosha County residence, 60 yrs.
• Monday, July 11, 11 a.m., Aging, the Unexpected or older. Each eligible senior will receive $25 in
Gift with Mike Radke vouchers to purchase Wisconsin grown fruit and
vegetables at participating Farmers Markets and Farm
• Monday, July 18, 11 a.m., Aging, the Unexpected Stands. To enroll or for additional information call
Gift with Mike Radke Concludes 262-657-6686

• Monday, July 25, 2 p.m., Technology Tips with
TroyEmail Janice Erickson at [email protected] to
join the zoom group and receive notices and links for
the meetings. Phone access is also available. Call Janice
at 262-287-7469 for assistance, to register or for
more information.


social security

Earnings After If you have a Social
Retirement May or Security question,Tom
May Not Increase Margenau has the answer.
Your Social Security
Check Contact him at
[email protected]
with Tom Margenau net.To find out more about
Tom Margenau and to read
Q: I am 73 and still year to the next. inflation-adjusted year of used in your Social January of the year you
working part time. I took past columns and see earnings used in your get the notice.
my Social Security at age Here is just one features from other Creators most recent Social Security retirement
66. I have never seen an example. I'm guessing you Security computation, the If you don't get an
increase in my Social were born in 1949. And Syndicate writers and SSA will drop out that low computation, the increase, that means your
Security check, even let's say that you made cartoonists, visit the Creators year, add in the new higher earnings were simply not
though I am still paying $7,000 in 1970. When year, recalculate your additional earnings do high enough to raise your
into the system. What's figuring your Social Syndicate website at average monthly income, average monthly income
up? Security benefit, the SSA and then refigure your and thus your Social
multiplied that $7,000 by Social Security benefit. Security benefit.
A: To understand an inflation adjustment Tom Margenau joins
whether the earnings you factor of 6.58. In other Happenings Q&A on Here is a quick example Q: I am 68 years old. I
have, and the taxes you words, instead of $7,000, Thu. June 30 at 12:30 of what I mean. Let's say get a widow's benefit from
pay, after you start getting they actually used $46,060 that the $7,000 you made Social Security that is
Social Security will as your 1970 earnings on AM1050 WLIP. in 1970 was the lowest about $2,400 per month. I
increase your benefits, you when figuring your Social year in your current Social was a stay-at-home wife
have to understand how Security benefit. (There Security computation.And NOT increase your and mother most of my
Social Security retirement are different inflation let's further say that you adult life, so I don't have
benefits are figured in the factors for each year of made $35,000 last year. average monthly income, my own Social Security.
first place. earnings.) You might assume that But now I am working
because $35,000 is much so your Social Security trying to build up my own
Simply stated, your After the SSA indexes higher than $7,000, you Social Security so I can get
Social Security retirement each year of earnings for But for the purposes of should get an increase in benefit will not go up. those extra benefits. Do
benefit is based on your inflation, they pull out your Social Security you think this is a good
average monthly income, your highest 35 years and this column, we don't checks. But remember, the On the other hand, had idea?
indexed for inflation, using add them up. Then they SSA didn't use $7,000 in your current earnings
a 35-year base of earnings. divide the total by 420 -- need to know the precise your benefit calculation. been $70,000, for A: If the only reason you
So, when you initially filed that's the number of They used the inflation- example, that would are working is to build up
for benefits, the Social months in 35 years -- to percentage. Suffice it to adjusted amount of increase your benefit. The your own Social Security
Security Administration get your average monthly $46,060. Because your SSA would replace this account, then you should
looked at your entire inflation-adjusted income. say that for most people, current earnings of low year of $46,060 with quit your job tomorrow.
earnings history.Then they Your Social Security $35,000 are lower than the new higher year of Your own Social Security
adjusted each year of benefit is a percentage of their Social Security the low year of $46,060 $70,000, recompute your retirement benefit will
earnings for inflation. The that amount. The average monthly wage and never reach the point
inflation adjustment factor percentage used depends retirement benefit refigure your benefit. where it surpasses the
depends on your year of on a variety of factors too widow's benefits you are
birth and varies from one complex to explain here. represents roughly 40% of already getting. Or to put
that another way, when
their average inflation- you are due two benefits,
you don't get them both.
adjusted monthly income. You only get the one that
pays the higher rate. And
So, when you are Now let's say you are in again, your widow's
working and paying Social a situation like that.You're benefit will always pay
Security taxes after you working and you've had a more than your own
start receiving Social good year of earnings and retirement benefit ever
Security benefits, those you are pretty sure it would.
additional taxes you are should increase your
paying will increase your Social Security check. So, But if you are working
monthly Social Security what do you have to do to because you need the
check IF your current make that happen? The extra income you are
earnings increase your answer is: nothing. bringing in, or because you
average monthly income. like your job, then of
In other words, if your The SSA has a software course, stick with it. Just
current annual income is realize that you never will
higher than the lowest program that see any increase in your
Social Security check
automatically tracks the because of the extra
Social Security taxes you
earnings of working Social are currently paying.

SOUTHEASTERN Security beneficiaries and

WISCONSIN’S refigures their benefits to

LARGEST TIRE see if any increase is due.

DEALERSHIP It generally happens

30 day guaranteed lowest price! between May and

We will meet or beat any advertised October of each year.
price on any tire we sell!
7110 74th PL, Kenosha, WI • (262) 694-1500 “Located next to Menards” In other words, if you
Lifetime Free Tire Rotations are getting Social Security
AS YOUR CERTIFIED GM SERVICE CENTER... With the purchase of 4 tires benefits, and if you are
WE USE GENUINE GM PARTS working, and if your latest
We offer over 18 different manufactures of tires including BFGoodrich, earnings increase your
Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear and more! average monthly wage and
thus your Social Security
see that increase by
Transmission Parts & Oil Change Balance & 4 Wheel Battery SR061622 October of the following
Labor on any & Lube Rotate Alignment Replaced year. For example, you
or Coolant add-on GM Tires would get an increase for
10$ 00 20$ 00 With 6 or 7 Yr Warranty your 2021 earnings by
Flush Accessory OFF $2495 OFF October 2022. The SSA
$20 OFF sends you a notice
20$ 00 10% PALMEN BUICK PALMEN BUICK PALMEN BUICK indicating the increase in
OFF OFF GMC CADILLAC GMC CADILLAC GMC CADILLAC 6 Year Warranty your monthly benefit,
which is retroactive to
PALMEN BUICK PALMEN BUICK 7110 74th Pl. Kenosha 7110 74th Pl. Kenosha 7110 74th Pl. Kenosha $25 OFF
GMC CADILLAC GMC CADILLAC (262) 694-1500 (262) 694-1500
(262) 694-1500 7 Year Warranty
7110 74th Pl. Kenosha 7110 74th Pl. Kenosha Cannot be combined with Cannot be combined with
(262) 694-1500 (262) 694-1500 any other coupons. Cannot be combined with any other coupons. PALMEN BUICK
any other coupons. GMC CADILLAC
Cannot be combined with Cannot be combined with See advisor for details. See advisor for details.
any other coupons. any other coupons. Expires 7/17/2022. See advisor for details. Expires 7/17/2022. 7110 74th Pl. Kenosha
Expires 7/17/2022. (262) 694-1500
See advisor for details. See advisor for details.
Expires 7/17/2022. Expires 7/17/2022. Cannot be combined with
any other coupons.

See advisor for details.
Expires 7/17/2022.


ask amy

problems should
prevent visits

Dear Amy: I have

been with my boyfriend

for four years. Our

daughter recently

turned three. He also

has a daughter from

another relationship.

She is 15. My boyfriend

is white. I am Black. His You can email
Amy Dickinson at
older daughter's mother [email protected]
or send a letter to
is biracial. Ask Amy, P.O. Box 194, my sister a few times per grating through the If I notice she's multi- food, initiate a
Freeville, NY 13068. week on the phone. We phone. tasking when I call, I offer
My boyfriend’s mother, You can also follow her on usually call each other on to call back later, but she conversation when
“Shelly,” has a long Twitter @askingamy a whim. When she's driving, the usually says no and
history of drug and call often cuts out. carries on with what she you’re in the middle of a
alcohol abuse. She also or Facebook. More and more lately, is doing.
has a habit of calling us she multi-tasks while we She has even called me transaction (or vice
when she is in an altered are talking, either while at a cafe, then asks What is accepted
state and crying about preparing and eating a me to hold on while she modern phone etiquette? versa), or choose to
other issues in her life. snack, or driving, etc. orders or pays. – Hanging on the Line
contact someone when
The problem is that If I am in the middle of Dear Hanging: It’s not
Dear Unsure: First these activities create a something when she necessarily “modern,” but you can’t pay full
this. Your daughter has lot of noises, some of calls, I ask her if I can get basic good manners
another parent – her which are quite back to her in a few means that you don’t talk attention.
father. You two should distracting or even minutes. with your mouth full of
Recently, we had a talk this through and try Don’t offer to call
birthday party for our your hardest to come to back. Ask your sister if
daughter. Shelly attended. an agreement on a she could call back when
response to his mother’s there isn’t so much
My parents take care of conduct. background noise.
our daughter during the
day. She sees a speech I do agree that for the Going on Medicare?
therapist, occupational time being, you should
therapist, and a not have your young Learn about the decisions you’ll need to make
behavioral therapist daughter spend time with
during the week. her grandmother – T OF HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES USA
certainly unsupervised.


Our daughter puts her First off, even when she Name/Nombre Coverage starts/Cobertura empieza
fingers in her ears when
noises are too loud and JOHN L SMITH 03-01-2016
overwhelming for her. 03-01-2016
She did this several times Medicare Number/Número de Medicare
throughout her party.

Entitled to/Con derecho a


is sober, this FREE UPCOMING WORKSHOPS (pick one!)
Š Thursday, June 23, 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
grandmother obviously
Twin Lakes Community Library, 110 S. Lake St.
does not understand or Š Wednesday, July 13, 10 a.m. – noon

Afterward, Shelly called have the capacity to cope Southwest Library, 7979—38th Ave., Kenosha
my boyfriend (while high)
and said that her feelings with your daughter’s LEARN ABOUT
were hurt because our Š basics of Medicare coverage
daughter put her fingers sensory processing Š options for private health and drug coverage
in her ears when she was Š programs to reduce health care costs
trying to talk to her. She issues. Your daughter’s
said that our daughter is Limited seating, reservations required.
unsocialized/uncivilized response to noise and ADRC: 262-605-6646
because she is Black.
chaos is her (very logical) Workshop offers unbiased information
provided by ADRC Benefit Specialists
way of trying to cope

when her brain is

overloaded with too

many different cues

coming from different SR 061622 SR061622

For me, this was the directions.

last straw. Since our Second, “Shelley” is
rarely sober.The way you
daughter’s birth, her describe her behavior,
she could inspire any
grandmother has thinking person to stick
their fingers in their ears.
excluded her, neglected

to treat her as well as her Comfortable
other grandchildren, and
Pay Only 30% of Gross Income for Rent!
has overall been a Third: Your partner’s
1 Bedroom, Heat, Appliances
troublesome, toxic mother is a racist, and

presence. He doesn't your daughter is a person

want to cut ties with his of color.As you no doubt

mother, and I would know from your own life,

never ask him to. He is you cannot protect your

conflicted about this. daughter from Oakview Manor Apartments Ages 62+ Washington Court Apartments Ages 62+

I have no intention of encountering racism or 4720 Byrd Avenue 55110011WWrrigighhttAAvvennuuee
being around his mother
or of letting our daughter prejudice. But protecting Racine, WI 53406 Racine, WI 53406
visit. Do you think I am
unreasonable? – Unsure her now – when she is Call Reilly-Joseph Company for an 2ap6p2l-i6ca3t2io-n07to3d2ay!
in Decatur
young and vulnerable – is (414) 271-4116

a start. SR092321

Dear Amy: I chat with OPPORTUNITY


books Doing what comes naturally:
The elegance and danger of hawks
Kick off summer
with the 10 best Bestselling author Sy
books of June Montgomery’s slim new
book, “The Hawk’s Way:
Discover your next favorite book, whether you’re in the Encounters with Fierce
mood for insightful short stories about the immigrant Beauty,” began life as a
experience, a startling fantasy novel about survival, or a chapter in the author’s
deep exploration of a little-known aspect of Native 2010 book “Birdology.” It’s
American history. presented here by Atria
Books as an elegant little
Our 10 picks for June include books about a Black horse illustrated booklet on its
trainer’s dignity in the face of racism, a train car full of own. Montgomery, whose
commuters who learn to lean on each other, and a timely 2010 book “The Soul of an
reimagining of America’s neglected shopping malls. Octopus” made her a
favorite of animal-book
1. Horse by Geraldine Brooks readers, turns her
“Horse” is not just about a racehorse but about race. formidable descriptive
This heart-pounding novel about a famous antebellum passion to hawks, and to
champion thoroughbred named Lexington and his talented, the world of falconry.
enslaved trainer circles two tracks, one historical, one
contemporary, to highlight the ongoing scourge of racism The starting point of the That she, of all people, intelligences she’s brown plumage and black
in America. book is Montgomery’s would enter the world of button eyes,” she writes.
2. A Down Home Meal for These Difficult Times by tutelage by experienced falconry, where the humans encountering. One of the “In their pet carrier, the
Meron Hadero New Hampshire falconer involved use a combination two birds are still as
Displacement haunts Meron Hadero’s superb debut Nancy Cowan, who died at of hunting dogs and falcons most memorable strands stones, their stillness a
short story collection. Hadero gorgeously illuminates the beginning of 2022 (the to find and kill prey, appears fervent prayer that we
quotidian moments to create unforgettable characters: a book is dedicated to her to be a contradiction. She's running through “The Soul somehow won’t see them.”
refugee learning English, a preteen confronting racism, and memory). From Cowan, aware that falconry might Montgomery watches as
two friends whose lives can be tracked through the pages Montgomery learned the well consume her life and of an Octopus” was the quails are flung into the air.
of “The Good Housekeeping Illustrated Cookbook.” strange terminology of her family (not to mention, One of Montgomery’s
3. Last Summer on State Street by Toya Wolfe falconry – jonking, feaking, quite literally, her description of how strange fundamental points is that
Fe Fe Stevens’ Chicago neighborhood is under attack.As mantling, and so on – and chickens), but she feels a anybody who decides to
the housing authority tears down the high-rises the sixth was introduced to some of passionate pull towards the and equal cephalopods are enter the world of falconry
grader and her friends call home, other threats edge closer the world’s 300 species of subject. must be prepared for this
– gang violence, drugs, hostile police.“Know what you want avian daytime predators, alongside humans, and the kind of cruelty, but it’s still
to do, so no one else ends up deciding,” urges a neighbor. the hawks, eagles, falcons, tough to read.
Resilient and open-hearted, Fe Fe finds her way in Toya harriers, kites, and so on same thing happens
Wolfe’s moving debut. she refers to as “the tigers Fortunately, there’s
4. Iona Iverson’s Rules for Commuting by Clare Pooley of the air.” repeatedly in “The Hawk’s plenty of compensation.
“Never talk to strangers on the train.” It’s one of Iona The book breathes with
Iverson’s “rules for commuting” – advice she promptly Way.” “Birds are wild in a glorious prose and
ignores in Clare Pooley’s buoyant novel. Flamboyant challenging insights into a
former “It Girl” Iona, overlooked and belittled at her way that we don’t very strange world. In “The
London-based magazine job, gets drawn into an incident on Hawk’s Way,” Sy
the 8:05 to Waterloo. As the commuters begin to interact, experience in our Montgomery and her
community forms and stereotypes slide away. publisher have crafted a
5.The Wall by Marlen Haushofer relationships with our sharp little gem of a book,
First published in 1962, “The Wall” offers a gripping something fit to stand with
survival story well tuned to today.A 40-something woman She’s also drawn to the fellow mammals,” classics like T.H. White’s
visiting a hunting lodge in the forest discovers she’s cut off “The Goshawk” or Helen
from the world by an invisible, impenetrable wall. As she awesome, forbidding Montgomery writes. “And Macdonald’s “H is for
scrambles to secure food and fuel, her only companions – Hawk.” The next time any
a dog, a cow, and a cat – teach and sustain her in this nature of the birds nothing, I found, brings one reader catches a glimpse of
remarkable tale of perseverance. a hawk soaring over a field
themselves, as she watches closer to the pure wildness or highway, they’ll think of
story continues on page 15 this little book and feel an
Hawks are pure Cowan’s Harris’ hawks, of birds than working with extra shiver of wonder.
14 SMART READER June 16, 2022 predators, carnivores who
live for hunting, and their meets other birds, and a hawk.” By Steve Donoghue
skills at finding, flushing, and
killing their prey has made learns their ways. Hawks, Of course, you can’t
them prized hunting work with hunting birds
partners for humans in she realizes, aren’t in any without engaging in
many cultures for millennia hunting. Readers who share
(as Montgomery points sense pets.They don’t want Montgomery’s original
out, the humans are very empathy and compassion
much the junior partners in to be touched, even if their for animals might want to
the arrangement). For our proceed cautiously. The
author, they represent an human handler has raised protracted, dramatic set-
icy kind of beauty, “pure piece that serves as the
savagery bereft of evil.” them from a hatchling, and book’s climax is
Montgomery’s evocative
they can be incredibly description of a field hunt,
which includes “launching”
intolerant of mistakes or of captive quails as prey for
the hawks. “There is
discourtesies. “A hawk will nothing more innocent and
appealing than a quail, with
not come to your rescue if its rounded profile and soft

you’re in trouble,”

Montgomery writes with

only a touch of sarcasm.“A

Montgomery, a long-time hawk will not comfort you

vegetarian, keeper of when you are sad.”

chickens, and a hunter's As usual in anything by
this author, there are many
daughter who foregoes digressions about the often
ineffable, alien quality of the
hunting herself,

immediately sees the irony.

1. Happy-Go-Lucky (Sedaris) 1. Sparring Partners (Grisham)
2. Killing the Killers (O’Reilly/Dugard) 2. It Ends With Us (Hoover)
3. Finding Me (Davis) 3. Where the Crawdads Sing (Owens)
4. The Body Keeps the Score (van der Kolk) 4. Book Lovers (Henry)
5. Here’s the Deal (Conway) 5. Verity (Hoover)
6. The 1619 Project 6. Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo (Reid)
7. The Palace Papers ((Kimmerer) 7. Meant to Be (Giffin)
8. Crying in H Mart (Zauner) 8. Ugly Love (Hoover)
9. The Office BFFs (Fischer/Kinsey) 9. Nightwork (Roberts)
10. Secret City (Kirchick) 10. The Boardwalk Bookshop (Mallery)


Andrew Jackson: The ‘original
anti-establishment president’

David S. Brown’s The ambitious young
Jackson, eager to improve
compelling new biography his station, took up the
study of law. He moved to
of a former American Tennessee, where, in Best books of June
addition to practicing law,
president depicts a man he became a land continued from page 14
speculator and opened a
who was imperious and general store. He married 6.The Candid Life of Meena Dave by Namrata Patel
Rachel Donelson, who,
sensitive to slights and unbeknownst to the When Meena, a photographer, inherits an apartment her
couple, was still legally solitary life is upended. Cryptic notes, friendly Indian
collected enemies married to her first “aunties,” and a handsome neighbor all inspire her to
husband, from whom she search for answers to secrets from her past.This charming
throughout his career. He had separated. While story wraps history in a message of lives renewed.
Donelson and Jackson
ran for the presidency as a remarried in 1794, after her 7.The Angel of Rome by Jess Walter
divorce became final, the
populist who condemned bigamy controversy would Reading Jess Walter’s second collection of short stories,
dog Jackson during his one is shepherded through sometimes gritty terrain, but
elites and convinced voters political campaigns. with the constant assurance of finding light and
unexpected laughs. He mines gold from the profound
that he could turn back the During this period perspectives of his unique characters.
Jackson had brief,
clock in a changing unremarkable stints in 8.A Portrait of the Scientist as a Young Woman by Lindy
public service, as a Elkins-Tanton
America. Many denounced congressman, senator, and
justice on Tennessee’s Lindy Elkins-Tanton, a planetary scientist, tells how she
him for his autocratic superior court. But several overcame obstacles to lead the NASA mission that will
episodes of violence send a rocket to explore the massive asteroid Psyche. Her
tendencies, but the damaged his reputation. beautiful and inspiring memoir illuminates the challenges
Easily insulted, he was quick faced by women in science.
criticisms did little to slow to challenge antagonists to
duel. In 1806, after a 9. Meet Me by the Fountain by Alexandra Lange
his rise. disagreement over a horse
race, he killed one man in a Architecture critic Alexandra Lange’s fascinating cultural
While this description duel and publicly caned history explores the shopping mall, beginning with its birth
another. Brown calls him “a in postwar America. She captures the mall’s role in
carries echoes of recent prisoner of his passions.” providing freedom to some while excluding others, and
offers ideas for how to re-imagine the empty shopping
history, the presidency of Jackson’s military service centers that now dot the suburban landscape.
reversed his flagging
Brown’s subject fortunes, earning him 10.We Refuse To Forget by Caleb Gayle
national renown (and the
commenced nearly 200 enduring nickname “Old Caleb Gayle’s eye-opening account centers on Black
Hickory,” for his toughness members of the Creek tribe, who were long considered
years ago. In “The First as a general). Between 1813 fully Creek but whose tribal membership was revoked in
and 1815 he defeated the 1979. In tracing their history up to current legal efforts by
Populist:The Defiant Life of Red Stick band of Creek descendants to be reinstated in the tribe, Gayle
Indians in the Creek War; complicates our easy assumptions about American
Andrew Jackson,” the British and Spanish forces identity.
in Florida at the Battle of
author covers the early Pensacola; and, most liberties when it suited him, perished during the brutal Judgments suspended
famously, British troops in on a commuter train
years, military service, and the War of 1812’s brief and but in part due to his westward march. In
bloody Battle of New What happens, then, when the code of silence between
political career of the Orleans. immense popularity, which addition, he was a firm commuters gets cracked – and façades are replaced with
facts? Iona Iverson’s Rules for Commuting by Clare
seventh president, the most As a military leader he Brown writes is “difficult to supporter of slavery Pooley presents answers aplenty; it’s a buoyant, bright,
was prone to conducting occasionally brash novel that’s equal parts funny and
significant leader between his own foreign policy in overemphasize,” the (whose expansion was poignant. The story begins in the late 2010s with 57-year-
the field and curtailing civil old Iona – in high heels and favorite tweed get-up –
the eras of Jefferson and government seemed to enabled by the removal of catching the 8:05 into London, faithful pug Lulu by her side.
Novelty is not welcome in Iona’s commute: She’s timed her
Lincoln. throw up its hands at its Indigenous people), and he walk and platform wait down to the minute, and she heads
to the same seat in the same compartment day in and day
Jackson was born in 1767 rogue hero. John Quincy himself held 150 enslaved out.

in the Waxhaws region, Adams, who preceded people at the time of his Once on the train, Iona settles into her seat and takes
mental note of her fellow riders, many of whom she’s
which encompassed Jackson as president, death. He was nicknamed. Across from her sits Smart-But-Sexist-
Manspreader who wears exquisite suits and tends to bark
present-day North and described the 30-minute contemptuous of loudly into his mobile phone. This morning, however, she’s
brought up short:The noise he’s emitting is one of distress.
South Carolina. He would New Orleans battle as “a abolitionists and as Is the man choking to death?

become the first American victory more complete president attempted to The chapter ends on this climactic note, and the story
resumes from a new point of view. Stepping aboard the
president who didn’t hail over the people of the U.S. prohibit anti-slavery same train into London, Piers, a well-to-do financier, is in a
sour mood thanks to drama at home. His bad morning gets
from either Virginia or than over the soldiers of literature from being worse when he sees that the only empty seat faces Crazy
Dog Woman, who’s “looking even more ridiculous than
Massachusetts. He is also Great Britain.” mailed to the South. usual” in a hilarious crimson tweed suit. Yes, Piers is
referring to none other than Iona, and thus begins the
the only president to have The affection many Brown, a historian and absorbing, amusing – and often revelatory – perspective
Americans held for the author of biographies of shifts that propel the novel. Fueled by well-paced subplots
been a prisoner of war, general carried him to the Henry Adams and F. Scott (in particular, a cyberstalker targeting Emmie), “Iona
presidency in 1828. (He Fitzgerald, succeeds in Iverson’s Rules for Commuting” champions the community
having been captured by was the first president to placing his subject in the that can form when strangers take the plunge and start to
be a Democrat, a party that context of his fraught talk. Inevitably, doors open, perspectives widen, and
the British while serving as evolved from the times. Claiming to empathy blooms.
Democratic-Republicans.) represent the common
a courier during the Brown ably summarizes the man, Jackson was distrustful By Erin Douglass
controversies and concerns of experts and elites and
Revolution. Of his rough of Jackson’s two terms, held on to a fading agrarian SMART READER June 16, 2022 15
which saw unprecedented vision of America. “Jackson
and impoverished youth, expansion of executive remained wedded to an old
power. These include the republic,” Brown writes,
Brown writes, “mere Bank War, in which Jackson “although it was slowly
refused to recharter the giving way to a more
survival undoubtedly national Second Bank of the complex, integrated, and
United States, and the industrial future.”
constituted Jackson’s nullification crisis, which
ensued after South
greatest accomplishment Carolina declared a federal
tariff null and void within
during these dangerous the state, arguing that it
was unconstitutional.
years.” Indeed, the future

president’s entire family, his

parents and two brothers,

had all died by the time he

was 14.

While those episodes The combative seventh
president has of course
were consequential in been the subject of many
previous biographies. By
antebellum America, assessing the frequent
comparisons between
Jackson today is Jackson and Donald Trump,
Brown is positioning his
remembered more for reexamination of Jackson as
a particularly timely one.
what Brown calls the The hope is that a fresh
understanding of the
“savage side of the divisive times of “the
country’s original anti-
American character.” He establishment president”
might shed light on our
dispossessed almost 60,000 own.

Native Americans of their

tribal land through the

Indian Removal Act of By Barbara Spindel

1830; an estimated 4,000


Liz Cheney

continued from page 8 spearheaded a resolution to
what it means to be loyal to nullify an Obama regulation
the outfit that hired you. that restricted public land
use, a big issue in Wyoming,
“As soon as I defeat Liz and stood next to President
Cheney ... ” she continued, Trump as he signed it.
before deafening cheers
drowned out the rest. “She has been a super-
effective legislator,” he says
The Cheney name looms in an interview in his Casper
law office.
large in Casper, where a
Ms. Cheney is also one of
young Dick Cheney would the most conservative
members of the House
shoot game on the prairie GOP caucus, voting with Mr.
Trump more than 90% of
and bring fried rabbit in his the time during her first two
terms, with their differences
lunchbox the next day.A key mainly related to foreign
policy and fiscal discipline.
player in multiple And while she has
continued to introduce
Republican administrations, legislation that could help Former Rep. Barbara Cubin, the first woman to represent Wyoming in Congress,
Wyoming, including a bill endorsed Rep. Liz Cheney's primary opponent, Harriet Hageman, a week after she
Mr. Cheney was the challenging the Biden announced. Pictured here in downtown Casper, Ms. Cubin says it was a difficult
moratorium on oil and gas decision because she's had a fondness for the Cheneys for many years.
youngest White House chief leasing, some constituents
say her focus on Jan. 6 has
of staff in history, served as undermined her advocacy
for Wyoming’s interests.
Wyoming’s sole
“She lost the ability to
congressman for 10 years, fight for Wyoming,” says Jack Constitution, one Trump hallways chanted, “Hang change their party affiliation GOP, and still far too
Mueller, who has known the Mike Pence!” even on voting day – to cast conservative for most
and oversaw the Gulf War family for decades, serving rally-goer wondered, why a ballot in the GOP primary. Democrats.
as a county co-chair for Lawmakers and police
as secretary of defense Dick Cheney’s first isn’t she fighting for justice barricaded the doors with
congressional campaign in furniture, and at least one
under George H.W. Bush. the late 1970s. for the people who were shot rang out when a
policeman fired on unarmed
Many still regard him as the “This whole Jan. 6 thing – arrested for, in their view, veteran Ashli Babbitt as she “She won a lot of us over “I can’t imagine that there
she’s been milking that like tried to climb through the
most influential vice mad,” says Mr. Mueller, who merely taking selfies in the smashed glass of a door to because of that,” says Sarah weren’t political
supported the Laramie the lobby outside the House
president ever, for his role in County GOP’s censure of Capitol on Jan. 6? When the entrance. Two other Konrad, who manages a calculations, but I really
her and says he got a call protesters also died in
orchestrating the Iraq War from Ms. Cheney a few days Republican National connection with the attack. federal grant program thought she did it out of a
later. “I accused her of Some 114 Capitol Police
during the second Bush forming a cabal with Nancy Committee took the officers, as well as several supporting scientific sense of principle,” says
Pelosi.” dozen Metro D.C. officers,
administration. unusual step of censuring were injured that day after research at the University of Dino Wenino, a progressive
He says he still doesn’t hours of what a bipartisan
Today the local high understand what her motive Ms. Cheney and Senate report described as Wyoming in Laramie and is who is registered as a
school’s field bears his is. The two haven’t spoken ”absolutely brutal” physical
name, as does the federal since. Representative Kinzinger, it abuse. Five have died, planning on registering as Republican so he can have
building downtown, not far including four by suicide.
from an old-fashioned soda Even as her stance has said that it was “unbefitting” Republican for the first time some sway in elections
fountain and a movie alienated members of her Some grant that
theater with a vertical neon own party, however, it has of Republicans to lawmakers in the building to support Ms. Cheney. here.“She was riding high in
AMERICA sign. won her accolades from the that day may have felt more
left. participate in a Democrat- danger than they feel was It also persuaded some the Republican Party and
apparent to those watching conservatives like Helen
“I consider her a person led committee that on television. Still, many on Higby, by her own account now she’s almost a pariah.”
of great decency and the right believe Ms. Cheney an erstwhile “loud Trump
character,” says Democratic disregarded minority rights, is abetting what they see as supporter” who credits Ms. Whatever her motives, in
Rep. Jamie Raskin of the left’s exaggeration of Cheney with changing her a state where 7 in 10 voters
Maryland, a constitutional traditional checks and Jan. 6 for political purposes. outlook after the 2020 supported Donald Trump,
lawyer who has developed a election. many feel affronted by her
But Liz Cheney, his elder warm working relationship balances, and due process, Marti Halverson, one of decision to co-lead the
daughter, has struggled to with her on the Jan. 6 Wyoming’s three electors in committee investigating his
convince voters she’s a real committee, despite their among other things. 2020, was watching the day’s role in that day’s events.
Wyomingite. Raised mainly policy differences. “She’s events unfold on TV and
in the Washington, D.C., resilient and tough as nails.” “‘Hang Mike Pence’ is texting with friends who “Having her brave enough
area, she and her husband nothing” had gone to Washington for and willing to risk her
bought a house in the state “To my mind,” he adds, Mr.Trump’s rally. political future and willing to
in 2012 before she made a “Liz Cheney and Adam At the heart of these cross swords with him – I “I could give her all the
short-lived run for Senate, Kinzinger and Mitt Romney diverging viewpoints is a “I think the Capitol Police admire her for that,” says credit in the world for
challenging the popular and the other Republicans fundamental disagreement overreacted,” she says. How Ms. Higby, a mountaineer in operating in accordance
Republican Mike Enzi in a who have stood up against between Ms. Cheney and could the Capitol be her youth who respects the with her highest principles
move some saw as Donald Trump are her critics about what “breached” when it is the congresswoman’s dogged when she cast her vote to
presumptuous. They chose constitutional patriots.” actually happened on Jan. 6 people’s House? she focus.“My ethic is, you don’t impeach,” says Mrs.
the Jackson Hole area – a – and how big a threat it wondered. As for threats just throw up your hands Halverson, the Wyoming
wealthy resort town at the Her detractors see things posed. chanted by the rioters, she when things get tough.” elector, but adds that her
base of the Grand Tetons differently. says that as a former state c o n g r e s s w o m a n ’s
full of multimillion-dollar At his “Save America” legislator she received awful But where some see subsequent actions showed
homes, in contrast with the If Ms. Cheney is so rally that day, then-President threats in her inbox but integrity and courage, “seeming contempt.” In
ranches, bungalows, and committed to the Trump had called the sees them as routine for any others see willfulness and particular, she highlights Ms.
rusting trailers that dot the election “the most corrupt politician these days. “‘Hang ego. Cheney’s decision to skip a
rest of the state. If she and in history” and urged his Mike Pence’ is nothing,” says GOP gala in Rock Springs
her family have ever lived supporters to march to the Mrs. Halverson, adding that “Liz is a very stubborn earlier this year in favor of
here full time, it’s a closely Capitol, where Vice she doesn’t believe the person. She is never wrong attending the Wyoming
kept secret in this close-knit President Mike Pence was rioters meant it. – never,” says former Rep. Press Association’s annual
state. overseeing Congress’s Barbara Cubin, the first gathering, and her
counting of the Electoral Courage or ambition? woman to represent subsequent explanation to
College votes. Wyoming in Congress, who The New York Times that
Ms. Cheney’s stance has endorsed Ms. Hageman she’s “not going to convince
Since winning election in “We’re going to have to motivated some Wyoming shortly after she announced the crazies.”
2016, however, Ms. Cheney fight much harder, and Mike Democrats – who can – a decision she says was
has impressed many of her Pence is going to have to hard, because she has “fond “The most important
onetime detractors – come through for us,” he feelings” for the Cheneys. election”
including Tim Stubson, a told them, urging the vice
former state legislator who president to support a “I think she has bigger While a handful of other
ran against her in the GOP Republican challenge to political ambitions,” says Republicans have spoken
primary that year, and had some states’ votes. Monte Hartman, sitting on a out against Mr. Trump, few
criticized her as a grassy knoll outside the have the pedigree, national
carpetbagger. Trump supporters then Trump rally in Casper. standing, and platform that
marched down Pennsylvania Liz Cheney has had as
Her argument was that Avenue, where Ms. Cheney’s But just what those daughter of a former vice
with her connections in the great-great-grandfather had ambitions are is unclear. president and vice chair of
Republican Party, she could once paraded to celebrate Many surmise she has her the Jan. 6 committee.
come into Congress on Day the end of the Civil War. eye on the 2024 presidential There’s a lot riding on this
One and help Wyoming – Those leading the charge race. It’s unlikely she could race – not just for Ms.
and she did, says Mr. shattered windows and win either party’s Cheney, but also for the
Stubson.Within two months doors to break into the nomination, however, having party and its relationship
of taking office she Capitol, clashing with police burned her bridges with the
officers while rioters in the story concludes on page 17



Mayo Clinic

Tips for reducing risk of hearing loss

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I all examples. Most people Although noise-induced
recently realized that I often probably think nothing of hearing loss usually can’t be
ask people to repeat these familiar sounds. They restored, the fact that you
themselves, and I must turn generally aren’t loud enough have noticed changes now
up the volume on the TV to interfere with daily allows you the opportunity
louder than before. How do routines or cause ear to prevent further loss.
I know if I have hearing loss? damage. But sometimes a
I am 46. Aren’t I too young noise is too loud, and some First, make an
for hearing loss? Can I take sounds may cause
steps to prevent future permanent damage. appointment to have your
hearing loss?
Noises are measured hearing checked. While you
ANSWER: The ears are based on their decibel levels.
an important part of the A decibel is a unit of might start with your
body, and damage to the measurement used to
delicate structures housed measure how loud primary health care provider,
there can lead to hearing something is.
loss and balance problems. you may be referred to an
Both can happen suddenly, In general, noises that fall
or over time. It is common below 70 decibels do not audiology center and
for adults to experience harm your ears. Damage can
hearing loss and balance occur when noises are above different specialists
problems as they age. that level. The higher the
decibel level, the more depending on your situation. listen for tones at different with a good fit for your ears. personal listening devices
Although you may think damage your ears pitches and volumes. The All hearing protection your children may use.
you are too young, hearing experience. Audiologists are audiologist will determine devices are labeled with
loss can happen at any age when you hear the different noise reduction ratings. The • Place pads under noisy
due to a number of factors. Patients often ask, ‘How professionals with an tones at the softest levels. higher the number, the more appliances, and don’t run
Nearly 1 in 4 people in the loud is too loud?’ Here’s a You’ll also be asked to repeat noise reduction the device multiple appliances at the
U.S. ages 20 to 69 have some good rule of thumb: If you advanced degree in all words at soft and provides. Be sure to wear same time.
degree of hearing loss. This have to shout to be heard by comfortable volumes, and hearing protection the entire
hearing loss is commonly someone an arm’s length aspects of hearing and maybe also with background time you’re exposed to loud • Install carpeting to
caused by exposure to loud away, you’re being exposed noise. Then a hearing sounds. absorb sound.
sounds or noise. to too much noise. balance health care for prescription or plan will be
developed that may include • Consider using snug- • Seal windows and doors
Every day, people are However, over time, all patients of all ages. They hearing aids. fitting earmuffs or wearing to block traffic noise.
surrounded by noise. The loud sounds you are both earmuffs and earplugs
bustle of traffic, the hums exposed to regularly can often administer hearing Here are some tips to to get more noise reduction. Generally, it’s a good idea
and grinds of machinery, affect your hearing. Since improve your hearing This is helpful, especially to have a hearing test by age
people talking, music and hearing loss usually happens tests. Hearing instrument protection and prevent when using loud power tools 60 and then every few years
chatter from the radio, and gradually, people often don’t further loss: or lawn equipment. Special after that. As you have now
airplanes flying overhead are realize how much hearing specialists are trained to earmuffs also are designed noticed that you have
they’ve lost over time. • Limit your exposure to for use with firearms. hearing loss, you may be
identify hearing loss and loud noise.Take breaks from advised to test your hearing
prolonged exposure to loud • Kids also need annually or when you notice
dispense hearing aids for noise. protection from noise. a change. — Jamie Bogle,
Specially designed earmuffs Au.D., Ph.D., Otolaryngology
adults only. You also may • Wear hearing protection are available for infants and — Head and Neck Surgery,
when involved in loud young children. Make sure Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale,
meet an otolaryngologist or activities. Look for devices you limit the volume on any Arizona

otologist, medical doctors

who are trained to manage

medical or surgical problems

associated with the ear.

Getting a hearing test is
easy. Typically, your ears will
be examined first to make
sure they look healthy and
that you don’t have any wax
blocking the ear canal. Then
you will wear headphones to


continued from page 16 disbelief. “If she’s defeated, gubernatorial primary. Of strategist in Wyoming. “Now influence they have than to was running for Congress in
with Trump. that does not augur well, the more than 11,000 newly it’s too late.” lose it. Even among the 10 the late 1970s and Liz and
because she is just about the registered Republicans in House members who took her sister would tag along
“Wyoming, all of America only national Republican 2018, almost 3,000 were Most agree she the leap and voted for with a straw hat full of
is counting on you,” Mr. willing to stand up to previously registered as undoubtedly calculated the impeachment, Ms. Cheney buttons.
Trump told the crowd of Trump.” unaffiliated (independent) risks of coming out against stands out.
about 8,000 in Casper. “We and almost 2,400 as Mr.Trump, and what it would “She is her father’s
have a lot of elections Many interviewed here Democrats. But some mean for her influence going “Liz was in the unique daughter – and Dick Cheney
coming up. I think this is the feel the momentum is with insiders say it’s looking forward. position that she couldn’t be is one tough cookie. But he’s
most important election that Ms. Hageman, but they increasingly unlikely that Ms. pushed to the side, even if a big-hearted man and he
we have, right here.” haven’t counted Ms. Cheney Cheney will pick up enough “The vast majority of she got kicked out of loves this country with
out. A key question is how to compensate for the leadership, because of the passion,” adds former
Cheney supporters think many Democrats like Ms. Republican voters alienated people never reach that national voice that she had,” Senator Simpson. “She is
so, too. Konrad will cross over to by her relentless criticism of says Mr. Stubson. going to be a spokeswoman
vote in the GOP primary – Mr. Trump. point where they’re willing to take down the
“If she’s reelected, she’s in something Mr. Trump tried Indeed, whether she wins clandestines and the phonies
a much stronger position to unsuccessfully to persuade “There’s a huge part of me to say,‘OK, I’m going to jump reelection or not, “she will and the fibbers. And the
be a counterweight to the state legislature to limit. that’s like Liz, just stop – I have an avenue in America,” fakers – add them. That’s
Trump,” says Pete Scott, a want you to win, and you off this political cliff because says Alan Simpson, a going to be her mission.”
Republican rancher outside In 2018, Democrats made don’t have to keep poking longtime former senator
Casper who has watched an eleventh-hour bid to the bear,” says a Republican of principle,’” says Mr. who campaigned alongside By Christa Case Bryant
the former president’s influence the GOP Ms. Cheney’s father when he
“takeover” of the party in Stubson, explaining that for

many Republicans

unenthused about Mr.Trump

it’s easy to make the

argument that it’s better to

stay quiet and exercise what



in the news

Dog caught on s
camera activating s
stove, causing fire t
Security cameras inside a Missouri w
home recorded the moment a dog S
turned on the kitchen stove, starting a s
fire that severely damaged the house. c
The Kansas City Fire Department
responded to a house fire in Parkville t
and they rescued two dogs, who were
the only occupants of the structure at a
the time of the fire. Firefighters
'Giant dog' wanders reviewed security camera footage from d
into Dollar General inside the home and discovered one of
store in Florida the dogs had stood on its hind legs to Pet World d
investigate a pan on the stove and  
Police in Florida were summoned to inadvertently turned on the heat. with Cathy Rosenthal t
a store when a "giant dog" wandered Investigators said the pan still had food w
into the business, browsed for a few in it from a previous meal and the heat
hours and refused to leave at closing caused a grease fire about 8 minutes What to do with a biting, reluctant feline c
time. The Bradenton Police after the canine activated the stove. s
Department said the "giant dog," a The dogs were not injured, but the
135-pound canine, wandered into the damage to the home was severe. Dear Cathy, I can relate to pets, not even me on some of
Dollar General store and employees
initially decided to let the animal go Police find man who the story of Nancy in Queens my moves. t
about his business, as he wasn't fled traffic stop had
disturbing any merchandise or other alligator 'passenger' Village, New York, who Once I felt overwhelmed at w
customers.The employees called police couldn’t pick up or touch her
at closing time because the dog had Authorities in Michigan said an cats. Two years ago, we the thought of driving my
been inside the store for several hours attempted traffic stop led to a brief adopted two Siamese cats that
and was showing no sign of leaving. pursuit and a surprising discovery -- an were more than two years three-month-old baby and
Police shared body camera footage on alligator in the car. A sergeant old.A year and a half later, they three cats from Indianapolis to o
Facebook showing police escorting the attempted a traffic stop on a "vehicle still hid from us and wouldn’t
dog out of the store. The department traveling at a high rate of speed".The let us pick them up. Charlie Philadelphia, so I booked all of
said police were able to identify the vehicle fled, sparking a brief chase that died around that time, but we
dog as a canine named Bentley and ended when the fleeing vehicle still have Annie. Shortly after, us on a nonstop flight. It
reunited the pet with his owner. becoming stuck between two trees on we acquired an eight-week-old
the Rails-To-Trails pathway.The driver, a Siamese kitten from a breeder. snowed on the day of the flight
Kitten rescued from 40-year-old man, was arrested on Tiny is a year old now and a
fast food drink cup in multiple charges, and deputies biter. He bites me, my (in March) and the flight got
New York determined he had "several warrants husband, and Annie. Tiny also
from another jurisdiction." Deputies has eaten all my plants and As well as being a recuring canceled; one of the
An environmental conservation also discovered the vehicle had a broken all my statues. It’s a guest on Happenings Q&A,
officer in New York came to the rescue "passenger" -- an alligator the post mess. I wish Annie and Tiny downsides of traveling by
of a kitten spotted wandering in the dubbed "Karen." Karen "attempted to would come over to my Cathy M. Rosenthal is a
middle of a road with its head stuck in flee the scene, but was taken into husband or me. All my longtime animal advocate, plane with a pet. A family
a fast food cup. Environmental custody after a short scuffle," the post previous Siamese cats were author, columnist and pet
Conservation Officer Darci Dougherty said. "Karen is not facing any charges at very affectionate. Any expert who has more than member ended up driving my
was nearly the end of a late-night shift this time. We believe she was an suggestions? — Lainie, East
when she spotted "an object in the unwilling participant during the Northport, Long Island, New 30 years in the animal cats (in snowy weather, no
middle of the road." Dougherty soon incident, nor do we believe she was York welfare field. Send your pet
realized the object was a kitten with its ever in control of the vehicle." questions, stories and tips to less) to my new home in
head stuck inside "a plastic fast food Dear Lainie, It’s tough to
drink cup." "The tiny animal was unable Chimpanzee briefly have cats that you can’t touch. [email protected] Pennsylvania while I caught a
to lift its head off the ground nor pull escapes zoo enclosure All you can do is respect their
its head out of the lid," the department wishes and create your disapproval. I also suggest later flight and prepared for
said.The officer was able to remove the A chimpanzee escaped from its opportunities for them to adding a pheromone plug-in in
lid from the cup, but had to cut through enclosure at a zoo in India and was on approach you. You can help the room that they frequent their arrival. I also have flown
the lid to free the kitten. "This ordeal the loose for about 10 minutes before build trust by offering them the most. It won’t solve the
could easily have been deadly for the being safely contained. Visitors to the treats, playing with them, problem, but it can help take my cats on long-distance
kitten, but easily prevented if the Alipore Zoo said the chimpanzee sitting on the floor a few feet the edge off if they are
responsible party had properly escaped from its enclosure during from their bowl when they are anxious. moves (Denver to
disposed of the cup. The kitten was feeding time. The zoo's main gate was eating, or touching them with
later adopted," the release said. closed and a lockdown was put into a grooming brush if they will Dear Cathy,You always give Washington, DC, for example)
place while officials worked to allow it. You also could try to great advice, but your recent
18 SMART READER June 16, 2022 recapture the chimpanzee. Zoo officials lure them to your lap by advice of someone taking two because I had a toddler in tow
said the chimpanzee was swimming in sitting on the couch with a cats on a plane (to move) is a
the moat around its enclosure when cozy blanket. If they approach terrible idea. I drove at age 60 and knew it would be easier to
zookeepers were able to coax the you or let you touch them in from New Jersey to Las Vegas,
animal back into a secure area. They any way, positively reinforce taking more than three days. I manage everything better if I
said the primate was not tranquilized the behaviors by talking gave my cat a doctor-ordered
and went peacefully with keepers. The sweetly and giving them treats. sedative, and my cat was kept our travel to one day.
chimpanzee was on the loose for about zonked until the afternoon.
10 minutes. As for Tiny, spray the plants Your idea of a family member So, these considerations
with Bitter Apple to (driving the cats) was should be made on a case-by-
discourage his chewing and excellent; six hundred miles is case basis. But like you, I prefer
move the plants to be more nothing to a young person. For driving with my pets.
out of his reach. Never use them, it’s just a one-day trip. —
your hands to play with him. Jeff, Henderson, Nevada Dear Cathy, In a recent
Use a feather teaser or laser column, you suggested using
pointer instead. Whenever he Dear Jeff, Every pet owner carpet runners to transition (a
does bite, make a loud ‘Sstttt" must determine what will dog) from carpeting to the
sound to stop him and show work best for them and their floor. There is another, less
pets, since each circumstance expensive option. To provide
will be different. I have moved better traction, we use old
sixteen times as an adult. Since yoga mats. They’re lightweight
I have always had pets, I think and can be switched around
nothing of driving my pets where needed. They also can
across the country as you do. be cleaned easily.
There are plenty of hotels that
allow pets, so it’s just a matter Love your weekly articles in
of planning ahead. But not the Arizona Daily Star. I am
everyone feels equipped for a using a pheromone diffuser
three-day drive with their you suggested for cats, which
has worked great. — Lynda,
Tucson, Arizona

Dear Lynda,

That’s a great tip! Used
yoga mats are an excellent
option for providing traction
to dogs who slide around or
are unsteady on smooth
surface floors. Garage sales
might be a good place to find
some. Thanks for sharing your


Can you hear me? so much from.  Our speech loss, and now her left ear is
therapist taught us what to in the moderate loss level.
by Carolyn Serpe look out for and how to   Even though she is doing
help guide Charlie to keep wonderfully in school, she
These past couple her on track. is needing a little boost.
months have been, shall we  Her amazing teacher is up
say, a tid bit on the busy The Wisconsin Sound to the challenge of wearing
side.  My focus has been on a microphone that
the end of the school year Beginnings Parents bluetooth connects to
for the girls, spoiling the Charlie’s hearing aids so
wonderful teachers at Reaching Out, is another she can hear her better.
SJCA and ending our girl  We have the full support at
scout year with a big group that offered up SJCA and are very grateful
camping trip. for their caring hearts.
support.   Even though we
But our biggest news is This is one of our biggest
that our 4 year old, Charlie, felt Charlie’s situation journeys in parenthood.
received her new hearing   We will keep y’all posted
aids. wasn’t to the level of the and please let us know if
you have any
Unfortunately, she was other kiddos in the group, questions/suggestions
born with a hearing
disability, but thankfully we Carolyn Serpe is a photo submitted by Carolyn Serpe they never made us feel as
discovered it right away. Kenosha native whose
family owns The Lettering though we don’t belong.
They performed many Machine in Downtown
tests to gauge her loss, but Kenosha. She has been conduct an ABR test at the wasn’t testing the best, but Kenosha Unified has now
we were met with some manager at the shop since same time.   An ABR test not enough to warrant a come into play as we
complications.   Charlie her parents purchased it uses electrodes placed on a concern right away. navigate this new phase as
suffered from chronic ear from the previous owners person’s head and ears to Charlie’s right ear has
infections with lots of fluid back in 2002. Carolyn is a monitor brain wave activity So the process started to reduced to severe hearing
that blocked the sound mom to 3 beautiful girls in response to sound.  This get her fitted with a hearing
waves from getting from and a wife for 10 years to is the best way to get solid aid.   This was incredibly May 2022
her auditory nerve to her her handsome husband results from auditory interesting.   The tools and Court Report
brain.  At around one years Chris. Carolyn welcomes all testing, especially in super gadgets that the Audiologist
old, she received tubes in to her crazy journey in life young children, as they are had were super cool and DIVORCES
both her ears.   We were and about how she tries to not always cooperative for we have learned so much Caleb Raine Anderson & Judith Arlene Anderson
hoping this was going to the tests. the past 3 years.  What got Robert D Ashman & Jordan D Ashman
balance it all. us even more, was all the Michael Warren Bonn & Kathryn Mary Bonn
We were met with support we received from a Alissa Marie Brooks & Kyle David Brooks
solve all her failed hearing another unfortunate result handful of organizations. Adeline Rose Buffa & Brandon Michael Buffa
tests and was our answer. when the doctors came   KAC swooped in with Tyler Benjamin Carter & Fernanda Elizabeth Carter
  The best part of Charlie back out to announce that their birth to 3 program Alex Todd Christopherson & Leah Rene Christopherson
being under for the tube yes Charlie had moderate and introduced us to a deaf Kathryn Civitano & Frank Civitano
placement, was that our to severe hearing loss in and hard of hearing Jillian Elise Clausen & Kyle F. Paramski
Audiologist was able to her right ear.   Her left still therapist that we learned Elizabeth Shantel Conver & Nathaniel J. Conver III
David Adam Dillon & Rebecca Lynn Dillon
New KCSC waterfront program Joseph Raphael Esposito & Mary Beth Esposito
Lisa Kathleen Fardoux & Kevin Raymond Fardoux
by Meryl Strichartz Jennifer Amanda Ferguson & Cory David Ferguson
Kimberleigh Lynn Fischer & Alexander Christian Fischer
Did you ever have to Juan L. Garcia & Miranda Davis
write the proverbial “What Rachel Garnett & James Garnett
I Did Over My Summer David B Harvey & Dawnmarie Harvey
Vacation” essay? Most of us Corina Lynn Langley & Sean Alan Langley
did at one point or another. Lacey Ann Rodriguez & David Michael Rodriguez
I always wrote about my Guy Schimke & Pamela A Schimke
summer camp because it Jeffery Steinbach & Patricia Steinbach
was by far the pinnacle of Christine Walentowski & Ryan Walentowski
my summer activities. Joseph Michael Zons & Debra Lynn Lenz

Summer, it seemed was Meryl Strichartz is a photo submitted by Meryl Strichartz DUIs
Kenosha resident and Beiott, Scott E. Burlington,WI. OWI (1st)
always filled with fun and active board member of something or stay inside on Cervantes Zamarripa, Francisco J. Kenosha,WI. OWI (1st)
the Kenosha Community a beautiful day? Part of Cisneros Calvillo,Vicente. Chicago, IL. OWI (1st)
despite all the craziness of Sailing Center.  She is also courses are a blast, too. what I like about being a Conejo, Bernardo J. Bristol,WI. OWI (1st)
a member of the Kenosha Ironically, one of the member of the Kenosha Cooper, Robert A. Pleasant Prairie,WI. OWI (1st)
the world these days, it still Yacht Club and ally to favorite activities of the Yacht Club is that most Cusker,William C. Kenosha,WI. OWI (3rd)
many Kenosha harbor kids is learning how to members have a carpe Davis, John R. Milwaukee,WI. OWI (2nd)
is. My friends were just at a right-side a boat which diem approach to life. I was Dickshinski, Robert. Bristol,WI. OWI (2nd)
businesses and entails jumping off and sitting at the bar the other Fink, James P. Mt Pleasant,WI. OWI (2nd)
Kenosha Women’s environmental groups.  She capsizing the boat. day talking to the past KYC Frederick, Susan M. Lake Barrington, IL. OWI (2nd)
is the owner of Lakeshore Obviously, this is an Commodore, Ron Otto, Gaddis, Patrick J.Twin Lakes,WI. OWI (1st)
Network luncheon where important safety skill to and he was telling me that Gascoigne, Brooke Ann. Pleasant Prairie. OWI (2nd)
Pedal Tour and Career teach young sailors, but it he was getting ready for Gauslow, Joseph S. Kenosha,WI. OWI (2nd)
Meredith Jumisko of Visit Coaches of Wisconsin. always freaks out some the Queen’s Cup which is a Glithero, Debra G. Zion, IL. OWI (3rd)
 She has her MBA from good Samaritan walking by race from Milwaukee to Goff, Brian K. Union Grove,WI. OWI (3rd)
Kenosha made a UW-Parkside and has who feels it is necessary to Grand Haven, MI.This is the Gomez Rojas, Oscar Ezequiel.Waukegan, IL. OWI (1st)
been involved with many call 911! 83rd sailing of this race and Guido,Ted M. Pleasant Prairie,WI. OWI (1st)
presentation. She had so Kenosha and Racine it is one of the most Horne, Jesse F. Racine,WI. OWI (3rd)
Whenever I talk about storied yacht races on the Julin, Daniel C.Waukegan, IL. OWI (3rd)
much to report that they nonprofits. the new Waterfront Great Lakes. This year’s Kamin, Joshua J.Trevor,WI. OWI (1st)
Program and the youth night race across Lake Kenyon, Karina Roque. Gurnee, IL. OWI (1st)
couldn’t even begin to give sailing courses in general, Michigan departs on June Leech, Doreen Marie. Pleasant Prairie,WI. OWI (1st)
my adult friends always say, 24, 2022. It’s amazing for Lminggio, Maurice L. Kenosha,WI. OWI (1st)
me a recap of her talk and I wish they had that for me to think that this race Miranda, Justin A. Kenosha,WI. OWI (2nd)
adults. Well, KCSC does has been going on since Mitchell, Austin James. Salem,WI. OWI (1st)
directed me to the offer adult sailing courses long before I was born. Morehead, Eric W. Racine,WI. OWI (2nd)
throughout the summer. Tradition rocks! Newell, Brendan M. Chicago, IL. OWI (1st) website. We rent the watercraft on Oley, James B. Antioch, IL. OWI (1st)
the weekend and my So, if you have kids or Ruffolo, Josephine M. Kenosha,WI, OWI (1st)
Truly we have an Lakeshore Pedal Tour party grandchildren or neighbors Vazquez, Omar. Kenosha,WI. OWI (3rd)
bike is also available for a with kids, please reach out Vershowske, Gayle M.Trevor,WI. OWI (1st)
astonishing number of good time. So, there is to them to tell them about
absolutely no shortage of our Waterfront program
things to do here in fun things for the adults to and give them something to
do too. write about when they get
Kenosha. program is being run by back to school in the fall.
It’s all about attitude... are
What I am most excited Lauren Newcomb who you you gonna get out and do

about is the Kenosha can meet every weekend

Community Sailing down on the docks

Center’s new Waterfront managing KCSC’s rental

program where kids will watercraft and KCSC’s

have a chance to play. Of youth sailing staff. She loves

course, we will sneak in a kids, playing games and arts

bit of water safety and & crafts and promises at

water conservation and least one great art project

STEAM, but mostly, we are per day. The plan is for the

about creating those fun kids to enjoy both the

summertime memories. recreational water

Children will kayak, activities in the harbor and

paddleboard, and use the time playing at the beach

bright yellow pedal ducks in and in the park. Sounds

addition to being great, right?

introduced to sailing. The KCSC’s Youth Sailing


jill on money reason for their declining
retirement confidence – and
Will inflation prompt anxiety over inflation has
an 'unretirement' only increased in the
trend? months since the early-year
survey period.
with Jill Schlesinger
According to the New

York Fed’s Survey of

Consumer Expectations,

“short-term inflation

expectations have continued

to trend upward,” with most

How are you feeling about consumers believing that
retirement? According to the
Employee Benefit Research that inflation will remain high
Institute’s 2022 Retirement
Confidence Survey (RCS), over the next year.
pretty good.
To manage the higher In a survey from early this year, those who feel less confident about
“Over 7 in 10 workers are costs of living, many are their retirement prospects cited inflation and the associated costs of
at least somewhat confident, spending down the excess
including almost 3 in 10 who savings they accumulated simply surviving. In recent months, anxiety over inflation has only
are very confident,” and during the pandemic. Just increased, writes Jill Schlesinger.
retirees are also upbeat, over two years ago, during
“with nearly 8 in 10 Jill Schlesinger, CFP, is a CBS the early and most severe of the labor force amid Maybe the newly minted may shield them from the
confident they will have News business analyst. A part of lockdown, the U.S. COVID, would flow back in, worst aspects of higher
enough money to live former options trader and CIO personal savings rate soared especially those who are and already retired are doing prices.
comfortably throughout of an investment advisory firm, to a staggering series-high of over the age of 55.These so-
retirement, including 1 in 3 she welcomes comments and 33.8%. called “un-retirements” have The gamechanger for
who are very confident.” increased since the summer older Americans, according
questions at Of course, that rate was of 2021, according to Nick OK financially. Writing in to Miller, is Social Security,
These figures are virtually [email protected] Check not sustainable and by Bunker, an economist at which “is a critical source of
unchanged from the prior December 2021, it had slid Morningstar, Mark Miller protection from the impact
year’s results, but notably, the her website at to 8.7%, higher than the 7.3% of inflation. Unlike nearly all
survey period was rate from two years earlier Still, there does not seem founder of the excellent other sources of retirement
conducted from January 4 (a in December 2019. But with to be a wholesale rush back income, Social Security
day after the S&P 500 entered correction/bear inflation near a four-decade into the labor force for Retirement Revised benefits adjust annually to
reached its all-time high) market territory. high, the savings rate those over age 55, whose mirror consumer prices.”
through January 26, 2022. dropped to 4.4% in April, a participation rate was 38.9% newsletter and website, cites While we may see more 55–
In other words, things 14-year low. (Amid the mid- in May, 1.4% below the 67-year-olds un-retire, the
The period did include the were a lot better at the end 2005 euphoria around February 2020 level. (The research by JPMorgan Asset same may not be hold for
wave of fear around inflation, of January 2022, than they housing and financial rate for workers 25-54 is those who are able to claim
but the Fed had not yet are today, near the mid-point markets, the savings rate just a half of a percentage Management, which finds Social Security retirement
started increasing interest of the year. plunged to 2.1%.) point below where it was benefits, at least for now.
rates, Russia had not invaded prior to the pandemic.) that older people “spend less
Ukraine, and the broad stock The RCS results found
and bond markets had not that of those who feel less on all categories except
confident cited inflation and
the associated costs of healthcare and charitable
simply surviving as the

Given the inflationary That makes sense,
pressure on households, you considering that these
might expect that older people are no longer
Americans who stepped out commuting to work and
often own their homes
either outright or with a
fixed-rate mortgage, which

The lucky class of 1, many recent and soon-to-
2022 be graduates are hoping that
the Biden Administration
with Jill Schlesinger announces plans about
student loan cancellation.

Members of the college of $75,900, while humanities It is highly unlikely that
there will be a wholesale
class of 2022 may not will clock in with an average erasure of debt, but there
are whispers that there
consider themselves lucky. of $50,681.) Those starting could be partial forgiveness,
likely some amount in the
After all, COVID-19 robbed numbers make the range of $10,000-$20,000
for low-and middle-income
many of them of the conversation about borrowers who earn less
than $125,000 a year.
complete college repayment of student loans a

experience. Perhaps their bit easier to swallow.

reward for the start and stop Education experts have
long advised that student
of in-person/remote/hybrid loan borrowers attempt to
graduate with a total debt
education is to graduate in balance that is lower than a
graduate’s first year salary. By
one the hottest job markets the numbers, the situation Early discussions have
looks better, on average, than
in decades. it has in the past. been focused on

Job openings remain high, undergraduate debt, but that
the unemployment rate is
low and according to a could change, especially for This year's college graduates may get rewarded for all the
National Association of COVID-19 disruptions by entering into one of the hottest job
Colleges and Employers students who use their markets in decades, writes Jill Schlesinger.
(NACE) survey, employers
expect a projected hiring degrees for careers in public
increase of 26.6 percent for
new graduates, compared to According to the service (i.e., teachers).
a year ago. Education Data Initiative, the
average federal student loan Until there is a formal controlling your financial life. by creating a list of each loan or late fees.
Compared to those who debt balance is $37,014 and announcement from the (student, credit card, auto)
have the unfortunate timing including private loan debt, it Administration, it would be Start with salary – and and include details, like the Whether you are carrying
of graduating into a increases to be $40,904. Of wise for student borrowers don’t forget to reduce it to interest rates associated debt or not, use your cash
recession (ask the class of course, average is just to prepare to make reflect taxes to Uncle Sam with the loans, monthly flow to help fund an
2020 about their ill-fated average and with total payments. In fact, regardless and your state of residence. payment amounts due, and emergency reserve fund of 6
timing!), the class of 2022 are student loans outstanding at of whether you are Your take-home income will lender contact information. to 12 months of living
indeed lucky, with an average $1.76 trillion, there are graduating with debt or not, determine how much money When creating the cash flow, expenses and to contribute
starting salary of $55,260. stories of much higher loan now is the time to create a you can afford to allocate to give priority to paying down to a retirement account,
(Computer science majors balances. financial plan of action, your expenses, like rent, the highest interest loans especially if you work for a
will do better, with a starting with a simple cash food, commuting costs, and then systematically work company that provides a
projected average salary age Meanwhile, with federal flow. Surveys from the CFP utilities, and of course, your your way down to the lower match. Doing so early will
student loan payments on Board and Intuit have found debt. interest ones.Automate debt likely make you feel even
pause since March 2020 and that about 60-65% of adults payments to avoid penalties luckier down the road.
due to restart on September don’t track expenses, but this Prioritize outstanding debt
task can be the key to


Hosting Family This


by Meridith Jumisko

Are you hosting out-of- Meridith Jumisko is SF2022 photo
town family or friends this Public Relations Director
summer? Let us assist! To WE’VE GOT YOUR
begin, book them a hotel! at Visit Kenosha. FAVORITE MUSIC COVERED!
That way they'll have their Contact her at
own space and you'll have [email protected] THIS YEAR AUG. 5-7 THE NATION’S LARGEST
find a hotel at a day at the Bristol ON THE GROUNDS OF THE WYNDHAM,
V i s i t k e n o s h a . c o m / S t ay. Renaissance Faire! One of KENOSHA’S ONLY WATERFRONT HOTEL
Next: what should you do the most immersive VISIT HAP2IT.COM FOR MORE INFO.
with them? Maybe you are experiences in the Kenosha
new to the area yourself and Area is the Ren Faire. Grab Tribute Island, the cover-band music
aren't sure what the must- a turkey leg, curtsey to the extravaganza that has seen thousands flood the
see stops are. Or you've Queen, and prepare for a lot
lived here all your life and of 16th Century merriment. city’s lakefront in years past, is returning for
don't know where to start! three days and nights on five stages featuring
If this isn't their first visit more than 50 of the region’s top tribute bands
At, we to Kenosha – or if they are
feature a blog, a trip ideas going to be in town for and performers including Janet Gardner lead
and itineraries section, our more than a few days – here vocalist with Vixen and Donnie Vie, former
digital Kenosha Area Visitors are more #KenoshaFun
Guide (also available in print ideas for you: frontman with Enuff Z'Nuff.
format), and our FUN 101
list: 101 Things to See & Do Take your Kenosha SMART READER June 16, 2022 21
for Under $10 - Many are sightseeing to new heights.
FREE! that can help you plan Climb the 72 steps to the
your own fun-filled itinerary. top of the Southport
Basically, our  entire website Lighthouse for amazing
is full of ideas! There is one views of Lake Michigan,
itinerary in particular that I Downtown Kenosha, and
am referencing here: First even the Chicago skyline on
Timer vs Old Pro. If your a clear day. While at this
guests are visiting Kenosha museum, go 300 more feet
for the first time, here are to the Kenosha History
some must-see places to Center, and learn about
take them: Kenosha's automotive
Lake Michigan! With
nearly 90 percent of our If you've explored Lake
Lake Michigan shoreline Michigan from land, it's time
being publicly accessible, you for you to get your sea legs!
won't want to miss seeing Book a charter fishing
this Great Lake. Climb outing with the Kenosha
aboard one of our Electric Charter Boat Association.
Streetcars to cruise the You'll learn a lot about Lake
lakefront in style. Michigan's fishing history,
the ecosystems in the lake,
Also stop at the Kenosha and how to catch, clean, and
Public Museum. The main cook Lake Trout, Coho
exhibit, The Wisconsin Salmon, and more.
Story, will introduce you to
how our community was Another way to get out
formed by glacial migration, on the water is aboard a
the first inhabitants, and standup paddle board, kayak,
how our Schaefer and or duck-themed pedal boat
Hebior Mammoths are at the Kenosha Community
rewriting history books! If Sailing Center. Rentals are
you have time, visit The Civil available through the
War Museum next door. summer. Root for the home
The 360-degree film "Seeing team at a Kenosha Kingfish
The Elephant" is incredible! baseball game. Explore
western Kenosha County a
Bring your guests to our bit by catching an auto race
Saturday farmers markets. at Wilmot Raceway.
Both Kenosha
HarborMarket and Kenosha Have fun with your guests
Public Market in Downtown and  Be A Tourist In Your
Kenosha offer fresh Own Town! Use our
produce, baked goods, local website at
meats and cheeses, and as a resource. Visit Kenosha
more - year-round on has been Kenosha's official
Saturdays. travel resource since 1986.

If your guests are
adventurous, explore the
area from the treetops at
Boundless Adventures. If
your guests are here on a
Saturday or Sunday, between
July 9 and Labor Day, spend


rfoecoidpe&s Coconut Curry Chicken

Nutrition News 2 medium potatoes, peeled and cubed
with Charlyn Fargo 1 small onion, chopped

Heart-Healthy Mediterranean 4 boneless, skinless chicken breast halves (4 ounces each)
1 cup light coconut milk
I know I've written about 4 teaspoons curry powder
1 garlic clove, minced
this healthy way of eating
1 teaspoon reduced-sodium chicken bouillon granules
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper

2 cups hot cooked rice
1/4 cup thinly sliced green onions, raisins, flaked coconut and chopped

unsalted peanuts, optional

before, but here's another Place potatoes and onion in a 3-to-4-quart slow cooker. In a large
nonstick skillet coated with cooking spray, brown chicken on both
reason to consider the May 14, 2022. weekly chicken, pork and sides.Transfer to slow cooker. In a small bowl, combine the coconut
beef. milk, curry, garlic, bouillon, salt and pepper; pour over chicken. Cover
Mediterranean pattern of They found the and cook on low for 5-6 hours or until meat is tender. Serve chicken
Mediterranean diet was The diet was initially and sauce with rice; sprinkle with green onions. Garnish with raisins,
eating. In a brand-new study superior to the low-fat diet based on the traditional
at preventing cardiovascular diet of Greece and coconut and peanuts, if desired. Serves 4.
(published in May 2022), events for men and women, southern Italy in the 1960s.
researchers at the Reina but this was more evident Per serving: 396 calories; 27 grams protein; 43 grams
in men. Heart events So, should you drizzle carbohydrate; 11 grams fat (7 grams saturated); 63 milligrams
Sofia University Hospital in occurred in 67 (16.2%) of olive oil on your bread? Add
Cordoba, Spain, looked at 414 men in the feta and Parmesan cheeses cholesterol; 3 grams fiber; 309 milligrams sodium.
Mediterranean diet group to your recipes? Drink wine
which diet was best for Charlyn Fargo is a versus 94 (22.8%) of 413 every night? While those
registered dietitian with men in the low-fat diet may sound Mediterranean,
your heart after you've group. For 175 women in what really counts is a
SIU Med School in the study, no difference was pattern of eating and not
been diagnosed with Springfield, Ill. For found between the groups. necessarily specific foods.
comments or questions, Here are six ways to get
coronary artery disease: started.
contact her at
the Mediterranean diet or a [email protected] No. 1: Replace other fats beans, peas, eggplant, of meat.And don't forget to
or follow her on Twitter in your diet with olive oil, artichoke and okra cooked include fish, chicken and
low-fat diet. The making it your go-to fat. with olive oil, tomato and turkey as well as red meat.
@NutritionRd. Cook your daily vegetables herbs, served with bread
CORDIOPREV study in olive oil. and feta.

compared the No. 2: Eat your vegetables No. 3: Learn to cook a No. 5: If you have red
as a main course. The high few basic Mediterranean wine, drink it with your
Mediterranean diet with a consumption of vegetables meals by combining your meal rather than by itself.
(and fruit, whole grains, veggies with beans and Part of the success of the
low-fat diet over a seven- cheese and yogurt) is a legumes, such as spinach Mediterranean diet is the
main characteristic of the and rice, Greek-style green social aspect: Eat with
year follow-up period. Charlyn Fargo joins So just what does it mean Mediterranean diet. Greeks beans or a Greek lentil friends and family with the
Happenings Q&A on consume almost a pound of stew. This doesn't have to goal of making eating
A total of 1,002 to have a Mediterranean vegetables a day. Try green be an all-or-nothing enjoyable.
participants, with an Thu. June 30th at approach; just add a few
average age of 59.5, were 2:30 on AM1050 WLIP. pattern of eating? The Mediterranean dishes to
your weekly menus.
Mediterranean diet
No. 4: Overall, eat meat
enrolled if they had known encourages the less often or in smaller
portions. Plan your meal
coronary artery disease consumption of a variety of around vegetables instead

and were randomly nutrient-dense foods,

assigned to one of the including fruits, vegetables, No. 6: Don't forget to

eating patterns. Doctors of participants, including nuts, seeds, whole grains exercise. Daily physical
didn't know which eating
pattern their patient was myocardial infarction, and heart-healthy fats. (In activity is at the base of the
assigned. In the seven-year
follow up period, doctors revascularization, ischemic the study, olive oil was Mediterranean diet
looked at a composite of
major cardiovascular events stroke, peripheral artery provided for free for pyramid, meaning it's an

disease and cardiovascular participants in the important part of the

death. The study was Mediterranean diet group). lifestyle of eating the

published in The Lancet on It also includes fish and Mediterranean way.

seafood twice a week and

America’s Tostadas are crispy, flat corn tortillas sold in the Roasted Corn and
Test Kitchen supermarket.They are a great base for lots of quick meals and Tomato Tostadas
snacks. In this recipe, they are topped with a flavorful
Crispy tostadas topped with combination of roasted tomatoes and corn plus refried beans. Serves 2 to 4
beans and veggies make a great A sprinkling of queso fresco (a crumbly, mild Mexican cheese) 2 1/2 cups cherry tomatoes, cut in half
lunch or a snack you can share! adds creaminess and a slight tang, and cilantro brings
freshness. 1/2 cup frozen corn
1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon vegetable oil, measured separately

1/2 teaspoon chili powder (optional)
1/4 teaspoon salt

1/2 cup refried beans
4 (6- inch) corn tostadas
1/2 cup crumbled queso fresco or feta cheese
1/4 cup fresh cilantro leaves

22 SMART READER June 16, 2022 1.Adjust oven rack to lower- middle position and heat oven to 400

2. In a medium bowl, stir tomatoes, corn, 1 tablespoon oil, chili
powder (if using), and salt until well combined.

3. Spread tomato mixture into a 13-by-9-inch baking dish. Bake until
tomatoes are soft, 20 to 25 minutes.

4. Meanwhile, in a small bowl, stir refried beans and remaining 1
teaspoon oil until smooth. Use the back of a small spoon to spread
beans evenly over tostadas. Place tostadas on a rimmed baking sheet.
5.Transfer the baking dish to a cooling rack. Use a large spoon to
carefully spoon tomato mixture evenly over tostadas. Bake tostadas

until the beans are warm, about 5 minutes.
6.Transfer the baking sheet to a cooling rack. Sprinkle with cheese and
cilantro. Use a spatula to carefully transfer tostadas to plates. Serve.


Look Who’s Getting Married!

Marriage Licenses Jeremy Kevin Strobel & Michelle Joy Wright SR082419
Christopher Bill Fitzgerald
May 23rd - June 3rd, 2022 & Annika Karola Wisse Wedding Cakes
Stephen Albert Kmetz
Marcus Cornell Johnson & Lori Ann Johnson & Jennifer Lucille Connell Ours Come in all shapes, sizes and prices.
Kyle Robert Hylton David Jason Fairbairn We’re creative yet cost effective.

& Samantha Burman Gottlieb & Stephania Gonzalez Dominguez Being Sweet to You Is Our Business!
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Cyril Frank Popp III & Holly Joy Carlsen Bernard James Colford Affordable & easy and oh, so good!
Paul Christopher Dickinson & Jayme Rose Erickson
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Christopher William Harper & Saige Michele Scott simple as pick up and go.
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Christopher Willliam Byrne & Nicole Louise Johnson Includes:
& Morgan Elizabeth Fliess (262) 945-4270
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Erik Wayne Brenneman & Carly Ann Machak & Sally Elizabeth Engdahl • Italian green beans
Devon Kiall Smart & Frankie Lynn Summerford • Fresh garden salad with
Troy Emanuel McIntyre
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& Hailey McLean Ongman • Italian bread and butter
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Carmine James Marano & Haley Rose Celebre

Robert Patrick Campbell
& Abbey Nicole Hansen
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& Kimberly Jean Molinaro

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REMINDER: PLEASE RESUB- Riding lawn mower, Mini refrigera- 180,000 mi Fox Lake IL, 4500$ or record), contact Ron at 847-340- I AM LOOKING FOR WORK as: Hourly wage plus tips. Full or part
MIT AD TO RUN FOR EACH tor, Hutches, Grandfather clock, best offer call/txt 847-834-1315 Home caregiver, cat sitter, seam-
ISSUE. Maximum 3 Listings Per Bar stools, Prints 3446. stress, babysitter, running errands. time. Immediate employment for
Person. UPSCALED BIRD BATHS. Made VINTAGE 40S LIONEL Silver I am available Monday-Friday. If
from lamps and glass bowls. Streak 8 piece electric train. Also WANTED IN TWIN LAKES AREA you are interested in an of the the right person. Please apply in
MISC Unique designs. $25-$50. Janice, tracks & 0ther Lionel cars and positions listed please contact me
702-885-8596, e-mail: janice- items **$1,000.00 **252 620-4301. teen to help disabled vet with mis- at 224-565-8882 (Gayle) person at either the Racine (262-
GERMAN [email protected] FOR SALE Rabbit fur jacket, 1-866-PIANIST PIANO TUNER
CONVERSATIONALIST GROUP - MOBILE HOME IN SENIOR shades of pink, looks retro ‘80’s, cellaneous home and yard proj- 17 years of experience in Racine, 634-8988) or the Kenosha (262-
KENOSHA/RACINE If you speak COMMUNITY in Pleasant Prairie very cared for very Kenosha, Walworth, & Lake Co.
German or are enthusiastic about 2BDRM, newly remodeled for soft. Woman’s size 8-10, $68.00, ects, must be good worker and 697-2233) Marcos Pizza location!!
the German language and culture, details call between 8am-4:30pm. Charlotte 773-251-1820, e-mail:
come and join us. There are no 262-843-1630 lotteda52 mechanically inclined. Hope to see you soon!
membership fees and attendance POKEMON LUNCHBOXES, card
is whenever you are available to game not included $10/each OBO AN Approximately 10/week for VEHICLES0
join. Meetings will be held in the Call 262-654-6485 WANTED.
Kenosha and Racine area. This is $10/hour. If interested call 262- NICE ECONOMY CAR SEE IN
an excellent group to practice TRUCK RAMPS, heavy alu- WANTED TO BUY: Vintage Movie KENOSHA AT 4121-7TH. AVE.
speaking German as members' Posters, Comic Books, LP 374-2222 53140 RUSS 262-237-1343 CALL
language skills are from beginners minum, set of 2, 7'4" long with Records, Vintage Toys, Horror OR TEXT 167K MILES $3750
to advance and we all have a good VHS, Horror Memorabilia, Science SERVICES. NICE ECONOMY CAR AUTOMAT-
time. Please contact me if you are round hook ups Call 262-654-6485 Fiction Pulps & Magazines, Video IC 4 DOOR
interested in joining - Susan Blust TORO RECYCLER MOWER, for Store Promotional Items. PH 262- FOR RENT Finished Suite private, 95 CAMERO CONVERTIBLE
at [email protected] sale, mulches or bags, almost new, 237-0318. Green/Tan; major engine restora-
$300, call 262-652-5973 WANTED TO BUY: Old Post in-home entrance, in Kenosha. For tion; other accessories; no emis-
FOR SALE 2007 DODGE GRAND CARAVAN Cards, B&W Photos, B&W Photo sions testing; classic value right
SEE IN KENOSHA AT 4121-7TH. Albums, Vintage Advertising, Old details call between 8:00 AM and owner; will trade for vette; $19K ph
PATIO SET 6 piece like new cast AVE. 53140 RUSS 262-237-1343 Hunting Licenses & Advertising, 847-340-3446.
iron with cushions, deck box, CALL OR TEXT. 218K MILES. Scrapbooks, Old Misc.Paper, Old 4:30 PM, 262-843-1630. 1963 RAMBLER AMERICAN 4Dr,
umbrella with stand. 5000.00 new RUNS AND DRIVES GOOD Automobile Advertising, Fountain 52k miles, 6cyl.,Garage kept.,
asking 950.00 text or call 262- $2250 Pens, Gillette Razors & More. DRUM LESSONS Private instruc- Runs well, $3500. Call/leave mes-
945-6361 1997 CENTURY BOAT 19 1/2 ft 7 Local Collector/Neutral Safe & sage for more info. 262.859.2364
ESTATE SALE June 3 – 4, 9am to seats 14,500$ or best offer Fox Secure Site to meet if desired. tion. Band, orchestra, marching 2006 CHYRSLER 300 ONLY 43K
4pm, 1369 93rd ave., Kenosha. Lake IL, Brand new Motor, Lower Cash Paid. Call or Text Stan 262- MILES. SEE IN KENOSHA AT
items include: Antique buffet, unit rebuild, 350 Cylinder, Mint 496-1822 and drum set. Rock and many 4121-7TH. AVE. 53140 RUSS 262-
Sleep number bed, Lawn furniture, condition, Call or text 847-834- ARCADE DRIVERS SCHOOL is 237-1343 CALL OR TEXT $6995
1315. other musical styles. Learn to read
music. Call Tom for details. 262-



WHITENING for a fraction of the

price! $99 at cabana tan spa. call

to book: 262-843-2411. 20 minute

session = a bright white smile!


/CONSULTATION: $35.00/hour.

Call or text to (262)758-1974


including network support, spy-

ware removal, upgrades and PC


SR061622 Fellowship
Baptist Church




Stop by and enjoy a meal YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER BY CALLING
at the Boat House! THE CHURCH AT 262-694-6164
We serve a wide selection of MON. JUNE 20TH
seafood and freshwater fish BETWEEN 8AM AND 11AM
4917 - 7th Ave. Harbor Side ONE PER HOUSEHOLD

Never Pay Retail!

Wholesale Discount Prices

Buy where the professionals buy their
paint at discount prices.
Senior Citizens SR102220
Receive a 10% 061622

SR121720 Paints and Carpets

Mon. - Fri. 8am - 5pm, Sat. 8am - 4pm
2415 - 60th Street • Kenosha,Wisconsin Next to Andreas • 654-5328

Stock Up Now For

Memorial Day!

Community It’s Not Your Ordinary Trip To The Grocery Store!
Heroes Program
Take the road less travelled (Hwy. K/60th St.)
We Specialize In
Loans For Our to a simpler time... This is what

Veterans. AMERICA used to be! Food free of
V.A. Loans Allow
You To Finance hormones, GMO’s & nitrates. A leisurely

Up To 100%! drive that will enrich your body & soul!

We Make It Easy – BISON PRODUCTS Stop out and visit
Let Us Help!
95% Lean Ground Bison with Ron Lester,
Serving Steaks • Sausage • Jerky
Wisconsin For Bison Ribs • Bison Roast the head of the
Over 25 Years!
SPECIALTY MEATS herd & retired


HIGHEST QUALITY! more about the

Beef • Lamb • Venison health benefits of
Pork • Elk • Poultry
BREAD & RUBS GOODS MMeennttiioonntthhiiss
LOW aadd&&rreecceeiivvee
SALSA JELLIES CAGE FREE valid through Order
Call For A 051922
First Fidelity FREE
Home Mortgage of WI, LLC

NMLS#279615 Si Habla Español

262-605-0654 31807 60th St. Salem, WI 847-343-8240
1-800WeSayOk (937-2965)
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