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Carson is getting ready for work. On his way to work he goes on an thrilling adventure as carson calls it his worst day in the world!

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Published by Keegan Conner, 2019-05-15 13:04:31

Weather Is Not My Friend

Carson is getting ready for work. On his way to work he goes on an thrilling adventure as carson calls it his worst day in the world!

Weather Is Not My Friend! 
By: Keegan Conner 



Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep. Carson awoke instantly to 
his alarm clock blaring in his ears. Carson was so tired 
he almost wanted to go back to bed but he couldn’t go 
back to bed because he had work today. He got up and 
got dressed. He wore his favorite clothes to work. He 
wore a plaid shirt and wore blue jeans and wore a pair 
of Nike tennis shoes. He went into the bathroom to 
brush his teeth and comb his hair. When he was done, 
he went out to the kitchen and sat down on a chair after 
he was done making coffee. 

Carson worked at a place called A.S.U.S Bank. It 
was 23 miles from where he lived. Carson lives in a small 
but populated town called “Montevideo”. His work was in 
a town called "Hutchinson". The state he lived in was 
Minnesota. Well anyway, Carson made an omelet and 
some bacon and shuffled down his food fast. 
He grabbed his lunch of the kitchen counter which 
was an apple, yogurt, and a nice big sandwich. It had 
snowed the night before and it was cold outside. There 
was about 2 to 4 feet of snow outside. At least Carson 
didn’t have to shovel. He had shoveled the day before 
so he wouldn’t have to in the morning. 

When he went to start his truck, the door wouldn’t 
open. So Carson had to go get the scrapper from inside 
his house to get the door open, because the ice froze 
over the door, sealing it shut so it wouldn’t open. He 
finally got the door to open and he was on his way to 
work. Carson was about 14 miles out of town when his 
heater stopped working, and that's when his windows 
started to get foggy. 

Shortly after his truck started to make really loud 
screeching sounds. Carson tried to pull off to the side of 
the road but when he was turning his brakes went out 
and he couldn’t slow down. Instantly, he went right of 
the road and into a tree, which smashed the front of his 
truck and put it on its side. He tried rolling down the 
window on the top so he could get out of his truck since 
his truck was flipped on its side but the window wouldn’t 
budge. So Carson had to find a tool. Carson opened up 
the glove box in the passenger's seat and he found a 
pen. He knew what to do, he had to smash open the 


Once Carson smashed open the window, he had 
to slash out any of the remaining glass from the 
window. He finally got out of the truck and tried to find 
his phone, which he thought he had in his back pocket 
but he forgot at home on the kitchen table. So instead 
of calling someone he just went out to the side of the 
road and held his thumb out until someone stopped to 
give Carson a ride. The person that helped Carson out 
was a fellow friend that worked with him at his job. 

He was also on his way to work. His name was 
Jahseh. Carson was so thankful for his friend Jahseh for 
saving him from being close to hypothermia. It was 8:50 
A.M. when Carson got picked up by Jahseh and their 
shift started at 9:00 A.M. They were late and Carson 

explained to his boss why he and Jahseh were late. 
Carson’s boss’s name was Greg.  

Greg understood what had happened to Carson 
and gave him the day off so he wouldn’t be stressed. 
Greg said go home and relax and get better. Carson 
thanked his boss and his boss said to take my car to get 
home and after work, I’ll have Jahseh drive me to your 
house to pick it up. Thank you, Greg said Carson and he 
went home.  
Ugh said Carson as he walked into his room. Where 
am I going to get enough money to buy a new car? 
Buss, Buss, Buss. Carson picked up the phone and it was 
his mom calling. Hi, mom what's up? I had heard about 
the crash and wanted to help you get a new car. Really 
mom, you're going to help me get a new car! Thanks, 
mom. Now I don’t have to worry about how I’m going to 
get to work! Carson was so relieved. Thank you mom 
Carson said once again.  



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