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Dec. 12, 2019 - Jan. 15, 2020
Volume 19 - Issue 12

From local to global, Jason
Keeling of Shorewest Realtors is
ready to help you with all your
real estate needs

How can a seller protect
themselves from being taken
advantage of from a buyer 6

‘Ask the
Builder’ Tim
Carter talks
electricity in
the home 7

In retirement it’s not to late
to buy a new home 10

For anyone dreaming of own- Located on nearly a full acre of land - this four-

ing a home, this young cou- bedroom bi-level ranch home in Pleasant Prairie
ple’s success story could pro-
vide inspiration 11 has plenty of space both inside and out

PLUS • Area Property Listings
• Monthly Mortgage Calculator

• Kenosha County Home Sales

• Financial Q&A

Your new home awaits...

Vaulted ceilings make this large great room updated and is very warm and inviting. their own private area. They have their
even greater! Porcelain flooring tiles contrast own access to the garage with a private
wonderfully with the classical white walk-out. But the lower level isn't all
Located on a cul-de-sac in the cabinetry and granite back-splash and living space - there is still plenty of
peaceful Salicas Greenhill Farm countertops. The faucets and lighting storage area for all your holiday
subdivision in Pleasant Prairie, this have been updated with new state of decorations and other things.
home offers so much more than the the art equipment and the appliances
wonderful neighborhood. Built in 1985, are among the best in the market. There As if the home itself isn't enough, just
the all-brick exterior of this bi-level is plenty of room for a kitchen table wait until you see the back yard! The
home has a classical yet modern feel - and the double doors provide easy double doors off the kitchen bring you
fans of geometric balance in everyday access to the back yard right out to the back overlooking an
life will appreciate the double peaks, alluring in-ground pool surrounded by
large windows and stylish brick work Although it might be a safe bet that a cement patio. Like the majority of the
just from looking at the front of the you and your family will be spending a house, the 25,000 gallon pool has also
home. The lower level is utilized with a majority of your time in the great room been updated, with a new pump,
three-car garage and an additional or the kitchen, there is also a formal heater, and filter.
workshop, and above is a perfectly dining area and living room. But for the
placed deck overlooking the trees in the new homeowner - the opportunities are But I understand that with some
spacious front yard. But just wait, endless - who says you have to have a homes, the pool takes up all of the back
because you haven't seen anything yet! formal living room? Make it your yard and leaves very little room for
personal office, or play room for the anything else. That is not the case with
The main level alone is quite kids. this month's featured home. On just
impressive. From just walking through under a full acre of land, this yard has
the front door, you can see through the The kitchen features updated appliances plenty of space for trees, shrubs, and
home to the back yard; more on the and backyard access. grass. The back yard is fully fenced in
back yard a little later. Although it may (perfect for pets) and also has a storage
be almost 35 years old, the home has You and your family will need some shed and a brick fire pit. The grass will
been recently updated throughout. New place to rest your head of course. This stay green throughout the summer with
hickory hardwood floors guide you home has three large bedrooms on the a built-in sprinkler system. There is
through the halls to the great room and main level - with new paint, ceiling also the potential for an additional
master bedroom; new carpeting is fans, flooring in the master and new garage or barn, the current homeowner
featured in the other two bedrooms, carpeting in the other two. The master told Homes Plus magazine that the
and in the kitchen... well, we will get to suite has plenty of closet space and its property has been approved for a
that too. own full master bath. For your potential expansion.
convenience, there is also a laundry
The great room truly lives up to its room on the main level. This four-bedroom, four-bath, bi-level
name. The room is has over 700 sq. feet ranch is located on the south side of
of space, vaulted and beamed ceilings As if the great room wasn't enough, Kenosha County not far from Green Bay
with track lighting and two ceiling fans, the lower level could also function as a Road, at 12325 87th Ave. It is currently
a natural wood-burning fireplace with a rec area for the family. The lower level on the market for $429,000. If you
heat exchange option to warm the is completely remodeled, with a would like a closer look, call Jason
entire house, a small bar area in one potential theater room, a bedroom, two Keeling of Shorewest Realtors at 262-
corner, sizable windows overlooking full bathrooms, and even a second fully 220-4747.
the yard, and a full glass sliding patio furnished kitchen and laundry
door granting entry from the long facilities. If you have a large close By Jason Hedman
aforementioned front deck. family - this area would be perfect for
them to be very nearby, but also have Huge back yard has room for a pool and a
The kitchen has also been recently fire pit.


Jason Keeling Offers Full Service MONTHLY MORTGAGE CALCULATOR
Support To All Clients
With this chart it’s easy to compute what your monthly mortgage payment would
"The idea of helping people be. Multiply the factor by the number of thousands in the loan amount to calcu-
find their new home or sell their late the monthly payment.
property is fulfilling," Jason For Example:
Keeling said. 30-year mortgage of $80,000 at 7.0%, multiply 6.66 x 80 = $532.80

Becoming an important part of Intrst Rt 30 Yrs 15 Yrs 10 Yrs
Shorewest Realtors has been an
essential part of his personal 3.00% $3.37 $5.52 $7.72
success. "We have fantastic 3.25% $3.48 $5.62 $7.81
support," Keeling said. "This is 3.50% $4.49 $7.14 $9.88
one of the reasons in choosing 3.75% $4.63 $7.27 $10.00
Jason E. Keeling Shorewest years ago. Our whole 4.00% $4.77 $7.39 $10.12
office will drop what we are 4.25% $4.91 $7.52 $10.24
doing to assist each other. We truly are a full service 4.50% $5.06 $7.64 $10.36
company. Being part of the leading real estate 4.75% $5.21 $7.77 $10.48
companies of the world, we can assist throughout 5.00% $5.38 $7.91 $10.61
the U.S. and globally." He says, “I am local, I am 5.25% $5.52 $8.04 $10.73
global”. 5.50% $5.68 $8.17 $10.85
5.75% $5.84 $8.03 $10.98
Through the first 3 quarters of 2019, Shorewest has 6.00% $6.00 $8.44 $11.11
assisted over 9,000 families and that is what
separates their group from the rest. DECEMBER 12 - JANUARY 15, 2020 HOMESPLUS Page 3

As for the current market today, Keeling says the
market is in a slight transition.

"We have been in a strong sellers’ market for some
time now, but inventory has been building. We are
currently around a 3-month supply,” he said. "A
healthy market is a 6-month supply of homes.
Buyers can still benefit with historically low interest

Keeling relies on the simple things in life in order to
be successful, including the Golden Rule: treat others
the way you want to be treated. But he also applies
honesty, dedication, and solutions. Keeling says he
will always be open and honest with the client, will
always put the best interest of the client first, and his
work will never be complete until he can find the
solution that works best for his client.

When not seeing to his clients or spending time
with his family, Keeling can sometimes be found on
the local golf links. Keeling also donates his time to
the Western Kenosha County Tennis Association, a
group he became involved in after his daughter took
up the sport, as they raise money for the American
Cancer Society of Kenosha and the Sharing Center of
Western Kenosha County.

For all of your real estate needs, give Jason E.
Keeling of Shorewest Realtors a call at 262-220-4747.





Buyer bid high and then asked for
concessions after inspection

Ilyce Glink Q: I would appreciate your advice on how a
seller can protect themselves from being taken
advantage of by a buyer.

When I put my house up for sale, a buyer in a
bidding war came in with a very high offer,
which I accepted. Then, after they received the
house inspection report, which I never saw, they
said it required $40,000 to correct a whole bunch
of items.

This brought the offer down below the asking
price. In the meantime, the house was off the
market and the original bidders were long gone.
Samuel J. Tamkin It is now approaching winter, the best selling
market period is past, my house is off the market
and I am faced with accepting an offer that is below the asking

I can't get the deposit and the contract states that if the two
parties can't agree on the disposition of the deposit, the conflict
goes into mediation. This means the house will be off the market
until next year.

I feel like the buyers are taking advantage of me. How do sellers
protect themselves?

A: There are two sides to every house deal. It's possible that the be when evaluating your offers. We think you wound up where
buyer is using the home inspection to renegotiate the purchase you are because your agent didn't adequately prepare you for the
price. It's also possible that your home has real problems that possibility that someone would bid high, hoping to knock down
were only uncovered in the inspection. the price with the inspection report.

We haven't seen your home, and you didn't furnish any In an older home, you're going to have problems. But if you had
information that we could to check, so for the purposes of this a problem requiring a $40,000 fix, you probably would have
column, we'll assume your home was in pretty good shape and known about it sooner. In a hot market, sellers typically have a lot
the buyer's inspection requests are being used to get a lower price of leverage. In your case, it sounds like your area cools off on a
on the property. seasonal basis, and now you find yourself in a situation where the
other buyers have disappeared and all you have left is this one
A seller is protected by the terms of the purchase and sale offer.
agreement he or she signs. That document usually allows a buyer
to inspect a home within a given time period and either kill the When you're a seller you have to understand what you are
deal or move forward. In many parts of the country, the buyer is selling, the market you're selling in, your options and what price
given five days or so to get the inspection done. By the end of the you'd like to receive for the home, and you must have a general
five days, the buyer has to tell the seller what he wants. At that strategy for when multiple offers come in. At least if you think of
point, the seller can tell the buyer to take a hike if the buyer's these issues ahead of time, you can make decisions quicker and
requests are unreasonable. get to a buyer that actually wants to buy your home.

In some cases, buyers might get 10 days or 2 weeks to get their At this point, it seems that your current buyer may have given
inspections done, but at the end of that time, you should be able you notice of the inspection issues within the timeline given under
to either make a deal or cut the buyer loose. You're right, however, the contract, and if you are unable to come to terms, the buyer
that you might have a bidding war up front, get a winning offer gets their money back. If you refuse to give it back, you go into
and then lose that one and lose any others that wanted to buy arbitration. We think you and your agent should determine
your place. Unfortunately, that's the way many deals end up. whether these buyers really want the property and whether you
can generate interest from other buyers who are in the market. If
In a bidding way, buyers strategize how to put forth the winning you can, and you're willing to wait, then you should let this buyer
bid. Sellers have their own decisions to make as well. go and move on. If not, then try to negotiate as best as you can
and move on.
Let's start with the market conditions. In situations where there
are more buyers than sellers -- a hot seller's market -- you can plan One way or another, try to find a resolution that will allow you
the process to benefit from the market. When the bids come in for to move forward. Good luck.
the home, you can sort those bids by strength of the bid. Some
buyers will waive the right to an inspection but may offer less. Ilyce Glink is the author of 100 Questions Every First-Time
Others may offer more but plan to use the inspection to Home Buyer Should Ask (4th Edition). She is also the CEO of
renegotiate the price. You will have a choice on how to proceed on Best Money Moves, an app that employers provide to employees
those offers. You may accept the lower offer and move forward, or to measure and dial down financial stress. Samuel J. Tamkin is a
you may take the second offer but give the buyer a very short Chicago-based real estate attorney. Contact Ilyce and Sam through
period of time to get the inspection done and completed.
her website,
In any case, you must understand what the worst situation could

Ask The Builder with Tim Carter

Will I get shocked? That is the question

Q: Tim, it's a You can't mix and
very long story, match wire sizes on
and don't think circuits. All the
I'm crazy. I'm wires/cables on a
building a new home and specific circuit protected
wondering if I can install all the by a circuit breaker must
electrical wiring myself. It's not a match the rating of the
big home, but it's got all the things breaker. Are you
going on you'd normally have in a confused yet? I think you
home, including quite a few three- can see where this is
and four-way switches. I've going.
watched a bunch of online videos,
I've read a few authoritative books Things you might not
and I'm feeling pretty confident. even consider come into
What am I missing? What would play. The location of the
you do if you were me? --Margo F., drilled holes in wall studs
Albany, Ga. and floor joists is critical.
The NEC discusses this,
A: Margo's in an interesting and you don't want
predicament. My guess is this is a drywall screws or finish
financial issue where she's trying trim nails puncturing
to trim her overall budget. I can your cables. The number
understand that. I can also of cables that can be
understand developing a sense of stacked on top of one
bravado after watching online another when nailed to a
videos that most likely only tell wood stud is important
you part of the story. too!

I've wired lots of homes, You need to understand
including my daughter's new how many conductors, or
home in Maine just in the past few months. It's important to individual wires, are allowed inside certain boxes. The NEC
realize that the actual aspect of nailing up boxes and installing the discusses the cubic-inch volume of boxes and relates it to the
cables is not overly physically taxing. The challenge is to do the number and size of the conductors. Some modern boxes have the
work so it meets or exceeds the complex National Electrical Code maximum count printed on them. Is your head spinning yet?
(NEC) authored by the National Fire Protection Association. This We've still got so much more to discuss!
book is a collection of hard-earned safety standards that many
have given their lives so that you and I can reap the benefits of Wiring for three-way and four-way switches is not hard, but you
electric power. need to understand how it all works. A few years ago, I recorded
two separate videos showing how to wire up each switch, and
I don't know that I've ever seen a news story where a person has these are on I prefer using a special cable,
drowned in their home because of a pipe leak, but dig deep into called a 3 wire, between these switches. This cable contains an
the national news each week and you'll find stories of people and extra wire in it that normally has red insulation on it. After
pets dying from fires traced to electrical issues. You need to watching my videos, you'll understand why this special cable with
understand that if you decide to install electrical wire, you're the extra conductor is so helpful.
indeed playing with fire.
You'll need to fully understand the different circuit breakers that
That said, I don't want to dissuade you from trying. Another key are now required by the NEC. I clearly remember years ago when
point is that each master electrician out there started day one on the ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) breaker was first
the job not knowing which colored wire nut to use when. A introduced into the code. Not only are you required to use those
homeowner can successfully and safely install electric wiring in a in certain wet locations, but the NEC also now requires an
residential project with some sound advice, an assist from an additional arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) breaker on many
electrician, and a heavy dose of common sense. other circuits.

I could write for hours and hours about the small nuances Here's my advice. Seriously consider hiring an electrician who
involved with residential wiring. First and foremost, let's talk will allow you to do lots of the mundane work such as nailing up
about the size of the conductors, or wires, in the cables. A spool the boxes, running the cables between them, and even allowing
of cable is what you see at the home center, and here in the USA you to connect up many of the switches and outlets after the
it normally will contain two insulated wires and an uninsulated drywall is up. But allow the electrician to do all the truly complex
bare copper ground wire. aspects that only come with years of experience.

The NEC requires certain circuits in the house be fed with wires Don't forget, there's a very special way that the wires are
that can handle a maximum amperage. For example, kitchen stripped and looped onto the screws on outlets and switches. Mess
countertop circuits need to handle 20 amps. An electric clothes this up and you likely will become a grim statistic.
dryer almost always calls for a cable that can handle 30 amps.
Your electric stove/oven may need 40 or 50 amps. The NEC allows By Tim Carter
many normal outlet circuits in a house to be 15 amps. Subscribe to Tim's FREE newsletter and listen to his new

HP podcasts. Go to:



Page 8 DECEMBER 12 - JANUARY 15, 2020 HOMESPLUS Larry Stenholt

7520-39th Ave. • Kenosha, WI 53142
(262) 945-1465 •

Happy Holidays

to my
Past, New & Future Clients

3+ acres located on the
corner of Green Bay Rd &

Bain Station Rd

Located in the Village Of
Pleasant Prairie.

Zoned Commercial. Very high
daily traffic count.

6 Unit Motel on Chippewa River

Over 200 feet of river frontage on 16 acre parcel. Includes 2 bdrm owners quarters. 6 units total.
Additional workshop and garage bldgs. $269,900 Call Larry

Campbell Woods
1/2 Acre Wooded

Sellers are looking for

Beautiful upgraded homes are
in the




Commercial – Residential – Insured




PH. (262) 552-0911




Buying a home in retirement

Ilyce Glink Q: I am single and have an 800+ credit score. then list your current home, and if you get a sale quickly, move
I plan to retire in the next year or so and move to into a rental while you find your next home.
a small town in the Carolinas. I'm expecting the
home to be less expensive and smaller. I might Once you've sold your home, the worst thing that could happen
also buy a slightly older home that is livable but is that it could take you a while to find a new home that suits your
that I could remodel while I live there. needs. While you might have researched the market, narrowed
down the area you want to move to, decided on the type of home
After selling my current home, I'll ultimately and the budget for renovation, it still might take a while to find
net a nice little chunk to travel and for my the perfect home. But you would have sold your old home and
retirement. have cash on hand. Having cash gives you so many options.

My question relates to the sequence on buying, On the financing front, you seem to have great credit with a
selling and getting mortgages. Is it easier to get a score over 800. And, yes, it'll be easier to find a lender that will
mortgage now, while I'm employed, then give you a mortgage when you have a job than when you don't,
purchase and remodel the home now? If I did especially if you've had that job for a while. To qualify for a new
that, then I'd sell my current home and move? I loan after you have retired, you'll have to show that you have
know it means carrying two properties at the sufficient income from Social Security, investments and pensions
Samuel J. Tamkin same time for a while. If not, how should I to carry the loan and the expenses. Showing that income stream
sequence the sale, purchase and remodeling of can be tough, especially for people who live off their savings.
my homes? Retirees will generally have to put down a higher down payment.

A: Buy now, sell later? Or, sell first and then buy (maybe after a Talk to a mortgage broker, mortgage lender or credit union to go
period in a rental). It's the right question to ask, particularly if over your current finances and what you think your finances will
you're on the verge of retiring and your financial situation is going look like after retirement. The lender may tell you that you
to change dramatically. shouldn't expect to qualify for a loan or may tell you what you
need to qualify once you don't have a job. Once you have that
We tend to be a bit more conservative. We generally prefer to see information, you can think about whether it makes sense to buy
our sellers sell their homes before buying another one. Owning the new home now or wait until you've sold your existing home.
and carrying two homes can eat up quite a chunk of change, and
most people don't have the stomach to pay for two homes at the Ilyce Glink is the author of 100 Questions Every First-Time
same time, not to mention the cost of remodeling the new Home Buyer Should Ask (4th Edition). She is also the CEO of
property. Best Money Moves, an app that employers provide to employees
to measure and dial down financial stress. Samuel J. Tamkin is a
Real estate is hot in some markets. If you are selling in a hot Chicago-based real estate attorney. Contact Ilyce and Sam through
market, and you have the financial wherewithal to hold onto both
properties for a year, then go ahead and start looking for your new her website,
home. If you find a bunch of things in your price range, you might


Buying a home may things like granite countertops and stainless steel appliances,”
Katherine said.
be easier than you
Jacob agreed: “You can get too caught up in the aesthetics of a
think house. It has been staged that way on purpose. We looked in the
basement first, at the foundation and to see if anything was
(NAPSI)—For anyone dreaming of owning a home, a look at damp.”
one young couple’s success story could prove inspirational.
5. If You Don’t Have A 20 Percent Down Payment, Consider
Recent college grads Jacob and Katherine closed on their first Private Mortgage Insurance. Katherine and Jacob had saved up
home a week after their wedding. for a down payment, but it wasn’t enough for the 20 percent
down required by many lenders for borrowers who don’t finance
“I wanted our own home because the rent was going up and with mortgage insurance. With private mortgage insurance,
stuff was falling apart in the apartment,” Jacob explained. He’s an borrowers can buy a home with as little as 3 percent down.
engineer for an industrial automation company.
Katherine and Jacob had enough for a 10 percent down payment
Katherine said that buying a home really wasn’t on her radar. and private mortgage insurance helped them qualify for their
“Owning a home seemed so complicated, with mortgage mortgage. “We wouldn’t have been able to buy our house with
payments and property taxes. I was much slower to get on board only 10 percent down without private mortgage insurance,” Jacob
with the idea. It seemed like such a grown-up decision,” she said. said.
Katherine is a graphic designer for a university. But once they
made that momentous, “grown-up decision,” they moved forward 6. Down Payment Funds Can Come From A Gift. Although they
together. were good savers, Katherine explained, most of the funds for their
down payment came from their parents.
Here’s what they learned:
1. Do A Lot Of Research Online. “There are so many tools and
resources you can use. We found calculators that showed us how • Buy Now vs. Wait Calculator—This tool can help you
much we could afford,” Jacob said. determine whether you are better off waiting to save for a 20
percent down payment or buying a home right now with a
2. Don’t Let Student Loans Get In The Way. Jacob explained smaller down payment.
that he had some pretty heavy student loans. “But I focused on
paying off those with higher interest rates. Once we got those •—This blog provides useful articles and
under control and started saving again, we started the home- tools to help you explore the home-buying process.
buying discussions.”
• A Beginner’s Guide to Homeownership—This website leads
3. Trust Your Real Estate Agent. “Our real estate agent spent a you through the home-buying process.
lot of time with us. He got straight to the point and was very
honest. He helped us figure out what we wanted, where we • Home by Fannie Mae—This app will guide you through four
wanted to live and what we could afford,” Jacob said. steps: Financial Prep, Home Search, Home Purchase and, finally,
Homeownership. Download from the App Store.
4. Look In The Basement First. “Our real estate agent advised
us to look at the guts of the house first. Don’t be distracted by • CreditSmart by Freddie Mac—This website is a guide to better
credit, money management and responsible homeownership.


An amazing property Locally Owned & Operated for Over 30 Years
in a great location!
1101-60th Street Kenosha, WI 53140
Phone (262) 656-1717 Fax (262) 656-1758
• 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath
• Hardwood Floors. Happy Holidays
• All Appliances Included.
• 1248 Square Feet Year End Inventory Reduction
• Cape Cod Sale Now In Progress...
• 1.5 Car Garage

Local Delivery


of any

New Chair



Used Used Chair New HP121219

FOR 3.75%! May the Holiday Season
fill your home with joy and
Steve Simonovic
your heart with love.
LIC #:50511-094
[email protected] Thank you for your friendship and
business throughout the year.
CALL TODAY (262) 620-3107
Melissa Roach - Zievers
KRA 2011 & 2012 Realtor of the Year

Cell: 262-945-1018
[email protected]

• Broker/Associate
• Sterling Group
• HUD Certified Agent

By Appointment Only


Margaret Jacobson

Broker Associate, GRI, CRS, ABR,
Cell 262 496-1212
Email [email protected]

Asistente que habla español! 6905 Green Bay Road, Alexander Feuker
Anita Rosales Suite #104 Kenosha, WI
262 925-3012 Sales Associate-Buyer Agent
Cell 262 818-2185
Margaret Jacobson-RE/MAX Newport Elite
Email [email protected]
Click on I am an SRES® tab for more information.

All Properties Listed in WI & IL for Maximum Exposure


0 7th Street 7626 Green Bay Road, 22430 Salem Road
Kenosha, WI Kenosha WI Salem, WI
110 Acres Zoned A-1
$5,126,000.00 2.41 Acres Zoned B-2 4 Bedrooms, 3.5 Baths
$1,100,000.00 $324,500


Lot #16 55th Avenue 7107 98th Avenue Unit A

Kenosha, WI Kenosha, WI

.42 Acre Lot 1st Floor Cornerstone Condo
$69,900 $144,900

May this wonderful time
of Christmas and New
1315 55th Drive Year fill your life with
Union Grove, WI
4.23 Acres, Heated an abundance of
54x60 outbuilding health and happiness!


Retiring? Downsizing?
Or thinking about buying or selling

your home?

Merry Christmas &
Happy New Year!
CERTIFIED Solving the I’m your SRES®
DISTRESSED foreclosure Senior Real Estate Specialist MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE
PROPERTY crisis one
at a time


November 2019 Kenosha County Home Sales

Brighton $148,600:7312 98th Ave L
$266,900:Lt1 Burlington Rd $143,000:7303 28th Ave
$156,000:7816 42nd Ave

Bristol $141,500:2624 75th St
$35,000:Lt2 214th Ave $150,000:6416 37th Ave
$175,000:12165 224th Ave $149,900:8631 31st Ct 204

$218,000:7301 156th Ave $152,000:6023 32nd Ave
$300,000:20630 82nd St $147,500:3720 60th Pl
$158,100:7555 32nd Ave

Kenosha $161,400:3707 75th St
$32,500:4104 55th Ave $161,000:6043 49th Ave
$47,900:6614 15th Ave $153,000:7532 30th ave

$72,000:1511 61st ST $165,000:7629 27th Ave
$88,000:6619 7th Ave $159,900:7606 32nd Ave
$86,750:5224 25th Ave $159,900:7323 33rd Ave

$70,000:4721 21st Ave $177,000:9509 60th St
$79,900:1505 56th St $164,000:4628 Harrison Rd
$97,500:1404 53rd St $174,900:7621 18 Ave

$80,000:6005 29th Ave $162,500:6612 43rd Ave $252,000:2810 22nd Pl $159,000:10804 82nd St $185,000:27100 116th St
$105,000:5501 37th Ave $169,900:7930 25th Ave $246,000:7009 7th Ave $149,000:8128 Cooper Rd $237,400:9923 269th Ct
$57,000:1415 69th $160,000:10030 52nd St $254,971:10820 64th St $155,000:6672 102nd St F $279,900:24640 81st Pl
$93,000:5801 19th Ave $172,000:2103 30th St $245,000:3417 28th Ave $169,900:4501 122nd St $290,000:11828 218th Ave
$104,900:1900 63rd St $170,000:8603 18th Ave $276,200:3304 13th St $181,000:4424 122nd St $310,000:8495 234th Ave
$96,914:5521 61st St $170,000:3416 59th St $279,900:3506 29th St $239,900:8109 109th Ave $347,900:11913 247th Ave
$108,000:1429 28th Ct $179,000:1815 22nd Ave $270,000:8519 66th St $224,910:Lt0 93rd St $425,000:22700 Salem Rd
$279,000:6802 108th Ave $284,900:10152 8th Ave $400,000:1201 Pryor
$105,800:5803 32nd Ave $183,000:6331 59th Ave $278,000:9223 66th St $339,900:3117 Springbrook
$305,750:8225 60th Ave Rd Somers
$116,500:1815 48th St $185,000:2222 26th Ave $294,000:6429 94th Ave $340,000:10118 63rd Ave $50,000:Lt1 30th Ave
$300,000:5024 39th St $350,000:4995 89th Pl $139,900:415 8th St
$115,000:2122 27th St $190,000:7010 53rd St 76 $268,000:7700 Cooper Rd $357,000:8026 107th Ave $160,000:2515 11th Pl 103
$299,900:5230 28th St $380,000:8519 110th Ave $278,000:6030 63rd St
$119,900:6225 32nd Ave $190,000:418 56th 215 $309,900:3312 47 Ave $442,000:4720 83rd Pl $318,500:176 28th Ave
$302,000:8806 65th $462,000:10616 Lakeshore
$112,000:6935 70th Ct 302 $205,000:7317 5th Ave $310,000:2728 16th Pl Dr Twin Lakes
$315,000:8402 64th St $530,608.02:8142 $210,000:124 Evergreen Ln
$123,000:7017 18th Ave $205,000:2545 82nd St $324,500:3612 29th St Ridgeway Ct Lt 19 $150,000:108 W Hunt Ave
$325,000:6601 108th Ave $503,500:8693 84th St $179,000:1937 Willow Rd
$123,400:4105 80th St $200,900:6520 42nd Ave $321,000:4920 70th St $189,000:2904 Elizabeth
$340,000:6202 83rd Ave Randall Ln
$124,200:4008 81st St A $207,000:5206 53rd St $385,000:4525 19th Pl $25,000:Lt11 391st Lt12 $224,000:1520 Swallow Rd
$592,000:1684 32nd Ave $108,500:11911 344th Ave $195,000:604 Highland Dr
$125,000:3610 19th Ave $206,000:3117 14th Ave $129,500:8919 359th Ave $247,500:1912 Swallow Rd
3119 Paddock Lake $195,000:9138 388th Ave $265,000:709 Ridge Cir
$127,000:4010 81st St 1C $132,500:6308 245th Ave $270,000:1840 Esch Rd $314,000:214 Wisconsin
$218,500:7921 43rd Ave $140,000:6424 246th Ave $370,000:11631 344th Ave Ave Lt 3 Bk 11
$110,000:1332 30th Ave $135,000:6307 240th Ave $1,600,000:40007 85th St $299,900:1840 Swallow Rd
$203,000:9501 60th St $178,000:7606 242nd Ave $330,000:210 Burden Ave
$134,000:7213 38th Ave $178,500:24725 70th St Salem 212
$225,000:6716 47th Ave $180,000:6021 248th Ave $119,900:Lt29 Heritage $343,900:328 Wisconsin
$140,000:7705 19 Ave $179,500:24504 68th St Estates Ave Lt13 Bk2
$229,900:3320 86th Pl $372,000:6404 238th Ave $224,900:23816 126th Pl $405,000:139 Lance Dr 202
$135,000:6522 22nd Ave $505,000:6913 245th Ave $210,000:Lt 5 265th Ave $677,500:201 W West
$251,616:4510 56th St $237,000:8630 223rd Ave Spring Dr.
$139,900:6811 26th Ave Pleasant Prairie $1,200,000:344 Blackhawk
$245,000:1323 32nd Ct 9C $205,000:4110 93rd St Salem Lakes Trl
$151,000:3808 7th Ave $206,000:4921 76th St $49,901:617 S 6th St
$239,000:7010 63rd Ave $43,000:Lt0 8th Ave $68,500:30613 114th St Wheatland
$135,500:2321 30th St $105,000:163 113th St $118,000:26811 113th St $73,500:Lt3 75th St
$230,000:8721 34th Ave $109,000:Lot 10 24th Ct $145,000:26028 Wilmot Rd $122,000:Lt12 Neumann
$137,000:4924 44th Ct $119,900:Lt24 Ridgeway Ct $167,400:23609 124th St Ln
$241,000:4405 Harding Rd $160,000:210 E Chestnut St $140,000:8103 336th Ave
$134,950:5103 28th Ave $174,900:27620 94th St $250,000:4707A 376th Ave
$136,500:3102 86th PL 103 $235,000:4518 42nd St $535,000:35323 54th St
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Ask The Builder with Tim Carter

Build your 'granny pod' with an eye to
future uses

DEAR TIM: My wife and I are faced with gives you all sorts of options with respect to the future use of the
moving her mom to an assisted care facility. pod. What's really important at this point is trying to guess
The monthly costs for this are staggering. correctly at the future use of the structure.
My mother-in-law is very mobile and needs
just a little help. I did the math and it seems If I were doing this, I'd create two ultimate floor plans, maybe
I can make her money last for many years if three, and see how they relate to one another with respect to the
we just build a granny pod house on my lot. overall size of each use. If the future use of the building is likely
Fortunately, I've got the room and the to require 200 more square feet of space than what your mother-
zoning code permits it. What's the best way in-law requires, it's preferable to build the larger size now.
to go about this so the pod adds value to,
rather than detracts it from, my home and If you're going to build this granny pod house on a concrete slab,
property? What would you do to create the then it's very important that you get your plumbing drain lines in
ultimate granny pod house that could be the correct location for whatever you plan to do in the future. If
converted to something else in the future? -- you have the option of using a wood-floor system and can elevate
John M., Austin, Texas the structure so that you have future access under it by crawling
around, then it's not so important.
DEAR JOHN: I'm beginning to get quite a
few emails like this, and it's not surprising, You'll probably have to extend utilities to the pod underground.
as mature children are faced with tough If so, now's the time to install blank piping for future use. You'll
decisions concerning their parents. My sister never regret installing an extra electrical conduit pipe as well as a
and I had to make the same choice with my 4-inch diameter schedule 40 PVC pipe that could act as a
mother years ago, but we couldn't do the secondary drain in case something goes dreadfully wrong in the
granny pod option. We moved mom to a very nice assisted living future.
facility in her community.
I'm sure your mother-in-law has no interest in steps and will
There are many things to consider, and lots of them are quite want everything on the first floor. If it's in the budget and your
important. If you decide to go down this pathway, I can tell you zoning will allow it, I would not hesitate to design the pod so the
that you absolutely want to get your mother-in-law involved in the attic has a steep roof, and a giant dormer or multiple gable ends
planning process to some degree. You want to discover early on so the attic space can become bonus room for the future use of the
what is most important to her in a new home and what will bring pod. Never underestimate what you can do with all that extra
her great satisfaction. space so long as you can design it with the minimum height for
headroom as required by the building code.
For example, she may love indoor plants. If so, you'd want to
incorporate a space that admits plenty of natural light to keep the Be sure you put in the best windows and doors you can afford.
plants happy. Perhaps she still loves to cook. In that case, be sure Make use of natural light and be sure to consider the compass
there's no wasted space at all in the kitchen, and determine how orientation of the pod with respect to north and south. Plan for an
much counter space she'd really like to have. Maybe she likes to outdoor garden space or a shaded patio or deck so your mother-
sew or do crafts; if so, you need to create a convenient space to do in-law can enjoy being outdoors in delightful weather!
By Tim Carter
Just have her make a list asking this question: "Mom, if you Subscribe to Tim's FREE newsletter and listen to his new
could wave a magic wand and create the perfect small apartment,
what are the top five things it would have?" Let her ponder that podcasts. Go to:
for a couple of weeks if necessary. Use photos from other granny
pods to stimulate ideas if necessary. DECEMBER 12 - JANUARY 15, 2020 HOMESPLUS Page 15

I would talk to top realtors in your area and see if they anticipate
future trends for more detached home offices or deluxe man caves
-- uses to which your granny pod could be adapted. Now's the
time to try to think about what the granny pod might be used for
when the time comes your mother-in-law will no longer need it.
You want to make the transition from her use to the future use as
easy and cost-free as possible.

If I had to do this now, I'd be thinking hard about how I could
make this detached building look as much like my existing home
as possible so the two buildings look like they were built at the
same time. Think about older homes you may have seen where
there was a carriage house on the property that matched the larger
home. I don't think making this pod look like an oversized shed
you see in the parking lots of the big box stores is a good idea.

I'd try to make the floor plan as open as possible. Doing this


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