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01/17/2020 ISSUE 03


A4VA clinic expansion Magnificent ‘Millie’ B3 B5‘Truth’ be told, it’s funny
Howard Brown comedy hits stage
Acupuncture added to services Review of Riverside musical


Intense interest Mini-city: 7,700
in plans for new houses planned
city west of I-95 for Wilson Grove

[email protected] [email protected]
UP WE GO! Saturday’s 20 mph winds and choppy surf made for a fun day for pelicans and kite surfers alike at Fort Pierce Inlet. PHOTO: LINDA KLOORFAIN
About 200 people attended the The final piece of the develop-
first planning session for 1,100 “People care very much,” said “It’s really going to shape us,” part of 14,065 acres west of I-95 ment puzzle in western Port St.
acres of city-owned land along Mayor Greg Oravec. Oravec said. “People in the future where more than 16 million square Lucie is about to fall into place as
Interstate 95 where Port St. Lucie will rightfully be able to say we did feet of business space and 38,000 Wilson Grove prepares to build a
hopes to create a massive employ- “Many people recognize the a great job setting the bones for the residences are planned in the mini-city with 17,000 residents
ment center. importance of Southern Grove not new city, or that we didn’t.” next 30 years. The five major proj- on 2,500 acres on Rangeline
only to western Port St. Lucie, but Road.
The participants discussed to all of Port St. Lucie.” Tradition Commerce Center is CONTINUED ON PAGE A3
their aspirations for the vacant Akel Homes of Delray Beach
tract during a two-hour meeting announced last week it bought
last Thursday at Keiser University’s out its partners in Wilson Grove,
campus in Tradition Commerce where 7,700 homes and 3.7 mil-
Center. It was the first of several lion square feet of business space
meetings Treasure Coast Region- are planned.
al Planning Council officials are
holding as they formulate a Land Akel Homes hopes to soon re-
Development and Infrastruc- solve its lawsuit against Port St.
ture Master Plan for the Tradition Lucie and the neighboring Riv-
Commerce Center. erland project over the extension

A draft is due to the Port St. Luc- CONTINUED ON PAGE A9
ie City Council by June and the fi-
nal report is due by the end of the Sheriff’s Office takes
year. The land between I-95, Becker improvisational tack
Road, Village Parkway and Discov- in ransomware attack
ery Way is also known as the Jobs
Corridor and Southern Grove. BY DEBBIE CARSON | Staff Writer
[email protected]
A month af-
BY PATRICK McCALLISTER | Correspondent PHOTO: LINDA KLOORFAIN BY GEORGE ANDREASSI | Staff Writer and is undergoing a $57 million reno- ter the St. Lucie
Ongoing construction at the Mets’ stadium. [email protected] vation. County Sheriff’s
Office was hit
A street renamed in honor of New Originally known as Thomas J. White with a cyberat-
York Mets legend Mike Piazza will lead Stadium, after St. Lucie West’s first de- tack, the agency
to Clover Park, the new name for the veloper, it’s also been called First Data is still battling to get everything
New York Mets spring training stadium Field, Tradition Field and Digital Do- back to normal.
in St. Lucie West. main Park.
“We’re slowly bringing systems
It’s at least the fourth name change Mets Chief Operating Officer Jeff Wil- back up,” said Sheriff’s spokesman
for the 7,000-seat stadium at 525 NW pon and Piazza, a Hall of Fame catcher Bryan Beatty.
Peacock Blvd., which was built in 1987
CONTINUED ON PAGE A7 The IT department has brought
individual processes back online
to test before rolling them out sys-


IN THIS ISSUE ‘39 Steps’ actor Fenaughty
has an itch to play this role
LOCAL NEWS A1-A9 in ‘Hitch’ classic. Page B4




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To Advertise (772-370-6179) ST. LUCIE VOICE | ST. LUCIE WEST AND TRADITION | NEWS January 17, 2020 3

SHERIFF’S OFFICE reports would be printed, hole-punched, NEW CITY WEST OF I-95 build a model park and amenity center on
and put in a binder so the public could ac- the west side of Community Boulevard, be-
CONTINUED FROM PAGE A1 cess the hardcopy. But after a while, Beatty CONTINUED FROM PAGE A1 tween Discovery Way and Stockton Place. It
said, the novelty wore off. “I need files!” he will have eight model homes.
temwide. Most recently, email has been re- said. Trying to find data in a pile of papers ects are Tradition, Southern Grove, Western
stored, as has access to electronic records at has become cumbersome. Grove, Riverland and Wilson Grove. Mattamy Homes also received approval
the county jail. to build a mix of commercial and residential
For deputies, the cyberattack has meant Port St. Lucie Vice Mayor Shannon Mar- buildings on 138 acres south of Discovery
The Sheriff’s Office was attacked Dec. 17 by they’ve had to rely on paper and pen instead tin said her first suggestion for the Tradition Way between Village Parkway and Commu-
ransomware. The agency refused to pay the of computers. Beatty said the younger dep- Commerce Center plan is to remove pro- nity Boulevard. The land had previously been
amount demanded, and the FBI was called in uties are prone to file lengthy arrest reports posed overpasses and/or interchanges on designated for residential development.
to help investigate and try to track the attack. since they can type quickly. But now that I-95 at Paar Road and Open View Road.
they have to use pen and paper, their reports In addition, Riverland received prelim-
Beatty said what is traceable has been are some of the shortest and most concise “Residents have shared their concern with inary approval to extend Discovery Way
tracked to Michigan, though investigators Beatty has seen. more through traffic in that residential area,” about a mile west from Community Boule-
believe the attack originated outside the Martin said. “That is not an area where we vard along the northern border of the Valen-
country. An agency in Michigan and another “There’s some moments of humor,” Beatty should have thousands and thousands of cia Cay subdivision.
in Texas were both attacked in very similar said of the agency coping with the effects of cars flowing into.”
manners, Beatty said. The Texas incident was the attack. “But we’re getting there.” The City Council also finalized the re-
also traced back to Michigan. While the master plan progresses, Port St. naming of Open View Drive, west of I-95, to
The Sheriff’s Office has yet to publicly Lucie City Council approved several major Marshall Parkway in honor of Nobel Peace
The Sheriff’s Office is still working to get say how the attack was implemented. Sher- items Monday night related to development Prize winner George Marshall. Marshall was
the more public-facing processes and sys- iff Ken Mascara said from the outset that in Tradition, Western Grove, Southern Grove credited with the plan for rebuilding Europe
tems up and running. Such services include it wasn’t necessarily a malicious link in an and Riverland. while serving as secretary of state after World
fingerprinting, mugshots and online access email; many cyberattacks are launched in War II. 
to the daily arrest reports. such a way. Mattamy Homes received approval to

“It’s slow-going,” Beatty said. The attack did not affect 911 dispatch nor Port St. Lucie is formulating a master plan for 1,100
In the month since the attack, the agency emergency services, which have been able to acres of city-owned land in Tradition Commerce Center.
has worked to implement more security to function normally. 
better ensure that future attacks won’t get
through. Beatty said he couldn’t specify what
the IT department is working on.
The Sheriff’s Office has maintained its
ability to investigate crimes, process crime
scenes and make arrests since the incident.
That first week, though, Beatty said it was
“fun” – he didn’t need to process and post the
daily arrest affidavits and other similar tasks
because the system was down. Instead, the





Add acupuncture to Port St. Lucie VA clinic’s expanded services

BY PATRICK McCALLISTER | Correspondent VA clinic at 128 SW Chamber Court, St. Lucie West. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS cine physician,” Tills said. “That person
is going to oversee the physical therapy
East meets St. Lucie West. VA’s online patient medical encyclo- cebo effect, that helps in other areas, too. going on there.”
The Department of Veteran Affairs is pedia, Veterans Health Library, explains, “There is an improved mental condition
again expanding its Port St. Lucie clin- “Battlefield Acupuncture (BFA) is an Additionally, “we’re also going to be
ic in St. Lucie West. The expansion will acupuncture protocol where needles component to it,” Tills said. “It reduces expanding our substance abuse treat-
include adding something many don’t are placed in the ear to reduce pain. The stress. … Reducing chronic pain through ment. We were not offering substance
know the VA’s Veterans Health Admin- entire body is represented in the ear. So acupuncture allows people a better quali- abuse treatment (in Port St. Lucie). We’ll
istration offers: a medical practice that placing small needles in the ear can af- ty of life. It’s really helping our patients feel be offering it in the future.”
could go back 5,000 or more years. The fect the whole body.” better and feel more empowered.”
clinic is part of the West Palm Beach VA Along with that, the expanded clinic
Medical Center. In other literature the Veterans Health The VA clinic at 128 SW Chamber will have video-on-demand healthcare
“What we’re doing at the Port St. Luc- Administration says that evidence for Court, St. Lucie West, opened in 2007 services that will allow veterans to talk
ie Clinic is we’re expanding our services acupuncture as a pain-management as the St. Lucie County PTSD Clinical to specialists in West Palm Beach, and,
to include rehabilitation services,” said procedure is inconclusive. However, acu- Team Outpatient Program. It specialized importantly, another place veterans can
Kenita Tills, public affairs officer. “This puncture defies some of the traditional in helping veterans with post-traumat- go to apply for VA’s healthcare.
is going to be physical therapy and oc- approaches to testing medications. ic stress disorder related to combat and
cupational therapy.” sexual abuse in the military. The clin- “We’re also going to be offering enroll-
That’s not surprising. “In addition, There are ethical concerns about ic expanded around 2016 and became ment services at that clinic,” explained
we’re going to offer chiropractic care giving study participants placebo acu- the Port St. Lucie Clinic, but retained its Tills. “We’ll have VA employees – health-
and acupuncture.” puncture — inserting needles in ran- PTSD Clinical Team Outpatient Program. care enrollment specialists – at least one
Yes, the VA does acupuncture. dom places without the study partic- day a week, someone who works for the
Acupuncture is, likely, the most well- ipants knowing if they’re getting real “Then we started offering derma- VA enrolling people on the spot.”
known traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture or a placebo treatment. tology care at Port St. Lucie,” Tills said.
technique. Its essential premise is that “We’re offering ultrasounds. We offer The West Palm Beach VA Medical
energy flows through the body along But, whether acupuncture users are prosthetic fittings. We offer limited re- Center has satellite facilities from In-
certain tracts. Acupuncturists believe experiencing real or placebo effects, the habilitation services. Very limited pul- dian River south to Palm Beach coun-
they can affect those energy flows with VA is getting positive results. monary care through the telehealth.” ties. It covers VA patients westward just
tiny needles inserted at certain points. past Lake Okeechobee. The center and
As medical science learned more about “Right now, the VA and (Department The clinic is 6,000 square feet, but is its eight local clinics see about 60,000
the nervous system, that body of knowl- of Defense) are leading the charge in expanding to 10,000. Tills said the ex- veterans a year. About 12,000 St. Luc-
edge was incorporated by acupunctur- battlefield acupuncture,” Tills said. panded clinic should be opened in the ie County residents are enrolled for
ists in their practice. next couple months. healthcare at the West Palm Beach VA
“We’ve been offering chiropractic care When patients feel less pain, whether Medical Center.
in West Palm Beach for several years,” due to acupuncture’s effectiveness or pla- “We’re going to have a physical medi-
Tills said. “The acupuncture, we’ve been The clinic expansion is unrelated to
offering that as well at the medical cen- the coming opening of the Ardie R. Co-
ter in West Palm Beach.” pas State Veterans’ Nursing Home in
And not just the West Palm Beach VA. Tradition, a Florida Department of Vet-
Numerous VA medical centers through- eran Affairs facility. While the state and
out the country offer acupuncture. The federal veterans departments have simi-
VA only uses acupuncture for pain man- lar names and missions, they’re not affil-
agement, although practitioners claim it iated with one another. Additionally, the
can also treat numerous maladies. Copas home will specialize in dementia
“We’re able to put in semi-permanent care, so most of its patients will be trans-
needles in the patient’s ear,” Tills said. ported as infrequently as possible.
The procedure is dubbed “battlefield
acupuncture.” Tills said West Palm Beach VA medical
staff may do regularly scheduled house
calls to the Copas home when it opens,
because enrollment in VA healthcare is
one of the state’s requirements for being
a patient at its veterans nursing homes. 


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To Advertise (772-370-6179) ST. LUCIE VOICE | ST. LUCIE WEST AND TRADITION | NEWS January 17, 2020 7


who played with the Mets for eight years, A high-profile wooded lot in St.
were to unveil the street sign bearing Piaz-
za’s name during a ceremony Thursday. Lucie West will soon be the site of

Piazza is one of two Baseball Hall of Fam- the Peacock Business Center.
ers who is wearing a Mets cap on his bronze
plaque, the Mets’ web page says. Engineering, Design & Construc-

The other is Tom Seaver, who the team tion Inc. of Port St. Luci plans to build
honored by making the address of Citi Field,
41 Seaver Way. the 32,060-square-foot office and

Piazza wore 31 for the Mets and the team warehouse facility on a 3-acre parcel
retired his number in 2016.
on the southwest corner of Peacock
The street and stadium name changes in
St. Lucie West will go into effect by February, Boulevard and Enterprise Drive.
the Mets said Monday in a prepared state-
ment. Clover Park will host 16 spring train- Located diagonally across Peacock
ing games in 2020.
Boulevard from the Mets stadium, it’s
The stadium renovations – including
revamped elevators, a new deck and new one of the last few buildable lots in the
seating – are expected to be largely complet-
ed in time for spring training. St. Lucie West industrial zone.

Mets pitchers and catchers are scheduled Port St. Lucie City Council Monday
to report for spring training on Feb. 10 and
the first workout will be held two days later. approved the site plan for the project.

The Mets host the Miami Marlins for their Property owner Toyoko Honikoshi
first home game of spring training on Feb.
22 and their last home game on March 22. of Weston paid $1.6 million for the

The Mets stadium naming rights have land on July 28, 2005, to Joseph G. Mill-
belonged to First Data since 2017, as part of
a 10-year marketing partnership, the team’s er, St. Lucie County property appraiser
statement says.
records show. It has a market value of
The Mets are renaming the stadium
following Fiserv’s 2019 acquisition of First $665,500.  ­– GEORGE ANDREASSI

Data, the statement says. The Mets and PHOTO: LINDA KLOORFAIN Class A Florida State League.
Fiserv will continue the existing partner- The St. Lucie West developer built the
ship. ver enables faster payments at thousands
of businesses nationwide, including 25 stadium and nearby baseball training and
Fiserv is a global provider of financial stadiums and arenas. clubhouse complex and gave it to St. Lucie
services technology and Clover is the County. The first spring training game was
company’s new payments platform. Clo- Following spring training, the St. Lucie played in 1988. 
Mets first home game is April 11 against
the Fort Myers Mighty Mussels in the

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In dramatic about-face, Vero Beach now seeks a train station

BY GEORGE ANDREASSI | Staff Writer Will Vero Beach airport be the future site of a train and bus station? City officials suddenly hope so. tional Airport to Cocoa and improvements
[email protected] to the FECR tracks from Cocoa to down-
construction costs for the multi-modal ter- Vero City Councilman Joe Graves. town West Palm Beach.
In a dramatic reversal, Vero Beach’s may- minal proposed near Aviation Boulevard “I believe there’s a mutual interest in Vir-
or and city council now want to team up and the Florida East Coast Railway tracks, VTUSA’s goal is to run 34 trains per day
with Virgin Trains USA to develop a train city officials said. gin Trains having a stop in Vero,” Graves between Orlando and Miami by the end of
and bus station at Vero Beach Regional Air- said during the Jan. 7 meeting. “I can’t re- 2022. Trains would reach speeds up to 110
port as the company forges ahead with its A Virgin Trains station at Vero Beach Re- veal who told me what, but I do believe mph in Indian River County.
Miami to Orlando high-speed passenger gional Airport would enable city residents there is interest in them having a stop here.
rail project. to take a train to Orlando International The Vero Beach City Council’s consen-
Airport in little more than an hour, said “What’s worse than having high-speed sus to seek talks with Virgin Trains about a
The proposal is an amazing turnaround rail come through our city, is having high- train station came as Indian River County
from what most local officials have been speed rail come through our city and not commissioners, on a 4-to-1 vote, decided
saying ever since the high-speed train proj- have a stop,” Graves added. against taking their court battle against the
ect was announced. passenger rail project all the way to the U.S.
Virgin Trains started work in summer Supreme Court.
Up till now, there has been nearly unan- 2019 on new tracks from Orlando Interna-
imous opposition to the train project, with Reingold advised commissioners to ac-
the county spending millions on lawsuits to cept their Dec. 20 defeat in a federal appeals
block the rail service and the city expressing court and forgo further appeals because of
support for the county’s stance and passing steep odds against success.
an anti-train resolution as far back as 2014.
“I think it is best for the board and the
Now, with the county losing again in fed- county to focus on safety issues, such as
eral court and County Attorney Dylan Re- supporting Sen. (Debbie) Mayfield’s bill,
ingold advising commissioners there is no working with FDOT and closely reviewing
point in further appeals, the city has decid- Virgin Trains’ plans,” Reingold said.
ed to try and work with the train company.
State Sen. Mayfield (R-Melbourne) filed a
The council on Jan. 7 directed City Man- passenger rail safety bill for the current leg-
ager Monte Falls to try to negotiate with islative session that would strengthen regu-
VTUSA representatives for a train station lations and increase Florida Department of
at the airport and quiet zones at the city’s Transportation oversight for higher-speed
railroad crossings. passenger rail lines like Virgin Trains.

Federal grants could be used to pay most Virgin Trains/Brightline killed 24 peo-
ple South Florida in 2019, Federal Railroad
Administration records show, and seven
in 2018. Many of these were apparent sui-
cides. 


More than a week after a 95-year-old the victim’s chest and smothering the elder-
man was killed at the Tiffany Hall Nursing
and Rehabilitation Center in Port St. Lucie, ly man with a pillow. The nurse cried out for
police have yet to release more information.
help and another nurse called 911. The sus-
They have not publicly identified the
victim, whom they believe was murdered pect then fled the facility.
in the overnight hours of Jan. 5. Suspect in-
formation also has not been provided to the The suspect was able to evade officers on
public, beyond that the person was a white
male. foot, a K-9 unit, and the Sheriff’s Office’s avi-

According to the Port St. Lucie Police De- ation unit.
partment, a nurse saw the suspect sitting on
The Port St. Lucie Police Department en-

courages anyone with information to con-

tact the agency by calling 772-871-5001 or

remain anonymous by calling Crime Stop-

pers at 800-273-TIPS.  –­ DEBBIE CARSON

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To Advertise (772-370-6179) ST. LUCIE VOICE | ST. LUCIE WEST AND TRADITION | NEWS/OBITUARIE S January 17, 2020 9

IN LOVING MEMORY cated to New Jersey. In August 2000, Miguel er before retiring in 2014. Louis served in the
moved to Port St. Lucie, where he continued United States Navy from 1962 to 1968.
CATHERINE M. TIMMERMAN, 72 ing in medical malpractice. Catherine also to reside with his wife, Maria.
Tradition proudly served her country by serving in the Louis is survived by his wife, Carol; chil-
United States Army. Survivors include his wife of 51 years, dren, Robin Alicea, Luanne Santa Barbara
Catherine Mary Timmerman, 72, of Tra- Maria; daughters, Gladys and Ivon; sons, and Louis Santa Barbara; and grandchildren
dition in Port St. Lucie, passed away on Jan. Catherine is survived by her husband of Frank, George, Mike, Willy, Luis, Juan and Ryan, Alana, Avery, Hunter and Joseph.
3. Catherine was born in Oconomowoc, 16 years, Raymond C. King; daughters, Lori Tony; as well as many loving grandchildren
Wisc., to the late George and Mary Grupp Carpenter (Walter) and Amy Berry (Erin); and great-grandchildren. MARGARET M. WYNKOOP, 73
Timmerman. grandchildren Kyle Carpenter and Avery Port St. Lucie
Berry; great-grandson, Easton James Car- LOUIS R. SANTA BARBARA, 78
One of seven children, her family lived on penter; and three of her siblings. Port St. Lucie Margaret M. Wynkoop, 73, of Port St. Luc-
a farm where Catherine enjoyed horseback ie passed away on Jan. 3. Peggy was born in
riding. In addition to horses, she was an ac- MIGUEL A. FRANCESCHI, 84 Louis R. Santa Barbara, 78, of Port St. Philadelphia. She has lived in Port St. Lucie
complished triathlete, and enjoyed golfing Port St. Lucie Lucie passed away on Jan. 3. Louis was born for the past 15 years.
and quilting. in Waterbury, Conn., and later moved to
Miguel A. Franceschi, 84, passed away Fort Lauderdale in 1971, where he owned Peggy served in the United States Navy.
She went to business school where she Jan. 8 in Port St. Lucie. Miguel was born in and operated McMasters Air Conditioning She was a homemaker and enjoyed crochet-
learned to become a court reporter. Cather- Puerto Rico on Aug. 18, 1935, and later relo- Company for many years. ing and ceramics, and loved dogs.
ine served the court for 34 years, specializ-
He was later employed by Hill York Air Peggy is survived by her sons, Patrick and
Conditioning, where he served as the service Gerry Wynkoop Jr.; granddaughter, Jocelyn
account manager and regional sales manag- Price; and siblings, Mary Maureen and Carl

Governor accentuates waterway issues in State of the State

BY PATRICK McCALLISTER | Correspondent negatively impacted by things like blue- the Florida Atlantic University research fa- alties,” he said. The governor targeted that
green algae,” he said. cility, is a task force member. Additionally, toward cities and counties.
Gov. Ron DeSantis opened the 2020 leg- Valerie Paul, who’s the director of the Smith-
islative year swimming deeper into water But, the governor said the long swim back sonian Marine Station in Fort Pierce, is also “Too many municipalities have failed to
issues. to pristine waters is far from done. “We have on the task force. invest in needed upgrades to their water
strong momentum and need to keep it go- infrastructure in part because it is cheaper
On Tuesday, the governor delivered the ing,” he said later in his speech. “We can keep In October the task force approved a con- to violate the law and pay a nominal fine,”
State of the State address to the Florida it going by addressing three main areas: sensus recommendations document that he said. “This is unacceptable and needs to
House and Senate as they started their an- went to members of the Florida Legislature change.”
nual 60-day session. He commended the “First, we should fund water resource to help them discuss and draft legislative ac-
legislature for vigorously funding Ever- projects at the $625 million level on a recur- tions this year. That’s not the end of the task Sen. Gayle Harrell, whose district includes
glades-restoration and other water-quality ring basis for three years. This will provide force’s work. St. Lucie and Martin counties, is back with a
projects last year. needed certainty for these key initiatives and proposal she made last year to tap the Flori-
will help us leverage more federal support.” “It was a pretty general consensus doc- da Land Acquisition Trust Fund for the Indi-
“This vision required a commitment from ument,” Sullivan said in a recent St. Lucie an River Lagoon Comprehensive Conserva-
the legislature and you delivered – to the The governor continued, “Second, the Voice interview before the State of the State. tion and Management Plan.
tune of more than $625 million for water re- legislature should pass the comprehensive
sources and Everglades projects,” he told the water quality legislation I have proposed. The document, online at www.protect- Part of the proposal would be to allow use
legislators. “Because Florida had skin in the The bill represents the initial recommenda-, recommends the of up to 7.6 percent of money gained from
game, we were able to get support from the tions of the Blue-Green Algae Task Force that creation of individualized basin manage- the voter-approved Florida Water and Land
Trump administration for another $200 mil- I launched upon taking office. It is based on ment action plans, funding studies for agri- Conservation Initiative – 2014’s Amendment
lion for Everglades restoration.” sound science and provides a roadmap to re- cultural best practices, increasing regulatory 1 – for, among other projects, septic-tank
duce nutrients in our water.” oversight of septic tanks, and more. conversions. That’s SB 438.
DeSantis said the water projects are a
sweeping quality-of-life issue for many Flo- The state’s Blue-Green Algae Task Force The governor picked up on the wastewa- The task force’s aim is to have another,
ridians. “Key water projects are proceeding will meet at the Harbor Branch Oceano- ter problems in his State of the State. more detailed document ready for the leg-
apace, including the (Everglades Agricultur- graphic Institute on Thursday, Jan. 23, at 9 islature in 2021. All of its meetings are open
al Area) reservoir, which will be a welcome a.m. This is the task force’s seventh meeting. “Third, those that spew untreated waste- to the public and include time for public
relief to so many Floridians who have been James “Jim” Sullivan, executive director of water into Florida’s water bodies need to be comments. 
deterred from doing so by appropriate pen-

WILSON GROVE call for more than 38,000 residences and Becker Road terminus. double the price,” Akel said. “The
16 million square feet of business space to housing prices are $170,000-to-
CONTINUED FROM PAGE A1 be built in the next 30 years. Palm Beach County, Akel said. $200,000 less.”
“There is tremendous value in Port St.
of Becker Road to Wilson Grove and start An Akel Homes subsidiary, ACR Acqui- Wilson Grove is 40 minutes from
building, said company president Alexan- sition LLC, paid $2,174,500 to John Bird- Lucie relative to a lot of the new construc- downtown West Palm Beach, 20
der Akel. sall III for Wilson Grove on Dec. 23, 2008, tion in Palm Beach County for almost minutes from downtown Stuart
as the real estate market was crashing. and 10 minutes from Cleveland
“We see Wilson Grove, although there The company has been sitting on the land Clinic Tradition Hospital. It is also
are no immediate plans, as a city in it- ever since. about halfway between Orlando
self,” Akel said. “It’s very exciting to have and Miami.
a raw piece of land that’s a clean slate and In recent years, Akel Homes has built
be able to envision the opportunities and Long Lake Palms, Villa Porto Fino and “It is such a large parcel of land
create a mini-city.” Villa San Remo in Boca Raton; San Mar- that it can be many things,” Akel
co, Villagio Reserve and Villa Borghese in said. “We’re evaluating all our op-
Wilson Grove is the fifth of five major Delray Beach; and Ponte Vecchio in Boyn- tions. But at this time, we’re just watching
projects in Port St. Lucie’s Western Annex- ton Beach, among other communities. what other builders are bringing to mar-
ation Area, 14,065 acres west of Interstate ket and monitoring the new home starts
95 and south of Crosstown Parkway. Plans The Port St. Lucie housing market is as Port St. Lucie continues to grow.” 
ripe because prices are skyrocketing in



BY FRED CICETTI side walls of arteries allowing cholesterol  High blood pressure. Also known as and become stiffer. The
to collect on them. And, smoking can in- hypertension, this can damage arteries risk of high blood pres-
[In the last column, I wrote about heart crease the risk of clots forming. The risk of and speed up atherosclerosis. High blood sure increases as you age.
attack symptoms and what to do when you getting coronary artery disease is two to pressure makes the heart work harder.
feel them. Today, we’ll discuss the causes of four times greater if you smoke. The added effort makes the heart thicken  A sedentary lifestyle.
heart attack.] Insufficient exercise con-
tributes to high blood
THE HEALTHY SENIOR cholesterol levels. Exer-
cise also prevents obesity
A blood clot in a narrowed coronary ar- and lowers blood pres-
tery is the usual cause of a heart attack. sure. The more vigorous
The clogged artery prevents oxygenated the activity, the greater
blood from nourishing the heart. This can your benefits, but any
lead to pain, the death of heart cells, scar exercise can benefit your
tissue and death. health.

There is a variety of causes that lead to  Obesity. Obesity is
the narrowing of arteries, which is called associated with high cho-
“atherosclerosis.” This, in turn, increases lesterol levels, high blood
the likelihood of a heart attack. pressure and diabetes. In
addition, excess weight
The following are some of the leading forces the heart to work
causes of heart attacks: harder.

 Genetics. If early heart attacks run  Diabetes. This dis-
in your family, you may be at risk to have ease accelerates athero-
one. You may have inherited the tenden- sclerosis. Diabetes strikes
cies to have high blood cholesterol and more often in middle age.
high blood pressure. It is also more common
in people who are overweight. About
 Cholesterol and triglycerides. These three-quarters of people with diabetes
can lead to deposit build-up in the arter- die of heart or blood-vessel disease.
ies, which constricts the flow of blood.  Stress. This can elevate your blood
High levels of these substances are dan- pressure. It may also lead you to gain
gerous to the heart.

 Smoking. This habit damages the in-


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Dr. Jerome Vitale is a recognized expert in the fields of aesthetic, implant
and sedation dentistry. He is a New York trained dentist who brings decades PORT ST. LUCIE
of experience and distinguished credentials to the South Florida area after
18 years of practicing in NYC, Long Island and Queens. 1343 SE Port St. Lucie Blvd. • Port St. Lucie

-- University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine CALL TODAY! (772) 344-2697
-- Albert Einstein College of Medicine
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New York City Dental Associates of Port St. Lucie

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weight from overeating, and make you of one to two drinks per day for men and arteries to your heart. higher blood pressure and a higher risk of
smoke to relieve tension. one drink per day for women. (A drink is  Age. More than eight out of ten peo- heart disease than Caucasians. Heart-dis-
one 12-ounce beer, 4 ounces of wine, 1.5 ease risk is also higher among Mexican
 Alcohol. Too much drinking can ounces of 80-proof spirits, or 1 ounce of ple who die of coronary heart disease are Americans and Native Americans.
raise blood pressure and triglyceride lev- 100-proof spirits.) 65 or older.
els. The American Heart Association rec- [In our next column, we’ll discuss treat-
ommends that, if you drink alcohol, do  Diet. Too much saturated fat and  Gender. Men are at greater risk than ment for heart attack victims.] 
so in moderation. This means an average cholesterol in your diet can narrow the women of having a heart attack.

 Race. African Americans suffer from


wat e r c r e s t
s t. l u c i e w e s t

Winter Olympics!

Join us for a memorable day of fun, games and activities!
Residents, associates, families and guests are welcome to participate!

Event takes place January 29, 2020
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

followed by awards and refreshments!

Call for more details, and to RSVP by January 28, 2020: 772-877-2596

Watercrest St. Lucie West
Assisted Living and Memory Care Community
279 NW California Blvd. Port St Lucie, FL 34986

[email protected]
Assisted Living Facility #13134



BY TOM LLOYD | Staff Writer ed going to Tampa’s Moffit Cancer Center and superficial basal cell carcinomas, so Dr. Lilia Correa-Selm and Dan Molloy. PHOTO: KAILA JONES
or Jacksonville’s Mayo Clinic. But then he employing it to treat Molloy’s lentigo ma-
Sometimes, when it comes to cancer called Molloy back and told him, “There’s ligna was something of an “off-label” use. prompt reply. “Absolutely,” she says, adding
treatments, 5 percent of something can a new cancer center just opening up [here that the treatment “worked beautifully” for
make a 100 percent difference in some- in Vero] called Scully-Welsh. I’m going to According to Correa-Selm, “the cure rate Molloy.
one’s life. call them.” [for using the 5 percent imiquimod cream
to treat lentigo maligna] is not as good as Molloy still checks in with Correa-Selm
Just ask Vero Beach resident Dan Molloy. McDonald made that call and spoke surgery, but it’s pretty acceptable – 70 to 75 to monitor his situation but what was once
Or Scully-Welsh Cancer Center director Dr. with Scully-Welsh’s director, Dr. James percent effective.” Molloy almost instantly a glaring red – or black or dark brown –
James Grichnik, or its director of cutaneous Grichnik. decided that was the way to go. “That’s the flag is now all but invisible and, after three
surgery, Dr. Lilia Correa-Selm. best treatment option I’ve been offered,” years, there are no signs of a recurrence of
After that call Molloy’s prognosis started said this octogenarian golfer from Long Is- Molloy’s lentigo maligna.
Molloy had developed “lentigo maligna,” to improve, but there were still hurdles to land, “so let’s do it.”
a precursor of a skin cancer known as “len- get over. For starters, the National Insti- Dr. Lilia Correa-Selm is director of cuta-
tigo maligna melanoma.” tutes of Health says, “the preferred form of It turned out to be a good decision. Even neous surgery as well as a dermatologist and
therapy [for lentigo maligna] is surgical re- though the use of the 5 percent imiquimod Mohs surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic’s Indi-
In Molloy’s case the disease had already moval,” but at age 86 Molloy didn’t want to cream was technically off-label, there have an River Hospital’s Scully-Welsh Cancer Cen-
invaded the top level of the skin on his head undergo surgery. Radiation was suggested, been enough studies showing enough ter located at 3555 10th Court in Vero Beach.
and re-pigmented his hair and skin when too. It is another established therapy for positive results that Medicare is willing to The phone number is 772-563-4673. 
he sought treatment several years ago. the condition with good response rates. help pick up the cost.
But Molloy didn’t like that idea either and
According to the American Osteopathic wanted other option. “I’m very pleased,” says the now-89-
College of Dermatology, “lentigo maligna year-old, whose hair is back to its normal
is more prevalent in the elderly population That’s where Dr. Correa-Selm comes color and whose scalp is all but unmarked.
with a high level of cumulative sun expo- into the picture. She explains that Mc-
sure,” and that description fit the then-86- Donald remained concerned for Molloy “I was 86 then and I was under [the care
year-old Molloy to a T. He’d been an enthu- and sent him “to me and Dr. Grichnik for of ] both Dr. Grichnik and Dr. Correa-Selm
siastic golfer long before the importance evaluation, and to see what else we could and felt really comfortable with an other-
of applying sunblock was understood or offer.” wise uncomfortable situation.”
“We had a tumor board discussion with But the real star of this story, according
Moreover, the diagnosis of this pre-can- Dr. Grichnik … and he suggested this top- to Molloy, is his wife of 62 years, Eileen
cer is, to say the least, challenging. It can be ical therapy.” Molloy. “I really have to give big-time cred-
confused with benign skin conditions such it to my wife, Eileen. She would be the one
as moles, solar lentigines or seborrheic ker- Which is where the “5 percent of some- who would put on the [imiquimod cream]
atoses. thing” mentioned above comes into play. and she still does it.”

To figure out what was going on with The FDA has approved a drug known as Meanwhile, when Correa-Selm was
the ugly blotches on his head, Molloy “imiquimod” in a 5 percent topical cream asked if this type of off-label treatments
sought out dermatologist Dr. John Mc- for the treatment of warts, actinic keratosis could work for other people, she offers a
Donald who, Molloy says, at first suggest-

How your risks for 7 types of cancer could be reduced with physical activity

If you need a reason to get up and get other cancers: endometrial, down 10 per-
moving, consider this: Your likelihood of cent (with moderate activity) to 18 per-
developing seven types of cancer may be cent (vigorous activity); kidney, down 11
reduced by physical activity, according to 17 percent; multiple myeloma, down
to new research from the American Can- 14 to 19 percent; liver, down 18 to 27 per-
cer Society, the National Cancer Institute cent; and non-Hodgkin lymphoma in
and other organizations. women, down 11 to 18 percent.

The seven cancers are breast, colon, Moderate-intensity activity involves
endometrial, kidney, liver, multiple my- moving fast enough or strenuously
eloma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma. enough to burn three to six times more
energy than if you were sitting still, while
Based on data from 755,450 adults who vigorous intensity activity burns more
were tracked for 10 years, the researchers than six times as much energy.
concluded that the odds of developing
these cancers decline as physical activity Examples of moderate-intensity activ-
increases. ity include brisk walking, water aerobics,
ballroom dancing and general gardening.
For instance, the risk for colon cancer Activities that qualify as vigorous intensity
among men fell 8 percent with 2½ to 5 include running, swimming laps, aerobic
hours a week of moderate physical activi- dancing and bicycling at 10 mph or faster.
ty (the amount suggested for most adults
in the latest physical activity guidelines). The potential reduction in cancer risk
But it dropped by 14 percent with vigor- found by the new research adds to oth-
ous activity of 1¼ to 2½ hours a week. er health benefits already linked to be-
ing physically active: a healthier heart,
Women’s risk for breast cancer de- blood pressure improvements, better
clined 6 percent with moderate activity sleep, more energy, weight loss and an
and 10 percent with vigorous activity. improved mood.  ­– THE WASHINGTON POST

Risk reductions were greater for the

To Advertise (772-370-6179) ST. LUCIE VOICE | ST. LUCIE WEST AND TRADITION | REAL ESTATE January 17, 2020 13

Happy New Year

SUNDAY, JANUARY 19, 2020 1PM - 4PM


7900 Saddlebrook Drive 8832 First Tee 7428 Laurels Place Our Lifestyle 360 brings the Five dimensions of wellness into perfect
harmony for a more balanced & fulfilled life. Intellectual, Social, Physical,
Charming country style home on 1.6 “Wentworth” model w/spectacular Exceptional Custom Built Courtyard Pool Emotional & Spiritual. Come & Check out the various programs
Acre Private Lot w/great curb appeal & Waterfront views. Spacious home hosting Home w/golf views & guest house we offer to our residents.
front porch. Features 5 BRs, (1 BR & BA 3 BRs, 3 BAs & 2 CG. Beautiful built-in bar w/kitchen & BA. Features 4 BRs,
Mother in Law Suite) 3.5 BAs, Den & 3 with granite. Eat-in kitchen w/corian & SS 4.5 BAs, Office, Den & 4.5 CG. • Independent Living, • Weekly house • Active social,
$9 9 8 ,000 Assisted Living keeping linen recreational and
CG. $639,000 applicances. $335,000 & Memory Care & personal
educational programs
• Rehabilitation services laundry included • Scheduled local
available on site
• All utilities and transportation
• Fine Dining to include
three nutritious meals basic cable available
per day, plus snacks

7001 Maidstone Drive (MAIDSTONE) 9895 SW Nuova Way (VERANO) 501 NW Cashmere Blvd. Port St. Lucie West, FL 34986

Beautiful & Private “Fairview” model w/preserve Features 3 BRs, 3.5 BAs & 2.5 CG. Oversized Master 772-344-7441
view. Hosts 2 BRs, 2 BAs, Den, 2 CG & screen Suite w/sitting room & a grand master bath. Hosts a
enclosed lanai. Beautiful open kitchen w/SS
appliances & granite. $309,000 gourmet kitchen, central vac, Bose sound
& impact glass. $539,000 License #AL10438 © 2012 Five Star Quality Care, Inc.

KELLER WILLIAMS Call AnnMarie Today!

R E A LT Y 954-675-2804 (Cell)

PORT ST. LUCIE 772-236-5700 (office)

[email protected] •
9700 Reserve Blvd. St. Lucie West
Each office independently owned and operated


Moira Rekus - Broker Associate ALSO SPECIALIZING IN [email protected]


LAKES @ ST. LUCIE WEST $254,900 THE MEDALIST $1,750,000 PGA VILLAGE $725,000 TRADITION $234,900


ER CAPRIA MODEL WITH POOL This spectacular home features 3 bdr, 5.1 baths + den (can This beautiful updated home features 4 bd, 4.5 baths & 3 cg. Interior features include MASTER SUITE ON 1ST FLOOR
easily be converted to 4th bdr), 2 cg + golf cart garage, fire place with built-ins; gourmet kitchen w/bar, center island, SS appliances including
Meticulously maintained seasonal home, 2 bdr., 2 bath, 2 cg villa gas range, plenty of storage & breakfast nook; dining, living, & family rooms + den/office. Large corner 2 story townhouse in heart of Tradition. 1st floor features kitchen
featuring upgraded kitchen with granite countertops, cherry cabinets central vac, 24” marble flooring, whole house generator, lg Exterior boasts circular driveway, screened lanai, outdoor kitchen & plenty of room for w/42” cabinets & Corian counter tops, half bath, kitchen, living room, dining
& SS appliances. Upgraded bathrooms including frameless shower screened lanai area w/40x40 pool w/infinity spa overlooking room & master suite. 2nd floor has 2 bedrooms, loft & second bath. Added plus is
door in master bath. Impact glass windows & doors & custom pool lake, summer kitchen, impact windows & doors. Over half entertaining on 1 acre. RX-10580278 7687 Charleston Way this townhouse is in walking distance to Tradition Square, restaurant and shops!
in screened lanai.New roof 2011, pool resurfaced, newer pool pump
acre lot. RX-10544445 9804 SE Sandpine Lane RX-10578439 10479 SW West Park Avenue
& filter. RX-10577370 1518 Amherst Drive A

PGA VILLAGE $360,000 PGA VILLAGE $729,000 PGA VILLAGE $574,900 CASCADES $220,999



Lovely well maintained 3 bedroom home plus den with GORGEOUS GOLF VIEW POOL HOME ON 1/3 ACRE and new wood-look porcelain tile. Master BDRM features 2 walk-in
4 baths (Cabana bath off Master Bedroom) and 2 car This beautiful home features gourmet kitchen, formal LR & family room + DR; lg master BD closets. Newer Trane A/C and screened lanai w/ garden view. Kitchen
garage. This home features tile on the diagonal, central 4 bedroom, 4 bath, 3 car garage home + Office. Large screened & bath w/new granite counters; 2 en suite bedrooms w/lg walk in closets,new carpet & granite
vac, Murphy bed in den and screened in pool. Close to in lanai with pool, spa and outdoor kitchen. Upgrades include counters in bath. 4th BD can be used as office. Plantation shutters; whole house water filtration remodel to include new layout, cabinets & quartz countertops.
RX-10515771 451 NW Lismore
Island Club. Rx-10539031 9000 Champions Way custom molding, built ins, tile on the diagonal, central vac, system, exterior painted 2018. RX-10584126 9329 Briarcliff Trace
plantation shutters, gourmet kitchen, and much much more.

RX-10553676 9416 Scarborough Ct.

Hungry for a
new adventure?

Schedule your complimentary lunch and tour today!

772.252.1922 |

10685 SW Stony Creek Way Port St. Lucie, FL 34987

AL 11796

An ‘oh my’ at every turn
in stunning Laurels home

7428 Laurels Place in The Laurels in PGA Village: 4-bedroom, 4.5-bathroom, 6,712-square-foot courtyard home offered
for $998,000 by AnnMarie Napolitano of Team Napolitano, 954-675-2804 of Keller Williams Realty of Port St. Lucie

NOW SEEKING TOP Real Estate. Redefined
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The Real Estate Leader
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Serving The Treasure Coast
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An ‘oh my’ at every turn in stunning Laurels home

[email protected]

I must admit that it takes a lot to impress
me. I write about a lot of houses and they
are all special, but the home at 7428 Laurels
Place, in the Laurels section of PGA Village,
elicited several “oh mys.” There are so many
striking features about it, from the fabulous
views to the private courtyard and guest-
house to the putting green in the backyard
to the custom-designed interior. It’s hard to
know where to begin.

The house is stunning from the moment
you walk inside, with an entranceway that

makes you want to stand up taller to match by-32, it has room for friends and family. It refrigerator, Jenn-Air gas grill, double oven, a Jack and Jill bath. The den, also 16-by-12,
its elegance. The formal dining room (19 has a stone fireplace and the only ingredient granite countertops and beautiful new has its own bath.
feet by 12 feet) has a spectacular chandelier you need to add is a big-screen television backsplash as well as a huge walk-in pantry.
and built-in serving bar; it’s a room in which to have the perfect space for watching the There is a private courtyard with a guest
you’ll be proud to serve your guests. The liv- big game. The kitchen (15-by-15) has stain- The master suite is truly a suite, with a house featuring a bedroom (20-by-25), a
ing room, though, is meant for living. At 32- less-steel appliances including an LG profile 28-by-26 master bedroom with tray light- mini-kitchen, washer/dryer and full bath.
ing, full-length, sliding glass doors to the What a great space for guests or for an aging
“Selling The Tradition Lifestyle” patio, a fireplace, and two walk-in closets parent who still would like autonomy and
with built-ins. The master bath says Old privacy but who can use the pool or join the
Hollywood to me, with its fabulous fixtures, family for meals or fun. The courtyard even
lighting, dual sinks, large, walk-in show- has a summer kitchen. In the rear of the
er and set-up for a sauna. It’s elegant and house, there is a screen-enclosed lanai with
comfortable at the same time. Bedrooms a covered area and an in-ground pool. The
two and three are each 16-by-12 and share area is surrounded by trees, completely pri-



ome: 772-871-7411

ATH LIV SQ FT AnSOdLyDGPRriIcCEhtmeiSeArLE• DJoAhTEn Silvia D•OMMarcia Riggi 10% OFF RH
2432 $438,000 • Ch1r0i/s1t5i/n1e9 Tallarid1o75
2626 What To$375,000 Exp11e00//c2235/t/1199From920Us: Trust,
2016 $364,000 Must present Coupon
Expires 01/31/20

Sound Advice, Business Acumen2626
$327,500 10/30/19 77
$375,000 11/15/19 406
1681 &$251,000Most11O/25f/1A9 ll Re1s0 ults
2016 $364,000 11/26/19 67 Aluminum Structure Fence Division
Division • Repairs
2141 $38C0,0a00ll Now12/•06/71972-872417-7411 • Wood
• Repairs • Chain Link
If your porfooptheretryBirsockuienrrrsfe.ont@ly liTstread dwiitthioanReMaltLorS, pSleeasae rdcisrheg.carodmthis•nowticwe. w.TraditionMLSSearch.c om • Re-Screen • Aluminum/PVC
ferings • Aluminum Roofs
• Screen Rooms
• Concrete PSL#15203 • Aluminum

1430 SW Saint Lucie West Blvd., Suite 102 • Port St. Lucie, FL 34986 Jason Newman 772.801.4083

[email protected]

To Advertise (772-370-7983) ST. LUCIE VOICE | ST. LUCIE WEST AND TRADITION | REAL ESTATE January 17, 2020 17

vate and has a second summer kitchen with unique features including etched glass dou- FEATURES FOR 7428 LAURELS PLACE
deep fryer and gas grill. ble doors, volume ceilings, a stone fireplace,
a state-of-the-art kitchen, and stunning Neighborhood: The Laurels in PGA Village
For AnnMarie Napolitano of Team Na- master suite. Set on more than ½ acre, this Year built: 1995 • Construction: CBS
politano at Keller Williams Realty of Port house offers privacy, gorgeous views of the
St. Lucie, this custom-built courtyard pool lake and the 6th hole of the Pete Dye Golf Square footage: 6,712 sq. ft. • Total square footage: 10,500
home has an embarrassment of riches. Course. It really is a must-see.” Bedrooms: 4 • Bathrooms: 4.5
Flooring: carpet, ceramic tile
“This is an exceptional home,” she said. This is a house that is aspirational for
“It is perfect for entertaining, and the pri- many of us, but if you are looking for a very Security: manned gate, patrol, owner system
vate courtyard offers a guest house with special home with plenty of room, stunning Additional features: golf and lake views, .65-acre lot, private
a bedroom, mini-kitchen and full bath. views and top-of-the-line excellence, this courtyard and guest house, two summer kitchens, freeform,
Two summer kitchens makes entertaining house is worth your time and attention.  gunite, heated in-ground pool, 4.5-car garage can hold up to 5
a year-round pleasure. Inside, there are
cars and golf cart
Community amenities: basketball, billiards, clubhouse, exer-
cise room, game room, golf course, library, pickleball, picnic

area, pool, putting green, tennis
Listing Brokerage: Keller Williams Realty of Port St. Lucie

Listing agent:
AnnMarie Napolitano of Team Napolitano, 954-675-2804

Listing price: $998,000

OPEN HOUSE This Week’s

Sunday, January 19th FEATURED NEW LISTING
19041 SW Positano Way

Casita Model on Extra Large corner lot with lake views.

2BR, 2BA plus Den/Office is immaculate, tile flooring, granite kitchen
w/center island, SS appliances & a large screened patio over

looking the lake. $319,000 Priced below Appraised Value & REDUCED!

Jeannette Bliss 561 371 3893


Beautiful modern, 2 bedroom and den, plus 2 car garage and 2 baths and all appliances. Gated LONG LAKE VIEWS!
community near Crosstown Parkway. All PGA VERANO clubhouse amenities including indoor and
outdoor pools, fitness center, billiards,movie theatre, and all new PICKLEBALL Fabulous award winning upgraded ‘Lauderdale’ model with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a
courts! $2395 MONTH ON AN ANNUAL BASIS. Available beginning LARGE DEN. Open concept with living room, kitchen and dining room. Kitchen features granite,
February 1, 2020 24059 SW Firenze Way Call agent/owner for more info. a large center island, stainless appliances and a gas range. Tile floors throughout. Extended
lanai offering long lake views. IMPACT windows, tile barrel roof, plus so much more! Located
in Vitalia, a 55+ community with a grand newer guard gated entrance, gorgeous Clubhouse,

2 full sized heated pools, hot tub, gym, ballroom plus too many amenities to mention!
10109 SW Fernwood Avenue. RX-10589791 $34 4,900

Linda R. Doser, REALTOR Linda R. Doser Laura Fleischman Lau ra Fleisc hman

561-246-7096 772 -9 05-8 702

[email protected]




A very slow week on the local real estate front saw a mere four single-family residences and
lots change hands.
The top sale of the week was the residence at 9000 One Putt Place. First listed in August for
$464,900, this 3-bedroom, 4-bathroom home sold for $400,000 on Jan. 8.
Representing both the seller and the buyer in the transaction was agent Patricia Ayres, PA of
Keller Williams Realty.,

PORT SAINT LUCIE 9000 ONE PUTT PLACE 8/29/2018 $464,900 1/8/2020 $225,000
PORT SAINT LUCIE 1554 NW AMHERST DRIVE 7/6/2019 $238,600 1/9/2020 $217,000
PORT SAINT LUCIE 453 NW LISMORE LANE 5/13/2019 $244,900 1/6/2020 $202,000
PORT SAINT LUCIE 1540 NW AMHERST DRIVE UNIT A 9/19/2019 $221,000 1/9/2020 $170,000
PORT SAINT LUCIE 160 SW PEACOCK BOULEVARD #31101 10/31/2019 $179,000 1/6/2020

OPEN HOUSE • SAT 10-5 & SUN 12-5 OPEN HOUSE • SAT 10-5 & SUN 12-5
6042 Scott Story Way • Vero Beach 9351 Orchid Cove Circle • Vero Beach

Summer Lake North, Vero Beach - This 2 bed, 2 bath with Orchid Cove, Vero Beach - 2 beds plus office/den which can be
den, 2-car garage, 1,749 living sq. ft. Larkin Grande is an end unit. used as 3rd bedroom. 2-car garage has large work area with overhead
Features include impact windows throughout, alabaster colored storage shelf. With a coastal front elevation and open layout with
kitchen cabinets 36” w/crown molding and tile floors in main living volume coffered ceilings in dining, great room and master suite. Open
areas. Granite countertops in kitchen & cultured marble vanity tops kitchen offers upgraded cabinets with soft-close drawers, quartz center
in bathrooms. Call Doris Vogan for more details on this Villa. 561- island, undercabinet LED lighting in kitchen and bar area, wall-mounted
568-4848. Villas are open daily. Stop by anytime. chimney hood, entertaining bar with upper/lower cabinets and beverage
refrigerator, tile flooring throughout including wood plank tile in master
READY NOW! • $235,440 suite and in the back, an extended open screen enclosure.

READY NOW! • $652,155

561.568.4848 • GHOHOMES.COM 772.521.0954 • GHOHOMES.COM

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1554 NW Amherst Drive, Port Saint Lucie 453 NW Lismore Lane, Port Saint Lucie

Listing Date: 7/6/2019 Listing Date: 5/13/2019
Original Price: $238,600 Original Price: $244,900
Sold: 1/9/2020 Sold: 1/6/2020
Selling Price: $225,000 Selling Price: $217,000
Listing Agent: Richard McKinney Listing Agent: Barry Segal

Selling Agent: Atlantic Shores Rlty Expertise Selling Agent: XLN Realty LLC

Richard McKinney Kelly Lowensten

Atlantic Shores Rlty Expertise Keller Williams Realty

1540 NW Amherst Drive Unit A, Port Saint Lucie 160 SW Peacock Boulevard #31101, Port Saint Lucie

Listing Date: 9/19/2019 Listing Date: 10/31/2019
Original Price: $221,000 Original Price: $179,000
Sold: 1/9/2020 Sold: 1/6/2020
Selling Price: $202,000 Selling Price: $170,000
Listing Agent: Andrew Szaniszlo Listing Agent: Mary-Lynn Ninesling

Selling Agent: Keller Williams Realty Selling Agent: Lang Realty

Moira Feely-Rekus Camille Nanni

Keller Williams Realty Florida Sun & Surf Realty


Lisa Nikki
Crovato Crovato

Realtor Realtor


ST. LUCIE WEST (Past Bob Evans)


Mortgage rates hit 13-week low in wake of Iran crisis

BY KATHY ORTON | The Washington Post cial markets. Continued tension would likely Last week’s employment report is likely “Rates will increase, but only slight-
result in more market turbulence. Should the to have a bigger effect on rates than recent ly,” said David Kuiper, vice president of
Tensions in the Middle East caused mort- geopolitical news settle down, economic re- geopolitical events have., Northpointe Bank in Holland, Mich. “Im-
gage rates to tumble, but the decline wasn’t ports will take the front seat again.” which puts out a weekly mortgage rate provements in the U.S.-China trade ten-
as steep as might have been expected. trend index, found nearly half the experts sion situation and encouraging employ-
The drone strike that killed Iranian it surveyed predict rates will go up in the ment numbers have mortgage-backed
According to the latest data released Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani two weeks coming week. securities retreating slightly from the lofty
last Thursday by Freddie Mac, the 30-year ago caused financial markets to stumble. levels they’ve been at.”
fixed-rate average fell to 3.64 percent with Stocks fell and bond prices rose as inves-
an average 0.7 point. (Points are fees paid tors feared an escalation in the conflict. Meanwhile, mortgage applications slowed
to a lender equal to 1 percent of the loan The yield on the 10-year Treasury dipped to during the holidays. According to the latest
amount and are in addition to the interest 1.8 percent last Friday. But after President data from the Mortgage Bankers Association,
rate.) It was 3.72 percent a week ago and Trump’s address to the nation last Wednes- the market composite index – a measure of
4.45 percent a year ago. The 30-year fixed day, it rebounded to 1.87 percent. total loan application volume – decreased 1.5
rate is at its lowest level in 13 weeks. It hasn’t percent in the last two weeks of the year. The
been above 4 percent since May. The Freddie Mac survey was done be- MBA released two weeks of data because its
fore Trump’s speech, which means the up- offices were closed during the holidays. The
The 15-year fixed-rate average dropped tick in bond yields was not reflected in it. refinance index declined 8 percent, while the
to 3.07 percent with an average 0.7 point. It The federally chartered mortgage investor purchase index increased 5 percent.
was 3.16 percent a week ago and 3.89 per- aggregates rates weekly form 125 lenders
cent a year ago. The five-year adjustable from across the country to come up with The refinance share of mortgage activity
rate average sank to 3.3 percent with an av- national average mortgage rates. accounted for 58.9 percent of applications.
erage 0.3 point. It was 3.46 percent a week
ago and 3.83 percent a year ago. Although rates moved lower in the wake “Mortgage applications were mixed in the
of the Iran crisis, they didn’t drop as sharply final two weeks of 2019,” said Bob Broek-
“The Iranian attacks sent markets into tur- as they might have. smit, MBA president and CEO. “On an an-
bulence, racing for safe-haven, but it was very nual basis, refinance and purchase applica-
short-lived and bonds didn’t make much of a “Mortgage rates remain relatively un- tions maintained their strong trend of rising
move,” said Elizabeth Rose, certified mort- changed as banks and lenders keep rates above 2018 levels. The purchase market is
gage planning specialist at AmCap Home up artificially to slow applications and keep healthy for prospective home buyers in ear-
Loans in Plano, Texas. “Following Trump’s from deteriorating their own portfolio of ly 2020. Increased new home construction
address markets retraced. Sensing de-escala- loans,” said Mitch Ohlbaum, loan officer at is easing inventory shortages in some areas,
tion, the safe-haven trade began to unwind. Macoy Capital Partners in Los Angeles. “Do mortgage rates are low, and the economy
Geopolitical unrest tends to overshadow not expect much change until we start to re- continues to add jobs at a solid pace.” 
economic data when it comes to the finan- ceive fourth-quarter economics.”


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651 NW Enterprise Dr., Ste 111 Port St. Lucie 34986

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10610 SW Capraia Way 10171 SW Dolce Road 9496 SW Nuova Way 10243 SW Canossa Way 18003 SW Cosenza Way
Sold for $390,000 Sold for $263,000 Sold for $479,000 Sold for $225,000 Sold for $349,900

9535 Avenel Lane - PGA Village


YOffered at $309,000
10227 SW Visconti Way - PGA Verano 4108 NW Cinnamon Tree Circle - Jensen Beach
3BD 3.1 BA, Golf Course Home 2 BD 2 BA, Recently Remodeled
Offered at $559,000 Offered at $147,500


10610 S9W51C5aSpWraiNauWovaay Way 10171 SW D1o0l8c8e5RSoWadVisconti W9a4y96 SW Nuova W17a0y23 SW Sa1p0r2i 4W3aSyW Canossa Way9401 SW18N00u3ovSaWWCaoysenza Way
Sold for $26S3o,0ld00for $340,000 Sold for $479,000Sold for $610,0S0o0ld for $225,000 Sold for $S3o2ld0,f0o0r0$349,900

10610 SW Capraia Way 10171 SW Dolce Road 9496 SW Nuova Way 10243 SW Canossa Way 18003 SW Cosenza Way
Sold for $390,000 Sold for $263,000 Sold for $479,000 Sold for $225,000
10409 SW Visconti Way109555154 SW NCauporvaaiaWWayay Sold for $349,900
10984895 SW Visconti Way
170022530 SW SAazpzroi LWanaye 219044021 SSWW MNuoodveanaWWayay
Sold for $43296,000 Sold for $3450,000 SOLD!Sold for $262105,000 SOLD! SOLD!Sold for $322570,000
SOLD!9032 SW Pepoli Way
SOLD! SOLD!8644 SW Flutto Way 10885 SW Visconti Way SOLDS! OLSDO!LD!*NOT ACTUAL PHOTO
8901 SW Pepoli Way 9515 SW Nuova Way Sold for $340,000 2210340123SSWWMAocdcesniaWWaayy17023 SW Sapri Way9401 SW Nuova Way
Sold for $329,000 Sold for $610,000 Sold for $320,000
SOLD!9020 SW Pepoli Way10856574 SW VCiaspcroanitai Way
1107904698SSWWVAimscbornotiseWWay 1112062350SWSWViAsczozontLi aWneay 10250 SW $A2z2z5o,0L0aS0noe ld $232591075S4,o207ldS50Wf0orM$o2d5e7n,0a0W0 ay
Sold for $42365,000 Sold for $358701,0505S05o40ldSWforC$a4p2r6a,i0a0W0 ay S1o09lS4do9ldSfWfoorrV$i$s3c523o0n2,0ti502W0,07ay7050 Sold for for

8972 SW Pepoli Way
8786 ROMSISOELSD! !SW Flutto Way
8662 10867 SW Visconti Way 17068 SW Ambrose W *NOT ACTUAL PHOTO *NOT ACTUAL PHOTO
Sold for $435,000 Sold for $387,500
11263 SW Visconti Way 23013 SW Accesi Way
Sold for $322,775 Sold for $395,750


17068 SW Ambrose W 1126M3 SEWLVIisNconDti WAay & TOM23.0.1.3 SW Accesi Way
10867 SW Visconti Way

Tom Cann Melinda CannSold for $435,000
TRUST THEM WITH(772) 485-1222
Sold for $387,500SELLING PSoRldOforP$3E22R,77T5IES, NOT SPoldRfoOr $M395I,7S50ES!


Tom Cann (772) 215-8M17el8inda Cann
Tom CannBROKER, PGA LIFE MEMBER melinda@cannr(BR7eO7aK2lEt)Ry, 2C.c1O5o-O-mW81N7ER8
Tom Cann
(772) 485-1222

[email protected] [email protected]

Tom Cann Tom Cann Melinda Cann


(772) 485-1222 (772) 215-8178

[email protected] [email protected]



Elise Danielian Ingrid Hewitt Isabelle Pollock
772-418-2992 772-203-7800 772-713-3221
[email protected]
[email protected] [email protected]

PGA VERANO $494,500 LAKE CHARLES $309,900 PGA VILLAGE $249,900 PORT SAINT LUCIE $314,900


3WBR//2U.5PBAG/2RCGApDooElSan!d spa home on quiet street w/ WPOell OmaLintHainOedM3BER!/3BA/2CG courtyard plan in Lake 2IBNRP+GDeAn/2VBIAL/2LCAGGtoEwnOhoNuseAfeCatuOreRs sNpaEciRouLs OT lot with lake views! Kitchen w/ granite, stainless
Charles. Expanded kitchen with white cabinetry, granite steel, 42” wood cabinetry and walk in pantry.
lake views. Numerous upgrades including custom wood counters, center island and SS appliances. Neutral tile living area & kitchen. Plantation shutters, crown Impact Glass windows & doors, plantations shutters,
work t/o, beautiful tiling, IMPACT GLASS windows & t/o main living areas and crown molding. Cabana suite molding, laminate flooring in the master suite and upgraded light fixtures, built in unit in the den and
doors and vanishing edge pool. Gourmet kitchen perfect is perfect for guests or in-laws. Great opportunity in a upgraded lighting fixtures. Kitchen features plenty of much more. Extended and screened lanai!!
for entertaining. Call today! wonderful community. cabinetry, granite counters, under cabinet lighting and SS RX-10589478 19040 SW Positano Way
RX-10589277 17104 SW Ambrose Way RX-10588264 809 SW St. Andrew’s Cove appliances. Meticulously maintained! Call today to view.
RX-10588851 7039 Willow Pine Way

PGA VERANO $674,900 PGA VERANO $649,900 PGA VILLAGE $529,900 PGA VERANO $595,000

SGophOisticLatedF& e&leganWt homAe oTn arEguaRbly thVe beIstElotWin allSof V!e!rano. This 3 BR +DEN/3BA/3CG PLAN IN PGA VILLAGE! Meticulously maintained “Collina” floor plan. 4BR, 3.5BA,
‘Biella’ floor plan will CAPTIVATE you! Beautiful wood flooring, crown molding & custom HIGHLY UPGRADED POOL HOME This 3BR+Den/2.5BA/2CG home features golf & 2.5CG home features elegant finishes T/O, a chef’s dream
woodwork t/o. Upgraded light fixtures & ceiling fans, Hunter Douglas blinds. Gourmet kitchen – GORGEOUS LAKE VIEW water views. Recently updated WHITE KITCHEN kitchen w/butler’s pantry, beautifully upgraded master-suite
has white 42’ level 5 cabinetry, Bianco Carrera Quartz counters, GE profile SS appliances, under This ‘Bellacerra’ floor plan has 3BR, PLUS Den, w/ QUARTZ counters, stainless appliances, 42” with frameless glass shower. The expanded & screened
cabinet lighting & breakfast nook! Master Suite features 3 walk-in closets, luxurious en-suite 3.5BA, 3CG, and beautiful finishes throughout, Chef’s wood cabinetry, chef ’s island, spacious pantry lanai is a wonderful spot to relax & enjoy the views.
w/ claw foot tub, frameless glass shower, separate vanities w/ marble tops & designer lighting. kitchen, the lanai is an entertainer’s dream with and undermount sink. Plantation shutters, tile RX-10544165 10143 SW Visconti Way
RX-10556917 10114 SW Nuova Way summer kitchen, stunning heated pool & spa, picture throughout, beautiful views and oversized lanai.
frame screen design allows to maximize the views. RX-10578926 9306 Briarcliff Trace
RX-10565581 20090 SW Matera Way

PGA VILLAGE $324,900 PGA VERANO $595,000 PGA VILLAGE $364,000 FORT PIERCE $986,000

“MidOcean” floor plan with 2BR+Den and 2.5 BA. Special Stunning 3BR+Den/4.5BA/2CG home with numerous upgrades t/o. is A MUST SEE! Open great room design with Custom built 6BD/5.5BA/3CG pool home with
features include BRAND NEW STAINLESS KITCHEN Impact glass windows & doors! Spacious, bright kitchen with soft vaulted ceilings, spacious kitchen with SS appls, something for everyone. IMPACT GLASS windows,
APPLIANCES, tile t/o entire house, fresh interior paint, phantom close features, light cabinetry, granite counter tops & stainless steel Corian counters. Spacious master suite features LED lighting, sauna, game room and more!2 in-law/
screen door, newer WH, crown molding and large extended & appliances! Wood-look tile t/o the main living areas, custom wood oversized walk-in closets and large spa-like guest suites - perfect for multi-generational living. Salt
screened lanai. RX-10542719 7655 Greenbrier Cir. vmwiouerwckh!&mRbourXeil.t--C1ina0bs,a5cn7rao9wb1ant2hm8rool1odmi7n0go,0fufp0tghrSeadWfaemd liSilgyahrtpofiroximtuWr!eCsa,aaylnl dtosdoay to ensuite. Screened lanai with pool & spa. water pool area with built-in water slide, rock waterfall,
RX-10531569 9024 Short Chip Circle hot tub and more. Call today!
RX-10567598 6201 Oleander Ave

VERONA LAKES $209,900 JENSEN BEACH $219,900 PALM CITY $349,900 PGA VILLAGE $224,900

READY VILLA IN VERONA LAKES INCLUDED! RIVER CLUB Fantastic Palm City location! Enjoy wide water access without the waterfront price. Recently updated 2BR, 2BA, 2CG ‘Andover’ floor plan
Lennar built villa completed in 2018! Plenty of space for everyone with B–eHauItDifuDllEy NcarGedEfMor!and updated 2BR, 2BA 4BR/3BA/2CG home is completely renovated. Recent upgrades incl. NEW METAL on corner lot. This light & bright home features an
3BR/2BA/1CG. Features include tile through main living areas, fresh interior condo, tile flooring throughout, granite in ROOF in ‘19, IMPACT GLASS windows and accordion shutters, septic redone oversized living room, spacious kitchen w/granite,
paint, front load washer & dryer and upgraded window treatments. Open kitchen, new vanities, frameless shower, in ‘18, new gutters in ‘19, newer AC and fenced yard. Tile t/o the home, beautiful Bosch stainless appliances, subway tile backsplash,
kitchen w/ granite counters, ss appliances, glass tile backsplash & 42” cabinetry. IMPACT windows, close distance to river white-washed brick fireplace, updated bths, french doors leading to the screened screened & covered patio can be accessed from the
Walking distance to the amenities, including future clubhouse. Call today! RX-10543635 1600 NE Dixie Hwy, 10-207 lanai. The kitchen features granite counters, stainless appliances, wood cabinetry living room or master-bedroom
RX-10574933 10139 W Villa Circle and center island. RX-10558496 1399 SW Ibis Street RX-10563979 7071 Torrey Pines Circle

Agent Exclusives

Kay Rodriguez KAY RODRIGUEZ THE #1 TOP PRODUCER SINCE 2000 Chris Rodriguez

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Call Kay Rodriguez @ 772-486-2126

WE [email protected]

Call Chris Rodriguez @ 772-828-9963

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Elegant but comfortable home w/courtyard This 3 bedroom 3 full bath home has a circular
guest cottage. Spacious ground floor master driveway, 2 car garage plus separate golf cart
suite with NEW luxury bath and private access entrance. Tile on the diagonal throughout all
to courtyard. Large office with bath easily common areas. Kitchen has corian counters;
converted back to 5th bedroom. Upstairs tumble stone back splash, 42’’ wood cabinets
private quarters with two en-suite bedrooms. w/under counter lighting, snack bar & breakfast
Home is filled with numerous upgrades of the nook. Step out to the back screened covered
highest quality and taste. RX-10589781 9600 Enclave Pl lanai with refreshing pool. RX-10590199 10205 Inverness Way



NEW ROOF 2020 Custom estate home Four bedroom, + office, + bonus, 4 bath home
with impact glass on an acre cul-de-sac with 3 car garage has open concept entertaining
lot. Gourmet kitchen custom cabinetry, space. Kitchen with updated cabinetry, granite
SS appliances, granite counters, double counters, SS. appliances inc. GAS cook top and
ovens & farmhouse sink. Entertain on your double wall ovens, center island, separate wet
gorgeous lanai with pool/spa/sauna & Tiki bar area & snack bar with adjacent breakfast
Hut kitchen that has beer on tap, wine nook. Screened covered lanai with plenty of
fridge, bun warmers & a professional BBQ. RX-10537759 7679 Wyldwood Way entertainment space and a summer kitchen. RX-10561567 8721 Bally Bunion

8305 Holley Tree Trail, Port St. Lucie, FL 34986


TORREY PINES – CHARMING VILLA This beautifully updated ‘Andover’ FABULOUS ‘FAIRVIEW’ MODEL W/FINE FINISHES Thisstunningprofession- BEAUTIFUL ‘LAUDERDALE’ MODEL This 2BR, 2BA PLUS den has one of OPEN HOUSE SUN, 1/19 1-4PM / 10121 CROSBY PLACE
floor plan features 2BR, 2BA, 2CG, an open concept kitchen w/granite, SS appls, alydecorated2BR,2BAPLUSden/of icew/built-inshomehasupgradesthroughout,kitchenw/ the best views available w/the private cul-de-sac location overlooking the managed Thisupgraded3BR,3BA,PLUSDenhomeisreadyforyoutocal home!Stunningoutsideareaw/screenedinsaltwater
master-bath w/frameless shower, covered patio & screened-in paver lanai. quartz counters, SS appls, wine cooler, crown molding, extended screened lanai overlooks lake. preserve. Open & spacious floor plan, kitchen w/granite, SS appls. Extended 2CG. pool, summer kitchen & gas stone fireplace. Freshly painted inside, whole house generator 2018 + so much more
Kay Rodriguez 772-486-2126; Chris Rodriguez 772-828-9963 Linda MacCormack 772-812-0469 Tony Reagan 772-333-0025; Ryan Reagan 561-308-0807 Jim Insinga 772-233-2500; Sara Sloan 772-618-3474
RX-10588342 NEW LISTING! $229,000 RX-10575241 $334,900 RX-10588362 $339,500 RX-10587897 $449,900


BRENTON VILLAGE – WATERFRONT POOL HOME Beautiful 3BR, 3BA, STUNNING WATER & TRIPLE FAIRWAY VIEWS! This gorgeous home has GORGEOUS LAKE VIEW Great location in the desirable community of WILLOW PINES VILLA – GOLF VIEW Fully furnished 2BR. 2ba PLUS
3CG pool home situated on an oversized corner lot on a quiet secluded street, extensive upgrades with 4 bedroom suites, kitchen with new granite, SS appls Lake Forest. This CBS home features, 3BR, 2BA, 2CG, a screened front den/office home, Corian counters in kitchen, new refrigerator, great loca-
large covered and open screened lanai with pool, gorgeous lake view. inc. GAS range, screened lanai w/stunning pool, whole house generator. porch + a screened back patio with a lake view, mature landscaping. tion close to community pool and backs up to the 16th hole of the Legacy.
Tom Farish 772475-9590 Diane Gault 772-342-7455 Valerie Juno 772-214-9404 Charmaine Hickey 954-404-0996
RX-10587130 $429,900 RX-10565019 $599,900 RX-10586294 $222,000 RX-10544437 $234,500


munity. 1BR, 1BA 2nd floor unit has all tile throughout, serene preserve this Move-in Ready 2BR, 2.5BA fully furnished condo on the corner an eat-in kitchen w/granite, breakfast bar, SS appls, including a gas 2CG home w/upgrades throughout, ext’d kitchen w/granite, center island, SS appls and is open to the
views from your back patio. This is being sold TURNKEY with fabulous lake view, tile on diagonal throughout, screened patio. stove, screened covered lanai, IMPACT glass & security system. livingarea&ofersful viewofthelanai.3rdbdrmen-suiteisaperfectguestsuiteorin-lawapartment.
Michelle Agrusa 772- 263- 6131 Chris Chapdelaine 772-5293748 Kay Rodriguez 772-486-2126; Chris Rodriguez 772-828-9963 Elise Danielian 772-418-2992; Ingrid Hewitt 772-203-7800
RX-10520018 JUST REDUCED! $67,000 RX-10588543 $178,900 RX-10570082 $263,900 RX-10588264 $309,900


with double door entrance, tile in living area and master bedroom, new 4BR, 2BA, 2CG home boasts a beautiful y updated kitchen w/new cabinetry, stone look counters, tile Screened patio, lakefront with dock, summer kitchen, wood & tile floors, the 3BR, 2.5BAtownhouse close to the community pool. High ceilings in the
A/C. Covered patio offering serene lake views backsplash, New SS apps, 2019, wood-look laminate flooring T/O. Oversized lot w/fenced yard. upgraded kitchen & master-bath, storm protection. Beautiful garden living area and lots of light. Invest for your home or as a seasonal rental.
Sharon Rudd-Boulanger 772-528-5952 Pam Misiano 772-224-9691 Joe McDuffee 772-529-5245 Linda Hart 772-595-2822
RX-10585320 JUST REDUCED! $218,900 RX-10589261 $244,900 RX-10588205 $449,000 RX-10580558 REDUCED! $204,900


2BA, 2CG home has been updated with tile and laminate wood flooring, up- 2BR, 2BA, PLUS DEN, 2CG home w/special finishes T/O, Plantation shutters, crown molding, home has been well taken care of and is situated on one of the best locations living area on the upper level with a spacious mstr-suite, living/dining rooms, eat-
graded therapy Walk-IN-Tub + more, large back porch overlooking the water kitchen w/granite, SS appls. Mstr-suite has access to the screened lanai, corner lot. with the walking trail leading to the Clubhouse. Covered lanai overlooks lake. in kitchen, balcony, 2 bdrms on the ground level, screened patio, garden view.
Becca Layne 772-224-6994 Isabelle Pollock772-713-3221; Elise Danielian 772-418-2992 Marlene Medina 772-418- 6864 Dave Cullen 772-418-0778
RX-10586894 $219,000 RX-10588851 NEW LISTING! $249,900 RX-10581924 $310,000 RX-10589752 NEW LISTING! $215,000

Port St. Lucie Office | 8305 Holley Tree Trail, Port St. Lucie, FL. 34986 | 772.467.1299

fun, food SECTION


ARBOR DAY EVENT: First-rate fun
TREE’S A CROWD AT never gets old
in Riverside
BY PAM HARBAUGH | Staff Writer musical

1 Arbor Day at the Port St. REVIEW, PAGE B3
Lucie Botanical Gardens
begins this Friday, Jan. 17, at 11 PHOTO COURTESY OF GARETT SCHIEFER
a.m. with the planting of a Re-
membrance Tree. Donations
beginning at $25 will be accept-
ed for memorializing a loved
one. The Botanical Gardens will
also be open for a stroll through
plants and trees. There are picnic
tables in a “walk through, ramble
along” garden. The Port St. Lucie
Botanical Gardens is at 2410 SE
Westmoreland Blvd., Port St. Luc-
ie. Admission is free. Donations
are accepted. Call 772-337-1959
or visit

2 A reception for the art
exhibition “From Man-
groves to Mangoes” will be
held 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. this Fri-
day at the Serious Mixed Media
gallery, 207 Orange Ave., Fort
Pierce. The exhibition, which
runs through Feb. 12, features
work by Julie Lounibos. The re-
ception coincides with the Art
Walk held in Downtown Fort
Pierce from 5 to 8 p.m. the third
Friday of each month. There are




BY SHELLEY KOPPEL | Staff Writer Peter Fogel. entine’s Day. Do they get divorced on Independence Day?
[email protected] Women laugh the most. I played it to a group of Jewish
PHOTO COURTESY OF PETER FOGEL women on Super Bowl Sunday. It’s about the craziness of
Robert DeNiro discovered Chazz Palminteri, who went marriage and observational things about relationships.
on to create the one-man show “A Bronx Tale.” Palminteri buddy Sal Monella, his Iranian ex-girlfriend Elena, his ex Chazz helped me with that. We’ve tweaked it and done
paid it forward with actor Peter Fogel, who was perform- “almost fiancée” Tanya, and his bipolar Internet date with rewriting. I want people to relate on a visceral level. The
ing in Florida in his one-man show, “’Til Death Do Us Part the screen name “Totally Committed.” Tanya is his dream married guys tell me, ‘Stay single, you’re free.’ I hit all the
… You First!” girl who broke his heart on Valentine’s Day when he was moments and then look at a couple in the front row and
finally ready to commit. Fogel takes the audience on a say, ‘That’s you.’”
“A mutual friend said that he was bringing a surprise to whirlwind tour of relationships as he visits the scenes of
the show,” Fogel said. “It was Chazz Palminteri. He said he all his romantic disasters. His friends, married, divorced Fogel brought the show to the A.C.T. after speaking to
thought it was hysterical. I said I was looking for a director or single, present a sort of Greek chorus about the joys of its co-owner, Dennis O’Donovan.
and he said, ‘You’ve got one.’” being whatever they’re not.
“I talked to Dennis and knew he did quirky things,”
Fogel returns to A.C.T. Studio Theatre in Stuart Jan. 31- “It’s written so single, divorced and married people Fogel said. “He does dark comedy. Mine is laugh, laugh,
Feb. 2 in a production directed by Palminteri. It’s the only will relate,” Fogel said. “As long as you make it funny, they laugh with some dark moments. I loved the audience (in
solo show the noted actor and director directs. laugh. I talk about people who want to get married on Val- Stuart). They got it. It’s an intimate room and it feels like
you’re in a living room.”
“It’s about the absurdities of love,” Fogel said. “He’s
married and I’m single. It’s a show about the ghosts of Val- Fogel said that people “get” the show in different ways.
entine’s Day past, present and future.” “People who are married a long time don’t know what
it is to be single. I tell them that the last time they dated,
The show tells the tale of eternal bachelor Peter Fogel, Madonna was a virgin. People now are dating in their 60s
a commitment-phobe, who gets dumped on Valentine’s and 70s and they get Internet dating. For anyone married
Day, just as he’s finally getting ready to make a commit- for the last 30 years, you don’t know what Internet dating
ment. He’s a single guy who has spent his life on his career is. The show is written so that everyone gets it. It’s inter-
and not on relationships, in part because he didn’t have a active and I play off the audience. I do the characters, the
good role model from his own father. sound effects and it’s multimedia, with a screen. They’re
getting a great show.”
“Some kids want to join the circus,” he said. “I wanted
to be a comedian and leave.” A.C.T. Studio Theatre, 2399 S. E. Ocean Blvd., Stuart,
presents “’Til Death Do Us Part … You First!” with Peter Fo-
Fogel has spent eight years on the road as the national gel and directed by Chazz Palminteri, Jan. 31-Feb. 2. Call
touring star of Steve Solomon’s one-man show, “My Moth- 772-932-8880 or visit 
er’s Italian, My Father’s Jewish and I’m in Therapy.” Being
on stage alone and voicing a variety of characters is sec-
ond nature to him as he brings to life his evil stepmoth-
er, Eva, his married college friend Harold, his divorced

S U N R I S E T H E A T R E The Best Entertainment on the Treasure Coast


Jack Hanna’s into the wild live The greatest Love of all Michael Bolton A Bronx Tale:
Thursday, january 23rd @ 7PM A tribute to whitney houston The symphony Sessions Starring Chazz palminteri
A fascinating experience that sunday, january 26th @ 7PM saturday, february 1st @ 8PM
Starring Belinda davids
brings wildlife to you friday, January 24th @ 8pm Bolton’s hits accompanied by A gripping one-man show
a 12-piece orchestra
For a Complete List of A fantastic tribute to whitney
Shows, Visit Us Online 117 South 2nd St. Follow us! * Additional shows will
Box office M-F 10am-2pm Historic Downtown be added throughout
772.461.4775. the season.
Fort Pierce

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FIRST-RATE FUN NEVER GETS OLD •(CC•u•aPr•bDtisDeciedrikelniin-AveUgve-apIrilnyable)
BY PAM HARBAUGH | Correspondent human trafficking ring in Vero Beach.
Old troupes get jazzed up in Riverside But really, there’s not a moment in this
Theatre’s snappy and vibrant production of zippy show where your modern mind will

“Thoroughly Modern Millie.” have a chance to light. From the first down-

The entertaining musical may have the beat of the overture to the final curtain,

look and feel of something right out of the you will be won over by a talented cast and

THEATRE ’20s, but it’s based on design team who deliver a winning, fun-

the 1967 George Roy Hill filled show.

REVIEW movie starring Julie An- The music, like the story, is new and old.

drews. The stage musical It was composed by Jeanine Tesori, one

has a book by George Scanlan and Richard of the hottest contemporary Broadway

Morris, who wrote the screenplay. composers, who won a Tony Award for “Fun

But given the art deco appeal, girl-meets- Home.” She uses peppy 1920s-inspired

boy storyline, a subplot dealing with crimi- melodies and even some brilliant moments

nal behavior and a bounty of bright singing invoking classic tunes and a lot of fun. Gil-

and flapper-girl tap dancing, you may feel bert & Sullivan’s “My Eyes Are Fully Open” FREE LARGE FAMILY PACK
like you’ve already seen it. Really … didn’t is the tune and tempo for a rousing typing $26.99
Buy one large 3-topping pizza,
Howard Lindsay do this something like this test number; Victor Herbert’s “Ah, Sweet get a large regular cheese pizza

already in the ’30s? No, that was “Anything Mystery of Life” proves a perfect musical

Goes.” motif when Grayson and Dorothy meet; and FREE (Save $14.99) 2 LARGE 16” CHEESE PIZZAS

“Thoroughly Modern Millie” follows the Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker Suite” adds NOT VALID ON GOURMET PIZZA
Pick-Up or Delivery Only
frivolous and fun exploits of Kansas-bred classy undertones to a speakeasy scene.
2 SIDE SALADS ANY 2 LITREVNaloidtavtaPloidrtwSti.thLuacineyLoocthateiornoofnfelyr.,Mduisstcporuesnetn, tscpoeucpioanl owrhecnoourpdoernin.g.
Millie Dillmount, who has, in the midst of In fact, the music is so big and wonderful, SODA (Save $10.76)ONE COUPON PER ORDER. Offer expires 01/31/20
the Roaring ’20s, moved to New York City it becomes the canvas for some sensational Private Label Wine Not valid with any other offer, discount, special or coupon.

to find a rich husband. Saying she wants to spectacle by director/choreographer James With Purchase of 2 Dinner Entrees One coupon per order. Must present coupon when ordering.

be a modern girl, she rejects the idea of love Brennan, who has grown into a Riverside Choice of Pino Grigio or Valid at: Port St. Lucie Location Only. Expires 01/31/20

and instead has her mind set on finding a favorite. Sangiovese (Save $23.99) $5 OFF
Dine in only 4Pm-Close $25 or more
secretarial job and marrying the boss. His remarkable ensemble dance through
Not valid with any other offer, discount, special or coupon.
Millie checks into the Priscilla Hotel for choreography that has layers of embellished Valid at Port St. Lucie Location only. ONE COUPON

Single Women, which is run by a mysterious gesture. From flipping of the hand and tap- PER COUPLE. Offer expires 01/31/20

Mrs. Meers, a woman who disguises herself ping while seated, to akimbo kicks and arms $10 OFFFREE EARLY
to look and sound like a Chinese villainess flung upward in joy, Brennan uses every part
Buy One Early Dinner and Two Beverages,
from a 1930s B-movie. Millie soon makes a of the body and the entire stage for a most Receive 2nd Early Dinner of Equal or Lesser

Value. FREE (up to $12.99)
best friend, Miss Dorothy, and finds a job satisfying abundance of dance. $50 or more

with a handsome boss, Mr. Graydon. Moreover, his scenic shifts are inspired. Dine in only 3PM-6PM SHARP! NOT VALID WITH ANY OTHER OFFER
Not valid with any other offer, discount, special or coupon. DISCOUNT, SPECIAL OR COUPON
The romance part of the comic plot be- Working in concert with lighting de- Valid at Port St. Lucie Location only. ONE COUPON One coupon per order. Must present coupon when ordering.

signer Julie Duro, moving lights PER COUPLE. Offer expires 01/31/20 Valid at: Port St. Location Only. Expires 01/31/20

are projected onto Michael Sch- Visit our website for full menu and on-line ordering! •

weikardt’s excellent scenery while 772-281-2658
it is changed. Keeping the featured 1707 NW ST. LUCIE W BLVD, SUITE 148 • PORT ST. LUCIE

characters in front of the scenery,

the shifts become tightly timed “car-

penter scenes,” keeping the pace

bustling along. Miranda and appearing in multiple roles show-stopper as singer and as wise social-
in “Vietgone,” one of the hottest American ite Muzzy Van Hossmere. And she knows
Abby Church is a wonder as Mil- plays around now. how to wear and use those fabulous gowns,
designed by Kurt Alger, oh so very well.
lie. Bright-faced and cheerful, she is Carl Hsu is Bun Foo, who, like Ching Ho,
is desperate to get his mother out of Hong Music director and keyboardist Ann
a singing and dancing joy, while at Kong and bring her to New York City. Hsu Shuttlesworth leads a solid 11-piece pit
PHOTO COURTESY OF GARETT SCHIEFER the same time bringing the romance brings out the comedy in musical num- orchestra. Duro’s rich lighting brings out the
bers with Chan, as they sing and speak in a vibrancy in Alger’s costumes, and Sch-
comes entangled when Mr. Graydon falls for and comedic touches. Patrick Mobley, who combination of Cantonese and Mandarin weikardt’s scenery has that high sophisticat-
dialects, with supertitles translating. ed Broadway appeal, where a few beautifully
Miss Dorothy; and Jimmy, an earnest young was Gabe in Riverside’s “Next to Normal,” crafted pieces slide easily on and off to set
Adinah Alexander, who has been in mood and place.
man, falls for Millie. is very appealing as Jimmy, the young man numerous original Broadway casts, is a
drop-dead hoot as Mrs. Meers. She delivers This is a first-rate, polished, professional
The mysterious Mrs. Meers lurks in the who falls for Millie. nuanced jokes as asides between her and production. You would be hard pressed to
the audience, and shimmies between the in- find better.
background, though, supplying a white slav- Matthew Hydzik makes an ideal Mr. tentionally hackneyed Chinese accent into a
tough Brooklyn “broad” talk. And, when her “Thoroughly Modern Millie” runs through
ery racket with young orphaned women. Grayson, Hydzik, who was on Broadway as character reveals that she used to trod the Jan. 26 at Riverside Theatre, 3250 Riverside
boards (theater speak for ‘act’), she turns up Park Dr.,Vero Beach. It performs 7:30 p.m.
Speaking with caricature accent, she intones Gregg Allman in “The Cher Show” and Tony the droll, saying she could still play Juliet, if Tuesdays,Wednesdays and Thursdays; 8 p.m.
the house was big enough. Fridays and Saturdays; and 2 p.m.Wednes-
“Sad to be all alone in the world.” She forces in “West Side Story,” has fulsome fun with days, select Thursdays, Saturdays and Sun-
Nicole Powell, who also has a long line of days. Tickets begin at $35. Call 772-231-6990
help from two Chinese men, Ching Ho and Victoria Britt, who turns up the innocent, credits on Broadway and in television, is a or visit 

Bun Foo, who work in a laundry. They, and a wide-eyed appeal as Miss Dorothy. Togeth-

talented ensemble of dancers, round out the er, they hit the big notes with astounding

cast of “Thoroughly Modern Millie.” ease.

However, a thoroughly modern audience Anthony Chan brings sweetness to his

may wonder about jokes feeding at the role of Ching Ho, a Chinese immigrant who

trough of glass ceilings, ethnic stereotyping falls in love and helps protect Miss Dorothy.

and sex trafficking. Indeed, Vero Beach au- Like the rest of the featured cast, Chan has

diences might find the timing a bit ironic in a solid list of professional credits, including

light of last year’s headlines about a possible working with Bartlett Sher and Lin-Manuel



BY SHELLEY KOPPEL | Staff Writer such a fantastic theater-going
[email protected]
audience at the Riverside to the
“The 39 Steps” is a 1935 Hitch-
cock thriller based on a book by show. One of the things I’m most
John Buchan about an everyman
in London who finds himself exited about is that I really love
caught up in spy intrigue. Bu-
chan’s 1915 work is often consid- the words of the play and what
ered to be one of the first spy nov-
els and Hitchcock’s film is widely the characters have to say. I do
considered a masterpiece.
seek out to do it again and again
The play, “The 39 Steps,” by
Patrick Barlow, which will be and find out what each director
presented at Vero Beach’s River-
side Theatre Jan. 21-Feb. 9, takes brings. I’m a different age than I
it all and adds a touch of Monty
Python, as four actors play more was when I first played the role.
than 150 characters.
The designers are different. It’s
Dan Fenaughty plays Richard
Hannay, the everyman caught in like a (different) conductor with
a web of intrigue. That’s the only
role he plays. an orchestra. All of us are excit-

“The audience follows me ed to see where it goes.”
through the whole of the adven-
ture,” he said. “The only thing the Fenaughty is returning to Riv-
other actors don’t hate me for is
that I never leave the stage. It’s a erside following a 2017 appear-
lot of fun, no matter who you’ve
been playing. The idea that at- ance in “Mame.” It’s one of his fa-
tracts me to the movie, the book
and the play is that Hannay is basical- vorite theaters. “I fell in love with
ly an everymen who gets caught up in
something beyond his control. It’s a play the theater, the audience and the
that works on many different levels. If
you don’t know the Hitchcock story, weather,” he said.
you’ll enjoy it because it’s funny and en-
tertaining. If you’re a fan of Hitchcock, Now, he has the new lodgings
there are all these Easter eggs along the
way.” the theater has built to look for-

That means that you’ll have fun look- ward to, as well.
ing for allusions and puns from other
Hitchcock films, including “Strangers on “I have friends who have
a Train,” “Rear Window,” “Psycho,” “Ver-
tigo” and “North by Northwest.” come back who say that the

Fenaughty said that he was looking (Star Suites) hotel is wonderful,”
forward to which ones the director keeps
and which he pulls out. he said. “The Riverside is one of

“As a director, you can add more winks Dan Fenaughty. those uniquely positioned the-
to the audience,” he said. “It invites the aters able to invest. As I travel
audience in. When people start getting PHOTO COURTESY OF THE RIVERSIDE THEATRE around the country, the over-

it, they’re more responsive.” head and responsibility theaters have to

The actor said that the idea is a troupe actors and non-full-time staff is difficult

of actors who get to play many charac- and prohibitive. The Riverside has done

ters. “They have different accents, differ- a beautiful job of taking care of sponsors,

ent physicalities and seemingly practical donors, the audience and actors. It’s a

people in impractical situations. The one model to emulate. It’s a fantastic the-

woman in the show plays a femme fa- ater and I’m very excited to come back.

tale, a naïve farm girl and the romantic I hope everybody comes to see the show

lead. The two other characters are The and finds themselves in a character. It’s

Clowns. I’ve counted it out and (they funny, zany and has a lot of heart, with

usually) play between 80-100 combina- as much comedy as we are able to bring.

tions. The number of characters depends The audience goes on a thrill ride and

on whether you count whether they’re finds more important themes applicable

playing a rock or a tree.” to modern life.”

Fenaughty knows this play as well as

anyone can. “This is my sixth production Riverside Theatre, 3250 Riverside Park

of ‘The 39 Steps,’” he said. “I even direct- Drive, Vero Beach, presents Patrick Bar-

ed myself in it. I’ll always be Hannay be- low’s “The 39 Steps,” Jan. 21-Feb. 9. Call

cause nobody wants to see my clown. I’m 772-231-6990 or visit www.riversidethe-

very happy with the role and to introduce 

COMING UP Eric Clapton and Bonnie Raitt. Her con- Jerry lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry,
cert begins 7 p.m. Friday. Tickets are $42. Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper. Mc-
CONTINUED FROM PAGE B1 Tito Puente, Jr. brings his mix of the Latin Guigan must be doing something right.
sound to the Lyric 7 p.m. Saturday. Tickets He’s performed as Buddy Holly more than
about a dozen galleries in the downtown are $47. Son of the legendary “El Rey,” Pu- 2,500 times in “Rave On!” And Branford
area, which makes it a fun and intimate ente keeps his father’s iconic sound alive Marsalis finishes the extraordinary week
experience for strollers. For more infor- and adds his own voice. He describes it at the Lyric with a concert beginning 7
mation, call 631-827-7419 or visit Seri- as contemporary jazz added to the tradi- p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 23. Marsalis is a big tional mambo style. The “Rave On! Buddy name in jazz. A Grammy Award winner,
Holly Experience” begins 7 p.m. Tuesday, Marsalis also has played with classical
3 Entertainment kicks into high at Jan. 21. Tickets are $47. The show stars ensembles and performed with the New
the Lyric Theatre this Friday when Billy McGuigan as Buddy Holly. He will York Philharmonic and the Chicago and
guitarist Anna Popovic hits the stage with take you back to the time when “That’ll Dusseldorf Symphonies. He was also
her rock and blues show. Popovic was Be the Day” and “Peggy Sue” filled the a creative director with the acclaimed
the only female guitar player touring in radio airwaves. Billed as a “high-energy Cincinnati Symphony. Television view-
the All-Star Hendrix Experience. Her re- rock ‘n roll extravaganza,” the show also ers may recall his work with the “Tonight
cordings reached the top 10 alongside explores influence by big names such as Show” with Jay Leno. 

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Don’t just ‘lie’ there, comedy fans: Check out ‘The Bare Truth’

BY SHELLEY KOPPEL | Staff Writer who’s a single mom. From the moment Brown has no worries about Opening Brown hastens to say that there is not nu-
[email protected] the Baxters arrive, the “helicopter chil- Night. dity in the show, lest anyone wonder. How
dren” do, as well, looking at everything does it all fit together? You’ll have to come
Playwright and director Howard Brown and pointing out what needs to be done, “It’s not especially stressful,” he said. see. If you’ve ever had to tell your children
of Port St. Lucie isn’t nervous about direct- which is, in their opinions, everything. “I’ve been through a number and I look that you can still read the electric bill or
ing the upcoming Pineapple Playhouse Eventually, the couple tires of having their forward to it. The point is to have the call a plumber, you may want to take a
production of his comedy, “The Bare children in their business all their time, es- show well-rehearsed. The point is to have page, or perhaps a fig leaf, from the Bax-
Truth,” which will be presented Jan. 23- pecially when they arrive unannounced. the show as good at the beginning of the ters.
Feb. 16. He’s directed his own works be- They come up with the idea of telling the run as at the end. We’ll have an invitation
fore. This past year, he even had the plea- children they are nudists because no one Friends and Family Night the night before. The Pineapple Playhouse, 700 W. Weath-
sure of seeing the play’s world premiere, wants to see their parents without clothes. It’s like a dress rehearsal. Opening night is erbee Road, Fort Pierce, presents “The Bare
which took place off-Broadway in New time for fun.” Truth” Jan. 23-Feb. 16. Call 772-465-0366
York. When he’s directing, he does have a Brown is very pleased with his cast, or visit 
process he likes to follow. which includes Steven Dionne and Ellen It’s impossible to tell much more of the
Gillette as Jack and Betty; Joe Moore and plot without giving away the store, but
“We start with the text,” he said. “Let’s Sharon Taylor as their gregarious, out-
learn the lines first. In going through, if going neighbors; Randy Branch, Libbie
there’s a better word, or we come up with Baylinson and Melissa Baez as the “mid-
something they all laugh at, it makes the dle-aged youngsters”; and Patrick Para-
moment a little better. In directing my dise as Nick Treadway, a nudist camp di-
own work, I have to be a little bit humble rector. Brown was having trouble casting
and accept that it might not be 100 percent the part, having described the character
perfect because it never is. Sometimes as “tall, dark and handsome,” but he and
ideas don’t work and other times, there’s his wife were out one evening and he saw
a great idea. What are rehearsals for but to Paradise – literally.
try new things? You try things, take this a
little differently. It’s a way to work things “He was exactly what I wanted,” Brown
out so it’s a living thing. It’s a lot more fun said. “He was Hollywood handsome and
and actors bring their own qualities.” that’s hard to find. It’s a cameo and he
didn’t need much experience. I just walked
The story revolves around a couple, up to him. He has a great voice. He’d never
Jack and Betty Baxter, who have moved been on stage, but he fits right in. I’m hop-
to Florida from the Midwest. They have a ing he gets a taste for it.”
son who is an oral surgeon, a daughter-in-
law in real estate and a divorced daughter His cast works so well together that


Katie Rodgers & Josh Rhett Noble January 16th - February 2nd, 2020

For Ticket Information: 772-287-4884 • All Seats Reserved


FEBRUARY 20-23 Helping you stay SAFE, GSL Wealth Management
SECURE, ALIVE! 772.223.6755




A gifted singer, songwrit- is best known for her record-
er and musician will take
Join the A.E. Backus Museum & Gallery for center stage on Thursday, ing of the Eric Bazilian song
Feb. 6 at Vero Beach’s Em-
The Annual & Exciting Lavish Luncheon and Auction erson Center at 7 p.m. Joan “One of Us.”
Osborne and her trio of mu-
Sunday, January 26, 2020 11:30 am - 3 pm sicians will no doubt leave Just finishing a smash-
audiences with a soulful
THE PELICAN YACHT CLUB evening filled of tunes, sto- ing successful tour – “Joan
ries and strong feelings of
1120 Seaway Drive, Fort Pierce optimism. This concert is Osborne Sings the Songs
Reservations - $75 per person one in a series proudly pre-
sented to the community by of Bob Dylan” – Osborne is
Please call 772-465-0630 LIVE! From Vero Beach.
or online at sure to delight the audience
Osborne is an American singer, song-
Key West Best Sponsor writer and interpreter of music, having with some Dylan tunes.
recorded and performed in various pop-
ular American musical genres including The Emerson Center is lo-
pop, soul, R&B, blues, and country. She
cated on the campus of the

Unitarian Universalist Fel-

lowship of Vero Beach, on the

SE corner of 16th Street and

27th Avenue in Vero Beach. Doors open at

6 p.m. Come early and purchase drinks

and snacks from the Emerson Center

lobby bar. For more information call 772-

234-4412.  ­– CONTRIBUTED

A Little Getaway Right Here At Home!

Concert Schedule-2020 Friday, Febru ary 7th

February 12th - ‘’From Broadway With Love’’ 3 Course Buffet Dinner & Show - $35 + tax & gratuity Showtime 8:00pm

7:00 PM - doors open 6:30 Salad, Chicken Francaise, Homemade Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, - Dinner starts as
Port St Lucie Civic Center, corner of US#1 and Walton Rd.
Brussel Sprouts, Rolls & Butter, Coffee & Dessert! - Cash Bar early as 6:00pm
Tickets $10.00 • Information 772 801 4488
A Creative Catering “Dinner Show” Experience!
March 11th - ‘’Jazz and Big Band Spectacular’’
7:00 PM - Doors open 6:30 One the East Coasts’ Best and Cleanest Comedians. Tom has appeared at
Port St Lucie Civic Center, corner of US#l and Walton Rd.
some of New York City’s and Los Angeles’ biggest and best Comedy Clubs
Tickets $10.00 • Information 772 801 4488
On Televison Tom has appeared pn Comedy Central, The Conan Show and
April 1st - ‘’Jazz and Big Band Spectacular’’
The Metro Channel. Tom is also a Regular in Atlantic City and Las Vegas
7:00PM - Doors open 6:30
First United Methodist Church, where he opens for acts like, Englebert Humberdink, Tom
260 SW Prima Vista Blvd. Port St Lucie
Tickets $10.00 • Information 772 878 1155 Jones and Blood Sweat & Tears And from NY
The lighting quick wit of

Michael Parenti

951 SW Country Club Drive PSL Florida 34986 • 772-340-1444 Ext 2 or 772-336-2507

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Excitement builds for Feb. 8
Club Talavera Festival of Art


Here’s a way to get your creative juices flowing.

The juried Club Talavera Festival of Art will be Saturday, Feb.

8, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. PGA Village Verano is inviting all to drop

by 10291 SW Visconti Way to take in some smooth jazz and art.

“It is our fourth annual, and we offer fine arts, handmade gifts,

one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry, decorative and functional art,”

said Rickie Leiter, co-chair of the event.

Don Bestor Jr., president of the Fort Pierce Jazz & Blues Society,

will play piano as folks take in the visual and edible art.

“We will have some food vendors offering tastes of coffee

chocolate,” said Leiter. She said there’ll be a wide range of artists.

“They will include oil painting, acrylic painting, wood artists.”

GOING WITH THE FLOW AT ‘RIVER NIGHTS’ Barbara Vennard, co-chair, said the show has been surpris-

Bob and Cindy Labrode dance to the music of the Tom Jackson Band, while others relax in lawn chairs ingly popular. It started
during River Nights last Thursday in Port St. Lucie. Hosted by the City of Port St. Lucie, the event is held the
second Thursday of the month and includes food and drinks, vendors and live music.  as a Verano community

PHOTOS: LINDA KLOORFAIN art show and expanded.

“Our first year, we had

five vendors,” she said.

All lived in Verano, as

did their customers. “And

we did quite well,” said


“The second year Barbara Vennard, Rickie Leiter, Carol Marino
there were about 18 ven- and Sandy Brickley present Don Bestor Jr.
with a $1,000 check to fund scholarships.

Now we’re at 32.”

The third-year organizers opened the show to the whole com-

munity of artists and arts aficionados. “It’s just been a great cele-

bration,” Vennard said.

Leiter said the annual art show helps Verano weave into the

larger Port St. Lucie and St. Lucie County community. “In doing

that one of the important things to us is to give back to the com-

munity,” she said.

Show organizers opted to use it to fund an arts scholarship.

“Last year we were able to donate enough money for $1,000 for

a scholarship for a student,” said Leiter. “This year we’ll be doing

the same thing.”

Marsha Cummings, lifestyle director at Club Talavera, said the

art show has been a showcase for Verano, too.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity for people to see our model

homes and state-of-the-art clubhouse and fitness center,” she

said. “This is a big highlight to us – to open our doors.”

The show is free.  Hurt in a Car Wreck?

Se Habla Espanol Villafranco & Garcia
Call Your Hometown Injury Attorneys
10570 South US Highway 1, Suite 203, Port St. Lucie


Where there’s smoke ... there’s the Wildland Fire Expo

BY PATRICK McCALLISTER | Correspondent are right, can fuel firestorms that spread at PHOTO COURTESY OF ST. LUCIE COUNTY ENVIRONMENTAL RESOURCES agement and prescribed fires became the
eyepopping speeds. The state learned that centerpiece of the new efforts. Florida now
It’ll be the hottest party in South Florida. the hard way in 1998 when Central Florida dom said they shouldn’t be able to, such has one of the most expansive prescribed
On Saturday, Jan. 25, St. Lucie County caught fire from Kissimmee to Jacksonville. as jumping Interstate 95 and threatening fire programs in the nation that includes
will fire up the fun at the Wildland Fire Expo heavily populated areas. Indeed, 125 miles governmental agencies and private land-
at Lestrange Preserve. Literally. The county In 1997 there was an El Niño that gen- of that major highway were closed for al- owners.
is setting the preserve on fire and inviting erated a lot of rainfall in Florida, which most a week.
people to enjoy the show. already had unnaturally thick vegetation “We are on the cutting edge as a state,”
“There’re some great ecological benefits from decades of fire suppression. The rain The annual hard summer rains finally Middlebrook said.
of prescribed fire,” said Mike Middlebrook, urged a rapid burst of more growth. Then started falling on July 5. A couple weeks af-
assistant director at St. Lucie’s environmen- in April 1998 water stopped dropping from ter that, the fires were done. By then there Amanda Thompson, stewardship and
tal resources. “It’s the best tool we use.” the sky. Totally stopped. Plants dried out had been about 2,200 individual fires. They outreach coordinator at the county’s en-
The expo – which kicks off local recogni- and died in the combination of dryness and left more than 500,000 charred acres and vironmental resources department, said
tion of Florida’s Prescribed Fire Awareness Florida heat. May came, and still no rain. 150 burned structures despite the heroic there will be dozens of state and local agen-
Week – will be noon to 5 p.m. The George Small fires started. By the end of the month, efforts of more than 10,000 firefighters from cies on hand at the Wildland Fire Expo with
Lestrange Preserve is at 4911 Ralls Road, those small fires were combining into large across the country using, among other educational interactive displays, opportu-
Fort Pierce. The main event, a prescribed fires. Gov. Lawton Chiles declared a state of things, nearly 200 firefighting aircraft. nities to get up close to firefighting equip-
fire, will start at 3 p.m. There will be seating emergency the first week of June. ment, and more.
for folks to watch and learn. As investigations followed, people no-
“It’ll be fully narrated at the time of the For six summer weeks it became in- ticed a lot of the areas that burned in 1998 “It’ll be a great way for people curious
demonstration,” Middlebrook said. “We’ll creasingly rational to wonder if the entire were the same ones that had in the 1985 about (prescribed and wild fires) to come
talk about the benefits of fire, and why it’s state was going to burn down to the lime- firestorms, too. That firestorm event was out and get answers,” she said. “It’ll help
good for the environment.” stone. Flagler County was forced to enact a much shorter than the one in 1998, but make things understandable and relat-
Yes, fires are good. Even Smokey Bear is countywide evacuation order. The wildfires spread with even more devastating speed. able.”
spreading that message and urging chil- started doing things that conventional wis- Within days it claimed 131 structures. Af-
dren and adults to visit ter those two firestorms, federal and state Oh, yeah, and there will be a firefight-
to learn why. agencies completely rethought fire man- ing helicopter, said Ben Pauley, natural re-
Fires are part of Florida’s natural rhythms sources coordinator.
in the pinelands, sandhills, scrubs, prairies
and even wetlands. There’s flora and fauna “It’s a chance to get up closer and person-
that depend on fires to survive and thrive. al with stuff you see on TV,” he said. “Things
“We have the South Florida slash pine we get to play with on a daily basis.”
(tree),” Middlebrook said. “It thrives in fire.
Wiregrass ... it’s a native grass a lot of wild- That helicopter will be part of the fire
life eats. It won’t flower without seasonal demonstration. It will swoop in and drop
fires.” water as folks watch. Pauley said no matter
In turn, birds such as the Florida grass- how many times one sees that, the excite-
hopper sparrow and red-cockaded wood- ment “never wears off.”
pecker depend on those trees and grasses,
and their fire cycles. So do gopher tortoises, Brion Pauley, field operations coordina-
and the less known fox squirrel. tor, said folks will get to enjoy great local
What makes fires bad are longstanding fare, too.
human efforts to suppress them to protect
our homes and, less so, agricultural inter- “We’re going to have local food trucks
ests. Suppression of fires allows for exces- there as well as local breweries,” he said.
sive plant growth that, when conditions
The prescribed fire is subject to cancella-
tion due to weather conditions. Even if the
fire is cancelled, the remainder of the Wild-
land Fire Expo at Lestrange Preserve will go
on. Middlebrook said the event is designed
to be child-friendly, so all possible precau-
tions will be in place to ensure everyone’s
safety. 


W/Each Entrée Purchased. Inc. House Or Well, Top Shelf Not Included. Exp. 01/24/20 With Full Liquor Bar

Straight from the Adams Family Ranch 5 OFFOUR GIFT $ 00
To Beautiful Downtown Fort Pierce! TO YOU!
Any Ticket of $30 or more Expires 01-24-20
Two Beautiful TeBraford presents

“Farm To Table”



Serving Dinner Wed.-Sat. 5pm To Serve Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 8pm
Sun. at 4pm You! Sunday Brunch 9:30am – 2:00pm

772 .882 .9131 772 .882 .9786 N.W. Corner of 2nd St. & Orange Ave. 772.302.3866
100 So. 2nd Street, Fort Pierce

To Advertise (772-370-6179) ST. LUCIE VOICE | ST. LUCIE WEST AND TRADITION | PEOPLE January 17, 2020 9

The Culver’s®
Double Deluxe



Electronic versions of
this coupon are not

Expires 01/24/20


SUN - THURS • 10:30am - 10pm • FRI & SAT • 10:30am - 11pm

Culver’s of Port St Lucie
10770 SW Tradition Pkwy, Port St. Lucie, FL 34987 (772) 345-2874

© 2016 Culver Franchising System, Inc. PEPSI and the Pepsi Globe are registered trademarks of PepsiCo, Inc. 12/16


4pm to Close

PHOTOS: LINDA KLOORFAIN Sunday Brunch served 10am - 2pm


Randy Lowe, the kite man, came up from Delray Beach to show off his kite-flying Every Tuesday & Thursday
skills during the K-9s & Kites event hosted by St. Lucie Farmers Market last Sunday
in St. Lucie West. Kaylee Koscuk, 8, top inset, gets her kite ready to fly, while Erik When you Bring your own Bottle of Wine to Dinner
Nielsen brought his dog Jellybean to participate in the dog parade. 
(No Corking Fee)
Early Bird Specials from $13.95
with $10.00 purchase, must present coupon.
Fresh Seafood, Chicken, Beef, Pasta, & More. Choice of Potato, Vegetable & Dessert of the day Available
Expires 01-31-20 4:00pm~6:00pm (Must be Seated by 6pm) • Dine-In Only.

OPNEON!W • Chicken Tenders Live
& Nuggets
SPACE HEATERS ON Entertainment
• Homemade Sauces OUR PATIO!
• Salads Starting at 6pm
• Sandwiches Tues - Steve Fredericks &Abby Owens
• Hand Spun Shakes
Wed. - Shawn Langford
772-577-5364 Thur. - The New Yorkers
Fri. - Shawn Langford
10F6am3il0y OSwnWed &TOrpaerdatietdi•oSnuppPorat YrokurwLoacayl Merchants Sat - Various Artists
eatpdq.c om
On Our Patio

10% OFF


Dinner only. Must present coupon.
Does not include tax or gratuity.
Cannot be combined with any
other discount. Expires 1/31/20


Family Owned & Operated • Support Your Local Merchants


1680 St. Lucie West Blvd., Port St. Lucie (Across from Walmart)


Meeting marvelous Maggie Mae makes Bonz’s day

Hi Dog Buddies! Chiyka an this is my Mommy, Mar- Maggie Mae. but first, I’ve gotta ask, who’s your
ian. My Daddy’s Harry. I know who stylist? You are SO Put Together.” (I
I would just like to say “Woof!” This YOU are! You’re The BONZ, right? but wa-ay colder. She had a Shih Tzu al- couldn’t buhLEEVE I had ackshul-
week’s innerview was with a 7-year-old You’re even hansommer than your ready, Marcus, and she wanted a pal for ly asked that, but she was just, so
shih tzu, Maggie Mae Chiyka. An does pickshur! Did you find the place all him. Her fren, Pat, was also lookin’ for stylish, like Lassie, or a Westminster
she ever have it Goin’ ON! Animal Planet right? Would you like a snack?” a Shih Tzu. (We’re a very popular breed, champion.)
says Shih Tzu means “lion” in Manda- you know. The Chinese royal families
rin Chinese, which is Cool Kibbles, I I realized I was staring. had lotsa us around for sittin’ on their She gave that little laugh. “Why
thought. (Liddle bitty lions, cuz they “Err …” I responded brilliantly. laps an posin’ for por-truts an stuff.) thank you, Mr. Bonz. It’s AN-drew!
only get to, like, 15 pounds. Maggie My ears were getting warm an I was I just LOVE him! I get so excited
Mae’s 12 pounds.) Animal Planet also feeling very glad dogs don’t blush. “Anyway, Mommy’s shelter frens were when I go to the groomer, I just twirl
says Shih Tzus are “clever, intelligent, af- “Umm, YES! I, umm, I … NO! I on the lookout in case any Shih Tzus got around in circles. I wouldn’t let any-
fectionate, lively an spunky,” an Maggie mean, no trouble finding you. An no brought in and then, this one day, they one else touch my hair.
Mae is totally all of the above. Plus cute. snack, but thank you.” called an said, ‘Guess what? Two Shih
She laughed a tinkly liddle laugh. Tzus just got brought in.’ WELL, Mommy “Every day, I get leash walks. I
When we knocked, there weren’t any “Well, let’s go sit down an we can an Pat zoomed right over an, the second have lotsa Leash Walk Pooch Pals,
barks, only some toenail clickittys. A talk.” they saw us (me an my sister Lily) they like Toby, also a Shih Tzu; Bentley
frenly lady answered, an this liddle black I casually retrieved my notebook said ‘WE’LL TAKE ’EM!’ Mommy grabbed an Bella, they’re Mixes; an my other
an white pooch came running up, all from the floor an followed Maggie me, an Pat grabbed Lily. Woof, did we BFF, Emma, she’s a terrier. Liddle
wiggly an smiley. Mae an her Mom into the living ever Luck Out!” kids often stop an pat me. My favrite
room, having a fast but firm conver- form of transportation is my buggy.
She was wearing a short, curly cut, sation with myself about maintain- “So, how’d you an Marcus get along?” I could ride in it forEVER. I’m also a
longer around her face. Her ears an ing a professional demeanor. “Ack-shully, at first, I was a liddle Fashionista.”
eyebrows and most of her head were “So, Miss Maggie Mae, tell me all apprehensive. Marcus was real patient,
black, with trimmed bangs over her eyes, about how you found your Forever though, an priddy soon we were great That was no surprise.
anna white beard. The hair on top of her Famly.” frens. When he went to Dog Heaven, me “I have hairbows in every color.
head was tied with a liddle white bow. It “OK, Mr. Bonz.” She smiled a an Mommy cried an cried. But, since my Mommy made me a fluffy pink
was black with cool white highlights, the sparkling smile. “Let me know if I go Mommy an Lily’s Mommy were BFFs, me princess outfit, an I wore my lovely
kinda colors human ladies go to special, too fast. So, My Mommy LOVES Shih an Lily got to have lotsa play dates, so red sweater when I visited Santa at
fancy places to get. Tzus. I’m her fifth, I believe. She was that helped!” Christmas. He even let me sit on his
volunteerin’ at an animal shelter up in “How did you end up in Florida?” lap!”
“Hello! DO come in! I’m Maggie Mae Delaware, which is a state, like Florida, “Mommy an Daddy had been Snow- “Woof, that’s PAWsome,” I exclaimed.
birds for a long time, an I got to be a “So, whaddya like to eat?”
PROVIDING EXCELLENCE SINCE 1986 Snowbirddog, which was fun cuz I love “I get special frozen food made in
ridin’ in the car, an I really liked the Pencil-VANE-yuh. ABSOLUTELY NO
A FULL SERVICE VETERINARIAN CLINIC warm-ness down here. Finally, they PEOPLE FOOD. For treats I get puffy
We at Kelly’s Animal Hospital are the decided to move for good. I have a snacks or carrots. Me an Mommy also
one-stop practice for all your best friend’s needs: grown-up human brother down here, love to crunch on ice cubes. Whenever I
too – Jeff. Plus, GUESS WHAT? Pat an Lily hear the fridge open, I rush in, an Mom-
• Computerized state of the art facility, Patrick A. Kelly, D.V.M. ALSO moved down here, so we still get my gives me one ice cube.
with 4 large exam rooms to be BFFs! Isn’t that Super Crispy Dog “During the day, I sit out on the screen
Biscuits?” porch, on my liddle cot an ob-SERVE,
• Digital radiography “Totally! The Crispiest!” I agreed. but I NEVER, EVER go out in the yard
• Acupuncture “I’m interested in what your day is like by myself. That’s mostly cuzza the lake.
• Affordable vaccine packages available Monster ally-gadors live there, an they
• Wellness plans from all stages of life like eatin’ snack-size pooches like me.
Just thinkin’ about it gives me the Utter
for dogs & cats. Willies.
• Fully stocked pharmacy “At night, I curl up with Mommy an
• In house laboratory which allows us go to sleep. Honestly, Mr. Bonz, I’m so
thrilled to have such a lovin’ famly, I
to do most blood- work in house don’t make waves: I never bark, or chew
and have results in 30 minutes stuff, or nip. An I’m always ready to
snuggle. I feel it’s the least I can do.”
Extended Grooming Hours - Mon, Heading home, I was pick-surin’ pret-
Tues, Wed & Fri - until 3:00 pm ty, ladylike Maggie Mae, smilin’ at me
with those sparkly black eyes. And styl-
772.336.8111 150 NW CENTRAL PARK PLAZA ish hair-do. And soft liddle laugh. Sigh.
Till next time,
visit our website @
The Bonz
Hours: Monday 7:30-8:00 • Tuesday 7:30-8:00 • Wednesday 7:30-8:00
• Thursday 7:30-5:30 • Friday 7:30-8:00 • Saturday 8:00-4:00 • Sunday - Closed DON’T BE SHY!
We are always looking for pets
with interesting stories. To set

up an interview, email
[email protected].

To Advertise (772-370-6179) ST. LUCIE VOICE | ST. LUCIE WEST AND TRADITION | COMMUNITY/CALEN DAR January 17, 2020 11


SW RAD COURT. The residents have voted and the winners announced for
the 2019 PSL in Lights holiday decorating contest. Those who
won will receive recognition at an upcoming City Council

There were two categories in which residents could com-
pete – and one specific to neighborhoods.

All decorated and registered homes were entered into the
PSL Showstopper – best overall residential light display.

The winners are:
 1st Place – Yvonne Dubis and son, Travis, 460 SW Rad
Court, in Becker Ridge.
 2nd Place – Dennis and Karen Matyjaszek, 1882 SE
Crowberry Drive, in Riverview.
 3rd Place – Mitch & Rhonda Longhorn, 477 SW Ryan Av-
enue, in Becker Ridge.
First-time participants were also entered in to the new cat-
egory – New Kid on the Block. The winners are:
 1st Place – Terry and Tracey Gregoris, 138 SW Airview Av-
enue, in Bayshore Heights.
 2nd place – Mengel, Scott, Carlsen, Sakowski family, 249
SE Crosspoint Drive, Floresta Pointe.
 3rd Place – Mike Kohan at 1509 SE Belcrest Street, Sand-
hill Crossing. The Light up the Neighborhood Award, which
was judged by a select group of City employees, was awarded
to Woodland Trails. Neighborhoods with at least six registered
participating homes qualified for judging. 



JANUARY Solutions from Games Pages ACROSS DOWN
in January 10, 2019 Edition 1 POE 1 PANIC
25 Treasure Coast Hospice Foundation’s 3 LAB 2 EMOTION
2nd Annual Lakeside Stroll. 8 a.m. to 11 5 HEIRS 3 LIES
a.m., Tradition Square, Port St. Lucie. Strollers will 8 NOONE 4 BACKED
walk a 1-mile route around the Lake at Tradition to 9 COMPETE 5 HAMMERED
raise funds and awareness for Treasure Coast Hos- 10 CHIC 6 IDEAS
pice’s Grief Support program. Tickets are $25 for 11 RELEASED 7 SLENDER
adults; $20 for a Team of 10 or more; $10 for kids 13 SENIOR 12 BOUNDARY
4-12, and free for children 3 and under. Registration 14 LEADER 13 SLIPPED
and breakfast begin at 8 a.m. More info or to register, 17 INTENDED 15 DESIGNS
visit, 19 USES 16 REVEAL
contact Agnes Palmer at 772-403-4574 or 22 PASSAGE 18 TASKS
[email protected]. 23 EAGER 20 STRAW
25 LIT
26 SAW

Sudoku Page B13 Sudoku Page B14 Crossword Page B13 Crossword Page B14 (THE LOST PECKINPAH FILMS)



1 Marinate (5) 1 Toil (7)
4 Book of maps (5) 3 Oust (5)
10 Exit (5) 5 Trudge (7)
11 Ormer (7) 6 Solo (5)
12 Small mat (7) 7 Smash hit (11)
13 Morsel (5) 8 Convey (5)
14 Roar, shout (6) 9 Revelry (11)
16 Clown (6) 15 Applause (7)
19 Tomato relish (5) 17 Prickly plant (7)
21 Employ (7) 18 Hubbub (5)
23 Study (7) 20 Tether (5)
24 Courtyard (5) 22 Student (5)
25 Glow (5)
26 Armada (5)

The Telegraph

Coming Attractions To Tradition Town Hall How to do Sudoku:

January 18th Fill in the grid so the
numbers one through
Sarge - Hotter Than Ever!! nine appear just once
in every column, row
January 31st and three-by-three
Blues Brothers Soul Band Tribute
The Telegraph
February 6th & 7th

Comedian Bob Marley

February 15th

Comedienne Rita Rudner

February 20th

Comedienne Tammy Pescatelli

Phone for tickets
561-4 09 -4 58 7

To Advertise (772-370-6179) ST. LUCIE VOICE | ST. LUCIE WEST AND TRADITION | GAMES January 17, 2020 13

ACROSS 106 And more: abbr. 56 Rotelle, e.g. The Washington Post
1 Race pace 108 Make an apple disappear? 57 Peek at the answers, e.g.
5 The Silent Woman subject 109 Snaky entree 58 The disagreeing doctor?
10 Apr. scribblers 110 Fillable collectible 60 20/20 night: abbr.
14 TV oldie, 111 “What else do you want, 62 “I knew it!”
63 Who’s involved
___ You Trust? team?” 66 Marquand sleuth
15 Filmed again 114 Be maxed out on your VISA 68 Slur over (a vowel)
17 Elevator passages 115 Plot unit 69 Wild and wacky
19 “What marathon are you 116 Give a hand 70 Barker or Luthor
117 “What’s this brown 73 Force to flee
running in, sonny?” 76 Show
21 Hostile and how speck on my plate, chef?” 79 Chicano cubs?
23 Secessionists 121 Close friends? 81 Bulgaria’s capital
24 Additional problem? 122 Faux 82 Different approach
25 “Where should I kick 123 Unmitigated 84 Singer Vikki
124 Bellicose god 86 Sides
you, sailor?” 125 Last strike 87 “Peachy keen!”
27 Bard’s before 126 Taken care of 88 Keanu in The Matrix
28 Revival technique 90 Taken away
29 Use a ladle DOWN 91 Wrong
31 Old cheer 1 Kerouac’s clique 92 Way
32 Legend builder 2 Deprives 95 Clear away,
33 “What do you want, hippie?” 3 Meter preceder
37 Cancel 4 Drunkard as sawdust
39 Copied 5 Teen’s big night 96 Revenuer’s find
40 To boot 6 Actor Cariou 97 Clear, as a cribbage board
41 Natural beginning 7 Horned viper 98 Blanche’s sister
42 Greek geometer 8 Athlete Jim 99 Custodian
45 Punching targets 9 Call Me Bwana star 102 Go over again
46 “What do you miss most 10 Niger neighbor 103 Bulletins and updates
11 Italian cheese city 105 Pastry with tea
about Florida football, 12 Karen Blixen was out of it 107 Occurred (to)
coach?” 13 Agitate 112 Early marauders
52 Diner’s card 14 Cabbie’s query 113 Dick Francis novel,
54 Terza rima poet 16 Type of despot
55 Attic 17 Lingua franca of East 12 Dead ___
56 Of each hundred: abbr. 114 Eleven, to un élève
59 Auto- Down 115 When the curtain rises
61 Broadcast again 18 Collar 118 Cigarette’s contribution
64 Pass on 19 Mine-boring tool 119 Israel addition
65 “Excuse me ...” 20 Territory 120 Greek letter
67 “What should I do, deputy?” 22 Happy
71 Put on 26 America’s dressing Q & A By Merl Reagle
72 Man of Mérida 28 Halts
74 Rice, the Persian version 29 Used a Veg-O-Matic New Client Specials
75 Part of OAS: abbr. 30 Prefix meaning 20
77 Hiker’s heading: abbr. 34 Organic sci. “Your Full Stressed?
78 Skin sketch? 35 Exclamation of disgust Service Salon”
80 What i.e. stands for 36 Apartment dweller
83 Co. VIP 38 Ped ___
85 “How many miles are we 43 Selfish types
marching today, sarge?” 44 “Honey-bunny”
89 A Jane Fonda ex 46 Flower by a windmill
93 “I hate ___ grown 47 Come apart
man cry” 48 Make, as ale
94 “For shame!” 49 Sportswear fabric
95 Venus’s sister 50 Long
96 Earthy fragrance 51 “Make Someone Happy”
100 Place to do laps
101 “Where am I, guard?” tunesmith
104 Puts up a penny 53 Ship-shaped clock (or

a swamp)

Complete Relaxation Sold Here!
Collection! $50Custom Color & 00

Color, Cut & Accent Foils Cut (includes Style) Reg. $7500
...................................... $80
Keratin Special............ $99 Haircut & $25 00
Olaplex Rebonding Blow-dry Reg. $4000
Treatment..................... $35
Perm..............................$65 Partials $50 00
Foils Reg. $7500
- Prices Subject to Length & Thickness
Hair Tape-In Extensions
Karen - Owner, Former Call for Price!
Boston Area Stylist Please present this ad for special pricing

Waxing & Nail Services Available

Jennifer - 260.5301

The Telegraph 1006 SE Port St. Luc ie Blvd. Bridge Plaz a

• Port St. Luc ie

Salon - 398.8 300


Q J 10 AK72 9865
By Phillip Alder - Bridge Columnist 6 AJ83 542
94 AKQ5 J 10 8 7 3
Rube Goldberg, who won a Pulitzer Prize in 1948, is best known for a series of cartoons K Q 10 9 7 6 3 J 2
depicting complicated gadgets that perform simple tasks in indirect, convoluted ways.
Some bridge players can get like that, thinking in convoluted ways instead of in straight lines. 43
In this week’s deal, for example, how should South play in seven hearts after West leads the K Q 10 9 7
club king? 62
First, note South’s four-heart jump advance of his partner’s takeout double. Remember that
a bid of three hearts would have promised nothing (although North would have assumed Dealer: South; Vulnerable: North-South
his partner had six or seven points). So, South’s jump suggested 9-11 points, which is what
he had! Now North, envisioning a slam, used two doses of Blackwood. He would have felt The Bidding:
much more comfortable using Roman Key Card Blackwood, because he would have known
about South’s heart king-queen. (South would have replied five spades to four no-trump SOUTH WEST NORTH EAST OPENING
to show the trump queen and two key cards, an ace and the trump king, or two aces.) Still, Pass 3 Clubs Dbl. Pass
North was confident that his partner would not have the club ace and king, so took a slight 4 Hearts Pass 4 NT Pass LEAD:
chance on the heart suit in jumping to the grand slam. 5 Diamonds Pass 5 NT Pass K Clubs
6 Diamonds Pass 7 Hearts All Pass
Declarer has 11 top tricks: two spades, five hearts, three diamonds and one club. He cannot
establish an extra winner anywhere, so must ruff two clubs on the board to bring his trick
total up to 13. South should win with his club ace, ruff a club high, cross back to hand with a
trump, ruff another club high, draw trumps and claim.

Join Us For Worship!

Tradition Worship Center at the
Tradition Town Hall

• Sunday Service at 10am
• Wednesday Night Service at 7pm
• Thursday Morning Healing Service at 9am

We have Children’s Ministry, Men’s Ministry,
Women’s Ministry, and much more!

We are a Spirit-Filled, Word and Faith church.
We believe that salvation is through

Jesus Christ alone through the atonement
and forgiveness He extended to us on the cross.

Call us for more information:

772 .466.2000

To Advertise (772-370-6179) ST. LUCIE VOICE | ST. LUCIE WEST AND TRADITION | SPORTS January 17, 2020 15


Over the years, we’ve all had the pleasure of KEVIN’S 2. Diet. Eat well and especially eat a healthy
watching players achieve amazing golf results KURES breakfast each morning. Even if you don’t feel
late into their 40s and 50s, proving the old ad- hungry, eat a healthy breakfast each morning.

age that golf is a game of a lifetime. Contrast a 3. Exercise regularly. Walking, swimming

great basketball player, as an example, who at or other forms of aerobic exercise, usually 15-

Fun one only 36 or 37 is well beyond his prime days. Al- to-30 minutes, four or five times per week will

PGA Golf Club most all other sports you are well beyond your do you wonders. Regular exercise can also curb
member Larry
Fuery scored a prime by the time you reach your mid-30s. the blues and keep you feeling energized. Add
hole-in-one last
Friday on the I am certainly not a physician, so please golf-specific stretches and buy a weighted driv-
Ryder course,
knocking in a consult your doctor to verify what I am rec- er and use it to make at least 50 swings per day.
6-iron from 148
yards on the fifth ommending. But I think the following “Kures” By Kevin Perkins 4. Practice regularly. Make sure to hit all five
hole. Congrats,
Larry!  are sound general advice that will improve areas of the game: putting, chipping, pitching,

your current game and add to your longevity. So, young bunker play and full swing.

and old alike, you should be getting fired up about this 5. Use sunblock. Also where a hat and sunglasses to

amazing game! avoid the dangerous effects of the sun.

1. Sleep/rest. Practice regular and sound sleeping 6. Drink plenty of water. Avoid excessive consump-

habits. Physicians tell us to try to sleep 7-to-8 hours per tion of soda and other drinks; opt for water.

night. Try to go to bed at a consistent time, and get up at 7. Smoking/alcohol. Obviously don’t smoke, and only

the same time each morning. Also try to change these drink alcohol in moderation. If you need to lose weight,

times minimally on the weekends and holidays, avoid- have your doctor oversee a program to have you move

ing huge changes in your schedule. toward your ideal weight. 


Tenaja Mitchell, 8, leads the cheerleaders for Team PHOTOS: LINDA KLOORFAIN
Venom during the 3rd Annual Rising Freshmen All-Star
Classic at Calvin Triplett Field at Lawnwood Stadium in
Fort Pierce last Saturday. The game featured the 60 best
eighth-grade football players from St. Lucie, Indian River
and Martin counties. Above, Chauncey Bowens of Team
Venom tackles Dominic Clark of Team Joker. 


Our directory gives small business people eager to provide services to the community an opportunity to make themselves known to our readers at an affordable cost.
This is the only service directory mailed each week. If you would like your service to appear in our directory, please call 772-370-7983.

Michael R. Repoli, CPA, EA “Your Airport Connection from the Treasure Coast”. Your Local Restoration Experts


Fortunately, we can help with the Transportation To/From PBIA and Fort Lauderdale Airport Peter J. Ralli, J.D.
more painful of the two. from the Treasure Coast . . . less expensive than Uber
and Lyft. Advanced Booking Recommended. General Manager
Call: 772-878-3703 FAX: 772-343-7287 •
One-Way Rates Start at $35 Airport Pick up and delivery rates available 800.743.2064 Office: 772-360-4600
Depending upon your location 772-621-2699
*$35 rate is from Hobe Sound

Vitalia at Tradition Final
Phase of New Homes


Why wait to enjoy the resort-inspired lifestyle you’ve always
wanted? The amenities at Vitalia at Tradition are ready now and
absolutely fabulous. Escape big city congestion and find your
fun in the sun for less in Port St. Lucie, FL today.

The Vitalia Advantage

Natural beauty and a vacation-themed
ambiance are just the beginning. Walk,
bike or cruise in your golf cart. It’s all in
the neighborhood. We’ll meet you at the
Tiki Hut!

• Lakefront Captiva Club with state-of-
the-art social, recreational and fitness

• Sparkling heated pool
• Extra-large putting green
• Tennis, pickleball and Bocce courts
• Event lawn + fire pits
The final phase of homes remain.
Homesites are situated close to the
clubhouse. Call 877-889-7055 now to
schedule your personal viewing.

Act fast for the best selection. | 877-889-7055

All information (including, but not limited to prices, views, availability, school assignments and ratings, incentives, floor plans, elevations, site plans,
features, standards and options, assessments and fees, planned amenities, programs, conceptual artists’ renderings and community development
plans) is not guaranteed and remains subject to change, availability or delay without notice. Any community improvements, recreational features and
amenities described are based upon current development plans, which are subject to change and under no obligation to be completed. Maps and plans
are not to scale, are not intended to show specific detailing and all dimensions are approximate. Prices may not include lot premiums, upgrades and
options. Community Association or other fees may be required. This communication is not intended to constitute an offering in violation of the law of any
jurisdiction and in such cases our communications may be limited by the laws of your state. Please see a Taylor Morrison Community Sales Manager
or Internet Home Consultant for details and visit for additional disclaimers. For NJ prospective buyers: This advertisement is
a solicitation for the sale of homes in Vitalia at Tradition: N.J. Reg. No. 13-04-0002. For our NY prospective buyers: THE COMPLETE OFFERING TERMS
ARE IN AN OFFERING PLAN AVAILABLE FROM THE SPONSOR. FILE NO. H130003. For our Age Qualified Communities only: At least one resident
of household must be 55 or older, and additional restrictions apply. Some residents may be younger than 55 in limited circumstances. For minimum
age requirements for permanent residents in a specific community, please see Taylor Morrison Community Sales Manager for complete details. Taylor
Morrison of Florida, Inc. CBC1257462; Royal Oak Homes, LLC CBC035126; Avatar Properties, Inc., d/b/a AV Homes CBC1254089.

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