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09/29/2017 ISSUE 39


September 29, 2017 | Volume 4, Issue 39 Newsstand Price: $1.00



Christ by the Sea School Board bid
reinstalls windows for relief from deseg
shattered by vandal order going to judge

By Samantha Rohlfing Baita | Staff Writer By Kathleen Sloan | Staff Writer
[email protected] [email protected]

Almost six months after the The School Board believes it
Easter Week vandalism at Christ has made substantial progress
by the Sea United Methodist in fixing racial inequality in our
Church, during which sever- public schools and wants to be
al one-of-a-kind stained-glass let out from under some of the
windows were shattered, the re- federal oversight it has been
paired and now better-protected subjected to for nearly a half
windows have been re-installed, century.
and a dedication service is sched-
uled for this Sunday. But the local NAACP disputes
the board’s claims, and says little
After the three incidents of has been accomplished in recent
vandalism in April, the windows years to comply with a federal de-
were shuttered, and the congre- segregation order dating from the
gation celebrated Easter Sunday 1960s.

CONTINUED ON PAGE 2 U.S. District Court Judge Kath-
leen Williams will decide who is
Scott Lambeth of Indian River Exchange Packers surveys damage to the grapefruit crop caused by Irma. PHOTOS: GORDON RADFORD right.

Irma destroyed up to half of Indian River citrus On Aug. 11, Williams ordered
federal Magistrate Judge Shaniek
PHOTOS: GORDON RADFORD By Samantha Rohlfing Baita | Staff Writer “Once fruit touches the ground, it can’t be Maynard to handle discovery
[email protected] salvaged,” said Indian River Citrus League Exec- in the case at the U.S. District
INSIDE utive Director Doug Bournique, so all the wind- Courthouse in Fort Pierce. An
Hurricane Irma, which blasted through cit- stripped grapefruits and oranges are compost. April 2018 trial date is expected.
rus groves across the state, ripping trees apart More fruit will be lost in a second drop, he said,
and leaving young fruit in sodden heaps on the withering due to twisting stress that damaged The desegregation order,
ground, dealt already struggling Indian River or- tender stems as high winds whipped though the which was imposed in 1968 and
ange and grapefruit growers a devastating blow, modified in 1994, defines eight
destroying 30 to 50 percent of the crop. CONTINUED ON PAGE 4 school district functions in which
whites and blacks were not treat-
ed equally that will remain under
court oversight until corrected.

HEALTH 13 GAMES B12 MY Narrowing the Twin Pairs: Bad idea that just doesn’t go away

To advertise call: 772-559-4187 By Ray McNulty | Staff Writer beach to Interstate 95, and use elimi-
For circulation or where to pick up [email protected] nated lanes for parallel parking.
your issue call: 772-226-7925
© 2016 Vero Beach 32963 Media LLC. All rights reserved. Every few years, some folks suggest They believe narrowing that stra-
we need to redo the traffic pattern tegic section of road will make pe-
along an often-busy stretch of State destrians feel safer, attracting more
Road 60 to make Vero Beach’s down- foot traffic and, thus, generating more
town more pedestrian friendly. business for downtown merchants.

They want to constrict the traffic And they say doing all this will
flow on Indian River County’s major help “Keep Vero, Vero,” whatever that
east-west route, which connects the

2 September 29, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

CHRIST BY THE SEA purchase clear, impact-resistant glass sec- DESEGREGATION ORDER equal quality education is not evidence
tions, positioned in front of the stained- that the facilities do in fact provide such
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 glass, to protect the delicate works of art. CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 education.”

without the jewel-colored sunlight that Upon seeing the brightly-colored, richly The School Board believes it has creat- The School Board also claims it has at-
normally floods into the sanctuary. symbolic windows for the first time since ed equality in three areas, and wants to be tained equality in faculty and staffing. The
the April vandalism, pastor Melvin said, relieved of court oversight in those areas, 1994 order requires faculty and staffing re-
Shock and sadness prevailed in the con- “When I walked into the sanctuary and filing for something called “partial uni- flect the overall black student population,
gregation as word of the damage spread, saw the beautiful glass back in place after tary status” on July 31. The district cannot give or take 9 percent.
and no one appeared to have any idea of five months, it was like a wonderful shock attain full “unitary status” until the court
who might have done such a thing – or to my system. rules black and white students are treated The order said the district should make
why. Pastor Cliff Melvin included the un- equally in all regards and closes the case. a “significant effort” to attain the appro-
known perpetrator(s) in the congregation- “I had forgotten how much they add to priate black faculty ratio, which it defined
al prayer on Easter Sunday. the awe and overall ‘feel’ of our sanctuary. The local NAACP, which is the plaintiff as hiring 20 percent to 40 percent black
I am so thankful for Pickel Studios and in the case, responded to the district’s mo- teachers each year until achieved.
Then, on May 2, Vero Beach Police their excellent work repairing and renew- tion on Aug. 28.
charged Keith Andrew McFarlane III with ing our precious windows.”  In addition, the order requires that the
three felony counts of criminal mischief. The two sides could hardly be further school district show the number of letters
McFarlane was a troubled 17-year-old apart. of intent offered to black teachers, and the
at the time of the vandalism, but turned number refused.
18 while the case was moving through The School Board brief says its facilities,
the courts. According to the Indian River faculty and staff meet either the 1994 order The NAACP response brief said no such
County Courthouse Criminal Division, or standards set by the Supreme Court in documents have been provided to them or
McFarlane has not been charged as an two court cases that ruled on partial uni- the court, and asks for discovery, followed
adult. tary status. by depositions.

The windows had been designed and The board claims it has eliminated dis- Black students comprise about 17
created in the 1990s by world-renowned crimination “to the extent practicable.” percent of the local student population
stained-glass artist, sculptor and painter, It says it has “equalized or closed all pre- but only about 8 percent of Indian River
the late Conrad Pickel, in his Vero Beach viously African American-only schools,” teachers are African American, accord-
Studio. Pickel’s son, Paul, had worked on and that “the few schools with relatively ing to figures compiled by Chicago law
the original project and has carried on his higher African American enrollments have firm Husch Blackwell, which represents
father’s business, so he and his staff had facilities capable of providing access to the the School Board in the case, along
the skills to repair and recreate the broken same quality of education as those schools with the board’s regular attorney, Su-
segments and painstakingly reassemble with lower African American enrollments.” zanne D’Agresta of Garganese, Weiss, &
each window. D’Agresta in Orlando.
The NAACP response states, “Even if
As a result of donations from congre- this were true – which the NAACP dis- Husch Blackwell found that during the
gants and friends, the church was able to putes – the fact that the facilities within the 2015-16 school year, 32 or 4.63 percent
School District are ‘capable’ of providing of elementary teachers were black, 31 or
13.54 percent of middle school teachers

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Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS September 29, 2017 3

were black and 22 or 6.63 percent of high STUDENT’S MOM SUES BOARD OVER
school teachers were black. BODY SLAM BY A WRESTLING COACH

In its court filing, the School Board By Beth Walton | Staff Writer 14, 2015, Topp wanted to wrestle the boy to Board acted with neglect. Members of the
claims it “has made every effort to resolve show him a move. Even though the student School Board should know how to prevent
these issues through negotiations [with The Indian River County School Board is said he was tired and needed a break, the “physical interactions by its employees,”
the NAACP] but those efforts have not suc- facing yet another lawsuit, this one filed by a coach picked him up, slammed him on a Capobianco argues. They assume a “duty of
ceeded.” mother who says her son suffered a broken mat and landed on top of him, injuring the care to the children of VBHS . . . to provide
collar bone when he was slammed to the sophomore so badly he required emergency such children a safe environment.”
The NAACP sees it differently, stating: ground by a wrestling coach at Vero Beach medical care and surgery.
“For at least a decade, the School Board High School after the boy told the coach he The board and Topp have denied wrong-
has refused to work with the NAACP to was too tired to wrestle. The small-framed young man, whose law- doing and the School Board’s Deerfield
accomplish the goals of the applicable yers estimate he weighed at least 50 pounds Beach lawyers tried unsuccessfully to have
desegregation Order, despite a court Or- In return, lawyers for the board pointed a less than his coach, fractured his clavicle the case dismissed in February, citing a long
der to do so. This demonstrates a lack of a finger at the minor child and his mother. and needed surgery to put screws and pins delay between the accident and the com-
good faith effort to comply with the deseg- inside his body, said attorney Jerome Stone. plaint, and arguing that the plaintiffs failed
regation Order on the part of the School In a court filing, Anthony Gonzales, an to comply with Florida law when making al-
Board.” attorney with Carman, Beauchamp, Sang Witnesses said that earlier that day, the legations against public officials.
& Gonzales, P.A., said the boy could have coach had instructed the other wrestlers to
The School Board brief claims the court been negligent in his participation at prac- go hard on the boy who had said he wanted On July 28, Gonzales made his counter-
no longer has to oversee facilities, faculty tice, and his mother may have been guilty a break, attorneys maintain. “We believe the claims, blaming the student and his parents
and staff because it will “continue to ex- of poor supervision for allowing her son to coach was doing this to try to ‘toughen up’ and citing the waiver they signed.
hibit a good faith commitment” to elim- compete. Gonzales also argued the boy and the kid,” Stone said.
inate the “remaining vestiges of segrega- his parents signed a waiver releasing the dis- The Indian River County Parent and Play-
tion,” and will soon pass policies to insure trict from liability. Angelone’s legal team is claiming negli- er Agreement, Permission and Release notes
compliance. gence on the part of Topp, who is named as a that participation in interscholastic athletics
Alene Ruggieri Angelone filed the com- junior varsity coach on the official Facebook is voluntary and comes with the “possibility
The NAACP said there has been no good plaint in December 2016 on behalf of her page of the Vero Beach High School Fight- of serious injury or possibly death.”
faith commitment and that claiming pol- son with the help of Stuart-based law firm ing Indians Wrestling Team, even though a
icies will be passed is “insufficient” proof Stone and Capobianco. She is suing the School District spokeswoman said he is not Signing the document, it says, waives any
they will be implemented and get results. school board and the coach, Brian Topp, in listed as having ever been employed with claims against the School Board or its re-
the 19th Circuit Court for damages in excess the school. spective agents.
The School Board has never complied of $15,000.
with the order, the NAACP said, evidenced The attorneys also allege the School But those sort of contracts are based on
by the lack of yearly reports required by The mother’s lawyers allege that on Dec.
the order. The court should not grant par- CONTINUED ON PAGE 9
tial unitary status, but rather the 1994 or-
der “must be made stronger and impose
sanctions for failure to comply with the
reporting requirements.” 

4 September 29, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

IRMA DESTROYS CITRUS would get the industry out of the red for agencies, and processing plants. counties, with about half that in Indi-
the first time since greening brought it Most of the district’s 70,000 acres of an River County, where grapefruit has
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 3 to its knees over a decade ago. always been the name of the game.
groves are in Indian River and St. Lucie
groves. Florida University Extension Agent Greening is a bacterial plant disease Currently, the district raises 70 per-
Gene McAvoy said Irma was “probably the that weakens citrus trees, leading to cent of the grapefruit grown in Florida,
worst hurricane that we’ve ever seen” in lower fruit production, and eventu- and district packinghouses ship more
terms of damage to citrus groves. ally kills them. Since it hit the state in than 12 million cartons of iconic Indi-
2005, Florida’s citrus production has an River grapefruit to customers in 24
His assessment was backed up by Flor- dropped by more than 70 percent countries around the globe each year,
ida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Put- according to the Citrus League.
nam, who called the scope of damage But it is still big business in and
“unprecedented” after a post-storm aerial around Vero Beach. Prior to the storm, the emerging
tour of citrus lands. grapefruit crop had “never looked
The Indian River Citrus District better,” said George Hamner Jr., the
Bournique said the storm hit at the is a narrow strip of land that lies be- fourth-generation of his family to head In-
worst possible time, destroying the ban- tween Daytona and West Palm Beach that dian River Exchange Packers.
ner crop Indian River growers anticipated is home to 21 packinghouses, scores of Hamner, well known for his leadership
gift fruit shippers, several big citrus sales in the state’s citrus industry, is still assess-
ing the extent of wind and water damage
on the 4,000 acres of groves his company
handles or manages.
Besides lost fruit and wind-wrecked
trees, damage to remaining trees due to
flooding is a major concern, Hamner said,
noting that the area had heavy rainfall
before as well as during the storm. Trees
begin to deteriorate after they are sub-
merged for three or four days and it takes
them years to rebound.
Although no one is making precise of-
ficial loss estimates yet, Hamner said,
“there’s a good chance it’d be 30 to 50 per-
cent here and 70 to 80 percent [in central
and southwest Florida]. It’s worse than we
originally thought. We’ll continue to assess
for another two to four weeks.”
Louis Schacht is a third-generation
Indian River County citrus grower, fol-
lowing in the footsteps of his father Hen-
ry F. Schacht, and grandfather Henry H.
Schacht, who started their citrus busi-
ness 67 years ago. Today the family-run
Schacht Groves still encompasses 145
acres and Louis Schacht and his father run
a gift fruit shipping service that handles
thousands of orders each season.
“We’ve definitely got wind damage,”
says Louis Schacht. “Looks to be about 30
percent down [so far]. It’s a bad situation.”
To prevent foot rot, Schacht is “doing a
treatment” on the trunks of the trees that
have been standing in water, and he’ll con-
tinue intensive care to ward off greening.
In spite of the significant damage, Schacht
is determined to “pick up and carry on.
There’s been Schacht Groves here since
To cover the damage, growers principal-
ly rely on crop insurance, which can pay
50 to 70 percent. It is purchased through
private companies and subsidized by the
federal government. Hamner says there
is also a program called TAP – Tree As-
sistance Program – that can help replace
trees. Bournique is also hoping for federal
and state emergency funding.
Citrus industry infrastructure took a hit,
too, and packing and shipping schedules
are being adjusted, but Hamner said the
remaining fruit in the groves continues to
mature at its regular pace.
“We’ve started harvesting,” he said,
stressing that it is quantity, not the quality,
of the fruit that has been affected. 

6 September 29, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

MY TAKE ropolitan Planning Organization. it through an intersection in one light chance of crashes; it also would generate
To this day, proponents of lane reduc- change. more frustration and, perhaps, incite more
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 road-rage incidents.
tion and other traffic-calming methods It would, however, produce a slower,
means. Yes, I’m talking about the Twin – downtown business owners, cycling more congested drive through the down-  Allowing on-street, parallel parking
Pairs, the wide, divided thoroughfare that enthusiasts, professional planners and town – much slower than the 20 seconds would increase the possibility that some-
runs one way in each direction – four lanes some local politicos – continue to push for predicted by consultants and, possibly, so one would open their driver’s door into
going west, three going east – from U.S. 1 change. much slower that many of us might opt for traffic, or be struck by a vehicle while ex-
to 20th Avenue right through a revitalized an alternate route and avoid the area en- iting their car.
downtown. In fact, the City Council recently gave tirely.
serious consideration to Twin Pairs modifi-  Reducing the speed limit to 25 mph
The Twin Pairs were conceived in the cations in updating Vero Beach’s 500-page “To put it in letter-grade terms,” Matson might tempt pedestrians to cross State
1970s, before the stretch of I-95 linking comprehensive plan, which will mold city said, “we’d probably drop from a B to a C, Road 60 in the middle of the street, rather
Vero Beach and Fort Pierce was even fin- policies through 2035. not from a B to an F.” than at an intersection, and would further
ished. increase traffic congestion and driver frus-
Wisely, though, council members de- But why drop at all? tration.
To keep traffic flowing, engineers de- cided to remove the costly and unneeded There’s no evidence of pedestrians being
cided to divert southbound I-95 motor- project from the plan. run down by drivers speeding along the “Speed-limit reductions are probably
ists onto eastbound State Road 60 to U.S. Twin Pairs. Nor is there any reason to be- going to happen,” McGarry said. “We don’t
1, then route them south to the turnpike “It won’t be in the comprehensive plan,” lieve more people would flock downtown if want people driving 40 or 45 mph through
feeder road and put them back onto I-95 City Planning Director Tim McGarry said. the roadway was reduced to two lanes and downtown, and we can address that with-
near Fort Pierce. “The council doesn’t seem to want to deal parallel parking was made available. out spending a whole lot of money.”
with it right now, and we don’t have the Despite the claims of lane-reduction
The engineers thought two wide, one- money to do anything, anyway. supporters, who say their proposal would To lower the speed limit on the Twin
way segments through town would keep add as many as 200 parking spaces, there Pairs to anything less than 35 mph, howev-
traffic from bogging down. “That doesn’t mean we won’t try to do is no downtown parking shortage. er, would be causing more problems than
some things to make it safer for pedestri- “Lane reduction would include a reduc- it would solve. So would reducing lanes.
As fate would have it, the I-95 paving ans,” he added. “But nothing much will tion in speed, which would improve pe-
was completed long before the Twin Pairs happen until FDOT (Florida Department destrian safety,” McGarry said, “but it’s not Fact is, today’s Twin Pairs – with their
project began. of Transportation) is ready to resurface catastrophic if we don’t do it.” seven lanes of traffic and 40 mph speed
State Road 60, which won’t be for another Actually, we’re more likely to see cata- limit – aren’t hurting our thriving down-
Yet, for most of the past 25 years, oppo- five or seven years.” strophic accidents if the city does eventu- town, which has come back to life and be-
nents to the Twin Pairs have complained ally reduce lanes, add parallel parking and come a dining, cultural and entertainment
that motorists speeding on what some of So why spend $1 million in tax dollars, drastically reduces the current 40 mph destination.
them dishonestly call a “superhighway” most of which would come from the state, speed limit.
posed a danger to pedestrians in a busy to decrease capacity along a much-trav- Consider: They’re doing what they’re supposed to
area and hampered downtown re-devel- eled stretch of a major roadway?  Lane reduction would create more do, providing an easy and efficient east-
opment. congestion that would put more vehi- west ride through downtown. They’re also
Matson said reducing the Twin Pairs cles in closer proximity and increase the a recognizable part of Vero Beach’s Rock-
“The desire to knock this down has been to two lanes in each direction would not wellian landscape.
around as long as the Twin Pairs,” said Phil produce “unacceptable delays” or drop
Matson, staff director of the county’s Met- the level of service to the “failure” catego- You truly want to “Keep Vero, Vero?”
ry, which means not being able to make Keep the Twin Pairs the way they are. 

Fielden Institute

For Lifelong Learning
Indian River State College

You’re invited to join us for coffee and conversation.
Meet members, peer leaders, and register for current offerings for the joy of learning.
Free & open to the public. Bring a friend! Light refreshments will be served.


Tuesday, October 3
Richardson Center, Mueller Campus, Vero Beach

Wednesday, October 11
Brown Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Main Campus, Fort Pierce
Thursday, October 12
Schreiber Conference Center, Pruitt Campus, St. Lucie West
All times- 9:30 – 11:30 a.m.
Presentations start at 10:00 a.m.

772-462-7880 |

8 September 29, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS

EXISTING entryway
By Kathleen Sloan | Staff Writer said Price was too distraught to speak to the
in about an hour! [email protected] press.

• Glass patterns • Patio & Sliding It’s clear a tragedy occurred with the School Board Member Laura Zorc and
for every style Glass Doors death of well-liked Vero resident and aspir- her husband, County Commissioner Tim
and budget ing politician John Kim, but considerable Zorc, were friends of John Kim, and Lau-
• Framed / mystery surrounds the circumstances of ra Zorc says the official version of events is
• Customize to Frameless how his body came to be found in a subdi- mistaken.
your style Shower Units vision pond in St. Lucie County.
According to her, Kim watched a foot-
• Impact Glass • Etching So far, the only document made public ball game with friends on Sunday and then
by the St. Lucie Sheriff’s Office is a missing asked them to join him for drinks at Filthy’s
• Wood Interior/ • Schlage & person’s report filed by Kim’s aunt, Terri “to celebrate his new job.” Kim’s party ar-
Exterior Doors Fusion Hardware Kim, who lives in Portofino Shores where rived there about 10 p.m.
Kim’s body was discovered around 11 a.m.
• Fiberglass • Mirror Wraps last Tuesday, Sept. 19, a day and half after he Zorc said Angela Novak, who owns
Doors went missing. Filthy’s, told her Kim drank four beers from
10 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. and he was the only
463-6500 An autopsy was performed on the person left in the bar.
Regency Square 24-year-old man’s body the next day, and the
2426 SE Federal Hwy, Stuart Sheriff’s Office says “there were no signs of “There was no argument,” Laura Zorc
foul play,” but the report is not public record said. She also said Price related a different
Licensed & Insured yet and it is unknown if drowning was the version of events at the gatehouse to Novak
cause of death. A toxicology report will take on Monday, while Kim was still missing. No-
about six weeks. vak did not return a request for comment.

Here is what is known – and unknown – at After the deputy and driver came to their
this time, based on information from the St. door in the early hours of the day Kim was
Lucie County Sheriff’s Office, witnesses and supposed to start his new job, his relatives
friends of John Kim: must have been concerned. On Monday af-
ternoon, the family filed a missing person’s
Kim, who ran a credible but unsuccess- report with the St. Lucie Sheriff’s Office.
ful campaign for a seat on the Indian River
School Board last year, had recently been Kim’s aunt, Terri Kim, “is worried because
hired as an assistant manager at the Macy’s he calls her all the time and she thinks he
store at the Indian River Mall, according to may have fallen into one of the ponds or
Store Manager Greg Page. gotten hurt running in the woods,” states
the report.
He was due to start his new job on Mon-
day, Sept. 18 and apparently was out cele- Kim’s family called the Zorcs and oth-
brating on Sunday night, drinking at Filthy’s er family friends to help search for him
Fine Cocktails & Beer on 16th Street. on Monday evening. About 30 volunteers
fanned out around the subdivision, con-
There, according to the sheriff’s report, tinuing the search until 3:30 a.m. on Tues-
Kim “had some type of argument . . . and day. The effort resumed after daylight on
they called him a cab to take him home.” Tuesday and around 11 a.m., Kim’s body
was spotted floating in a storm water reten-
Brian Price was the driver of the Klub Kar tion pond.
that Filthy’s employees called for Kim, ac-
cording to the missing person’s report. Price Laura Zorc thinks Kim drowned in the
picked Kim up in Vero and took him to Por- pond shortly after leaving the cab. “I thought
tofino Shores, where he was living with his he fell in the pond but I didn’t want it to be
aunt and uncle. true. It was so dark out there he could easily
have stepped off the sidewalk and slid down
The cab arrived at the subdivision, which the embankment into the pond. It was very
is located on the Turnpike Feeder Road, a slippery and the water was much higher be-
mile south of the Indian River County line, cause of the storm.”
around 1 a.m. on Monday.
She said the Kim’s family is upset he has
“Upon arrival at the gatehouse of Portofi- been accused of trying to get out of paying
no Shores where he lives,” states the missing his cab fare. “That would be so out of char-
person’s report, “while the cab driver was acter for him.”
talking to the gate guard, John jumped out
of the cab and ran into the neighborhood.” The family asked the homeowners’ asso-
ciation if they could view security camera
“We’re the designated driver serving the tape from the guard house, Zorc said, but
area,” said Paul McPherson, who owns the were told “not without a search warrant.”
Klub Car business. “We picked him up and
he was fairly well intoxicated. When they got “We strongly urge the St. Lucie’s Sheriff’s
to Portofino Shore’s gate house, he tried to Office to get a warrant for the guard house
run on the fare. That’s why we called 911. tape,” Zorc said. “It’s close enough to deter-
[Price] . . . said Kim told the gate guard, ‘You mine what happened at the guard house
handle this,’ and then aimed toward the and how John fell into the pond.
lake.” Price and a sheriff’s deputy “went to
the house address he had given us.” “I don’t want him to be remembered for
this bizarre accident. He was a wonderful
Kim’s uncle came to the door and paid person. I have never seen a person with
the fare, and Klub Kar’s part in the case more friends – from all walks of life and all
ended there, according to McPherson. He ages – from 8 to 80 years old.” 

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS September 29, 2017 9

SCHOOL WRESTLING INJURY scious, a filing with the 19th circuit alleges.
A coach called 911 at 10:47 a.m., but the boy
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 3 was pronounced dead at Shands Starke Re-
gional Medical Center. His body tempera-
what is foreseeable, attorneys for the injured ture was 107 degrees Fahrenheit, according
child said. to court documents. Heat stroke was the
probable cause of his death.
His parents expected he would be wres-
tling with other students of similar size. It The district has denied wrongdoing in
was not foreseeable that a much bigger adult that case as well. It’s possible that Shogran
male was going slam him onto the mat and himself is the one who was negligent, court
cause a serious injury. filings on behalf of the school suggest.
School representatives are protected from
“The child said he did not want to contin- such litigation as agents of the state, it says.
ue wresting,” Capobianco said. “The child
told this coach no and [the coach] contin- High school athletics account for an es-
ued to do it. He demanded that the child timated 2 million injuries, 500,000 doctor
spar with him. If there was a waiver, the child visits, and 30,000 hospitalizations annual-
withdrew it.” ly, the Centers for Disease Control reports.
Researchers at a children’s hospital in Ohio
Neither the athletic director nor the found that football was the most dangerous
wrestling coach at Vero Beach High School sport, with an injury rate of 4.36 per 1,000,
responded to a request for comment. Dis- followed by wrestling and soccer.
trict spokeswoman Cristen McMillan said
it would be unusual for the school to speak More students are playing sports now at
on an issue pending litigation. A records re- a more specialized level, which is resulting
quest for documentation of the alleged inju- in more injuries, explained Dr. Daryl Osbahr,
ry was refused by the district with the excuse Chief of Sports Medicine for Orlando Health.
of student privacy concerns.
Osbahr was raised on Vero Beach’s barri-
Indian River School District is also fight- er island and played sports for both St. Ed-
ing a civil suit filed by the family of William ward’s School and Vero Beach High in his
Shogran. The high school football player youth. He now chairs the STOP Sports Inju-
died in August 2014 after an early-morning ries Committee for the American Orthope-
conditioning practice called the “Dawn Pa- dic Society for Sports Medicine.
trol” with the Sebastian River High School
team. Sport is one of the best things for a child’s
emotional and physical development, and
Shogran vomited several times in front of it’s an entire community’s responsibility to
his coaches and peers before falling uncon- keep activities safe, Osbahr said. 

10 September 29, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS


Expires 10-8-17 By Michelle Genz | Staff Writer in NYC, he and his brother Kevin McLaugh-
Expires 10-8-17 [email protected] lin built the high-end chain of women’s and
Expires 10-8-17 men’s clothing stores that carry his name,
It’s been two years since Village Shops expanding the brand to more than 50 stores
developer and national retailer Jay Mc- before selling a majority stake in the busi-
Laughlin developed a yen for pizza that ness to a private equity group in 2011.
couldn’t be sated by Vero’s plethora of piz-
za parlors. In 2013, McLaughlin and his wife Joan
bought, renovated and revived the Village
He wanted to open a spot at his bou- Shops on North A1A, modeling the renova-
tique shopping center in Indian River tion on the iconic Brentwood Country Mart
Shores, but when plans to install pizza in Los Angeles.
ovens in a former flower shop in the plaza
fizzled, he set his sights on the mainland. The couple has owned Islands, a suc-
cessful restaurant a block from Central
Last week, McLaughlin bought the busi- Park on Madison Avenue in the Upper East
ness that was Garage Woodfired Pizza, Side of Manhattan, for 30 years. As part
which closed right after Hurricane Irma of the Village Shops remake they opened
passed through Florida. Citron Bistro at the plaza, which Jay Mc-
Laughlin described at the time as “a French
That downtown pizza place at 1802 Old bistro-type environment with pastries and
Dixie Highway opened in late 2015 under fresh bread and the best coffee,” with in-
the creative hand of Michael Lander, former door and courtyard seating
executive chef of the Moorings Club who
went on to open the fine dining restaurant, McLaughlin was reached briefly by
Michael’s Table. Lander’s son Dylan, a cu- phone on vacation in Ireland, and prom-
linary school graduate who eventually ran ised to divulge more details about his
Garage Pizza on his own, has left Vero for a mainland venture when he returns next
restaurant job in Colorado Springs. month.

The building now leased by McLaughlin Lander will continue to operate a lim-
is a former Texaco station that Lander and ited version of Michael’s Table at the
his investors gutted and restored with red beachside Orchid Island Brewery. Since
banquettes and a large 850-degree wood- March, with no real kitchen – no hood,
fired pizza oven at its center. no grease trap – he’s been mustering up a
menu Tuesday through Sunday, opening
That oven will stay, but much of the at 2:30 in the afternoon, and 11:30 a.m.
interior will change to reflect McLaugh- for a Sunday brunch.
lin’s goal of attracting island customers,
says Billy Moss, who brokered the sale of “It’s chef-touched sandwiches, and I try
the business through Lambeth Commer- to run an entrée or two in season,” says
cial Real Estate. “He’s going to turn it into Lander, who was spending his Saturday
something really special,” says Moss. afternoon working up a special of lamb
chops and ratatouille.
Moss’ assessment may well be prescient,
considering McLaughlin history of retail and “It’s what I do,” he says. 
restaurant success. Starting with one store

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | LOCAL NEWS September 29, 2017 11


By Beth Walton | Staff Writer “Under normal circumstances, we would
have gone to the attorney who is handling
Asbury Perkins II, the island resident the case, but you being pro se, we didn’t
charged with the murder of his estranged have that opportunity,” he said. “We have
wife, appeared Sept. 20 as both defendant a client privilege obligation that we need to
and legal counsel in a contentious, hour- meet and whether the jail adheres to that is
long hearing before Judge Cynthia Cox. not in our control.”

Dressed in a red, jail-issue jumpsuit, Pinstripe was hired by the court for a
with his legs shackled and hands bound in certain number of work hours and its in-
metal cuffs, Perkins demanded and got ap- vestigators had run out of time, Aiani said.
proval for a new investigative team to help In addition to reviewing 52 items Perkins
prepare his defense. asked them to investigate, the agency’s con-
tractors studied hundreds of crime scene
The accused was allowed to drop his photos and documents related to the case.
public defender in August 2016 and is now He called Perkins’ allegations of poor work
representing himself pro se, a Latin phrase unfounded.
that means “on his own behalf.”
“We followed your directions that you
Perkins was arrested in connection to the gave us and what you wanted us to do,”
murder of Cynthia Betts in November 2015 a visibly frustrated Aiani retorted. “You
after Indian River County sheriff’s deputies didn’t allow us to do our own investiga-
found him inside Betts’ home on Seagrape tion. You specifically directed us on what
Drive with her body wrapped in a rug in the you wanted.”
laundry room, according to an arrest affi-
davit filed with the court. Aiani reminded Perkins that he reviewed
a receipt for the agency’s work and signed
There were garbage bags tied over her the invoice. “I think you have the problem,
hands and her legs were separated. Some- sir, not us,” the investigator snapped.
one had shot her in the back. There was a
blood trail between the laundry room and a Tension was high as Perkins and his in-
bedroom and detectives found a loaded .38 vestigative team continued to debate the
caliber revolver in a dresser drawer. merits of the investigators’ work in open
court. Judge Cox, agitated by the proceed-
Perkins entered a not guilty plea to ings, finally stopped the testimony.
first-degree murder shortly after he was ap-
prehended. According to an arrest affidavit, Christopher Taylor, the prosecutor as-
he told detectives he shot his wife three signed to the case, asked Cox to deny Per-
times because she took money from their kins’ request for a new investigator and
account and “continually nagged him.” more investigative resources based on his
lack of credibility. This is a pattern, Taylor
In a September 2016 letter to the court, he said. Perkins is not satisfied with anybody
announced his intention to prepare an in- or anything.
sanity defense based on his wife’s behavior.
Pinstripe Investigations is the second
During last week’s hearing, Perkins, a investigative company assigned to Perkins
wiry, 6-foot-tall man with thick, framed that hasn’t met his expectations. Commu-
glasses, salt and pepper hair and gray stub- nication with investigators while in jail,
ble on his face, lashed out at the investiga- court documents note, has been his biggest
tive company that had been hired to help challenge. “We will be in the same position
him prepare his defense. a couple of months from now,” Taylor said,
arguing against Perkins’ request.
Pinstripe Investigations was retained by
the court to help locate potential witness- With a show of sympathy, Cox told the
es and review ballistics evidence to assist prosecutor she agreed, but that she was
Perkins defense, but Perkins told the court bound by the rules of the court. Perkins
the work done by the company over a four- needs to prepare for trial and it wouldn’t
month period amounted to little more than be right to make him work with an agency
Google searches and printouts of public- with which he is not comfortable with, she
ly available case law. Months had gone by reasoned. There is obviously a problem be-
without proper communication, he said. tween Perkins and Pinstripe, Cox said. “If he
needs additional work, whether it be with
“Did you ever send anyone out to physi- them or someone else, then I am required
cally meet with anyone, to talk with anyone to provide him with that.”
on this case,” he asked Pinstripe employees.
Cox told Perkins he had 10 days to sub-
Investigators with the Melbourne-based mit to the court the names of new experts
company forcefully defended their work who can assist him in pretrial preparations.
from the witness stand. Online research She said the work previously done could
and case review is a large part of private in- not be duplicated.
vestigation, they said.
Perkins is being held at the Indian River
Representatives from the company twice Detention Center without bond as he pre-
met with Perkins at jail, but to keep findings pares for trial. 
confidential, the firm did not mail informa-
tion to the detention center, testified John
Aiani, owner of Pinstripe Investigations.

Gus Curren, Gil Davis,
Dr. Jim Shafer, and Macy Curren.

‘Rock Steady’ method helps
sufferers fight Parkinson’s


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fee service, examination, or treatment. D0150, D0210

A14 September 29, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH

‘Rock Steady’ method helps sufferers fight Parkinson’s

By Maria Canfield | Correspondent ity, posture and gait – things that are of- ing is. Lap swimming, for example, helps
ten a struggle for those with Parkinson’s, with muscle strength, but it does not im-
If you were asked to make a connection a chronic and progressive disorder caused prove balance or force the participant to
between Parkinson’s disease and boxing, by the death of neurons in the brain that produce a variety of movements. Boxing
you’d likely think of the late, great Mu- control movement and coordination. training, with its rhythms and body rota-
hammed Ali and his long struggle with tions, does that and more.
the disease. But a national program called The research found that specific types
Rock Steady, which has found a home right of rigorous exercise – with an emphasis on Dr. S. James Shafer, a Vero Beach neu-
here in Vero Beach, is connecting boxing to balance, core strength, rhythm and gross rologist, is an advocate of the Rock Steady
Parkinson’s in a much more positive and motor movement – could be of value to Par- program; the first Parkinson boxers being
hopeful way. kinson’s sufferers. This is where Gus Cur- trained at the House of Champions are his
ren, a highly-regarded trainer of both ama- patients. He says the improvements seen
The Rock Steady Boxing program has teur and professional boxers, comes in. as a result of the boxing training may al-
its roots in decades-old research on the low the dose of any prescribed medica-
benefit of exercise for movement, flexibil- Curren has owned the House of Cham- tions to be reduced. This is important, as
resistance to Parkinson’s drugs can some-
Gil Davis spars with Gus Curren. PHOTOS: GORDON RADFORD times occur; over a period of time, they
can become less effective or stop working
pions Boxing Club & Gym in Vero for over altogether. If a lower dose is given, the risk
two decades. In July, he and his wife Macy of this resistance is lowered.
attended a two-day training camp on the
Rock Steady method and learned its specif- Rock Steady Boxing was founded in
ic boxing-related workout techniques. 2006 by an Indiana attorney named Scott
Newman, who was diagnosed with ear-
They also learned about Parkinson’s and ly-onset Parkinson’s at the age of 40. He
why the method is widely accepted to be began intense boxing training a few years
“neuroprotective,” meaning it can actu- after his diagnosis, and saw a dramatic
ally slow the progression of the disease by improvement in his physical health, agili-
increasing the delivery of oxygen and neu- ty and daily functioning. Wanting to share
rotransmitters to various parts of the body, his success, Newman created the Rock
including the nervous system. Steady program based on his personal ex-
Gus and Macy are now certified to teach
the Rock Steady method to people with At the House of Champions, each Par-
Parkinson’s. They already have a half-doz- kinson boxer is assessed and assigned a
en trainees (whom they call “Parkinson’s “level” from 1 to 4, which allows for the
Boxers”) enrolled in the three-day-a-week training program to be customized to
program. Macy says, “Each session is their individual needs. Gus says, “We can
somewhere between 60 and 90 minutes, help everyone, no matter their age, gender
and in addition to the health benefits, the or the stage of their disease. We are work-
boxers have a lot of fun.” ing with boxers at all levels, including one
who uses a wheelchair much of the time.”
There is, of course, no combat involved
in the workouts, but there are many activi- Gus Curren’s House of Champions is lo-
ties anyone who has seen even one “Rocky” cated at 4378 U.S. 1 in Vero Beach. The phone
movie will be very familiar with – includ- number is 772-770-0262. Gus and Macy are
ing stretching exercises, punching of heavy currently offering a free lesson to those inter-
bags, jabbing of speed bags, and training ested in the Rock Steady Boxing Program.
on “focus mitts” (a padded target attached
to a glove). There are also jump ropes for Dr. Shafer sees patients and conducts re-
those Parkinson’s boxers who may be feel- search at the Vero Beach Neurology and Re-
ing a little more adventurous. search Institute, located at 1040 37th Place,
Suite 201, in Vero Beach. The phone number
Other forms of exercise can be benefi- is 772-492-7051. 
cial to those with Parkinson’s, but none is
the complete package that boxing train-

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A16 September 29, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH

IRMC’s ‘navigators’ are the GPS for cancer care

By Tom Lloyd | Staff Writer something like “they help patients and
[email protected] family members navigate an ongoing maze
of doctors appointments, treatment sched-
If you are curious, you could go to the ules, clinics, outpatient centers, insurance
National Institutes of Health’s website and forms, payment systems, psychological
look up the definition of a “cancer naviga- hurdles and transportation issues.”
tor,” but if you want an even clearer picture,
just spend some time with Sandy Webster, In the meantime, however, Hudspeth
Denise Hudspeth and Joanna Brown, pa- describes their task much more simply.
tient navigators at Scully Welsh Cancer
Center in Vero Beach. “We’re the GPS of cancer,” she says smil-
Eventually that trio would probably
get around to offering an official-sound- A global positioning system for cancer
ing definition of their job. They might say patients is probably every bit as accurate as
any fancier description. Webster, Hudspeth

Sandy Webster, Joanna Brown and Denise Hudspeth. PHOTOS: DENISE RITCHIE

and Brown can tell their patients exactly talk about one of the newer and most pop-
how to get where they need to go in order ular additions to Scully-Welsh. Its Digni-
to get where they want to be: cancer-free. cap machine.

Webster chimes in almost instantly to “It was a donation from our community.

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | YOUR HEALTH September 29, 2017 A17

Answers for Cancers – the Grand Harbor Sandy Webster and Doris Plym. cer patients as well as ones for caregivers.”
folks – who are wonderful. Initially, it was “If somebody has a cancer diagnosis,”
FDA-approved only for females under- cer at its earliest stage where – with sur- “When [lung] cancer advances,” Web-
going breast cancer treatment,” Webster gery alone – it can be cured.” ster points out, patients “may have to have she continues, “they can come into this
explains, “but now it’s been opened up to chemo, radiation and possibly surgery as building for everything from medical
more than just breast cancer patients.” Low dose CT scans not only use lower well.” oncology to radiation oncology, chemo-
levels of radiation, adds Hudspeth, they therapy, to see a navigator, to get spiritual
The Cliffs Notes description of the also provide better imaging: “Low-dose “We are a full-service cancer center counseling or mental health counseling or
Dignicap is that it helps many patients CT scans,” say says, “can pick up anything here,” Webster adds. “We have a support nutritional support. We’re just continuing
undergoing chemotherapy avoid losing as small as a rice grain.” groups for prostate, breast and other can- to offer all that we can to support that pa-
their hair. tient going through that cancer journey. It
really is a privilege to be able to say that
Narrowing or constricting the blood we can offer that to them.”
vessels in the scalp by cooling them, the
Dignicap reduces the volume of chemo- While it may be a privilege, it’s also a
therapy drugs that are able to reach the lot of work. Hudspeth, Webster and Brown
hair follicles or roots. are currently “navigating” for some 300
patients in various stages of cancer care
If the follicles stay healthy, the hair or treatment. A fourth will likely soon be
stays put. hired, which should ease the workload at
least a little.
The Journal of the American Medical
Association says 66.3 percent of patients That’s a good thing. The American Can-
in a multi-center study were able to avoid cer Society reports that, “In a study pub-
total hair loss with the use of Dignicaps. lished in the Journal of Clinical Oncology,
patients with nurse navigators rated their
To Webster’s way of thinking, that al- care higher and reported fewer problems
lows women to “keep their cancer private than patients without one.”
if they so wish.”
It’s equally clear that Hudspeth and
The device has proved so popular that Webster (and the decidedly less loqua-
a second machine has now been ordered cious Brown) are determined to see to it
and, as Webster says, its use is no longer that their patients get the best care they
restricted only to breast cancer patients. can deliver.

Webster then changes gears by pointing The Scully-Welsh Cancer Center is locat-
out that “lung cancer is the number one ed at 3555 10th Court in Vero Beach, just be-
killer in Indian River County” and to com- hind the Indian River Medical Center. The
bat that, she says, “we’re trying to initiate direct line to the center’s navigators is 772-
lung cancer screenings – which are being 226-4827. 
done at Vero Radiology – with low-dose
CAT scans. Our goal is to pick up lung can-

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A18 September 29, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | PETS

Bonzo falls for marvelous Maya, a pretty kitty

Hi Dog Buddies! Maya. PHOTO: GORDON RADFORD ble up my adult “Sweeet!” I said. “By the way, how did you
cat food in two ladies make it through that hurry-cane?”
For this week’s interview, I again ventured the No-Kittens pro- seconds and then
out of my species comfort zone into the me- SEEDure, I got to come home with have tummy trou- “We freaked out,” said Maya.
ow-y, mouse-y world of the Cat. Ackshully, her! Wasn’t that purr-fect?” bles. PLUS, Maya “Totally!!” said Pavi.
ever since I broadened my interview-ee is a kitten who only “We knew it was comin’ even before Mom
horizons a while back, I’m getting much “Totally Cool Catnip!” I replied, hoping knows one speed: did. I bet that happened to you, too, Mr. Bon-
better with cats. Maya Stewart is just 4 that wasn’t too much of a stretch. Just then, full-meowin’-out! I zo. Animals have way better in-stinks than hu-
months old, slender and graceful, still real this sleek black cat came strolling in, plopped mean, it was like a mans.”
liddle, short black an white fur, an gold- down on a little cushion and began casually NASCAR track around I nodded. Everybody knows that.
green eyes. licking her little white paws. “Hi, everybody. here. She’d rush at “We kept running around, meowin,’” said
I’m Pavi, Maya’s big sister.” stuff full speed, knock Maya. “When the hurry-cane came that night,
Maya was right at the door with her over potted plants, fly we hid under stuff and listened to it making
Mom. “Hello, Mr. Bonzo,” she said, doing “Delighted!” I said. “You both have really up an down the stairs at scary noises. Then we heard some REAL BIG
that rubby cat thing against me an my cool names. How’d you get ’em?” 100 miles an hour. Mom KA-BOOMS! Scared the catnip out of us. Every
assistant’s legs, frenly as anything. “I’m still calls her a Weapon single hair stood straight up. We looked like
Maya. This is my Mom, Barbara. My big Pavi started to answer, but Maya piped up, of Mass Destruction.” fluffy balloons.”
sister Pavi’ll be around pretty soon.” “Oooo, lemme tell. See, our Mom is a ballet Maya crossed her lit- “What happened,” said Pavi, “was a big ol’
dancer and teacher, so she named us for fa- tle paws delicately. “I just tree fell on Mom’s car and smushed it. An an-
“It’s a pleasure, Miss Maya,” I told her, get- mous Russian ballerinas: me for Maya Plisets- happen to have a lot of other big limb smashed right into the front
ting out my notebook while she settled into kaya, an Pavi for Anna Pavlova. PLUS me an energy to use up an, when window, but didn’t go through ’cuz Mom had
her Mom’s lap. “So, tell me about yourself.” Pavi are real graceful. Pavi even has white my Inner Lioness comes just got special window covering called an-
ballet slipper paws. AN my o-RI-ginal name out, I HAFTA let her run ti-terrorist film, thank Garfield.”
“OK, well, me an a buncha other kittens was WILma, for Garfield’s Sake, which we all Wild an Free! Anyway, I’m still a kitten. “Woof! That was some experience. I’m glad
had recently arrived at the Humane Society. thought was totally dopey for me.” That’s What We Do!” you’re okey-dokey now. Got any favorite toys?”
See, the thing about kittens, Mr. Bonzo, is, Pavi rolled her golden eyes an winked at “We love our feathers-on-bouncy-sticks,”
lotsa times we’re ACKsidents, an our humans “How’d things go when you first got here?” me. “Well at least you should teach your In- said Maya. “I’m also very fond of Mom’s socks.
can’t keep us, no matter how adorable we are. I asked. ner Lioness about the traffic patterns around She says I’m part retriever cuz I sneakily re-
It’s like this human, with a funny name I can’t here.” She turned to me. “One time, Mom no- trieve ’em from the laundry hamper an bop
remember, wrote: ‘The trouble with a kitten is This time, Pavi jumped in. “At first, Maya ticed her makeup brushes had begun to dis- ’em around. An, no matter what Pavi says, we
THAT, eVENually it becomes a CAT.’ hadda stay in the guest bedroom with her appear. Then one day she caught Maya red- BOTH enjoy Zooming Up an Down the Stairs.
food an potty box, until we (mostly me) got pawed, carefully placing them all in a row on It’s good exercise.”
“Anyway, Mom’s a Humane Society volun- used to havin’ another cat around. She was the rug.” Heading home, I was realizin’ that, during
teer an, soon as she saw me, she said, ‘I MUST still on kitten food, an if she could, she’d gob- “But,” said Maya, “that was just cuz I saw the whole innerview, I wasn’t thinkin’ about
HAVE that kitten!’ An as soon as I saw her, I Mom using liddle brushes to paint pick-sures Maya an Pavi bein’ cats. We were just three ani-
said, ‘My MOOW MARRGHH meoow mm- of cats an dogs sittin’ in flower gardens an mals havin’ a fun time together. Woof! That is a
maaamow!’” thought I could do it, too, but I didn’t have any big step for me. Big.
brushes. Or paper. Or paint. Or thumbs. So it Till next time,
“’Scuse me?” I interrupted. didn’t work out anyway.
“Oops, sorry! I said, ‘I MUST HAVE that “Hey, Mr. Bonzo,” she continued, “you The Bonz
Mom!’ But the Human In Charge said I was should see our nice little screened-in back
already picked to go to this pet adoption uh- porch. We can climb way up or just lounge Don’t Be Shy
vent at Dyer Au-duh-MO-duv. There was this around. When we wanna go out there, we
big showroom which usually has lotsa cars in have a special liddle door from the laundry We are always looking for pets
it but was showin’ us cats an dogs off that day. room. It’s safe, too, cuz we can see the garden with interesting stories.
About a zillion people were oooo-ing an ahh- but we can’t ackshully GO out there, so we
hh-ing over us cuz we were all spiffed up an can’t get grabbed by scary animals that want To set up an interview, email
irresistible. Most of ’em got ’dopted. But Mom to have us for lunch.” [email protected].
stuck to me like glue so, after my check-up an

Active lifestyle prioritized in
Pointe West’s village setting

7880 15th Lane in Pointe West’s Central Village: 3-bedroom, 2-bath, 1,700-square-foot craftsman-style home offered for
$214,900 by Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices agent Chip Landers: 772-473-7888



Paul R. Berg VMer3oA3B3I3eNa2c0hOt,hFFSLFtrI3eC2e9tE60 Louis ‘Buck’Vocelle

VOCELLEBERG.COM 772-562-8111

20 September 29, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTATE

Active lifestyle prioritized in Pointe West’s village setting

By Kathleen Sloan | Staff Writer fee. Lawn and plant care are included, too,
[email protected] “even if you plant a jungle,” Landers said.

All the homes in Pointe West are laid Pointe West has a large main clubhouse
out in the “Traditional Neighborhood De- with a restaurant adjacent to the commu-
sign,” which prioritizes walkability over a nity golf course, which requires a separate
car-centric lifestyle. The switch in scale – membership. In addition, there is a polo
making man the measure of all things in- field with matches on Sundays, starting
stead of the automobile – can be felt upon in January and ending in April, organized
entering any one of the four “villages” in by BG Polo and Equestrian’s Patta Conboy,
Pointe West, including “Central Village,” who said, “We’re entering our fourth polo
where 7880 15th Lane is located. season and we’ve had crowds up to 1,600.”

The charming 3-bedroom, 2-bath, There are about 500 homes in Pointe
1,700-square-foot home was recently list- West, “with 300 more on the books,” said
ed by agent Chip Landers, with Berkshire Landers, and the new ones being built by
Hathaway Home Services. DR Horton in the East Village are already
The roads are narrower in these villag-

es than in the typical suburban residential The house for sale in Central Village was
development and the blocks are short- built in 2005 and has three bedrooms and
er, giving more room for sidewalks, front two baths. All the homes are in the Crafts-
yards and porches. Garages have been man Style, with a deep overhang front
switched to the back of the house, further porch supported by paired slender wood-
muting the auto’s presence. The garages en pillars, many-mullioned windows with
open onto alleys that add another dimen- shutters and a low-pitched roof. Following
sion to the traditional neighborhood am- the Craftsman aesthetic is the deft com-
biance, doubling walking paths and views. bination and layering of materials, with
wood, stucco and metal on the outside.
An active lifestyle and sociability are
encouraged by design. Each village has its The foyer, great room and dining room
own pool, use of which is included in the are separated by a waist-high wall and a
$155-a-month homeowners’ association standing-height stucco partition, both

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTAT E September 29, 2017 21

with wooden counters that give “definition EQUIFAX HACK COULD LEAD TO YEARS OF GRIEF FOR HOME BUYERS
to the space without confining it,” Landers
said. The floors are a dead ringer for wal- BY KENNETH R. HARNEY | The Washington Post off the transaction indefinitely and pos- cial Security numbers and other data, li-
nut but are sturdy laminate. sibly blowing up their own plans to move cense numbers could help cyber thieves
The catastrophic theft of 143 million into another house on a specific date? “create a more credible fake ID” – credi-
The kitchen has stainless steel applianc- consumers’ personal data from national ble enough to fool lenders into believing
es, a ceramic-tile floor, granite counters credit bureau Equifax could cause finan- It could all get really messy. they are dealing with the real you.
with bead board cabinets below matched cial grief for years for home buyers and Another scenario: Say your lender al-
by bead board wainscoting. The upper mortgage applicants. ready has approved you for a mortgage or Clemans said he would advise con-
cabinets are maple. a home-equity loan. Before the scheduled sumers to “lock down your files” with
The odds are that some of your sen- closing, the loan officer does what has be- fraud alerts or credit-file freezes. The lat-
Pointe West has underground electric sitive information was stolen – possibly come standard practice in the mortgage in- ter can prevent criminals from creating
infrastructure that weathers hurricanes your address, Social Security number, dustry in recent years – runs another credit accounts in your name by denying access
well. It is one of the few communities with driver’s license and credit card numbers check to make sure no new debts have been to your credit reports. The former signals
natural gas, which powers the range, stove, – and could now be up for grabs to the added since your application. But in the potential creditors to take extra steps to
water heater, dryer, furnace and barbeque highest bidders on a Dark Web site. Equi- meantime, identity-theft criminals have verify identity before issuing new credit
at 7880 15th Lane, resulting in lower utility fax and the other two national bureaus, created a new account or run up charges on in your name.
bills. Experian and TransUnion, keep files on one or more of your credit cards, knocking
approximately 220 million individuals, The Federal Trade Commission,
The covered screened porch has a view
of mature plantings in the back yard. The so roughly two-thirds of consumers are your debt-to-income ratio out of sight. which, along with the Consumer Finan-
laundry room and two-car garage are also potentially at risk from the breach. At the very least, whatever rate locks cial Protection Bureau, regulates the
at the back of the house. credit arena, offers defensive guidance
Ironically, the people who are called you had could be blown as you scramble at
The master bedroom has a tray ceil- “credit invisibles” – the millions of Amer- to get your files corrected. Or your entire fax-data-breach-what-do. The FTC also
ing and crown molding (which extends icans with little or no information in the loan transaction could be jeopardized if has helpful information on identify-theft
throughout the house); it also has a walk- bureaus’ files – may be the least affected the process takes too long. countermeasures at
in closet, walk-in shower, tub and two-sink by Equifax’s security lapse. features/feature-0014-identity-theft.
vanity. The counters are granite and the Terry W. Clemans, executive director
cabinets are maple. Home buyers and mortgage appli- of the National Consumer Reporting As- Another good site if you’re thinking of
cants, on the other hand, tend to have sociation, many of whose members pro- doing a freeze is
Landers says the listing price – $214,900 significant information on file at the bu- vide the merged credit bureau reports u s p/pr ot e c t-y ou r s e l f-a g a i n s t-ne w-a c-
– is a bargain for this gated community off reaus and could run into complications used by mortgage companies to evaluate count-id-theft. You can also avail your-
State Road 60. “Everything is five minutes soon or down the road. applicants, told me that given the ex- self of the free, three-bureau credit mon-
away,” Landers said. “The mall, Outback tent of the data theft at Equifax, “there’s itoring service being offered by Equifax
Steakhouse, groceries and the outlet mall.” Take this scenario: Say your Equifax bound to be a lot of damage” to all types at Most im-
file was looted but you’ve done little or of credit users, including those seeking portant first step: Check your three cred-
“It’s the best-priced three-bedroom, nothing to detect fraudulent activity to finance, buy and sell houses. it reports free at
two-bath house in Pointe West.” on one or more of your credit accounts. and see whether anyone has been tam-
You sign a contract to buy a house, and He said the theft of driver’s licenses pering with your accounts. 
Landers will hold an open house from 1 you apply for a mortgage. The lender is especially worrisome because, com-
p.m. to 3 p.m., Sunday, Oct. 1.  pulls your credit and confronts you with bined with stolen names, addresses, So-
shocking news: Your FICO credit score is
FEATURES FOR 7880 15TH LN too low for you to qualify for the loan be-
cause you’ve been running up too much
Neighborhood: debt on one or more accounts. Your “uti-
Central Village in Pointe West lization ratio” on your available credit
is too high, and that has depressed your
Year built: 2005 score. Or there’s a newly established ac-
count in your files that has put you deep
Lot size: .17 acres in debt, even though you had nothing to
do with it.
Home size:
1,700 square feet It turns out that financial thieves have
been racking up thousands of dollars in
Construction: Concrete debts at your expense, and now – smack
block with stucco in the middle of a major lifetime invest-
ment – you’re stuck with having to get the
Bedrooms: 3 file corrected, which takes time and can
be a pain. In the meantime, what hap-
Bathrooms: 2 pens to your purchase contract? Will the
sellers bear with you, essentially putting
Additional features: Gran-
ite kitchen and bathroom
counters, crown molding,
tray ceiling, two-car ga-
rage, laundry room, natural
gas, covered and screened
porch, mature plantings,

community pool,

Listing agency:
Berkshire Hathaway
HomeServices Florida Realty

Listing agent:
Chip Landers, 772-473-7888

Listing price: $214,900

22 September 29, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTATE



With Hurricane Irma in the rear-view mirror, the mainland real estate market roared back to life
last week, with 35 single-family residences and lots changing hands from Sept. 18-22.
The top sale of the week in Vero Beach was the home at 3037 Golf View Drive. First listed in May for
$699,000, this 3-bedroom, 4-bathroom, 2,686-square-foot residence sold for $665,000 on Sept. 21.
The best sale of the week in Sebastian was the residence at 585 Cross Creek Circle. First put on
the market in May for $449,000, the 5-bedroom, 4-bathroom, 3,001-square-foot abode fetched
$420,000 on Sept. 22.


VERO BEACH 3037 GOLF VIEW DRIVE 5/20/2017 $699,000 9/21/2017 $420,000
SEBASTIAN 585 CROSS CREEK CIRCLE 5/27/2017 $449,000 9/22/2017 $387,500
VERO BEACH 248 OAK HAMMOCK CIRCLE SW 5/2/2016 $429,000 9/21/2017 $380,000
VERO BEACH 6435 33RD LANE 7/12/2017 $425,000 9/18/2017 $358,000
VERO BEACH 1030 AMETHYST DRIVE SW 4/5/2017 $379,000 9/20/2017 $357,000
VERO BEACH 6005 INDIANGRASS DRIVE 9/29/2016 $343,000 9/21/2017 $340,000
VERO BEACH 405 32ND AVENUE SW 8/5/2017 $339,000 9/21/2017 $296,000
VERO BEACH 5547 53RD AVENUE 7/26/2017 $296,000 9/19/2017 $290,000
VERO BEACH 420 E TEMPLE COURT SW 8/17/2017 $299,900 9/21/2017 $278,000
VERO BEACH 4185 61ST AVENUE 6/23/2017 $279,900 9/18/2017 $275,000
VERO BEACH 665 23RD AVENUE 3/1/2017 $289,000 9/19/2017 $264,745
VERO BEACH 727 HONEYBELL COURT 1/6/2017 $261,000 9/22/2017 $250,000
SEBASTIAN 133 S WIMBROW DRIVE 7/25/2017 $265,000 9/19/2017 $227,000
VERO BEACH 3668 2ND STREET SW 2/9/2017 $229,500 9/22/2017 $223,550
VERO BEACH 5915 RIDGE LAKE CIRCLE 6/1/2017 $229,000 9/19/2017 $223,000
SEBASTIAN 7840 142ND WAY 7/20/2017 $225,000 9/18/2017 $212,000
VERO BEACH 653 23RD STREET SE 8/5/2017 $219,900 9/19/2017 $208,000
SEBASTIAN 157 COLUMBUS STREET 7/26/2017 $217,500 9/20/2017 $193,000
SEBASTIAN 395 MAIN STREET 8/5/2017 $198,000 9/21/2017 $176,500
VERO BEACH 9950 E VERONA CIRCLE 5/31/2017 $194,900 9/20/2017 $170,000
VERO BEACH 2639 12TH SQUARE SW 7/27/2017 $177,500 9/22/2017 $140,000
SEBASTIAN 644 CARNIVAL TERRACE 7/8/2017 $149,900 9/18/2017 $135,000
VERO BEACH 2290 4TH PLACE 8/4/2017 $149,999 9/21/2017 $130,000
SEBASTIAN 5740 MARINA DRIVE UNIT#4 4/5/2017 $139,000 9/19/2017 $129,000
VERO BEACH 2800 INDIAN RIVER BOULEVARD UNIT#T5 7/14/2017 $139,000 9/18/2017 $125,000
VERO BEACH 825 20TH AVENUE 7/16/2017 $129,900 9/22/2017 $124,000
VERO BEACH 5880 58TH COURT 5/9/2017 $134,900 9/18/2017 $115,900
VERO BEACH 1934 TAMARA TRAIL UNIT#11C 6/2/2017 $129,900 9/19/2017 $99,000
VERO BEACH 2800 INDIAN RIVER BOULEVARD UNIT#H6 7/26/2017 $110,000 9/22/2017 $94,500
VERO BEACH 4555 13TH PLACE 8/25/2017 $84,900 9/21/2017 $82,500
VERO BEACH 8 PLANTATION DRIVE UNIT#206 5/15/2017 $97,000 9/20/2017 $75,000
VERO BEACH 1415 17TH COURT SW 7/8/2017 $98,000 9/22/2017 $67,000
VERO BEACH 400 18TH ST G-3 UNIT#G3 7/3/2017 $75,000 9/18/2017 $65,000
VERO BEACH 639 4TH PLACE SW 6/13/2017 $84,900 9/21/2017 $58,000
VERO BEACH 37 VISTA GARDENS TRAIL UNIT#103 6/4/2017 $65,000 9/19/2017

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | REAL ESTAT E September 29, 2017 23


585 Cross Creek Circle, Sebastian 248 Oak Hammock Circle SW, Vero Beach

Listing Date: 5/27/2017 Listing Date: 5/2/2016
Original Price: $449,000 Original Price: $429,000
Sold: 9/22/2017 Sold: 9/21/2017
Selling Price: $420,000 Selling Price: $387,500
Listing Agent: Robin Raiff Listing Agent: Peggy Hewett

Selling Agent: EXP Realty, LLC Selling Agent: Berkshire Hathaway Florida

Susan Maitner Michele Ritchie

Coldwell Banker Paradise Alex MacWilliam, Inc.

6435 33rd Lane, Vero Beach 1030 Amethyst Drive SW, Vero Beach

Listing Date: 7/12/2017 Listing Date: 4/5/2017
Original Price: $425,000 Original Price: $379,000
Sold: 9/18/2017 Sold: 9/20/2017
Selling Price: $380,000 Selling Price: $358,000
Listing Agent: Sharon Winslow Listing Agent: Joe McQuillan

Selling Agent: Weichert, REALTORS Hallmark Selling Agent: Watson Realty Corp

Petra King James Namvar

Keller Williams Realty Weichert, REALTORS Hallmark

199$ 3DAYS


Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE September 29, 2017 B1


50s are ‘Wild’ at
Museum’s Maurice
Sendak exhibit


Coming Up! ‘Howl at the Moon.’


By SAMANTHA BAITA | Staff Writer
[email protected]

1 We get to Howl at the Moon one
last time in September over at Riv-
erside Theatre, as Rob Volpe and Ken
Gustafson face off again over dueling
pianos this Friday and Saturday. These
guys are not only wizards of the ivories,
they’re also funny, and they know tons
of tunes. The audience gets to pick most
of the evening’s play list, so see if you
can suggest something they don’t know.
(It rarely happens.) Show times are 7:30


B2 September 29, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE

The Maurice Sendak exhibit at the Vero Beach Museum of Art. PHOTOS BY: GORDON RADFORD

50s are ‘Wild’ at Museum’s Maurice Sendak exhibit

cibo ~ vino ~ famiglia ~ amici By Ellen Fischer | Columnist The “50 Works” of the title signifies the
[email protected] number of objects in the exhibition, most
5 CourEsxepser~ie$nc2e9th~efNroewm 5pm of which have to do with Sendak’s master-
“There should be a place where only the piece. On display are original drawings for
Entrees things you want to happen, happen,” wrote “Where the Wild Things Are,” as well as set
author and illustrator Maurice Sendak. From and costume designs for an opera, cellu-
Flounder Picatta • Shrimp Gorgonzola now through Dec. 31, that magical place can loids from a 1975 animated short, and con-
Bolognese Lasagna • Veal • Chicken be found inside the Vero Beach Museum of cept drawings for the 2009 movie, all based
Art. “50 Works, 50 Years, 50 Reasons – Mau- on the book. Spin-offs from the book’s suc-
Liver & Onions • Beef Wellington • Ribs rice Sendak: The Memorial Exhibition” cess include limited-edition lithographs
bounded into the museum’s Holmes Gallery and a cast bronze sculpture. These,
398 21st Street • Miracle Mile with a public rumpus – er, reception – last
Dinner Monday through Sunday Friday, and won’t be dislodged until after too, are based on
the New Year. the book’s ram-
from 5pm bunctious pro-
Sendak died five tagonist, Max,
Proper Attire Requested years ago at 83, but and his adven-
his wit and wisdom tures with the
F7or7re2se.r5va6tio4ns.p8le2as1e c8all live on in the books monstrous Wild
that made him a
www.amal household name, at Things who at first
least in homes try to frighten him,
where children then befriend him
are found. His and finally crown
most famous him their king.
creation, Also on display are
“Where the artworks from Sendak’s
Wild Things own “In the Night Kitch-
Are,” has sold en” and illustrations for the
over 20 million “Little Bear” book series writ-
copies in a Babel ten by Else Holmelund Minarik.
of languages since Of particular interest to budding
its publication, and al- artists will be a series of illustra-
though the current exhi- tions of Shakespeare’s Macbeth that
bition presents a selec- the shy 16-year-old Sendak did in lieu
tion of artworks from of a book report to pass his high school
throughout Sendak’s English class.
career, “Wild Things” is its “50 Years” refers to the anniversary of
drawing card. “Where the Wild Things Are,” which was

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE September 29, 2017 B3

published by Harper spring of 2019. Carle (The Very Hungry Caterpillar) and Inc., a New York-based traveling exhibi-
& Row in 1963. For “50 Reasons” rep- Art Spiegelman (“Maus”). tion and stage show company founded
those of you who by former San Diego Art Museum direc-
just did the math, resents the quotes by The exhibition was organized by Opar, tor Steven Brezzo. Nick Leone and Heidi
the 50th anniversary Sendak’s friends, col- Leigh, owners of a New York City art gal-
of publication was leagues and admirers lery that specializes in illustration art,
in 2013 – which is that accompany the curated the exhibition. But the gallerists’
when this traveling exhibition, one for association with Sendak goes back a ways.
exhibition made its each object. In addi- In 2009 their AFA Gallery (then known as
debut at the Bowers tion to the pervasive Animazing Gallery) mounted an exhibi-
Museum in Santa Oprah Winfrey, ce- tion in cooperation with Sendak to sell his
Ana, Calif. Since that lebrities quoted in- original illustrations. The poster for that
time the exhibition clude Presidents Bill show, “Sendak in SoHo,” is part of the cur-
has been displayed Clinton and Barack rent exhibition.
at 22 public institu- Obama, actors Tom
tions, including 15 Hanks and Whoop- Maurice Sendak: The Memorial Exhibi-
public libraries. Af- ee Goldberg, authors tion was inspired by a retrospective show
ter the show in Vero Daniel Handler (aka of the artist’s work at AFA Gallery that
Beach, it will travel “Lemony Snicket”) opened little more than a month after
to at least five more and Gregory Maguire Sendak’s death on the eve of what would
venues, ending up in (“Wicked”), and fel- have been his 84th birthday: June 9, 2012.
Mobile, Ala., in the low award-winning
artist/authors Eric Reached at her gallery on a busy day last
week, Heidi Leigh said that some works
from the 2012 show are on display in the
present offering. These include a drawing


B4 September 29, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE

CONTINUED FROM B3 dren are the show’s intended audience. for visitors to peruse. Not coincidentally, were created in conjunction with the exhi-
A “Wild Rumpus Room” built inside the those titles are available in the museum bition at some of its previous venues. To her
executed in the late sixties or early seven- shop. There is even a free-standing cut- knowledge, however, none of them placed
ties that shows Max dancing to the beat of gallery recreates Max’s bed (which visitors out of Max in his famous wolf suit in the a playroom inside the exhibition gallery, as
a Wild Thing’s drum; and an ink and wa- are encouraged to lie on) and Max’s book- room. An oval hole replaces Max’s face, the Vero Beach museum has done.
tercolor self-portrait with Mickey Mouse. shelves, which are full of Sendak’s books through which peeping child visitors will
Sendak was not only influenced by Dis- give countless grandparents an adorable “We want people to be playful and in-
ney’s creation; he and the mouse both en- photo op. teract with the space,” Sommers says.
tered the world in 1928.
One thing that might puzzle grown- And what of the art? The relatively
According to the Vero Beach museum’s up visitors are the children’s names that small, framed artworks are hung against
new curator, Danielle Johnson, none of claim all the objects in this room. “Bryce’s mural-sized reproductions of Sendak’s
the original “Wild Thing” compositions Reading Nook” is lettered on the wall next Wild Thing illustrations. They tend to be
included in the show are in the book; they to the bookshelves, “Robert’s Adventure overwhelmed by the billboard images be-
were done prior to or after it was pub- Bed” is printed on the bed’s headboard, hind them.
lished. In addition, Johnson estimates and “Queen Katherine’s Tent” appears
that the show is comprised of 60 percent on the wall next to a play tent in one cor- Situated among the looming figures
original works and 40 percent published ner of the room. These and other named of 10-foot high Wild Things, a Rumpus
matter – posters, limited-edition prints items represent the eight grandchildren Room and interactive cut outs, it will be
and a bronze sculpture from an edition of the Viner and Smith families that spon- the rare child – indeed, the rare adult –
of 63. sored the room. that gives more than a glance to the art
objects the show is supposed to be about.
Titled “Max and the Sea Monster,” the The museum’s Family Programs Manag- Thank goodness for the exceptional chil-
bronze was sculpted by an artisan after er, Pam Sommers, says that she based the dren – of every age – who will stop and
one of the illustrations in “Wild Things.” Rumpus Room on the reading nooks that wonder at the inconspicuous gems that
The sculpture commemorates the 2009 line the walls. 
release of the Warner Brothers movie
based on the book.

Says AFA Gallery owner Heidi Leigh, “It
was the only sculpture based on his art-
work that was approved by Sendak” for
casting in a limited edition.

The current show, she notes, includes
Sendak artworks from her and other col-
lectors’ personal holdings, along with
“much” material from Sendak’s estate.

While the original concept behind the
memorial exhibition might have been
sentiment, the idea behind the current
one is entertainment. Families with chil-

OpenSoinogn We Are at the Corner of 10th Avenue

on the Miracle Mile. Take a Tour Today! 772-562-8491

Assisted Living & Memory Care l
2100 10th Avenue l Vero Beach, FL 32960

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | ARTS & THEATRE September 29, 2017 B5

COMING UP 2 Cross the lagoon to catch Vero’s 3 Then, next Friday, Oct. 6, head ‘Ron Teixeira Trio.’
downtown vibe this Friday. Gath- back downtown for a monthly
CONTINUED FROM PAGE B1 er up family, friends, the kids and the event with a different vibe. It’s the First Wednesday. Teixeira, as you jazz buffs
dog (leashed, of course) and celebrate Friday Gallery Stroll, encompassing know, is music director at Heidi’s Jazz Club
p.m. and 9:30 p.m. And the weekend’s the end of soggy September at Down- three blocks along 14th Avenue, where in Cocoa and has earned major cred up and
music just keeps on going, with Live on town Friday in Vero’s Historic Down- 10 vibrant and diverse galleries are down the eastern seaboard – NYC, Boston,
the Loop, Riverside’s free outside con- town District. This well-attended, free, clustered, and open their doors to vis- etc. – over decades in the biz. Wednesday
cert series, in sync with the Howl. This last-Friday-of-the-month street party itors from 5 p.m. to 8 pm. Sometimes will be especially cool because pianist/
Friday it’ll be rockabilly with Professor features food, drinks and lots going on other businesses will feature local art- organist Teixeira will be performing “live
Pennygoode and the Mighty Flea Cir- from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. And, of course, ists’ work as well, and typically offer re- at the Henegar,” recording a new CD with
cus. Saturday brings a change of pace there’s live music. Taking the stage this freshments, too. Perhaps you’ll pause to his trio – jazz organist Teixeira; Rich Walk-
with Wiley Nash styling classic rock and month will be The Jacks Band, four lo- chat with an artist at work on a creation, er, guitar and vocals; and Walt Hubbard,
blues. Live on the Loop shows are 6 p.m. cal musicians who do classic hits, dance or catch an intriguing demonstration. drums. Show time is 7:30 p.m.
and 9:30 p.m., Friday and Saturday. music, rock, blues and Motown, and are There are several restaurants nearby,
There’s seating for about 100, but it’s always busy making music somewhere should you work up an appetite from all
a good idea to bring your lawn chairs, in the area on any given weekend. From that leisurely strolling.
because these are very, very popular the Beatles, Joe Cocker, and Billy Joel, to
events. In case this’ll be your first time, BB King and the BeeGees, to Sam Cooke 4 Jazz fans, take note: The acclaimed
there are some really good eats and a and Otis Redding, these guys will bring Ron Teixeira Trio, scheduled for
full bar available. No outside foodstuffs it all. Downtown Fridays always sup- mid-September in the Henegar Center’s
allowed. port a local charity, and this month it’s Jazz Legends Series, got blown into Oc-
the Buggy Bunch. tober by Irma and will now appear this

‘The Jacks Band.’ 5 Jazz is also on the bill as the Sebas-
tian Inlet State Park’s popular con-
cert series, Night Sounds, begins its sea-
son this Saturday at the park’s Coconut
Point pavilions. The 15-piece 20th Street
Jazz Band will be laying down “tradition-
al jazz standards, favorite swing and pop,”
and they invite audience members to “cut
the rug” should the beat move them to do
so. Sponsored by the Florida Department
of Environmental Protection and host-
ed by the Friends of Sebastian Inlet State
Park, the Night Sounds concert season is
September through May, “on Friday or
Saturday evenings nearest the full moon.”
Cool, right? Concerts are free with regu-
lar park admission, and you can buy pop,
water, burgers, dogs and snacks at the In-
let Grill. Enter on the north side of the in-
let, 9700 S. A1A, Melbourne Beach. Music
starts at 7 p.m. 


1. The Cuban Affair 1. What Happened 1. Dog Man: A Tale of Two Kitties

2. The Mermaid BY JAN BRETT
2. A Legacy of Spies 2. Killing England 3. Creepy Pair of Underwear


3. A Column of Fire 3. Miss D and Me 4. Hard Luck (Diary of a Wimpy Kid
5. Thornhill BY PAM SMY
4. The Girl Who Takes an 4. Unbelievable BY KATY TUR
Eye for an Eye 5. Arnie BY TOM CALLAHAN


5. My Absolute Darling


BRAD MELTZER RICK CAMPBELL 392 Miracle Mile (21st Street), Vero Beach | 772.569.2050 |

presents presents

Ordinary People Change the World
St. Martin's Press
SatuPrdeangy,uiOn cRtaonbdoemr 7Hthouaste2 pm
Saturday, October 14th at 1 pm

B6 September 29, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING

Kyle G’s Prime: New restaurant, same spectacular location

BY TINA RONDEAU Day Boat Sea Scallops.
There’s something quite sad about see-
ing a restaurant that you have enjoyed go

That’s why our taste buds perked up a
while back when we drove by the former
Pietro’s on the Ocean – a spectacular din-
ing venue on Hutchinson Island that closed
abruptly in mid-June – and saw a “coming
soon” sign on A1A for Kyle G’s Prime Sea-
food & Steaks.

This is the fourth restaurant to our
knowledge to occupy this soaring building,
with its nautical ambiance and large glass
walls that open to expansive ocean views.
Some might remember it as the Island Reef,
a happening place in the ’80s and ’90s. And
when we first encountered it in 2003, it was

At the time, Kyle G, it turns out, was a
teenager chopping veggies in Rottie’s kitch-
en. Fast forward 14 years and Kyle Green, a
graduate of the Florida Culinary Institute
with a wealth of experience who was exec-
utive chef at Pietro’s until it closed, now has
his own restaurant.

Last Saturday, we visited the just-opened
Kyle G’s (packed, by the way, both inside

Ahi Tuna Tataki. ‘El Toro’ Calamari. Broiled North
Atlantic Swordfish.
and out) and finished the evening hopeful broiled North Atlantic swordfish ($26). go up to $44), there also are variety of soups,
it might be the best incarnation of this ven- The swordfish was topped with chunks salads and sandwiches on the menu rang- Hours:
erable dining spot yet. ing from $7 to $15 ($24 for a lobster roll). Daily, 5 to 10 pm
of fresh jumbo lump blue crab, and was sur- Lunch, daily, 11 to 2:30
Our server Michael (a veteran of the Is- rounded by a sauce made of roasted corn There also is an outside deck with live Beverages: Full bar
land Reef) brought a basket of warm bread pico and chopped avocado. My husband music on weekends, a great spot for drink-
to the table, and efficiently took our order thought there was slightly too much com- ing and/or dining. Address:
for a bottle of Mer Soliel chardonnay peting with the taste of the sword. But my 10900 South Ocean Drive,
beautifully seared scallops were topped with With many of Vero’s top restaurants
For starters on this visit, I decided to try a white truffle lemon butter, and were served closed on Sunday, you might want to con- Jensen Beach
the ‘El Toro’ calamari ($13) and my hus- with an excellent succotash. Perfection. sider taking a leisurely drive south to Phone: (772) 237-5461
band opted for the ahi tuna tataki ($16). Hutchinson Island – the barrier island im-
We finished our meal with a slice of mediately below us – to try Kyle G’s Prime.
The flash-fried calamari were served house-made Key Lime pie. Dinner for two And if you are disinclined to drive after
atop a very tasty arrabbiata sauce and ran about $140 before tax and tip. dark, the restaurant also serves lunch
topped with a roasted garlic aioli and tiny
sweet peppers. My husband’s lightly seared During the evening, we couldn’t help I welcome your comments, and encour-
tuna served rare was accompanied by pick- noticing that the restaurant had a younger, age you to send feedback to me at tina@ver-
led onion, ginger, a very potent wasabi, and more casual, more energetic vibe than we
a jicama-cilantro slaw. An excellent start. remembered from previous incarnations.
And in addition to the seafood and steaks The reviewer is a beachside resident who
Then for entrées, I chose the day boat sea (where prices for a 20-ounce bone-in ribeye dines anonymously at restaurants at the ex-
scallops ($31) and my husband ordered the pense of this newspaper. 

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING September 29, 2017 B7

“The Art of
Moving Forward.”

Back by popular demand...

Monday - Chef’s Whim
Tasting Menu

4 to 5 Courses ~ $25

Early Dining Menu

Nightly 5 to 5:30pm ~

Starting at just $12 (772) 978-9789

Nightly Happy Hour 2023 14th Avenue
Mon - Sat from 5pm

5 - 6:30pm ~ in the Bars only

B8 September 29, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING

A Modern Diner with fresh local ingredients

A Roger Lord and Chuck Arnold Restaurant

The Best Food In South County!

reservations strongly suggested

2950 9th St. S.W. #105 Open Tues.-Sun. 5pm-9pm
Vero Beach

Market Hours: Mon-Sat • 10am - 9pm


Thai & Japanese Cuisine Live Music and Jazz Innovative Mediterranean Cuisine & Gourmet Market
Tues – Thurs, 6 pm - 9 pm Summer Special • Offered all night
Beer, Wine, Sake & Fri & Sat, 6 pm - 10 pm
Full Liquor Bar Prix Fixe $16 Entrees
$2 Off Martini Tuesdays $5 Select Glasses of Wine
Dine in & Take Out
Lunch Includes Free Gelato, Any Flavor

Mon - Sat 11:30am - 3 pm Featuring Gluten-Free Pizza, Pasta and Entrees

Dinner Hours

Nightly 4:30 pm -10 pm BBiissttrrooLLuunncchh: :MMoonn. .--FFrri.i.111am -- 22ppmm •• BBiissttrro Dinner: Monn..--SSaat.t.55ppmm--99ppmm

713 17th Street|(17th Shoppes Center) 772.234.4181 • 1409 S. A1A, Vero Beach •

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING September 29, 2017 B9

32960 4-6 PM | 772.410.0100

B10 September 29, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING

FOOTBALL TAPAS SPECIAL DiTnea-kIenout On The Beachside 5pmD-eclliovseery


Every Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Thursday

Game Time Football Tapas $7.00 Each

QUARTERBACK SLIDERS (2) Summer Specials: $12.95
FULLBACK HOT WINGS (7) Served 3pm-6pm Monday thru Sunday.
HALFBACK OYSTERS (7 RAW) Lasagna • Chicken Parmigiana • Eggplant Parmigiana • Shrimp Parmigiana • Fish Parmigiana
LINEMAN LOADED FRIES Cannelloni • Baked Penne Alfredo • Tortellini alla Panna • Manicotti • Stuffed Shells
GAMEDAY GATOR BITES All dinners are served w/a side salad, garlic breadsticks & a choice of a soft drink, ice tea or coffee.

Now Offering Gluten Free!
Pizza • Pasta • Desserts • Wraps

Nino’s Cafe: 1006 Easter Lily Ln•Vero Beach•772.231.9311
Hours: Sun-Thurs:11am-9pm•Fri-Sat:11am-10pm

89 Royal Palm Pointe l 772-617-6359 Homemade Cannoli Pepperoni
Regular Menu Available - Reservations Suggested Chicken Parmigiana
Open daily 9 am to 10 pm - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

mr manatees

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | DINING September 29, 2017 B11

Casual Happy Hour
Atmosphere 4 - 6PM Daily

Serving Local & New Maine Lobster Night
England Seafood Wednesday

All You Can Eat Menu

Fish & Chips - Tuesdays • Tacos - Thursday Evening

Fishack 1931 Old Dixie Highway, Vero Beach
Lunch & Dinner Open Tuesday - Saturday 11:30 am - Close
772.770.0977 • • Like us on Facebook!









3500 Ocean Drive Vero Beach, FL 32963 | 772.469.1060 CobaltRestaurant

B12 September 29, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES


1 Truthful (6) 2 Danger (6)
4 Javelins (6) 2 Titles (5)
9 River in Africa (7) 3 Style of hat (7)
10 Tag (5) 5 Aviator (5)
11 Perils (5) 6 Egg white (7)
12 Try (7) 7 Greet (6)
13 See-through (11) 8 Vanished (11)
18 Energy (7) 14 Actuality (7)
20 Rattle (5) 15 Echo (7)
22 Corrects (5) 16 Respect (6)
23 Teach (7) 17 Acute (6)
24 Chaos (6) 19 Problem (5)
25 Stick (6) 21 Conscious (5)

The Telegraph

Sturgis Lumber How to do Sudoku:
Hardware Store & Lumber Yard
POWER TOOLS, MASONRY TOOLS, Fill in the grid so the
SIDING, PAINTS,CEMENT, STUCCO, nine appear just once
MOTAR MIX, CYPRESS V-JT, in every column, row
HARDWOOD,METAL ROOFING, and three-by-three

62 years Family Owned and Operated
4645 US-1 • (772) 562-4171

Certified Collision
Repair Center

VeArou’tsoPbroedmy!ier All Insurance The Telegraph

(772) 978-1351 • 463 4th Place SW • Vero Beach, FL

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES September 29, 2017 B13

ACROSS 87 Mineral ___ 28 Little dickens 91 French churches
88 Surface holes 29 Crisis call 92 Tourist’s eyeful
1 Out of alignment 90 The Day of the 33 Elvis hit, “In the 95 “C’mon! Giddyap!”
5 Bryn ___ 96 Flea attacks
9 Hand holders? Locust author ___” 97 Bother
13 Koi or gripe 93 Alfonso’s aunt 34 Painter Auguste or 98 Body extreme
17 Sung soliloquy 94 See 26 Across 99 “Parking ___”
18 Competition foil 101 Ethiopian of director Jean 100 Burger option
19 Console features 35 Opined 104 Sweat unit
21 Original Videos puzzledom 105 Ex-name of Exxon
102 Time enough to sonorously 106 Test
host Bob 36 ___ mind (in 107 (To) microwave:
22 Help you can drop evolve a little
23 Speaker of 103 Crooner Redbone agreement) slang
104 See 26 Across 37 Nine, in Nice 108 First murder
baseball 112 Beau ___ 38 Former Spice Girl
24 Near, as beer 113 Ooze scene
25 Sadistic 114 Hardly any effort Halliwell 109 Steve Martin’s
26 You’ve seen it 39 Donkey and
at all Texas birthplace
on America’s 115 Site of mon stallion’s offspring 110 Nifty
Funniest Home 40 Almanac guts 111 Nobel-winning
Videos oncle’s monocle 41 Lacking a charge
30 Scoreless football 117 Las Vegas and 42 Low level author of The
game, perhaps 48 Tape alternatives: Counterfeiters
31 “___ little rusty ...” Palm 112 Petroleum, e.g.
32 Orgy regular Springs abbr. 116 Murphy has one
33 See 26 Across 118 Occupied 50 Clock-stopping
43 That boat 119 Maple genus (or 51 Agenda infinitive The Washington Post
44 Presuming that one who cruises 53 “___-you-are”
45 “I can ___ all now through a test?) 54 The face ___ LET’S GO TO THE VIDEOTAPE By Merl Reagle
...” 120 Zip, to Zapata
46 Boys Town st. 121 Dump emanation angel
47 Make into a 122 The ___ room 55 Com or fat
statute 123 Sanguine
49 On strike 124 Prepare prunes preceder
52 Twenty-cup server 57 Crude street
53 Schmoozefest DOWN
56 See 26 Across weapon
61 Slipknotted 1 Dickensian 58 Insinuate
apparel exclamation 59 Language of Iran
62 Philippine shoe 60 ___-frutti
queen 2 Olympian Heiden 65 Lobby
63 Western Arizonan 3 Name that
64 Mun. Code item announcement
65 Very soft, to a Hirschfeld hides in 67 Variety
virtuoso his caricatures 68 Utah lily
66 Actors Dick and 4 Arm art 70 Gulf War reporter
Susannah 5 Ways
69 Brunch time 6 Based on logic Peter
70 Opposite of rej. 7 Gewürztraminer, 71 Orange acid
73 Former U.S. $10 to a German 72 Old quarter of
gold coin 8 Pass over again
75 Tijuana time-out 9 Shelley’s elegy to Algiers
77 Cold, in Keats 73 Harris and
Cuernavaca 10 Engagement
78 See 26 Across clincher Sullivan
83 Korea’s former 11 Gunsmoke guy 74 Shiner over
name 12 Serb, for one
84 Lady of Sp. 13 Part of a woman’s Mexico
85 ___-wop music juggling act 76 Demonstrated
86 Sour in taste 14 Water, to Juanita 77 Simile start?
15 There’s film all 78 Plain Dealer’s
over it
16 Disgraced TV club state
20 Apathy opposite 79 Lounge (about)
21 Cancel a mission 80 Major players who
27 Burger option
know the score:
81 Munro’s nom
82 ___ of the arts
83 Wheel tooth
88 Lois Lane’s paper
89 Supreme Court
justice appointed
by Ford

The Telegraph

B14 September 29, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | GAMES

Vin Scully, who just retired as the Los Angeles Dodgers commentator, said, “Losing WEST A J 10 6 EAST
feels worse than winning feels good.” KQJ 10 5 3 10 3
5 4 72
Do you agree? I have a feeling that it depends on what you are winning or losing. In K74 Q9862
bridge, whether you win or lose a trick can decide whether you win or lose — or lose or Q 10 9 5 3 2 SOUTH KJ86
win — a contract. A65
In this deal, how should South plan the play in five hearts after West leads the spade AJ
king? A7

North’s three-heart response was pre-emptive. With game-invitational values or more, Dealer: South; Vulnerable: North-South
he would have cue-bid three clubs. This probably should have persuaded South to
double West’s five-club sacrifice, which would most likely have gained 300 (after The Bidding:
North’s heart-ace lead), but could have brought in 500 if North had led a pointed suit,
and South got a diamond ruff. SOUTH WEST NORTH EAST OPENING
1 Hearts 2 Clubs 3 Hearts 4 Clubs
Yesterday, we looked at West’s defense after South won the first trick, drew trumps, 4 Hearts 5 Clubs Pass Pass LEAD:
and returned a spade. West had to shift to a diamond to establish a third defensive trick 5 Hearts Pass Pass Pass K Spades

This week, South, with three potential losers in two spades and one diamond, should
see that he needs to establish dummy’s spade suit before the opponents can take their
diamond trick. He has one other valuable card on the board: the diamond 10.

Declarer must duck the first trick. If West leads another spade, South wins, draws
trumps, and leads a third spade. Or, if West shifts to a diamond, declarer takes East’s
queen with his ace, draws trumps, and returns the diamond jack. A spade loser
evaporates on the diamond 10. He loses only one spade and one diamond.

CURRENT RATES Iinlasdln_iHOneigtEh_060917 Ask About Our
$25 $20 $15
Player Programs
Before 11 AM After 11 AM After 3 PM
(All Rates Include Cart and Tax)

1600 SOUTH 3RD ST., FORT PIERCE 772-465-8110

From US1, turn East on Ohio Ave., Directly behind TD Bank

Serving mainland Indian River County VeroNews/Sebastian River News | CALENDAR September 29, 2017 B15

ONGOING to Noon at locations throughout the county.
[Postponed due to storm] or 772-226-
Downtown Vero Beach – monthly 5 to 8 p.m. 7738
First Friday Gallery Strolls.
7 Fire Truck Pull Competition, 2 p.m. to 10
Vero Beach Theatre Guild - Eleanor Dixon in The p.m. at Walking Tree Brewery, a fire truck
Lady With All the Answers, about the life/letters tug of war among competing teams to benefit St.
of Ann Landers, thru Oct. 1. 772-562-8300 Baldrick’s Foundation, funding childhood cancer
research. $15 per contestant. 772-473-7741

Vero Beach Museum of Art - DeWitt Boutelle after 7 Replogle Family Award Dinner Dance, 6
Thomas Cole: The Voyage of Life thru Jan. 7 and p.m. at Grand Harbor hosted by The Arc,
Masters of American Photography thru Jan. 14. Indian River County, recognizing outstanding
support of special needs individuals. $125.
SEPTEMBER 772-584-9511

29 Conquistadores Float Hope Invita- October 3 | National Night Out at Humiston Park. 7|8 Treasure Coast Pilot Club’s 30th an-
tional, 5:30 p.m. warmup; 6 p.m. start nual juried Autumn in the Park Arts
at North County Aquatic Center, the first sanc- 30 Hunt for Hope Florida scavenger hunt 6 Opening reception of Bodyscapes, pho- and Crafts Show, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Riverside
tioned competition for swimmers ages 6 to 13 to fund IBC research through the In- tography by Allan Teger, 5 to 8 p.m. at Park to fund scholarships, Project Lifesaver and
sponsored by Float Hope of IRC. 772-625-3210 flammatory Breast Cancer Network Founda- Gallery 14 to benefit Friends in Pink, providing other programs. Free.
tion, 1 to 6 p.m. at Sebastian Riverview Park. funding to breast cancer patients in need. Show
29 Downtown Friday Street Party, 6 to 772-589-1140 runs thru Oct. 27. Free. 772 562-5525 7|8 Special Olympics State Swimming
9 p.m. along 14th Avenue in Histor- Championships, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
ic Downtown Vero Beach featuring The Jacks 30 Jeans, Stilettos and Pearls Scholarship 6-28 Oktoberfest Nights, 6 to 9:30 Sat.; 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Sun. at North County
Band. Free. 772-643-6782 Gala, 7 p.m. at Pointe West Country p.m. weekends at Riverside Aquatic Center, plus 8 p.m. Opening Ceremony
Club to fund Lambda Beta Zeta Vero Beach Theatre - live music, German food and seasonal and Dance at Indian River Intergenerational Cen-
29 to October 8 - Winnie the Pooh Kids at Riv- Chapter scholarships for local students. $50. beer. Free admission. ter.
erside Children’s Theatre. 772-231-6990
30 20th Street Jazz Band at Sebastian 7 Jungle Club’s 26th annual Jungle Jog, with 8 American Association of University Wom-
30 Save the Sea: Go Plastic Free state- Inlet State Park Night Sounds concert 7:15 a.m. kids race and 7:30 a.m. 5K at en hosts Amanda Cox’s dance theatre
wide campaign launch at Jaycee Park, series, 7 p.m. at Coconut Point pavilions. Free the Jungle Club. 772-567-1400. performance Let Go, 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. at Vero
8 a.m. donation beach yoga, 9 a.m. beach with park entry fee. 772-388-2750 Beach Theatre Guild. $30; students $15. 772-
cleanup and 11 a.m. family BBQ hosted by Flor- 7 Project Learning Tree environmental edu- 562-8300
ida Young Democrats of IR. OCTOBER cation program for educators and parents
of Pre-K to 12-graders, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Peli- 10 Vero Beach High School Performing
30 Golf Tournament to benefit Women’s 3 National Night Out, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at can Island Audubon Society’s Audubon House. Arts Dept. presents Fall Choral Clas-
Refuge of Vero Beach, 8:30 a.m. shotgun Humiston Park, to meet members of lo- $25. 772-567-3520 sics, 7 p.m. at VBHS PAC. 772-564-5497
start at Orchid Island Golf Club followed by lunch cal law enforcement, fire rescue, EMA agencies
and prizes. $125; $475/foursome. 772-770-4424 and more. Free. 7 International Coastal Cleanup hosted 11 An Evening in Paris, 5 p.m. at Heritage
by Keep Indian River Beautiful, 9 a.m. Center - Parisian-themed vendors,
30 Treasure Coast Ride to Fight Suicide, wine tasting and Moulin Rouge-style entertain-
kickstands up at 11 a.m. from Sun- ment to benefit Vero Heritage Inc.[Postponed
coast Mental Health Center in Vero, with af- due to storm] $25. 772-770-2263
ter-ride party at Treasure Coast Harley David-
son in Martin County to benefit Suncoast. $20 Solutions from Games Pages ACROSS DOWN
riders; $10 passengers; non-riders at after-par- in September 22, 2017 Edition 1 CARP 2 ALIGHTS
ty $5. [Postponed due to storm] 772-812-8338 4 AID 3 PUPILS
30 Unveiling of Cole Coppola Memorial 8 HIPPOPOTAMUS 5 DOTING
Fishing Pier, a family-friendly celebration 10 UPHOLD 6 YUMMY
with entertainment and awards ceremony hosted 12 ENZYME 7 MISCELLANY
by Live Like Cole Foundation, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 13 SUING 9 SUNGLASSES
Riverside Park near Grand Pavilion. 772-559-5907 14 GUST 11 DUVET
30 Oktoberfest at Walking Tree Brew- 17 DECRY 16 AIMLESS
ery kicks off 11 a.m. with inaugural 19 ADVERT 17 DREAMS
Beer Mile with Orchid Island Crossfit, followed 21 YEOMEN 18 YESMEN
by German food, live bands, costume and 23 SERIALNUMBER 20 VERVE
stein-holding contest. 772-217-3502 24 SEE 22 SNAG
25 SAG

Sudoku Page B12 Sudoku Page B13 Crossword Page B12 Crossword Page B13 (JUST A SUPER GUY, TOO)


Our directory gives small business people eager to
provide services to the community an opportunity

to make themselves known to our readers at an
affordable cost. This is the only business directory
mailed each week during season. If you would like

your business to appear in our directory,
please call 772-633-0753.

B16 September 29, 2017 VeroNews/Sebastian River News | CALENDAR

13 Catch & Release, 1 to 4 p.m. at Camp Hav- 21 Dan K. Richardson & William L. Ma-
en, with ‘Big Fish’ caught and tasked with rine Golf Classic to benefit Scholar-
raising donations to be released. 772-999-3625 ship Foundation of IRC, 8:30 a.m. shotgun start
at Grand Harbor Golf Club. 772-569-9869
13 Sebastian River Area Chamber of
Commerce Lifestyle and Media Auc- 21 ELC EcoTalks Speaker Series: Myths
tion, 6 p.m. at Springhill Suites Vero Beach - live & Amazing Facts about Manatees,
and silent auctions. [Postponed due to storm] 11 a.m. at Environmental Learning Center.
$10/$20. 772-589-5969

13-15 Indian River Birding Festival October 14 | United Way Day of Caring kickoff breakfast and check-in. 21 IRC Veterans and Family Picnic, Noon
and juried Nature Art Show to 4 p.m. at Gifford Park, Vero Beach
hosted by Pelican Island Preservation Society 14|15 Marine and Wildlife Art at Oak Harbor Club hosted by Mental Health As- hosted by Veterans Council of IRC, American
and Pelican Island Audubon Society at Audubon Festival and Craft Show, soc. and Westbridge. Free. 603-634-4446 x 161 Legion Post 181 and Vietnam Veterans of IRC,
House on Oslo Road, with Mini-Gala 6 p.m. Fri. Nautical Flea Market & Seafood Festival and with BBQ, music and children’s activities. BYO
($50), continuing Sat. & Sun. with tours and lec- Treasure Coast Boat Show, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 20-28 Leo, A Ghost Story at Riverside lawn chairs. 772-538-7347
tures. 772-494-6306 Indian River County Fairgrounds. 954-205-7813 Children’s Theatre. 772-231-6990
21 Black & White Masquerade Ball, 6
14 United Way Day of Caring, 8 a.m. to 15 Indialantic Chamber Singers present 21 Howl-O-Ween Dog Costume Pawrade p.m. at Vero Beach Country Club to
Noon - kickoff breakfast and check-in Heavens are Telling, 3:30 p.m. at Trin- and Expo, 2 p.m. registration; 4 p.m. benefit Exchange Club of Indian River Founda-
at Freshman Learning Center before teaming ity Episcopal Church. Free; $10 donation appre- Pawrade at Dogs for Life. 772-567-8969 tion projects to combat child abuse - cocktails,
up for community improvement projects. 772- ciated. 321-426-0360 dinner, dancing, live and silent auctions. $100.
567-8900 ext. 117 21 American Cancer Society Making
15 Book Panel, Reception and Launch of ‘I Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk, 9
14 Pineapple Party at historic Hallstrom Didn’t Cause It, I Can’t Change It: How a.m. at Riverside Park to raise awareness and 21 Run Vero’s Frightening 4K, 6 p.m.
House, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. hosted by Mothers of Adult Children with Co-Occurring Dis- funds for breast cancer research, education, from South Beach Park - Hallow-
IRC Historical Society. 772-778-3435 orders Have Coped’ by Mary Ryan Woods, 3 p.m. advocacy and patient services. 772-562-2272 een-themed race followed by free 6:45 kids
race and festivities to benefit IR Elite Youth
14 Save the Chimps Member Day - tour the Track Club. 772-569-7364
150-acre sanctuary, home to roughly
250 rescued chimpanzees. 772-429-2225 21 HALO’s Hoedown, 7 p.m. at Indian
River County Fairgrounds to benefit
14 OBA Sunset Saturday Night Concert H.A.L.O. No-Kill Animal Rescue - live country
hosted by 5:30 to 9:30 p.m. at Humis- music and dancing, BBQ, live and silent auc-
ton Park on Ocean Drive. Free. 772 532-7983 tions. $75 & $100. 772-589-7297




BRAND #7110 MSRP $16,240 #7118 MSRP $22,090

$12,779* $18,370*
Power Windows, Power Door Locks Equipped with: A/C, Automatic Transmission,
Automatic, AC, USB Port, Blue Tooth Power Windows & Locks, 7 Airbag System, Keyless
Entry, USB Port,140 Watt CD MP3, Fuse hands free
42 MPG HIGHWAY link system with Bluetooth





Sedan. Automatic, Great on Gas. Reg Cab, Clean, Work Truck 4dr Hatchback, 39,000 Miles Only 25 miles! Cargo Package. Reg Cab, Comes with CamperTop.

$4,750 $4,999 $8,125 $10,965 $12,475

Keyless Entry, 44,198 Miles. Torch Red, Hard and Soft Top Backup Camera. Bluetooth. 2.0 FWD CVT 1,500 Miles. Fully Loaded, Only 3500 Miles

$13,250 $16,200 $16,305 $17,500 $48,500

772. 569.12001440 U.S. 1, VERO BEACH I MON. - FRI. 8:30 A.M. - 7 P.M. SAT. 8:30 A.M. - 5 P.M. I


*plus tax, tag, title, destination, and $289 Dealer fee. Price includes all factory rebates, cash back, and dealer discounts. Vehicles subject to prior sale. Not responsible for typographical errors. Offers Expire 9/30/17.

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