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Published by Joel Perkins, 2019-11-24 18:45:32


final for ILP (1)


Chapter One


My name is Alex. I live on a planet called World E. This planet has very bizarre
climate. In the winter months the temperature gets down to a shivering twenty-two
degrees fahrenheit. Sometimes in the winter it snows up to 5 feet. In the summer, the
temperature can reach up to a boiling one hundred- sixty seven degrees fahrenheit. We
have to make special suits for us to wear if it gets above one hundred- twenty degrees
fahrenheit. My family has a greenhouse so we can grow fruits and vegetables. My mom
is named Rebecca and my dad is named Jacob. My sister named Trisha, died at a very
young age because she went out in the scorching heat without a suit. We own a small
house in a very small village. We have wonderful neighbors that help us with whatever
we need.

Chapter Two

My Daily Life

I go to a school named Frantic Fox Middle School. My teacher is named Mrs.
Curshmen. My favorite class is history. I like history because I like to learn about past
times. When I come home from school, I like to eat flamin’ hot chips and drink an ice
cold soda. I like to play basketball with my friends at a nearby park as long as it’s not
too hot or too cold. When my mom comes home she usually makes a nice, warm dinner
for our family.

Chapter Three

Trouble’s ahead

At school today, I looked out a window and saw a weird thing in the sky. At first I
thought it was a plane, but then it flew away. It didn’t just fly away like an ordinary plane.
It went way too fast to be a plane. It looked like it went faster than the speed of light. I
knew there could be something very dangerous coming up ahead.

Chapter Four


I was very curious about the strange object in the sky. I told my parents when
they got home. Of Course as all parents do they don’t believe it until they see it. I
probably spent the next hour of my life looking up at the bright blue sky trying to find the
mysterious object. I couldn’t find anything but a nice fluffy cloud. I was so mad because
I wanted my parents to see it so bad.

Chapter Five

The Trouble Begins

I walked back into my house after looking for the mysterious object. I got into my
room and saw an black object in the corner. It looked like the outline of a human. It
looked as tall as a giraffe. I immediately started to sprint the other direction. My mom
looked at me like I was a crazy man. She asked me what was wrong and I said there
was a person in my room. She checked my room and saw nothing. I really think she
thought there was something wrong with me. My dad got home about twenty minutes
after I freaked out about seeing the mysterious object in my room. My mom told him
what happened. He didn’t look like he cared.

Chapter Six


I woke up the next morning and heard a loud shriek in my closet. I
hesitated to go check it out. I finally got the nerve to get up and check it out. I checked
between all of the clothes in the closet and found nothing but dust. I got ready to go to
school before I heard the terrible noise again. This time it was outside. I had to get my
suite on because it was the middle of summer and one of the hottest days of the year. I
looked around and saw the object in the sky again. One second later I heard a faint
whisper in my ear. The voice said, watch out. I turned around and saw a freakishly tall
guy with swirly horns growing out of his head. He tried to hit me but he missed. I
screamed at the top of my lungs to see if someone could help me. I ran as fast as I
could back into the house. The man was following me. I got into the house and the next
thing I knew, my mom came out of nowhere with a pan and swung it. I heard a loud
thump and she hit the man. The guy was knocked out silly. My mom came over and
gave me a big hug.

Chapter Seven

The End

We called the cops came to take the mysterious guy away. I never did see that
plane anymore. I will never know what he was doing or why he did this or what even is
he. All I know is that I’m safe and I never had to worry anymore.

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